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2023.05.28 18:18 hassan51214 I think I chose the wrong path

I am halfway through the degree, I have studied all of the core concepts (Algorithms, Data St., Databases, OOP, e.t.c)
The thing is I would rather be studying business. I like everything related to business (trying for the jobs, learning the skills). I am a very social person, I can easily handle people. I like to learn more people skills. However, I find it very hard to code or learn stuff like algorithms. I see my friends in the business department studying exciting stuff like psychology and fundamentals of management and here I am, studying linear algebra and such. They get fun internships where they get to learn more people skills and negotiating techniques and I have to learn goddamn PHP and sit all day in front of my computer (which I think is very unhealthy and very far off the intrinsic nature of man).
I cannot change paths now as half the degree is done. I have bad GPA because I am obviously not interested. Is there any hope for me? I know I will have to bust my ass off doing coding for the first few years in the industry but all I want to do is to be in management or sales. I don't want anything to do with coding at all. I feel like I am missing out on learning business in the meanwhile. My ultimate goal is to do an MBA and be in management or become an accounts executive.
Any form of guidance is truly appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.05.28 18:16 moondog151 A list of non-Japanese visual kei bands part 3: With even more entries

(I made a list in July 2021 and another in May 2022 about all the various non-Japanese visual kei bands I could find. Now it's time for part 3 with all the new bands I've found alongside the bands from the old lists. I am trying to make a comprehensive list of foreign visual kei bands so if you know of any others let me know
Some of these are mildly visual. Either they used to be visual kei but are not anymore, are vaguely visual kei as in you can see the resemblance but wouldn't call them full-fledged visual kei, are visual kei second and another style first. Or only one or a few band members are visual kei looking
As mentioned if you know of any others let me know and they will be added.)
Seremedy: Sweden
DIE/MAY: Finland
SURGE~outofdesperation: Brazil
PSYGAI: Brazil
XIII Dreizehn: Brazil
MEA: Indonesia
Tenshi no Yume: Mexico
RE:BORN: Brazil
Ithara: Indonesia
Ante ⚜ Alice: France
NORA: France
CLOSER: France
Pathétique Poupée: Brazil
Akamaru: France
Lilith: China
Esprit D'Air: United Kingdom (They are kinda on the edge of what can be considered VK)
MaleRose: Thailand
Dirt Angel: France
Le Mal Est Fée: France
L'ucibel: Brazil
In A Scar: Spain
∆UR∆L C∅M∆: Switzerland
Lolita Komplex: Austria
Villder Na'ill: Portugal
Kogure: Germany
Nana:[shi]: Germany
Lucid: United States
Hybrids: France
eqlipsE: Canada
Sada Project: Argentina
BatAAr: Sweden
SPŒKE: Sweden
HYDRA: Indonesia
Angel Heart: South Korea
EVE: South Korea
Madmans Esprit: South Korea
Salems Lott: United States
VII ARC: Germany
VOID: South Korea
ms. isohp romatem: South Korea
Pink Jisatsu: Spain
AKADO: Russia
Noir du'Soleil: Australia
GPKism: Australia
Zichxyna: Australia
Silver Ash: China
Siniestra: Mexico
IVY-MOIRE: Indonesia
Scarlet Horizon: China
GAZTREA: Germany
Daylotus: South Korea
SeiuN: Argentina
Fleur Preludio: Mexico
Junki Sakuraba: Brazil
Shouganaira: United States
Dante69: France
dereden: France
Lyre: France
MarA: China
De;Novo: Hong Kong
Silent Dust: Chile
Reverie: Hong Kong
Psycho Phobia: Chile
A'urea: Brazil
KuroHana: Brazil
v-cRows: Bolivia
Keloid: Spain
Romantica: Argentina
Allumina: Brazil (They are mildly visual but they are on and take inspiration from visual kei)
NOROI: Taiwan
The Fist Front: Taiwan
melancholiaah!: United States (He considers himself more of an idol artist but he includes visual kei as one of the tags on his bandcamp)
Assembler: Chile (Not the visual style normally on this sub but they are listed as a VK band on a Spanish visual kei wiki)
D's Air: Argentina
Daruma: Hungary
R'AIE XIII: Taiwan
DesireD: Indonesia
Coitus Delusion: Indonesia
Zanrokku: Indonesia
BLAIR: Indonesia
UNVIRAL: Indonesia
ROKUSTAR: Indonesia
SIHIR Project: Indonesia
JELLYFISH: Indonesia
Melody Maker: Indonesia
Kurenai -EVE- Indonesia
Crestillion: Sweden
Dreams Not Reality: Italy (Only mildly visual)
GaïdjinN: France
Lust: France
Mugen Zero: Spain
SAI: Sweden
Shiro RooM: Poland
Violent Pachinko: Spain
Visual MooN: Mongolia:
INVIDIE: Brazil (This is a cover of one of their songs)
KyuuKe: Germany
TRAX: South Korea
Adeline: France
Dierest: Brazil
Reset-Língcǎidù-: Taiwan
Abaddon: Norway
KUDAITA: Indonesia
ParanoiD: Hong Kong
YOHIO: Sweden
SCUM: Indonesia
Ankimo: South Korea (mildly visual)
Love Twice Despaired: United States (mildly visual)
Endigo: Sweden (I am kinda cheating here. He did something vaguely visual kei for one album)
KARMIA: Finland
Mizu: Spain
leere: Germany
+la'death:flower+: Unknown but says they are foreign
GothicDolls: Spain
RecordeR: China
Evatra: Indonesia
Shokora: Mexico (mildly visual)
Jenlayn: Finland
KAIRU: United States
S.A.N: Finland
SOL ARDOUR: United States
IN SHADE: Finland
Kerbera: Sweden
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2023.05.28 18:14 Sammyd1108 (Selling) Dredd 4K, Mission Impossible Collection 4K, Ran 4K, and a Variety of More 4K Titles

