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This sub is dedicated to all things Buffalo & Western New York.

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Ch. 01 - Scott & Jean take a post-party break.
If one were just to look at me. They would see me only from my outer shell; the pretty little red-head with the green eyes and killer smile.
If I were to walk out in public, you wouldn’t notice anything about me that was different. I stand at about five-five, five.
No real identifying marks.
I’m twenty-eight now, a far cry from when I first knew the Professor, meeting him at eleven, after all the trauma with Anne dying in my arms.
I’m living in the boat-house with my husband, Scott Summers.
We’ve been married for a few years, the most wonderful of my life.
There was going to be a party in Logan’s room. ‘When was there not?’
I knew that Scott wanted to go, but there was something else that I had in mind for us to do tonight.
"Are you ready to go, hon?" He asked me, I was still in the shower, soaping up.
"Almost." I told him, grabbing the hand-held shower massager and washing the soap that was over me. I took a little more time with that than Scott would have liked, and positioned the jets from the massager over my clitoris. I could feel the water jets pounding over my clit, and in seconds I knew that I was going to cum, weather or not Scott liked it. My calves tightened, as did my buttocks, and thighs.
This was it, I felt the warmth of my orgasm begin to build, and soon it was shooting down my legs and arching down my body like an electric shock. I dropped the massager and felt it mist me for a few seconds before spinning erratically out of control, going passed the shower curtain and dousing the floor for a few moments. I quickly grabbed the showerhead with my telekinesis and quickly replaced it back up in its holder. I quickly rinsed off and turned the shower back off, putting it back up in the holder. I wasn’t exhausted, but I was satiated for the time being.
I dried off and stepped out of the shower.
"Come on Jean, we’re going to be late!" He hissed, impatient as always.
"Relax, Scott. This is Logan’s party after all. When has he ever been worried about people being late?" I stepped out into the bedroom, Scott was adjusting his tie, tying it and re-tying it again and again in an obsessive-compulsive need to get it straight.
"Well?" I asked, slipping on a pair of jade-green high heels and nothing else, standing behind Scott. "How do I look?"
"Fine, you look fine."
I smiled to myself; I knew he was going to say that – the ability of telepathy notwithstanding. "Scott." I called to him, "Turn around and look at me, please."
"I’m sure that you look fi…" He started to say, before he rotated fully, and looked at me totally. His mouth opened wide, and the sentence died off.
"I know that I look fine." I whispered to him, gently kissing his mouth. "But there are a few other things that I need your attention on, besides the fact of how I look." I took hold of his zipper with my mind; gently tugged down, letting that and his belt come undone with just a thought.
"Jean… Jean… We’re going to be…" He was struggling to form words. It had been so long since we made love, that I wasn’t sure that he was going to be able to handle it.
"Shh. My love." I kissed his lips, blocking off his sentence before it was even out of his lips. "We’ll make up for it, believe me." I pushed his pants and boxer shorts down, revealing his chiseled abdomen.
"As team leader, its my…"
He was going to say responsibility, but as I encircled his penis and started to gently stroke, the thought escaped him. I could feel as his cock hardened in my hands.
Scott’s voice was muted, and his throat was stiff – like something else of his – I smiled as I felt him fighting for control. "Yes my love?" I asked him playing the dutiful wife. My nipples had hardened and my vaginal area was sopping wet as I played with my husband. I wanted him to mount me, but there would be time for that later.
"I love you." He whispered, and kissed the top of my head.
"I know my love, I know." I could feel him harden inside my hands.
"Jean… Jean!" He was worried, that he was going to cum on the bed. He wanted to warn me, but that was both unpractical, and unnecessary as both our psychic rapport, and the unconscious thrusting of his hips were all I needed to know that he was on the brink.
"How do you want it?" The image of him cumming and spurting globules of sperm upon my face entered my mind. "All right baby." I cooed. Scott was an orphan and until we started to date, he hadn’t had that many relationships. I think that I was his first. First friend, first girl, first wife, first anything; I knew for a fact that this was a fantasy of his, another first. For both him and I… my first facile.
I led him to the bed, and lay down upon my back, letting him place his penis between my breasts. "Come on baby."
"Jean, I don’t think that I’m going to be able to…."
I felt him slide his penis in and out of the cleft of my breasts. I could feel it in the back of his pineal gland that he was just about to cum. Yet there were still a few minutes, and if I wanted, I could take control of his muscles completely, and stop him from cumming at all.
I opened my mouth, and gently licked the underside of his cock. He whimpered, and I knew how badly that he wanted it. But it wasn’t up to him, it was up to me; I gently took a testicle in my mouth and sucked. My hand flying towards his cock, grasping it, and gently pressing back his foreskin, again and again.
His penis was warm to the touch from so much blood. It must hurt him terribly.
"Please Jean…" He whimpered.
"Do you want it?" I asked him, "Do you really want to cum?"
"Yes, please."
I started to go a little faster, and felt his muscle contractions start to begin as he stiffened in my hand. This was it, this was the time. I wanted to give this to him. "Do it… cum for me baby." I took him into my mouth once more, and gently rubbed the underside with my tongue again, and he began to spurt. It was warm and thick, salty and tangy at the same time. ‘Come on give everything to me, don’t hold back.’ That was all that was needed and I felt him stiffen. His cumming intensified and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to swallow fast enough.
I used my TK to hold back the ebb, and began to swallow what there was in my mouth. I was also careful not to get any on me, as I didn’t know if we would have any time to shower, we were already late as it was. He dipped a finger into my sopping cunt and gently probed me, sliding in quick due to all of my wetness. I felt him go up to the first knuckle, and he petted my nubbin.
I was on fire, and unintentionally lifted us up into the air… this was an interesting perk with being a Telekinetic. I could maneuver both of us into the air with no problem.
Again and again he touched me, and I could feel my juices pouring down my inner thighs. I wanted him inside of me, but was unsure if he would be able to cum again so fast after his first one. I posed the question to him and waited for the Rapp port to take hold.
A second later, I felt him lift me around so that I could face him. His eyes, as always hidden behind the ruby-quartz glasses that held his powers at bay, I wondered what he was seeing behind those powerful shades. If he could see me as the red-headded bombshell in his life, or just saw me as some sort of lobster-colored thing. I didn’t know, and unlike Professor X, I was unable to totally enter his psyche.
I wished that I could.
Suddenly, he was inside me, as hard as ever, pushing up inside of me, petting my inner walls. Feeling good, oh so good. I involuntarily squeezed my kegel muscles and milked him of even more sperm.
Suddenly he stiffened and relaxed, signaling to me that I had gotten all that I was going to get out of him.
I quickly used my TK, and carried us to the showers, soaping us off once more, and settling our clothes back on us in less than five minutes. If we’d done it the old-fashioned way, the party would have been over, and we just couldn’t disappoint Logan like that.
We arrived at Logan’s bungalow, a good thirty-minutes fashionably late, but we could tell from the amount of beer, smoke and music that no one even missed us.
The place was to say, decorated rather nicely. There were crepe paper streamers and a few balloons festooning each corner, and for the life of me I couldn’t see Logan going to this much "fluff" just for a party. This was Logan after all. He was more at home in the jungles of Vietnam with a sub-machine gun in his hand and a stogie in his mouth than being the life of the party.
But there he was, at the bar. Still with the pre-requisite stogie, and mixing Hank McCoy aka Beast a Martini.
Over in the far left corner was Remy "Gambit" Lebeau, with Rogue. If I were to feel sorry for anyone at this shindig, it would be them. Remy loves Rogue, dotes on her to no end, and Rogue loves him with all her heart. It doesn’t take a Telepath to see that. The only problem is Rogue’s Powers. Rogue has the ability to suck power from anyone she touches. Causing anything as easy as a simple leeching of powers to even Coma or Death.
Rogue found out the latter with her first, and only tectonic boyfriend, Cody. The instant that poor Cody kissed Rogue, he fell into a deep Coma from which he never awoke from and eventually died.
I reminded myself to give them an extra special treat later tonight. I knew, as usual, Rogue was feeling horny, and, lets face it, Self-Manipulation can only do for so long, it was time that something got those two together and I figured that it might as well be me.
Jubilation Lee was the youngest of our group, only a few months past eighteen; she had jet-black hair and was wearing, like Scott, a pair of Ray-bans. Like Scott, it was part of her power, but this time she was using her power as a fully-functional disco ball. Synchronizing her powers with the throng of Logan’s CD player. She too had an alcoholic drink next to her, a wine cooler.
"Hey Jubes." We called out to her.
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This is my first story so if you hav criticism that is productive for me please leave comments. Thank you.
My girlfriend and I hav been going out for some time. Since our freshman year of high school, but since her parents are strict Catholics we havn't been allowed to officially go on a date. Let me give you some images of my girlfriend and I. Nicole, my girlfriend, is about 5'3", latina but not very dark, muscular legs and a tight ass from playing water polo, a nice flag stomach but not a six pack, and ample breasts, a little under a C cup. My name is Matt and im about 6'2", pretty muscular with a defined six pack, and according to Nicole I have the most amazing green eyes. We're an interesting couple because I tower over her and am as white as snow with a lot of freckles.
