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2023.03.21 09:50 sbos_ Tips to learn independence while living with parents?

I see often many people with good relationships with their parents wanting to run away from home here for the sake of independence at ripe young age.
I can understand, but I’m a firm believer that you can learn independence whilst living with parents. There does come a time when you move out but in the U.K. it takes some financial prep if you want to have a life and save.
SO I’d love for others to share how they learnt independence while living with parents? Share away!
Just want to encourage others who are young and thinking and moving out. Renting in London is expensive.
I will start first. Have a budget planner and understand your incoming/outgoings then do your own food shopping and cook your own meals
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2023.03.21 09:49 Lucky_cham 7 week old kitten

i have a 7-ish week old kitten that i got 8 days ago and im looking for advise. When i got her i was told she was around 6-7 weeks so im assuming her age or 7 weeks but she could be younger or older. I have her in my room away from most of the noise in my house as i have other pets. She hid for literally less than a day before she came out and attached herself to me i got her home last sunday night at 7-7:30 and she was out monday morning at ruffly 11. To me that feels very fast for what i was expecting but im not to sure shes my first kitten (i've had an adult cat). She has used her litterbox and ate her food perfectly but i've noticed some things she doesn't do quite well. Like she doesn't groom herself fully she misses crucial part often like her legs and paws or her face its like she doesn't really know how. She also doesn't play with toys without me starting the play for reference she has multiple loose toys a scratcher and one of those ball rollers that she can play with all by herself but to get her to play with any of them i have to wiggle them or toss them to her then she plays for a minute or two before coming back over to me i don't mind playing with her obviously but i feel like its not healthy for her to only play when i start it (i know she isn't playing when im like out of the room or something because i put the toys in certain spots and when i come back their in the same spot). She's also very vocal both when i leave her room and when im in there with her like to the points she basically lost her voice this concerns me. I could just be a over reacting new pet parent but all these things are making me feel like a horrible person for not asking more questions before i got handed her. If you guys have any ideas or know that im being dramatic please let me know i want whats best for her and am willing to do what it takes.
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2023.03.21 09:49 jan_-_ Trainer says I have a very obedient but overinstructed puppy?

7 and a half (ish) month old male lab puppy, he's got issues with his left eye which will require surgery in May (has caused a few health problems) and was attacked in December. Due to health issues and attack we've probably done more inside and garden training than planned and less on loose lead walking than we needed to...
Because of this I had a training 1-1 last week to help me learn how to introduce loose lead walking in a way that worked for us, really liked the trainer and enrolled on their basic training course to brush up on anything we've missed and also for practice in an environment with distractions.
First lesson was last night and we really enjoyed it but a comment the trainer made has really stuck with me. Apparently we have a very obedient but overinstructed puppy that doesnt seem to know how to navigate new things or difficult scenarios without instruction.
I do give a lot of voice or hand cues when we're walking 'this way', 'walk on', 'leave it', asking for sit at curbs if not offered when I stop etc but I do try to wait for the behaviour to be offered first and reward when it is. We've been practicing things like parking for if we go to a cafe / pub as well.
In the house / other peoples houses is the same, there's certain routines that he knows to follow and will be asked if he doesnt offer them (sit and wait when food is being put down, on your bed or lie where you want as long as you're not begging when people are eating, no going out the front door because it's open only when released... etc)
I try to give choice when I see options, he's free to do what he wants most of the time inside / in the garden and we'll have sniffy walks and things like that. He's fine unsupervised both in the house and garden for a while but is crated if we leave the house for a couple of hours as he settles easily in it and happily naps.
Think the tl;dr is I'm not entirely sure where I'm going wrong or how to set him up to learn to make choices easier himself?
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2023.03.21 09:49 ompackerandnmovers Best House Shifting in Jaipur