4K Movies:
3:10 To Yuma (MR) - 6
8 Mile (MA) - 7
Angel Heart (MR) - 5
Belly (MR) - 7
Cabin in the Woods (MR) - 6
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (MA) - 7
Crank (MR) - 7
Dredd (MR) - 8
The Green Mile (MA) - 5
Heat (MA) - 5
It’s a Wonderful Life (Paramount Movies) - 5
La La Land (MR) - 5
Last Action Hero (MA) - 6
The Limey (MR) - 5
Mission Impossible 6 Film Collection (Paramount Movies) - 20
No Time to Die (iTunes) - 5
Poltergeist (MA) - 5
Pulp Fiction (Paramount Movies) - 7
Ran (MR) - 8
Requiem for a Dream (MR) - 5
Reservoir Dogs (MR) - 6
Saw (MR) - 5
Total Recall (MA) - 5
Training Day (MA) - 7
Universal Monsters Collection, Vol. 1 (MA) - 17
The Untouchables (Paramount Movies) - 5
Warrior (MR) - 7
Will accept PPF+F and Venmo. Always open to offers and offer deals for bundles!
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2023.05.28 18:09 VandalezIndustries Realtor finally rolling out sold data

Realtor finally rolling out sold data
Finally, it looks like Realtor is starting to roll our the sold data.. (which was promised like 5 years ago)
But already appears certain provinces and likely specific associations will push back against showing the data.
But WHY? We should be raising a stink on this issue. General public should have easy access to historical sold data. Forcing us to use realtors to get comparable prices and see market trends for ourselves is ridiculous.

Will Realtor do a better job than housesigma or other sites at getting all provinces on board?
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2023.05.28 18:08 curio_123 New vs Resale Condo Price Trend Since 2013

New vs Resale Condo Price Trend Since 2013
Got this from a friend’s property agent who shared the chart with him.
This is very surprising to me: New condo launch prices (blue line) have surged a lot since 2016 while resale condo prices (orange) have risen modestly. (Purple line is the trend for Sengkang/Seletar, I think)
AFAIK, the URA non-landed private property price index is comprised of a mix of new and resale condo transactions. And since only developers can sell new condos (except for the rare sub-sales by first owners), this means the URA index is not indicative of price appreciation for most properties owned by individuals.
I’m not a property investor…I’m just surprised that people pay so much more for new condos vs resales.
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2023.05.28 18:08 CyrilRocero Brooklands, Winnipeg, MB - Realtor Services

Brooklands, Winnipeg, MB - Realtor Services

Find Your Top Real Estate Agent nearby Brooklands, Winnipeg, MB
Find Your Top Real Estate Agent nearby Brooklands, Winnipeg, MB
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Cyril Rocero - Winnipeg Real Estate Your Best Realtor in Brooklands, Winnipeg, MB Your Best Realtor in Winnipeg, Manitoba Your Best Real Estate Agent Winnipeg, MB Buying Agent Winnipeg, Selling Agent Winnipeg
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2023.05.28 18:07 More_Tower8104 Monopoly Go Donations

Looking for the following, I can't tell which ones are gold or not. Some of them look shiny but not gold , I put the silver metal next to it . Some are obviously gold and that has the gold star next to it . But then some of them look regular and then end up being gold ( someone told me like it was gold but it looks Plain on my end) If someone knows how to tell the difference that would be great! If anyone wants to donate down below let me know. 😊
Sealebrities, Wharf Jumping🥈
La vie en clothes, Summer picnic🥈
River Queen, Ms. Marigyn🥈
Polka Party 🥈 Volksfest⭐
Impressive press, Snap Apple🥈 Ripe Choice🥈 Fat stacks⭐ Uncover Vermont⭐
Koshary, Dive in🥈 Gotta Scoot 🥈 A spicy Sale ⭐ Camel Cab ⭐ Cat Nap⭐
Get your Tobbagab🥈 Slap shot🥈 The wheel deal⭐ Hundred steeples ⭐ Plaid Chad ⭐
Kitty kindness, Desert Dozing, Very charming 🥈 Radiant Raid, Moroccan mint⭐ Bob Agnaou⭐ Woven wonders ⭐
Fish and chips, Leg it, Phone home 🥈 London lookout ⭐ Double decker ⭐ A real circus ⭐ Bigger Ben ⭐
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2023.05.28 18:07 TobaccoEarlGrey Just got off Arvia P&O

I’ve just spent two weeks on P&O Arvia, a pretty new ship so reviews / reputation a bit thin on the ground.
It was pretty hard to find good food or service on the boat. So here are a few useful food notes/hacks for anyone travelling on it, but also feel free to AMA in the comments, happy to share anything else that would actually be relevant or useful for you.
Worth saying: My first cruise. Pretty cool being on the ocean and spending time with my recently widowed grandmother and some of my siblings. But it’s not my kind of holiday, or maybe just not my kind of cruise / boat / company!
  1. Glass House
Impressive, adventurous wine list at good prices with good food. Peruvian Malbec, a marvellous Assyrtiko, some ridiculously cheap vintage English sparkling. Interesting small plates. Also had the same small group of staff so easy to build a good professional rapport e.g. free drinks, extra measures, interesting conversations (initiated by them) etc. Obviously the prices are subsidised by the overall cost of the cruise but for £7 or 8 you can buy a 250ml glass of something fairly special that'd cost you £12-17 in a restaurant back on land.
  1. Horizon Buffet
At first impression Horizon, the main buffet, looks and feels like Dante’s eight circle of hell for all manner of reasons, BUT, it actually turned out to have a couple of hacks which made it a great option sometimes.

  1. If you like cooking / making your own food at home, this is the closest you'll get with some great selections of interesting salads, raw and steamed veg, oils and fish. Build your own actually nice meal... for those of you whose idea of holidaying well also includes eating well.
  2. Take your food and leave the main indoor Horizon tables behind you, sit on the tables on the outside deck out the back of Horizon, towards the infinity pools, under cover, for a cafe terrace feel
  3. Use your napkin as a small table cloth (like when you’re on a plane and the cabin crew lay your meal out for you)
  4. If you’re with a group, set your table out like above and then take a few trips into the buffet to get bowls of salad and side dishes to eat like you’re eating a half decent social meal at home. You’re also then right by the outside bar on that deck so easy to order a couple of bottles of wine for the table.

