Flowers in fountain valley

We cultivate land where we're not supposed to.

2010.12.27 20:42 permaculturemedia We cultivate land where we're not supposed to.

Guerrilla gardening is gardening on another person's land without permission, making your city more beautiful to live in. We cultivate land, where we're not supposed to.

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High School Football Games in the State of Indiana

2017.12.04 16:30 davidfry Willamette Valley Oregon Gardening

This is a subreddit for gardening in the Willamette Valley and the surrounding areas of the Cascadian bioregion.

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Hey Reddit Fam,
We're a UK-based CBD retailer looking to stock the best range of flowers that our customers really want to try. In the spirit of this, we're currently running a giveaway on our Instagram - allowing everyone to try a sample of our product by tagging a couple of mates in the comments and sharing to your story. It's that easy! We're @
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2023.03.21 09:18 Cursedchildren I touched a statue and now I can't stop bleeding.

I don't know what to do. What started as possibly the best day of my life turned into... this.
It all started with her. She was perfect. She was everything. I knew it from the moment my eyes fell upon her. I did a double, triple take. Almost crashed my car in the process. The mannequin, so lifelike, just standing on the corner of the street.
What? Some sort of advertisement? I pulled into the parking lot and scrambled out of my car. Thinking back, maybe I was already under its spell even then.
As I approached, people walked to and fro, stepping around it and moving on with their day. Nobody paid it any mind. I couldn’t understand it.
You see, the statue was beautiful.
A tall woman, her silken hair blowing across her nearly bare body. She stared resolutely ahead, right into my eyes…. She captured my gaze, immediately. Cradled me in her vision, stared deep into my soul… saw me… for me. And I could see into her, too. Past her pale exterior, deep into a space of warmth and love and light. The comfort of being held, being known. An eternity of notice and care swept through in the time my breath hitched in my throat.
I blinked before she did. Then, I could breathe again. My vision flowed down her body, following the curve of her breasts, her hips, her thighs and back again, caught in the river of her motionless motion. One hand of hers clutched a ribbon about her, a ribbon that threatened to spill away in the wind and expose all of her.
The other hand reached forward, outstretched, palm up. Fingers extended, just for me.
It made me feel… a lot of things.
Pitying. She needed someone. She needed me.
Angry. How could no one take notice of the magnificent work before them?
Yes. She needed me, and I needed her.
I stared at her more. Drew closer and closer. Her shapely lips were pursed just a little, as if she’d speak any moment. What words were locked within the marble? A question? An invitation?
No matter what it was, my answer was already yes.
Gods yes.
Anything for you, Yes.
Everything for you, YES.
As I neared enough to take her hand, near enough to almost …kiss… those perfect lips, I noticed the plaque at her feet.
“Take my hand, and be forever changed.”
She saw me. She knew me.
The people walked past us, ignored us, paid no mind to the moment we were having together.
This wasn’t exactly new for me. At the end of the day, some people are trash. They look down on anyone and anything else… if they bother to see them at all.
She… she saw me. In a world where I was shit on by my parents for lackluster grades, hazed by my classmates, overlooked at work, rejected by all the pretty girls…. She could see me, envelop me, let me in.
No one else paid me any mind, but were quick to shut me down if I complained about anything. Always going on about how good I had it, how I was just too lazy, too selfish, too needy, all while taking and taking and taking from me. But not her. She wanted to give.
All she asked for was my hand. My company. My embrace…. To give love… to receive love. They were all unworthy, marching on by like the shitty fucks they were, unable to see true beauty. But just as she could see me, I could see her.
Perhaps we were made for each other, because the answer was always yes.
“I wouldn’t do that.”
My reverie shattered into a thousand stained glass pieces, the colors of the day bleeding in.
“What?” I looked around, spotted a kid a few yards off. She was staring at me.
“I wouldn’t do that,” she repeated. “Whatever you’re about to do, don’t.”
I looked back to the statue. The sun broke through the clouds, lit her up in golden hues. Everything about her, around her, perfect. Everything fuller, brighter, louder, more melodious.
I looked back to the kid. She wasn’t quite looking at me after all; not quite looking at my gorgeous goddess either. Her gaze hovered somewhere in between. I sneered.
“Hey kid, you blind? Why don’t you mind your own business?”
The kid didn’t balled her fists and sighed, but didn’t say anything.
“Whatcha gonna do, huh?” I asked. “Nothin. Like I said, mind your business.”
Another kid came up then, taller. He, on the other hand, stared directly at me.
“What?” I took a step toward him. He didn’t flinch. What fuckin brats.
Still staring at me, he said to the girl: “Let’s go.”
She didn’t move.
“Yeah, listen to your boyfriend, ya brat,” I chimed in.
He tugged at her shoulder. “Claudie!”
She sighed and turned to go. “It’ll be our problem later,” she muttered.
I thought about going after them. Who did they think they were, just gawking at me while I’m minding my own business? They probably wanted to make fun of me and even now were likely going to go talk shit.
But then I looked back to Her.
Finally, we were alone. No one else paid us any attention. People sat around, or they walked on by, but no one said anything, no one saw this special connection we had. It was perfect.
I beheld her again. So beautiful. So perfect.
I took her hand. Warm, soft to the touch, not at all like cold marble. As I squeezed it, I could see color spilling across her alabaster skin, filling in flesh tones. Heady at the thought, I watched as veins traced their way through her wrist, forearm. She felt more alive than any woman I had ever touched.
I could feel her movement. I swear her hand was pulling me in, guiding me closer. Her hair and ribbons billowed in the wind as I drew closer and closer to her. The inches between our lips fell away…. She pressed herself against me. Oh gods I could feel her, thin fabric the only separation between us.
My eyes fluttered closed…
And then I was kissing her. No cold, stone lips. They were warm, soft, inviting...yielding. I could feel myself falling into her as our lips met, pushing and vying for space. Hers parted, and my tongue slipped into her mouth. She held me fast against her then, spurred on by my affection.
I could feel my heart racing as we continued, my hands finding her hips and bearing down. It was such a heady thought. How was this possible? Had she been a real person all along? Was I dreaming? Why did it
I could feel my knees getting weak. The world spun around me, the deliriously delicious moments had me reeling. I could feel myself clutching her for balance, embarrassment a fleeting thought- but her strong arms held me… I don’t know that I could've escaped even if I wanted to.
It was so much. Too much, even.
I opened my eyes to behold her, and…
She was pale again. Not just pale,
Ghastly. Her thin, wire-black hair snapped about ferociously in the breeze, her eyes two smoldering pits of coal burning their way into my soul.
I screamed and pulled away. Terrified of her fury, I barely registered my heel catching on the concrete until, I was falling backwards, away from all of her once again pristine glory.
I don’t know how long I laid on the sidewalk, trembling, gasping for breath. All I knew was that now people were starting to take notice, looking at me, shaking their heads, pushing past. Disapproving of me, as usual.
Fuck them all.
When I dared look up at the statue, it was as it had always been; the woman of marble, fingers extended. Still beautiful… but where was the heady, divine delight?
When I looked now, underneath her exquisite form, I could see the ashen skin, the burning eyes, the snarling countenance belied by her angelic perfection. If anything, the glimpses of that presence stung worse than any passerby, condemning me with far more spite and attention that I have ever wanted.
I pulled myself to my feet, still feeling weak and wobbly. A newborn giraffe, born into a world of disdain- of hate and suffering. I staggered away… back to my car. Back to the humdrum of my ordinary life, mind reeling between submersion in the dull gray of my existence, and the inexplicable.
It started when I got home maybe before. As I glanced in the rearview mirror, I noticed my eyes were bloodshot. Not just bloodshot, but leaking blood. Crying crimson tears. I stared at myself for a long moment. Was I imagining this, too?
The longer I stared, the more my eyes began to ache. Pain spread to my forehead, and I got dizzy again. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to steady my fluttering heart and ease the pounding in my head. It helped. A little.
I looked at myself in the mirror again. The faintest clouds tinged purple and black had begun to spread under my eyes.
I had to get inside. I pushed open the car door, my body aching with every motion. I stood, and the world spun, but I managed not to fall over. Glancing into the car, I could see more blood- on the steering wheel, the door. I looked down at my hands. There, trace amounts of scarlet, tiny rivulets flowing in the hills and valleys of my fingerprints.
This was hours ago. Since then, I’ve taken two showers, and the bleeding hasn’t stopped. Sometimes it ebbs in one area, but I am always bleeding somewhere, and my whole body aches. I don’t know what to do. I want to go to the hospital, but I’m afraid I’ll pass out on the road…
I’m feeling weaker by the minute, having dizzy spells, making a mess of everything. But that’s not the worst part.
The worst part is, when I close my eyes, when I start to drift and everything is hazy,
I can still see her.
And damn, I want to kiss her again.
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2023.03.21 09:17 manan2002 My Blog - My WordPress Blog


