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2023.03.21 02:11 IHaveTrustIssues78 danica mckellar

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2023.01.31 23:29 miphyyy What are clarios shoess

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2022.11.14 10:59 Quesadiia Wanted to share that my NATURALLY born sim looks like Iggy lmao

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2022.10.11 07:31 bobsmithisthebest Trivia Reveal Thursday October 6, 2022

The answer was Naomi Watts! A celeb that is in the db!
Until next time!
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2022.09.03 07:01 Sk993 where is nicola peltz's velvet orange ruffle trim skirt from? 🥺

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2022.07.22 04:12 Alarming-Fishing-240 Is this unrealistic?

Is this highy unrealistic?
Unrealistic wish
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2022.06.24 00:26 Storm_Vibes What the Fuck Celebmafia and she's 16!!!!! Part 3

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2022.04.03 03:38 OddGuidance907 Where would she pass best outside of Greece? (Greek American Maria Menounos)

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2021.10.28 07:28 thegeneral400 Recasting the main girls to be the same age as the Bond actors

I tried to match the nationality of the character as best as possible. If I couldn't, I used the nationality of the actress or close by. Some are tough! I limited it to be three years older to three years younger than the Bond actor. I tried to match the look as well in some cases. Replacement pictures are close to when they would have been casted.
A few interesting tidbits:
OHMSS was the same (only one that qualified!)
You'll see some familiar names reappear as replacements
The Connery ones aren't too much different but you really see a difference when Moore shows up. His youthful looks in his early ones really contrast with women his age of the time.
I was very surprised how difficult Brosnan's first two were.
Movie Original Replacement
DN Ursula Andress Liselotte Pulver
FRWL Daniela Bianchi Sabine Bethmann
GF Honor Blackman Elizabeth Taylor
TB Claudine Auger Leslie Caron
YOLT Mie Hama Ayako Wakao
DAF Jill St. John Angie Dickinson
LALD Jane Seymour Jean Simmons
TMWTGG Britt Ekland Honor Blackman
TSWLM Barbara Bach Yelena Samarina
MR Lois Chiles Lauren Bacall
FYEO Carole Bouquet Capucine
OP Maud Adams Ingrid Thulin
AVTAK Tanya Roberts Vera Miles
TLD Maryam d'Abo Barbara Bouchet
LTK Carey Lowell Sigourney Weaver
GE Izabella Scorupco Lilana Komorowska
TND Michelle Yeoh Julie Lee
TWINE Denise Richards Bo Derek
DAD Halle Berry Alfre Woodard
CR Eva Green Rachel Weisz
QOS Olga Kurylenko Izabella Scorupco
Sp&NTTD Lea Seydoux Sophie Marceau
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2021.09.30 00:07 great_apple Rachel Taylor?

example 1
example 2
example 3
example 4
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2021.08.10 13:27 instadw Courtney Stodden - Out in Los Angeles 08/08/2021 • CelebMafia #Angeles #CelebMafia #Courtney #Los #Stodden

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2021.07.06 11:23 DelightfulFronds An alternative to objectification theory.

