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Llevo tu luz y tu aroma en mi piel

2011.08.31 23:57 ahotw The Appalachian Trail

NOBO? SOBO? Flip-Flopper? Section hiker? Aspiring hiker? If you've hiked or are planning on hiking the "AT", this is the place for you.

2019.12.30 20:02 charliegriefer ArizonaWhiskey

A place for like-minded AZ folks to discuss their favorite bottles of Whiskey, Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, etc. Help on finding those elusive bottles. Discussion on Arizona restaurants/bars/stores with a good selection of whiskies.

2023.05.28 18:42 nbutski1 Question on pullet introduction

I have integrated older pullets (16 weeks +) into my flock once before and had zero issues. This time I decided to raise chicks for the first time. They are 7 weeks old so I’m am thinking of integrating them into the flock in the next week or so (we live in the South and the weather is nice and warm here). I had the chicks spend some time penned off in the run yesterday to see how my hens would react and they came up to see them at first but then ignored them after a first look and the pullets wanted to get out of the pen and into the big run with the hens. Everyone (chicks and hens) are vaccinated given that my hens didn’t seem too interested in the pullets should I just put them all together?
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2023.05.28 18:41 thestargazed Best camera for my setup?

Hi, I got an 8 inch dobsonian on a lazy Suzy AZ setup. I know I won’t be able to do a lot of astro photography without an EQ setup. But I like to take some picture of the moon and the planets if I can.. I’m looking for an camera that is relative cheap but good enough to use for future setups. And possibly a way to transfer image to my iPad or phone. What should I get? Which camera do you recommend? I’m kind of low on funds for a bit.
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2023.05.28 18:40 JakeFlat7 Real estate prices on the Peninsula

I moved here in the past five years and, the one thing I can't wrapped my head around, is the price of homes in the Atherton / PA / MP area.
I mean, I get the super high prices in SF or Marin (or NYC, Boston, Miami, Paris, London, etc). There are things to do. The buildings have history. Outside of weather and nice schools, there is nothing to do in these expensive towns in South Bay. They aren't architectural interesting or on large lots. For what you get, these homes seem to be the most overpriced real estate in the world.
Now for 25% of the average price, I'd get it.
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2023.05.28 18:35 thaslaya [US-CA][H]Switch games bundle [W] PayPal

Want to sell to get funds for different hobby. Only interested in selling as a bundle for now. Asking $450 FF shipped CONUS.
Here is my list of games:
Astria Ascending Persona 5 Royal Persona 5 Strikers Hyrule Warriors AOC (loose) South Park TFBW The Outer Worlds Assassins Creed Collection Fate/extella link Fire Emblem 3 houses Sakuna of Rice and Ruin Pokemon Pearl FF9 (loose) Digimon story cyber sleuth Battle chasers nightwar Valkyria chronicles 4 Ni no kuni Ni no kuni 2 Tokyo mirage sessions Aegis 13 sentinels Cris tales FF X/X2 unused code Dragon ball fighterz Dragon ball z kakarot
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2023.05.28 18:35 Medium-Plankton-4540 Fine, you win. And I know I was wrong.

You win guys. I said I fucked up. Yeah, I sucked backing at night and bad weather. And while I made sure to be safe, and never got a traffic infraction, never sped, never tried to get on my exit at last minute, I guess I'm a danger on society. I hoped I'd at least fine advice, and genuine feedback, but was met with insults on this subreddit, and insults. You win, I'll quit trucking. Just let some steer wheel holder take my place, on his phone, blocking fuel islands, and turning without checking his mirrors. What bitterness I had has been replaced by spite. Enjoy a industry that doesn't give one fuck about you. Continued to be plagued by incompetent drivers, desk drivers who make up laws to screw you over, and a fractured unity between truckers. What you people see in this industry, I'll never know. For me, it was the freedom of the road, the new locations, and meeting a bunch of nice people. I'm done. Everything is out to get you, and God forbid that I fuck up, trying to teach myself how to truck, where those in the industry don't. Shit, port of NJ/NYC don't tell you jack shit.
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2023.05.28 18:33 DragunovaSvetlana More little people

