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2023.03.16 06:44 collegereview360 How to Choose the Best Study Abroad Consultants in Chandigarh?

Studying abroad may be a life-changing experience, allowing students to learn about different cultures, build international relationships, and obtain vital skills and information.
However, finding the right study abroad program and navigating the application process can be overwhelming, which is why many students choose to work with study abroad consultants. If you’re looking for study abroad consultants in Chandigarh, here are some tips to help you choose the best one for your needs.
  1. Look for experience and expertise.
When choosing a study abroad consultant, it’s essential to look for someone with experience and expertise in the field. Ideally, you want to work with a consultant who has helped students to study abroad in the country or region you’re interested in and who has a strong understanding of the application process and requirements.
  1. Check their credentials
In addition to experience, you should also check the consultant’s credentials to ensure they are qualified to provide study abroad advice. Look for consultants who have completed relevant education or certification programs and affiliations with recognized study-abroad organizations or associations.
  1. Read reviews and testimonials
Reading reviews and testimonials from former clients is one of the finest ways to assess the quality of study abroad advice. Check for evaluations on the consultant’s website or social media profiles and try contacting prior clients for more information.
  1. Consider their approach
Different study abroad consultants may have different approaches to working with clients, so it’s essential to find someone whose approach aligns with your needs and preferences. For example, some consultants may be more hands-on and involved in the application process, while others may provide more general advice and guidance.
  1. Ask about their services and fees
Before choosing a study abroad consultant, ask about their services and fees. Find out what services they provide, such as help with application essays, visa applications, or finding accommodation. Also, ask about their fees and whether they charge a flat rate or a percentage of the program cost.
In conclusion, choosing the best study abroad consultants in Chandigarh requires careful research, evaluation, and consideration. By following these tips, you can find a consultant with the experience, expertise and approaches you need to make your study abroad dreams a reality.
If you wish to study in another country, 360 College Review is the greatest consultant. We try to locate universities that meet your specific academic, post-academic, and lifestyle requirements.
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2023.03.16 06:06 juajackets Best jacket Suppliers in China - JUAJEANS

Best jacket Suppliers in China - JUAJEANS
Best Wholesale Denim Jacket Suppliers in China - JUAJEANS
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Best Denim Jacket Suppliers in China - JUAJEANS
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Related Article: Best Denim Jacket Manufacturers For Private Label
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2023.03.16 05:45 worthflash Fresh And Fit - DMs On Demand (Complete Program)

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I have Fresh & Fit - DMs On Demand Course.
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2023.03.16 04:52 wildkitchennet Best Personal Espresso Machine For 2023: Top Picks And Reviews

Best Personal Espresso Machine For 2023: Top Picks And Reviews
Using the best personal espresso machine can make it easier to create quality espresso shots. Most of the time, these machines can make good espresso shots with a high level of quality. This can help create a great experience for those who watch their coffee. The blog will look at what features these machines typically have and how to get the best features for your daily espresso.


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2023.03.16 04:18 Interesting_Cry_2470 Discord ps5&Xbox / Twitch audio

Hey guys :) just a question if any one has come across this, I play a few games cross platform with friends and we all stream to twitch.
Now that the ps5 has discord integration I can join the party audio etc when they’re streaming I come through fine on theirs. But when I’m streaming only I come through. (They’re on Xbox)
I know when I’ve streamed In the past in a PS5 Direct chat the audio of all parties has come through fine.
And when you join on the ps5 it sets up like a normal party would checked voice chat settings and mines set to allow but I’m not sure what it would look like from the Xbox side or how to fix it.
Any assistance would be appreciated :)
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2023.03.16 03:24 auntmommmy PMDD & ED vent, advice & kind words would be nice :,)