Best House Shifting in Jaipur
OM Packers and Movers is a leading name in the field of packers movers in jaipur. They are known for their expertise in providing hassle-free and safe transportation of household goods, office equipment, and vehicles across various cities in India.
House shifting can be a daunting task, but with OM Packers and Movers, you can sit back and relax while they take care of everything. Their team of experienced professionals uses high-quality packing materials to ensure that your goods are protected during transit. They also use modern equipment and techniques to load and unload your goods from the trucks, minimizing the risk of damage.
OM Packers and Movers offer a wide range of services, including packing and moving of household goods, office equipment, commercial goods, and vehicles. They also provide storage facilities for those who need to store their goods temporarily. Their team of experts takes care of everything, from packing to unpacking, so you can be assured that your goods are in safe hands.
OM Packers and Movers are committed to providing their customers with the best service possible. They understand that every customer has different needs and requirements, which is why they offer customized solutions to meet their specific requirements. Their prices are also competitive, making them an affordable option for anyone looking for packers movers in jaipur.
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OM Packers and Movers have a fleet of well-maintained vehicles, including trucks, trailers, and container trucks, to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. They have experienced drivers and operators who ensure that the goods are transported safely and timely. They use advanced technology and GPS systems to track the movement of the goods, ensuring that they reach their destination without any delay.
OM Packers and Movers provide transport service in Jaipur for various types of goods, including household items, office equipment, commercial goods, and vehicles. They also offer door-to-door services, which mean that they pick up the goods from your doorstep and deliver them to the desired location. Their transportation services are available for both short and long distances, ensuring that customers can transport their goods anywhere across India.
OM Packers and Movers are committed to providing their customers with the best service possible. They understand that each customer has unique requirements, which is why they offer customized solutions to meet their specific needs. Their prices are also competitive, making them an affordable option for anyone looking for reliable transport service in jaipur.
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2023.03.21 09:49 cajujac What are your border collies like at home?

I'm thinking of getting a Border Collie. I know all about their needs for exercise, mental stimulation, etc. and am fully prepared and able to meet those needs. I had a BC cross before but I don't want to assume that experience was representative of a pure-breed BC. I know that every dog is different but I'm looking for a general idea of what they're like as pets when NOT exercising/working/training/etc. It's hard to find that info without just being bombarded with warnings about how much exercise they need.
So assuming your Border Collie is well-exercised both physically and mentally,
Do they settle easily at home? (when you're working from home, or watching tv in the evening, etc.)
Are they affectionate or prefer to be by themselves?
Are they calm or bouncing all over the house 24/7?
Are they ok being left alone occasionally? How long for? (like when you go to the supermarket, cinema, evening out, etc.)
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2023.03.21 09:49 Lilyflower228 Introvert Burnout

Ya know what pisses me off? When ppl don’t give me space to recharge. Accepting my introverted ways has not been easy, but I’m finally there. Im great at saying No now. My best friends aren’t even fazed when I don’t text back. I’ve been able to explain that sometimes I just like to go “off the grid” and they back off. Now my husband on the other hand is different. He takes offense and he doesn’t seem to understand my needs.
Scenario: I had a rough week at work, mentally. It’s Thursday and I’m exciting to have just 1 more day until the weekend. I need to recharge this weekend. But husband gets a text from his cousin. She’s inviting us to a game night. Normally I would love to but I already felt drained. Nonetheless, husband didn’t want to go without me and really wanted to go. I decide to go to the game night Saturday and recharge Sunday. We get to his cousins, and I’m ready to go almost instantly. A girl my husband talked to prior to me was there and she did the most for his attention. Then a kid ran up to me and put her hand in my Burger King bag. Just no boundaries. Anyway I was drained by the end. I couldn’t wait to have my recharge day. Then my husband before leaving insisted that his sister stay at our house. She wasn’t drunk, he was just enjoying family time. But it pissed me off. In private I snapped. He kept saying it’s “just his sister” and I didn’t know how to explain to him that I needed space. She stayed over and slept until 1pm. At 2 my husband left to play ball and she stayed. I sucked it up of course and the sister and I bonded, but now I feel drained. I can’t stop snapping at my husband. My brain is fog which is making work horrible. I’m tired as hell and I can’t sleep.
Any tips on how to recharge when u can’t get alone time??
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2023.03.21 09:49 exodus_sirius i relapsed after 217 days

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2023.03.21 09:47 cajujac What are Brittanys like at home?

