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I did an experiment to train chatGPT 4 to make amazing prompts for midjourney 5 (UPDATED)

2023.03.21 08:39 MidSerpent I did an experiment to train chatGPT 4 to make amazing prompts for midjourney 5 (UPDATED)

I spent a few hours running a meticulous experiment with chat gpt 4 to create amazing prompts for Midjourney 5 alpha and figuring out how to ask it to adjust images.
Then I asked it to explain the theory we had created in a way that you could paste it into a new chat gpt 4 chat and ask for a list of what you want and immediately get good prompts like I was getting.
This is what came out and it works for me. Copy what is below and paste into ChatGPT 4
To create high-quality layer-separated prompts in ChatGPT, follow these guidelines:

Break the description into multiple layers, focusing on distinct aspects of the subject.
Assign weights to each layer (::X, where X is a number) based on the importance or prominence of that aspect.
Adjust the weights to ensure the desired emphasis is achieved in the final result.

For example:

Original prompt:
A magical forest at night ::6, bioluminescent plants, enchanted creatures ::4. Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, impressionist style ::2.

To emphasize the impressionist style more, adjust the weights:

Adjusted prompt:
A magical forest at night ::4, bioluminescent plants, enchanted creatures ::3. Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, impressionist style ::8.

Remember to:

Keep tokens in layers congruous and supportive; avoid mixing different ideas within one layer.
Be descriptive, focusing on nouns and visually descriptive phrases.
Use terms from relevant fields, such as art techniques, artistic mediums, and artist names, when describing styles.
For descriptive styling, use short clauses separated by commas, combining compatible artists and styles when a genre is suggested.

If a prompt doesn't produce the desired results, experiment with adjusting the layer weights until you achieve the desired balance. By following these guidelines and understanding the relative importance of each aspect, you can create effective layer-separated prompts for Midjourney
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2023.03.21 08:31 First-Philosophy-299 Long term fantasy Roleplay partner needed

Hi All,
I am a twenty two year old female from the United Kingdom who’s looking to get back into the world of roleplaying. I have around six years of experience in the field. I have done everything from the simple “Slice Of Life” scenarios, I have dabbled in “fandom” role-plays but that is my weakest category.
Now I am looking to get into more dark, story driven fantasy role-plays with dark themes. I already have roles and scenarios ready to go but I am open to suggestions and alterations.
What I would expect from a potential role-play partner is this, not make the story all smut based, I don’t expect paragraphs upon paragraphs of detail or dialog all I want is enough of both to keep the role-playing going. I wouldn’t expect back and forth replies 24-7 all id like is maybe a couple of messages a day.
I normally role-play on discord so we can have rooms and keep everything organised so that way if we do go a few days without playing we can always check back and see where we was and what the plot is.
Also I normally play in first person as that lets be get into character easier, plus if I play in third person I always seem to slip back into first person.
I think I’ve covered everything but if I missed anything please feel free to drop me a message and ill respond as soon as possible.
Here’s a taste of a few of the ideas I have got.
Demon-Human Roleplay
For the setting I think its best if we set this in like fantasy medieval era if that’s okay?
The land of Rhurn has broken out into anarchy, after then passing of the last high king of Rhuru local Barons and Lords have all made attempts to grab as much land as possible, all of them vying to be the next High King of Rhuru.
In the midst of the chaos a cult know as “The Daughters of The Blood Moon” have been able to grow in strength and influence. Many of the peasants have turned away from their traditional gods and turned to the demonic side of beliefs.
The cult only wishes the bring order to an orderless world. A young lady who’s pure blood who has yet to be tainted by the chaos outside the guard of the cult is the one who’s blood will finally summon a great demon who will bring order to the world through conquest of the land using an army of the damned.
Long term-Action-Adventure-Romance
Spy lovers
Its the Cold War, the USA and USSR are searching for anyway to get one up on the other by any means necessary but while that has been going on, in the shadows the Peoples Republic Of China have been building there strength and now they’re able to challenge America and Russian hegemony and be the undisputed number one global super power.
This leaves the CIA and KGB in a precarious place knowing the only way to stop the PRC is to team up.
Vintage Hollywood
It’s the late sixties early/ early seventies Hollywood is in its pure rock and roll vase.
You’d play a older married A list movie star and I’d be your lesser known forgiven costar who knows very little of the temptations that Hollywood has to offer. Over the course of our whirlwind and taboo romance both of our lives and careers will be changed forever.
Red ridding hood- big bad wolf.
In the deepest depths of a misty forest lay a village surrounded by thick oak walls, but this forest was also home to ancient race of animal. Not much was known about them, some believed they were nothing more than simple wolves, others than they were once human who sold their souls to the devil in return for sheer power,strength and speed.
But one believed they were the guardians and protectors of the forest.
The vast majority of their kind had been hunted to near extinction, it wasn’t known how many were left but one thing for sure is the alpha of the pack was still alive and that’s all that was needed to take back the forest and for the wolf to take his rightful place as king of the wood.
Vampire King-Human Princess
Humankind and vampirekind have been locked in a never ending war, the perpetual circle of violence has last close to three centuries. Both population counts are plummeting, the human birth rate has failed to keep up with the amount of deaths inflicted by the vampires and vampires haven’t been able to turn any human they’ve attempt to turn in many years.
The high king and the heir to his throne invite the vampire king to attempt to reach a peace settlement but upon seeing the kings daughter the vampire king has now found the queen he has been looking for, and he’ll have her by any means necessary.
Thanks for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.
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2023.03.21 08:25 TractotPhil Old Films are Barely Watchable and Don't Nearly Deserve the Praise They Receive

I am writing from a place of love not hate - but - most old films are not worth the watch. The idea that older movies are always better than newer ones is a complete myth perpetuated by nostalgic movie buffs. The truth is, most old movies are simply outdated, slow-paced, and downright boring. Sure, there are a few classic films that have stood the test of time, but the vast majority of old movies are forgettable relics.
Old movies are often characterized by their bland and uninspired plots, as well as their tedious pacing. These movies were made in a different era with limited technology and storytelling standards, and it shows. Many of them rely on worn-out tropes and predictable clichés, making them feel unoriginal and uninteresting. Not only that, but the dialogue and acting in these movies can be wooden and stilted, lacking the nuance and subtlety of modern cinema. The truth is, most old movies have not withstood the test of time and have little to offer contemporary audiences beyond historical curiosity. While some classic films may still hold up today, the vast majority of them are simply outdated and not worth the time or effort to watch. It's time to stop romanticizing the past and start embracing the creativity and innovation of modern cinema.
Film critics often selfishly conform to the notion that old movies are superior, without objectively evaluating their relevance or quality to modern audiences. This conformity is driven by nostalgia or a desire to appear cultured, rather than an honest evaluation of the film's merits. As a result, many old movies are overrated and lack the pacing and originality of modern cinema. Critics should focus on evaluating films based on their own merits and consider their relevance in today's world, rather than blindly relying on their reputation or age. It's time for critics to move beyond the trap of nostalgia and embrace a more objective approach to film criticism.
The Godfather is a classic example of an overhyped movie with a runtime that seems to drag on forever. Clocking in at a whopping three hours and fifteen minutes, the film feels like an endurance test, with scenes that could have been trimmed down or cut altogether. The pacing is slow and plodding, with long stretches of dialogue that seem to go nowhere. Even the more action-packed scenes feel drawn out and needlessly protracted, making it difficult to stay engaged with the story. In short, The Godfather is a bloated, self-indulgent mess that's only worth watching if you have an afternoon to waste and nothing better to do.
What's worse, many of these old movies contain outdated values and attitudes that are offensive and insensitive by today's standards. Watching them can be an uncomfortable experience, as you're forced to witness racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry on screen. As an example, Harrison Ford's characters in Star Wars and Blade Runner engage in exploitative behavior. In The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo forcibly kisses Princess Leia without her consent, and in Blade Runner, Ford's character, Deckard, forces himself on a replicant played by Sean Young. These scenes are disturbing and reinforce harmful gender dynamics. It's important to acknowledge and condemn these actions, even if they occur in classic films or by popular actors.
In conclusion, while it's true that some old movies can offer insights into the culture and history of their time, it's important not to give them too much undue credit or to dismiss modern cinema altogether. While it's important to appreciate the classics, we must also acknowledge that many of these films suffer from outdated technology, pacing, and acting that simply don't hold up to modern standards. It's crucial to approach each movie on its own merits and to evaluate them objectively, rather than relying solely on nostalgia or reputation. By continuing to have open and honest discussions about old films, we can gain a greater understanding of the evolution of cinema and the art of storytelling.
tldr: most old movies suck and film critics are unoriginal
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2023.03.21 08:22 abs0201 What to buy if I am a Noobie ?

So I am trying new things, which right now is videography. I always had an interest but never really came out of my shell to try it, so here I am, looking forward to buy a few things and wanted your suggestions.
What I'm going to tape is nature, workout, and MMA for starters, I would like to branch out as i progress.
Camera: The best I can find that is good on price and value it holds is the Sony Alpha ZV-E10L. Obviously, being new, I am not looking forward to 4K videography, I think 1080P or 2K max is more than enough to my liking. Camera Link for reference
Gimbal: I was very intrigued by this part, I can see myself using this a lot especially with respect toe what I would like to tape. I did a bit of research and liked Ronin Gimbals, and also found out they are quite expensive. I am willing to buy it but if it is worth the price. What I have in mind is DJI Ronin-SC
Tripod: I am spectacle about this, I can understand it can be a necessity but I feel as if I can get away with not having one if I have a Gimbal.
Mic: I feel like this is important to get that raw audio and ambience, and also that camera mic is terrible to capture this. I heard RØDE Auxiliary are the best for this, and the price point is not so bad either.
Please do let me know if there is anything I am missing or over the top or anything needs improvement, I am open to suggestions.
Edit: Forgot to mention my budget. I do not necessarily have one, but I always fancy bang for the buck budgets, items that would fill the necessity and not empty my pocket. I also look for longevity where a higher price point is tolerated.
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2023.03.21 08:11 of_kilter This subreddit made me watch 10 horror movies. Here is my review

