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From commuters to couriers to world-class racers, Vancouver is home to cyclists of all abilities and interests. This subreddit exists for us to share news and events related to riding around this wonderful city.

2017.05.08 10:06 The best TCG you are not playing (yet)

A group to talk about and share information on Bushiroad's newest card game, DragoBorne.

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Chapter 1
Early Morning
The sun had started to rise, a glint of orange on the horizon; slowly creeping across the land, awakening birds who started the morning chorus and other wildlife that awoke to make their way out to their daily hunt.
The sunlight moved with fluid grace as it passed over the town of Carstone; a small rural community in the south of England. Despite the arrival of the morning sun, it had been growing cold for some time, a light frost covered the ground; tiny marks visible, left behind by the surrounding wildlife. The town, eerily quiet, saw its first movement as the vicar made his way down the cobbled lane at a leisurely pace, heading for the church to prepare for early mass. It had always been like this, every week for the last 25 years. The fresh smell of morning dew and grass permeated the air, giving a refreshing edge to the vicarโ€™s journey.
Father Milldam had lived in the village for 32 years, he had done his preparations here, started out on the journey of god as a priest in training and overtime earned the duties of vicar hood. All in all he was a happy man, he had a beautiful loving wife, a son and a daughter. A few sibling rivalries but they added spice to life, so he didn't worry himself too much. "God will steer them true,โ€ he thought, "He always does".
He quickly stepped out of the way as the first bus of the day rumbled down the street, the driver being as quiet as he could with an 11 tonne construct. The driver waved at father Milldam as he passed.
"Gregory, oh I mean... Father Milldam" said a woman from above "how are you this morning"
Father Milldam laughed as he looked up, "It's quite alight Marcy, please call me Gregory if you prefer."
"Why thank you Gregory!" said Marcy with a slight giggle.
"I am fine,โ€ replied Gregory "And yourself?"
"I can't complain, James and Kayleigh have had yet another argument"
"They're just kids Marcy, they will sort it out between them. Best leave them to their own devices ey" Gregory smiled reassuringly
"Yea" pondered Marcy "I guess you're right, how old are your lot now then?
"My daughter Amanda is 19 and her brother Jason is 18" he replied with a smile "We never get a moments peace"
"But you wouldn't have it any other way would you" she responded
"No" he said smiling "Have a good day Marcy, I better be going"
"You as well Gregory"
Father Milldam always liked Marcy, she was wise but in a ferocious way. With a slim frame and sleek brown hair, she was one of those mothers you couldn't stop looking at. She was 42 years old and happily married for 12 years. Her daughter Kayleigh had turned 18 not long ago, which had been an interesting day. Bouncy castles and loud music; play-list from hers truly and to her father's horror, boys. James who was 17 had hit the usual rebellious teenager scene, which hadn't surprised anyone to his shock. He had become quite quiet when he realised that he wouldn't get his way, turned to sitting on the Xbox every spare moment he had.
Father Milldam continued down the path waving to Damien, Marcy's Husband as he passed. The morning was normal and uneventful. Morning service came and went, as did the rain showers. When he got home he found Jason in a headlock at the mercy of Amanda who smiled softly and said "Afternoon Dad". Laughing he went into the kitchen to greet his wife Gwen, a short beaming lady standing proud at 5"3 with long flowing blond hair a sweet high voice. She had the features of a battle seasoned warrior about her "it's called being a mother" she would usually reply should the subject be broached.
"Good day?" Gregory asked
"It would be..." replied Gwen "if those two would stop goofing around and actually do something useful"
"I am doing something useful,โ€ shouted Amanda from the hallway "I'm giving Jason a longer neck"
"Honestly" retorted her mother as she advanced on Amanda
With a swift whack around the ear; Amanda let go with a yelp
"I know for a fact that you both still have homework to do. And you Amanda, you have that application letter to write"
"If you want a hand hunny just ask,โ€ said Gregory "I don't have anything on until later"
Amanda huffed and walked off upstairs to get changed.
Suddenly a mass of music blasted through the ceiling and Gwen lost it.
"Amanda I don't mind music just TURN IT DOWN" she roared, "Honestly, you would think she can't hear it"
Father Milldam gave his wife a kiss and walked off to the study. Gwen turned back to scrubbing the sink.
Jason was waiting for a chance to get some payback from earlier. Only he wasn't that imaginative. He was a bright lad coming 2nd in his class, he was a master at mathematics, science and religious education, to that point Amanda was good at religious education as well, and it helped having a vicar for a father. Jason himself wasn't anything special, standing at 5"7 he was slim and starting to get a muscular look about him, short brown hair and looked like he had been in 1 too many fights. He crashed around in his room for 5 minutes trying to find his Prodigy album; he concluded that for the umpteenth time, his sister had nicked it.
He stomped across the landing and threw open her door
"Where is myโ€ he stopped as suddenly as he had started. His mouth even stopped half open and stuck there. Amanda stood in her room in nothing but underwear. Sleek white panties clung effortlessly to her thighs and a matching bra that held her breasts aloft in all their glory. In a single moment Jason took in the sight of his half naked sister. She had inherited her motherโ€™s long flowing blond hair and had managed to acquire a pair of bright green eyes. She had a slim well-toned form and smooth slightly tanned skin. At the top of her perfect hourglass shape she had a pair of well-developed c-cup breasts and below we're her perfectly formed thighs, slender legs that could go on forever and to top it all, even though it did not show at that moment, a beaming smile that could stop any manโ€™s heart.
Snapping back to the moment he looked straight into his sisterโ€™s eyes.
"Wow" he said with utter finality.
"Thank you Jason" she said not smiling at all "but get out of my room, and shut the door"
He did so, rushing back to his room to hide, his pants tightening has his body reacted.
Amanda popped her head out of the door and shouted "and knock next time, otherwise I will take your eyes out"
His sister had not totally freaked out when he burst in she was actually quite calm. Jason believed this to be a rather strange reaction, especially when faced with a sibling. As it was Amanda couldn't quite figure out why she had not freaked, she had felt something stirring deep inside her, that was struggling to get free, but never did. All of a sudden she thought of Jason and how he looked, and something in her exploded. She could not control herself, her passion was pulsing and all she could think of was her brother. โ€œMy goodness, what has come over me, this is sickโ€ she thought to herself. Unable to fight the ever-growing fire in her chest she found her hand edging towards the elastic lip on her panties, gently teasing her skin.
โ€œAmanda, Your friends are here,โ€ Shouted her mother suddenly from downstairs.
โ€œCrapโ€ she thought as she scrambled to pull on the outfit that lay ready on the bed. She had never been a cosmetics person, so left without so much as a layer of lipstick. The uncontrollable feeling in her chest subsided as she went.
Amanda returned that evening close to 11. Totally shattered she walked into her room, through off her clothes bar her underwear, and walked across to the bathroom. As she entered she was faced with Jason in his boxers.
โ€œWhy donโ€™t you lock the door?โ€ she asked
โ€œAhโ€ฆ wellโ€ฆ uh. I-I-I-I donโ€™t knowโ€ he responded, totally shocked that it had happened twice in 1 day.
โ€œOK, well move over I need to brush my teethโ€ she said with an irritated tone, feeling that uncontrollable feeling building again. She started brushing her teeth, aware that her brother was just standing there looking at her. she attempted to ignore him without success as found that she was enticed by it.
โ€œWhat do you like best?โ€ she said suddenly, and Jasonโ€™s legs buckled causing him to crumple to the floor
โ€œOh honestlyโ€ she exclaimed, pausing for a second with a bewildered expression on her face before continuing in a quizzical tone, โ€œhave you not seen a girl in her underwear before?โ€
โ€œNo not really, it was either fully clothed or no clothes at allโ€ he said suddenly, then sheepishly looked at the floor utterly embarrassed
โ€œWell thatโ€™s easily fixedโ€ without any indecisive thoughts she removed her bra, letting her plump breasts fall free, her nipples were dead straight and excited. Turning her back to her brother she bent over slowly removing her panties so he had a perfect view of all that was revealed. Her vagina was slightly moist but still fully formed and unblemished; it looked at Jason glistening gently. He resisted the urge to reach out, and Amanda stood back up and continued getting ready for bed.
Jason remained on the floor, totally denying that these events were even taking place. He just watched silently and his sister quickly bathed and dried off.
โ€œGood night Jasonโ€ she said picking up her discarded garments
โ€œUhhh Good nightโ€ replied Jason still in shock.
Amanda departed and he remained on the floor for another 5 full minutes. Finally picking himself up off the floor he got ready for bed and returned to his room. His clock read 11:35. He lay awake thinking of the passing day, still not believing that his sister had removed all clothing right in front of him.
Suddenly his door opened and his sister walked In once again wearing her underwear.
โ€œYou never did answer my questionโ€ she said as she sat down on the end of the bed.
โ€œCan we not do this pleaseโ€ he said, โ€œYouโ€™re my sister, I love you but you're pushing it nowโ€
โ€œThatโ€™s my point though, you're not loving meโ€ she responded โ€œI'm ready and waitingโ€
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I have a customer that wants 35 prefilled bingo card variations. I only sell blank bingo cards so I dont have a template to work off of (if that makes sense). She wants one of my blank designs prefilled.
I'm not sure how to price this. Can anyone help? I initially said this would cost $5 because I thought she only wanted one card prefilled. She clarified and said she wants 35. I feel like $5 is very low?
I have one years' experience working on Etsy as a template designer (I make designs primarily for weddings, bridal and baby showers). It will take me approx. 2-3 hours to make these cards. My shop has made over 800 sales. I use Canva Pro which costs $6.49 per month.
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I am looking for some 980 Pro 2TB NVME SSDs. It is OK to be in low health as long as it works. Thanks.
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2023.03.21 08:26 BrainstormBot โŸณ 1 apps added, 74 updated at