I'm thinking of getting a Brittany. I know all about their needs for exercise, mental stimulation, etc. and am fully prepared and able to meet those needs. I know that every dog is different but I'm looking for a general idea of what they're like as pets when NOT exercising/working/training/etc. It's hard to find that info without just being bombarded with warnings about how much exercise they need.
So assuming your Brittany is well-exercised both physically and mentally,
Do they settle easily at home? (when you're working from home, or watching tv in the evening, etc.)
Are they affectionate or prefer to be by themselves?
Are they calm or bouncing all over the house 24/7?
Are they ok being left alone occasionally? How long for? (like when you go to the supermarket, cinema, evening out, etc.)
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2023.03.21 09:46 theakshayapatra Social Benefits of Tax Exemption

Social Benefits of Tax Exemption
Donating to a cause is noble, and the tax departments of many nations also recognise it!
Tax exemption is a financial relief provided to individuals or organisations from paying a portion or all of their taxes. In many countries, the law mandates tax exemptions on charitable contributions to encourage people and businesses to donate a part of their earnings for the welfare of underprivileged communities.
In India, Section 80G and 80GGA of the Income Tax Act of 1961 allow an individual to claim deductions on donations made to NGOs that are registered under the Act. The taxpayer can receive either a 50% or a 100% deduction on tax based on the non-profit entity they donate to.
Tax exemptions also offer many noteworthy social benefits by promoting economic growth, social welfare, community building and charitable giving.
1) Supports economic growth
Tax exemptions can motivate individuals and businesses to invest in certain industries or activities, such as renewable energy, research and development or affordable housing. It can boost innovation and growth, eventually leading to job creation, higher wages and improved living standards.
It can also result in increased tax revenue in the long run. For example, tax exemptions for renewable energy can help reduce energy production costs, leading to lower energy prices and higher economic activity. This, in turn, can yield greater tax revenue from other sources, such as sales and income taxes.
2) Promotes social welfare and social justice
Tax exemption can also promote social welfare and social justice by providing relief to those in need. For example, when governments offer tax benefits to individuals with disabilities or low-income backgrounds, they can meet their basic needs, such as food, housing and healthcare. It will also help alleviate the financial strain on family raising individuals with special needs.
In India, Section 80U of the Income Tax Act of 1961 offers tax benefits to differently-abled individuals, while Section 80DD aids those who support family members with special needs.
Consequently, these deductions can significantly help reduce poverty, promote social mobility, guarantee a more equitable society and improve the quality of life for lesser privileged communities.
3) Helps build communities
Tax exemption can promote social cohesion by encouraging the formation of community-based organisations around shared interests, such as environmental protection, cultural preservation or advocacy for marginalised groups. It can be an efficient way for governments to boost social cohesion and civic engagement, resulting in a more connected and resilient society.
4) Promotes charitable giving
One of the most common social benefits of tax exemption is the promotion of charitable giving. Charitable organisations are often tax-exempt, which means that they do not have to pay taxes on the donations they receive. This encourages individuals and businesses to donate more to these organisations, as they can receive tax deductions for their contributions. This, in turn, leads to increased funding for social causes such as education, health and poverty alleviation.
The Akshaya Patra Foundation is one such not-for-profit organisation in India that has been the implementing partner of the Central Government’s PM Poshan Abhiyaan (earlier called the Mid-Day Meal or MDM Programme) for 22 years. It serves hot, tasty, safe and nutritious meals to over 2 million children in 22,367 schools every day.
These mid-day meals (MDM) include a balanced diet of rice, lentils, vegetables and fruits. This ensures that the beneficiaries receive essential nutrients and build a strong foundation for their long-term health and development.
Over the years, Akshaya Patra has effectively facilitated children's access to education, particularly for those from challenging socioeconomic backgrounds. Through mid-day meals and other initiatives, the NGO has helped improve children's attendance and academic performance in schools, ultimately contributing to a brighter future for them and India as a whole.

Support Akshaya Patra and avail tax benefits

Tax exemption can provide significant social benefits by stimulating charitable giving, economic prosperity, social welfare, social cohesion and social justice. However, tax exemption policies must be designed in a way that is fair, equitable and sustainable, and does not disproportionately benefit certain groups at the expense of others.
If you feel inspired to bring a positive change in society with your tax-exempt contributions, consider donating to an NGO. You can browse through a list of programmes on their website, choose a cause you feel drawn to and contribute online to give the beneficiaries better opportunities for growth.
For instance, when you support Akshaya Patra’s initiatives for school children, nursing mothers or elderly women without families, not only do you gift them hope with nutritious meals, but also benefit yourself by receiving a 50% tax exemption on every donation you make.
So, invest in a cause close to your heart with a few clicks and help transform the lives of people who need support.
Contribute today!
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2023.03.21 09:46 One_Cow_2724 How can I start T without my parents knowing?

