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2023.05.28 17:55 HotBed282 Book Worm NFTs are now available

Book Worm NFTs are now available
At Readers Win, we are passionate about promoting the love for reading throughout the United States. We believe that reading is a fundamental skill that empowers individuals and opens doors to endless opportunities. To support our mission, we have partnered with Worm Coin, a revolutionary cryptocurrency that not only benefits its investors but also contributes to the advancement of literacy.
$WORM Tokens Total Supply is 1,000,000,000 WORM, which are coded with the BEP-20 Smart Contract Address 0x7eef6ad7c3d928a634eb4191c6f39c32cabd0a84

Token distribution for the total supply is as follows: 700,000,000 (70%)

public sale in PancakeSwap 100,000,000 (10%)

Team and Development (0x11BF7DF2400aDC103C55c94304B4b0c66bd4B46e) 100,000,000 (10%)

Marketing (0x3d15fe2D69b557459C7b9E195D31372cd22Ea0E7) 100,000,000 (10%)

Token Rewards (0x0eb0f89Fe727725FFF3173e4C98E7C1b18544A9c)

The liquidity on PancakeSwap is locked until 2030 under Smart Contract 0x1837df01806dABBCAFB916e32C1E6538168FF567 WORM has no fees on transaction.
Total supply is fixed, no coins will be minted or burnt over time.

Visit our website for more information
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2023.05.28 17:55 autotldr Indigenous people recognized for their resource awareness

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 17%. (I'm a bot)
In a visionary leadership church service on Ratu Sukuna, Deputy Chief Executive Officer for iTaukei Affairs, Josefa Toganivalu, emphasized Fiji is fortunate in the indigenous population's profound understanding of their natural resources - an advantage absent in many other Pacific Island countries.
The service, attended by both government officials and members of the public, celebrated the remarkable foresight of Ratu Sukuna, whose vision paved the way for the establishment of the iTaukei Land Trust Board and iTaukei Affairs.
"His vision allows us to know what we own, unlike other pacific island countries who are not aware of what they own. Fiji is more advanced because Ratu Sukuna knew that development was coming so he established native institutions such as the iTaukei Land Trust Board and the iTaukei Affairs Ministry so that indigenous so that these two bodies keep track of what is rightfully owned by the iTaukei's."
Without these institutions, Toganivalu underscored that Fiji's indigenous community would not have achieved their present standing.
Toganivalu's remarks also highlighted the unfortunate reality faced by a majority of Pacific Islanders, who lack awareness of the resources they inherently possess as indigenous people.
Toganivalu states Fiji's success serves as a beacon of hope for others, demonstrating how resource awareness and efficient management can positively impact indigenous communities.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: iTaukei#1 indigenous#2 Island#3 Toganivalu#4 Fiji#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2023.05.28 17:55 ConstantQuiet1214 .

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2023.05.28 17:54 r3crac Eafengrow 966 Bearfly D2 Folding Knife for 28.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 29.99 USD)

Here is the link (Aliexpress): Eafengrow 966 Bearfly D2 Folding Knife
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Only real deals and discounts.
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2023.05.28 17:54 Impossible_Basil1040 Is this cutie ready for the pot?

Is this cutie ready for the pot?
Has been in water for maybe 1.5 months. Also what will happen to the vertical growing root (pic 2)?
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2023.05.28 17:54 r3crac Eafengrow 966 Bearfly D2 Folding Knife for 28.99 USD with coupon (Best price in history: 29.99 USD)

Here is the link (Aliexpress): Eafengrow 966 Bearfly D2 Folding Knife
Coupon code: $5 off on $25 coupon "B783SDQARTTQ"
(Aliexpress coupons: (All Aliexpress items in my db: ))
Only real deals and discounts.
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2023.05.28 17:54 ASICmachine You can pay with Binance in Subway Venezuela (But a 6'' is 5% of the monthly minimum wage) (x-post from /r/Cryptocurrency)

You can pay with Binance in Subway Venezuela (But a 6'' is 5% of the monthly minimum wage) (x-post from /Cryptocurrency) submitted by ASICmachine to CryptoCurrencyClassic [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 17:54 apatheticusername What is a typical delivery experience? Mine was meh.

