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Buying a "Test Drive" Car (300km) a good idea?

2023.03.21 07:57 grimesitty Buying a "Test Drive" Car (300km) a good idea?

Found a Kona N For MSRP, all dealer add ons removed and at a fairly low interest rate for Ontario (and considering my credit rating) at 4.99%. They gave me a good rate because it's a 2022 and has around 300 km, I know people test driving this car probably beat the piss out of it and there's a break in period, should I really be that worried?
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2023.03.21 07:16 manishbattery Best Battery Dealers in Gurgaon

Best Battery Dealers in Gurgaon
Want to buy Inverter or car battery, Manish Battery is a reputed battery Dealer in Gurgaon, that provides all types of car and inverter batteries at affordable prices. For more details, you can call us or visit our website.
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2023.03.21 07:00 subaruofsterling Car Inspection Sterling VA

Car Inspection Sterling VA
Car Inspection Sterling VA

Stohlman Subaru of Sterling is a full-service Subaru dealer in Northern Virginia. Visit us for sales, financing and service near Herndon, Ashburn & Chantilly.
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2023.03.21 06:50 Project__Arcturus Common issues after wire harness replacement - 23 Wilderness

This is my first post anywhere, so hopefully someone can help and / or point me in the right direction.
My new OB has an electrical issue that my local dealer will try to fix by installing a new wiring harness after their first two band-aids failed. I've lurked on enough forums and seen enough assembly vids to know they pretty much have to disassemble the car, so I'm not looking forward to the results. The dealer has also been more than a bit shady during the first two attempts, so I don’t entirely trust them to get it done properly.
Once “fixed” I assume the car will rattle like a spray paint can for all eternity, and I’m going to test literally anything that runs on electricity. What other potential issues do you recommend I review?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.21 06:34 Upstairs_Seesaw_2201 Did I over pay?

I recently bought a 2013 subaru outback 2.5 limited with 116,000 miles for 17,000 at CarMax. This is May first time buying a car in ten years and the first time from a dealer like this and I’m worried I severely overpaid for the car. KBB value is about 10k. Thoughts?
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2023.03.21 06:17 TheSBKSaga_1989 Change of mode, loss of power and engine warning light in 1.2 Turbo variant

Change of mode, loss of power and engine warning light in 1.2 Turbo variant
Had my first issue with the i-Turbo variant today
A sequence of events:
  • Was driving in Sports mode to the office
  • The car first automatically shifted to City mode without my input. Trying to switch it back to Sports mode didn't work.
  • The revs barely moved above 2K RMPs even while in City mode
  • After parking and restarting the engine, the engine works normally and goes to Sports mode as well (A difference in performance is also seen between the modes as expected), but there is an engine warning light on the dash now.
  • No matter what I do, the warning light doesn't go off.
My Diagnostic( Not an expert or a mechanic, nor an expert mechanic)
  • Air Filter is blocked. Seeing that the revs were not climbing even after flooring the pedal means the spark and the fuel were there, but the air probably was not. Had it been an electrical issue, the engine wouldn't have cranked up at all or would have shut down.

Will be calling my local Tata dealer to send an RSA. Luckily I was able to get back home and my office gives WFH. But what would your opinion be?
Note: Image taken by passenger, not me
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2023.03.21 06:00 Unable_Teach961 Their Blood On Her Hands Prologue