A woman catches two little grays in fraganti, while having a midnite snack.
Some of these childhood posts reminded me of a lifelong mystery that has stuck with me.
When I was a small boy I lived in an old house on a street corner in a rural part of the country back in the mountains. My bedroom was on the corner of the house on a hillside, and out of my bedside window was a street that went up the hill, and a small bit of yard between it and the window.
I vividly remember a series of reoccurring dreams over a period of years. I would awaken in the middle of the night to a bright light outside of my window, and a buzzing sound. I would be compelled to get out of bed, no matter the weather outside, and hurry out through the front door of the house. I would rush down the dozen or so front stairs and run around the side of the house towards the light. As soon as I would round the corner, the light, a blinding blue white beam, would shine on me and paralyze me, and then I would convulse and tip my head back. I would black out.
I would awaken in my bed in the morning, remembering the dream, and feel like I hadn’t slept at all. It happened many times over years until I became a teenager. It just stopped and largely faded out as remembered secret nightmare I never shared.
Fast forward ten or so years later and I had moved out as an adult. My mother and father still lived there. My mother liked to have a midnight snack and would creep into the kitchen, and stand by the kitchen window that overlooks the same road.
One night, she was there in the dark having some toast. The streetlight was casting a soft glow over the road and something caught her eye. Walking down the road from the top of the hill were two little people. They were the stereotypical little greys. She watched them calmly walk side by side, chirping like birds. As they neared, They suddenly stopped and slowly turned their heads to the window and looked at her for a moment. She was frozen with fear. They both then crouched down and began running on all fours down the hill and into the woods towards the river.
She didn’t sleep that night and couldn’t believe what she saw. In her 60s, she wasn’t interested in paranormal or supernatural things in the least. Yet, here was something in front of her. She was deeply disturbed and serious as a heart attack when she told me.
So… two odd things on that country street.
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2023.05.28 18:33 Zantra3000 GRINPA near Mount Fuji can get very foggy this time of year.

I found this picture on Twitter, and it shows what Sylvanian Park looks like in GRINPA during foggy weather. GRINPA is a Japanese theme park near the base of Mount Fuji. And, is one of the last remaining places to find a Sylvanian Theme Park in Japan. Most of the videos that you will find on YouTube for a Sylvanian Theme Park will have been filmed at GRINPA.
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2023.05.28 18:30 Final_Camera1030 Does anyone have any info on who made the music in this video?

I was searching for covers for Ezio's Family since I'm obsessed with this franchise's soundtrack (6.10 GB of AC music as of right now) and I've stumbled upon a video that is a music and sound redesign of the Mirage announcement, I really like the music in it and want to contact the creator for a non SFX version, but the channel has no description. This is the only video on the channel and comments are disabled because the video is labeled for kids. The description says the sound and music was made by a 'Tony Joseph', but I couldn't find anything relating to AC or music about Tony Joseph. Is there a way to contact the channel creator?
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2023.05.28 18:26 xiantez Covert Gaming New Horizons Creative Build Noclip Spawns

Need Game Hosting Service? <--Click here for 15% off Rust server hosting for the first month. Use the code 'LINCOLN'
This is a friendly and peaceful server. The admins are very helpful and we encourage the same from our community. This is a creative server that supports spawning items, god mode, and noclip (fly), and much more! We are looking for active players who like to design, build, and share their ideas with others!
Wipe Schedule
Soft wipe weekly (donators excluded)
Hard wipe monthly.
- Fly
- Menu GUI
- F1 Item Spawns
- God Mode
- Free Skins
- Friends
- Custom weather and time
- Fast Building Upgrades
- Custom Sign & Picture Art
- Private Messaging
- Instant Crafting and Smelting
- Teleportation
- Homes
- Storage Bank
- In-Game Crosshairs
- Wound Recovery (self-help)
- Build Costs
How to join?!
Click this link if you have Steam installed steam://connect/
Server Browser: Search in the ‘New Horizons”
Discord: [](
Website: [](
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2023.05.28 18:25 Erik1801 Fusion Propulsion with no Reactors - Hard Sci Fi concept critique request

