The white camel lodge and tents

The Great Black Lodge

2019.11.18 02:53 BDawgDog The Great Black Lodge

A place exclusively for practicing Black Magickians of all skill levels to discuss various aspects of the craft. Open to all serious Demonolaters, Diabolists, Satanic and Luciferic Sorcerers, Hecatean Witches, Dark Pagans, Disciples of Maergzjirah, Black Witches, Qliphothic Sorcerers, Necromancers, Chaos Gnostics, Chaos Magickians, and Left Hand Path Magickians. The Black Lodge is far greater than this sub, or any one path, this is merely an attempt to bring us together on this platform.

2021.09.07 21:05 SeaSurprise777 seattlehobos

Welcome to the new Seattle. This is a sub chronicling the decay of the Pacific Northwest & Seattle with its failure of a government to address the homelessness & crime problems for over a decade. This is its legacy after billions lost.

2023.03.21 08:52 AlienatingAcehole I think an omnipotent being would agree with my decision

Im a manipulative, white, American guy who may have scored high on the SATs but chose to never apply himself. Changing on a whim is out of the question, because my nature is chaos and pain. 81 is average life span here and well I've lived 24 of those years as a greedy brat fit for the guillotine. Anything I've done that is noteworthy was out of spite, and any relationship that I've had has been one of a parasite. My instincts revolve around secrecy and measurement. Jealousy flows through my veins with no moral compass to guide it. If I am allowed to live I know my future will hold the irredeemable crime of taking someone else's life, so why? If my life is to be set up on a scale against any other person to ever exist; I should be able to take myself out of the equation. At heart I'm a bit of an absolutist, someone who's studied history as best as he could, and well the signs of my life all point to criminality. Saw a study say 70% of suicide attempts are within an hour of the thought, and to me that's comical. An hour to try and rid this world of my presence before I finally do the deed? I have so much I need to do before that, need to dispose of my things, write my "will", my last wishes, explain to those who have had the misfortune to love me, why this is a good thing. Just as chemo is meant to destroy cancer cells, I need to take my own life for the good of the many. Have to figure out a contingency plan for which bastard has to find my corpse, or sit on the phone with an operator and expose her to the trauma of the gunshot over the phone. My life has always been so many options and yet, I choose nothing.
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Type Name My price, $ Insurance
Limited Hull E $800 120 month
Starter CUTTER IAE STARTER PACK $95.00 Lifetime [LTI]
Standalone Cutter plus Groundswell Paint $65.00 Lifetime [LTI]
Standalone C8R Pisces plus Code Blue Paint $84.00 Lifetime [LTI]

CCUed SHIPS with Life Time Insurance

Title My Price Type Insurance
Polaris $550.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
A2 Hercules $550.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Hammerhead $525.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Nautilus $575.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Odyssey $550.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Perseus $510.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Merchantman $499.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Carrack $499.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Carrack BIS $550.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Orion $530.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Liberator $530.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
M2 Hercules $460.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
600i Explorer $420.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Hull D $420.00 Concept Lifeti
Galaxy $380.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Prowler $390.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
600i Touring $400.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Reclaimer $399.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Genesis $400.00 Production Lifetime [LTI]
C2 Hercules $350.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Valkyrie $360.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Hull C $330.00 Production Lifetime [LTI]
Endeavor $330.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Crucible $330.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Starfarer Gemini $320.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Caterpillar $300.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Redeemer $290.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
MOLE $290.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Constellation Aquila $290.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Starfarer $280.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Eclipse $280.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Vanguard Harbinger $280.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Retaliator Bomber $270.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Vanguard Sentinel $270.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Blade $270.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Apollo Medivac $270.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Vanguard Warden $250.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Mercury $240.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Mercury BIS $260.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Apollo Triage $265.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Ares Inferno $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Ares Ion $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
400i $253.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Constellation Andromeda $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Scorpius $272.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Vanguard Hoplite $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Cutlass Steel $257.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Railen $263.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Terrapin $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Defender $258.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
San'tok.yāi $258.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Corsair $253.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Vulcan $240.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Hurricane $240.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $240.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Constellation Taurus $240.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Sabre Comet $220.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C-M Super Hornet $210.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Freelancer MIS $220.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Cutlass Blue $220.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C Hornet Wildfire $220.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Khartu-Al $200.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Sabre $200.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Gladiator $220.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
A1 Spirit $205.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
E1 Spirit $190.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
C1 Spirit $160.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Prospector $183.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Razor EX $183.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Freelancer MAX $178.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Retaliator $178.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Razor LX $178.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
SRV $178.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Mantis $178.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Expanse $178.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Razor $186.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C-R Hornet Tracker $183.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Hull B $183.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Vulture $218.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Ballista $183.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Freelancer DUR $173.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Cutlass Red $173.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
350r $163.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C-S Hornet Ghost $163.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
RAFT $163.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Nova $154.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Legionnaire $154.00 Concept Lifetime [LTI]
Talon $146.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Talon Shrike $147.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
F7C Hornet $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Freelancer $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Buccaneer $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Gladius Valiant $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Centurion $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
M50 $147.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Cutlass Black $147.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Hawk $147.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Reliant Mako $143.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
Gladius $133.00 Flyable Lifetime [LTI]
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Insurance Pledge Title Ships Included
LTI $649.00 / 5 Package - Entrepreneur Pack
6 $498.00 / 5 Packs - Ground Militia Pack Spartan, Ballista, Nova, 2 x Cyclons Standalone ships
12 $464.00 / 3 Packs - CDF Rally in Stanton Pack Arrow, Hurricane, Sabre Standalone ships
120 $399.00 / 2 Packs - Dual Enforcers Pack Scorpius + Mantis Standalone ships
120 $499.00 / 2 Packs - Swords of Fortitude - IAE Ares Ion + Ares Inferno Standalone ships
12 $749.00 / 3 Packs - CDF Call to Arms Pack Eclipse, Gladiator, Retaliator Bomber Standalone ships
120 $769.00 / 3 Packs - Ground Assault Pack M2 Hercules + 2 x Nova Tanks Standalone


