2016 toyota corolla cabin air filter

Online Cabin + Engine Air Filter?

2023.05.28 16:32 bananacoffeebagel Online Cabin + Engine Air Filter?

Hello! I had a quick question regarding cabin and engine air filters. I am looking to swap them out and it seems the models for my Mazda3 2022 Preferred aren’t in stock anywhere locally. Not sure if that’s common or just strictly my area. I was curious if there are any go-to car sites that you personally snag these filters from?
Apologies in advance if it’s a rhetorical question, just figured I’d ask here. Thanks so much!
Oops, sorry, I see the auto response of resources commented, did not know this existed, will check those out!
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2023.05.28 11:18 heaveninhellgirl Creepy Cabin's Dark Secret.

It had been years since I last stepped foot in that desolate forest. Memories of my childhood flooded back as I peered through the overgrown foliage, spotting the worn-out path leading deeper into the woods. The stories we used to share around the campfire echoed in my mind, especially the one about the abandoned cabin—the place where all fear began.
Curiosity tingled in my veins as I made my decision. I was going to find that cabin and uncover the truth behind the legends. With my backpack slung over my shoulder, I ventured down the overgrown path, the silence of the woods swallowing my every step.
The trees towered above me, casting eerie shadows across my path. Leaves rustled as if whispering secrets only they could understand. I swallowed hard, pushing forward, my determination overpowering the creeping unease. The tales of the cabin had intrigued me for years, and now it was time to confront the darkness that lurked within.
After what seemed like an eternity, I stumbled upon a clearing, and there it stood—the infamous cabin. It had succumbed to the passage of time, its wooden frame weathered and decaying. The windows were shattered, and the front door hung crookedly on its hinges, beckoning me to enter.
I took a deep breath and crossed the threshold. Inside, the air was stale and heavy, filled with the scent of abandonment. Dust danced in the weak rays of sunlight that filtered through the cracks in the walls. It was a scene frozen in time, as if the inhabitants had fled in haste, leaving behind their most cherished possessions.
A sense of foreboding settled upon me as I explored further. The whispers of the wind outside grew louder, carrying with them the echoes of distant footsteps. Every creak of the floorboards sent shivers down my spine, making me question my decision to venture into this forgotten place.
I noticed a stack of weathered journals on a nearby table, their pages yellowed with age. My curiosity got the better of me, and I picked one up, dusting off the surface. As I opened it, I was greeted by chilling accounts of strange occurrences within the cabin—a malicious presence that tormented those unfortunate enough to stumble upon it. The more I read, the more I felt a chill creeping up my spine.
I snapped the journal shut, convinced that the stories were nothing but the product of overactive imaginations. But as I turned to leave, the door slammed shut with a deafening thud. Panic surged through me, and I rushed to open it, but it refused to budge. My heart pounded in my chest, and the whispers of the wind transformed into sinister laughter.
Time seemed to stand still as I frantically searched for an alternative way out. The cabin's atmosphere had changed, becoming suffocating and oppressive. The creaking of the floorboards grew louder, and the unsettling feeling of being watched intensified.
Desperation overtook me as I stumbled upon a hidden trapdoor beneath a worn-out rug. My trembling hands reached for the handle, praying for an escape. With a deep breath, I opened the hatch and descended into the unknown.
The darkness swallowed me whole, the only source of light being a flickering lantern I had hastily grabbed from the cabin. The air grew colder, and an eerie silence engulfed me. It felt as though the forest itself had withdrawn, holding its breath.
I cautiously moved forward, my steps echoing in the cavernous space. The tunnel seemed to stretch on indefinitely, the oppressive blackness refusing to yield to any light.
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2023.05.28 09:14 ousalsa 2018 1.5 Sport- AC smells bad despite changing cabin air filter.

2018 1.5 Sport- AC smells bad despite changing cabin air filter.
Has anyone used this product? If so how did it go?
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2023.05.28 07:38 anonymous4pf Which car to buy

Im looking to buy a mid sized sedan and dont know which one to pick i live in qatar and i want to choose between honda accord 2015 nissan altima 2014/2015 kia optima 2016/2017 toyota camry or corolla but they are bit expensive and most used camrys have very high mileage and my budget is limited for one with lesser mileage or a honda civic 2017 I know camrys are the most durable but other than the camry which one has good transmission cause i heard cvts are a problem in nissans so i want to know if its true So if anyone has driven any of them can tell me there pros and cons id appreciate it
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2023.05.28 06:35 Fuj_apple Can I DIY a cabin filter in a car that doesn't have one?

