2004 polaris sportsman 500 battery

Choosing to become ”hardware whale” instead of ”resonance whale” in Diablo: Immortal.

2023.05.28 17:13 Yathrin Choosing to become ”hardware whale” instead of ”resonance whale” in Diablo: Immortal.

I had a basic Ipad 2020 and chose to spend 1200€ on an Ipad Pro 2022 just for Diablo: Immortal. Having 8GB RAM and a graphics processor equivalent to desktop PC Geforce 770 GTX (GPU power relative to the 11” screen size) really made an enjoyable difference. I believe this was a much better choice for me personally than spending my money on legendary gem resonance in the game.
In case someone is wondering about the difference between 11” Ipad Pro Retina and 12.7” Ipad Pro XDR Retina: XDR Retina allows 1,000 or even 1,600 nits of brightness at small window sizes (a bit like in modern HDR1000 certified PC displays), while 11” Retina is only max 600 nits (but both displays use IPS panels). If I remember correctly, basic Ipads have 500 nits displays.
Ipad Pro 11” 2022 battery from 100% to 0% (Diablo: Immortal ultra graphics, 60 fps, image sharpening, 50% screen brightness): ~ 6 hours
Ipad Pro 11” 2022 battery from 100% to 0% (Divinity 2: Original Sin, ultra graphics and 60 fps, 50% screen brightness: ~ 2.3 hours
Battery lasted roughly the same six hours when running Diablo: Immortal on 10.2” Ipad 2020 at 50% screen brightness, 30 fps/image sharpening or 60 fps/no image sharpening.
I hope this text helps someone who is deciding on device upgrade for Diablo: Immortal, just like I was half a year ago.
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2023.05.28 17:13 OCT-Slappie [WTS] [ON] kwa mod1 + attachments $400

Hey guys gotta kwa mod 1 with a suppressor, sight and fake peq box(keeping together). Comes with5 mags a battery and a gun bag asking $400. Thats a crazy deal as the gun itself new is $500. Reason for selling is i need the cash. Local to london ontario but can travel abit(prefer pickup.)
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2023.05.28 17:05 OrganizationQueasy94 2022 M340 - No upgrade, 47k, 23K Miles

2022 M340 - No upgrade, 47k, 23K Miles
Would you purchase a 2022 BM# M340i for 47k with 23K Miles on it? CPO until 2027 but no upgrades at all, the car was a BMW Demo Car for about 1 year. Below is the MSRP Sticker. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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2023.05.28 16:28 OrganizationQueasy94 2022 M340i - no Upgrade, would you purchase?

2022 M340i - no Upgrade, would you purchase?
Would you purchase a 2022 BM# M340i for 47k with 23K Miles on it? CPO until 2027 but no upgrades at all, the car was a BMW Demo Car for about 1 year. Below is the MSRP Sticker. Feel free to let me know your thoughts.
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2023.05.28 16:25 Grimsterr Question about batteries, ultracaps, and isolation requirements.

I'm planning out a build for the first time in years, my car currently has a new battery up front from the previous owner, and I have an AGM battery and Ioxus Ultracap I'm planning to put in the back for the system.
Do I need to run a 500 amp relay (isolator) between the front battery and AGM and/or run a similar 500 amp relay between the AGM and the Ultracapacitor when the car is off to keep any discharge behavior from happening?
I've been googling and haven't really found anything that seems to address what I'm doing.
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2023.05.28 16:21 Gelo-BeamedU_ The 2004 Boston Red Sox (just skip to the end if you hate Boston)

Recently rewatched the 2004 Red Sox postseason out of spite that the Celtics forced game 7 last night. First I thought damn, why haven’t we gotten a Jason Veritek card like since the psp and ps2 days. I then noticed how dominant pitchers like Derek Lowe and Curt Schilling were in those historical series’ and how I haven’t seen either card almost ever. Not to mention while the iron is still hot cuz they release everything we want in the off-season. Postseason promo’s are great but how about a Battery-mates program? There would be no better way to: 1- introduce meaningful team captain boosts (which is barely utilized) with familiar players who also played on the same team. 2- have fun learning a little history about GOATED pitchecatcher duos that you maybe never heard of. Most pitchers needa card from their prime probably to keep up with all those hitters, but cmon what better way to start seeing some unique lineups.
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2023.05.28 16:17 jakepugeda64 Getting A Laptop For College - Need Recommendations

