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11foot8/ -- reddit's largest home for low bridges and the cars that crash into them. The 11'8" bridge, also known as the "canopener," is an old railroad trestle that has a real hunger for any tall truck or RV that strays too close. While originally 11'8", in late 2019 the bridge was raised an additional 8 inches and is now 12'4".

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2023.05.28 18:57 FireyDeath4 To my knowledge, there are ABSOLUTELY NO #2 GOLDEN WILD CARDS

Hello! I need your help to figure this out!
I am an avid collector of Hungry Jack's Uno cards. After all, who doesn't want [[W1LD PR123]]? I've gotten a lot of Uno cards from Hungry Jack's. I'd say around 10% of them actually came from orders I got. The majority of them came from unpeeled packets in the bins. Yes, that's right. Around half of everyone is throwing their rather precious cards away, just leaving them in the bins to be found either by me, or expired in landfill. Of course, I'm not surprised, since many of them throw away unfinished chips, drinks, hash browns, and even entire ununwrapped burgers (the latter of which I ate in the past two days) - the much more shocking and appalling thing that baffles me to this day.
Last year and this year, I've gotten a lot of gold WILD cards from Hungry Jack's, but here's the thing:
I have not seen a single #2 gold WILD card in my life - either physical or photographic.
As of the time of writing this, I have... lemme count - *counts gold WILD cards* - 38 of them. That's a lot! They would help greatly in getting me monies to pay back the equivalent of game show prize money stolen by the adorable but sentimentally manipulative and utterly trollish deceased kitty for completely futile vet care, except for one thing. Every single one of them is either a #1 or a #3. There are no #2's. Furthermore, I've looked on eBay listings for Hungry Jack's Uno cards, and of course they're selling a lot of gold WILD cards in there too! Yet, it seems like nobody on the site seems to have noticed that every single listing there is also either #1 or #3. I thought I saw a #2 mentioned in passing, but actually it was just like "collect T2 & T1".
I've been wondering if they have to be acquired through alternative means. Maybe they can only be gotten through drive-thru orders! But that's just silly. Probably half of everyone goes through there, and I'm sure I would've found at least ONE in a bin somewhere already. Can they only be gotten through second chance draws? Probably not. You can only submit the cards on the webpage, which requires photos of all three cards. Are they only available at different joints or states? I went to a different one one time and looked through the bins, but there weren't many cards to start with. Also, I called the HJ Uno helpline about all this, and they said they honestly couldn't tell, since they didn't foresee the distribution process, but surely it should be fair, right? Right???
So there you have it. No #2 cards to be found at all. Is it sort of a scam? Not sure if it'd matter to me personally, since I have a crap ton of instant win prizes I'm not gonna use most of and want to sell, but this is rather miffy nonetheless. Last year I got like five I1 cards. And a few I3 ones. I was so close to winning, yet so far. It's weird to me how the gold WILD cards, which are not even there in regular Uno, are much more common in Hungry Jack's than the actual regular WILD cards, which are for winners of big prizes. I kinda think it should be the other way around. I've also never seen a black HJ Uno card before in my life, and I've kinda wondered if #2 cards are actually as rare as those (which I have essentially no way to find out, except through pure serendipity). If I do find one that'll be pretty handy.
Can anyone tell me what's going on here?
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2023.05.28 18:56 Outdoor12 Lookin for Advice: Fellow Tourist in SA


I will be travelling to South Africa in December. I would first start with Namibia and then heading off to Joburg for 2 days and another 2 days in Krueger National park, then would be heading off to Cape Town.
I'm doing my diligence at researching all the Do's and DONTs and think have pretty good idea where to stay, what to do. I will be travelling solo this time and I look more like Portuguese/Spaniard/Meditteranean. I would outline later in the post why am I bringing my appearance.
My questions are for people who travelled to JoburgCape Town, who lived there and know South Africa not just from internet search and horror stories that we read and my questions as a male solo traveller are:
Thank you so much for reading over this post and taking time in answering those (likely) trivial questions in advance. I can;t explore your beautiful country for that little time that i would be spending in SA>
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2023.05.28 18:56 professorwormb0g Browser with text wrapping/reflow - any options besides Opera?

