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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel!

2013.10.11 02:37 Duality_Of_Reality The Economics of the Game of Yugioh

Price fluctuations occur all of the time in Yugioh. I propose that we use this thread to predict trends in the Yugioh market. What cards will jump in price? What cards will drop in price? Which sets are worth buying or selling? No one can know for sure what will be the best deck, counter, or tech or which cards will become expensive overnight, but this is a thread to bring old cards to the light that may be useful and possibly overlooked currently.

2023.05.28 19:24 DangleTiger First build in 10 years

So I built my last rig (my first, also an ITX build) about 10 years ago and haven’t really touched or messed with components since then. Its honestly still in great condition but now my windows is outdated with no more support updates and my graphics card struggles to play most modern games today.
I figure it’s time to build a new pc and in similar fashion I want an ITX build and I don’t plan to tinker with it for another 10 years once it’s completed. So I’m looking for premium quality components to stand the test of time but don’t necessarily need anything flashy. I could care less about lights and colors but I am hungry for realistic performance.
Below are my parts so far but I really don’t know what the best motherboard would be. Im really building this PC geared around the case so that’s really the only non-negotiable on this list but I’m not afraid to spend more if the bang is worth the buck on other components.
I also just want to know if all these parts are even compatible and feasible for this case.
Case: DAN C4 CPU: i9-13900K GPU: 4080 FE PSU: Corsair SF750 Memory: Corsair Vengeance DDR5-5600 (32GB) Storage: WD SN850X M.2 (4TB) CPU Cooler: AIO 280 Arctic freezer II Fans: no idea how many and which kind to get
Less important but I’ve really been eyeing the Alienware AW3423DWF.
Any suggestions are encouraged as I’m a bit outdated with all that’s available in todays market. Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.28 19:23 23lemons23 Advice

Hey everyone,
I wanted to see what other peoples opinions are who needed a laminectomy vs a disectomy or both. What where your symptoms and did the surgery help or eliminate the issues?
A few weeks back I posted on here asking if a ruptured disc will cause sciatica pain on both sides, or switch sides.
The other week I meant with the surgeon and he said I need a laminectomy and a disectomy at l5-s1 with a spacer put in. I never knew anything about the laminectomy, and as far as I knew I just had a ruptured disc. Many years ago they said I have spinal stenosis but it was always just left at that.
The neurosurgeon told me I could get both surgeries or pick one or the other, that its up to me. I guess a disectomy would stop the lower back pain and a laminectomy would stop the shooting pain down the legs. 🤷‍♂️
In 2021 my disc ruptured and I only had severe pain on the left side. This year I started getting it on the right side but it would come and go. Now its been steadily on the right side.
The other week I got seven injections in my spine/tail bone. Two days after I was doing extremely well and my pain was minimal. I stupidly lifted a metal shelf (Maybe 40 lbs) and immediately felt like something gave out, followed by the most excruciating pain. I couldnt walk and all I could do was inch myself to a spot to sit down.
The next day when I woke up it felt like my tail bone was broken. Literally. For the last few days Ive been in the most extreme pain when I wake up like a 25 out of 10. Just want to scream and ripp my hair out. I have to use my arms and push myself out of bed. Can barely walk or dress myself and have been needed help putting my shoes/socks on. Now it only hurts really really bad in my right butt cheek like something fierce. A seering burning pain. When I sit I get the throbbing pain the calf that I always felt on the left side. When I stand up I have to grab onto the tip of my butt cheeks and pull upwards and very very slow stand / straighten my spine 😅.
As the day goes on and I take copious amounts of medicine and stay on my feet its manageable. Going from sitting to standing is absolutely 💩. Or if I laugh, sneeze, cough etc.
I don't know if I should get one surgery or the other.. Im extremely scared. I've really had to talk myself out of going to the ER the last few days since my consultation for t he surgery is on June 1st
This is so degrading and I feel helpless. Smh.
Hope everyone has a good holiday weekend.
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2023.05.28 19:23 Then_Seaworthiness40 [For Sale] Some hiphop gems, alternative, soul & funk and great UK titles on exclusive vinyl pressing. Many of listed are below retail. Also have rare tapes for those who need - navy blue boxset, alchemist, boldy and other underground hiphop.