Hello there,
so, i have been working on some logistics as off recently for a novel. Plot, arcs etc. are all pretty well down and i want to focus some time on the whole Space travel aspect. For the few pages it will be important xD Might as well. In doing so, i stumbled upon an idea which probably has been used already but i couldn't find it. So if what i am about to describe sounds familiar, let us known ! A quick disclaimer, for the following i want the concept to be judged on its feasibility and hardness. If it doesn't work because of XYZ, let us know :D
Setup Fairly simple, in this post i attempted to describe an Interstellar Transport System, ITS for shot because everything needs an acronym. The super TLDR is that we use a load of mirrors to create a very strong beams, which we focus on a big ass mirror. Photon pressure will then speed the ship up to half the speed of light. I changed aspects and specifics about this system since duo to the feedback. But the idea is identical. "Big ass beams tossing giant frisbee around". Though, after the rework the entire system is ~8 times weaker. Because the ship´s weigh less now. Only 2,6 Million tons :D Regardless, this is what we have as a setup. a giant Stelaser, or SPA in world, which can produce really powerful focused beams.
The Multiple Scattering Pulsed Fusion idk thrusters welp So i don't really have a name for it. But the idea is in this sim;
We have, a funnel or Bell. What we do is actually fairly simple, notice how all the light rays kind of clump up at the throat ? Well, the idea is that if we send a really powerful beam into the funnel / thruster, the light will accumulate in a focal point.
Now, in Universe they don't have commercial fusion because the more research i do the more impossible Fusion seems. Impossible as in commercially viable in any capacity. Seriously watch this guys videos on the matter. It is depressing. Anyways, with a sufficiently powerful beam and the smallest focal point possible this funnel would essentially turn into a Inertial confinement fusion reactor. Right, we "just" shoot pallets into the focal point off hell, where they fuse, expanding rapidly and pushing themselves out of the funnel to provide thrust.
Maybe it would look like this ?
Yes the radiators should be at like a billion degrees, this just gets the concept across
With a design like this
Now, one issue most people will quickly see is that this kind of ship by default can only fly away from its energy source. However, this should be easy to fix. Ish. What we can do is use mirrors inside the funnel which can basically change their Index of Refraction (So the mirrors would have to be dielectric with multiple layers) in such a way that all the energy inside the funnel gets concentrated into the light tunnel. This would require some pieces inside the Thruster to physically move as well to bounce light into the tunnel. Or at least some of it. The light tunnel can then increase the energy density more to enable Fusion on the other side as well. This way, the design could fly towards and away from its energy source. Which of course also means it could actually be useful. One downside is that such a ship would always have to roughly point at its energy source. Which will limit where it can go. But for a cargo ship that should be manageable.
Aside from the suspiciously strong mirrors (I checked it in the other post, in terms of numbers you can make mirrors that could survive the energy densities required. But idk how this would work with Fusion. Ideally you would want the Fusion to happen in a wavelength your mirrors are designed to reflect 99.999%. Which is doable with dielectrics if stupidly expensive), a bigger concern is Radiation.
This kind of Fusion is, for the lack of a better term, cancer juice. From what i can tell, there is a 0% chance you can get Aneutronic Fusion going with this, it just requires to much energy. So you would have to use Hydrogen which is going to by ugly. In the image you can not really see it but I surrounded the focal line / volume with about 10 meters of stuff. The force of the Fusion itself shouldn't be a problem, because this aint going at 10G. As far as i can tell, just because you have a certain limit in terms of Radiator capacity, you could not accelerate fast enough for the force of the pallets imploding to become an issue. You would die from radiation way before that.
My guess is ~0.1 - 0.3G maybe. But it really depends on the ship mass, exact energy density etc.
I left the biggest issue for last. The angle of incidence. The ship pictured here has a wide throat opening of 28 meters and a length of 200 meters. Dielectric mirrors work really well in a narrow range of incidence angles. Some products on the market rn have 99.95% at +-10 Degrees. Which is amazing ! But in our case the incidence range is somewhat wider. around the +-80 degrees. Which is really bad.
Now i hear you ask "But Erik, why do we want the light to bounce around, wouldn't it be smarter to only bounce once into a focal point ? And yes, it would be. Please find me a shape that does that xD I have yet to find a shape which would work. The issue is we need the fusion to happen inside the Funnel. If the focal point is outside the Thruster, the Fusion event wont transfer any momentum to the ship. Keep in mind, in this specific configuration the Pallets we shoot into the beam of death carry like no momentum compared to the ship. It is the fusion product expanding inside the thruster that pushes us.
In the worst case, this concept would have to bite the bullet and lower the energy density until dielectrics can get the job done at the required range. From my sim´s, each light ray on average bounces 23 times before getting the fuck out of there.
Overall, idk. To me it seems in terms of pure logic this should work. But so should Fusion reactors. And where are we with those ? So, i hope i have explained the idea well enough for people to judge weather or not this is feasible, even at low accelerations of say 0.05m/s². My prediction is that it either works or there is a critical flaw which would turn the ship into a supernova. Nothing in-between.
Thanks for reading and have a nice day !
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2023.05.28 18:23 NeedATruckThrowaway 2014 Toyota Tacoma base vs 2012 GMC Canyon Off-Road/Z71