Back in the day this was standard in Android web view. Pretty much all browsers based on web view made it so that if you pinched to zoom in the text would automatically reflow at its larger size.
About 10 years ago now (time flies), in 2013, Google made a conscious decision to remove text wrapping / reflow from Android WebView. So if you zoomed in by pinching, the words would now extend past the confines of your screen horizontally and if you needed to read them at that new size you needed to scroll left and right with every new line. Their reasoning behind it was that they wanted to force more creators to make dedicated mobile views for their websites.
However they ignored people in the population that have sight issues. Accessibility was damaged. The only way to zoom in on Chrome was to go deep into the settings and set a default zoom for web pages. Depending on the web page this could either look comically large or it could still be too small for another. Going into the settings multiple layers and changing the zoom depending on your website was unusable. Scrolling left and right to read a web page so that you could see every line at a bigger font size was also extremely tedious and unusable.
Ever since then I've been using Opera Browser. Opera has had the best text wrapping experience I've experienced. I also like the browser's layout and simplicity and some of its features. Being that I was a symbian user before Android (a rarity in the North America!) I was well acquainted with Opera's mobile offerings and it was definitely a niche they were good at.
However these days I'm starting to get more and more fed up with Opera. For one, they keep adding a ton of features I will never use. Bloat. Second, external apps don't open when I click links in Opera like they would with Chrome. When I click reddit link I wanted to open in Reddit is Fun. When I click a YouTube link I want it to open in YouTube Revanced. Works in Chrome but not an opera. Third, maybe it's just lately but I've noticed a lot of websites don't support opera. It's kind of odd since it is based on chromium but some websites instruct me to use a different browser. Other times websites don't behave as expected. For example I had to upload files to my doctor's office and I had them on CD. Even though I kept selecting the d drive in the web app it would not detect the images on the disc. I thought the website was screwed up, but once I tried to in chrome it worked seamlessly.
Sorry for the long post... Is anybody using a browser that has text wrapping?
I did notice that Chrome improved the accessibility zoom feature recently. It's in the main menu now (although I believe it has to be enabled). This makes it much more usable than it was in the past. However it would still be nice to be able to pinch and have the text automatically resize without having to go into a menu at all.
Thank you!
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2023.05.28 18:55 obsidianandstone For those that have been in the workforce over.

How has the job market changed in the last 10 years?
TLDR: The first 4 paragraphs are just my background. I think the only big relevant point is that I'm 28 with 10 years of work experience.
A little background, I'm 28 years old, have been in the workforce for roughly 10 years, took the long college route and graduated in 2020 with a liberal arts degree.
I had a little trouble finding a job post-graduation, it was defenetly time to part ways with my retail job. Wound up in sales and for the the first two years had a lot of fun, had good cash flow, and made some freinds/connections. However, the last year has been rough. A lot of factors have effected thr stability of my current job, and after long time thinking it over I decided it was time for me to leave direct sales.
I started looking at jobs about a year ago.I know I was being slow and too picky. Things were fine however, until december. I won't go into details, before then I was making enough to keep us afloat, then I wasn't.
Since January I've been very adamant about finding a new job, while keeping in mind both the salary that I'm looking for, and my experience. I've had the ups and downs of a job search, I'm sure you've all experienced it. Thankfully this week I have the third and final interview scheduled for a job that I feel thay I'm a good fit for, will work for both my needs, and where I want to take my career.
Here is where I'm baffled. I've been with my current company for 2 years, and my only coworker is 50 and has been with the company for over 10. They've been on and on for those two years about leaving the company but, hasn't made a single effotlrt to do so. Both myself and my manager have been on a job hunt for months, and have bith had a handful of interviews and assessments. Anytime we mention something about it my coworker casually mentions how they will "find something within a week of when they start applying".
Maybe it's shock, but are they just gullible? Am I? Is it just pride?
I feel the job market is a very turbulent right now. Ive had my fair share of pyramid schemes, and prospects that turned into nothing after I talked to the recruiter. I almost feel bad for my coworker, but I know it's not my job to take care of them.
It was hard enough for me to find a job with no work experience 10 years ago.
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2023.05.28 18:55 FloridaBogWitch 23[F4M]Nigeria/Africa/Anywhere- Sweet, intense princess seeking friends and love

