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Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

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Stories I have written and submitted to /WritingPrompts.

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A place to practice your Sherlock like observation

2023.05.28 17:54 apatheticusername What is a typical delivery experience? Mine was meh.

What were people’s delivery experience like? I got my MY on Tuesday and mine was chaotic and a bit underwhelming. This is my first Tesla so I watched a bunch of the YouTube videos for new Tesla owners including a lot of delivery videos. In many of these videos, delivery is in a special area with everything ready to go and plenty of time and space to check the car for defects, get oriented, etc.
My experience at the Raleigh location was very different. I was one of 5 vehicles being delivered during the time slot. There was only one person coordinating delivery when I arrived and they were totally overwhelmed. Eventually a second person came out but that still left a lot of people waiting.
The lot at Raleigh is overflowing with inventory and vehicles being serviced so there are cars stuck in every possible square inch of space. There was nowhere to park when I got there with my trade-in so I just blocked in a car that seemed like it might not be going anywhere anytime soon.
The vehicle delivery area is on the sidewalk in front of the building and cars are jammed in there without a lot of space to walk around. When there was finally room in the delivery area and they brought my car up it was in this awkward space where it was difficult to walk around and inspect it. Five minutes into inspecting the car it became clear they were very eager for me to get it out of there so they could put another delivery in that space.
All in all it was rushed and actually worse than the delivery experience with my last two car purchases (not Tesla). I know that expecting the real world to match YouTube is a recipe for disappointment so I’d like to know what other people’s experiences have been. What was it like? Did you feel like it was something worthy of a car at that price?
I wish my experience had been better so I’ll live vicariously through everyone else’s. Its water under the bridge at this point because I like the car and the person who did get me setup was nice but clearly stressed out.
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2023.05.28 17:54 Relevant-Grade-1513 AITA for reporting my doordasher for not delivering to the right floor

I (25F) ordered doordash to my sister’s apartment. It’s on the 22nd floor. The dasher was approaching as the app says. So I was watching the map because I wanted to make sure as this isn’t where I live.
Doordash says 22nd floor. The dasher had trouble finding entrance to the building. I told them giving locations of other places. “The revolving door is between here and here”
They made it inside. Took a picture where they dropped off the food, sent it to me. I said thanks, then looked outside. No food. No food on the entire floor. I was so confused. I told them I think they dropped it off to the wrong floor. No response and seconds later, the food was marked complete.
Ok? So I contact support and it said “your dasher has said that you were hard to reach during delivery” which was untrue. I have proof I walked them step by step to get inside the building.
So I got in touch with a person “hopefully” a person and not an AI. I told them my story with pictures. I also asked to report the person. I didn’t know what floor my food was on. Or if the dasher took the food instead because there was no knock and no door ring. Support gave me credit for the incident.
Moments later the dasher said “2nd floor. Please forgive me.”
I then made the trek in my pjs on this beautiful sunday brunch time to get my food at a stranger’s door hoping it was still even there. It was.
I don’t know if I was in the right for reporting this person when the app says the floor name. 2nd vs 22nd and if I am the AH then should I recant the complaint?
This happened just now. AMITA for this? I personally don’t think I am. They did apologize but also delivered the food after i had told them that’s not my door. I know how working for doordash works, it’s a manual button to press to deliver.
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2023.05.28 17:53 back2reality44 This new worm buff is completely OP and needs a ban

Hey guys, bass main here. This morning I was swimming around minding my own business when I found a worm that washed into the water. I was happy for the free XP and gobbled it down, but suddenly the worm showed off a new tech I’ve never seen before.
Normally worms can’t survive long underwater and are free XP. This one deployed a barbed horn and proceeded to swim around faster than any fish I’ve seen, and took me for the ride. I tried fighting back but it was useless. If that wasn’t bad enough, this thing then used the “fly” ability, took me out of the water, and tried drowning me. How is this remotely fair?
Fortunately for me, a human main was there in the air to free me from the worm’s grasp. If not for them my run would be over. These types of near auto game over buffs given to players that are typically free XP is totally uncalled for and makes for a frankly unplayable meta. Am I supposed to stop using worms for free XP? What happens when flies receive a similar buff, or smaller fish? Please devs nerf this worm buff for the sake of all fish mains
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2023.05.28 17:53 Dry-Television-4831 Working armed with no Security Patches? California

