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Sneha Anne Philip was an Indian-American physician who was last seen on September 10, 2001, by a department store surveillance camera near her Lower Manhattan apartment. Due to the proximity of the World Trade Center and her medical training, Philip's family believes she perished trying to help victims of the following day's 9/11 terrorist attacks, and was consequently ruled a victim in 2008. However, no evidence has ever been found that indicate she was a victim. Her whereabouts remain unknown.

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2023.03.21 09:02 Educational-Nose223 Tea Burn Reviews Reddit : My Experience On Tea Burn ⚠️THE TRUTH⚠️

Tea Burn Reviews Reddit : My Experience On Tea Burn ⚠️THE TRUTH⚠️

Tea Burn Reviews Reddit : My Experience On Tea Burn ⚠️THE TRUTH⚠️

Tea Burn Reviews
Here is a review of the Tea Burn powder, an excellent fat loss supplement. A number of Tea Burn customer reviews were reviewed by our team to gather more information about the supplement.
Today, the health industry is filled with fat loss supplements that promise to provide you with all sorts of health benefits. However, most of these supplements are laced with chemicals, allergens, and stimulants that can harm your bodily health. Therefore, you must be very careful whilst picking a supplement to aid fat loss in your body.
Most people lead busy lives wherein they don't have the time to carry out this research. This is why our research and the editorial team started investigating the right supplement that could help you lose weight effectively without compromising your overall health. The supplement had been designed by experts to help both men and women in achieving their desired body figure.
The Tea Burn supplement can help you in losing weight with an advanced formula that can benefit your health in more than one way. All the Tea Burn ingredients are 100% natural and hence, completely safe for your body. The Tea Burn formula is designed to initiate instant fat-burning in the human body.
Here is a review of the Tea Burn powder, an excellent fat loss supplement. A number of Tea Burn customer reviews were reviewed by our team to gather more information about the supplement.

What Is Tea Burn Supplement?

Tea Burn is a supplement that can turn your ordinary tea in the morning into an energy booster morning tea. According to the official website of this incredible fat loss supplement, it is the world's only 100% natural and safe proprietary, patent-pending formula that can induce fat loss in a short period of time.
Whilst consuming the Tea Burn fat loss product, you can expect a surge of energy, enhanced metabolism, and improved overall health in no time. All the Tea Burn ingredients are super effective in switching your body to a fat-burning state so that you lose weight easily.
The supplement uses only natural ingredients like green coffee beans, chlorogenic acid, L-carnitine, green coffee extract, green tea extract, and many others. The strong amino acid profile of the supplement makes it a natural fat burner. The ingredients also deliver antioxidants to your body that can help burn fat layers stored deep inside.
The nutritional supplement offers high energy levels and strength to the user so that he/she can remain active throughout the day. It can restrict food cravings and electrify your metabolism. This is why the supplement has received hundreds of positive Tea Burn reviews online.
Tea Burn is free from harmful compounds that can interfere with your general well-being. The usage of essential amino acids, coffee extract, and green tea make the supplement fit for everyday consumption.
It is very easy to consume this supplement. Just add Tea Burn to your favorite cup of tea, let it dissolve completely, and drink it to achieve healthy fat loss.

How Does Tea Burn Work?

You will find only natural ingredients in Tea Burn. All these ingredients are safe and healthy for everyday consumption and are derived from trusted sources. The supplement uses a potent combination of these ingredients to induce fat loss in your body.
Tea Burn ingredients include green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, chlorogenic acid, and L-carnitine, among many others. These ingredients are tested by third-party labs to maintain maximum purity, potency, and quality. These are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that can nourish your body properly.
Tea Burn works by sending your body into a fat-burning mode so that you can optimize your body weight in no time. The coffee extract from green coffee beans helps to control your cravings and reduce your appetite. Once your calorie intake is restricted, the supplement burns fat cells in your body quickly.
Tea Burn works by boosting your metabolism and increasing your energy levels so that you burn fat easily. The supplement's formulation helps shed excess fat in the human body. During this process, you don't feel fatigued easily as the supplement supplies essential nutrients to your body.
If you want to engage in strenuous workouts, you can mix Tea Burn to your morning tea every day and experience the best results with full energy. Apart from providing you with fat loss benefits, the supplement also helps maintain blood sugar levels, tackles high blood pressure, and supports your heart health.
The duration of the consumption of the supplement depends upon how much weight you want to lose with it. If you want to lose around 10-15 pounds, you must consume it for more than a couple of months.

What Are The Characteristics/Features Of Tea Burn?

If you are looking for a natural supplement that can help aid fat loss in your body, this is the right choice for you. The Tea Burn fat loss product has been developed by health experts to help individuals lose weight naturally. If you follow a healthy diet and lifestyle along with the intake of this supplement, you can achieve good overall health.
The formula of the Tea Burn supplement can help you maintain high energy levels and perform physical activities without getting tired. Whilst looking at the official Tea Burn website, our team found that the supplement is loaded with impressive features that distinguish it from other fat loss supplements.
The characteristics of Tea Burn are as follows:
It is made from 100% natural ingredients derived from trusted sources
Tea Burn contains safe ingredients that are free from gluten, soy, and GMOs
The supplement's strong amino acid profile is 100% effective as it is free from chemicals, fillers, and preservatives
Taking Tea Burn daily can help you maintain a healthy blood sugar level
The Tea Burn formula can be easily dissolved in lemon tea or any other tea of your choice
Whilst losing weight with the help of Tea Burn, you can still experience high energy levels
The supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
Tea Burn undergoes lab tests to ensure maximum purity and potency
Since the supplement uses natural elements to burn fat in your body, it does not cause any side effects in your body

What Does Tea Burn Claim To Do?

Tea Burn is a 100% natural supplement that aims to provide your body with various health benefits. It contains amino acids and natural ingredients that have proven effective in helping people lose weight. The Tea Burn supplement aids fat loss in the body with its strong amino acid profile.
Tea Burn claims to improve your metabolism and energy levels by using the right blend of ingredients. The supplement supports the fat-burning process in your body whilst keeping your overall health intact. The Tea Burn formula has been designed to remove extra fat from your body.
Tea Burn contains effective ingredients that can promote good eating habits in regular users by controlling their calorie intake by curbing cravings. When you don't consume extra calories, you achieve fat loss easily.
With the help of the nutritional complex of the Tea Burn powder, you can lose weight effectively without getting deprived of energy. In addition, this fat loss product also tackles high blood pressure and abnormal blood sugar in the human body.
Just add this supplement to your morning tea every day to see visible results.

What Are The Ingredients Used In Tea Burn?

Let us have a look at the ingredients in Tea Burn that make it into such an effective supplement that helps promote fat loss in a healthy and safe manner:
Caffeine is another ingredient that can be used to enhance your fat loss efforts. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which increases energy expenditure.
You may have heard about caffeine being bad for you, but it actually helps people lose weight by increasing their metabolic rate.
The problem is that too much caffeine can cause insomnia, anxiety, headaches, and other negative side effects. If you are trying to reduce coffee intake, try drinking decaf instead. You will still get all the benefits without any of the downsides.
Caffeine works by blocking adenosine receptors. Adenosine is a neurotransmitter that causes drowsiness. When we consume caffeine, our bodies release more adenosine which makes us feel awake.
Caffeine can also give you an extra push if you want to work out harder. Studies show that caffeine boosts exercise endurance and muscle strength. The reason for this is that caffeine increases blood flow to muscles during intense workouts.
This means that if you work out after consuming caffeine, you will use less oxygen and therefore perform better.
However, caffeine should not be consumed before working out. This is because caffeine blocks adenosine receptors and prevents your brain from sending signals to your heart to pump blood faster. This could lead to irregular heartbeat and fainting.

Green Tea
Green tea contains catechins, antioxidants that have been proven to increase thermogenesis or heat production. This means that green tea can help you burn more calories while at rest.
Studies show that consuming up to three cups of green tea per day can lead to significant fat loss. The amount varies depending on how often you drink it.
Green tea extract is an effective way to lose weight because it boosts your metabolism. When you consume green tea extract, it enters your bloodstream, where it then travels to your liver. Your liver breaks down the extract into small molecules called polyphenols. These polyphenols enter your bloodstream and travel throughout your body. They bind to receptors in your cells and trigger chemical reactions that speed up your metabolism.
This process causes your body to use stored fats for fuel rather than carbohydrates. As a result, you burn more calories while resting.
Green tea extract also improves insulin sensitivity. Insulin is a hormone that controls how your body uses glucose. Insulin resistance occurs when your body doesn’t respond properly to insulin.
When this happens, your body stores excess sugar as fat. By improving insulin sensitivity, green tea extract allows your body to better control its blood sugar levels.
Green tea also contains L-theanine, an amino acid that relaxes your nervous system without making you feel drowsy or sedated. Studies have shown that drinking four cups of green tea per day may lead to up to a 3-pound fat loss over 12 weeks!

Chromium helps regulate blood sugar levels. It does this by increasing the activity of insulin receptors. Chromium also stimulates thyroid hormones, which play a role in controlling appetite.
In addition, chromium reduces cholesterol absorption and lowers triglyceride levels. In fact, studies show that people who take chromium supplements experience lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels.
The recommended daily allowance for chromium is 200 mcg. However, most multivitamins contain only 100 mcg. To make sure you are getting enough chromium, look for products with 300 mcg or higher.
Chromium works by binding to proteins called GTPases. These proteins act like switches that turn genes on and off. The chromium binds to these proteins and turns them off, preventing them from turning genes on.
As a result, chromium suppresses the release of certain hormones that cause hunger. Chromium also increases the secretion of leptin, a hormone that tells your brain when you are full.
Chromium also helps reduce inflammation. Inflammation is caused by free radicals that damage cells. Free radicals are produced during exercise and other activities that require energy.
Because chromium has antioxidant properties, it protects your cells against free radical damage. This makes it easier for your body to recover from workouts and other physical stressors.

Green Coffee Beans
Green coffee beans contain chlorogenic acids (CGAs). Chlorogenic acids are powerful antioxidants that prevent free radicals from damaging your DNA and cell membranes. Free radicals are known to contribute to cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and aging.
Chlorogenic acids also boost your metabolism. When you eat foods rich in CGAs, they stimulate your digestive tract to produce enzymes that break down food into nutrients.
In addition, chlorogenic acids improve insulin sensitivity. Research shows that people who take chlorogenic acids supplements experience improved blood sugar regulation.
The combination of these two properties makes green coffee beans one of the best natural ways to lose weight.
Green coffee bean extract has been used for centuries to treat various health conditions. It was first discovered by scientists in Germany in 1828.
Green coffee beans also contain a compound called cafestol. Cafestol stimulates your thyroid gland to release hormones that regulate energy expenditure.
Cafestol also increases your metabolic rate. Metabolic rate refers to the number of calories your body burns each hour.