  1. Quays
Grab your chips and head to the sunset bar
  1. Green & Co
This restaurant was pretty much always empty, even when the other ones were booked up. It was the healthiest, nicest presented and delicious food I ate on the boat. The Sushi component was also some of the highest quality fish and preparation I’ve had outside of actual Japan. Yet still, pretty much always empty.
  1. Meridian and Zenith
The two ‘posh’ main dining rooms (included). Stylish interiors and smart waiters but the food was bland and the service was slow. All the food tasted the same no matter what it looked like. It’s meant to give the vibe of fine dining but the implementation just isn’t there.
  1. Service is weird
Service is slow, and weirdly for all of their ‘luxurious dining experience’ marketing there are never any things on the table like bread, olives, anything to stop you getting slightly pissy about the consistently slow service. There are a few little things like this.
For example, if you eat breakfast in Meridian or Zenith, they put jam on your table the moment you sit down but someone only comes round offering a rack of toast once you’re halfway through your ordered a la carte breakfast which comes half an hour after you’ve ordered it.
This sort of thing was a consistent occurrence, and others like this, which either means they want you to feel like it’s a ‘here’s a posh rack of toast’ kind of place without actually wanting to give it to you, or they’re just a bit crap at systems and haven’t really experienced it for themselves.

Anyone got any thoughts/experiences on the above? AMA about the ship or experience too if helpful for ya.
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2023.05.28 18:06 Stuck_in_a_depo WDW vs. DL: My thoughts after my first trip to DL (after 15+ trips to WDW)

We are avid WDWers (15+ visits in 8 years from out of state). We just did a 3-day visit to Disneyland and it was super interesting. I hate to say it, but there were areas where DL outshone WDW. Big Thunder in DL is so much better (smoother, faster, longer). Space is MUCH smoother (although it’s Hyperspace Mountain right now which I didn’t love). The details in Pirates and Haunted Mansion were better, too! I really loved Peter Pan’s Flight at DL more than WDW, especially flying through the stars. Pooh, Mr. Toad’s, and Alice in Wonderland were all fun, and the original Small World is better, and actually features well integrated IP. Mission: Breakout was so much fun and just all around different from ToT. Cars Land was so well done (but I wouldn’t trade it for Toy Story Land). And last but not least, being able to walk from Grand Californian into Downtown Disney and both parks was amazing.
But all is it lost. Magic Kingdom is far better laid out for navigation, and you can see the castle as a landmark to get your bearings. Outside of the hub at DL, you can’t see the castle. It’s TINY! Speaking of, all of the cues are more narrow (people were smaller in the 50s). I would not trade Disney California Adventure for HS, EPCOT, and AK. WDW has so much better options when it comes to that. I would take Radiator Springs Racers over TestTrack. The theming to WDW Soarin is better, even if the ride is the same.
All in all, I am thankful to have experienced Walt’s vision. I also appreciate why he wanted more space in Florida. But you can feel his touch in DL in so many parts of the park that are still semi-original. You can even tour his apartment (I took the Walt’s Main Street Story tour and loved the history). This was a bucket list trip ahead of a 7 day Disney cruise, and I’d definitely come back. The rest of LA? That’s a different story.
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2023.05.28 17:54 Edward_Stivenson Your Full Guide on How to Write a SWOT Analysis