Are there serious consequences for not wearing company logo / security patches while working armed? Location is a warehouse, and store front separate location I think I saw it was just a fine of $250 per infraction. That’s the company’s policy I’m working for is no badges. What do you guys think? Will I get in a lot of trouble from law enforcement? I have valid exposed firearm and guard card. One employee said just say you are “in house security” if that’s the case what’s the requirements?
Can’t find solid answers to these anywhere. Thanks. Please don’t noob me out 😂
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2023.05.28 17:53 2600_yay "Private spies hired by FBI and corporations infiltrate Discord, Reddit, WhatsApp" - [General News][Corporate Threat Intelligence]

Happy Sunday, folks! I read YCombinator's HackerNews since I work in computahs and this post (below) popped up on HackerNews today, so I wanted to pass it along to Apes here:
If you're unfamiliar with the YCombinator HackerNews site, you have to click on the article title to go to the news story. (Here's the news story's link if the user interface is still confusing: )

About the author

The post is on an investigative reporter's Substack/blog. From the 'About me' page on Lee Fang:

Lee Fang

I’m a journalist with a longstanding interest in how public policy is influenced by organized interest groups and money.
I grew up in the shadow of the nation’s capital, in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The proximity to D.C. made a difference. I pored over copies of the Washington Post with breakfast and rode the Metro into the city to attend protests and think tank lectures as a teenager. I quickly realized that the best way to make a difference and stay true to my values was probably investigative reporting, a career I’ve pursued since college. I place institutions and power centers under scrutiny, and while doing it, I try to remain skeptical and fair-minded.
In April 2023, I officially launched this Substack as the primary place for my reporting. Here are some thoughts about why Substack as a model for journalism appeals to me. In short, I want an independent platform to investigate, provide analysis and break news without any partisan or ideological gatekeeping. I hope to produce original reporting that you can’t find anywhere else.
and his bio page continues on.

The Reporter's contact info section

Taken from that dude's biography page (above)
I cover all kinds of issues of public concern. Send me a tip if you have a story idea or documents you want to leak. You can reach me by direct message on Twitter, Signal at (202) 394-9170 or email at lee (at) I am based in San Francisco.
My thoughts as a security-minded engineer: I would highly suggest anyone wanting to reach out to this reporter avoid using Twitter for anything other than requesting this reporter's email address or a 'dead drop [file depositing] location'. Do not send files or personally-identifiable information over Twitter. Since Elongated Muskrat has taken over that company data access controls inside the company are running horribly. (A friend still works there and thus I've been able to stay in the loop regarding that issue and other similarly-concerning data safety issues at The Bird Site.)
I'd suggest reaching out to the reporter over his Signal number or - best method, in my opinion - emailing him at his email address, lee (at), from a fresh/new email address. By 'fresh, new email address' I mean an email address that isn't tied back to you that you've set up using a computer in a public setting (like a library) that you're sure is safe / doesn't have cameras pointed at the computer.
If people need someone to walk them through the steps of setting up anonymous or anonymous+encrypted (PGP) communication tools let me know and I can write up a Reddit post on how to safely email as an Ape. I've worked in this industry for over a decade, so if you're super-security-minded I would suggest avoiding using mobile phone email applications as I'm sure Google (Android) and Apple (iOS) are scooping up metadata that could expose sender information on applications like Signal. Instead, I suggest emailing reporters from a computer, but there are some extra steps that you want to take so that metadata cannot be tied back to you. Let me know regarding a "how to set up and use PGP" post and I'd be happy to write up a 'how to' guide in this subreddit over the coming days.
I was thinking that given this dude's reporting - - maybe some Apes would want to reach out to him to provide some data that the community has collected over the past few years.
  • He seems like he's not afraid to dig into large, important issues like "threat surveillance" (which is what the blog post that I linked to above) is about. Threat intel is the term for the surveillance that US government orgs (who, under their charters, DO NOT have surveillance right over American citizens in the absence of a warrant or other investigative order).
  • It's certainly NOT kosher for companies to illegally surveil social media - like Reddit - for (real or perceived... and let's be honest, the threats are largely perceived threats) against a company.
  • This report guy seems to have balls of steel and doesn't seem like the type of person that's easily deterred by threats from shitty corporations.
  • With the economy getting worse in the EU (Germany just announced that it's in a recession now) and the US economy [not-so-]slowly going down the crapper it is all the more important to expose these corporate fraudsters and thieves.
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2023.05.28 17:53 Ok-Run3329 Fun