TW for eating disorders & SH/Sui ment.
Hi lovely's!
I've been struggling with a restrictive eating disorder for about 2-3 years now, and I go through phases of eating very little and phases of eating normally. I'm 17, have ADHD which I am medicated for with 54mg of Concerta. Every cycle is different for me, but I am extremely perceptive when it comes to recognizing patterns, and I'm starting to recognize one here. When I complete a full cycle while eating normally, my luteal phase isn't as bad and tends to skew towards more obscure, hypomanic/manic symptoms rather than depressive or mixed. I'm somewhat euphoric, I'm a touch more anxious, I want to spend a lot of money for no reason, I start projects I can't finish; it's almost like being unmedicated for ADHD again, but a little more frenetic. My actual period, however, is much worse. I started noticing this pattern last month when I had been eating normally for the whole cycle and found myself surprised by my period because I hadn't noticed any of my usual symptoms. The first day or 2, I was fine, but by the end I could barely move. It felt like there was a weight on my chest so heavy I couldn't breathe. I would go to work and lay my head on the counter and almost fall asleep I was so tired. I couldn't focus on homework, I couldn't bring myself to message anyone I loved, I couldn't enjoy my favorite things, I couldn't feel anything essentially. I barely got out of bed for a solid 3 days, which doesn't sound like a lot in the grand scheme of things, but my depression is never that bad, which is part of why it took me so long to even recognize I was in a depressive swing and not sick or something.
I've now completed 2 cycles while eating normally and I'm on my period again. After dinner today I noticed myself starting to dip. I went to the gym this morning, fine, and when I got home I couldn't pull myself out of bed for hours. I just laid there, scrolling TikTok, feeling ready to cry over nothing. I showered and managed to start my laundry, but just got right back in bed after making 1 phone call. I don't know what to do, even though I know it's temporary.
During a cycle where I'm restricting, my luteal is more classic PMDD. Mood swings all over the place, record breaking anxiety and paranoia, SH urges & suicidal ideations, the works! But I'm completely functional. Always am. I can wake up at 8am and go till 1am and do it over again the next day, which is how I am when I'm not luteal as well. Having executive function issues is a huge factor in my depression, so you can understand why oversleeping and being too foggy to focus would increase my depressive symptoms. I am somewhat overly functional normally (lol) with 2 jobs, schoolwork, a thriving social life, regular gym-going, and a book on the way, all of which I can maintain when I restrict my calorie intake. The period itself is absolutely painless during a cycle where I'm restricting, except for the first day where I have "lay-in-bed-and-cry-all-day" cramps, but that remains during both types of cycles. The period week immediately changes my disposition back to sunny and happy and pleasant because I'm no longer on some hormonal roller coaster.
This is all fine and well while I am active in my ED because I have no plans to recover right now and restricting is generally the goal, but I'm worried about what happens one day when I am ready to recover. Because this is essentially a promise that I am going to be so depressed I can't move, eat, wake up, or function for a week or more out of the month every month, forever. It makes me want to give up on trying to both PMDD & my ED completely, just letting them puppeteer my life until I die. Because if I eat normally and enough, I'm guaranteeing myself depression on top of the guilt & shame for not meeting my weight goals or even trying. If I continue to restrict, I'm on top of the world, totally functional and happy... and slowly shutting down my body. It's like even if I recover, I'm losing. It's like there's no point in trying.
I don't know what to do. I can't recover for the reasons listed above, and I can't keep restricting forever because I want to have kids and get my shit together one day. What do I do? Has anyone else felt like this/experienced this? Anything helps, even just words of affirmation.

TL;DR, My cycle is more pleasant when I'm restricting calories, and my cycle is worse when I'm not. I can't keep on like this forever, but it seems like a guaranteed loss both ways. HELP.
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2023.03.16 03:24 Huaxin2022 Where is the crusher blade applied?

Where is the crusher blade applied?
What material is better for crusher blade?
Crusher blades are made of many materials, such as spring steel, which has good toughness and low manufacturing cost, but low hardness. Carbon steel, hardness HRC55 °, good wear resistance. Tool steel: hardness HRC58 °, good wear resistance and long service life.
Crusher blades have become an indispensable part of people's life. Crusher blades are related to people's quality of life and promote national finance. So what is the crusher blade?
The blade of plastic crusher is also called plastic mechanical blade. It has a wide variety, uses high-quality steel, and has good sharpness and wear resistance. It is mainly used for crushing in plastics, rubber industry and other industries. Like other blades, it requires precise geometric tolerance to ensure good assembly quality with the machine. It needs to select the chemical composition of blade materials suitable for different needs of users and different objects. It needs a suitable blade angle, which not only keeps the blade sharp, but also makes the blade have a certain strength and does not collapse in use. It needs a good heat treatment process to achieve the appropriate hardness and small internal stress of the blade, and the plastic crusher blade will not deform during use.
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2023.03.16 02:00 CharmingAsHell 2023 March Madness Baseball Card Edition