About two weeks ago i made a post saying id watch the top ten movies commented under my post. Ive now watched them all. Please excuse the length of this post, i am reviewing 10 movies after all
I will remain as spoiler free as i can, any actual spoilers will be hidden so you don’t have to worry.
This was an interesting experience. It was pretty much exclusively movies i don’t think i would’ve otherwise watched, I definitely wouldn’t have finished most of these even if i did start them. But i stuck it out and im glad i did, even for the worse movies. These were all very unique movies, and all clearly had a lot of passion put into them.
I get very negative for some of these, but please understand that im speaking of my own experiences. I think any of these movies could absolutely be someone’s favorite horror movie and that it would be justified. Im usually very particular about the movies i watch and actively enjoy
Overall, 1 of the movies is now my alltime least favorite movie, 2 i just didn’t really like. 3 are some of my alltime favorite horror movies. The rest range from fairly good to incredible. Now, let’s get into the reviews
(I was unable to find a working english subtitle of The Orphanage, so I watched killer klowns from outer space instead)

Freaks (1932)

Suggested by u/jimicahp
I hated this movie, this may just be the worst movie ive ever seen. I know it was made in the thirties and almost a third of it was completely cut out. But even considering that, when looking the actual movie we have now, it just doesn’t work.
It felt like an episode of the twilight zone, but stretched out into an hour. The pacing is awful, it drags on and on. There wasn’t even an element of horror until the last 3 minutes. It’s just a pretty boring romance drama
I did like the characters, particularly Frieda and the main antagonist. that’s pretty much all the good i can say about this movie
Tldr: probably great for it’s time but very, very bad and boring by modern standards

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1972)

Suggested by u/pharmguy5
God this was a haunting movie. The tension and hopelessness was built up so well. Every actor was fantastic and played their roles absolutely perfectly. The feeling of slow building paranoia and fear was absolutely perfect in this. If i find a better movie in this i will be utterly surprised.
The ending was absolutely haunting, it gave a glimmer of hope before absolutely ripping it out
My biggest problem, elizabeth is too pretty. Brooke Adam’s is distractingly beautiful. It was legitimately almost hard to focus on the pod people’s attacks whenever her face was on screen.
Tldr: utterly fantastic and unnerving movie. Amazing slowburn horror

Green Room (2015)

Suggested by u/waywarddeadite
This movie was very effective at making bland, boring main characters I didn’t care for. The two that survived were the only somewhat interesting characters, but not compelling at all and just couldn’t carry the final half of the movie
This movie would be fine as something to watch in the background, or if you just want to turn your brain off for a bit. But i personally hate movies like that. I can see why someone may like this move, but it just didn’t work for me
it had a solid start. I liked the messiness of it all and the group dynamics of the band. Atleast until most of the group died off. If it was about the whole group struggling to survive together for the whole movie, i think i would’ve liked this a lot more
Tldr: boring movie that doesn’t do enough with it’s characters or group dynamic

Session 9 (2001)

Suggested by u/skookswooce
When it actually got going, this was a pretty good movie. But it was filled with so much pointless filler that really didn’t contribute to the movie. I came here for a horror movie, not to just watch people renovate an old building. A solid 20-40 minutes being trimmed off really could’ve bumped this up for me
Again, despite that this was pretty good. I don’t really have much to say about this movie. It didn’t really have too interesting of a twist, didn’t have any characters I particularly cared about.
Tldr: way to much of a slowburn, pretty good when it got going

PontyPool (2008)

Suggested by u/mz_pink
First off, the horror in this was superb. Everything over The radio, the girl slamming herself into the glass, all the infected people. It was all so visceral and real and messy. The emotions of the 2 main characters felt so genuine.
The language stuff was so interesting. It was really scary and im still not sure why. The one girl just messing up her words and not able to understand why just really got to me
But that’s where my praises end, i have a lot of complaints. Most aren’t too big and would be fine on their own, but they really added up together to make a bit of a mess to watch. It just felt like an unpolished movie, still not bad though
First of, for a movie about radio and language, the audio sucked. The music and sound effects was so loud and I literally couldn’t hear half of what they were saying. The final broadcast i only have a vague idea of what he was saying, the voices were so quiet.
And the choices of the characters were just dumb. Most of what they did just didn’t flow or make sense. Like why did they leave the safety of the recording room, why did they consider killing the doctor, throughout the whole movie I just kept asking “wait, why are they doing that?” over and over again. I also hated the ending, it was pointless and killed the hell out of the stakes and actually intriguing parts of the story
I had more to say about this movie than I thought i would, let’s move on
Tldr: great themes and great horror. But definitely needs some major polishing.

Holy Mountain (1973)

Suggested by u/talk_me_down
Content Warning: this movie does contain child nudity. for me it never felt exploitative at all, But just know that it is there.
You know how i said that i’d be surprised if i found a better movie than invasion of the body snatchers? Well i think this movie exists just to taunt me for that comment.
This was incredible. Every scene felt purposeful, every scene had a sense of blasphemy and a disrespect of basic human nature. But in a different way each time. It was captivating and almost felt like it was begging the audience to turn away from the horrors
I really wished I understood this movie. I kind of get it, especially after the ending im putting it together more. But this is such a densely packed movie containing so much to look at, i definitely will not be able to grasp it just yet
I could write a full essay about the choices made in this masterpiece, but ill do my best to leave it here
A masterpiece of confusing, artistic expression. Felt “blasphemous”
Post got too long, a comment will contain a review for Infinity Pool (2023), The Beyond (1981), BrainDead (1992), and Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)
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2023.03.21 08:08 MarcusMongeau need help getting alpha sapphire to work on Citra

(im using a Mac) I have a Citra emulator that opens normally for the last version compatible with macOS, but all the roms I find for Pokemon alpha sapphire, being it on mega thread or another website won't work, some have encrypted 7z that the password that the website provides never works (talking about romsfun) and others in format cia are not able to load, and the ones in 3ds format I can find say it can't load because its encrypted... does someone have a ready to go file that can send me trough google share or any other link so I can download please?
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2023.03.21 08:02 Elysium94 What if "The Last of Us Part II" was about atonement and hope, instead of revenge? (Part 3 of 4)