"Objectification is the action of degrading someone to the status of a mere object."
I saw a meme the other day showing Scarlett Johansson complaining about objectification in Iron Man alongside her in the dresses she has worn for various award shows which made me think,what, exactly, is objectification?
I've heard the official explanation of what objectification is, but it simply doesn't make sense, nor does the claim that it is somehow damaging. The primary issue I have with it is that the definition is based upon the intent of the consumer of the media, not the media itself. Yet it is criticised based upon the intent of the creator, not the consumer.
So if Scarlett Johansson had been put in ther 2018 People's Choice awards dress in the Iron Man films you know that the internet would have gone ape about objectification yet if she wears that dress of her own volition it's empowering and brave. However the impact on the viewer is exactly the same. If it later came out that she had been forced to wear the dress at the show then would it suddenly make it retroactive objectification?
Naked bicycle rides, topless-in-public defiance shows, slutwalks and things like this are good and empowering. So it is obvious that the end result of the media cannot possibly be problematic or damaging because, as above, objectification is based upon the intent of the creator. You could create two identical pieces of media and one would be objectifying and the other one would not with no possible way for someone looking at them to tell.
So that only means that objectification is bad for the woman that has been objectified yet this also doesn't make sense as one of the main targets of objectification complaints is video games. There are literally no woman to be damaged in these cases. And again it doesn't make sense - Lara Croft existing in game is objectification yet a woman cosplaying Lara Croft is empowering. And try telling a woman just walking around wearing less than the standard Lara outfit to cover up because it's problematic? That would not end well.
So here is an alternative theory that fits the facts 100%.
Objectification theory is just a theoretical fig leaf to cover womens natural tendency to try to restrict men's access to sex.
It fits exactly. If you apply the rule of 'who benefits the most from the sexuality in this piece of media' and it is the woman being 'objectified' then it is not objectification. If a woman is directly using her sexuality to gain status and attention then it is absolutely fine. If men are the primary benefactors of her sexuality then it is bad.
Here's a bunch of examples:
Slutwalks - Non Objectifying, Benefits Women.
Public Gratuitous Outfits & Nudity - Non Objectifying, Benefits Women.
Film and TV - Objectifying, Doesn't Benefit Women.
Video Games - Objectifying, Doesn't Benefit Women.
Fantasy Art - Objectifying, Doesn't Benefit Women.
There is also a spectrum covering pornography from OnlyFans to standard porn. You'll notice the feminist support will be significantly higher at the OnlyFans end of the spectrum. It's the same content but the woman content creators more directly benefit.
It's also interesting that the areas that feminists seem to get most irate about is where there are no actual women involved - fantasy art and gaming. Again this is not objectification and is fine, yet this is problematic and damaging.
So yeah, objectification theory makes no sense and instead it's about control of access to sex. If I am wrong then it should be easy to produce a counter example but as far as I can tell my theory covers all the cases while objectification theory doesn't.
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2021.04.06 00:49 cypercatt Zooey Deschanel: A Manifesto that No One Asked for On Why I Don't Think She's a FG

A few months ago, there was a thread on here discussing why people did or did not agree with Kibbe's assessment of Zooey Deschanel as a Flamboyant Gamine. Since then, I have been thinking nonstop about all the reasons why I disagree with this assessment and why I feel that she aligns more with the Soft Classic type. Yes, I know that Kibbe verified Zooey Deschanel as a FG, but this is 2021. What? Am I going to let a man tell me how to think? I don't think so!
Anyways, this is the hill I will die on, and I am prepared to die for this cause. Here is my way too in depth analysis of Zooey Deschanel's Kibbe type.

Exhibit A: Typical Flamboyant Gamine Types

First, let me explain why I don't think that she's a FG. Yes, I understand that a lot of people mention that the reason why she's a FG is because she looks good in FG lines. However, I think that assertion is rooted in a stereotype of her style and the conflation between style and Kibbe types. So let's establish what I envision when I think of FGs.
Flamboyant Gamine Characteristics
I’ve heard some people describe FGs as being Dramatics but small. I don’t think that’s necessarily totally accurate, but I do think that it helps to distinguish this body type from other body types. I feel that some quintessential celebrity examples of this description of FG include Emma Roberts, Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, Tina Turner, Penelope Cruz, Nicole Richie, and Liza Minnelli. Even if you look at a fleshier example of a FG like Kelly Osbourne, there's still a certain angularity in her frame that I just personally don't see in Zooey Deschanel.
Since many people argue that Zooey is a FG because her personal style matches the lines of a FG, let's establish what I consider as the clothing lines of a FG.
Flamboyant Gamine Clothing Lines
Again, I think that although Zooey is known for her twee style, I don't think that much of what she wears—especially when she looks most effortless—aligns with these clothing lines. Take for example her proclivity for shirt dresses. I think a shirt dress (sometime referred to as a shirt front dress or a shirt waist dress) is the antithesis to FG lines. However, a pastel blue shirt dress is one of her staple looks in 500 Days of Summer and I think that she looks effortless and balanced in these types of dresses. In contrast, when you see her in more broken silhouettes, like when she wears a sweater or jacket over a dress, I feel that it makes her look a tad frumpy (well…as frumpy as you could look be while being Zooey Deschanel!). She doesn’t have that same effortless quality as she does while wearing a dress on its own.
This image of Zooey is often referenced as a quintesseitnal FG look. However, I think that she's taking elements of FG lines that she personally finds aesthetically pleasing and applying it to the context of her body. Yes she’s wearing shorts and stripes, but she wears the black shorts with black tights and black flats to create a more seamless line on her bottom. So, although the stripes create a bit of color blocking, it works on her because the whole outfit isn’t color blocked and the overall silhouette is fitted and cohesive. If she was wearing a cropped, boxy shirt for example, I don’t think this look would work quite as well.

