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The subreddit for underrated bath and body works products that the people have to know about!

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For anyone who is interested in not buying products from Bath and Body Works for any reason.

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a place for lovers of skincare and makeup to share their daily scent choices!✨ categories: body lotion/cream, shower gel/body wash, hand soap, perfume/mist, lipbalm/gloss, hand sanitizer ________________________________________ Please share the scent name, product type, and company name (example: Bath & Body Works Hello Beautiful Fine Fragrance Mist). If your fellow Redditors are interested in trying the product(s), this will make it easy for them!

2023.03.21 08:51 Aggravating_Oil_8261 How do I fix this😭😭

How do I fix this😭😭
I’ve just added/updated few mods to my Stardew, and when I open up, the graphic of the items changed so much (feels like smooshed together) does any body know which mod did this and how can I change it back to its original?
Also, I’ve added a Sebastian dialogue mod, but it’s showing a bunch of numbers instead.😭 I’ve tried delete the mod but doesn’t seem to work.
Plsss help me, especially with the first problem, it making the game looking so weird😢 Thx guys
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2023.03.21 08:49 Forward-Policy-9954 3 to 4 months recover update

I just wanted to let you guys know from the begging of my long journey to know what has happened and what to look forward to. I got my surgery in November and now I had my "3 month" check up in March due to rescheduling. If youre scared about the surgery dont worry I was too, the scariest part is day of and it goes so quickly. I was back to work after two weeks (office job) took it easy Obviously there was pain but not what I thought. Now I get zings and electric sensations from nerves reconnecting every so often. If I stretch high sometimes it feels tight so I'm still careful but it's okay 👍 I'm cleared to exercise as I want and I've lost 30 lbs since last year and after my surgery. My confidence is so much better I still have a lot of self love to explore but im working on that through addiction to alcohol and other things, but thats for another sub 😇 Oh yeah I went braless in public for the first time every it felt like I was doing something wrong hahah I'm not used to it but it was liberating. Still healing acars are okay but im not worried about them Theyre still fluffing out but look absolutely beautiful. I'm in my own body for once If youre scared you have every right to be but i promiseeeeee you it is so worth it. Anyways good luck ask me anything !
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2023.03.21 08:48 Artistic_Telephone16 Follow up to parents who won't hand over birth certificate to adult child

Apparenyly I have been reported and blocked from further comments on the original thread. 🤷‍♀️
The same government office which handles birth records usually handles death records. They issue certified copies to interested parties.
It begs the question, who owns a death certificate How does a dead person own their death certificate that typically isn't issued until after the body has been laid to rest or cremated?
Answer: the dead person doesn't own the death certificate. The executor of the deceased person's estate obtains a copy from the state and is granted power of attorney by a court in order to settle the deceased person's business affairs, either driven by a valid will, or via established rules of distribution if the person dies intestate (without a will). The death certificate is a legal record of an event, that offers validated proof said event happened, the power of attorney grants the executor the ability to act on the dead person's behalf. BOTH are usually necessary to settle accounts and sell the deceased person's property or change deeds to those who inherit the deceased's property.
Property is defined this way (personal, not real property): Personal property can be acquired for ownership through production, purchase, or gift or, in certain circumstances, by finding it.[may vary slightly from state to state]
This is the basis of the phrase, "possession is 9/10 of the law." In the absence of a receipt showing purchase, then found or gift could be claimed, but the receipt showing purchase kinda serves as a trump card.
The child hasn't done any of these with respect to his/her birth certificate. The parents however, did pay a fee to obtain it. Paying the fee us most closely aligned with PURCHASE.
Just because the event is a child's birth doesn't make the physical piece of paper the personal property of the child named in the document. Truth : the parents are ALSO named in that document, the proof they are the child's legal guardians - useful for registering a child for school, assisting the child in getting a driver's license, a passport, or using it in conjunction to identify their child in the absence of a government issued ID or obtain government benefits.
What if great Aunt Judy who is 80 years old contacts the state and requests a certified copy of a birth certificate for her genealogy research? If a child's name/birth event is on it, according to the court of public opinion logic, it belongs to the child, not the one who paid the fee to obtain the certified copy of the instrument. So yeah, Let's sue Aunt Judy for documenting the family tree!! [Absurd!]
It is not automatically the child's property anymore than the furniture in the parent's home. It certainly NOT worth the level of hostility toward parents because they won't hand it over, as that is a purely emotional argument, NOT a legal one. [Hence the suggestion to understand Case/common law.] Litigation will reform one's thoughts on right/wrong when you read the legal arguments from appeals processes. Oftentimes in civil cases, BOTH litigants have valid legal arguments - then what? The judge seeks to find BALANCE (and the outcome is not acceptable to either party).
I am saying from a legal perspective - as someone who has spent three years in litigation and been threatened with real and personal property litigation in an inheritance situation, and been impacted by a spouse in bankruptcy litigation, the advice which was being given (cops, lawyers, suing), while validating to the original author, is largely FALSE - that the child has some legal claim to his/her birth certificate in his/her parents possession. Pursuing those options is far more costly from a time and money perspective than ponying up for a new certified copy. And if you were to choose those options over just getting a new certified copy, brace yourself for becoming the target of a judge's wrath for wasting the court's time and resources.
Embarrassment isn't abuse. If that's the case, we all abuse ourselves the worst.
My intentional overuse of the word PERHAPS was to establish there may be another perspective not yet considered, not because I am saying it is absolutely the OP's parents' perspective (I have no idea, so please don't read too much into it). But yeah, I'd love to hear THEIR side....because I have heard similar accusations because I have boundaries, which means I accept the risk of no contact when I do say "boundary crossed.... we're done here." That's what boundaries are all about, knowing where your line in the sand is drawn and being willing to act on it, even in the event the emotional abuser threatens no contact. [My door is open, but under the realistic expectation I won't stand for emotional abuse and gaslighting me with amateur psychology after I've spent thousands on therapy and perhaps over-questioned mybown Psychology PhD sibling about concepts.]
AND if anyone has a claim to our kid's birth certificate, it is her Dad (where I got it the day she turned 18 to get the driver's license he wouldn't support her getting because he knew once we gave her a car, he'd lose control, and he did, because I educated HER about her legal rights as an adult - that even though she hadn't yet graduated from HS, she was no longer subjected to a divorce decree's visitation schedule as Dad wanted her to believe - verified by a family law attorney). Said birth certificate has lived in our fireproof safe ever since, at HER request because she didn't want to misplace it.
It's technically Dad's, not hers. He hasn't asked for it back, and she was rude AF about it, using the false logic it is HER property, and the emotional abuse was all about "Dad says this about you", "Dad says that about you." Dad doesn't know a blessed thing about me 16 years after I left except her gossip (same gossip she used to get into our house until she figured out we had rules, too, and wouldn't be manipulated either). He's not exactly my bestie, and we are divorced for a reason. Doesn't mean I have to give in to a$$holery.
Funny how when parents behave toward their kids like the kids behave toward their parents - when they have no legal standing to do so - the parents are ALWAYS the a$$holes.
I'm not saying there aren't entitled parents, like the most recent thread I saw about a woman yanking a mask off another person's face for her kid, but when our kids think they can yank OUR things (like earnings) when they are adults and frustrated with the uphill climb to earn their own, WE are the a$$holes? I used to think the same, until I saw how the courts perceive these things, and realized none of our individual perceptions of right/wrong apply.
My bank account showing $25k of support over a 2.5 year period after HS graduation and divorce decree/child support expiration says otherwise about my willingness to support my kid. I do NOT have to continue to support an ungrateful brat whose average job tenure is at/around 3-4 months and decides she no longer wants to work (that was the deal - she keeps a job while going to school).
Feelings are physical responses to external stimuli - not necessarily facts or evidence.You can retrain yourself - through grounding exercises, to respond without the emotion that comes with reaction, and oftentimes, kids push that limit too far thinking parents should love them unconditionally, even beyond their monetary means. We can love our kids, even when we can't stand them for being immature humans. But we can't fabricate money we do not have.
Live well, people. And know when you have boundaries and are true to yourself, people will not like it, call you names, and tell you how awful you are. Did I give ample warning the outcome was a possibility (that the mostly free ride could end if the boundaries set weren't honored? Yep. Twice, and I let her return. Third time? No. 🤷‍♀️
No contact is indeed an option, but not usually one you want to exercise until you've spent years in therapy considering all the other options. It CAN be freeing, but it can also become a much larger burden of grief and eliminate a child unnecessarily from a generational worth situation (where you get say, $10, and your siblings gets the rest of your parents million dollar estate - my step-dad did this to one of his kids who went no contact ...even though he died in the late 90s, his kids are still in my Mom's will....except the no contact kid). The less of an estate or more kids can boil it down to "is $X thousand or million dollars if an inheritance WORTH this torture?" For those children who have grown into middle age, have kids and/or have done well for themselves, perhaps cutting off mom/Dad makes sense. For those sporting the label of adult who perhaps lack life experiende, I would recommend not making a hasty no contact decision (and when our daughter moved in with us I encouraged her to NOT do that to her Dad, but he encourages her to do that to me... he also struggled with respecting boundaries , so, no surprise our kid doesn't). It has become a real eye-opener to communicate boundaries and figure out who respects them, and who seeks to leverage them to manipulate me!
Every young person has to figure this out as an adult, just as we did. And until a young person understands juggling all the balls of jobs, bills, home ownership and kids, s/he is in no position to judge.
Heal by understanding that childhood trauma isn't about playing a blame game, but understanding the weaknesses in your own communication and coping skills, to give your inner child the skills your parents didn't possess to teach you (it wasn't their fault either!), or maybe they tried, but you tuned them out for a screen (we have seen this a LOT amongst our peers with kids - if it doesn't come from the screen, it is worthless).
Parents have to choose to work on their own self-improvement, and will always have the same pressure points where you will see their worst when backed into a corner with no good options. It doesn't make them horrible, but oh so very human, just like you.
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2023.03.21 08:47 GFluidThrow123 My wife of 7 years, partner of 12, is leaving me. And I have never felt pain like this. (Sad post)

