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2015.04.22 16:17 apbeir The DKC League

The DKC is an NBA role-playing game where each user becomes the general manager of his or her own team and abides by a modified version of the NBA CBA to trade, sign, and draft players. Users control their teams over the years, allowing for multiple strategies (win-now, or build for the future) but the ultimate goal is to have fun and build a team you're proud of. The DKC has been ongoing since 2013, and hosted on reddit since 2015.

2023.05.28 19:06 ForTakingAdvise Fire Plan - Advise Please - Three Year Update

Hello All,
I am 31, male, employed in a SBI as Manager (got promoted this April, not pensionable), unmarried and am interested in becoming FI at the earliest. Here are my previous posts: Link 1, Link 2 & Link 3


Existing Corpus:

Savings / Investments:



Currently contributing 26000 into various MFs. Plan is to move funds lying in SB into UTI Nifty index fund, HDFC sensex fund, HDFC focussed fund, SBI small cap & HDFC flexi fund i.e. increase monthly contribution into SIP to 90000 per month for the next 10 months to increase exposure to Equity.

Pointers & help greatly appreciated
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2023.05.28 19:05 Jcb112 Wearing Power Armor to a Magic School (32/?)

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Dragon’s Heart Tower, Level 23, Residence 30. Thacea and Emma’s Bedroom. The Tent. Local Time: 0500 Hours.
Emma Booker
I fucked up.
Big time.
And I had no one else but myself to blame.
You know that feeling when you dive head-first into a project that you had zero doubts would somehow work itself out in the end?
The sudden surge of confidence that comes when you let the indomitable human spirit take the wheel?
Well that was me at 0300 hours when my eyes landed upon the hygiene module, and pictured the inevitable outcome of a steaming hot shower after an entire day of nonstop grinding.
I couldn’t help myself but to fall into the same trap as every other would-be DIY-er. I couldn’t stop the excitement, the sudden surge of energy, and the absolute hyperfixation that came with completing a project that promised nothing but endless positives, at the expense of some time and effort that would prove minimal in the grand scheme of things.
And just like every would-be DIY-er, I was this close to completing the task at hand, before finally reaching a roadblock that inevitably brought everything to a screeching halt.
That one, final instruction, decimated me.
Especially as I got to that final step at just shy of 0500 hours, when I finally had the entire damn module set up, only to realize that I had missed out on a vital pre-procedure checklist that I’d purposefully skipped because I’d assumed it would be a non-issue.
And that’s why I only had myself to blame for this fiasco.
Because I’d assumed that the availability of a water-source in the dorms would’ve been an open and shut case. It only made sense for me to make that assumption though, as I saw that Thacea had clearly used the dorm’s en-suite to shower just the night before.
It was because of this that I didn’t even bother checking the bathroom to begin with. I thought that whatever was in there could’ve easily fit the hyper-modular fittings of the source-intake pipe.
Things couldn’t have been further from the truth however, as what I saw within that bathroom made me question the very fabric of my own reality.
As within those four marble walls, was nothing.
Nothing, but a series of dull flat marble surfaces, and some strange wall-fittings that looked like something out of a 21st century ‘modern’ art exhibit.
There was nothing here that resembled a tap, or even hinted at the fact that there were even any pipes carrying running water behind those four bare walls.
The only other thing of note here was an unseen light source keeping the bathroom lit.
Aside from that, there was literally nothing else here.
This meant I had only one option available to me.
The most logical and straightforward option, of simply nudging the avinor princess awake just so I could ask where I could find a fucking tap.
Whilst it was the most straightforward thing to do, I just couldn’t get myself to do it.
I’d thought about going up those stairs to nudge the avian awake, to then apologize profusely for disturbing her sleep… but given everything Thacea had done for me thus far, and considering the fact that I was responsible for almost all of the headaches we were currently experiencing, it just felt wrong for me to disturb here at that hour.
So I was left with the inconvenient truth of my circumstances, and decided to just embrace the suck, toughing out the folly of my hubris…
At least, until morning came around.
At that point, I could rest easy in actually asking the princess for pointers on the enigmatic machinations of the bathroom.
Until then, I would sleep.
And hopefully, my shortsighted adventure would bear some fruit when morning rears its ugly head around.

Dragon’s Heart Tower, Level 23, Residence 30. Thacea and Emma’s Bedroom. Local Time: 1000 Hours.
Emma Booker
Good news: Half of my hard work actually paid off.
Bad news: Only half of my hard work actually paid off.
Upon waking up three hours later, forcing my carcass up and back into the suit, I’d managed to flag down Thacea just as she was getting out of bed.
The princess’ reactions to my questions were nothing short of the politeness I’d expected from her.
Which managed to put me at ease as I was getting worried I was starting to get on her nerves with my constant flurry of questions.
The bathroom turned out to be yet another demonstration of the Nexus’ completely unhinged philosophies. As it relied entirely on a mana user’s manipulation of the room to operate. Apparently, whoever designed this place took the whole concept of a modular, personalized room, and just ran with it. Making it so that every aspect of the room relied solely on the mana user to work, as they had to shape, form, and structure the otherwise blank slate before use. This was supposedly done so that the room could be made to fit the precise criterion of a person’s liking. To me however, it just felt like another bizarre concept pulled straight out of the Nexus’ seemingly endless idea-pool of zany, overkill, and mana-addled solutions to problems that sort of existed.
Thankfully, the bathroom didn’t require constant intervention from a mana-user to operate, as certain elements could be permanently turned on.
This included the water mains, which I immediately hooked up the pipes to, as the mana-contaminated water was quickly siphoned into a series of filtration units, all with the express purpose of extracting and removing every ounce of mana present within the water.
This process took about two hours to do.
But by the end of it, I was rewarded for all my troubles by one of the best showers I’ve ever had.
All of the stress, even the constant ticking of the bomb which constantly gnawed at the back of my mind, seemed to fade away for a few short minutes as the warm water washed everything away.
But that about wrapped up the good news.
The bad news however, came in the form of the little MREDD experiment from the previous night.
As I opened the triple-airlocked compartment on my side of the tent, I was met with what could only be described as ‘food’ in name and aesthetics alone.
The soft, white, fluffy loaf of bread had literally become a baton. Whilst the pancakes were now more reminiscent of a mini-frisbee that cracked and crumbled the moment I laid my fingers on them.
My immeasurable disappointment grew the longer I stood there next to the MREDD, and the longer I stared at the small stack of dust that was once a perfectly cooked stack of pancakes.
Beyond this however, I could feel a bit of anxiety seeping in, as the results of the experiment did make me a bit anxious as to the long-term food security of this mission.
Then again, I should’ve expected this result.
It was the first calibration test after all.
“I should’ve expected this, shouldn’t I?” I spoke to no one in particular, but quickly garnered the attention of the EVI who remained within the power armor that currently stood imposingly just a few feet away from me.
“That is correct, Cadet Booker. As you are already aware, the MREDD is designed with multiple calibration protocols in-effect, each which correspond to the type and densities of the foodstuffs to be desaturated. In addition to this, the systems are designed to test the maximal extraction threshold against the subjective palatability gradient with the food safety variable as an integral aspect of these tests. Thus, the first-round extraction procedures dictate that the MREDD will attempt maximal extraction settings, in order to both stress-test the components and systems, as well as to garner data on the mana-extraction process at the maximal setting.”
I blinked rapidly upon hearing the EVI’s explanation being blasted from my suit’s speakers. It felt somewhat jarring turning around to face my armor talking to me. But then again, I should’ve expected it, as I’d yet to set up any other speaker systems within the tent for it to speak through.
“I know, EVI. They already ran everything by me during the briefings. Though I would be lying if I didn’t say I sort of hoped that putting the food under full blast for 7 hours would’ve somehow miraculously resulted in something edible.” I managed out with a sigh.
“Cadet Booker, it is logical to assume that since the extraction of mana from both food and water is indeed viable, that the only point of contention is now the palatability of the foodstuffs rendered through the MREDD.”
“Yeah, well…” I trailed off as I began tapping on the loaf of bread that sounded like styrofoam when I hit it against the armor. “I think you and I have different definitions of palatable.”
“I am confident that the mana-extraction process can be optimized, Cadet Booker. It is at this point that I must ask that you assess the palatability of the designated foodstuff marked CONSUMABLE GROUP A, ITEM 1, for the purposes of data-gathering and analysis.” The AI spoke in a no-nonsense fashion, as I turned around, giving it a look of utter incredulity.
“You want me to try to eat this?” I shot back, tapping on the styrofoam bread for added effect.
“I require data on the palatability of foodstuff A-1 [BREAD] as it is a subjective dataset relying entirely on the input of the human subject.” The AI continued.
I couldn’t help but to shudder at that last line, especially with how it was delivered.
Popular media back home was currently going through another AI-apocalypse phase, with a lot of movies, both immersive and traditional, diving deep into the uncomfortable topics of human-AI relations post AI-takeover.
Being stuck in a bare, white tent, with a monotone, somewhat disgruntled-sounding VI talking to me through a suit of armor several heads taller than me all the while suddenly referring to me as subject really wasn’t doing my movie-binging gremlin brain any favors.
I hesitated for a few seconds, tentatively staring at the bread, then the armor, then back to the bread again, before finally just going for it...
It did not end well.
“Cadet Booker, I did not require that you actively consume a foodstuff you consider inedible or are uncomfortable eating. I merely needed a dataset for the purposes of this experiment, even if that data-set is a refusal to consume the foodstuff in question.
I stared back at the VI with unamused eyes and a mouthful of hard-tack currently turning my mouth into the Greater Sahara.
“Damnghit Aeevi.” I managed out with a mouth full of bland, stale bread, before reaching for the water dispenser which thankfully still had some mana-free water inside of it.
“Shall I log A-1 down as unpalatable then, Cadet?” The AI spoke with a hint of disappointment in its voice.
Though I was probably just imagining the actual tone of its voice.
Projection was a heck of a thing after all.
“Yes. And make sure you clarify your intent next time.” I snapped back, as I finished up what limited bits of housekeeping I needed to for now. Which included punting the balled-up undersuit into the washer, getting the wash and dry cycle started, before grabbing a fresh undersuit from the cargo airlock and quickly putting it on.
“I guess the next test with the MREDD includes extracting mana at a slow, sustained rate?” I spoke as I began recalibrating the different electronic components within the undersuit.
“Correct, Cadet Booker. Provided of course, that the foodstuffs are of a similar type, and contain similar properties to GROUP A.”
“Acknowledged.” I responded promptly, shuddering a bit as the haptic feedback finished its calibration cycles. “Alright then, we got a lot of work ahead of us, so let’s get going. System status, SRR?” I asked as per protocol, steadying my hand on the suit’s ‘backpack’.
“Diagnostics running… pending… All systems nominal, Cadet Booker. Status: Ready for standard operations.”
“Operator acknowledges system status after pre-mission diagnostics.” I replied dryly, and with a few final breaths I pulled myself back into the armor. “Current objectives? Preferably the ones I listed before dozing off last night?” I continued, as my eyes quickly readjusted to the constant assault on the senses that was the HUD.
“Priority Objective: Locate and Secure Container 10. Current time remaining until activation of the Denial of Sensitive Assets to Unauthorized Parties Protocols… 36 hours, 34 minutes, and 47 seconds.”
“Alright then, let’s pay a visit to our dear old friend… hopefully she’s alive and lucid enough to get us to the bottom of this little predicament.”