I'm looking at two different trucks, I haven't test driven either, but plan to do that when lots open back up this week. I need help figuring out which is the better deal.
Option 1: 2014 Toyota Tacoma, 127k miles, $13,500. It's a regulasingle cab with a 4 banger and rwd. It's also yellow, which is.... Unfortunate.
Option 2: 2012 GMC Canyon, 109k miles, $13,000. It's an ext cab, and it's the Off-Road/Z71 package, so 5 cyl with 4x4.
Pros of option 1: it's a tacoma, which is a better made truck. It's damn-near impossible to find a Toyota truck that new, with that mileage, for under $15k where I'm at. It's also not super likely I'd need anything more than a 4 cyl, since i realistically just need a vehicle with a bed that runs. Cons: it's more expensive and more miles than the Canyon with less features. And, again, someone painted the poor bastard yellow...
Pros of option 2: cheaper than the tacoma, less miles, 4x4 is great to have in bad weather, more cab room, it's a normal color. Cons: it's not a toyota, it's a little older, it feels weird to pass on a tacoma at that price.
Both trucks are in great shape from what i can tell and have clean titles. What do you guys think?
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2023.05.28 18:19 itsmorphintime123 something i made a bit ago with the photoreal wens suit

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2023.05.28 18:19 xXArsonFrogXx i need some help

Hi, last year around spring break I was out on a walk when I saw a newly hatched turtle, caked in mud, and fully dried out. It seemed he was trying I cross the road, but didn't make it all the way.
I was always taught to just help them across and keep on moving, but the house across the street had highly aggressive dogs. Being the dumb fool I am, I brought him home with the intentions of taking him to a wildlife rescue.
Unfortunately, after buying all the supplies needed to house him, I started to grow attached and because I still live at home my parents told me should keep him.
Against my better judgment, I did. I know this is very wrong and I messed up, but I don't want my little guy to have to suffer because I'm a dumb human.
His name is Tydeus, like the word tide combined with Deus ex Machina, because when I got him I was going through a hard time and he brought lots of joy into my life. He is a little over a year old, and is a Western Painted Turtle. His carapace measures about 3.5-4 inches. He currently lives in a 35g setup with a sponge filter for a 60g tank, and proper lighting. He is very healthy and friendly, thought he doesn't like eating his vegetables most days. I feed him on varied turtle pellets, mealworms and crickets, varied greens, and occasional fruits such as strawberries and blueberries. Is a very voracious eater, and has no trouble with eating.
He is extremely friendly and social, he knows his name and enjoys being gently pet on his shell. Every time someone walks past his tank he always stops whatever he's doing to come to the edge and greet them.
He is so absolutely perfect and I feel terrible that I need to rehome him as he is my responsibility and I was the one who wrongly took him from the wild.
I'm just struggling to care for him with all the work of highschool, and I'm worried I wouldn't find an apartment that allows aquatic turtles when I go to college. I am a reptie keeper, I have a leopard gecko, I've had a two other rescue geckos, a toad, and a multitude of inverts along with them. I know how to care for him, I'm not in the position to give him the care he deserves.
He's aquatic, and this is my first time keeping an aquatic animal, and due to the fact I found him on spring break, and summer break came relatively quickly, I was able to keep up with water changes and tank cleanings.
I thought because I balanced my other reptiles with school, I could with him too. Over the winter I realized I was wrong. Keeping up with school work, water changes, and prepping for college, alongside giving him the enrichment and socialization he deserves was just too much for me.
He doesn't get water changes as often as he needs, and he rarely comes out to explore and get natural UVB rays. I feel terrible and I know how irresponsible this is, but he deserves to have a good home and life even thought I'm a stupid human who can't give it to him.
Because of this I need him to go to a good home. He has such a big personality and deserves the whole wide world. I won't charge any fees for him, because it's my fault he needs a new place to go, and I'm happy to provide some financial support- as much as I can without a job.
I just want him to have a good life, and I feel I'm not the right fit for him in this stage of my life, I just want to try and take responsibility for my prior mistakes and ensure I can give him everything he deserves.
I live in the Lenexa, Kansas area and an happy to make a short drive or to ship him (as long as the weather permits it)
Thanks for reading my long post- sorry again that my mistakes lead to this.
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2023.05.28 18:18 Lonelycowboy89 There is no house in the ocean.

