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2023.03.21 09:45 happydancer4 Can anyone help explain the HM revenue & Customs starter forms ?

I’m convinced I’ve been filling these wrong all my life but can’t find any guidance that’s helpful. So recently I was doing a job under a zero hours contract and so haven’t got a P45 as I’m technically still on the books. I’m now starting a new job and don’t know whether to put A, B or C as technically it’s a 2nd job but I make no money from the 1st as they’re closed until next year. In between the two jobs I also did a paid internship and haven’t received a p45 for that - should I have? Does that count as a job or not?
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2023.03.21 09:44 MrIcyCreep Is there any reason to attempt to improve my skill to visualise?

Recently i’ve been listening to blindfold chess in order to try and make my ability to visualise things better. At the moment every time i try to imagine something everything just sort of moves around like a big uncomfortable blob.
I’ve been practicing for 3 weeks now but pretty much nothing has improved, and it’s all still just really hard. Is there even any reason to keep trying? Sometimes i feel like this is just unfixable, so I’m here on reddit to ask whether there’s actually something i can do about it or if im just going to bash my head into a wall for years.
I don’t know much yet since i got my diagnosis a couple months ago. If there’s any information which is relevant please just ask and I’ll answer what’s necessary. Please I need help despite my academic abilities I’m still failing school because I just can’t do anything at all.
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2023.03.21 09:44 Own-Turn-193 Type 4,9,6 or 2?

Hey, 18(m) recently decided to take the Truity enneagram test and saw a very even display of types 9,4,2,6 all having a similar mark of around the 90-95%. I have taken more tests on different websites and they varied often some websites said 4 some 9 some 6 (even one said 5). I'm just here as I'm very confused about what I am and was wondering if someone could help. I will give a bit of description about myself.
I am a very dependent and expressive emotions (emotional) guy. I cannot cope with being alone or abandoned, I struggle with making decisions as little as asking what color shorts I need to wear I have no trust in my opinion and complete trust others will decide everything for me. I get extremely attached to certain people and become paranoid if I sense I may be abandoned. If I am being honest abandonment has resulted in me being manipulative or having a victim mentality saying inappropriate threats in hope of not getting abandoned. I grew up in a very empty house parents were never home siblings were always out, I was alone I always relied on friends. Never did too well in school. Since a young age was told I am very sensitive to criticism and quiet.
If you could please help me navigate and work out what I am it would be extremely appreciated. Also, side notes my personality type is ENTP used to be ESTP, but I never really enjoyed talking to other people that much I just can't stand to be alone.
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2023.03.21 09:44 GullibleTravel237 How Much Fluid Do I Fill My Transmission Fluid Pan

Recently I made a hole in my automatic transmission fluid pan... I lost some fluid, got it towed, I took off the pan and got it welded. My question is, when I put the pan back on and refill the pan, how much do I fill? Does the pan have a stand-alone amount of fluid or is it somehow connected to the total amount of fluid in the whole transmission system. Thanks in advance. (My car is a 2016 Jetta 1.4T Automatic)
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2023.03.21 09:44 Astice_Pensante Valve's latest trademark application is our biggest clue yet that a new Counter-Strike may be on the way (03/21/2023)

A new trademark filing gives us the strongest hint yet that Counter-Strike 2 could be on the way. A couple of weeks back, we reported that it looked like a new version of CS:GO – possibly called Counter-Strike 2 – was in development. And while there was no formal word from Valve, Steam, or anyone else for that matter, several prominent leakers and a journalist stepped up to report that "a new version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is on its way", saying it is "almost certainly set to be released under the working title of Counter-Strike 2". And now the rumours seem even more likely after PCGN spotted that Valve Corporation recently filed a US trademark application for "CS2". Read more Link to article
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2023.03.21 09:44 MaliceDuoBlade Was burned out but with a few good teams, I'm back for more!