Are you tired of having no one to discuss your triumphs and frustrations with? Would you like an awesome friendship that grows into a serious relationship? Want a cute voice messages and cuddles partner? If you answered yes to one or all of these, then keep scrolling!
  1. My name is Mira. Everyone calls me this but my full name means princess.
  2. I am a 5'5, ADHD functioning intelligent and intense African woman.
  3. I love reading translated fiction, cooking and the terrifying aspects of the sci-fi genre.
  4. The best description of my style and appearance would probably be 90s JCPenny catalog model meets intense hippie queen but with lots of sophisticated eyeliner, perfect lipstick and a dainty nose stud to match.
  5. I am a cheery, considerate and sweet woman looking for somewhere to put all this love( because it's getting heavy)!
  6. My last long term relationship ended platonically seven months ago and in that time, I've done all the mental/emotional heavy lifting required to be in a new and healthy relationship.
  1. A sense of responsibility: I am looking for someone with a strong sense of responsibility. You are ideally a man who takes his words and actions seriously, like me... sorry short termers and flakes.
  2. A great sense of humor: you are able to laugh at the silliest of situations, occasionally yourself and don't mind a woman who explains some of her jokes to you.
  3. Attractive: Physical appearance is important for a good relationship, but I'm looking for someone who makes an effort with their health, hygiene and appearance.
  4. An emotionally mature individual: I am hoping you are the kind of man who is too old and too mature for mind games and knows how to communicate his feelings. This means no passive aggressiveness, stonewalling or ending arguments in a tantrum.
  5. Looking for a relationship/friendship: I would like to meet a man who is also ready to properly be in a relationship. Building a friendship first is good but I'm looking for a partner, not a chat buddy. Strictly in the market for a one woman man. Let's give each other cute nicknames and sign it on every cheesy thing we do.
  6. Stability: I am currently juggling a job as an assistant with my goal of pursuing a masters' degree abroad early next year hopefully. Because of this, I am interested in a man who also enjoys his work and any hobbies. Let's learn from each other as much as possible.
  1. Men with accents! I have been really into accents recently, with my favorites being Irish, Scottish, Scandinavian and really any others.
  2. Distance is no obstacle: While I do not mind long-distance, I would also really like the goal of meeting sooner rather than not to exchange hugs, passionate kisses and compliments. I'd like to meet someone with a similar mindset.
  3. You are white (umbrella term here so all welcome), Jewish, East Asian or South Asian I love men with beautiful eyes and a big smile.
  4. You are older. I have been bitten by the bug and unfortunately only like men older than me even by a few years. Age is just a number but please don't be creepy or condescending.
  5. You have a thing for women who are gentle natured, thoughtful, interesting and rubenesque (which is my favorite word currently, GOOGLE IT!)
  6. You are intelligent, well travelled and an all round joy to be with.
Please tell me a bit about yourself with a picture of you attached. I look forward to your message and hope to build something amazing. XO
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2023.05.28 18:53 otrousuarioderedit09 Ex partner with bdp

Hi guys, I'm here for advice more than anything. I was with a girl with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) for a while, and I felt like everything was going well (with ups and downs due to her depressive episodes). She wanted to move things too fast and at an accelerated pace. At that time, I wasn't too informed about the condition, but now I understand why she acted that way. She was very affectionate, the intimacy was amazing, but there were also moments that made me doubt if I should continue with this. For example, one day she literally cursed me out because I didn't comment on a photo of her hair as she wanted. Sometimes, out of fear of abandonment, she would block me and try to distance herself, and I always had to seek her out. This went on for about three months until I traveled to another country for three months due to financial matters and because I love traveling. Obviously, I had discussed this with her beforehand, and well, I enjoyed the trip. We stayed in touch during those months through chats and some calls, and until early March (two weeks before returning), she would say really nice things and I felt that she was getting deeply involved in this. So, I opened up emotionally and trusted her a lot. When I came back, I felt a certain change in her. She told me one day that she wanted to take things slowly and didn't feel that desperation to be with me anymore. The feeling was very strange and it generated mixed emotions.
I told her about it, but she explained that there was nothing wrong, just that things should be better that way and should "flow." I continued, and she moved to a house with her best friend. I know everyone will say that I trusted too much, but she told me with so much confidence that he was really just her friend, that she had known him for four years, and considered him like a brother, etc. It sounded trustworthy and sincere, so I decided to trust her. We had a date where I invited her to eat and go to the movies. We kissed really well at the movies, and well, later on, we had intimate relations. The date went really well for me because I had a lot of fun, at least from my perspective.
The big revelation and doubt:
At the end of the date, the next day, she tried to break up with me, saying that she felt "bad" about having intimate relations because she didn't like that before being in love. I told her that she also wanted it at that moment and that I didn't do it with bad intentions, that I liked her and wanted to be with her. She said it was okay, and I asked if we could try again. She said yes. However, just three hours later, from her own phone, I received a message that said the following: "Stop bothering my girlfriend, we're sleeping now. She lives with me. Please stop calling her or texting her." I was in shock when I saw this, and I asked her for an explanation, but she never explained it to me. It's worth mentioning that, even though I was upset I always spoke to her respectfully and never disrespected her, although I could have done so.
Days passed, and I reached out to her at least to be friends, but she told me she "can't have friends." I had to witness how they created an Instagram account together and a TikTok account in just two weeks. That's when I discovered that they had been involved for three weeks before I returned, which coincided with the time she started asking me strange questions about what I thought of her or our relationship. It's important to note that when we were dating, even three weeks before this happened, we made it clear that we were only seeing each other and that neither of us could see anyone else.
When I expressed myself one last time (I know, I should have left a long time ago), the last thing she said that hurt me was: "I don't care." I immediately blocked her and did a lot of research on BPD. When I did, everything she said and her thought patterns made sense, such as fear of abandonment, extreme idealization, devaluation, triangulation (putting your needs or what was fulfilled by the first person, meaning me, in second place), and the fact that she wanted to leave but also feared abandonment, so she tried to sabotage things to make her thoughts become reality. I made about five attempts to reach out to her via chat, but she's currently in the idealization phase with the other guy, and I guess I've been "demonized" by her, despite supporting her through many of her crises. She meant a lot to me, and I offered to be friends, but it seems like I don't exist to her right now.
What should I do to try to talk to her? How can I approach her when she's in the devaluation phase with me because she has another person she idealizes? I obviously don't want her as a partner anymore, but I had been spending time with her, and I don't know if I should see her as a victim of her BPD or as a responsible person who makes decisions because BPD individuals are very impulsive and often lack empathy, which explains a lot.
My question is, do they always come back? Or does anyone have an experience like this? Because they don't value anything and just discard you without saying anything... it hurts a lot.
Thank you to those who read everything. I know it's very long, but I would like an opinion from people who have BPD themselves or from former partners of someone with BPD.
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2023.05.28 18:52 FZT7 So much pressure in abdomen.