So this guy gave me about 12 g of golden teacher mushrooms and me and my buddy split the bag last night. I ate 6 he ate 6. It was a really nice trip. Nowhere near the intensity of the acid trip I took last weekend but it was still a really nice mellow trip with some awesome visuals. It was great. I just felt so at peace with everything in the world last night. I needed that. I've been so stressed out with work lately that this was a nice little reset.
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2023.05.28 17:53 kmullins131 In 7 hours I will be playing Clone Hero on a Charity live stream event!

Some friends of mine organized a charity fundraiser event that has happened each memorial day weekend for the last 4 years. It's a 36-hour video game marathon and I volunteered to play Video Game soundtrack renditions by GaMetal in Clone Hero!
I will go on in 7 hours, which is 7pm Eastern Time. During my time slot there will be a donation incentive for me to play the Pepsiman Theme Song dressed up as Pepsiman! Your donations also put you in the running for some great prizes, the grand prize being a Steam Deck with a dock!
The event page is here:
The live stream is here:
100% of your donations go directly to Feeding America. In the last 3 years we have raised nearly $20,000! This year our goal is $15,000. Hope to see you there :)
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2023.05.28 17:52 over_and_over_again Working Out - How Do You Feel

Soooo I am nearly six weeks PO and my surgeon cleared me for light cardio workouts. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill - did exactly as directed and took it pretty easy. I swelled, which I expected of course, but in addition the incision kind of burned. I haven't really felt that since the first week or two, but I've also not been doing much physically. Anyone else experience this? I'm otherwise pain-free, the incision is completely closed and healing nicely, etc. Maybe i just need to wear more compression to support it during the workouts?
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2023.05.28 17:51 imsandradi Help me ID? Around the size of a quarter. Southern Maryland, near port tobacco. Looks like an organ when wet which is so cool!

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2023.05.28 17:51 1ookamithewolf Skater Punk Battle Jacket

Skater Punk Battle Jacket
Working on my skater punk battle jacket. The 311 patch was made by hand (took me nearly 8 hours). I have a Sum 41, Reel big Fish, MXPX, and Hoobastank patches to be sewn on, plus a Jessica Rabbit and Fem Creature from the Black Lagoon patch for the arms. Back patch will be a custom bomber-jacket style pinup. Saving the front chest pockets for pins cause sewing there is a pain.
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2023.05.28 17:51 Wreckrew Wrecking [Krew] WvW Fight Guild Looking To Build Our Small Comp Currently Recruiting.