Exhibit B: A Case for Soft Classic

As others have mentioned, I also think that Zooey might be a Soft Classic. This is because I personally find her frame to be quite moderate with an added element of softness. Don't believe me? There is a whole scene in 500 Days of Summer where the narrator goes over her moderate frame (here is the script for reference, it starts on page 26). Like obviously this is a script and part of the movie, but I think the reason why the scene lands is because Zooey does have a moderate, fairly "average" build. This scene wouldn't work as well if her frame wasn't moderate.
So, here is what I envision when I think of a SC type.
Soft Classic Characteristics
When I look at Zooey, these are the characteristics that I personally see. I think that her softness is quite apparent, which would not be as apparent if she were a FG. I also thing that she doesn't necessarily look petite, just as she doesn't look tall. Instead, her vertical line is quite moderate. When I personally think of a SC, I think of body types along the lines of Marion Cotillard, Lupita Nyong’o, Kirsten Dunst, Grace Kelly, Dakota Johnson, and Kim Tae Hee. I feel like these celebrities have a quality that more closely matches Zooey Deschanel’s than the celebrities listed under FG. I see more of Zooey in Marion Cotillard than in Liza Minelli, for example.
I would also argue that many of the outfits that really work for Zooey align with SC lines, with the added 60's flare that she loves. So, here is what I'm thinking of when I think of SC clothing lines.
Soft Classic Clothing Lines
Again, I want to refer to her wardrobe in 500 Days of Summer since I think a lot of people identify her "look" with her character Jess from New Girl, who is supposed to be a little dorky and quirky. Summer, instead, is supposed to be quirky but also captivating and special. Summer's wardrobe uses a lot of SC lines, this outfit and this outfit. In these outfits, she looks so breezy, effortless, and just a little sophisticated.

Exhibit C: The Mythology of Quirky Girl Clothing

I think that our collective understanding of Zooey Deschanel as the "quirky girl" is why many people type her as FG. I also, however, think that it's further evidence of her being a classic type, specially SC. As I was going through examples when she wears a more quirky style, like in New Girl, I realized that many of her outfits were actually relatively subtle compared to what would look quirky on quintessential gamine types. Compare this outfit, this outfit, and this outfit to what Jayma Mays wears on Glee. I would argue that both Jayma and Zooey wear that kind of cutesy, vintage-y, quirky, twee styles in Glee and New Girl respectively. However, Zooey can wear a lot less to achieve that twee style whereas Jayma (who I think is a SG) must wear even bolder fashion to achieve that quirky look.
This further points to Zooey being a more classic type because her body emphasizes whatever she is wearing—we notice the quirks and retro elements because they stand out on Zooey's moderate frame. A twee look will look even more twee on Zooey because her moderate frame emphasizes its asymmetry and detail.
Also, it's important to distinguish style and costuming from body type. Again, people type Zooey as FG because she can pull off a more mod style, which is often associated with FGs. However, I think two things contribute to her being able to pull off a mod, 1960s style outfit. First, it's important to remember that classic types can basically pull anything "off". However, if it doesn't match their lines, you might notice the clothes before you notice the person. Nothing wrong with that! Also, if you feel confident in what you are wearing, you will almost always pull it off better than something that doesn't make you feel confident. I think that Zooey personally enjoys the aesthetics of 1960s style. I think that those aesthetics also make her feel more confident, which is why she looks great in 1960s inspired outfits.
However, she builds 1960s inspired outfits around the context of her frame. Take for example, this photo. While there is a bold print and a drop waist, the dress doesn't have a true drop waist—it's still fitted through her body. So, she takes elements from the 1960s style and applies it to the context of her body. I don't think it would like as effortless if she wore this iteration of the 1960s drop waist dress.

Exhibit D: The Bang Fallacy

I've also heard people cite her bangs as a reason why she can't be a classic type. Well, I think that's just silly! If you're not familiar, the argument is that her appearance is enhanced by her bangs. The argument goes further to say that if she was truly a classic type, her appearance would be made worse by having bangs.
Personally, I think that she looks great with bangs, but I also think that she looks great without bangs. A lot of people use this photo as an example of how her appearance is improved by bangs. However, I think it’s a tad unfair to use this photo because although she still looks beautiful in this photo, this isn’t her most flattering look. I think that has to do more with the asymmetry in her look (the one-shoulder dress and the severe side part with a side chignon), than it has to do with her lack of bangs. I also think that part of the reason why this photo is so shocking is that we are used to seeing her with bangs. Contrast that look with this headshot taken around the time of the Elf premier when she didn't have bangs. I think this headshot shows that she looks beautiful without bangs as well.
So I feel that she doesn’t necessaryily need the asymmetry that bangs offer, like some FGs might require. Instead, I think that it helps to make her retro style pop, and therefore her overall style is made more cohesive by the inclusion of bangs. Again, this comes back to a style vs. type debate. Her style is improved by the inclusion of bangs, but she doesn't necessarily need bangs to improve her overall appearance.