Spent way to much on vacation and need to find new home for these records asap. all from my personal collection, most of the items are still in shrink wrap & stored in premium inne outer sleeves. Some items listed below retail (with shipping)
Paypal G&S
All prices includes shipping within US Ships from Los Angeles
Sale is on for today and shipments will be out by Tuesday night •Denzel Curry - Imperial (UO gold metal) m/nm $27
•Akai Solo - Spirit Roaming nm/nm $35 •Smoke DZA - The Hustler's Catalog 2 (ghost kelly TK) nm/nm $40 •Pink Siifu & Real Bad Man - Real Bad Flights (Clouds w 7" single TK) nm/nm $65 •The Professionals (Madlib & Oh No) (neon green, sealed) nm/nm $30 •Madlib & Kazi - Blackmarket Seminar (clear TK, sealed) m/nm $55 •Common - A Beautiful Revolution Pt.2 (SIGNED insert, first pressing) nm/nm $40 •Ganster Music Vol.2 (blueberry, sealed) m/nm $24 •Wilma Archer - A Western Circular (clear) nm/nm $30 •Wilma Vritra - Grotto (red blue marble VMP) nm/nm $33 •Obongjayar - Some Nights I Dream Of Doors (SIGNED red w exclusive slipmat) nm/nm $55
•slowthai - UGLY (OBI Signed red) nm/nm $60 •Mount Kimbie - City Planning/ Die Cuts nm/nm $28 •Blarf - Cease & Desist nm/nm $32
•Erykah Badu - New Maerykah Part Two (purple shade) nm/nm $22 •Jill Scott - By Popular Demand vg+/vg $24 •Gal Costa - Gal (2014 brazil reissue) (2" inner split) vg+/g $45 •Sampa The Great - As Above So Below (seaglass blue) nm/nm $24 •Tokimonsta & Anderson .Paak, KRNE - Put it Down 7" (white label) vg+ $25 •Squid - Bright Green Field (alt cover glo in dark w slipmat, sealed) m/nm $45 •King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Demos Vol.1 (Music To Kill Bad People To) (140g pic disc) nm/nm $24 •Tkay Maidza - LYWW Vol.2 (purple) nm/vg+ $30 •Tkay Maidza - LYWW Vol.3 (blue white cornetto) nm/vg+ $25 •N.E.R.D. - Seeing Sounds (Interscope reimagined pic disc by burnt toast, sealed) m/m $105 •Apollo Brown - Clouds (yellow fade TTL, sealed) m/m $24 •Moor Mother - Jazz Codes (clear, 1" seam split on inner) nm/nm $30
•Ginger Root - Mahjong Room m/m $30
•Park Hye Jin - Before I Die (pink deluxe w 7" single) m/nm $22
•BBNG - Talk Memory (white, w catalogue zines issue 1-3 (double sided posters) sent out to first /500) $35 •Blu - Her Favorite Colour (blue splatter) vg+/nm (small air pocket on label ask for photos) $30 •Blu - The Color Blue (blue w 7" flexi) nm/nm $24 •Nas & Nasir Jones - Made You Look 7" (clear, sealed) m/m $22 •Knx/ Monopoly - Hit+Run 7" vg/vg $22
•Liv.e - Stay Inside 12" nm/nm $15
---Tapes--- •Navy Blue - Saga of Sage Tape Boxset nm $500 •ANKHLEJOHN & Navy Blue - As Above So Below (Signed by navy on j card) nm $65 •Maxo - Smile & Little Big Man vg+ $40 •Alchemist - Sandwich nm $50 •Boldy James & Futurewave - Mr. Ten08 nm $60 •Jpegmafia - LP! (green) nm $20 •Small Bills - Don't Play It Straight nm $25 •Yaya Bey - Remember Your North Star nm $15 •Meechy Darko - Gothic Luxury (clear) m $15
Thank you everyone
Ask me anything & hope you're having a great weekend!
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2023.05.28 19:22 bigthaddy740 Have to agree with China for once.