Wrecking[krew] is an organized small man fight guild who looks to push our team to the limit every time we step into WvW. We solely focus on outnumbered fights with our melee power comp setup. We are currently looking to bolster our ranks to a nightly 15 man and eventually build to a 20 man comp to continue to go against the larger guilds out there.
Current Recruitment Needed 3 FB, 2 support vindi, 2 willbender, 2 celebreaker, 2 Reapers
Guild raid builds(only need to use during guild runs)
Able to take constructive criticism
Somewhat active(we only run three nights a week) would like to see you at least two of those nights.
Two week trial period. See how we fit, get along and mesh together.
Keeping your weekly signup status going so we know who/what we have.
Not required but always great to do.
Record gameplay footage and ask for review for help
Have arcdps to track your own stats/other people's stats to see how everyone is doing
Attend "off nights" to practice on your raid class to get a better understanding of your class/role.
WvW Raiding Schedule- We run Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday 8pm est-10pm est.
We are currently located on SF Sorrow's furnace server.If interested feel free to reach out to me in game or on discord.IGN: Hadan.2841 Discord: Hadan#5589Check out our YouTube channel to see more of what we do.
Some videos from members
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She hacks account on any social media platforms you can ever imagine - instagram, facebook, Twitter, tinder, snapchat e.t.c.
Her many Services include: Social Media Hack( Whatsapp,Snapchat,Instagram,Twitter, Facebook/Messenger,Viber e.t.c), GPS Location Tracking, Incoming calls Restriction, Intercepting and Retrieving Instant Messages, Grade Hacking, Credit Score Increase, USSD Control Commands,Whatsapp Spy, Hacking into Databases of all kinds, Calender Monitoring, Internet Usage Monitoring, Remotely Accessing SMS, Game Hacking and Cracking, Key Logging, Remote Email Spying, and more. What got me most was her offer of a total Refund of any displeasing services but i didn’t have to use that Choice.
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Also, if you need assistance your Academic assignment thesis, proposal presentations e.t.c available for any field of writing
Contact her:
TEXT: +1(972)514 7436
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WHATSAPP : +1 (972)514 7436
Telegram: +1 (430) 755 2238
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2023.05.28 17:50 Cornhusker7914 UPDATE!!! AITA for not responding to a “I miss you” text from a strained friend?

For some reason, it won't let me post this update onto the AITA subreddit, so I'm posting it onto my own profile.
Sorry for not responding to this sooner, been busy with work and family events.
So I read your comments and I appreciate your advice to how to proceed. Onto the update:
So I responded to her message to day after she sent the message. We made small talk to see how our lives are, and to gage how her headspace was at. She then asked again to meet up for a drink, and a basically responded with "I appreciate the offer for a drink, but honestly, I'm not really in the right headspace right now. You messaging me after all this time made some previous feelings from the past come back, feelings that I've worked hard to work past. I also know that you've been through a breakup recently, and I feel like its not the right time for the both of us to meet up. I may be reading this wrong, but with what has happened in the past, I think that its best to just work on ourselves. I still want our friendship, and if she needs someone to talk to, you can text me anytime. But we both need to have time to ourselves and see where we are afterwards. Again, thank you for the offer and I wish you the best."
She took a while to respond back to me, and she responded with, "Hey, I understand and will respect the space that you need, and I will do the same with taking time for myself. I never really understood how you've been after what happened, and I'm sorry for not reaching out more. That was really messed up for me to not do that. I hope you forgive me and hopefully in the near future we can hang out with you and others from school. Thank you for messaging me back and I wish you the best."
So it went better than I thought and I'm in a better place after reading her message.
So for now that's the update. Maybe I will update if anything changes.
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2023.05.28 17:49 Olirum_nebula Katrodu oru kadhai- chapter -14