Type From To Insurance My Price
Upgrade Nox 100i $10.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan 125a $10.00
Upgrade 300i 135c $10.00
Upgrade HoverQuad 300i $60.00
Upgrade X1 Force 300i $20.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan 300i $10.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan 315p $10.00
Upgrade 315p 325a $10.00
Upgrade Nova 350r $10.00
Upgrade Railen 400i 120 $25.00
Upgrade Railen 400i $50.00
Upgrade Prowler 600i Explorer 120 $35.00
Upgrade 600i Touring 600i Explorer $80.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT 600i Explorer $450.00
Upgrade C2 Hercules 600i Touring $70.00
Upgrade Khartu-Al A1 Spirit $10.00
Upgrade Carrack Expedition w/C8X A2 Hercules $125.00
Upgrade Hammerhead A2 Hercules $50.00
Upgrade Nautilus A2 Hercules $50.00
Upgrade Perseus A2 Hercules $150.00
Upgrade Mercury Apollo Medivac $30.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Apollo Medivac $30.00
Upgrade Cutlass Steel Apollo Triage $30.00
Upgrade Constellation Andromeda Apollo Triage $20.00
Upgrade Vanguard Hoplite Apollo Triage $30.00
Upgrade Cutlass Steel Ares Inferno $30.00
Upgrade Constellation Taurus Ares Inferno $80.00
Upgrade Constellation Andromeda Ares Inferno $20.00
Upgrade Scorpius Ares Inferno $20.00
Upgrade Cutlass Steel Ares Ion $30.00
Upgrade Constellation Andromeda Ares Ion $20.00
Upgrade Scorpius Ares Ion $20.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan Avenger Stalker $10.00
Upgrade 325a Avenger Titan Renegade $10.00
Upgrade Nomad Avenger Warlock $10.00
Upgrade Freelancer DUR Ballista $10.00
Upgrade Cutlass Red Ballista $10.00
Upgrade RAFT Ballista $30.00
Upgrade Mercury Blade $30.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Blade $30.00
Upgrade Cutlass Black Buccaneer $20.00
Upgrade Cutlass Black C1 Spirit $20.00
Upgrade Hull C C2 Hercules 120 $50.00
Upgrade Starfarer Gemini C2 Hercules $80.00
Upgrade Redeemer C2 Hercules $150.00
Upgrade Valkyrie C2 Hercules $50.00
Upgrade Mustang Gamma C8R Pisces 120 $10.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan C8R Pisces 120 $10.00
Upgrade Aurora LX C8X Pisces Expedition 120 $10.00
Upgrade M2 Hercules Carrack 120 $80.00
Upgrade M2 Hercules Carrack $100.00
Upgrade Orion Carrack $50.00
Upgrade Eclipse Caterpillar 120 $30.00
Upgrade Mercury Caterpillar 120 $70.00
Upgrade Redeemer Caterpillar $10.00
Upgrade Mercury Caterpillar $99.00
Upgrade 400i Caterpillar $160.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Caterpillar $140.00
Upgrade Vanguard Harbinger Caterpillar $80.00
Upgrade Gladius Centurion $20.00
Upgrade Prospector Constellation Andromeda $100.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Constellation Andromeda $330.00
Upgrade Nomad Constellation Andromeda $320.00
Upgrade Gladiator Constellation Taurus $50.00
Upgrade Gladius Constellation Taurus $200.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Constellation Taurus $230.00
Upgrade Terrapin Corsair 120 $30.00
Upgrade Defender Corsair 120 $30.00
Upgrade Vulcan Corsair $30.00
Upgrade Redeemer Crucible $50.00
Upgrade Starfarer Gemini Crucible $20.00
Upgrade Spartan Cutlass Black $40.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Cutlass Black $50.00
Upgrade Nomad Cutlass Black $40.00
Upgrade Khartu-Al Cutlass Blue $10.00
Upgrade Sabre Cutlass Blue $10.00
Upgrade Gladius Cutlass Red $90.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Cutlass Red $120.00
Upgrade Vulcan Cutlass Steel $35.00
Upgrade Arrow Cyclone AA $10.00
Upgrade 125a Cyclone MT 120 $15.00
Upgrade 325a Cyclone MT $10.00
Upgrade Dragonfly Black Cyclone MT $70.00
Upgrade 300i Cyclone RC $10.00
Upgrade 300i Cyclone RN $10.00
Upgrade 300i Cyclone TR $10.00
Upgrade Hurricane Defender $25.00
Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker Defender $25.00
Upgrade MPUV C Dragonfly Black $10.00
Upgrade Razor E1 Spirit $10.00
Upgrade Vanguard Sentinel Eclipse 120 $25.00
Upgrade Vanguard Harbinger Eclipse $20.00
Upgrade Caterpillar Endeavor $40.00
Upgrade Starfarer Gemini Endeavor $20.00
Upgrade Razor Expanse $10.00
Upgrade F7C-R Hornet Tracker Expanse $20.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT F7C Hornet $70.00
Upgrade Khartu-Al F7C Hornet Wildfire $10.00
Upgrade Prospector F7C-M Super Hornet 120 $25.00
Upgrade A1 Spirit F7C-M Super Hornet $10.00
Upgrade Freelancer MIS F7C-M Super Hornet $10.00
Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet F7C-M Super Hornet Heartseeker $30.00
Upgrade Cutlass Red F7C-R Hornet Tracker $10.00
Upgrade Nova F7C-S Hornet Ghost $10.00
Upgrade Cutlass Black Freelancer $20.00
Upgrade Nomad Freelancer $60.00
Upgrade F7C-S Hornet Ghost Freelancer DUR $20.00
Upgrade Cutlass Red Freelancer MAX 120 $15.00
Upgrade Razor Freelancer MAX $10.00
Upgrade Khartu-Al Freelancer MIS $10.00
Upgrade ROC G12 $10.00
Upgrade 300i G12a $10.00
Upgrade ROC G12r $10.00
Upgrade Valkyrie Genesis $25.00
Upgrade Prospector Gladiator $20.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Gladius $30.00
Upgrade Cutlass Black Gladius Valiant $20.00
Upgrade Merchantman Hammerhead 120 $99.00
Upgrade Odyssey Hammerhead $50.00
Upgrade Reliant Mako Hawk $10.00
Upgrade Gladius Hawk $20.00
Upgrade Nomad Herald $10.00
Upgrade 300i Hull A $60.00
Upgrade Arrow Hull A $30.00
Upgrade RAFT Hull B $30.00
Upgrade Freelancer DUR Hull B $10.00
Upgrade Starfarer Gemini Hull C $20.00
Upgrade C2 Hercules Hull D $100.00
Upgrade Prowler Hull D $20.00
Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet Hurricane $30.00
Upgrade Constellation Taurus Hurricane $10.00
Upgrade Sabre Comet Hurricane $20.00
Upgrade Prospector Khartu-Al $30.00
Upgrade Gladiator Khartu-Al $10.00
Upgrade Talon Legionnaire $10.00
Upgrade M2 Hercules Liberator $110.00
Upgrade 600i Explorer M2 Hercules $65.00
Upgrade Gladius M50 $20.00
Upgrade Cutlass Red Mantis 120 $15.00
Upgrade M2 Hercules Merchantman $130.00
Upgrade 600i Explorer Merchantman $350.00
Upgrade Cutlass Steel Mercury 120 $25.00
Upgrade Vanguard Hoplite Mercury 120 $25.00
Upgrade Corsair Mercury $20.00
Upgrade Constellation Andromeda Mercury $40.00
Upgrade Apollo Triage Mercury $20.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Mercury $210.00
Upgrade Nomad Mercury $360.00
Upgrade Vanguard Harbinger MOLE 120 $25.00
Upgrade 300i Mustang Delta $10.00
Upgrade Perseus Nautilus $100.00
Upgrade Cutlass Black Nova $35.00
Upgrade Talon Nova $10.00
Upgrade Talon Shrike Nova $10.00
Upgrade M50 Nova $40.00
Upgrade Ranger TR Nox $10.00
Upgrade Aurora LN Nox $10.00
Upgrade Dragonfly Black Nox $10.00
Upgrade Carrack Odyssey $200.00
Upgrade Perseus Odyssey $50.00
Upgrade M2 Hercules Orion $110.00
Upgrade Merchantman Perseus $50.00
Upgrade Carrack Perseus $150.00
Upgrade Carrack w/C8X Perseus $110.00
Upgrade Hammerhead Polaris $50.00
Upgrade Perseus Polaris $95.00
Upgrade Ballista Prospector 120 $15.00
Upgrade Cyclone MT Prospector $160.00
Upgrade C2 Hercules Prowler $40.00
Upgrade Reclaimer Prowler $80.00
Upgrade 600i Touring Prowler $10.00
Upgrade F7C Hornet RAFT $30.00
Upgrade Defender Railen $10.00
Upgrade Terrapin Railen $10.00
Upgrade San'tok.yДЃi Railen $10.00
Upgrade Aurora MR Ranger CV $10.00
Upgrade Aurora MR Ranger RC $10.00
Upgrade Aurora LX Ranger TR $10.00
Upgrade MPUV C Ranger TR $10.00
Upgrade Ballista Razor $10.00
Upgrade Freelancer MAX Razor EX $10.00
Upgrade Razor Razor LX $10.00
Upgrade Valkyrie Reclaimer $50.00
Upgrade Vanguard Hoplite Redeemer $180.00
Upgrade Avenger Titan Reliant Kore $20.00
Upgrade Gladius Reliant Mako $10.00
Upgrade Nomad Reliant Sen $10.00
Upgrade 325a Reliant Tana $10.00
Upgrade Razor Retaliator $10.00
Upgrade F7C-R Hornet Tracker Retaliator $20.00
Upgrade 400i Retaliator Bomber 120 $25.00
Upgrade Mercury Retaliator Bomber $30.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Retaliator Bomber $30.00
Upgrade 325a ROC-DS $10.00
Upgrade Gladiator Sabre $10.00
Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet Sabre Comet $10.00
Upgrade A1 Spirit Sabre Comet $20.00
Upgrade Hurricane San'tok.yДЃi $50.00
Upgrade Vulcan San'tok.yДЃi $40.00
Upgrade Vulcan Scorpius $80.00
Upgrade Freelancer Scorpius $260.00
Upgrade Arrow Spartan $10.00
Upgrade F7C-R Hornet Tracker SRV $20.00
Upgrade Vanguard Harbinger Starfarer $20.00
Upgrade MOLE Starfarer Gemini 120 $50.00
Upgrade Buccaneer Talon $10.00
Upgrade F7C Hornet Talon $10.00
Upgrade Freelancer Talon Shrike $10.00
Upgrade F7C Hornet Talon Shrike $10.00
Upgrade Vulcan Terrapin $40.00
Upgrade Starfarer Gemini Valkyrie 120 $35.00
Upgrade Crucible Valkyrie $50.00
Upgrade MOLE Valkyrie $120.00
Upgrade Mercury Vanguard Harbinger $30.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Vanguard Harbinger $30.00
Upgrade Mercury Vanguard Harbinger $50.00
Upgrade Railen Vanguard Hoplite $20.00
Upgrade 400i Vanguard Sentinel 120 $25.00
Upgrade Apollo Triage Vanguard Sentinel 120 $25.00
Upgrade Vanguard Warden Vanguard Sentinel $30.00
Upgrade Corsair Vanguard Warden $20.00
Upgrade Ares Inferno Vanguard Warden $20.00
Upgrade 400i Vanguard Warden $20.00
Upgrade Apollo Triage Vanguard Warden $20.00
Upgrade F7C-M Super Hornet Vulcan $40.00
Upgrade Constellation Taurus Vulcan $20.00
Upgrade Sabre Comet Vulcan $30.00
Upgrade Aurora LX X1 $10.00
Upgrade Dragonfly Black X1 Force $10.00
Upgrade Nox X1 Force $10.00
Upgrade Aurora LN X1 Velocity $10.00
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Type Item Insurance Price
Standalone ship A2 Hercules 120 $ 799,00
Standalone ship Aurora LN 120 $ 55,00
Standalone ship C2 Hercules 120 $ 450,00
Standalone ship Carrack 120 $ 650,00
Standalone ship M2 Hercules 120 $ 570,00
Standalone ship M2 Hercules + 2 Nova tanks 120 $ 770,00
Standalone ship MPUV C 120 $ 50,00
Standalone ship Mustang Alpha 120 $ 55,00
Standalone ship Nova 120 $ 150,00
Standalone ship Nox 120 $ 55,00
Standalone ship Scorpius 120 $ 260,00
Standalone ship Scorpius + Mantis 120 $ 400,00
Standalone ship 600i Explorer 24 $ 500,00
Standalone ship C2 Hercules 24 $ 420,00
Standalone ship Carrack 24 $ 620,00
Standalone ship Caterpillar 24 $ 320,00
Standalone ship Cutlass Black 24 $ 110,00
Standalone ship Defender 24 $ 250,00
Standalone ship Freelancer MAX 24 $ 170,00
Standalone ship Gladius 24 $ 110,00
Standalone ship Mercury 24 $ 280,00
Standalone ship MOLE 24 $ 325,00
Standalone ship Razor 24 $ 165,00
Standalone ship Reclaimer 24 $ 420,00
Standalone ship Retaliator Bomber 24 $ 299,00
Standalone ship Sabre 24 $ 190,00
Standalone ship Carrack 12 $ 650,00
Standalone ship Cutlass Red 12 $ 155,00
Standalone ship Freelancer 12 $ 120,00
Standalone ship Freelancer DUR 12 $ 155,00
Standalone ship Freelancer MIS 12 $ 195,00
Standalone ship Razor 12 $ 165,00
Standalone ship Razor EX 12 $ 175,00
Standalone ship Razor LX 12 $ 170,00
Standalone ship Talon Shrike 12 $ 125,00
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Type From My price, $
Subscribers Exclusive "Caudillo" Helmets Pack #1 by CC's Conversions $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive "Caudillo" Helmets Pack #2 by CC's Conversions $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive "Caudillo" Helmets Pack #3 by CC's Conversions $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Adventurer Collection by Element Authority $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Atzkav 'Deadeye' Sniper Rifle $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Atzkav 'Igniter' Sniper Rifle $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Atzkav 'Venom' Sniper Rifle $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Aztalan Galena Armor $14,70
Subscribers Exclusive Aztalan Tamarack Armor $14,70
Subscribers Exclusive Brands of the 'Verse Pack #1 $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Brands of the 'Verse Pack #2 $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Cold Front Collection $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive GP-33 MOD 'Ashfall' Grenade Launcher $9,45
Subscribers Exclusive GP-33 MOD 'Copperhead' Grenade Launcher $9,45
Subscribers Exclusive GP-33 MOD 'Thunderclap' Grenade Launcher $9,45
Subscribers Exclusive 'Igniter' Lightning Bolt Co. Weapons Pack $13,65
Subscribers Exclusive Life in the 'Verse Shirts Pack #1 $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Life in the 'Verse Shirts Pack #2 $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Mandible Firestrike Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Mandible Sandcrawler Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Mandible Snowfly Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Neoni "Jami" Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Neoni "Onna" Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Neoni "Tengubi" Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Dust Storm" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Predator" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Riptide" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Stinger" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Supernova" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord "Switchback" Armor Set $11,03
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord Helmets "Double Trouble" Pack $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord Helmets "Forces of Nature" Pack $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Overlord Helmets "Silent Strike" Pack $8,40
Subscribers Exclusive Parasite Replica Helmet (Original) $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Polar Vortex Collection $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Pyro RYT 'Bloodline' Multi-Tool $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Pyro RYT 'Ghost' Multi-Tool $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Pyro RYT 'Mirage' Multi-Tool $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive QuikFlarePro Pack $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive QuikFlarePro Pack Deluxe $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Pathfinder Arm Armor $5,25
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Pathfinder Helmet $5,25
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Pathfinder Leg Armor $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Pathfinder Torso Armor $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Pathfinder Undersuit $4,20
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Rust Society Helmet $5,25
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Voyager Arm Armor $5,25
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Voyager Leg Armor $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Voyager Torso Armor $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive RSI Venture Voyager Undersuit $4,20
Subscribers Exclusive Savior Collection 'Iceborn' Paladin Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Savior Collection 'Nightfire' Paladin Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Savior Collection 'Singularity' Paladin Helmet $7,35
Subscribers Exclusive Sawtooth "Bloodstone" Combat Knife $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Sawtooth "Sirocco" Combat Knife $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Sawtooth "Squall" Combat Knife $6,30
Subscribers Exclusive Star Kitten 'Damon' Helmet and Armor Set $14,70
Subscribers Exclusive Star Kitten Helmet and Armor Set $14,70
Subscribers Exclusive Star Kitten 'Sally' Helmet and Armor Set $14,70
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Package Hornet F7C, 6 Month Insurance $131,25
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Paints Vanguard - Frostbite Paint $14,30
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2023.03.21 08:51 BetterOffRe How far do criminal courts go to ensure a defendant gets a jury of people that are like them, and how important are demographics to success at trial?