Exhibit E: E is for Essence

To that end, I also think that some of the misidentification of her type is rooted in a conflation between Jess from New Girl and Zooey Deschanel. People will also point to Zooey's quirky, playful essence as further evidence of her being FG. I also disagree with this point because I think that FG essence is a bit more bold. I've heard FGs being described as brassy. Perhaps she comes across as a bit more bold while playing her character Jess, but I think her natural personality is just a hair more reserved. Here is an interview with her, where you can see a bit of her natural personality (well as natural as you can be while on a talk show I suppose). She's definitely playful and funny, but in a slightly quiet way. Even her voice is soft a bit lilting. If anything, I feel that her essence plays into more of the ingenue type.
Contrast her interview with this one with Nicole Richie. I feel like this better exemplifies the boldness and brassiness of a Flamboyant Gamine. Not that everyone has to act like Nicole Richie to be a FG, but there is a certain quality to Nicole Richie that feels fundamentally dissimilar to the quality of Zooey Deschanel. Another counter example is Emma Roberts, who I feel also has a FG essence. In this interview, you can see how she and Nicole have different personalities, but share a similar quality in their presence and feel more similar to each other than Zooey feels similar to either of them.
This isn’t to say that your essence has to match your type—there are tons of a examples of mismatched types and essences, one being Audrey Hepburn and another being Emma Watson. I say this to point out that I also disagree with the assessment of Zooey having a FG essence. So, the argument that she is FG because she has a FG essence also seem inaccurate to me. If you think that Zooey is FG because she’s playful and funny, spoiler alert: other essences can be playful and funny too, not just Gamines! It’s just that different essences express that playfulness and humor differently.


All of this is to say that I'm just not compelled by the argument that Zooey Deschanel is FG. I sometimes feel like people over-intellectualize the Kibbe system (oh the irony of me saying this in my post!). Like, if you go by your gut and compare Zooey to a list of other FGs, she seems like the odd one out—even if she is Kibbe verified. I also feel like when we type people based on these sort of intangible aspects instead of what is right in front of us, it makes it difficult for people to type themselves and makes the system more confusing than it needs to be.
I don't know why I care about this so much, it literally does not matter at all. Well, expect for the fact that it matters more than anything ever. If you made it through this long manifesto, what do you think? Am I totally off base? Am I missing something really obvious and important? Are there other celebrities that you feel are often given the wrong type? I'm very curious.
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2021.02.13 01:01 anonourmouse Ranking/rating idols as fashion models (a very long follow-up to UKO post)

Edit: This is actually more about editorial modeling, i.e. the modeling done for magazine photoshoots. I realize the title is a bit misleading. I’m a bit brain dead after writing this so forgive me lol
Hi! I recently posted on UKO saying “most idols are pretty bad at modeling,” and since I got quite a few people asking about my opinions on different idols, I thought I would just post some of my rankings here. If you’re curious about what makes a good model, I go over it in my original post.
Important: I’m putting some notes at the end of this post to further explain my rankings, so if you have any questions, complaints, etc. please read those before commenting!


  1. Jennie - As I said in my original post, she has some great expressions and a great variety of interesting poses. Her confidence is also excellent. 9/10 Best photo
  2. Lisa - poses are creative but sometimes awkward and repetitive, expressions are lacking. Decent confidence. 6/10 Best photo
  3. Jisoo - expressions are pretty good but her poses are very safe and generally boring. She’s clearly more comfortable in certain shoots than others. 4.5/10 Best photo
  4. Rosé (x) - she’s got 1.5 expressions but her poses are quite good. Confidence is definitely improving. 4/10 Best photo