L-theanine is another ingredient found in Tea Burn that helps reduce stress and promote fat loss. Stress affects your appetite and mood.
L-theanine is an amino acid belonging to the neurotransmitter group called amines. Amines help transmit signals between nerve cells.
Amines can either excite or calm nerves depending on their concentration. The most common type of amine is serotonin. Serotonin is associated with feelings of happiness and well-being.
Serotonin is produced naturally in the brain. However, it is not always present in sufficient quantities.
Studies show that people with high levels of cortisol tend to overeat. Cortisol is a hormone released during times of stress.
Research suggests that L-theanine reduces cortisol production. This means that you will be less likely to crave unhealthy snacks if you drink green tea regularly.
Other studies suggest that L-theanine promotes relaxation and lowers anxiety. In other words, L-theanine helps you sleep better at night.
Prescription Drugs Vs. Natural Supplements For Fat loss
There is no doubt that prescription drugs have many benefits. They can help control pain, lower cholesterol, and even increase bone density.
However, there is also evidence that prescription drugs may cause serious side effects. These include heart problems, liver damage, and birth defects.
Natural supplements like Tea Burn offer safe alternatives to prescription drugs. You do not need a doctor’s approval to use them.
Tea Burn works by boosting your metabolism. Your metabolism is the process that converts food into energy.
When you eat foods rich in caffeine, they speed up your metabolism. Caffeine speeds up your digestion as well.
Green tea has been shown to boost your metabolism for up to 24 hours after drinking it.
This is why Tea Burn includes both green tea extract and caffeine. Both ingredients work together to give you a faster metabolism.
In addition to increasing your metabolism, Green tea boosts your energy level. It also improves your focus and memory.
These are all important factors when trying to lose weight.

What Are The Benefits Of Tea Burn?

You can find Tea Burn supplements on its official website. The Tea Burn fat loss product is loaded with health benefits that can enhance your well-being to a great extent and make you fully active. Tea Burn contains only natural ingredients in its composition that help in offering proper nourishment to your body.
The Tea Burn formula is designed to provide your body with essential nutrients and antioxidants. Taking Tea Burn daily can help you lose weight and achieve your desired figure without getting weak.
Our team across many Tea Burn reviews where users were extremely satisfied with the results they achieved from the regular consumption of this supplement. Let's take a look at the benefits of Tea Burn.

Improves Body's Natural Metabolism
The Tea Burn formula is rich in nutrients that help in keeping your overall health intact. As the supplement seeks to initiate fat-burning in your body, it does not do so by stealing all your energy. Rather, Tea Burn promotes metabolism by supplying your body with nutrition from the natural ingredients used in the Tea Burn formula.
Tea Burn contains effective ingredients that remove excess fat from your body and enhance your metabolic rate so that you lose weight even without doing anything.
Taking Tea Burn has plenty of fat loss benefits for your body.

Promotes Fat-Burning
The Tea Burn supplement contains ingredients like chlorogenic acid, green coffee beans, green tea extract, and many others that have plenty of fat loss benefits for your body. Various studies have linked the intake of these ingredients with fat loss.
They help the body burn fat by destroying fat cells. Consuming Tea Burn helps you lose fat in no time. The supplement has proven effective in assisting people in their fat loss journey by helping them lose weight.
Once you start losing weight with Tea Burn's help, you can easily achieve your fat loss goals.

Promotes High Energy Levels
Other benefits of Tea Burn include providing the users with high energy levels to sustain a number of physical activities during the day. Many people have reported getting a surge of energy after consuming Tea Burn in their Tea Burn reviews. The Tea Burn formula is rich in nutrients that supply you with energy.
Tea Burn contains effective ingredients that can help burn body fat and promote fat loss whilst keeping your energy intact. Even if you don't consume sugar or carbs, taking Tea Burn can make up for your daily energy supply.
The supplement carries plenty of health benefits for the human body.

Helps You Lose Weight Effectively
When you consume Tea Burn powder, you provide your body with a number of fat loss benefits. Ingredients like green tea extract, chlorogenic acid, and green coffee beans can promote fat-burning in your body so that you lose weight in no time.
It uses an amino acid, L-carnitine, to maintain your blood sugar level and remove excess body fat.

Reduces Food Cravings
Tea Burn contains effective ingredients that can curb your appetite and restrict your cravings by helping you feel full. You attain fat-burning easily when you are not consuming excess calories. It helps you lose weight naturally by enabling you to follow a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.
When you consume the Tea Burn formula every day, you get the fat loss benefits of green tea extract. The Tea Burn mix is excellent to get rid of body fat and maintain high energy levels.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
The Tea Burn fat loss supplement uses essential amino acids and green tea extract to stimulate blood sugar levels in the body. The Tea Burn powder can promote healthy blood sugar levels with the help of its effective formulation.
Tea burn promotes a normal blood sugar level by restricting your sugar cravings.

Enhances Mental Health
When you are on a healthy diet and consume Tea Burn formula loaded with effective natural ingredients, you support healthy brain function in your body. Consuming a Tea Burn supplement can make a positive difference to your mental health as it promotes fat loss and boosts blood circulation.

Promotes Healthy Blood Pressure Levels
Apart from regulating your blood sugar levels, Tea Burn claims to tackle high blood pressure with the help of ingredients like L-carnitine, green tea, chlorogenic acid, and others. Tea Burn contains these ingredients in the right quantities to regulate your blood pressure levels.

Is There Any Scientific Evidence Backing Tea Burn Powder?

Tea Burn is a natural supplement that contains proven ingredients in its composition. These natural ingredients have been scientifically proven to facilitate fat-burning in your body and help you to lose weight naturally. Of the many fat loss products available on the market, only Tea Burn contains the right blend of effective ingredients in its composition.
According to this research study, green tea extract can help in removing fat cells and burning body fat in the body. People often drink green tea because of its multiple fat loss benefits.
Another research study proves that green coffee bean extract provides chlorogenic acid to your body that can help in fat loss. Green coffee beans can burn fat cells in no time.
The Tea Burn formula also contains essential amino acids like L-theanine and L-carnitine that can regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
Many people have reported getting positive results in their Tea Burn reviews.

How To Consume Tea Burn?

Mix Tea Burn powder hot and cold beverages to achieve successful fat loss. Taking Tea Burn daily can help you lose weight in no time. By adding Tea Burn powder to your morning tea, you can notice a significant difference in your body weight.
When you drink Tea Burn daily, you provide your body with a host of benefits.

Tea Burn Pricing - How Much Does Tea Burn Cost?

Tea Burn is one of the most affordable fat loss supplements on the market right now. Taking Tea Burn daily can help you achieve your fat loss objectives. We suggest you buy Tea Burn only from its official website. When you buy Tea Burn from the official website, you get heavy discounts.
Tea Burn powder can help you achieve multiple fat loss gains, regulate your blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and offer high energy levels.
Click Here To Buy Tea Burn supplements on its official website.

Money-Back Guarantee

The Tea Burn supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you have not been able to achieve fat loss whilst drinking Tea Burn, you can return the supplement. Remember, you can avail of the money-back guarantee only if you purchase Tea Burn from the official website. Don't buy Tea Burn from anywhere else.
There are many Tea Burn reviews on their official website that speak positively about their flexible refund policy.

Is Tea Burn Safe?

The Tea Burn fat loss product uses ingredients like L-carnitine, coffee extract, and other safety elements that help you to lose weight easily. Tea Burn claims that its formula is gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly.
Mix Tea Burn to your tea daily and follow a healthy diet to experience the best results.

Foods That You Should Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

If you want to lose weight, you should avoid eating certain types of foods. Some foods make you gain weight, while others keep you from losing weight.
Here are some examples:
1. Sugar
Sugar makes you feel full. When you eat sugar, your stomach fills up quickly. This causes you to eat more than usual.
Sugar also slows down your metabolism. This means that you burn fewer calories throughout the day.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the recommended daily limit for sugar intake is 25 grams per day. That amount equals 6 teaspoons of sugar. However, most experts recommend no more than 10 teaspoons of sugar per day.
This recommendation comes from studies showing that higher sugar consumption is linked to obesity. Too much sugar can increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and tooth decay.
It can also contribute to weight gain.
There are several ways to reduce your sugar intake.
First, try cutting back on sugary drinks like sodas, sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices, and flavored waters. Second, cut back on desserts. Try substituting healthier snacks such as fresh fruit or low-fat yogurt.
Finally, choose whole grains instead of refined ones.

2. Fatty Foods
Fatty foods slow down your metabolism. Eating fatty foods keeps you feeling hungry. This leads to overeating.
Fatty foods can also lead to weight gain because they contain lots of calories.

3. Processed Food
Processed foods are often loaded with salt, sugar, and fat. These three ingredients make processed foods taste good.
But these ingredients also make you gain weight.
They are usually made out of refined flour, hydrogenated oil, and artificial sweeteners.
They lack nutrients and fiber. As a result, these processed foods are often very fattening.

4. Alcohol
Alcohol increases your appetite. If you drink alcohol before dinner, you will probably end up eating more than you planned.
Alcohol is a depressant. This means that it slows down your body’s natural functions.
If you drink alcohol every day, this can add hundreds of extra calories to your diet each week.

5. Refined Carbohydrates
Refined carbohydrates contain little fiber. Fiber helps you feel full longer. As a result, you will eat less. Refined carbs are found in white bread, pasta, rice, crackers, cookies, cakes, pies, doughnuts, candy bars, soda, ice cream, and other sweets.

6. Sweets
Sweets are usually made with refined carbohydrates. They also contain added sugars.
The average American eats about 150 pounds of sugar per year. Most Americans consume too much sugar. This results in weight gain. You may not realize how much sugar you are consuming.

7. Fried Food
Fried foods are very high in saturated fats. Saturated fats raise your blood cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels put you at risk for heart disease.

Final Thoughts

We have come to the end of this Tea Burn review, and we have established that it helps you to lose weight naturally. Tea Burn claims that its formula can help you in losing weight in a short span of time. When you consume Tea Burn regularly, you achieve fat-burning easily and are able to follow a healthy diet.
Click Here To Buy Tea Burn supplements on its official website.
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2023.03.21 09:01 LocationOk1668 What is Raksmart Personal Cloud Server and how can it benefit me?