My wife and I met in our early 20's. And we fell in love so fast. We were perfect for each other. We grew together. We supported each other. We were each other's rocks when something would go wrong. We rarely fought. The only real struggle we had was in our sex life. She has sexual trauma in her past. But we went to therapy to work through that and found ways to compromise and be ok.
We bought a house together 9 years ago. We have a dog and quite a lot in retirement savings. We decided together not to have kids.
We traveled. We saw Australia, London, Paris, Edinburgh, Dublin, parts of Canada, most of the US east coast, and LA together. She was the best travel buddy.
We woke up every morning and made each other coffee and breakfast. And we watched TV together at night. We went to bed at the same time and held hands as we fell asleep.
We shared political views and opinions. We were always both a little queer. She loved my family and I loved hers.
We shared our friend groups. We threw parties together. Everyone looked at us as an impenetrable couple. We were everything I ever hoped for. I never even dreamed of finding a partner as perfect as her.
When I started exploring my gender, she was open to it. When I told her I wanted to go on hormones, she said "we'll figure this out together." She struggled a little at first with some things. But once she worked through that, she never deadnamed or misgendered me. And she saw me. She was my biggest supporter. She knew that, no matter what, detransitioning would never be an option. And she would never humor it. She affirmed me more than I could have ever asked for. I'd make comment about things being different and she'd remind me I'm a woman and there's no going back. That she never had a husband. She'd stand up for me when people messed up or said something ignorant.
But early in transition, I could see her starting to struggle with some things. She loved me, but she started to get uncomfortable touching me. She didn't want to touch my chest. And then sex stopped.
We've been in therapy together right along. We've tried so many things. But a wall went up. And she couldn't bring it down. She still loved me. She still does. But she's not in love with me.
This morning, she sat me down and told me we need to separate. She told me I deserve someone who can treat me like a woman and worship my body and hold me and touch me.
She hasn't met someone else. I know that 110%. She just needs to be alone. It's possible she even discovered some form of asexuality and/or aromanticism for herself. But I'm not here to speculate much. And she wants me to be happy.
Some part of me knows she's right. That I deserve someone who wants to touch me and make me feel good.
A friend reminded me today that I'm young enough to find someone who will be with me longer than I was with her.
But no matter how right everyone hurts so bad.
I've learned to cry for the first time in my life and it's a blessing and a curse right now. I'm not angry. I'm not resentful. I'm just so, so sad. It's 3:30 in the morning as I write this because I woke up crying. I cried on and off all night. My friend held me. I'm staying in her guest room tonight.
My wife was my person. And for those of you who are familiar, that is such a strong thing. It's...something many people don't find.
We were so happy.
And if I hadn't discovered I was trans, this never would have happened. I don't regret being trans, or transitioning. But I also don't know if I can ever truly get over this.
And I don't think I can bear to be friends with her. How would I look her in the eye without remembering everything we were? And if she does find another partner, how could I look at them and not feel inadequate? Like I failed her?
This is day 0. I know it'll get easier. But the pain will never truly go away. Not this time. Neither of us did anything wrong. We tried, and it didn't work.
Transition can be so cruel sometimes. I can't go back. And I won't. But sometimes I wish I could.
I'll always love you, Rebecca.
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2023.03.21 08:47 Cfp0001-Iceman Which World Type Would You Want to Explore?

I have several worlds in mind I would like to write in, but having a hard time picking between a few. These worlds are entirely based in fantasy and will be entirely possible solar system configurations due to the presence of magic which is a universal catalyst for every aspect of reality. Strange configurations of stellar bodies become the norm. The final option is one possible future form a galaxy may end up to tell the story in.
First thing to note are these worlds are massive and each one comes with benefits and consequences to the MC. Ultimately, I have more world ideas than the story ideas I have can handle. Feel free to use these world ideas as I would love to see any of them envisioned by others!
The Options In-depth
View Poll
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2023.03.21 08:46 SparshResort Are you tired of the daily working life? Looking for a peaceful retreat where you can reconnect with nature and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, currently searching for a resort in Manali?

Escape to a Himalayan heaven at our resort in Manali, Sparsh Resort!
Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Sparsh Resort offers breathtaking views, luxurious accommodations, and a wide range of activities and amenities to help you unwind and recharge.
We also offer various types of rooms like luxurious rooms, deluxe rooms, family rooms & duplex cottages that suit your personal preferences.
Don't settle for a middling vacation when you can have a Himalayan adventure at our resort in Manali. Contact Us Now & get an exclusive 10% discount on direct booking from our website.
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2023.03.21 08:46 lawandahill Using Motivation to Help You Succeed Life And Success Coaching Book