Hi laptops, I’m currently about to start my freshman year at college and I’m looking for a personal laptop. I don’t know much about laptops, but my university listed some requirements:
Processor: Intel i5 (adequate) I7 (preferred) or higher Memory: 16GB or higher Hard drive: SSD 256 GB or higher Wireless networking: Required Networking: Ethernet (optional) Display: 13 inch or larger Operating System: Windows 10 or 11 is recommended with the latest Microsoft service packs and updates applied. Apple with latest macOS version with latest updates applied. Camera and microphone (if purchasing a new laptop, verify that it includes a built-in camera and mic). USB ports Sound card and speakers Lock and cable (recommended)
Aside from these requirements, I’d also like to run some games on my laptop.
Around 1,500 USD
Important (I think?)
I don’t mind a bulky or heavy laptop
At least 13 inches
Nothing I can think of
I don’t think I have any other thoughts
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2023.05.28 15:57 Internal-Drawer-7707 Apple will show a consumer AR headset at WWDC 2023

My bold prediction that I half think will be wrong. I think apple will not have just the 3000$ MR headset, they will have a cheaper AR headset that has the controls and processing done on the iphone.
Reason is 1: It's completely out of character for apple to announce a glorified dev kit and say "Oh the real product is gonna come a few years!". Apple always launches the consumer product and then the developers come. I think apple has been intentionally leaking the dev kit so nobody suspects that there is something else that's mainstream.
Reason 2: The tech is almost there. There are several AR glasses under 500 dollars and while they have issues aplenty, they are fixable issues and these companies don't have a fraction of apples resources so if apple makes this, it would blow any competition out of the water.
Reason 3: Connecting it to a phone fixes most of the issues of AR. The biggest problem with AR is while it's incredibly cool, all the use cases are janky because there is no ecosystem of apps with AR controls. A smartphone is the perfect controller for an AR. Want a keyboard, a tv remote, a game pad, the phone can do that in your hand. All a dev has to do is take their ios app and make controls for an AR experience or even just mirror the phone to a bigger screen. And connecting it to a phone also solves the processor problem meaning all resources can be dedicated to the battery and making it look fashionable.
Reason 4: It gives people outside of the US a reason to pick an iphone over an android phone. I think this is their largest reason as while the iphone is incredibly successful outside of the US, it dosen't dominate to nearly the same extent. Yes there are many people who own iphones in other places, iphones are seen as more of a luxury and most opt for cheaper android phones. However, if apple can make a good AR add on to the iphone, it means many on the fence will pick the iphone as it has a feature android won't be able to do for years.
I will probably be wrong, but in the off chance I'm right i can brag about it.
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2023.05.28 15:14 Ezqxll Which the best overall laptop with 4080/4090 available in the market now?

Based on the following parameters (in their order of priority) which are the best laptops available to buy right now?
  1. Graphics 4080/4090 (min 12 GB VRAM)
  2. CPU - i9 13th gen or AMD Ryzen 9 7945 equivalent
  3. A good display with 16" to 18" size, QHD (2560 x1440) or better, 500 nits minimum, at least 144 Hz refresh rate, good color reproduction, Mini-LED preferred if possible
  4. Good cooling system with fans/vapor chamber that doesn't burn fingers on the keyboard or is excessively noisy or suck dust like a vacuum cleaner. Don't want any thin or slim models.
  5. Either has 2 x 1 TB PCIE Gen4 SSDs or has available empty slot
  6. Either has 16 x 2 DDR 5600 RAM or better and/or supports upgrade
  7. At least 2 hours of battery backup (non-gaming usage)
  8. Backlit keyboard - any color
  9. Lots of USB ports
I have a Legion right now and have also used other brands before. However, Legion has been the nicest experience in terms of ownership comfort as had zero trips to a service center in almost 3.5 years of owning it. I travel a lot across countries for long periods so having a dependable laptop in areas with no service support is kind of critical. Was almost fixated on ASUS SCAR 16 4090 model till I heard about the QC issues. The options I can choose from are ( Lenovo/ ASUS/ MSI/ AceHP/ Alienware/ Gigabyte). Razer and Eluktronics are available but without local warranty support so I would prefer not to go for them.
I am not concerned about the weight of the laptop because it stays at my room and I don't carry it to office. Would be nice to be able to clean up the fans occasionally without having to take the full laptop apart. Some of the laptops are really not very convenient when it comes to performing periodic maintenance.
If you have information on critical issues that plague any of these top end laptops, please share it. The actual user experience over long term is worth much more than benchmarks.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.28 12:05 ConstableDong Is this used car a good deal?

Dealership near me has a pre-owned 2021 Mazda 6 GS-L with just under 45,000 km, going for $31,500 CAD (includes tax). Clean carfax and only 1 owner
Not too savvy with cars and car purchasing, was wondering if this was a good deal or not. I have an old 2004 Camry SE 3.3L at just under 400,000 km and was wondering if this was a good enough deal to snag or if I should just keep driving mine until it dies.
Thanks :)
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2023.05.28 11:58 StoneFlame [News] April ranking rewards