I've been working on using pokemon I've never used before in new playthroughs. It has taken me a few years now but I'm up to gen 5 BW2. I've been getting burned out the last few times trying to play any pokemon game, starting with my multiple runs of diamond, which had me taking a few months break between each run. Right now, I'm on my 5th team for BW2. I have sword and it was definitely fun and my team is ok with Greedent really being my favorite for the team but I haven't touched it since beating the game. I played Arceus and loved it but didn't really care for my team other than my full odds shiny alpha Steelix.
However, recently I finished violet and I had tons of fun with my team, catching all the pokemon, and the story! It has revitalized my want to play more pokemon. I made up some potential teams to use for future playthroughs, one being an all normal team.
So after finishing violet, I decided to start up scarlet and to transfer over a team with a ditto to a Nintendo lite. Now, I will say it's a completely different experience playing on a lite, I definitely wouldn't have enjoyed the game as much I think had my first run been on a lite. Anywho, because I didn't have to worry about catching anything other than the exclusives and was worried it wasn't gonna be very fun on a lite, I decided to use the normal team because it was all pokemon I wanted to use but at the same time were very low priority pokemon that I didn't fit into team.
This team was soooo much fun to use!! I loved the whole playthrough, not quite as much as my first playthrough since I knew all the stories but it still was great! I was awfully surprised to love the team as much as I did! Again, it made me want to play another game, which brings me to my brilliant diamond team.
Like I said at the top, I played multiple runs of diamond and it was the start of burning me out for my planned playthrough teams on the ds/3ds consoles. I kind was dreading going back to it since I started it the day it came out but couldn't finish it. I booted it up to find my save at crasher wakes gym with a team I didn't really care for in the beginning and at the same time not really a complete team. So I started trying to piece together a team I was a bit more passionate about from what I had and I ended up still being one pokemon short of a complete team that I would have to get through trade or home. I ended up picking a GLAMEOW to fill the last position. After filling out the team I proceeded beat the game and again I had a blast with it!
These last few teams have just done wonders and have made me really enjoy the games. I'm gonna leave my teams for the mentioned runs below:
Last diamond run: infernape, staraptor, luxray, gastrodon, medicham, and weavile. Didn'tuch care for the team mainly because it still has three pokemon I have used quite often. medicham really made this team hard to use for me too
Current B2 run: Glake(grass,lizard,snake) the serperior, Ruby the gigalith, serene the emolga, garglepile the garbodor, Lady lumps the seismitoad, and slimebean the reuniclus. I do really like this team just burnout.
Sword: Greedent, bolthund, thievul, rillaboom, coalossal, and corviknight. It was an ok team, Greedent was my MVP and had his own little side story of being Hop's snorlax's rival.
Arceus: Typhlosion, shiny Alpha Steelix, Drapion, Gyarados, hisusian electrode and wyrdeer. It's a good team, but I never felt super attached, I was more about catching everything.
Violet: Marley the meowscarada, squishy the Bellibolt, Shiny! the shiny villilion which is the first time I've ever caught a shiny within the first hour of play, Cetitan who is my favorite from this gen, Palafin which was my least favorite on the team, and annihilape! This team was crazy and fun and just really enjoyed every bit of my time spent with them.
Scarlet: capt'n Graf the Grafaiai, dun dun DUN! the dudunsparce, Yamaha the cyclizar, Mufasa the male Pyroar, kalamata the arboliva, and lastly, ginormica the Farigiraf. Capt'n Graf gets the salute! This was so unexpectedly fun, I might even do more common type teams in the future because of this team!
Brilliant diamond: Sun wukong the infernape, Blimppy the drifblim, cuffs the toxicroak, Tank the hippowdon, fluffynstuff the purugly, and CrackJaw the bastiodon. This again turned out to be such a fun team, I found myself playing it to completion without putting it down much, after getting my team situated. Blimppy as MVP after going tit for tat against Cynthia's garchomp and finishing the match with the double knockout thanks to blimppy's aftermath.
Next I plan on finishing up my B2 run so I can finish up my planned teams for that game
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2023.03.21 09:43 SensitiveGuts Doctors can't figure out what's wrong - potential brain tumor?

Hi all,
30 year old Male.
For the past 3 years I have had unexplained symptoms that a doctor cannot figure out.
I have quite a lot of tests that have come back normal:
Head and Orbit MRI without contrast
CT Abdomen and Pelvis x2 with contrast
Chest CT with contrast
Series of blood work carried out
My symptoms are a constant pressure in my forehead, dizziness (room not spinning), vision loss (which I have recently found out is a retinal condition).
My thoughts are that it could well be a brain tumor that might have been missed on my initial Head and Orbit MRI back in August 2021. I'm tired of suffering with these symptoms, am I crazy for thinking that this could be a brain tumor?
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2023.03.21 09:43 Severe-Purchase-6949 My mom's friend