Their Blood On Her Hands Prologue
Narrator: Olivia is a damaged Soldier who has seen a lot of death and destruction in her life since the today she was born losing everyone she cares about her parents, classmates, and even soldiers and officers in the US Army their blood was always on her hands in her mind she could never wipe their blood off her hands she tried to save everyone she can and sacrifice her life for her country but it is never enough people still die around civilians to friends but she will find peace someday.
Olivia’s Narrator: My name is Chief Warrant 4 Olivia Black I am a US Army Special Forces Operator for the US Army Rangers” 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Platoon(Death March)” this is my third tour of duty second tour was in Afghanistan for the War in Afghanistan while my first tour of duty was in Iraq for the Iraq War and my third of duty is like my second tour but different because I am a Ranger now not a regular soldier on a patrol make sure our territory is safe and fighting battle to keep the locals our soldier boys and girls safe I joined the US Army on January 1st 2001 eight months before 9/11 happened but I graduated from US Army boot camp in January 1st 2002 and it's been a year since 9/11 happened I shipped out on both of my deployments with the 1st Infantry Division at that time my one tour of duty lasted for March 20, 2003 to March 20, 2007 in the Iraq war while my two tour of duty for March 20, 2007 to March 20, 2011 lasted as a regular soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan My commanding officer sent to Ranger School for selection in March 10th 2007 and on March 10th 2008 I graduated from Ranger School I signed up for my third tour of duty Me and other Rangers was assigned for a black project called Operation Desert Lily on May 25, 2011 this operation is simple as is find the terrorist leader and interrogation the target for whereabouts and location of the military journalist and his unit that are assigned to him and the nuclear bombs is then wait for farther orders the target is Sergeant Amir Hakeem disgraced Syrian Army Sergeant turned terrorist leader he kidnapped journalist named John Vernon and some of my old unit from 1st Infantry Division on the day of his kidnapping while the nuclear warheads is somewhere in Afghanistan we just have ask him there is no such thing of a milk run.
Unknown Officer: Hey Livie you ready for briefing you got two mike.
Olivia: Sir I will be ready sir.
Unknown Officer: Viking, Delmonte, Bullseye, Flash, Pretty boy, Patriot, Hellhound, Scratch, Flex, Blackjack, Pokerface, Ghost, Grizzly, Shark, Jayhawk, Coldcase, Ironballs, Heretic, Vader, Death dealer, Killer Kyle, Ace of spades, Dash, Junior, Nobody, Mustang, Banjo, Patience, Justice, Teacher, Rabbit, Clover, Ace, Fearless, Blaze, Jackpot, and Buck double time in the briefing room move, move, move!
Viking, Delmonte, Bullseye, Flash, Pretty boy, Patriot, Hellhound, Scratch, Flex, Blackjack, Pokerface, Ghost, Grizzly, Shark, Jayhawk, Coldcase, Ironballs, Heretic, Vader, Death dealer, Killer Kyle, Ace of spades, Dash, Junior, Nobody, Mustang, Banjo, Patience, Justice, Teacher, Rabbit, Clover, Ace, Fearless, Blaze, Jackpot, and Buck: Yes sir.
Unknown Officer: Come on Shadow double move, move!
Olivia: Yes sir.
Unknown Officer: Operation Desert Lily is a black project and a rescue mission in Afghanistan the target is Sergeant Amir Hakeem and he knows the whereabouts of the nuclear warheads, John Vernon and Shadow’s old unit from the 1st Infantry Division find and interrogate him to get the locations of nuclear bombs, Vernon and the unit who was assigned to Vernon go to the location get the nuclear bombs, Vernon and 1st Infantry Division unit then go to the exfiltrate point and exfiltrate from the hot zone lastly get back to the HQ anyone has any questions,
Viking, Delmonte, Bullseye, Flash, Pretty boy, Patriot, Hellhound, Scratch, Flex, Blackjack, Pokerface, Ghost, Grizzly, Shark, Jayhawk, Coldcase, Ironballs, Heretic, Vader, Death dealer, Killer Kyle, Ace of spades, Dash, Junior, Nobody, Mustang, Banjo, Patience, Justice, Teacher, Rabbit, Clover, Ace, Fearless, Blaze, Jackpot, Olivia and Buck: No sir.
Unknown Officer: You got your orders guys and gals get geared up then get into the MH-47 Chinooks and UH-60 Black Hawks.
Viking, Delmonte, Bullseye, Flash, Pretty boy, Patriot, Hellhound, Scratch, Flex, Blackjack, Pokerface, Ghost, Grizzly, Shark, Jayhawk, Coldcase, Ironballs, Heretic, Vader, Death dealer, Killer Kyle, Ace of spades, Dash, Junior, Nobody, Mustang, Banjo, Patience, Justice, Teacher, Rabbit, Clover, Ace, Fearless, Blaze, Jackpot, Olivia, and Buck: No sir.
Unknown Officer: Hey Shadow comes with me to my office.
Junior: Dark Shadow is in trouble.
Olivia: Shut up Candy***.
Olivia’s Narrator: Candy*** I think that I am in trouble but he is wrong. Captain David Gray had been flirting and teasing one another since after I graduated from Ranger school I cared about Dave but I don’t want to lose him like Trent, my ex-boyfriend from my highschool.
Captain Gray: Livie, how are you doing? Olivia: I am doing great Dave.
Captain Gray: Sergeant Black is doing great have the other rangers been treating you well?
Olivia: Everyone is treating me well except for Swampy she is been a pain in the *** Dave.
Captain: But why?
Olivia: She thinks that I am going to get everyone killed and the sole survivor is going to me but she is wrong and I am going to prove her wrong.
Unknown Platoon Leader: Let’s go Dark Shadow double time move!
Olivia: Time to go Dave I will be seeing you later.
Captain Gray: See you too I love you Livie.
Olivia: I love you too Dave.
Olivia’s Narrator: We got in the birds to the location near the target everyone was talking about the mission, terrorists, and the target then they started talking about home, friends, families, and the real-life that got me thinking about my family, friends, and my past everyone thinks that I am a shadow or a curse even my father thought that too after my mother died from giving birth to me then three years later when I was two years old my dad was killed in a car crash by a drunk driver who drove in the wrong lane and hit my dad head on which killed my dad instantly I was brought to the orphanage I was adopted by my adopted parents one year after my dad’s death sadly two years later when I was five years old my adopted mom was killed by a bank robber after she got called by the police dispatcher she drove to the scene but was shot and killed by the masked bank robber and two years later when I was seven years old my adopted dad was killed in a shootout with a local gang meaning that I was going be a orphan again I was sent orphanage I was adopted by abusive parents when I was ten years old then when I was seventeen running from home with some of their money I met man who help me rent a apartment with their stolen rent money I graduated from high school after that I joined the army the rest is history but like I always said there is no such thing of a milk run.
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2023.03.21 05:41 PortHuronMich 2023 Kia Sportage Hybrid SX Prestige