What if
\"Endure and survive.\"
Welcome back, everybody, to the third posting in my rewrite of Naughty Dog's The Last of Us Part II. A rewrite in which I reframe the cycle-of-revenge narrative into a story about redemption and the search for hope in the post-outbreak world.
Fallen a little behind in this one, I admit, between the release of the TV series and general life events. And I gotta say, the show definitely lived up to expectations.
Here, we pick up after the devastating events of the third chapter.
The first couple of posts, as a refresher
Some notes, also, before we proceed
1: As there ended up being a lot more story than I initially expected, I'm again expanding the rewrite, this time to four posts.
2: Following some feedback after the last post, there's a couple amendments I'd make to Chapter 3.
  • FEDRA's attack on the settlement of Jackson not only results in the death of one of its leaders, Tommy Miller, but the fall of the settlement itself. Forcing the populace to flee.
  • FEDRA's commander, Colonel Lee, attempts to take Ellie Williams as she is still the key to development of a possible cure to the Cordyceps infection. But the counterattack by the WLF interrupts, and Ellie gets away.
3: Gonna try and keep the changes in perspective as limited as possible, while still allowing all sides to be shown.
4: An expansion on FEDRA as a faction, and its leader as well.
  • FEDRA soldiers each carry a manifesto espousing the survival of the strong, the protection of the weak, and the destruction of the unholy and corrupt.
    • Said manifesto is written by Colonel Lee.
    • Would likely be an Easter egg collected in-game.
  • FEDRA forces are the only enemies in-game that don't surrender or beg for their lives, being committed to fighting until they literally drop dead.
5: A few plot elements featured in the canon of the HBO series will be featured here, both in characters and background lore.
With all that out of the way, let's begin!
Three days after the fall of Jackson, whoever wasn't captured or killed in the attack are on the road. Jackson's people are scared, confused, almost aimless.
Joel in particular is talking to no one, merely trailing the refugees. Keeping an eye out for signs of danger.
  • As before, there's a general sense between himself, Maria and Ellie that what's happened is (in the long run) his fault.
Maria is doing her best to keep people's hope alive, but it's clear to Ellie that she's at the end of her rope. And unless the refugees can reach their WLF allies out west in time, they'll have nowhere to go.
Ellie herself is shaken not just by Tommy's death, but the capture of Dina. But after a talk with Maria and Jesse, she decides she's not going to sit around and wait for a rescue to be planned. She's going to take the initiative herself and get Dina back.
  • As one of Ellie's core struggles/traits in this installment is survivor's guilt, it's pointed out to Ellie that she's not thinking this through, that she's in over her head. But she doesn't care.
  • It's implied Ellie might give herself up if necessary.
Packing guns and supplies, Ellie takes off on her horse Shimmer. It's not long before she reaches a largely deserted town, manned by FEDRA personnel.
She dispatches several of them, but one almost escapes and sounds an alert. Soon an armored patrol moves in, and Ellie is almost caught before she's helped by the surprise appearance of Joel.
Who makes it clear he's not letting her do this alone.
Jesse shows up as well, saying they're going to rescue their friends together. Ellie guesses Joel is more concerned with revenge against Abby, but given their circumstances and what they're up against she can't afford to be picky.
The trio continue on their journey, with Joel and Ellie exchanging some cautious words.
  • On Joel's end, he promises they'll save Dina.
  • Despite lingering resentments, Ellie is sympathetic to Joel's loss and says she's sorry for what happened to Tommy.
At night, as the group approach the borders of the Washington territory, the trio make camp at night but soon find out they're not alone. The Seraphites have found them.
Back in Washington, Abby is reviewing the results of FEDRA's first strike against Jackson and the WLF.
Colonel Lee is disappointed at the escape of Ellie Williams and the rest, but sees those hostages taken as a valuable bargaining chip. And he anticipates Joel will come looking for revenge. Abby wants to go out and find him again, but Lee tells her she's done enough for now.
While Lee plans his next move against the WLF, Abby questions Dina, hoping to get answers on possible whereabouts of the Jackson survivors. Abby admits she regrets the prisoners' awful housing, and offers them better food and shelter in return for their help. In response, Dina tells her to go to hell. She doesn't know anything, and wouldn't tell Abby if she did.
  • In their talk, Dina calls out the hypocrisy of Abby's actions. Saying that she's no better than Joel, having answered his past violence with violence in turn.
  • The prisoner also asks Abby if she feels satisfied. If hurting Tommy for what Joel did made any difference.
Indeed, Abby is wholly unfulfilled. She tries to excuse it as Joel still escaping, but even robbing him of a loved one gave her no satisfaction.
As she sets out to patrol the border, Owen and his partner Mel question what she'll do now that Joel is sure to come for them all.
  • The other Wolves make it clear they're afraid of FEDRA's expansion escalating into all-out war, with enemies on all sides. If it comes to that, they know not everyone will make it.
    • Abby shrugs off such concerns, as Lee has taught her, but has a moment of doubt upon remembering Mel's growing pregnancy.
Manny even expresses worry over Lee's intentions, citing rumors that the colonel took part in rather unsavory operations at the onset of the outbreak. He worries that the prisoners might not be shown any mercy.
  • Hinting at a piece of lore featured in the HBO continuity, that being FEDRA carrying out massacres of civilians.
The accusation angers Abby, as she's grown so attached to the colonel as her new "father".
  • Paralleling Ellie's early relationship with Joel, and following her dependence on the memory of her father as a purely good man.
A sighting of the Seraphites causes Lee to order an attack, which Abby spearheads, hoping to get her mind off of the argument. Owen and Manny accompany her, promising the others they'll help keep her head on straight.
In the wild, Abby hears more FEDRA personnel talking about the prisoners and what to do. Some wish to recruit them, or transfer them to heavily-monitored communities as to be assimilated into a restored civilization. Others, to Abby's disgust, would gladly kill all of their enemies. Especially the Seraphites.
Owen tries to assuage Abby's worry. Though he himself has questioned Lee at times, he hopes they can find some semblance of a peaceful, "normal" world when the fighting in Washington is done. Abby hopes so too, believing he and Mel will make great parents.
  • Though she doesn't act on them here, Abby is heavily hinted at still having feelings for Owen long after their breakup.
Abby and her forces soon pick up their quarry's trail, and guess whatever group they're following is large in number.
In the wild, the Seraphites detain Ellie's group. The stealthy organization easily bypass FEDRA patrols, escorting the trio to a shelter for questioning.
The local Seraphite authority, a woman named Emily, interrogates them. They insist they're only passing through to rescue hostages of FEDRA, and mean no trouble. Emily is skeptical, and Joel picks up quick that something has her on edge. Something more than just the usual skirmishes.
  • The implication being that Emily has family in danger.
    • Joel, having been a parent, can tell.
Another Seraphite, named Nicholas, tells them that FEDRA is massing another armored force. One that will have the capability of wiping out their northwest enemies in a matter of months.
Ellie takes the initiative to offer them help. If the Seraphites get them to Seattle and rescue their friends, Ellie's group will help them decapitate FEDRA's leadership.
  • Ellie's desire to help is motivated twofold, by her desperation to get Dina back and her lingering instinct to "fix" things however she can after the search for a cure to Cordyceps failed.
Nicholas agrees, with a doubtful Emily following suit. Their patrol take Ellie's group along, and they embark on a lengthy journey.
On the lengthy journey, Ellie obtains new equipment from the Seraphites as well as several lessons from Nicholas.
  • A small but sturdy hatchet.
  • New steel-tipped arrows.
In addition, the Jackson group learn more of the history of the Seraphites. That they were started as a confederation of the remnants of the Quileute people and a nondenominational Christian church which simply came to be known as "the Shelter". Nicholas himself is the grandson of one of the Seraphites' three Elders, a Quileute woman named Ramona.
  • Here, the Seraphite's partially Quileute origin plays a part in both fleshing out the area of Washington in a post-apocalyptic world by including a local real-life people, and also further diversifying the cast of characters.
When the group are not far from Seattle, they take stock and Ellie catches Joel observing her weapons. Annoyed, she tells him they're fine, but he points out her bow needs restringing. Sure enough, Ellie sees he is right, and grudgingly thanks him.
As night falls again, Ellie readies her repaired bow and notes that Joel hasn't slept in almost a day. She suggests he get some rest, promising to keep watch.
While Ellie keeps watch, she has a conversation with Emily. The Seraphite remains closed off, with Ellie noting something in her similar to Joel.
Sure enough, Emily says she has two children traveling with another group. She wants to reconnect as soon as possible, with the news of FEDRA mobilizing their final campaign in Washington. Emily says she objected to her children, a boy and a girl, going off without her. Even fought with them over it.
Ellie doesn't say anything, but Emily's words strike a chord with her.
A day later, the joint party arrive in WLF-controlled territory and come face to face with Isaac Dixon. Acting commander of the paramilitary, and chief opposition to Colonel Lee's occupation.
  • Isaac here is a calculating and ruthless leader, but unlike the original game is not a genocidal lunatic.
    • Though he does have some distaste for the Seraphites as a group, mainly their isolated lifestyle and spirituality.
Isaac invites them to his headquarters to discuss their plans against Lee. Ellie is wary of his attitude, however, as well as a suspicious map outlining a series of tunnels beneath Seattle.
What he calls the "Black Zone".
But things hit a snag when Emily receives a transmission on a portable radio. The voice of a frightened teenager comes in, and Emily panics. It's her son.
Ellie, Joel and Jesse tense up when they hear another voice in the background of the call.
After a lengthy period, Abby's team have pushed the nearest Seraphite hunting party into an entrenched position.
They work together to trap the party, but in the final firefight Manny is shot dead and a grieving Abby is distracted long enough to suffer a knockout hit from a Seraphite.
She wakes strung up, in the woods, at the mercy of the lead hunter Ferris.
  • A remix of the "first reveal" of her character.
Ferris and five other hunters are all that's left of their party, with FEDRA already closing in. Abby warns him to let her go, telling him he has one chance to end this. The vengeful hunter rages against Abby, calling her people butchers who carry the sins of the old world. FEDRA, he says, seeks to rebuild a world that put men like Lee in positions of power, power they abused when it mattered most.
Just as they're abusing it now, moving to forcibly "tame" the new world rather than try to adapt to it.
  • Character commentary on FEDRA as an autocratic power that took many lives unnecessarily in the backstory of TLOU.
  • Also playing on themes of colonialism, what with FEDRA repeating the mistakes of America's past.
Ferris almost has Abby executed before he's distracted by a teenage boy objecting to the deed. The momentary distraction allows Abby to slip free and take Ferris's weapon, wounding him. Abby runs, holding off the other hunters before Owen comes in for the rescue.
Still angered over Manny's death, Abby chases Ferris into his shelter and corners him. But to her surprise, not only is the young boy still with him but also a girl roughly two years older. Also present is an elderly man, a nurse, and several young children. The boy is on a radio, calling in to someone called "Emily".
Keeping them all at gunpoint, Abby yells at the boy to put the radio down but is clearly not willing to shoot. Ferris, dying of his wounds, tries one last time to attack her before he's gunned down by a FEDRA soldier.
The children are taken into custody, and the radio taken way. On the other end, Abby hears a woman frantically calling for the boy, Lev. But after Abby takes the radio, barking orders at the others, the other end falls silent...
Until Joel picks it up.
The older man threatens Abby, telling her anything she does to the children will be answered. A hateful Abby curses at him, saying he has no right to judge her. She tells Joel he'll pay for what he did to her father, Jerry, and what she started with Tommy she'll finish with him.
Joel baits her not to wait, and instead come looking for him and Ellie. Taunting her with the hope she puts up a better fight than her father, a man who was strong enough to hurt children but folded when he faced a man. Abby angrily throws the radio away, doing her best to hide her angry tears at just hearing Joel's voice.
  • The extended dialogue emphasizes the ugly cycle of revenge and the part both Abby and Joel play in it.
    • Especially as players in what's becoming open war.
FEDRA takes the Seraphite prisoners to an outpost, with Abby keeping an eye on the brother and sister. Their path to the outpost is delayed by sightings of Infected, and more than once she has to pick them off to protect the group.
Upon their arrival, the prisoners are processed and Abby learns the boy is in fact transgender. Danny, a FEDRA sergeant, immediately begins mistreating him until Abby gets him to back off.
Abby takes charge of the siblings and escorts them to a cell, before questioning them. Their names are established as Yara, the sister, and Lev, the brother. The sister, Yara, warns Abby that their mother will come for them.
Abby falls back on her training and FEDRA's official policy, telling Yara her people picked this fight by not answering Lee's peaceful overtures.
Lev finally speaks up, saying Lee's terms would see the Seraphites completely assimilated by the occupation and abandon the way of life that's kept them going for decades. He asks Abby what she thinks will become of them should Lee win, and they don't surrender.
  • More historical parallels.
Abby doesn't have a retort save that Colonel Lee knows what's best for them all.
  • Again displaying Abby's dependence on a father figure in absence of Jerry Anderson.
  • Contrasted against Ellie's estrangement with Joel.
She leaves, and is bothered by Danny. He mocks her soft approach with the "Scars" as some in FEDRA call them. Abby has no patience for his bullying and warns him to stay away from the siblings. No matter who they are, where they come from, they're still just kids.
Abby later dines alone, brewing in her continued frustration with recent events and grief for losing a good friend in Manny. Owen joins her, knowing her well enough to see how much she's still hurting.
The two engage in an increasingly tense talk on what's happened lately. Their conversation reaches a head when Owen asks, point blank, if Abby really would have cared for the cause if Lee hadn't offered her a chance at revenge. More than that, Owen asks if Jerry would have wanted Abby to walk the path she has. Separating mothers from their children, torturing and killing men just for their brother's sins, etc.
Abby shuts down, not wanting to hear anymore, and secludes herself.
  • Abby, by this point in the story, is starting to resemble Part I's Joel in that she's becoming an empty, angry shell of a woman who goes through the motions and excuses what she does with simple buzzwords.
    • For Joel it was "survival", for Abby it's words like "justice" and "the cause".
Abby calls Lee, who tries to comfort her in his gruff, stoic way. But then their conversation ends as it often does. With him asking if she is committed. She says yes, but this time she doesn't sound committed.
Just angry, and hurt. And tired.
But, as she continues to brood, Abby thinks about what Joel said about her father. That he was bent on murdering a child. She thinks back to the Fireflies' planned operation on Ellie, remembering there's a good deal she didn't know.
A good deal she's never asked Lee.
Back with the WLF, Isaac confers with his guests as to his plan against Colonel Lee.
For weeks, the WLF has been stockpiling any weapons available as to commit to a strike against the heart of the FEDRA occupation. But, as Emily and Nicholas point out, even if they pool all available resources they're still outnumbered and outgunned.
Isaac reveals his trump card. The Black Zone, the abandoned areas beneath Seattle, have become home to a nest of Infected numbering in the hundreds. And not just the typical variants, but mutated ones as well. Including an "alpha" variant called the Rat King.
  • Another plot/lore thread lifted from the HBO continuity, this time set in Seattle instead of Kansas City.
  • The Rat King's reputation as a dreaded, implacable monster is laid out as to foreshadow an absolutely terrifying encounter.
Isaac plans to unleash the Infected into key locations in Seattle, sending FEDRA into chaos before bombing said sites. Lee himself will be the primary target of Isaac's elite forces. Ellie and Jesse grimly note the city will be devastated, but Isaac views it as an acceptable loss. One that can be recovered in time.
Joel asks just how Isaac is willing to go if it means beating Lee. Finally, the Jackson party learn just the kind of man they're dealing with. The full scope of what they face.
  • As hinted at earlier, Lee is confirmed to have been one of many officers who took part in mass exterminations during the early Cordyceps outbreak. He and many others like him shipped off scores of civilians to be murdered, then dumped into mass graves, as a means of fighting the infection.
  • Lee ascended to his command when his superiors were killed by a revolution in Kansas City, Missouri.
    • Before moving west, Lee brought a counterattack down on Kansas City and wiped out the resistance. Down to the last child.
The members of the local Washington resistance understand Lee isn't a man who can be reasoned or negotiated with, not now. There's only one way to stop him. Kill him.
The Jackson party warily agree.
  • Joel is the most eager, still gunning for payback for Tommy.
For a while, they help the tentatively-allied WLF and Seraphites corral several smaller hordes of Infected towards the tunnels that will lead beneath Seattle.
  • Ellie hides her immunity from all present, wearing a mask in spore-heavy areas while avoiding any bites or scratches from hostile Infected.
The mission almost goes wrong when a rogue bloater attacks Joel's team. Ellie intervenes despite Joel's protests, hacking the monster to death with her hatchet.
Joel scolds her, telling Ellie he had it under control. Ellie fires back, but before they can get at each other's throats yet again Jesse chews them both out for getting so distracted. Jesse reminds them why they're really here, and that their friends won't ever see home again if Joel and Ellie can't spend more than a few minutes together without fighting.
  • Usually the level head, Jesse by now is exhausted and just wants it all to be over, as opposed to the more hardened Joel and Ellie.
Ellie apologizes to Jesse alone. But, once he notices they're alone, he brings up another reason he was upset. He saw a scratch on her left forearm, which she'd missed in her fight with Joel.
Caught red-handed, Ellie hems and haws before confessing to Jesse that she's immune. Jesse is shocked, wondering how many others knew. Ellie tells him only Maria and Joel know, as did Tommy.
  • Jesse is, naturally, hurt that Ellie didn't tell him or Dina.
Ellie starts to crack under the stress of everything that's happening, and tells Jesse that five years ago she had a chance to help the Fireflies find a cure for the Cordyceps infection but failed. Whether or not it's true, a part of her feels all of this is on her shoulders, because Joel couldn't help her finish what they'd started.
Ellie says Tommy encouraged her right until the end not to close herself off to others, even Joel. But it's been so hard. Jesse asks if there's anything he can do to help. Ellie says no, and her friend quietly leaves.
Rummaging mindlessly through her things, Ellie takes a moment to think back and finally reminisce on the day she broke with Joel.
A final flashback details the falling out, four years after the events of Part I*.*
  • As in the game, Ellie digs and scavenges what she can until she's certain she has to confront Joel.
  • Joel finds her, and she puts forward her ultimatum that he either tell her the truth now or she's gone forever.
Joel, after a lengthy hesitation, tells Ellie that the Fireflies were on the verge of a cure. That while their history of failed tests was true, they hadn't given up and were ready to experiment on Ellie, at the cost of her life.
  • Here, however, Joel includes that he objected and told Marlene to stop it. Ellie asks what happened next, to which he firmly and coldly says Marlene's answer was "no", leaving Ellie to guess the rest.
Ellie breaks down, and when Joel tries to talk to her she screams at him. Ellie calls him a murderer, which Joel deflects and retorts Marlene was the real murderer. All he did was save Ellie.
  • Here, the truth coming out results not just in broken trust but the kind of bitter, emotionally-fraught argument only estranged parents and children can have.
    • Joel digs his heels in and excuses what he did. Calling out how the Fireflies abused Ellie's trust as much as him. And that even Marlene didn't care enough about her old friend Anna's memory to spare the life of her daughter.
    • After all this time Ellie doesn't want to hear it, and when Joel goes so far as to even insult the Fireflies he killed (Marlene included) she slaps him across the face.
Ellie storms off, yelling at Joel that he destroyed everything. All they'd fought for, all she suffered for, it's all gone.
And Joel, for once, has nothing to say.
In the present, Ellie is still weeping alone. Still brewing in resentment and helpless anger.
But then she looks down at her wrist, and the bracelet Dina gave her before the attack on Jackson. She clutches onto it tightly, and tries to tell herself it's not all gone. It can't be.
Pushing past her tears, Ellie reaches deep into a larger pack she kept hidden from the rest of the party. She pulls out a guitar, the same guitar Joel gave to her as a gift. Taking her mind off the fear and worry of the mission for just a little while, Ellie starts to play.
When she's done, a calmed Ellie senses she's being watched. She puts the guitar down and turns to face Joel, who's standing nearby. The old man looks more vulnerable than Ellie has ever seen him.
  • Ellie asks if he's surprised she still has the gift, to which Joel admits he thought she'd gotten rid of it.
Taking Jesse's advice to heart, and reciting Tommy's advice on hate, Ellie asks if she and Joel can go somewhere private.
She and Joel take their horses to a secluded clearing, and the two set up camp. Joel sits down, waiting for Ellie to join him.
And join him she does, knowing it's time they settled things at last.
That does it for this section. As I said before, this ended up running pretty long, thus necessitating I split up the rewrite just once more.
Hope you enjoyed it. And if you still haven't checked out the HBO series, I more than recommend it.
This weekend, I'm finally going to return to a long-delayed post on a rework of of DC Comics television. This time, a rework of the age-old Batman/Superman tale.
See you then!
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2023.03.21 07:55 hannaaMa Resetting Pokemon games and starting over