The idea of a house is a result of our mind. It is a thing that humans have created. It is a tool that helps us protect ourselves from weather such as rain and wind. We need a house to survive. But there is no house for us in the ocean. The ocean is a hostile environment for us. We are land animals. We need the land to survive. The ocean is a hostile and dangerous place for us. There is no house in the ocean.
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2023.05.28 18:11 autotldr U.S., Saudi Arabia call for extended ceasefire in Sudan

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 67%. (I'm a bot)
Clashes could be heard overnight and on Sunday in the capital Khartoum, residents said, while human rights monitors reported deadly fighting in El Fashir, one of the principal cities in the western region of Darfur.
More than 300,000 people have crossed Sudan's borders since the fighting erupted, with the largest numbers heading north to Egypt from Khartoum or west to Chad from Darfur.
The truce deal has brought some respite from heavy fighting but sporadic clashes and air strikes have carried on.
Violence has flared in several parts of Darfur, already scarred by conflict and displacement, with hundreds of deaths recorded in El Geneina near the border with Chad during attacks that residents blamed on "Janjaweed" militias drawn from Arab nomadic tribes with links to the RSF. The governor of Darfur, Minni Minawi, a former rebel whose faction fought against the militias in the Darfur conflict, said in a tweet that citizens should take up arms to defend their property.
In recent days there has also been fighting in El Fashir, capital of North Darfur State.
One El Fashir hospital had recorded three deaths and 26 injuries on Saturday, including children, according to the Darfur Bar Association, an activist group.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Darfur#1 fighting#2 Khartoum#3 people#4 truce#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.05.28 18:11 Thelongflank What I’ve learned from HLL

It’s not a philosophical lesson.
I’m an older player who gave up on the multiplayer FPS genre back when COD WaW was still new.
I disliked the sweaty keyboard/button mashing direction that FPS games took, the lack of cooperative play, the unrealistic skins and weapons, and the childish, dysfunctional player interactions whenever voice comms were involved.
I never tried hardcore milsims like PS or Squad, mainly because I wasn’t paying attention to that genre.
To the point: I discovered HLL about 18 months ago and, at about 1.5k hours, have put more time into this game than any other (including GTA, Fallout, or Red Dead).
I’ve learned that, at least from U9 to U13, I love this type of FPS/milsim hybrid game. I’m cautiously optimistic for Burning Lands and Resolve, whenever those come out, and hope HLL doesn’t become unrecognizable going forward. The HLL format was, to me, just right. Other games set in wars from other time periods in a similar format would also be appealing.
U14 recalls what I disliked about most other FPS titles: it rewards keyboard jocks yolo’ing for the win vs cooperative tactical play. Although, I think it should be reduced to maybe 7.5% (except for medics), my concern is less the +15% sprint and more a sense that the game feels “dumbed down” a little bit.
Driel and El Alamein, while beautiful maps, just seem more like sandboxes to run around playing twinkle-fingers on rather than strategically challenging scenarios.
I’m confident the bugs and atrocious iron sights plaguing the British faction will be fixed. I recall most earlier Black Matter updates had their share of bugs as well. Until then, I expect the new British maps (on PC community servers) will likely suffer the low rotation rate that the Remagen and the Eastern Front maps did after their initial novelty wears off.
It’s not all bad — I think, regardless of development direction, medic class should keep the higher sprint speed; it seems that little speed boost is the buff that class needed. Medics running slightly faster than other classes (owing to lighter equipment, maybe?) would give that class more use.
However, any class with a satchel, for example, shouldn’t be able to T2 sprint up on a tank.
Otherwise, I hope the devs realize that the tactical/strategic challenges and teamwork element are what differentiates HLL from the casual shooters and not dumb the game down further.
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2023.05.28 18:10 rebelhead Weather app that shows temp in the top beside the clock

Weather app that shows temp in the top beside the clock
Currently using wundergound but seems like I have to open the app for the temp to update. I currently have like 5 of the top weather apps running but they don't show the temp up there even after going through all settings. OP 9 OOS 13
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2023.05.28 18:10 xenstrothemaker Help

Help submitted by xenstrothemaker to identifythisfont [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 18:09 metaphorlaxy I (25F) am worried about my boyfriend's (25M) mental health after I moved to another city