I finally got my hands on a Shadow Matte Gray Sportage Hybrid SXP. Had to go 2 states over to get it. I ordered a Fusion Black one a month ago from a local dealer and was told it would take at least 6 months. Then I got a phone call from a random dealer in a different state I had contacted a while back who had a Matte Gray one on his lot. Go figure.
I’m a little nervous about taking care of the matte paint but I must admit it looks awesome. Still trying to figure out everything because this car is loaded but so far I love the car.
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2023.03.21 05:37 legolol20 plat nomer default dari beli tiba2 di claim nomor cantik pas bayar pajak dan harus bayar 5jt

halo guys, gue mau tanya tentang prosedur bayar pajak mobil 5 tahunan di jakarta.
jadi mobil gue bulan ini abis masa 5 tahunan lalu gue bayar pajak di samsat jakarta selatan. lucunya, pas gue udah cek rangka cek mesin pergi ke kantor samsat kata pak pol plat gue adalah plat cantik karena nomer kembar (ex. XYYX ABC). gue ngga pernah minta nomor cantik pas beli mobil ini dulu tahun 2018, plat yang keluar default ya begitu nomornya. pak pol bilang ini peraturan dari 2016 dan gue harus bayar 5jt just to keep this silly numbers for my car. gue aga kaget dan protes sedikit tapi apadaya alasan pak pol "kita hanya menjalankan tugas".
dan sekarang gue balik lagi katanya minta surat permohonan ganti plat nomer whatever. gue gondok aja masa gue ga minta tapi tiba2 di claim begini begitu dan justru gue yg justru "memohon" mengganti plat
kalo ada temen2 yang pernah begini atau mengerti aturan2 begini, please enlighten me in this matters kayak dasar hukum dan praktik di lapangan gimana.
thanks and have a good day.
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2023.03.21 04:48 thrillhousecycling How terrible is this deal on a MK8 GTI? In CAD.