I've recently turned 18 and I can finally start T without my parent's permission!!'s not that easy.
I love my parents. they're amazing and they love me, my mom buys me all my masc clothes (Including boxers that spell "men" in the front lmao) and she's the one who cuts my hair (always masc, never made me look like a lesbian). However, she is very against T and surgery, and she would never kick me out or anything like that (which is why I'm even daring to try this), but she won't allow my decision. My dad is more chill, he uses my preffered name and pronuns most of the time (this is especially noticeable in spanish because almost every word is gendered), he sometimes calls me young man etc, my mom has more problem on this part.
Anyway sorry for the weird rant. But honestly, I'm just so done, I've known I'm trans since I was 11 and it is getting harder each day to continue like this, while I am not s*icidal, I do think quite often that I'd be better off de*d, I really want to start T, it just feels wrong not to. However, I cannot think of any way that doesn't have my parents finding out. I don't have a license, I don't leave the house alone (this is a bit of a me thing, depression makes me wanna stay in my room all the time, the times I leave is bc my mom drags me to walk with her) and I basically cannot see anyway of me leaving alone that wouldn't be suspicious (yes, I literally have 0 friends because of going to online school during and after the pandemic, so I can't use "hang out with friends" as an excuse) , and I don't think I can see any doctors online for this.
I know a lot of you might say that I should not be doing this behind my parent's back, but I can't see myself being able to wait for like another 7 years when I can actually move out, I just can't, it hurts to even think about.
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2023.03.21 09:46 drphillepage Say Goodbye to Obesity with Weight Loss Surgery by Dr. Le Page

Are you struggling because you are overweight and can’t reduce it naturally? There is help, and there are plenty of methods apart from exercise, diet, and medication to achieve it for you. And weight loss surgery is one of them.
But should everyone adopt the Weight Loss Surgery approach without being informed fully? Definitely not. So let’s take you through a short instance and throw light on how obesity surgery can do wonders for you. For those who are struggling with their weight for a long time, some eye-opening points on the causes of obesity were raised recently on Magda Szubanski’s TV show. One of them was how much our environment affects our food choices, our eating habits, our exercise routines, and our overall health. And this is the reason why a supermarket is designed in such a way that you are enticed to buy high-calorie processed foods and fast food outlets are set up making it super convenient for you to damage your health.
Tackling these challenges and staying healthy may seem next to impossible, so ‘what should I do to become healthy and stay slim?’ you might wonder.
Dr Le Page treats all types of chronic weight-related problems in Australia and who will also help you with a lot of your problems such as obesity, gallstones, hernia, cancer, and more. Dr. Le Page offers the best weight loss surgery in Sydney and can help you feel healthier, more active, more fulfilled and better about your body and your life. So let’s dive deeper into his world and say goodbye to the one filled with obesity, worries, and ill health.

Dr. Le Page Weight Loss Surgery

A large part of the world’s population is dealing with obesity. Some try to get rid of it through exercise, some do it through diet, and some try to do it through supplements. But out of these different mediums, weight loss surgery proves to be the best in some cases. It resets the trajectory of weight, health, and overall well-being of an individual and sets him up on the path to leading a fitter life. Weight loss treatment and Bariatric Surgery is often the way to go not only in the short and medium term but also importantly in the long run. Additional to that, Dr. Le Page also offers you an aftercare support program that ensures better care and well-being for you.

The Weight Loss Surgery & Aftercare Support Program

Dr. Le Page’s Weight Loss Surgery & Aftercare Support Program includes the following: Initial consultation with Dr Le Page
So this is a lot of information on obesity, diet, weight loss surgeries, and most importantly a healthy lifestyle. But is acquiring this information enough? Not at all. It’s about how you use this information to lead a healthier, fitter, and happier life. Whether you try to shed those extra kilos naturally or go for a proven reliable solution such as weight loss surgery, it will be worth your time and effort. All the best! Source
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2023.03.21 09:46 maximummangoes AITA for my reaction to my birthday present?