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You'll also find readings about Elon's Infinite Show, Achievement Valley, a new MTV and how brands create value. And in my obsession of the week, a new chapter in the video game legend.
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2023.03.21 09:16 Dunjindad Zion (part 1&2)

I remember the experience clearly, beyond just memories it seems like it stayed with me in a psychological level. The haunting details have been engraved deep into my subconscious, and I wish for nothing more than a release from their torment. I'm an educated guy, and I know how it sounds, but it's important you know I'm not insane; aside from run-of-the-mill 20-something teacher burnout with a side of anxiety, I don't have the slightest history of mental illness. I write this now not only as an account of my experience here in West Virginia but also as a warning to anyone who finds themselves unfortunate enough to pass by those woods. I write this also as my final word to my wife, my friends, and my family because I cannot go on living with the constant evocation of terror when the sun fades away. The thought of walking through my day-to-day life with even an inkling of the possibility that someone or something followed me out of that place fills me with dread; it's hard to stomach food and nearly impossible to find enough sanity to drift into sleep for even a moment. I sit now in a vacant room. I'm in a decrepit old motel off of Highway 219, and I can hear things and see things lurking just beyond the parking lot through the hours of the night. The worst part now is that I'm completely unable to decipher wether or not what I'm seeing is reality or a manifestation of my recently developed trepidation. I'm sick now, and my mother has tried to contact me so often that sometimes my phone dies at night when I ignore the constant waterfall of phone calls. She must think I'm dead because I haven't returned one of her calls in quite some time now.
I'm a teacher by trade. I'm not your run-of-the-mill teacher either; I'm a private instructor. Usually the state, or some charity hires me to take on the monumental tasks of spending a semester teaching vastly undereducated kids. Most of the kids I teach can't even read, and they're often poor and disconnected from society; my most common contracts are in far-off towns or hamlets in the middle of whatever the area considers "the boondocks." I've had contracts in the middle of Louisiana's swamps, in mountain communities in Tennessee, and I've even been flown outside of the country to remote tribes just to teach kids how to read and write. Not to lay down a humble brag or anything, but the contracts usually paid really good money compared to your run of the mill teacher's salary, as they were usually funded by someone with a blank check and a mission to put themselves in the limelight for being a philanthropist willing to save the world from the plague of illiteracy. I've always had somewhat of a passion for my job; I got to design my own lesson plans and actually teach these kids something instead of reciting the monotone scripture pasted into an 80-dollar book. My point being, I don't think I've ever directly turned down a contract, and the one that landed me in my current situation wasn't any different.
I was sitting at my desk, rifling through the mountains worth of gigs that so often flooded my emails, scrutinizing the payout on each and every job addressed to me. I would often do this until my eyes grew dry and heavy in an attempt to find the perfect job to take for a semester, but on this rare occasion, just about a fourth of the way into the sea of digital letters, one specific sender jumped out at me. "The Fairhaven Community Church": I had up to this point never received an arrangement from a church, but what left me even more perplexed was not only its direct nature but the exorbitant compensation and contract length. The subject line read, "Private Tutor Needed for 5 Years at 100 Thousand Dollars a Year." I was floored by this statement and immediately wiped my watering eyes for clarity; the offer was too good to be true, and my skeptical nature caused me to audibly scoff when I read it again. I opted to dig further into the inquiry, and I was immediately greeted with a well-written, however poorly formatted, email detailing the needs of the small church community. I had to read the email three times over in order to decode the strange syntax, I came to the conclusion that the church was frequently taking on less fortunate families from around the state and wanted to not only help them and teach the word of God but also wanted to teach the families to read and write at a higher level to allow them to continue their studies. The church had a 5-year plan to rapidly educate a vast amount of families that would come in and out of the church through out the Time in wich the teacher was present.
The job posting brought forth quite a few red flags but the thing that gave me an uneasy feeling was the list of rules posted at the bottom of the email.
"The educator must use official church material to teach the present families"
"The educator is not to leave the premises of the Fairhaven Community"
"The educator must not under any circumstance enter any restricted areas of the Fairhaven Community "
"The educator must not corespond with any media or anyone who may spread word of the project before, during or after their time in fairhaven"
While I admired their aprehension to the press atention unlike most of my other clients who would demand interview after interview so that they would be viewed by the public as a hero crusading against the evil of ignorance and i could also see why the congregation wouldnt want some stranger from the city to poke around their sanctum.i'm not closed minded by any means but the thought of not even being able to leave the property seemed strange to me. Granted in the past when I made my trip to the Congo I was told not to leave the protected area I was in but that wasn't a rule as much as it was a guidline for my own safety. The biggest turn off concerning the listing was the fact that I could only use "official church material", as I mentioned before I enjoy being able to structure the lessons how I please and teach in the way I feel best suits my students interests and learning profile but I couldn't help be further swayed to take the job by the thought of being paid 500 thousand dollars for 5 years of work in a place that would handle my cost of living during the whole excursion. I'm writing all this as a poor attempt at justifying my own poor decisions. Even going back over what I've written I can feel my stumach turn while I read the blatantly obvious signs of danger.
