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2023.03.21 08:20 ogreatgames Triple Play 2000: Hit The Ball - Nintendo 64 Game

Triple Play 2000: Hit The Ball - Nintendo 64 Game

![video](2r3l5nfiyj291 " Triple Play 2000 features full control hitting setting and amazing facial animations. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! --")
#nintendo #n64 #baseball --
Triple Play 2000 For Nintendo 64. Triple Play 2000 is a great baseball game that is still as fun to play now as it was back in the day. This game has some of the best features including legendary ballplayers and deeper fast-paced gameplay. Players can showcase some baseball superstars batting tricks to multiple fielding cameras. Join Big League Baseball tournaments and gain bigger rewards during Home Run Challenge. Play in single matches or playoffs, it is all up to you on how you will play this incredible baseball game. --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.21 08:03 AutoNewsAdmin [World] - Finch, de Kock unveiled on Major League Cricket draft day

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2023.03.21 07:54 jruegger83 Two teams in need of owners in a long-running free ESPN H2H keeper league. Drafting this Saturday night.

The teams that need ownership are: Buck Rogers -- Trout Fish --
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2023.03.21 07:51 justMalcolm08 Rin stocks

- 19 goals
- 2 assist's(probably more, but we haven't seen)
- 21 goal contributions
- valued at 36.000.000 yen and ranked #9(among players who have only played 1 game he ranks #4)
- scored in the u-20 game
- only person(so far) to beat itoshi sae in a 1v1
- pretty much destroyed the u-20 defenders by himself
- abilities he transcends in: shooting accuracy, curve, spatial awareness,vision, football iq, dribbling, off ball movement.
- scored 2 goals in the Nel
- top scorer in 3rd selection
- been number #1 for the majority of the manga
please remind me if there's more :)
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2023.03.21 07:38 Wonderful_Age9512 Serie A Title

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2023.03.21 07:34 alpha_bionics Basketball News - The Timberwolves improve to 36-37, while the Knicks fall to 42-31. Despite Joel Embiid's 37 points and 16 rebounds, the 76ers fall to the Bulls, 109-105, in double overtime.

The Timberwolves improve to 36-37, while the Knicks fall to 42-31. Despite Joel Embiid's 37 points and 16 rebounds, the 76ers fall to the Bulls, 109-105, in double overtime. Tony Bradley, he’s a guy that played this year for the Bulls, there’s a little more recency with his level of play. Obviously, we fought back but you don’t even want to be in that type of position. ”As they have done all season long, the Kings chipped away. That is second longest such streak in history, per CBS Sports research, surpassing Amar'e Stoudemire, who reached nine straight 30-point/50% games in 2010-11. Mike Conley (24 points, 11 assists) and Rudy Gobert (16 points, seven rebounds) added a combined 40 points for the Timberwolves in the victory. The injuries to Irving and Luka Doncic, who have missed the previous five games, have been a major problem, and the Mavericks cannot afford to lose Irving again. Initially, a foul was called on Brooks, though the Grizzlies challenged the ruling and it was overturned to a moving screen on Dwight Powell. Again, unfortunate, but just looking forward to the next 48 hours. Zach LaVine recorded a team-high 26 points, along with seven assists for the Bulls, while DeMar DeRozan added 25 points and eight rebounds in the victory. One, two, three!’ ” Brown told reporters after the game. Early on, Irving sent some trash talk Brooks' way, telling him to "stop playing that dumb--- defense. "After the final buzzer, there was an awkward moment where the two appeared to agree to a jersey exchange, only Irving never took Brook's shirt. He had the bigger picture in mind. “I just walked in the locker room, said, ‘Bring it in. pic. twitter. com/K9zd9aqy9NThe injury, though, takes precedence over the superfluous drama. Embiid reached his 37 points on 11-of-22 shooting, marking the 10th straight game he has scored at least 30 on at least 50-percent shooting. Irving said the boot is "precautionary," and he hopes to be ready for the team's next game on Wednesday against the Golden State Warriors. "Take time, rest and exhaust all my options to be ready to play the next game. Tyrese Maxey tallied 22 points, five rebounds and six assists for the 76ers in the losing effort. "Next up for the Mavericks is the Warriors on Wednesday, which will be a huge game for both teams. Over this 10-game span, Embiid is averaging 36. 2 points on 61. 3% shooting. - Alpha AI
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2023.03.21 07:27 correcthorse666 Superhumans compete to do as good as possible in their sport without getting outed as superhuman. Who does the best?