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2023.05.28 19:21 Exotic-Suspect292 Major gambling problem

My partner’s gambling has gone crazy. He max out all of his credit card. He even apply for credit card with my name on it and max that out too!. He owe his parent $100k, he take out line of credit 60k. He goes around borrowing money from friends and family. He keep saying he can’t stop…he need to gamble to pay off his debt. He’s surrounded with friends that are just like him, they love to drink and gamble. Drinking, gambling, working, and sleeping. That is his daily life. I just lost my job, due to sickness and depression. Now is getting worse I’m scared we might loose our house. He cant help pay anything. He is about to loss his job due to calling in. Its very stressful when I’m the mom, dad and the handywomen in this family. It’s so overwhelming and stressful. I don’t know what to do anymore. I feel like my life will be more better if i leave, we argue so much. The house is so expensive, i have no support from my family. where will i go? I am so tired of this never ending loop.
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2023.05.28 19:20 tremendousgrape I suspect that my in-laws may be sharing our financial situation with other family members, despite our request for them to keep it confidential.

Last year, my partner[M25] and I[F24] had a combined income of 70k, which was enough to cover our expenses, although we lived in another state with higher costs compared to his family. However, money was still tight. Last Christmas, we were invited to his parents' home where a gift exchange was expected. We set a budget of $20-$25 for each person, including his parents, siblings, and two children.
It's important to note that I come from a very poor background and have no family. I worked hard during college to graduate without debt and now work in the tech industry. I am reserved about discussing my finances. When it comes to family, I usually avoid discussing money matters except with his parents.
In contrast, my partner's family is extremely wealthy. They grew up in a privileged home with large houses, multiple cars, and household staff. Despite the wealth, my partner worked part-time during high school and college to cover his own expenses.
To make the gift-buying process easier, we decided to spread out the purchases over three months, buying gifts for 2-3 people each month. However, when we called his younger sister in October to ask if she needed anything for her new apartment, she reacted negatively. She accused us of showing off our money and making her and their brother feel bad because we earned more than them. Her response was very hurtful, and we would have understood if she declined our offer due to financial constraints. She eventually told us what to get for her, a gift worth around $20, but told us to not expect anything from her in return.
This situation made us feel guilty, as if we were putting his family in a difficult spot. On Christmas day, his brother informed us that he couldn't afford to get us any gifts because of his own financial constraints, which we completely understood. However, we had already purchased gifts for each member of his family, and now we felt terrible. If we had been informed earlier, we would have adjusted our plans and perhaps only bought gifts for the children. Many families no longer exchange gifts, so that would have been acceptable too.
We have already decided not to exchange gifts during future holidays, or maybe opt for a Secret Santa arrangement. It's worth mentioning that his parents tend to pit their children against each other, fostering a competitive environment. They compare academic achievements, relationships, and financial situations among their children. Despite explicitly asking them not to disclose our income, we suspect they may have shared that information, leading to his sister's reaction. Both his sister and brother receive financial support from their parents, but his sister's expenses are mostly covered by her mother, and they often go on expensive trips together overseas. She could easily be just as independent as us, so I'm unsure why she is so upset with us.
Recently, I got a new job where my individual income has almost tripled, and our combined income is now around 150k We shared this good news with his parents, but I am concerned that they might reveal our financial information to others. I'm unsure whether I should ask them to keep it confidential again (maybe reiterating would help) or if I should simply disregard their actions and stop worrying about what other people think.
TLDR; last year we had a modest income and experienced an uncomfortable situation during Christmas gift exchanges with my partner's siblings. We have decided not to exchange gifts in the future, and I have concerns about his parents sharing our financial information again.
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2023.05.28 19:20 FafaScinant How realistic is it that Ted and Marshall were able to rent their appartement in Manhattan?