The trip to West Virginia was, for the most part, uneventful and mind-numbing. I've always despised long car rides, despite being on the road so often when going from job to job. After an extended period on the road, my mind spins into an unconscious void and it becomes hard to determine where I've been. There are often times when I completely lose myself in the sea of vehicles in a never-ending stop and go only to find myself becoming aware an hour later. What little entertainment I had on hand usually prevented me from falling asleep or completely disconnecting from the human world on my thousandth 14-hour trip to the middle of nowhere. This trip, however, was different; I didn't find myself dissociating, nor did it feel like the run of the mill from point a to point b. I was nervous and the further I made in to my destination the more I felt as if I had made a grave mistake. Despite being a 28-year-old teacher with very little adult social skills, I couldn't help but feel that a 5-year contract with some pseudo-cult in the heart of West Virginia might have been a bit of an impulsive call even with the paycheck, and every time I thought of cryptic emails, I could feel my stomach constrict and knot at the very premise of meeting the strangers in person.
I found myself in one of my few "coming to reality" moments of the trip when I turned into a small town. I was surprised by the smell I was immediately greeted with; the distinct smell of mildew assaulted my senses at the very moment I passed a pale green and mildly vandalized billboard posted on the side of the road that read "Welcome to Dawson," scrawled in a cheesey font that made all the letters look like logs. The town itself was placed in a valley of some sort, almost completely enveloped by mountains on three sides, as if Mother Nature had left this perfect little alcove in the center just for this hidden civilization. On top of the distant, albeit ever-present, ranges sat hundreds of thousands of trees that wrapped the elevation in a verdant cocoon. The town itself was small compared to Tampa, as all the others were. There weren't any towers climbing towards the sky with an impossible number of floors; the pavement of the underutilized roads was a soft gray color, void of any fresh pavement, but the surface was laid bare of any faults as if it had been used, if only just enough to keep the earth from forcing its way back through the laid concrete. As I pulled up to what I can only imagine was the only stoplight in the town, my hands fumbled for my phone in order to check the status of my journey. 1 minute to destination was plastered at the top of the screen, leaving me in a state of confusion as the only things in sight seemed to be a few stores and what looked to be a small cafe on a road that stretched toward the horizon with no apparent end. The light turned green, and my GPS sent me to an immediate left to a small, run-down store just off the entrance that brought me into the mountain asylum. The store was decrepit; the paint was peeling from its decorative siding, creating a splotchy pattern of dingy blue and an aging off white. One of the large windows looking into the store had a sheet of wood crudely nailed over it, and an awning stretched from the end of the parking lot directly to the roof of the gas station as if whatever contractors built this were trying to deplorably hide the abomination from God himself. The store had no sign or title other than an LED fixture that indicated that the nameless fuel depot was open.
"You have arrived at your destination," the droning voice said through the speakers of my car as I came to a reluctant stop. I looked down at my phone to be certain the GPS wasn't struggling to find a pathway yet to be discovered by anyone except for those who had lived there their whole lives, but according to the directions, this was indeed my "intended" destination. Immediately checking my surroundings, I took note of the road that carved its way through the center of the poor excuse for a town ahead of me, sparsely decorated with various local stores and venues. According to my map the road didn't break off from this central strip for another 5 miles.
I buried my head in my hands after begrudgingly throwing my car into park and let out an exasperated sigh. I frantically flipped through the emails I had passed back and forth to my usual benefactor to find any messages concerning the exact location of my job site aside from the address I had been given.
"A fucking gas station, they gave me the address of a fucking gas station" I groaned as I came apon an email that had been sent...5 minutes ago. The subject line read "Apon Arival."
"When you arrive in Dawson, be sure to contact me at the number posted below so I may provide additional instruction on how to safely make it to Fairhaven. "Zion can be dangerous."
I felt my heart drop when my tired eyes made contact with the message below. My heart once again began to slam against my chest—was I lied to? Up to this point, the mystery man who had been detailing the project had alluded to my final stop being in Dawson. It was common to be sent to offshoots of towns that were far removed from modern commodities and human development, yet it was also common that whoever had hired me would be upfront and rather specific in telling me that my location wasn't so much a town as it was a "community" beyond the confines of city streets, so I wouldn't be surprised when I found myself over an hour away from the nearest comfort. I had also been warned of a place's dangers before; the last time I sat down to write, I mentioned that on a trip to the Congo, I was directly informed of the dangers of leaving my protective shell, but in those cases, safety was often typed in bold so that I knew what to expect from the start.
I was plagued with despondence as I slammed my phone into my pocket before forcing the door of my car open with an angry grunt. My brisk and heavy footfall fell onto the cement with intent, regardless of my clulessness. I pushed my way through the gas station's rusted door, which would have welded itself to the frame of the building if not for the little traffic that passed through it, when I was greeted with a poorly lit convenience store. The hum of aging fluorescent lights sang through the quite store. Web-like cracks formed on the yellowing stone as if the walls themselves were trying to escape from the neglected mess, the white panels on the ceiling were rife with black and brown spots indicating frequent leaks and water damage, and the smell was ungodly. I would have gone insane if I was forced to work in a room that had that pestilential smell glued to it. The shelves laid not quite bear but with just enough product on them that for the place to still be listed as a buisness that caused the aluminum casings to bend downward like they where struggling to hold the weight of a finite amount of light snacks.
I locked eyes with a surly man with ash and gray hair who sat behind the counter with a dejected stare. He wore a stained shirt and wrinkled jeans. His unkind eyes were bloodshot and glazed over with age, which seemed to break him, and his lips sat inward to indicate the lack of teeth in his sunken face.