When I was younger, I never shyed away from restarting a pokemon game. My first own game was SoulSilver (I had played Pearl with my brother, but it wasn't fully mine like SS) and I can't remember how many times I've started it. I've always played alone, and because we only had one console, I couldn't trade between games either. So I didn't really have anything I could truly lost on those games, I could get them back. After Gen 4 I got White and White 2. After them I didn't play Pokemon for few years(I did play the 3DS games later in life). I remember reseting both games and starting over, but I guess I was wrong.
Yesterday I discoverd that the save on White was my 'original'. I was kinda shocked, because I was sure that I had played this game many times. And more shocked I was about under 60 Pokemons registered in the Pokedex. I scrolled through the pokedex and wondered why I catched only few Pokemon during the main story, (many entries were from the older gen pokemons' you get in the postgame). I guess I was so stubborn back then about Gen 5 Pokemon I didn't want them in my team!
Now I am kind of in a crossroads. Main reason why I powered up White was because of living dex that I'm building in Pokemon Home. I'm kind of completionist, and only Pokemon game before Switch games (I mean excluding the White save I had no clue about) that I've only played once was Alpha Sapphire, because I completed natdex for the first time in my life in that. I want to catch 'em all, and finaly thanks to GTS I've been granted this possibility in three games. Starting Pokemon again few months ago got me wanting to try to gather living dex and my plan was to move few Pokemons from White and White 2. I was sure that they had saves that I had played through and could just "throw away" at least one of them for good cause, but now the situation is that in White 2 I'm only up to 3 badges and in White I don't even have up to two boxes of Pokemons.
I'm morely thinking about White save. Should I just backtrack and catch everything I can, or move the few pokemon I have there to Bank and start over. For first time after Alpha Sapphire I'm not so sure about restarting or moving the Pokemons away from the game. After all, they been with me for so many years without me knowing it.
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2023.03.21 07:41 Powerman293 Locals Report - Managed to get 1st place at a VERY competitive locals with Synchron

Firstly, I want to caveat. There were only 14-16 players, and we played 4 rounds. And I did win all my die rolls going first. I also didn't get nibbed, but I think everyone else has dropped Nibru at my locals since all of the Kashtira players are super playing around it.
But I am still amazed I even got to 1st ever at all, since I've never gotten 1st at a locals. This locals is a nice AF OTS store where, many of the top players in my region frequent. Plenty of Kashtira, Labyrnth, Branded Runick etc.
I know not everyone likes this deck and how combo spammy it can be, and I get it. People who weren't playing against me were cheering me on while it seemed like my opponents hated it lol.
This is a pretty typical Synchron deck, although my extra deck is a bit exotic compared to what many may be used to.
1st match: Vs Dinosaur
Won my 1st and last match because I built my board first. Dino Player game 2 won because he built his board and I saw none of my going second cards. If you know either of these decks you can exactly picture how it went down for either side.
2nd Match: Vs Branded Tear
1st game, my opponent goes first, summons Dragoon, and passes. I go and start building my board, making sure to chain-block everything I want to resolve so Dragoon can't negate it. Surprisingly, I get a big board of Crystal Wing, Braonne De Fleur, Black Winged Assualt Dragon and Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Abyss and attack for game.
2nd game, my opponent summons, Tear Rukalos, Dragoon and Masquerade. TBH I really had no way to win, I had no junk converter to chainblock either negate if I got to Speeder. And couldn't small world into it with my hand. I try to use the small world to bait out the dragoon but it doesn't work.
3rd game, I side in Drill Synchron, and lo and behold I am able to Summon, Hot red, Baronne de fleur, TG Hyper librarian and Naturia Beast. Opponent tries to evenly me, I negate. He concedes.
3rd Match: Vs Drytron
This was the most interesting match I played. Game 1 I put out a board of Hot Red, Baronne, Herald of Arc Light, Black Winged Assault Dragon and Stellar Wind Wolfrayet. He's able to chew through a ton of my negation and summon Dracoverlord and negate all my monsters. But my monsters are too big and he can't beat over them. He concedes.
Game 2, He summons Vanity's ruler with a stray Mu Beta and I concede. I blame myself because I didn't use the ash on alpha's ritual add.
Game 3 I go and summon a Naturia Beast again, after siding back in Drill Synchron. Opponent concedes.
4th Match: Vs Runick Naturia
Probably the deck I am most surprised to beat. I didn't even summon Naturia Beast the whole match and won lol.
Game 1 I memed on my opponent. Summon the most nuts board possible, Hyper Librarian, Hot Red, Assault Dragon, Barrone, Herald of Arc Light. Chew through pretty much all of his Runick spells and his Naturia monsters. He concedes and shows me his two triple tactics talents in his hand, but since he had no battle phase, the most he could have gotten was a Baronne pop on one of my monsters (I had an effect veiler in hand anyways).
Game 2 My opponent grinds me out with a Freezeing curses on the Speeder. I didn't activate my doppel warrior since I was already using Synchron carrier to chain block. I maybe could have gotten farther if I had those 2 tokens since I had a Stardust Synchron in hand. I lose.
Game 3 was insane. I get a full board plus draw GODLY with hand traps off Librarian. Effect Veiler, Survanis, and Ash. The usual Hot Red, Baronne, Assault and Hyper Librarian. My opponent double evenlys me and I negate both times. He tries to freezing curses and I use survanis to negate the targeted effect. Tip? I ash it.
And for all my troubles? I get a box of Photon Hyper Nova. The most ass box humanly possible. All the stuff I traded into the OTS was like $13 and the rest was valueless bulk. Tbh I am not SUPER salty considering I have had super absurd luck prior to this. I pulled a Starlight from a few packs given out to winners and even pulled my Baronne from 2 Maze Of Memories packs.
If anyone is interested in the decklist I can pin a comment here with the list.
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2023.03.21 07:39 LeoLittlebook6 mRNA vaxx solves Japan's aging population crisis by reducing lifespan 15%.

mRNA vaxx solves Japan's aging population crisis by reducing lifespan 15%.