As European, I see often that Manhattan is one of the most expensive place in the USA.
Their appartement is a 2 bedrooms with a big main room and separated kitchen etc. They seem to be there for a while before Marshall works and Ted started his career.
I'm wondering if people from New York or someone knows ?
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2023.05.28 19:19 ConorFerg Can We Please Increase Overalls Its Almost June

The NHL season is just about over and we still only have a handful 99ovall not including fantasy cards. At the current rate no one will be playing by the time some of the big name TOTY, TOTS, and XF cards hit 99. To name a few:
Mackinnon, Hughes & Drai still at 98 (guessing they will hit 99 early June)
Matthews, Crosby, Josi, Heiskanen, Rantanen, JRob stuck at 97 (will they get a +2 in June?)
Makar, Bedard, Karlsson, Kuch, Marner, Ovi, Pasta, M.Tkachuk at 96
17 TOTS players stuck at 95
20 TOTS players stuck at 94
Barzal and Hedman are 93 still?!
The progression is just ridiculous, whether it be these big name players or the outrageously expensive TOTY/TOTS card its wild to me that these cards are still not 99 or even close. At this rate I dont see the 95's or lower getting boosted to 99 let alone Barzal or Hedman getting a +6 boost within the next month. By the end of the NHL season which usually coincides with the end of our NHL23 HUT season we will have a stupid amount of big name/expensive cards not maxed out. Unless EA says fuck it and put everyone at 99 which is stupid too.
EA please just let us play with maxed out cards, we paid or made them let us enjoy them at their max for the small amount of time left in this game before its player base fully leaves and this game dies.
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2023.05.28 19:19 TyeDyeAmish [Offer] Halloween Invite Postcards Part 2 [USA]

Hi, I have 8 Halloween party invite postcards left! If you want one please comment here & send me a PM with a writing prompt. Exchanges are welcome but far from required!
Same type of cards as my offer the other day so if you claimed one then this is for other people.
I’m saying US only as most of my others went foreign & I wanna spread the joy of Halloween to a few people from the US, if you’re from another country though & feel you must have one please feel free to respond to the offer!
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2023.05.28 19:18 Batsap Some random codes