When I was 7 years old my mom and father got a divorce . This event prompted her to move and follow her career in a different small town which would pay better, as she was a single parent now .
On our long 12 hour drive to the new location, we stopped on the way in this little town which was very " hippy" , sort of had lots of art, little shops etc.
My mom said we were here to meet up with her friend "Paulette". I guess they went way back in her college days and recently got in touch after a decade .
We end up going to this east Indian restaurant where we would meet for dinner.
This lean petite woman walks in , she was well over 6 foot tall , big frizzy , curly brown hair with blonde streaks in it . She was caucasian, wearing a colorful shawl , with feather ear rings , with very pale blue eyes .She looked like a mosaic tapestry or something.
She walks over to the table and gives my mom a greeting and big hug , makes her way over to my older brother and shakes his hand , after comes around to my side of the table. I lend my hand out to her , and she just stood there expressionless, with her mouth partly open with a blank gaze , just staring at me . It briefly made me uncomfortable and then a flick of a switch, this spark ignites in her face , she makes this huge Cheshire Cat smile , kneels over and hugs me tightly .
She goes back to sit with my mom and they catch up over the years while we eat dinner . My mom gets the bill and says to her in the parking lot , you can just follow us , to Paulette. We get in the car and my mom explains to us , Paulette is actually coming over to live with us for awhile.
She followed us for the next several hours . We get to the new place and un pack our necessity items, as we had a moving truck hired with the rest of our stuff arriving in the morning.
There was a bunk bed already set up at this place for me and my brother. It was fairly late into the night roughly 11pm when we arrived.
Me and my brother set up our sleeping bags , I take the top bunk . My mom says good night . I fell asleep pretty quickly .
I wake up around 1:30 . I guess the patio deck light got turned on which was right beside our room. I gazed out through the blinders and I see the back of Paulettes curly hair . She was sitting on the deck cross legged smoking a cigarette. I didn't think much of it and lay back down.. Until I notice the light from the window gets partly blocked out . I look behind me with my head still on the pillow , I see the unmistakable outline of Paulettes shadow facing my window. She was there for a few minutes , I didn't want to lean up , I just pretended to sleep .
Her shadow moves and I hear the door close. The patio light turns off after a few minutes . I re position myself facing the wall to go back to sleep. As I begin to drift off my door to our room opens slowly and I quickly turned my head around , it wasn't my mom . It's Paulette wearing a night gown . I turn back facing the wall and close my eyes , she quietly makes her way to my bunk . I feel her fingers in a claw formation start to comb the back of my hair , running her nails on the back of my scalp. I kept my eyes closed tightly nearly holding my breath, trying to give no signs I'm awake . I smell some essential oils like lavender , and she starts rubbing oil into the back of my neck , and pinching the back of my neck muscle , sometimes holding it and releasing , I begin to kinda just accept whatever is happening... because it didn't feel all that bad after awhile. I actually ended up falling asleep to it after my initial confusion.
I wake up in the morning, my mom is off at work and Paulette is waiting at the table with cereal for me and brother. She put chocolate chips in my bowl and not my brothers . My brother and I make small talk with her , she was very giggly seemed to be trying to make us comfortable with the new situation. My brother heads back to his room to set up his game cube , after his cereal .
I was a slower eater than my older brother, so I was always the last at the table. As I slowly ate she was sitting there watching my every move . Once I finished I said, thank you and grabbed my bowl to bring it to the sink . She places her hand on mine and says " I gave you a neck massage so you wouldn't pee your bed, I know lots of young ones pee beds when they sleep in unfamiliar surroundings ". I looked up at her and said , I've never peed my bed before ! but thank you .
She continued to massage the back of my neck for the next few nights. I ended up telling her I'm comfortable here now you don't need to do this anymore . She reacted to that with a sigh but acknowledged it . I started elementary school the following week which meant getting earlier night sleeps around 8pm . Her and my mom would stay up much later than me and brother and drink wine.
I always kinda waited for them to go to bed before I used the wash room at night to go pee , because my mom would kinda scold me for being up late on week nights. Once things got quiet around 11 in the house I'd sneak out and tippy toe to go use the washroom .
This was my ritual for the next few weeks.. Until Paulette started doing the exact same thing at the exact same time , every time . Every night when I needed the washroom , it just so happened Paulette needed it too , and she would blaze down the hall way across from my room when id open the door . I'd just go back in my room and wait for her . It started happening so frequently I would just go outside to pee from the back mudroom door.
This started to , piss me off ( no pun intended ) . I'd open my door as quietly as I could and then sprint to the washroom .
This seemed effective for awhile. One night I get up slightly later than usual around 12. I was a little more careless with noise because I was half asleep/ groggy . I opened the door and Paulettes door just slams open instantly. She barges out in the dimly moonlit hallway completely naked and just starts quickly walking down the hallway . I was already so far down the hallway , I couldn't turn back to my room . I jump behind my mom's jade plant and squish my knees to my chest and tuck my head down .
She whizzes strait by me so fast I felt wind push my hair . She stays in the wash room for almost an hour with the door opened a crack , lights off . I stayed there tucked in the corner not making a sound. I hear her open the door and she starts pacing up and down the hallway . I kept small and insignificant behind the plant until she goes back into her room . I brushed this off as a complete accident , it was just unfortunate timing .. But no every night going forward she would literally sprint down the hall way naked if I'd make a single noise , creak the floor board , open my door etc .
About two months into this , me and my brother were sword fighting with tree branches outside. He ends up clipping my forehead causing it to bleed pretty bad . Paulette sees this happen , she walks up to my brother to what I thought would be to scold him , but no she stomp kicks him in the head with her boot causing him to fall on his back. He gets up off the ground crying and runs into the house . She grabs me and starts cradling me , rocking back and forward. She shaking so much she was vibrating repeatedly asking are you hurt? In a shakey voice .
Anyway my mom finds out through my brother what happened and decides she had to leave. Her final day, she made a point to see me one on one in the drive way before entering her car .
She nealt down and said , I hope I can see you in a different life . You remind me so much of my husband . Good bye (my name) and starts bawling her eyes out hugging me. I asked my mom who was her husband was , I guess he was a marine that died in Afghanistan a few months prior to her moving in with us .
My mom hasn't spoke to her since.
I've never told my mom about the massages or anything to this day as she was exiled and I felt it would just cause more drama .
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2023.03.21 09:42 coax_k unbound warning: subnetcache - prefetch and serve-expired