Age: 22
Sex: M
Height: 5”7 ft
Weight: 147 lbs
Health conditions: GERD, costochondritis, allergies
Medicine: Pantoprazole 40mg, Cetrizin Mylan 10mg.
Tobacco: nicotine thing (snus) for 7 years.
Alcohol: 0-1 times a month.
Previous health conditions: asthma as a child.
The past month ive been having so much pressure in my abdomen (upper and middle), chest (sternum and ribs surrounding it), back (the whole back, like where the to two big muscles are and just below my neck), really the whole torso. I even get pressure in my face/nose some times.
Breathing feels fine, but the pressure get worse when breathing in. Its like there is not enough room to breathe properly and my stomach are in the way.
I burp so much and im always bloated. In the mornings, if i drink a glass of water, i start burping a lot and i go to the toilet for a bowel movement.
My stools dont concern me, normal shape etc, but it always have the same color, its like a light brown orange type. Some days i get a bowel movement 6 times and some days 0-1 times.
My heart is fine (ive had 7 ecgs and 1 holter) but it does not like if i lay down while bloated, i get skipped beats, sometimes every 4th beat for a minute or so. It gets better if i burp or change body position.
Overall i just feel very weak, tight, irritated, pressure, burning all day long and im getting very scared.
Doctor think i have gastritis. So i guess gastritis, GERD, costochondritis, anxiety, and severe muscle tension, together, causes all these different problems?
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2023.05.28 18:52 Serkonan_Plantain My mom won't stop pestering me to join BSF

I thought this could roll off my back but it's still getting under my skin, so I just need to get it off my chest.
My very fundy mom loves Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). I have a lot of issues with it, but I stay neutral about her attendance of it (i.e. pleasantly listen when she talks about her friends there or the co-leaders for the kids group - she attends the women's study and also leads a kids group). I know it's a big part of her life and respect her choices.
The issue is the complete lack of respect for mine. I'm mid-30s, work more than full-time, and live alone, so when I'm not working I'm cooking, cleaning, running errands, doing home repair, working in my own fulfilling hobbies in what little time is leftover. She kept pestering me to join BSF and I kept reminding her of my busy life, and finally put my foot down and told her to please stop. It was okay for a while, but in our last conversation she brought it up again, saying that they'll be studying Revelation and I should really join my local group ("local" meaning 40 min. away single-trip).
The absolute last thing I want is a literalist evangelical group telling me what to think about Revelation and demanding what little free time I have to devote to its rigid homework requirements. I still worship Jesus and help out at my progressive church, but to an evangelical fundy that's essentially the same as being an unbeliever, so I know my mom keeps pestering me because she's "worried about my salvation". I get that this is the fear-based rhetoric she was brainwashed into, but the complete lack of respect for my life circumstances and choices just gets me. Even a lot of BSF leaders acknowledge that some people's work schedules preclude them from joining, but apparently my mom is oblivious.
Sorry, just had to rant to people who would get it.
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2023.05.28 18:52 4n_plus_two Ex-Dentist Career Paths

I'm asking this question on behalf of a family member. She is a dentist and owned her own practice for many years. She recently became disabled and will never be able to practice general dentistry again. Throughout her time as a dentist she held events to give underserved children free dental care and was active in teaching dental health to children and the surrounding society. She is a big advocate for dental health and I was wondering if there are career paths or jobs to search for that might help her. She is considering going back to school for health communication/public health things, but was wondering if maybe there was something she can do as a job and not have to go back to school, as she does have a lot of experience with the previous schooling. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 18:50 baked_cat_beans Wishing the same everyone else is

Like everyone here, i wish i werent lonely. I cant tell if listening to emotions by brenda lee and love me by elvis on loop is adding to that fire or not. Regardless, i wish i didnt have to live life like this. People have told me that itll come with time but when? How long do i have to endure this agonizing pain? Its not like its a sudden drop on my shoulders, it builds excruciatingly slow and god damnit i argue thats the worst type of pain one can feel. Im so tired of feeling this way that i even wish i didnt feel anything at all. And its not like i havent tried to change my debilitating lonliness. Trying is all ive been doing. Ive been trying so much to meet more people but it all feels pointless and a waste of time for the better of a consistent year. Ive been extremely active in clubs and school events(hell, with all my activity, i managed to score the president roll in a club). Im always sure to care for the people around me and initiate conversations or hangouts but everytime, they seem like they dont give two shits about me. Sure i have a lot of flaws. Like, i suck at talking sometimes. My mind gets foggy and all the wrong words come out so maybe thats a big factor to it all. But still their look of sheer disinterest and judgement is so distracting. They could spit in my face and itd hurt less. Im just so tired. So very tired. I want to give up but if i do, ill be coming to terms that ill forever feel this way and i dont want that. I just wish i was desirable.
I want to start smoking again.
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2023.05.28 18:49 Direct_Sun_4939 AITA for telling my boyfriend he Should Go to the gym

