How many seasons of malory towers

The Fantasy Fest legend herself.

2022.05.10 07:46 durianfuries The Fantasy Fest legend herself.

A compendium of the legendary Mallary/Mallory of Fantasy Fest fame.

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Welcome to MTVChallenge! The unofficial home for the world's greatest reality TV competition show, The Challenge, and all its spinoffs. We are spoiler free--please take a look at our rules before posting. Join us for live and post-episode discussions, weekly megathreads, and great original content! Threads with the 💣🌋 emojis are open to spoilers from yet-to-be aired episodes, including season winners. If you are Unspoiled, avoid those threads and the mods will play defense everywhere else.

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Do you have what it takes? Only those with Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent will make it to the top! Start your engines...and may the best drag queen win! Dedicated to everyone's favorite drag queen tv show.

2023.05.28 18:01 UnDead_Ted Standing Strong Through the Storm Day 65

Standing Strong Through the Storm Day 65


He who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil's work. 1 John 3:8
China’s house church leaders representing more than ten million members met some years ago for a conference to discuss the main problems facing their churches. They ranked their top three problems, and came up with strategies to solve them. At the top of the list was gossip. Leader after leader told stories of how their ministries had been compromised by this subtle sin. One house church leader from Henan Province shared the following experience:
“I went into an area to lead Bible studies for coworkers and they wouldn’t let me into the house where we were to hold the seminar. I asked them through the closed door what the problem was, but they wouldn’t tell me. They just told me to go away. It was winter and I went a little ways outside the town, knowing I must start a fire to sleep beside or I would freeze to death. I wondered what on earth could have made those brothers and sisters turn me away on such a cold night without a word of explanation.
“But a brother took pity on me and brought me secretly to his home. I eventually pried the truth out of him. The leaders in the area had received an anonymous letter denouncing me as a ‘lover of many women.’ Try as hard as I might, I could not get them to listen to me or let me see the letter. Later in another part of the country, I learned the letter had been sent by a brother I had disciplined for moral laxity, and he had sent it out of spite.
“I went to him and he repented. He sent another letter, but because the first one was unsigned, they didn’t believe him. Both of us offered to go there, but we weren’t welcomed. The testimony of the church was ruined. I still have to explain myself wherever I go. It’s a victory for the devil.
“I went with the offending brother out to the countryside and told him to pluck a chicken. We walked along while he did; the wind blew the feathers far over the fields. When he was finished, he asked, ‘What now?’ I told him, ‘Pick up every feather, and put it back on the chicken.’ He said, ‘That’s impossible.’ I replied, ‘You are right. It is impossible, just as the damage your words have done cannot be repaired.’ ”
The house church leaders pledged to be more loving, and to hold more face-to-face meetings with each other to minimize the sin of gossip in the future.
RESPONSE: Today I will thwart Satan’s temptations to offend others by committing the sin of gossip.
PRAYER: Lord, enable me to stand strong today in the face of all that Satan tries to throw at me.
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2023.05.28 18:01 Creative-Effect-9855 Stay Cool and Comfortable with Professional AC Repair Services

As the scorching summer months approach, the importance of a reliable and efficient air conditioning system becomes paramount. A malfunctioning AC unit can quickly turn a comfortable space into an uncomfortable one, leaving you sweating and frustrated. When faced with AC issues, it's crucial to enlist the services of professional AC repair technicians. In this microblog submission, we will explore the benefits of professional AC repair services and how they can help you stay cool and comfortable during the hottest months of the year.
One of the primary advantages of hiring professional AC repair services is the expertise and knowledge that technicians bring to the table. These professionals undergo extensive training and have experience working with various types and brands of air conditioning systems. They possess a deep understanding of AC mechanics and are skilled at diagnosing and resolving a wide range of AC problems. Professional AC repair professionals can diagnose and fix refrigerant leaks, compressor failures, and thermostat issues.
Additionally, professional AC repair services are equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to tackle AC repairs efficiently. They have access to specialized diagnostic tools that can pinpoint problems accurately, allowing for faster and more precise repairs. With their expertise and proper equipment, professional technicians can diagnose issues promptly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and ensuring your AC unit is up and running as quickly as possible.
Moreover, professional AC repair services offer long-term benefits for your air conditioning system. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can extend the lifespan of your AC unit, preventing costly replacements. When you invest in professional AC repair services, you not only address immediate issues but also ensure the overall health and performance of your system. By taking care of your AC unit and addressing any concerns promptly, you can enjoy reliable and efficient cooling for years to come.
In conclusion, professional AC repair services play a crucial role in keeping you cool and comfortable during the summer months. With their expertise, knowledge, and specialized equipment, technicians can diagnose and resolve AC issues efficiently. By investing in professional AC repair services, you can enjoy reliable cooling, prolong the lifespan of your AC unit, and avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of a malfunctioning system. Prioritize professional AC repair to stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer season.
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2023.05.28 18:01 rockthemullet37 Sure Grip Toe Jammers for Antik AR2?

Do Sure Grip Toe Jammers fit on AR2s? I have some that I use on other skates, but they don’t seem to fit great on the Antiks.
If anybody has used them, how many rows of laces back from the toe do you snap them?
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2023.05.28 18:00 AutoModerator What’s Working and What Isn’t? Sunday, May 28, 2023 - Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Discuss what you are playing, what you’re having success with(or failures with), and any new/cool ideas you’ve been experimenting with, etc. The point is to share what you’ve been playing, and how it’s going, good or bad - there are no other rules or requirements.
Some ideas on what to post/share:
CompetitiveHS Discord
VS live stats
HSReplays by winrate (warning - paywalled to filter outside of rank 25, stats may be misleading if using L-25 stats)
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2023.05.28 18:00 Aioli-Parm What does everyone do to get static out of clothes?

No matter how many drier sheets or what I do, I always have so much static in my clothes right when they come out of the dryer. What are your tricks?
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2023.05.28 18:00 joshklein37 5 shows in 3 days!