I know that there are “Batson” laws that make sure prosecutors can’t try to get rid of jurors based on race and other identity factors.
But how does this kind of thing work in practice? Say that there was a case where a white person accuses a black person of a crime, and that this happened in a 99% white/1% black town. Would the judge go out of their way to make sure that the defendant gets at least 1 juror from that 1% pool?
And in practice, do Batson laws help the defendant in a significant way? Have you noticed if a defendant has more jurors that have the same race/ethnicity/etc as them, they get acquitted more?
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2023.03.21 08:50 MPTourism Shree Pitambara Peeth - A Revered Shrine of Maa Baglamukhi in Datia

Shree Pitambara Peeth - A Revered Shrine of Maa Baglamukhi in Datia
Shree Pitambara Peeth - A Revered Shrine of Maa Baglamukhi in Datia
Shree Pitambara Peeth is a spiritual destination located in Datia, Madhya Pradesh. This site is known for its cultural and historical significance as well as its natural beauty. The peeth is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in the state and attracts devotees from all over the country.
Shree Peetambara Peeth comprises several temples, each with its unique design and history. In this blog, we will explore the significance of Shree Peetambara Peeth, including the Haridra Sarovar, the Dhumvati temple, and other attractions. Whether you are a devotee seeking spiritual fulfillment or a tourist looking to explore the rich culture and history of India, Shree Peetambara Peeth is a destination that is not to be missed.