My BF (22m) and I (23F) have been together since 6 years. Since We got together We gained a lot of weight. We both dont live the Healthiest Lifestyle. I especially gained weight due to hormonal Problems and really unhealthy eating Habits. Apart from that, i love him, and bis Body with all of my Heart. He is subjectively the Most attractive and Kind Human being that i know.
Last december We went to a bar to Play Bingo. We went with a Big Group (mostly Students). My bf won the Main Price which was a membership for 1 year for the Most expensive gym in town. It has a Swimmingpool and all that fancy Stuff. I was very happy for him, while i could Tell, that Many in our Group were really really jealous. Everyone Else was doing some Kind of Sport and would’ve really appreciated the membership. Also, without Wanting to Sound cocky, he‘s the only one with a stable income from that Group. I was really excited for him that he had so much luck that evening. He was also excited and ordered clothes shortly After.
Now, it has been 6 months and he has Not Stepped a foot into the gym. It really Makes me Kind of angry because like i Said, everyone Else Would have appreciated the membership. Especially in such a fancy gym. I Remind him here and there that he Should Make a little visit there. On the other side, i feel like an Asshole because i sound like i am unhappy with His Body which i am Not. I also know that its really Not possible to Motivate someone By telling them that they Should Go to the gym.
So, am i the Asshole for telling him?
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2023.05.28 18:49 ImxKiyo Can someone give me a short summary of magic emperor till 295

Well i had started reading manhwas and manhuas some time ago and had gone on a break from reading. During the break i forgot to backup my tachiyomi so i lost the progress and names of a lot of manhwas and manhuas. One of them being "Magic Emperor". As far as my memory server i was on 295 chapter. Currently i want to start reading it again but before i do so i would like to know a summary of all the things or atleast the main big events that took place till 295. >! In chapter 295 the luo clan are in a competition waiting for Zhuo to return. Zhuo is in a monument of sort trying to obtain a new technique i think. And while he is completing the process. The young Miss of luo clan is in the process of being kidnapped by Huangpu i think. !< So can anyone bring me up to the 295 chapter. It doesn't have to be much detailed only the main events will do.
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2023.05.28 18:48 Sharp-Switch-2355 I don’t think my brother know I still remember he assaulted my cousin and I and I will never tell my mother’s

Hi this is a hard story for me because it brings so many bad feelings back up. I grew up in a big family ( My mom, Five brothers and myself) and we are still really close today. Seeing each other weekly and meeting up at my mothers house. I’ve recently turned 20 and told my partner this story for the first time, He is one of the only people in my life who knows this and for sexual reasons it was important for him to know to explain some adverse reactions I might have.
Now onto the story, when I was younger all my brothers slept in the same room with bunk beds, and I had my own room. My mother always told me I was never allowed to sleep with them in the same room but I would get lonely and sneak to sleep under a desk that they had. Sometimes I would choose to sleep with my older brother and younger brothers too. One of my older brother by about 8-9 years was our socially awkward one. He wasn’t well versed in conversations if it wasn’t family and was really reserved. Needless to say he wasn’t the first contender with girls like my other brothers were. He wouldn’t do it everytime I slept in the same bed but after about the third time I started to avoid sleeping near him, I couldn’t have been older then about five or six but I knew I didn’t like it and didn’t know who to tell. It all came crumbing down when my cousin told my mom that he was touching her also and she lost her mind. I could hear him crying and screaming upstairs that he was sorry and wouldn’t do it again. He was never one to cry. It scared me to my core and when my mother came rushing up to me with that crazy look in her eyes yelling, asking if he’d ever done this to me as well I panicked. I was so scared of the whole situation that I just said no and life went on.
When my others make jokes about my body now that we’re older I can enjoy the joke with them but whenever ‘he’ says something sexual or pointing something out about my body I feel physically sick. I can’t stand him hugging or touching me but I try not to show it in front of me family. I love my brothers all but I just can’t forget the physical disgust I have around him. He was away in the military for about 7 years overseas and it took a toll on him tremendously. He was suicidal and after his injury he just got worse. He needed a lot of support and my mom was there for him, he’s always been her golden child but in a non-toxic way. She still loved and cared for all of us the best she could
Now I have a four year old sister and I feel just as uncomfortable seeing him around her too but I will never tell her. She’s been through so much in her life and I’m willing to die with this no to see her break again
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2023.05.28 18:48 Ok_Compote4850 [l] 31M lost my Dad recently