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Added (1)
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These are frequently displayed at the entryway to the building, shops, or the security desk. Also, guards patrol the area in real time, including the parking lots. In any case, whether a customer or employee needs assistance, guards are frequently the first to be approached. Guards will be in charge of interacting with clients on a large scale, from helping them find their way around the property to reporting a security issue. A competent security officer will deliver excellent customer service and serve as a reliable source of security and information. When a security issue occurs, security guards respond. When an emergency or security crisis arises on site, your security personnel will be the first to respond. In addition to their years of experience, they also undergo extensive training, so they are well-versed in a range of situations. A security guard may defuse the situation until law enforcement arrives, depending on the demands of your retail centre. 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๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ Welcome to Furystorm's boutique ( อกยฐ อœส– อกยฐ) ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

Click here to see links for previous stores with a lot of positive feedback from happy customers โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“โ–“
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To make an order ๐Ÿ“จ PM me via Reddit or via Discord (Furystorm#4218)

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Upgrade - Mole to Merchantman Upgrade 239
Upgrade - Starfarer Gemini to Merchantman Upgrade 220
Upgrade - Constellation Aquila to Orion 169
CitizenCon 2951 Digital Goodies 9
Gemini LH86 Pistol - Voyager edition 6
Package Insurance MMO+SQ42 Included Price, $ Comments
Package - Aurora LN 3MI Yes 57 Aurora LN (best aurora) Starter package
Mustang Alpha Starter 3MI Yes 55 -
Anniversary 2017 Mustang Discount Starter 5YI No 54 -
Nox 2 pack LTI No 121 Nox + Nox Kue
Aopoa Nox 5 Pack LTI No 242 4 Nox + 1 Nox Kue
Race Team Pack LTI No 168 X1 + NOX + Dragonfly Black
Origin X1 THREE-PACK LTI No 174 X1 Baseline + Velocity + Force
CCU-d ships are upgraded from another ship. Also I have ships from original sale - they may come with different bonuses but are more expensive.
You can click on the price of original sale item to see it's contents.
Ship manufacturer Ship model Insurance Price (CCU-d), $ Price (Original sale), $
Aopoa (Xi'an) Khartu-Al LTI 184 -
- Nox LTI - 77
- Nox Kue LTI - 77
- San'Tok.Yai LTI 231 -
Aegis Dynamics Avenger Titan LTI 70 84
- Avenger Titan Renegade LTI 95 111
- Avenger Stalker LTI 84 -
- Avenger Warlock LTI 105 -
- Eclipse LTI 315 333
- Gladius LTI 116 -
- Gladius Valiant LTI 132 147
- Hammerhead LTI 672 777
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- Nautilus LTI 672 -
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- Vulcan LTI 216 242
ARGO Astronautics MPUV Cargo LTI 74 84
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- SRV LTI 165 -
- Mole LTI 321 -
- Combo Pack LTI - 111
Anvil Aerospace Arrow LTI 95 137
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- Carrack Expedition LTI 468 -
- Carrack Expedition W/C8X LTI 489 -
- Crucible LTI 369 431
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Banu Merchantman LTI 420 -
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Consolidated outland Mustang Beta LTI 95 -
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- Mustang Delta LTI 84 -
- Pioneer LTI - 1399
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- Ares Ion LTI 252 -
- Genesis Starliner LTI 368 578
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- M2 Hercules LTI 504 -
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Esperia Vanduul Blade LTI 284 326
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Greycat Industrial ROC LTI 77 -
Kruger Intergalactic P-72 Archimedes LTI - 100
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- Reliant Sen (Researcher) LTI 105 -
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Origin Jumpworks X1 Baseline LTI - 69
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- 100I LTI 74 95
- 125A LTI 79 -
- 135C LTI 84 -
- 300I LTI 77 -
- 315P LTI 77 -
- 325A LTI 93 -
- 350R LTI 137 -
- 400i LTI 265 -
- 600i Touring LTI 420 525
- 600i Exploration LTI 441 580
RSI Aurora CL LTI 74 -
- Apollo Triage LTI 268 -
- Apollo Medivac LTI 294 -
- Mantis LTI 168 -
- Perseus LTI 583 -
- Polaris LTI 777 999
- Constellation Taurus LTI 179 -
- Constellation Andromeda LTI 252 315
- Constellation Aquila LTI 321 -
- Orion LTI 489 -
Vehicle Insurance Price (CCU-d), $ Price (Concept), $ Comments
Anvil Ballista LTI 153 -
Consolodated Outland HoverQuad LTI - 80 -
Greycat PTV 6YI 27 -
Greycat PTV 10YI 37 -
Origin G12 LTI 74 - -
Origin G12R LTI 79 84 -
Origin G12A LTI 84 89 -
Tumbril Cyclone LTI 74 Base version
Tumbril Cyclone-TR LTI 79 With ground turret
Tumbril Cyclone-RC LTI 79 Speedster
Tumbril Cyclone-AA LTI 95 Anti-air + countermeasures
Tumbril Cyclone-RN LTI 79 Scout & Scan