5 shows in 3 days!
5/19, Sweeney Todd: this was a massive blind spot in my Sondheim fandom so I was so excited to see this and especially with this cast and creative team. This was also Annaleigh Ashford’s first performance after winning the Drama League Award which I hoped they would acknowledge at the curtain call but they did not. Anyway, the show! It was brilliant, I know some people didn’t find Groban scary, I did at times but I also didn’t think he always needed to be but his Epiphany was breathtaking, however Ashford stole the show, all of her choices were brilliant and hysterical. Gaten Matarazzo, who I frankly wasn’t too excited to see as I haven’t seen Stranger Things, was also fantastic, his performance has really stuck with me. Jordan Fisher was fine and Ruthie Ann Miles was good. Overall, loved it.
5/20 matinee, Good Night Oscar: I beg anyone who will be in New York during the run of this show to rush Good Night Oscar, we got there at 8:45 and were third in line and their rush seats are $25 and the very front row of the theatre, which one you get a booster seat, is really not a problem and you get to see Sean Hayes give what has to be the most incredible live performance I’ve ever seen literally feet away from you. The play itself is also quite good but Hayes is otherworldly, I find that surprisingly this is the show I find myself raving about the most of the shows I saw on this trip.
5/20 evening, Camelot: you will not see me raving about this one nearly as much. While I did not hate it, I would give it a mixed positive, it certainly should’ve been better than it was. The cast was all great, the score was lovely and the orchestra was awesome, but I just don’t know what Sorkin was going for here. It’s 3 hours and it feels both incredibly slow and rushed, the things I want them to dive in to and take time on, they mostly completely skip and the things I could use less of are given 10 minute scenes. There were so many interesting ideas they could’ve played with here, how hubris can get in the way of meaningful change is a very interesting idea to play with but they just don’t fully examine anything. However, the biggest disappointment for me was the set design, or lack thereof. Why is it so minimalist? This is the Lincoln Center, they’re known for their extravagance, I kept waiting for a big set piece or something visually interesting but nothing came. I can appreciate minimalism with a show of substance, as I will get to later but this just didn’t have the substance, a big set can help take pressure away from your book and they needed that. The Beaumont stage is also massive so my eyes kept veering to the completely empty 90% of the stage with no actors, no set, no backdrop, anything. Overall, definitely disappointed but we got a selfie with Phillipa Soo after so still worth it.
5/21 matinee, Fat Ham: boy did we ever need this after the shows we had. We got rush tickets through TodayTix and we had a blast at this show, it was so smart and so funny, the whole cast was brilliant and it was just executed as well as it possibly could have. It had some very important things to say, and said them in a way that felt so natural and non-forced and it was just so well written and also why does no one talk about the lighting design? This thing better take that Tony, that was outstanding.
5/21 evening, Parade: we initially had tickets to the matinee but when they announced the evening show, we resold so we could fit another show in. I had known about Leo Frank for a while at this point but didn’t know Parade until the run at the city centre, I was initially very skeptical about a musical about Leo Frank but upon listening to it I was blown away by how well done it was and when the Broadway transfer was announced, this was a must see. I have since listened to the score many times and it has become one of my favourite scores in all of musical theatre but it was interesting to finally hear the book, which while not as excellent as the score, still serves its purpose for the score to hit the big emotional beats very very well. This is the show I was referencing where I loved the minimalism because it had a show of real substance, I also really loved the choice to show the real people on the screen at the back to remind the audience they’re watching a true story. Ben Platt was also fantastic and would be my vote for Actor in a Musical (though I haven’t seen NYNY), Micaela Diamond was also very good, though her accent took me out of it at times, I disagree with those saying she outshined him. The whole supporting cast was remarkable, with my standouts being Alex Joseph Grayson and Paul Alexander Nolan.
TLDR, my ranking
Must sees:
Sweeney Todd
Good Night, Oscar
Definite recommends:
Fat Ham
Only if you can get a ticket for real cheap:
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2023.05.28 18:00 AlternativeShadows [WP] Once there was a boy who made a snowman that came to life! The boy loved him so much, that he found a magic crystal and wished that the snowman would never melt. That was centuries ago. Now, the snowman wanders the scorched remains of Earth, praying for a death he knows will never come.

I'm gonna be honest I don't remember writing this, but here it is.
Here's the post
My flesh should have started evaporating off my body long, long ago. But that would mean death, and death was too easy.
I pass another building as it collapses, the earth claiming another victim, as it had claimed so many so long ago.
I remember when the earth began to collapse. I don't remember how long ago it was, but it was...
It was a long time ago.
I was created by a child. I was but a crude approximaton of my god. He had reached into the ground, and out of the very substance he stood on, he created life.
It wasn't really that simple. After he shaped my body, he had found a crystal that had fallen from the sky, and I believe he imbued it with his godly--yet sparse--power, focusing it into me. My soul.
I believe he poured his everything into me. All of his divinity, filling every part of my body. I have to believe that. Because if it's not true...
Why did I survive, while he died?
Another wave hits me. The antithesis of my cold body, heat that challenged every particle of my body, trying it's very best to tear me apart.
But that would mean death. And death was too easy.
Now I wander the earth, dreaming of death. Searching for anything that can give it to me. I found a vast expanse of water, black and filthy. All it did was discolor me for a few days.
I found a volcano. I had cooled the magma around me, and it solidified, trapping me for... years.
I think that was the closest I've ever been to death. A blissful silence. But the stone still hissed when it touched me. My flesh still felt pain, knowing it should have ceased to exist hundreds of years ago.
Eventually, I decided to search once more for a true death. I decided to cross the ocean, and search a new continent.
One day, on that other continent, I found a settlement.
But none of them would kill me.
I knew they had the power to. They were the same as my god. But they would not undo the magic that held me together.
So I took the next logical step. If they wouldn't kill me, I'd have to force them to do it in self-defense.
Their crude, improvised weapons had no effect on me. Nothing they did could touch me.
They all screamed. They all died.
It was cathartic, somehow. It made me forget my pain.
I think it's time to search another continent.
Death is too easy.
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2023.05.28 18:00 dfr1238 [(FP-POV Gorou)Fanfiction]38.2 C

Beep—beep—beep—beep beep—
I lifted the thermometer I had placed in her flushed left ear.
Looking at the reading on the thermometer, it showed "38.2 C".
Although a pregnant woman’s body temperature tends to be higher, this was definitely a fever, no doubt about it.
I slowly lowered my hand holding the thermometer, looking at Hoshino-San lying on the couch, I covered my face and recalled this morning.

The usual morning routine, I entered the bathroom for the usual grooming and looked at myself in the mirror.
After coming out, I noticed the mobile phone on the kitchen counter was buzzing with a notification, so I checked it.
I noticed that Hoshino-San had sent me two messages.
I opened the chatroom: "Amamiya-Sensei, I think I have a fever." she messaged—ugh. She sent a sticker—a somewhat chubby white seal looking displeased with a thermometer apparently stuck up its rear—What?
I turned off the phone screen and put it into my pocket. I put on my mask, grabbed the alcohol spray, and rang the doorbell at Hoshino-San's next-door apartment.
After a moment...
…She didn't faint, did she? But then—she opened the door, her face looking somewhat flushed.
"Ah~~Uno you're here~" She—What? "Hoshino-San, are you okay?" I asked.
"Relax! I just feel a little—" she said, waving her hand forward, then her body started to fall forward—"HEY ! HOSHINO-SAN!" I quickly stepped forward to catch her, her head leaning slightly on my shoulder.
"I'll take you to the couch to rest first." I gently assisted her, helping her to lie down on the couch.

Looking at her lying on the couch, she was resting with her eyes closed. Apart from looking exhausted, coughing, and a runny nose, her symptoms didn't seem severe. It's possible that she started feeling unwell on the way home yesterday, and her symptoms worsened during the night, preventing her from sleeping well.
I noticed her constantly adjusting her position, so I went to her bedroom and fetched a blanket and a pillow. I gently lifted her head and put the pillow in a comfortable place for her, and then covered her with the blanket.
"Is there anywhere else you're feeling uncomfortable?" I asked her softly. "Hmm... my... my head hurts a lot." she answered weakly, her face showing discomfort and her hands gripping the blanket tightly.
She couldn't take care of herself in this state, and I couldn't bear to leave her alone. "Hoshino-San, do you feel too cold right now?" I asked her gently.
"Uh... yeah, um... yes..." she answered slowly with her eyes closed. I got up, looked around for the air conditioner remote, found it, and turned up the temperature slightly.
After that, I went to her bathroom, rinsed a plastic washbasin, filled it with seventy percent hot water and thirty percent cold water, soaked a towel in it, and brought it to the living room.
I dipped the towel in the water, then wrung out most of the water. I then gently placed the warm towel on her forehead. Her expression seemed to relax a bit.
I watched her resting quietly.
After a while, I reheated the towel and placed it on her forehead again.
"Hoshino-San, did you do anything yesterday that might have led to catching a cold?" I asked her gently. "Uh... drank too much lemon water?" she answered me.
Uh... dinner last night? If I recall correctly, she didn't drink much.
"I saw you didn't drink much lemon water yesterday, was there anything else?" I asked her gently. "Um... yesterday... I think I took a cold shower." she answered slowly.
"For a long time?" I asked her. "I... don't remember, I think... after dancing yesterday afternoon, I showered until you rang the doorbell?" she slowly—What?
She showered until I rang the doorbell? I had finished a movie before I went to see her!
"Do you only take cold showers, Hoshino-San?" I asked her gently. "Well... at the beginning there was hot water, but later it ran out." she answered slowly.
I got up and gently opened the balcony door. The water heater is the same model as mine, the movie "The Graduate" is about 100 minutes, so this water heater can provide hot water for about 20 minutes, which means... 80 minutes of a cold shower.
No wonder she caught a cold... I heard her coughing from inside.
It seemed that I had no choice today. I walked over to the railing, dialed the hospital, and waited for the call to go through.
"Hello, this is Amamiya Gorou, a gynecologist. I have an emergency to attend to. My neighbor suddenly has a fever and can't take care of herself. She has no one else to look after her. I'm sorry, I need to take a leave of absence." I said. "Understood, Amamiya-Sensei, thank you for informing us. Are you sure your neighbor's condition requires your personal care? Does she need to be taken to the hospital?" the other party asked.
"Yes, I'm worried about her condition. I believe I need to see her myself. I've already assessed her illness. I will observe her condition. If it worsens, I will take her to the hospital immediately." I replied. "We understand your situation, Amamiya-Sensei. How long do you think your leave will last?" they asked. "I estimate I will need a day. I will handle this issue as soon as possible and return to the hospital." I answered.
After some more conversation, I managed to take the leave. I started thinking about what food is good for someone with a cold.