The Divine Shrine of Maa Baglamukhi

Also known as the Datia Peeth, it is considered to be one of the famous Shakti Peethas of the country. With temples like Vankhandeshwar, the site is also believed to be one of the oldest spiritual centers of India.
The story of Peetambara Peeth started in 1929 when Brahmaleen Pujyapaad Rashtraguru Anant Shree Vibhushit Swami Ji Maharaj stopped in the town of Datia for one night. During that time, it was a hub for outstanding scholars of Sanskrit, exhibiting the brilliance of their spiritual discipline. Impressed by their dedication, the young sanyasi decided to stay there and perform ‘tapasya’ for five years.
After completing his ‘tapasya’, Swami Ji established this shrine in the quaint town of Datia. The place where he meditated is known as the temple of Mai and the ashram is known as Shri Peetambara Peeth.
Currently, the peeth is maintained by a trust and houses a library with the history of the ashram and the secret of the mantras. The ashram is also famous for its attempt to spread awareness of the Sanskrit language amongst young children.

Importance of the Destination

Shree Peetambara Peeth is an important destination for both devotees and tourists. The site is known for its spiritual significance and attracts devotees all year round.
Apart from its spiritual significance, it is also known for its architectural beauty. The site comprises a number of temples, each with its unique design and history. The Bagalamukhi and Dhumavati temples are particularly famous for their unique architecture and are a must-visit for tourists.

Maa Baglamukhi at Shree Peetambara Peeth Datia

Maa Baglamukhi is one of the important deities worshipped at Shree Peetambara Peeth. She is an incarnation of the divine feminine and is believed to possess the power to overcome obstacles and enemies. It is a popular destination for devotees seeking her blessings. More information about the destination can be collected from a book called ‘Baglamukhi Rahasyam’, which elucidates the virtues of Mahavidhya Sadhana and guides devotees toward self-knowledge.
The Baglamukhi temple is home to a beautiful idol of the goddess, adorned with jewels and other offerings from devotees. The temple is also known for its unique architecture, which is a blend of Rajput and Maratha styles.
Devotees come from all over the world to seek the blessings of Maa Baglamukhi. It is believed that the goddess can help her devotees overcome their enemies. The Baglamukhi temple is a place of great spiritual significance and is a must-visit for those seeking the blessings of this powerful goddess.

Haridra Sarovar

Situated in front of the main temple, the Haridra lake is a major attraction within the premises. As per a legend, Goddess Baglamukhi emerged from the ‘Haridra Sarovar’ to calm a destructive storm. The lake contains a beautiful ‘Yantra’, dedicated to Bhagwati Peetambara, in the centre and temples of several deities on either side.

About Dhumavati Temple

While all other forms of goddesses provide worldly happiness and salvation, Goddess Shri Dhumavati is known to free the seeker from worldly relationships and lead them on the path of salvation. The temple is known for its unique architecture, particularly intricate carvings, and beautiful sculptures, and is a major attraction for tourists. There are very few temples of Goddess Dhumavati in the country and as per the stories the history of this temple relates to the India-China War. It is believed the Swami Ji established this temple to ensure the win of India during the war.

Shri Guru Smriti Sangrahalay

The museum consists of all the belongings of Pujyapad Shree Swami Ji, including books, pictures and much more. This museum is located in the northern side of the main temple within the campus.

The Sanskrit Library

This holy campus also houses a Sanskrit library, established by Swami Ji and maintained by the ashram. It consists of over 6,000 books explaining the history of the ashram and the secret mantras of various Sadhanas and Tantras.
In conclusion, Shree Peetambara Peeth Datia is a spiritual destination that is worth exploring. The site is rich in history and culture, and offers a unique glimpse into the spiritual traditions of India. Whether you are a devotee or a tourist, a visit to Shree Peetambara Peeth Datia is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Nearby Tourist Places to Visit

Daita Palace

The Datia palace is one of the main historical monuments of Datia. The Bundela king, Raja Veer Singh Deo, built this seven-storeyed grand structure as one of the finest representations of Bundela architecture. It sits like a crown on a hillock, draped in beautiful pink bougainvilleas. It hardly takes 10 minutes to reach this destination from Peetambara Peeth.

Sonagir Temples

This cluster of white marble is the famous Jain pilgrimage known as Swarnagiri or Shravangiri. It has 77 temples on a hill and 26 in the village below. The most beautiful among these is dedicated to Chandranatha, the eighth of the 24 Tirthankaras. It is located in the Sonagiri hills, Datia district.

How to reach Pitambara Peeth Datia?

The Pitambara Peeth is conveniently located 75 km from Gwalior and 25 km from Jhansi.
To reach the Ashram via Datia Railway Station, a small tour of 3 km is required. From Gwalior or Jhansi, you can also hire a car to reach this religious destination.
As a bonus, you can also explore the Jain temples of Sonagiri. Visit the humongous seven-storeyed architecture, Datia palace, or extend your trip to Orchha to explore its medieval splendour.
Source URL-

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2023.03.21 08:48 aussie-uggies Australian Made Sheepskin Boots for Women

Australian Made Sheepskin Boots for Women
Australian-Made Sheepskin Boots for Women — Aussie Uggies