  • 6 to 20: 銀河(熟練) ★+1, 10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount Battery Concentrated Deployment ★+1, Type144/147 ASDIC ★+4
  • 21 to 100: 銀河(熟練), 10cm Twin High-angle Gun Mount Battery Concentrated Deployment, Type144/147 ASDIC ★+2
  • 101 to 500, comments, kiribans: 銀河(熟練), Type144/147 ASDIC ★+1
The new equipment "Ginga(skilled)" is pre-implemented. It will be able to obtained via using Ginga and skilled crew member. Also its stats will be slightly buff when it's formally implemented.
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2023.05.28 11:32 ThePlanetIsDyingNow Looking for the best everyday, affordable, smallest compact binoculars

Hey everyone. I am looking for the best pair of the smallest normal binoculars I can find that are affordable for everyday use. After many faithful years and one too many clumsy drops, my trusty, beloved old polaris optics 8x32 finally gave out yesterday and, as they are sadly no longer available to rebuy on amazon, I'm looking for a equally tiny or hopefully even smaller replacement. The smaller the better so I can easily keep them in a pocket or clipped to my pack. My polaris were around 4.25" x 4" but even smaller would be appreciated. I use them for birding but I'm very small so I'd like something clear but still child sized/lightweight and easy to carry hiking and climbing up rocks rather than trying to wear a large pair of heavy binoculars around my neck like the pair my husband has been using for decades. I have a 9x Pentax 9 in pink in my cart now that are only 3.43" long but I'm not sure of the quality. I wouldn't mind 10x or higher if you know of any small ones. Again, my $60 polaris were EXCELLENT and absolutely everything I needed and they were only around $60 and lasted many years around the world in the worst environments I could throw at them from foggy, humid jungles, to falling into abrasive island sand, to being dropped in ocean waves, to being banged against rocks in the mountains while climbing. They were so rugged and endured so much! They were perfect, I am looking for something just like them. I just need something every day and affordable that can go through what they went through and be easily replaced when they've gone through too much. I don't understand why they stopped making/selling them. They were incredible! I dropped them so many times over the years and they went with me on all of my adventures. I can't believe what they endured. I would simply buy them again because they were the ultimate pair of binoculars for me, but they aren't available anymore. I really wish they were because they were absolutely perfect. The ones in my cart that look similar to them are around $30-100. I just don't know which ones stack up to my cherished Polaris Optics. I'm definitely not looking for anything $500-$1,000+ because that would just be a waste of money with how they will be treated. They will go through a lot of rough treatment and I don't want to be banging around something expensive like that. Just something reasonable and everyday I can keep in a pocket with no stress like my last pair that can be replaced after a few years. I do a lot of adventuring, they're just going to be banged against cliffs, etc, I don't want to be throwing away a lot of money everytime an adventure gets rough. Thanks!
My Polaris: https://imgur.com/a/IHbQffX
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2023.05.28 10:50 cheaptissueburlap BSB news For Week #30, May 22 2023

WEEK #30 is here, been doing this for a while now, always appreciating engagement on these!
What happened last week?

What to watch for next week?

Canadian news For Week #30, May 22 2023


CAE announces Vienna, Austria as the location for its new business aviation training centre in Central Europe - CAE.to
is expanding its global network to Central Europe with a new business aviation training centre in Vienna, Austria, scheduled to begin operations in the second half of 2024. In addition, CAE will deploy the first Bombardier Global 7500 full-flight simulator (FFS) in Europe, making pilot training on this popular aircraft type more accessible and convenient for operators in the region.
CAE will initially operate six state-of the-art FFSs in Vienna, including the Global 7500, a Global 6000 Vision, and four yet-to-be-announced FFSs for business jets from leading manufacturers. The new 8,000-square-metre facility will have space for expansion with a capacity for up to nine FFSs and will be purpose-built to deliver the most advanced pilot training experience in Central Europe.


Bird Awarded BC Ferries' Maintenance Facility Redevelopment - BDT.to
announce that it has been awarded a contract for the Fleet Maintenance Unit (FMU) Redevelopment Project for BC Ferries.
The FMU Redevelopment Project aims to revitalize BC Ferries' existing facility situated in Richmond, British Columbia, enhancing its capabilities and increasing its capacity to meet the demands of BC Ferries' operational needs. The FMU facility currently handles a substantial portion of the maintenance, repair, and upgrades for BC Ferries' 39-vessel fleet.

Intermap Powers Telecom Network Planning - IMP.v
announced a contract with RKF Engineering Solutions, LLC (“RKF”) to supply NEXTMap® 3D elevation data through its cloud-based elevation data as a service subscription for telecommunications network planning.
RKF develops innovative engineering solutions for communication networks and satellite systems and provides critical analysis to enable spectrum reuse. RKF is integrating Intermap’s cloud-based services for 3D elevation and land classification data to conduct precision signal analysis for locations around the world. Intermap’s cloud-based solutions offer users rapid and easy-to-use online access to NEXTMap global terrain datasets that integrate into third-party software applications.