I am driving Toyota Camry 2000 LE. It doesn't have a cabin filter, and I have bad allergies, plus hate how much dust gets in my car.
I was wondering if I somehow could make a DIY filter. Like in this video Clean clean ventilation system (18.27)?
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2023.05.28 05:02 ClampLoader Took my 2017 into the dealer for an oil change and inspection today

Took my 2017 into the dealer for an oil change and inspection today
They took out both my engine and cabin air filters to take pictures and show me how dirty they are, then put them both back in the car. In other words, they performed all the labor associated with replacing them, save opening the packaging on new ones, then quoted me $140 to replace them, for parts I can get online for $30. Something doesn’t add up.
(Already ordered new ones. Those things are gross)
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2023.05.28 02:08 Salt-Shame9290 Help with subaru forester AC

I have issues with my suburu forester 2017, 60k miles, automatic, 2.5L
Any ideas?
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2023.05.28 01:58 Salty_Douglass327 ‘00 Camry Cabin Air Filter

I’ve showered all around the web to verify if I do or DONT have a cabin air filter on my 2000 Camry. From looking all around, and having no way to drop the glovebox, I don’t think it does. All later models do though.
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2023.05.28 01:04 QuasiAutomotive My Mk7 GTI mod list

Current as of June 2023
The subject is a 2017 GTI SE DSG with roughly 35k miles, one owner (me). The goal is aesthetics and comfort with a little bit of performance. But I also like buying nice things and working on the car so sometimes that goes out the window. And yes, I realize that some of these aren't technically "mods" per-say but I assume to list everything anyway.
Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions about what/why/how or if you want pics and it's not already in my profile. I'll include links whenever possible.


I wrote a review on the above two items that includes terrible sound clips.



Wheels, Tires, and Brakes

I also reviewed the brakes.





LEDs from deAutoLED

Future Plans/Experiments/Maybes

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2023.05.27 23:42 rbrar33 Past owner put the cabin air filter the wrong way?

Past owner put the cabin air filter the wrong way?
Chevy cruze 2013. Isn’t the arrow supposed to be pointing down?
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2023.05.27 21:55 lets-split-up I went on a cruise, and all the passengers were dead… [SNEAK PEAK!]

Here's a sneak peak at the story I've been working on for the past two months, a 5-part series about a woman who can see death before it happens, and can also predict death through touch--anyone destined to die in the next six days feels ice cold to her. When she's invited to a luxury cruise, she jumps at the chance for a dream vacation... only for it to descend into a nightmare. Excerpt from part 1:
The check in was surprisingly quick. I followed the embarkation signs up the escalator to the terminal’s upper level, through the double glass doors, greeted on my right by printed images of pool decks and steaks and wine glasses. On my left, through the enormous paned wall of glass, the Seastar herself loomed. My God, she was enormous!
So many decks! So many balconies!
Then I squinted a little closer. What was that speck? A tiny figure, draped on a railing?
My heart dropped to my toes.
Something was horribly wrong.
The figure, small against the massive width of the ship… had no face. Only a torso and most of its arms. It had been decapitated, and dried blood spattered the rail.
My footsteps slowed. I pressed against the glass, eyes rapidly roving the rest of the ship. Was it just one…? One incidence of violence, or…
Perhaps I wasn’t seeing correctly. It was a stunt. A practical joke. A mannequin. I needed to get closer. I hurried along the terminal, joining the line out to the gangplank.
The bowl of the sky had turned deep purple, the sun lowering toward the horizon, and in the Seastar’s deep shadow, the temperature dropped. A sudden chill gripped me as I trotted out onto the gangplank. I sniffed. Sniffed again, more deeply.
The same putrid odor I’d caught outside. A passenger ahead of me noticed me grabbing my nose, and remarked, “Not used to that ocean smell?” I did not respond, because now that I was close enough to see the ship more clearly, I noticed… cracked glass… broken panes in the sliding glass doors of the cabins… no! I gasped, sinking to my knees, and the passenger kindly leaned to help me up. As her hand seized mine—it was cold.
I jerked back so fast I actually collapsed into the passengers behind us—a mother and her daughter.
“Oh!” exclaimed the mother.
My hand brushed the daughter’s bare arm. Cold.
“Are you okay?” asked the daughter, a child of about twelve.
I crawled back from her, and another person, an elderly gentleman, leaned down to help me up, his hand on my elbow. Cold!
“Miss?” he asked. “Miss—” But I bolted, barely hearing their cries as I launched myself back toward the terminal. No no no no no no no no—my eyes watered and my belly bunched into knots and my heart lurched into my throat and oh God oh God—the ship! The whole. Entire. Ship. It was… dark… windows broken… Not a single light shining in the interior, and spatters of blood here and there visible on its decks and balconies… But worst of all was the smell. I hadn’t even entered the ship yet and already I knew, knew, in the way only I can know, that the smell wasn’t just one body or two. Not if I could detect it all the way out on the gangplank. All the way at the entrance to the terminal. For the whiff of putrefaction to have spread so far, the source was something massive. A colossal pile of decomposing bodies like a herd of dead elephants.
That ship… no one on that ship was going to make it back…
As I entered the terminal with its blessed filtered air and the windows between me and the ship, I turned and looked at the line stretching behind me. Passengers laughing. Chatting. Dressed in their finest. Flirting. Teasing. Buzzing with excitement. Old and young couples. Children.
Everyone on this ship is going to die…
... and I’m the only one who knows…
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2023.05.27 17:29 Acceptable_Egg5560 Persistence Journalism [13]