What were people’s delivery experience like? I got my MY on Tuesday and mine was chaotic and a bit underwhelming. This is my first Tesla so I watched a bunch of the YouTube videos for new Tesla owners including a lot of delivery videos. In many of these videos, delivery is in a special area with everything ready to go and plenty of time and space to check the car for defects, get oriented, etc.
My experience at the Raleigh location was very different. I was one of 5 vehicles being delivered during the time slot. There was only one person coordinating delivery when I arrived and they were totally overwhelmed. Eventually a second person came out but that still left a lot of people waiting.
The lot at Raleigh is overflowing with inventory and vehicles being serviced so there are cars stuck in every possible square inch of space. There was nowhere to park when I got there with my trade-in so I just blocked in a car that seemed like it might not be going anywhere anytime soon.
The vehicle delivery area is on the sidewalk in front of the building and cars are jammed in there without a lot of space to walk around. When there was finally room in the delivery area and they brought my car up it was in this awkward space where it was difficult to walk around and inspect it. Five minutes into inspecting the car it became clear they were very eager for me to get it out of there so they could put another delivery in that space.
All in all it was rushed and actually worse than the delivery experience with my last two car purchases (not Tesla). I know that expecting the real world to match YouTube is a recipe for disappointment so I’d like to know what other people’s experiences have been. What was it like? Did you feel like it was something worthy of a car at that price?
I wish my experience had been better so I’ll live vicariously through everyone else’s. Its water under the bridge at this point because I like the car and the person who did get me setup was nice but clearly stressed out.
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2023.05.28 17:54 coorsandcats Senior Kitty Marking Walls

I am owned by a 17 y/o neutered DSH male cat who has been marking my walls for years. His vet has referred him to an internal medicine specialist who is not available until July; but I wanted to see if anyone else had thoughts in the meantime. He is currently on: 5 mg of Amitriptylline and Cosequin with 1 packet of Calming Care sprinkles daily. He also gets Onsior 6 mg weekly. He gets a urinary care GAG supplement chew treat twice daily. He was on Solencia injections monthly but his vet wasn’t as familiar with it and wanted to just use Onsior to simplify the treatment plan.
He eats Royal Canin urinary diet wet food at least two cans a day (he weighs 9.8 lbs); he lives with a 6 year old DSH neutered feline male idiot. His labs are normal, no dental issues as of Jan 2023, ultrasound was completed in May without stones, UA with gross hematuria. He has a choice of a Petlibro fountain or KittySpring gravity fed water dishes. The walls of the house are dedicated to vertical space and scratching posts.
I have three litter boxes (using Dr. Elsey’s cat attract)cleaned daily, I am using Rescue wipes and Zero Odor spray to clean spray areas and the litter boxes. He is indoor except if he is out on our catio and he will walk on a leash. He is wearing a Comfort Zone collar and I have Feliway diffusers where he is marking the most.
Failed trials:
Zylkene supplement Sertraline Paxil Litter Robot
Any thoughts you have are appreciated.
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2023.05.28 17:54 Familiar_Store_6024 Wisdom teeth

Hi guys, I have impacted wisdom teeth and I’ve been waiting for 10 months+ to have the surgery to get them removed.
As you can imagine, my lymph nodes in my jaw swell up, I get tmj pain and bad headaches.
I was thinking of going private to remove them at this point, even though it’s supposed to be covered by the NHS (UK) but the wait times are very long.
Do you think it will make much of an impact on my relapses? When I do get the surgery, can that trigger a relapse? I had l’hermittes sign back in Jan/Feb that lasted 4/5 weeks with no steroids. I let my MS team know yet they didn’t consider this a relapse and more due to my spinal lesion.
Any advice would be great, sorry if it seems irrelevant I sometimes worry what can be impacting my health more than I would pre-diagnosis.
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2023.05.28 17:54 19chevycowboy74 CAPS-When do you think we will see a new contract?