"I can help you," he mumbled with a thick draw that I would have not understood if I hadn't met plenty of people of his likeness prior.
"Yeah, I'm... looking for Fairhaven?"
The grouchy old cashier scratched at his knife like whiskers and leaned onto the counter. "Fayrehayven?" He said obviously perplexed
I gathered what little skills of human interaction I had beyond lecturing a room full of students as I approached the man "right, I'm a teacher and..."
The old man quickly cut me off with little regard for or interest in my oncoming and admittedly pretentious elevator pitch, which I often gave to anyone who asked. "Yer in Dawson, gottanuff teachers last I heard."
"Yeah, well I'm not supposed to be in Dawson." I'm looking for Fairhaven. I interjected
The man responded with an apparent tone of disdain: "Ain't never heard of no FayreHayven; I've been here fiftee sebn years and ain't never heard of no FayreHayven."
I took a deep breath in an attempt to carry the conversation, but I've learned to count my losses when they make themselves known.
"Well, I suppose I'm lost then," I said, holding my hands up.
He grumbled once again and looked me up and down with his hateful glare before forcing out a slight "mmhmm."
I turned and rolled my eyes a bit before walking out of the store, completely defeated. I contemplated for quite some time before reaching back for my phone to examine the cryptic message that overtook my screen. I faltered only slightly before pressing my finger to the highlighted blue digits pasted at the end of the digital letter. The dial tone chimed for longer than expected, and right before the all-too-common voice mailbox message played, I heard a barely audible click before a voice came over the phone.
"Hello, Mr. Hayes," the man spoke in a scratchy, almost strained voice, as if he were exerting himself even while speaking.
The way the man spoke was just as unsettling as the emails we had passed back and forth previously, and without thinking, I responded with a little more panic in my voice than I care to admit, "How did you know it was me?"
The man retorted immediately. "I don't know many with a Tampa area code, my friend; call it intuition."
I kicked myself for being so skeptical after his truthfully sound logic connected with the bundle of nerves that was my mind before I mustered the confidence to say, "Sorry, I'm a bit on edge." "I think you might have given me the wrong address; I'm at a gas station just off the entrance to Dawson."
I waited for a moment before the man spoke once again. "The address we provided was correct; there are no pathways to Fairhaven, and we have attempted to remain secretive as to avoid the judgment of the individuals that may regard us as an unsavory commune." If you look to your right you will see a small path cut into the trees just beyond the convince store. "If you follow this path by foot, we will see to it that a member of the congregation greets you so that you can arrive safely."
I looked back towards the blue Honda Accord I had arrived in and argued, "All of my equipment is in my vehicle—my notes and laptop, my clothes, and I'm certainly not equipped to be hiking in dress shoes." I.."
The hoarse growl of the man rather shot back with an audatory shot of aggressive air: "We will see to it that your things arrive at the Fairhaven Community." I implore you to make your way onto the trail before nightfall. "The forest can be very dangerous without the sanctum of sunlight."
I glanced over at what I could infer was the overgrown pathway he was referring to with a shaky breath.
"I can understand your hesitancy; fear is a powerful emotion, but do not allow it to cloud your judgment." "The walk shouldn't take longer than a quarter of an hour." He spoke calmly now, but there was no comfort in his voice, rather a malignant vexation, as if it were meant to be a threat.
I gripped My phone white-knuckled at the accuracy of his statement. His perception of me was correct because I was not only terrified of the situation but also beyond frustrated at the thought of taking a hike up a mountain directly after a 14-hour trip with nothing but a 2-hour rest in a motel at the halfway mark.
"Guess I'll be there soon," I said, despite my mind showering him with a barrage of heinous insults. He hung up the phone without saying another word.
I gathered a few small commodities from my vehicle before turning towards the cutout hidden within the expanse of millions of trees that ascended to the summit of the gargantuan elevation ahead of me. It was overstated when the man labeled the cocofany of unkempt foliage a pathway; there was hardly even enough of an opening to make my way into the bramble, let alone not be perpetually scratched by the harsh and apathetic thorns that various plants had developed for occasions such as these. The slope that the natural alleyway was built on very quickly turned from a steady incline to a steep, near-vertical hill void of foothold, and I had to rely on my softened hands, which grasped desperately at the closest trees. It didn't take long for my feet to ache and burn. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've never been an outdoorsman. I was often poked fun at by the locals for being a city dweller when I gave a common toad a look of disgust, so it could automatically be assumed that I'm hardly the hiking type either.
The aforementioned 45-minute walk turned into an hour and then two before My knees buckled from beneath me. I was told that someone was to meet me at the point between the gas station and the community, and I was certain that I had to have made the trek to their standards regardless of my excessive stops. I laid my back against the trunk of a large tree before looking toward the sky. The faint glow of a reddening sky was barely visible through the canopy above before my dismay began to settle in. Nightfall was coming, and in the state I was in, I had no hope of making my way to the destination in the next 6 hours, let alone before nightfall. I closed my eyes tight and buried my head into my blistered hands, I could feel my brisk beating heart in my palms when the deafening roar of an engine rocketed my senses into overdrive. My head shot upward toward the golden beams of light, obscuring their source entirely.
"What in God's name is a fella like you doing way out here?" The voice wasn't the same as the man I had spoken to on the phone. It was just as old and eroded, but it held much more of the thick twang of a local.
"I'm looking for fairhaven." "They said they were sending someone to get me!" I shouted back over the boisterous hum of idling machinery.
"Well then, it's best you hop on." "Ain't a shot in hell in making any further in your condition."
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2023.03.21 09:11 avanandel Question about coming snow storm