"Deciding the winner was not easy. We evaluated based on the choreography, costumes, songs, expressions, clap meter .It was a tough call, but one team stood out in the way they presented themselves ,elegancy and expressions " - Mech HOD was announcing the winner
They held their hands, the last line gave hope, they did well on all the three parts, may be may be may be, and she is not the one to celebrate early!! Lets see!
"The winner of this year's fiesta , THE E-CLUSTER " the crowd roared especially eee,ece and eie crowd, this is a big win!!
Manju akka asked all the E-cluster members to join the stage with her. It was an epic win. E-clus haven't wont a single fiesta so far and that too girls never reached top 3 . This was in fact a moment of pride for everyone .They got on the stage and received the trophy. The girls hugged Manju ka, she was the main motivation for them.
The crowd had begun to move already , her girls came to her near the stage and hugged ,they were excited for her.
"Gals, you go ahead , I have something to do here, and hey I am hungry d ,take couple of idli and sambar from mess?"-she asked Sandy. Sandy nodded and hugged her back and left.
Only the club members where left, photography, arts, drama and movie club members,
"Madhu, we need to write names on the certificate and distribute, can you grab them from the mech seminar hall?write the names and bring it back, cant do this in the crowd"- Naveen anna handed her the list
She walked out of the auditorium and saw him walking towards her,
"Honestly no words , I am speechless, you did amazing"
"Thanks" she blushed, why is the path so dark? usually this area is lit up . she hoped he would walk with her, she was always afraid of the dark,
They were walking on the dark path and she noticed to full moon, god this day couldn't get any better. He was walking silently with her , deep in thoughts, She even glanced at him few times, he didn't notice her,
"Looks like it is a full moon day , its so beautiful"- she started the conversation
"Yes it is, its so beautiful, it might even start to drizzle "- he replied , he didn't see her still
They reached the seminar hall and she opened the package on the desk and opened a black marker and started to write the names on the certificates
He sat opposite to her, still deep in thoughts, she could see that in his face, but she didn't dare to ask, she didn't want to have any other conversation with him, she always dreaded that. She was happy with the way things are for now.
"Madhu, can I talk to you for a minute?"- ah no here we go , she thought
"Remember the first day you came to school? +1 , we were giving a file , a pen and all the necessary forms to be filled for the new comers"
"I don't Selva, what happened that day?" she was busy writing the certificates
"I was sitting on the table and I handed over a green file and a pen with the forms", she looked at him
"I didn't see your face , I was just scoring out the names on the list and I heard a voice asking 'Can I get a purple file?'"- Selva paused
she smiled, yeah she still has the purple file , but didn't remember asking for one
when I looked at you and you said "Please? It matches my dress color!!"- he imitated her face
"I found a purple file from the box and you were so happy, juts lit up and happy, so pretty , I started noticing you right away !! and yeah I used to see you from our class window during PT periods, you will be playing co-co or a ring, always smiling and playing, you would participate in dance, drama and music what not!! quite famous"
"and you joined Durai master tuition "
"Did you go there too?"
"Like you were everywhere, I will always be seeing you, tried to talk to you but I was bit hesitant you were junior and school was strict , didn't want to get you in trouble"
"Thank god you didn't. I would have cried"
"I finished school and I tried to get your phone number from you classmates and even called once, your mom picked up and I hung up the call , when I saw you on the corridor that day it was a dream come true for me!"
She didn't know what to say, she smiled and continued her work,
"Madhu, look at me"- he said in an authoritative tone
She looked at his face
"I love you"- he looked deep in her eyes as he said
There it was, the three words she dreaded the most, she have heard few 'I love you!!s' before, in a bus stand , in her tuition and in her school, for some reason they were all nervous while confessing their feelings, writing on a paper and sneaking it inside her notebook or from her behind when she turned back this guy was long gone , or sending a friend as a messenger, she didn't take anything seriously .she carefully eluded the glances and signals, but here he is confronting her with it, looking at her straight in her eyes and confessing his feelings.
She always had an imagination for everything, she thought she was always meant to fall in love, may be all those romantic love stories she read growing up or the movies she watched drove her imaginations wild. she would always run in the savanna with the flowy long skirt, and this guy would chase her and hold her hands and say 'I love you ' and she will melt in those arms, but this was nothing like she ever imagined. She was here sitting on a dusty desk , in an old classroom ,not in a flowy white skirt not she was being chased on a meadows, but this was perfect , perfect way to express love. Her throat went dry and it was hard for her to breath ,For all the 1000 words she would speak for every single word, for how talkative and playful she is, all she could bring up was
"nan pogata?" she could barely hear her own voice, it sounded so weak and why the hell is she asking his permission to go?, shouldn't she just leave if she wants to? she looked out of the window and the path was not dark anymore, she gathered all the certificates and couple of markers and left the room, he got up and started walking behind her , they entered the auditorium and nobody noticed them , the air was electric and they were all in small groups talking something loud. She saw Aarthi and Manju akka in one of the groups and went to them
"Okay attention da!!"Naveen anna went up the stage, everyone sat where they were in small groups, Selva was sitting somewhere behind with his mech friends from the dance club
"A round of applause for everyone, this is one of the best in years. Just amazing". They all clapped
"Can't believe mighty megatrons lost to bunch of half-saree girls!!, but anyway amazing. I want to thank all the volunteers who made this event successful, participants, other club members, no time to give all the certificates one by one da, So I am reading the names here and raise your hands Manju will come and give it to you, just be seated" Naveen anna was holding the mic
Naveen anna read the names as everyone received their certificates,
"Finally, A big thank you for the art club members da, amazing decorations and background, especially Selva went above and beyond to get those diyas because they cancelled the order this morning and Selva travelled to cbe to get it personally. Thanks da for helping dance club"
Oh that's why you were not here this afternoon, she thought
"Anna avan onum dance club pavam nu seiyala, yarukaka nu avanaye kelunga"- Pradeep shouted from the crowd and everyone laughed
"Ena da nadakuthu inga??"
"Anna selva ku ,e and i la oru ponnu mela kannu , avlothan yaru antha ponnunu yen vayala sola maten atha neengale kandu pudinga"
"Enga na?, ivlo kashta pathathuku oru thanks kooda sola matengranga"- Selva looked right at her from the stage.
What is going on here? god everyone knows, the girls were asking her to thank him
"Hey he bought diyas for everyone , why should I thank him. we all can say thank you at once!"- she asked Aarthi
"Hey he bought it for you !! okay? go go up on the stage and say thank you go"- she pushed Madhu
She went up on the stage and said thank you, they all started to clap and make fun of them, he extended his hands she gave him a handshake and said "Thank you!!"
"welcome"- he had a smirk on his face, he is cocky, he is enjoying this. why am I not angry now and blushing like an idiot?
This is out now, out in public, everyone knows he is into her now, everyone knows something is going on between them , she was too nervous when she got back to the seat, god I need to be with my girls now! Cant wait to go back to hostel
To be continued.....
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2023.05.28 17:49 Annual-Vanilla-510 Colors plus youth center needs some help. It is located near cleveland ohio.