We did this last year and hopefully all that played enjoyed! Each square is $10.00 (or 6 squares for $50.00) and you keep it for the entire tournament vs. just one game if you're thinking Super Bowl. At the end of each game, final score, including overtime - take last digit of winners score and losers score, and find corresponding square - if it's yours, you win the prize!
Pool ID: 245879
Pool Name: March Madness 2023 Baseball Card Edition
Round of 64: (32 chances to win)
- Pack of 2021 Topps Series 1 Retail
- Pack of 2020 Topps Series 2 Retail
- Pack of 2022 Topps Series 1 Retail
- Pack of 100 Penny Sleeves
Round of 32: (16 chances to win)
- Same as Round of 64 Plus
- Retail Pack 2020 Bowman (10 Cards)
- Pack of 25 Standard Top Loaders (3x4)
Sweet 16: (8 chances to win)
- 2023 Topps Series 1 Hanger or
- $10.00 (win your money back)
Elite 8: (4 chances to win) I'll have a few options here
- Graded Card Valued at $40-$60
Final 4: (2 chances to win)
- Graded Card Valued at $100
Championship: (1 Chance to win) *Sample Prizes*
- Graded 2011 Bowman PSA 9 Mike Trout RC
- SGC 10/10 Bryce Harper Auto
- PSA 10 Ohtani 2018 Topps Chrome HMT1
- PSA 10 2019 Bowman Chrome Julio Rodriguez

Link to 2022 March Madness Explanation and prize pool for $20.00 squares.
If you're interested/didn't play last year - feel free to DM me for any questions/payment information (venmo/paypal) - if you played last year, check your email!

- Zach
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2023.03.16 01:57 paranoiaphish Set For Set's legs calisthenics routine?

I did start over at bodyweightfitness with their recommended routine, however I don't have the time to do a full body workout in one go. I moved all the upper body to one day and legs + a different abs routine to a different day (uppelower split?), I alternate on 6/7 days of the week with one day for rest.
I found the legs routine to be a bit lacking (just the two exercises from the RR) and have limited access to weights (RDL) so I was looking online and found this exercises on Set For Set:
  1. Box Jumps (5x5)
  2. Bodyweight Squats (4xRPE8)
  3. Glute Bridge (4xRPE8)
  4. Split Squats (3xRPE8)
  5. Knee Tucks (3x10-20)
  6. Calf Raises (2xfailure)
I tried it out yesterday and liked it, but it's a lot of reps when I know for the RR they usually recommend reps of 8 at most per set, high intensity low reps. So I was wondering what you guys' thoughts were on this routine, if it needs/can be improved and how to do that if so. I don't have the exact number of reps for me in because I did at most 15 for everything out of caution (I injure my thighs very easily/without noticing due to dysphoria) and found that pretty easy. I travel on foot/skates a lot so I'm coming in with a decent amount of leg strength. Any input is appreciated, thanks in advance!
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2023.03.16 01:45 protagonist52 Math Tutoring Post 20230315

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2023.03.16 01:03 ClassifiedsCR Explore the Best of Washington D.C. with These Must-See Tours