A whole bunch of superhuman characters compete to have as much success in their chosen sport as possible. However, they're on an Earth just like ours, but is aware of the possibility that superhumans might try infiltrate the professional sports, and being outed as superhuman is an automatic disqualification. Using powers to interfere with other competitors is forbidden, but any other usage of powers (such as cheating or superheroing in their spare time) is permitted.
Assume everybody's in character with standard gear, and can join any professional league at any position they want within their sport. Additionally, people will ignore visible nonhuman physiology (and Doof's Kick-Inator) unless they are already convinced the person in question is superhuman via other means. Also, everybody's got the appropriate identification and such for wherever they choose to go.
Sports and competitors:
Baseball: Metal Bat (OPM)
American Football: Weld (Worm)
Frisbee Golf: Captain America (616)
Unarmed combat (boxing, mma, etc): Superman (mainline DC comics)
Gymnastics: Ahsoka Tano (canon star wars)
Swordfighting: Zoro (one piece)
Tennis: Ganondorf (OoT)
Distance running: A-Train (the Boys)
Volleyball: Garnet (Steven Universe)
Hockey: Aang (AtLA)
Soccer: Doofenshmirtz w/ functional Kick-Inator 5000 (Phineas and Ferb)
Who does the best at their sport without getting caught? Who does the worst? Who gets caught?
Bonus round: It's a battle royale. 1 day prep. Who wins?
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2023.03.21 07:06 FreePteTest Understand your PTE Scores

PTE is a widely used English proficiency exam for candidates looking to study across universities. The PTE at Home is held in the safety of the home of the candidate, keeping student safety in mind always.
The conducting body has also shortened the total duration of the PTE exam from 3 hours to 2 hours. PTE results are declared in five days, but the majority of the PTE results were just declared in a record time of 1.2 days approx....
Read complete and updated information at
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2023.03.21 07:01 AutoModerator r/MLB - Spring Training Discussion Thread

MLB - Spring Training Discussion Thread

Welcome to the MLB spring training discussion thread! This thread should be used for:
Want to promote your Fantasy Baseball League? What about your Discord Server or your Instagram Page?
You can promote your content in our monthly self-promotion thread. You can find our thread in our pinned messages or by clicking our link by going to our Self Promotion rules.
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2023.03.21 06:49 CS10x7 Dont think anyone will agree with me but my extremely hot take (for this sub at least) :

Wilts the greatest Warrior of all time.
And the fact its even hot is crazy but i know the curry stans are gonna crucify me. I mean, he’s my favourite player OAT as well but Wilts the greatest player to put on a warrior jersey.
Curry is easily the most important and impactful player this franchise has had though. Completely turned us around but Wilt is the greatest to put on the jersey with Curry in 2nd.
Done so much research into Wilt and from everything i know its him, id say he’s arguably 4th best of all time too.
Greatest athlete the NBA has ever seen and maybe the best the worlds seen, not a lot of people know about how insanely gifted he was though.
The plumbers and milkmen argument is invalid to me for a few reasons too as 1. You can only play who’s in front of you 2. If it was so easy for Wilt why wasn’t it so easy for anyone else? Other than Russel 3. With his power and endurance (averaging 48.5 mpg over a season, unbreakable record btw) he would crush the league today.
He’s giannis but better. With the right coaching and diet he would be unstoppable. Warriors fans need to know how good he really was.
Some Wilt feats:
Averaged 22.9 rebounds his whole career and grabbed 55 in a game matchup against Bill Russel.
Averaged over 50 ppg for a whole season.
Averaged 8.8 BPG when they started recording the stat.
Pulled up to lakers training when he was 46 and retired and played a scrimmage against magic, magic scored a few and wilt told him he wouldn’t score again and blocked his next 9 shot attempts (magic was in his prime).
Vertical high enough to touch the top of the backboard.
Only man to block kareems sky hook.
100 point game.
Was told he didnt pass enough so he led the league in assists for a season.
Most points by a rookie in one season.
Only player to have 40+ in 2 categories, he did this 8 times.
4 time MVP with a finals MVP.
7x All NBA first team.
2x All defensive first team.
I could go on but ill save it. Thats just my hot take.
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2023.03.21 06:44 machphantom Would You Have Interest in the Equivalent of the FIFA *CLUB* World Cup?