My boyfriend Jay and I have been in a relationship for about 8 months. Just 1 week ago, I moved away to start a new job in a city about 2-hours train/coach ride away from Jay. We text each other whenever we are free and videocall at least once before bed.
Jay helped me move and he cried 2-3 times before we parted ways. I tend to cry whenever I see my loved ones cry, so it had affected me as well. When we videocall, he is always teary eyed and my heart breaks for him. Jay is an extroverted, adventurous and sporty guy with a lot of friends, but ever since we parted he seemed to have lost interest in going out and having fun. I encouraged him to go clubbing and do his regular night-outs with his flatmates. He took my advice yesterday, but admitted he wasn't having fun and left early. I told him he should continue his hobbies and travel around before his new job starts next month, but he would just stay at home all day and it's just not like him at all (especially with the rare good weather here in UK!)
Jay is on medication for depression & anxiety and he doesn't display a lot of symptons normally, but I am afraid that not being able to be here with me physically has impacted him a lot. What can I do to make him feel better? I can't visit him until at least 2 weeks later :(
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2023.05.28 18:09 Minimum_clout Jeffsy Core 2 vs Status 140

Looking to get something that will roll a bit better and be more comfortable to pedal than my current 2017 YT Capra. I’m a fairly entry-level rider even though I’ve been riding occasionally for a long time, I can ride most black trails (terrain and even like at Mammoth on my DH bike) but still trying to get used to/ comfortable doing smaller jumps and drops. I mostly like flow and the occasional chattery rock section. 6’3”, 200 lbs so I need an XL frame on either bike, my current YT is a large and feels way small. I never bottom the Capra on anything so I’m thinking 140-150mm would fit my riding style better. Moving to Spokane next year so I’ll hopefully be riding almost every day when the weather is good. Probably Beacon Hill and Riverside on the off chance anyone here is from that area.
I can get the Specialized Status 140 on sale right now for $2250 or the YT Jeffsy Core 2 for $2500 although it wont show up until July which is a bit of a bummer. Thoughts on which to get? Their specs seem extremely similar, even drivetrain and weight. The Jeffsy has a better fork but a slightly worse rear shock in the $2500 model, and less slack head angle.
I’m about to pull the trigger on the Status since at this current price it seems like a hell of a deal. Mostly curious if there is any reason not to. I would probably immediately swap to a DHR rear and Assegai front, throw some pedals on, and possibly upgrade the drivetrain in a few months since I’ve heard the SRAM NX is kinda meh. Appreciate any thoughts!
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2023.05.28 18:09 jetserf I asked ChatGPT to summarize the SG-1 episode One Hundred Days and it gave me this response. Is this from a book? I don’t recall this in the series.

𝙎𝙪𝙢𝙢𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙯𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙎𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙜𝙖𝙩𝙚 𝙨𝙜-1 𝙚𝙥𝙞𝙨𝙤𝙙𝙚 𝙊𝙣𝙚 𝙃𝙪𝙣𝙙𝙧𝙚𝙙 𝙙𝙖𝙮𝙨
"One Hundred Days" is an episode from the TV series Stargate SG-1. In the episode, SG-1 visits a planet with a Stargate. While exploring, Colonel Jack O'Neill becomes trapped in a cave due to a sudden and severe meteor shower that buries the Stargate under rock. The rest of the team manages to escape back to Earth, leaving O'Neill behind.
Stranded alone on the planet, O'Neill uses his survival skills to ration his limited supplies and tries to find a way to signal for rescue. Over time, he constructs a makeshift radio tower to amplify his distress signal. However, he soon realizes that his signal will take one hundred days to reach Earth due to the planet's distance from their galaxy.
During his solitary existence, O'Neill faces various challenges, including isolation, harsh weather conditions, and even a close encounter with a predatory alien creature. As days turn into weeks, O'Neill's morale begins to waver, and he grows increasingly desperate for rescue.
Back on Earth, SG-1 and the Stargate Command work tirelessly to find a way to rescue O'Neill. They try different approaches, including the possibility of using a black hole to bend space-time and retrieve him. However, these attempts prove unsuccessful, and O'Neill's fate remains uncertain.
Meanwhile, O'Neill's determination and resourcefulness keep him going as he finds solace in an abandoned Goa'uld temple, discovering technology that allows him to communicate with his teammates on Earth. This gives him a glimmer of hope, but the long wait continues.
Finally, after enduring the grueling ordeal, O'Neill's distress signal reaches Earth, and a rescue mission is organized. With seconds to spare before his radio tower collapses, SG-1 is able to dial the planet and bring O'Neill back home.
"One Hundred Days" showcases O'Neill's resilience and survival skills as he faces a seemingly insurmountable challenge. The episode also highlights the dedication and unwavering loyalty of his teammates as they do everything in their power to bring him back.
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