Hi reddit!
Me and my wife will be visiting death valley this coming wednesday the 22nd. I saw there is a severe snow warning. Would you guys say that's for the whole park, and say don't go? Or is it more for high altitudes and the park visit will still be worth it regardless?
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.21 09:10 tonnie_taller Economy is in the tank, banks are reeling, inflation is sky-high and there’s more Biden isn’t telling you

Are you angry yet? You should be. Our economy is slowing, banks are reeling, inflation remains scorching-high, real incomes are dropping, home prices are falling and Americans everywhere are becoming poorer by the minute. On top of everything else, now we have the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, infuriating bailouts and the … Continue reading Economy is in the tank, banks are reeling, inflation is sky-high and there’s more Biden isn’t telling you
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2023.03.21 09:10 tonnie_taller Fire crews battle massive, multi-alarm fire at Fountain of Life Center church in Florence, New Jersey

Firefighters and emergency responders from multiple precincts responded to a massive blaze at a church in Burlington County, New Jersey, that started on Monday evening and burned into Tuesday morning. Authorities said the fire broke out at the Fountain of Life Center on Burlington Columbus Road in Florence, just after 6 p.m. More than 150 … Continue reading Fire crews battle massive, multi-alarm fire at Fountain of Life Center church in Florence, New Jersey
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2023.03.21 09:10 Icy-Arrival Been on a cart kick since it's been cold out. Here's a few of the recent ones, some that i picked up from different markets.

Been on a cart kick since it's been cold out. Here's a few of the recent ones, some that i picked up from different markets.
I don't post much, but here we go!
This winter I was mostly on a cart kick with some flower sprinkled here and there when possible.
Candy rain: Floracal live rosin Tasty, sweet and a little earth to it. Felt it take action as soon as the second long puff was starting, i would consider this more of a hybrid than a straight sativa. I would buy again if on super sale like this one was.
Tropical runtz: Lazercat live rosin Picked two up while in Denver, this was the last one. Super tasty, probably the most of the bunch. Could taste tropical fruit and funky earth on the inhale and a pleasant rotten bananas and spice on the exhale. Heady, in the eyes at first with a smooth transition to the body, i love me some runtz. Wish I had gotten more Lazercat carts, would recommend over 710 carts, will probably post that one later.
Moonbow: Element live rosin Got this during one of my Michigan visits, on sale for 20. Candy Cane and sugar on the inhale and very sweet and orange taste on the exhale. Wants you to keep puffing. Smooth effects all around. I would think of it more of a mid-day to later in the day relaxation and tasty consumption. Would get again, keeping an eye out for moonbow crosses.
Platinum punch x Frosted cherry live resin This is one of the tastiest live resin carts I've ever had. Earthy fruit on the inhale and some fruit punch on the exhale. This thing checked all my boxes when it came to medical use, immediate behind the eyes with a total body relaxation. My achy bones melted while my mind was happy 😁. Got it for 15 bucks, this is the third one I've had, I'm wishing I had one or ten more of these. Not the most wow high, but it checked a ton of boxes and that's important for me.
Sorry for the long post. Will try to post more often on my in state and out of state purchases. Flower will likely be next!
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2023.03.21 09:06 mossyboy4 street sermon on the mount

this is a street sermon
always keep learning
whether ruler or workmen
never be certain
read voracious be ferocious
move quiet and deadly like a lion
avoid lying don't commit crime, keep rhyming
knowledge is power
so scour scrolls into early and otherworldly hours,
this world is ours,
don't get lost in ivory towers
or settle for getting paid by the hour
stop thinking so much especially in the shower
dont miss smelling even the smallest flowers
move with love and empower
find what you love and make love for ten thousand hours
carry yourself with confidence
you can conquer this
don't let a living soul knock your comptence your onto this
your destined for worldwide prominence
you've got providence
so honor this
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2023.03.21 09:06 TheRogueCookie What would you consider to be the four most iconic tracks from each Mario Kart game?