To be honest, aside from catching a cold when I was a child, I don't seem to have much experience with colds. Among the people I know, the one to ask about making a meal for someone with a cold would be...
But I didn't really want to call— I heard coughing from the room.

Sigh. I dialed a number from my contact list, waiting for the other party to pick up.
"Hello, this is the Amamiya residence." the voice on the other side said. "Hey, Grandma, it's me—" She cut me off. "Oh! My dear grandson! How rare of you to call back home! Did you miss Grandma?" she said joyously. "Kind of, but today I wanted to—" She cut me off again. "Gorou, are you bringing your girlfriend home this time? Should I notify the relatives?" She inquired—
Yes, this is precisely why I don't fancy making these phone calls.
"No, no, no, wait a moment! Grandma! Not every time I call it means I'm bringing a girlfriend home, okay!? I have other things to discuss!" I said, burying my face in my hands.
"Well, what could be more important than you bringing back my great-grandson? Gorou, you're nearly thirty now. There are only old folks and adults in our hometown, no children or babies. I'm bored! I wouldn't mind taking care of a child again, after all, I did help raise you!" she started to ramble.
"No, Grandma, aren't you missing several steps here? It's not like once you have a girlfriend, a baby pops out, right? Can't you just let things take their natural course? And today I really didn't call to talk about this!" I answered, feeling helpless.
"So, do you have a girlfriend?" She asked. "...No." I replied.
A moment later.
"Alright then, what did you need today?" she said, sounding a little impatient. "Do you remember what you used to cook for me when I was sick? The kind that made me feel better really quickly?" I asked her.
"I don't recall having any sort of family heirloom elixir. Or are you referring to the usual meals you ate when you were sick?" She asked. "...Yes, the latter. The meals you prepared when I was ill, do you remember them?" I clarified.
"...You don't sound sick to me?" She queried. ", it's not me—" She cut me off. "Who are you cooking for?" She asked, seemingly curious. "Well, my neighbor—" She cut me off.
"Oh!? A girl?" She—what? "Does that matter?" I asked, looking ahead. "Of course, it concerns my great-grandchild." she proclaimed proudly.
"Grandma, please, can you stop fixating on having a great-grandchild?" I said.
After a pause.
"Okay, Gorou, it was lovely chatting with you today. Let's talk again another day. Bye—" I cut her off. "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! HOLD ON, DON'T HANG UP!" I shouted.
I took a deep breath.
"...Yes, she's a girl, are you satisfied now?" I finally answered. "Oh, I thought it might have been a boy. That's a relief." she responded—what?
"Grandma, you're being too pragmatic." I retorted. "This is about my great-grandchild—so when are you bringing her home?" she asked—wait, what?
"Grandma, first, she is my patient, second, we're not that close, and third, she's only sixteen." I responded.
"Gorou, first, so what? Does that matter? Second, you know they say 'familiarity breeds affection'! Third, I gave birth to your mother when I was sixteen." she countered—wait a minute, the third point, what the hell, sixteen? I never knew that.
"Grandma, what do you mean 'does it matter?' She's my patient, I'm an 'OB/GYN'. How do you think the baby in my patient's belly came about?" I told her seriously.
"And so?" She—really?
"Grandma, babies don't just spring from stones, nor do they reproduce asexually." I replied.
"What is reproduce asexually?" She asked.

"Anyway, Grandma! Times have changed. If this were to happen, I would be socially ostracized, seriously!" I told her.
"No worries! Then just wait until she's twenty! I can wait a few more years, no problem!" she said. "No, Grandma, this—wait! Today I really just called for a recipe! She's not feeling well right now, can we talk about this another time?" I asked her.
After a moment.
"Um...alright, rice porridge—add a little ginger, steam some chicken breast and dice it." she answered. "With ginger, right?" I repeated.
"Yes, you could also make her a vegetable soup! Add tomatoes, onions, and garlic. Oh yes, garlic is very important!" she instructed. "Alright, alright, garlic, got it." I echoed.
"I used to stir-fry some broccoli, but softer food is better for someone with a cold." she advised. "Mhm, I'll keep that in mind." I affirmed.
"Oh, our Gorou is finally cooking for a girl! It seems my teachings weren't in vain!" she said, laughing. "Grandma, can you not—" She cut me off.
"I thought that since the family persuaded you to become an OB/GYN, you had lost interest in cooking—"
Right, isn't it?
After the family convinced me to become an OB/GYN, how could they think I was still interested in cooking? I gazed at the blue sky ahead.
"Gorou?" She called. "Yes, Grandma, I hear you. Is that about it? I have to go, she's not feeling well." I told her. "Alright then! Don't forget to come visit Grandma when you're free! Bye!" she said. "Sure, I will, goodbye." I hung up.
I should have just googled it instead of putting myself through this. I looked at the black smoke billowing from the chimney in the distance.
Isn't this what they wanted? Isn't this what I had to do? Isn't this why I switched from being a surgeon to an OB/GYN?
After all, my mother—
I heard coughing from inside the room.
Now's not the time for these thoughts; she needs someone to look after her.
I slid open the balcony door and casually closed it behind me, moving closer to Hoshino-San, who seemed to be asleep on the sofa.
I thought about cooking at my place and bringing the meal over later, so as not to disturb her. After all, I just live next door.
Taking the key placed next to her entrance hall, I locked her door and returned to my place next door.
Back home, I took out the necessary ingredients from the fridge. To make a rice porridge with steamed diced chicken breast, I needed to find my steamer, which, luckily, I found after a brief search.
Taking out the chicken breast... ah, it needs defrosting.
Covering my face, I hadn't considered this. But I decided to use the microwave to thaw it.
I put the frozen chicken breast into the microwave and turned on the defrosting function, but I shortened the microwave time.
After each round of microwaving, I would move and turn the chicken breast. It's a bit of a hassle, but at least it ensures that every part defrosts evenly, to avoid some parts being cooked while others are raw.
Once the chicken breast was fully defrosted, it had a nice, even color—from pink to pale yellow. Despite being frozen, it was still not sticky and retained a certain firmness.
I took a sniff; it had no off-putting smell.
Next, I placed the defrosted chicken breast in the steamer and started to steam it. It should take around 20 minutes. Meanwhile, I planned to prepare a vegetable soup.
I cleaned the carrots, onions, garlic, and tomatoes, and cut them into appropriate sizes. I then grabbed a pan, heated a bit of oil, and started sautéing the garlic and onions until the onions turned semi-transparent.
Next, I added the diced carrots and tomatoes and continued to sauté for a while. A few moments later, I added an appropriate amount of water and covered the pan.
The simmering process also took about 20 minutes. By that time, I could start making the rice porridge. I picked up another pot, washed it clean, and washed a cup of rice as well, then drained the water and added four cups back.
After putting it on the stove, I turned on medium heat and slowly brought the rice to a boil until it softened. This also took about 20 minutes, by which time the porridge became thick. By then, the chicken breast was ready. I took it out and let it cool on a plate while checking on the vegetable soup.
Hmm, the scent of garlic was present but not overpowering.
A moment later, I checked on the rice porridge with a spoon. The grains were distinct but had clearly softened. When I lifted the spoon, a thin strand of white liquid was dragged up.
I diced the cooled chicken breast on a cutting board and added it to the porridge. I also prepared some ginger, grated an appropriate amount into the porridge, and waited for the ingredients to meld together.
The vegetable soup was about ready. I seasoned it with a bit of salt and pepper, then covered the pot and brought it over to Hoshino-San's house. Upon entering, I set it on the kitchen counter. She seemed to be sound asleep.
I returned home and saw that the porridge was almost ready, so I turned the heat down and picked up the frying pan, getting ready to stir-fry some broccoli.
I washed the broccoli and cut it into small pieces, then started stir-frying it in the preheated pan. During the process, I alternated between medium and low heat until the broccoli turned green and began to char slightly.
Recalling my grandmother's advice to make it softer, I added a small amount of water. After covering the pot, I turned the heat to low and let it simmer. I took the opportunity to serve the porridge to Hoshino-San, who seemed to have sensed it even in her sleep. With her eyes closed, she appeared to be smelling something.
After that, I dished out the cauliflower and added a touch of salt before bringing it over.
I took a brief rest on the sofa, picked up a tissue nearby, removed my glasses, and wiped the sweat off my face.
The morning sun was illuminating the entire room, and the wind chime on the balcony outside the glass door was gently chiming as always. The quiet hum of the air conditioning wasn't too loud.
Hoshino-San was still sound asleep on the long sofa to my left — albeit with a faint snoring due to her stuffy nose from a cold.
A little later, I went into the kitchen, picked up a bowl and spoon, lifted the pot lid, and served a bowl of porridge.
"Hoshino-San, can you eat?" I asked slowly, then brought the bowl closer to her.
I initially wanted to help her up, but she seemed to get up automatically at the scent of the food.
I handed her the bowl, and she held the spoon in her right hand with her eyes closed.
She scooped up a spoonful of porridge, then — it brushed past her upper lip.
She paused for a moment, then — this time it almost went into her nose.
"Hoshino-San, let me help you!" I said anxiously, fearing she might burn her nose next.
I scooped up a spoonful of porridge.
She kept her eyes closed, her delicate mouth slowly opening to let my spoon in. Once I put the spoon in, she closed her mouth, swallowed the porridge from the spoon. As I slowly pulled out the spoon, it seemed like she still wanted to keep it in her mouth.
She then swallowed, a smile creeping onto her face with her eyes still closed.
...This is just too cut-
No — no, I'm a doctor. I need to stay calm. She's my patient, and she's only sixteen.
I continued to feed her the remaining porridge.
A while later, I had managed to feed her half the bowl of porridge, and got her to have a few bites of the vegetables and vegetable soup.
She didn't seem to like garlic very much and now, with her eyes still closed, she was sitting on the sofa.
Thinking about it now, although I could take care of her all day, I don't have a car in case we need to rush to the hospital. I should contact her guardian.
"Hoshino-San, could you please..." Before I could finish, she had already laid down on the sofa and continued to sleep.
Alright then.
I helped her pull her feet onto the sofa, made her lie flat, covered her with a blanket, and planned to check her phone for an emergency dial setup to find an emergency contact.
Surprisingly, there was one.
I slid open the glass door, walked out onto the balcony, and made the call.
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2023.05.28 17:59 Efficient_Turnover32 Our relationship is hard 23F and 23FTM