Your Full Guide on How to Write a SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis is one of those tools that you'll come across in any field. For example, it's used to define a product's competitive advantage, create a strategic plan for a business, and gain insights into consumer behavior.
But it's not just businesses that benefit from this technique. Personal SWOT analysis helps people plan their careers in the most optimal way possible, too.
As versatile as it is, SWOT analysis is not at all complicated. That's why its adoption rate is through the roof. And that's why you should learn how to take advantage of it, whether for an assignment or not.
To help you out with that, let's rely on our rich writing services experience and use it to break down in detail:
  • What a SWOT analysis is;
  • How it's applied in business strategies and marketing efforts;
  • How to use the SWOT framework for any task.
What Is SWOT Analysis, Exactly?
Any SWOT analysis template contains four sections, presented in a two-by-two matrix:
  • Strengths – your inherent qualities, resources, or skills that set you apart from the rest;
  • Weaknesses – whatever is or may be stopping you or the business from performing well;
  • Opportunities – external factors that you can use to your advantage to become more competitive;
  • Threats – external factors that may harm your performance in the short or long run.
Internal and External Factors in SWOT Analysis
Each section represents a list of factors. These sections can be grouped into two broader categories: internal and external factors.
Internal factorsStrengths and Weaknesses in the first row – are inherent to you or the company. However, you can also do something about them if need be. Think of your skills as a professional if you're working on a personal SWOT analysis, for example.
External factorsOpportunities and Threats in the second row – aren't under your personal or the company's control. But they have an impact on you or the business, nonetheless. Once-in-a-lifetime pandemics, inflation, or industry trends are good examples here.
Positive vs Negative Factors
Another way to think about the SWOT matrix is by juxtaposing negative and positive factors:
  • Strengths and Opportunities can help you or the company achieve your goal or succeed at a project. So, they represent positive factors.
  • Weaknesses and Threats can negatively impact your progress and have to be mitigated. They're negative factors.
Why is SWOT Analysis Important?
Now that the question ‘What is a SWOT Analysis?’ is answered, you must have several others on your mind. So let's answer them one by one.
Who Should Do a SWOT Analysis?
Businesses of all sizes and in all industries can benefit from SWOT analyses. So, whether you're a prospective entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a C-level executive, this technique will be a useful arrow in your quiver.
You can also benefit from conducting a personal SWOT analysis. It would be best if you did it when looking for a job or facing a major life decision.
Why Should You Do a SWOT Analysis?
At its core, SWOT analysis is a strategic planning technique. It's meant to help you organize all the factors. That, in turn, enables you to gain key insights into where you stand and how you can move from point A to point B.
How does it help you in strategic planning, exactly? The SWOT matrix shows you:
  • Which strengths you should maximize and emphasize;
  • Which weaknesses you should minimize and keep at bay;
  • Which opportunities you can take advantage of;
  • Which threats you should look out for and counter.
All of this leads to one outcome: better, more informed decision-making. Plus, SWOT analysis is notorious for challenging your assumptions as long as everyone involved is straightforward and honest in their answers.
What Can SWOT Framework Be Used For?
Now, let's talk about real-life practical applications of this technique. Here are three SWOT analysis examples:
  • Choosing the business model for a new enterprise;
  • Creating a break-even analysis and a business plan;
  • Analyzing the company's quarterly and annual performance.
At a personal level, you can also conduct your own SWOT analysis to:
  • Increase your chances of landing a job;
  • Position yourself for getting a promotion;
  • Understand what needs to change in your life in general.
How to Conduct a SWOT Analysis in 8 Steps
SWOT analysis isn't complicated to conduct, and that's why they are so popular. Yet, it might be a wrong first impression.
A good SWOT analysis can take hours and should involve multiple people in a brainstorming session. It should also be as objective as possible – which can be harder to achieve than it seems.
So, how do you use a SWOT analysis – and get a quality result for your strategic decision-making process? Here's your step-by-step SWOT analysis example that you can use as a guide.
1. Determine Your Goal
Starting brainstorming without a goal means getting into the SWOT analysis blind. And your SWOT matrix will be useless – or misleading – in the long run.
For example, depending on your goal, the same factor can be a key strength or an irrelevant note. For example, if you aim to reach the 18-25 demographic in your marketing campaign, your active presence on TikTok will be a great asset. But if you need to find a way to attract more quality candidates in the hiring process, the TikTok presence will only help you a little.
So, zero in on what you want to achieve with this SWOT analysis. This can be a decision you or the company have to make – for example, whether to launch a certain product line. Your goal can also be to solve a certain problem or to create/reassess your strategy.
2. Do Your Research
Your research wouldn't be complete if you googled ‘What is a SWOT analysis?’ You'll need a lot of data during your brainstorming session. If you have it, you'll avoid guessing your company's or your own strengths or external threats related to your goal.
What Data to Look For
Your research should consist of two parts:
  • Internal research. You'll need every piece of information on your or the company's performance to pinpoint the internal factors in SWOT analysis. That can include financial, sales, marketing, and other reports with key metrics.
  • External research. Gather the data on your competitors, the market, the company's position and market share, and the industry as a whole. This data will be the basis for assessing your opportunities and threats.
There's one footnote, though. Depending on the goal, you'll need different data sets. So, focus on relevant data.
3. Pinpoint Your or Your Organization's Strengths
Now, it's time for the brainstorming session. If you're doing a SWOT analysis for a business, go with it: bring the right people to the table, virtual or not. It'll help you get a more objective, realistic, and complete matrix.
Start with the internal factors, namely your internal strengths: they're always easier to home in on.
Need a SWOT analysis example of a company's strengths? Here are five of them:
  • Outstanding customer service with a high satisfaction rate;
  • Strong financial performance;
  • The first-mover advantage;
  • Positive brand attributes;
  • Strong technical expertise in the field.
5 Questions to Ask
Here are five questions to kick off your brainstorming and help you discover your company's strengths – or your own:
  • What do you or the company do well?
  • What are your strongest assets?
  • Is there something only you or the company do?
  • What is your competitive edge?
  • What do customers appreciate about the company?
4. Zero in on Your or Your Company's Weaknesses
Now, it's time to move on to a more difficult part of assessing your internal factors: your weaknesses. Take a hard look at your or the business's performance and define what could be going better. Don't try to embellish the truth here!
Keep in mind: there are some weaknesses that you can eliminate and some others that you can only mitigate.
Looking for weaknesses SWOT analysis examples for students who run their businesses? Here are five of them:
  • Poor brand recognition among the target audience;
  • Suboptimal employee productivity;
  • Limited resources, human or otherwise;
  • Lack of intellectual property for key technologies;
  • Long delivery times.
5 Questions to Ask
To explore your personal or business weaknesses, ask the following five questions:
  • What do your competitors beat you at?
  • What do customers complain about?
  • What is holding back your or the company's success?
  • What resources do you or the company lack?
  • What are the gaps in your internal business processes?
5. Identify External Opportunities
Before you can exploit opportunities, you need to identify them in your SWOT analysis – and determine which ones are worth using, too.
For that, you'll need to turn to the external environment research you've done. Then, look at that data and pinpoint which trends or events you could take advantage of.
Need a SWOT analysis example or two here? Take a look at these three business opportunities:
  • New markets emerging within the industry;
  • New advertising channels rising to prominence;
  • Particular customer needs that remain underserved.
4 Questions to Ask
If you don't know how to start zeroing in on opportunities, start with these four questions:
  • Are there ways to gain useful resources you don't have or have little of?
  • Are there any technological advancements that can help you mitigate your weaknesses?
  • Are there any new or overlooked opportunities that you can exploit?
  • How can the current economy or market trends be of use to you?
6. Home in on Potential Threats
Time to move on to the final part of a standard SWOT analysis: threats. These external trends and events can get in your way – or already are.
If you're working on a personal SWOT analysis, threats can include:
  • High competition for the job you're after;
  • Potential layoffs due to a financial crisis.
If you're conducting one for a large company or a small business, negative external factors can include:
  • New emerging competitors, direct or indirect;
  • New regulations that can entail considerable additional costs for the business;
  • Unfavorable investment climate.
3 Questions to Ask
If you need a push in the right direction, here are three questions to help you zero in on the threats:
  • Who are your competitors, and what is their market position?
  • What is the state of the economy, industry, and market? Are they in decline?
  • Are there any new regulations that can harm the business?
7. Review Your SWOT Analysis Matrix
Any college essay writer will tell you: having a good SWOT analysis right after brainstorming is impossible. You need to review every factor you've written down and edit the list. Leave only the elements that truly matter – and make them more specific if required.
3 Things to Pay Attention to
There are some common caveats that you can overlook if you need to be more careful during this step. Here are three of them to avoid:
  • Factors that aren't specific enough – clarify or cross them out;
  • Factors that aren't evidence-based – find proof or get rid of them;
  • Factors that are over- or underestimated – have a fresh pair of eyes to look at the list.
8. Decide on the Solution
Once you've finished filling out and editing your SWOT analysis template, your work is only beginning. Now, you need to take your SWOT matrix and use your findings to find the solution to your key issue.
4 Questions to Pose
Here are four questions to guide you in your solution-seeking:
  • How can you maximize your strengths? Which ones should be the top priority to boost?
  • How can you mitigate or eliminate your weaknesses? Which ones should be taken care of first?
  • Which opportunities should you take advantage of? Which ones will pay off the most?
  • Which threats can do the most harm? How can you limit their impact?
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2023.05.28 17:45 TakaraGeneration (SELLING) Lots of codes, US & Canadian, Transformers 4K, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lionsgate codes!