Tumbril Ranger RC LTI 95 Racer
Tumbril Ranger CV LTI 100 116 Offroad
Tumbril Ranger TR LTI 100 With Gun
Tumbril Nova LTI 126 132 Tank
RSI URSA Rover 5YI 63 -
RSI URSA Rover Fortuna LTI 74 Limited green skin edition
Module Insurance Price, $
MISC Endeavor Modules (Pods) - -
Aegis Vanguard battlefield upgrade kits
Sentinel battlefield upgrade kit LTI 130
Harbinger battlefield upgrade kit LTI 140
Retaliator modules
Retaliator cargo rear module LTI 99
Retaliator rear torpedo bay 24MI 120
Retaliator front torpedo bay 24MI 120
Other stuff
Add-ons - Aegis Idris P after market kit - 294
Module Insurance Price, $
Overlord "Dust Storm" Armor Set - 11
Overlord "Riptide" Armor Set - 11
Overlord Helmets "Silent Strike" Pack - 8
Overlord Helmets "Forces of Nature" Pack - 8
Parasite Replica Helmet (Original) - 11
Parasite Replica Helmet (Dark Birth) - 11
Stegman's Cordimon "Voyager" Complete Outfit - 11
Stegman's IndVest โ€œPathfinderโ€ Complete Outfit - 11
RSI MacFlex Rust Society full armor set (5 items) - 21
RSI Venture Rust Society full armor set (5 items) - 32
Mr. Refinementโ€™s Cabinet of Rare & Exquisite Spirits - 11
Life in the 'Verse Shirts Pack #1 - 5
Life in the 'Verse Shirts Pack #2 - 5
"Caudillo" Helmets Pack #1 by CC's Conversions - 8
"Caudillo" Helmets Pack #2 by CC's Conversions - 8
"Caudillo" Helmets Pack #3 by CC's Conversions - 8
QuikFlarePro Pack - 5
QuikFlarePro Pack Deluxe - 6
Polar Vortex Collection - 7
Cold Front Collection - 7
UltiFlex FSK-8 "Mirage" Combat Knife - 5
UltiFlex FSK-8 "Ghost" Combat Knife - 5
Urban Collection by Element Authority - 11
Adventurer Collection by Element Authority - 11
Manaslu Rust Society Jacket - 8
RSI Horizon Rust Society Helmet - 8
RSI Beacon Rust Society Undersuit - 6
Paladin helmet - 10
IAE-insurance upgrades (adds IAE insurance (10 years) to your ship)
Upgrade Price, $
Prospector to F7C-M Super Hornet 50
Vanguard Warden to Caterpillar 60
Sorted by: Manufacturer -> ship
Target ship manufacturer Target ship Upgrade from Price, $
Aegis Dynamics Avenger Titan Renegade 325A 18
- Avenger Warlock 325A 29
- Avenger Warlock Arrow 26
- Eclipse Constellation Andromeda 78
- Eclipse Vanguard Sentinel 37
- Eclipse Vanguard Warden 53
- Eclipse Blade 37
- Gladius Valiant Cutlass Black 22
- Gladius Valiant M50 23
- Hammerhead Constellation Aquila 483
- Hammerhead 600i Touring 357
- Hammerhead 600i Explorer 315
- Hammerhead Merchantman 236
- Hammerhead Hull D 341
- Hammerhead Crucible 446
- Hammerhead Carrack 278
- Hammerhead Reclaimer 383
- Hammerhead Prowler 351
- Hammerhead Orion 210
- Hammerhead Glaive 446
- Hammerhead A2 Hercules 52
- Reclaimer Constellation Aquila 115
- Reclaimer Starfarer Gemini 84
- Reclaimer Endeavor 73
- Reclaimer Crucible 73
- Redeemer Constellation Andromeda 78
- Redeemer Vanguard Hoplite 84
- Redeemer Mole 26
- Retaliator Bomber Constellation Andromeda 57
- Retaliator Base F7C-R Hornet Tracker 25
- Sabre Prospector 31
- Sabre Gladiator 16
- Sabre Comet Sabre 31
- Sabre Comet Freelancer MIS 26
- Sabre Comet Khartu-Al 31
- Sabre Comet F7C Hornet Wildfire 23
- Sabre Comet Gladiator 35
- Sabre Comet F7C-M Super Hornet 20
- Vanguard Harbinger Constellation Andromeda 68
- Vanguard Harbinger Retaliator Bomber 31
- Vanguard Harbinger Vanguard Sentinel 26
- Vanguard Harbinger Vanguard Hoplite 73
- Vanguard Harbinger Vanguard Warden 42
- Vanguard Hoplite Constellation Taurus 59
- Vanguard Hoplite San'Tok.Yai 28
- Vanguard Hoplite Defender 28
- Vanguard Hoplite Corsair 33
- Vanguard Hoplite F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker 54
- Vanguard Hoplite Hurricane 54
- Vanguard Hoplite Terrapin 28
- Vanguard Sentinel Constellation Andromeda 52
- Vanguard Sentinel Vanguard Warden 31
- Vanguard Warden Constellation Andromeda 31
- Vanguard Warden Vanguard Hoplite 40
- Vulcan Constellation Taurus 25
- Vulcan Prospector 61
Anvil Aerospace Carrack Constellation Aquila 273
- Carrack Mole 320
- Carrack M2 Hercules 99
- Carrack 600i Explorer 147
- Carrack 600i Touring 189
- Carrack Orion 42
- Carrack Prowler 183
- Carrack Reclaimer 225
- Carrack Genesis Starliner 225
- Carrack Valkyrie 215
- Carrack C2 Hercules 189
- Carrack Hull D 178
- Carrack Endeavor 283
- Carrack Crucible 283
- Carrack Starfarer Gemini 294
- Carrack W/C8X Carrack 48
- Carrack Expedition Carrack 52
- Carrack Expedition W/C8X Carrack 73
- Crucible Starfarer Gemini 26
- Crucible Constellation Aquila 99
- F7C-M Super Hornet Prospector 37
- F7C-M Super Hornet Khartu-AL 22
- F7C-M Super Hornet F7C Hornet Wildfire 16
- F7C-M Super Hornet Gladiator 27
- F7C-M Super Hornet Freelancer MIS 16
- F7C-M Super Hornet Sabre 22
- F7C-M Super Hornet Razor EX 37
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Constellation Taurus 21
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Freelancer MAX 63
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Prospector 57
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Razor EX 57
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Gladiator 47
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Khartu-AL 42
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Sabre 42