Thanks again to u/TheManwithaNoPlan for all their help in writing!
Memory transcript: Sharnet, Venlil investigative journalist. Date: [Standardized human time] September 16th, 2136
Vekna and Tagleb had been talking for a better part of a claw. Engine design, steam pressure, time it took to make the model. After the stressful paws coming here, and what we had found about our last suspect, it was good just to spend a little time with someone kind. It was good to see Vekna able to talk to someone without a filter.
After all she’s had to hide in her life, she deserves someone she can talk to. A better person than me.
I had walked up the stairs and sat in one of the chairs, fiddling with my holonote. I would’ve just been in their way down there. Vekna would have tried to mask herself. She shouldn’t have to, she shouldn’t be punished for liking things. She shouldn’t be punished for other people not knowing how to interact with her.
I look down at my holonote. I had filled out and sent off an incident report for when we helped that worker. I had added copies of all the evidence along with revealing that I’m a journalist willing to tell the story. The actual labor safety department would be able to take over now. Make sure something would change. But afterwards, my fingers moved on their own.Tarlim’s number is displayed.
People should be punished for actually doing wrong. Not simply because they are different.
I select the number to make the call. I don’t quite know why. I want to talk to him. Actually talk to him. Not messages. Hear his voice. Listen-
The call connects. It picks up. “H-Hello? Sharnet?”
I feel my fur relax. I hadn’t even realized my scruff had risen. “Hello Tarlim.”
“Sharnet! Hey, how are you doing? It’s- it’s good to hear from you!”
“ I’m … I’m doing good,” I say. “I’m on the trail of another Overseer. They won’t get away with what they did. I - I promise.”
“You didn’t have to do all this for me, Sharnet. Please keep safe. I do appreciate what you’re doing, I do! Just…” There was a moment of silence. He was worried. I could feel it in his voice. “ Please don’t let them hurt you too.”
“I won’t,” I promised, “I won’t. I just- please know that there are people who care for you.”
“Thank you. It’s been…it’s been frustrating.”
I straightened in my seat. “Did something new happen?”
“The…” I heard a sigh from the speakers. “My landlords fired me. For no reason.”
I gasped, insulted on his behalf. “They can’t do that!”
“I know, I called my lawyer. He’s already started handing it.” I heard a growl of frustration come forth from him, but it settled after a couple breaths. “I’m sorry, I’m tired of everything just… just everything. Thank you for- for calling.”
I heard him sob. I felt my own eyes moisten as well. We talked. Talked about what we had been doing since we last saw each other. Talked about who we had to deal with. The people we met. Good and bad. We even talked about the events of today. And he was kind! Why was he so kind?
“But I … ran. He was hurting, his paw was mangled, and I ran.”
“But you went back. You were the first to react with intent to help. That has to count for something. It does to me, at least.”
“Then what about Vekna? I- she almost died! She-”
“You saved her life! From what I have heard about shortlung, those attacks can be random! If you hadn’t noticed as quickly as you did, she would’ve been a goner! You did that, you saved her life, and I doubt she blames you for any of it. I wouldn’t.”
He seemed so calm. His voice is so soothing. Even with all he’s gone through. I didn’t know how he did it. It felt… It felt so good. “But, what about Tagleb? When I saw what he was doing, I thought he was an idiot! That there wasn’t anything to learn from- from primitives. I had judged him negatively before even trying to see what good he was actually doing. I said I would try and change, but I’m still acting like these people are… like they’re nothing but primitive insignificantes.”
“Do you still think that?”
I wasn’t sure how to respond to that. I didn’t think of Tagelb or the Yotul as lesser when I gave it conscious thought, but were the teachings of the Federation really so ingrained into me that I couldn’t separate myself from them? From the people who rejected Vekna because she was different? From the people who tortured Tarlim for rotations because he was a little different? From the woman I was in the exchange who tried to kill their human partner for showing something that made her uncomfortable? “I…No, I don’t. I don’t want to view them like that, but…it’s hard. Everything we’ve ever known has been turned on its head, everything I’ve ever known. I want to grow, but I’m scared that I’m… that I’m going to just act like my father did!”
“…Your father?”
I paused. It had just slipped out. Something I hadn’t spoken about for years. No backing out now. He deserves the truth. “He… he hurt us. We talked to him, tried to get him to change. And he would! He would act better! Be better! Even when alone! Then-then he would fall back. Sometimes different, but another form of hurt. Stealing food money for booze. Canceling my classes so he could use the money for himself. Missing major events because it just slipped his mind! Then he, he used…. He used pheromones.”