Lots of codes for sale mixture of Canadian and US releases will be noted, Canadian codes may work in the US too but not guaranteed. I've read online Canadian codes can work in the US, or if you have a VPN.
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The Wolf of Wall Street (Canada) HD
Payment via Paypal F&F
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2023.05.28 17:37 Mel_AndCholy For Those who struggle with mindfulness, You are not a failure

I was hesitant to post here due to relevance, but this post is made for budding psychics like me hitting a wall in their groundwork, so I think this does fit under development. If it's not relevant enough, then that's fair. There's a few resources, but not many for psychics who struggle with ptsd which inspired me to create this post.
Mentions of lucid dreaming, awakening, basic psychic groundwork, astral projecting, shadow work and mentions of metaphysical sources.

Cw: brief mentions of trauma and trauma related topics. Brief mention of a NDE without details of event.
I am not a mental health professional. Most of what is below are anecdotal with sources added. I am also not a professional spiritual practitioner. I’ve only practiced spiritually for over a year. I don’t do readings for others at the time of this post.
Below I will talk about my experiences with ptsd/c-ptsd and the struggle with basic mindfulness practices. Even looking for free resources online, I see articles claiming that mindfulness is a solution to dealing with trauma, but it’s not that simple. If you have ptsd and have found yourself struggling with basic mindfulness you are not a failure. This is common for those who have experienced severe and/or prolonged trauma. You just need to go about your practice in a different way. I will also talk about how visualization isn't universally accessible to everyone.
Let’s start out with visualization. As much as I love Psychic Witch by Matt Auryn, he relies heavily on visualization. One of the reasons I appreciate The Illusion of Method by Mark Gurrian is that he acknowledges some of us can’t visualize. Some may read my anecdotes and only get words on a page, versus seeing a man/woman dealing with the situations that I describe. In his book, Mark(technique originally created by Robert Bruce) describes an aphantasia/ low-vision- friendly way on how one would astral project by meditating on the sensation of climbing a rope out of their body.
Even though I don’t have aphantasia, this inspired me to utilize sensation over visualization for when my anxiety made visuals hard. The feeling of knowing I’m connected to the earth and the consciousness that runs through all things can get me grounded. The sensation of warmth in my chest concentrating as I call my energy to me can make me feel centered. The sensation of a click of energy around me can make me feel shielded.
I also have the privilege of insight in the low-vision and blind community as my partner is low-vision. Both she and her fully blind friend are advanced lucid dreamers. I will link the free MILD guide below along with other resources on lucid dreaming. I won’t speak personally on this because I’m not a good lucid dreamer and wouldn’t do it justice.
Mindfulness and trauma:
When I was a teen, I sought out a middle school counselor. She recommended meditation, breathwork, and yoga. I remember trying my best, but couldn’t. Terrifying imagery appeared when I shut my eyes. Focusing on my breath reminded me of a NDE I had and she did not teach me to reorient my focus onto something else that wasn’t triggering. She also wasn’t aware how different posture and poses were triggering for me (and I didn’t know better to tell her). One time, she did yoga with me, instructing me to focus on my breath. I started to panic and she told me to tell her what I was experiencing. She guided me straight into a panic attack. The whole day I was dissociative and shaky, having intrusive thoughts about my body suddenly dying.
Around the same time I sought massage therapy on my own for pain and the therapist told me she had never seen a kid who couldn’t relax or was as tense as me before. She recommended meditation, but I explained that for some reason I couldn’t do it. She was baffled because she never heard of meditation causing a panic attack before, either. Also not helpful were my parents' lack of an appropriate reaction to my NDE and their beliefs that my chronic problems weren't real.
These practices were too much for me and I didn’t find anyone who understood complex and severe trauma. What was going on was that these basic mindfulness practices were outside of my window of tolerance, which is described in David Trevealen's Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness. I knew the school counselor couldn't provide what I needed- a trauma informed therapist. I never got correct treatment for my issues until I was an adult because my parents were resistant to what I wanted. I was on my own, reading books of other people that lived tough lives to gain some sort of validation. Overall, this left me feeling like I was a failure. Then as I got older I would scoff at anyone who recommended meditation. My partner experienced similar issues and we both came to the conclusion meditation just wasn't a solution everyone made it out to be for anxiety. What I didn't know from teenage through young adult years was that I was going about mindfulness the wrong way for my specific issues.
In his book Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, David Treleaven talks about how mindfulness can actually exasperate PTSD symptoms. For the survivor, the mind is no longer a safe place. We are locked in a fight, flight, or freeze state. Our brains are hypervigilant for cues that might indicate we're in danger again. When we close our eyes with nothing to distract ourselves, we see those triggering images again.
A lot of the time, we are flip-flopping between states of anxiety and reactivity to numbness and dissociation. David talks about the sweet spot between the two as the window of tolerance. An experience doesn't have to be pleasant, but tolerable. It's important for us to recognize when we're going too far in either direction. Cognitive behavior therapy can be helpful here if you lack the tools to self regulate (like me). David talks about the scale of arousal. My psychologist uses a SUDS scale. Basically, a way for you to determine where you are emotionally so you can be mindful of it.
Getting a little older and out on my own, I started to realize I had a problem. My plastic pitcher fell on me while I was cleaning one day. I swung uselessly in the air and then grabbed my pitcher before slamming it onto the floor and shattering it. I then burst into tears because that was my only measuring cup and I was broke. There were holes in the walls and doors from several one man fights.
I didn't like the person I was and felt like my outbursts were making things uncomfortable for my best friend despite her support.
I went to a nearby school for psychology where I got counsel for free.
This was the first person who recognized my PTSD and taught me a grounding exercise when I'd be confronted with imagery and felt I was in danger.