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Sabre Comet 26
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker F7C Hornet Wildfire 36
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Freelancer MIS 36
- F7C Hornet Wildfire Prospector 31
- F7C Hornet Wildfire Khartu-Al 16
- F7C Hornet Wildfire Gladiator 22
- F7C Hornet Wildfire Sabre 16
- Gladiator Prospector 21
- Hawk Gladius 21
- Hurricane Constellation Taurus 16
- Hurricane Prospector 53
- Hurricane Gladiator 43
- Hurricane F7C Hornet Wildfire 32
- Hurricane F7C-M Super Hornet 27
- Hurricane Freelancer MIS 32
- Hurricane Sabre 37
- Hurricane Sabre Comet 22
- Hurricane Khartu-Al 37
- Terrapin Prospector 84
- Terrapin Constellation Taurus 44
- Terrapin Freelancer MAX 86
- Terrapin F7C-M Super Hornet 57
- Terrapin Freelancer MIS 63
- Terrapin Vulcan 36
- Terrapin Gladiator 73
- Terrapin Khartu-Al 65
- Terrapin Sabre 65
- Valkyrie Constellation Aquila 84
- Valkyrie Endeavor 42
- Valkyrie Starfarer Gemini 52
- Valkyrie Crucible 42
- Valkyrie Glaive 42
Aopoa (Xi'an) Khartu-Al Prospector 29
- Khartu-Al Freelancer MAX 31
- Nox Aurora LN 27
- Nox Dragonfly Black 15
- Nox Dragonfly Yellowjacket 15
- Nox MPUV Cargo 27
- Nox Kue Aurora LN 23
- Nox Kue Dragonfly Black 15
- Nox Kue Dragonfly Yellowjacket 15
- Nox Kue Mustang Beta 15
- Nox Kue MPUV Personnel 15
- Nox Kue X1 Baseline 15
- Nox Kue MPUV Cargo 22
- San'Tok.Yai Constellation Taurus 46
- San'Tok.Yai Hurricane 40
- San'Tok.Yai Vulcan 35
ARGO Astronautics MPUV Personnel Aurora LN 15
- MPUV Cargo Mustang Alpha 15
- SRV F7C-R Hornet Tracker 21
- SRV Vulture 21
- SRV Razor 15
Banu Merchantman Mole 239
- Merchantman Starfarer Gemini 219
- Merchantman Prowler 326
- Merchantman 600i Touring 331
- Merchantman 600i Explorer 289
- Merchantman Genesis Starliner 368
- Defender Constellation Taurus 42
- Defender Retaliator Base 84
- Defender Cutlass Blue 57
- Defender Freelancer MIS 65
- Defender Gladiator 70
- Defender Khartu-Al 65
- Defender Sabre 65
- Defender F7C Hornet Wildfire 59
- Defender F7C-M Super Hornet 55
Consolidated outland Mustang Delta Mustang Gamma 22
- Mustang Delta Avenger Stalker 15
Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner Constellation Aquila 120
- Genesis Starliner Endeavor 73
- Ares Inferno Constellation Andromeda 26
- Ares Ion Constellation Andromeda 26
- A2 Hercules 600i Touring 341
- A2 Hercules 600i Explorer 299
- A2 Hercules Carrack 273
- A2 Hercules Constellation Aquila 472
- A2 Hercules Crucible 430
- A2 Hercules Endeavor 430
- A2 Hercules Hull D 325
- A2 Hercules Merchantman 220
- A2 Hercules Orion 194
- A2 Hercules Prowler 336
- A2 Hercules Reclaimer 378
- A2 Hercules Starfarer Gemini 451
- C2 Hercules Constellation Aquila 115
- C2 Hercules Valkyrie 47
- C2 Hercules Crucible 73
- C2 Hercules Endeavor 73
- C2 Hercules Glaive 73
- C2 Hercules Starfarer Gemini 84
- M2 Hercules Constellation Aquila 241
- M2 Hercules 600i Touring 110
- M2 Hercules 600i Explorer 68
- M2 Hercules C2 Hercules 147
- M2 Hercules Crucible 199
- M2 Hercules Endeavor 199
- M2 Hercules Genesis Starliner 147
- M2 Hercules Hull D 94
- M2 Hercules Prowler 105
- M2 Hercules Reclaimer 147
- M2 Hercules Starfarer Gemini 210
- Mercury Star Runner Prospector 120
- Mercury Star Runner San'tok.yai 52
- Mercury Star Runner Defender 52
- Mercury Star Runner F7C Hornet Wildfire 99
- Mercury Star Runner F7C-M Super Hornet 94
- Mercury Star Runner Freelancer MIS 99
- Mercury Star Runner Hurricane 78
- Mercury Star Runner Khartu-Al 105
- Mercury Star Runner Razor EX 120
- Mercury Star Runner Sabre Comet 89
- Mercury Star Runner Sabre 105
- Mercury Star Runner Terrapin 52
- Mercury Star Runner Vulcan 73
Drake Interplanetary Buccaneer Cutlass Black 21
- Caterpillar Constellation Andromeda 116
- Caterpillar Constellation Aquila 36
- Caterpillar Retaliator Bomber 78
- Caterpillar Redeemer 26
- Corsair Prospector 78
- Corsair Constellation Taurus 42
- Corsair Freelancer MAX 84
- Corsair Freelancer MIS 57
- Corsair Sabre 63
- Corsair Sabre Comet 47
- Corsair Gladiator 68
- Corsair F7C-M Super Hornet 52
- Corsair F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker 36
- Corsair F7C Hornet Wildfire 57
- Corsair Vulcan 31
- Corsair Hurricane 36
- Corsair Razor EX 78
- Corsair Khartu-Al 63
- Cutlass Black BIS Gladius 42
- Cutlass Blue F7C-R Hornet Tracker 47
- Cutlass Blue Razor 36
- Cutlass Blue Prospector 31
- Dragonfly Black Aurora LN 15
- Dragonfly Black MPUV Cargo 15
- Herald 325A 26
- Herald Avenger Titan Renegade 21
- Vulture Freelancer DUR 15
Esperia Blade Constellation Andromeda 52
- Glaive Constellation Aquila 99
- Glaive Starfarer Gemini 63
- Talon Gladius 36
- Talon Reliant Mako (News Van) 31
- Talon Shrike Gladius 36
- Talon Shrike Reliant Mako (News Van) 31
- Prowler Constellation Aquila 162
- Prowler Reclaimer 68
- Prowler Genesis Starliner 68
- Prowler Endeavor 120
- Prowler Crucible 120
- Prowler 600i Touring 42
MISC Freelancer MIS Prospector 32
- Freelancer MIS Freelancer MAX 37
- Freelancer MIS Gladiator 22
- Freelancer MIS Sabre 16
- Freelancer MIS Razor EX 32
- Endeavor Constellation Aquila 84
- Endeavor Starfarer Gemini 52
- Hull A 300I 36
- Hull A Mustang Gamma 36