I'm seeing some errors in my unbound.log
unbound subnetcache: serve-expired is set but not working for data originating from the subnet module cache. 
unbound warning: subnetcache: prefetch is set but not working for data originating from the subnet module cache. 
For now, I've commented those two and also nearly everything else in my conf file
server: # If no logfile is specified, syslog is used logfile: "/valog/unbound/unbound.log" verbosity: 1 use-syslog: no interface: port: 5335 do-ip4: yes do-udp: yes do-tcp: yes prefer-ip4: yes #auto-trust-anchor-file: "/valib/unbound/root.key" # May be set to yes if you have IPv6 connectivity do-ip6: no # You want to leave this to no unless you have *native* IPv6. With 6to4 and # Terredo tunnels your web browser should favor IPv4 for the same reasons prefer-ip6: no # Don't use Capitalization randomization as it known to cause DNSSEC issues sometimes # see for further details use-caps-for-id: no # Reduce EDNS reassembly buffer size. # IP fragmentation is unreliable on the Internet today, and can cause # transmission failures when large DNS messages are sent via UDP. Even # when fragmentation does work, it may not be secure; it is theoretically # possible to spoof parts of a fragmented DNS message, without easy # detection at the receiving end. Recently, there was an excellent study # >>> Defragmenting DNS - Determining the optimal maximum UDP response size for DNS <<< # by Axel Koolhaas, and Tjeerd Slokker ( # in collaboration with NLnet Labs explored DNS using real world data from the # the RIPE Atlas probes and the researchers suggested different values for # IPv4 and IPv6 and in different scenarios. They advise that servers should # be configured to limit DNS messages sent over UDP to a size that will not # trigger fragmentation on typical network links. DNS servers can switch # from UDP to TCP when a DNS response is too big to fit in this limited # buffer size. This value has also been suggested in DNS Flag Day 2020. edns-buffer-size: 1232 # Perform prefetching of close to expired message cache entries # This only applies to domains that have been frequently queried #prefetch: yes #prefetch-key: yes #serve-expired: yes #serve-expired-ttl: 86400 #serve-expired-ttl-reset: yes #harden-glue: yes #so-reuseport: yes #outgoing-range: 8192 #num-queries-per-thread: 4096 #harden-dnssec-stripped: yes #harden-below-nxdomain: yes #harden-referral-path: yes #harden-algo-downgrade: yes #aggressive-nsec: yes #target-fetch-policy: "0 0 0 0 0" #chroot: "" #fast-server-permil: 750 #fast-server-num: 3 #deny-any: yes #cache-min-ttl: 0 #msg-cache-slabs: 4 #rrset-cache-slabs: 4 #infra-cache-slabs: 4 #key-cache-slabs: 4 #rrset-cache-size: 256m #msg-cache-size: 128m #key-cache-size: 4m #neg-cache-size: 4m #cache-max-ttl: 86400 #cache-min-ttl: 300 #so-rcvbuf: 4m #so-sndbuf: 4m # added below # One thread should be sufficient, can be increased on beefy machines. In reality for most users running on small networks or on a single machine, it should be unnecessary to seek performance enhancement num-threads: 4 # Ensure kernel buffer is large enough to not lose messages in traffic spikes so-rcvbuf: 1m # Ensure privacy of local IP ranges private-address: private-address: private-address: private-address: private-address: fd00::/8 private-address: fe80::/10 #from remote-control: control-enable: yes control-use-cert: "no" control-interface: control-port: 953 
If I turn on everything except prefetch or serve expired, things run with no issue. Turning on either one of them or both results in a slow decline ultimately to constant SERVFAIL

service unbound status shows a warning re chroot_setup, not at all sure if related in any way?
[email protected]:~# service unbound status ● unbound.service - Unbound DNS server Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/unbound.service; enabled; preset: enabled) Active: active (running) since Tue 2023-03-21 19:40:12 AEDT; 24s ago Docs: man:unbound(8) Process: 4651 ExecStartPre=/uslibexec/unbound-helper chroot_setup (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE) Process: 4653 ExecStartPre=/uslibexec/unbound-helper root_trust_anchor_update (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS) Main PID: 4656 (unbound) Tasks: 4 (limit: 3933) CPU: 687ms CGroup: /system.slice/unbound.service └─4656 /ussbin/unbound -d -p Mar 21 19:40:12 raspberrypi systemd[1]: Starting unbound.service - Unbound DNS server... Mar 21 19:40:12 raspberrypi systemd[1]: Started unbound.service - Unbound DNS server. [email protected]:~# 
Any thoughts are greatly appreciated
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2023.03.21 09:42 SensitiveGuts Doctors can't figure out what's wrong, potential brain tumor?