"What are three things that you see in this room?"
"What are three things you hear?"
"What are three things you smell?"
"What are three things you can feel?"
I found myself back in session, no longer face-to-face with family. I was back. The more I used this exercise, the easier it became to regulate myself. I eventually could watch the fight or flight surge through me like a wave as if an objective observer. I was in control.
I still use this technique for when I'm unwell. Currently, I pay attention to my bodily sensations like what is mentioned in the above paragraph, then to my environment, and where I am in space and time- that I’m safe. When I finish up astral projecting, I’ll hone in on what I’m experiencing with my senses to integrate with my body again.
In Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness, David talks about this grounding technique in his first chapter with a client that had outbursts like mine. He instructed him to focus on the sensation of the chair against his back and his feet firmly planted to keep himself grounded in present reality.
While I could ground myself back down, I struggled with more mindfulness- especially breath work. The student counselor at the time would try to ease me into it, but it reminded me too much of my NDE- even 7 years post. She also wanted me to do a Body Scan where I would focus on my body, relaxing different parts from head to toe. This sustained attention on my body was also too much for me. We kept hitting walls. Some of my issues with my body and pain were not relatable to most of those students. I was recommended to look into SSRIs, but at the time I didn’t have insurance or any way to afford it. It was a great service, but it was time to move on.
Eventually landing a solid career meant I could have normal healthcare. Finding the right SSRI was tricky, but once we found it, it was a whole new world.
My anxiety was 80 percent better. After over a decade of locked in fight or flight, I could finally relax. I think it was starting this SSRI all those years ago that made it possible for me to even begin mindfulness involving breathwork last year and I can still incorporate breath work today to elevate or decrease my state depending on where I was emotionally.
There are many forms of breathwork techniques- if they work for you. It's important to stay within what's tolerable and be honest with yourself, then be gentle with your answer.
In Matt Auryn's Psychic Witch there are numerous techniques like elemental, solar, and lunar breathing. Some do well with square breathing. I was recently advised to utilize breath work to bring me back to equilibrium. If I was dissociative and numb, to extend the inhale and then breathe out. To bring myself back down from anxiety to breathe, hold, and extend my exhale.
Another way I enjoyed breath work in the very beginning of my spiritual practices was to take advantage of the mammalian diving reflex. In the tub, river, or pool, I would dunk my head and slowly exhale through my nose. The roaring bubbles would also drown out the sound of my heartbeat, which I couldn't tolerate.
In Consorting With Spirits Jason Miller's description of becoming your breath in meditation made the trance state click with me when I first started.
With my window of tolerance even lower than before, right now I gravitate to forms of mindfulness that involve movement, which has proven to be helpful for those of us with ptsd. I like yoga, where I can look at and hear an instructor. I can also be extremely picky and choose the one who is most comfortable. I can’t do yoga in a studio, but I can do it in the safety of my home in front of a computer with no eyes on me. There’s many styles of yoga available for free online on youtube if this also speaks to you. You may also enjoy the free Tai Chi lessons there, too.
Sometimes mindfulness can be a challenge for well seasoned practitioners, too. A traumatic event could take place and cause an avid meditator to no longer tolerate their practice. If this is you, be kind with yourself. You might only tolerate short meditation sessions, or to meditate with your eyes open. Maybe you need to hear music, or a guide who will talk you through it. If you can’t tolerate it at all, put your practice aside or find a method that’s tolerable for you or take a break altogether.
Starting last year, my budding practice was what kept me here. I was experiencing an awakening during a stressful time. I stubbled a lot and still do, but my meditation game was starting to get a foothold. When I finally learned Ground, Center, and Shield I did it everyday. I started using meditation to work on my issues and got breakthroughs in how I was seeing myself and my emotions. Parts of me were coming back. I was finally able to feel my heartbeat in my chest (for short amounts of time) without terror for the first time in 16 years.
I was excited and passionate, but I’ll talk more about overdoing shadow work in another post. Just know that if you’re not mindful of where your tolerance is, you can re-traumatize yourself, which is why Shadow work is recommended to be done with a trauma-informed style of therapy.
Overall, mindfulness can be a great resource to those of us with trauma in order to heal, though it needs to be done in a way that’s sensitive to our triggers and catered to our individual needs or it can do more harm than good. You may recommend meditation to a friend, but they struggle with it. They may not tell you they have trauma, but use language like “I can’t focus”, “or “maybe it isn’t for me” because that’s easier to say. Maybe it isn’t trauma, but the majority of resources are visual and that isn’t accessible to them for whatever reason. There needs to be a sense of choice in how a survivor chooses to practice because we have already lost our autonomy through trauma. It may look a little different from how others practice. We need to feel safe in our practice and sometimes for us our body and minds are not safe. I think we should be sensitive to those who struggle with mindfulness, including ourselves.
Additional information:
What is ptsd ->
What's the difference between c-ptsd and ptsd?->
Trauma-informed mindfulness (ft David Treleaven)->
What is a SUDS rating scale?->
What is astral projecting? ->
What is Anphantasia?->
What is lucid dreaming? ->
Skyfall Blind Dreamer MILD guide(lucid dreaming)->
Stephen LaBerge's article on MILD(creator of MILD)->
Other techniques on lucid dreaming->
Books mentioned:
Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness by David Treleaven
Illusion Of method by Mark Gurrian
Psychic Witch by Matt Aurnyn
Consorting with Spirits by Jason Miller
Additional Recommended reads:
The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Traumaby Bessel van der Kolk
Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents by Lindsay C. Gibson, PsyD
Soul Retrival by Sandra ingerman
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2023.05.28 17:35 Chrisanova_NY Watched APES TOGETHER STRONG last night. Honest and pretty-detailed review, in this post. Hopefully the Mulligans read this. (I'll also be posting as much as I can on Amazon reviews, to assist the other reviews in getting the average American to become a little curious).