This is a question that I've been thinking about for a little bit now, especially with the Booster Course Pass giving us the ability to revisit many of these tracks in the most recent console Mario Kart game. If you had to make a cup of 4 tracks, with each cup representing the most well-known tracks from that Mario Kart game, what would you choose? I'll post my picks with reasoning here, but I'm interested to see what other people think.
SNES Cup: Mario Circuit 1 (alternately: Mario Circuit 2 or Mario Circuit 3), Donut Plains 1 (alternately: Donut Plains 3), Ghost Valley 2, and Rainbow Road
I think a lot of these are pretty self-explanatory. Mario Circuit 1 is the first course from Super Mario Kart, kicking off the whole series in the process. Mario Circuit 2 has returned in 7 and Tour, and has a pretty dynamic layout for an SNES track (not to mention the MK7 TAS for this track is amazing). Mario Circuit 3 has appeared in Wii, Tour, and 8 through the booster course pass, and though it's not a particularly exciting track, the fact that it has appeared in so many games makes it a pretty good representation of the SNES tracks. Donut Plains is another iconic location from Super Mario Kart, and while Donut Plains 3 has reappeared in both 8 and Tour, I feel like 1's more simple layout + its appearance in MKDS makes it a good back. Ghost Valley 2 is almost entirely off the back of its appearance in Mario Kart Wii. Finally, Rainbow Road not only kicked off the Rainbow Road series of tracks throughout the franchise, but also defined what a Rainbow Road track should be moving forward.
Honorable Mentions: Choco Island 2, Koopa Beach 2
N64 Cup: Kalamari Desert, Toad's Turnpike, Royal Raceway, and Rainbow Road
This cup was honestly one of the most difficult for me to pick from, as Mario Kart 64 has a lot of tracks that I would consider to be iconic in the franchise. Ultimately, I felt like these 4 tracks made the most sense. Kalamari Desert's train track in and of itself already sets apart, but I think its reappearances in 7, Tour, and 8 through the Booster Course Pass cement it here. Toad's Turnpike is mostly just here through it's notoriety in the original N64 version's Mirror Mode. It's appearance in MK8 isn't really that great, but I think it's very recognizable because of how its relationship between the course and Mirror Mode has been portrayed throughout the years. Royal Raceway has really solid layout and theming, and the ability to visit the castle in the N64 version certainly helps with that. Not to mention reappearances in 8 and Tour. Finally N64 Rainbow Road is iconic both for its crushing length but also the massive shortcuts it has in the N64 version. This really is the polar opposite of SNES Rainbow Road in terms of track design (at least if we compare their original designs), and it sticks out.
Honorable Mentions: Luigi Raceway/Mario Raceway, Koopa Troopa Beach, Bowser's Castle, Yoshi Valley
GBA Cup: Cheese Land, Sky Garden, Ribbon Road, and Bowser Castle 3 (alternately: Bowser Castle 1)
This one's also pretty difficult, because up until recently most of the GBA tracks were not particularly well known. The Booster Course Pass and Mario Kart Tour have done a great job at bringing these courses to light, but ultimately the 4 tracks I chose are pretty independent of those factors. Cheese Land and Ribbon Road were picked for the same reason: they're two of the most popular remakes in Mario Kart 8 (for better or worse), and I'd argue two of the most popular tracks. While I do feel Cheese Land has lost a little bit of its uniqueness with the remake (and Ribbon Road's music is quite different too), the theming of these tracks, in combination with their layouts makes them pretty fun casually. While GBA Sky Garden has returned in MK8 and Tour, that version of Sky Garden has felt very lacking to a lot of people, myself included. I include Sky Garden here mostly for its appearance in Mario Kart DS, as its one of those impressive tracks to watch people play at a high level. Between the snaking, taking offroad shortcuts shroomless, and the dynamic corner cuts, this track is a very fun one to watch. Finally, I went with Bowser Castle 3 due to its appearance in Mario Kart Wii. It's a pretty mechanically difficult track to drive well in that game, and it has a couple of interesting shortcuts that not only look cool when pulled off, but have a nice element of risk vs. rewards attached to them. Bowser Castle 1 is an alternate because of its much simpler layout and appearance in 7. I'm satisfied with my decisions here, but I'm curious to here what others may think.
Honorable Mentions: Shy Guy Beach, Mario Circuit, Bowser Castle 2
GCN Cup: Baby Park, Daisy Cruiser, Yoshi Circuit, DK Mountain (alternately: Dino Dino Jungle)
Baby Park and Yoshi Circuit were very easy for me to pick here. Baby Park is extremely popular among casual players for its chaotic nature, while Yoshi Circuit is a very popular track due to its fun yet simple layout. I knew one of DK Mountain or Dino Dino Jungle has to make it in, as both of those tracks provide a fun level of difficulty while exploring the jungle aesthetic well. I'd personally go with DK Mountain (because my MKWii bias is showing), but you can't go wrong with either. The last slot was a close tossup between Daisy Cruiser and Waluigi Stadium, and though Waluigi Stadium has been spotlighted in the Booster Course Pass, I ultimately went with Daisy Cruiser here due to its more unique theming and better layout compared to Waluigi Stadium making it over all more recognizable.
Honorable Mentions: Peach Beach, Mushroom Bridge, Mario Circuit, Waluigi Stadium
DS Cup: Delfino Square, Waluigi Pinball, Airship Fortress, Peach Gardens
This was one of the easiest cups for me to put together, and I think the only debatable one here is Peach Gardens. Delfino Square is a very popular track with a solid layout and good theming, Waluigi Pinball's music alone makes it iconic (though the theming certainly carries the track as well), and Airship Fortress once again has amazing theming and great music. Peach Gardens takes my pick for the last slot due to its many reappearances (in Wii, 8, and Tour).
Honorable Mentions: Yoshi Falls, Luigi's Mansion, Tick-Tock Clock
Wii Cup: Mushroom Gorge, Coconut Mall, Koopa Cape, Maple Treeway
Wii is my personal most-played Mario Kart game, and I'm very aware of what tracks are popular from it and what tracks aren't. Ultimately this set of 4 makes by far the most sense. They all returned in 7, Tour, and with the exception of Koopa Cape (so far), in the Booster Course Pass as well. They all have fun layouts and mechanics they make them very exciting to race on, so much so that these tracks tend to overshadow a lot of the other tracks from Wii.
Honorable Mentions: Toad's Factory, DK Summit, Grumble Volcano, Rainbow Road
3DS Cup: Toad Circuit, Music Park, Neo Bowser City, Rainbow Road
This one was also difficult for me, and it mostly comes down to the fact that there's a good 7-8 tracks from this game that feel very similar levels of iconic to me. I chose Toad Circuit due to its appearances in the Booster Course Pass and Tour (especially with how heavily it's been marketed in Tour), and the fact that it serves as a very solid beginner friendly track imo. Music Park is easily the most contentious one here, which I mainly included for music and theming, but you could easily swap this with some of my honorable mentions. Neo Bowser City, as contentious as a track as it may seem, has pretty well-known music and is a fairly popular track in both 7 and 8. Finally, 3DS Rainbow Road is among the best in the series in terms of theming and music, and is a popular track from the Booster Course Pass.
Honorable Mentions: Wuhu Loop, Mario Circuit, Rock Rock Mountain, Piranha Plant Slide, Wario's Shipyard, DK Jungle, Rosalina's Ice World
8 Cup: Including Crossover Tracks: Electrodrome, Cloudtop Cruise, Mute City, Big Blue
No Crossover Tracks: Sweet Sweet Canyon, Mario Circuit, Electrodrome, Cloudtop Cruise
Another tough one for me, mostly because I don't have a good read on what's considering iconic from this game. My ignorance is definitely showing for these picks, so please feel free to post corrections. The F-Zero tracks are terminally popular online in this game, and Cloudtop Cruise has been one of the most praised tracks in regard to theming from this game. Sweet Sweet Canyon is here entirely because of its music (it's quite popular as filler game music in YouTube videos), Mario Circuit's mobius strip layout brings an interesting take to the Figure-8 style of tracks we've seen throughout the series, and Electrodrome's theming and music make it a popular track in my eyes as well. There's definitely a few other picks that could challenge these, but I ultimately feel good about these picks.
Honorable Mentions: Mario Kart Stadium, Toad Harbor, Shyguy Falls, Sunshine Airport, Dolphin Shoals, Mount Wario, Excitebike Arena, Dragon Driftway, Animal Crossing, Hyrule Circuit
Tour Cup New York Minute, Ninja Hideaway, Berlin Byways, Singapore Speedway
I'm also not too happy with this one, mostly due to my general ambivalence towards most Tour Tracks in general. I ultimately went with the tracks that I felt are the most highly discussed, whether it be though praise or otherwise. New York Minute is the og city track from the game, and though it has a rather simple layout (that honestly feels a bit disappointing compared to other Tour tracks), it's hard to not think of New York Minute when you think of tour. Ninja Hideaway is probably the most contentious course in the franchise, with some loving it and others vehemently hating it. I felt it should be included here because of how debated the course is. Berlin Byways is here mostly entirely because of its music, which indeed does go really hard. Singapore Speedway as the last trick is admittedly filler for me, and I could be convinced to put another course here. Ultimately I felt that Singapore Speedway has been talked about quite a bit (and mostly positively too), so it best fits here.
Honorable Mentions: Tokyo Blur, Paris Promenade, Sydney Sprint, Merry Mountain, LA Laps, Vancouver Velocity (Yoshi's Island fits here too imo)
Those are my picks, but I'm curious to hear more opinions from the community in general on what they would consider as iconic.
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2023.03.21 09:04 EquivalentGrand7273 Riding through the Roof of the World: My Epic Bike Trip to Ladakh