With how amazing the WBC has been, I was wondering whether any of you would have interest in/would think it would be worth it to have a global tournament of champions of leagues of baseball from around the world. I would love to see World Series Champs go against the champions from the NPB/KBO/Mexican League/Cuban National League/etc on an annual basis.
From a logistics POV it would admittedly be a bit of a nightmare, as the all of the leagues of course do not finish at the same time, and i'm sure owners of teams would be antsy to participate in what they likely would see as an exhibition tournament where players could potentially get hurt. But the prospect of seeing the Yankees play in the Tokyo Dome or the Yomiuri Giants at Dodger Stadium (for instance) sounds so cool I think it would be worth it to work through the potential headaches.
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2023.03.21 06:41 Environmental-Gate17 Need Hockey Advice for 8y old kid

My son is 8y old. He started ice skating 1 year ago. His experience so far:

  1. 60 min Public Skate time: maybe 50 times
  2. 30 min Ice Skating Level 1. 8 Sessions.
  3. 30 min Ice Skating Level 2. 8 Sessions.
  4. 30 min Hockey Level 1. 8 Sessions.
  5. 30 min Hockey Level 2. 8 Sessions.
  6. 45 min Hockey Level 3. 8 Sessions.
  7. 45 min Hockey Level 4. 8 Sessions.
  8. 30 min Private lessons for Ice skating around 10 times.
  9. 60 min Private lessons for stick handling 2 times.
  10. 45 min hockey Level 5 (Advance). 6 Sessions. (in progress, almost done )
  11. 30 min offensive skills/stick handling clinics 6 sessions.
  12. 30 min offensive skills/stick handling clinics 6 sessions. (in progress, almost done )

My son can skate, as far as I can tell. He's quite good at forward crossovers, various forms of stops, power turns, and so on. But I believe he needs assistance handling the puck. Learn how to keep the puck safe, how to protect it etc. He recently joined the recreational hockey team, and he will play every week (games only). The majority of the kids, in my opinion, were fairly adept puck handlers. They could run with the puck quickly, and control it very well. However, it's quite the opposite for my son. How long does it typically take to get proficient with the stick? Any particular suggestions? I believe the primary emphasis during the hockey group classes was always skating, which is good and one of the most important. However, now he needs assistance in order to learn to skate with a stick, control the puck, etc. Do you think he'll benefit from playing hockey at the rec hockey club? They have several age groups and skill levels, so I believe he will benefit from the experience - no drills , just games.

Upcoming/current activities until the summer:
  1. 60 min recreational hockey games in the 5-8 age group. 10 sessions. Games only. (Started recently).
  2. 60 min stick handling group sessions. 8 sessions. (Upcoming)
  3. 30 min offensive skills/stick handling clinics. 6 sessions (I may register or skip)
  4. Spring Soccer Classes. 8 sessions. (Upcoming)

Last question: I think to register him for the hockey house league for September 2023–June 2024. He will be nine years old this summer, so it means he will go to 10U. One day will be clinics and drills, and another day will be games. So, it will be twice a week. Due to available spots, I need to make a decision soon. Do you think it's too early to think about house league? I expect kids will have even better hockey experience at this house league because age group will be 8-10.
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2023.03.21 06:37 Eastern_Mixture_7606 how ?

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2023.03.21 06:31 duckeatingbread2 major league cricket team named the San Francisco Unicorns... wonder where i've heard that name before

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2023.03.21 06:00 pain40k I'm lost and I don't know what to do next, any advice?