- Hull B 325A 94
- Hull C Constellation Andromeda 136
- Hull D Constellation Aquila 178
- Hull D Starfarer Gemini 157
- Razor F7C-R Hornet Tracker 15
- Razor LX F7C-R Hornet Tracker 21
- Razor LX Razor 15
- Razor EX Freelancer MAX 15
- Razor EX SRV 15
- Razor EX Retaliator Base 15
- Razor EX Razor LX 15
- Reliant Tana (Skirmisher) 325a 15
- Reliant Sen (Researcher) Arrow 21
- Reliant Mako (News Van) Gladius 15
- Starfarer Constellation Andromeda 76
- Starfarer Vanguard Warden 55
- Starfarer Vanguard Harbinger 24
- Starfarer Vanguard Sentinel 39
- Starfarer Vanguard Hoplite 81
- Starfarer Blade 39
- Starfarer Retaliator Bomber 39
- Starfarer Apollo Medivac 39
- Starfarer Gemini Constellation Aquila 63
- Starfarer Gemini Mole 47
Origin Jumpworks 350r Freelancer 28
- 350r F7C Hornet 28
- M50 Gladius 22
- 85X Aurora CL 15
- 100i Dragonfly Black 18
- 100i Dragonfly Yellowjacket 18
- 100i MPUV Personnel 22
- 100i Mustang Beta 22
- 100i X1 Baseline 22
- 125a 100i 22
- 125a 85X 19
- 125a Avenger Titan 14
- 125a Ursa Rover 19
- 125a X1 Force 19
- 135C 100i 27
- 135C 125a 15
- 135C 300i 19
- 135C Cyclone 19
- 135C Mustang Gamma 19
- X1 Baseline Mustang Alpha 21
- X1 Baseline Aurora LN 15
- X1 Baseline MPUV Cargo 15
- X1 Velocity Mustang Beta 15
- X1 Velocity MPUV Personnel 15
- X1 Velocity X1 Baseline 15
- X1 Force Aurora CL 15
- X1 Force X1 Velocity 15
- X1 Force Nox 15
- 600i Touring Constellation Aquila 152
- 600i Touring Constellation Phoenix 110
- 600i Touring Reclaimer 57
- 600i Touring Starfarer Gemini 120
- 600i Touring Endeavor 110
- 600i Touring Crucible 110
- 600i Touring Eclipse 162
- 600i Touring Genesis Starliner 57
- 600i Touring C2 Hercules 57
- 600i Explorer 600i Touring 63
- 600i Explorer Constellation Aquila 194
- 600i Explorer Prowler 57
- 600i Explorer Genesis Starliner 99
- 600i Explorer Starfarer Gemini 162
- 600i Explorer Endeavor 152
- 600i Explorer Reclaimer 99
- 600i Explorer Crucible 152
- 600i Explorer Hull D 47
- 600i Explorer C2 Hercules 99
RSI Apollo Triage Constellation Andromeda 23
- Apollo Triage San'tok.yai 44
- Apollo Medivac Constellation Andromeda 49
- Apollo Medivac Vanguard Warden 26
- Apollo Medivac Apollo Triage 36
- Apollo Medivac Vanguard Hoplite 52
- Constellation Taurus F7C-R Hornet Tracker 47
- Constellation Taurus Razor 42
- Mantis F7C-R Hornet Tracker 21
- Mantis Vulture 21
- Mantis Razor 15
- Mantis Ballista 21
- Perseus Mole 409
- Perseus Carrack 110
- Perseus Carrack W/C8X 89
- Perseus Carrack Expedition 84
- Perseus Carrack Expedition W/C8X 63
- Perseus Merchantman 162
- Perseus Orion 136
- Perseus 600i Explorer 241
- Perseus M2 Hercules 194
- Perseus Hull D 267
- Polaris Constellation Aquila 535
- Polaris Perseus 183
- Polaris A2 Hercules 175
- Polaris M2 Hercules 357
- Polaris Nautilus Solstice Edition 149
- Polaris Hammerhead 149
- Polaris Carrack 367
- Polaris Crucible 499
- Polaris Merchantman 315
- Polaris Orion 257
- Orion Constellation Aquila 246
- Orion Merchantman 57
- Orion Starfarer 246
- Orion 600i Touring 194
- Orion Reclaimer 215
- Orion Genesis Starliner 215
- Orion Prowler 173
CCUs from more to less expensive ships
Target ship manufacturer Target ship Upgrade from Price, $
Aegis Dynamics Eclipse Redeemer 64
- Eclipse Caterpillar 17
- Vanguard Harbinger Constellation Aquila 17
- Vanguard Hoplite Constellation Andromeda 30
- Reclaimer Hull D 94
- Reclaimer Merchantman 78
- Vulcan Defender 26
- Vulcan Terrapin 15
- Sabre Constellation Taurus 32
- Sabre Freelancer MIS 16
- Sabre Comet Constellation Taurus 52
- Retaliator Bomber Redeemer 36
- Vanguard Harbinger Redeemer 57
- Vanguard Sentinel Redeemer 42
- Vanguard Warden Redeemer 26
- Vanguard Warden Hull C 26
Anvil Aerospace F7C-M Super Hornet Constellation Taurus 47
- F7C Hornet Wildfire Constellation Taurus 37
- Gladiator Constellation Taurus 26
- F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Defender 21
- Hurricane Defender 21
- Gladiator Constellation Taurus 26
- Gladiator Cutlass Blue 28
- Valkyrie Hull D 42
- Valkyrie Merchantman 47
- Valkyrie C2 Hercules 31
Aopoa (Xi'an) Khartu-Al Constellation Taurus 31
Consolidated outland Mustang Delta Hull A 15
Crusader Industries Genesis Starliner Hull D 73
- Genesis Starliner Merchantman 73
- C2 Hercules Hull D 31
- C2 Hercules Merchantman 42
- M2 Hercules Orion 52
Drake Interplanetary Corsair Defender 42
Esperia Prowler Merchantman 120
- Prowler Hull D 105
MISC Freelancer MIS Constellation Taurus 37
- Freelancer MIS Cutlass Blue 37
- Razor Freelancer MAX 15
- Razor EX Constellation Taurus 15
- Razor EX Cutlass Blue 15
- Starfarer Constellation Aquila 37
- Starfarer Caterpillar 18
Origin Jumpworks 350r Cutlass Red 15
- 600i Touring Hull D 110
- 600i Touring Prowler 110
- 600i Explorer Merchantman 152
- 600i Explorer Carrack 99
RSI Apollo Triage Mercury Star Runner 42
- Orion Carrack 120
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New players - use this code (STAR-MRG5-2TBJ) on registration to get additional 5000 UEC for free! (just click this link)
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2023.03.21 07:44 PhantomerQ [CA-ON] [H]Paypal [W] Finalmouse Tournament Pro (Paying well)