Hi all,
30 year old Male.
For the past 3 years I have had unexplained symptoms that a doctor cannot figure out.
I have quite a lot of tests that have come back normal:
Head and Orbit MRI without contrast
CT Abdomen and Pelvis x2 with contrast
Chest CT with contrast
Series of blood work carried out
My symptoms are a constant pressure in my forehead, dizziness (room not spinning), vision loss (which I have recently found out is a retinal condition).
My thoughts are that it could well be a brain tumor that might have been missed on my initial Head and Orbit MRI back in August 2021. I'm tired of suffering with these symptoms, am I crazy for thinking that this could be a brain tumor?
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2023.03.21 09:42 happywinks Just played the inherited turnabout (AAI2-3)

Recently, I finished the second investigations game. I wanted to talk about the third case, which has probably become one of my favourites.
To start, I’d like to say that investigations 2 was absolutely phenomenal. I loved every second of it. The culprits were interesting and the cases in general were really fun to play (additionally the music is really great). The plot is so well crafted - each case is relevant to the overall story and it’s connected really well. It might even be my favourite game in the franchise.
I had heard great things about AAI2-3, and so I was really excited to play it, though I was a bit put off when I first heard it was around 8 hours long. I feared it may be like turnabout ablaze - where the beginning of the case is great, but a subpar villain and the case getting dragged out almost ruins it.
The Inherented turnabout, however, completely exceeded my expectations. I would go as far as to say it’s probably in my top 5 cases in the franchise. I finished it in a day, and honestly. I can’t say that for many cases (apart from really short ones like the first turnabout.)
Firstly, I think the characters were really compelling. I think Kate in particular is someone who’s almost presented as very ‘morally grey’ throughout this case (for lack of a better phrase, because we really do sympathise with her by the end), but her development is great. I thought her plan to catch the true perpetrator was really interesting. This is a case that made me think, which is something I appreciate when it comes to AA cases.
Second, Gregory Edgeworth. I think it’s great to learn about him and the case before DL-6. I think if I went back and played turnabout goodbyes again now, I’d feel so much worse, because he’s just such a great character. You can see how his personality and mannerisms have influenced Edgeworth and Shields. I also think this case made me appreciate Raymond Shields as a character more. You can see clearly how much Gregory’s death has affected him, and the entire case makes him an overall better developed character imo.
Even Delicia, who I think is there for comic relief, was actually really fun.
Another thing I loved about this case is the way they moved from past to present. Since AA4 >! I always thought it was a cool idea, but I feel turnabout succession didn’t do it as well. I did love the MASON system idea, though. !<
Gustavia’s confrontation and subsequent breakdown is interesting too. It’s great how even following his confession, it’s an uphill battle. The logic chess was one of my favourites so far too.
I do think this case is a little bit dragged out at times, but it doesn’t really dampen the enjoyment of the case for me overall.
It’s amazing how good investigations 2 is at developing characters and progressing the overall story while also keeping individual cases interesting as standalone chapters.
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2023.03.21 09:42 BL0odbath_anD_BEYond Introduce yourself

Hi, I am a Generation X guy who has been into technology since I had an ATARI 2600 and a Texas Instruments Ti99a Computer in the 80's. I've been involved in huge online communities as Admin/Mod/etc from File Sharing to Game Guilds. I have won awards for my activities in writing on websites and social media. I've also been a Labor activist among other things.
I love art, music and creating. I'm not a good coder, but I did use a lot of BASIC and HTML(I know it's not a programming language) back in the day. All that being said I am very much into modern technologies, especially AI.
My thirst for information is where we are at now and also what implications it may have on the future of mankind. Do we need to unite and make sure ethical standards are encoded into AI programming? Will we have the basic means to feed our families when the jobs are gone, will either ourselves or AI even realize when it evolves into it's own form of sentience? Can we make sure there is some transparency in the learning an deployment of new technology?
That's why I threw this sub together, please say Hello
Obviously looking for mods, especially from different backgrounds, who share the thirst for knowledge and are hoping we will have a better world together.
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2023.03.21 09:42 AnnualCabinet Load cell brakes... why are they so great?