Explore the Best of Washington D.C. with These Must-See Tours

Washington D.C.
Hey there fellow traveler! If you're planning a trip to Washington DC and wondering what to do, you've come to the right place! Let me be your guide to the top five tours that you absolutely must check out during your stay in the nation's capital.
First up is the Four-hour City Tour. This tour is the perfect way to explore all that Washington DC has to offer. From the city's residential areas to its iconic monuments and landmarks, you'll get to see it all. And the best part? You'll get to make stops along the way to take in the sights and snap some amazing photos.
If you're a museum buff, then the Smithsonian Museums Guided Tour is a must-see. You'll get to explore the National Museum of American History and the Museum of Natural History. With exhibits ranging from political and cultural events to fossils and precious gems, you'll be able to immerse yourself in the rich history and natural wonders of the United States.
For art enthusiasts, the National Gallery of Art Private Tour is a true gem. You'll get to experience the world-renowned collection of French Impressionists, Renaissance artists, and American painters. With works by some of the most famous artists in history, including Da Vinci, Degas, and Monet, you'll feel like you're walking through a museum straight out of a dream.
If you're interested in American history and politics, the Capitol Hill Private Walking Tour is a must-do. You'll get to explore some of the most iconic buildings and institutions in Washington DC, including the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, and the Capitol. With your expert guide leading the way, you'll learn about the history and significance of these institutions and get a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the United States government.
And last but certainly not least, the National Mall Private Walking Tour is a must-see. This private tour will take you around the National Mall and give you an insight into the history of the United States and Washington D.C. With iconic landmarks such as the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, you'll feel a sense of patriotism and pride. In the evening, capture the illuminated museums and sculptures, making your experience even more magical.
And when it comes to finding the perfect place to stay during your trip, look no further than Booking.com. With a wide range of accommodations to fit any budget and preference, you're sure to find the perfect home away from home for your stay in Washington DC.
So, what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Washington DC today and get ready to experience the best of what this amazing city has to offer!
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2023.03.16 00:50 AutoModerator [Get] Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine Evolution 13 Full Course Download

[Get] Matt Clark, Jason Katzenback – Amazing Selling Machine Evolution 13 Full Course Download
Size : 3.65 GB
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ASM’s 8-module net class is comprised of over 120 video tutorials that provide a step-by-step information on find out how to create your Amazon FBA enterprise from scratch by Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark
On this no-fluff Amazing Selling Machine Evolution 13 assessment in 2021, I’m going to stroll you thru every thing it’s worthwhile to learn about this course. It affords some massive guarantees and comes at a hefty price ticket, so let’s take an in depth look to find out if it’s actually all it’s cracked as much as be.
Greatest for:
Newbie and intermediate Amazon FBA Sellers Individuals who want to construct a profitable and sustainable Amazon FBA enterprise Those that need the cash and free time they should reside their dream life Individuals who have the cash to pay for the course price What’s the Amazing Selling Machine Evolution (ASM13)? Amazing Selling Machine is an 8-week on-line Amazon FBA masterclass that’s designed that will help you make severe earnings promoting merchandise by your model identify in Amazon.
In keeping with its builders, the aim of the course is that will help you construct a model of your individual by Amazon to create your dream life.
To place it merely, this masterclass can present you every thing it’s worthwhile to set up a profitable e-commerce enterprise whereas creating your individual model within the course of. The course accommodates a step-by-step process on find out how to begin, develop, and scale your Amazon enterprise.
Who’re the Individuals Behind ASM13? The Amazing Selling Machine course was launched in 2013 by Amazing.com, a Texas-based mostly firm. This firm is spearheaded by Jason Katzenback (Co-founder and CEO) and Matt Clark (Co-founder and Chairman).
Each of them personal e-commerce companies that ship excessive earnings month after month. Nevertheless, these two have a colourful previous from the times earlier than they turned e-commerce specialists and, ultimately, Amazon FBA gurus.
Jason Katzenback was an engineering pupil who realized early on that he was not on the appropriate path. He determined to dive into the company world and labored in a producing firm. Nevertheless, their firm canceled all worker bonuses in 2003.
This loss pushed Jason to search for different methods to earn cash. He discovered an awesome alternative on-line and even met a mentor in web advertising. In 2005, he constructed Archon Media Inc. In 2006, he specialised in entrepreneur coaching merchandise and made $3 million {dollars} from it.
Alternatively, Matt Clark additionally has a reasonably inspiring story. When he lastly determined to take again his life, he started by making an attempt out numerous companies. That’s when he found the great thing about e-commerce.
He was already incomes hundreds of {dollars} promoting model-identify merchandise on Amazon on the age of 24.
In 2011, Matt and Jason met and have become good associates. Finally, they determined to writer a web-based masterclass that will educate individuals find out how to make numerous cash by promoting on Amazon. That’s was how Amazing Selling Machine was born.
How Does It Work? The course options 4 key elements. All of that are designed that will help you construct your Amazon FBA enterprise.
ASM Key Element #1: 8-week Internet Class Step one is the 8-week on-line net class made up of eight modules. All of the modules are full of fundamental to superior ideas and tips—from creating your product listing, to sourcing the merchandise to launching, and advertising your corporation to taking your corporation to a complete new stage.
It’s all in there! We’ll talk about the modules and contents within the subsequent few sections of this Amazing Selling Machine assessment.
ASM Key Element #2: ASM Mentor Program As soon as you might be executed with the web net class, you may already get your corporation began. At this stage, you may benefit from the following key element, which is the ASM Mentor program.
On this stage, you’ll be offered entry to a neighborhood the place you may ask questions that will probably be answered by one of many elite Amazon sellers that the builders introduced on board to assist.
These skilled Amazon sellers have 54 years of mixed expertise, and have collectively made $24,000,000 on Amazon in gross sales. Since these mentors come from numerous international locations across the globe, you have got the peace of mind that you’re going to get the reply you want anytime!
ASM Key Element #3: Amazing Alliance Group The third key element of the course is the lifetime platinum entry to the Amazing Alliance Group.
On this personal and unique neighborhood, you’re going to get to mingle, discuss, and strategize with hundreds of sellers everywhere in the globe. The sellers right here even have various talent ranges and expertise—newbies, intermediate gamers, and the professionals.
Which means that it is possible for you to to fulfill individuals who have the identical struggles and experiences as yours. Because of this, you may change insights that may show you how to overcome current hurdles or stop future issues.
ASM Key Element #4: The Non-public Useful resource Vault The fourth key element of the course is The Non-public Useful resource Vault. Once you join this system, you’ll be given the important thing to the builders’ personal listing of connections, contacts, and sources that they use in their very own enterprise.
That is gold for the reason that course creators took a long time to gather and uncover the ideas and data that you’re going to get from their black e book. It will provide you with the jumpstart that your corporation must develop with out all of the rising pains.
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2023.03.16 00:34 Sea_Construction7106 Fun things to do.