CAE and Endeavor Air celebrate major expansion to Minneapolis-St. Paul training centre - CAE.to
today inaugurated their expanded training centre in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. The training centre recently underwent a 50,000 square-foot expansion to make space for Endeavor's Flight Operations and Inflight Training departments and three additional CRJ full-flight simulators (FFS) that will allow Endeavor Air to consolidate all its pilot and cabin crew training, which previously took place in multiple locations, at the state-of-the-art centre in Minneapolis-St. Paul. With this expansion, the facility is now the largest CRJ training facility in the world.
Endeavor Air anticipates that approximately 2,000 pilots will visit the Endeavor Air Learning Center at CAE each year for training. Currently 120 instructors support the flight operations training program and 16 instructors support the flight attendant training program. Between 2,000 and 2,300 flight attendants will come through the facility for both new-hire and annual recurrent training each year.

SolarBank Reaches Commercial Operation on BTM Solar Project in New York and Provides Update on Pipeline of Projects in Progress - SUNN.to
is ‎pleased to provide shareholders a update on its pipeline of projects, headlined by achieving commercial operation on a 195-kilowatt DC behind-the-meter ("BTM") solar system located in Syracuse, New York for Honeywell International ("Honeywell"). The project is the latest completed for Honeywell in New York, a key U.S. market for SolarBank. Presently, SolarBank is developing nine additional solar projects in New York, totaling 80 Megawatts of potential future capacity ("MWp"). Mobilization is underway and construction has begun on a 3MW potential capacity brownfield project in Geddes, NY. In

BQE Water Completes Performance Test for Plant that Simultaneously Removes Sulphate and Selenium at a US Mine - BQE.v
has successfully completed the performance test of the first industrial scale water treatment plant combining nanofiltration with electroreduction to simultaneously remove sulphate and selenium from mine contact water at a mine in the US.
Operating intermittently as determined by site water levels, the plant treats a mix of tailings seepage and mine contact water to produce treated effluent fully compliant with site requirements. This includes selenium below 2 ppb and sulphate below 950 ppm to ensure that conditions for passing bioassays are met. By-products of treatment are a solid gypsum and stable non-hazardous iron oxide-selenium residue suitable for onsite disposal.

Nextech3D.ai Game-Changing Generative-AI CAD 3D Design Studio Toggle3D.ai Primed For $7 Million June IPO - NTAR.v
announce the eagerly anticipated spin-off of Toggle3D.ai. The expected trade date for Toggle3D.ai (CSE:TGGL) is June 13, 2023 (subject to approvals) of the Canadian Securities Exchange. Nextech shareholders of record will be issued an exclusive dividend of 4,000,000 newly issued shares in the revolutionary Toggle3D.ai, on a pro-rata basis.
Toggle3D.ai is a groundbreaking SaaS solution that utilizes generative AI to convert CAD files, apply stunning 4K texturing, and enable seamless publishing of superior 4K 3D models, serving various industries within the $160 billion CGI market. With its Augmented Reality-based rapid prototyping web app, Toggle3D.ai empowers designers, artists, marketers, and eCommerce owners to effortlessly convert, texture, customize, and publish high-quality 3D models and experiences, regardless of technical or 3D design expertise.

Polaris Renewable Energy Announces Signing of 25 MW (AC) Power Purchase Agreement for Solar Project Canoa II - PIF.to
announce that we have signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in the Dominican Republic for Canoa II. The Canoa II solar project is adjacent to the already operational 25MW Canoa I, which was acquired by the Company in July of 2022, and is inthe Province of Canoa, Municipality of Barahona, Dominican Republic. Polaris owns 100% of the project.
Particulars related to the Canoa II PPA and project are:
15-year PPA denominated in US$ of $82.35 per MWh;
Such PPA has an annual inflator for 5 years post initial commencement, equivalent to approximately 16% of the US Consumer Price Index, at which point the price remains fixed until the end of the 15-year term;
Estimated completion of construction in the third quarter of 2024;

Bee Vectoring Technologies Receives Largest Order to Date from a Major Multi-State Berry Grower in the United States - BEE.v
Announce a company record-breaking sales order with one of the largest blueberry growers in the United States, who will integrate BVT's proprietary Vectorite with CR-7 (Clonostachys rosea CR-7) biological fungicide and natural precision agriculture system on their blueberry operations in the upcoming growing season in the Pacific Northwest.
"This new customer is an enterprise-sized grower with large scale operations in multiple key growing regions and will be implementing the BVT system on over 500 acres of their operations spread across Washington and Oregon," said Ian Collinson, Sales Manager at BVT. "This significant development is a strong indication of the growing confidence growers have in the BVT system as most growers historically have tested with small acreages first before committing to such a large portion of their operations."