I started sim racing with a G27 (with included pedal and shifters) and then upgraded to a T300RS GT edition (with included pedals). I recently gave my T300RS to a friend and ordered the Logitech PRO direct drive wheel and the Logitech Pro pedals (with load cell brakes) but I am still waiting for them to arrive.
The T300 pedals included an optional rubber cone that I installed on the brake pedal to add significantly more resistance at the bottom of the pedal's travel, and a softer bottom out. This feels much better and more realistic than my old G27 pedals that had almost no resistance and then a sudden hard stop.
I have read online that load cell brake pedals are supposed to make a really big difference for performance and realism (in many cases even more than upgrading wheel). Can someone explain why they help so much? I understand that load cell brake pedals measure the pressure input rather than the position. But how is that any difference than a pedal that uses a stiff spring or rubber cone (like my T300). If you have a spring or something created progressive resistance as the pedal moves down, and a sensor measure position, then isn't the position a fairly reliable indicator of the pressure if it's calibrated correctly? How is measuring pressure directly with a load cell better than measuring the position of a spring or compressed rubber cone?

Thank you in advance for any explanations.
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2023.03.21 09:42 5starBalistik I recently bought a dmt vape and it had no effect on me, I am definitely doing something wrong, any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

I recently bought a dmt vape online it was made by SchwiftyLabs, I tried multiple times (maybe 3 times)I tried holding it in for longer, shorter idk what I’m doing wrong, I’m thinking maybe the battery isn’t heating up the liquid to the correct temperature or something like that. Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks. Also I have very limited experience with psychedelics I have only taken 400ug of lsd once and 100ug another time, I’ve also taken dextromethorphan in high doses quite frequently, but I still am not sure about dmt and idk how much I should smoke at once for someone with my level of experience.
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2023.03.21 09:42 ThrowRA-Feeling7 19F best friend of 5 years had a hookup and expects me 19M best friend to be involved if pregnancy arrises

For context, my best friend who is a girl recently had a hookup for the first time. She told me all about it as we are honest with each other and have been friends for roughly 5-6 years.
We are not romantically involved, nor have we ever been up to this point. I will say that we both have deep feelings for each other & could see that down the road. But what she told me earlier has me genuinely speechless.
She is afraid she might get pregnant from the experience. Nonetheless, she told me that “we could raise the baby together” if she does become pregnant, in fact. She told me I would be a “good father.”
I am genuinely pretty open, and try not to judge…but I cannot wrap my head around this one. I have not said anything because I feel as if she is trying to make sense of the situation herself.
She used me as an excuse to see this guy (who she barely knows) several times to her parents (who trust me.) I confronted her about this, and she finally told them the truth about this guy. They were understanding but didn’t appreciate her lie about me.
Now with this, considering I’m not involved, I’m not too stressed. I’m left feeling deserted and used? You don’t treat friends that way anyway. Definitely not someone you think “highly of.” I guess that would be the best way to describe the feeling. I’m not mad about her exploring or having relations with other guys either. I just hate feeling like our deep friendship, to her, is always a “backup” plan if all other relationships fail for her.
If she cares about me to see me in that role in her future, this is a poor way of showing it. I have been there for her during challenging times, but I could not be apart of a potential child’s life (that is not mine) and immediately step into a boyfriend/husband/father role for the consequence of her actions. I don’t want to ruin our friendship and I do think highly of her. But a situation like this would ruin or dim any prospects of me being with her romantically when we are older.
I just don’t know why she would even say that? We are 19 years old and have a whole life ahead of us. I have dreams and goals, so does she. None of that involves a child right now. Especially not the expectation I would be involved if her “baby daddy” would probably not be. She has morals that differ from mine and will not terminate the pregnancy if she does in fact become pregnant. Totally fine. But I don’t see how she thinks I would do that and be some sort of hero guy for her. I am a good person, but I will not ruin the rest of my life for something I 100% had no part to play in.
Probably complicated but I figured this is the best place to share since this subreddit covers a variety of topics regarding relationships. Thanks.
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2023.03.21 09:42 SuperChallengeCoins What Are Police Challenge Coins