Table of Contents

  1. 210k excess deaths
  2. 18.7% increase in vaxxed death rate
  3. Vaxx reduces lifespan 13.2 years (15.6%)
  4. Discussion
    1. Venues
    2. Pension management
    3. Assumptions
    4. Big in Japan
    5. No news is bad news
    6. Cause of death

210k excess deaths

It is incredible that face-saving Japan is more transparent about this debacle than the USA. An ethnostate is more motivated to care about its citizens more than an empire of immigrants, which can always import more.
Japan Records Highest Excess Deaths since WWII, Officials Demand Truth Slay News
Japan reported 210k excess deaths in 2022. Excess deaths mean more died than expected, given the population age structure. The obvious cause is the vaccine, as examining the weekly deaths shows.
This doesn't sound like a big deal, right? Japan's population is 125.7m, so 210k is only 0.167% of the population.
Here's what a linear extrapolation implies. The mRNA vaxx is a gene therapy that causes recurring reinfection, so these numbers may get better or worse.

18.7% increase in vaxxed death rate

Japan's death rate is climbing naturally due to low birth rate resulting in an aging population. So directly comparing prior years would exaggerate the effect of the mRNA vaxx. I'll have to trust the demographic estimates. At least Japan isn't as bad as China about juking stats.
  • The Ministry of Health reports 1,582,033 deaths in 2022, including some Japanese living abroad. Not quite what I want, but close enough.
  • 210k of those are excess deaths; 1.37m are expected. Thus deaths are 15.3% higher than expected.
  • 82% of Japanese had at least one mRNA vaccine dose.
  • Adjusted death rate increase after removing unvaxxed: 15.3% / 82% = 18.7%

Vaxx reduces lifespan 13.2 years (15.6%)

  • Average Japanese lifespan is 84.6 years.
  • This means virtual death rate is 1 / 84.6 = 1.18%
I'm creating this "virtual death rate" solely as an intermediate step in the calculation. It is inversely proportional to lifespan.
The "virtual death rate" is what would happen if you had an ideal population of mice that reproduced and died like clockwork, maintaining a stable population size.
If you had 100 virtual mice with a lifespan of one year, 100% of them would be dead in a year. The virtual death rate is 100%. If their lifespan increases to 100 years, the virtual death rate is 1%.
(This ignores demographic issues such as Japan's collapsing birthrate, which are irrelevant for the purposes of calculating lifespan reduction. Obviously death rate gets higher when a population ages. We don't care what Japan's ACTUAL death rate was in 2022.)
Now I can multiply the "virtual death rate" by the INCREASE in death rate caused by vaccination. It's apples to apples.
  • Vaxxed virtual death rate is 1.18% * 118.7% = 1.40%
  • Vaxxed lifespan is 1 / 1.40% = 71.4 years
  • Vaxx costs 84.6 - 71.4 = 13.2 years
  • That's 13.2 / 84.6 = 15.6% of lifespan

Tempis fugit.


Pension management

Every developed nation is having a retirement and pension crisis.
Perhaps it was unwise to give governments a massive financial incentive to kill senior citizens? Killing people is one of the few things governments do well. I wouldn't want a hitman to owe me a pension. Especially one he can't pay.
Klaus schwab (at 1:30):
"It vill be a young world"
Davos 2016 - The Canadian Opportunity YouTube
"Hopefully not suddenly," he says.
Sounds like it was perfectly calculated and executed.
But they’re incompetent, right?!
The ones who calculated won't be the ones executed.
This hashtag is still censored on Twitter.


You don't adjust for xyz factor.
One can criticize lots of the assumptions made here, but the biggest one is that the present excess death rate will continue. The others pale in comparison.
The purpose of this post is merely to show that although the current yearly excess deaths may look unimpressive next to the total population size, they cannot be ignored.
Could you have 100 virtual mice with an average lifespan of one year, but not all would be dead in a year? jeopardy music
That's why I didn't say "average lifespan". The lifespan of the virtual mice is exactly one year.
I could've simply skipped the step of creating the virtual death rate, and divided by the increase in vaxxed death rate instead. The extra steps are merely there for clarity, for people who are uncomfortable working with ratios.
Death rate and lifespan are inversely proportional. Double one, halve the other, ceteris paribus.
This type of reasoning about a scenario with ratios is commonly tested on the GMAT, if you want to practice. It has practical applications!

Big in Japan

There are two major confounding factors you didn't touch (1. age group, mortality increase is happening in seniors 2 Japan is an aging country hence the excess death naturally increases).
That being said, either way they had ridiculously high excess death increase and covid cases in some months, and no one can really provide a convincing theory other than jab.
It's really a shame becauese Japan could come out as a victor if they didn't go berserk with jab–cide, their case/death numbers used to be super low when alpha/delta was around, probably because of their generally good health status.
Excess deaths already factors aging demographics. That's why they're excess, not expected.
Elderly population understates vaxx excess mortality; young population overstates it. This is why young athletes dying of myocarditis were so noticeable; the percentage increase was enormous.
ObsidianSword 2 points
Does elderly population exaggerate the vaxx's effect, or understate it?
That's the question. In some other countries like UK, young people are dying while elderlies aren't affected that much.
My guess is, older people who survived the initial wave of covid (unlike unhealthy westerners who died from covid) are starting die now because of the immune suppression due to the jab, but who knows.
Japanese population is still stuck in Cold War-like world view where China/NK/Russia are the bad guys while US good. They are blind to the globalist takeover. 3 shots per person on average is just fucking ridiculous, that's the close second highest in the world.
I suspect the elderly are dropping to the vaxx everywhere, but that Japan is uniquely focused on honestly reporting excess mortality because their aging and dying population is already a hugely sensitive issue threatening national survival. They don't have enough people to resist a looming Chinese invasion. So they can't just fudge the expected-deaths number higher to disguise vaxx deaths; it's already too grim.

No news is bad news

So 1.5 m deaths in 2022
82% of the population is vaccinated.
In the ones who died: the vaccinated % is higher, lower, or the same as the general population(82%) ?
That data can support either side very strongly.
Steve Kirsch has been trying to pay governments for this data, and they ghost him. It's obvious why.

Cause of death

The big thing you missed is the excess deaths aren’t unaccounted. There’s categories. Excess suicides, excess traffic accidents, excess overdoses, and so on.
Yes, the shot might harm you, but you’ve conflated excess with unknown and it makes your argument invalid.
No, I think the clot shot is causing all those categories. Brain damage.
The way Mark Steyn described it in his recent Delingpole interview (/how he said a doctor had described it - I can't remember exactly) he said it was like the vax aged people and brought fwd health conditions. eg people in 40s getting the stroke they'd have in their 60s.
Sounds incurable.
From what I have seen in my own circles, this all sounds accurate.
10+ deaths that I attribute to the vaxx. Half of them people under 60.
And even more alarming: the number of weird diseases and shit going on with people who are still alive. Unlike their "I'm vaccinated" profile badges, they don't announce proudly that their kid just got Type 1 diabetes. Or that they have MS suddenly in their 40s. Or that they felt weird "funny bone sensation" start at their shoulder and slowly move down the arm, to the fingertips and then back up.
All that stuff only comes out in person, after the social talk, after a beer or two.
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2023.03.21 07:39 proffesionalsimp Which camera is better?
I was recommended an SX-70 and I found these two. Which one is better?
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2023.03.21 07:35 Icy-Night-3512 My very late episode 8 review