Tarlim was silent for a while. That revelation always made people pause when I talked about it. The taboo around naturally-occurring pheromones was already strong enough, and those that used the harvested stuff were ostracized. Rightly so, given the process needed to extract them. “He used pheromones? Sharnet, I…I had no idea. How old were…?”
“I was 9. Mom…she didn’t want to believe me. She thought he no longer got bored around us. She wanted to believe things were changing for the better.” I took a breath to collect my thoughts. It’s just as painful as it was back then. “He… he put it in our food. I saw, and he said it was harmless.” It wasn’t harmless. “I… I snuck a camera along with him. Caught him buying. Showed my mom. That…that was the last we saw of him. We just packed up and drove off. I-I don’t even know if he’s still alive.”
“That was brave of you. You stepped up, even when you were so little. You helped get away from someone who wouldn’t change. I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I wish there was something I could do.”
I felt my cheeks bloom. “You have enough to deal with. Just talking is enough.” I let out a sigh and placed my holonote on the table. “But… he did change. He always got bored. Always looked for something to get his mind on. Whatever he focused on changed until he got to those pheromones. There were several times when he was nothing at all. But he would always fall into something else… What if I’m like that? What if I change, only to just shift my horrible actions into something else? That no matter what, my brain will just seek out new people to abuse?”
Silence reigned between us. I wished that he could find something that would make this all better. That would make this hurt just disappear. I heard him give a sad sigh. “I believe in you, Sharnet. You have learned so much. You actually are trying to change, not just shifting focus. You learned, and you actually try to be better.” A deep breath came from the speakers. “Thank you so much for all you’ve done with the Overseers. You have done more than so many others already.”
“It… it’s no problem.” I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding. Even after all he knows, he still believes in me. My ears flick instinctively at the sound of stairs creaking. “It sounds like my partner and Tagleb are done. Thank you for taking the time to talk with me.”
“Thank you for calling. And Sharnet?”
I pick up my holonote. “Yes?”
“I… I want you to know I am always willing to listen. Even if it’s just to you saying hello. So if you ever want to… I’m here to talk.”
I fight against my rising bloom, as if he could see me now. “Thank you Tarlim. I will… I’ll talk to you later.”
“Talk to you later, too.”
I settled back into my seat as the call ended. My timing was perfect, as Tagleb and Vekna exited from the basement together. Their tails were wagging synchronously with joy from their long conversation. Tagleb closed the door to the basement behind them, his body language positively beaming. “It’s great to see someone who appreciates the mechanics of those engines!”
I saw Vekna give me a nervous glance before she said anything. “It’s a… a passing interest.” She turned so one eye was directed at me. “I’m sorry I wasted so much time. I lost track of how late it had gotten. I am So Sorry.”
I was slightly taken aback by how rapidly she offered an apology. Even after meeting with him, she still feels she must hide from me. I couldn’t help but sadly lower my ears at that. If she found out about Chase, would she fear me more? Would she-
No. Feel your fur. She is a good person. Let her know that.
I release my hands clenching my wool and stand from my seat. “It’s no problem. Catching Unzekep at the beginning of her work claw will be the most convenient option for us, anyways. We have had to wait.”
She still seemed nervous. Fretting that I would accuse her of something bad. I rose from my chair and smoothed out my fur. “Still, we have likely overstayed. Vekna, could you run to the road and see if you can hail a cab? I would like to talk to Tagleb for a bit while you do so.”
She flicked her tail in agreement and scampered out of the cabin. I could tell she was relieved to not have to make any more excuses to me. I wish I could convince her to come clean, but there are secrets on both sides. Tagelb rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. “Yeah, sorry about how late I kept you both. I suppose I should get you a parting gift. What kind of drinks do you like?”
He walked over to his refrigerator and started rummaging around. I looked out the window to make sure Vekna was out of earshot before I stood in the doorway to the kitchen, blocking Tagelb’s route out. “What is your opinion on Predator Disease?”
He froze, rising back up to his standing height and closing the door. “I…don’t understand what you mean. If this is about the escaped patients, then I-”
“I didn’t ask you about the patients, Tagelb, I asked you about the disease. Predator Disease.” He looked back to me, his scales shifting colors as he tried to make sense of what I was asking him. He has to understand, with his little hobby.
“I, uh…I d-don’t know? It’s a shame that people end up c-coming down with it, and it’s a shame that people like those overseers you’re after were able to take advantage of it. I-I don’t really…I’m not sure what you’re asking me, to be honest.” His range of colors started to narrow down to a set of anxiousness.