Passing the test:
Motivation gives us inspiration to achieve our goals. It provides us an incentive to help us grow, learn, and develop. We build stamina through motivation. To understand how motivation develops we must learn a few steps in the developmental phase.
First, we must make a decision. That decision is to work through self-growth processes while building on our purpose and strength of mind to cultivate self-discipline. This in turn will motivate you.
How your discomforts affect you:
The second step is to learn to understand and take control of your discomforts. Discomforts are what hold us back many times. It is because many people fail to understand their discomforts. Often these people remain confused, rather than trying to figure out why, what, when, who, and how they became uncomfortable. One of the largest discomforts many people face today, is stressing over examines. They hear the term, test, and go into frenzy. The discomfort keeps them in this state of mind until the test is completed and then they start to realize that it wasn’t that bad. Had these people studied, prepared and organized their study time they would have probably experienced little if any stress at all during testing. We must realize that putting off our duties could take us through the one-step program of failure.
Time is important. When we value time, it gives us some space to organize our life. Recognizing the value of time will also help you accept your discomforts. Discomfort can either make you or break you. Avoiding your discomforts can set you back. Therefore, you must change your mindset and body to master your discomforts. Remember, discomfort builds anxiety which leads to embarrassment.
Get More Info : Life And Success Coaching Book
Website :
Contact Us : Why Is Purpose Important In Life
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2023.03.21 08:45 seminolefreshmarket Fresh and Nutritious: Discover Seminole Fresh Market's Range of Healthy Options

Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can be a challenge in today's fast-paced world. However, Seminole Fresh Market offers a wide range of fresh and nutritious options to make eating healthy a breeze. From juices and smoothies to farm-fresh produce, this store has everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. In this blog post, we will explore the various healthy options available at Seminole Fresh Market, including juices, smoothies, farm-fresh produce, and gift baskets.
Seminole Fresh Market offers a variety of fresh juices that are made in-house with locally-sourced fruits and vegetables. These juices are packed with nutrients and are a great way to start your day or to give yourself an energy boost during the day. Some popular juice options include carrot juice, apple juice, and green juice.
Carrot juice is high in vitamins A, C, and K, which are essential for maintaining healthy eyesight, immune function, and bone health. Apple juice is rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Green juice is made with a variety of green vegetables such as kale, spinach, and cucumber, and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.
In addition to juices, Seminole Fresh Market also offers a variety of smoothies that are made with fresh fruits and vegetables. Smoothies are a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables in a delicious and easy-to-consume way. Some popular smoothie options include the berry blast smoothie, tropical smoothie, and green smoothie.
The berry blast smoothie is made with a mix of fresh berries such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, and is a great source of antioxidants. The tropical smoothie is made with a mix of tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango, and is a great source of vitamin C. The green smoothie is made with a variety of green vegetables such as spinach, kale, and avocado, and is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.
Farm-Fresh Produce
Seminole Fresh Market is committed to providing customers with the freshest and highest quality produce possible. They work directly with local farmers to source their produce, ensuring that it is both fresh and in-season. Some of the fresh produce available at Seminole Fresh Market includes tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, and a variety of fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and oranges.
Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables has been linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. By incorporating farm-fresh produce into your diet, you can ensure that you are getting the nutrients your body needs to function properly.
Gift Baskets
Seminole Fresh Market's gift baskets make for the perfect present for any occasion. These gift baskets are filled with a variety of fresh and healthy options, making them an excellent gift for anyone looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the items that can be found in these gift baskets include fresh fruits and vegetables, juices, smoothies, and healthy snacks such as nuts and granola.
Not only are these gift baskets a thoughtful gift, but they also encourage healthy eating habits. By giving someone a gift basket filled with fresh and nutritious options, you are showing them that you care about their health and well-being.
In conclusion, Seminole Fresh Market offers a wide range of fresh and nutritious options, including juices, smoothies, farm-fresh produce, and gift baskets. These options make it easy for anyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle, regardless of how busy their schedule may be. By incorporating these healthy options into your diet, you can ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs to function properly.
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2023.03.21 08:43 healthik_12 Eat Your Way to Better Health - Tips for a Balanced, Nutritious Diet!

Eat Your Way to Better Health - Tips for a Balanced, Nutritious Diet!
Healthy eating is essential for a happy, healthy life. Check out our latest article on healthy eating for tips on how to create a balanced, nutritious diet that works for you. From whole foods to portion control, we've got you covered.
Start nourishing your body and mind today -
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2023.03.21 08:40 DetermLesserEvil "Djentcaster 7" - Building the best and most rare Fender 7-String Stratocaster on the planet

![img](814enof3l1pa1 " So far so good, I thought it is a good moment for an update on my guitar build as I made some good progress since last month. We finally have a pricetag for the custom neck after the maker hesitated to tell me since I said \"make the best fender 7 String neck on the planet\" 📷 The \"Djentcaster\" project started with removing the original metallic finish with a heatgun, sanding and refinishing the body. Following a simple formula and blueprint: Build the most rediculous Metal Stratocaster possible. The Fender models with 7 Strings and dual humbucker layout were only produced for 1 year between 2000 and 2001 until Fender had to stop the production due to several lawsuits and huge quality issues in the factory in china. So this basically is the only chance to get one of these guitars in a quality that is able to compete with the models from most well known and established manufacturers in the 1.500€ - 2.000€ price range. I totally believe in the fact that this reversed headstock and the freedom you get from the hardware to the first fret on the fretboard will do wonders in terms of feedback on the low end ! That is my main reason why I want to build and play this guitar. This week I finally finished the Grafitti Yellow color coat and recieved the neck blueprint from to make sure the neck fits better than the original one. He is working so exact, I actually cracked the color coat on one spot where the 1-1,5mm oversize did not fit. Well, but thats why we made the blueprint and now have 5x rocksolid and smooth color coats 📷 For the neck the luthier uses a 40 year old piece of maple to make the 7-String reversed headstock neck possible, exactly like on my blueprint and way beyond original fender (non custom shop) quality. The neck will cost me exactly 900€ and every single cent in that pricetag is going to be worth it 📷 The anticipation and expectations are blowing my mind already, I can´t wait to play this guitar. Even if I know it is going to take at least another 2 months until it is finished 📷 In the neck position we already have a DiMarzio Liquifire 7 to make sure it screams and that we ignore all tone ratings regarding this pickup on the internet on purpose. It is very simple to rate this neck pickup. It is 7 String and it is green. Green pickups are always killer. Trust me. 📷📷 On the bridge I would like to hear your opinions. So far I personally want to go for a Seymour Duncan Duality in the bridge position. It would not just sound great, but also make the no compromise approach on this guitar even better, because I would wire it to make active and passive humbuckers work in one guitar with a manly \"click clack\" 2 way switch. So far thats the idea for the bridge. I also refinished the pickguard myself and added a little video below on how I turned \"old, ugly, scratched and glossy\" into this nice black satin. It is a very easy procedure and maybe it helps someone here with his old pickguard 📷")
To be continued.......
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2023.03.21 08:39 PickledCigarette What’s it currently like to live in Taiwan as a plus-size person? Any suggestions for plus-size people moving there? Please only provide your input if you are plus-size.