At Colors+ Youth Center, we are committed to providing a safe, affirming, and fun environment to help LGBTQ+ youth and their families thrive. We are a nonprofit organization and provide all programs free of charge to families. Unfortunately, some of the sponsors of our June 11 family-friendly fundraiser, Show Your Colors+, have received threatening communications.
Therefore, we are teaming up with the The Fairmount Group to provide additional security at this event. We want to ensure that families, youth, participants, sponsors, drag performers, volunteers, and our amazing Keynote speaker, Erin In The Morning, are all safe to celebrate and be their amazing and authentic selves.
We need to raise $10,000 in emergency funds to cover the costs of this extra security. Every dollar helps toward our goal and every share helps build awareness. We appreciate all of your support and love. We are not going anywhere--we are here to support LGBTQ+ youth and families now and always and are excited to celebrate with you! You can donate via Facebook, PayPal at , or Venmo at @ supportyouth
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2023.05.28 17:49 German1diot A&K 1500 Round Feed Issue

Good Morning!
I’m currently running a Cybergun featherweight M249 with the A&K 1500 round box mag and I’ve noticed an odd issue. I’m using a MOSFET, an 11.1v battery, and I installed a selector switch to let me use burst while on semi auto. However recently I’ve had some feed issues…the first round of investigation turned up a hop/bucking alignment issue which I’ve fixed resulting in my fully auto MOSTLY working as intended. However when I’m using semi auto my mag tube only feeds every other round. If I wiggle the tube a bit while I’m shooting I can hear the bb shift into the chamber and it’ll fire fine and I can shoot semi auto without issue. However if I don’t touch the tube it will always dry fire every other round. So clearly the issue is the tube on my mag. I’ve tried shifting it around with a rubber band to see if I could find a sweet spot but thus far no luck. The tube does have one small defect in the coils where they’re separated a bit (ie not coiled as tightly) near where the tube goes into the mag well adapter. It doesn’t look like the BBs are snagging there but I’m not sure - I can provide pictures if needed. Anyone have experience with this issue? It’s been issue after issue with this gun. Side note the hicap that came with the gun feeds fine every time. Oh and also I use the manual pressure switch to drive the mag so that’s always depressed while firing. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 17:48 nohotshot Facebook dating recommending people far outside your area?