Edgewater Wireless Launches WiFi7 Spectrum Slicing Platform - YFI.v
announce its next-generation of Wi-Fi Spectrum Slicing powered silicon solutions targeting residential, enterprise and prosumer applications. Building on the latest Wi-Fi standard, WiFi7 (802.11BE), Edgewater’s groundbreaking platform offers more physical channel capacity than single-channel, legacy Wi-Fi architectures — bringing lower latency and reduced contention for existing and new devices. With ‘Beta’ Spectrum Slicing capable silicon now available for select partner evaluations, engineering samples of Edgewater’s WiFi7 silicon are targeted by the end of Q2 CY2024, with commercial products expected at the end of Q2 CY2025.

Coveo Services Now Available in the Amazon Web Service (AWS) Canada Region - CVO.to
announced that Canadian customers can now access the Coveo Relevance CloudTM on the AWS Canada (Central) Region.
By leveraging the AWS Canada (Central) Region, a cluster of several data centers located in Montreal, Coveo will enable customers with data residency preferences (regulatory, compliance or other) to securely store data in Canada. Local AWS infrastructure facilities mean that customers can do more in terms of running mission-critical applications that need the lowest possible latency, and benefit from more flexibility.

Solar Alliance continues to grow project backlog with five new projects totaling $1.1 million - SOLR.v
announce it has signed contracts for five solar projects in the Southeast U.S., ranging in size from 40 kilowatts (“kW”) to 113-kW.
The contracts include the design and installation of solar projects for a range of industries in Tennessee and Kentucky and have a combined capital cost of $1.1 million.
All of the projects are expected to be completed in 2023 and contribute to a backlog of contracted projects totaling $3.1 million.

BluMetric and Rheinmetall Canada to Deliver Self-Contained Water Purification Systems to Canadian Armed Forces - BLM.v
announce the award of a 3-year $11.7 million contract from Rheinmetall Canada.
BluMetric is teaming with Rheinmetall Canada, who is the prime contractor and an internationally recognized systems integrator, to develop and deliver small, self-contained water purification systems as part of a contract awarded by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). This product, named the Advanced Sub-Unit Water Purification System (ASUWPS), will enhance the ability of the CAF to support missions by providing the capacity to purify water at the sub-unit level - providing potable water for 125-250 personnel. The ASUWPS are a smaller, lighter system than BluMetric's Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit (ROWPU), which BluMetric has been building and supporting for the CAF for the last ten years.



Good luck guys
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2023.05.28 10:41 Proletlariet Chitti

Chitti Robot

"Hello world. I am robot. Speed one terahertz. Memory one zetabyte."

Chitti Robot is the star of the Bollywood action films Enthiran and 2.0, playing the part of both the hero and sometimes the villain. Chitti is an advanced combat robot built by Doctor Vasikar, a genius robotics and computer engineer. Chitti was by a massive margin the most advanced ai and most powerful robot on the planet, equipped with an amazingly strong electromagnet and advanced combat capabilities. Vasikar hoped to sell Chitti to the Indian military, but he was ultimately rejected on account of not understanding the value of human life.
To remedy this, Vasikar attempted to teach Chitti human emotions, only succeeding after a stray bolt of lighting hit Chitti. However, this backfired, as a now emotional Chitti quickly fell in love with Vasikar's fiance, and, love-struck, refused to demonstrate his capabilities to the military. Furious, Vasikar violently dismantled his creation, tearing him apart with an axe and throwing him in the dumpster.
However, Chitti would soon return, with new programming in tow...



Fighting Skill



Other Skills

Chitti 2.0

"Sir- Cash, check, or credit card?"


After being destroyed by Vasikar, a skinless, broken-down Chitti was dumped in the trash and eventually taken to a landfill. However, he was still functional, and was found by Professor Bohra, Vasikar's mentor-turned rival. Desperate for a functioning military robot that he promised to sell to terrorists, Bohra rebuilt Chitti and added some programming of his own; the destruction chip, making Chitti violent and powerful.
This new Chitti, dubbed "Chitti 2.0", drastically differed in personality and appearance. He kidnapped Vasikar's fiance Sana, killed Bohra, and created an army of clones, killing hundreds of people in the process.
Chitti 2.0 was defeated eventually, and a restored Chitti was dismantled. But decades later, a mysterious supernatural threat called for Chitti's return, and eventually, 2.0's as well.




Roller Skates
Finger Gun
After killing Bohra and kidnapping Sana, Chitti modified his hands to shoot actual bullets.


After kidnapping Sana, Chitti created an army of identical copies of himself, who he could command to do his bidding. These clones can all link up with Chitti, forming massive structures and weapons.


Original Clone Army (Ambigious Number of Clones)
Second Clone Army (500 Clones)
Giant Chitti

Chitti 3.0 - Kutti The Microbot

"A lion can't touch a mosquito, big birdie! But if mosquitoes set their minds, they can chase the lion to its doom!"