  1. J-Hope (x) - His facial expressions are always on point and you can clearly see his personality in almost every photo. His poses are pretty good as well, and he's very confident. 9/10 Best photo
  2. V - Great poses, good expressions though lacking in variety, definitely confident. 8.5/10 Best photo
  3. RM - Great expressions but poses are generally lacking. Good confidence. 6.5/10 Best photo
  4. Suga - Decent poses and expressions, confidence is inconsistent. 6/10 Best photo
  5. Jungkook - Not a lot of different expressions or poses, but some of each. Good confidence. 5/10 Best photo
  6. Jimin - Man’s got one (1) expression, brooding pout. A couple good poses and good confidence. Much better suited to a runway. 2.5/10 Best photo
  7. Jin - Like Jimin he has just one expression, but unlike Jimin he seems uncomfortable on camera. His poses are also pretty boring. 1.5/10 Best photo


  1. Kai - Relies a little too much on the brooding pout in my opinion, but he makes up for it with his unique and relaxed poses and he doesn't shy away from playing with his clothes, props, face, etc. 10/10 Best photo
  2. Lay - Not a lot of variety in his expressions but his poses are nice. Confident. 6.5/10 Best photo
  3. Suho - Good variety in poses but nothing too exciting. Expressions aren’t bad, and he seems pretty confident. 6/10 Best photo
  4. Xiumin - Good poses and pretty confident but lacking in expressions. 5/10 Best photo
  5. Baekhyun - Good poses and doesn’t shy away from props but he has roughly 1 expression. Confidence seems to be improving. 4.5/10 Best photo
  6. Chanyeol - Expressions could definitely be more diverse but his poses aren't bad. Seems to lack confidence. 4/10 Best photo
  7. D.O - Poses aren’t bad but he’s virtually expressionless most of the time. Somewhat adventurous and comfortable in front of a camera, which is why he's slightly above Sehun. 3/10 Best photo
  8. Sehun (x) - Another case of one-expressionism, generally uninspired poses. Some good prop/clothing interaction. Probably better on a runway. 3/10 Best photo
  9. Chen - I’m literally begging these men to get some facial expressions, lol. Chen’s poses are also pretty uncreative, and he looks kind of awkward most of the time. I only found one interesting photo of him. 1.5/10 Best photo

NCT 127

  1. Taeyong - Amazing diversity in his expressions and poses. He can make any pose look fluid and natural. He’s also the most consistent idol in his camera engagement and expressiveness that I’ve seen. 10/10 Best photo
  2. Jaehyun - Very good poses and confidence. Definitely has a go-to expression (the infamous brooding pout) but mixes it up occasionally. A bit awkward with props sometimes. 8.5/10 Best photo
  3. Haechan - Poses and expressions are pretty good but safe. Quite confident, great with props. 7/10 Best photo
  4. Taeil - 1.5 expressions but his poses are pretty diverse and occasionally even daring, though not as much recently. Pretty confident as well. 5/10 Best photo
  5. Yuta - Poses are decent and natural-looking but he basically has 1 expression. Seems quite confident. 4.5/10 Best photo
  6. Winwin (yes I’m including him) - Expressions are okay but unvaried, though his poses are nice. Slightly above Mark for more confidence. 4/10 Best photo
  7. Mark (x) - Some variety in poses and expressions but nothing too daring. Not very confident. 4/10 Best photo
  8. Jungwoo - Poses are pretty repetitive and safe but rarely awkward. Expressions are lacking. Slightly above Doyoung for looking a bit more comfortable on camera. 2.5/10 Best photo
  9. Doyoung - Poses are somewhat adventurous but often awkward, not a lot of variety in expressions. Decent confidence. 2.5/10 Best photo (the GQ photoshoot saved us all lol)
  10. Johnny - 1.5 expressions, poses are generally very safe and often a bit stiff. Decent confidence, might make a good runway model. 2/10 Best photo

Red Velvet

  1. Seulgi - Decent expressions, great poses. She plays it a little too safe for me and sometimes looks a bit awkward but she has good variety. 7.5/10 Best photo
  2. Joy - Poses and expressions are good but rarely daring. Seems confident but unadventurous. 7/10 Best photo
  3. Yeri - Poses aren’t bad but are very safe, expressions are a bit monotonous. 5/10 Best photo
  4. Wendy - Poses aren’t bad but a bit boring and her expressions are just okay. She has decent confidence. 4/10 Best photo
  5. Irene - Her poses are kinda boring and stiff and she’s virtually expressionless most of the time. Interestingly she seems most comfortable when modeling with other people. 3/10 Best photo