I’ve been on Facebook dating for months now and one thing that has frustrated me is the seemingly broken preferences too. I have a couple of preferences set to “strong preference”, including my location distance which is 20 miles. Despite this, Facebook shows me people from different states and even countries, with the people who match the distance preferences being mixed in with them and not even being shown first.
Is there potentially any way to fix this?
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2023.05.28 17:48 lawfox32 My active 3 y/o GSM rescue might have heartworm--advice for keeping him calm?

I adopted a GSM rescue last year. He tested negative for heartworm at the shelter, and my vet didn't retest until his annual physical last week. He's been on preventive meds since I adopted him. The initial antigen test was positive and she's waiting to confirm the results. She thinks he picked it up at the shelter right before they tested him, so it didn't show up yet. He doesn't have any symptoms.
He's very sweet and usually pretty chill in the house, but he gets SUPER excited when the doorbell rings, when people come over, and when he's getting his harness and/or leash on to go outside. He doesn't have a crate, because he's never really needed one--he will go in another room to hang out alone if he wants space, and he usually just wants to chill near me anyway when we're not playing. I think trying to crate-train him now quickly enough to make a difference wouldn't help much--and he might get more anxious and try to get out. He's also somewhat reactive to other dogs--he wants to say hi, but gets really excited and pulls and tries to run and drag me over) and wants to chase wildlife. I always take him on a leash and harness, but he's very strong and can still get in quick bursts of pulling/running. Even our yard isn't 100% safe-- the other night a fox dashed out from the bushes 3 feet from us and sprinted across the yard, and of course he (on his leash) wanted to go after it. There are a lot of bunnies in our yard, and a dog lives next door who goes nuts behind the fence when he's nearby on the other side in our yard, and sometimes he reacts to her. Then his nemesis lives behind us and sometimes gets in our yard, and they fight every time they see each other and I have to pull them apart. He also reacts if he even HEARS that dog from inside the house. The other issue is, he refuses to poop in the yard unless things are DIRE, and THAT stresses him out, so he probably has to go on at least short walks. We've been working hard on his reactivity, and he's doing much better, but it still happens sometimes and even one incident could cause an embolism...
I'm not sure what I can do to keep him safe during treatment. He really is chill in the house 99% of the time, but that 1%... Should I ask the landlady if I can disconnect the doorbell temporarily? He usually doesn't react to people near the door otherwise unless they come inside-- he's used to deliveries getting dropped off. Should I put up a sign? I think gating him would also be counterproductive and he'd try to jump over it. I have very flexible work from home, but I'm a lawyer and I can't just not go to court for six weeks, so I'll have to be gone sometimes. I also don't know what to do about taking him out and the reactivity-- he's worse when he's been cooped up, too. I'm planning to ask the vet about meds/calming stuff, but I'm so worried--what if the meds don't work? He's my best boy, I can't let anything happen to him.
Does anyone have any advice for keeping him and his environment calm for 4-8 weeks?!
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2023.05.28 17:48 T90ENIGMA Ultimate Thanos Variant - Inked or Gold?