For the past few months I have been endlessly stressing about my future career, and it's making me lose sleep.
For context, I was a decent high school student. I was a honor roll kid the entire time, my plan was to get into a political science program and get into law school. During my senior year, I fell into a string of at home and mental health issues, which greatly impacted my school performance. I was fairly decent at mathematics, but I absolutely tanked my math diploma that year (32%). I was trying to balance school, part-time work, a breakup, and an overly chaotic home. I don't have much of a support system, so it was very hard to go through it all alone. At this point in time I dreaded the thought of going to school. I stopped hanging out with people, stopped applying myself in my studies, and all I wanted to do was stay home and lie in bed. Luckily (for me at the time) Covid hit, and I was given a break from school (around March 2020). During this time I got an offer from one of my friends to work at a restaurant he was employed at, the allure of $50 a week in tips as a dishwasher greatly enticed me in comparison to my mundane grocery store job.
I come from a hardworking low-income immigrant family, and this new job gave me the ability to apply the work ethic they taught me. During this time I never felt more driven to improve myself and become better. I wanted to learn more than ever. I put my head down and worked hard. It was so exhilarating to learn something new, and have the ability to be rewarded for hard work. It was at this time that I decided that I was going to take a gap year before returning to school. I enrolled in a political science program, but I burnt out quickly. I was trying to balance working and studying full-time. I had to choose which of the two I wanted to prioritize. I chose work. I wanted to see where it would take me, I couldn't just cut it short. When I dropped out of school, I told my parents I didn't want to go back to school and that I wanted to make use of what I already had in the restaurant industry. I had moved up the ladder and became a member of the management team. I wanted to become a regional chef (corporate kitchen). In my eyes, why go to school for x amount of years when I could just apply myself at this career for the same amount of time and I'd be somewhere similar in pay. I also knew about the stress that accompanied the legal profession. My parents did not take this decision kindly, and I impulsively moved out because I was sick of the arguing.
I lived in an apartment by myself for around a year, but something hit me one evening. My apartment was a shitty 400sq ft 1bdrm. Terrible building, and loud ass neighbors, got metal poisoning and was losing hair from the water. Right outside my balcony, there was this set of new apartment buildings. Insanely fucking tall, and just staring at me every time I looked out the window. I thought to myself, what do I have to do to afford a place like that? I knew that if I continued down my kitchen career it would take me a long time to even afford the rent, much less have a sustainable life in it. I also started to hate my job at this point. I was working 12+ hours a day. Hated some of the other management. Had no real work-life balance. Didn't have a lot of friends. No time for a girlfriend. Was extremely tight on funds, and budgeted every penny (salary pay). Stressed the fuck out. I just worked and came home to play league of legends on my off time. Down the line, I couldn't comfortably support a family if I wanted to. The career I wanted in this industry didn’t pay as well as I thought and I just ended up hating working in a kitchen, and I didn’t want to settle there and knew that I could do better.
Because of this, I knew I had to find a way out. I tried coding (was interesting but it is a lot of math), tried to apply to a business/finance program (forgot I sucked at math), and eventually found myself applying for the same thing I dropped out of school for. Ironic right? At this point, I felt like it was my only option. I sucked at math so all of the quantitative options were out the window. I enjoyed social studies and writing essays in high school so it was fair to say that it was the best option in this scenario. I eventually moved back home with my parents. I knew it was selfish for me to move out. My mother asked me for money to help them out, and I knew I couldn't do that with my chef salary. I also hated my apartment; having no girlfriend gave me no reason to have my own place.
I started school in the fall of last year and I have mixed feelings about it. I was out of school for 2 years, and the adjustment was difficult. I thoroughly enjoyed my political science courses, but hate everything else. A's in my poli classes, B's in everything else.
I'm nearing the end of my second semester, and I'm having doubts about law school.
  1. I know the GPA is competitive, and I have anxiety that I am not going to have the desired average. All of these courses outside of my degree stream are killing me, and are hurting my GPA. I know I'm taking a full course load while working part-time, and it is a factor in my dedication to school. In my future semesters, I'm going to drop a course or two to better balance my life and hopefully improve my grades (around a 3.3 currently).
  2. I'm old(er). Currently, I'm 20 (turning 21 next week), and am expected to graduate with my bachelor's at 25. Add law school I'd be 28. I'd be a little later into my career field than my peers, and if I wanted to take a year off to travel (life-long dream) then I'd be more behind.
  3. Is law school and the career actually worth it? To be honest, I like money, prestige, and wearing nice clothes. I never had any of those things growing up. I shot myself in the foot by nearly failing math, and it seems like law is my only route to success. However, I keep reading more and more about the practice itself and it is never what media or tv shows make it out to be. High stress, poor work-life balance, and mediocre pay. Because of these things, it makes me have doubts about whether or not it would be worth it in the end. Paying close to $100k for a career field I might transition out of down the line does not seem to make the most sense.
  4. Expensive. I pay for school out of pocket with no help from my parents. If I were to go to law school, I’d have to take out a FAT loan to support myself. I don't want to be handcuffed to a mountain of debt to a career I might not possibly like
  5. I don't have a natural affinity for law. The idea of being a lawyer mostly came from my parents. Reading articles/posts on not going into law if you aren't extremely passionate about it is off-putting.
General idea of my possible career fields:
- Try and get a high GPA and LSAT score to get into a law school, preferably UBC, York, or McGill (I am in Canada). Survive the stress, and really have an understanding if the career is 100% for me.
- It would be cool to tell people that I am a lawyer, would also make my parents proud
- I know the political science bachelor's is somewhat useless on its own, so I'd have to have some graduate degree to compete. Possibly get a masters in political science or public policy. Unsure of what I'd be able to do though.
- Maybe get an MBA if I am able to get into a company with my bachelor's.
- Because of my restaurant background I have a good amount of management experience. I am confident in business and people management, as well as customer service.
- I could also get a tutor and attempt to get into a commerce program, it would be hard work as I’d have to relearn everything that I forgot about.
- Try and land a government job either with my bachelor's or go to grad school before I apply. If I go this route I'd want to travel the world and be a diplomat. But I do know that the pay is not as high, and is instead compensated by work-life balance and benefits.
Go back to the restaurant industry
- Probably my plan if all else fails. From this route, I'd try and work at a restaurant adjacent company/start my own. I know the restaurant business has ridiculously tight margins, and I'd rather be servicing restaurants in some sort of way rather than working in one. Maybe something with supply chains or restaurant management technology.
I want something that can be fulfilling of some sort. I love communicating with team members or clients, and I want to use my expertise to help people in a way. I want a life outside of work, I don’t want to just live my life without setting aside time for things outside of my career. No one on their deathbed wished they worked more. I want to travel and see the world. My father did when he was in his 20s and until now I have not left the country and I’m itching to get out. But I do want stability and a sustainable income. My family has struggled all of my life, and I don’t want to endure that any longer. I know that these aspects are a big ask because it takes a lot to make a lot. Sacrifice is needed to be successful. I just have trouble envisioning balance. What should I do?
I know I've rambled on and on but I've been overthinking for too long to not get at least some advice. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day.
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2023.03.21 05:54 newswall-org Japan heads to WBC final after comeback win over Mexico (via Japan Times)