Stray Kids

  1. Hyunjin - Poses and expressions are a bit safe but good, and he’s very confident. Good in front of a camera but probably better on a runway. 7/10 Best photo
  2. Seungmin - Poses and expressions are pretty diverse but quite boring. Good confidence. 4.5/10 Best photo
  3. Bang Chan (x) - 1.5 expressions. Poses are repetitive but relatively adventurous. Seems pretty confident. 4/10 Best photo
  4. Han - Expressions aren't bad but a bit boring, poses are okay but often awkward. Lower than Chan for lack of confidence. 4/10 Best photo
  5. I.N - 1 expression but poses are nice. Lots of potential but lacking confidence, though he seems to be improving in that. 3.5/10 Best photo
  6. Lee Know - 1.5 expressions and poses are quite boring, especially for a dancer. Pretty good confidence. 3/10 Best photo
  7. Changbin - Poses and expressions aren’t bad but are pretty repetitive, and poses are often awkward. Low confidence. 2.5/10 Best photo
  8. Felix - Poses generally look stiff and unnatural, expressions are okay but monotonous. He lacks confidence and often seems vaguely uncomfortable. 1.5/10 Best photo


  1. Nayeon - Good, diverse poses, and expressions aren't bad. Great confidence. (Note: originally had her lower but then discovered her Cosmopolitan shoot!) 7/10 Best photo
  2. Jihyo - Poses are good and expressions are decent if a bit repetitive. Good confidence. 6.5/10 Best photo
  3. Sana - Expressions aren’t very diverse but poses are pretty good. Good confidence. 6/10 Best photo
  4. Chaeyoung - Poses are pretty good but she’s got roughly 1 expression. Good confidence. 4/10 Best photo
  5. Jeongyeon - Poses are occasionally adventurous but awkward, expressions have almost no diversity. Slightly above Mina for more daring poses. 2.5/10 Best photo
  6. Mina - Expressions are boring, poses are somewhat interesting but often awkward. Decent confidence. 2.5/10 Best photo
  7. Dahyun - Expressions are boring and poses are safe. Confidence varies. Slightly above Momo for more diverse poses. 2/10 Best photo
  8. Momo - 1.5 expressions and poses are boring. Decent confidence. 2/10 Best photo
  9. Tzuyu - 1 expression, poses are stiff and basic. Low confidence. 1.5/10 Best photo


  1. Dawn + Hyuna - Incredible apart, perfection together. Never boring, almost never awkward. Undisputed king and queen of idol models. 11/10 Best photo together, impossible to choose their best photos apart sorry
  2. G-Dragon - Expressions can be a bit monotonous, but other than that he's flawless. Supreme confidence. 9.5/10 Impossible to pick a best picture so here he is playing with a cat
  3. T.O.P - Poses are a bit basic but pretty diverse, and his expressions are great if a little repetitive (he relies on his eyebrows too much lol). Slightly above Sunmi for being more confident. 8/10 Best photo
  4. Sunmi - Poses are good and diverse but not particularly bold. Expressions are good, occasionally excellent. Good confidence. 8/10 Best photo
  5. Somi - Expressions are good but a little repetitive. Poses are quite creative but sometimes awkward. Good confidence. 7/10 Best photo
  6. Taemin - Expressions are pretty boring and monotonous, poses are good but not very exciting. Decent confidence. Probably amazing on a runway. 4/10 Best photo


Whew this is long. If you read all of it, thank you!
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2021.01.27 17:58 bobsmon Vanessa Hudgens Wears Gingham Bra - West Hollywood 08/29/2017 • CelebMafia

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2020.12.21 23:04 Pegaret Kibbe ID: starting point or ending point? Featuring Mae West, Natalie Portman and Rachel McAdams