Raksmart Personal Cloud Server is a reliable and secure storage solution that allows you to store and access your files, photos, and videos from anywhere in the world. With its advanced data encryption and user-friendly interface, you can easily manage your data, share files with your friends and family, and even stream content to your devices.
The Raksmart Personal Cloud Server is an ideal choice for individuals who want to have complete control over their data and protect it from cyber threats. It offers a host of features such as automatic backup, remote access, and file synchronization, making it a perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their data safe and secure.
By using Raksmart Personal Cloud Server, you can easily access your data from any device and location, which makes it a great tool for people who work remotely or travel frequently. You can also easily share files with your colleagues, friends, and family, which makes it a convenient tool for collaboration and sharing.
Overall, if you want to keep your data safe, secure, and easily accessible, Raksmart Personal Cloud Server is a great choice. Its user-friendly interface and advanced features make it a perfect solution for anyone who wants to store and manage their data in a secure and efficient manner.
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2023.03.21 09:01 TherapyJournal Understanding and Improving Phobias: A Guide to Managing This Common Mental Health Condition

A phobia is an irrational fear of a specific object, situation, or activity. Phobias can develop at any age and can be triggered by a variety of factors, including genetics, past experiences, and cultural influences.There are a wide range of phobias, including common phobias such as the fear of heights (acrophobia) and the fear of enclosed spaces (claustrophobia), as well as more specific phobias such as the fear of snakes (ophidiophobia) and the fear of clowns (coulrophobia). The most common phobia worldwide is the fear of heights, followed by the fear of public speaking (glossophobia).Phobias can have serious effects on mental health and well-being, as they can interfere with daily activities and cause significant distress. Treatment for phobias often involves exposure therapy, in which the individual is gradually exposed to the feared object or situation in a controlled and supportive environment. Therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), may also be helpful in improving mental health and reducing fear.It's important to note that phobias are complex conditions that may require ongoing treatment and support. If you or a loved one is struggling with a phobia, it is important to seek help from a mental health professional.According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), phobias are one of the most common mental health disorders, affecting approximately 9% of the adult population in the United States. Phobias can affect individuals of any age, and are more common in women than in men.Phobias can have serious effects on an individual's well-being and daily life, and it is important to seek help if you or a loved one is struggling with a phobia. Treatment for phobias often involves exposure therapy, in which the individual is gradually exposed to the feared object or situation in a controlled and supportive environment. Therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), may also be helpful in improving mental health and reducing fear.It's important to note that phobias are complex conditions that may require ongoing treatment and support. If you or a loved one is struggling with a phobia, it is important to seek help from a mental health professional. A mental health professional can help to identify the underlying causes of the phobia and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to the individual's needs.In addition to seeking professional help, there are also things that individuals can do to manage phobias and improve their mental health. These may include:
Overall, phobias are common mental health conditions that can have significant effects on an individual's well-being and daily life. With proper treatment and support, however, it is possible to improve symptoms and achieve greater mental health and well-being.
If you would like some assistance on your therapeutic journey click here.
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LitExtension is the world #1 shopping cart migration expert for merchants and eCommerce experts. Founded in 2011 by a group of enthusiastic programming experts, we’re proud to have delivered 280,000+ successful migrations for 150,000+ customers worldwide. LitExtension help you can easily transfer your old store's inventory, customers, and orders in three easy steps to your new shopping cart. 24/7 support, free demo. The shopping cart migration solution provided by LitExtension helps to transfer your important data including products, customers, orders, blogs, and other related entities. The process will be completed automatically, securely, and accurately with just 3 simple steps. Name: LitExtension Website: Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) Address: Lilama 10 Tower, 56 To Huu Street, Nam Tu Liem, Ha Noi, Vietnam Phone: +84 348 996 666 Hashtag: #litextension #migration #shoppingcartmigration #shopifymigration #litextensionmigration #litextensioncom #cartmigration - 00x2q5ike9 -
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Russian President Vladimir Putin hosts Chinese leader Xi Jinping for a second day of talks Tuesday, after Putin welcomed Beijing's peace plan to resolve Russia's war against Ukraine and signaled to Western leaders the extent of what they call their "Limitless" friendship.
In opening remarks before their closed-door talks Monday, Putin said Russia was "Slightly envious" of the rapid development of China in recent decades that has boosted it to become the world's second-largest economy behind the United States.
Russian news agencies later reported that the two leaders talked for nearly 4 1/2 hours before breaking for dinner, where Peskov had said Putin would likely give Xi a "Detailed explanation" of Moscow's actions in Ukraine.
Putin said Monday he viewed the Beijing peace plan with respect.
White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby called on Xi "To press President Putin directly on the need to respect Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity."
The Chinese leader's trip to Moscow came just days after the International Criminal Court in The Hague charged Putin with the illegal deportation of thousands of children from Ukraine to Russia.
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2023.03.21 08:59 sachinkhera451 Impact Of Hosted Call Center On Businesses: Cost Reduction And Improved Outcomes

Impact Of Hosted Call Center On Businesses: Cost Reduction And Improved Outcomes

Call center solutions
Customer service has become an integral part of any successful organization. Many businesses are turning to hosted call centers to provide superior customer service. Hosted call centers offer a cost-effective and efficient way to manage customer interactions while improving overall business outcomes. Hosted call centers are an efficient way for businesses to manage customer interactions while improving overall outcomes. By outsourcing their customer service needs to third-party providers, companies can avoid the upfront costs of setting up a traditional call center and leave the customer service aspect to trained professionals.

What Is A Hosted Call Center And Why Should Businesses Use One?

Call center solution providers
Every company needs to stay competitive and find ways to improve productivity and efficiency. One tool that can help achieve this is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. A CRM system is a software solution that helps companies manage their customer interactions and relationships and streamline various business processes. A business should use a CRM system for multiple reasons, and this blog will explore some of the most important ones.
  1. It helps businesses understand their customers better by storing and analyzing customer data.
  2. Customer insights can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns, track leads, and tailor products/services, increasing revenue over time.
  3. Streamlines internal processes by automating tasks such as data entry and lead management.
  4. Sales teams can prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert, leading to more effective use of their time and resources.
  5. Real-time sales performance data allows managers to identify and address any issues quickly.
  6. Employees can respond quickly and effectively to customer queries and complaints by accessing customer information.
  7. Improves customer satisfaction and loyalty can lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations.
There are many other reasons why a business should use a hosted call center solution

Choosing Hosted Call Center: A Strategic Business Investment?

Call center telephony solutions
Choosing a hosted call center is a strategic business investment that can benefit companies of all sizes. Outsourcing call center operations to a third-party service provider allow businesses to free up internal resources to focus on core business functions. Hosted call center providers offer inbound and outbound call handling, customer service, and technical support. With a hosted call center, businesses can benefit from improved customer service, increased efficiency, and reduced costs.
One of the primary benefits of call center solutions is improved customer service. With dedicated teams of trained professionals handling customer inquiries and issues, businesses can provide a higher level of customer support that would be possible with an internal call center. Hosted call center agents are trained to handle various customer issues, including product questions, technical support, and billing inquiries. They also have access to advanced call center technology and tools that can help them resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.
Another advantage of a hosted call center is increased efficiency. Outsourcing call center operations allows businesses to free internal resources and focus on core business functions. This can lead to increased productivity and faster response times. Also, their latest call center technology, such as predictive dialing and automated call distribution. These tools can help agents handle calls more efficiently and reduce wait times.

Conclusion: Why Your Business Should Consider Using A Hosted Call Center

Complete call center solutions
With hosted call center solutions, you can outsource your call center management to a third-party provider, allows focusing on core business functions while still providing top-quality customer service. Aavaz Contact Center Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of hosted call centers, including inbound and outbound call management, Interactive Voice Response, Customer Relationship Management, and workforce management. Their solutions are designed to improve customer experience, increase agent productivity, and streamline operations. With Aavaz, you can benefit from their years of experience in call center management and their state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure without needing any capital investment.
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2023.03.21 08:59 MichelleFowler76 Insecure and sick to death of this emotional Hell ride.

I (46f) am dating a man (59) we've been a couple for over 6 years but live a few hours apart. Have struggled with mh issues most of my life, anxiety, depression PTSD and EUPD. I have been wrestling with peri for about 2 years and boy has that made everything about 100x worse! I am on HRT patches but the only thing I feel better with through that is hot flushes and night sweats. I have been self medicating with booze for a while but it has been like pouring fuel on a fire and absolutely no control over my emotions and got back to the point of self harming and taking overdoses again. Basically causing choas and stress for everyone I care about. We were engaged until just before Christmas but he is still married to his ex and doesn't know where she is and can't afford a divorce. This had been pissing me off for a while and I would kick off about it everytime I drink. It felt fake so eventually I gave him his ring back just before Christmas following yet another chaotic life. We both have adult kids who still live at home making it difficult for us to move forward and marriage doesn't seem important to him really especially since he's been married twice before. I never have and love this man to death and although I am not religious, marriage is the ultimate commitment offering stability and security and I really wanted us to live happily ever after. Stupid bitch. I struggle with things feeling fake and told him I didn't want the ring until he actually meant it and was in a position to do so. Ok so maybe had a few regrets the next day but ultimately what I said is not untrue and I stand by it. Things moved on but my alcohol use and chaotic behaviour only got worse. We used to have a great sex life but 18mths ago he started battling ED so obviously it became nonexistent. At first it was ok but after a while I decided it was personal because I am so unattractive and generally repulsive. A few months ago, after some blood pressure medication changes the problem seemed to resolve itself and we did have sex a few times. I went home in the middle of January and my dog had a sroke on 31st Jan and finally got put to sleep 5 days later. It's been a devastating loss. At first I had some weed from a friend and that got me through but it ran out a few days after the dog died and unable to source some more (UK) I hit the bottle. Big mistake! Within days we argued on the phone while I was drunk and I threatened to take an OD. I didn't but we broke up. We started talking again a few days later and I had already decided to quit alcohol as I was painfully aware how unpredictable it is now with my heightened and spiralling emotions and the damage and stress I was causing to everyone around me. Slowly we got back together and 3 weeks ago I came to his house to visit until Easter. Things seem good and he spends time with me, is supportive and loves to cuddle naked in bed. I have been dealing with near constant periods and even when it stops, its back within days. Fed up with it all I brought some period delay pills to get a guaranteed break for nearly 3 weeks. They arrived on Thursday and conveniently priod stopped overnight Wednesday so happy days right? No not at all. I have 37 days of sobriety now and have been losing weight, making a massive effort in how I dress, new hair, wearing make-up again , taken up yoga (at home via YouTube) daily walks, listening to hypnosis and guided meditation and trying to practice mindfulness. Massive effort to prove I am trying to improve myself and get him to really want me. He was working until Saturday and had Sunday and Monday as RDO so my hopes were high, mainly because I am a fucking idiot. Sunday we were out for the day and had a nice time. In the evening he had a few drinks and we watched stuff on TV together before going to bed. The usual cuddle quickly followed by snoring ( obviously not me as I barely sleep)but I felt that familiar feeling of rejection,ugliness, unworthiness and undesirable. I know my brain is playing games and I feel a neediness and insecurity like I've never felt before but total desire to hide it as I don't want to come across that way and push him away further. However, yesterday morning it was obvious something was wrong and he was getting pissy with me not talking to him and hiding things. Eventually it came tumbling out, at least to a degree and it seems I'm being silly and he has been offput by the period issues which I pointed out were at least temporarily solved at least for the remainder of my time here. We got up and I wore a super cute outfit and wore my hair in low pigtails. He came up behind me and asked me to keep my hair that way so he had something to hold onto later. Happy days, instantly turned on and we had a good day. However bedtime came and nothing more than a cuddle. I was madder than a wet hen! Fuck you and your stupid cuddles. I want to feel loved, wanted and desired. I pulled away, he noticed and the conversation came up again. I took my hair down and told him I couldn't sleep with it like that and only kept it that way cos he asked me to. He played it off that I am being stupid and immature so I went downstairs to think. I can't even trust my own thoughts and feelings anymore as they are so all over the place and I analyse everything to death. I did go back to bed after a bit but couldn't really sleep so playing on my phone and at 5.30am he moaned I'd been noisy for the last hour. I apologised as he has work today and I hadn't meant to disturb him and told him I couldn't sleep and was going downstairs to which he responded "oh so we're still being stupid and immature? " I didn't even answer. I am now downstairs, sobbing like an idiot writing to strangers on the Internet. I am perfectly well away that I shouldn't seek validation through sex but like I hissed at him earlier, we haven't even had make-up sex since breaking up and getting back together. I think he may have had sex with me last night after we talked but at that point it was only to shut me up and I just want him to want me. I don't want to lose him, I already set us further back at Christmas through wanting too much and nearly lost him altogether but I don't just want companionship I want a full relationship including sex. He genuinely can't see/ understand how much this is effecting me and I feel stupid, pathetic and irrational. I want him in my life and love him so much but it's destroying my self-confidence and I feel insecure and I don't even know if I am being rational or my MH and hormones are just running the show.I don't know what to do or how to feel better. I don't know if this is a healthy relationship for me and I can feel myself pulling away from him almost like I need to protect myself from the inevitable heartbreak I will suffer if we do split. I feel like I always want too much but am going to end up with nothing
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2023.03.21 08:58 SpaggehtBoi 1)Pc App Store 2)Restarting laptop gets stuck on “Getting Windows ready”