First of all, I loved the episode, I think it was a great finale. I see the purpose for the begining with all the flashbacks as Baron in their perspectives, to show he is connected to them, and to show other events. Assuming all those instances were real, which it seems to be, aside from the one with Cyrus as Barron is as himself in that scene, and not anyone else, but the others seem to have been real past events. Suggesting Everetts parents had him sedated and drugged, or whatever was going on there, meaning something big probably did happen before that have his parents so worried now. Baron is also protective of Harlan and Luna as we can see by the scene with Cyrus, and how he reacted to Austin. I suspect that will be a major source of conflict for them as Baron tries to form a relationship with Harlan, and he will likely be apprehensive. Now to them possibly turning human again. Blake wants to change back, and Everett doesnt, and that makes character sense, but also it appears Blake's attraction to Everett is no more, which leads me to believe a theory that it is because of the wolf connection between them. That actually makes me like them more, because it felt fake, and now there's evidence to support that it's fake, but it can develop into a real relationship, or it will fail quickly, either way I'm good. Everett also seemed very off in this episode, and I think dark Everett might be a thing that will develop Everett into a possible antagonist in the second and if we're lucky third season
Next is Harlan's conversation with Cyrus. I ship them even more now. I really think that the arson act for Cyrus was a one time thing, but it could cause trouble for them in the future. Honestly I'm excited to see their relationship develop, and how Harlan is seemingly ready to do anything to free Cyrus.
Also, in the car when listening to the tape it appears there is a change in Harlan, suggesting an improving relationship with Garrett
Them all getting separated. Ramsey was there when Blake got removed from her dad's custody, and separated from Danny. This leads me to believe she had a hand in it. Also when Everett was comitted, his dad said the arson investigator, Ramsey, told them about bringing in Baron, meaning she definitely set Everett up. And Luna was self isolating so she didn't have a hand in that, but she could've contributed to Harlan's arrest, but I don't think she would do that to her blood. I think it was to ensure she could save Baron without interference, and maybe get Garrett alone.
The rest that happened is very clear and concise, and great writing, but some questions arrive at the very end. Everyone has their own power, how many are there, and the more wolves there are, which it appears is Ramsey's plan, do powers start to duplicate? And what power might Garrett have if they turn him. I'm starting to like the tension and chemistry between Garrett and Ramsey.
I think this all sets up for a great season 2. I think Garrett will be turned, and Luna and Harlan might try to change him back as I don't think he wants him to become a wolf, it was more teen angst. When Garrett says they need malcom alive, I don't know exactly what he meant, but I have a feeling they will frame him for the arson and murders. Now for the first episode or two, Harlan and Cyrus will remain in jail, and honestly I hope they're cell mates in juvie, and get some more bonding before they get free. I think that Luna and Baron mostly will help try to clear their name, while Garrett will help Ramsey frame Malcom. Since Harlan said he will do whatever to get Cyrus out, it is possible he will suggest confessing to get Cyrus off, but Cyrus won't let him, and he wouldn't go through with it anyway. My guess is that Ramsey and Garrett will only get Harlan freed, but he will refuse until they free both him and Cyrus. I think Luna will have a very strained relationship with Everett and especially Blake for a long time, but will grow close to Baron, and even more dependent on Harlan. Unfortunately she will probably still pursue Austin after initial reservations about it. And Blake will struggle with finding a way to get Danny back, maybe trying to get Luna's help, but Luna might not help, or will do so reluctantly. It will eventually result in Blake giving into Ramsey so she can get her brother back. I don't think they will leave Everett in the psych ward, but story and character wise, there is so much going on, there is no immediate motivation to get him out. I think it could go one of two ways. We see him struggle inside and try to break out, or stay in the full 72 hours, but it pushes him further into dark territory and makes him more jaded when he is released. Finally, I think Malcom will end up in jail for the arson and murders, and it is possible despite their strained relationship that he will tell Cody everything, and use him to help get rid of the wolves, and free him. Since the fan reception to Cody was very positive, I think we will see more of him, and in a more meaningful capacity. We could also see more Prisha, Cyrus, and Austin. Austin will probably end up against the pack, and Cyrus will find out which will cause tension in his relationship with Harlan, before accepting him. More tension will later be caused by them finding out Ramsey killed his dad, and it could lead to a possible breakup, or further division between Harlan and Ramsey. Also there will definitely be a power struggle between the three guys, which may result in an Alpha hierarchy, or some compromised cooperation, but they will definitely struggle for power, and Cyrus could have a lot to do with them fighting for Harlan's loyalty. Luna will support Harlan, but Baron will continue to see him as a threat. I think Ramsey will soften up to the relationship as long as Cyrus isn't a physical threat, but will not be kind to Austin. Not sure exactly what a second season would revolve around, but I hope we get one, and I'm excited to find out.
Also I think Austin will eventually die, possibly in season 2, I think Cody will eventually become a wolf either by the pack, or a possible rival pack. And I think Cyrus will remain a human ally for the forseeable future. As for the caller my theory is that it is their Dad, and he could come back causing even more chaos
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2023.03.21 07:34 alpha_bionics Basketball News - The Timberwolves improve to 36-37, while the Knicks fall to 42-31. Despite Joel Embiid's 37 points and 16 rebounds, the 76ers fall to the Bulls, 109-105, in double overtime.

The Timberwolves improve to 36-37, while the Knicks fall to 42-31. Despite Joel Embiid's 37 points and 16 rebounds, the 76ers fall to the Bulls, 109-105, in double overtime. Tony Bradley, he’s a guy that played this year for the Bulls, there’s a little more recency with his level of play. Obviously, we fought back but you don’t even want to be in that type of position. ”As they have done all season long, the Kings chipped away. That is second longest such streak in history, per CBS Sports research, surpassing Amar'e Stoudemire, who reached nine straight 30-point/50% games in 2010-11. Mike Conley (24 points, 11 assists) and Rudy Gobert (16 points, seven rebounds) added a combined 40 points for the Timberwolves in the victory. The injuries to Irving and Luka Doncic, who have missed the previous five games, have been a major problem, and the Mavericks cannot afford to lose Irving again. Initially, a foul was called on Brooks, though the Grizzlies challenged the ruling and it was overturned to a moving screen on Dwight Powell. Again, unfortunate, but just looking forward to the next 48 hours. Zach LaVine recorded a team-high 26 points, along with seven assists for the Bulls, while DeMar DeRozan added 25 points and eight rebounds in the victory. One, two, three!’ ” Brown told reporters after the game. Early on, Irving sent some trash talk Brooks' way, telling him to "stop playing that dumb--- defense. "After the final buzzer, there was an awkward moment where the two appeared to agree to a jersey exchange, only Irving never took Brook's shirt. He had the bigger picture in mind. “I just walked in the locker room, said, ‘Bring it in. pic. twitter. com/K9zd9aqy9NThe injury, though, takes precedence over the superfluous drama. Embiid reached his 37 points on 11-of-22 shooting, marking the 10th straight game he has scored at least 30 on at least 50-percent shooting. Irving said the boot is "precautionary," and he hopes to be ready for the team's next game on Wednesday against the Golden State Warriors. "Take time, rest and exhaust all my options to be ready to play the next game. Tyrese Maxey tallied 22 points, five rebounds and six assists for the 76ers in the losing effort. "Next up for the Mavericks is the Warriors on Wednesday, which will be a huge game for both teams. Over this 10-game span, Embiid is averaging 36. 2 points on 61. 3% shooting. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.21 07:31 Musicaltraveler Carpentry price?

Hi. I am having miscellaneous carpentry work done on my cape cod and feel like I’m being charged too much, but wanted to check. I’ll be as descriptive as possible without photos. No drywall, patching, or paint is included. He is charging me $11,000. I have had to ask him to FIX a lot of sloppy work and questionable decisions, which is part of the reason I wanted to get another opinion on this bid. He came highly recommended, but my experience has been stressful.
1) Create one 29in x ~7ft opening in a load bearing plaster wall (supported with new header).
2) Remove one 24in x 48in window and replace with a 36in x 36in window (carpenter provided from Home Depot); frame in the bottom from the previous window; cut wider opening into exterior plaster wall (not load bearing) for new window; patch outside with siding and trim
3) Cut opening in exterior plaster wall for a new 48in x 62in window (carpenter provided); install window and trim on the outside
4) Create one 30in x ~7ft opening in load bearing plaster wall (supported with new header).
5) Reverse a stair landing by: adding two more steps at the top of a basement staircase in one direction, creating a new 4ft x 4ft landing, and building one new step going to the right to lead into the first floor; frame up the previous landing steps for drywall.
6) Demo a 10x10 kitchen and remove all floor tile and grout
7) Install new cabinets and backsplash for a new 10x10 kitchen
8) Remove a false exterior door and replace with a 36in x 48in window; frame in the remaining space; install siding and trim on exterior side
9) Move two vents (HVAC services provided)
10) Demo a 4ftx 3ft closet (it was built out into the room) and a shelf
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2023.03.21 07:14 katchup666 Went and picked her up today : )

Went and picked her up today : )
Really wanting to take care of this one better than my last car, that being said, anyone have any success on finding some well fitting leather seat covers? I have a kid and the carseat poses a problem with keeping the seats in good condition. The plastic interior trim as well, got pretty scuffed up on my last vehicle. Open to any suggestions there as well. I'm buying a clear plastic protector to go under the door handles to avoid scratch marks from grabbing the handle with my keys in my hand (bad habit).
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2023.03.21 07:01 LKururugiPK Is it a myth that men are intimidated by successful women? (Honest truth, because im sick of seeing this question)

90% more that Its myth and propaganda born from frustration in alpha women that are not happy with their dating options. Not ineptitude in men.
Because women are also intimidated in the workplace and dating scene with a man who's attitude & class is of a certain caliber but men aren't asking this question are we?
Why? Because we're not hung up on what women think, because we're not insecure about what women want.
We accept it, seema that its women that cant accept reality. Then ask these questions, thus men are the problem.
Women are just as intimidated by bachelor's that are happy without a woman, and arent gay. Yes this is a thing for some people.
Some guys might feel awkward if he's not the majority breadwinner but most guys aren't from the 60s, and dont care.
Some guys do feel defeat if a woman one ups em in anything, again, majority of us are not from the 30s
More times, its women that dont want to be with men who they see as lesser. And want successful men on their level. Academically and financially. Thats what this is really about.
And some women actively or passively dont respect their partner if his academic feats dont equate to hers.
Thats not men being intimidated, thats women being insufferable, elitists.
The problem is, in reality: The alpha men, that alpha women want, don't choose them, and want younger attractive women instead.
Because most mens dating criteria is not by IQ points & income, go figure.
The alpha Women then feel inadequate, hurt, resentful so they then ask “are men intimidated by confident, successful women?” Why? To cope with the fact that the alpha men that they want, DOESN'T want them. Translation: The origin of this question is women coping with their shotty dating options, and coping hard
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2023.03.21 06:59 deltaforcestron 2042 is the first AAA early access game that advertise as full game ?

and we are okay because how much we love to Battlefield
while what they did is so wrong
me and others bought this game day one for what price
and it turns out to be early access for 2 years
they working their butt off so hard that they cant make new original map
remember how much we hype Portal ?
remember that we thought portal and ai will make it the best Battlefield ever ?
Portal the most easiest thing they had to do is just adding old maps it it wasnt that hard
they having an access to ALL BFs
but yea just a few of them made it into portal
AI ? we tho it was gonna be an AI overhaul upgrade to Titanfall 2
but nope its generic , somehow battlefield 2's ai are better in some area
it hurt me that
we paid for the AAA game experience with AAA price tag
but we got early access game
now EA will have an idea that
apart from loot boxes , micro
we can produce somewhat alpha game and sell it on FULL PRICE
and no one will bat an eye
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2023.03.21 06:52 Oatscare Teardown ultramatte grip skin