I (F29) met 'Will' (M30) six years ago when I moved into a new apartment close to university. He was my next door neighbour, and offered to help me put together flat pack furniture. We really hit it off, and have been together ever since.
Will was married right out of high school to someone who was not a very good match. They were young, dumb, and made a colossal mistake. Will recognises now how crazy it was to marry someone at 18, but at the time, they really thought it was a good idea. That being said, the breakup and the fallout was terrible. This was before I met Will, but it sounds like both sides were out to inflict as much pain as possible. Fortunately there were no children or assets, but it was not a smooth process by any means.
Will reached out to his ex-wife relatively recently (about two years ago) to apologise for all the pain he put her through, which I thought was quite nice of him to do. She also apologised for her actions, but both agreed that they did not want to stay in contact. However, coming out of that, Will told me that he has realised he never wants to get married again. This was a surprise to me, but I have never really wanted the white picket fence, so no marriage didn't really bother me. I am happy just to be in a long-term, committed relationship.
Recently, it was my birthday and we had some people over for a BBQ. It was really lovely, but Will insisted we do presents in front of everyone. I haven't ever really done that, but I didn't have any issues with it. Everyone gifted me really sweet and thoughtful items, and it was a blast, until I got to Will's gift. Will had been really bragging about how this was the perfect gift and I had to save the best for last... It was a diamond tipped drill set. To be clear, I do not own a drill and have no interest in anything related to drills.
My face fell, and Will burst out laughing saying that that the joke is that these diamonds are the only diamonds I could ever expect to receive from him. "Get it, because we aren't ever getting engaged?" I was so humiliated! I excused myself and went into the house, and I suppose that everyone left after a while.
Will tried to then give me my "real" present later that evening because "the drill bits were only meant as a joke", but I didn't even open it because I couldn't understand why he was so cruel in front of all my friends! Will says that I am overreacting when I have another gift and I agreed that we wouldn't get married. I feel really hurt and Will doesn't seem to get it, am I overreacting?
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2023.03.21 09:44 humidsm My mates don't want me to enlist, how do I calm their worries?

I hope this is the right place to post.
I'm in the process of talking to a recruiter to join the army currently. Telling my friends was difficult. At first I considered keeping it a secret until I knew for sure I was joining, but I couldn't keep that secret.
In truth there is nothing else for me to do, my mom has made it clear she will kick me out of her house soon. I cannot afford college and support myself and pay for a house at the same time. Military also seems like the only thing I'd be good at. I am not very bright cept at writing and that's a useless damn skill for getting paid.
My friends not only dislike the military but they hate the idea of me joining in general. They worry it will change me for the worst and one particular buddy won't rest when I reassure them it's an unlikely fear to imagine I'd die in conflict. I don't think the military is the shit either, but I don't think it's an evil thing to join up. Especially trapped in a corner how I feel.
Also, I think I'd like it. As much as someone can. I need routine and rigidity. My friends all are smart enough or have enough money to go off to college. I don't want to rot at home, struggling to find and keep jobs, and drinking so much how I do. I don't want to be a piece of shit anymore and I know my friends don't want that. I think it'd change me of course, but for better. Especially compared to where I am out now.
I guess I'm just wondering how I can ease their worries. It hurts me that it hurts them. I do not want my mates upset with me and not understanding of my decision.
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2023.03.21 09:44 After-Appointment-88 What is this on 8 week old rabbit

What is this on 8 week old rabbit
We've had this bunny for almost 1 week and haven't noticed anything odd until today She has a weird patch that looks like an awful scab but we haven't noticed any wound to lead up to the scab No oozing or terrible smell We have searched and searched on google and all vets are closed Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? Have any idea what it could be? She is completely fine otherwise Still friendly and happy with appetite She is also housed with an older rabbit that's 2 years old
The photo definitely doesn't do justice it's definitely a brown colour and very lumpy, scab is the only thing I can think of that is similar to it It's a good 4-5cm in size also
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2023.03.21 09:44 Own-Turn-193 Type 4,9,6 or 2?

Hey, 18(m) recently decided to take the Truity enneagram test and saw a very even display of types 9,4,2,6 all having a similar mark of around the 90-95%. I have taken more tests on different websites and they varied often some websites said 4 some 9 some 6 (even one said 5). I'm just here as I'm very confused about what I am and was wondering if someone could help. I will give a bit of description about myself.
I am a very dependent and expressive emotions (emotional) guy. I cannot cope with being alone or abandoned, I struggle with making decisions as little as asking what color shorts I need to wear I have no trust in my opinion and complete trust others will decide everything for me. I get extremely attached to certain people and become paranoid if I sense I may be abandoned. If I am being honest abandonment has resulted in me being manipulative or having a victim mentality saying inappropriate threats in hope of not getting abandoned. I grew up in a very empty house parents were never home siblings were always out, I was alone I always relied on friends. Never did too well in school. Since a young age was told I am very sensitive to criticism and quiet.
If you could please help me navigate and work out what I am it would be extremely appreciated. Also, side notes my personality type is ENTP used to be ESTP, but I never really enjoyed talking to other people that much I just can't stand to be alone.
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2023.03.21 09:44 idontwantomakeauser Buying a house from a neighbor