I took a step into the kitchen and closed the door, earning a flash of fear from the tall Harchen. He needs to realize what this means for him. “You said you immigrated to Venlil Prime to study old technology, yes? To avoid being ‘falsely labeled’ for Predator Disease?”
His color was rapidly settling on fear as he backed further away into the kitchen. “I-I…y-yes, that’s what I s-said. Why?”
“Because, Tagelb, by all Federation standards, you do have Predator Disease.”
His eyes opened wide and his scales flashed every color they were capable of flashing. “Wh-but I thought you…you told me that! You!” His color shifted to red as he stood at his full height, his spinal ridges separating. “You’re here to get me wrongly convicted, aren’t you?! I don’t…why would they send someone across the galaxy to hunt me down?!”
I swayed my tail in the negative, lessening the saturation of his hue in confusion. “No, I’m not here to ‘wrongfully convict’ you, but to help you realize a truth you seem dead set on refusing. Any threat to the Federation, their standard, and their policies are Predator Disease. It isn’t some nigh-incurable virus that causes the individual to become a mindless, slobbering animal, you know.”
He shook his head rapidly in what I assumed to be a nervous tick, given that I’ve seen him do it a couple of times during our first confrontation at the cafe. “I-I know that, but it destroys someone’s ability to empathize! How would that all be faked?”
“How could entire centuries of technological innovation be erased? How could mentions of unique cultures be erased?” I met the gaze of his eye with one of my own. “How could it take going to an illegal UnderNet site just to find information on steam engines? There are a lot of things that can be erased, Tagelb, and you know that firsthand.” I swiveled my ears towards the door. Satisfied with the nothing I heard, I played my trump card. “Do you want to know something about Vekna?”
Tagelb gulped, his color shifting closer and closer towards fear. “W-What? What do you mean to say?”
I took another step, and with all the willpower I could muster, I finally spoke the truth I had known for paws. “She has Predator Disease.”
I could see the disbelief in his eyes as his rapid shifting began again. “I-no, that’s-she can’t have…we talked so much, she was so… so…”
“So normal, right?” I finished for him. He’s finally starting to get it.
He curled his tail. “Yes! She…she listened to me, and we laughed together, and she was finally nice to me after finding out about my hobbies, and… I finally met someone I could talk to in real life about this! Someone like…someone…” The realization set in, his scales resting on a dark hue. “I have Predator Disease.” About Stars-damned time you figured it out.
“Yes, you do. And you know what?” He looked over at me wordlessly, a shattered psyche visible in his eyes. “That’s okay.
I could see a glimmer of hope in his eyes. “It’s…okay?”
I completed my trek towards him and placed a gentle paw on his shoulder. “More than okay. Everything you said about her is still true, no? She’s not a monster because she can brave more things than you or I. You’re not a monster just because you have special interests and nervous tics. The Federation lied about the trains, lied about the technology before them, lied about predators themselves. Why would they tell the truth about this?”
“But…” his colors shifted in worry, “but why? Who would do that?”
That was the question. “I don’t know,” I admitted, “but whoever it is, they have to keep it mostly hidden. When the Dawn Creek facility’s crimes were revealed, it was called barbaric and closed down. Because it was too clear that the people didn’t deserve it.” I sighed. “But the other facilities go on. They still do those horrible acts on people who don’t deserve it, because everyone acts like they do. They continue because of those who think that the people in there are freaks, those who believe what the Federation said with blind trust.” I hesitated with my next words. They would be the hardest to accept. “Just like you had.”
“But-but I-”
“You didn’t realize,” I finished for him . “I didn’t either at first. It took me doing something, something horrible, to realize I was wrong. But you… you-you learned all on your own.” I sighed, gripping his shoulders with my hands. “We are still going to look into Unzekep. There’s still the possibility she is who we’re looking for. But if she isn’t… please. Don’t hate them for being different. Don’t fear them for…for something they can’t control.”
Tagleb looked at me. Both our eyes meet each other. He took a deep breath, and forcibly shifted to a calm green. “I’ll… I’ll try.”
I let go and give him a bow. “Thank you.” I step back to leave, but hesitate. It feels like I should say something as a goodbye, but my mind wasn’t finding any words that felt appropriate. “I-I guess I’ll be leaving now. Thank you…for your time.”
“It…” he swallowed, his eyes heavy with thought. “It was good meeting you two.”
Taking my exit, I closed the door to the cabin, trotting down the winding road we took to get here. The cool, shaded air of the mountains whipped through my fur as I contemplated everything that’s happened to me. As I walked, I made a promise to myself, to Vekna, to Chase, and to everyone I hurt. A promise that I wouldn’t break if it killed me.
I will not be like my father, and I will not perpetuate my pain to anyone else, so long as I live. His legacy dies with me.