Riding through the Roof of the World: My Epic Bike Trip to Ladakh
leh ladakh bike trip

This blog post details the writer's epic bike trip through Ladakh, including the planning process, scenic beauty, challenges faced, and cultural experiences.
Ladakh, a remote region in the northernmost part of India, is known for its stunning mountain landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and challenging terrains that make it a popular destination for adventure enthusiasts. As an avid biker, I had always dreamed of taking a bike trip to Ladakh and experiencing the thrill of riding through the highest motorable roads in the world. In this blog post, I will share my experience of riding through the roof of the world on an epic leh ladakh bike trip.
Planning the Trip
Planning a bike trip to Ladakh requires careful research and preparation. I started by researching the best time to go and decided to plan my trip during the summer months when the weather is more favorable. I also made sure to choose the right bike for the trip and packed all the essentials such as warm clothing, waterproof gear, and a first-aid kit.
Starting the Journey
My journey began in the city of Manali, where I rented a ladakh bike and started my journey towards Ladakh. The first few days of the journey were challenging as I had to adjust to the high altitude and rough terrains. However, the stunning mountain landscapes and breathtaking views of the Himalayas made it all worth it.
The Scenic Beauty of Ladakh
The beauty of Ladakh is unmatched, and I was awed by the stunning landscapes and natural beauty that surrounded me throughout the trip. The high mountain passes, including the famous Khardung La pass, offered breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountains and the vast expanse of the valley below. I also visited Pangong Tso, a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, which is a popular tourist destination in the region.
Challenges Faced
The bike leh ladakh is not for the faint-hearted, and I faced many challenges during the trip. The high altitude and rough terrains made it difficult to breathe and ride, and the unpredictable weather conditions made it even more challenging. I also faced technical problems with my bike, but thankfully, I had the right tools and equipment to fix them on the go.
Cultural Experiences
Ladakh is known for its rich cultural heritage, and I was fortunate to experience it firsthand. I visited monasteries and other cultural landmarks, interacted with locals, and learned about their customs and traditions. It was an enriching experience that gave me a deeper understanding of the local culture and way of life.
My bike trip ladakh was an unforgettable experience that left me with memories that I will cherish for a lifetime. It was a challenging journey that tested my physical and mental strength, but it was also a rewarding experience that gave me a unique perspective of the world. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone who loves adventure and wants to experience the beauty of the Himalayas up close.
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2023.03.21 09:03 ASchorr92 It's hard to let go of the little things sometimes

Compared to you all, I have a "pleasant," usually peaceful home and I need to be thankful for that and you all help me to appreciate this.
I remember the horrors of finding feminine UNhygeine products on my floor, threats of getting punched in the face after refusing to let smokers in my car with my stupid asthma problem (I just did it for attention obvi) and practicing patience with the roommate who insisted her dead lizard's body be left alone for her to mourn....for three weeks. I tend to pay my respects too hastily I guess.
So now I have to say life is suspiciously peachy keen. I don't enjoy the company of my roommates but I also don't feel like peeling my skin off in fits of rage when they're in the same vicinity as me. But I just can't shake the images of pre-used tampons, feces on handrails, and... oh, god, I'm sorry.
But there are times like tonight, a Monday night, the night before my dissertation is due, that something possesses that one oddly quiet roommate who has said maybe 5 things to the other housemates (I tried for 6, she made it clear she wasn't looking for chitchat, fair enough) to screech like a banshee on crack with her late night mystery guests. My choo choo train of focus that was dragging my procrastinating potato nub of a brain through the last stretch of this PhD has just derailed and there is no hope for me to regain any rational thought, related or not to this bullshit dissertation. Of course this is my fault, I procrastinated and pushed myself unnecessarily hard because of it. But my marbles are gone, my noggin is rattled, 11 years of college/poor financial planning means I have nothing left to lose.
I am going to lose my shit... and gracefully share it with these shitbirds. I want nothing more right now in this world than to chase some tequila with an obscene amount of TBell bean burritos, spectacular fountains blasting from both ends, weeee ohh weeeee look at meeee! Did I add new sexy brown racing stripes to your Honda CRV? C'mon now, TBell is open all night long, please join the fun! You released my mind from its solitary confinement, where it was forced to write and write and write. My willpower was weak and your obnoxious crackhead screech was the key that set it free!
Ah, ok. Time to focus again now that I've gotten a few things out of my system.
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2023.03.21 09:00 autotldr Permanent or Temporary Relief? UBS Agrees To Buy Crisis Hit Suisse Credit For $3.25 Billion