I’ve been a shut in most of my life with a job here and there, last 2 and a half years I was unemployed and actually kind of enjoying the shut in life more than I ever had before. Just helping my parents with chores in the house and getting my disabled mother around. So yeah I’m a pretty big loser but at least I was happy being one until my Dad passed away early this month. It’s like the rug has been pulled under my feet. You can view more about me talking about my Dad in my profile. I’m having a lot of trouble going through this. My anxiety is at a new high my happiness is gone, reality set in that I’ve never been a guy who was mentally put together. I depended on my dad for a lot of things and now he’s gone. I feel extremely useless, I was never as smart as he was as I was a special education kid all my life so I always had no hope in success. I was a lot more depressed when I was younger too and now that depression is coming back in the worse way possible. Everyday it feels like a nightmare and everyday I want him back so I can feel that comfort and happiness again but it’s all gone now.
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2023.05.28 18:47 let_me_know_22 Working with kids

Hi everyone
I worked in the greater field of social work for the past 15 years. I mostly worked with adults and "older" teenagers in every part of life, people with disabilities, prison, welfare, protective services and so on. I am good with adults, I don't have any doubts regarding this. Now I was looking for a new challenge and am now working with kids and families. I work together with cps in my country, investigating child endangerment claims and working with families long term on issues. Now, after mulitiple months at the job, I am kinda freaking out. I can deal with the sadness of it all, but how the hell do you approach children?! I am good with adults because I am caring and honest and transparent, so the parents still like working with me, but I constantly feel like I am either lying to the kids or overwhelming them. It's fine if they are teenagers, because then they like getting treated with the same honesty and reapect as adults. I am also fine with the small children since they are occupied with their own world and are happy if I step into their world and I don't have to burden them with every reality or question I have.
My issue are the around 7-12 year olds. The ones asking so many questions, knowing so much about what's going wrong around them but where it's not fair to burden them even more. No matter what I do with them, I always feel like I fail.
On friday for example I had an 1 on 1 with an 11 year old who had a horrible week (objectivly so) and we were talking about it and the way they acted and how they told me things, I just felt, there was a big thing they were hiding not only from me but everyone, so I told them that. We have an established relationship, I wasn't insisting on them telling me, I wasn't guilting them or or anything. I was giving them a lot of reassurance about what they told me and than explained my observation, that I have met them multiple times by now, that we had difficult conversations but that I just felt, something was off today, that it worried me, since they was open to me about dark stuff, so I was worried for them, about the part they wouldn't tell. They didn't take it well, tried to distract me, shock me and so on, couldn't deal with it at all. Tried to convince me multiple times: I am fine, I am great, everything is super! Their mother agreed with me after the meeting with the kid, that something is seriously off, so it's not just me. Also their reaction mostly confirmed my suspicion. I still worry, because I reacted like I would with an older person, telling them my observation and thinking right away, but now I am worried I overwhelmed them even more, put even more pressure on them and am kind of at a loss. It's not just about this example, it's more like, I am used to say it how I see it in an empathic and caring way and I fear this overwhelmes children a certain age but I don't know how to approach it differently without feeling like a liar or manipulater? (Aaaaah this is so difficult to explain, ofc I don't dump everything at once and observe stuff more if I feel it's right, but there is always the moment and of truth and honesty down the line and with kids I never know when or how this looks like)
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2023.05.28 18:47 bubblebassth Had a bad few months and failed a class due to missing work... is it plausible to petition?

Hello everyone. I am a student who failed a class this past semester due to not submitting my work.
In a long story in sequential order (by week), I had the flu, then I was sent to the ER due to swelling/difficulty breathing the week afterward. At the ER it was deemed that I had an infection in my mouth, so I was scheduled for an emergency oral surgery. The weekend following that surgery I was sent to the ER again because of chest pain, difficulty breathing, and vertigo. At the ER, they analyzed my blood. The doctors just told me to manage my pain medication intake (I was on narcotics) in case my symptoms were due to overdose. By the end of the week I had developed another infection and needed to return to the dentist.
Throughout all this, I had missed four exams that I needed to make-up, along with around 10 assignments. I spent the next two weeks dedicating my time to studying for my exams and trying to make up my assignments (to which I failed all of them). I informed all but one professor about this, which was a big mistake on my behalf.
After the two weeks, I suddenly got headaches, fatigue, and bodily pain (which is still occurring). I called our school’s medical office to ask to get swabbed for a potential infection, but they said that it’s probably just a virus and that I should rest for a few days. At that point, it was the end of the semester and classes were over, so I took the rest of the week to rest but the symptoms weren’t going away. I was still trying to makeup my assignments but I didn't finish them all.
I told my academic dean about this and and she asked me to send her a list of the assignments that I had not finished yet because I said I wasn't sure if I would finish them in time. I ended up getting approval to postpone all my final exams, however I did not submit my assignments in for the one class that I did not update my professor on (this was me being stupid— I didn’t tell him any of this because when I had to make up a lot of labs in his class due to having the flu, I heard him snickering to his coworkers when he saw me make-up my lab for the 3rd time, and I was so tired and frustrated that my professors viewed me as a bad student). As a result, I got an F in that class.
I asked to petition my grade, but my dean responded that it would be extremely difficult for me to get approved for a retroactive incomplete because I didn’t request for one before the grade was put in. But what frustrates me is that I was sick and was unaware that I myself could request a temporary incomplete— I thought it was through the dean only (hence why I sent my assignment list to her).
I didn’t do too well first semester, and now that I have an F on my transcript I am going to be removed from my scholarship. I’m really stressed about this because I use the money from my scholarship to pay for my brother’s speech therapy and his health needs, and I don’t know what to do anymore.