For our first dance we were both pretty excited because we realized that we could finally go on a date. We laughed and joked about how it would feel being able to see each other outside of school. So the night comes and I pull up to her house in the Aston Martin Vanquisher my mom had bought me for my 16th birthday and I walked to her front door. When I got there I knocked and her mom answered the door and my voice got caught somehwere between, "Hi my name is Matt," and "Holy shit don't kill me!" Eventually afetr clearing my throat I managed to say in a calm voice with a smile, "Hi Mrs. Garcia, I'm here to pick up Nicole." After a very awkward conversation while we both waited for Nicole to finish getting ready she walked down the stairs and it took all the energy I had to keep my jaw from hitting the floor and my cock springing up instantly. She looked stunning in a purple Prada dress she picked out and I paid for and high heels that made her legs look...well beautiful would have been an insult.
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I smiled back and said, "You noticed huh?"
"Baby if you had been staring any harder a hole would've burned through them." She said as she giggled softly.
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In an effort to make it easier to get out of bed, I had set my alarm clock to play a random song from a playlist of my favorites instead of an annoying buzzer. Although that makes the process more enjoyable, I'm still not exactly a morning person.
Nevertheless, I forced myself out of bed and blindly pulled clothes from my dresser. While I dressed, I consoled myself with the fact that the first day of school is all about learning the rules for the umpteenth time: I wouldn't have any homework.
I trudged, zombie-like, to the bathroom, and saw that Nicole was still asleep when I passed her room. For whatever reason, she sleeps like a male college student. Being that this was the first day of school, I had to wake her up. I shook off my drowsiness and took a flying leap onto her bed.
"Nicole, it's the first day of school! Aren't you excited?!"
"Fuck off!" She replied, attempting to dislodge me from the bed while desperately holding on to the covers.
"Not getting rid of me that easily!" I grinned as I threw the covers off of her.
"Aaron!" She shrieked.
"Don't wanna be late on the first day!" I said in an annoying sing-songy voice.
Nicole grumbled a lot, but she got up from her bed and shooed me out of the room so she could dress. I completed my usual morning routine and headed downstairs for breakfast.
"Morning!" My mom said cheerfully from the kitchen. I think she, like all of us, wanted to forget the events of the night before and had chosen to move on.
"Morning, mom. What's for breakfast?"
"Scrambled eggs and bacon."
"Awesome." I sat down to eat. Have I mentioned that my mom's a great cook? She is.
After Nicole and I finished breakfast, we said goodbye to mom and got in my car.
"What are we listening to today, MC Nicky?" I asked Nicole. Fortunately, we have very similar taste in music (despite her being a teenage girl, who usually have the worst taste in music), so we don't often argue about what to listen to.
"I'm thinking we roll up bumpin' some gangsta rap, dawg." She said.
"F'sho, homie." I handed her my phone to look for music.
Nicole plugged the auxiliary cable into my phone and started scrolling through my library of music. I was surprised when some stupid One Direction song started playing.
"The fuck?!" I yelped. "I do NOT own that song!"
Nicole laughed and put some other music on. When we were only a couple minutes away from school, one of my favorite songs came on: "Gimme the Loot" by the Notorious B.I.G., may he rest in peace.
I am proud to know all of the lyrics to this song, so I turned the volume up to disturbing-the-peace levels and lowered all the windows.
"My man Inf left a tec and a nine at my crib/ turned his self in he had to do a bid/ a one-to-three, he be home the end of '93/ I'm ready to get this paper G, you with me?" I rapped in time with the music.
After that, the lyrics contain a bunch of words that I'm not really supposed to say, but I did anyway. When we drove past the groups of students making their way in, many of them grinned and waved as they recognized us.
My antics are pretty well-known at my school, so no one usually takes offense. I parked the car and got out, taking a facetious and very pompous bow toward everyone who heard my grand entrance.
I made my way toward my friends and several of them started clapping. As more and more people joined in, I took several more bows, while Nicole did her best to look like she wasn't associated with me.
"Another douchey start to the year, eh, Aaron?" Jake remarked.
"Is there a better way?" I asked him as I gave Nicole a big hug to remind her that I was her brother and she couldn't escape my embarrassing actions.
"Yes, definitely. But you seem incapable of doing anything normally." He quipped.
"All of you fuckers love me." I said, pointing to each of my friends in turn.
After I enjoyed their exasperated looks for a little while, I said, "Best not be late!" and strode off to homeroom with Jake.
We found the room and sat in the back corner. Since we were a few minutes early, I decided to relax for a while; I pulled out my headphones and plugged them in as I put my feet up Jake's desk.
We watched the students file in one-by-one. After a couple minutes, Lana walked in. I waved to get her attention and she came over to sit next to Jake and I.
"Hey guys." She smiled somewhat nervously.
"Hey Lana." I pulled out an earbud to talk to her. "How's it going?"
"Alright. It took me forever to find this room. The numbering makes no sense."
"Eh, you'll get used to it."
Just after I finished speaking, my friend Mitch came over to our corner of the room.
"Hey Aaron, you wanna come to this party I'm throwing at the beach on Friday? There's gonna be a bonfire and shit. Should be fun."
"Your friends can come, too." He added, giving Lana a pretty conspicuous once-over. She was looking great in short jean shorts and a tank top.
"Thanks, Mitch, I'll see if I can come." I gave him a bro-handshake (there really needs to be a better word for that...) and he walked back to his seat.
The bell rang and class began. Since my school runs on a block schedule, I prepared to endure an hour-and-a-half of learning when I'm allowed to chew gum, what violates the dress code, and a bunch of other boring rules.
Finally, the bell rang and saved me from my boredom. I flew out of the class so I could go to the bathroom. On my way out of the bathroom, a big guy with a bunch of tattoos slammed into me.
"Watch it." He snarled.
"Watch what?" I asked innocently, trying to diffuse the situation so I could avoid getting into a fight on the first day of school. That's always a bad omen.
"... What?" His aggression evaporated and was quickly replaced by confusion.
"You said 'watch it', I was wondering what I was supposed to watch. Are you going to perform a magic trick?"
"Fuck off." He growled as his aggression quickly returned.
"Whatever, dude. I'm just disappointed that you're not going to do a trick." I walked away, shaking my head.
I walked to the next class, my mind already on lunch. I saw Ashton walking the same way as me a few feet ahead. After taking a moment to study at her yoga pants-covered posterior, I called out to her above the heads of the people in between us.
"Yo, Ash!"
She turned and looked around for a moment before seeing me. She smiled and stepped to the side, out of the endless flow of students, to wait for me.
"Hey, Aaron. What class are you going to?"
"English. Mr. Harrison." I replied as we started walking.
"Me too!" She replied.
"I guess that means you can cheat off of me this year." I grinned.
"I think that would lower my grade." She retorted.
I stuck my tongue out at her and smacked her butt. She hit me with her purse and blushed as she looked around to make sure that no one had seen.
We walked in to English and sat down. It went pretty much exactly the same as homeroom, so we were very thankful when the bell rang for lunch.
I met my friends outside and we began the usual argument over where to eat. Eventually, I got bored and decided for everyone.
"Mexican." I declared. "We're getting Mexican food, so everyone shut the hell up. Ok?"
Everyone begrudgingly agreed, so we drove to my friend Jorge's family's Mexican restaurant. We sat down, ordered, and got our food. A few minutes later, I finished my burrito, but everyone else was either still eating or full.
"You gonna eat that?" I asked Dre.
"Mm-- Yeff." He said through a mouthful of his own burrito.
"You gonna eat that?" I turned to Ashton.
"Ugh. No, I'm soo full..." She groaned.
"Thanks." I switched plates with her and started on her remaining tacos. After I finished, we threw some money on the table for a tip and got up to pay.
Mrs. Delgado, Jorge's mom, was at the cash register.
"Hola, señorita." I gave her my trademark half-smile. "You're looking as beautiful as ever." I always call her "señorita", which basically means "young woman", because Jorge's mom was a total MILF. I'm about 90% sure she was Miss Mexico.
I used to always tell Jorge that I had such impure thoughts about his mom, solely for the purpose of irritating him. (If you haven't figured this out by now, I like pushing people.)
"Such flattery, mijo." She responded in her soft, lilting accent, waving a hand as if to dismiss the praise. She teasingly calls me "mijo", which means "my son", because I used to hang out with Jorge so much that I was like another son to them. Jorge is in college at Oxford now, though, so I don't see him too often.
"How's Jorge?" I asked as I dug out my wallet.
"He's good. He is still planning to be a doctor. He just started his second year."
"That's great! Please tell him and Mr. Delgado that I said hi." We exchanged kisses on the cheeks, as always.
"I will, mijo. Good to see you again."
"Good to see you too, señora Delgado." I followed my friends out the door.
"Dude, why do you have to flirt with every woman or girl that you meet?" Adam asked me, only half-joking.
"I like to grant their wishes of being hit on by an incredibly charming and good-looking stranger." I answered, not really paying attention.
I walked over to my car and Ashton hopped in, as she had done on the way over. I started driving back to school. When we reached a red light, however, Ashton siezed me and pulled me in for a kiss. I was surprised, but I rolled with it and got caught up in the kiss until someone honked from behind us, alerting me that the light had changed.
I reluctantly broke off the kiss so I could drive as I quoted Albert Einstein. "'Any man who can drive safely and kiss a pretty girl simply isn't giving the kiss the attention it deserves.'" I've been known to spout random quotes and pieces of trivia, but they're not usually quite that relevant to the situation at hand.
Ashton sighed. "Fine, I'll ask. How do you know that?"
I shrugged. My brain absorbs information very well, especially unimportant information. Since there's no way I can really explain that to my friends, I don't even try to anymore.
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White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby called on Xi "To press President Putin directly on the need to respect Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity."
The Chinese leader's trip to Moscow came just days after the International Criminal Court in The Hague charged Putin with the illegal deportation of thousands of children from Ukraine to Russia.
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2023.03.21 08:35 Kingmc1 Feedback on a WIP