Visit article from The Japan Times (Grade: A-) or alternatively:
Source (Grade) Link to article
CBS Sports (C-) Japan vs. Mexico score: Shohei Ohtani sparks late rally as Japan will face USA in World Baseball Classic final
Sun-Sentinel (A-) Shohei Ohtani, Japan rally late to edge Mexico and reach WBC final
Los Angeles Times (B+) Ohtani, Japan rally to beat Mexico and advance to WBC final
Punch (C-) Japan beat Mexico to reach World Baseball Classic final
More: Japan heads to WBC final ... FAQ & Grades I'm a bot
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2023.03.21 05:50 pokesturrrrr yahoo 125$ roto 6x6 2 spots open

Two year old league is looking for some gamers to join a group of baseball lovers who are somewhat new to fantasy baseball. This is a small league, 10 players max
friendly league
Discord app encouraged
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2023.03.21 05:46 soulsnatch3r23 This is killing me

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2023.03.21 05:35 CallMeTinCup New player here. Where to start.

Kinda overwhelming as far as what to do. When I play the league game do I play them through or sim? I'm gonna be a free to play player so wondering how to go about earning things for free. Any good guides or people to watch? I come from MLB The show and have good baseball knowledge so I'm hoping this will be fun.
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2023.03.21 05:31 Playful_Print_7653 Hit this Griffey relic, does this mean it may not even be worn by Griffey?

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2023.03.21 05:13 yackzsznn Mock Draft 2.0 with Explanations