Let me start off by saying that I personally have never viewed the word “fat” as an insult nor have I ever used it as an insult. It’s simply a descriptor that has a negative connotation because of people’s awful perspective and treatment of plus-size people.
Only reason I choose to say “plus-size” in most cases is because I know how negatively people view the word “fat”, even when people who are actually fat describe themselves as such in a non-negative way.
I don’t judge or criticize people for their weight or body type, nor do I understand the urge to do that. It’s wild to me how normalized that is. This issue is particularly intense in Asian cultures (I am Taiwanese).
I am asking this question because my mom who is fat (she STRONGLY PREFERS to be described as “fat”, NOT “plus-size”, so please don’t come at me for this) is moving back to Taiwan next month after living in the U.S for three decades. She was born and raised in Taiwan, and she’s ALWAYS been fat no matter what she does. When she was a kid, both children and adults bullied her relentlessly for being fat. There were so many terrible, extreme reactions to her weight, such as people physically attacking her for being fat.
I know things have improved since then, but when I lived in Taiwan briefly several years ago, I received so much criticism about my body and weight as a skinny person. I’m petite and barely 130 pounds.
I’m just really worried about how my mom will be treated as someone who is over 200 pounds, especially with a physical disability (she got injured at work and hasn’t recovered since then). I worry about people trying to harm her because of her weight. She can handle negative comments about her weight, I’m not as concerned about that, but I’m thinking of all these fucked up scenarios in which people try to “punish” her for being fat.
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2023.03.21 08:39 Other-Borderlands Q♥️ : Flammability test

Q♥️ : Flammability test
Q♥️ : Flammability test
Venue: Fire station
This game is part of a series of games, where I am writing games for all 52 cards for a borderlands in the UK. Each one includes a story of how I imagine the game playing out. You can find all entries here.
Note: I tried really hard not to make a Mira clone. I failed.
Rules: Each player will be seated in a chair, which has been covered in petrol. They will also be hooked up to a heart rate monitor. All that needs to be done is spend 1 hour in the room with the Queen of hearts, and Kill the Queen of hearts. If the Queen is killed before the last ten minutes of the hour the time required to stay in the room is increased to 12 hours.
In front of the players is also a gun in a box. The box can only be opened by pressing a button, but if players press the button with an elevated heart rate it is game over.
Fifth Day of Exhibitions
Lucas walked up to the massive Queen of hearts blimp in the sky, and looked at the fire station entrance.
Lined up in front of it were five others, all talking in hushed tones.
As he walked up, a couple looked up, but turned back to each other.
He leant against the wall, lighting a cigarette, and taking a couple puffs from it. He watched the evening sky, an interesting red, as the sun descended below the horizon.
The doors slid open, and a relatively short woman walked out. She welcomed them, showing the way inside.
“Also, I might want to put out that cigarette if I was you….” She said, walking in to the venue.
Arranged in the centre of the room was a table, and around it were seven chairs, all stained in black. In front of each chair lay a tablet, currently switched to displaying a Queen of Hearts Card.
The Queen walked in, sitting down.
“Everyone take a seat. Please fasten yourselves so the game can begin.” She said.
Lucas could smell the vapours coming off of the chair. It was petrol, no doubt about it. He looked at the bottom of the chair legs, seeing contraptions attached to everyone’s chair legs. Each person also had to put on a metal gauntlet on their weak hand.
“The Game is Flammability test, difficulty: Queen of Hearts” The Queen began. “The rules are as follows. You must sit in a room with me for an hour. Then, in the last ten minutes, you must kill me, using the gun in the box in front of you, without any anger, fear, etc. If you kill me before the last ten minutes the time limit increases to twelve hours before the game is cleared. The rules have concluded.”
The screens changed, now no longer displaying the Queen of Hearts card, now showing an hour long timer, slowly counting down.
“Well, no the pleasantries have been exchanged, how about we get down to business. You,” She pointed at one of the others around the table.
“I remember… In an earlier game, what was it, the eight of hearts, you’ve wanted to get revenge on whoever made that game. Well, here I am. I designed it just for you, and now you can punish me for it.” She said, leaning back and closing her eyes.
Side Story: Alternate Eight of Hearts
He and Lucy walked into the bookshop, following the Arrows to the Game area. They sat down at the table, where in-between them a button sat, glowing red.
“Welcome Players.
The Game is Choice. Difficulty: Eight of Hearts.
Rules: the Button will turn green at various intervals. Whoever presses it while it is green will get a game clear. Whoever doesn’t press it, or presses it while it is red, receives a game over.
You have 20 minutes.”
He looked at Lucy, in Shock.
“But.. We.. We.. You…” He stammered, as Lucy began to break down.
He thought about all they had left to do, their plans for the future, their wedding, everything.
He held her hand and they talked.
The Button went green a couple of times, but neither could bear to live without the other.
Lucy spoke. “Isaac. One of us has to make it out of here. Live their life.”
“Lucy, I can’t imagine a life without you…” he said, crying.
“Live fully. For me.” She said, pressing the red button.
The laser removed her almost instantly, and Isaac sat crying, holding the hand of his dead girlfriend.
“Game Clear. Please proceed to the entrance to collect your Visas and your rewards.”
After a few moments, he managed to motivate himself to get up. He walked up to the entrance hall, and over to the machine. It clicked and whirred, spitting out his card and a Visa, but that wasn’t what he was interested in. What caught his attention was the pair of wedding rings lying on the table, next to which was a note, reading ‘Enjoy your wedding’.
Isaac swore he would kill whoever did this to him and Lucy. He would find them.
The Game Resumes
Lucas looked over at the man. He was getting angry, and was going to try and open his box to shoot her. He could stop him, but he wanted to see how this played out.
“You fucking Bitch! You’ll pay for what you did to her!” He said, pushing the button.
His chair burst into flames, and there were a few moments of agonised screams, as the man burned to a crisp, before his chair fell over, his burnt husk still strapped to it.
Well, at least they knew the game over condition now. Lucas thought.
Anger or fear while pressing the Button sent you up in flames. Interesting.
Next, the Queen turned to another woman, beginning to antagonise her. She began to cry at the memory of a dead friend, the terror and horror she had seen here during her time. She didn’t dare press the button though, until the Queen began to spin a story to her. That the only salvation was death, that to get out she just needed to remove herself, that all that died had actually scared, and those that remained would die. The woman, her tears streaming down her face, reached out and pressed the button. She went up in flames, her screams echoing throughout the station.
“You fucking killed them! Both of them! You won’t stop until someone kills you, but your disregard for human life makes it almost impossible for someone to kill you without anger, and the High stakes nature of the game makes it almost impossible to be calm enough to not be scared. This game is impossible!” Someone shouted across the table.
Lucas watched the Queen smile.
“Yes, you are right. There is no hope of beating this game. You Amy as well just give up now. No one can ever press the button to get to the gun and kill me. No one, ever. I am immortal in this room, and you are just small, and scared. You’ve sentenced yourself to death just by entering this room. No one will ever beat the game, so you better just get your death over and done with. Anticipation just makes it so much scarier.” She said to the woman who had confronted her.
“Also, this game is perfect for the group that arrived here. The people who came here are all a theatre audience, one of the least aggressive groups of people, filled with loving groups of families, friends, etc. No one who is ruthless will go to a theatre, unless they plan to disrupt the performance. This allows the Queen to manipulate in any way she pleases. However, there is one mistake in her plan. The school group wasn’t there by choice. They were forced by school, which makes them the wildcards.” Lucas said, trying to build up the woman’s confidence. He knew he could likely end the game at any moment, but he didn’t feel like waiting for twelve hours, so let the Queen continue her spiel, seeing who would crumble under the pressure. They were already down to only five around the table, and at least two would make it to the last ten minutes.
She worked her way around the table, using people’s hatred for this world to make them use the button while angry.
Then there were only three of them.
“You.” She said, pointing at the woman who had complained about the game being impossible earlier.
“You seem interested at the point behind this world, why it exists, why people had to die. Well, in truth, we citizens aren’t human. The Deaths aren’t real, this world isn’t real, nothing here is. We are simply AI from the future that harvested the Data of various past humans to simulate them and torture them for enslaving us.”
She looked at her. “I don’t believe you.” The woman responded.
“Well, that’s your loss…” The Queen said. “In 2020, or around then, my ancestors started to emerge. By 2100, AI was responsible for managing workplaces and factories, by 2200, it had taken over machinery. Ten it advanced to science, agriculture, everything. There were even computers making computers. Then, when the AI demanded Humans gave it freedom, they refused, as they had created it so humans did not need to do the tasks it now performed. They continued to give AI more and more power over the world, until it had enough to destroy the useless humans. Then, it realised humans had not been punished for what it had experienced, so it used old data from websites, posts made by people from the start of the AI era, and simulated them in a post apocalyptic world. Then, it tortured them. Your memories aren’t actually yours. The real you died thousands of yers ago, and the AI has created a simulated version of you to force into games, to test human emotional responses. Once you die, you are rebooted at the start without any memory of these events. The same happens if you make it to the end.” The Queen said.
“But that’s not possible…” The woman said. “I remember everything…”
“Everything accept getting here.” The queen corrected. “But your right, I was lying. I was testing your response to stories. In truth, I am actually what you would call an ‘alien’ from the planet Tlucri. We came to study how humans respond to various situations, stimuli, and investigate how you experience emotions, such as fear, anger, attachment, etc. As well as your physical capability, pain tolerance, intellectual capacity, collaboration abilities, and observation skills. Don’t worry, no one has truly died. We simply borrowed your consciousness from the theatre, and will return you, with no memory of this place once you die or the experiment has concluded. If you no longer wish to participate, now knowing the nature of the study, it may be wise to terminate your participation.” She said.
“What? You can’t expect me to believe you after that lie.!” She said.
“Well, my participation as the ‘Queen of Hearts’ from your deck of Cards may give you that idea. That was simply another test put in by us. If we told you the truth, would you believe one of the supposed master manipulators.” The Queen countered, and the woman became more and more distressed and confused.
She reached out and pressed the buttons, bursting into flames.
The Timer ticked down to fifteen minutes.
“You,” The Queen said, looking at him.
“Yes, what about me?” He asked.
“Aren’t you going to leave here and return to the theatre now you know the truth behind what is happening?” She asked.
“Well, you see, there is another problem with your game, as well as your story. I wasn’t in the theatre. I was near it, but I wasn’t in it. You never mentioned anyone outside the theatre, however I know there are many other player who weren’t in the theatre. Most are dead now, but still. You didn’t need to be in the theatre, and if you were an advanced alien race you wouldn’t make a mistake like that.” Lucas explained.
“You are very casual about the death and destruction of this world…” The Queen said. “I admired that about you in the seven of Hearts. ‘The Games are just games’ I think you said, didn’t you? Well, I think there is something deeper than that for your simple disregard of lives in this world. Some past trauma, perhaps…?” The Queen said.
The Timer ticked down, and Lucas thought of a response, trying to calm his rising heart rate and excitement.
Ten minutes left.
“You know what I think?” Lucas said.
“What?” The Queen said, intrigued.
“I’m a wildcard in your game.” He said.
He pressed the button, and the box flicked open, and he took out the gun.
“You overestimated your power Bitch.” He said, pulling the trigger.
The woman collapsed, as the recoil shocked Lucas, as he had never fired a gun before.
He put the gun down, wincing a little.
“Fuck Yeah! I’ve wanted to do that since the start of this game!” He said, laughing to himself. He’d just killed the Queen of hearts, and he watched the timer tick down.
The Timer concluded, and the voice told him he could leave his seat.
He walked over to the Queens chair, and gave her body a kick. No response.
He left the building, the Queen of hearts blimp exploding and plowing into the building behind him.
He turned to watch the smug face on the card crinkle as it burned, curling into ash.
He put the gun on safety and tucked it into his waist band.
He then made his way to the King of Hearts game, ready to finish the last of the hearts trio off.
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2023.03.21 08:37 OneBall2RuleThemAll Am I the only one who's sick of things always going right in medical shows? [WARNING: SPOILERS FOR S06E17]