1)PC App Store:
I’ve attempted to remove it by using command prompts and uninstalling it from (Programs and Features) but it still appears on the Start Menu, is there anyway to get rid of it?
2)Laptop Stuck on “Getting Windows Ready” after restart:
I tried restarting the computer because updates weren’t installing and I tried deleting temp files (which I think is the cause) and now every time I restart the laptop I have to hold the power button until it actually turns off. Any idea how to fix this?
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2023.03.21 08:58 SuperHotUKDeals LG OLED55C14LB OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, 55 inch - £879 @ John Lewis

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of its contributors.
£879 - John Lewis
Reduced to £879 (y)
Added by @AJ10
  • LG 4K SELF-LIT OLED for infinite contrast &100% colour fidelity
  • Advanced α9 Gen4 AI processor 4K for ultimate picture &sound
  • Exceptional cinema &sport with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos
  • Powerful gaming with HDMI 2.1, VRR, HFR, Game Optimiser
  • Low blue light &flicker free for less eye fatigue and safer viewing
The C1 features LG's innovative OLED technology, with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos sound, for a supremely cinematic experience. It's powered by the a9 Gen4 AI processor, producing an always-optimised 4K HDR picture. Use LG's award-winning webOS smart platform to stream shows from such apps as Netflix and Prime Video*, and you can interact by voice with both the Google Assistant and Alexa built in.
4K OLED Screen
The pixels of the Organic LED display are self-illuminating, adjusting independently, for true depth and colour gradation. This 4K OLED screen produces impeccably deep blacks, bright whites, and scintillating colour. This revolutionary technology has been mastered by LG for stunning picture quality, and from any angle.
4K UHD resolution with Dolby Vision HDR
This screen has four times the number of pixels than Full HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail. High Dynamic Range expands light, dark, and every colour in between for a picture that's closer to real life. This set supports multiple HDR formats including Dolby Vision.
a9 Gen4 AI processor 4K
LG's processor automatically detects and optimises both the picture and sound of what you're watching for a superior watching experience.
Outstanding cinema and sport on OLED
LG's OLED screen delivers an exceptional cinema experience. Diamond sharp picture quality, combined with the deepest black levels, presents films just as the director intended. And with uncompromised picture quality at any angle, it brings the thrill of the sporting spectacle into the home.
Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos sound
Together, Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos audio ensure even more immersive entertainment, providing supreme clarity, depth and excitement.
Outstanding gaming
Get the gaming edge with HDMI 2.1, G-Sync, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), High Frame Rate (HFR), and Game Optimiser options.
Eye comfort display
OLED provides safer and more comfortable viewing, thanks to flicker-free technology and certified low blue light levels.
webOS smart platform
LG's award-winning webOS platform revolutionises how you experience your entertainment. With quick and easy content discovery and switching, there's more entertainment available than ever before. You can stream from all the most popular services like Netflix, NOW TV, Prime Video, Disney+, Twitch, and more.*
Voice control & smart compatibility
This TV has the Google Assistant and Alexa built in, so you can get answers to questions while you're watching TV, and control compatible smart home devices.
Freeview Play
Freeview Play combines catch-up TV, on-demand services and live television, so watching what you want, when you want, is now easier than ever. It's free from subscription and is compatible with existing broadband services too. Services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4 and My5 are also available without having to open specific applications. This gives effortless scroll back so you never miss a second of your favourite shows.
YouTube - Reviews:
[shortcode id="27436614"/]
[shortcode id="27436615"/]
John Lewis Ratings
Delivery & Collection
Standard Delivery - Free
UK delivery within 5 days, 8am - 8pm, Monday to Saturday. Free on orders over £50, otherwise £4.50.
Click & Collect - Free
Free on orders over £30, £2.50 if you spend less. Choose a collection day at checkout, next day available at some locations. Available at Waitrose, selected John Lewis shops, Co-op branches, Shell stations and Booths stores.
Next or Named Day Delivery - £7.50
Delivery on the day of your choice, 8am - 8pm, 7 days a week. You'll receive a text on the morning of delivery with a 1-hour delivery window.
Return small or medium items by post or to John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners shops.
Large items (delivered by two people, such as appliances and furniture) can be returned using our Home Collection service.
You can also return a Click & Collect order to where you collected it.
**Help & Support
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2023.03.21 08:57 GineCraft What is the cutest, nicest, most loving, and most wholesome save you ever played in The Sims 4?

In my last post here I asked you what was the cruelest save you ever played on The Sims 4, and since I saw it went very well, today I'll ask you this one!
I'll start.
I created two teenage sims, Dolores and Juan, together with their respective families and made them live in the same neighborhood. I had them meet each other in high school and start hanging out as friends, then lovers, and when they grew up into young adults I had them buy a small house to live in together.
I maxed out their friendship and romantic interest bar so they could marry and had Dolores become a cook, while Juan worked at home as an emergent writer to raise the family's funds. After a while, I finally gathered enough money to have a marriage and buy them a way bigger home where they could start their own family.
Before I made them have a baby I decided to wait and gather some more money to buy all the baby furniture I needed. In the meantime Dolores and Juan became very popular and well-liked in their neighborhood, they had many friends and constantly had people at their houses for parties, movie nights, holidays or simply hanging out, and they soon reached the max reputation level. Other than that, they were more in love than ever Sims couple I ever played.
After I reached the sum of money I needed I decorated a baby room with all green things, I didn't want to check the gender of the baby with MCCC so I decided to use neutral colors and have the surprise at birth. And then, Dolores was pregnant.
However, things started getting a bit less wholesome than they were before. Dolores died of laughter soon after her daughter's birth.
So I had only Juan raise his baby, Pepa, together with the maid Bonehilda (whom I summoned after trying to communicate with ghosts thinking I'd get Dolores back) and his still many friends, and thanks to them he managed to overcome the loss of his wife. Juan even fell in love with Bonehilda, and married her after some time when Pepa was a teenanger, starting a new life.
Pepa grew up and started a new family with a Sim I created, Tristan, still keeping in contact with her father Juan, and Bonehilda, who she fully recognized as her mother now. Pepa currently has a child, one toddler and a newborn, and is living happily in a large villa in Oasis Spring, right near to her family.
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2023.03.21 08:57 Ok-Palpitation-1371 Parked on a roundabout

Parked on a roundabout
Not easy to see from this angle but it's also blocking a footpath that's in regular use by pedestrians and cyclists. It's been there for 5 days. There's been a few near accidents already.
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2023.03.21 08:56 Enlightayurved Grade 1 fatty liver