Edit: A week before the grade was input, I went to the ER to get checked out, and all they said was to schedule an appointment with my PCP. There wasn’t availability until two weeks later. It was there that I was diagnosed with migraines and that I possibly have anemia (they don't exactly know what type because my iron and hemoglobin are normal). When my blood panel was done a month ago, I had similar readings but the doctor didn’t tell me this when I expressed concern about it, which is even more frustrating.
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2023.05.28 18:44 wascallywabbit666 Mosquitos in Ireland

I was in Belmayne in north Dublin last week and got bitten by a mosquito. I found a cloud of them nearby. I used to live in south-east Asia, so I'm 100% sure that it wasn't a midge or anything else.
Growing up in Ireland I was bitten my plenty of midges, but I don't ever remember seeing a mosquito until about five years ago. That was in rural Armagh in a fairly wet area. They were big ones, bigger than I ever saw in Asia. I swatted one and it left a big splat of blood. Since that time I'm fairly sure I've seen them every year.
So I was wondering who else has seen them, where you were in the country, and when was the first time you ever saw one?
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2023.05.28 18:44 fandralfaghalm Where to move in the world as tech dude from Switzerland?

I am 28, have a Master's in AI and I am single since 3 months. I have 3 years working experiene in a big company in Zurich Switzerland. I want to write a new chapter in my life and life/work some years in a different country. I value safety and quality of live a lot. A good salary comperably is obviously welcome and I would like to not buy a car if possible. I know about San Francisco, but I read the housing prices are ridiculous and the apartments small. Does somebody have an unpopular but great idea, some secret tip? I am overwhelmed with options. (Can be anywhere in the world) Thanks!
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2023.05.28 18:43 cheese-book-tutorial [TOMT] yellow people cartoon from early 2000s?

I have vague memory of watching a cartoon or short with generic stickman figures, except they were yellow. I don’t remember much other than there were two yellow characters with white eyes and semi big black pupils? one possibly had round framed glasses. It was very simplistic 3D animation and i don’t remember the name but i do remember it having an O in the title that bounced around and moved like jelly. The last thing I can recall was seeing the yellow figure with glasses sitting on a couch talking to the other yellow figure, I think they were supposed to be father and son. this was a long time ago so I might be getting details wrong but i know for certain it was on the baby first tv channel, though. so that might help a whole lot.
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2023.05.28 18:42 Ontario_Raiders_1998 Is this new paddle sport going to displace pickleball? Courts proposed for downtown Oceanside San Diego Union-Tribune