I am looking for finalmouse tournament pro. I can give a good price for it. Any condition is fine.
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2023.03.21 07:27 Melodic_Platform7623 [H] Fresh Linkeding Learning Personal Premium Account, Full Access to All Courses 5$- [W] Paypa/BTC/

Lnkedin LearningAccount With All Privileges + 1 Year Warranty
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-Access to 10,000+ Courses
-Credentials are Changeable
- Offline viewing Lynda Android, iOS, Windows apps
- Access to Exclusive Exercise Files and other Downloadable content
- Certification released at the end of each course
You can use your own name, email to get notifications from Lnkedin Learning. You will have a special login info, using an organization portal, a card number of 7 digits and a pin number of 4 digits. There is no time limit on the subscription page on this Lnkedin Learning account.This account is safely full legal.
You will get all the ProPlan Privileges, ex: access to all of the course online and you can also view it offline using Lynda Apps or Desktop! Download them, and Many more.
After you finish the course online you will get the certificate with your own name on it.
Delivery time:1H-12H
Price - $4.99 each
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2023.03.21 07:22 carol_sama Does this SSD work in this slot? (First time doing it this, I don't build computers)

I have a Kingston 120G SSDNOW A400 M.2 2280 SSD, which has two "entries" at the connector:
and my motherboard (Asus 570x Plus) has, according to tom's hardware review: M.2 slots (2) PCIe 4.0 x4 / PCIe + SATA (up to 110mm) and only one "entry".
So logic is telling me that it should work, but I am not exactly sure, and if I f it up I dont have money to fix it.
Thank you :) (really bad photo for your appreciation)
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2023.03.21 07:21 itechnolabs How To Develop An App Like Shein? Tips, Features, and Cost

How To Develop An App Like Shein? Tips, Features, and Cost
Where would you go to buy a new sweater or a new game? If it was 20 years ago, you would probably go to the local market, but not today. Today, you will think of nowhere else except the online market. As it is convenient and saves a lot of hassle and money, online shops are the best place to go.
As per Statista, the number of people who shop online is over 2 billion. And since the disruption of the online market by Amazon and country-specific eCommerce giants, the number of startups has bolstered significantly. As per LinkedIn, there are two to three million eCommerce businesses in the world, excluding China.
Shein is one of those eCommerce websites that primarily focuses on womenโ€™s apparel and offers its products at affordable prices. Established in 2008, the company has grown like anything in the last 14 years. However, it was blocked in India in 2021. Blocking Shein served as a great opportunity for business-minded people, and a lot of businesses are working to develop an app like Shein.
If you are one of those enthusiasts trying to develop an app like Shein or better, this article is for you. We will uncover all the critical aspects of developing the app in this article!

What Led To The Growth of Shein?
Just so you know, Shein has become the largest fashion retailer this year. The recent fundraising round pushed its valuation to $100 billion, which is way above Zara and H&M. So, how did Shein become this big?
Shein is a big brand that has a plethora of USPs that has made it so popular!
1. Affordable prices
Shein has a reputation for offering affordable prices on a wide range of fashion items, including clothing, shoes, and accessories. This has made it popular with cost-conscious shoppers looking for stylish clothing at a low price.
2. Wide product selection
Shein offers a large selection of fashion items, including clothing, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. This means that customers can find something to suit their style and budget, whether they are looking for basics or something more fashionable.
3. Customer service
Shein has a reputation for offering good customer service, including helpful return policies and responsive customer support. This has helped to build trust with customers and encourage repeat business.

Steps to Develop An App Like Shein
In 2019, the market share of the eCommerce sector was $9.09 trillion. Moreover, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.7%. If you are planning to develop an app like Shein, you need to follow some crucial steps!
  1. Information and market analysis
If you are planning to enter the competitive eCommerce market, there is a scope for whatever you have planned may already be in the market. Take the example of Hike, the messaging app. It had pretty awesome features, but it didnโ€™t work as WhatsApp already had the market.
Hence, if you will not provide something new and unique, your attempt will go to waste. To ensure that your hard work pays off, go for comprehensive market research. Analyze the retail apps available in the market and list their flaws and upsides.
It may seem strange, but it needs to be done as there could be various aspects that the apps might be missing. Also, donโ€™t forget the good parts.
  • Keep the registration process simple.
  • Pack your app with all types of shipping and payment methods.
  • Increase the number of product filters.
  • Make the user interface less messy.
  • Keep the checkout process simple.
  1. Brainstorm app UI and UX
The user interface of the app captures the userโ€™s attention, and the functionality of the app keeps them. Hence, it is critical to make sure that you build the app appropriately. For example, if you are making an app like Shein, make sure that you keep all the relevant aspects on the home screen. Some of those aspects can be the recently viewed products, order summary, order details, search bar, offers section, etc.
Keep the interface clean to make it easy to comprehend. Fancy UIs may grab user attention but may not sustain that for long.
Other than that, keep a close check on user experience. User experience covers various aspects like usability, placement of content, ease of use, navigation, and more. For example, if you have added an item to the cart, a short phone vibration can be a sign of a great user experience.
For more information visit this article: Develop An App Like Shein
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2023.03.21 07:20 ogreatgames Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge: Challenging Fishing Tournament - PS2 Game

Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge: Challenging Fishing Tournament - PS2 Game

![video](4owi7i16sj291 " You can compete against Mark Davis and make a name for yourself here in Pro-Bass Challenge. Visit to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#playstation2 #fishing #sports --
Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge for Sony PlayStation 2. Join Mark Davis and other pro bass players and challenge yourself to the ultimate bass fishing battle! The game gives players the chance to compete in a tournament-style bass fishing competition and win a prize. To win tournaments and improve your ranking, you need to catch fish and unlock equipment! This game is set up to be challenging and fun for all skill levels. Go on a journey of discovery as you strive to be the next fishing master! --
Hey check out similar videos here:
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2023.03.21 07:19 Jarbus4 Event Megathread - ใƒŸใƒฉใ‚คใ‚ณใƒณใƒ‘ใ‚น (March 2023)

This event lasts until March 30th 20:59 JST. (countdown timer here)
This is a token event. By playing normally or Live Party, you will receive tokens based on your song's stamina cost and your Score Rank. Event Points are also received, with the exact same amount as tokens (fewer Event Points from Live Party). You can also spend twice the amount of stamina to play normal songs and receive twice the amount of tokens, EXP, money, fans, and Event Points.
You can play the event song by spending these tokens. Event Points are awarded for completing the song based on difficulty and Score Rank, but no tokens will be awarded. You can spend 2x, 4x, or 8x of the tokens to play the event song. Similarly, you receive 2x, 4x, or 8x the amount of Event Points, EXP, money, and fans.
The maximum number of tokens you can hold is 99999. Any extra tokens will be lost.
You can receive 300 tokens daily by visiting the event page.
Event-only business are available and give out some Event Points and Tokens.
Rewards are handed out 15 hours after the end of the event.



Rewards Requirement SR SR+
Lectern 5 000 Event Points
[Mirai Compass] Mochizuki Hijiri 10 000 Event Points Pic Pic+
[Mirai Compass] Sakuma Mayu 15 000 Event Points Pic Pic+
[Mirai Compass] Mochizuki Hijiri 20 000 Event Points
Past Event Idol Scout Ticket 24 000 Event Points
[Mirai Compass] Sakuma Mayu 25 000 Event Points
[Mirai Compass] Mochizuki Hijiri 30 000 Event Points
[Mirai Compass] Sakuma Mayu 35 000 Event Points
[Mirai Compass] Mochizuki Hijiri 40 000 Event Points
[Mirai Compass] Sakuma Mayu 45 000 Event Points
Premium Rewards Requirement
50 Star Jewels 1000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 2000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 3000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 4000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 5000 Event Points
[Mirai Compass] Mochizuki Hijiri 6000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 7000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 8000 Event Points
50 Star Jewels 9000 Event Points
[Mirai Compass] Sakuma Mayu 10000 Event Points


Missions Reward Duration
Finish the event song 5 times 50 Jewels Entire Event
Use 3000 Tokens 50 Jewels Entire Event
Collect 100 Tokens 25 Jewels + Candy Resets Daily

Tokens from normal plays:

The numbers in brackets are Tokens per Stamina spent.
Stamina Cost Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
10 25 (2.50) 24 (2.40) 23 (2.30) 22 (2.20)
11 28 (2.55) 27 (2.45) 26 (2.36) 25 (2.27)
12 31 (2.58) 30 (2.50) 28 (2.33) 27 (2.25)
13 34 (2.62) 33 (2.54) 31 (2.38) 30 (2.31)
14 37 (2.64) 36 (2.57) 34 (2.43) 32 (2.29)
15 40 (2.67) 38 (2.53) 36 (2.40) 34 (2.27)
16 44 (2.75) 42 (2.63) 40 (2.50) 37 (2.31)
17 47 (2.76) 45 (2.65) 43 (2.53) 40 (2.35)
18 50 (2.78) 48 (2.67) 45 (2.50) 43 (2.39)
19 53 (2.79) 51 (2.68) 48 (2.53) 46 (2.42)
21 59 (2.81) 57 (2.71) 54 (2.57) 51 (2.43)
24 68 (2.83) 65 (2.71) 62 (2.58) 58 (2.42)
25 70 (2.80) 67 (2.68) 63 (2.52) 60 (2.40)
30 84 (2.80) 80 (2.67) 76 (2.53) 72 (2.40)

Event Points (for the event song):

The numbers in brackets are Event Points per Token spent.
Difficulty Tokens Rank S Rank A Rank B Rank C
DEBUT 75 130 (1.73) 124 (1.65) 117 (1.56) 111 (1.48)
REGULAR 90 170 (1.89) 162 (1.80) 153 (1.70) 145 (1.61)
PRO 120 240 (2.00) 228 (1.90) 216 (1.80) 204 (1.70)
MASTER 150 320 (2.13) 304 (2.03) 288 (1.92) 272 (1.81)
MASTER+ 150 320 (2.13) 304 (2.03) 288 (1.92) 272 (1.81)

Useful Links:

Past Event Cut-offs:

These are the results for the past 6 events. For a more comprehensive list, please click here.
Event Reward Duration 2 000 10 000 20 000 60 000 120 000
ใƒใƒผใƒˆใƒœใ‚คใƒซใƒ‰ใ‚ฆใ‚ฉใƒผใ‚บ ็‰‡ๆกๆ—ฉ่‹— 198 hours 100 654 69 585 52 490 25 779 5 908
ใƒใƒงใ‚ณใƒฌใƒผใƒˆ๏ผŸใƒฌใƒขใƒใƒผใƒ‰๏ผŸใฉใฃใก๏ผŸ๏ผŸ ไน™ๅ€‰ๆ‚ ่ฒด 222 hours 120 581 75 833 55 396 24 269 1 869
ใƒ€ใƒณใ‚ทใƒณใ‚ฐใƒปใƒ‡ใƒƒใƒ‰ ๅŠๅท้›ซ 222 hours 120 046 75 677 55 008 25 717 2 791
UNIQU3 VOICES๏ผ๏ผ๏ผ ็ ‚ๅกšใ‚ใใ‚‰ 174 hours 206 688 73 497 51 899 25 256 6 314
ใ‚ตใƒžใƒผใ‚ตใ‚คใƒ€ใƒผ ไน™ๅ€‰ๆ‚ ่ฒด 198 hours 152 072 72 077 52 082 24 333 3 062
ใƒใ‚ซใƒฉ๏ผใ‚คใ‚บ๏ผใฑใ‚ใƒผ๏ผ๏ผ ๅ €่ฃ•ๅญ 222 hours 106 469 67 134 50 046 21 285 995

Final Result:

Event Reward Durations 2 000 10 000 20 000 60 000 120 000
ใƒŸใƒฉใ‚คใ‚ณใƒณใƒ‘ใ‚น ไฝไน…้–“ใพใ‚† 222 hours


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2023.03.21 07:12 alamar99 Dakine Motive 30L - First Impressions

Dakine Motive 30L - First Impressions
I have been shopping for a new backpack in earnest since November. Like so many of you I have a specific list of requirements and desirables:


  1. Full opening: Clamshell, tri-zip, etc. No suitcase style!
  2. Dual exterior water bottle pockets
  3. Laptop sleeve accessible when fully packed, probably external
  4. External pocket large enough for over-ear headphones
  5. Less than 1.5 kg
  6. No/removable/stashable hip belt
  7. Not tactical looking
  8. Unicorn size (25-30L range)


  1. Luggage passthrough
  2. External lash points
  3. Additional internal/external pockets
  4. < $200
  5. Compression Straps
  6. Stand up on its own

Packs Considered:

1. ULA Dragonfly (Returned) Thereโ€™s a lot to like about the Dragonfly, including the excellent customer service, but in the end the mesh front pocket just didnโ€™t work for me and I returned it. More first impressions at the link: ๐Ÿ“ทonebag on Reddit: ULA Dragonfly First Impressions 2. 5.11 Tactical COVRT18 2.0 (Returned) There was something off about the way this pack fit me, possibly just too small. It was awkward to access the main pocket, awkward to access the laptop pocket and I experienced some sticking zippers. More first impressions at the link: ๐Ÿ“ทonebag on Reddit: 5.11 Tactical COVRT18 2.0 First Impressions 3. Nike Utility Speed 27L (Returned) They had a patterned green version on clearance, and I ordered this one on a whim. Actually not a bad bag for the price, but definitely packs smaller than the stated size of 27L and a bit cheap feeling overall. ๐Ÿ“ทNike Utility Speed Training Backpack (27L). 4. Ogio Fuse 25L (Returned) I really liked a lot about this bag, but the luggage passthrough sticks into your back and is really annoying. More first impressions at the link: ๐Ÿ“ทonebag on Reddit: Ogio Fuse 25L First Impressions 5. Dakine Motive 30L Last week I came across the Dakine motive online. Iโ€™m 99% sure had looked at the Dakine site before, and based on the complete lack of information Iโ€™m pretty sure this is a newly-released bag. I ordered it immediately. First impressions are overall good, but I do have some quibbles.
Listed at $155 I used a 15% off coupon (OHANA15) to bring it down to $131.75 + tax (shipping was free). ๐Ÿ“ทMotive Backpack 30L _____

Weight & Dimensions:

The Dakine website lists the bag as 21.25 x 12.59 x 4, but the product tag specifies 21.5 x 12 x 6.5 which is a lot more accurate. My own measurements of the bag comfortably packed are 19.5 x 12.5 x 9.5. There is a sizable external front pocket (more on that later) that doesnโ€™t share dimension with the main pocket, and filling it will really increase the depth of the bag. Listed at 1170g, it weighs in at 1088g on my kitchen scale.
With & without water bottles and on my back. I am 6'2\" / 195 lbs for reference. I've got a couple cheap freebie carabiners on the top lash points and a size medium HeroClip on the bottom.