Ultimate Thanos Variant - Inked or Gold?
Hit a pretty solid split yesterday of gold finish with gold stardust. It’s damn near impossible for me to choose between the two now. Which one would you be running in your deck?
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2023.05.28 17:48 michael_fily_phung Garmin need to fix music playing eating to much battery

I used a 265 more than a month. Every thing is going so well except it took me almost nearly 20% when running with music (I run wo my phone connect, the terrain is normal city street) Other activities is really normal, running ar 10k with out music just took me around 4/5%. I think they need to fix software and how Bluetooth delivers music to my airpod 3
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2023.05.28 17:48 Huge-Improvement3885 ChatGPT D-Class SCP Collaborative Text Adventure

ChatGPT D-Class SCP Collaborative Text Adventure
You are D-Class personnel D-1354, recently assigned to a new facility under the watchful eye of the SCP Foundation. Today, you find yourself in a dimly lit chamber, where a stern Foundation researcher, Dr. ██████, delivers your assignment.
Dr. ██████: "D-1354, your unique situation has caught the attention of the higher-ups. We have a special task for you. An SCP anomaly, designated as SCP-███, has recently breached containment. We believe it has taken refuge in the facility's lower levels. Your mission is to locate and establish communication with SCP-███. Exercise caution, as its behavior is unpredictable."
As you descend into the depths of the facility, you pass through a maze of sterile corridors, illuminated by flickering fluorescent lights. The air grows heavy, filled with an unnatural stillness that sends shivers down your spine.
Entering a large containment chamber, you catch a glimpse of SCP-███ — a creature resembling a shadowy figure, flickering in and out of existence. Its presence emits an unnerving aura, as if reality itself warps around it.
SCP-███: "Intriguing... another human wanders into my domain. Are you here to harm me, D-1354? Or do you seek something more?"
Three Choices:
A) Calm Approach: "I mean you no harm, SCP-███. I seek to understand and establish a peaceful interaction between us."
B) Aggressive Stance: "Don't play coy, creature! You will comply with the Foundation's demands, or there will be consequences!"
C) Curiosity Unleashed: "Fascinating! What are you, SCP-███? Tell me more about your existence and why you've breached containment."
Please choose one of the three options, or feel free to create a fourth choice for your character. Use the comments to Vote. Together you shape the narrative.
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2023.05.28 17:47 TimelessEssence Always adopt from a reputable breeder

Always adopt from a reputable breeder
I would like to take a moment to remind or inform anyone perhaps interested in adopting a new (or first!) friend to PLEASE make sure you buy from a reputable breeder. Yes, you will pay more up front than going to some pet store, but you know they won't have been neglected. Certainly not neglected enough that their bone density is damn near the same density as their soft tissue.
Full story: We spotted this pretty little girl at our local pet place on April 8th, she was an impulse buy/rescue - ALL of our other small critters have been from breeders. I was not fond of the idea, but we both adored her and thought she was on the underfed side. Oook, well your choice my guy.
Now, we take ALL of our critters to our vet immediately after bringing them home. Sadly, we had a massive medical emergency shortly after bringing her home that we are still recovering from/awaiting surgery for (finally next week!) and she had not made it in yet. Sidenote: I am not the lizard person in our house, I find them adorable but their care is left to the bf... Except he's not in the condition to do anything at all.
Earlier this week I was a bit careless and she had a minomild crush in the door. The bf, who witnessed it, insisted it was fine given it was not hard at all, but naturally I was freaking the hell out. While she's doubled her weight since we brought her home she is still so tiny, and we have no idea of any possible health concerns yet. She seemed fine at the time, and the day after. Then the following day I see she's dragging her back legs. Oh no. No no no. 💩💩💩 Que: mild freak out and feeling so much more guiltier than I already was.
Obviously we got her in ASAP as an emergency vet visit. In short she's got a pretty severe case of metabolic bone disease. Certainly not something that can be repaired with home doses of calcium in and on food. Now I am actually sort of greatful I gave her a small accidental smush because while her bone density is quite poor we believe it is still mostly reversible at this time - and she thankfully hasn't broken any bones just being a juvenile crestie. Yes, I still feel incredibly horrible and very very guilty, but since I get to be the bad guy and medicate/feed/bathe/care for her for the foreseeable future I'm hoping she at least adjusts to me and sees me as at least a FOOD DELIVERY person and I can see her recover directly.
/End PSA & rant 🥰
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