People that have been with CAPS longer than I have (1.5 years with them but formerly 3 with SEIU 1000) and/or who maybe have insight that I don't have when do you think we will see a new contract or at least one to vote one?
Formerly I had hoped we would have one set to start at the beginning of the next FY but I'm no longer that confident in that.
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2023.05.28 17:54 Agnara U tron from a returning player

Hi, i've been playing/contributed to U Tron on and off for about 9 years now, and recently played a few leagues on mtgo. I figured since i got a 5-0 in one of them there are probably people curious about my card choices.
Link to my most recent list:
The deck has several pet cards I have long posts on on the mtgsalvation forums (same username) for. The main tech i want to share this time is the use of Inscribed Tablet to reduce land count. The deck loves to play land every turn, but it is really easy for us to get flooded. So the ideal card to replace a land with is something that allows us to keep hands with very few lands. The tablet allows us to keep hands with only one land since not finding any other land for use with Treasure Maps is very unlikely. It also helps completing tron for less mana than a Treasure Map. It curves very well with Talismans by allowing us to cast it turn 1, and activating it turn 2 off of a talisman. The effect of using two Tablets is that the deck can stay on 27 cards that find/are lands while safely reducing the number of actual land cards.
The singleton Karn, the great creator is because i realized that despite previously playing a big wishboard the artifacts i pulled didn't actually vary that much. I either needed a Walking Ballista to clear small creatures, an Ensnaring bridge to stall big creatures or a Liquimetal Coating to generate value. None of these are that great in larger quantities so having more Karn cards to fetch them have decreasing value.
The singleton Emry, Lurker of the Loch is pretty new, but has been performing quite well. With how the deck is currently constructed she will be able to recast a card from the GY worth 1 card every single turn until killed. She allows for a mindslaver lock with only 10 mana (while drawinh you into the last cards you need for a full lock). She's castable on turn 2 if you've started with a 1mv artifact and a talisman, and can return anything thrown in the gy with Thirst for Knowledge. Being able to recast Tablets several turns in a row almost guarantees quick tron. Together with Minamo, School at Water's Edge she can be activated twice each turn allowing for quick card advantage.
The singleton Conjurers Bauble is to have a 1 mana cycler for Emry, as well as a way to return other singletons like Karn and Shark Typhoon back into the deck.
Cityscape Leveler has been nice as a way to get rid of permanents through countermagic.
I hope these thoughts are useful to some of you! :)
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2023.05.28 17:54 EspressoMartini9 Zone 2 training rotation

Newish runner here looking for some advice. Having decided to try zone 2 training in order to go slow to improve my times, my average pace has dropped down to 8.30/km from 5.30/km. (I think I must have poor aerobic fitness so really having to plod to keep HR down). Nevertheless, feel like I’m seeing some benefits so keen to persevere. However I don’t think my current trainer collection really works for this pace:
Me: 5ft6 F, 32, 70kg, forefoot striker, lowish cadence (150-160), 30km/week. Wider forefoot, UK7.5
Any suggestions for some trainers that will give a comfortable ride at slow paces, I’m thinking probably max cushion? But open to advice!
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2023.05.28 17:54 OrygunARMS [WTS][WTT] Send it Sunday DANNER Size 8 leather hiking boots.

Timestamp $110 shipping included. PayPal venmo okay. See photos for condition. Dibs in comments, Send pm offer. I thought I could stretch these and get them to fit.. But no such luck. I still wouldn't consider them a true danner size 8... but more like a 7.5. If you wear DANNER, you know their sizes fluctuate often. Theses are barely too narrow in the toes. I normally wear their 2650 size 8. Adidas/ Nike I USED to wear a size 8. If you have narrow (normal) feet size 7.5 - 8 these should fit. Leather has been treated and Maintained, kept indoors, soles are excellent. No box or papers. First 2,000 production, so no tag inside, it is printed on the front of the tongue. (I did have these widened at danner recently) Aka: stretched and new laces.
TRADE ? Do you have shoes that are a size too big? I need p320 build components lpk - slide parts etc. I could also use a new shot timer. P320 safariland style holster 300x/tlr1 Pictures..
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2023.05.28 17:53 banashake Need 4☆: Dressed in Silks or The Classics

Need 4☆: Dressed in Silks or The Classics
I have these 2 4☆s to trade.
Please lemme know if you would like to do a trade!🤞🏽
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2023.05.28 17:53 En_CHILL_ada Buying first ever skid, a few questions