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2023.05.27 17:16 Yosho2k How can a CARFAX report printed at a dealership be missing accident information visible online?

How can a CARFAX report printed at a dealership be missing accident information visible online?
We were looking at this car, and put down a deposit, but we found the VIN online and the CARFAX report online shows a major accident in 2020. This information that was printed on 5/20 at the dealership is missing info about a 2022 accident that is visible online 5/27.
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2023.05.27 17:00 _call-me-al_ [Sat, May 27 2023] TL;DR — This is what you missed in the last 24 hours on Reddit

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Brazilian president refuses to come to Russia at Putin’s invitation
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In Russia, children will be sent to patriotic camps and taught to shoot and fly UAVs
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Ukraine says Russia plans to simulate accident at nuclear power plant
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911 call from Lauren Boeberts home involving incident between husband and son
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New York man indicted on murder charge after 20-year-old woman was shot and killed when car turned in wrong driveway
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Self-proclaimed 'idiot' Oath Keeper sentenced to more than 8 years in Jan. 6 case
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In 2016, Germany introduced a policy change that enabled refugees to enter the labor market. This had no adverse effects on natives’ wages and employment rates while improving natives’ attitudes toward migration.
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Regular exercise may lower risk of Parkinson's disease. The study, of nearly 99,000 French women, found that those who were most physically active day to day were 25% less likely to develop Parkinson's over three decades, versus women who were more sedentary.
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Analysis of Iron age toilets in Jerusalem reveals dysentery causing parasites (6-7 century BCE)
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Supermassive black hole at heart of ancient galaxy ‘far larger than expected’
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In a meeting today of the NASA New Horizons Science Team, a presentation strongly suggests that our solar system actually has a second Kuiper Belt. And the New Horizons spacecraft will be visiting it in a few years.
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NASA's Artemis moon rocket will cost $6 billion more than planned: report
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Solar power investment to exceed oil for first time, says IEA chief
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Scientists use AI to discover new antibiotic to treat deadly superbug Artificial intelligence (AI)
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Hibernation artificially triggered in potential space travel breakthrough
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Florida just passed a law that child molesters could be sentenced to death. Do you agree or disagree and why?
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Who is a fictional villain you’d have sex with in a heartbeat?
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What’s the best pickup line you’ve ever heard?
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TIL a Chinese teenager defaced a stone sculpture in ancient Egyptian Luxor Temple with graffiti. An embarrassed Chinese traveller photographed it and shared on Weibo. It took just a day before outraged netizens tracked the teenager down in his hometown forcing his parents to apologize for him.
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TIL: The last imperial eunuch of Chinese history was castrated by his father with a razor to serve the last emperor Pu Yi. However, just mere months after the operation, the emperor was deposed and the system of government changed.
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TIL that it was calculated that it would have taken the concrete for the Hoover Dam 125 years to cool if it was poured as one continuous pour. Instead giant concrete blocks in columns were poured and then cooled by a series of internally contained pipes of cold water, greatly reducing cooling time.
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London Crime Heat Map, with timeline [updated]. Filterable by type of crime and date range (within last two years) See link for Tableau dashboard. [OC] data from gov.uk
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[OC] Berlin rental market analysis
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[OC] Viva Las Data (Exploring Las Vegas)
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My friend thinks it's OK to cook eggs on a glass top stove without a pan
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Do you put garlic in your guacamole?
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Arugula is sooo good
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[Homemade] Garlic parmesan wings
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[homemade] Dutch baby with homemade blueberry compote
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[Homemade] Cheese Pizza
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Finally watched Sicario
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A new poster for The Boogeyman (2023):
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Holt McCallany & Julianne Nicholson Join Rami Malek In 20th Thriller ‘Amateur’
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Hand Embroidered Chameleon Bag, Alena Kova (me), beads, felt, 2023.
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Noise, u/ifnotforv, Markers, 2023
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No Strings Attached, me (JUS), pen, 2023
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Labor Is Rising”: Hundreds Of Union Workers Gather In Solidarity With WGA At Los Angeles Rally
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SAG-AFTRA President Fran Drescher, Urging Members To Authorize A Strike, Says “Acting Careers Are At Stake”
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Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner: 2099’ Series Could Be Delayed By Up To A Year By Writers Strike
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Deer crashing a wedding photo shoot
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Years of meditation wasted.
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Bubba & Lt. Dan back together again (via Gary’s twitter)
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50 Foot Swells On Lake Superior, Minnesota
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Border, some pixel art by me.
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Aubrey Plaza and the holy oil.
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Beans' tendrils slowly rotate to find solid supports to climb.
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This dark sunflower growing in my garden
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This clump of Sour Patch Kids I found...
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My local butcher shop has knife handles for the entry
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Birth of a chameleon
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Passenger opens emergency door mid air during South Korea flight
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This is a picture of one of the last veterans of the American Civil War, posing in front of a fighter jet (1955)
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it's my parents' anniversary today. i drew this in the card i gave them
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Actors roundtable
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Don’t mind if i do 🤤
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The facial expression she makes every time she takes a sip.
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How I met my human
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Gorilla thinking
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2023.05.27 09:04 PrimeraAssassin Need help with buying my first vehicle.