Do you have fatty liver ? Don't panic,it is reversible !!! Before knowing about grade 1 fatty liver we have to understand the basics about liver and its functions, The liver is located on upper side of the abdomen and is the largest internal organ of human body . The main function of liver are to remove toxins and all the blood leaving the stomach and intestines passes through the liver. The liver processes this blood and breaks down, balances, and creates the nutrients and also metabolizes drugs into forms that are easier to use for the rest of the body or that are nontoxic The five major functions of the liver include: Filtration. Digestion. Metabolism and Detoxification. Protein synthesis. Storage of vitamins and minerals,the storing of nutrients like carbohydrate as well as certain proteins for future use
What causes grade 1 fatty liver:- Grade I fatty liver occurs in the early stages where the fat is deposited outside the liver and does not interfere with its functioning.
People with grade I fatty liver exhibit no symptoms and usually learn about it either through routine ultrasounds or health check ups for other conditions. Eating excess calories causes fat to build up in the liver. When the liver does not process and break down fats as it normally should, too much fat will accumulate . People tend to develop grade 1 fatty liver if they have certain other conditions, such as obesity, diabetes or high triglycerides. There are many causes of fatty liver the most common cause is alcohol, when you consume too much alcohol or sugar or salt you liver will begin to store fat instead of burning it of this may cause the liver cells to die or string as they will get up with fat.
Grade 1 Fatty liver disease is a build up of excess fat in the liver cells and is the common liver complaint in our country it effects about one in every 10 people , it is normal for the liver to contain some fat but if fat accounts for more than 10% of livers weight then yo u have fatty liver.
Most but not all fatty liver patients are middle age and overweight, the factor most commonly link to fatty liver disease is Overweight, body mass index of 25 to 30 obesity diabetes and elevated triglyceride levels are main causes of this disease.
grade 1 fatty liver
Symptoms of grade 1 fatty liver disease:- Disease produce no symptoms on its own so people often learn about their fatty liver when they have medical test about other reasons ,it can damage your liver for years and even decades without causing in a symptom if the disease get worse you may experience Fatigue. Pain or discomfort in the upper right abdomen. weight loss weakness confusion
What to do and what not to do:- Prevention and reversal of fatty liver disease there are no medical or surgical treatment for fatty liver but diet and ayurvedic medicines may help to prevent or reverse some of the damage ,in general if you have fatty liver then you must loose your weight and a particular if you have to lose weight safely this usually means losing no more than half to 1 kilogram a week right through diet and medicine and or both. Avoid alcohol-basic and very important thing to do is avoid alcohol, as it will help a lot. Control your diabetes Healthy diet
Main step introducing your fatty liver is cutting sugar foods from your diet, sugar of any kind whether from table sugar or other forms like Honey, Maple sugar can cause insulin resistance and type two diabetes this means that the body will produce more insulin than it needs and it will disturb blood glucose levels You should strictly avoid alcohol. Also try to consume less saturated fats,trans fats ,saturated fats are found in animal products such as red meat whole milk and butter trans fats are found in process foods and foods fried in partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Make sure you are eating a lot of fiber
Superfoods for your grade1 fatty liver:- Cruciferous veges. Veges such as broccoli, cauliflower, brussels ,sprouts, cabbage and kale contain glutathione, which kickstarts the liver's toxin cleansing enzyme. Olive oil. Yes, it's a fat, but it's generally considered a healthy one. Green tea. Citrus fruit. Garlic. Turmeric root. Leafy Green Vegetables. Apples. Green Tea. Beetroots & Carrots. Walnuts.
Many foods contain specific compounds or antioxidants that have been shown to support liver function. A few examples include grapefruit, blueberries, cranberries, fatty fish, olive oil, and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli or Brussels sprouts .Fill your fruit basket with apples, grapes and citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, which are proven to be liver-friendly fruits. Consume grapes as it is, in the form of a grape juice or supplement your diet with grape seed extracts to increase antioxidant levels in your body and protect your liver from toxins. you should also limit your carbohydrate intake try to cut down on the amount of salt. Aerobic exercise can actually cut the amount of fat in your liver. A heavy workout may also lower inflammation. Resistance or strength training exercises, like weight lifting, can also improve fatty liver disease.
6 types of foods to avoid if you have grade 1 fatty liver disease:- Alcohol. Alcohol can be a major cause of fatty liver disease as well as other liver diseases. Added sugar. Stay away from sugary foods such as candy, cookies, sodas, and fruit juices. ... Fried foods. ... Added salt. ... White bread, rice, and pasta. ... Red meat.
Ayurved aspect:- Liver diseases also referred as yakrit vikara in Ayurveda, it include number of condition of liver such as those occurring due to drugs medicines and alcoholism, Ayurvedic doctor prescribe virechan Karma for the management of various liver diseases as the liver is the place of Pita, and virechana is treatment of pitta.
virechan Karma herbs or medicines are used to induced purgation and clear the bowel it help in eliminating Ama (toxins)and excess of dosa from body there by treating this disease. Medicine that are used in the treatment of liver disease include Kalmegha ,kutki ,Daru haridra ,kakmachi Pippli ,bhumyamalki, Guduchi, Kumari asav, Bhringrajasav, gokshuradi churn, Vasa kantkari Leh and gud Pippli. Do's and Don't according to Ayurveda for grade 1 fatty liver:- Includes cereals like old rice wheat and Barley in your diet. Add pulses like arahara (pigeon pea),mudga (green gram )and masura (red lentils)in your diet. Avoid excessive use of oil and ghee. Avoid mustard oil, Betel, spices, Rai ,hing, sesame. Do not consume pulses like Peas and Udada(black gram) natural balancing of liver through Lifestyle do not skip or delay your meals It is preferable to dine early and sleep before 10:00 p.m. Awaking after 10:00 p.m. Will increase Pitta Dosha and prevent liver from performing its essential functions. Avoid foods that contain preservative, Chemicals ,process or left over according to Ayurveda these all causes Ama(TOXIN). Avoid situation leading to conflict or anger due to work pressure regular practice yoga and meditation and prevent stress this all factors helps in proper liver function
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2023.03.21 08:56 GoodbyeNarcissists The 3 phases of thanatophobia

This is just me postulating over the anxiety of death in people during the course of their lives, I have a very minor background in psychology/counselling but deep observations and an eye for behavioural patterns, so here we go!
Phase 1 - invincibility
We’re born, we develop protected by loved ones, and aren’t troubled with the negative consequences of being alive. We’re always protected so no need to fear. This phase can last a lifetime, or it can be swept aside by a traumatic event of any kind in as little as 5 years when our perimeter defences have been compromised, an enemy has been detected and danced inside our castle walls but left before storming the stronghold and we’re left with damage detail
Phase 2 - vulnerability/thanatophobia
We’re now super vigilant and aware that by being alive we can be hurt, harmed or worse. Life is real. Not only are we on high alert for any danger of any kind, but we’re actively looking and identifying dangers, even if to others the dangers seem benign, we see threats where others may not. We’re self-preserving and needlessly protecting ourselves as part of daily routine in a world where we’re meant to feel safe, always making sure we and anyone around us gets to see tomorrow. This is a permanent phase, there’s no going back to being invincible, time is ticking, the next threat is always near, moving on from this phase is impossible and isn’t in the interest of survival… but that’s the thing… we’re surviving when we should be living
Phase 3 - invulnerability
This is the phase of living, really living! You’ve lived in fear for fear itself and something has challenges that fear. You’ve overcome a terrible illness, you thwarted an attacker, you’ve come back from a seemingly nadir abyss that typically consumes people whole. You don’t become more vulnerable, you become invulnerable! You recognise the dangers in life but short of laughing in dangers face you stand up to it, show it that you’re assertive in yourself and will deal with it as it happens. You feel protected in yourself and those around you also feel protected. This is the nirvana phase of being alive, dextrously towing life’s positive and negative events, no-one fucks with you because they can’t anymore, you’re in shark-infested waters but the sharks know you’re not an easy meal, threats are reducing themselves
Try and get to phase 3 everybody, there’s a lot of benefits in managing this anxiety paradigm, but worrying about the inevitable isn’t exactly life fulfilling or life enriching
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2023.03.21 08:54 amywood123 Learn embedded design, do you understand these basic knowledge?

Learn embedded design, do you understand these basic knowledge?
Embedded design refers to the development of the embedded operating system, including hardware and software, and integrated research and development under the guidance of systematic design. In addition to the temporary separation of hardware EDA research and development, the focus is, under certain hardware conditions, systematic design and software development.
The complete process of embedded design includes circuit design and structure design using discrete components or integrated devices, then software programming, experimentation, and finally the development of the whole system after many rounds of modification design and production. Such embedded design development is suitable for systems with relatively single products, large production volumes, long product development cycles,s, and strict cost control.
Many industries use embedded technology, such as cell phones, PDAs, car navigation, industrial control, military, multimedia terminals, gateways, digital TV, etc. More than simple software technology or hardware technology, embedded technology is a comprehensive technology to develop and build specific programmable software systems on specific hardware environments.

The History Of Embedded System Development

In November 1971, the arithmetic operator and controller circuits were successfully integrated together and the first microprocessor was launched, after which 8-bit and 16-bit microprocessors were launched by various manufacturers one after another. The systems composed of these microprocessors as the core are widely used in the fields of instrumentation, medical equipment, robotics, and household appliances. The wide application of microprocessors formed a broad embedded application market, computer manufacturers began to provide a large number of OEM products to users in the form of plug-ins, and then by the user according to their needs to choose a set of the suitable CPU board, memory board and a variety of I/O plug-in board, so as to constitute a special embedded computer system, and will be embedded in their own system equipment.
In the 1980s, with the improvement of the microelectronics process level, integrated circuit manufacturers began to embed computer applications that required microprocessors, I/O interfaces, A/D converters, D/A converters, serial interfaces, and RAM, ROM, and other components integrated into a VLSI, thus creating a microcontroller for I/O design, commonly known as a microcontroller. Microcontroller has become a rising star in embedded computers.
In the 1990s, in distribution control, flexible manufacturing, digital communication and information appliances, and other huge demand, embedded systems further rapid development. DSP products are oriented to real-time signal processing algorithms developed in the direction of high speed, high precision, and low power consumption.

The 21st century is an era of network prevalence, and the application of embedded systems to various networks is an important direction of its development.
The development of an embedded system has roughly gone through the following three stages
The first stage is the early stage of embedded technology. The embedded system exists in the form of a programmable controller with the simple function of a special computer or microcontroller as the core and has the functions of monitoring, servo, equipment indication, and so on. Most of such systems are used in various types of industrial control and weapons and equipment such as aircraft and missiles.
The second stage: is marked by a high-end embedded CPU and embedded operating system. The main feature of this – stage system is the emergence of computer hardware with highly reliable, low-power embedded CPUs, such as ARM, PowerPC, etc., and support for operating systems to support the development and operation of complex applications.
The third stage: is marked by chip technology and Internet technology. Microelectronics technology is developing rapidly, and SOC (System on Chip) makes embedded systems smaller and smaller, but more and more powerful. At present, most embedded systems are still isolated from the Internet, but with the development of the Internet and Internet technology and information appliances, industrial control technology, and other increasingly close combination, embedded technology is entering a period of rapid development and wide application.

Composition Of Embedded System

An embedded system is used in the above-mentioned industries. An embedded system is composed of hardware and software and is a device that can operate independently.
According to the architecture, the embedded system is divided into the hardware layer, middle layer, system software layer, and application software layer.
The hardware layer includes an embedded microprocessor, memory, common device interface, and I/O interface, which is the core of the embedded design system. In addition, the memory is located between the main memory and the embedded microprocessor core, which stores the most used program code and data of the microprocessor in recent times. Its main goal is to reduce the memory access bottleneck caused by the memory to the microprocessor core and make the processing speed faster.
The middle layer, also known as Hardware Abstraction Layer HAL or Board Support Package BSP, separates the upper system software from the underlying hardware so that the upper system software developer does not need to relate to the specifics of the underlying hardware and can develop according to the interface provided by the BSP layer. Designing a complete BSP requires embedded system hardware initialization and BSP functions, as well as designing hardware-related device drivers.
The system software layer consists of RTOS, file system, GUI, network system, and common component modules, where RTOS is the foundation and development platform for embedded application software.
Finally, there is the application software layer, which consists of applications developed based on the real-time system.
Article Source:
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2023.03.21 08:53 themokeesluvr15 Is this safe for rats? I keep seeing mixed reviews yes and nos

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2023.03.21 08:52 Ronrel [WTS]Ronrel's Shop Hull E-$800, Merchantman LTI-$499, Carrack LTI-$499, Buying store credits 55% PayPal Almost all ships with LTI. Visit us today ! PayPal secure trades and Bitcoin accept Make request for chain of upgrades if you did not found needed item in list.