I'm looking into buying a used skid steer loader to complete a driveway on my property, and then primarily use it for snow removal in the winter. I may also look into a back hoe attachment to do some excavation on the property. Anyone use those before? It doesnt need to be the most efficient, just needs to work.
I am thinking I can save money on a trailer because I have an F450 with a 12×8 flatbed body and 9k lbs of payload. So I just want to buy ramps and load it up on the flatbed. Any safety concerns transporting the machine this way?
And finally, there are a few boulders in the way that I estimate weigh around 4-5 tons. Definitely exceeding the lift capacity of any machine I would buy, but they don't need to be picked up. I just need to push/pull them 15-20 feet slightly downhill and out of the way. Would I be likely to damage my machine doing this? I'm thinking I could lay down some greased up timber for the boulders to slide on.
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2023.05.28 17:53 Affectionate_Row_266 YoutubeDigest: browser plugin BUG. Kinda of an interesting one.

Here's what happened...

Links (enjoy):
New chat:
Weight and Tiling Mastery:
{text: , start_time: }
Act as the author and provide exactly 2 key points,
sorted by "start_time" and all in English language and provide summary for each key point
The output should be a json array and summary per key point must be in the json format:
{"start_time": ,"title": ,"summary": <summary>}<br /> Example: {"start_time": "10.5" , "title": "this is a title","summary": <summary>}<br /> You must follow the rules:<br /> <ol> <li>The output is not more than 2 key points</li> <li>json objects in the output are sorted in chronological order by "start_time" property.</li> <li>The output is a valid json array that can pass JSON.parse and nothing is provided before the array</li> <li>Fix any errors in the json structure like missing commas, missing double quotes, etc.</li> <li>Wrap json keys with double quotes and don't use put any single quotes or double quotes inside the values.</li> <li>The output json is not wrapped in any other json structure like { "data": <output json >}.</li> <li>The title is at least 5 words and at most 15 words.</li> <li>The summary should be as detailed as needed to make the summary comprehensive.</li> <li>Both the title and the summary are in English language.</li> <li>The start time is in seconds and is a valid number.</li> <li>Summary should not mention the author or speaker at all should act as an independent writing.</li> </ol> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> What do you guys think?<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=369"> Affectionate_Row_266 </a> to <a href="?id=4883"> u/Affectionate_Row_266 </a> <span><a href="?id=3491">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=4101">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.05.28 17:53 <i style="color:green;">Ace_of_spades89</i> <b>My mortgage went up 800 bucks since last month…</b></p> <p><div class="md">We bought our house in 2015 and have a fixed mortgage that started out at 1200.00 (includes our hoa, taxes, home insurance etc). It has gone from 1200/mo to 3307.48/mo In just the last 3 years alone. I can’t even begin to describe how stressed out and upset I am. Thankfully I’ve already contacted my lender and county tax appraisal to challenge them but good god, why can’t people understand what the hell is happening in our country but especially in Texas. Our house was 200,000 when we bought and it’s now being valued at almost a million. It’s not even worth anything even remotely near that. When I tell you that home after home after home is going up for sale in my huge neighborhood I mean that I have never seen anything like it. Maybe a few sold when prices sky rocketed but not many. <br /> As of two months ago I have counted over 30 houses that have been put on the market for no more than 350k. Why would they now and not when the houses were selling for 5-600k in our hood? Well that’s because they didn’t want to sell, but due to the property taxes skyrocketing they now are forced to. <br /> Hmm..I wonder why schools here can’t find teachers? Oh, yeah I remember now!! ITS BECAUSE THEY MAKE NOTHING AND CANT AFFORD HOUSING IN THE CITIES ANYMORE AND CANT AFFORD TO TRAVEL TO WORK DUE TO GAS PRICES. <br /> <em>sigh</em> end rant.