Long post ahead + sorry for the typos, I'm on mobile. Me (23 cis F) and my boyfriend (23 FTM) are together since 4 years and our relationship is very hard.
Let me preface this by saying we went trough lots of stuff together: from his transition (we met before), to me overcoming eating disorder, or him battling with depression and anxiety, you get it the therapists are having fun with us. We also went trough 3 month stuck together in the tiniest studio during lockdowm basically facing each other with no intimacy (really a traumatic period for us but details would be too long).
On top of that we cary lots of trauma from our past and our families are both dysfunctional at best. Growing up I had no role model of a healthy relationship and if I must be honest I have a very hard time picturing what it looks like. I also don't know how to fight without getting into fight or flight mode, rage being the third option, probably picking up this behaviour from my dad who's violent. Giving our shared and separated background we did make some great effort to have the healthiest relationship possible, therapy, alone and as a couple, lots of communication, we both worked on our anger issues, and we really tried to learn how to fight properly, in a healthy way and with the most positive outcome. But for some reason we seem to not get it right, we still fight a lot, we can't seem to be stable and happy together. Our traumatic experiences as a couple or separated tends to get the best of us.
We do share really happy moments, we share lots of interest, we take care of each other, we have the same future plans and I often feel like he's my best friend but with the intimacy loves bring. We love each other so much, but there's always those fights...
It's exhausting, and sometimes I wounder if we're just no meant for each other, or if because of our upbringing we're just condemned to have unhealthy behaviors and unhappy lives. People tend to say that love is easy, and that everything just clicks with the right personn. But I have to fight, I have to relearn so many things, and to untangle a whole life of toxicity, is it normal ? Is it unhealthy ?
TL;DR! : boyfriend and I fights a lot due to toxic behavior we picked from upbringing/traumatic experiences and despite our efforts it can't seem to go better
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2023.05.28 17:59 Standard_Stranger425 I want seperate ranks back ngl

Why on earth did nintendo decide to remove seperate ranked modes??? I was rank X clam blitz in splatoon 2 and now I can barely get out of S in 3. It's like every match I play people just don't know how to actually play clam blitz! Like heres an example >
A few days ago I was playing it on Manta Maria, we were in the lead with about 30 seconds left, someone else and I on my team both had super clams and two people on the other team both had them too. So I decided to wait and guard the base because we were already in the lead so there would be no point trying to get to the other teams base and risk potentially losing, but the rest of my team decided to go there anyways leaving me by myself. The two super clams on the other team then start coming to our base and since it would be a 2v1 i started spamming "this way" to try and get my teams attention so they would come back and help. But they didnt they just stayed over there, the two super clams got to our base and I managed to kill one but the other killed me, they then got both super clams in for their team and we lost the lead, right before the match ended! If we had a full line of defence at our base it would have made such a difference and i keep seeming to get so many ranked matches that turn out like this which I never did in two.
Thing is almoat every clam blitz match I play I get triple gold with guarenteed one of those being number 1 points scorer so it just sucks.
And im not saying this bcs I think I'm amazing and everyone is trash bcs believe me I am rlly bad splat zones, i couldnt even get out of A in 2 so I never play zones anymore bcs I dont want to ruin anyones teams lmao but I'd like to be able to play splat zones with people who are also at my level because it's been ages since i've played it!
I am just worried i will never be able to experience x ranked clam blitz anymore, especially since I think it's generally known as the most confusing mode to understand (according to most ppl it is anyways)
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2023.05.28 17:59 emergent_convergence 32 [M4F] - Ottawa, Canada - Lets paint every colour on the canvas alone and together.

It's an unusually warm day out today, still trying to figure out how I'm going to fill in my day. I have some reading that I want to do, The Book of Five Rings, my first Eastern philosophy book. Then I got some work to do on my home server and maybe squeeze in some Flight Simulator in between. Tonight, I'm grabbing a bubble tea and heading to the airport for plane spotting. Right now, I'm listening to a fantastic compilation remix of Phantasy Star II's OST.
Maybe that's my day but yours can be totally different. Being a couple doesn't mean that we both have to do the same thing at the same time. Two independent people with lives of their own doing their own thing. However, the tie of companionship is still there with quality time to be spent together. We don't need to be cynical, we can try everything at least once. New and different is fun!
I'm still trying to find my place in life and would like someone to join me on my journey. Of course, you'll have your own dreams and we'll try to make them work and come true. Life is full of many colours, an infinite amount, so lets paint every colour on the canvas. There's no room for compromise or sacrifice, you get to keep everything you cherish. However, love set safely by boundaries is absolutely necessary.
Wholesomeness, sincerity, loyalty and passion are all elements of a flourishing relationship. Of course, all of that needs to be clothed in copious communication and entertaining but thoughtful conversation. While sharing things when together is easy, we can still share what we did when we were alone with a tirade about our stories.
I'm not looking for my twin; in fact I'm looking for someone who's completely different than me. Friendships come first before love but passion exists in both. Although they say that life is just a ride, we will be nonetheless the masters of our own destiny. Give it some thought, but if you're ready and hungry for a playful but serious companionship, why don't you consider getting in touch?
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2023.05.28 17:59 KappaOfficer Eternal Kappa —— A Fast growing and focused guild, with priority on helping our members succeed not just for themselves, but the guild as a whole - Active & Social Members - See Comments for More Information