Some random codes
Flipped the image to try and stop bots from getting them!
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2023.05.28 19:16 DoYouWant_the_Cheese Cyberweapon manufacturers plot to stay on the right side of US
TL;DR: Paragon is a company making basically the same spyware as Pegasus, but are only selling it to US and its allies so they don't get sued into oblivion. Ehud Barak is also on the BoD.
In the summer of 2019, as Paragon Solutions was building one the world’s most potent cyberweapons, the company made a prescient decision: before courting a single customer, best get the Americans on side.
The Israeli start-up had watched local rival NSO Group, makers of the controversial Pegasus spyware, fall foul of the Biden administration and be blacklisted in the US. So Paragon sought guidance from top American advisers, secured funding from US venture capital groups and eventually scored a marquee client that eludes its competition: the US government.
Interviews with half a dozen industry figures about the divergent paths of the two companies underline how the shadowy spyware industry is being reshaped around those friendly to American interests.
According to four of those people, the US Drug Enforcement and Administration Agency is among the top customers for Paragon’s signature product nicknamed Graphite.
The malware surreptitiously pierces the protections of modern smartphones and evades the encryption of messaging apps like Signal or WhatsApp, sometimes harvesting the data from cloud backups — much like Pegasus does.
Paragon was set up by Ehud Schneorson, the retired commander of Unit 8200, the Israeli army’s elite signals intelligence arm. According to people familiar with the company, which includes ex-Prime Minister Ehud Barak on its board, has secured investment from two US-based venture capital firms, Battery Ventures and Red Dot.
Paragon, Barak, Battery Ventures and Red Dot declined to comment.
In 2019, even before work on Graphite had been completed, on advice from a retired senior Mossad official, Paragon hired DC-based WestExec Advisors, the influential advisory group staffed by ex-Obama White House officials including Michele Flournoy, Avril Haines and Antony Blinken. Ex-US ambassador to Israel, Dan Shapiro, was also consulted, people with knowledge of the advisory effort said. Shapiro declined to comment.
WestExec said it “advised Paragon on its strategic approach to the US and European markets, as well as the formulation of its industry-leading ethical commitments designed to ensure the appropriate use of its technology,” adding it was “proud of our contributions in these critical areas.”
After the election of Democratic president Joe Biden in 2021, Blinken was appointed secretary of state, while Haines is now director of national intelligence. Both had departed WestExec by the time of the Paragon contract, the lobbying firm said. Flournoy — once considered in the running to lead the defence department — remains an influential US voice on foreign affairs.
American approval, even if indirect, has been at the heart of Paragon’s strategy. The company sought a list of allied nations that the US wouldn’t object to seeing deploy Graphite. People with knowledge of the matter suggested 35 countries are on that list, though the exact nations involved could not be determined. Most were in the EU and some in Asia, the people said.
“Everything they did was with the strategy that at the end of the day, the US should see them as the good guys,” said one person familiar with the decisions.
That contrasts with NSO’s recent troubles. By 2019, assisted by the regional diplomacy of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, NSO was a $1bn company selling its wares to Saudi Arabia, Mexico and dozens of other countries.
By the time the Biden administration came into office, NSO’s lucrative customers were proving to be its Achilles heel, as many of those regimes continued to deploy the multimillion-dollar weapon against journalists, dissidents and opposition leaders.
As evidence of abuse spread, such as the targeting of US diplomats in Uganda in 2021, NSO has found itself in the crosshairs both of the American government and the world’s largest tech companies. Apple and WhatsApp owner Meta are suing it.
“There is a growing sense that this particular type of malware is so invasive, so surreptitious that its proliferation poses both a human rights risk and a counter-intelligence risk to the US,” said Stephen Feldstein, who has studied the spread of spyware such as Pegasus and Graphite for the Carnegie Endowment.
For nearly a decade, the only restraint on some of the biggest spyware manufacturers was Israeli export controls, which regulate malware like Pegasus as weapons. Feldstein said that Israeli officials “make decisions on geopolitical solutions, not on human rights abuses.”
Paragon’s founders, however, were more sensitive to the increasingly dim view the US was taking of the proliferation of cyberweapons.
After NSO’s malware was tracked to the phones of associates of murdered Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi, Paragon declined Israeli government requests to replace Pegasus with Graphite in the Saudi armoury, according to two people familiar with the issue.
Paragon’s decision to eschew a valuable Saudi contract eventually paid off. Two other Israeli firms, Quadream and Candiru, which sold similar hacking capabilities to the Saudi government, were outed by Microsoft and rights group Citizen Lab after their malware was used on journalists and dissidents. Candiru was blacklisted alongside NSO in Nov 2021. Quadream recently shut down operations, the Israeli paper Calcalist reported.
The US has stepped in further to reshape the spyware market to favour those who sell cyberweapons to the US and its allies, while curbing those who chase lucrative contracts with authoritarian regimes.
President Joe Biden signed an executive order in March barring any US agency from purchasing spyware that “poses risks to national security or has been misused by foreign actors to enable human rights abuses around the world.”
The wording of the executive order is seen by experts as targeting NSO, while carving out a space for companies like Paragon to continue selling similar spyware, but only to the closest of US allies. The American expectation — still unproven — is that friendly nations are less likely to abuse such a weapon on civil society, or to spy on US government officials deployed abroad.
“It’s really making the case that the US believes that many of these kinds of tools are unlawful,” said David Kaye, who as the UN’s Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression spent years trying to hold the NSO Group accountable for its customers’ abuse of its spyware. “And if the proliferation of these tools is a national security problem, then that really changes the conversation from it being a human rights problem.”
NSO said it “does not believe that its placement on the [US Commerce Department blacklist] has ever been warranted,” adding: “ironically, other cyber intelligence companies who are not subject to the list sell to countries without any regulatory structure and that NSO refuses to make sales [to].”
However, the DEA’s purchase of Graphite, reportedly only for use by its partners in Mexico to help fight drug cartels, has begun to draw scrutiny. The DEA said it uses: “every lawful investigative tool available to pursue the foreign-based cartels and individuals operating around the world responsible for the drug poisoning deaths of 107,735 Americans last year.”
Congressman Adam Schiff, the chair of the House Intelligence Committee, wrote to the DEA in December asking for more details on the purchase. Mexico is among the worst abusers of NSO’s Pegasus which it bought nearly a decade ago.
Schiff wrote: “such use [of spyware] could have potential implications for US national security, as well as run contrary to efforts to deter the broad proliferation of powerful surveillance capabilities to autocratic regimes and others who may misuse them.”
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2023.05.28 19:15 bvnjkl Flying solo to Japan