Dragon’s Heart Tower, Level 23, Residence 30. Thacea and Emma’s Bedroom. Local Time: 1020 Hours.
Emma Booker
Transitioning from the tent to the marble and cobblestone world of the Academy was always jarring. Opening those external protective flaps to reveal something that wasn’t more bare white paneling and drab gray composalite would probably be something I’d need to get used to.
I got into the swing of things quick enough, as I was met with the likes of Thacea who was busy reading on one of the many ornate seats that formed the mini-living room within our loft.
“Was the water to your liking, Emma?” Thacea asked with a clack of her beak.
“I managed to squeeze in a couple minutes worth of a shower, so that’s a win in my book!” I beamed out. “But with a constant stream of filtered water filling up my reservoirs now, I should be able to get something more substantial later tonight.”
The princess nodded slowly at that. “The lengths to which you need to go, just to attain what we take for granted on a daily basis, is quite remarkable Emma.”
“It is what it is, Thacea.” I shrugged in response. “The very air I breathe needs to be filtered. This whole world, or heck, even your worlds are actively hostile to human life. These measures are something that are cumbersome, and seriously draining to deal with, but it’s necessary. Besides, it’s not as if these measures are something new where I come from. My people have had a history of intrepid explorers, brave pioneers, and foolish thrillseekers who all surge forward into inhospitable domains just so they can crest the next wave, or see what’s over the next hill.” I paused for a moment, as I was tempted to strike a pose, but quickly decided against it. “I’m just furthering a legacy that’s already been established. Or at least, I hope I’m doing that. Heck if I know if I’m actually doing things right. Nine times out of ten, I feel like I’m just making the best of my situation.”
“I can’t say I can understand the appeal of this legacy of actively seeking hostile-domains.” Thacea responded with an equal mix of curiosity and genuine concern. “And I do not know what manner of civilization would result from such a culture, though I do harbor a morbid curiosity to inquire further… However, I can most certainly resonate with your latter statements, Emma. Half of the court politics I contend with simply amounts to making do with the hand you’ve been dealt, of making best of one’s situation, and doing whatever it is in your limited scope and power to maintain life, security, and perhaps some waning semblance of your own personal liberty. It’s a great game, where doubt comes naturally as a result of being a player and not the host.”
There was a small pause that followed Thacea’s response as one point in particular caught my attention more than any other.
It was unfortunate that it was so topical as well, given how if things had turned out any differently, this conversation would’ve moved right on into an hours-long exchange of life and culture.
Thacea mentioning the concept of a great game, immediately brought me back to the conversation with Ilunor the previous night.
“Thacea… would you mind if I consulted you on something?” I began, as the gears in my head began turning now at the first major issue of the day.
The princess seemed to catch on as she leaned forward in her seat intently, and nodded. “By all means.”
“Something happened last night at the workshop, and it wasn’t anything to do with the armorer… though, we can talk about that later.” I took a deep breath as I shelved that topic for another time. “Did you happen to pay any attention to Ilunor’s whereabouts after I left for the workshop?”
“Not particularly, no. Lord Rul-, erm, Ilunor had seemingly remained in his room until Thalmin and I retired to our respective rooms. After that, I simply have no recollection of anything beyond my own domicile.”
“Well, Ilunor followed me to the workshop.” I stated plainly, pausing for a moment to gauge Thacea’s reaction. Of which there really was none as she managed to keep that signature poker-face that was probably second nature to her by now.
“And I’m assuming since you managed to uncover this, that his meddling had failed in some way shape or form?” Thacea shot back coolly.
“Correct. However, here’s where things get complicated. I’ll save the bulk of the events for later, but long story short, that discount kobold decided to use some sort of a projection spell to spook me just as I was in the middle of the weapons inspection with the armorer, and the projection used wasn’t just something a random monster or anything… he purposefully chose to bring out a carbon-copy version of the null.”
Thacea’s face shifted at this, which given how difficult it was to phase her, probably meant her mind was going through the full implications of this revelation.
I pressed on as Thacea urged me to continue with a single nod. “Well, I shot it. And, no, nobody was hurt. Fast forward a chase sequence later, and the armorer eventually managed to corner and capture Ilunor. However, when we pressed him for answers about why he was there to begin with? Well… I think it’ll be better for you to see for yourself.”
It was with this that I brought out my data-pad, and began replaying the relevant scenes for Thacea to see.
Starting from the brief spats between Ilunor and the armorer, all the way to my confrontation with the diminutive lizard, Thacea’s gaze remained completely transfixed. She did flinch a bit when the footage finally went over my dealings with the lizard, and Ilunor’s sudden shift in persona as I pulled out the library card and began talking his language.
Yet despite being inundated with this sudden flood of information, with a completely unexpected tangent, she soon responded cooly and without much in the way of a delay. “This complicates matters.” She began slowly. “This entire situation calls for a complete reevaluation of the dynamics of this peer group, and how we need to approach Lord Rul-, Ilunor.” Thacea promptly corrected herself before continuing. “There’s a great number of layers to this unexpected development, each of which hints at a greater game being played here, and points at the fact that there are a great number of interested parties beyond just Ilunor.” The princess took a moment to let out an exasperated coo, her eyes finally moving away from the tablet and back to me. “You must understand as well as I, that Ilunor’s actions do not constitute a scheme of his own making, correct?”
“That I do.” I nodded simply. “The fact that he’s even bothering to do this in the first place is outside of his whole I’m above you persona. I’m not sure if the same rings true here, but where I come from, becoming a spook is not something that most people in high and mighty positions would ever stoop down to. Besides, I think we have a lead. I don’t think a student would actively defer a bit of punishment from a lower level administrator, in order to fast-track it to the highest authorities if they weren’t in cahoots with them.”
“This coincides with my observations of these developments as well, Emma.” Thacea responded with a resonant chirp. “To add to this, his knowledge of the null is most certainly not circumstantial, and considering he was absent from our adventures the previous day, his knowledge of this creature would hint to either the feeding of information via a higher benefactor, or a direct observation of our activities from afar. Either way, this does not bode well.”
“This leads me to what I wanted to consult you on, Thacea. If Ilunor’s out there waiting for us right now, would it be best if we confronted him outright in front of Thalmin or-”
“No.” Thacea interjected sharply, and with a certainty that was almost uncharacteristic of her. “Confronting Ilunor out in the open, in front of others not privy to you and the Vunerian’s current game, would be outright suicide to the dialogue you’ve managed to broker with him the previous night. You’ve managed to prove yourself as not just another pawn, but a player in the game, at least in Ilunor’s eyes. It would be wise to maintain that momentum, Emma. By continuing this line of dialogue with him in private, there is a higher likelihood the Vunerian will divulge more information as he speaks to you frankly, beyond what his current facade will allow. This is now a matter between you and the Vunerian, as Thalmin and I are not privy to these political transactions.”
I couldn’t help but to mimic the princess by gripping my forehead as well, letting out a sigh as the dread of complex court politics had begun seeping in faster than I expected. “That shouldn’t be too hard to do. I’ll just let that situation slide for now, making sure not to mention my dealings with Ilunor when he’s around, and focus instead on our other problems. It’s not like we have a shortage of other things to worry about after all.” I sighed sharply.
“That is an acceptable plan. ” Thacea responded promptly as she stood up and began straightening out her uniform. “Right then, shall we proceed?”

Dragon’s Heart Tower, Level 23, Residence 30. Living Room. Local Time: 1025 Hours.
Emma Booker
As we exited the bedroom, we were once more met with a similar sight reminiscent of the previous day’s. As there, on the couch, were the bickering pair that had seemed to have carried over their arguments from the previous night.
Except this time, the context seemed to have thankfully shifted to something new.
“Every minute I waste in this room for the sake of that Earthrealmer is another minute that I grow increasingly more famished. It is unbecoming of a noble to sit in waiting for a commoner. In fact, it should be the other way around. Or perhaps this is yet another one of your Havenbrockian reforms that test the Nexus’ patience, Prince Thalmin?” I could hear Ilunor snapping at Thalmin just as we made our way into the living room proper.
Thalmin, amazingly, resisted responding in kind as he got up as soon as we made our way towards the pair.
“We were waiting for the both of you, but it should be fine. Should we miss the breakfast, there is always an a la carte menu we can-”
“I have met the criterion for your unlawful detainment, mercenary. Thus, I shall take my leave.” Ilunor promptly jumped off from the couch and began trotting his way over to the door, his little legs were clearly attempting to generate some sort of a forceful series of thumps as he did so, but only resulted in a light series of taps given his diminutive size.
“Hold on a minute there! That wasn’t our agreement! You agreed to-”
“I agreed to wait for the Earthrealmer and the tainted one. I have no other reason to be here. Now, I must resume my extracurriculars. You lot can do whatever it is you get up to. I will be having none of it.” Ilunor turned to face the Lupinor one final time, before slamming the front door shut, and skittering off.
This made things so much simpler as it meant we were in the clear for now.
“I’m sorry princess.” Thalmin turned to face Thacea. “I thought we might be able to squeeze something out of him yet, but the Vunerian continues to be as squirmy as a prairie rodent.”
“It’s quite alright, Thalmin.” Thacea began, as she turned towards me as if to confirm whether or not I wanted her to proceed on my behalf. To which I did. “There are a few matters we must address regarding Ilunor, which I suggest we do over a short breakfast, as we have even more pressing matters following this.”
After a reluctant pause, the lupinor prince nodded in agreement, leading to both of us sitting down-
-and a privacy screen being brought down soon after.
“So, shall we talk about this over a brunch platter?”