I realize this movie couldn't be successful if the Mulligans had made it as long as the 3 hour 30 minute Ultimate Cut of Watchmen. Our society simply can't focus for that long :'( -- 2 hours would have been fine, I think. Some things I liked. Some things needed adding, or expanding on. Going to summarize with just bullet points, or this becomes 40 fat paragraphs. No particular order, just as I thought/think of it.

I'm not going to give the film a score, but I will say that it managed to captivate a 16-year old with really bad ADHD problems, who normally doesn't sit still longer than 5 minutes. Galvanized my angry Mom further (she worked at our cough-cough-corrupt-judge-fraudulently-bankrupted JCPenney, for 16 years). Her diamond hands equal any of ours. Also kept the attention of my girlfriend and her boyfriend, who both thought I was the village idiot 2.5 years ago. Lots of questions were asked, during and after. Knowledge has been spread..... "And knowing is half the battle!"

That's all I can think of for now. Thank you to the Mulligans for making this. I have no problem paying $16 or $20 or $30 for a sequel. Hurry up with it.

Hang tight retreads. We're gonna win this.

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2023.05.28 17:34 jorzuschrist LA Noire or MGS?

Hi everyone! I need help deciding between a good game to buy. But unfortunately I don’t have an external hard drive and I don’t have a lot of space so getting both isn’t an option at the moment. LA Noire is on sale and I’ve been looking up a lot about it and it seems cool and kind of what I’m looking for. But I’ve been hit with a lot of nostalgia lately about MGS and Splinter Cell and I miss the stealth aspect of those. So A). which game out of LA or MGS? And B). which MGS game if that’s the better option?
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2023.05.28 17:33 Jdub20202 Why is GP slow to change?

This excuse is getting repetitive: GP keeps saying it can't change so quickly, it's like turning a battleship, people are set in their ways, and so on.
But there are some problems with this excuse. The first obvious one is that they've said this for a long time. We're talking decades now. Is there a time table? Even if it takes a battleship a long time to turn, it will eventually turn.
Secondly, if I was comparing GP to a government, I'd say they're nothing like, for example, a large democracy. The United States government gets flak for getting nothing done - parties are entrenched, they can't change, there's layers and layers of bureaucracy and red tape, and so on.
But GP doesn't have such a leadership structure. They're probably closer to a corporation (or an authoritarian regime). They have a CEO or small group of leadership at the top that can make all the decisions, and employees follow orders. If the CEO wants to make a certain change, the change will get made, barring extreme circumstances. If Bob Iger wants to cancel a building project, he can do it unilaterally. If the leader of China wants to lockdown a city for a COVID outbreak, or seize land to build a dam, he pretty much can. There is no significant check or balance to push back.
What I'm saying is, if PED wanted to change, he could. He could make edicts and yes there's some cultural stuff in GP that makes it hard to change all at once, but eventually they will change. It's really up to PED, KK and a few at the top.
The more likely explanation is that PED doesn't want to change *cough* give up some power *cough*. Or doesn't know what to change. But I don't buy the excuse that it's too hard and slow, it's impossible, so they can't change but they're trying, and everyone else has to keep patiently waiting. I want to stop hearing about how it's going to take a long time.
Years ago, in the BBC days, there was a mass shifting of pastors to various cities/campuses. The pastor of San Jose/ silicon valley went to LA, staff from Davis went to Washington DC to start a church plant, pastors from Boston went to San Jose, I think some international BBC had a pastor change, probably a few other cities, it was a lot of moves. And it's not just the pastors and their families uprooting themselves. There were several JDSN and staff under them that moved too. Entire families. This wasn't an anomaly either. People are uprooted and moved around for church plants constantly. Large moves like this were never off the table. GP can make huge changes if it wanted to.
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2023.05.28 17:22 Art-Of-My-Mind [WTS] Canada - Lots of Sets and Misc. Products

Lot for sale in Canada Only - All prices are in $CAD
Orders for $50 or more only - Payment with Paypal F&F
Add $10 for shipping, I'll cover the rest.
Please comment here and send a chat or PM
Thank you!
Misc. Soaps, Creams, Balms and Aftershaves
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2023.05.28 17:20 razzmmtazzy 6hr delay/lost baggage - Domestic Flight

2nd Edit* to clarify - I live in Kingston ON. Once I learned I would be landing so late in Ottawa, I went to the AC gate agents AND AC customer service to have the YYZ to YOW portion of my flight cancelled. Both agents confirmed they did this. I would travel from Toronto to Kingston myself. Upon arriving in Toronto - no one could confirm that they ever cancelled my final flight and said I was still showing as an active passenger.
Edit* unfortunately my bag has also now been lost. I received 1 text message acknowledging I've been signed up for SITA baggage tracking. No further updates or emails :(. About 4k worth of belongings in my bag. They can't tell me if it's in St Johns, Halifax, Toronto or Ottawa :(
AC flight from St Johns NL connecting in Halifax at 3:55 local, landing in Ottawa at 5:05pm local.
Delay with initial flight in St. John's (cited operational issue) caused me to miss my connection in Halifax, and AC immediately added me to a new flight that further connects in Toronto, then flying to Ottawa and landing 11:05pm - not 5:05pm.
I'm assuming I'm SOL trying to call AC customer service to complain? Delayed 6 hours isn't the end of the world but it's significant for what should be a simple domestic flight. Maybe I'm cranky.
I hope my baggage makes it 😅
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2023.05.28 17:12 YankeeMcIrish Napa itinerary - any thoughts on which Gotts we should go to? breakfast/coffee spot?