When it comes to the quintessential winter footwear, nothing can beat the comfort, warmth, and style of Australian-made sheepskin boots. Known as Aussie Uggies or simply Ugg boots, these iconic shoes have been a staple of Australian fashion for decades and have gained worldwide popularity in recent years. Whether you’re strolling through the snow, lounging at home, or running errands around town, Australian sheepskin boots offer unparalleled comfort, durability, and versatility.
At Aussie Uggies, we are proud to be a leading manufacturer and retailer of Australian-made sheepskin boots for women. Our commitment to quality, craftsmanship and sustainability is reflected in every pair of boots we make. We source only the finest materials and employ skilled artisans who use traditional techniques to create boots that are not only functional but also beautiful. Our boots are designed to withstand the toughest conditions while keeping your feet cozy and stylish.
One of the things that set Aussie Uggies apart from other Ugg boot brands is our size range. We understand that women come in all shapes and sizes, and we believe that everyone deserves to experience the comfort and luxury of Australian-made sheepskin boots. That’s why we offer womens Ugg boots size 13, which is perfect for those with larger feet who struggle to find boots that fit well and look good. Our size 13 boots come in various colors and styles, so you can find the perfect match for your style and personality.
If you’re looking for a unique and eye-catching color, our women’s burgundy Ugg boots are a great choice. Burgundy is a rich and warm hue that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. It pairs well with denim, black, white, and earthy tones, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Our burgundy Ugg boots feature a classic design with a mid-calf height, a soft and fluffy interior, and a durable sole that provides excellent traction and support.
When it comes to the benefits of wearing Australian-made sheepskin boots, the list is long. Sheepskin is a natural insulator that keeps your feet warm in cold weather and cools in hot weather. It wicks away moisture and sweat, preventing odors and bacteria buildup, and allowing your feet to breathe. Sheepskin is also hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, as it is a byproduct of the meat industry and is biodegradable. Moreover, sheepskin boots are incredibly comfortable and supportive, as they conform to the shape of your feet and provide natural arch support and cushioning.
At Aussie Uggies, we offer a wide range of Australian-made sheepskin boots for women, including classic tall boots, short boots, slippers, scuffs, and moccasins. We also offer customization options such as embroidery, crystals, and color accents, so you can personalize your boots and make them truly your own. Our boots are available for purchase online or in-store, and we ship worldwide.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for high-quality, stylish, and comfortable winter footwear, look no further than Australian-made sheepskin boots from Aussie Uggies. Whether you’re looking for women’s Ugg boots size 13 or burgundy Ugg boots, we have you covered. Our boots are made with care and expertise, using only the finest materials and traditional techniques. We believe that every woman deserves to experience the warmth, luxury, and joy of wearing Aussie Uggies. So why not treat yourself to a pair today? You should take a break and go for a walk, your feet and soul will appreciate it.
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2023.03.21 08:48 nah_sorry_mate Who are the first two girls killed in the mockumentary episode?

I was confused about the white girl killed in the mockumentary episode. The detective is at her house, there’s blood on the picture of what looks like twin sisters, and I believe one of the girls in the picture had been murdered by Dre (or maybe both, I was very confused).
Who is she?
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2023.03.21 08:47 StoopSign Collapse Games

A couple werks back I posted about a wholly online scavenger hunt in the wilds subreddit. I think another idea for a scavenger hunt could be picture based
Simple is finding litter like needles, 40s in bags, torn balloons, crack pipes, fireball liquor, flamin hot cheetos, extra flamin hot cheetos or worse flamin hot chesters cornpop big bag, a tire fire etc
Also could be finding nasty garbage csns, nasty drinking fountains, out of order atms, stores with refrigerators not working for a month--wtf
The following cars--Hunmers, lame white Benz trucks and Teslas but also any ramshackle cars (considered buying a early 90s Toyota Tercel a guy put a lot of work but didn't have $)
public freakout behavior sure but also long lines. Fast food places where nobodys working. Cops congregated. Anything but people that's collapse related or symbolic.
Adaptation can be creative homeless shanties. or well done natural gardens and community gardens
also waste for waste's sake: forgotten community gardens, empty mini libraries, a tree wrapled in plastic.
I also thought of one nobody should play. Ever at all.
People putting bounties on themseves and equivalent pay $40 an hour. It's not a hard way to make $960 a day. Quit anytime. It's the guys trying to go for a million that end up getting bounty hunters on them. It would surely be an anxious 3yrs. People with bounties on them could network to defend themselves
Collapse is already happening and the more it continues the more that type of game would be reality. I think there's a new show about this. Not Squid game. Something else.
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2023.03.21 08:47 absolutelyshafted The reason you’re single/alone ISN’T because you’re brown

Yes, race can play a factor in the attention you get from women. And yes racial preferences/biases exist in the real world. But most of this is massively overblown on the internet.
First of all, the idea of desi men being super unattractive is a recent phenomenon pushed by the dregs of incel culture. From the beginning, it was actually right wing, white men who spearheaded the incel movement and made it mainstream via acts of violence. Regardless of the actual stats, inceldom is still associated with racist white men by the vast majority of people. Here’s the thing - white incels NEED to believe that desis are worse off than they are. It’s the only way they get up in the morning without ending it all. For a white guy who has absolutely nothing going for him, the natural coping mechanism is to latch onto another race and project his insecurities.
Second, being single is not actually skewed towards one race or another; if anything it’s much more skewed towards SES, where more affluent people are less likely to engage in sex or “risky” social behavior. If desis or even East Asians are more educated and wealthy, that’s a confounding variable that is often confused with race. So whites, blacks, and Latinos in the same high SES will often have very similar experiences as those on this subreddit. We just don’t hear about it because we aren’t in those spaces.
Third, young men IN GENERAL are facing an incel epidemic. There are tons of factors behind this - but the main point is that every straight dude goes through speed bumps and bullshit these days. Even if you’re not an incel, dating or fucking girls as a Gen Z guy is so ass. It’s been talked about by so many dudes of so many backgrounds. This is more of a problem with how women see themselves and men, rather than a problem with desi men in particular
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2023.03.21 08:47 greenhsetechnologies 15W & 30W LED Track Lights Perth by Greenhse Technologies

15W & 30W LED Track Lights Perth by Greenhse Technologies
Introducing the New European styling 15w and 30w LED Track Light, with high brightness and three-colour selectable light output. Very high brightness for maximum effect, perfect colour, low glare, modern and attractive with a Black or White anodised aluminium finish. It is recommended for domestic, retail, and commercial lighting applications.
Visit today at Greenhse technologies, the LED Lighting store in Perth.
Check out 15W Track Light:
Check out 30W Track Light:
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2023.03.21 08:47 Chip6032 Cerebral dissection and bradycardia?