The Transgracian Academy for the Magical Arts, En Route to the Healing Wing. Local Time: 1050 Hours.
Thalmin’s reactions were nothing short of what I’d expected.
There was absolute outrage, followed by an unrepentant series of growls, capped off with barks of seething anger at the same clips I’d played for Thacea earlier.
The mercenary prince was perhaps even more uncomfortable than I was at my entry into this game, as it was clear Thalmin despite his noble heritage, wasn’t really one to dabble in it at all.
“I’m telling you Emma, this is a dangerous path forward. Are you certain you are making the wisest choice?” He spoke once again, continuing the conversation from earlier, underneath yet another privacy screen Thacea was maintaining as we approached the medical wing.
“I don’t like it either, Thalmin. There’s nothing more I hate than playing politics, but it’s unfortunately a pill I have to swallow if we’re going to get to the bottom of the issues surrounding Ilunor. I mean, I overheard you guys arguing late into the night. I really don’t think confronting him normally is going to get us anywhere.”
The lupinor let out a sigh of defeat at that, as he lowered his head in my general direction. “I can’t fault that logic, Emma. Perhaps… speaking his language, as you put it, would bring us some resolution to this frankly irritating problem. However…” The Lupinor’s voice lowered, just as we were about to reach the doors to the healing wing proper. “I know how these games work, Emma. It’s dangerous, so make sure you tread lightly, and just know that I, as part of your peer group, am here to support you should the need arise.” The prince reassured me with a smirk, as we pushed past the double doors and into the medical wing proper.
Or at least, that’s what I thought, as we entered what looked to be a massive circular room with multiple branching hallways connected to it like spokes on a wheel. In typical Academy-fashion however, the room really wasn’t at all modest with its size. As it went up a solid twenty or so stories, with high pillars piercing straight up into a marble-lined rotunda with moving murals painted on it like some grand cathedral. Between these pillars were little outcroppings where several gargoyles were perched.
Gargoyles which I could swear were looking straight at us.
My gut was proven right again, as it only took a few seconds after our entry for these stony beasts to come to life, with multiple bursts of mana-radiation accompanying what could only be described as the sounds of cracking concrete.
Soon enough, several large gargoyles made harsh, heavy landings right in front of us. The two closest to us held out their arms, before zapping two stony spears into existence, crossing them in a clear display to stop us from going any further.
“Halt!” A voice commanded from above, as a shadowy figure landed right in front of the two gargoyles blocking our path. The figure’s face was hidden underneath an unnatural shadow casted by his hood, revealing just two trapezoidal lights where his eyes should be. “The healing wing is currently off-limits to visitors. So state your ailment, or leave where you came from.” The voice boomed, echoing throughout the large open space, as all eyes within the room now landed squarely on us.
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(Author’s Note: Hey guys! We see more glimpses of Emma's quality of life getting set up here, and we're now making our way over to the apprentice! I hope you guys enjoy! :D The next Chapter is already up on Patreon if you guys are interested in getting early access to future chapters!)
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2023.05.28 19:02 stackoverflowBoy I need advice about a workplace developments

So I am a software engineer. I was educated here and started my career here.
2 years back I got offered to join my current employer. I took it as it paid double. I was the only guy in software department. They had none before me just a contracting consultant who would help them with their software needs or develop stuff.
I happily worked, did the best, my boss and collegues quite liked me. Now, things change, and I need advice. From my experience of life and working here, I have some assumptions, but I might also be very wrong, or being pessimistic about it so here I am to hear out from my fellow Dubai redditors.
So my current employer's parent company has couple many other companies. I was told that the parent company is happy seeing my work and wants me to contribute to other of its companies as well. Well I was happy about it, cause who doesn't wanna level up and manage many more companies. But there's a catch. I was told that from a parent company a junior guy who has a business degree and is a relative of a higher up in parent company will join me, I have to teach/train him my software engineering skills and that he will assist me in managing and contributing to the other companies I will be handed over. With a promise of end of the year a salary revision. Also I will be reporting to the parent company and not my current boss anymore even though he keeps saying no don't worry I will be in touch with you.
Now let me share the negative things that comes to my mind. 6 months down when I have taught this guy stuff, the management could easily either not revise my salary or revise it too little to then say if you don't like it leave. Because at this point the junior guys knows some stuff. (I know very well in 6 months this guy can't do the work I can as I have 6.5 years of work experience)
I just honestly don't know if this is a positive direction for my career or is my employer or the parent company has something going on.
If you were in my situation what would you do?
Thanks a lot.
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2023.05.28 19:01 Oofer_Raven [A3][Recruiting][Star-Sim][US] 87th Legion

[A3][Recruiting][Star-Sim][US] 87th Legion

We are the 87th Legion. Not to be mistaken as the 87th Sentinel Corps, we are a new late clone wars era unit that specializes in multiple fields of combat. The 87th Legion has a wide range of assets at their disposal which is what makes us an extremely versatile unit.
Some Unit Details.
Our unit has our main ground forces, which are the squads of Clone Troopers with a range of roles, or our small teams of ARF Troopers to support them. We will mostly make use of these two assets in most operations. On the side the 87th has access to an Airborne Detachment that will work very closely with our Pilots. At the time Airborne is only just a role that our gamemasters might have us use. Similarly, the 87th also has access to Clone Commando teams. These units strictly exist to help our gamemasters with more operation ideas, these Commandos will not be used often as they are not the focus of our unit. Then finally, our Pilots. As mentioned before the Pilots will, when in use, work very closely with our Airborne Detachment. Otherwise, Pilots are key units to assist our ground teams with transportation, CAS, and general support. As Pilots are very valuable but powerful units, we won't have too much of them until a later time.
Custom Armor Disclaimer
The 87th Legions armor uses a simple design theme and a dark purple color pallet. You may ask for custom armor once you have been active within the unit for at least a month, but this does not grantee you will get anything. The 87th strives to try and be quite uniform with what armor we have.
What roles do we have?
  • Rifleman - The Rifleman Role is the backbone of most units, typically useful in most infantry fighting scenarios and a useful support.
  • Anti-Tank - The Anti-Tank Role is the best role for destroying most types of enemy vehicles. Can play an important role in the survival of the group.
  • Heavy Weapons - The Heavy Weapons Role utilizes a Z-6 Rotary Cannon to help clear out large groups of enemy infantry quickly.
  • Marksman - The Marksman Role utilizes a longer ranged weapon such as a DC-15X or Valken. These units, not as skilled as an ARF Trooper Sniper, will stick with infantry and are useful in taking out backline enemies during a firefight.
  • Medic - The Medic Role is key to keeping everyone in the fight, a unit cannot function without these clones.
  • Engineer - The Engineer Role is useful for defense. These clones have the training required to repair vehicles, construct fortifications, and disarm explosives.
  • RTO - The RTO Role is mainly used closely alongside any kind of leader, these clones are used to help relay tactics, commands, and information throughout the chain of command.
  • Pilot - The Pilot Role is quite self-explanatory; the Pilots will use what air vehicles they have available to assist with transportation and heavy fire support.
  • Support Pilot - The Support Pilot Role is a specific role designated to assisting Pilots, Support Pilots will always be the copilot or gunner for our Pilots, while also managing any type of radio traffic.
  • ARF Trooper (Hand Picked) - The ARF Trooper Role is a Recon/Support role used in pre-operation recon. These units will also occasionally be supplied AT-RT walkers to utilize with assisting infantry.
  • Team Leader - The Team Leader Role is the manager, and leader, of a small infantry team within a squad. These units are essential in the command structure of a unit.
  • Squad Leader (Hand Picked) - The Squad Leader role is essentially the ARC Troopers of the unit. These units come from hand-picked Team Leaders that have proved themselves capable of unit management and leadership. ARC Troopers must work closely with both teams within their squad and help out wherever they can.
(Roles are subject to being closed when joining the unit so keep your mind open)
When are our operation times?
Sundays and Tuesdays at 7/7:30 PM EST.
Attendance is not mandatory.
We are not a MILSIM unit. We take things seriously during operations in a more laid-back manner, but there's always a time and a place. This doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun.
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2023.05.28 19:00 thebiggesthater420 It’s really crazy how a GOOD experience with a recruiter/hiring managers/overall interview process feels weird these days

I just accepted an offer recently for a great role at a well-known company. The process was smooth and easy and best of all - super quick.
Now it could be because the recruiter who reached out to me was internal, and part of the company’s HR team, and not a third party/external one, but I have had sub par experiences with company recruiters before too.
Not this one though. They reached out to me 2.5 weeks ago and early this week is when I got the offer letter. Everyone involved, from the HR to the two hiring managers to the VP who did my final interview, were great to talk to, gave me great vibes of the team and company, patiently answered all of my many questions, and best of all, did not fuck around when it came to timely responses. If they said they’d let me know of their decision in 2 days, they let me know in 2 days. They were very accommodating when it came to negotiations for salary, perks etc as well. The HR contact really was one of the best I’ve interacted with - I don’t think they ever took more than a couple of hours to respond to my email inquiries (and I had a lot of them), and were more than happy to jump on a call if I wanted.
I’m not sure if it’s because of the role and my skillset - I’m in a pretty niche, specialized field that’s high in demand these days, and I know for a fact finding people for these positions is tough because my current manager is not looking forward to replacing me lol - but it was a really nice and easy process regardless.
It’s also crazy how the norm for recruiting is usually so frustrating that throughout this entire process, I just kept thinking to myself “isn’t this a little too nice and easy?”. In fact, if it weren’t a massive, well-established multinational corp I’d be worried they were trying to pull something sketchy with me lol.
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2023.05.28 18:58 thatdazzlingwreck How can I tailor my resume to look more appealing for customer service/retail jobs. I keep getting rejected for lack of experience/not hearing back. I've only had two jobs both lasting briefly.

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2023.05.28 18:55 obsidianandstone For those that have been in the workforce over.