Σternal Kappa
Relaxed group of active and social members! Looking for positive vibes as we continue to grow!
The Eternal Empire is a family of 8 independently run guilds and home to 400 players. We support all level of players from beginners to experienced, end-game all-heroic competitors. Guild GPs range from 350M - 450M+. All active & dedicated players are welcome! We understand that life happens & take that into consideration. We share one Discord server where we have the tools, bots, resources & seasoned advice to help guide you as you progress. Our motto is: “We build together, we grow TOGETHER!”.
49/50 Members, 365M+ GP
1:30 UTC / 20:30 EST / 17:30 PST Guild Reset
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2023.05.28 17:58 Shadow122791 Shadow-Verse: Flashback in the Night

The moans of the zombies seem to draw Blaze into sleep as he looks at Larissa.
A voice in the darkness speaks to him... "It's time." It says.
Suddenly he is falling and images of colorful world's and places flash in the darkness, some clearly, others blurred or missing pieces...
A different feeling envelopes him and everything goes black again...
Then there's light and noise as his memory plays out in the dreamscape.
 Non Hostile Invasion ... ... Heavy footsteps pound the dirt.... "Run... Keep going!" 
Dark energy rips through the air and punches through dead trees.
A female voice answers. "I can't!"
Several blasts rock the petrified forest as a steady drone of demons grows louder and louder by they second.
A younger male voice yells. "They are geTTING CLOSER!"
A large flaming demon rumbles by overhead and impacts the ground.
Earlier that Day...
A week after Velzix is defeated by Shadow things in Hell are almost back to the usual. Mihrab smiles at her King as he kisses her cheek and laughs.
Velzix walks in at the same time. "Is that happy laughter I hear? My king I am disappointed." He says.
Shadow looks at him. "You wanna fighta bout it? Loser has to shut up and not complain anymore." Says Shadow.
Velzix declines as he continues with his report then leaves.
Looking at Mihrab, Shadow says. "Lets go for a walk around the lost zone of Purgatory."
She hugs him. "Its been awhile since we have been there." She says.
Mihrab nods. They both grab their weapons and head out into the woods.
After walking for about an hour they reach the edge of the area where souls are sent when they become corrupted enough to become a demon or monster.
One of the many unknown changes due to Shadow neglecting his duty long ago and not creating new demons on top of other things, eventually losing the full control of the ability as the new system was put in place by God's angels and was acceptable as an alternative. The energy to create being directed more to the Lost planes.
Tho Shadow did recently create a cute little fun loving demon fox named Spark and Mihrab Created the equally adorable and fun loving Ember.
As they walk through the Lost Zone Shadow sees many young demons aimlessly wandering around and some fight as they walk past.
Shadow looks over at a wolf like demon that's smaller than most of the others and stops in his tracks.
"MELIODAR!" He says excitedly.
Meliodar turns to him and sees him but doesn't move.
"Meli-dar!" Mihrab Shouts.
He looks around, then smiles and runs towards them.
Shadow looks at Him. "Where have you been son?" He asks Meliodar.
He looks around and notices the other demons staring at him.
"What is it?" Meliodar asks them and they all look away.
Shadow rejoices over finding their son Meliodar and the demons move away.
Meliodar looks up at his father. "I've been here the whole time. I thought you guys didn't want me anymore so I stayed out here." He says.
Shadow is shocked at his words and looks around again to see the rest of the demons still looking in another direction.
"Why would you think that?" He asks him. "We love you and we missed you."
His son who was conceived on Earth with Mihrab looks up. "Velzix told me, you hated me and that you said to stay out here alone." He says crying.
"He lied! We never wanted to get rid of you. We sent every demon we could to find you. Velzix had this part of Hell to search! That ingrate." He says.
Shadow and Mihrab hug their son tightly. "You're home now." Shadow says to him.
He looks up at his parents and asks. "Is that true? Did you send everyone to look for me?"
Shadow smiles. "Yes, we did. But we couldn't find you." He answers.
Meliodar looks at his mother and asks "Did you try to find me?"
She smiles at him. "We did. I'm so happy we found you!" She says kissing his forehead.
He looks back at his dad. "But why did you hate me? Why did you say to leave?"
Shadow looks around. "I never said that. Velzix lied to you son, we never hated you..." He pauses. He looks down and says to himself. "Velzix will pay for this." ....
On the way back to the castle Shadow, Mihrab and their son play chasing each other through the petrified trees.
It takes Shadow a second to realize that Meliodar's behavior has changed and he is more tame and playful when he had not been before.
Shadow smiles and wonders what to do next as he thinks about Heaven and Earth...
Shadow looks at Mihrab. "Lets go try and live in Heaven... But lets do it without violence and see how it goes. Earth didn't go well last time. Maybe our luck will change in Heaven" He says.
Mihrab hugs her husband and kisses him on the cheek. "That sounds strange but lets try it." They both laugh.
The three of them make their home to prepare and are met with the sight of Velzix and his followers attacking the castle.
Shadow motions for his family to go back the way they came as a demon turns and sees them.
Shadow charges forward cutting it in half and the demon's body falls to the ground as several more rush at him with more on the way!
He continues fighting until he is completely surrounded. Meliodar swiftly appears and rips through them making a path to escape as the three of them run....
10 million of Velzix's supporters roar in the distance as hundreds follow closely on their heels. ....
The three of them arrive at the Leviathan pit and have no choice but to travel through it as more demons appear coming from all three sides.
Mihrab looks around for the other enter-dimensional barrier leading out the other side as the pursuing demons hesitate to enter the pit.
She locates the exit. "There! We can go through here!" She shouts.
Shadow runs towards it as he grabs Meliodar and leaps to the side avoiding a Leviathan as it slams into the dirt, the void in its mouth violently sucking in material as it turns toward them.
Shadow and Meliodar are about to be eaten when the Leviathan Lilly bursts from underground sending the other Leviathan flying as she fires a powerful beam of energy.
Looking down at Shadow, Mihrab and their son Meliodar. " You had best keep your promise to me Mihrab." Lilly says and then leaves as they exit the pit.
Looking around they don't see any demons but continue to run as their war cry gets louder and louder.
Then a group of demons appears to the left and begins firing energy beams and blasts at them as they push harder to reach the portal room within sight on the horizon a dead straight path through Hell itself. ...
Shadows heavy footsteps pound the dirt.... "Run... Keep going!" He yells.
Dark energy rips through the air and punches through dead trees.
Mihrab stumbles in front of him. "I can't!"
Several blasts rock the petrified forest as the steady drone of demons grows louder and louder by the second.
Looking back Meliodar fires a blast."They are getting closer!"
Shadows helps Mihrab up. "WE CAN MAKE IT, DON'T GIVE UP!" He shouts above the masses.
A large flaming demon rumbles by overhead and impacts the ground.
The massive shockwave of its impact decimates the area knocking Shadow and his family off their feet....
Shadows shakes his head. "What happened!?" He asks out loud confused as he scans the area in disbelief.
He sees a strange being standing on the horizon. It is tall, covered in black armor and has a long spear that it points at him.
Looking more intently he notices the crest from King Arthur. One of his black knights having been cast down into Hell where he turned into a demon and should be imprisoned due to his power and selling his soul.
"Guess he is a demon now." Shadow thinks as he looks nervously at the gateway to the portal room then back at the knight as it charges it's spear with energy.