I’m a 33 year old white male. Weight was 219lb.
After this incident I’ve dieted a lot and lost 19lb rapidly - I’ll come back to this later.
On January 21st, I was walking back into my house and felt what I can only describe as a pea sized amount of blood/fluid shoot up in the very back of my head, from the base of the cerebellum upwards. I immediately felt very very faint and sat down for a good hour or so.
At the same time my heart rate was going crazy - prior to this happening my heart rate was around 79-83, it shot up to 117 whilst I was sitting down. All the while I was feeling extremely spaced out and faint.
The heart rate spikes continued and I got to 127 sitting there doing nothing. I went to A+E and explained symptoms. I had ECG’s done and they said it looked normal. Blood tests, looked normal, low cholesterol etc X-Ray on chest. I had a normal MRI scan - only sinus retention cysts seen. I had a tilt table test - not POTS.
I continued down the cardio route with a cardiologist and I had a 24 hour heart monitor, an echocardiogram - all normal and he couldn’t pinpoint my light-headed/faint feeling with my ECG.
I started getting rather painful headaches (between 4/10 pain and 7/10 pain) along with feeling faint. Next I was referred to a neurologist who suspects possible “vertebral dissection”.
As of right now:
1) I’m waiting for an MRI with contrast.
2) I’ve got a lingering pain/feeling in the frontal lobe area and the back of my head where the original event happened.
3) Now additionally, because I’ve lost 19lb so quickly, I’ve found my heart rate and blood pressure getting extremely low (for me). I think I’ve given myself bradycardia. My HR is frequently less than 60bpm on sitting and around 58-60bpm standing - I’m not fit - I’ve never had a HR this low before.
So I’ve got 3 questions:
  1. Does this sound like it’s a vertebral dissection? Can it be anything else based on these symptoms? My neurologist is thinking we treat for migraines if it’s not dissection, but I am 99.9% confident it’s not a simple migraine, it all happened after the blood/fluid rushed in the back of my head - I’ve never really had headaches before this.
  2. Can bradycardia be reversed if I eat a bit more and stop dropping weight fast and try not to lose muscle?
  3. Can a dissection cause bradycardia and it’s not been my weight loss that triggered it?
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2023.03.21 08:46 Worldatlasredefined The virgin Afghan,Iraqi,Iranian vs The Chad Pakistanis and Saudi Arabians.

The virgin Afghan,Iraqi,Iranian vs The Chad Pakistanis and Saudi Arabians. submitted by Worldatlasredefined to virginvschad [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 08:46 AdventurosBluejay314 Did I scrape my eardrum off? [Serious] M22

I’ll try to keep it short. My left ear is occasionally muffled from what I assume is wax and sometimes the wax makes the insides of my ear stick to eachother and I can’t hear properly or have to do some movements to unstick them. I haven’t had the opportunity to do a cleaning, and I also couldn’t find any ear wax removal kits available where I live, just some liquid sprays that haven’t helped.
The other day I got really annoyed by this and went with my pinky in my ear, including a bit of fingernail, not too long but maybe half a centimeter of the white part. I went to try and get in there and scrape as much earwax as I could out. I got quite a bit out but for some reason, my hearing stayed muffled on that ear and it has stayed like that for 2 days now, and now the ear has slightly started to hurt (just slight pain, gets worse when I yawn).
It really worried me that I am hearing worse from this ear (not deaf, but noticeably worse, it feels like my left ear is underwater (no liquid though)).
I googled a bit and found out that apparently nails can puncture the eardrum?! I didn’t think they could ever reach it since I imagined it would be way deeper, so I really went in with my nail and scraped around. I am now worried that I completely destroyed my eardrum with my nail and might need surgery?
Advice, insight, anything is welcome. Please help!
PS: Please don’t tell me to see a doctor, I already have an appointment, but it’s in a few weeks and I need to know more asap.
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2023.03.21 08:45 Susenthomas Chandeliers Shops in Dubai Chandelier Light in Dubai

White & Velvet, one of the leading Chandeliers Shops in Dubai presents a range of the most elegant and luxurious chandeliers in Dubai – check out our modern chandeliers light collection today!
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2023.03.21 08:45 shoshinsha00 Exactly how useful is the understanding of systemic racism in this context?

Here's the situation: Say I bring you a white person, and a black person, and nothing else about them is revealed to you. It's just plain skin color, one white, and one black.
Now, by using the knowledge of systemic racism that we have learned so far today, exactly how accurate your evaluation will be in order to perhaps, provide an educational guess about any details about this particular one white person, and this particular one black person, all the while not falling into any stereotypical pitfalls?
The intention of this exercise is to find out exactly what sort of practicality we could use the knowledge of systemic racism in our everyday life to treat the people we see every day. Okay cool, you know all about systemic racism. But what does that mean for that one guy you met at work, and that one black guy who occasionally talks to him about stuff during lunchtime?
And now there's someone's birthday, and you were tasked to cut the cake. Both that one particular white guy and black guy wants some on their plate. Will your knowledge of systemic racism be applied in this context? Do you want to be stereotypical about this...or not?
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2023.03.21 08:42 TheVoiceofWomann Benefits of Eggs for Hair You Should Know

Eggs are a very rich source of protein. The benefits of eggs for hair are commendable. You can apply egg to your hair in a number of ways by making egg masks at home. Eggs have the ability to improve your hair texture tremendously.
The benefits of eggs for hair can be achieved by making the following masks:
  1. Eggs and Banana Hair Mask
  2. Benefits of Eggs for Skin
  3. Eggs with Honey and Milk Hair Mask
  4. Eggs with Honey Mask
  5. Eggs and Yogurt Mask
  6. Lemon with Egg Whites
To read more about the same, visit The Voice Of Woman.
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2023.03.21 08:42 Byrd6011 🗿

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2023.03.21 08:41 KenzoSatori My parents were financially irresponsible and now I have to pay the price