Feedback on a WIP
I'm re-working a map I started a long time ago. I'm looking for feedback on things so far before I start placing down more paths and cities. This is a world/hemisphere scale, and some things I'm planning to do are scale down the giant sea in the middle of the Western continent, as well as maybe scaling the forests down.
I just want to see what other natural things I should do before I get more into coloring, city placing, and paths. I just want to make it the best that it could be, and this is my first REAL map and I want to finish this one before I move on. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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Fly High Above Udaipur: Experience The Thrill Of Paragliding
Udaipur, the “City of Lakes”, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. With its picturesque lakes, palaces, and cultural attractions, Udaipur has something for everyone. But what makes Udaipur an even more attractive destination is the availability of adventure activities, such as paragliding.

paragliding in udaipur
  • Paragliding is a recreational activity that involves flying in a glider, or paraglider, from a high point to a lower point.
  • It is a great way to explore the countryside and get a bird’s eye view of the city.
  • In Udaipur, paragliding is available at the Udaipur Dabok Airport, which is located 7 km away from the city.
  • At Udaipur Dabok Airport, paragliding in Udaipur is conducted in accordance with the safety regulations set by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
  • Experienced pilots are available to assist first-time paragliders. Before taking off, they provide a brief orientation and safety briefing.
Paragliding motorised is a relatively new form of extreme sports that is growing in popularity. It combines the thrill of paragliding with the power of a motor to take you to greater heights and more extreme locations than ever before.
Apart from paragliding, Udaipur is also a great destination for rock climbing, rappelling, and white water rafting. There are several adventure tour operators in the city that offer packages for these activities.
All the adventure activities in Udaipur are conducted in a safe and controlled environment, and experienced instructors are available to provide guidance.
Rock climbing in Udaipur
  • Rock Climbing in Udaipur is a great way to explore the beautiful city. The city is blessed with several rocky hills, forts and outcrops, making it an ideal spot for rock-climbing adventures.
  • There are several rock climbing spots in Udaipur for the enthusiastic climbers.
  • The most popular ones are Kumbhalgarh, Haldighati, Devgarh and Ranakpur. The best time to visit these spots is during the winter months, when the temperatures are mild and the rocks are dry.
  • The equipment required for rock-climbing, including harnesses, ropes, helmets and carabiners, can be rented from any local store in Udaipur.
Rappelling in Udaipur
  • Rappelling is a recreational activity that involves descending from a high point or cliff face, typically with the aid of a rope.
  • It is popular among rock climbers, cavers, and hikers, and is used as a means of descent in many outdoor activities
  • Rappelling is a controlled slide down a rope and is an important skill to have when climbing or caving. It is also an effective method of descending from high points quickly and safely.
  • The primary purpose of rappelling is to get the climber back to the ground safely and without injury.
White water rafting in Udaipur
  • White water rafting is a great way to get out and enjoy nature. It is an excellent way to get your heart racing and to experience the beauty of nature.
  • Rafting trips typically range from a few hours to a few days, depending on the river and the difficulty of the rapids.
  • When planning a white water rafting trip, it is important to choose the right river for your skill level and experience.
  • Rapids are classified by difficulty, ranging from Class I (easy) to Class VI (extremely difficult).
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  • Make sure to take the necessary safety precautions and choose a river that is suitable for your skill level, and you are sure to have an unforgettable experience
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2023.03.21 08:00 simplymes Most Popular Historical Drama TV Shows of All Time

There is something relaxing about period drama. Perhaps it is fascinating or a sense of escapism we feel by going back into the era we don’t live in. Some people love watching historical drama TV shows because of the unfamiliar aesthetic, lavish production, and endless hours of distraction. Whatever may be the reason, historical and biography TV shows continue to beguile audiences as evident in the growing number of subscriptions.

While TV shows continue to amaze the audience, some classical pieces of television and film drama can be your favorite if you are a fan of drama series.

In this brief article, you will get a round-up of the best historical dramas of all ages.

The Crown

Nowadays, television offers ample space to breathe for historical drama TV shows. The Crown is one of them. It is an award-winning retelling of the life of Queen Elizabeth II and the political and personal hardships during her reign. It is based on Peter Morgan’s play The Audience. This show is very popular among the fans and with an audience score of 91%.

Turn: Washington’s Spies

It has all you would be expecting from a drama show – love, betrayal, hope, and emotions of friendship. The depiction of the historical drama could amaze people of all ages. In addition to the great screenplay and intriguing plot, the show is filled with action-packed battles and passionate romance. In a nutshell, the cast fights for the freedom of America thus depicting the history of the Americans’ lives.


It is perhaps the most underrated show. The event is set during the 1700s in Canada with fittingly gorgeous icy scenery. All three season features great acting, a quickly developing plot, and action scenes to keep the audience on their toes. There will be a fourth season released soon. Since the streaming is still there, you can revisit them before the fourth one release.


Deadwood is a thrilling western period drama with excellent casting and screenplay. The series revolves around the real life of the residents of a mining town back in the 1870s in a fast-growing settlement. It is regarded as the greatest television show of all time and is lauded for its stellar performance, compelling dialogue, and intriguing wiring.

Little House on the Prairie

It is the longest-running show and has made a mark in television history itself. This show includes nine seasons and 204 episodes to navigate life on the prairie in late nineteenth-century America. In addition to the great cast and storyline, the casting was commendable. In fact, it was an essential television staple among families for decades.


It is a tale of British captain Ross Poldark. This five-season television epic was occasionally soapy and somewhat ridiculous. However, it was one of the most entertaining historical dramas in the history of television.

Bottom Line

These are the most considered historical drama TV shows of all time. You can revisit the show and have a good time!
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2023.03.21 07:57 luxurytempotravelers Jaipur Tempo Traveller Rental: Discover the Pink City with Comfort and Flexibility