<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=4838"> Ace_of_spades89 </a> to <a href="?id=1120"> RandomThoughts </a> <span><a href="?id=831">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=4176">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.05.28 17:53 <i style="color:green;">BossFresh34</i> <b>[The Boss Fresh Chronicle] Week 21, 2023</b></p> <p><div class="md">A few months ago I <a href="?id=1353">posted my progress</a> so far in 2023, largely to check if the gains I was seeing were a fluke. While they have not kept pace, I have continued this income strategy and it appears to be working. I need to state that what I share here is not the entirety of my portfolio. In recent days my brokerage account has utterly ripped as I have a large position in NVDA. The growth in that position last week alone is greater than all of the premiums I have collected so far this year. I figured I could document progress here going forward and you can all laugh at me when I screw up, or cheer me on, or give me pointers.<br /> ​<br /> <a href="?id=1548">YTD Results by Week</a><br /> Week 21 Action:<br /> Assigned - MDB<br /> On 5/22, Bought 100 shares at $279.47, Sold 1 CC @ $280 exp 5/26 for $744.33. Total gain: <strong>$797.34</strong><br /> Closed - NVDA<br /> On 5/18, Sold 1 CSP @ $312.50 exp 5/26 for $1,129.33, bought to close for $9.66. Total gain: <strong>$1,119.67</strong><br /> Rolled - BURL<br /> On 5/16, Sold 3 CC @ $197.50 exp 5/26 for $268.01, bought to close for $6.03. Total gain: <strong>$261.98</strong><br /> Rolled - BILL<br /> On 5/22, Sold 5 CC @ $100.00 exp 5/26 for $723.68, bought to close for $103.30. Total gain: <strong>$620.38</strong><br /> Rolled - WBD<br /> On 5/10, Sold 16 CC @ $15.50 exp 6/9 for $197.40, bought to close for $48.16. Total gain: <strong>$149.24</strong><br /> <strong>Disclaimer: I do not provide personal investment advice and I am not a qualified licensed investment advisor. I am an amateur investor.</strong><br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=1335"> BossFresh34 </a> to <a href="?id=2942"> CoveredCalls </a> <span><a href="?id=252">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=3640">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p>2023.05.28 17:53 <i style="color:green;">No_Syrup5607</i> <b>Calorie reduction during massing? (Weight decreased for 2 weeks)</b></p> <p><table> <tr><td> <a href="?id=4856"> <img src="" alt="Calorie reduction during massing? (Weight decreased for 2 weeks)" title="Calorie reduction during massing? (Weight decreased for 2 weeks)" /> </a> </td><td> <div class="md">My trend weight and scale weight has been dropping for a couple weeks, and yet the app wants to fit calories? It did this first more than 2 weeks ago and I hit ignore and kept going and expected it to come up in calories when I went to check in, but still wants to cut. At this point my trend weight is below my weight when I started the bulk...<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=1809"> No_Syrup5607 </a> to <a href="?id=3685"> MacroFactor </a> <span><a href="?id=1512">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=760">[comments]</a></span> </td></tr></table></p> <hr /> <p>2023.05.28 17:53 <i style="color:green;">Ok_Acanthocephala774</i> <b>शादी के लिए भी लोन मिलेगा, और सभी इंतजाम बस 4-6 घंटों में हो जाएंगे। आप घर बैठे बैंड-बाजा और होटल की बुकिंग कर सकते हैं!