So there is a lot that I don't know about the whole world of Kibbe - I am not a Strictly Kibbe member so you must excuse my ignorance - but it is nonetheless interesting to read discussions on different celebrity typings. And I think the question that emerges for me from these discussions is...
Perhaps someone better versed in his philosophy can answer.
So for instance, some see Mae West as having the petite curves of a Romantic. If I view a Kibbe ID as a beginning point I can sort of follow this reasoning, R seems a sensible deduction starting with an impersonal list of physical dimensions.
However, when Mae West is fully DRESSED, when she is most HERSELF (at least in the sense of how she is perceived by her viewing public) she is possibly one of the most extreme embodiments of what SD can mean: outsize sweeping drama & opulence. The result of certified R Marilyn Monroe adopting similar extravagance would be that her delicate, cherubic qualities would be outshone rather than amplified.
So Kibbe's typing of Mae West makes sense to me from an end point perspective - her physical and personal presence lends itself to this larger-than-life creative mode of expression.
So with celebrities, do we need to start at the end? In their 'final form'?
Then, viewing someone like Natalie Portman from this end point perspective, what do I see? To me, visually her presence projects a poised serenity. Physically, yes, I note her petite-ness and her elfin features, but they are not accompanied by the juxtaposed & feisty visual feast of a gamine type. Her look is SOOO easily unbalanced by the slightest excess of anything - its doesn't take much to be too severe, too loose, too fussy, too ...much.
As a star, to me she is most herself when her style supports this sense of serenity and restraint. Her most iconic form of elegance entails detail and fuss and movement and visual interruptions to be stripped away.
So its not her list of physical elements or proportions so much as Nataile's capacity to WERK the timeless dignity of classic styling* (to me, she is essentially a short, pure classic as I don't see the need to pick a yang or yin direction) that merits foremost consideration. So, I accept that this could be my personal taste, and others might prefer Natalie in a much more disjointed, vibrant approach.
So then, for someone like Rachel McAdams, it is less clear. I think she has qualities that give her some latitude when it comes to believably pulling off a wider variety of 'characters' and I think she doesn't "do" the Old Hollywood-style pick-an-ID-and-run-with-it thing. At this stage I'm inclined to go with the idea that, if someone isn't neatly fitting in any category, and has a moderate height and vertical line, they miiiiiight be a Classic, and thus can do a little of everything, and I perceive some extra drama in Rachel that makes me feel like DC is a potential fit???
But the key thing is that Rachel McAdams, to me, hasn't really dug into my neural pathways with a specific iconic form of styling, the way Mae West's grandeur and Natalie Portman's perfect ballerina princess style has. So its less useful looking at her as an 'ending point' perhaps?
So in conclusion, what I am attempting to say is that for me, the art of Kibbe is understanding more than what you are - it's about understanding what about you needs to be emphasised. Mae West is short, but dressing to highlight littleness would mean aspects of her dramatic physicality might look chunky or unwieldy, rather than majestic. Natalie Portman is tiny and elfin, but accentuating these aspects with lots of visual noise and broken lines would, in the end, detract from her grace (IMHO).
In studying ourselves, I believe our most iconic qualities are not obviously tied to physical dimensions so much as the specific yin/yang manifestation, which is harder and more frustrating to deduce, and will at times seemingly defy logic.
edit: just thought it might be interesting to look at this
*not that gamines, or any type, can't be elegant, but how this elegance is achieved I feel is different for each type
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2020.10.31 23:44 ComicGirl31 Using the test on Skai Jackson (just for fun!)

I know that the test isn't official anymore :) I'm just trying to train my eye to understand yin and yang better, so I thought it be fun to pick celebrities and see how the test determines their image ID!
1) How long is Skai's vertical line?
My answer: C Standing by herself, I think she looks moderate to slightly tall. I didn't know she was short until I saw her on Dancing With The Stars.
2) Shape of Skai's shoulders:
My answer: C Her shoulders
3) Skai's arms and legs:
My answer: A You can see how elongated and narrow her arms and legs look here
4) The size of Skai’s hands and feet:
My answer: E. It was hard to find a picture of her hands, but these are a few that I chose: 1 2 I would say that her hands are small, but slightly wide. They might also be answer “D” hands.
5) Overall shape of Skai’s body:
My answer: A. Here’s a photo of her in workout clothes. She has little waist definition or curve. Granted, she’s not finished growing! But she doesn’t lean “broad towards muscular”, either. I chose “A” because her bust is small to average, her waist is narrow, and her hips seem straight and it looks the shorts are what’s highlighting any curve in that area.
6) Shape of Skai’s bust line / upper torso:
My answer: C. I don’t know if this works, but since Skai isn’t finished growing I decided to look at pictures of her mother to gauge what Skai MIGHT look like if she possibly put on a little more weight. Skai and her mom could pass for sisters.
7) Overall shape of Skai’s hips:
My answer: C. For this answer I think you’re supposed to look at the same image that you were looking at in question 6.
8) What best describes the flesh on Skai’s upper arms and thighs?
My answer: D. This is super hard to gauge with just a photo! But I think that here her arms looks slightly short and soft.
9) Shape of Skai’s jawline:
My answer: B. Here’s a photo of her face up close. I’ll be using the picture for the rest of her face answers. Here her jawline looks broad, blunt, and slightly wide.
10) Shape of Skai’s nose:
My answer: E.
11) Shape of Skai’s cheekbones:
My answer: B, since Skai’s cheekbones are wide.
12) Skai’s eyes:
My answer: E, probably some of the most “E” eyes I’ve ever seen :)
13) Shape of Skai’s lips:
My answer: E
14) The flesh on Skai’s cheekbones:
My answer: D, since it seems like Skai’s cheek flesh might get fleshier with added weight, but will never get sleeker than it is now!
Skai has an equal number of C and E answers (C = E = 4). She also has an equal number of A, B, and D answers (A = B = D = 2). Her facial bone and flesh answers (questions 9 to 14) are a mix of B, D, and E answers (E = 3, B = 2, D = 1). Her body bone and flesh answers (questions 1 to 8) are a mix of everything (C = 4, A = 2, D = 1, E = 1). It seems like most of Skai’s yin is in her face, and most of her yang is in her body. Since Kibbe currently recommends that we should ignore our faces when trying to figure out our image ID, I think that Skai Jackson counts as a Soft Classic, and that she may probably settle into being a Soft Classic when she’s older.
What do you think? :)
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2020.08.12 17:58 HbdreamsB What type is Yael Grobglas? (5'7)