Jaipur Tempo Traveller Rental: Discover the Pink City with Comfort and Flexibility
Are you planning a trip to Jaipur, the Pink City of India, with your family or a group of friends? Do you want to explore the city's rich cultural heritage, majestic forts, and palaces in comfort and style? If yes, then hiring a tempo traveller is the best way to travel around Jaipur hassle-free. In this article, we will explore why tempo traveller hire in Jaipur is the ideal choice for tourists, what are the benefits of hiring a tempo traveller, and how to choose the right tempo traveller rental service in Jaipur.
Why Tempo Traveller Hire in Jaipur is the Best Choice?
Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is a popular tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. The city is famous for its magnificent forts, palaces, museums, markets, and food. Jaipur has a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant history that can be explored by visiting various tourist attractions. However, traveling around the city can be tiring and time-consuming, especially if you are in a large group. Hiring a tempo traveller in Jaipur can make your journey comfortable, convenient, and hassle-free.
Benefits of Hiring a Tempo Traveller in Jaipur
There are many benefits of hiring a tempo traveller in Jaipur, such as:
Comfort and Convenience
Tempo travellers are designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience to passengers. They have ample space for luggage, legroom, and headroom, and come with comfortable seats and air-conditioning. They are perfect for long journeys as they provide a smooth ride and reduce travel fatigue.
Hiring a tempo traveller in Jaipur is more cost-effective than hiring multiple cars or taxis. It is an affordable option for families and large groups traveling together. It saves money on fuel, parking, and toll charges, and eliminates the need for multiple drivers.
Flexible Itinerary
When you hire a tempo traveller in Jaipur, you can plan your itinerary according to your preferences. You can visit multiple tourist attractions in a day and spend as much time as you want at each place without worrying about time constraints. It gives you the freedom to explore the city at your own pace.
Safe and Secure
Tempo traveller rental services in Jaipur provide well-maintained and safe vehicles with experienced and licensed drivers. They follow all traffic rules and regulations and ensure that passengers reach their destination safely and on time.
Types of Tempo Traveller Available for Hire in Jaipur
There are various types of tempo travellers available for hire in Jaipur, such as:
9-Seater Tempo Traveller
It is a small and compact tempo traveller that can accommodate up to nine passengers. It is perfect for small families or groups.
12-Seater Tempo Traveller
It is a medium-sized tempo traveller that can accommodate up to twelve passengers. It is ideal for medium-sized families or groups.
15-Seater Tempo Traveller
It is a spacious tempo traveller that can accommodate up to fifteen passengers. It is suitable for large families or groups.
20-Seater Tempo Traveller
It is a bigger tempo traveller that can accommodate up to twenty passengers. It is perfect for corporate groups, school or college trips, or large families.
Factors to Consider While Choosing a Tempo Traveller Rental Service in Jaipur
When choosing a tempo traveller rental service in Jaipur, consider the following factors:
Check the reputation of the tempo traveller rental service before booking. Read reviews and testimonials from previous customers and ensure that the company has a good track record of providing quality services.
Fleet Quality
Ensure that the tempo traveller rental service has a well-maintained fleet of vehicles. Check the condition of the vehicles and ensure that they are in good working order.
Experienced Drivers
Ensure that the tempo traveller rental service provides experienced and licensed drivers. The drivers should have knowledge of the city's roads and should follow all traffic rules and regulations.
Compare the rates of different tempo traveller rental services and choose the one that offers the best value for money. Check for hidden costs such as parking fees, toll charges, and driver allowances.
Top Places to Visit in Jaipur with a Tempo Traveller
Jaipur has many tourist attractions that can be explored with a tempo traveller. Some of the top places to visit in Jaipur are:
Amer Fort
Amer Fort is a majestic fort located on a hilltop. It is famous for its intricate carvings, beautiful gardens, and stunning views of the city.
City Palace
City Palace is a beautiful palace complex that houses many museums and galleries. It is famous for its Rajasthani architecture and art.
Hawa Mahal
Hawa Mahal is a stunning palace made of red and pink sandstone. It is famous for its intricate jharokhas (balconies) that provide a cool breeze.
Jantar Mantar
Jantar Mantar is an astronomical observatory built in the 18th century. It has many instruments that were used to measure time, predict eclipses, and track stars.
Jal Mahal
Jal Mahal is a beautiful palace located in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. It is famous for its stunning views and architectural beauty.
Popular Routes for Tempo Traveller Hire in Jaipur
Some of the popular routes for tempo traveller hire in Jaipur are:
Jaipur to Agra
Jaipur to Agra is a popular route for tourists. The distance between Jaipur and Agra is around 240 km, and it takes around 4-5 hours to travel by tempo traveller.
Jaipur to Udaipur
Jaipur to Udaipur is another popular route. The distance between Jaipur and Udaipur is around 400 km, and it takes around 7-8 hours to travel by tempo traveller.
Jaipur to Jodhpur
Jaipur to Jodhpur is a scenic route that takes you through the desert landscape of Rajasthan. The distance between Jaipur and Jodhpur is around 340 km
How much does it cost to hire a tempo traveller in Jaipur?
The cost of hiring a tempo traveller in Jaipur depends on factors such as the type of vehicle, duration of the trip, and distance traveled. It can range from Rs. 12-15 per kilometer for a 12-seater tempo traveller to Rs. 18-22 per kilometer for a 20-seater tempo traveller.
What is the seating capacity of a tempo traveller in Jaipur?
The seating capacity of a tempo traveller in Jaipur ranges from 12 to 20 passengers, depending on the type of vehicle.
Do tempo traveller rental services in Jaipur provide pick-up and drop-off services?
Yes, most tempo traveller rental services in Jaipur provide pick-up and drop-off services at your desired location.
Can I customize my itinerary when hiring a tempo traveller in Jaipur?
Yes, you can customize your itinerary when hiring a tempo traveller in Jaipur. You can decide the places you want to visit, the duration of your trip, and the timings.
Is it safe to hire a tempo traveller in Jaipur?
Yes, it is safe to hire a tempo traveller in Jaipur, provided you choose a reputable and reliable rental service. Ensure that the vehicle is well-maintained, and the driver is experienced and licensed.
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2023.03.21 07:37 Jrubas The Wolf and the Warrior: Pt 1