</b></p> <p><table> <tr><td> <a href="?id=3013"> <img src="" alt="शादी के लिए भी लोन मिलेगा, और सभी इंतजाम बस 4-6 घंटों में हो जाएंगे। आप घर बैठे बैंड-बाजा और होटल की बुकिंग कर सकते हैं!" title="शादी के लिए भी लोन मिलेगा, और सभी इंतजाम बस 4-6 घंटों में हो जाएंगे। आप घर बैठे बैंड-बाजा और होटल की बुकिंग कर सकते हैं!" /> </a> </td><td> <div class="md">भव्य हॉल, महँगी अंगूठी, स्वादिष्ट भोजन, सुंदर सजावट, और अच्छी तरह से मेल खाने वाली शादी की पोशाकें, एवं अन्य खर्चों के चलते शादी एक कार्यक्रम बन जाता है। अब आप पैसे की चिंता किए बिना यह सभी खर्चे उठा सकते हैं। मैरिज यानि शादी के लिए लोन शादी से जुडी आपकी कई वित्तीय जरूरतों और समस्याओं के समाधान के रूप में डिजाइन किया गया है।<br /> <a href="?id=1132"></a><br /> मैरिज लोन एक प्रकार का पर्सनल लोन होता है जो शादी से जुड़े खर्चों को पूरा करने के लिए दिया जाता है। इस ऋण की ब्याज दरें आम तौर पर उधारदाताओं द्वारा दी जाने वाली व्यक्तिगत ऋण ब्याज दरों की तरह होती हैं। उपभोक्ता उन बैंकों/एनबीएफसी से नियमित व्यक्तिगत ऋण भी प्राप्त कर सकते हैं जो विवाह ऋण प्रदान नहीं करते हैं। व्यक्तिगत ऋण की राशि 40 लाख रुपये या उससे अधिक हो सकती है जिसे आपको 1 साल से 5 सालों के भीतर चुकाना होता है। हालांकि, कुछ बैंक कम ब्याज दरों पर और लंबी अवधि के लिए <a href="?id=4251"><strong>शादी के लिए लोन</strong></a> देते हैं। कुछ ऋणदाता चयनित ग्राहकों को त्वरित स्वीकृति के साथ पूर्व-अनुमोदित तत्काल व्यक्तिगत/विवाह ऋण भी प्रदान करते हैं।<br /> <h1>शादी के लिए लोन के लिए आपकी पात्रता विभिन्न कारकों पर निर्भर करेगी। पात्रता मानदंड भी एक ऋणदाता से दूसरे में भिन्न हो सकते हैं:</h1> <ol> <li><strong>उम्र का सबूत</strong></li> </ol> आपको आमतौर पर उम्र का अलग से प्रमाण देने की आवश्यकता नहीं होती है क्योंकि आईडी प्रूफ और एड्रेस प्रूफ के रूप में जमा किए गए दस्तावेजों में आमतौर पर जन्म तिथि का उल्लेख होता है। हालांकि, अगर उन दस्तावेजों पर उम्र का उल्लेख नहीं है तो आप नीचे दिए गए दस्तावेजों में से कोई भी एक जमा कर सकते हैं।<br /> <ul> <li>विद्यालय छोड़ने का प्रमाणपत्र</li> <li>जन्म प्रमाणपत्र</li> <li>पैन कार्ड</li> </ul> <ol> <li><strong>न्यूनतम आयु</strong></li> </ol> विवाह ऋण के लिए आवेदन करने के लिए आपकी आयु कम-से-कम 21 वर्ष होनी चाहिए। कुछ उधारदाताओं के लिए विवाह ऋण प्रदान करने के लिए आवश्यक न्यूनतम आयु 23 वर्ष है।<br /> <ol> <li><strong>अधिकतम आयु</strong></li> </ol> विवाह ऋण लेने वाले वेतनभोगी व्यक्तियों की आयु 58 वर्ष से अधिक नहीं होनी चाहिए स्व-नियोजित आवेदकों की आयु 65 वर्ष से अधिक नहीं होनी चाहिए।<br /> <ol> <li><strong>न्यूनतम शुद्ध मासिक आय</strong></li> </ol> आमतौर पर विवाह ऋण के लिए न्यूनतम आय की आवश्यकता रु. 15,000 है लेकिन कुछ उधारदाताओं को रु. 25,000 आय की आवश्यकता हो सकती है। आपका वर्तमान शहर, आयु आदि न्यूनतम आय मानदंड को प्रभावित कर सकता है।<br /> <ol> <li><strong>रोजगार के प्रकार</strong></li> </ol> वेतनभोगी, स्व-नियोजित व्यक्ति, और पेशेवर विवाह ऋण लेने के पात्र हैं बशर्ते वे न्यूनतम आय मानदंड को पूरा करते हों।<br /> <ol> <li><strong>वेतनभोगी व्यक्ति</strong></li> </ol> विवाह ऋण का लाभ उठाने के लिए आवेदकों के पास आय का एक स्थिर स्रोत होना चाहिए। विवाह ऋण प्राप्त करने के लिए वेतनभोगी व्यक्तियों को कम-से-कम 2 वर्ष का कार्यानुभव और वर्तमान नियोक्ता के साथ कम-से-कम एक वर्ष का कार्यानुभव होना चाहिए।<br /> <ol> <li><strong>स्व-नियोजित व्यक्तियों के लिए</strong></li> </ol> वेडिंग लोन लेने के लिए स्व-नियोजित व्यक्तियों के पास आईटी रिटर्न, पि एंड एल विवरण, पिछले 2 वर्षों के लिए बैलेंस शीट, और पिछले 6 महीनों के प्राथमिक खाते का बैंक विवरण होना आवश्यक है।<br /> <ol> <li><strong>विश्वस्तता की परख</strong></li> </ol> ऋणदाता उन आवेदकों को उधार देना पसंद करते हैं जिनका सिबिल स्कोर 700 से ऊपर है। कम सिबिल स्कोर वाले आवेदक भी विवाह ऋण प्राप्त करने का प्रबंधन कर सकते हैं लेकिन, उनसे अधिक ब्याज दर ली जा सकती है।