I don't know much about cars So I thought I should ask the people here. I tried to get loan from bank and credit union but due to my international status with work permit They are not giving me any loans without a Co-borrower and I don't have anyone who can do that either. So I don't think I can get anything through private sales unless I am missing something. So I looked at some dealers and saw few cars, the bottom choices are the ones that seems to fit my budget:
2017 hyundai Elantra GL for 19990 CAD, 81681KM
2018 Kia forte LX Plus for 19974 CAD, 57805 km
They both seem pricey to me but then again I am not sure on that maybe you guys can tell if the price is ok and the cars are decent or not.
I wanted to buy a toyota corolla but they are too pricey here, most 2016+ models are all 20K+ even with 100K+ km.
My credit score is 800 so is there way I could get loan in some way and if these 2 cars are not good options which cars should I be looking for. I really need a vehicle ASAP for my work. One more important thing, I will be using my vehicle to do deliveries as well so it will be frequently used. Thank you
submitted by PrimeraAssassin to whatcarshouldIbuy [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 05:40 One_way3 What can i do to start fresh on my 2007 Impreza 2.5i wagon?

got it in the shop for new head gaskets, water pump, timing belt. getting new spark plugs, battery, and tires eventually. new engine and cabin air filters. alignment, brakes and rotors if needed. I want to get all the fluids flushed (oil, coolant, trans, diff fluid, brake, power steering).
mostly wondering if any of this is overkill or if there’s anything i’m missing. i know the diff fluid might be lifetime but wasn’t sure if i should just go ahead and start fresh.
thanks for any advice!
submitted by One_way3 to subaru [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 04:52 curtislow609 New Brakes at 52k!