I got my grip case and accompanying ultramatte teardown skin(it's the version for the grip case, I'm not stupid) for my s22 ultra the other day. I just want to start with I love the look of it and the improved feel of the texture over the what I believe was OG grip case that I had on my Note 10+ which also had the teardown skin in gloss. My only issue with it is that the skin no matter what didn't actually line up on the edges properly it always was over hanging. I don't think I can do anything now because I end up using one of those hobby scalpel like blades to perfectly trim off the excess off the edges, so photos don't really work and obv sending it won't work because it's modified (even though they are one time use) I don't expect or want any sort of compensation I just thought I would let you guys know. It was really easy to fix and I absolutely love the look of it, just not as perfectly precise as advertised 🤣
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Considering how far your postcard traveled, it arrived in very good shape. Thank you so much for the 10 years of RAOC card. Your country has such beautiful stamps and are always interesting. You ask one of my favorite cards, well, I have received many beautiful and interesting ones. The one that has caught all my friend's eyes was handmade, round circle, trimmed in lace and stickers from France (no envelope). It was about the size of a salad plate. How it got thru the postal service without getting torn up is a mystery. It was great hearing from you and hope we can chat many more times this year. 🤗🐣🐰
What an unusual card with it being black and white. It looks so vintage, and I appreciate it so much. Your recipe sounds so rich and hardy. You did not say what kind of sauce you used. Could you please fill me in on the sauce used since there are so many kinds in a jar. I would like to try this dish with some buttery, crispy garlic bread. Thanks so much for the card and sharing a part of your kitchen. Hugs for the recipe and hope we can chat again soon. 🤗🐣🐰
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2023.03.21 06:44 Makuta294 Traptrix Suships or Traptrix Krawlers

Traptrix Suships or Traptrix Krawlers
Howdy, new to this subreddit but been playing Traptrix for about a year at my locals and now that the SD's out with the new support, my locals now has a small garden club forming. Been helping the new players out with understanding the archetype but now I kinda want differentia from the other gardeners by adjusting my traptrix deck with suships or krawlers which are my other 2 favorite archetypes. Having all 3 together ruins consistency though from various playtesting online and I did bring Traptrix Suships to my last locals, did not perform so well but had fun with it. Playing pure Traptrix might be the better play but I honestly want to splash in one of my other 2 of 3 favorite archetypes into it. Deus x-krawler is a really strong monster as well and the Traptrix field spell would be able to protect him better as well as the other krawler bugs. Suship would give more draw and rank 4 power and potential protection from evenly match with rank 5 uni-class suship without costing lp. Any recommendations on how to meld the 2 successfully without losing too much consistency? Posting my Navel Traptrix list from last locals here to see if you can find a way to trim it done more. Thanks in advance for feedback and I apologize for the long paragraph of text and if this isn't the right subreddit for this question/guidance, would you kindly direct me to the correct one.
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2023.03.21 06:21 MisterSnippy An [Anarchist]'s Adventure

The Drake materializes out of a shadowed stonework alcove in Salazsar, her dusty maroon scales that are peppered with a hidden layer of yellow cascade across her lithe, muscular, body. Her clothing is simple and economical. She's wearing a very nice long black canvas overcoat, a dark-brown linen long-sleeved shirt, well-worn brown denim pants, and an understated, yet expensive, pair of leather boots. Minus the coat, it's the kind of clothing you would expect to see on [Climbers] and [Miners]; the sort who would need something affordable and strong that repaired easily and lasted. Her coat is the outlier of her outfit, but in the winter chill she's no outlier for wearing one.
It's apparent that she's middle-aged, and you'd never mistake her for a younger Drake. From the state of her scales, she looks to be in her fifties, and she wears the age with a rugged beauty. Her limbs have a subtle power to them, and you can tell that her natural muscle, honed through years of back-breaking labour of some sort, are enhanced by a Skill or two. If you were closely watching her, the next thing you would notice is the pain that she's in. This woman is in pain, of both the mental and physical variety. Some people have a life harder than others and this woman has had a life harder than most. You can tell she is in pain because of her expression. Her blue-gray eyes squint, her brows furrow automatically, jaw clenched as she grits her teeth, and she has a scowl permanently affixed to her face. Her name is Kessva Sewing, a name spoke in hushed pitying whispers from those who have heard her story from someone else who heard it from an acquaintance. A few years ago she lost her only daughter in a mine collapse, and her husband shortly after from suicide.
It would be easy to assume she had become a wretched person based on her constant expression, the kind who drinks and takes it out on others, but you can tell that there's a kindness hidden deep below. That she's constantly restraining any negativity and hate. Her agony has not crushed her spirit, it has not made her hate people, it has not made her mean, it has compressed her soul into something purer, something stronger. She forever moves forward, living on with permanent agony that wont leave her until the day she breathes her last, and that day will be a long while from today, you can tell. She effortlessly blends into the crowd while still being apart from it, a separate element still integrated into the whole. She moves with purpose, focusing her mind on her task, weaving her way forward through the crowd, trailing a young female Gnoll.
The Gnoll looks to be about fifteen, she is of the tall and wiry variety, her fur well groomed and meticulously trimmed. She must come from a wealthier family, considering her clothing. She wears a muted green long-sleeve shirt and a dark-blue pair of cotton pants. As she darts ahead, she gives constant cautious glances to and fro. In her mind she's scanning the crowd, looking for danger, but in reality she just looks nervous and skittish. Suspicious, in other words. She's moving towards a goal of some sort, and her hands wont stop feeling at a pocket on the left side of her pants, before they move away quickly as if touching a hot pan, as if she's afraid someone will see her placing her hand there. Everything about her screams inexperienced criminal. Just a few days from ruining her future. She couldn't make a [Dangersense] Skill go off if she tried.
She quickly slides into an alleyway, one of probably tens of thousands that exist in Salazsar. You wouldn't be able to tell it apart from any other alleyway in the city, but it somehow manages to look less inconspicuous than the surrounding side streets. Passersby find that their eyes simply glide over the area, as if it wasn't there. The hallmark of Skill usage. She gives a shaky breath, thinking that she's made it. A rise of excitement rises up within her, a feeling of importance and righteousness. She gives another criminal's glance around and sees not a soul, then breathes out deeply. It's time, and she's in the perfect spot. Her hand steadies and reaches towards her left pocket, before withdrawing the item carried within. As her hand rises from her pocket, so too rises the wand of [Fireball]. Or, it should have, for where the wand was grasped in her hand is now an empty spot, and a iron claws wrap around her wrist.
The startled Gnoll, Errkia Tiekha, snaps her head around in fear and tries to get away. She quickly burns through a few Skills, and she has a handful that are useful in these situations because she's an [Anarchist] and [Urban Explorer], and finds with shock that they don't seem to have had much of an impact. Kessva Sewing grunts, and has to use two Skills, one of which being [Stable Grip], to hold on, but Errkia is low-level in both of her classes and Kessva can mostly rely on her honed strength to overpower the Skills.
"What are you doing!... You can't prove I was doing anything wrong!" Errkia shouts quickly, sounding almost as unconvinced with the argument as Kessva does.
"I'm stopping you from making a hatchling's mistake, what are you thinking?!?"
Kessva drops the wand of [Fireball] into her coat pocket and grabs Errkia's other arm. The younger Gnoll has a fearful expression and struggles for a second, feet sliding on the slick cobblestone in the alley, but gives up when it's apparent that she can't escape. She'd just tire herself out in the Level 32 former [Reliable Mine Supervisor]'s grasp.
"Listen, kid, we're going to have a talk. I've noticed you and your little 'friends' running around causing trouble, and if you don't want me taking you on a one-way trip to The Watch you'd better sit down and have a talk with me."
Kessva fixes the terrified girl with a hard, unflinching, stare.
"You don't understand! You just don't get it!"
The young [Anarchist] shouts, more towards the street than the female Drake restraining her, now desperately hoping she can get someone else's attention and break away.
"Alright, if you're going to play difficult with me, I'm going to have to make this harder for you. [Supervisor's Reprimand] Do you have any idea how dumb your idea is, as if running around with a deathtrap of a wand playing rookie criminal, is going to affect anything!? You wouldn't change anything, just start down a life where you'll spend most your days staring out of enchanted prison bars, or dead."
The fight goes out of Kessva suddenly, as if she's just now realizing the stupidity of her intended actions. The Skill will last for awhile, it's one of Kessva's better ones, and one that she relied on a lot when she still had a career in the mines. She's semi-retired now.