How has the job market changed in the last 10 years?
TLDR: The first 4 paragraphs are just my background. I think the only big relevant point is that I'm 28 with 10 years of work experience.
A little background, I'm 28 years old, have been in the workforce for roughly 10 years, took the long college route and graduated in 2020 with a liberal arts degree.
I had a little trouble finding a job post-graduation, it was defenetly time to part ways with my retail job. Wound up in sales and for the the first two years had a lot of fun, had good cash flow, and made some freinds/connections. However, the last year has been rough. A lot of factors have effected thr stability of my current job, and after long time thinking it over I decided it was time for me to leave direct sales.
I started looking at jobs about a year ago.I know I was being slow and too picky. Things were fine however, until december. I won't go into details, before then I was making enough to keep us afloat, then I wasn't.
Since January I've been very adamant about finding a new job, while keeping in mind both the salary that I'm looking for, and my experience. I've had the ups and downs of a job search, I'm sure you've all experienced it. Thankfully this week I have the third and final interview scheduled for a job that I feel thay I'm a good fit for, will work for both my needs, and where I want to take my career.
Here is where I'm baffled. I've been with my current company for 2 years, and my only coworker is 50 and has been with the company for over 10. They've been on and on for those two years about leaving the company but, hasn't made a single effotlrt to do so. Both myself and my manager have been on a job hunt for months, and have bith had a handful of interviews and assessments. Anytime we mention something about it my coworker casually mentions how they will "find something within a week of when they start applying".
Maybe it's shock, but are they just gullible? Am I? Is it just pride?
I feel the job market is a very turbulent right now. Ive had my fair share of pyramid schemes, and prospects that turned into nothing after I talked to the recruiter. I almost feel bad for my coworker, but I know it's not my job to take care of them.
It was hard enough for me to find a job with no work experience 10 years ago.
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2023.05.28 18:48 Mundane_Ambition_886 Best Computer Courses in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

Are you looking to enhance your computer skills and knowledge in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi? With the ever-increasing demand for technology proficiency, it has become essential to equip oneself with computer education. Whether you are a student or a working professional, learning computer courses can prove extremely beneficial in today's digital world. But with so many institutes offering various computer courses, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. No worries! In this blog post, we bring you the best options for computer courses in Laxmi Nagar that will help you acquire valuable skills and expertise in no time!
Which institute is best for computer course?
When it comes to choosing the
, several factors come into play. It is crucial to consider factors such as reputation, faculty expertise, course curriculum, and student reviews before making a decision.

One of the top institutes offering computer courses in Laxmi Nagar is ARTH Education. With experienced trainers and state-of-the-art facilities, they offer various courses ranging from basic computer skills to advanced programming languages. Another popular option is Aptech Computer Education which provides comprehensive training programs in software development and IT infrastructure management.

For those looking for specialized courses like web designing or digital marketing, ADMEC Multimedia Institute can be an excellent choice. They are known for their industry-specific training modules that provide practical knowledge along with theoretical concepts.

Other notable institutes worth considering include NIIT Laxmi Nagar Centre and TGC Animation & Multimedia. Ultimately the right institute depends on your individual needs and requirements.
Which course is best for basic knowledge of computer?
If you are someone who is looking for a course to gain basic knowledge of computers, then there are several options available in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi. The key is to find an institute that offers quality education and practical training.

The most common course for gaining basic computer knowledge is the Basic Computer Course. This course covers topics such as Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), internet browsing, email management, and file management. It's perfect for beginners who want to learn how to use a computer effectively.

Another popular option is the Certificate in Information Technology (CIT). This course provides comprehensive training in different aspects of IT like hardware maintenance, software installation & configuration along with Operating System concepts.

Apart from these courses provided by various institutes including ARTH Education; many online platforms also provide free or low-cost courses on computer basics. These online courses can be accessed from anywhere at any time according to your convenience.

Ultimately it depends on your personal preference and availability but choosing a reputable institute like ARTH can help ensure that you receive quality education and hands-on experience with real-world scenarios.
How much is computer classes?
If you're looking to enroll in a computer course, one of the first things that may come to mind is the cost. The price of computer classes can vary depending on various factors such as the type and duration of the course, location, and institution offering it.

In Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, there are several institutes that offer computer courses at different price points. Some institutions charge a few thousand rupees for basic courses while others may charge more for advanced courses.

It's important to note that when it comes to learning new skills like computer technology, investing in quality education is crucial. While some cheaper options may seem attractive at first glance, they could end up costing you more in terms of time and money if they don't provide adequate training or support.

Before choosing a course based solely on its cost, consider researching each option thoroughly. Look for reviews from past students or try contacting current students who can share their experiences with you firsthand.

Ultimately, finding an affordable yet high-quality computer course requires careful consideration and research. Take your time to identify what specific skills you need to learn before making your final decision on which institute offers both quality education at an affordable price point.
Which online computer course is best for beginners?
Online computer courses have gained immense popularity in recent times due to the flexibility and convenience they offer. For beginners, there are several online computer courses available that cater to their needs.

One of the best online computer courses for beginners is Codecademy. This platform offers interactive lessons on various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. The step-by-step approach adopted by Codecademy makes it easy for beginners to learn at their own pace.

Another excellent option is Udacity's Intro to Computer Science Course. This course covers the basics of computer science along with practical exercises that enable learners to apply what they have learned in real-life situations.

For those who wish to learn Microsoft Office Suite, LinkedIn Learning's Beginner’s Guide To Microsoft Office is a great choice. It provides an in-depth understanding of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook applications used frequently in offices worldwide.

Coursera also offers beginner-level courses on a wide range of topics like Cloud Computing Basics or Introduction to Cybersecurity which can be taken up by anyone looking forward towards learning something new about computers or technology!

These platforms are designed keeping in mind beginners' requirements; thus making them ideal choices for anyone starting with computers or programming languages!
artheducation - Computer Course in Laxmi Nagar
If you're looking for the best computer courses in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, artheducation is definitely one of the top contenders. They offer a variety of courses ranging from basic computer skills to advanced programming languages.

One of the reasons why artheducation stands out is their experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who are committed to providing high-quality education. The institute also has state-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped labs and classrooms.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, artheducation offers courses that cater to different skill levels. Their basic computer course covers everything from learning how to use Microsoft Office applications to understanding internet browsing and email usage.

For those interested in more specialized fields like web development or graphic designing, they offer comprehensive courses on HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Photoshop and many other tools used in these areas.

Additionally, at artheducation they provide hands-on training with real-time projects which makes it easier for students to gain practical knowledge and experience while studying at the institute.

If you want quality education combined with practical experience when it comes to Computer Courses in Laxmi Nagar then artheducation should definitely be on your list of options!
Why to join ARTH?
Joining ARTH for computer courses in Laxmi Nagar can be a great decision for anyone who wants to learn new skills or improve their existing ones. With experienced trainers, well-equipped classrooms, and flexible timings, ARTH is the best institute for computer courses in Laxmi Nagar.

But that's not all! The institute also provides practical training sessions and hands-on experience on live projects to help students understand how things work in real life. Moreover, they offer placement assistance to help students land their dream jobs after completing the course.

If you're looking for the best computer courses in Laxmi Nagar that are affordable and provide quality education with practical knowledge then joining ARTH is your best bet. So why wait? Enroll yourself today and give your career a boost!
td {border: 1px solid #cccccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}https://bestshikshasanstha.com/computer-training-institutes-in-laxmi-nagar.html
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2023.05.28 18:48 Maxvrlec Introducing Do Unto Others (DUO) Capitalism

The profits-at-all-costs mentality that has come to dominate business culture is slowly ruining our lives. People are overworked and being squeezed for every penny at every turn. Customers are oftentimes nothing more than something to be manipulated for profit. All that matters is that never-ending growth and the bottom line. Businesses play as significant a role in society as any other institution, including the government. As a society, we should expect that those institutions conduct themselves in a way that is beneficial for society as a whole, or at least not directly harmful to it.
Of course, it’s tough, because too much interference is bad for businesses and in turn society. We also face the challenge that corporations in the US are basically legally required to do what is in the best interests of shareholders, AKA maximizing profits. This is known as Shareholder Capitalism. A reasonable alternative is Stakeholder Capitalism, which involves looking at all of the stakeholders: customers, employees and even society and the environment. A shift from the top down would require… a lot. Mandating things is also dangerous because the effectiveness of the whole thing comes down to the people writing the rules.
So here’s an idea I came up with that I think could help tilt things back towards what I would consider sanity: Do Unto Others Capitalism. Or DUO Capitalism. The idea is that we all start thinking in terms of “Doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us”. The idea is that it informs and influences the billions of decisions that are made every day rather than being a top-down goal setting structure for corporate management. It’s a simple way for people at every level to check in ‘ethically’ with what they are doing. “If I was on the receiving end of this, how would I feel?”
Stakeholder systems were experimented with in the 50s and 60s, but ultimately it was a failure. This article provides some good context. From the article:
“In the absence of clear prioritization among different stakeholders, the result was what management theorists called "garbage can organizations." These were organizations that couldn't make up their minds. Goals wandered in and out of meetings and decisions happened randomly, depending on who was present. The organization often had no explicit preferences or guidelines. It frequently operated on the basis of inconsistent and ill-defined preferences, goals, and identities.
When the top management itself was unclear as to its priorities among the different stakeholders, then the risk of confusion increased exponentially.”
DUO Capitalism isn’t about goal setting. It’s intended to be an idea that society absorbs and implements through mechanisms in a free market. Namely: Customer preference and workforce optimization. If we all collectively start making a strong preference for businesses that “Do Unto Others” then that becomes a market force that even purely profit focused businesses would need to account for. It also applies to the way employees are treated, which means the businesses that treat their employees most fairly will wind up with the best employees.
Continued at: https://theedgeoftime.substack.com/p/introducing-do-unto-others-duo-capitalism
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2023.05.28 18:47 yawn3x Extension, rehire / new hire logic. I don't get it.

So I'm sure I'm one of many who are stressed over our contracts being extended. But something doesn't make sense to me. I made the rehire pool and I was successfully extended but they also gave me several warnings / points of concern in the future: Can somebody please explain management's rationale cause I don't understand if you have fully trained agents that could be let go / laid off due to operational needs during the "slow season" (summer) but they're also hiring new agents??
I don't understand. I've seen the 1,700 call centre agents let go (CRA specific) and other agents who were hired as term let go, and then I'm told I was extended but the typical operational needs etc etc.... But then there's brand new hiring groups so I'm struggling to understand what's going on. The only logical conclusion I can come up with is:
  1. They plan to move the fully trained agents to other workflows and the operational needs thing is a scare tactic to keep production high.
  2. They would rather keep hiring new people to train and just keep picking and choosing the top performers.
  3. They have hiring quotas they need to meet?? Seems weird but I could see it.
  4. They have no intentions of making term employees indeterminate and would rather repeat the hire, train, extend, lay off process indefinitely.
Does management not want to give out indeterminate status? I can understand 1 year to see how somebody performs their work and if they're not efficient but I don't get the logic to lay off fully trained agents to hire brand new ones. In every industry / business I've read reports on, training is EXPENSIVE and not worth losing a fully trained agents that performs at a decent level.
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2023.05.28 18:47 ylrdt First PC Build Help Review

I am in the process of building a PC soon. This will be my first PC build. Can someone help review and check to make sure all these components I've picked works/are compatible with one another. I will be using this PC primarily for gaming. If there are components that offer better performance at lower price, let me know. Thank you very much!