My mom and dad were able to move out and get degrees and travel and live their lives greatly, but continued trying to look that rich after we were hit by 2008 and haven’t fully recovered yet because of it. They had a 401k and savings and even a college fund started for me but had to blow through it to keep us off the streets back then. After that they continued trying to give the best childhood and holidays they could, but in doing so never managed to save or pay of their debt quick enough.
I’m now in college and am trying to transfer to university to finish my bachelors degree and start my life, but can’t afford it. I’m white, my dad has been making well over $120k a year, and I was homeschooled so FAFSA and every scholarship I’ve applied to doesn’t give me any help despite my parents not giving me a cent to help with school. My FAFSA gives me a loan of $6k tops a year and the estimated cost is $32k a year for the cheapest in state university.
My parents are now in their 60s with my dad having been unemployed since December, they have no retirement, and are blowing through their minuscule savings to keep the roof over our heads. They’ve asked me if I’d be ok to help if they aren’t able to pay the mortgage but I only work part time as a server, have $7k saved up, am in $10k student debt currently, and can’t even take care of myself financially.
I’m switching my major from computer science to IT since my community college has a bachelors in it, but it will still be 2 years. I’d be more chill with that if my parents and I weren’t worried about everything rn.
I have no social life outside of work and classes and my mental is shit. I’ve tried dating apps but they all ghost me (most recently on finals week when we had a date planned for after finals for months). Seeing other people my age getting to go and enjoy life, joke about relationship troubles and sex, or at least get to move out of their parents place makes me feel sad and behind everyone.
If my parents were more frugal or I had just gone into the military or a trade maybe my situation would be different? All these what ifs have been eating me alive lately and it’s killing me.
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2023.03.21 08:40 somelittleindiankid She had no horses but thought she did

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2023.03.21 08:40 tek210 First time using sprayer and need some advice

I am building a set of cornhole boards for a charity event this weekend. I have procrastinated for a while, and now I am under the gun. I bought a sprayer a couple years back, but have never used it. To speed up the process with the boards, I wanted to use white primer with the sprayer and need advice on what I need to do for it to work out.
I know I have to thin out the primer, or at least, I believe I do. I don’t recall the instructions being very clear, let’s just say they were not written locally. In addition to the primer coat, I also want to use the sprayer for a poly acrylic, final coat. What are some things I should know for these tasks?
In the past I’ve always used canned spray paint for these boards. But I know the sprayer has to be a more efficient way to do it.
Any help is appreciated Joe
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2023.03.21 08:39 paintsq 6 Basement Waterproofing Tips You Need to Know

6 Basement Waterproofing Tips You Need to Know
The most common form of home damage is water damage. The most common type of home damage is water damage.
This is the most likely place to suffer this type of damage. Basements are at high risk for water damage, according to estimates.
Water can seep through cracks in foundations. Temperature fluctuations can also cause condensation or moisture. This can cause structural damage and mold growth. Basement waterproofing is essential in auckland
There are two options. You can either hire professional basement waterproofing services or you can do it yourself. These waterproofing tips will help you choose which option is best for you.
Gutters that are good for you are well worth the investment
Poor roof drainage is the most common cause of basement leaks. Poor roof drainage can cause basement leaks by collecting water from heavy rainstorms.
Gutter can prevent water damage. Gutters direct water from the roof through downspouts, and then release it to the correct areas.
A gutter system should have a downspout for every 600-800 square foot of roof area. The downspouts should be at least 4 to 6 feet from your foundation. Spigots too close to your foundation can cause water pumps to pump into your basement.
Reliable gutter systems can be costly. Keep your gutter system clear of debris and dirt. Water can build up quicker and overflow around your foundation if it is clogged.
Apply Foundation Coatings
Waterproof coatings are your last line of defense against leaky or damp walls. These coatings are vital and must not be ignored. They are very effective at managing the dam basement foundation walls, as they have a water pressure rating between 10 and 15.
Most coatings can be applied to concrete poured inside concrete blocks and other types of masonry foundation walls. These ready-mixed products can be purchased in neutral or white colors. They can also be tinted to match your decor.
Waterproof coatings can be applied depending on the size of your project. They should dry within three hours to allow for the addition of coats.
Do I Really Need a Home Inspection?
Grade Soil Away
The soil angle around your foundation perimeter can also cause water damage to your basement. To prevent rainwater from accumulating on foundation walls, you can slope the soil.
To create a slope that runs away from your walls, use a shovel, wheelbarrow and a rake. Make sure your slope is not less than 10 feet to prevent water from getting back into your home.
Window well covers
Galvanized or molded steel pieces can be used to attach window wells to your home's exterior. Window well covers are used to protect your well from snow and water buildup that can cause flooding.
If you plan to attach window well covers, make sure they are properly attached. Attach them securely to your siding. High-quality caulk can be used to prevent water seepage between your basement and the well cover.
Install a sump-pump
Sump pumps are recommended if your basement is susceptible to water damage. Sump pumps are small pumps installed underground or in a pit.
Basements with groundwater intrusion problems can have sump pumps installed. Sump pumps can prevent basement flooding. These are great for basements with high humidity or moisture.
Use Dehumidifiers
Even if your basement is dry, there will be high humidity levels. Basements with humidity levels above 50% can be removed by dehumidifiers.
Dehumidifiers can extract 30-60 pints per day. This is particularly useful in areas where it is cold or humid. This makes your basement dry and prevents mold and mildew growth.
That's it! These guidelines will prevent water from entering your basement. These waterproofing tips are easy to do and affordable.
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2023.03.21 08:37 myrtheb Did my piercer tell me enough?

I got my ear pierced! She called it a helix but it sits on the flat part of my inner ear.
I did not like my piercer. She made me feel like I was bothering her. A friend was over and they mostly discussed boys. It felt like she wanted me out as soon as possible. I was nervous and complied with it but I should have stept out.
She only told me things when I asked about it. Had to ask for aftercare. She told me:
Spray salt on it twice a day and wash with regular hand soap once a day. Don't sleep on it.
I have a few questions.
  1. Is the soap necesarry? It makes my ear so itchy.
  2. How long before I can sleep on it?
  3. Do I dry the piercing after spraying it with salt?
  4. Does the piercing looks okay for placement and jewel? It is white gold.
  5. Have I missed important thinks I need to know?
It all makes me a bit nervous, I have no clue what I might miss information wise. It has been over a week and it seems to be healing fine. Hope you friendly people can easy me nerveus a bit!
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2023.03.21 08:37 arunas222 Problem nobody is speaking about : electrostatic/sizzling noise

I realy want to like this game, but this game (unlike in all others) has this electrostatic/sizzling noise in the backgroud during the match (if you're in "quite eviroment" during the match that is there is no steps or other sounds, turn volume up and you'll hear this annoing "white" noise). This gives headaches to me and makes long gaming sessions unberable. It makes this game feel outdated. Please share your thougs about it. And if it's possible how to solve this problem (I've played on many devices - changing device didn't change a thing)?
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