Please keep an open mind after all no one knows what’ll actually happen
1.01 CAR: C.J. Stroud, QB Ohio State
Despite the current lack of receiving talent, Carolina is a team ready to compete right now. They were active in free agency, signing Miles Sanders, Vonn Bell, Hayden Hurst, Bradley Bozeman, and Shy Tuttle, among others. They’ll need to find more WRs, but it feels like the main core is here now. Stroud is tall and accurate, with a good blend of poise and playmaking ability. He’s pro-ready. New QB coach Josh McCown raved about Stroud on Underdog Fantasy’s channel before he was hired in Carolina, and compared Stroud to Joe Burrow. My gut feeling is that they prefer Stroud.
1.02 HOU: Bryce Young, QB Alabama
IND Receives: 1.03 ARI Receives: 1.04, 3.79, 2024 Rd4
1.03 IND: Anthony Richardson, QB Florida
The Colts are in a dangerous position behind the Cardinals who could very well trade the 3rd overall pick to a QB needy team. I have the Colts playing it safe and jumping up one spot. I would love to see Richardson with the coach that helped turn a total project QB in Jalen Hurts into MVP runner up. Obviously Hurts himself had the most to do with that, but if Indianapolis is confident Richardson will put in the work to learn, they should absolutely take him. At the very least Steichen and Richardson would turn the Colts into a top 5 rushing attack in football, at best Richardson turns into a shiftier Hurts with a more powerful arm. Scary to think about. The Colts are one of the only teams reportedly interested in signing Lamar Jackson, which almost certainly will not actually happen, but it goes to show that Steichen is justifiably very interested in that mobile QB archetype.
1.04 ARI: Will Anderson Jr, ED Alabama
With Jalen Carter’s stock falling fast, Anderson might be the only real blue chip player in this class. Anderson also happens to fill a position of dire need for Arizona, as their current best defensive lineman is probably Cameron Thomas? The 87th overall pick last season. It’s bleak. Theres not much to say other than they need help on the DLine and Anderson happens to be the best player for that.
1.05 SEA: Tyree Wilson, ED Texas Tech
The Seahawks sorely need talent on their defensive line. Late in the season, Seattle’s run defense totally fell apart, prompting Pete Carroll to remark that the defensive issues were “killing him.” Seattle allowed the most rushing yards in the league from week 12 onward. Tyree Wilson is a long, powerful edge rusher from Texas Tech who was productive stopping the run and rushing the passer despite his technical flaws. Wilson is a 6’6 freak of nature and it sounds like some teams may even have him above Will Anderson on their boards; with all the bad press Jalen Carter has gotten recently, it’s not unthinkable that Wilson is selected ahead of Carter, despite the talent gap.
1.06 DET: Jalen Carter, DL Georgia
Selecting Carter is getting riskier and riskier, but he may be too talented to pass up here. Detroit had an explosive offense, but the defense couldn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Detroit desperately needs a difference maker next to Alim McNeill inside. Houston and Hutchinson were a productive edge duo last year, and with the complete overhaul in the secondary, DT is the most glaring need on the defense. Detroit seems to have the strongest culture in the league. Maybe they could help Carter get back on track. It could very well be a worthy gamble. Carter is the best player in the draft.
1.07 LV: Christian Gonzalez, CB Oregon
Aside from Nate Hobbs, this CB room does not have a reliable corner. The Raiders aren’t afraid to play some aggressive man coverage. Vegas doesn’t really have the personnel to play this way though, as they were 30th in the league in EPA/pass attempt. Gonzalez is a fantastic corner prospect with easy long speed and elite change of direction ability. His extreme versatility + a healthy Nate Hobbs could help Patrick Graham’s vision come to life.
1.08 ATL: Devon Witherspoon, CB Illinois
Atlanta needs more help in that secondary. AJ Terrell is a top corner, but one side of the field being locked up doesn’t help much when offenses can just throw somewhere else. Atlanta was still the second worst defense in the league vs the pass, allowing +0.11 EPA/dropback. He measured in pretty small at only 181 pounds with a 73 inch wingspan, and on tape he doesn’t necessarily look like a top top tier athlete. However, it’s tough to argue with the results. Witherspoon was as lockdown as it gets in 2022, allowing a 25 passer rating when targeted. He’s physical with a great burst coming downhill and outstanding ball skills.
1.09 CHI: Paris Johnson Jr, T Ohio State
It seems like the Bears believe in Fields as their guy. Johnson Jr had experience playing guard and tackle at Ohio State. He could play right guard year one, move to tackle later, all while working with the best offensive line coach in the world. He’s very raw, so he’ll need time, but he has the perfect frame and the movement skills to match. He could be the next great Eagles tackle with the right development. The Eagles hosted Paris Johnson with one of their top 30 visits, so there is interest here.
NE Receives: 1.10 PHI Receives: 1.14, 3.76, 2024 Rd3
1.10 NE: Peter Skoronski, T Northwestern
The projected starting tackles for New England are Riley Reiff and Trent Brown. With many teams needing Olinemen ahead of them, it could be a good idea to trade up to get your guy. Brown has some right tackle experience if you want to keep Skoronski at his college position of left tackle. Skoronski could also be a guard, which could help in the future. Many are concerned about his small arms, but here’s a direct quote from legendary New England offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia about arm length. “that shit is overrated.” Skoronski is a flexible and intelligent tackle prospect and if you can stomach the short arms, I assume he’d be high on your board. Scarneccia is retired now, but I’m sure his philosophies still matter in New England.