I've been to Singapore, South Korea, and UK and I never overstayed in any of these countries. The thing is, I wasn't alone in all of these trips.
I'll be flying to Japan solo to see my SO of 6 years this year. He was born and lives in the UK, comes to visit me every year. We're planning to meet in Japan this time. He will be staying in Japan for a year for work, and will have an apartment. The plan is I'm going to stay with him for 2 weeks before flying back home.
I have a stable, well-paying job at a private company which I've had for about a year now, and I will be paying for all of my expenses — flights, food, transportation, attractions, except accommodation as I will be staying with my SO. I have 3 credit cards and relatively more than enough balance in my bank account for this trip.
As a woman traveling solo for the first time & meeting someone at my destination, what are the odds that I will get past immigration? Any tips? Is there anything extra that I need to prepare? Or am I overthinking this?
I only got asked for my return date when I was flying to Korea.
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2023.05.28 19:14 Send_me_duck-pics I had to suffer through reading this, and I refuse to suffer alone.

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2023.05.28 19:13 legit_acct New garden issues - tomatoes, green beans, peppers (NC Zone 7B)

I have started a new garden this year in raised beds, filling the beds entirely with compost (OMRI organic, from 2 sources; just over 7 cubic yards total). I have some notes about transplant dates and pictures that show progress, but regrettably very little (won't make that mistake again). I'm not sure which beds had more or less of the 2 different sources of compost (another mistake I won't make again).
My garden as a whole currently contains peas, cabbage, purple broccoli, green beans (3 variants), tomatoes (4 San Marzano, 6 different cherry tomatoes, 1 brandywine, and 1 recently transplanted Cherokee Purple) with radishes, beets, and onions interplanted between tomatoes, peppers, and a few different winter and summer squash variants.
I happened to notice a post on here recently about herbicide damage which prompted me to check my tomato plants (~May 24th) where I noticed some were curling in and cupping, but not as significantly as the post I had seen where others suggested herbicide damage. I did notice my pepper plants had significant curling on the leaves (transplanted 5/13 I think). These included 2 serrano, 6 jalepeno, 1 chile red, and 1 bell pepper plant.
Ever since then, I've noticed the tomatoes get more severe curling and cupping, with some being worse than others (blueberry tomato being the worst, and tropical sunset being a close second worst). I have a third blueberry tomato plant in my daughters bed which doesn't show much cupping/curling yet (but it's not pictured here). I did find a couple pictures of the tomatoes from 5/18 which I think showed relatively healthy tomato plants. The caveat is that the brandywine has never looked as healthy as the others, but it also seems to get bombarded by aphids more than the others which is what I had been attributing that to.
My gardening season as a whole has gone reasonably well up until now. This is the first year I've started my own seeds, so the majority of everything in them so far is my own transplants and direct sown plants. I have had some weird issues early on where I transplanted some radishes (and direct sowed some), direct sowed some beets, and transplanted some kale and they were all stunted (in a single bed). I also directly sowed carrots March 24th which seem to be stunted (shown in pictures). But in my tomato bed, I had radishes (direct), beets (direct), and tomatoes take off. For the most part, all other beds have really grown well.
My biggest concern is herbicide contaminated compost because it was pretty expensive to fill those beds, and it also took a lot of effort and time (borrowed trailer, loaded and unloaded twice, plus 2 trips just to fill the truck bed and unload those).
My second biggest concern is herbicide overspray. My neighbor directly beside me has a lawn that he puts a lot of effort into the grass. I'm not sure what all he has done to the grass, but he does have a lawn company come out and do stuff to it a couple times a year. I also have a field behind my backyard where I just noticed the owner this week harvesting grass into bales, then yesterday was spreading something out with his tractor and a spreader.
The fact that the tomato plants looked fine on May 18th and now don't make me think the compost isn't contaminated and points more towards either herbicide overspray or some disease. I did water everything every other day, so to rule out overwatering I stopped watering for 3 full days (but today and days to come we're getting heavy rains). As of today they're still looking rough.
I'm hoping someone here more experienced than I am can look through these pictures and help advise on what I might need to do to salvage this gardening year. I'm nervous to even eat anything out of my garden at this point such as collards, peas, or radishes since I'm uncertain if my compost is contaminated. Thanks in advance for the help!
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2023.05.28 19:12 Jah0047 How do I (25m) move forward in a relationship with my father (55m)?