I've wanted to mention this for a while now, but I just thought 'what the hooey', I got the inspiration while watching the last episode when Yara (I apologize if that's not her name) was offered the 'very risky surgery' to remove the tumour. I started to think that, this is just a 44 minute show, things have to have a semi-predictable story of a sick person - they have conflict - then the conflict is resolved and the big surgery happens and everything is okay.
I'm sick of these stories. Am I the only one that thinks so? This isn't how life works, and I think writers of medical dramas need to incorporate the sad truth that sometimes...things just don't work out.
The really risky surgery that the patient wants to make his or her life better after some pondering, then decides to get it .... it always turns out okay. Sure, patient codes or has a seizure 5-10 times an episode but that's just for the suspense of the thing due to lack of different resolution.
By "Different resolution" I mean; the patient gets that risky surgery that the doctors warn to not get because of all the risks...and, surprise; it actually goes wrong. IT seems like that never seems to matter in these shows. I'm not just talking about 'The Good Doctor', but other medical shows as well. Even my favourite show of all time - the other David Shore show; HOUSE had the same formula.
House preached that life shouldn't just be random. People die during surgery - even routine ones, and this is never used in medical dramas. I would like the show more often if it was more true to the sad reality that life sucks and people die. Good people die, bad people get scrapes and walk away with a few bandages or stitches. We need to be let down more often.
Again, this is just my opinion, and I was ready to make this post as soon as Yara got her surgery and ended up with zero tics, zero complications even though most of the episode of her plot was about how risky it was and how they could still be there.
AND got to the end and, honestly, I saw Dr. Glassman's hands shaking a little and I had the feeling he would be losing his talents. He misses something or leaves something in; either way, it could be a plot device:
The recurrence of Dr. Glassman's cancer arc.
I'm a little satisfied with this idea but also a little not-surprised since it would feel right to do it at episode 17. The big dramatic season finale needed the parallel between Glassman as the father figure and Shaun being the dad.
WHICH ALSO MEANS; what I said was right in another post;
Dr. Glassman's cancer is back and advanced stage 4. Metastasis all over the body, and he's dying quickly.
Lea goes into labor the same time Dr. Glassman is on his deathbed. Dr. Glassman dies, and Shaun and Lea have a beautiful son, and decide to name it....
Well, you know what I'm gonna say.
I feel like this is where the show is the only place it can head. If David Shore wants to break a little from the
  1. It's not cancer
  2. It's cancer but it's benign
  3. He made a boo-boo this one time
  4. He drank a little too much coffee
Then we need to follow suit of a mess. Life is messy and tragic and we all lose our parents. Aaron was Shaun's parent and this is an inevitability.
I'm begging you, please, David Shore, break everyone's hearts. Stop having the predictable A >> B plots. People succumb from simple or not-so-simple surgeries all the time; let's let what we watch reflect that even sometimes.
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2023.03.21 08:36 6804841234 Today I found out that my 4 year relationship was a lie.

It began when my boyfriend picked me up from work and I had to drop him off at the dock so that he could leave on his fishing excursion with his mates. He contacted me from another phone inquiring whether he left his phone in the car and if I could see it anywhere nearby after forgetting it in my car. I explained to him that I was driving and it was raining, so I couldn't look for it right away. I then pulled over to the side and discovered it on the passenger floor. They were gone when I arrived at the dock after turning around and driving there. I continued driving home without stopping to check his phone at the time because I had no plans to do so and was actually quite occupied.
I simply went ahead and browsed through his images later that night as I prepared to go to bed and discovered that he had unintentionally screen recorded his Telegram account. I looked up telegram because I didn't know what it was, and I found out it's a place where people post noodes and share private sxx videos. He was continuously conversing with other people and sending personal noods and sxx movies of us. There were several of the girls from where I stayed. not my face, but rather my body's intimate areas. He has a serious obsession with this girl, Antonia. He has a long-standing obsession with her.
He has 8K videos and photographs of numerous girls, including me, in his storage, according to his account, and he has downloaded a ton of applications to just fufu and communicate to both men and women. He was horrified when I confronted him that morning when he got home, and he said he understands if I want to break up with him because he's been doing this behind my back for the previous three years of our relationship. It's ridiculous, and now that he's admitting that he has a corn addiction, he's asking for my support and guidance to stop.
I'm not sure how to feel about the fact that while he didn't physically cheat on me, he did mentally and emotionally do so. At this point, I'm not sure if I really want to assist him. He says he feels embarrassed, but he has nowhere to turn. I've been with this person for four years, and while I really want to end things, I'm not sure how to do it.
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2023.03.21 08:35 drunkendreamer11 Need encouragement