Full clamshell with the zipper wrapping around up top, so can operate in top-load or full clamshell mode. It also has proper compression straps so itโ€™s easy to open partway and just fold the flap down where the compression straps are. I really like this style of opening except the sides donโ€™t hold their shape very well when fully open, meaning it would be easy to overstuff if you arenโ€™t careful.
Top-load style on the left (partially open), fully open on the right


1. (External) Large front pocket with buckle closure
This does not share dimension with the main pocket so is quite spacious. No zipper means the opening is very wide, but also means it's not a suitable place for small objects. Fits my very large Bose QC15 headphone case perfectly or a pair of paddle ball rackets for the beach. Probably a good spot to stash a couple of baguettes as you wander the streets of Paris, but sadly I have no baguettes on hand to test with!
2. (External) Small zippered front pocket with waterproof zipper
I probably won't use this much to avoid making the pack too deep, I can already guess this is where my wallet and phone will go when I'm making my way through security at the airport.
3. (External) Small zippered upper front pocket
Quick access for whatever you might need. I've got a couple epi-pens in there and some mini tools
4. (External) Two external water bottle pockets
Large enough for my largest water bottles or a bottle of champagne (just going to lean into the whole French food/drink theme on this one)
5. (Internal) Small internal zippered pocket on front flap
This is on the front flap, and easy to access at the top even with the bag fully packed. Good place for chargers, cables, batteries etc.
6. (Internal) Large internal zippered mesh pocket
Not easily accessed if the bag is fully packed. Pretty spacious and nicely it doesn't extend all the way to the bottom so things don't all pile on the bottom of the bag.
7. (Internal) Two open-top pockets on the side
These vertically oriented pockets are similar to those in the Mystery Ranch Urban Assault series. They will fit a water bottle, but share space with the external water bottle pockets so you can't fit a bottle in both at the same time (unless they are skinnier than any bottles I have tried).
8. (External) Laptop pocket with waterproof zipper
In the back is a laptop sleeve with slots for two devices, both with false bottoms. There is additional space beyond the two device sleeves, so you could easily add in documents, magazines etc. I was able to fit both my 13\" MacBook Pros in at the same time - hopefully I won't have to travel with both!


Listed as "Ballistic: 100% recycled nylon". The material passed my โ€œfling some water on itโ€ water resistance test, with the water beading off nicely, but it isn't the nicest feeling material. Iโ€™m not quite sure how to describe it aside from the fact that it isnโ€™t luxurious feeling. I donโ€™t think Chase Reeves is going to like it, but I guess thatโ€™s for him to decide.
The bottle pockets looked flimsy online, but Iโ€™m pleased to say that seem sturdy in person and the top inner edge is reinforced with thicker material. I prefer the style like in the new Aer Pro Pack where the bottle pockets are made of the same material as the pack, but I think these will wear well enough.

Comfort and Fit

I was initially taken aback by the shoulder straps because they felt hard. On second inspection the top of them is rather hard, and the bottom part is lightly padded. I was expecting them to be uncomfortable, but the bag is seems comfortable to wear so far. I haven't put it to the test by wearing it fully loaded for hours, so only time will tell on comfort.
Much attention has been paid to the tight spacing between the shoulder straps on the new Aer Pro Pack. The straps on this one measure exactly 2 inches apart (5 cm). I haven't noticed any pinching so far.
There is a stowable hip belt. Unfortunately when you stow it the lumbar area bulges a little, so I prefer not to stow it. I haven't decided yet, but if I keep the pack I will likely cut it off. To me this qualifies as removable!

A Couple Drawbacks

Unfortunately the bottom of the pack isnโ€™t quite flat, so I was unable to get it to stand upright on its own. It would have been a nice feature, but I donโ€™t think itโ€™s a dealbreaker for me.
There is no key loop in any of the pockets which is kind of a strange omission. It seems like the small external top zipper pocket would have been a natural place to put one.

Packing It

I did a very quick dry-run test pack with the following items with room to spare:
  1. 5 shirts
  2. 5 underwear
  3. 3 pairs of socks
  4. 1 PJ shorts
  5. 1 board shorts
  6. 1 workout shorts
  7. 1 thick long sleeved shirt
  8. 1 pair cargo shorts
  9. 13" MacBook Pro
  10. 63W GaN Charger
  11. USB-C -> USB-C cable
  12. USB-C -> Lightning cable
  13. Clear bag of toiletries


I want to fully love this bag, but I'm not sure yet. I've been searching for so long it's hard not to keep looking. In fact a couple days after I ordered this Aer released their new Pro Pack 24L. That ticks a lot of my boxes, but I've read enough comments on it being uncomfortable that I don't think I'm going to try it out.
We have a trip planned for the first week of April, so will get to test the Dakine out fully soon.
submitted by alamar99 to onebag [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 07:09 TrashSalad214 Did anyone else notice she edited out her heavy breathing in this video?

Did anyone else notice she edited out her heavy breathing in this video? submitted by TrashSalad214 to AliciaMccarvelSnark [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 07:06 Jazzlike_Tree_3689 Should I buy liberty 4 or 3 pro

I heard both sides and I think the liberty 3 pro is more appealing. My main concern is sound quality. A bit of a bass bump but rest neutral. Ik soundcore is more v shape but a little eq won't hurt. Comfort is second, I heard the liberty 4 are more comfortable. I want atleast 4 hours on the earbuds and 24 hours on the case. Is there anything else I should check out (I have jlab go air pop and I want a better sounding bud but for 30 bucks, can't complain) I live in canada so prices are inflated and my budget is 250
View Poll
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2023.03.21 06:55 littlebro5 [USA-CA] [H] 2023 16" M2 MacBook Pro, 1TB SSD, 16GB RAM, 12-core CPU, 19-core GPU, Space Grey [W] PayPal or Local Cash

Hi all,
I'm selling a 2023 16" M2 MacBook Pro, still sealed in the box. I'm looking to sell it for $2300 (new on is $2500). Obviously, since it's new and still in the box, there is no repair history.
I'm local to 92122 (San Diego), but am willing to ship. Proof of ownership/timestamp is available here. Repairs: None
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2023.03.21 06:54 Melodic_Platform7623 [H] Fresh Linkeding Learning Personal Premium Account. Full Access to All Courses 5$- [W] Paypa/BTC/

Lnkedin LearningAccount With All Privileges + 1 Year Warranty
Place your order on: Autobuy Shop(Paypal/BTC): -100% Private & Secure
-Access to 10,000+ Courses
-Credentials are Changeable
- Offline viewing Lynda Android, iOS, Windows apps
- Access to Exclusive Exercise Files and other Downloadable content
- Certification released at the end of each course
You can use your own name, email to get notifications from Lnkedin Learning. You will have a special login info, using an organization portal, a card number of 7 digits and a pin number of 4 digits. There is no time limit on the subscription page on this Lnkedin Learning account.This account is safely full legal.
You will get all the ProPlan Privileges, ex: access to all of the course online and you can also view it offline using Lynda Apps or Desktop! Download them, and Many more.
After you finish the course online you will get the certificate with your own name on it.
Delivery time:1H-12H
Price - $4.99 each
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2023.03.21 06:34 homeofheateng Designer Radiators: An In-Depth Guide

Designer Radiators: An In-Depth Guide
When it comes time to upgrade your heating system, one option to consider is a designer radiator. While heating radiators donโ€™t often get a lot of attention, they can significantly improve the look and feel of your home. Designer radiators have many benefits, from making your home more energy efficient to make it look better. When shopping for a designer radiator in UK, consider the size and layout of your home, the type of radiator you want, the BTU rating, and the cost. When youโ€™re ready to put in the radiator, follow the instructions from the manufacturer and think about hiring a pro. Take the first step to improving your homeโ€™s style and efficiency with a designer radiator today.
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