We have known my partner’s parent’s neighbors for years. They are good people. They want to sell their in the next few months. Its in a really nice area where houses are still getting 20K+ asking price.
They had jokingly said we should buy the house from them few years ago. Now that they are serious about selling again, they mentioned it. We are seriously considering it. However, they would rather do it without having to get a real estate agent on their side. If we are able to go through it all without an agent, they are willing to sell to us below the market price (under 30K of what they would list the house for). They aren’t trying to be sketchy or scammy, just trying to save us money and hassel on their end. We would still get inspection and such done.
We do have an agent (my SIL that they also know) on our side that would look over the documents and the process.
Is there anything legal we should be aware of as we pursue this further? Are they allowed to sell it below market price? I know sale by owner is allowed, is my real estate agent allowed to look over the process? Honestly, are we doing a legally dumb thing?
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2023.03.21 09:43 aphmauplushie Aphmau Plushie Aphmau Plushie Official Store Big Discount

How to Clean Your Aphmau Plushie

The #1 female gamer on YouTube, Aphmau is known for her creative gameplay-inspired videos that inspire girls and women. Now, she's releasing an adorable line of plushies with Bonkers Toys!
These MeeMeows are based on her animated feline friends, and they're perfect for any cat lover. They also feature tie-ins with Aphmau's channel so that kids can easily identify them.
Aphmau Plushie Aphmau T-Shirts Aphmau Hoodies Aphmau Sweatshirt Aphmau Long Sleeve T-shirt Aphmau Kid T-shirt Aphmau Kid Hoodie Aphmau Kid Sweatshirt Aphmau Kid Long Sleeve T-shirt Aphmau Fisherman Hats Aphmau Bucket Hat
Aphmau Blankets

How to Clean Your Plushie

When it comes to cleaning your favorite Aphmau Plushie, you’ll need some tips and tricks. You want to get the job done right, but you don’t want to do damage to the fur or leave a sticky residue behind.
For a small to medium sized stuffed animal, the easiest way to clean it is probably with soap and water. Start by preparing a solution of warm water and soap in a sink or a bowl (depending on the size of your plushie).
Dip a washcloth in the mixture, then dab it on the problem areas to loosen up any dirt. You can also use a kids toothbrush or your hands to lightly scrub the spots.
If your plush is too big or heavy for the sink or bowl method, you can try the washing machine. Just make sure to keep it safely tied inside a pillowcase or lingerie bag so that its eyes and nose don’t get scuffed up by the spinning cycle.

Lint Rollers

A lint roller is a great tool for getting stray hair off clothes and other fabrics. They come in various forms and can be disposable or reusable.
Lint rollers work by rolling over a surface and grabbing the debris from the fabric using adhesive sheets. They can be a convenient option for keeping around the house and in your car.
The best lint rollers come in a variety of forms and are easy to use. Some are disposable and can be tossed out when they're full, but others are reusable and washable.
You can also get lint rollers with handles that you can keep near your clothes closet, in your car, or anywhere else you expect to have one handy. This way, you'll always have a fresh roller when you need it!
A lint roller is especially useful for picking up stray pet hair in areas your vacuum can't reach. It's also good for cleaning up crumbs and fuzz on rugs and lampshades when they're hard to reach with a regular sponge.
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2023.03.21 09:43 Eastern_Fruit_7173 What studio aesthetic do you like?