1.11 TEN: Broderick Jones, T Georgia
The Titans sorely need to create some displacement in the running game. NextGenStats has them allowing 1.17 yards before contact, 25th in the league. Derrick Henry was running into brick walls snap after snap, especially towards the end of the season. Henry isn’t the type of runner who can really make guys miss in the backfield. The line isn’t looking any better post free agency. Dillard-Radunz-Brewer-Brunskill-Petit Frier isn’t moving anybody. Jones has a five star, SEC pedigree with ideal size, good footwork, and a nasty streak. He can help build up this really bad line.
1.12 HOU: Quentin Johnston, WR TCU
With the recent trade of Brandin Cooks the Texans don't really have a surefire number one receiver. They brought in a Shanahan guy with DeMeco Ryans, that means monster skill position players. I’m more sure Addison and JSN will end up being good pros, but Johnston has the ability to take a slant to the house, or take the top off the defense, opening up space for crossing routes. With hardly any starter worthy receivers, picking one here is probably necessary.
GB Receives: 1.13, 4.112, WR Elijah Moore NYJ Receives: QB Aaron Rodgers, 5.149
1.13 GB: Lukas Van Ness, ED Iowa
Smith, Van Ness, Gary, and Clark would be a great group with so many different skill sets, body types, and versatility there. The knock on Van Ness is his pass rush plan. He has one! But it’s only one. Bull rush bullrush bull rush. Van Ness is just a power rusher at this point, but I’ve seen flashes of high level coordination with his hands, and he’s just so strong.
1.14 PHI: Myles Murphy, ED Clemson
With the resigning's of both star cornerbacks Darius Slay and James Bradberry, CB is no longer a position of need at pick 10 or in this case, 14. Brandon Graham and Fletcher Cox are getting old and are due to regress sooner than later. I think NFL teams will be higher on Murphy than the draft community seems to be. At 270 pounds with plenty of explosiveness off the line, Murphy has a lot of potential as a power rusher and the frame that would fit with what the team likes.
1.15 GB: Dalton Kincaid, TE Utah
After letting Tonyan walk in free agency they have no answer at tight end. Kincaid is probably the best tight end on the board, a smooth runner with soft hands and a lightning quick transition from catcher to runner. Jordan Love will be under a lot of pressure and it's best to give him as much help as possible. Kincaid is too wiry to be a great inline blocker, which may hurt his case a bit. Although he does give good effort there so he could always line up in that spot
1.16 WSH: Will Levis, QB Kentucky
The Commanders are currently rolling into the NFC East, where 3/4 teams made the playoffs last season, with Sam Howell and Jacoby Brissett. Brissett played fine last year, but is he enough to avoid the basement of this division? That might not be a bet Rivera can afford to make. If he is here at 16, they should sprint to the podium. Will Levis played in a pro-style system in college, has easy arm strength, some mobility, and great toughness. Eric Bieniemy helped harness Patrick Mahomes’ raw talent, and Levis’s down 2022 is somewhat reminiscent of Justin Herbert’s situation his last year at Oregon. I doubt front offices are this low on him but maybe this can work.
1.17 PIT: Joey Porter Jr, CB Penn State
The Steelers let recent breakout CB Cam Sutton walk in free agency to the Lions. In return they signed 32 year old Patrick Peterson. While the signing isn't terrible it likely won't last long. Joey Porter Jr to Pittsburgh feels like such an ideal fit. After all, he is the son of former Steelers LB, Joey Porter. Porter’s wingspan is over 80 inches long, putting him in the 97th percentile for cornerbacks. He is exactly the kind of player to be lining up opposite Peterson. His length, speed, and play strength scream Steeler, it would be hard to pass on him.
1.18 DET: Deonte Banks, CB Maryland
With both Jeff Okudah and Moseley in the final year of their contracts, the Lions could use this opportunity to draft an elite-level corner without feeling the need to rush him to the field. Banks only allowed a 43.3% completion rate in coverage last year and crushed the combine. He’s 6’0 with 4.3 speed and a 42 inch vertical. Easy first round CB who could very well go higher than this.
1.19 TB: Brian Branch, S Alabama
Although offensive line is probably the biggest need, Tampa simply doesn’t have many functional defensive backs under contract. Branch is more of a nickel/box safety than someone who’s going to be ranging over the top, but he has great instincts to cover up his zones and the movement ability to mirror slot receivers in man. As long as Bowles is in charge, you may be asked to line up anywhere and do anything on any given snap. Branch feels like a good fit.
NYG Receives: 1.20 SEA Receives: 1.25, 3.89, 2024 Rd3, 2024 Rd6
1.20 NYG: Jaxon Smith-Njigba, WR Ohio State
The Giants have been lacking a WR1 since OBJ left in 2019. With arguably the best WR in the draft still on the board, I could see them jumping the many other receiver needy teams to take JSN. Smith-Njigba is my personal WR1 because of his ability to shake man coverage with his change of direction ability and uncanny sense of where to settle in the open zone. His long speed is not good as we see on his tape, but he’s crafty, balanced, and smooth, more of a slot guy. He'll step in and be Daniels Jones' most reliable receiver right away.
1.21 LAC: Zay Flowers, WR Boston College