Griger Kel-Am watched from his cell in the old town jailhouse as workers busily erected a scaffolding in the courtyard below. It was shaping up nicely, he thought with an appreciative nod; the skeletal beams reminded him of the bones of dead animals in the Karel Desert and that comparison almost disturbed him.
Which was no easy feat. Griger had seen the worst the world had to offer. He fought beasts in the Staygin Mountains, fended off feral bandits in the Jarel Plains, and weathered more attacks, fights, battles, and death than most people even knew existed. Nothing on earth could rattle him. He couldn’t afford to let himself be shaken. Life, he had learned, was like a surging storm tide. You either stand strong against it, or you get knocked down and swept away. Griger refused to be swept away. He refused to wind up like the old bones he stumbled across on the North Road and in the snowy stepps at the top of the world. A man must be hard and stoic to survive, and he must be harder and colder to thrive.
Despite his grizzled face, many scars, dead eyes, and unseemly facial hair, Griger, a sword for hire since before the Great Plague, had always thrived.
Sighing, Griger left the window and walked over to the door; three brisk paces. He threaded his arms through the bars and tried his best to look up the corridor. In the cells across from him, other men, their faces dirty and white, cowered, waiting for their judgement.
Their open fear disgusted Griger.
Griger wasn’t afraid to die. Dying was easy; you closed your eyes and went to sleep. was hard, every day a knock down, drag out fight for dominance against something. Outlaws, nature, your own inner darkness. He did not seek death, but he welcomed it. The prospect of a noose tightening around his neck, of his body jerking and dancing before many jeering eyes and spitting mouths, however, almost bothered him.
But as a wise old man he once knew had said, This too shall pass.
A sardonic smile touched Griger’s chapped lips and he shook his head like a man who couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Of all the things he’d done in his life to deserve a hanging, self-defense is what did him in. Ha.
Two weeks ago, he was following the river from the North, on foot and alone save for his sword and his rucksack. He stopped at a tide pool to drink, and was beset by a man with a knife. In his frock coat and rubberized boots, he was too well dressed to be a highwayman; he never spoke a word until he lay in the grass, his throat laid open and gushing rich red blood. “Scoundrel,” he gurgled.
Griger relieved him of his boots and pocketbook and carried on. Before dusk, he came across the village and rented a room at the inn. Women in cheap, homespun dresses haunted the halls, knocking at doors to sell their company, and Griger, lying in bed by the flickering light of a lamp, was considering spending the rest of the money on one when three constables broke down the door.
The man he killed, they told him later, was the son of the mayor. At that moment, Griger knew he was in trouble.
They refused to believe that the son attacked first and pointed to the things Griger had taken from his as proof of overland piracy, theft, and murder. He was tried in a packed courtroom and found guilty, standing tall and proud but alone as no lawyer in the land would take his case.
Out in the courtyard, someone shouted, and a team of horses neighed, Griger, sitting on the edge of his cot, looked up at the window. The light was getting weaker as night approached. Shadows, long and black, fell through the slats and made unwholesome shapes across the earthen floor. Down the hall, a man cried out for water, and elsewhere, someone raked a metal cup back and forth across the bars. Would they hang him tonight, Griger wondered, or would they wait for dawn?
“You,” someone spat.
Griger looked up to find the mayor standing at the bars, his bloated face filled with hatred. Another man was with him, this one taller and thinner. They were both clad in the finest garments, but the stranger was undoubtedly better suited. Griger took him for a government official.
“What do you want?” Griger asked, an edge in his voice.
The mayor opened his mouth to speak, but the stranger silenced him. “My name is Urick Farbin. I’m the governor of Ezk Province and I have a proposition for you.”
“What’s that?”
Farbin flashed a tight smile.
It looked to Griger like he wouldn’t be hanged at all.
And that made him smile.
Griger watched the countryside pass slowly by, all green hills, trickling brooks, and dense thickets. The occasional straw hut loomed out of the wilderness like an antsy thief, and six miles out of the village, they passed a stately manor house that could only have belonged to the mayor.
It was mid-afternoon and the overcast day wrapped itself around Griger like a wet blanket. The previous night, Governor Farbin sprang Griger from his cell and brought him to the inn, where he was kept under armed guard. Griger spent most of the evening in a straight back chair and whittling. You don’t have to worry, he said to the sentry standing at the door, I’m not going anywhere.
And he wasn’t. He was not an honor bound man by any stretch, but Farbin saved his life, and Griger reckoned that earned him a little loyalty.
The guards didn’t stand down, but Griger didn’t blame them. He wouldn’t have either.
In the morning, they set off in a horse drawn carriage, heading northwest along the Western Road. Now, hours later, Griger sat next to the Governor, who wore a dark cloak and wide-brimmed hat befitting his office. Beside him, the driver held the reins and stared ahead with the practiced indifference of a man used to tuning out things he wasn’t supposed to hear.
“Will you explain to me what I’m doing?” Griger asked.
Farbin was quiet for a moment, then he looked up at the sky, the muted light bathing his craggy features. “Your file says that you’ve done work for the Government.”
“Some,” Griger replied.
“You’ve handled things of a singular nature,” the old man continued. “Things that most other men have never dreamed possible.”
Gringer nodded. He had. His only oath was to himself, and he worked for whoever paid him the highest sum. Men like him were called mercenaries but he preferred to think of himself as a businessman.
“There’s a matter in a nearby village that has been ongoing for quite some time,” Farbin said, picking his words carefully. “I have sent my best agents and they’ve done nothing for it. When the paperwork on you came to my office, I checked your name, as I do all condemned men, and knew at once that you were the man for this job.”
Griger was almost touched. “What’s the job?”
The Governor turned to face Griger, his expression bloodless and sober, as though he had something great yet terrible to impart upon him. “Do you believe in werewolves?”
“Yes,” he said, “I do.”
“Have you ever killed one?”
Griger hesitated. “No,” he said, “not personally, but I was with a party that did.”
Five years before, Griger wintered in a village among the steep foothills guarding the forbidding expanse of Mount Grez. In the deepest, darkest days of the freeze, local livestock began to die, ripped asunder and strewn across snowy fields like trash. Wolf tracks larger than any Griger had ever seen led to and from each scene, and at night, high, ghostly howls rose above the shrieking wind, curdling the blood of even the most sturdy men.
After a watchman on patrol was attacked and gutted in the main square, the men of the village banded together and tracked the beast, eventually cornering it in a cave near a frozen river. Even if he lived to be a thousand, Griger would never forget the monster they encountered. Seven feet tall, coated in matted gray fur, its face canine yet human, its eyes blazed with the fires of hell, and as the men approached, it snapped and snarled, the sounds it made so close to words that even now, Griger wondered if it were trying to speak. They beset it with swords and torches, and when the dust settled, five men were dead and three were wounded. The wolf lay crumpled on the ground, decapitated and aflame. Even with no head, even with its heart divorced from its body, it screeched as the fire consumed it, a high, hitching wail that haunted Griger’s dreams for many moons after.
Farbin nodded. “I figured as much. A man as well-travelled as you has to have seen such things.”
He went on to explain that a suspected werewolf was loose in the countryside around the village of Koreth, a tiny fishing port on the sloped and muddy banks of the Rey River. Three weeks before, sheep and horses began to turn up dead, their bodies laid open and their intestines pulled from their stomachs. Before long, travellers along the Western Road started to die in a similar manner. Every time a new victim appeared, officials found large wolf tracks and strands of fur nearby.
Several nights ago, it broke into the home of a land baron and killed him, his wife, and his daughter. His young son survived, but was blinded in one eye.
‘It was a massive beast,’ the boy told the Governor, a personal friend of the baron. ‘It stood seven feet tall, was as wide as it was long, and had the snarling face of a man mixed with a dog.’
“You want me to kill it,” Griger said. It was not a question.
The carriage jostled as its big wheels splashed through ruts and puddles. “And in return…?”
“You’ll get a full and unconditional pardon.”
Hmm. Griger considered the offer carefully, even though he was in no position to bargain. “Alright,” he said at last, “I’ll do it.”
They arrived at the village three hours later. Perched on the banks of the lazy river, it seemed a single estate rather than a town. A stone wall, roughly a dozen feet high, enclosed it, pitched roofs visible beyond. Two guards in helmets and chainmail, swords on their hips and crossbows in their hands, stood at the gate, their expressions stony and as hardscrabble as the fields sloping away from the walls.
Inside, tiny buildings lined narrow dirt streets and people in plain, homespun clothes went about their business, pushing carts, hawking vegetables, and playing dice. Old men sat in canned chairs before the town pub and a group of boys chased each other back and forth through shadowed warrens, their faces smudged and weatherbeaten beyond their years. Chickens and pigs, both plump and hale, ran free, the former flapping their impotent wings and the latter snorting happily as they wallowed and shat. Griger spotted a blacksmith in his quarters, striking an anvil with a hammer, and wondered idly if he had any interesting items for sale.
“The people here are stubborn and refuse to flee,” Farbin said.
Griger faced forward. “These types usually are.”
“You are not to worry about their safety,” Farbin warned. “They can see to themselves. Your only concern is to be the wolf.”
The driver parked near the town inn and tied the horse to a hitching post while Griger and Farbin got out. Griger rolled his neck and flexed his shoulders. After so many years of walking wherever he went, he was unaccustomed to sitting for long periods and inevitably ended any long, stationary trek sore.
Past the batwing doors, a shadowy lobby lit by candlelight greeted them. Farbin led Griger directly up the stairs and to a tidy room with a single, neatly made bed and a desk beneath the window. “These are your quarters,” Farbin said.
“Spacious,” Griger said unsarcastically. He sat on the edge of the bed. “What leads do you have on this wolf?”
“None beyond what I’ve told you,” Farbn said. “My men have scoured the countryside but they haven’t found a thing.”
Griger hummed. “No tracks? Droppings? Nothing at all?”
“Not beyond what I’ve told you.”
That was odd. Werewolves rarely strayed far from their den. Unless they were of the rare half-breed that turned upon the cycle of the moon, man at day and beast by night. But those were as common as an honest man in the High Council - not very damned common at all.
“What are you thinking?” Farbin asked.
Griger said what was on his mind.
“But those aren’t real,” the Governor said, a hint of confusion in his voice.
“I tell you they are.”
Farbin’s brow furrowed with incredulity. “A man cannot simply change his form, nor can a wolf, for that matter. It goes against all logic.”
All Griger could do was spread his hands. That a man - even a large one - could transform into a werewolf (and that a werewolf could shrink back to the size of a mere man) did defy logic. Griger could not account for it, but he knew it to be so, and he said as much. Farbin, shaken by the confidence in Griger’s tone, nervously scratched the back of his neck and looked constipated. “Put aside what you think you know and ask yourself. What if it is a wolf-man?”
“But what if it isn’t?” Farbin countered.
Griger ticked his head to the side in acquiescence. “Maybe it’s not. Maybe your men have failed to uncover a den large enough to house a seven foot tall monster. Maybe they’ve been looking up each other’s backsides instead of where they should be.”
A dark shadow flickered across Farbin’s face. “My men are highly trained and highly skilled.”
“That’s why you came to me.”
Farbin fumed. “I came to you because you have experience in such things.”
“Right,” Griger said. “I do. And I’m telling you - in my expert opinion - that if there is no den, the wolf is a changeling. I cannot explain the science behind how and why it is a changeling. I don’t know how it can happen...but it does. You have to consider the possibility that you are looking for a phantom, that your wolf may be out there right this second ploughing a field or herding sheep and not asleep in a cave waiting to be found and made.”
Farbin turned away and put his hands on his hips. No shoulder had ever been colder, and for a second, Griger thought the old man was going to send him back to the gallows. “Alright,” Farbin finally said, “suppose it is a half-breed. What then?”
“I want to see where the latest attack happened.”
A half an hour later, Griger and Farbin stood before a large stone house with a slate roof and wide windows. A dirt drive looped around an ornate fountain and tall trees rustled in the new breeze. Several Provincial Guardsmen accompanied them, all with swords and crossbows and one, the commander, with a rare flintlock on his hip. Farbin led Gringer to the west side of the structure. “The wolf came in through the servants’ entrance,” he explained. A set of paw prints led to the door and Gringer knelt to study them. Roughly half a foot apart, they were slightly larger than any other he had seen.
Inside, the house was dark and cold, shadows clustered in corners like demons waiting for the fall of night to advance their ghoulish aims. Dried blood stained the wooden floors and spackled the bare walls. “Has anyone seen this creature and lived but the boy?”
Farbin shook his head. “No.” His face was white and strained, the somber, funeral atmosphere affecting him.
“You’ve told me everything?”
Griger nodded to himself. If the wolf were a changeling, someone, somewhere likely would have seen it coming or going. That was a strike against his theory. On the other hand, there were likely dozens of isolated farms and homesteads scattered through the surrounding countryside. The wolf could be anyone from anywhere.
“I want to talk to the locals,” Griger said as he and Farbin walked back to the carriage.
“I’ll also need a team of men at my disposal,” Griger said. “And a sword.”
They were sitting across from each other in the carriage’s enclosed cab. Without, the sky was beginning to cool to purple and evening gloom stealthy crept from the forest. “We’ll get you one.”