She walks, mostly drags, Errkia to her small condo. Once they make it to her humble house, she drops the Gnoll into a well made wooden seat in the living room, before starting to make them both a cup of tea.
Errkia stares erratically around the sparsely furnished apartment as Kessva clinks and clanks in the kitchen, but by now she's realizing that the Drake probably doesn't intend to hurt her. And she couldn't escape if she tried her best. She's upset, not about getting caught, but more because she didn't get to use her expensive [Fireball] wand that she bought from a friend. That was going to have been so much fun. She's been chewed out before, and already she's building up a mental wall, preparing to shut herself off from the world and the dressing down that's coming her way.
"I hope you like Chai tea, because it's all I have at the moment. Do you want any sugar in yours? Don't worry about the cost, I'm prepared to use some special, just for you."
Kessva says, in a voice that sounds like a long, gentle, sigh. Kinder than seems should be coming from the scarred calloused Drake with an iron grip. Softer than the harsh words she said earlier. It startles Errkia out of her mental preparations and she feels a bit of mental whiplash as she tries to reorient herself. This conversation isn't going where she thought it was going to go.
With a clink that reverberates through the room, the former [Miner] sets down the two beautiful teacups, before lowering herself into the seat with a pained grunt. They must have been important, they're obviously custom-made, and on each is the design of stylized Drake and Gnoll [Miners] sitting down and having a lunch break. It's cutesy, and feels out of place when compared to the gruff-looking woman in front of her.
"Back's not like it used to be, without my Skills I'd struggle to be as agile as I am. My name is Kessva Sewing, by the way."
Kessva holds a hand to her back, and Errkia fixes her with a look that says 'I don't care, I'm young and angry at the world' before grumpily studying the tea as if that would make any poison disappear, before picking up the teacup and taking a sip. And promptly grimacing.
Kessva laughs, and it's a genuine laugh. Errkia Tiekha gets the sense that she's done this countless times, sitting down with forlorn or angry [Miner]'s over a cup of tea when they did something stupid. It only makes her angrier. Not because she dislikes Kessva, but because Kessva is likeable, and she feels angry that she doesn't feel so angry anymore. It feels like when her parents are disappointed in something she did, but still forgiving of it. For a moment she suspects the use of a Skill, and then feels ashamed at her suspicion as Kessva reaches over and drops a bit of sugar into her tea.
"Hopefully that will help, if you want more free to add as much as you want. I don't drink mine with sugar."
They sit in silence, sipping their tea, and time passes by for a few minutes. The young Gnoll takes a look around the room, really looking now, trying to figure out who Kessva Sewing really is. There are two paintings of Drakes that she assumes are Kessva's family, and some trinkets, bits of ore or gems displayed from mining operations gone well. There's a scroll on the wall that says something about her service to the Emera corporation, but she can't make out more than the title. Besides that there's not much else besides the worn furniture and the teacups, which leads her to believe that the lady doesn't spend much time in her own home.
"Alright, let's talk."
Kessva says and startles Errkia out of her observations.
"Do you enjoy it?"
Errkia says, confused.
"Do you enjoy being a [Rebel] or [Thief] or whatever class you are?"
"I'm an [Anarchist]..."
The young Gnoll says grumpily, with a hint of pride, as if it's obvious what she is.
"Alright [Anarchist], do you enjoy being an [Anarchist]?"
Kessva's tone of voice isn't judging, and is purely curious, which surprises Errkia. She wonders for a moment if the Drake has a truth stone or something and decides to just be honest. She doesn't feel the need to lie here, not now. Especially if telling the truth gets her out of going to jail.
"Yeah, it's exciting."
To her surprise, Kessva gives a knowing nod.
"I have no doubt it is, I think we all have times where we wish we could run around and cause a bit of chaos. Especially as we get older."
She gives a full grin, and gives the impression that she has a history herself of dubious deeds.
"What, think I'm going to be angry at you? Yell at you? I get it, I really do. It's fun to run around with your friends, hit the town, fool around. I did it for awhile, and then I grew up."
The words make Errkia flinch. They're honest words, and the kinds of words she didn't want to hear. She's obviously new to the [Anarchist] lifestyle. Kessva stands up for a moment and walks over to take some snacks out of a cabinet she obviously has pre-prepared for these kinds of talks. It once again fills Errkia with irritation. She wont let this Drake talk her down. Kessva places the snacks down on the table and sits again with another grunt, rubbing at a spot in her back.
"What are you wanting to achieve, what do you want to do as an [Anarchist]?"
The question stumps Errkia for a sliver of a moment. Obviously she wants to, uh, take down the establishment! It wasn't a question she was expecting, okay?
"I want to take down the establishment! The greedy Wall Lords and Ladies. The rich! I want things to be equal for everyone. I want to tear the system down."
She says, not really understanding who the 'establishment' is. Tacitly ignoring the fact that she's come from money herself. Someone has fed her these lines and she believes them with confidence.
"Alright, what are you going to do after you take them down, the 'establishment'?"
This question really stumps Errkia. Nobody she's talked to has told her what comes after, just that they need to stop the man the people in charge. Her face flushes behind her scales, but she still finds some words after deliberating.
"We make a better Salazsar, one where everyone is equal, where Gnolls and the poor and [Miners] aren't oppressed and we all get a fair share! Where everyone gets to live their life and not worry about if they can eat, where they can retire, where injuries don't ruin their lives."
The words are the most heartfelt she's said so far. They come from deep within her. They're childish, but real, and they're only hers. Not lines she's been fed, not ideals she's been given from someone else. These come from the soul, they are intrinsic to her, and to who she wants to be. Gone is the anger towards the world, instead it's replaced with anger against injustice in general, passion for peace and anger for those who oppress. She believes in a better world, and it makes Kessva so very sad. Deep down most people long for a fairer world, even if it's just for them, and she knows the feeling all too well.
"I wish we could. I wish we could take the Wall Lords and Wall Ladies down from their towers tomorrow, take them to the mines and force them to see the plight of common Drakes and Gnolls. I want to shove it in their faces and scream. I want to yell at them, beat them, to show them what they're doing to us, and I want at least Salazsar to be better. To be a city where the world looks at us, like Khelt or Samal, and knows that's how it should be."
Errkia steadily looks her in the eye.
"So why don't you? If you really think so too why don't you also become an [Anarchist]? Why did you stop me?"
Kessva was expecting it but the words still slap her across the face. 'Why don't you.' Time has beaten down on her, but her soul burns of brighter stuff.
"I have. I've spent my life trying. I'm a Level 32 [Reliable Mine Supervisor] and I didn't get there from hurting folks and crushing people underneath me. I did my best to help, to keep my friends and employees safe. To help those who were injured, to keep people employed. I moved up because I wanted to change things, and I thought that if I gained in level that I could. Maybe I did, for awhile, in the areas I could control, but only there. I did the best I could and I'm glad I was able to do what I did. But using a fake [Fireball] wand and blowing your claws off isn't going to help people. Assaulting [Miners] for working for the corporations wont make things better. Hurting people because you can wont change anything, and it hasn't. Damaging artwork and trying to cause riots in the city isn't helping either. I don't know the best way to make things better, but what you [Anarchists] are doing isn't making things better, it's making them worse. Ancestors, where did such a Class even come from."
You can see the sadness and the fatigue reappear on her face, although it never really left. It's part of who she is now. She doesn't age, instead it's as if the age settles further on her. The [Anarchist] can see now more than ever who Kessva is, and who she used to be. She can imagine a young lady much like herself, filled with passion, and the desire for change. The worn Drake stands up and puts a hand on Errkia's shoulder.
"Follow me for a moment, I have something to show you."
The Gnoll stands, and follows her out. Now she's feeling a bit shaken. She knew about the art destruction, but hadn't heard about [Miners] getting hurt, or riots trying to be started. She can feel the need to convince Kessva in her bones, but stays quiet for a moment and lets her lead her through the city. It's not her moment anymore, and she'll have her turn.

Kessva leads her up a tower that Errkia didn't know was there. Soon she's higher than she's ever been and when she steps off the last step onto level ground she feels a sense of wonder. They step out onto a sort of platform, and the Gnoll gasps. The sky is bright orange, chasing the last dregs of sunset, before transitioning to a dark blue, carrying the coming night with it. The twin moons sit in the sky, pale guardians, surrounded by a crowd of stars, vying for their attention. It's freezing, her breathe fogs as she breathes out in the cold winter air, but it's worth it. The city is aglow with lights coming from everywhere down below; windows, buildings, streetlamps. There are countless lights shimmering and sparkling like the starlit sky brought down to earth for mortals to see. The people, not unlike ants, move through the city like a tide and she realizes that in a way she's seeing the entire history of a city here. Thousands of years of growth, construction, expansion, all leading to where the city is today. And what is a city without its' people? How many millions of people live and work here, going about their lives, loving, crying, just existing. Building the city stone by stone, brick by brick. Somewhere at some point the first brick was layed, the first foundation created, and the city was born. An emotion rises within her, a feeling of loss and sadness. She knows that this will be one of the most beautiful sights she'll ever see in her life, and suddenly she's hit by a desire to show everyone she knows this spot. How can the rich see this every day and not want to better the lives of others? How can they see such a sight and still step on those beneath them? Kessva gives her a pat on the back and walks over to lean on the railing.
"My husband showed me this spot, and I think it was one of the greatest gifts he ever gave me, along with my daughter, and our love. I know that long after I'm gone people will still discover this tower and others like it, they'll see this beauty through different eyes, and know why so many Drakes and Gnolls stay here. That will never be taken that away from us. How can you want to destroy this? Throw all the Wall Lords and Ladies off their towers, but everyone deserves to see this sight, this..."
She loses the words, for a moment trapped in a past Errkia doesn't know. The sadness shows up on her face again, but there's also something else there. Relief, happiness? She only now realizes how lonely Kessva is, how sad she is. How much she wants others to be happy, when she couldn't and can't. The [Anarchist] speaks up.
"I don't want to destroy the city, I just want to stop the corporations from controlling everything."
"No, tearing down the city is exactly what you're doing. I've seen [Protestors] before, [Miners] striking, crowds shouting for a change, people stopping anyone from entering a certain mine to work. You [Anarchists] are different. That wand you bought, how much was it?"
"300 gold."
Errkia says sheepishly, a pit opening up in her stomach. It was a lot, for her especially. She sold off several of her own possessions for it.
"This wand isn't a real wand of [Fireball]. If you had activated it you would have blown your hand off, possibly killed yourself. Whoever made this or sold this to you couldn't enchant worth a Creler's ass."
"That's not- you don't know that!"
The young Gnoll shouted, feeling a pit of anger and shame open deep inside her. She knew it was too good to be true, but she trusted her friends judgement.
"Let me show you something, and after I do we're going to need to run, so get ready for that."
Kessva said with a frank tone that invited confusion. She slowly, carefully, pulled the wand out of her pocket, before chucking it off the tower.
"Hey! You can't just do that, that was-"
"[Controlled Activation]"
Errkia doesn't get to finish her sentence before the world goes white from the explosion and she goes pale. While she's blinking spots out of her eyes only one thought enters her mind. That would have killed her if she had activated it like planned. They can already hear a few startled screams below, but the explosion was so high up and far away it wasn't anywhere close to touching anything, or hurting anyone. After sprinting away they breathlessly make it back to somewhere out of sight. Kessva rests against a wall, planting her hands on her knees, breathing in shaky gasps.
"Dead gods, I haven't had to sprint like that in awhile. I'm going to be feeling this tomorrow and I already feel it. Your friend who enchanted that and sold it to you, that's who you want running things? That's the kind of person you want trying to take down the corporations?"
"I didn't know. They- they're cool, they just need time. They'll level and things will change."
The [Anarchist] paled, and realized that the people she hung out with were more talk than action. Kessva walks over to her, preparing for her final talk of the night.
"I've led you on long enough, let me get to it before we run out of daylight. I didn't come to you for nothing, and I mean what I said. [Anarchist] is a dangerous class, but I want you to help me."
The look of confusion Errkia gave her made her want to laugh. As if saying 'wait, you weren't just trying to convince me to not be an [Anarchist] this whole time?'
"I'm a member of a group, who knows if it'll get anywhere, if we can change anything, but we're trying. We're trying to 'unionize' and bargain with the corporations, get better conditions for everyone, Gnolls especially. Our belief is that if we can get enough people we can beat any Skills that come our way, we can force them to negotiate better conditions, better hours, better pay. A city is useless without its people. Working under some Wall Lords is much better than others, and we're trying to make it so that working for even the worst Wall Lord will be a good, safe, job. Well, as safe as mining can be. For all the flaws of the [Anarchist] class, there are some interesting Skills there, and I want you to help me make this happen. As bad as it sounds, we need criminal classes. The corporations are just gonna sick The Watch and their private armies on us. I'm trying to get as many people as I can. It's going to be a mess, but we have to try. Are you willing to help me?"
There was a look of righteousness there, a feeling of justice. Kessva knows she's in the right, and she has the levels and Skills to make sure she can organize this without getting people needlessly hurt. She still looks tired, worn, sad, but there's a sense of purpose that has never left her, even since she was young, she has only recently realized how to use it. Mining isn't her life anymore, she's changed. She's a Level 11 [Union Organizer]. And Errkia Tiekha knows that this was what she was chasing all along. Things wont be perfect, but it will be a step towards the fairness she so dearly wants. Her eyes meet Kessva's, and a weight leaves her body. The only thing she says is-
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