1765 power. What should I be doing in game. I have not run the lightfall story on legendary yet... Im honestly just having fun doing quests in my log. Im not fond of raiding so I dont need to really max out right away, but maybe ill try it out. Just wondering whats fun and rewarding around this time as solo, or do i need a fireteam to do more.. I got lightfall and the 12 month pass. Only been back to the game since end of December.
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2023.03.15 23:55 Formal_Instance_544 I think I’m going to stop talking to my best friend

She’s my best friend, but I also have a huge crush on her. She has a boyfriend so I wouldn’t ever try to make a move.
We used to get on so well, some of my other friends had “joked” (privately to me) that if she was single, they’re pretty certain we’d end up together. Another friend asked me if I had feelings for her, at the time I said no, because I guess I didn’t really realise that I did.
We used to talk a lot, about everything really, books, shows, work, how our days went, we’d be there to support each other if we were feeling down. But for a while now she’s been talking to me less and less, at first I thought I must have done something wrong, so I asked her about it. She assured me that I didn’t, she was just busy etc. but we carried on growing more and more distant.
Every now and then she will apologise for how little we speak now, but then still carries on hardly talking to me. In texts I could respond seconds after receiving a message from her, yet it could still take days to hear back. Yet when I do the same, she asks me what’s wrong.
I still have strong feelings for her, but it’s just become so mentally exhausting, worrying about her and what’s going on that she won’t tell me about, as well as worrying if I’ve done something that’s messed up the friendship.
I just wanted to get that off my chest, I don’t know if I really will stop talking to her, I think I’d miss her too much
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2023.03.15 23:47 Role_Playing_Lotus ELI5: What is the purpose of a Clapperboard in film-making?