“It must be made with silver,” Griger said.
Farbin frowned. “Silver is a poor alloy for sword-making.”
“But it’s the only alloy for werewolf killing,” Griger said. “It shouldn’t be made entirely of silver, but there must be some in it, the more, the better.
Farbin nodded that he understood.
By the time they made it back to the village, full dark had fallen. The streets stood deserted, the animals locked up for the night and most of the people hunkered in their homes. A few guards walked the lanes and dooyards, bows and swords at the ready, and a stray cat with no tail slunk furtively between piles of refuse, its ears laid flat against its skull and its fur matted and crisscrossed with scars from battles past.
The only activity was at the pub attached to the inn, where lights burned in the segmented windows and the chatter of many voices drifted into the street, occasionally flaring in laughter or song. Apparently, those hearty souls refused to let a wolf stand between them and their end-of-day festivities.
Griger’s respect for them increased.
Before entering, Farbin and Griger called on the blacksmith, a burly man with a bald head and a mustache that reminded Griger of walruses he had killed and eaten at the top of the world. Griger explained his need and impressed upon the man a sense of urgency. “I need it as soon as you can possibly have it ready.”
The blacksmith nodded gamely. “I’ll have it by dawn.”
Farbin took out his purse and paid, then they made their way to the inn.
Inside, a roaring fire crackled in the stone hearth and lamps on the walls sent shadows flickering across the floor. A dozen men sat at the bar with stines of beer and a half dozen more occupied the many tables in the middle of the room. A barkeep kept the drinks flowing while a pretty waitress with her blonde hair done up in an elaborate braid like a golden tiara brought trays of beer and pretzels to the tables.
Griger and Farbin sat at an empty table near the fireplace and Farbin removed his gloves. “Men will make merry even while the world burns around them,” he mused.
“Why not,” Griger said, “they can’t do it in the grave.”
The women came over and they ordered a pitcher of beer and a sandwich each. While they waited, Griger went to every man one-by-one and asked them about the wolf. They responded, to a man, with an eye roll or a dismissive laugh. None were worried in the slightest. One man lifted his brow in a pitying sort of way and looked Griger up and down as though he were mad. “Werewolves? Why, those were banished from the Realm centuries ago, it’s all much ado about nothing.”
“It’s a big wolf,” the barkeep said, “and dangerous too, that much is fact. But it’s a lot of hysteria. People today are too goddamn soft. In my time, we had wolves and bears too. If they acted out of line, we hunted them down and cut their heads off.”
The last man Griger came to was a wispy, white-haired oldster with rheumy eyes and three days’ worth of stubble covering his angular chin. Baggy brown clothes, old and wrinkled and caked in the dirt of the field, hung slack from his scrawny frame, and his long, spindly fingers threaded through the handle of his mug like fleshless bone. If Griger had ever seen a man who bore the official title “Town Drunk” he wouldn’t look the part any more than the old man.
Before Griger could ask him a single question, he spoke in a rusty voice that conjured images of graveyard gates in the dark Province of Helem. “I seen it,” he said, “and it weren’t no regular wolf neither.”
The barkeep sniffed. “You see lots of things, Sel. Like them little pink elephants.”
A wave of mean-spirited laughter ran through the bar, and Sel’s jaw clenched. Griger sensed that Sel was often made sport of at the bar.
Ignoring the other, Griger asked, “You’ve seen it?”
Sel nodded and held up three fingers. “Thrice, in fact,” he said with a belch.
“Tell me.”
The old timer looked up at him with a twist of suspicion. “Down by the road leadin’ up,” he said.
“All three times?”
“All three times,” Sel confirmed.
Once a mason, Sel had moved to the village ten years before to try his hand at farming, he explained. His homestead, comprising five acres, a tumbledown barn, and a decomposing shack masquerading as a house, sat below the walls, in a hollow between the hill and the river. Many nights, he sat on the front porch and “communed with the King” (King Rum, Griger assumed). From that perch, he witnessed “The damned beast” loping toward town. “The first time, I seen’t it over in the road,” he said, pronouncing road as rud. “I have good eyesight and I knew right off it weren’t normal, so I jumped outta my chair and ducked down real low so ways he couldn’t see me.”
Sel couldn’t provide a description of the wolf beyond “near eight damn feet tall and built like a mountain” but Griger didn’t need one. The old man’s story supported his supposition that the wolf was coming from somewhere else and not a den in the hills. Why would it come down the middle of the road each time? The only thing to the south was the river and open fields dotted by stands of forest, all of which Farbin’s men had already searched.
Werewolves are nocturnal creatures who sequester themselves somewhere dark and dry during the day. Farbin’s men should have found it by now. That they hadn’t suggested that it was a changeling.
Thanking Sel for his help, Griger went back to the table and sat across from Farbin. “The baron’s house lies in the direction of the river,” he said, more to himself than to the Governor. “What of the other attacks?”
“Mainly in that area,” Farbin said, “why?”
“The changeling - and that’s what it is - comes from across the river. How many homesteads are there beyond the banks?”
“At least two dozen,” Farbin said.
Griger crossed his arms and thought for a moment. “I want your men, tomorrow, out there going door to door with garlic. Make everyone they come across smell it and anyone who sneezes is put under watch.”
The Governor looked stricken. “But...why?”
“Changelings are allergic to garlic,” Griger said.
Farbin pursed his lips in contemplation. “Alright,” he said, “I’ll have them start at first light.”
After dining, they adjourned to their rooms, Farbin on one side of the hall and Griger on the other. A team of six Guardsmen took up position in the empty saloon and kept watch, ready to roll out at a moment’s notice. Griger threw the window open and perched on the ledge, the night breeze washing over him and rustling his graying hair. He rolled a cigarette, lit it with the bedside candle, and looked up at the glowing face of the waxing moon. Tomorrow night it would be full and the changeling would be compelled to turn and hunt as the tide was compelled to crest. It could come tonight still, but unless it was killed, it would return tomorrow for certain, mad with bloodlust.
Well past midnight, Griger blew out the candle and retired. The mattress was far too soft and it took him nearly a half hour of tossing, turning, and muttering curses to himself to find a position he liked. Once he did, he fell into a light sleep from which he was aroused near dawn by a knock at the door. One of the guards informed him that the blacksmith was finished with his sword, and after dressing, he and Farbin went to collect it. Comprising a simple blade with a guard and a grip, it was far from the most opulent weapon Griger had ever wielded, but it was well-suited to his needs and fit comfortably in his hand.
Back at the inn, Farbin gathered every available man under his command, including the constable and his three deputies, and ordered them to sweep the countryside as Griger had suggested the night before. They showed no reaction despite their lord’s strange request, and departed in a single file line.
The saloon opened for breakfast at six and Griger and Farbin each had a plate of eggs, bacon, and beans. People began to drift in as they ate, Sel the Drunkard at the head of the pack. The maiden, who quartered somewhere upstairs, came down in a simple white dress beneath a waist apron, and Griger’s eyes tracked her as she carried out her functions. The dress - loose and high cut - revealed nothing of her bosom, but pulled tight across her bottom when she leaned over to set food and coffee in front of her guests. Their gazes met, and her eyes flicked quickly away like two timid minnows in a fish bowl.
She was beautiful.
She reminded him of someone.
His mind went back to the jagged mountains atop the world, to a little cabin where weary travellers waited out the snowstorms that raged sometimes for weeks in the winter. There, in one of the most isolated outposts of the Realm, lived a woman Griger had known. She was tall and gaunt whereas the barmaid was average and healthy, her hair was black to the maiden’s blonde, but their eyes were the same breathtaking hazel. Now, staring at his plate, his chest stirred in a way that it hadn’t in years.
He didn’t like it.
“...else,” Farbin was saying.
“Yeah,” Griger said, as though he knew what Farbin had said. Now, the woman he loved one winter was on his mind and his mood was verging on foul. He recalled the way her hair brushed the creamy slope of her throat when she turned her head, the sound of her laughter, how her heels dug into his behind, urging him deeper unto her.
He was young, then, and a fool. People, he learned later, come and people go. Loving someone...indeed even hating them...was pointless, for in a breath of summer wind, they’re gone.
After finishing with breakfast, Farbin requested a metal tub be filled with water so that he could bathe. While he did that, Griger threaded his sword through his belt and walked down to the river, keeping his eyes open for wolf tracks. He spotted a few in the dirt edging the road, all pointing in the direction from which he had just come, and squatted down to examine one more closely.
Just before reaching the water, Sel’s farm appeared on the right, the main house seeming to sag in the middle as though under the burden of years and the field out back overgrown and gone to seed. The place looked as though it had died, come back to life, then died again. The screen door, which naturally hung askew, banged open, and Sel himself backed out butt first, a ceramic pot in his hands. He turned, saw Griger, and hesitated, then ducked his head and scurried down the stairs, disappearing around the side of the house Griger lingered a moment, then followed, tangles of grass pulling at his boots. In the back, a clear patch boasted several pots like the one Sel had come out with, each blossoming with an assortment of multicolored flowers. Sel knelt before one and heaped rich soil in with his hands. A gust of wind flipped his lank, white hair back and forth, and a satisfied smile played at the corners of his thin mouth.
“You garden?” Griger asked.
Sel shot him a dirty look. “I do,” he said, a defensive edge in his voice. He stopped, favored the flowers with a sober look, and added, “These plants are the only friends I’ve got.” He chuckled self-consciously.
“Plants seem like they’d make poor friends,” Griger said. “When the first frost comes, they leave you.”
Sel ticked his head to one side in acquiescence. “Tis better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.”
An image of the girl at the top of the world flashed across Griger’s mind, and for a moment he could feel, feel, her presence. “I don’t believe that,” Griger said. “Loss is hard for a man who’s known love.”
“Still better than never knowing it at all,” Sel said and got stiffly to his feet. He dusted his hands on his pants.
“You’ve never lost someone,” Griger said.
“You’ve never loved someone,” Sel countered.
Griger stiffened. Mouthy old bastard, yes I have.
“What do you want?” Sel asked.
“I wanted to ask you about the werewolf.”
Sel’s face crinkled. “I told you everything I know.” He started walking back to the front of the house, and Griger fell in beside him.
“Is there anywhere around here you think a werewolf might live?” Griger asked. “Caves? Dens? Anything.”
“There’s some caves about,” Sel said, “other than that, I can’t say.”
They were on the porch now, Sel holding the door open.
“Can you tell me your story one more time?” Griger asked. “Maybe it might jog something you forgot.”
Sel sighed. “I don’t have nothin’, okay?”
He started to go inside, but Griger stopped him. “Please?”
The old man looked at him, then sighed. “Fine. Come in.”
They sat in Sel’s tiny and cluttered parlor. The furniture was as old and threadbare as the man who owned it, and the simple walls were crowded with old photos, many of them featuring a smiling woman with dark hair. She looked nothing like the girl at the top of the world, but Griger was reminded of her anyway. “Your wife?” he asked.
Sel, seated in an armchair across from him, busied himself pouring Griger a cup of tea. “Yes,” he said shortly.
From his tone - and the woman’s absence - Griger inferred that she was dead. “I’m sorry.”
Sel’s hand shook as he pushed the cup across the table. “So am I,” he said.
“Children?” Griger asked.
“Three,” Sel said. “Two boys and a girl.” Tears crept into the old man’s faded eyes and he fixed his gaze on a point over Griger’s shoulder. Open displays of emotion made Griger uncomfortable, and he shifted in his seat, sorry that he had brought the topic up. “We were married thirty years,” Sel said. His lips trembled and Griger thought he was going to break down crying. Instead, he smiled. “Those were good years.”
Griger nodded to himself. “I bet.”
He must not have sounded convincing, because Sel creased his brow. “Are you married?”
“Ever loved someone?”
Sel looked at him with a frank directness that bordered on mind-reading, and though it wasn’t possible, Griger could almost imagine the old man was seeing into his mind...and his heart. “You’re a liar.”
Griger considered his reply for a long time. “When I was a boy,” he said. “I thought I was in love.”
“What happened?”
Perhaps the old man had cast some kind of pall over him...or maybe he was in a rare mood...but Griger heard himself answer honestly. “I left her.”
A heavy silence lay between them.
“You left her?”
Griger nodded. “I moved on. She had her ways and I had mine. I didn’t see us working.”
“You regret it.”
“Yes,” Griger responded instantly. “I wish I tried.”
Sel nodded understandingly. “All boys make mistakes. Some are just luckier than others, I reckon.” He laughed, his posture relaxing, and Griger realized he was starting to like the old bastard.
“True,” he said. “Now your story…”
Sighing, Sel lifted a hand. “I don’t have much ways else to say.” He ran through his story just as he had before, with no additions or subtractions.
Griger nodded that he was satisfied, and got to his feet. “That’ll be all.”
Sel walked him to the door and stuck out his hand. “That damned thing’s a monster,” he said as they shook, “you watch yourself.”
“I can handle a werewolf,” Griger assured him.
Later on, after returning to the inn, Griger and Farbin rode out to meet the men on the other side of the river, catching up to them at a fork in the road. “No one’s sneezed or broken out, sire,” Farbin’s second-in-command, a tall, rodent-faced man, reported.
“Expand the dragnet,” Griger said.
Rat-face looked at Farbin for confirmation, and the Governor nodded.
They would find the wolf...or the wolf would find them.
Griger wanted the former, but would settle for the latter.
If he had to.
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2023.03.21 07:30 drmahaswari Are household chores taking a toll on your back?