Yael Grobglas
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2020.08.03 18:51 csuporka short SN and SG differences only in their "head-size"?

I am confused a bit. I sometimes mistype Soft Gamines to Soft Naturals because of their angularity. I was wondering: the easiest way to differentiate these two types are their head size? Maybe it sounds a bit stupid, but is there any Soft Gamine who doesnt have a prominent jawline or doll like "big-head"?
For comparsion Short SNs: Hilary Duff Betty Grable
Soft Gamines with more angular shoulders: Lucy Hale Judy Garland Susan Hayward
and a real mystery to me: Eva Longoria, is she some type of Gamine or a Soft Natural?
Thank you in advance for any helpful comment!
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2020.05.30 04:23 Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwee Does anyone know where this chain bracelet of ScarJo's from?

That she wore on the Los Angeles Jojo Rabbit conference, the gold chain one, which brand specifically, it comes from?
Source of picture: https://celebmafia.com/scarlett-johansson-jojo-rabbit-press-conference-in-beverly-hills-2172914/
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2020.05.19 21:57 alinatu Little Shoulders Clarification

I've notices that shoulders continue to come up, and I decided to maybe explain the yin/yang of them more in detail.
*Disclaimer: shoulders are just a single body part. They hint your yin and yang, but do not determine your type.
Shouldeupper back lines:
This explains it pretty well: Reference. broad = yang, sloped = yin, regular = neither, narrow = yin
Sloped (Yin) vs Straight, another Straight (Kibbe said straight shoulders means width = Yang. It is visible better in the photos above) vs Tapered/Regular (balanced)
Shoulder edges:
We can also pay attention to the actual shape of the bone to give us even more clues :) Rounded bones are pretty rare, but they will signify yin presence.
Another thing to notice is where does your shoulder bone end, compared to the collar bone. In this example, you can see that Jane Russels's shoulders are more 'yang' in the way they are slightly upturned in the edge. Upturned above the collar bones, which adds to width and sometimes adds to a sharper look as well. Marylin shoulders on the other hand, are very narrow (yin), sloped (yin) and are not upturned (not adding yang).
That's all I have! Feel free to add more info in the comments - but just remembers that shoulders don't make or break a type, they're more like a clue. ScarJo has narrow, sloping shoulders with moderate edges but she's still under SN.
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2020.04.17 21:14 p0ebel Another Lady Gaga Thread

Hey, I read in this thread https://www.reddit.com/Kibbe/comments/ejb11x/someone_suggested_in_another_thread_that_lady/ that Lady Gaga could be typed as a FG. I think I need more explanation, because I think I see more flesh? I am pretty new in the Kibbe thing obv, but my first guess would have been SG. This is important to me as I identify with her body lol and Ik you shouldn't give celebrities too much attention, but our bodies are very similiar.
Escpecially because of the Bikini pics I thought she could be a SG or something else including soft. Or do you think it looks like that because she gained a little weight? Because I don't necessarily think so, I just think she worked out less. (Edit because of typos)
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