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2023.03.21 03:58 EvoLuvEz Finding out how much a dealer paid for a used car

Was wondering if this is at all possible? Just curious to know if it’s possible to find with the VIN
Any help is greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.21 03:50 Few-Cancel-4983 Question for those who have ordered 2024MY

Did you get any discounts at all?
I asked for the quote (2024MY GT) and none of the dealers would offer discount. They were just going by the sticker.
It's my first time shopping for a car that has not come out yet so I don't know if no discount is a norm.
Normally when I went to the dealership, they would give me some sort of discount regardless of the amount.
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2023.03.21 03:49 De_Facto_Fish Purchased car, got home, realized contract and finance contract copy I got not signed by dealer?

This is in texas. thought I saw dealer filling out his end of paper work digitally. But when I completed mine and he scanned and copied it I didn't realize what he slipped in envelope to me and that I took home doesn't have finance manager signatures.
I am reading stories about people getting called later and being told they didn't really get the finance rate and such that they they signed off on, and suddenly they're stuck with higher payments. State AG office even warns against this as a reason to not leave without signatures.
My credit is great and this seems unlikely but, I am truly anxious that nothing we just went over is set in stone.
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2023.03.21 03:49 Mother-Focus-84 Are any car dealers using any software besides mandatory DMS? [USA]

I used to work in the industry as a marketing manager for a group of dealers. We all know the regular software like DMS, CRM, etc available are horrendous! Feels pitiful to see how inefficient these software are.
As we are seeing rapid growth in technologies like AI, there are proven solutions to automate many office works and increase productivity. Tools like sales intelligence have proved to improve conversions. Examples: MS 365,
Are any of your dealerships using tools to improve productivity, revenue besides mandatory DMS? How aware are your teams and businesses of the rapidly changing landscape and what are your Dealer principals/managers' perspectives on adopting new technologies?
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2023.03.21 03:44 21vgh-john I’ve made a cringe comic of my OCs in the past, and it’s pretty cringe. But I’ll just post it here ig. (Click pic, +res/scale)

I’ve made a cringe comic of my OCs in the past, and it’s pretty cringe. But I’ll just post it here ig. (Click pic, +res/scale) submitted by 21vgh-john to u/21vgh-john [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 03:44 ybs62 Anybody post Covid buy anew car out of state from a dealer and have to FIGHT them to get your taxes right?

Given the still limited actual new car inventory here, I found the car I want at a dealer in suburban Chicago.
I'm very fortunate to live here in Douglas County where my retail tax rate is 4%: 2.9% to the state, 1% to Douglas and .1% to the cultural district. I am south and thus out of the RTD taxing district.
Because I am financing (.9% for 36 months. Gotta get that), I am being required to pay CO taxes that the dealer's vendor will determine, collect and remit to CO on my behalf. My understanding is this isn't unusual.
NBD, except their 'software' is telling them my tax rate is 2.9% state, 5.8% (!) local and 1.1% RTD. Nobody outside of Winter Park has a tax rate that exceeds the 'quoted' 9.85%. Not Aspen, Vail, Denver or even Boulder.
They claim they'll refund the overpayment if they're wrong (sure they will) but I know they're trying to scam me and I'll never see a dime of the overpayment.
Anybody else run into this overcharging of taxes by an out of state dealer? If so, did you ever get them to correct it?
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2023.03.21 03:40 Gavagai5280 Selling a Forte GT and I'm only getting dealers interested

Not here to try and hawk my car, but I was curious if anyone else had experienced this. I've had it listed for over a month and the only interested parties I've spoken to have all been dealers. Seems...odd? I've seen some articles that the wholesale market has been picked pretty clean so far this year and the used market is going up at a pretty fast clip, but I'd have thought I'd get at least one or two interested non-commercial buyers. Could it just be that once you hit a certain dollar value in the used market you only really deal with business buyers unless it's something very old or very rare?
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2023.03.21 03:26 Amazing-Feedback-156 ‘23 QX60 - Dead Instrument panel.