[PCPartPicker Part List](https://pcpartpicker.com/list/73zpyK)

**CPU** [AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D 4.2 GHz 8-Core Processor](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/3hyH99/amd-ryzen-7-7800x3d-42-ghz-8-core-processor-100-100000910wof) $439.00 @ Amazon
**CPU Cooler** [Noctua NH-D15 chromax.black 82.52 CFM CPU Cooler](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/84MTwP/noctua-nh-d15-chromaxblack-8252-cfm-cpu-cooler-nh-d15-chromaxblack) $119.95 @ Amazon
**Thermal Compound** [Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut 1 g Thermal Paste](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/XHqbt6/thermal-grizzly-kryonaut-1-g-thermal-paste-tg-k-001-rs) $8.36 @ Amazon
**Motherboard** [Asus ROG STRIX X670E-E GAMING WIFI ATX AM5 Motherboard](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/bGrRsY/asus-rog-strix-x670e-e-gaming-wifi-atx-am5-motherboard-rog-strix-x670e-e-gaming-wifi) $462.99 @ Newegg
**Memory** [G.Skill Trident Z5 Neo RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-6000 CL30 Memory](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/CXKKHx/gskill-trident-z5-neo-rgb-32-gb-2-x-16-gb-ddr5-6000-cl30-memory-f5-6000j3038f16gx2-tz5nr) $134.99 @ Amazon
**Storage** [Western Digital Black SN850X 4 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/yBC48d/western-digital-black-sn850x-4-tb-m2-2280-pcie-40-x4-nvme-solid-state-drive-wds400t2x0e) $399.99 @ Amazon
**Video Card** [ASRock Taichi OC Radeon RX 7900 XTX 24 GB Video Card](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/tNJgXL/asrock-taichi-oc-radeon-rx-7900-xtx-24-gb-video-card-rx7900xtx-tc-24go) $1079.99 @ Amazon
**Case** [MSI MEG PROSPECT 700R ATX Mid Tower Case](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/RCjBD3/msi-meg-prospect-700r-atx-mid-tower-case-meg-prospect-700r) $379.99 @ Amazon
**Power Supply** [Corsair RM1000x 1000 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/Vq38TW/corsair-power-supply-cp9020094na) $249.86 @ Amazon
**Operating System** [Microsoft Windows 11 Home Retail - USB 64-bit](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/hMYmP6/microsoft-windows-11-home-retail-usb-64-bit-haj-00108) $135.99 @ Abt
**Case Fan** [Lian Li Uni Fan SL-Infinity 72.7 CFM 140 mm Fan](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/JpjBD3/lian-li-uni-fan-sl-infinity-727-cfm-140-mm-fan-uf-slin140-1b) $29.99 @ Newegg Sellers
**Case Fan** [Lian Li Uni Fan SL-Infinity 72.7 CFM 140 mm Fan](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/JpjBD3/lian-li-uni-fan-sl-infinity-727-cfm-140-mm-fan-uf-slin140-1b) $29.99 @ Newegg Sellers
**Case Fan** [Lian Li Uni Fan SL-Infinity 72.7 CFM 140 mm Fan](https://pcpartpicker.com/product/JpjBD3/lian-li-uni-fan-sl-infinity-727-cfm-140-mm-fan-uf-slin140-1b) $29.99 @ Newegg Sellers
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **$3501.08**
Generated by [PCPartPicker](https://pcpartpicker.com) 2023-05-28 12:39 EDT-0400
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2023.05.28 18:47 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in UT Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Salt Lake City
Utah Transit Authority Bus Operator Alpine
Utah Transit Authority Dispatch Supervisor American Fork
Ogden Clinic Oncology RN Bountiful
Utah Transit Authority Bus Operator Brigham City
ABS Kids Behavioral Aide Clearfield
Utah Transit Authority Bus Operator Draper
Tetco - Wendys Diner Manager Heber City
Utah Transit Authority Dispatch Supervisor Herriman
ABS Kids Behavioral Aide Herriman
Utah Transit Authority Bus Driver Hyrum
Utah Transit Authority Bus Operator Hyrum
Utah Transit Authority Dispatch Supervisor Kaysville
Ogden Clinic Oncology RN Kaysville
Utah Transit Authority Bus Operator Lehi
Air Methods Corporation Transport Nurse Lehi
Tetco - Wendys Diner Manager Lindon
Tetco - Wendys Diner Manager Logan
Utah Transit Authority Dispatch Supervisor Mantua
Utah Transit Authority Bus Operator Mantua
Utah Transit Authority Dispatch Supervisor Morgan
Tetco - Wendys Diner Manager Nephi
Lazer Logistics Class A Driver Ogden
Utah Transit Authority Dispatch Supervisor Ogden
ABS Kids Behavioral Aide Ogden
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.28 18:45 takashi-kovak JEPI Deep Dive Analysis

JEPI Deep Dive Analysis
Disclaimer: I am sharing my personal take on JEPI. I am not a financial advisor, so please do your own research and consult FA.
My goal is to share what I have learned when researching/building my portfolio. This is my way of sharing back to the community, as I have learned so much from this community.
Please leave a comment on your thoughts/feedback and if you want me to do more of these bulleted writeups (Next up is SCHD, VTI...). Also, if you find this content useful, follow me for future articles & feel free to donate.
JEPI may feel like a dividend trap compared to other high-yield ETFs that take on debt to pay such a high yield. But, JEPI is an actively managed fund and uses a mix of selling covered call options on index (not underlying stock) & investing in stocks with dividends to provide a high-yield monthly income. Nevertheless, risks exist with covered calls and other derivatives they use to generate income. Lastly, it is fairly new ETF so we don't have history of performance like other solid ETFs like SCHD.
My investment mix is 10% SCHD, 60% IWF (Growth), 30% JEPI, and I plan to reinvest JEPI dividends into IWF and SCHD.
About JEPI
  1. Formed in 2020, JEPI is a managed ETF with sector holdings in technology, health care, consumer defensive to name a few, with top 10 holdings diversified across several consumer defensive businesses like Hershey, Coca-Cola, and PepsiCo alongside a biotech/pharmaceutical company like AbbVie and even some big tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon ( (see holdings screen)
  2. Unlike other dividend ETFs, JEPI has a very high dividend yield ~11% (trailing 12 month). It has a unique strategy to generate such high dividend yield per month
    1. Traditional dividend distributions from the underlying holdings like HSY, MSFT.
    2. Premiums from the Covered call options on indexes [& not underlying assets] (see section below)
    3. Uses ELNs as a delivery mechanism to payout dividends & option premiums every month (see section below)
  3. The option-premiums payouts are NOT qualified dividend, and hence you will get taxed at regular income. Qualified dividends from underlying holdings should be taxed at qualified income tax. You should see breakdown of these in 1099-DIV.
I will use SCHD as it is a golden standard for this community and both have similar holdings.
  1. AUM Growth: JEPI AUM has grown to 25B in the last 3yrs, compared to SCHD first 25B took 9yrs.
  2. Returns: When compared against S&P (7.71%), JEPI (2.77%) slightly underperformed, but outperformed SCHD (-7.6%).
  3. Diversification: JEPI's top 2 holding categories "Consumer Defensive" & "Financial Services" (~15% of total holdings) generated +10% returns trailing 1yr, compared to SCHD top 2 holding categories "Healthcare" & "Industrials" (30%) returned -3.85% in the same time period. It seems that JEPI is well diversified across many sectors and is outperforming it the sector benchmark.
  4. Yield: JEPI continues to provide much higher yield, and oscillates between 10% to 12%, with average 12 month trailing around ~11%.
  5. Expense Ratio: JEPI expense ration is about 0.35%, which is relatively better than managed funds (-23.91% from median).
Covered Call Options
  1. A covered call is an option contract (1 contract = 100 shares) where the option seller (JEPI) owns the underlying stock or ETF that they're going to sell. The buyer of the contract has the right to purchase the underlying security at an agreed upon price (strike price) by an agreed upon date (expiration date).
  2. When selling an option, option seller earns a premium. On the expiration date, if the shares are trading below strike price, the buyer will simply buy it from the market as it is cheaper there, but JEPI keeps the premium as profit, and the contract is considered worthless. When the price is higher than strike price, the buyer will immediately buy at the strike price and sell it in the market to earn gains. JEPI, still keeps the premium.
  3. The strategy can provide solid income, and it can be done in a less risky way with covered call options. JEPI sells covered call option on indexes and not the underlying assets. They use volatility to with the approach/philosophy of buying covered call with 30% of finishing in-the-money.
  4. Hence, JEPI's current strategy will potentially outperform in a bear and volatile market but might underperform in bull market than just passively managed fully allocated index ETFs, as it might be allocating some part of the fund goes towards covered call strategy.
  1. I will have to run a separate note on Equity Linked Notes (ELN), as it is a complex instrument.
  2. The easiest definition is it is a type of financial instrument that provides with exposure to the performance of a specific stock or group of stocks, while also offering some degree of fixed income (like bonds)
  3. According to JEPI's fund manager, they use short term ELN as a way to payout the monthly dividends.
  4. Options premium is taxed as capital gains, which complicates cost basis. To make it ordinary income, they convert options premium into bonafide coupon, that makes it ordinary income.
  5. Most ELNs are short-term 2.5 weeks, so they can pay out ordinary income to their investors.