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2023.03.15 23:12 Cute_Speed4981 What tests can I use for Troparil?

I haven't found any details on the websites of the main sellers of raegent tests. Does anyone know which ones I can use and what color they should make for troparil? I am guessing Scott could be one, due to proximity to cocaine, but I am not sure about any others.
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2023.03.15 23:06 Zealousideal-Mud3713 GOXLR Mini independent discord channel

Hello. How could I make the volume on Discord loud on the stream, and low in my headphones? I assumed I could do that with the GoXLR Mini. I understood that I have to set the Discord output on the Chat line from GoXLR, but from what I understand if I lower the chat slider on GoXLR the volume will decrease both on the stream and in my headphones (which is connected to the GoXLR mixer). I would like to make it so that the stream is loud, and in the headphones I hear it very very quiet, but the rest of the sounds are loud. How can I do this?
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2023.03.15 22:35 the-overloaf Is Chewy a reputable retailer?

First of all, thank you for the suggestions on the water. Next time I get paid, I plan on ordering my cats a fountain and a cat tree from Chewy. Can anyone here vouch for them and tell me if they're to be trusted? If I order from them, am I gonna get what I ordered? I'm seeing 3 star reviews everywhere else I look, so I thought it would be good to ask here lol
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2023.03.15 22:34 modernmailbox Im supposed to be making memories in College

Ive always been depressed but coming to college makes me feel like I won't accomplish anything. I honestly can't see myself moving forward with life and think about suicide daily. I have friends here and I have fun on the weekends occasionally but I don't know how much longer I can keep this life up. The more I think about ending it the better it seems, I don't know what to do with my life and I feel like I've been thinking of this for so long that I have more pros than cons. I'm not smart enough to keep going with what I'm doing, dropping out of college won't make me any happier I will feel like a failure for my self standards. I feel like nothing that I do will help me, I feel like there is no escape for me.
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2023.03.15 22:24 Eswarel Do you know of any more convenient way to read comments other than on the instagram app or website?

I don't find the instagram user interface very convenient when it comes to reading long comments and their first response among hundreds of others.
What I mean :
Firstly, in order to see the first responses you have to go through every replies, there is no way to search for a reply or to sort them and the responses load very slowly.
Secondly, long comments always take a lot of lines and I don't find that convenient to read these kind of comments.
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2023.03.15 22:19 Upstairs_Breakfast23 The perfect house

Once there was a young couple who moved into a beautiful old house in the countryside. The house was perfect, with sprawling gardens, a grand fireplace, and antique furnishings. However, the couple soon discovered that there was something off about the house.
Strange noises echoed through the halls at night, and doors would open and close on their own. The couple tried to rationalize the odd occurrences, telling themselves it was just an old house settling or the wind blowing through the trees.
But then, one night, the husband woke up to find his wife standing at the foot of the bed, staring blankly at him with a twisted grin on her face. He tried to speak to her, but she didn't respond. Instead, she slowly turned and walked out of the room, disappearing into the darkness.
The husband was terrified and didn't know what to do. He tried to shake it off and go back to sleep, but the feeling of unease lingered. Over the next few nights, he continued to see his wife's ghostly figure around the house, sometimes standing motionless in the corner of a room, sometimes staring at him with those haunting, lifeless eyes.
As the days went by, the husband's mental state began to deteriorate. He stopped sleeping, stopped eating, and spent all his time pacing around the house, trying to avoid the ghostly presence of his wife. But it was no use. The ghost seemed to be everywhere, haunting him at every turn.
One day, the husband finally snapped. He grabbed an axe and went on a rampage, destroying everything in his path. He smashed the antique furniture, tore down the drapes, and hacked away at the walls. When the police arrived, they found him crouched in a corner, covered in blood and muttering to himself.
The house was condemned, and no one ever lived there again. But some say that on quiet nights, you can still hear the sound of an axe chopping away at the walls, and the ghostly figure of the husband wandering through the ruins, searching for his lost love.
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2023.03.15 22:19 Maksim_Misk What was the most embarrassing thing of all time?

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