Zay Flowers is exactly what the Chargers need. They don’t need a huge piece, they’ve got Keenan Allen to exploit zone and Mike Williams to win contested catches and dominate in the red zone. What Justin Herbert and this offense could really use is someone who can take the top off the defense and turn underneath passes into explosive plays. Flowers isn’t great at everything, but he’s great at that. LA doesn’t
1.22 BAL: Jordan Addison, WR USC
Todd Monken won’t be able to get the desired results in the passing game without better pass catchers. Despite an underwhelming combine, Jordan Addison is still a good prospect. He’s smooth, he doesn’t give away his breaks, he can win deep, and he has some wiggle after the catch. Addison doesn’t have the play strength to ever be considered a “tier one” threat that you can build an offense around, but he’s a very safe bet to be a nice piece for years to come.
1.23 MIN: Nolan Smith, ED Georgia
Nolan Smith is a good player. He could probably even move off ball and replace Kendricks, but I think the tape is good enough that you could keep him at EDGE. Especially in Brian Flores’ scheme that gets people flying through gaps, tracking down QBs as a free rusher, and dropping into coverage no matter what position you play. I can’t think of someone more dangerous as a free runner than Nolan Smith. With his 4.3 speed and elite change of direction ability, not many players could reliably make this guy miss. Smith’s athleticism makes him a great potential dropper when they get in those zero looks. Nolan Smith feels like their guy.
1.24 JAX: Darnell Wright, T Tennessee
With Jawaan Taylor leaving in free agency this team is in need of a replacement. He plays with great balance and is outstanding as a run blocker. Wright has issues with his hand placement but his size and phenomenal movement skills leave you tantalized about what he could be. Wright did well vs top competition this season and won the offensive line practice player of the week award at the Senior Bowl. He’ll be an upgrade over Walker Little
1.25 SEA: O’Cyrus Torrence, G Florida
While there are other needs, specifically at the WR and Center positions, by the way the board has fallen, Torrence is the best option. With Gabe Jackson being cut and Damien Lewis entering the final year of his deal next season, they're gonna look to upgrade at guard. O’Cyrus Torrence is a massive interior lineman who dominates down blocks, doesn’t commit penalties, and holds up well in pass protection. It feels like he’d be a good match.
1.26 DAL: Bijan Robinson, RB Texas
With Zeke getting released the team should look for a second RB. The generational running back talent has obvious ties to Dallas as a Texas Longhorn. Even with Pollard under the franchise tag, that’s just a one-year deal. The future of the Dallas ground game can be an elite pairing between Robinson and Pollard in 2023. Robinson finished the 2022 college season as PFF’s second-highest-graded rusher in the FBS, tallying 18 rushing TDs and 1,575 rushing yards. He forced 104 missed tackles (40% broken tackle rate) – a metric that has shown to be super predictive of success rushing at the NFL level.
1.27 BUF: Michael Mayer, TE Notre Dame
Buffalo’s supporting cast was exposed in the playoffs. They had no second tight end worth playing, so all year they had to live in 11 personnel even though the receiving core wasn’t that deep. Buffalo was 32nd in the league in frequency of 12 personnel looks. They didn’t have much personnel versatility, and by the end of the year, the offense seemed stale and totally reliant on the “Josh Allen go do something” play. Michael Mayer has been super productive for a major school from a young age. He’s got the route running savvy to create separation, and the physicality to make contested catches and key blocks. The Bills should just be looking to add any kind of real second threat next to Diggs. Mayer could be that guy.
1.28 CIN: Anton Harrison, T Oklahoma
La’el Collins will never be the same. He looked completely washed this season after injuring his back. The addition of Orlando Brown was a good deal and will hopefully pan out well for them. Harrison is an extremely young, yet technically proficient pass protector with quick feet to stay balanced and a strong punch to stile and stay connected to rushers. My only issue is that he only played LT in his college career. Orlando Brown seems 100% serious on staying at LT which could go badly if Harrison can't keep his same production on the right side.
1.29 NO: Calijah Kancey, DL Pittsburgh
The Saints struck early in free agency by signing former Chiefs DT Khalen Saunders and former Jets DT Nathan Shepherd. However, neither of those offers the interior pass rush ability that Calijah Kancey does. Kancey is arguably the best pure pass rusher in the draft when you consider just how deep his bag of moves is, and his ridiculous 22.7% pass rush win rate. Should be a no-brainer her for the Saints
1.30 PHI: Bryan Bresee, DL Clemson
A bit of a project guy here but worth taking the risk. At 6'5" 300lbs he's a monster on the line. He plays with unique speed, length, and power giving him a shocking burst to throw the lineman off his balance. His versatility might be his greatest strength. He has the playstyle to play anywhere along the line and still perform the same. His injury risk is a bit concerning but the eagles seem to have a good medical staff to keep him healthy.
1.31 KC: BJ Ojulari, ED LSU
The Chiefs need a replacement for Frank Clark who simply is not getting it done. Carlos Dunlap is also not a lock to return, and Mike Danna is a free agent after the 2023 season. George Karlaftis looks solid, but there’s not much after him. B.J. Ojulari has the speed to complement Karlaftis’ power. He has an explosive first step and has demonstrated numerous swim moves to attack offensive tackles
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