The knight fires and Shadow throws himself to the side as the attack hurtles towards him blasting away the already broken and splintered dead trees as it rips up the ground.
Seeing the power of the blast Shadow and his family brace themselves as it passes with the force of an explosion and impacts nearby creating a massive mushroom cloud that rises miles into the sky and the shockwave batters the area.
Shadow looks up in horror at the crater and realizes the ground is still shaking from the impact of the attack.
He turns and sees a small figure running toward him, as he watches he is filled with relief. "Meliodar!" He cries as he sprints towards him pointing at a high ridge line that the Knight can't see behind.
Mihrab appears beside Shadow holding a badly injured arm as another blast hits on the far side of the ridge.
Tho the shockwave is lessened by the landmass it hits them hard. They brace themselves as Splinters of wood and crushed rock scream by and then are sucked back up into the rising cloud of the explosion.
The sound of millions of demons shakes the ground as Shadow pushes debris off himself and Meliodar. Mihrab crawls from under the shattered trunks of dead trees groaning in pain.
Shadow moves to help her up and puts out his hand as the demons come into view.
Meliodar raises his head as a glob of dark energy forms in front of his mouth.
Launching his attack a rapid fire stream of dense energy spikes streaks towards the masses of incoming demons taking out 100's as the horde moves like a wave engulfing everything.
Every demon fighting to be the first ones to kill the royal family.
Shadow looks at the demons as Mihrab and Meliodar take off towards the portal room.
"Its a good thing they don't actually work very well together and are not organized." He thinks following close beside his Family.
The Black Knight appears above, massive raven-like wings protrude from his back and a rain of laser like beams fall as he attacks.
Shadow grabs Mihrab and Meliodar as he makes a barrier with his dark energy. The beams hit exploding violently and Shadow's barrier fails from the onslaught... The attack stops suddenly and Shadow stumbles shaking his head as his body screams in agony.
Grabbing his arm Mihrab pulls him into a sprint for the portal room as their son runs along side them deflecting blasts and projectiles with his cloak of dark energy.
Reaching the doorway they dive inside as the knight strikes once more, the blast destroying the portal structure as they vanish through it closing the portal. ...
Sitting inside the portal room Shadow and his family lay sore and exhausted.
Looking at the dark portal arc Shadow knows it will be a few days before it is fixed giving them time to rest.
With his body aching he crawls over to Mihrab and Meliodar wrapping them in his arms.
Looking at her as he brushes her cheek. "Are you ok?" He asks worried.
"I'm fine but I think we should wait until we heal until traveling again." She replies as they all pass into sleep...
Shadow is the first to wake the next morning. Looking around he sees the portal that leads to the gates of Heaven.
Mihrab and Meliodar sleep a few more hours as Shadow thinks about the plan...
After waking up fully Shadow, Mihrab and their son Meliodar move through the portal leading to Heaven.
A portal only Lucifer and the angels are permitted to use.
They land on a grassy field surrounded by the most beautiful white buildings and walk to the nearest one.
Shadow looks around and sees the building is a church. He scans the area finding no sign of anyone as they are all inside giving praise for the day.
Shadow covers his ears hearing them all and even dulling his own sense of hearing has no effect on how it stings his mind.
Tho Meliodar and Mihrab seem fine.
Suddenly the pain stops and Shadow feels a presence he knows from meeting only once when he was created and assigned a place.
He starts to turn to look.... A powerful voice calmly tells him. " Do not look upon me yet for thee shall surly perish....." It says and Shadow freezes obeying.
There is a noticeable shift in energies and then the voice says. "You may now turn around safely and state your business here. It better be good for it is unspeakable for a demon to enter this place uninvited." The voice says calmly.
"My name is Shadow. This is my wife Mihrab. We have come to speak with you God." He says and there is a slight pause. "We seek to live in Heaven by just asking you without violence so we can finally live in peace where our Love isn't hated."
God chuckles amused. "You know what? Why don't you go ahead and do that and see if I am willing to let you have it after doing that?"
Shadow looks at God. "Will you surrender peacefully to us and give us life in Heaven?" He asks God.
God laughs. "What kind of question is that? Of course I'll surrender to you!" He yells happily.
Shadow looks at him in confusion. "But why would you?"
"The reason is because you are a Demon. Demons are evil creatures that hate all life." God laughs. "I have been watching you for some time Shadow Seed. I find this turn of events amusing and you haven't heard my terms yet.... Somehow you seek to have it and try non violence. As well as claiming to Love another demon. I will say I am surprised by things you do but they are also not unexpected. For me to give you Heaven. You first have to be one of my protectors of the universes. All three of you will become half human half demon beings. You will keep your powers but you will lose a significant amount of it to hide you from demons as you go about this Path to Redemption." He pauses...
"You will also be given a secondary energy as well that will be weak in you but as you learn to us it, it's power will grow as well... You will also not die of old age, hunger or human illness, only sever damage can kill you and if you do die you will be reborn or remade at your choosing. You three will become Eturnals and in time you will fight to protect the humans you have conquered on numerous occasions..... I will call upon you later to Protect my human creations from the demons of Hell and other evil in the universe. And be warned that the demons of Hell are looking for you, stay hidden and work in secret avoiding the demons till you are strong enough to rival them." He says.
Shadow is speechless. He looks at his wife who is smiling at him.
He looks back at God and sees him laughing. "So what's the verdict? Do you accept my terms of surrender?"
Shadow genuinely smiles as he says."Yes I do and I surrender as well!"
Mihrab chimes in. "I accept this as well!"
Meliodar looks at his father Shadow who nods. Turning back to God Meliodar also agrees happily.
"Good, now one more thing, here is a sword that can kill anything. It is called an Eturnal Blade and I custom make each one." He says handing a blade to each of them.
"Thank you." They say together.
God then says. "One more thing being reborn you have a very high chance of... Forgetting past lives and who you really are due to the new brain that is different. Tho it will grow used to your soul and spirit bringing the memories back as they sync over time. The same is true for being made at an adult age, tho the memories come back significantly faster than when you are born."
He then raises his hand and transforms the three of them as he said he would. "Do you want to be born or to be created at the age of 35 and 20 for Meliodar?" He asks them.
They all agree to be born and Meliodar with spend time in a lower form of Heaven to learn a few things till his parents mature and bring him into the world.
"Very good! Now this is going to be very different to you... I almost forgot... Don't listen to the darkness within and if you hear it, refuse anything it offers you. This is unknown territory so heed my warning." God says and then there is a bright flash and everything goes dark for three of them.
God turns to the many angels watching. "Lets see if they can do it. If they can, who knows maybe there could be others as well." He says to them as some seem unsure.
Blaze wakes feeling as if he is full of energy and looks over at Larissa who is looking at him smiling. "I know that look. It's about time you remembered something.
Blaze nods. "We were king and queen of hell and even had a true son. Then we're made part human." He says.
Larissa flinches as suddenly the room is filled with light.
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2023.05.28 17:58 Da_boss_babie360 Take a chance on a rising junior looking at engineering in a T20 school. Specifically UCLA, Berkely, and possiblely Ivy and Ivy+???