Kutti the microbot is a miniature version of Chitti, built by 2.0 to fight Pakshi Raja. He leads an army of microbots to save the day when Chitti 2.0 was on the verge of defeat.
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2023.05.28 09:12 Infinite-Associate95 2019 series 7 help please

2019 series 7 help please
Hey guys idk what happening with my series 7 (73.500 miles on it ) I did spark plugs and coils I'm driving and drive train multifunction deploys but not every time. Also I go to car wash and engine light comes on after the was lol Could be battery fault? Wasn't been replaced since vehicle production 2019
No aftermarket on the car Thanks in advance
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2023.05.28 09:01 Broad-Lead-252 文革时期人口出生数量大的原因是由于斗争很多公社工厂都歇工了,人们闲的无聊就造小孩了。现在的中国人同样歇工很多,但无聊时间不会再浪费在造小孩这种事上了。

文革时期人口出生数量大的原因是由于斗争很多公社工厂都歇工了,人们闲的无聊就造小孩了。现在的中国人同样歇工很多,但无聊时间不会再浪费在造小孩这种事上了。 submitted by Broad-Lead-252 to u/Broad-Lead-252 [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 08:59 Infinite-Associate95 Bmw codes series 7

Bmw codes series 7
Hey guys idk what happening with my series 7 (73.500 miles on it )
I did spark plugs and coils I’m driving and drive train multifunction deploys but not every time . Also I go to car wash and engine light comes on after the was lol
Could be battery fault ? Wasn’t been replaced since vehicle production 2019
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2023.05.28 08:53 Immortalsirnz [Battle] The War of Malbork Aggression, 1517