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 77%. (I'm a bot)
Economy The global economy is in turmoil as a result of the global banking crisis caused by the failure of Silicon Valley Bank in the United States and Credit Suisse, Switzerland's second-largest 165-year-old bank.
Credit Suisse bank has suffered multibillion-dollar losses as a result of the failure of investment funds Archegos and Greensill Capital, which were major shareholders in the bank.
With no hope of the bank's recovery from this impending fall, Credit Suisse and UBS entered into a merger agreement on Sunday, following the intervention of the Swiss Federal Department of Finance, the Swiss National Bank, and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. The Credit Suisse takeover bid was the subject of several rumors.
BlackRock is an investment firm that owns stock in every major company in the world; there is no guarantee that it will buy Credit Suisse's shares, and it has every right to do so, but for the time being, Switzerland's largest bank is buying the bank in order to save Europe and Switzerland's economies.
The Swiss Federal Department of Finance, the Swiss National Bank, and FINMA have asked Credit Suisse and UBS to enter into a merger agreement on March 19, 2023.
Credit Suisse continues to operate normally and implements its restructuring measures in collaboration with UBS. In the aftermath of the US Fed's interest rate hikes, regulators had already rung the distress bell for Credit Suisse and Silicon Valley Bank.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Bank#1 Credit#2 Suisse#3 share#4 Economy#5
Post found in /worldnews and /Economics.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.21 08:59 RubyCrowns [F4AnyonePlayingM] Fleeing From Destiny

Brair remembered her old home. She remembered the walls. They were tall, as tall as a tower’s, and they were from the most well polished wood one could ever see. Carved into those walls were intricate patterns, like a wall of Ivy leaves rich with flowers, shielding her from the outside.
She remembers the old maid sitting in the rocking chair down by the fireplace in the old lounge, the needle in her hand dragging delicate threads through some dull fabric that had been pulled taught by a wooden hoop.
“When can we open the we open the windows?” Whispered the young lady when she was very, very young, but the old woman just chuckled. It was a tired sound. A strained one. But one that came with a spark of kindness and sympathy that Briar had heard her whole life.
“Oh sweet Brie, you know that we cannot,” said the old woman as she reached out a hand to pat the soft hair of the girl who was sat by her knees. “The outside is not safe for someone as gentle as you. It will tear you apart like a dog tears a carcass.”
“You know that I don’t know what a dog is,” said Brie, but she had just been greeted by another adoring chuckle.
But Brie knew what a dog was now. She knew that they were vicious beats with sharp, terrifying teeth. She knew that they were hungry and ravenous and that her tender flesh would not stand a chance against them, but she also knew that they were not quite so scary as the old maid’s wrath.
She could not turn back. She could not run back to the old castle with its crumbled stones so very unreflective of its well-cared for inferior.
Whether she toed on these the edge of the well, a young woman woman with no knowledge of the world, or life at all, simply trying to protect herself from this horrible fate, she knew that she simply couldn’t return to being locked away and alone.
There was so much colour out here! So much freshness and intrigue! She could stay, she was sure of it, she just needed a hero to find and save her, because that’s what heroes did, at least according to the old maid’s old tapestries.
Hi there! Thanks so much for reading! I’m Ruby, a literate, 18+ year old writer who is looking for someone else of the like willing to write a story with me about a locked-away young woman and her ‘hero,’ whether he be a white-knight for real, just a conveniently placed convict, or anything in between, who face the challenges of everything from a whole realm of ignorance, to fighting off mystery, to running from those who want nothing more than to hunt them down.
I’m looking for someone willing to build this story and his world with me, so if you’re interested or have any questions, please feel free to message me!
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2023.03.21 08:59 RubyCrowns [F4AnyonePlayingM] Fleeing From Destiny

Brair remembered her old home. She remembered the walls. They were tall, as tall as a tower’s, and they were from the most well polished wood one could ever see. Carved into those walls were intricate patterns, like a wall of Ivy leaves rich with flowers, shielding her from the outside.
She remembers the old maid sitting in the rocking chair down by the fireplace in the old lounge, the needle in her hand dragging delicate threads through some dull fabric that had been pulled taught by a wooden hoop.
“When can we open the we open the windows?” Whispered the young lady when she was very, very young, but the old woman just chuckled. It was a tired sound. A strained one. But one that came with a spark of kindness and sympathy that Briar had heard her whole life.
“Oh sweet Brie, you know that we cannot,” said the old woman as she reached out a hand to pat the soft hair of the girl who was sat by her knees. “The outside is not safe for someone as gentle as you. It will tear you apart like a dog tears a carcass.”
“You know that I don’t know what a dog is,” said Brie, but she had just been greeted by another adoring chuckle.
But Brie knew what a dog was now. She knew that they were vicious beats with sharp, terrifying teeth. She knew that they were hungry and ravenous and that her tender flesh would not stand a chance against them, but she also knew that they were not quite so scary as the old maid’s wrath.
She could not turn back. She could not run back to the old castle with its crumbled stones so very unreflective of its well-cared for inferior.
Whether she toed on these the edge of the well, a young woman woman with no knowledge of the world, or life at all, simply trying to protect herself from this horrible fate, she knew that she simply couldn’t return to being locked away and alone.
There was so much colour out here! So much freshness and intrigue! She could stay, she was sure of it, she just needed a hero to find and save her, because that’s what heroes did, at least according to the old maid’s old tapestries.
Hi there! Thanks so much for reading! I’m Ruby, a literate, 18+ year old writer who is looking for someone else of the like willing to write a story with me about a locked-away young woman and her ‘hero,’ whether he be a white-knight for real, just a conveniently placed convict, or anything in between, who face the challenges of everything from a whole realm of ignorance, to fighting off mystery, to running from those who want nothing more than to hunt them down.
I’m looking for someone willing to build this story and his world with me, so if you’re interested or have any questions, please feel free to message me!
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2023.03.21 08:58 kammabusx1 burgmansia

hey I am planning a burgmansia/datura trip on easter weekend and I am pretty keen to try it, I'm planning on boiling 3 leaves and 2 flowers in 2 cups of water for about 20-25 minutes and drinking no more than 50ml of the tea solution. Iam writing this as I want to try it safely and need some advice, I already have a experienced drug user as my sitter who will keep me safe. Is this a safe dosage? will I still have strong hallucinations and delirium? How long will it take to recover from this light dosage? is permanent brain damage possible? should I take less or more? is it simply just too dangerous and should just be avoided even at light dosages? any advice is greatly appreciated many thanks
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2023.03.21 08:56 BadJanet What do I ask for to help me sleep?

I've just been on THC oil for a month and my sleep hasn't improved. I'm thinking about asking to trial flower, what should I say/ask for?
Also what will the cost look like in terms of everything I'll need to buy?
Thank you
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