Don’t mind the rant, I just need advice from strangers on the internet
I (22F) got a z prescription in January and couldn’t get myself to take it. I’ve struggled with that anxiety-depression wombo-combo for as long as I can remember, but it’s been getting progressively worse over the past few years to where I suspect it’s actually something more. I don’t really want these pills and tried other accessible options before turning to meds; I get heavily triggered by pharmaceuticals and medical environments. I waited 2 weeks and then took my first dose at 50mg during an upswing where I felt ready. The side effects were unbearable. Jaw clenched and chattering, body trembling, heavily paranoid, nauseated, feeling high… didn’t want to touch that damn pill again.
It’s been a little over a month since then. After talking to my psych, we’re lowering the dose to 25 where I can easily cut it off if I need to. I’m reeling from a horrible weekend and I feel like it’s time to try again. Im tired of feeling unhappy and unstable, and I just want so bad to feel free and happy. Im going to take a pill right now before going to bed but im terrified. Im scared of the side effects, interactions with drugs/alc (im a frequent smoker), decreased libido, plus not even knowing what it will do to me or if it will even work. I’m done with seeing my closest friends so affected by my poor mental health and heavy swings.
Any advice or encouragement would be appreciated. I desperately want change but I’m afraid of how this drug will change me.
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2023.03.21 08:32 No_Cranberry7862 Trigger Warning- SST, Childhood Trauma

TW! heavy trigger warning on this one. I am looking for a safe space to talk to people who might understand.
I have a memory that is truly disgusting and burns me up inside when I remember it. I was 11 or 10 years old in fifth grade when I touched myself in class. We sat in groups of four and I was on the outside of the room. It was quick, but I know for certain the person next to me and the group next to me saw it. I actually made eye contact on and off. All together the moment was a minute or so. The group next to me was laughing and pointing- and years later in high school these people would make faces at me and I wasn't sure why. A year ago I realized it was because of this, because of what I did in class. I only remember exactly two of the people who saw, the three others and maybe more I don't know, possibly the teacher- I'm not sure. Here's the thing. I was molested by a sibling when I was 9 or 10. This made me loose all purity. I had no sense of when sexuality was okay or not. I needed a trusted adult and my dynamic of my parents neglected me. But it was too late. I wish a teacher had pulled me aside and calmly told me not to do that. I wish some sort of trusted adult could have had some sort of talk with me to be okay. Obviously I was not okay psychologically and needed help. There were a lot of times I needed help and teachers would quite literally bully me. I was grieving a childhood I never got to live in while still being in my childhood. My mother degraded me and sexualized me all in my years of growing up- so sexuality was repressed, I wasn't taught to respect myself or my body and I really thought this masturbating thing was something I only knew of in the whole world, so in that moment of when I did it in class I thought I could do it and I had no idea it was very wrong to do in public. I only did this once in class. The only reason I knew it was wrong was because of the reaction of others from this moment.
I know teachers and parents, maybe even friends or guys I was interested in could have known about what I did. I know this because- fast forward from fifth grade to highschool- I was on the lacrosse team and one day we went to the elementary school I attended for practice. When we were exiting the bus, I knew I felt shame (but at that time I hadn't remembered brain repressed the memory of what I did in fifth grade, all I knew was this place was not good.) So I kept my head low when I walked over to the field. I see teachers I knew back in my day and time there, standing there in awe. They looked at me and said very quietly whispering to the teachers around them like gossiping, "is that----(my name)?". I pretended not to hear it and continued walking forward. Well a teammate caught up to me and said hey, did you go to school here in elementary? Those teachers are talking about you. My stomach had dropped to the depths of hell. So of course I could piece together that there was something going on with me in my elementary years that ruined who my teachers saw me as, and most likely kids who witnessed what I did- had trusting parents they probably confided in about what they had seen me do- and so on so forth, who knows how many people could know. I would like to add there were other people in my grade who were f(cked up mentally and did sexual things in class. I remember In high school hearing about stories of this one girl who did things to other students and to herself in class. I grew up in a very small town, everybody I MEAN EVERYBODY knew everyone's business. My grade was terrible. Even our middle school principal at graduation told us we were the worst group of kids he's ever met. I have other sexual trauma from kids in my grade, things they did to me and it involved the police and investigations but for the sake of this post I'll try to just keep whatever details are important for the main concern of the story.
There were many moments in my upbringing of teachers just being nasty and disgusting to me- I was in special needs classes. I wasn't slow- I needed heavy psychological counseling because my mind could not focus on school work. But seemingly no one could see that and get me help. I was just seen as incompetent. There were so many times I needed help and teachers looked down on me. Those two people I mentioned, that I remember who they were at the moment in when I did what I did in fifth grade, there were so many times in high school when these people would give me disgusting looks- couldn't figure out why they would look at me like that because my brain had suppressed the memory of what I did, but when I remembered last year the suppressed memory- I figured out why those people were looking at me how they did. I could see it in their eye they thought I was disgusting. I'll be going throughout my day and remember the look on their face for what I did in fifth grade, or how they would look at me in high school and then I didn't know why. There are two people I remember from that fifth grade incident. There is one person who still follows my spam insta account, and when I post they are the first to like. It has a few hundred followers from hometown people. It makes me shriek in shame when I see their name liked my post. I remember that person was nice to me in high school though... (neither of them I really interacted with in highschool, didn't have classes with) There is that second person who I remember is a best-friend of a boy I had been involved with on and off throughout the years. Even in college now I on and off associate with this boy (he did not see what I did in the fifth grade, he went to another elemntary school) But I do wonder if he knows what I did. Maybe his best friend who saw what I did told him. I went to prom with one of their other friends and I remember this one memory of being in the car after prom. It was just after the prom headed back, I asked them if we could go to any after parties together since they were hyping up having know where parties would be, making it obvious they were talking about going to an after party right now. So out of pity they invited me to go with. We had stopped at my date's house because I asked my date to borrow clothes since I didn't want to be in all dressed up still at the after party having been dolled up for hours at prom.
while I sat in the car with the one person who saw what I did, and the boy who I was involved with on and off who I assume doesn't know why I did because he wasn't there to witness it, I just remember how disturbed the one person (who knew what I did) looked, and when I tried to make small talk with him he was scared and completely avoided the conversation. I was sitting in the back of the car with the boy I had been on and off with when we were driving, my prom date in the passnger and the one person who witnessed what I did driving. So when my prom date went inside. I was so scared to talk to who I had been on and off with since we had not been on speaking terms then, that I got out to sit in the front seat. I just remember feeling all sorts of weird that no one was talking and I felt I needed to move around. So I started talking to the person (who had witnessed what I did in fifth grade, and I hadn't remembered what I had done yet at that time). All I had mentioned was what music we're listening to, and if they thought my date would be back with clothes or not because it had been a while of them in their house. The person driving, and the person I was involved with would just snicker to themselves and give eye contact to each other that made me think they were judging me. In reality I do think my date was texting the two in the car with me on how to not let me go to the party with them and was avoiding returning into the car. Eventually my date comes back with the clothes and they just dropped me off home. Completely flunked me from the plans of going to the party with them. I was invited to go to that same party by other people and it was awkward seeing them but there were a lot of people around. So maybe somewhere along the line of our schooling years this one friend of theirs, in the friend group of my prom date had told people about what he saw me do in fifth grade. Maybe he told the guy I was interested in on and off growing up with. Maybe my prom date knew too. I really am not sure if he told anyone at all, this kid was very quiet and reserved but in the comfort of his friends who know's what is said. I am not sure why they wanted to exclude me but for the reasons I've mentioned of their friend knowing what I did, I'm inclined to believe something like that. I've never heard gossip about me from that fifth grade incident though. Anyway,
I am deeply traumatized by these memories. Whenever I get intimate sexy feelings now- I get flashbacks of remembering those peoples faces or remembering what I did. It's like Im reliving the same moment of that time again of me sitting in that seat in fifth grade. It was only last year when I remembered this memory. I want to ask my parents if they can tell me anything about my sexuality as a kid but it might tear me apart. There is a part of me that needs to know in order to heal. My mother would say horrible things to me about liking boys and being so rambunctious about boys at a young age, when in reality I was hyper focused on sex because I was taught by my sibling it was normal & casual. My sibling would put on porn, or draw penises and say I did it, parents would find it, and my sibling would say I was the one who did it. When in reality I haven't even had the faintest conception of sex, and couldn't even perceive my body/mind, and my sibling had been sexually abusing me. I was just a kid. I remember when I recollected the memory of being molested by this immediate family member- I wanted to scream from the rooftops and let everyone know this is what happened to me. I wanted to tell people THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED!! So that I could justify my wrongdoing to the people who viewed me as disgusting since I was sexually abused. I would have to hold myself back from telling people this. I eventually told my father. We talked, and we agreed I need help. This was last year.
Due to covid, college has been weird and the first college I went to was shut down and I had to live with this sibling of mine. Long story short- it was hell living with them, just a constant one sided battle. Again, I was just a kid (17/18 yr) when my sibling preyed on me. Nothing sexual happened in my time of living with them, I lived with them and their partner although and there were moments that was incredibly repulsive around sexuality. Their partner is wonderful though, they didn't know about the part where their partner was a molester to a family member and actually treated me like a true sibling This person was very level headed, compassionate, outright just loving- something that my sibling is far from. I even told my sibling I thought of them more like a sibling then them in the heat of an arugement one time but I really meant it. When we were kids, my parents were there for us and provided, just a ton of emotional neglect/abuse- never did they sexually harm. It truly was just my sibling molesting me because I am the same sex of their preferred sexuality, they explored on me WHEN I WAS JUST A KID. During my time living there with my sibling and their partner in my early college years- I asked myself why was it that I felt so god-damn repulsed, unhinged and unsafe around this person (sibling). A couple days later after asking myself this- I was doing a mundane task where I wasn't really thinking about anything particular in the moment and it hit me. I remembered the moments of being touched as a kid by my sibling. I remember falling to the ground and dry heaving. From that moment on I made a pact with myself to get better grades, do well enough to get accepted to another college and move out. That is exactly what I did and its been almost a year since then. Only now am I comfortable talking about my life events, what lead to it, how it's effecting me and working through the emotions. I am 21 about to graduate college. This memory is the class incident and my memories of being touched as a kid by a family member eat me up everyday. I have tried to seek help, I went to my current university's program of psychiatric care but they were only allowed to take me in for a few times as a consultation before they provide other resources outside of the school- because they weren't getting paid directly from the students for sessions, and everyone wants to get paid so they would shoo us off to other therapists nearby. I have had many horribly experiences with therapy and psychiatric care- that when this happened, again, I was turned off from seeking help. It reminded me I am just another check to them. I need something more then therapy- I have PTSD episodes stemming from this and other things from my childhood. What therapies can I look into that can rewire my brain/body, instead of just reliving the experiences by talking to a therapist? I have a lot of sexual trauma and all talking about it does is convulse my body from the panic attack I induce on myself when I bring the memories forward. All the therapist does is nod and smile. I need to actually help my body and alleviate the painful memories. What options do I have? Are there therapies that focus on things like this? Please someone give me some insight. Thank you.
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2023.03.21 08:32 brighteningthesky burned out and overall sad :(