Resolution of 1516
January-April 1517, North Muscovy
The winter of 1517 was a particularly brutal winter, even by Russian standards. Both the Swedish and Livonian armies were forced to hunker down as the snows swirled around them. With both King Sten Svantesson and Wolter Von Plettenberg seeking to replenish their losses, they would have to wait until snow yielded to rain in the spring Rasputitsa. It was during this wet time that both of the reinforcement armies arrived. In this time of limited operational mobility, both armies moved to secure more of the Novgorod area. The Polish army, on the other hand, had withdrawn from the area to regroup further south, in a grand ducal army with the Lithuanians. An army from Pskov was also raised by their commanding general. Jan Radziwiłł died soon after he set out from the city, paralyzing his mourning army. By the end of April, both armies finally began their triumphal march out of their winter quarters to continue the crusade against Muscovy.
May 1517, Former Duchy of Rzhev
The two armies set out in two groups heading south east. The Swedish army's goal is the city of Tver, and the Livonian army‘s goal is the city of Rzhev. As has been a common pattern in this war so far, the scouting of the four armies is mostly lackluster. The stars had aligned so that the two Russian armies would attack the Livonian army, whose scouts were underperforming in these wide open spaces. As has also been a pattern in the war so far, the Russians fail to coordinate their attacks. Plettenberg’s army would meet Mozhaisky’s outside of Goroshin.
The First and Second Battles of Goroshin, July 1517
With both armies taking up excellent positions, the battle would begin with a textbook artillery opener from the Livonian forces. This will be followed up by a monstrous hail of arrows from the seemingly endless Muscovites archers, greatly thinning the Livonian infantry. As the terrain here around the Volga is poor for cavalry, the Livonian knights unhappily dismount to fight as heavy infantry. The Muscovites brought plenty of mounted skirmishers, but their effectiveness would be limited by the wet ground. With the knights proper dismounted off their horses, this left only the Livonian squires as the cavalry forces for the Livonians. This would prove to be an excellent move as the lighter armored cavalry men would not be slowed down by the knights’ heavy armor. The Muscovite left flank could not hold a candle to those young squires, eager to prove themselves, and they were the first to leave the field. Despite this initial victory, the Muscovites would not let them have it easy. The large numbers of Muscovites mounted skirmishers would rain javelins upon their enemies, unchallenged by the Livonians. It would, however, be the squires that once again would prove the nail in the Muscovite coffin as the Muscovite right cavalry flank was scattered by their spirited fighting. The horn to signal the retreat was soon sounded by the Muscovites, and the Muscovites made a very organized retreat away from the field, safe, but dispirited.
It is soon after this, that the second Muscovite army commanded by Shuysky, would catch up to the Livonians from behind, as part of a failed pincer movement. It is here that the Livonians, for the first time in the war, would have a rather lackluster artillery performance to open the battle. But, to their luck, the Muscovites would prove even worse. This army would prove to be very different from the one that they had just fought, as it appeared much smaller, but better armored. The Muscovites would from now on employ a different tactic against their opponents, and would use their own cavalry to merely keep the enemies off of their infantrys’ flanks, which they do well enough here. As the battle goes on, and as well as the Livonians had been fighting, they were still tired from their previous engagement, and it became clear to von Plettenberg, that he must sound the retreat in order to save his exhausted army from destruction. The Livonian retreat is not particularly well executed, as von Plettenberg is not used to retreating, but on the flipside Shuysky is not used to winning, and his pursuit of the Livonians is ineffective, who manage to get away. The Livonians retreat to Volgo, where they will spend the rest of the season recovering from a grueling gauntlet of a month, and establishing occupations to link themselves up to Lithuanian supply lines.
May-December 1517, Torzhok Area
To their north, the Swedish army under the command of Sten Svantesson attempts to march across a rather desolate area of land. After a light amount of progress, it quickly becomes apparent that their supply lines will not enable them to reach their target [<1], without linking up with the Livonians to their southwest, and the Lithuanian supplies that flow to them. The Swedes will be forced to stop in Yazhelbitsy to figure out their supply situation, and will spend time occupying lands to their north and south. To complicate matters further, the autumn Rasputitsa would be even worse than the spring, enabling a breakout of the plague in the Livonian camp. To the far north the Karelian revolts will continue to gain steam and will occupy most of traditional Karelia.
January-July 1517, Former Grand Duchy of Smolensk
Meanwhile, to the south, the king of Poland is re-organizing his armies to coalesce around the city of Smolensk. Through the winter snows and spring rains, his army gathers ready to strike. Once the rains stop in early May, the army sets out under Grand Hetman Konstanty Ostrogski and Jan Amor Tarnowski. The plan is simple: the Grand Ducal Army, a combination of Polish and Lithuanian might, shall force the Muscovites from their positions at Dorogobuzh. The ancient fortified city of the Rus lies on the Dnieper river. Overlooking the city are two heights, from which the muscovite forces have taken up a commanding view of the river valley. Grand prince Dmitri, for his part, has left a professional army under Chelyadnin and a new army under Mikahil Bulgakov to defend the city. Hearing rumblings of the Grand Ducal Army long in advance. Dmitri would also send the word south to the army at Bryansk to join the fight, in Dorogobuzh. This army would take nearly a month to make it the greater distance north, however. With ample troops to cover the hills surrounding the city, the Poles will spend the better portion of two months failing to take either hill surrounding the city.
In August, Ostrogski will take stock of the situation that he is in and make a decision to begin the Bryansk campaign early. He will send half his army south down to the aforementioned city, in order to reclaim it for the Grand duchy of Lithuania. The hope is that with less of a concentration of force on the Muscovite side, he will be able to take Dorogobuzh slowly. The new force is led by yet another Jerzy Radziwiłł, and reaches Bryansk before the Muscovites do, who are led once again by Shemyachich. The already sacked city has hastily repaired walls and a Muscovite garrison. With this in mind, it should not be a surprise that the city falls quickly after some well-placed barrages from the Polish artillery. It would be noted that the Muscovite garrison was given no quarter by the Polish and Lithuanian conquerors. Shemyachich (and Ivan V of Ryazan) have finally caught up to them however, and Radziwiłł reasons that his cavalry are better suited to the open fields rather than inside city walls.
Battle of Bryansk, September 1517
The battle of Bryansk begins with a bang. Many of them, in fact, as both of the artillery batteries roared to life, and hit true on their enemies. The rest of the battle is a much more boring affair. The infantry nearly fight to a standstill, and the Muscovite cavalry, once again, attempts and succeeds to merely draw off the Polish cavalry from inflicting too much damage on themselves or their infantry center. After several hours of grinding fighting and mounting casualties, Shemyachich sees no path to victory for the Muscovites, and orders the retreat away from the city to hopefully cross the river Desna once again, back to the safety of Muscovy.
After a short rest in Bryansk, the polls and Lithuanians continue their so-called Bryansk campaign and split up once again, confident that the Muscovites will not reengage this year. They are able to take the city of Karachev this year and reclaim the city of Trubetsk in Ruthenia. Their campaign is cut short, once again, by a particularly intense rainy season with general Stanisław Lanckoroński even going down with a minor case of illness for a few weeks due to unsanitary conditions.
August 1517, City of Dorogobuzh
Back at Dorogobuzh, Ostrogski feels confident that he can throw his weight against one of the hills and finally take it. He chooses the south hill, for no particular reason other than he has a good feeling about it. Due to yet again, another Muscovite scouting failure, he is able to assault the hill with numerical superiority. Surprising the Muscovites with a furious attack, he’s able to take the hill rather easily. The Polish at this point do not have a large contingent of siege artillery, but the defenses of the city are not well-maintained, and thus are not difficult to blast open. Ostrogskii hesitates here at the open fortifications of the city, as he knows that most of his strength is concentrated in his cavalry's superiority. He sees fit to at least attempt an assault with the famed landsknecht taking point against the inferior Muscovite infantry forces. If it does not go well, he will simply have to think of another plan. Luckily for him, it does go well, and the famed mercenaries of Germany prove their worth as they force the Muscovites out of the city for good. Chelyadnin and Bulgakov retreat from the city back towards Vyazma. Due to the onset of the rain and the slog of the month’s battles, the Grand Ducal Army is not able to make much headway into Muscovite territory. Vyazma will have to wait until next year if there is one.
Levy Pikemen 410
Mercenary Pikemen 590
Mercenary Polearms 410
Levy Archers 410
Mercenary Crossbowmen 500
Levy Mounted Skirmishers 90
Mercenary Cavalry 230
Livonian Order
Von Plettenberg
Levy Pikemen 595
Levy Spearmen 595
Livonian Knights 380
Landsknecht 1,145
Levy Crossbowmen 395
Mercenary Arquebusiers 380
Levy Cavalry 395
Von Bielefeld
Levy Spearmen 80
Landsknecht 360
Mercenary Pikemen 180
Levy Crossbowmen 160
Mercenary Crossbowmen 300
Mercenary Arquebusiers 320
Levy Cavalry 80
Levy Mounted Skirmishers 170
Mercenary Cavalry 650
Cossacks 55
Mercenary Horse Archers 450
Levy Spearmen 45
Landsknecht 140
Mercenary Pikemen 140
Levy Crossbowmen 90
Mercenary Crossbowmen 230
Mercenary Arquebusier 230
Levy Cavalry 60
Levy Mounted Skirmishers 110
Mercenary Cavalry 360
Cossacks 30
Mercenary Horse Archers 280
Mercenary Cavalry 365
Mercenary Horse Archers 250
Ostrogski & Tarnowski
Levy Spearmen 110
Landsknecht 330
Mercenary Pikemen 130
Levy Crossbowmen 220
Mercenary Crossbowmen 220
Mercenary Arquebusiers 285
Levy Cavalry 55
Levy Mounted Skirmishers 205
Mercenary Cavalry 515
Cossacks 25
Mercenary Horse Archers 455
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2023.05.28 06:44 Life_Security4536 E-Bike falsely advertised. Am I in the wrong for wanting a refund?