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Vanguard Warden $250.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Mercury $240.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Mercury BIS $260.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Apollo Triage $265.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Ares Inferno $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Ares Ion $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
400i $253.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Constellation Andromeda $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Scorpius $272.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Vanguard Hoplite $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Cutlass Steel $257.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Railen $263.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Terrapin $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Defender $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
San'tok.yāi $258.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Corsair $253.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Vulcan $240.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Hurricane $240.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $240.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Constellation Taurus $240.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Sabre Comet $220.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C-M Super Hornet $210.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Freelancer MIS $220.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Cutlass Blue $220.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C Hornet Wildfire $220.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Khartu-Al $200.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Sabre $200.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Gladiator $220.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
A1 Spirit $205.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
E1 Spirit $190.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
C1 Spirit $160.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Prospector $183.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Razor EX $183.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Freelancer MAX $178.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Retaliator $178.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Razor LX $178.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
SRV $178.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Mantis $178.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Expanse $178.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Razor $186.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C-R Hornet Tracker $183.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Hull B $183.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Vulture $218.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Ballista $183.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Freelancer DUR $173.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Cutlass Red $173.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
350r $163.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C-S Hornet Ghost $163.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
RAFT $163.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Nova $154.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Legionnaire $154.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Talon $146.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Talon Shrike $147.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C Hornet $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Freelancer $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Buccaneer $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Gladius Valiant $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Centurion $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
M50 $147.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Cutlass Black $147.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Hawk $147.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Reliant Mako $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Gladius $133.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
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Insurance Pledge Title Ships Included
LTI $649.00 / 5 Package - Entrepreneur Pack
6 $498.00 / 5 Packs - Ground Militia Pack Spartan, Ballista, Nova, 2 x Cyclons Standalone ships
12 $464.00 / 3 Packs - CDF Rally in Stanton Pack Arrow, Hurricane, Sabre Standalone ships
120 $399.00 / 2 Packs - Dual Enforcers Pack Scorpius + Mantis Standalone ships
120 $499.00 / 2 Packs - Swords of Fortitude - IAE Ares Ion + Ares Inferno Standalone ships
12 $749.00 / 3 Packs - CDF Call to Arms Pack Eclipse, Gladiator, Retaliator Bomber Standalone ships
120 $769.00 / 3 Packs - Ground Assault Pack M2 Hercules + 2 x Nova Tanks Standalone