What Are Police Challenge Coins
Police challenge coins are a great way to recognize and reward police officers for their hard work and dedication. The coins typically feature the police department’s logo, rank, or other significant symbols. The coins can also be customized to feature a special design that is unique to the officer or department. Police challenge coins are usually given to officers by their superiors as a way to recognize and reward them for their service. They can also be given as a token of appreciation to a family member or friend of the officer. Police challenge coins are also popular among collectors and are a great way to show your support for the police.
History of Police Challenge Coins
The history of police challenge coins dates back to World War I. It is believed that the first challenge coins were created by a German soldier as a way to reward his fellow soldiers. The soldier had a metal coin made with a design depicting his unit. He then gave the coins to his fellow soldiers as a sign of recognition and appreciation for their service.
The practice of giving police challenge coins became more widespread in the United States during the Vietnam War. Military personnel would give these coins to their fellow soldiers as a way to recognize their bravery and service. The practice eventually spread to the police force and has been used ever since to recognize and reward officers for their dedication and service.
How do Police Challenge Coins compare to military challenge coins?
While Police Challenge Coins and military challenge coins share some similarities in terms of design and significance, there are also some differences between the two.
Police Challenge Coins may incorporate symbols and imagery that are specific to law enforcement agencies, such as police badges or images of police equipment. Military challenge coins may feature military emblems or insignia, as well as images of weapons or military equipment.
In terms of significance, both types of challenge coins are used to recognize the achievements and sacrifices of members of their respective organizations. However, the nature of those achievements and sacrifices may differ. Military challenge coins may be awarded for acts of valor or heroism in combat, while Police Challenge Coins may be awarded for exceptional performance in law enforcement duties, such as solving a difficult case or making a significant drug seizure.
The Use of Challenge Coins in the Police Force
The use of challenge coins in the police force can be traced back to the 1960s. It is believed that the coins were first used by a group of officers in the United States Air Force who were also part-time police officers. These officers carried their Air Force challenge coins with them while on duty as police officers.
As the use of challenge coins in the military became more widespread, police officers began to adopt the practice. Today, police challenge coins are used by police departments and law enforcement agencies around the world to recognize and reward officers for their service, accomplishments, and achievements.
The Design of Police Challenge Coins
Police challenge coins come in a variety of designs and styles. They can be personalized with the department’s insignia, badge, motto, or mascot. Some coins feature the officer’s name, rank, or unit. The coins are typically made of high-quality materials and may be enameled, or otherwise embellished to enhance their appearance and symbolism. Others may commemorate a specific event, such as a retirement, promotion, or the completion of a specialized training program.
The Role of Police Challenge Coins in Law Enforcement Culture:
Police challenge coins have become an important part of law enforcement culture, serving as symbols of honor, camaraderie, and dedication to duty. The coins are often presented as tokens of appreciation for exceptional service, bravery, or teamwork. They may also be used as a way of building morale and reinforcing the values and traditions of the department. Many officers carry their coins with them at all times as a reminder of their commitment to their job and their colleagues.
How Police Challenge Coins are Earned and Awarded:
Police challenge coins are typically earned and awarded in a variety of ways. Some departments may award coins to officers who have demonstrated exceptional bravery or skill in the line of duty. Others may present coins to officers who have completed specialized training or achieved a certain level of proficiency in their job. In some cases, coins may be given as part of a departmental ceremony or as a reward for outstanding service or teamwork.
What Makes Police Challenge Coins Unique?
Police challenge coins are unique in that they are not only a symbol of pride and honor for law enforcement officers, but also a means of recognition among their peers. They serve as a tangible representation of an officer's dedication and service to their community, as well as a reminder of the shared experiences and camaraderie within law enforcement culture.
Another unique aspect of police challenge coins is their customizability. Each coin can be designed to reflect the department, unit, or individual it represents, making it a personal and meaningful item for those who carry it.
The Growing Popularity of Police Challenge Coins:
Police challenge coins have become increasingly popular in recent years, both among law enforcement officers and members of the public. Many collectors and enthusiasts enjoy collecting challenge coins as a way of commemorating law enforcement history and supporting the work of police departments and agencies. There are also many online forums and social media groups dedicated to the hobby of collecting and trading challenge coins.
Collecting Police Challenge Coins: A Fascinating Hobby:
Collecting police challenge coins can be a fascinating and rewarding hobby. With so many different types of coins available, there is always something new and interesting to discover. Collectors may focus on collecting coins from a particular department or unit, or they may seek out coins that commemorate a particular event or achievement.
Examples of Famous Police Challenge Coins and Their Stories
One famous example of a police challenge coin is the NYPD's "Finest" coin, which was designed to commemorate the heroic efforts of the department during the September 11th terrorist attacks. The coin features a bald eagle clutching a banner that reads "In God We Trust," as well as the iconic twin towers in the background.
Another notable example is the FBI's "The HRT Challenge Coin," which is given exclusively to members of the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team. The coin features the team's logo, as well as the motto "Servare Vitas," which means "to save lives" in Latin.
Can civilians purchase or collect Police Challenge Coins?
In some cases, civilians may be able to purchase or collect Police Challenge Coins. However, many law enforcement agencies restrict the distribution of their challenge coins to officers and other members of the organization. Civilians who are interested in collecting Police Challenge Coins may be able to obtain them through collectors' groups, online auctions, or other channels.
Are there any notable Police Challenge Coins?
There are many famous and notable Police Challenge Coins, including those that have been awarded to officers for exceptional bravery or service. One of the most famous Police Challenge Coins is the NYPD Challenge Coin, which is awarded to officers who have shown exceptional courage or dedication to duty
The Future of Police Challenge Coins: Evolving Traditions in Law Enforcement.
As law enforcement culture continues to evolve, so too will the tradition of police challenge coins. While the basic concept of a personalized, tangible symbol of pride and camaraderie is unlikely to change, the designs and uses of these coins may adapt to reflect the changing needs and values of the law enforcement community.
For example, some departments may choose to incorporate new technology into their challenge coins, such as QR codes that link to online resources or virtual reality experiences. Others may place a greater emphasis on sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and production methods to create their coins.
Police Challenge Coins are highly collectible items that are sought after by collectors of law enforcement memorabilia. While they share some similarities with military challenge coins in terms of design and significance, Police Challenge Coins have their own unique history and significance within the law enforcement community.
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2023.03.21 09:42 Signal_Leather6345 Explaining Eren and his Mom.