My dad cheated on all his wives and I am very upset about it.
TLDR: I feel immature for not being able to just forgive my dad for cheating on his wives and creating such a tough/ broken family life for me.
Details A few nights ago my mom was very drunk and started telling me all kind of things from when her and my dad were together. She told me everything from when she started dating as an adult, to when she met my father, to when they got married, to when they got divorced and all the details in between. I learned that night my dad cheated on my mom multiple time with multiple women and had no real remorse for it (he later had a second child also cheating on that wife which landed him in another divorce) growing up my mom was a very distraught woman - she drank a lot, and still does, and beat the crap out of me when she was drunk (until I was old and big enough to defend myself) I’m now totally convinced she only really heavily drank because of how bad her relationship with my dad was and she beat me because I was my dads child and I veryyy closely resembled my dad (we look veryyy similar physically) anyways I saw my dad a reasonable amount growing up, but my dad has told me (while drunk) if I was female or if I was gay/ bisexual (I have felt urges towards other males when I was on therapy for depression) he would have had and still have nothing to do with me. Growing up my dad never really physically disciplined me (I’ve always thought it was because he felt bad about my mom beating me) in early highs school I asked if I could move in with him and he told me no that he did not have the money to support me full time as at this point I would only be around every other weekend and some holidays (this was not consistent because there were times he would be on business trips or could not see me for one reason or another but would always try to make it up by getting me Ice cream or a new video game I really wanted) I knew it was just a way to make up by giving me material goods and at the time I was okay with it because I got something I really wanted that my mom would never get for me but now as an adult or early adult I feel much different about those gifts. my dad has always been somewhat of an idol in my eyes, but now (over the past 2-3 years) I’ve learned and see things that make me really dislike my dad as a person (I think in some ways he tried his best but I feel a high level of anger and not wanting to be associated with him) I am a huge pile of conflicted emotions and not really sure what to think about it all. Growing up my dad was supportive and came to different sports games sometimes but nothing else (I really enjoyed scholars bowl and won awards frequently and he always told me I and my nerd friends could celebrate alone) he was not very supportive when I left medicine to go into finance and he hasn’t been very supportive in my most recent relationship - this girl has been one of the most amazing partners I’ve ever had (he says we’re moving to fast and I am drifting from my family) I have recently felt that I really, in some ways, do not even want him present at my wedding (I would love his monetary support because it’s expensive, but after learning more about who he is I just feel he’s a selfish ahole who did not understand how to be faithful to a partner) my dad has had a tough life, things were not always easy for him he grew up in an emotionally abusive household and his dad ran around a lot on his mom. I’m trying to remember that the way he acted reflected what he knew or what he learned from his childhood based on the way his parents were and that’s how he became as an adult, in some ways he was just a product of his environment and in others he knew exactly what he was doing wrong and did not hint to prevent it he never went to couple therapy he never asked for a break ofr divorce before cheating. My dad is just not the man I thought he was an I’m very upset by it all. His wives have always been slightly disrespectful to me (telling me things like I don’t behave or I’m a baby for crying or I’m a wimp for not standing up for myself or I’m a loser for dropping out of med school) I realize he has his own problems and it took time for him to admit those issues and try to work through those problems, but I can’t help but thinking my dad is a POS and I feel like I’m not being very understanding and being very judgmental - this is not all about me but I’m so upset he lied about everything that happened and just continued his way of life..
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Notice of how to play: Domination: Spawn and capture your nearest flag. Avoid B. Run to their spawn and murder! Capturing B will cause the game to end faster. This is at your own cost!
Discord: JahCoin#5396 - Discord with Vouches:
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2023.05.28 19:11 murakamisvanishedcat 20yo Seeking advice on travel credit cards