Type From To Insurance My Price
Upgrade Nox 100i $10.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan 125a $10.00
Upgrade 300i 135c $10.00
Upgrade HoverQuad 300i $60.00
Upgrade X1 Force 300i $20.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan 300i $10.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan 315p $10.00
Upgrade 315p 325a $10.00
Upgrade Nova 350r $10.00
Upgrade Railen 400i 120 $25.00
Upgrade Railen 400i $50.00
Upgrade Prowler 600i Explorer 120 $35.00
Upgrade 600i Touring 600i Explorer $80.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT 600i Explorer $450.00
Upgrade C2 Hercules 600i Touring $70.00
Upgrade Khartu-Al A1 Spirit $10.00
Upgrade Carrack Expedition w/C8X A2 Hercules $125.00
Upgrade Hammerhead A2 Hercules $50.00
Upgrade Nautilus A2 Hercules $50.00
Upgrade Perseus A2 Hercules $150.00
Upgrade Mercury Apollo Medivac $30.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Apollo Medivac $30.00
Upgrade Cutlass Steel Apollo Triage $30.00
Upgrade Constellation Andromeda Apollo Triage $20.00
Upgrade Vanguard Hoplite Apollo Triage $30.00
Upgrade Cutlass Steel Ares Inferno $30.00
Upgrade Constellation Taurus Ares Inferno $80.00
Upgrade Constellation Andromeda Ares Inferno $20.00
Upgrade Scorpius Ares Inferno $20.00
Upgrade Cutlass Steel Ares Ion $30.00
Upgrade Constellation Andromeda Ares Ion $20.00
Upgrade Scorpius Ares Ion $20.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan Avenger Stalker $10.00
Upgrade 325a Avenger Titan Renegade $10.00
Upgrade Nomad Avenger Warlock $10.00
Upgrade Freelancer DUR Ballista $10.00
Upgrade Cutlass Red Ballista $10.00
Upgrade RAFT Ballista $30.00
Upgrade Mercury Blade $30.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Blade $30.00
Upgrade Cutlass Black Buccaneer $20.00
Upgrade Cutlass Black C1 Spirit $20.00
Upgrade Hull C C2 Hercules 120 $50.00
Upgrade Starfarer Gemini C2 Hercules $80.00
Upgrade Redeemer C2 Hercules $150.00
Upgrade Valkyrie C2 Hercules $50.00
Upgrade Mustang Gamma C8R Pisces 120 $10.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan C8R Pisces 120 $10.00
Upgrade Aurora LX C8X Pisces Expedition 120 $10.00
Upgrade M2 Hercules Carrack 120 $80.00
Upgrade M2 Hercules Carrack $100.00
Upgrade Orion Carrack $50.00
Upgrade Eclipse Caterpillar 120 $30.00
Upgrade Mercury Caterpillar 120 $70.00
Upgrade Redeemer Caterpillar $10.00
Upgrade Mercury Caterpillar $99.00
Upgrade 400i Caterpillar $160.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Caterpillar $140.00
Upgrade Vanguard Harbinger Caterpillar $80.00
Upgrade Gladius Centurion $20.00
Upgrade Prospector Constellation Andromeda $100.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Constellation Andromeda $330.00
Upgrade Nomad Constellation Andromeda $320.00
Upgrade Gladiator Constellation Taurus $50.00
Upgrade Gladius Constellation Taurus $200.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Constellation Taurus $230.00
Upgrade Terrapin Corsair 120 $30.00
Upgrade Defender Corsair 120 $30.00
Upgrade Vulcan Corsair $30.00
Upgrade Redeemer Crucible $50.00
Upgrade Starfarer Gemini Crucible $20.00
Upgrade Spartan Cutlass Black $40.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Cutlass Black $50.00
Upgrade Nomad Cutlass Black $40.00
Upgrade Khartu-Al Cutlass Blue $10.00
Upgrade Sabre Cutlass Blue $10.00
Upgrade Gladius Cutlass Red $90.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Cutlass Red $120.00
Upgrade Vulcan Cutlass Steel $35.00
Upgrade Arrow Cyclone AA $10.00
Upgrade 125a Cyclone MT 120 $15.00
Upgrade 325a Cyclone MT $10.00
Upgrade Dragonfly Black Cyclone MT $70.00
Upgrade 300i Cyclone RC $10.00
Upgrade 300i Cyclone RN $10.00
Upgrade 300i Cyclone TR $10.00
Upgrade Hurricane Defender $25.00
Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Defender $25.00
Upgrade MPUV C Dragonfly Black $10.00
Upgrade Razor E1 Spirit $10.00
Upgrade Vanguard Sentinel Eclipse 120 $25.00
Upgrade Vanguard Harbinger Eclipse $20.00
Upgrade Caterpillar Endeavor $40.00
Upgrade Starfarer Gemini Endeavor $20.00
Upgrade Razor Expanse $10.00
Upgrade F7C-R Hornet Tracker Expanse $20.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT F7C Hornet $70.00
Upgrade Khartu-Al F7C Hornet Wildfire $10.00
Upgrade Prospector F7C-M Super Hornet 120 $25.00
Upgrade A1 Spirit F7C-M Super Hornet $10.00
Upgrade Freelancer MIS F7C-M Super Hornet $10.00
Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $30.00
Upgrade Cutlass Red F7C-R Hornet Tracker $10.00
Upgrade Nova F7C-S Hornet Ghost $10.00
Upgrade Cutlass Black Freelancer $20.00
Upgrade Nomad Freelancer $60.00
Upgrade F7C-S Hornet Ghost Freelancer DUR $20.00
Upgrade Cutlass Red Freelancer MAX 120 $15.00
Upgrade Razor Freelancer MAX $10.00
Upgrade Khartu-Al Freelancer MIS $10.00
Upgrade ROC G12 $10.00
Upgrade 300i G12a $10.00
Upgrade ROC G12r $10.00
Upgrade Valkyrie Genesis $25.00
Upgrade Prospector Gladiator $20.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Gladius $30.00
Upgrade Cutlass Black Gladius Valiant $20.00
Upgrade Merchantman Hammerhead 120 $99.00
Upgrade Odyssey Hammerhead $50.00
Upgrade Reliant Mako Hawk $10.00
Upgrade Gladius Hawk $20.00
Upgrade Nomad Herald $10.00
Upgrade 300i Hull A $60.00
Upgrade Arrow Hull A $30.00
Upgrade RAFT Hull B $30.00
Upgrade Freelancer DUR Hull B $10.00
Upgrade Starfarer Gemini Hull C $20.00
Upgrade C2 Hercules Hull D $100.00
Upgrade Prowler Hull D $20.00
Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet Hurricane $30.00
Upgrade Constellation Taurus Hurricane $10.00
Upgrade Sabre Comet Hurricane $20.00
Upgrade Prospector Khartu-Al $30.00
Upgrade Gladiator Khartu-Al $10.00
Upgrade Talon Legionnaire $10.00
Upgrade M2 Hercules Liberator $110.00
Upgrade 600i Explorer M2 Hercules $65.00
Upgrade Gladius M50 $20.00
Upgrade Cutlass Red Mantis 120 $15.00
Upgrade M2 Hercules Merchantman $130.00
Upgrade 600i Explorer Merchantman $350.00
Upgrade Cutlass Steel Mercury 120 $25.00
Upgrade Vanguard Hoplite Mercury 120 $25.00
Upgrade Corsair Mercury $20.00
Upgrade Constellation Andromeda Mercury $40.00
Upgrade Apollo Triage Mercury $20.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Mercury $210.00
Upgrade Nomad Mercury $360.00
Upgrade Vanguard Harbinger MOLE 120 $25.00
Upgrade 300i Mustang Delta $10.00
Upgrade Perseus Nautilus $100.00
Upgrade Cutlass Black Nova $35.00
Upgrade Talon Nova $10.00
Upgrade Talon Shrike Nova $10.00
Upgrade M50 Nova $40.00
Upgrade Ranger TR Nox $10.00
Upgrade Aurora LN Nox $10.00
Upgrade Dragonfly Black Nox $10.00
Upgrade Carrack Odyssey $200.00
Upgrade Perseus Odyssey $50.00
Upgrade M2 Hercules Orion $110.00
Upgrade Merchantman Perseus $50.00
Upgrade Carrack Perseus $150.00
Upgrade Carrack w/C8X Perseus $110.00
Upgrade Hammerhead Polaris $50.00
Upgrade Perseus Polaris $95.00
Upgrade Ballista Prospector 120 $15.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Prospector $160.00
Upgrade C2 Hercules Prowler $40.00
Upgrade Reclaimer Prowler $80.00
Upgrade 600i Touring Prowler $10.00
Upgrade F7C Hornet RAFT $30.00
Upgrade Defender Railen $10.00
Upgrade Terrapin Railen $10.00
Upgrade San'tok.yДЃi Railen $10.00
Upgrade Aurora MR Ranger CV $10.00
Upgrade Aurora MR Ranger RC $10.00
Upgrade Aurora LX Ranger TR $10.00
Upgrade MPUV C Ranger TR $10.00
Upgrade Ballista Razor $10.00
Upgrade Freelancer MAX Razor EX $10.00
Upgrade Razor Razor LX $10.00
Upgrade Valkyrie Reclaimer $50.00
Upgrade Vanguard Hoplite Redeemer $180.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan Reliant Kore $20.00
Upgrade Gladius Reliant Mako $10.00
Upgrade Nomad Reliant Sen $10.00
Upgrade 325a Reliant Tana $10.00
Upgrade Razor Retaliator $10.00
Upgrade F7C-R Hornet Tracker Retaliator $20.00
Upgrade 400i Retaliator Bomber 120 $25.00
Upgrade Mercury Retaliator Bomber $30.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Retaliator Bomber $30.00
Upgrade 325a ROC-DS $10.00
Upgrade Gladiator Sabre $10.00
Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet Sabre Comet $10.00
Upgrade A1 Spirit Sabre Comet $20.00
Upgrade Hurricane San'tok.yДЃi $50.00
Upgrade Vulcan San'tok.yДЃi $40.00
Upgrade Vulcan Scorpius $80.00
Upgrade Freelancer Scorpius $260.00
Upgrade Arrow Spartan $10.00
Upgrade F7C-R Hornet Tracker SRV $20.00
Upgrade Vanguard Harbinger Starfarer $20.00
Upgrade MOLE Starfarer Gemini 120 $50.00
Upgrade Buccaneer Talon $10.00
Upgrade F7C Hornet Talon $10.00
Upgrade Freelancer Talon Shrike $10.00
Upgrade F7C Hornet Talon Shrike $10.00
Upgrade Vulcan Terrapin $40.00
Upgrade Starfarer Gemini Valkyrie 120 $35.00
Upgrade Crucible Valkyrie $50.00
Upgrade MOLE Valkyrie $120.00
Upgrade Mercury Vanguard Harbinger $30.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Vanguard Harbinger $30.00
Upgrade Mercury Vanguard Harbinger $50.00
Upgrade Railen Vanguard Hoplite $20.00
Upgrade 400i Vanguard Sentinel 120 $25.00
Upgrade Apollo Triage Vanguard Sentinel 120 $25.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Vanguard Sentinel $30.00
Upgrade Corsair Vanguard Warden $20.00
Upgrade Ares Inferno Vanguard Warden $20.00
Upgrade 400i Vanguard Warden $20.00
Upgrade Apollo Triage Vanguard Warden $20.00
Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet Vulcan $40.00
Upgrade Constellation Taurus Vulcan $20.00
Upgrade Sabre Comet Vulcan $30.00
Upgrade Aurora LX X1 $10.00
Upgrade Dragonfly Black X1 Force $10.00
Upgrade Nox X1 Force $10.00
Upgrade Aurora LN X1 Velocity $10.00
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Type Item Insurance Price
Standalone ship A2 Hercules 120 $ 799,00
Standalone ship Aurora LN 120 $ 55,00
Standalone ship C2 Hercules 120 $ 450,00
Standalone ship Carrack 120 $ 650,00
Standalone ship M2 Hercules 120 $ 570,00
Standalone ship M2 Hercules + 2 Nova tanks 120 $ 770,00
Standalone ship MPUV C 120 $ 50,00
Standalone ship Mustang Alpha 120 $ 55,00
Standalone ship Nova 120 $ 150,00
Standalone ship Nox 120 $ 55,00
Standalone ship Scorpius 120 $ 260,00
Standalone ship Scorpius + Mantis 120 $ 400,00
Standalone ship 600i Explorer 24 $ 500,00
Standalone ship C2 Hercules 24 $ 420,00
Standalone ship Carrack 24 $ 620,00
Standalone ship Caterpillar 24 $ 320,00
Standalone ship Cutlass Black 24 $ 110,00
Standalone ship Defender 24 $ 250,00
Standalone ship Freelancer MAX 24 $ 170,00
Standalone ship Gladius 24 $ 110,00
Standalone ship Mercury 24 $ 280,00
Standalone ship MOLE 24 $ 325,00
Standalone ship Razor 24 $ 165,00
Standalone ship Reclaimer 24 $ 420,00
Standalone ship Retaliator Bomber 24 $ 299,00
Standalone ship Sabre 24 $ 190,00
Standalone ship Carrack 12 $ 650,00
Standalone ship Cutlass Red 12 $ 155,00
Standalone ship Freelancer 12 $ 120,00
Standalone ship Freelancer DUR 12 $ 155,00
Standalone ship Freelancer MIS 12 $ 195,00
Standalone ship Razor 12 $ 165,00
Standalone ship Razor EX 12 $ 175,00
Standalone ship Razor LX 12 $ 170,00
Standalone ship Talon Shrike 12 $ 125,00
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Type From My price, $
Subscribers Exclusive "Caudillo" Helmets Pack #1 by CC's Conversions $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive "Caudillo" Helmets Pack #2 by CC's Conversions $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive "Caudillo" Helmets Pack #3 by CC's Conversions $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Adventurer Collection by Element Authority $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Atzkav 'Deadeye' Sniper Rifle $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Atzkav 'Igniter' Sniper Rifle $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Atzkav 'Venom' Sniper Rifle $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Aztalan Galena Armor $14,70
Subscribers Exclusive Aztalan Tamarack Armor $14,70
Subscribers Exclusive Brands of the 'Verse Pack #1 $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Brands of the 'Verse Pack #2 $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Cold Front Collection $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive GP-33 MOD 'Ashfall' Grenade Launcher $9,45
Subscribers Exclusive GP-33 MOD 'Copperhead' Grenade Launcher $9,45
Subscribers Exclusive GP-33 MOD 'Thunderclap' Grenade Launcher $9,45
Subscribers Exclusive 'Igniter' Lightning Bolt Co. Weapons Pack $13,65
Subscribers Exclusive Life in the 'Verse Shirts Pack #1 $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Life in the 'Verse Shirts Pack #2 $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Mandible Firestrike Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Mandible Sandcrawler Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Mandible Snowfly Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Neoni "Jami" Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Neoni "Onna" Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Neoni "Tengubi" Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Dust Storm" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Predator" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Riptide" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Stinger" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Supernova" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Switchback" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord Helmets "Double Trouble" Pack $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord Helmets "Forces of Nature" Pack $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord Helmets "Silent Strike" Pack $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Parasite Replica Helmet (Original) $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Polar Vortex Collection $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Pyro RYT 'Bloodline' Multi-Tool $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Pyro RYT 'Ghost' Multi-Tool $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Pyro RYT 'Mirage' Multi-Tool $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive QuikFlarePro Pack $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive QuikFlarePro Pack Deluxe $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Pathfinder Arm Armor $5,25
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Pathfinder Helmet $5,25
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Pathfinder Leg Armor $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Pathfinder Torso Armor $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Pathfinder Undersuit $4,20
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Rust Society Helmet $5,25
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Voyager Arm Armor $5,25
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Voyager Leg Armor $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Voyager Torso Armor $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Voyager Undersuit $4,20
Subscribers Exclusive Savior Collection 'Iceborn' Paladin Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Savior Collection 'Nightfire' Paladin Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Savior Collection 'Singularity' Paladin Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Sawtooth "Bloodstone" Combat Knife $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Sawtooth "Sirocco" Combat Knife $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Sawtooth "Squall" Combat Knife $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Star Kitten 'Damon' Helmet and Armor Set $14,70
Subscribers Exclusive Star Kitten Helmet and Armor Set $14,70
Subscribers Exclusive Star Kitten 'Sally' Helmet and Armor Set $14,70
Subscribers Exclusive Stegman's Cordimon "Voyager" Complete Outfit $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Stegman's IndVest “Pathfinder” Complete Outfit $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive UltiFlex FSK-8 "Bloodline" Combat Knife $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive UltiFlex FSK-8 "Ghost" Combat Knife $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive UltiFlex FSK-8 "Mirage" Combat Knife $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Urban Collection by Element Authority $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive 'Venom' Lightning Bolt Co. Weapons Pack $13,65
Subscribers Exclusive WowBlast 'Blue' Desperado Toy Pistol $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive WowBlast 'Orange' Desperado Toy Pistol $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive WowBlast 'Red' Desperado Toy Pistol $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive WowBlast 'Teal' Desperado Toy Pistol $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Yubarev 'Deadeye' Pistol $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Yubarev 'Igniter' Pistol $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Yubarev 'Venom' Pistol $8,40
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Type Name My price, $
Gear Greycat Quicksilver Paint and Armor Kit $18,90
Gear Greycat Harvester Paint and Armor Kit $18,90
Gear Greycat Black Cherry Paint and Armor Kit $18,90
Package Hornet F7C, 6 Month Insurance $131,25
Package Avenger Titan Starter Pack, 3 Month Insurance $73,50
Package Anvil Arrow Starter Pack, 3 Month Insurance $94,50
Packs Ground Assault Pack M2 Hercules + 2 Nova Tanks $770,00
Packs Greycat Miner’s Megapack Standard Edition $119,70
Paints 100 series - Blue Ametrine Paint $6,50
Paints 100 series - Flame Paint $6,50
Paints 100 Series - Frostbite Paint $6,50
Paints 100 Series - ILW 2951 Paint Pack $16,90
Paints 100 Series - Invictus Blue and Gold Paint $6,50
Paints 100 series - Slate Camo Paint $6,50
Paints 400i - Afterglow Paint $15
Paints 400i - Calacatta Paint $15
Paints 400i - Stratus Paint $15
Paints Buccaneer - Ghoulish Green Paint $9,10
Paints Carrack - Polar Paint $24,70
Paints Carrack - Stormbringer Paint $18,20
Paints Caterpillar - Ghoulish Green Paint $14,30
Paints Caterpillar - Polar Paint $14,30
Paints Constellation - Black Heron Paint $9,75
Paints Constellation - Heron Paint Pack $23,40
Paints Constellation - Orange Heron Paint $9,75
Paints Constellation - White Heron Paint $9,75
Paints Cutlass - Coalfire Paint $5,85
Paints Cutlass - DefenseCon Paint Pack $14,95
Paints Cutlass - Ghoulish Green Paint $6,50
Paints Cyclone - ILW 2951 Paint Pack $16,90
Paints Defender - Polar Paint $14,30
Paints Defender - Stormbringer Paint $9,75
Paints Dragonfly - Coalfire Paint $3,90
Paints Dragonfly - DefenseCon Paint Pack $10,40
Paints Dragonfly - Ghoulish Green Paint $6,50
Paints Dragonfly - Mistwalker Paint $6,50
Paints Ghoulish Green 4 Paint Pack $36,40
Paints Gladius - Frostbite Paint $9,10
Paints Gladius - Timberline Paint $5,85
Paints Greycat Miner’s Paint Pack $9,94
Paints Hammerhead - Polar Paint $24,70
Paints Hammerhead - Stormbringer Paint $18,20
Paints Hercules Starlifter - 3 Paint Pack $45,24
Paints Hercules Starlifter - 4 Paint Pack $52,52
Paints Hercules Starlifter - Argent Paint $20,80
Paints Hercules Starlifter - Cerberus Paint $14,95
Paints Hercules Starlifter - Draco Paint $14,95
Paints Hercules Starlifter - Dryad Paint $20,80
Paints Hercules Starlifter - Frostbite Paint $20,80
Paints Hercules Starlifter - ILW 2951 Paint Pack $86,45
Paints Hercules Starlifter - Timberline Paint $14,95
Paints Hornet - ILW 2951 Paint Pack $24,05
Paints Khartu-al - Polar Paint $11,70
Paints Khartu-al - Stormbringer Paint $7,80
Paints M50 - Polar Paint $3,90
Paints M50 - Stormbringer Paint $3,90
Paints Mercury Star Runner - 3 Paint Pack $23,40
Paints Mercury Star Runner - 5 Paint Pack $39,98
Paints Mercury Star Runner - Equinox Paint $9,75
Paints Nomad - 3 Paint Pack $14,04
Paints Nomad - 5 Paint Pack $26,81
Paints Nova Tank - Ember Storm Paint $5,85
Paints Nova Tank - Paint Pack $16,64
Paints Prowler - Ocellus Paint $20,80
Paints Prowler - Polar Paint $20,80
Paints Prowler - Stormbringer Paint $14,95
Paints Railen - Hyaotan Paint $14,30
Paints Redeemer - Polar Paint $16,90
Paints Redeemer - Seraphim Paint $11,70
Paints Redeemer - Underworld Paint $11,70
Paints Retaliator - Grey Paint $9,75
Paints Retaliator - Twilight Paint $14,30
Paints ROC - Black Cherry Paint $3,90
Paints ROC - Harvester Paint $3,90
Paints ROC - Quicksilver Paint $3,90
Paints Sabre - Polar Paint $11,70
Paints Sabre - Stormbringer Paint $7,80
Paints Spartan - Polar Paint $9,10
Paints Spartan - Ranger Paint $9,10
Paints Spartan - Sidewinder Paint $5,85
Paints Talon - Crimson Paint $15,85
Paints Vanguard - Frostbite Paint $14,30
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About agency navigator :