Our Napa itinerary is set, most of the reservations are final sale so we don't have a ton of flexibility on that front.
Wednesday in mid-July:
8:15am Drive from hotel to Oxbow Market Staying at The Lodge (Autograph) in Sonoma Plaza. should we leave more time?
9am Breakfast in Napa --- leaning Ritual Coffee & The Model Bakery (english muffins) at Oxbow Market. do we need to get there earlier for the english muffins?
10am Stags Leap Wine Cellar: Estate Wine Tasting & Cave Tour
11:30am Far Niente: Private Tasting
1pm Lunch: Gott's -- not sure which location, thinking St. Helena?
2:30pm Domaine Carneros: Daily Tasting - are we crazy if we do the Pinot Noir tasting vs. the sparkling? Do my husband and I have to do the same tasting or can one of us do sparkling, and one do reds?
4pm TBD - I'm thinking we just travel back to hotel and take a nap before dinner or hang by pool. I guess we could also do a tasting room like Walt or something, think that's too much for 1 day?
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2023.05.28 17:06 jasmine_in_the_wild I'm looking for books where the plot contains stories within stories. Not a collection of short stories, but one overarching storyline with many layers, multiple timelines.

Some of my favorites are: Cloud Cuckoo Land by Anthony Doerr The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern Gnomon by Nick Harkaway The Sea of Tranquility by Emily St. John Mandel
I love the complex storylines and layers of adventures. The moment when you start to realize the characters are actually all interconnected. The genre doesn't matter as much: can be fantasy, sci-fi, magic realism... Just looking for another book that will pull me and take me for a ride.
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2023.05.28 16:52 asaharyev Matchday Thread 5/28

Major League Soccer

Home Away Time TV Match Thread
Sporting Kansas City Portland Timbers 3:25 PM FOX Match Thread
Nashville SC Columbus Crew 8:55 PM FS1 Match Thread


Home Away Time TV Match Thread
Washington Spirit NJ/NY Gotham FC 5:00 PM Paramount+ Match Thread

Canadian Premier League

Home Away Time TV Match Thread
York United Cavalry FC 5:00 PM OneSoccer Match Thread

USL Championship

Home Away Time TV
Loudoun United FC Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC 6:00 PM ESPN+


Home Away Time TV
Earthquakes II Timbers2 5:00 PM
Atlanta United FC 2 Toronto FC II 6:00 PM Apple TV
Chicago Fire II Crown Legacy FC 6:00 PM Apple TV
Houston Dynamo 2 Austin FC II 6:00 PM Apple TV
MNUFC2 Colorado Rapids 2 6:00 PM Apple TV
New England Revolution II Inter Miami II 6:00 PM
St Louis CITY2 North Texas SC 6:00 PM Apple TV
New York City FC II FC Cincinnati 2 7:00 PM
Philadelphia Union II Columbus Crew 2 7:00 PM Apple TV
LA Galaxy II Whitecaps FC 2 10:30 PM
All Times Eastern
Don’t see a thread for the game you want? Try requesting one from the MatchThreadder bot!
Here is a pre-filled message to the bot.
Bot not working? Here is a guide to making match threads.
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2023.05.28 16:42 Smooth-Concern1369 Mobile home and land package - lender is requiring we sell our current home before funding loan or give larger down payment

My husband and I own our current home. We don’t have a mortgage.
We are in the process of purchasing a mobile home and land package, and when we filled out our application we included the information for our existing home and there’s a section that asks what we will do with the home, we said we were going to sell it. We didn’t realize that was going to be such a problem.
Our down payment is not coming from the sale of our current home, we listed the bank account information for the account that the down payment is coming from.
The lender has included that we must provide proof of the sale of our current home in the conditions to be met before the loan is funded.
The issue is that we live in our house and didn’t intend to sell it until after we had moved into the new home. When I spoke with the lender about this they suggested we move out now and rent a home, but that doesn’t resolve the issue that our home may not even sell that quickly. The lender also said we could increase our down payment to 20% (another $15k) and they will waive the requirement for us to sell our current home.
The lender expressed that they don’t care if it takes a year between closing and funding the loan while we wait for our current home to sell. But we have the land under contract for 90 days - so if the loan isn’t funded in 90 days do we lose the land?
Also, we would be paying for a rental property and need to pay for storage for some of our stuff depending on the size of the rental. So, more money out of pocket.
We could potentially come up with an additional $15k to waive the requirement to have our home sold, but we’d have to sell both of our vehicles and buy cheaper vehicles to commute to work - I’ll add that we already own older vehicles so we’ll likely end up having to buy cars that need repairs to be reliable… more money out of pocket.
Can they require we sell our current home? It needs some work, and there’s no guarantee that it would sell immediately. We were going to fix some things before listing, but wanted to be moved out of the home first.
We are already putting down 15% ($44,800) and it’s taken time to save this money.
Our main concern is losing the land in this deal if the financing drags beyond the 90 days given for the land contract. We are trying to move to a specific area and had a hell of a time finding this property and it could be a while before another suitable property shows up.
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2023.05.28 16:40 AutoModerator [Get] Sam Woods – The AI Copywriting Workshop (Complete Edition) Download

[Get] Sam Woods – The AI Copywriting Workshop (Complete Edition) Download
Get Course here :

What You Get:


4 videos + all session prompts, resources
  • How to research, profile, and analyze your market and customers with AI.
  • How to perform competitor analysis and research to uncover hidden opportunities you can use.
  • How to develop, improve, and enhance your products/services with the help of AI.
  • Finding big ideas, unique mechanisms, and content for education-based marketing, and more. With the right process (that I’m sharing), you’ll have an endless stream of fresh ideas that turn into any copy.
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