Hi all. I'm 20 years old, and right now my only credit card is the Discover Student credit card. I am looking to travel quite a bit in these next few years and I wanted to ask about options for a new credit card specifically for travel related purposes and/or other perks.
I travel internationally at least 3x a year, which means flights there and back. I travel domestically at least 3x a year as well. I've heard good things about American Express and Chase Sapphire, but I'm not sure what exactly suits my needs at this point in my life. I could easily meet whatever point bonus of 4,000-6,000 on rent and living expenses alone, not to mention expenses on travel. I've never had any issue paying off my current credit card and my credit score is 750-766 depending on Credit Karma/Discover. Happy to take any advice.
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2023.05.28 19:10 Key_Donut9814 To those who are having anxiety related to having had Covid, what has helped you.

I got covid back in August of 2021. It hit me like a freight train. I think it damaged my brain. For nearly two years my emotions are just a rollercoaster but I mostly have been dealing with anxiety particularly this feeling of impending doom or pangs of terror trouble sleeping with nightmares hypnic tics and a sudden gasp when I am about to fall asleep(3 sleep studies and an MSLT. Showed nothing).
I have tried zoloft but it did nothing. Therapy hasn't helped.
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2023.05.28 19:10 Necessary_Use_4450 clothes

Anyone like wearing comfy? But most girls love to dress up including my friends lmao I don’t enjoy wearing skimpy because it feels awkward .. and I also have the mindset of if I don’t look my best, why bother dressing up? Though it’s fun but I feel awkward lmao but this would work better if I already had a friend or did it in my first year.
I kinda wanna study something IT or tech related in University. sometimes I wish I was a guy instead because their fashion is more simple and it’s easier to fit in? But I don’t wanna hang out with guys because I feel like a lot of them r kinda creepy… Ngl it’s kinda expensive to be a girl, especially in this gen
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2023.05.28 19:08 MrCereuceta “Have to agree with China for once.”

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2023.05.28 19:07 Forrest_Bird Stolen camera

I am just so devastated and feel so helpless. We had a family day out at ushaka Aquarium and our camera was unfortunately stolen. I’m not bothered about the camera itself as I have insurance but all the pictures on there have great sentimental value (all our pictures and videos from this trip) including pictures of me giving birth to my youngest child. I feel so violated that someone has these private photos in their possession. I wish there was a place that thieves could leave memory cards from stolen goods. That’s honestly the most upsetting part. I don’t know what I’m expecting from this post just needed to put it somewhere.
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2023.05.28 19:07 Belle_2222 Signs of guilt in WWHL from Dec. 2021 - did I just discover something?

Like most of us here, I've been binging VPR content in all forms for months - and I hadn't even seen the show until March. So right now I was just rewatching a YouTube clip of Ariana and Sandoval on the WWHL After Show from December 7, 2021 and I think I discovered something…
During the Q&A, a caller asks Ariana, "From your perspective, what do you think the biggest red flag between James and Raquel was? Did you notice any red flags?" Ariana's answer is kind/compassionate, what you'd expect, and doesn't seem odd in any way. BUT, Sandoval's eyes while she is answering the question…Y'ALL, I don't even know how to describe it other than this is the look of someone who knows exactly what's up and is guilty as can be. He even starts breathing more heavily, as if he's nervous he's going to be outed.
Check out the video yourself: The part I'm referring to is from 1:34 to 2:30 minutes in. Please watch it right now and tell me I'm not crazy.
I think this supports the hypothesis that the upcoming reveal is that Sandoval and Raquel were together before she broke up with James. Also, they discuss Miami Girl starting at the 4:00 minute mark (in the same video) and it just reinforces that this is normal behavior for Sandoval ("this" being him lying and convincing the women he's with to lie for him too).
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