New Brakes at 52k!
2018 SEL Premium
My wife’s daily driver. I drive a ‘10 Passat. Noticed her rear brakes were getting close. NY inspection is due this month so I ordered Brembo rotors and ceramic pads. Front were fine.
Odd to me that the rear pads were cooked already and the front brakes were fine.
She took it to get inspected and they “didn’t feel comfortable” passing the vehicle with the front pads so close to being replaced.
$600 for front and rear and 5 hours of my time. I also changed the oil, cabin filter, and recharged the K&N air filter.
I changed the front pads and rotors today and found something interesting. The only pads that were near replacement in the front was the inside passenger on the front. The rear inside passenger was metal on metal. The other pads were ok. Pics attached.
submitted by curtislow609 to Tiguan [link] [comments]

2023.05.27 04:46 PrimeraAssassin Need help with buying my first vehicle.

I don't know much about cars So I thought I should ask the people who knows much better than me although I am not sure if this the right subreddit for that. I tried to get loan from bank and credit union but due to my international status with work permit They are not giving me any loans without a Co-borrower and I don't have anyone who can be one either. So I don't think I can get anything through private sales. So I looked at some dealers and saw few cars, the bottom choices are the ones that seems to fit my budget:
2017 hyundai Elantra GL for 19990 CAD, 81681KM
2018 Kia forte LX Plus for 19974 CAD, 57805 km
They both seem pricey to me but then again I am not sure on that maybe you guys can tell if the price is Ok or the cars are decent or not.
I wanted to buy a toyota corolla but they are too pricey here, most 2016+ models are all 20K+ even with 100K km.
My credit score is 800 so is there way I could get loan in some way and if these 2 cars are not good options what cars should I looking for. I really need a vehicle ASAP for my work. One side note, I will be using my vehicle to do deliveries as well so it will be frequently used. Thank you
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2023.05.27 04:20 anxietyokra Cabin air filter replacement

I have a 2018 nissan leaf sv. I need to get the cabin air filter replacement installed.... Do you need to go to the Nissan dealership to open it up to install the cabin air filter?? I tried to get a repair guy at Autozone to do it but he said he lacked the 'speciality' tool to open it.
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2023.05.27 04:14 CommercialKale7 How much should I sell for? ‘White Gold’ 2010 Jetta 2.5

How much should I sell for? ‘White Gold’ 2010 Jetta 2.5
I’ve owned car since 2015. 109,000 miles. I love it and I’m only selling because I’m moving to Ireland. Will be selling it in the north Chicago suburbs. KBB says $4300 to $6800 range. Inside is immaculate; some bumps and bruises on the outside pictured.
Factory radio replaced long ago with some other one with removable face, Bluetooth, USB port, because the cars original Bluetooth never worked. Car has been detailed/clean today for sale next week.
I put in a lot of work prior to a long cross country drive.
Repairs since 12/2022: New spark plugs Ignition coils Fuel/air injection services New tires Brake pads (w/left, front harness) Air and cabin filters Exhaust sleeve clamp Rear coil springs
06/2021: Front strut, assembly, and front sway bar replacement
All-in-all I’ve put $3,800 into it. TBF I haven’t done much to it in the 5 years I’ve had it except regular oil and bulb changes.
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2023.05.27 03:11 robboo66 Rear cabin air filter link?

Does anyone have a link to a rear cabin air filter? Other forums said it was indeed a different size than the glove compartment one.
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2023.05.27 00:50 Joshua_and_Indy 🤬how to keep the mice out of my cabin air filter?

2016 wrx Just found a mouse nest on top of my cabin air filter again. Where does the cabin air intake come in? I'd like to put some metal mesh there and hopefully slow them down.
My car is parked outside. The worst damage occured back in 2017 while I was driving it daily. But I'm working from home now. So it's averaging every other day sometimes less.
I dust the engine compartment with cayenne pepper every year or two ehch i think has kept them from chewing my wires again (well to the best of my knowledge). I put metal gutter guard over engine airintake and haven't seen any signs of mice in the airbox since.
The biggest help would be to get my elderly neighbors a cross the street to stop feeding the "birds"(crows and rodents). But i don't want to get on his bad side since he has always seemed unstable and has a lot of gun. Ive heard him tell his story about pulling a gun on a cop that knocked on his door once.
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