Holdings (source: SeekingAlpha)
JEPI vs SCHD vs S&P Return (Source: YCharts)
JEPI vs SCHD dividend yield (Source: YCharts)
Expense Ratio (Source: SeekingAlpha)
JEPI average returns per sector category is outperforming sector benchmark (pink color). Source YCharts
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2023.05.28 18:42 Dazzling_Historian13 Get Rule the Waves 3 Free Download on SteamGG.net

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2023.05.28 18:33 No-Papaya-3339 FanExpo Philly Panelist scandal...

unspoken Scandal
Hello, I am reaching out as a concerned human being with reasoning and advocate for justice. I would like to speak on behalf of a friend and former peer coworker of 3 years about an upcoming convention called "PuchiCon" in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The owner of this convention has filed false Assault claims about our fellow employee and past Board Director of Outreach for the con itself, claiming he sexually abused her. The owner of this convention has included myself and the entire staff to take her side and involved us with false narratives. I don't understand how this is not going viral and not spoken of. He is in fear that if he speaks up about it to news outlets, people would not take his side as he had already found it impossible for fair legal representation in the courts and she has already tried to turn so many people against him including myself. I resigned my upper management role as * Redacted * after being with the convention 4 years. I cannot take this drama and I cannot understand how the staff and community isn't taking sides of an innocent well known and admired man. The owner followed my action of leave by harassing me, threatening to go to authorities and take legal action because I made a public post about my leave.
In short, the owner of puchicon pursued our peer employee with many sexual advances as well as emotional ones claiming she was unhappy and wanted to be with him and have more children with him... She had also disgustingly mentioned her own daughter sexually in nature laughing... "why can't I speak about her like this? others think it's funny". She was denied intercourse from our peer and decided to make false claims and lie under oath out of anger and vindictiveness. she had also been scamming people claiming to be a 501 3c non profit while the whole time operating as an LLC and bragging about the donations and annoyed she could not get grants fast enough so "its better as an llc anyway" once staff was made aware... also falsifying her website and sponsorship materials to claim we were sponsored by Cruncyroll viz media and many others while no such partnerships existed.
He won the court case with proof of her sexual advances towards him as well proving zero assault had been committed, but destroyed him financially by charging back payments made to him fraudulently causing him to lose his bank account and credit card.. yet she managed to convince staff and community that she won and he is a "dangerous" person, defaming his name and companies and isolating him from the cosplay and convention community. She claims her convention to be inclusive to mental health illnesses however exploits the neurodivergent community of free labor and intimidates them out of payment or fair compensation on top of trying to make false claims on our Demisexual, neurodivergent, ADHD, high functioning Autistic peer here who has a lot to lose as he is a respected and know Photographer in the Music industry and former DJ with many celebrity connections in the whole of the entertainment industry. She now has staff signing NDA's to be a part of volunteer staff so no one can speak of the cruelty and truth. As this is all cruel and unfair for him and our staff to witness, I wish for this matter to be investigated and concluded in perhaps an article and or action.
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2023.05.28 18:32 RBZL FAA Investigations for Pilot Deviations: Everything you never knew you wanted to know!

Hey everyone. As a bit of background, I'm a former FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI). No, I'm not your_friendly_asi, though I've communicated with them. I've previously posted about my path to 1500 hours, and I've made incognito comments about what the FAA is or isn't likely do while I was employed as an ASI. However, the FAA's social media policy is both ambiguous and strict, so I was careful about what I said. Now that I'm no longer employed, I'm comfortable sharing a bit more about the ASI job, and what the FAA (either as an agency, as a FSDO, or as an individual ASI) is likely to do in certain circumstances.
Of course, one of the biggest concerns as a pilot is what happens when you become the subject of a FAA investigation, whether you were the one that screwed something up or you were caught by proxy (i.e. as someone's instructor). There are a lot of misconceptions among the pilot community about what's going to happen to you, and what you need to do. So, let's talk about it!
Obligatory note that I am no longer employed with the Federal government of the FAA, and that the information below is my personal viewpoint and not an official position of the FAA. All of this information is available publicly via FAA orders which dictate how investigations and deviations are handled. I'm not telling you anything secret or proprietary here. Also note that each FAA office can operate a little differently, but still be within the policies and guidance.

Why would the FAA investigate me?

The FAA is charged with investigating anything which falls within it's 9 "areas of responsibility", as mandated by Congress and 49 USC. See FAA order 8020.11, as revised. Those areas include the competency of FAA-certificated airmen, and violations of Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR). Therefore, if the FAA becomes aware that there is a possibility that you may have violated a regulation or that you might not be competent for whatever reason, the FAA is mandated to look into it.
You would probably find yourself in this situation after making some sort of error or mistake. It's not hard as a pilot to violate a regulation, if we're being perfectly honest. 91.123(a) is probably the most common violation - failure to comply with an ATC clearance. This is fairly all-encompassing. You could take a wrong turn during taxi, land on the wrong runway, get off your assigned altitude or route while IFR, or anything else you can think of which ATC instructed to do but you didn't for whatever reason. And this is just one single regulation in Part 91 - obviously there are hundreds of regulations in 14 CFR which you could potentially run afoul of, though ATC clearances are the most commonly investigated because ATC notices you deviated from your clearance and essentially snitches on you (not hating on them - more on that later).

How would I know I'm being investigated?

Ultimately, you'll know because eventually someone at the FAA will contact you. It will usually be an ASI. Depending on the source of the report and the workload of the ASI, you may not hear anything until a month or so after the event. The ASI may send you a formal Letter of Investigation (LOI), a Compliance Program and Pilot's Bill of Rights (CP & PBR) brochure, or they may just try to give you a phone call initially. ASIs CAN text you and email you! Many ASIs are issued cell phones, and nothing says they can't try to get a hold of you using any means. My process was to call the pilot and ask for an email address so that I could send some information that way, instead of needing to physically throw something in the snail mail. Policies can vary by each office, though.
If you mess something up and ATC issues you what's known as a Brasher warning (i.e. "possible pilot deviation" usually along with "I have a phone number for you to call"), it doesn't guarantee that you're going to end up being investigated. Depending on what happened, though, ATC may be required to submit something called a MOR, or a Mandatory Occurrence Report. So yes, ATC sometimes snitches on you, but they're required to for certain things. It can also be controller and facility dependent as to what they will file reports for - if a facility is seeing a lot of the same deviations/violations, they might start filing reports even if it's something minor in order to try to put some attention on it higher up. This report makes its way through the ATC chain until it is eventually forwarded to the FSDO with responsibility over the event. If you're a GA pilot, the FSDO covering the geographical area where you messed something up will investigate. If you're a certificate holder or fly for one (part 121, 135, etc), the report will go to the FSDO, CHDO, or CMO which manages that certificate. Routing all of this is a whole process, which is why it can take a month or more after the event to be contacted by the FAA.

An ASI contacted me after some sort of event happened... F*%#. Now what?

Straight to jail, obviously. Might as well cut up your certificates too, before they come pick you up. It will show the ASI that you feel bad about what you did, and that you respect his authoritah, which may lead to a reduced sentence.
Nah, you're probably one of about 12 PDs (Pilot Deviations) on the ASI's desk right now. Remember that whole mandate for the FAA to investigate certain things? The ASI is most likely not out to get you, he's just doing his bureaucratic job. Keep in mind that an ASI is also a pilot, holding at least a Commercial Pilot Certificate and meeting Airline Transport Pilot qualifications, and if he's a General Aviation Operations ASI he's also a current CFI with at least a few hundred hours of instructing. He's going to contact you as described above, send you the Pilot's Bill of Rights in some form, and probably try to schedule a time to talk with you about what happened. This will normally just be a phone call. The ASI might also ask you to provide copies of some things, like your logbooks showing that you were current and had the appropriate endorsements for the type of flight you were conducting. Your pilot and medical certificates can be looked up, but you may also be asked for copies of those to verify that you have them in your possession and that they match. Other things may be requested, as appropriate, depending on what exactly happened.
The purpose of the interview (phone call, or otherwise) is for the ASI to determine a few things: what happened, why it happened, if it was intentional, and why you are or aren't likely to do the same thing again. In short, the ASI is tasked with gathering all of the facts associated with the event, and performing a Root Cause Analysis to determine why whatever it is that happened did happen. Your input and perspective as the pilot is very important to this, because nobody knows what you were thinking or what you were seeing except you. Without your input, the ASI has to make a determination on what to do about the event with only the other limited information available.
The possible outcomes of this investigative process are typically: No Action, Compliance Action, Remedial Training via FAAST, 49 USC 44709 Reexamination, or Enforcement Action. There are also things called SNAAPs which are basically warning letters, but they aren't commonly used in most FSDOs for GA pilots. Ultimately, the ASI and the FSDO/CHDO/CMO is empowered to take any action which they feel will ensure continued safety of the National Airspace System.

Some of those outcomes don't sound encouraging. What's going to happen to me? Sounds like "straight to jail" is still on the table.

I'd say that over about 95% of the time, a PD is going to be resolved with Compliance Action. This is part of the FAA's new Compliance Program/Philosophy. I'd really recommend a quick read of FAA Order 8000.373, as it's only a page and a half and really sums up the point of the Compliance Program. If you get the CP & PBR brochure (see it here), it also explains the general idea. The FAA at one point figured out that to actually enhance aviation safety, they needed to obtain the perspective of pilots involved in deviations. Pilots aren't willing to share information which might be incriminating, though, if there is no incentive to do so. Why would you tattle on yourself if the FAA is just going to use that information to work on taking your certificate away via Enforcement Action?
The Compliance Program allows an ASI to resolve a probable regulatory violation or deviation without resorting to Enforcement Action. The potential corrective actions are pretty limitless and are at the discretion of the ASI and the office, but typically this is accomplished via Compliance Action Counseling. The ASI is going to review their Root Cause Analysis with you, and offer feedback and suggestions in order to help ensure that the situation does not occur again. This is normally done via a phone call, with a follow-up letter. For simple violations, half of the time I would simply complete counseling on the phone immediately after the interview with a pilot. Occasionally, Remedial Training would be suggested if a pilot was very rusty and the event involved something like a runway incursion where the consequenses were potentially more serious if things happened to go really sideways.
The thing with the Compliance Program is that the ASI needs to be confident that you also understand the root cause of the event, and that you are willing and able to comply with applicable regulations in the future. "Willing" means that you're willing to openly talk to the ASI about the event and share what happened, what you learned, and how you plan to mitigate against such a situation in the future, so you might want to think about that before your conversation. "Able" means that you are competent and proficient enough to exercise your privileges without invoking future violations, among other things. Entering into the interview conversation having already thought about the root causes, and what you've already done or are going to do to ensure that the event won't be a repeat occurrence will do a huge amount to assure the ASI that you are indeed willing and able to comply in the future.
If there is a serious question as to your competency, you might be looking at a 44709 reexamination ("709 Ride"). As most pilots know, this is essentially a checkride, or a portion thereof, conducted by the ASI to evaluate whatever Areas of Operation of the applicable ACS or PTS that you have been identified as potentially being deficient in. These are fairly rare, and generally only occur after things like accidents where a pilot's actions or story indicate that they really may not have known what they're doing. If you mess up an instrument approach in IMC reeeeally badly, ATC has to intervene repeatedly, and you don't think that you did anything wrong after the fact and that it was all ATC's fault, you may also be looking at a 709 ride, for example.
Enforcement Action is typically reserved for the most egregious violations, or violations where a pilot willingly and deliberately engaged in a violation or another sort of illegal activity. If you're flying with literally everything expired, both in terms of yourself and the airplane, and you're doing other dumb and illegal things during that flight like buzzing people or houses, there's no way that you shouldn't have known better. This is the process in which your certificates are in danger, or you're looking at civil penalties or criminal charges, as applicable. If you made an honest mistake, even if it resulted in a totaled airplane and a hospital stay, Enforcement Action is extremely unlikely because the Compliance Program is designed to handle most unintentional violations. Enforcement cases are also a huge workload and pain in the rear for both the ASI and the office.