Sorry if this is the wrong subreddit but I reside in Sydney and bought an e-bike that was falsely advertised from the PEDL store in Redfern. Anyone's help/opinion on this would be massively appreciated.

A basic rundown:
The e-bike was advertised as a top speed of 45km/h. When I tested it in the store, this claim was somewhat accurate so I thought not much of it. When I took it back home, I realised the bike's speedometer was showing faster than its actual speed. The e-bike was also 10kg heavier than advertised (25kg vs 35kg). The motor which is typically minimum $500+ (the most expensive part) was only 350W vs advertised 750W and only costs $80 from some international asian store.
The reason for the speed discrepancy was that PEDL had rigged the e-bike's computer to think the wheel was 24" not 20" which it actually is. Therefore, the e-bike's speed sensor was thinking the wheel was spinning fast but was really just a smaller wheel taking less time to fully rotate (hope this makes sense). When I tested the e-bike with the speedometer properly calibrated, the max speed with pedalling was 36km/h versus the advertised 45km/h. Pedalling doesn't do much because the bike is going so fast that the gears can't contribute at that speed. Without anyone sitting on it and lifting the bike, the throttle went to 35-38km/h.
When I mentioned it to PEDL, they sent me to their supplier (avocado e-bikes also in Redfern) who realised I figured out he rigged the bike's speedometer. So he tried changing it back to 24" again and gaslighted me into thinking I was wrong. I took it back to PEDL and were genuinely surprised when they tested it and realised I was right. However, they flat out refused any refund and only offered an exchange. When I contacted them the next day, they even tried back-tracking on what they said previously and tried claiming that "to the best of their knowledge" the bike was advertised properly and that when pedalling the top speed of 45km/h can be reached (which is obviously false as mentioned with the gear set-up). This also doesn't excuse the fact that PEDL tried changing the wheel size to something it's not just to achieve a "higher" speed.
Link to e-bike:

I disputed the issue with my bank. Am I wrong for wanting a refund? Is there any scenario where I could lose this dispute? Any opinions/facts on this would be appreciated.
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2023.05.28 06:23 Tippecanoe_n_Tyler2 R Series Headlight / Taillight setup?

Hey friends - just bought a pre-owned R with less than 100 miles on it for a deal I would have even called a steal back in ‘20 and those retail prices.
Anyways, prior to this I had an S2 and loved it except for how much my body would absorb the blow of every little crack in in the road. So I was always set on upgrading one day. And with this great deal that day just happened to come.
However, when picking up the bike, I didn’t even think to look at the headlamp / taillight set up. It never even crossed my mind that any Super73 would come without a full headlight tail light setup.
I live in a big city, so going without is not really an option. I also would prefer not to spend another ~$500 on an aftermarket set up and an additional 2 external batteries to hide somewhere. Not to mention having 3 different controls on the handle bars.
Any advice or tips on what folks have done to remedy this without breaking the bank?
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