Intro, you can skip this part.
IWas wondering if y'all had any advice to improve, and overall just what your thoughts are on me!
I'll be putting my projected GPA for 11th and 12th grade, and will be going more conservative in that regard. So I'm going to assume B's in smth like AP Lang or French IV, for example.
So the website I'm using is "" to calculate my unweighted and weighted gpa. Each semester represents a year. And yes, I'm expecting 12th grade to have such high gpa, since it's all gonna be lab sciences (except for 1 which is an advanced humanities course, i put a B+ for that once even though it's prob an easy A, incase it's a hard class)
I believe for an A+ the calculator gives 4.33, and for honors courses it gives +.5 instead of +1. Whatever tho.
Gender: Male
Race: Indian
School: competitive to highly competitive private school
State: CA
Income: Enough where I won't be taking any loans or don't need any financial aid. Upper-middle to upper-bracket
Intended Major(s): Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Comp Sci, etc. (I initially was deciding between med and comp sci, but i kinda vibing with comp sci more both personally and in aptitude, etc.)
SAT: I'm taking it next year junior year. 1480 on PSAT (750 M / 730 EW). Based on practice tests on SAT, planning to hit on the 1550-1600 ballpark
UW/W GPA and Rank: (No rank at my school)
Year 1 : 4.08/3.46 (Bad year lol)
Year 2: 4.42/3.67 (Bit better this year, humanities subjects are challenging, but the trend is upwards :) )
Year 3: 4.58/3.83
Year 4: 5.08/4.08 (All weighted college level courses)
Cumulative: 4.54/3.76
(Our GPA is actually pretty deflated. Our teachers are hard - the 11th graders only have 1 person who has a 4.0 UW GPA..., idk about my grade but I believe no one has)
Coursework: 9 Honors, (Counting Phys C as 1 course:) 10 AP Courses, 6 Post-AP courses (Multivar, Linear Algebra, Data Structures and Algorithms, some english thing idk, Modern Physics, )
AP Tests: (15 total tests) (ten 5's, four 4's, and a 3)
APCSA - 5, AP US Gov - 4
Projected Test Scores for courses I took this year: AP Bio - 5, AP Phys 1 - 5, APUSH - 4, AP CSP - 5, AP Calc AB - 5 and possibly a perfect score ngl.
Projected Test Scores for next 2 years: AP Phys 2 - 5, AP Phys C MEM - 5 & 5, AP World - 3, AP Stats - 5, AP Lang - 4, AP Calc BC - 5, AP Chem - 4
Awards (* Projected Awards): Don't wanna doxx myself so ima be vague
Oracle Certified Associate for Java, and Oracle Certified Programmer I (II this summer)Dell Boomi Certified too (this summer)
* USAPhO Silver at least, if not Gold
* National Merit (Have to wait till junior year)
* Grade 8 ABRSM, probably DipAB after
School Grand Integrator (Calc AB division)
* School Grand Integrator (Calc BC division)
(Graduated Kumon in 8th grade? Prob not gonna put this, but I consistently got rank <50. I mean idk if thats good tbh but hey its something)
[Probably will have more awards like other physics competitions, hackathons, etc. This is all I can think of right now, though]
ECs (* Projected ECs):
Martial Arts for about 10 years. Fully recreational. Competitions not allowed and discouraged in my martial arts school (* belt before black by application season)
Paid intern at internationally recognized software company and will work on cool stuff that will be implemented in medical companies and hospitals
Essentially started my school student council, led it for the past 2 years, definitely gonna hold the spot for the next cycles. - Organized lots of events, and working to spread us on a more inter-school level. (Spent over 15 thousand dollars for school events and such)
Started the STEM Tutoring Club. Regularly lead and teach there
* Starting an organization for student-student teaching.
* Also starting an organization for students to more easily volunteer for the community, making volunteering more accessible
< ^ Definitely going to continue these orgs even after high school>
* Research Paper on taking an IB final project topic from 2009-2010 that was used as our AP Calc Final Project, and expanding it using software to simulate stuff. Very cool. Teacher connecting me to researchers interested... o.o. Writing a paper on it.
Do cool hardware/software project and will write a paper on it. I don't really want to say too much on that, but it'll be hella cool.
Hooks: Anti-hook - I'm indian.
- Old Math Teacher and future physics wrote a killer one (I heard) for my internship. Can expect same for college ones
- Current Math Teacher taught for longer than my life, 3 times over, and said I was one of her brightest students. She gave a great one apperantly for internship as well.
- One of our admins who heads Clubs and Activities is a very holistic person, and I can confidently say the letter she can write to colleges (like she already did, again, to the internship) will be comprehensive and detailed. Very assured she'll write great things for college.
- I also have an interesting relationship with my english teacher. Taught me since 7th garde, knows how I've grown in an area I'm pretty bad in. And he's an english teacher. Probably will be a good one.
Chancing LORs aren't rlly reliable tho, so i'll give my chancing for LOR as "above average"
List: T25, Georgia Tech as an out-of-state, UC Berkely/LA, yk the usual. UCLA would be pretty fun to get into. UT Austin is also on the table definitely since I like the place.
Idk I don't like spending my life running on the tails of colleges, I want to develop as a person and have a strong connection with my fam. So I probably won't do crazy things that take too much of my time. Most of my effort is gonna be martial arts, the fam, and my own personal growth.
Essays: Probably will write em well. I have some unique ideas with my crazy life experiences lol. Drafted some and have good feedback.
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2023.05.28 17:58 RuinInevitable5068 Rant about heiji and kazuha and ooka momiji (bc i really like heiji and kazuha)

some rant about heiji and kazuha but I have been watching and following dc for 13 years of my life, the main reason I like it is simply bc I'm a sucker for romance and this story definitely gives me that, but also when I was a kid, I always enjoy following the mystery and will try solve or guess the culprit along and see whether that's correct. Still, the ep that makes me forever hook is the mermaid story (which includes heiji and kazuha) hence, the couple have a really really special heart in my place, I'm not joking when I say I like heizuha more than the main couple (which I'm also really awe when they FINALLY GET TOGETHER after soo many years, so for shinichi and ran, I'm more looking him dealing with BO and get his body back), so now, I really wanna see my fav couple together. Still, the more I wait, the more I fear Gosho sensei is gonna troll the couple till the end and never be together, which if that happen, I will be happy to finish the ending but have a huge crack in my heart.
I stopped watch all the anime eps since there's too much fillers and the quality drop (I think I stop at the ep where kogoro dance with the culprit case, that case make me cringe and laugh the heck out of it), I'm more of a manga reader unless I will watch some ep on anime if I'm interested in certain story plots.
I SERIOUSLY don't get the propose of adding and streching Ooka Momiji!? like why? heiji and kazuha like many of his other dc couples are already establish for soo many years at this point, heiji is also just struggling and annoyingly "finding a perfect spot to confess" like bruh, its fine if you wanna make it memorable to the both of you and be romantic, but pls, in the pariot cafe murder case, kazuha seems kinda sad and confuse, heiji, pls, just put your priorities straight!
Anyway, the only point I see in Momiji is she's the annoying love rival (who we know won't win anyway, but she really try any ways to get heiji attention), kazuha rival in movie 21 and to introduce her bodyguard (which I think is probably the biggest point?, cause iori seems important ). I really hope gosho can drop this weird "love triangle" and "love rival" thing cause it wasn't that entertaining and interesting IMO, like in the police romance, shiratori , sato and takagi kinda have a "love triangle" , but It was actually interesting and characters/relationship development. Plus, i just felt bad to my poor kazuha, she already seems kinda uncertain when heiji just keep brushing her off due to cases and delaying and embarrassingly deny his confession or feelings to her, LIKE TREAT HER BETTER PLS!
The development I hope to see on Momiji is prob she actually gonna do something and make heiji and kazuha relationship official (and prob in the most unromantic and funny way lol), idk how, but I want her to give up on butting a relationship that's not meant to be her's or her business, plus, Momiji is pretty smart from the pariot cafe incident from what I think? i honestly don't know how her character is gonna developed, but seeing her butler seems to have relationship with the police and maybe BO? maybe the ooka family have something to do with the BO? or idk honestly, anyway, this is my weird rant, thank you for reading.
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2023.05.28 17:57 B1LAXE Having too much strain on my shoulders while doing dips with recomended routine, 6'3feet 187pounds male