Is this new paddle sport going to displace pickleball? Courts proposed for downtown Oceanside San Diego Union-Tribune
Move over, pickleball. There’s a new paddle sport coming to town.
Two racket sports enthusiasts plan to open North County’s first padel courts this summer on South Coast Highway in Oceanside.
Padel is a relatively new sport similar to pickleball, racketball and squash. Players use perforated, hard-plastic paddles and a ball like a tennis ball, but slightly heavier and with less pressure.
The court is less than half the size of a tennis court. It is divided by a 3-foot-high net and is enclosed by 16-foot-high glass walls that can rebound the ball during the game. The playing surface is a thin layer of sand spread on artificial grass.
“It’s easy to play, but hard to master,” said James Bragg, a professional pickleball player and former collegiate tennis player. He and his business partner, Amir Palmen, plan to open a pair of courts on the vacant site of a former used car lot in the 200 block of South Coast Highway.
“It’s really great for all ages,” Bragg said in a May 8 presentation to the Oceanside Planning Commission, which approved the project 7-0. “We’re starting with programming for all levels.”
The courts will be open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days a week. Online reservations will be required, and rental equipment will be available.
Padel was invented in Mexico in 1969 and now has millions of players in Latin America and Europe, but it is relatively new to the United States. The only public courts in San Diego County are at the Barnes Tennis Center, a nonprofit for students in Ocean Beach, where most of the courts are for tennis and a few for pickleball.
Marta Morga, 28, took a break from her padel game Thursday to talk at the Barnes center. Formerly a collegiate and professional tennis player, and still a tennis coach, she learned tennis age 7 and has been playing the game ever since. She took up padel less than a year ago, but has fallen for her new sport hard.
“This is way more fun,” she said. “It’s more social, not as physically demanding as tennis. You are always with a partner, and if you have good chemistry with your partner that makes it more fun. I have made so many friends playing padel.”
Playing the ball off the walls adds variety and excitement to the game, Morga said, and there can be a surprise on every point.
The padel courts at Barnes are managed by Ryan Redondo, CEO of Taktika Padel. Taktika opened the first three courts there in 2021 and later added four more. The padel courts are all at one end of the center on ground that was formerly empty, so there’s no competition for space with paddleball or tennis.
Taktika also has three courts in Carson and plans to open as many as 200 across California in the near future, Redondo said.
Pickleball may be the fastest-growing sport in the United States, but padel is the fastest-growing sport worldwide, he said. The U.S. is on track to have 30,000 courts by 2029 and the sport could be in the Olympics for the first time in 2032.
About 500 padel players use the Barnes courts, he said. The center hosts several leagues that play regular tournaments and recently formed a professional team called the San Diego Stingrays now in its first year of competition.
The courts at Barnes are packed every day from mid-afternoon until the center closes at 9 p.m., Redondo said.
He was happy about the new courts coming to Oceanside, he said, adding, “We need the competition.”
Oceanside’s planning commissioners had a few questions about the proposed facilities, the noise, and staffing, but quickly warmed to the proposal.
“It’s exciting, another outdoor opportunity for the community,” said Commission Chair Tom Rosales.
“I wish you guys the best of luck,” said Commissioner Louise Balma.
Pickleball players in the United States in 2022 increased by 85.7 percent from the previous year and by 158.6 percent over three years, according to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association.
Cities and private communities across San Diego County have been adding pickleball courts for several years. In some places, the pickleball courts have replaced tennis courts, which at times has led to conflicts with die-hard tennis fans.
Most racket sports enthusiasts believe there’s room for all three games, and statistics from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association back that up.
Tennis participation in this country grew by 1 million players in 2022 to more than 23.6 million people, the third consecutive year that the sport has seen an increase, according to the U.S. Tennis Association.
Court games in general go hand-in-hand with a healthier life, according to the Tennis Association, a fact that may help to boost their popularity.
Studies show participation in racket sports, including tennis, reduce the risk of cardiovascular-related death by 56 percent.
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2023.05.28 18:42 light_tech2910 From small venue to bigger festival

Probably a noob question, but I was wondering what you people's workflow is. I started out 7 years ago as a theatre technician touring with smaller companies. In those scenarios the venue usually provides the fixtures as and where you want them. Because of that I know how to be flexible whilst making sure the show looks good in those tours.
Since a few months I started with a new challenge however since a band asked me to join them on tour. I've been having great experiences already and have learned a lot about adjusting the show with the fixtures present in the clubs and the smaller festivals. To give you an idea about the size of most gigs we play: it usually varies between 4 and 8 universes. The show itself is a mixture of a cuestack I trigger and some live busking.
That's all fun and games, but next month we're facing a big festival (50 000 attendees) and obviously a lighting rig according to the size.
My question is: how do you guys approach gigs like that, especially when having to deal with a cue stack? Do you have some tips and tricks, a certain work flow, a certain way you guys build up your show to make it efficient AF no matter the size of the venue, ... ?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 18:42 catemeo30 I never wanted to get married and now I have extreme anxiety. It’s a total burden. Am I just a bad person?

We got together in our teens. He’s been my only romantic partner and we are both in our mid-30s now. I love him dearly and he is a great person. However, I was clear early on that I never wanted to marry - i presume this stemmed from the bad example set by my parent’s relationship.
Even as a little girl, I hated the idea of weddings, wedding chat - and it made me feel weird that I wasn’t like other girls who dreamed of their big day. I feel like that to this day. It’s horrible and alienating but I can’t help it.
Long story short, after 15 years of being together, my SO and I got married - no proposal or big wedding or even rings. It was simply to ensure I had a visa so I’d be able to get work easier. He offered casually and I was at my wits end about not being able to work. We went for it.
I hated feeling so repulsed on the day. I was ashamed of myself. I hated congratulations from family and friends. I begged my family to not throw a party to celebrate. All the while questioning why am I like this? What is wrong with me??
I’ve recently developed a crush on a coworker (who’s based overseas - obviously this won’t go anywhere).
However, the feeling has set off an intense panic that I’m struggling with every day. I can only describe it as a constant crushing weight on my chest every time I think of the fact I’m married. I’ve lost a lot weight from not being able to eat these past few weeks. I feel completely trapped and terrified.
Is it possible to want to be with your partner and not be married? I can’t suggest divorce and just “go back to where we were”. I’m aware of how insane this all sounds.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me but if anyone reading this can just talk to me about this and offer suggestions on what I can do, it would be a huge help. I can’t tell anyone in my real life.
Tl;dr: I love my SO but have always been repulsed by the idea of marriage - no problem being in a long term relationship though. Experiencing extreme panic, anxiety and depression every time I remember I’m married. I feel like I’m crazy.
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