I’m a Pilates instructor and have rented studios and taught in gyms for 6 years. It’s now time for me to make the exciting step of opening my own studio!
I have some thoughts about how I’d like it to look but would love to hear your ideas. What colours make you feel good in a studio? Which design styles do you prefer (contemporary, boho, classic etc)? Which decorative accessories (candles, plants, prints etc)? Do you prefer lower lighting or bright? Do you like a cozy feel? Fresh? Something else?
For context my studio will be coastal UK
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2023.03.21 09:43 Severe-Purchase-6949 My mom's friend

When I was 7 years old my mom and father got a divorce . This event prompted her to move and follow her career in a different small town which would pay better, as she was a single parent now .
On our long 12 hour drive to the new location, we stopped on the way in this little town which was very " hippy" , sort of had lots of art, little shops etc.
My mom said we were here to meet up with her friend "Paulette". I guess they went way back in her college days and recently got in touch after a decade .
We end up going to this east Indian restaurant where we would meet for dinner.
This lean petite woman walks in , she was well over 6 foot tall , big frizzy , curly brown hair with blonde streaks in it . She was caucasian, wearing a colorful shawl , with feather ear rings , with very pale blue eyes .She looked like a mosaic tapestry or something.
She walks over to the table and gives my mom a greeting and big hug , makes her way over to my older brother and shakes his hand , after comes around to my side of the table. I lend my hand out to her , and she just stood there expressionless, with her mouth partly open with a blank gaze , just staring at me . It briefly made me uncomfortable and then a flick of a switch, this spark ignites in her face , she makes this huge Cheshire Cat smile , kneels over and hugs me tightly .
She goes back to sit with my mom and they catch up over the years while we eat dinner . My mom gets the bill and says to her in the parking lot , you can just follow us , to Paulette. We get in the car and my mom explains to us , Paulette is actually coming over to live with us for awhile.
She followed us for the next several hours . We get to the new place and un pack our necessity items, as we had a moving truck hired with the rest of our stuff arriving in the morning.
There was a bunk bed already set up at this place for me and my brother. It was fairly late into the night roughly 11pm when we arrived.
Me and my brother set up our sleeping bags , I take the top bunk . My mom says good night . I fell asleep pretty quickly .
I wake up around 1:30 . I guess the patio deck light got turned on which was right beside our room. I gazed out through the blinders and I see the back of Paulettes curly hair . She was sitting on the deck cross legged smoking a cigarette. I didn't think much of it and lay back down.. Until I notice the light from the window gets partly blocked out . I look behind me with my head still on the pillow , I see the unmistakable outline of Paulettes shadow facing my window. She was there for a few minutes , I didn't want to lean up , I just pretended to sleep .
Her shadow moves and I hear the front door close. The patio light turns off after a few minutes . I re position myself facing the wall to go back to sleep. As I begin to drift off my door to our room opens slowly and I quickly turned my head around , it wasn't my mom . It's Paulette wearing a night gown . I turn back facing the wall and close my eyes , she quietly makes her way to my bunk . I feel her fingers in a claw formation start to comb the back of my hair , running her nails on the back of my scalp. I kept my eyes closed tightly nearly holding my breath, trying to give no signs I'm awake . I smell some essential oils like lavender , and she starts rubbing oil into the back of my neck , and pinching the back of my neck muscle , sometimes holding it and releasing , I begin to kinda just accept whatever is happening... because it didn't feel all that bad after awhile. I actually ended up falling asleep to it after my initial confusion.
I wake up in the morning, my mom is off at work and Paulette is waiting at the table with cereal for me and brother. She put chocolate chips in my bowl and not my brothers . My brother and I make small talk with her , she was very giggly seemed to be trying to make us comfortable with the new situation. My brother heads back to his room to set up his game cube , after his cereal .
I was a slower eater than my older brother, so I was always the last at the table. As I slowly ate she was sitting there watching my every move . Once I finished I said, thank you and grabbed my bowl to bring it to the sink . She places her hand on mine and says " I gave you a neck massage so you wouldn't pee your bed, I know lots of young ones pee beds when they sleep in unfamiliar surroundings ". I looked up at her and said , I've never peed my bed before ! but thank you .
She continued to massage the back of my neck for the next few nights. I ended up telling her I'm comfortable here now you don't need to do this anymore . She reacted to that with a sigh but acknowledged it . I started elementary school the following week which meant getting earlier night sleeps around 8pm . Her and my mom would stay up much later than me and brother and drink wine.
I always kinda waited for them to go to bed before I used the wash room at night to go pee , because my mom would kinda scold me for being up late on week nights. Once things got quiet around 11 in the house I'd sneak out and tippy toe to go use the washroom .
This was my ritual for the next few weeks.. Until Paulette started doing the exact same thing at the exact same time , every time . Every night when I needed the washroom , it just so happened Paulette needed it too , and she would blaze down the hall way across from my room when id open the door . I'd just go back in my room and wait for her . It started happening so frequently I would just go outside to pee from the back mudroom door.
This started to , piss me off ( no pun intended ) . I'd open my door as quietly as I could and then sprint to the washroom .
This seemed effective for awhile. One night I get up slightly later than usual around 12. I was a little more careless with noise because I was half asleep/ groggy . I opened the door and Paulettes door just slams open instantly. She barges out in the dimly moonlit hallway completely naked and just starts quickly walking down the hallway . I was already so far down the hallway , I couldn't turn back to my room . I jump behind my mom's jade plant and squish my knees to my chest and tuck my head down .
She whizzes strait by me so fast I felt wind push my hair . She stays in the wash room for almost an hour with the door opened a crack , lights off . I stayed there tucked in the corner not making a sound. I hear her open the door and she starts pacing up and down the hallway . I kept small and insignificant behind the plant until she goes back into her room . I brushed this off as a complete accident , it was just unfortunate timing .. But no every night going forward she would literally sprint down the hall way naked if I'd make a single noise , creak the floor board , open my door etc .
About two months into this , me and my brother were sword fighting with tree branches outside. He ends up clipping my forehead causing it to bleed pretty bad . Paulette sees this happen , she walks up to my brother to what I thought would be to scold him , but no she stomp kicks him in the head with her boot causing him to fall on his back. He gets up off the ground crying and runs into the house . She grabs me and starts cradling me , rocking back and forward. She shaking so much she was vibrating repeatedly asking are you hurt? In a shakey voice .
Anyway my mom finds out through my brother what happened and decides she had to leave. Her final day, she made a point to see me one on one in the drive way before entering her car .
She nealt down and said , I hope I can see you in a different life . You remind me so much of my husband . Good bye (my name) and starts bawling her eyes out hugging me. I asked my mom who was her husband was , I guess he was a marine that died in Afghanistan a few months prior to her moving in with us .
My mom hasn't spoke to her since.
I've never told my mom about the massages or anything to this day as she was exiled and I felt it would just cause more drama .
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2023.03.21 09:42 givemethemushies Advice on saving to rent