So for each outcome, what does it mean in the end? Will it be on my record anywhere?

For Compliance Action, Remedial Training, and a successfully passed 709 Ride, typically, no. Once you successfully complete whatever the requirement is for you to return to compliance, you'll receive a letter stating that the FAA/ASI have determined there is no cause for further action and that you may consider the matter closed. These events don't show up on any record that the FAA would normally forward about you, i.e. in a PRIA request or via the Pilot Records Database. However, many aviation employers and airlines do now specifically ask if you have ever been the subject of a FAA investigation, a 44709 reexamination, or something along those lines. Whether or not they have the means to verify this with the FAA, I'm not sure and I honestly really doubt, but it would be at your own risk to not report such events to an employer if asked.
For a failed 44709 Reexamination (x2 - you usually get two shots, unless the first one was so terrible that the ASI believes you have absolutely no chance whatsoever of passing a second time) or Enforcement Action, those will turn up because the result will usually be a certificate suspension, revocation, or downgrade. Enforcement Action will likely having you talking to the FAA's attorneys in an attempt to settle the matter with a suspension or something similar. If you did something really big, illegal, and intentional, you're probably headed to the NTSB judges eventually, though they're backed up years because they handle all of the Department of Transportation cases and not just the FAA. They also do so with only a handful of judges.
So really, an honest mistake with today's FAA isn't that big of a deal so long as you weren't intentionally violating regulations, and you're willing to talk about what happened and why it's not going to happen again. The ASI will appreciate your cooperation in quickly clearing another PD off his task list, and you can get back to flying without the trip to jail.


Why are pilots so afraid of this process, then? If you're not lying, it doesn't sound so bad.

The "old" FAA didn't have the Compliance Program. The only tool in their toolbox was a hammer (Enforcement Action), and every violation or other problem was a nail. Any little mistake that a pilot made did carry real jeopardy that their certificate was in danger. Obviously, that didn't foster trust that the FAA was really there to help, because they often weren't. There was also a time before ASRS/ASAP reporting and other programs which reduced or eliminated the penalties in exchange for information sharing. Essentially, the FAA finally figured out that if they wanted to improve aviation safety, they needed honest and accurate information from pilots. Pilots weren't inclined to share information if it would be used against them and enforcement was the only outcome. Programs were created to remove the consequences of an unintentional violation, and those are now the primary ways that deviations are resolved. Many pilots are still afraid of the "old" FAA, even though in practice it no longer really exists.

Do I need a lawyer to talk to the FAA or ASI during an investigation?

No. If you have access to one at no cost through another benefit like AOPA or employer insurance, go for it. However, lawyers just become an intermediary to work through, especially for simple deviations. If you want to minimize consequenses, you're going to personally talk to the ASI and you're going to openly share information about the event. A lawyer can't get you out of an investigation or the outcome, because they can't override the very broad 49 USC authority that the FAA has been given in both investigating and reexamining airmen. If you know for sure you're looking at an Enforcement Action, you can still settle with the FAA attorneys on your own, but a laywer at that point is up to you. Heading to NTSB court? Yeah, lawyer up, because you done messed up now, A-A-Ron.
You are always free to retain a lawyer and direct the FAA to communicate with them at any time, and most ASIs really don't care one way or another, but I would say it's an unnecessary expense if your deviation was an honest mistake. Do whatever makes you feel better, though.

Should I really talk to the ASI during the investigation? This seems like a trap.

As explained, the Compliance Program is only an option if you're willing and able to comply. If you're not willing to openly and honestly talk about the event, you're not really willing to comply. The alternative if you are determined to have violated a regulation is Enforcement Action, soooo... your choice!

What if I don't want to disclose everything to the ASI? What all do they know/have access to?

More often than not, the ASI has the ATC data regarding the event. This includes the radar data and ATC communications. They can play back the portion of your flight in question, so they can see where you actually were, what you were actually doing, and what was actually said. They of course also have access to the FAA databases for your certificates, medical, aircraft, and prior contact with the FAA. I wouldn't suggest lying about any of that.
An ASI reviews all of this before reaching out to you, so usually your conversation is just to fill in the gaps and figure out what was going on in the airplane from your perspective. If I can see or hear from ATC data that you took a wrong turn during taxi and then were embarassed about it before I even talk to you, I probably just have one or two gaps to fill in as to why it happened. Otherwise, unless this is the third time you've come up on my desk this year or you tell me something really abhorrent when we talk, it's almost certainly going to be a Compliance Action Counseling conversation and then good day, sir.

What about the NASA ASRS report? Doesn't that get me out of jail?

Kind of - honestly, an ASI typically isn't even aware if you filed one, or what the status of that is. It would likely come into play if you were facing Enforcement Action. Filing a report will not guarantee that an investigation does not occur, or that you will not need to talk to an ASI. It only guarantees that you will be immune to civil penalties or certificate suspension if you file a report in a timely manner, and you weren't doing something illegal. The information in your report also can't be used for enforcement purposes. That said, if the FAA finds out about a potential violation a month later, and you knew about it but didn't file a report, you generally can't go file one after the fact as an oopsie-daisy to try to avoid the consequences. If you suspect you violated something and you're worried about it, it never hurts to file the report. And as explained above, unless you were grossly deficient or intentionally violating a regulation, you're probably only looking at Compliance Action either way.

I received a Letter of Investigation. Am I in more trouble than just receiving the CP & PBR Brochure? What's the difference?

Not necessarily. You're supposed to receive the Pilot's Bill of Rights in some form before the FAA talks to you about an investigation into an event in any substantial manner, regardless of the nature of the investigation or what the expected outcome is. The LOI is required to be sent to you prior to any Enforcement Action, so some ASIs/offices send out LOIs for any report of a Pilot Deviation just in case something is discovered which pushes it into enforcement. Both the Brochure and LOI contain the required Pilot's Bill of Rights notification, so either one works from the ASI's perspective of simply being able to talk to you about the event. The LOI does inherently come off as more intimidating, though, as it's more formal and on the FAA letterhead.

An ASI randomly handed me a CP & PBR Brochure on the ramp, at an air show, etc - am I in trouble?

No, unless they wrote something in the brochure indicating something specific about a potential violation. ASIs are supposed to share the brochures to raise awareness of the Compliance Program whenever they interact with pilots.

I had a bad interaction with the FAA where _____ happened, and it was nothing like what you said.

Sorry about that. Like I said, not every office is the same. Generally, ASIs want to use the Compliance Program to get things out the door where they can. Maybe you got a grumpy ASI, or their office had seen that sort of thing a lot and was cracking down, or there was more to the story. Like any organization, let alone being the fed, there is some inconsistency between regions and offices. Every ASI I personally knew would have done their best to be fair and to follow the CADP (Compliance Action Decision Process), which I more or less explained in the sequence of events above.

I have another question about what the FAA would or wouldn't do.

Feel free to post it or DM me - I can't guarantee any specific course of action or outcome, and I don't speak for the FAA officially, but I might know some stuff about things regarding your Q.
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2023.05.28 18:25 Pleasant_Passion483 Paid Entry lvl Software Resume, still no luck. Help needed

I have applied to a 108 positions and have yet to get an interview. It would seem something is wrong with my resume and I even paid someone to look over it and reword some things before I started the search because I knew from the beginning my resume skills weren’t very strong.
Thanks for any advice!
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2023.05.28 18:24 Greedy_Classic_6659 **DCS MODS** NEED VOLUNTEERS for ALPHA/BETA TESTING/TRIALING of TWO (2) separate LUA-based weapon system projects ** - MIN. REQ. is just being able to fly a jet! read for more info!!!