Hello fellas, i hope you have a beautiful day! I am 21 years old 6'3feet 187 pounds guy. Ive been training body weight fitness for more than 3 months after quiting gym and rowing 3 years ago. I am having crazy gains with a good diet and recomended routine, however i am having big amounts of strain on my shoulders when i am doing dips. My warmup sessions are full of rotator cuff and shoulder exercises wirh bands as well and doing them since ive started doing exercises again so i dont think mobility is the problem. Ive watched many many videos on youtube, checked many reddit posts to be sure that my form is right but i am still unsure if my form is the reason or maybe dips are not suitable for me. Ive been training dips for more than 1.5 months, started with 5 reps each set but now i am capable of doing 8-7 reps each set, since ive been increasing my TOTAL reps that day by 1 each workout session. Ive been also thinking that maybe my body is not capable of recovering fast enough, since ive been having 1 rest day between each workout. Im new to reddit and BWF sub reddit, i have a recording of my form but couldnt figure out to upload it here :( Im open for any kind of suggestions about what i am doing wrong or how can i improve anything :)
Small motivation for tall guys out there starting/advancing on calishnetics:
Never guve up. It might be really hard, and you might be thinking that calishnetics is way too hard for people which are taller, it is. But its really rewarding and giving you capability of getting so strong, keep it up!
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2023.05.28 17:57 Ahegao_Chan545 Tryna get a gauge how many of y'all gonna be alive to see Wayhaven end. /s

Age groups
View Poll
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2023.05.28 17:56 V3rri This show means so much to me

I've been having some really tough times this week. I lost a lot of my friends after coming out to them, a project I had been working on for 6 months got suddenly scrapped which means I have nothing to show for all my work, and my boyfriend broke up with me this morning. The only thing keeping me somewhat sane is binge-watching this show again (I'm at Season 2 Episode 8 now after around a day). It's so heartwarming, upbeat and positive even in dark times that it really gave me a lot of hope and strength. And that is a big part of why I love this show so much. It isn't the deepest or most realistic thing I have ever watched, but it feels like the cosiest blanket in the world and is truly comforting every time I watch an episode. I really do hope that it will set an example and we will see many similar shows coming out because of it.
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2023.05.28 17:56 RelyOnRich Demystifying Real Estate Investment Financing: Your Path to Success

Demystifying Real Estate Investment Financing: Your Path to Success
Embarking on real estate investments can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. One crucial aspect that can make or break your success is how you finance your ventures. Don't fret! We're here to guide you through the maze and empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions. In this blog, we'll unveil the secrets of financing your real estate investments, while introducing you to Rich Barnes, a top realtor serving West Allis and Greenfield, WI. Let's embark on this exciting journey together.
  1. Assessing Your Financial Situation: Before diving into real estate investing, let's take a moment to evaluate your financial standing. Assess your assets, liabilities, credit score, and income sources. This step will provide a clear picture of your borrowing capacity and help you set realistic investment goals.
  2. Traditional Financing: Mortgages and Loans: The tried-and-true method of financing real estate investments involves traditional sources like banks and financial institutions. Take advantage of competitive interest rates and flexible terms by exploring mortgage loans. Remember to shop around for the best options that suit your needs.
  3. Creative Financing: Alternative Options: In addition to traditional financing, consider thinking outside the box to expand your investment opportunities. Rich Barnes, a trusted realtor with Realty Experts LLC, can guide you through alternative options such as seller financing, private lending, lease options, and partnerships. These creative avenues offer unique advantages and risks that require careful consideration.
  4. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): If you prefer a more hands-off approach to real estate investment, REITs may be the perfect solution. Rich Barnes can introduce you to this investment vehicle, allowing you to invest in professionally managed, diversified property portfolios. With REITs, you can enjoy real estate investment benefits without the need for significant capital or active property management.
  5. Crowdfunding Platforms: Crowdfunding has revolutionized real estate financing, providing opportunities for both seasoned and novice investors. Rich Barnes can introduce you to reputable crowdfunding platforms, enabling you to pool resources with others for a diverse range of real estate deals. This avenue offers lower barriers to entry and increased diversification.
  6. Consider Tax Benefits and Incentives: To optimize your returns, it's important to consider the tax benefits and incentives associated with real estate investments. Rich Barnes, a seasoned real estate expert, can help you navigate the tax landscape and identify deductions, depreciation, and other advantages unique to real estate. Maximize your financial gains while staying compliant with tax regulations.
Financing your real estate investments is a critical step towards success. By assessing your financial situation, exploring traditional and creative financing options, and leveraging investment vehicles such as REITs and crowdfunding platforms, you can unlock the full potential of real estate investing. With Rich Barnes from Realty Experts LLC by your side, you'll benefit from his local expertise and personalized guidance.
Ready to embark on your real estate investment journey? Contact Rich Barnes, your trusted realtor in West Allis and Greenfield, WI. Visit or call 414-899-8146 to schedule a consultation today. Rich Barnes is more than just a realtor – he's your dedicated partner in achieving your real estate investment goals. Let's build your financial future together!
Note: While this blog provides valuable insights on financing real estate investments, it's important to consult professionals, including real estate agents, lenders, and financial advisors, to tailor the information to your unique circumstances.
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2023.05.28 17:56 GalacticLabyrinth88 "The Machine Stops" by E.M Forster -- a story more relevant than ever in the age of AI?

Something I haven't heard more people talk about with respect to AI is the risk of us humans becoming too dependent on the technology for our survival and daily life. Thinking about the topic earlier today, the story "The Machine Stops" by E.M Forster has always stood out to me for not only prophesying the Internet, virtual meetings, and instant messaging as well as life under the Covid lockdowns, but also issuing a warning to readers about the dangers of becoming too reliant on a technology that could break down or experience defects at any point for whatever reason.
Obviously, the AI chatbots of today are nowhere near the hypothetical capabilities of some nigh-omnipotent underground Machine god, but it is entirely plausible AIs themselves will reach this capability within the next few decades, if not by the end of this century, if we're being overly conservative. If such a scenario becomes reality, what happens if, like in Forster's story, these AIs we've built break down, glitch out, or crash due to an erroexternal source, or the machines presumably built to repair the AIs malfunction, and no one is around to maintain or fix them because everyone has outsourced knowledge to the AI, and learning has been all but abandoned?
Machines and technology break down all the time-- this is a fact-- and no matter how badly we'd like to pretend an AI will be developed free of mistakes and defects, given enough time it will have some kind of defect or make some mistake, that, if gone unchecked, could have consequences ranging from mild annoyance to catastrophe.
If we want to minimize the negative effects of an AI malfunction or shutdown on our advanced society, just in case it does happen, it might be a good idea for us to retain our self-reliance and not just give ourselves up to an AI like morons. Just saying. The idea of worshipping or depending on an AI for everything while doing nothing but consuming products and passively existing just doesn't sit right with me. Just because it's more convenient or easy for me to outsource everything to an AI doesn't mean I should do so, when I could just as easily continue to do many things by myself with few if any drawbacks, and feel good about myself as opposed to feeling like a sad parasitic blob.
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2023.05.28 17:56 No-Rest2045 Who else thinks the whole family has substance abuse issues??? I cannot imagine encouraging your child who got out of the nut hut and takes that many pills to drink daily. It is like the entire family does not know how to hang out/be social without getting drunk. It is INSANE

Who else thinks the whole family has substance abuse issues??? I cannot imagine encouraging your child who got out of the nut hut and takes that many pills to drink daily. It is like the entire family does not know how to hang out/be social without getting drunk. It is INSANE submitted by No-Rest2045 to sarakendallbabyy [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 17:56 Sohym9 "Unusual" loans in libraries

Hi! I'm wondering what kind of "unusual" loans are offered in libraries (basically anything that's not books, magazines, music CDs, audiobooks, video games, board games, movies and TV shows), and what your experience has been with these loans (how popular they are, how difficult they might be to manage, etc.)
Here we loan some musical instruments, museum passes and STEAM discovery kits (like robots/Legos to introduce basic coding concepts).
The museum passes are easy to manage, we keep them at the circulation desk. They allow 2 adults and 2 kids to go visit a number of our museums for free.
The musical instruments were donated a few years ago to our network. Sadly the number is dwindling with use (and some people have simply not returned them... 🙃). They're popular but it takes a while to get them.
As for our STEAM kits, they're pretty popular but they have a lot of pieces and we've had to retire some of them when they're broken or have lost key parts/too many parts (we use them for spare parts). They're expensive so we can't replenish the pool that often.
As a bonus question; what do you wish you could loan, if you could?
Apologies if this was brought up before.
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