We had the car for 12 days, it has 600 miles and the instrument panel and steering wheel stocks died. It’s now been at the dealer for 10 days and no ETA for parts. Escalating to Infiniti Customer Relations as the dealers hands are pretty tied waiting for the parts. There are zero in stock nationwide. Does anyone have experience with their customer relations department? We’re planning to ask for escalation of parts and compensation for loss of use. Anything else we should ask for?
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2023.03.21 03:16 xmt0991 Buying 2023 S3 moving into electric era

In 2035 buying a new gas car will be illegal in my state (California), so everyone is buying Teslas. I love to road trip and this isn't practical because there are massive lines for Turbochargers, so I just want to buy a gas car (only the S3 after driving GTIs for 7 years and not wanting an R due to $10K dealer markup and bad infotainment). The question is, is this sustainable when gas cars will only become less "legal" over time (even if electric cars may never hit the level of independence of gas cars due to need for massive charging station infrastructure)? Has anyone buying a new Audi gone through this analysis?
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2023.03.21 02:43 Kattt2 2020 Honda Accord Sport 2.0 for $30,998

Has 18,176 miles and TrueCaCar Max adds another $598 in dealer fees for grand total of $31,596. Is that good for a 3-year-old low-mileage Sport 2.0?? I certainly don't want to spend any more than that and I can wait a few more months for prices to come down if I need to. Also, will CarMax negotiate those fees?
I love my 16-year-old 2007 Honda Accord V6 (w/sunroof and 139,000 miles on it) but it is time for something new. I wanted another v6, but surprise! they're not making them anymore. Test drove a Sport 2.0, which also has auto trans instead of CVT, and believe it will do if I can just find one at a reasonable price. (Also drove the Sport 1.5, meh...) Haven't been able to find a Camry V6 to test drive or a Hyandai Sonata for that matter.
Mainly commute in stop-and-go traffic, but still want the V6 acceleration to merge onto the interstate safely (and yes, go 45 in a 40:-) TIA!
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2023.03.21 02:34 NumerousMango2256 Hunting for '23 Camry TRD

I'm having hell of a time finding a decent deal for a 2023 Toyota Camry TRD in Underground Grey or Midnight Black. I understand dealers are still affected by shortages, but mark ups are so terrible right now. Yall got any tips you can share when looking for a new car? I really don't want to pay more than 40k otd for it, but it's gotten really frustrating to the point where I might just say f it and just pull the trigger on a marked up vehicle.
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2023.03.21 02:34 _alex87 If estimated trade-in is around my total lease payoff, is it pretty possible to get out of lease early now?

Just dabbling in some research so I don't waste dealesalesperson's time. I have no clue how market conditions are now considering I got this car during a really bad time in the market.
2022 Alfa Romeo Stelvio Veloce (fully loaded) leased through Ally (was for 24 months, 12k/year). Have 8 remaining payments for just a hair under $4k. Lease buyout is $35k, so give or take about $39k total.
Looking to potentially getting out of my lease by "selling" to an Alfa Romeo dealer since I'm assuming Ally is pretty strict about who can buy it. Goal is to get out of this lease and go buy a CPO Cadillac or BMW.
Reason for wanting out right now is because I'm at about 18k miles now out of an allotted 24k, and they're just piling on faster now due to work. Payment is not the issue with this car; in fact I feel like I got a decent deal on it. Not the most comfortable car for the amount of driving I do for work...
KBB is estimating the lowest I should get for trade-in at dealership is about $39.5k for options/mileage/condition of the vehicle (currently have 18k miles, in pristine condition besides me having to get a new radar sensor cover (fell off due to road debris).
Are my chances fairly good at potentially being able to get out of this lease early with minimal expenses? Assuming I will have to eat lease disposition fee - totally ok with that, goal is just trying not having to pay for remaining payments.
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