(1) INTRODUCTION Hello, my name is BPT; I am an avid DCS fan and a hobbyist programmer from Australia, and I am currently in the process of conceptualizing, coding and testing TWO shortlisted concepts that have advanced to the POCON (proof of concept) stage for implementation into DCS and finally released as a publicly available mod. Their development is concurrent with each other. The pair, once complete, would introduce two completely new, unrelated technology systems.
One project is to do with target acquisition and guidance unlike anything currently found in-game, and the other is looking to implement a hybrid seeker-head not currently modelled in DCS; both have been deemed conceptually possible based on initial evaluations of what LUA can do and that both project concepts have working real-life counterparts. Experimental in-game POCONs exist for both projects.
(2) PURPOSE This effort is meant to have a three-pronged effect: to create 2 mods that I want to use myself, to explore and evaluate the possibilities and/or limitations the LUA API within DCS to see what is and isn't possible, and if it would be a good choice to use in other projects that haven't materialized beyond a concept yet, or don't exist in DCS.
Finally, to try and create a small collaboration / mod team that shares the same vision and with a group vision of bringing conceptional/unmodeled systems, behavior and functionality not currently available through DCS or existing mods.
Its nice when someone releases a new jet with a clickable, custom cockpit but they all tend to be the same thing: a usually-decent external model, complete with custom animations and sometimes new weapon models but under the surface, they are just a remodeled, reskinned F-15 with FC3 functionality, including the same simple fly model and the cockpit from the F-15.
I want to start producing mods that could actually affect gameplay meta, create new options for mission designers, and I just love doing POCON; just proving something is possible is something I very much enjoy doing!
(3) SUITABILITY EVALUATION This will be a thorough evaluation and whether pressing ahead using LUA to advance more of my theory-only concepts into working models that can be implemented into DCS, can be considered a feasible option.
Hopefully revealed is whether or not a future project could be hindered by a LUA (or even DCS) limitation when already 10's (or even 100's) of hours have been invested into a project that is simply not possible to execute and destined to fail; its better to abandon these before you become too invested or waste too much time only to find out a technical limitation means its not something doable.
(3) VOLUNTEERING You don't need to be an "expert" to volunteer but being able to start, taxi, takeoff, fly and land the F-16 and/or FC3 aircraft (F-15 and Flanker, mostly) as well as use their weapons and avionics suite, with even just a basic level of competence would be the desired-but-not-required-minimum expectation of a volunteer interested in involvement with these projects.Testing involving helicopters has been deemed unnecessary at this point so don't worry if you cant fly/don't own one.
Everyone is welcome to volunteer but failing to meet this basic criterion could impede on your ability to be a suitable and useful test pilot, or fill another role if required (WSO, RIO, etc.) as the knowledge on how to pilot would be preferred, even in those roles. Age doesn't matter as long as you act in a mature fashion during testing. Any other project-specific criteria desired/required by interested parties will be listed in the individual project comment thread.
  1. technical perspective (like understanding LUA or just general DCS modding; 'tinkerers' absolutely apply as even if your strength isn't writing new code, you can definitely contribute to any troubleshooting/debugging efforts - even if you no longer play the game!)
  2. excellent DCS trivia-type knowledge (exactly which weapons are available on what plane by default, who has the 'strongest' radar, which aircraft can exceed Mach 2, etc etc. - you know the game like the back of your hand but you might not have any experience in coding or mod development)
Please express your interest as having a pool of players to make up the "think-tank" of a project and also to fulfill the role of aggressotest pilots, both groups required for operating, interacting with, testing, analyzing results and to be able to optimally tweak the systems based on code behavior and in-game feedback. Both projects are still within a brain-storming and input-friendly phase, both with working prototypes/POCONs for each project so now is a good time to join the teams for these projects; you will have a large amount of noted input in how you would like the development process to operate and progress.
I'm currently writing up briefs for the two projects and they will be posted in this thread, as two separate comments so please reply to the comment thread relevant to the project you are interested in volunteering for - this isn't a hard and fast rule; I'm not going to ban you from participation if you express interest in the wrong place (hell, even PM me if you want!) but it does make it a lot easier for me to organize and manage.
(4) PROJECTS These two concepts - known respectively as 'Project RAADAR-ECHO' and 'Project RADIIHOTRADGS' - were selected to advance to a POCAN stage because they will rely heavily on DCS's integration of LUA - utilizing a wide range of its capabilities - in order to achieve desired functionality and behavior as intended, so completion of these projects should offer significant insight into what LUA in DCS can do.
Without the utilization of LUA, neither of the two concepts mentioned here could be modeled in an even remotely possible sense; the required functionality is just too advanced and cant be done unless LUA is involved, and the decision to to see if DCS's implementation of LUA could lend highly advanced behaviofunctionality to "new technology" mods was done for for three key reasons:
Firstly, to take advantage of a native DCS "system" when compared to other approaches, is the most likely to be workable on a practical level and be able to produce the wanted results in something like an advanced weapon system mod, as opposed to using another "system", like the Mission Editor and trying to create the same thing using triggers.
Eventually, you hit a technical limitation and your idea becomes "technically impossible"; hopefully the limitations of the LUA engine in DCS don't preclude these two concepts from materializing into functional, publicly-available mods. The use of LUA is what provides access to enhanced capabilities and functionality to try and (re)create these systems and turn a proof of concept into a reality.
Secondly, these two projects were shortlisted from a long list of ideas on the backburner which are held back by standard technical limitations and would require a script-based system to function; these two concepts have been selected to advance to trial projects: they were chosen because they shouldn't be *too* difficult to model and implement working versions of both.
Across the two projects, there's a wide enough use of different functions used in different contexts to be able to gauge and evaluate the practicality and suitability of using LUA to create more of the complex and novel systems I have planned in a conceptual stage, all whilst outputting two high quality mods that I believe DCS players would enjoy and would want to use.
Lastly, if I want to (re)create or emulate something complicated enough that it cant be achieved in the Mission Editor or the like, LUA would be the only option I try as I don't want any mods created by me to require anything that isn't common to a standard DCS mod: if any third-party addons/packages/HUDs/exe's are deemed to be required/necessary to bring a concept to life, it will be shelved in favor of one that doesn't, and until a new solution requiring nothing but DCS makes itself known.
(5) TO CONCLUDE It may be upto 24-hours before I am able to post the project briefs; I am extremely busy for the next 20 or so hours, then I'll have a good amount of downtime so based on that, I'm not going to rush writing them to keep them clear and concise to anyone who's interested in what they've read about here. Feel free to express your interest below as it gives me a good idea for numbers; please mention in your expression of interest if you have FC3 / F-16 or not - cheers!
I really hope their are some interested parties as this kind of development can be slooooww with only one person (me! lol) doing all the coding and all the testing/troubleshooting, and I'd love to get these finished, polished and released!
Kind regards, -BPT
edited for grammar, spelling and punctuation
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2023.05.28 18:22 AverKartYT Just started at Walmart, already taking issue with something

So I just started working as a Seasonal TA (temp) at my Walmart for the summer. My friend had told me that the position was surprisingly relaxed, and that team leads/management were chill. Plus I make more than my previous retail job. And he was right, working in the lawn and garden center is very relaxed, especially compared to my previous job.
That was, until about an hour into my second day. There were so many TAs in lawn and garden, so my team lead sent me to help at the front end for the next 7 hours. I only had less than 3 hours of prior training/experience on the lawn and garden registers, so this was quite a jump for me. I had experience with checking before at my previous job, but needless to say Walmart has a lot of differences in their system. Plus I have some bad anxiety that triggers whenever I'm put into checking positions, which is part of the reason I prefer sticking to, say, the lawn and garden registers if I absolutely have to do checking.
It was a struggle for me up front. I wasn't familiar with many operations, and team leads got frustrated with me for not knowing things that I feel I should've been trained on. I don't think any of them knew it was only my second day. I was fortunate to have other front-end people around to support me and answer questions that I had, but the whole experience did not sit well with me. I get extremely anxious even now just by thinking of the idea of being in a position like that again.
I think my plan going forward is to be more assertive with my team leads. Being assertive is something I've always struggled with, but I'll need to overcome. If I'm asked to sub in up front again, I think I'll tell them that it was rough last time and that I think I'll need to refine my experience on the register before going up front again. I'm not sure though; if this is a frequent occurrence then this might just not be the right job for me.
I don't mean to sound like I just don't want to work, or that I don't want to follow my team lead's directions just because I don't like them. I just get anxious in situations with high customer interaction and service, especially if I'm shaky with what I'm doing. Maybe this whole post was just a vent and that I should be more assertive or find something else. But I'm interested in what you guys have to say.
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2023.05.28 18:16 Party_Grass_9523 Need advice regarding CIM Domain.

Hi guys, its been 2 months since Ive started an internship with this service based MNC. The domain allotted to me is Customer Interaction Management - cloud developer (CIM Cloud dev), basically all IVcall center technologies like Avaya, Cyara, amazon connect, genesys cloud etc. Package after completion of internship is 6.75LPA
I dont have any knowledge regarding these technologies, nor do I know much about this domain in general. I am not a fan of this since there is no actual programming involved here (yet). Ive asked about switching my domain to Java full stack, but they say its not possible now. Im actively applying to other companies (mostly in search of a better domain), but due to the current recession, it led me to no avail. But Ive also heard that these technologies do have a lot of scope and offer lots of money.
Does anyone here work on the same domain/technologies? Can anyone tell me more about this domain and the technologies involved and whether or not I should continue in this domain? Is there any future of these technologies? Am I wasting my time doing this internship? Im open to continuing if it offers some good salary in the future.
TLDR: Allotted CIM domain with technologies like avaya, cyara, amazon connect, etc, no interest in this domain, so should I switch? Is this domain any good?
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2023.05.28 18:16 stefatra Wimpy and pushover type of CNA

I'm an introvert with social anxiety and a people pleaser type attitude that heavily bleeds into how I operate as a CNA. I've been told in nursing, it's obviously important to be kind and caring to both your patients and co-workers but to also know when to lay your foot down and set clear boundaries. I got the kind and caring part down, but I lack an assertive side. I'm so obsessed with getting on people's good sides that I'll compromise my own happiness for theirs. This mindset I have really hinders my job performance. For example, I've noticed the best CNAs manage to get more things done in a timely manner because they do what they have to do and move on to the next thing. They don't waste time trying to satisfy a patient's every single want and need. As for me, I'm so focused on what I think the patient would like that I start over analyzing everything and end up doing more than what they really wanted. In my head, I'm thinking of all the ways I could get the patient to like me. I feel that if I just do what I need to do and bolt, they'll think me of me as an uncaring and inattentive CNA and report me to management or something because they were dissatisfied with the way I carried things out. To be honest, people pleasing is so fucking exhausting and one of the main reasons I avoid social interactions with anybody because I want them to look at me in a positive light. How can I shed this stupid ass mentality? I want to feel free to be myself unapologetically and not keep dwelling on what I think people are thinking about me.
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2023.05.28 18:08 ElucidativeFootnotes First time building a PC, would love tips/advice

Hello everyone,
After doing a lot of research, making comparisons and looking into guides, YouTube and ofcourse Reddit, I have compiled my first PC build that I'm looking to buy in the coming week(s). I was/am looking for a mid to high range PC build that can handle casual gaming, photo and video editing, running virtual machines, and is nice and quiet when under low amounts of stress.
I would greatly appreciate any recommendations, warnings or other suggestions for this build!
PCPartPicker Part List
Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 3.7 GHz 6-Core Processor €154.95 @ Megekko
CPU Cooler be quiet! Pure Rock 2 Black CPU Cooler €42.90 @ Amazon Netherlands
Motherboard Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE V2 ATX AM4 Motherboard €135.05 @ Amazon Netherlands
Memory Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory €74.90 @ Amazon Netherlands
Storage Samsung 980 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive €64.90 @ Amazon Netherlands
Video Card MSI VENTUS 2X 8GD6X OC GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8 GB Video Card €345.00 @ Megekko
Case NZXT H5 Flow ATX Mid Tower Case €109.00 @ Amazon Netherlands
Power Supply MSI MPG A650GF 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply €112.95 @ Amazon Netherlands
Operating System Microsoft Windows 11 Home OEM - DVD 64-bit €114.90 @ Amazon Netherlands
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total €1154.55
Generated by PCPartPicker 2023-05-28 18:07 CEST+0200
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