Eren didn't kill his mom.
I've seen a lot people make this argument but i think it's misleading.
I'm gonna try best to explain.
Imagine adult Eren being suddenly thrusted into Ep 1 and he sees Dina going towards Bertholt. Now if Dina eats Bertholt here, a lot of things would change and those changes could lead to Eren not inheriting the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan.
Eren not inheriting the Founding Titan would cause a time paradox but Eren can't have that so he's forced to make Dina ignore Bertholt.
Now there are two scenarios here which depend on how much control Eren has over Dina.
1st Scenario
If it's minimal then his mom got eaten because of him but it was indirectly. So even though Eren blames himself for killing her, it was not under his control.
2nd Scenario
He could control her absolutely and could make Dina go in a completely different direction but that again could lead to some changes in the future which could lead to him not getting the Founding Titan and that would again cause a time paradox.
Here Eren is more directly responsible for her death but again didn't have a choice.
Eren doesn't kill his mom so his kid self gets motivated but because he didn't have a choice.
He's a slave to his fate.
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2023.03.21 09:42 AlbertotheBeast18 How to unlock Jordan shoes?

I have been recently trying to unlock the Jordan shoes listed in the shoes option in editing a boxer and it says that in order to unlock I need to win 5 online fights by ko. I've been playing fnc for quite a while now and I'm sure I've won more than 5 fights by ko. I usually play ranked fights in the fight now option therefore I'm not sure if this is what I am doing wrong? Am I supposed to be playing a different mode to get the shoes?
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2023.03.21 09:41 No_Wave_8280 Leaky dishwasher help

We've recently moved into a new home which had an elderly lady living here before us. It needs a lot of maintenance work, because (of course) the previous owner wasn't doing a lot of work on the home.

The dishwasher leaked since we moved in. We tried lots of DIY solving, like cleaning all the pipes manually, using chemical cleaners etc and even bought a new dishwasher because we were sure it was the appliance... Nope - new one is also leaking. We can't find a pipe which is broken down or anything, and booking a plumber will be next. But, if we can avoid the expenditure by fixing it ourselves with your help - we would be so, so grateful! About a litre of water comes out of the bottom left corner, and the adjacent cupboard becomes wet at the bottom as well.
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2023.03.21 09:41 grill2010 Possible future ports for PSPlay 🖥️🎮

Possible future ports for PSPlay 🖥️🎮
As I get so many requests for a Windows and Steam Deck port for PSPlay and because of the fact that Amazon recently removed PSPlay from their store (which leads to the fact that it can no longer easily be installed on Windows 11 through the Android subsystem) I decided to look into that 😊 There is a lot to do and some new things I have to learn like building the video decoding pipeline with hardware support (ffmpeg), controller support via SDL2 etc. I have in mind to build the port with cross platform support in mind so that it can run on both, Windows and Linux. Not sure if this will work out so no promises, will post updates here on the subreddit. Thanks to all for supporting my work and for making this possible 😊👍
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2023.03.21 09:41 mmmarkyb Breeder recommendations for UK

Hey everyone, might be a repeated question but can’t find a recent post for UK. We’re looking for a golden but finding lots of conflicting things online regarding breeders. Does anyone have any recommendations for reputable golden breeders in the UK, willing to travel but we’re in the London area.
Thanks for your help in our quest to find our good boy 🦴🐕
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2023.03.21 09:41 huhbee 26F [friendship]

Hi 👋 I have a slow day at the office today and would love to connect with new friends! I’m a 26f from Sweden. I work within social work and consider myself to be more of an extrovert. I recently switched jobs and have finally started a normal schedule. This means more time in my life to connect with others. Time I’d love to spend with you!
As a person I’m a good listener, always eager to learn new things, and love to spend time with people that are dear to me. I believe the most beautiful thing you can give someone is your time and energy. Before the pandemic I loved to go to the movies with friends, and going out to dine at new places we’d never been before.
But if you bring a bottle of wine and let me cook, I’d enjoy that just as much!
You may think, oh but what about the time differences? I’m here to say that doesn’t matter as long as we put in effort. I want someone I can talk to and get to know. Someone who I can trust. Someone who will be there for me, and I’ll return the favor. Someone I can chow down on family size bag of chips with, because that’s totally something I would do.
English is not my first language but I’d love to do voice calls too!
If this sounded like someone you’d enjoy getting to know, please reach out. I’m looking forward to reading your message and getting to know you!
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