What Is Agency Navigator?

For three years, I’ve helped agency owners start and scale their businesses.
Agency Navigator is the culmination of everything I’ve learned along the way. Painstakingly created over an entire year, this course includes everything you could ever want to start your own agency. Drawing from my own experience as a mutli-six-figure a year agency owner, as well as my team’s collective experience of multiple decades, we’ve refined the original SMMA course, and made it better. ‍I had one purpose in mind when I created Agency Navigator: to make it as easy and accessible as possible for anyone to start and grow their own agency. See you inside!
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2023.03.21 08:51 aussie-uggies What are the best quality UGG boots?

What are the best quality UGG boots?
Aussie Uggies boots are a classic footwear staple known for their luxurious comfort and iconic style. The popularity of these boots has grown over the years, and today, there are many different styles and colors to choose from. However, not all UGG boots are created equal. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best quality UGG boots available on the market today, including tall black UGG boots, navy blue UGG boots, burgundy UGG boots, UGG boots in sand, lace-up UGG boots for men, outdoor UGG boots, camo UGG boots, and extra tall UGG boots.
Tall Black UGG Boots:-
Tall black UGG boots are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. They’re a versatile option that can be dressed up or down, making them a great investment for your winter wardrobe. When it comes to the best quality tall black UGG boots, look for boots made from high-quality materials such as genuine sheepskin or suede. These materials will not only provide excellent warmth and comfort but will also last for many winters to come.
One of the best quality tall black UGG boots on the market is the UGG Classic Tall II Boot. These boots are made from high-quality twin-face sheepskin and feature a Treadlite by UGG outsole for maximum comfort and durability. The boot’s shaft measures approximately 11.75 inches from the arch, making them the perfect height for keeping your legs warm during the winter months. The UGG Classic Tall II Boot also features a soft foam insole lined with UGGpure wool, which provides excellent cushioning and insulation.
Navy Blue UGG Boots:-
Navy blue UGG boots are a great alternative to traditional black boots. They add a pop of color to any outfit and can be paired with jeans, leggings, or dresses. When shopping for the best quality navy blue UGG boots, look for boots made from high-quality suede or leather that will last for many winters to come.
One of the best quality navy blue UGG boots available is the UGG Bailey Button II Boot. These boots feature a stylish button closure and are made from high-quality twin-face sheepskin. The boot’s shaft measures approximately 7.5 inches from the arch, making them the perfect height for keeping your feet and ankles warm. The UGG Bailey Button II Boot also features a Treadlite by UGG outsole for maximum comfort and durability.
Burgundy UGG Boots:-
Burgundy UGG boots are a stylish and trendy option for those looking to add some color to their winter wardrobe. When shopping for the best quality burgundy UGG boots, look for boots made from high-quality materials such as genuine sheepskin or suede. These materials will not only provide excellent warmth and comfort but will also last for many winters to come.
One of the best quality burgundy UGG boots available is the UGG Classic Short II Boot. These boots are made from high-quality twin-face sheepskin and feature a Treadlite by UGG outsole for maximum comfort and durability. The boot’s shaft measures approximately 8 inches from the arch, making them the perfect height for keeping your feet and ankles warm. The UGG Classic Short II Boot also features a soft foam insole lined with UGG pure wool, which provides excellent cushioning and insulation.
UGG Boots in Sand:-
UGG boots in the sand are a great neutral option for those looking for a classic and versatile boot. When shopping for the best quality UGG boots in sand, look for boots made from high-quality materials such as genuine sheepskin or suede. These materials will not only provide excellent warmth and comfort but will also last for many winters to come.
One of the best quality UGG boots in sand available is the UGG Classic
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2023.03.21 08:50 xlsdeax REPOST - I (21f) feel like I’m falling for my sd (33m) way too quick

I (21f) I’ve had very minimal partners in my life, mainly due to avoiding relationships to work through trauma, and become my best version before I get into a relationship, and for the first time I feel like I’m genuinely falling for someone (33m). We went on our m&g not looking for anything exclusive, I was trying to get back out there, and we immediately fell for each other, and things started moving pretty quick (by his lead) We’ve been in an exclusive relationship for a month, and he treats me like an absolute princess. He is the kindest, sweetest man I’ve had in my life. He’s intellectual, calm, guides me, and gives me life advice, we get along so well, but I’m scared that falling for someone this quickly isn’t normal, and this man runs multiple companies, and has many people leaning on him, yet he’s still been driving two hours to my city to see me basically every two days, and the last thing I want is to get in the way, or become a burden in his life with my mental health. We talk everyday, and If I go more than a few days without seeing his silly ass, I start missing him tremendously, and I’m not used to that.. I could spend hours just wasting time with him laughing, and I can really see myself building a future with him, but damn.. it’s only been like 6 weeks.... Is this unhealthy, or am I normal, and over thinking 😭 I wasn’t expecting to feel this way, or even meet someone that I connect/align with so well. I literally feel like I’ve met my dream man when I wasn’t ready 😭 We’ve talked about what we want for our futures, and this man his literally looked me dead in the eyes and told me “I would give you babies” 😭 kill me now. I told him I think we should take a step back from pursuing a relationship, and that I feel like my feelings for anyone should not be this deep after just over a month. I don’t think it’s normal to be damn near falling in love that fast, and I don’t wanna get in the way of his life, or let it grow to a genuinely unhealthy extent where it could possibly turn into codependency.
TL;DR - I feel like I’m falling for my sd after only 6 weeks, genuinely the best relationship I’ve ever had, and it scares the fuck out of me.
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2023.03.21 08:49 hourlyrooms TIPS FOR IDEAL DATE IN HOURLY ROOMS

Love is the phenomenon that cherishes its impact on all cultures and almost all of society. However, in Indian culture, there are some rules and regulations when it comes to love. But we have something for you which will provide you with a proper space for you to share some quality time with your partner without worrying about judgement.
Hourly Rooms
In this era of dating and travel, finding a affordable accommodation for few hours is a difficult task. Whether you are a business traveller or a couple on a date, Hourly Rooms hotels are ideal option for your short stay needs.
High prices and inflexible check-in put everyone in a tight spot and with growing demand for couple privacy and friendliness, along with benefits similar to those of traditional hotels, are being addressed by short-stay hotels.
But, to fulfil the growing demand of the short stay that we have taken care of we have brought an hourly hotel concept for the couples to spend some good time.
Here are a few tips for ideal date in Hourly Rooms.

Set Up A Movie Hall

When it comes to hotel rooms they are equipped with TVs where you can easily connect your TV for Netflix, Prime or hotstar. Where you can get a little cosy together while watching the movie and have an amazing date.

Read A Book Together

This one is for the reader couples who enjoy the passion of mind to the fullest. If you cannot execute a book date in a cafe, try using a day-use hotel, and have a cosy book-reading session with your partner.

Dance with your heart

Do like dancing with your partner when you are alone, booking Hourly Rooms you have privacy which will not disturb, make your hotel room a club and start dancing together with your heart out.

Pizza And Wine

Sounds very basic but, eating pizza with your partner is really very classic when your sitting alone with your love.

Make an Ice- Sundae Bar

Bring your ice cream and favourite toppings along with some hot fudge and enjoy the cold with the warmth of your partner.

Revisit Your Favourite Songs

Spending some time with your loved one and listening to those songs which both of you used to enjoy will always give you a different vibe and make you your partner.

Candlelight Dinner

Just like every movie have the end similar to that having a candle light dinner with your partner with some wine and favourite food and create some new memory with them
So what are your plans when you visit Hourly Rooms for your ideal date? No plans now its your time to plan and book your short stay with Hourly Rooms website and App.
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2023.03.21 08:49 deepgoldz Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course (Completed)

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