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2023.03.21 07:21 radzionc How I Achieved Financial Independence on a Low Budget: My Lean FIRE Journey

I'm 25 years old and just reached my first retirement goal of covering basic living expenses with a semi-passive income. I live with my fiance in an apartment we own, and for a frugal lifestyle, we need around 1000$ per month. An expected return from the real estate we rent out is also around that figure. I don't have a successful business or anything like that. Most of the income to make it happen came from regular work, doing software development as a contractor for six years while living a frugal life.
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I've tracked where I spend more work time throughout my career, and it ended up being almost an equal split between the job and side projects. While I didn't make significant money from these endeavors, they allowed me to stand out when applying for remote positions. I don't regret dedicating so much of my time to entrepreneurial activities, and I still believe that starting a business could be an effective way to achieve FIRE. I just happened to pick the wrong problem to solve.
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2023.03.21 07:15 radzionc Achieving Financial Independence with Semi-Passive Income: My Real Estate Investing Strategy

I'm 25 years old and just reached my first retirement goal of covering basic living expenses with a semi-passive income. I live with my fiance in an apartment we own, and for a frugal lifestyle, we need around 1000$ per month. An expected return from the real estate we rent out is also around that figure. I don't have a successful business or anything like that. Most of the income to make it happen came from regular work, doing software development as a contractor for six years while living a frugal life.
We'll discuss the various variables involved in achieving financial independence and retiring early (FIRE), including investing and taxes. However, let's start with what I believe to be the most crucial aspect: your earning vehicle. The more money you make, the faster you can retire. While you can become financially independent through a safe investing strategy with a barber or barista paycheck, it will take decades of frugal living. If you don't have a valuable skill, it's better to put attention and time toward education to get a high-paying job sooner.
I've been lucky to pick a lucrative profession by applying to a computer science university after high school. This post-soviet institution was a disaster, but it made me realize the value of freedom and discipline. No one taught me at the university. I had to learn software development through free online resources to complete projects before deadlines. After two years of university, a boot camp, and self-study, I landed my first local programming job.
I've tracked where I spend more work time throughout my career, and it ended up being almost an equal split between the job and side projects. While I didn't make significant money from these endeavors, they allowed me to stand out when applying for remote positions. I don't regret dedicating so much of my time to entrepreneurial activities, and I still believe that starting a business could be an effective way to achieve FIRE. I just happened to pick the wrong problem to solve.
Working as a remote contractor from Eastern Europe has enabled me to earn the same compensation as a Western European engineer while benefiting from low taxes and living expenses. For example, a German company has €60,000 to spend on an employee. A Berlin-based worker will pay 38% in taxes, while a contractor in Estonia will spend 20%, in Poland 12%, in Ukraine 5%, and in Georgia just 1%. Of course, it's crucial to remember that you won't receive many social benefits when paying low single-digit taxes.
I've invested almost all my income in rental real estate without using a mortgage. It might not be the best strategy to build a large real estate business, but I didn't want to take unnecessary risks, especially considering the immaturity of the Georgian market. While my apartments have problems, I believe there are good enough assets. It's not a passive investment vehicle since I have to find the deal, fix or renovate things, and find tenants myself.
Before committing to real estate, I learned through experience that investing in crypto and stocks requires knowledge of its mechanics. I lost a significant sum during the Terra crash and can now only allocate 3% of my net worth between Bitcoin and Ethereum. While I like having some money secured on the blockchain and accessible from anywhere in case of an emergency, I don't want to hold a significant amount of speculative assets.
While the stock market has performed well in recent history, and since WW2 S&P 500 has a 7% adjusted for inflation return, I'm not confident it will continue to be that way. I've lost money in every position I hold, and while the market can turn around, I don't know when and why. In light of recent bank crashes, I don't believe in brokerages' safety. You deposit money into a black box and hope your money is safe. However, I might be biased because of the ban from the brokerage I've used due to my Belarus citizenship. Overall, I found investing in real estate more rewarding than seeing the number go up and down on a screen. It allows me to experience tangible assets that I can see and touch.
So far, income and taxes were the most impactful variables in my FIRE journey, but reducing spending also played a role. Instead of renting a fancy apartment, I've been living in my parents' small apartment on the outskirts of Mink and later in my small place in Tbilisi. By avoiding expensive rentals, I've saved tens of thousands of dollars.
I've also tried to minimize my travel, which can consume significant resources. Traveling means spending money on airfare, accommodations, and eating out while sacrificing valuable work time due to a lack of routine. While I still enjoy an occasional meal at a restaurant, I am mindful of my habits and their impact on my finances. For example, in Tbilisi, we preferred to do one work session in a coffee shop, so instead of going at lunchtime and spending money on food, we would go to a fancy place before breakfast and order regular black coffee. This way, we could get in a morning walk, benefit from the natural light exposure, extend our fasting period, and get some work done, all while saving money.
Maintaining good health is another essential aspect of the FIRE journey, especially in a country without free healthcare. I've already spent thousands of dollars on medical procedures in Georgia, and unfortunately, my experiences with the local healthcare system have been pretty bad. For example, I got this enormous scar for life because they accidentally put a wire burning a significant part of my leg during surgery on another part of my body. While there are some health problems we can't prevent, doing our best to take care of our health is crucial to succeeding in the FIRE journey. Our physical health is critical to both earning money and enjoying life.
Lots of people say money doesn't buy happiness but buffers stress. Speaking for myself, when I have less stress, I feel happier. I can sleep peacefully without worrying about losing my job and wake up without the pressure of having to rush and do extra work in the morning. While writing this, I still have a contract job and will most likely apply for another one when the current gig is gone. However, having financial stability also allows me to explore my interests, start my own business, or even take a sabbatical without worrying about burn rate.
At the same time, my semi-passive income can disappear any moment, the government can take away my apartments, there could be an earthquake, or people I love might need an expensive medical procedure. That's why having skills demanded by society is good insurance, knowing you can find a way to make money even after you've lost everything. Still, this doesn't necessarily mean a traditional job is the only option. I can continue being a good software developer by building projects myself.
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2023.03.21 07:15 RealisticAcadia6660 Hyderabad's emerging real estate destinations by Anuhar Homes