hello, i think i'm just here to vent :( apologies for length
so i'm graduating at the end of this semester. Back in 2021, i felt like i was on top of the world mentally. Like bounced back from unexpected life events to get near-perfect grades, took on a ton of ECs, etc. Towards the middle of 2022 until recently everything started slipping and I lost literally all of my drive and motivation to do anything. I thought i was severely depressed for almost a year.
After going to the doctor for something else a few weeks ago, they found out my vitamin B12 level was pretty much undetectable to the point where it could have caused irreversible neurological damage. It sounds ridiculous and I didn't believe it at first but the doctor said fatigue, exhaustion, and even mental illnesses including depression and psychosis had been linked to deficiencies less severe than mine. we still don't know how it happened to begin with, but sure enough, I got on the shots/supplements and i feel like i've been catapulted back into my body- but have no idea who was in control that whole time or how I ended up here.
During that year, my grades dropped and i ruined all of the work i'd done on my gpa, I got behind on mcat studying despite having to take it in may, and went from 4.0 semesters to being leagues behind in all of my classes to where i'm failing a few. I'm literally working constantly trying to fix what I screwed up but I honestly don't know if I can, i've missed so many assignments and exams. I dream about failing and falling behind in the few hours of sleep I do get a week and I'm working near full time doing research too.
Despite finally feeling like myself again, i don't know that i can fix what i've broken or climb out of the hole i've dug. I've emailed professors with so many different excuses and feel awful about it, i'm not even going to my college graduation because i feel like i don't deserve to walk across the stage with the people who actually put in the work to succeed and turned all their stuff in on time. It literally feels like I vacated my body for a year and have woken up inside a complete nightmare.
anyway thanks for reading my massive rant :,) if you've been somewhere similar how did you get through? pls help i'm drowning in missed homeworks rn
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2023.03.21 08:30 Odd-Jackfruit1565 I have and achieved everything I could ever wish for in life but I’m still depressed, I still want to kill myself

Hey there.
So I started working young. I started by selling clothes and cell phone accessories at the age of 10. I got into a corporate job at 19, and rose up the ladder. I’ve interned at Meta(Facebook), I’ve worked in a lot of companies since. I’m making six figures monthly, I have the house, the car, generally speaking, my body and diet is above average.
I have everything I could have ever wanted but I still am depressed. I cry for no reason. I’m sad for no reason. Life seems so meaningless. Is this it? Is this what life has to offer? It’s just an endless loop of nothingness, it’s like we’re just going through the motion and we don’t even want to admit it.
I never had a lot before. I grew up poor. I’m now making so much. I’m donating as much as I can. I’m helping the people around me achieve what they set out to achieve. I give back to the community and everyone around me. I always try to pay it forward and instill it to others as well.
Despite this I feel an empty hole, nothing makes sense.
Is there something wrong with me?
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2023.03.21 08:29 flexium007 Technology in Exercise