Hey, it’s absurd that saving for renting is even a thing now but we need to survive. Really need some real advice on how to plan this out and do this right.
Here’s my situation:
We aren’t looking for anything fancy, just a roof over our heads to start our lives together. How do I plan and budget this for the next few months? What should I be looking out for, and how do I play this game? What does rent and costs look like this year? How should we handle getting our foot in the door in such a competitive and corrupt system? Thank you, people of Brisbane. I like this city - we are so ready to call this place home.
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2023.03.21 09:42 482jobs Senior hairdresser/colourist

Come and join our spacious and lux boutique hair salon in the heart of Coogee Beach. Winners business excellence in hairdressing 2022!
Lady K Hair Artistry are looking for an enthusiastic and happy hairdresser to join our growing hair family. Here, you are valued as an individual and supported as you continue to grow as a hairdresser. Extensive training and growth opportunities are on offer as the salon continues to grow and expand.
Have fun while you work - enjoy the comforts of working in our spacious salon extension full of natural light. Better your skills with in-house training with leading hair colour brand -Redken. Broaden your experience and grow with a supportive team full of opportunities to quickly climb the ladder.
The position is full time with shorter days on Fridays and Saturday's for that appealing work-life balance. Sunday and Monday off every week!
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2023.03.21 09:41 JoeyDon0905 Looking for advice on feasibility of separate tenancy in this house

Looking for advice on feasibility of separate tenancy in this house
Hello everyone, I would like to express my gratitude in advance. We came across this property, in the City of Casey council, currently on the market, and I'm wondering if it's possible to convert the house into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom unit and a separate studio for two tenants. As the picture indicates, my plan involves permanently sealing the redbox door and constructing a fence to divide the backyard.
I am considering including the bill as a solar panel is on the roof to avoid a second-meter application. However, I am unsure how to address the mailbox issue. For instance, if the property's address is 1 John Ct, Cranbourne, can I construct another mailbox b/1 John Ct and label the existing one as a/1 John Ct without seeking permission from the council?
Would it be possible to apply another rubbish bin with honesty and how likely is the council will allow it?
Much appreciated!
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