In recent years, real estate development has been centered in Hyderabad, one of the cities in India with the fastest growth. With the rise of new infrastructure projects, the demand for residential and commercial properties has increased in several emerging real estate destinations. Real estate in Hyderabad is growing more than ever. As a result, real estate developers are eyeing the city's emerging localities to build modern and luxurious properties.
This blog is for those looking to invest in real estate in Hyderabad and seeking insights into the city's emerging hotspots.
Alkapur Township
Alkapur Township is a residential area located in the southern part of Hyderabad, near the Outer Ring Road. The area is known for its well-planned layout and modern infrastructure, making it an attractive location for real estate development. It is well-connected to other parts of the city through major roads and public transportation. The area also has several amenities, including shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and parks, making it a popular choice for families.
Check Out - Best flats in Alkapur Township - Rami Reddy Towers & Anuhar Towers
Kollur is a rapidly developing residential area located in the western part of Hyderabad, near the Financial District. The area is known for its lush green surroundings, making it an attractive location for real estate development. The area is well-connected to other parts of the city through major roads and public transportation. Kollur is rapidly developing into a sought-after residential area in Hyderabad due to its lush green surroundings, excellent connectivity for a peaceful and comfortable living experience.
Check Out - Best flats in Kollur - Sun Towers
Miyapur is a residential and commercial area located in the northwestern part of Hyderabad, near the IT hub. The area is known for its modern infrastructure and excellent connectivity, making it an attractive location for real estate development. It is well-connected to other parts of the city through major roads and public transportation. Miyapur is emerging as a top real estate destination in Hyderabad due to its modern infrastructure, proximity to the IT hub, making it an excellent choice for homebuyers looking for convenience and comfort.
Check Out - Best flats in Miyapur - Gautami Heights
Pocharam is an emerging residential area located in the eastern part of Hyderabad, near the Outer Ring Road. The area is known for its peaceful surroundings and excellent connectivity, making it an attractive location for real estate development. It is well-connected to other parts of the city through major roads and public transportation. Pocharam is an up-and-coming residential area in Hyderabad, known for its tranquil atmosphere, excellent connectivity, and availability of amenities.
Check Out - Best flats in Pocharam - Apple Towers
Hyderabad's real estate market is experiencing steady growth, with many emerging destinations becoming attractive options for investors and homebuyers alike. Anuhar Homes has identified some of the most promising areas in the city, which offer excellent connectivity, modern infrastructure, and a range of amenities. Other neighbourhoods will evolve into potential real estate hotspots as the city grows and develops, opening up new investment options for individuals eager to participate in this dynamic market.
With its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Anuhar Homes is the best real estate company in Hyderabad. It is well-positioned to meet the demand for affordable and desirable housing in these emerging destinations.
If you are looking to buy flats in the most promising location contact Team Anuhar.
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2023.03.21 07:03 OtherSituation3951 Floating Ball Valve Manufacturer in Australia

Floating Ball Valve Manufacturer in Australia
Australian Valve is a leading Floating Ball Valve Manufacturer in Australia. We deliver to Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia. A floating ball valve is a type of quarter-turn valve that is widely used in various industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, water treatment, and others. It consists of a ball that floats within the valve body and is supported by a trunnion or a shaft. The ball is connected to a handle that operates the valve. Floating ball valves have several unique features that make them suitable for a variety of applications. The ball design allows for low operating torques and smooth flow control. This reduces the stress on the valve components and prolongs the lifespan of the valve. The floating ball design provides tight shut-off capabilities, making them ideal for use in applications where leak-tight shut-off is critical.
Australian Valve is the best Floating Ball Valve Manufacturer in Australia. Our Floating ball valves can be operated manually or automated, and they come in various sizes, ranging from small, half-inch valves to large, multi-inch valves. The valve body can be made of either forged or cast materials and can be designed to meet specific pressure and temperature requirements.

  • Parts
  1. Body
  2. Ball
  3. Stem
  4. Seats
  5. Seals
  6. Handle
  7. End Connections

  • Advantages
  1. Floating ball valves are simple to operate, with a quarter-turn of the handle allowing for fast and easy flow control.
  2. The floating ball design provides tight shut-off capabilities, making them ideal for use in applications where leak-tight shut-off is critical.
  3. The ball design of floating ball valves allows for low operating torques, which reduces the stress on the valve components and prolongs the lifespan of the valve.
  4. The floating ball design of the valve provides smooth flow control, allowing for precise regulation of fluid flow.
Ø Floating ball valves can be made in a variety of materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, and other high-performance alloys, allowing for high corrosion resistance and long-term durability.
Ø They are available in a range of sizes, materials, and configurations, and can be customized to meet specific performance and application requirements.
Difference between floating ball valve and trunnion ball valve
The main difference between the valves lies in the way the ball is supported in the valve body.
In a floating ball valve, the ball is held in place by two valve seats, one on each side of the ball. The ball is free to move or "float" slightly, allowing it to achieve a tight seal against the valve seats. The valve stem is connected to the ball, and when the stem is turned, the ball rotates to open or close the valve.
In a trunnion ball valve, the ball is supported by trunnion bearings, which are located at the top and bottom of the ball. The trunnion bearings allow the ball to rotate smoothly, and also provide support to prevent the ball from moving out of position under pressure. The valve stem is connected to the top of the ball, and when the stem is turned, the ball rotates to open or close the valve.

  • Industries
  1. Oil and gas Industry
  2. Chemical Industry
  3. Petrochemical Industry
  4. Power generation Plants
  5. Water and wastewater treatment Plants
  6. Mining and minerals Industry

· Applications

  1. Water treatment plants: Floating ball valves are also used in water treatment plants for controlling the flow of water and other liquids.
  2. Power generation industry: In power generation plants, floating ball valves are used for controlling the flow of steam, water, and other fluids. These valves are commonly used in boilers, turbines, and other power generation equipment.
  3. Pulp and paper industry: Floating ball valves are used in the pulp and paper industry for controlling the flow of various liquids and chemicals used in the production process.
Materials: Cast Steel (WCB,WCC,WC6,WC9),Cast Iron, SS316, SS304, F22, F51, LF2, F304, F304L, F316, F316L.
Class: 150 to 2500
Ends: Flanged, Socket weld, Butt weld, Threaded
Size:1/4’’ to 48’’
Pressure: PN 10 - PN 450
Operation: lever operated, electric actuated, pneumatic actuated, gear
Visit our website-
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2023.03.21 06:55 shane95r Pioneer Rails Preview!: A Poker Flip N Write!

Pioneer Rails Preview!: A Poker Flip N Write!
Orginally posted and formatted on my blog with images but written here in full for your ease!
Poker solo you say? Exploring the old west and building up your train network? Yes please!
• What makes this Flip n Write tick?
Well, in the solo mode, there is effectively two different mechanics at work here; the Flip n Write part: where you will be picking a card in an attempt to score points for activating the various locations, which is done by drawing the required number of tracks adjacent to them.
And the poker part, where you will be trying to score the best poker hands you can each round.
You will start with 4 starting “stations,” one for each suit of poker card. There are 5 turns per round, and 4 rounds per game. When you select a card for the turn you will flip 2 cards, discard a 3rd, (therefore telling you what is more likely to come up later in the round) and select one of them to be your active card, you will draw up to 3 tracks attached to this suits station.
These locations are mostly either combo locations where you’ll want to collect as many as possible, or ones that will score off of other locations. So you’ll want to form some kind of rough plan as to what you want to chase for each individual game.
That leads us to the poker aspect.
When you select your card you will also be filling in the bottom of the sheet with what card it was (either K, Q, J, A or 10, no other cards are used) and at the end of each round you will score for your “Poker Hand”, this will often have you deciding to pick a suit that you maybe didn’t really want on your turn to maximize your poker hand score.
The aim in the solo game is to reach the target score of 60 points.
To complicate matters at the end of every round you will flip a goal card, if you fail to achieve this objective over the course of the game this will raise the target score by 10 points, which is no small amount!
The final key to the puzzle comes from the towns. When you hit a town, that track is finished, however you need to be hitting the towns as in addition to scoring they can be spent for a number of neat tricks, such as counting your card as a different suit, crossing mountain ranges & rivers, even shortcuts across hexes.
•Replayability: In beginner difficulty you start with no revealed Goals, which can make it feel a bit “samey” in the beginning round, however at medium difficulty this is increased to 2 revealed Goals (in addition to the 3 that are revealed during the game) so this gives you more direction. There is currently 15 Goal cards in the base game, so plenty of variety there.
There are also plans for at least 2 additional maps, each of which will come with some specific objectives as well.
So, all in all, replayability is pretty fair! The difficulty is very scaleable (add additional goal cards), so that should keep the challenge going as well!
• Components: As this is a preview, and a PNP one at that, I won’t be commenting on component quality, other than to say that the art on the map is clear and also thematic and engaging.
• Thematic Impact: As a flip n write there is only so much theme that can come through the mechanics, but where given the opportunity Dranda Games have made the artwork and also the poker mechanics really shine and almost feels like something that could have been out of the Wild West era.
•Final Words:
Pioneer Rails goes live on Kickstarter on April 17th. If you’re a fan of the western theme, this snappy Flip n Write should definitely be one to keep on your radar! While the core gameplay is simple and intuitive, the solo mode definitely stands up to the challenge and provides just enough interesting choices and variety of goals to keep me coming back for repeated plays. choices and variety of goals to keep me coming back for repeated plays.
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