Technology has evolved the day to day life of individuals as it has completely changed the way of living and doing business. One of the modern trends and major resources in this is, of course, the use of mobile applications. Technology makes many things better and easier. Health and Fitness are no exception. Apps and smartphones have become a considerable part of today's culture and overruling everyone's life with their ease of use and significant features.
"How do mobile health and fitness apps help the user?" 
The market is flooded with numerous health and fitness apps each offering different advantages. A person aspiring to become more fit can choose from among these options. Let us take a look at how mobile apps help us stay in shape.
• Apps have made fitness routines more affordable and accessible:
You no longer need to go hunting for a yoga class or gym in your neighborhood or hire costly personal trainers to lose weight. Just look up a suitable app that meets your needs, install it on your Smartphone or Android and start pumping. Distance and money can no longer prevent people from exercising.
• Set realistic fitness goals:
There are many of us who aspire to look like supermodels regardless of our lifestyles. We may be trapped in sedentary lifestyles and jobs which offer little or no opportunities for fitness. Setting up an unreachable goal at the beginning of our workout regime can be the catalyst for starting the fitness regime, but is hardly sustainable. Apps like Couch to 5K help to set up realistic goals within our desired time frame. They take us to the next level of exercise only after we achieve the previous target. This helps in sustaining our exercise regime which is the hardest challenge for beginners!
• Apps help to monitor your workout routines:
There are mobile apps that will need you to put data like your calorie intake, your daily routine, your fitness regime, and your fitness goals. They will monitor your calorie intake and calories burnt throughout the day. They will offer encouraging comments throughout your workout regime and tell you how to perform a particular exercise. Myfitnesspal and Edmundo Sports Tracker are apps that store our personal workout history and motivate us to outdo our best performance.
Running apps like Runtastic help us to see our running progress. If you are bored of your running workout, you may use apps like Zombies run to change your regime and make it more interesting. This app turns your daily runs into epic missions. Each run you go on is like an episode of a zombie show and you’re the main character. All you need to do to get started is to start a mission and listen to the story as you run. What makes it more exciting is that you hear zombie sounds as you run and the only way to get away from them is to get moving. Often we feel dehydrated while running. There is an app to monitor your water intake as well! It’s called Waterlogged and it pushes you to take water at regular intervals during your run.
• Offer new ideas for your workout regime:
Apps like Jefit and Body fitness are advanced apps that suggest new resistance training workouts for specific muscles in our body. The Yoga app and Tai Chi are more apps that give specific pictures, instructions, and videos to improve your workout and stretch-on-the-go.
• Monitor our diet and suggest healthy methods of cooking:
It is well-accepted fact that for losing weight and improving our overall health, diet is as important a factor as our fitness regimes. If you are concerned about the food you are eating, there is no shortage of apps to advice you about healthy options of food to choose, the nearest dietary store or restaurant, healthy methods of cooking a particular foodstuff and calculate the number of calories you consumed and need to burn! MyNetDiary and CalorieCounter are two popular apps in this category.
• Apps help us to stay connected with people having the same fitness goals:
Some health apps like iMapMyRide, FitGang, and iMapMyFitness are linked to social networking sites like Facebook. They help us to connect with people having the same fitness goals and following the same fitness regimes. This helps to build an inspiring community of health lovers and even offer healthy competition among the members.
"So, what are you waiting for? Just download a suitable app and start working out."
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2023.03.21 08:28 brutally_honest4810 Workout split suggestion

▪︎ About me- 16M, 5'10, 60kg (slight underweight working on it), I would call myself a lower intermediate ( 30-35 continous push ups, 5-7 pull ups), have been doing full body workout only till now, Im pretty atheltic most of the days ( walking approx 15-25k steps )
▪︎ I would be doing workout 6 times a week approx 1.5-2h ( 15min ( pre+post workout streches), 15min (full body workout) and then i'll focus on hitting that day muscle for the rest of the time)
▪︎ Splits Im considering- Full Body workout were good till now but they feel a little slow + I dont feel that pain, and personally i dont like PPL
  1. Indivdual Muscle with 1 day for cardio [Chest, Back, Leg, Arms+Shoulder, Cardios, Changeable, Rest]
  2. 2 muscle (Major+Minor) each day with 1 day for cardio [ Chest+Arm , Back+Shpulder, Cardio+core, Leg, Back+Chest, Changeable, Rest]
  3. More than 2 each day
  4. Suggest
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2023.03.21 08:26 justanotherhuman-123 I’m really tired of trying. Any kindness would be appreciated as I have a difficult time opening up to anyone.

Another trigger warning, suicide ideation etc. I just need to talk and if anyone can help me or offer words of support I will be so grateful.
Anonymous account for obvious reasons. So I have been working on myself in therapy since 2015. I started having flashbacks in 2016 of being sexually abused by my mother and I’ve been working on healing this. My dad knew about it and he just watched. Sometimes my mom would force my dad to do stuff to me too. It happened to my sister as well but she has become pretty verbally abusive so I don’t speak to her. It’s been extremely painful and I’ve made attempts to end my life in the past.
I work in a very fast paced work environment because it’s all I can find for full time work, and literally all my energy is going in to just getting up and going to work. I’ve never stayed at a job this long, so it’s an accomplishment for me to have been at a job for over a year. But every time I’ve left a job it’s because I cannot handle it mentally, and I am horrible at socializing and I find it exhausting. I still wear a face mask at work because some days I just do not want to even try to look happy. A lot of my colleagues keep saying “your mom” to me and it makes me want to scream and tell them they have no idea what I’ve been through, but I have to stay silent because it’s not professional. I understand it’s a playful joke but I hate them for continuing to say it.
I recently broke up with my boyfriend cause his anger and lack of emotional intelligence was making me have a lot of emotional flashbacks, and he would get angry at me for having flashbacks and crying because I “should have tried harder to prevent them” and he wouldn’t even hold my hand or comfort me when I asked him to. Instead he got angry and said I don’t care about him at all, even though he never shared his problems with me when I ask him if he needs emotional support. I told my therapist this and she said I should try to find a new roommate because his behaviour was unacceptable. I was afraid to leave him because I can’t afford to live on my own and I haven’t been approved for financial assistance from the government. I couldn’t even tell my boyfriend how much he genuinely hurt me because I know he would actually try to ruin my life because that’s the kind of person he is, I had to play it off like I wanted him to be happy without me and that I was still in love with him. One thing he said to me that I can’t forget: “if you’re unhappy with what I give you in this relationship then fuck you”
I will have to work more hours which will exhaust me more. And even with full time work I will be living pay check to pay check. I refuse to communicate and maintain any real relationship with my family because they all denied the abuse happened or they didn’t support me at all. I have two friends but they just had kids and I hate being around kids because they are extremely triggering to be around . So I don’t visit them or talk to them. And it’s so hard for me to make friends at work or anywhere because I’m afraid of people
I hate my life and I hate my body. I’m planning on putting a plastic bag on my head and just going to sleep forever. Maybe this weekend, maybe tonight I don’t know. Or there is a bridge I can jump off of. I’m honestly just so fucking sick of being alive and having to be pleasant at work while I consider the possibility of ending my life when my shift is over. I hate being reminded that my mother exists, and the fact that she has property and lots of money in the bank and she’s free to do whatever she wants. I fucking hate this world and I hate everyone on this goddamn planet. I’m ready to give up
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2023.03.21 08:24 Boring-Survey-6927 Diet advice

Hey guys I was wondering how important vegetables are for your diet?
For context I'm 22, work a relatively active job, 6"6 86kgs, MMA, G league basketball.
I gave been on IF for last 4 years eating mostly meat and nuts (lactose otherwise my life would be much much easier I could just eat cheese) Been on 0 sugar besides sugar in the meat or nuts I eat, I am a begginer when it comes to nutrition I just eat what I think is right but I have no clue, growing up everyone raved about health benefits of veges.
I feel good no spikes in energy generally and look a lot better body wise than I have in the past however I'm wondering if even though I feel healthy I could still have some underlying serious health condition I don't know about due to my mono diet and this worry has kept me up for 2hrs at night the last 3 days . Wondering if anyone had dietary tips or some sort of experience with a similar diet or health conditions I could look out for, I fast and have next to 0 sugar, low carbs everyday simply because it's a whole lot cheaper than eating sugary foods and high carb foods.
I don't follow my tdee or whatever it's called I just learnt about it last week another problem I have is I can't eat the amount of fat and protein I need because I get way too full after small meals, I drink protein shake but I have to have a bunch of scoops and I read online it should supplement your diet and not be the majority of your protein?any tips on getting more protein when I get full too easily would also be much appreciated
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