<br /> ​<br /> <blockquote> Read Also: <a href="?id=4816">Planning a destination wedding? Here are four reasons to avail of a personal loan</a><br /> </blockquote> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=1024"> Ok_Acanthocephala774 </a> to <a href="?id=2577"> Financeandloans </a> <span><a href="?id=228">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=1573">[comments]</a></span> </td></tr></table></p> <hr /> <p>2023.05.28 17:53 <i style="color:green;">Haunting_Positive_49</i> <b>I hate this city so much</b></p> <p><div class="md">I moved to this city almost a year ago and it's got to be the most toxic place in the whole damn country. The culture is just so awful- if you're ugly enough in somebody's eyes, they will either stop in their tracks and make a scene out of you, pull out their phone, start recording and stick it as close to you as possible, or simply insult you out loud as if they expect people to chime in. And sometimes people do! What the fuck??? I've never had to go through this before coming here in my entire life. I'd never even heard of it. <br /> I get stared at almost anywhere I go. I can't order at a fast-food restaurant without customers already inside looking at me in disgust. Some even leave while looking at me to make sure I know I'm the reason why. If I line up behind someone, they always look back at me as if I'm about to do something. And if I'm waiting for my order, anyone waiting before me would often become super protective of their order and rush to get it when theirs got called. It's so stupid. <br /> Supermarkets are the same- I almost always feel eyes on me when I walk through the door, and when I look to see who it is, the security guard is almost always included, and I say included because they are never the only one. I remember once I asked one where to get a basket and they looked like they were holding in their anger when they responded to me. I don't wear anything offensive, except maybe the colour green? I genuinely don't understand to this day how these people get so mad over the presence of someone they don't even know, because this is a recurring thing throughout the entire city.<br /> I've had run ins with stores I planned to visit keep them locked up if I showed up before their opening time- This was absolutely baffling to me because this is so blatantly discriminatory and punishable, but they do it anyway! I've also been refused service, which is just completely unheard of to me outside of Japan, and many places I've been to openly express their reluctance to have me as a customer. This isn't just me reading into it, even- you could evidently see the change of their expression on their face when I become the next in line, ranging from serious with dead silence or outright hostile with a fucking cough! <br /> Speaking of coughs, this drives me fucking nuts! I don't know the specific criteria for this anymore, but I've subject to so much violent coughing whenever I go anywhere, it's fucking insane to me that people do not react to it at all. I guess they're used to it? How could you be so okay with something so plainly aggressive? They do this until I either leave, look away, or just don't react at all because I'm too fucking tired to bother because of all the other shit these people put me through. Why the fuck is this normal here???<br /> I can't sit on a bus without people watching me, and if I sit somewhere I'm not really visible, people will move to get a better view of me, or to record because apparently the sight of me is that much of a novelty. With that said, people even slow me to gawk at me on the road if I happen to be walking on the sidewalk, many of which are recording for some god damn reason even though I'm not doing anything. Speaking of cars, a lot of the time when I walk past one, I'll hear its lock go off to let me know they think I'm planning to steal it. Some people even go so far as to play their fucking panic buttons, as if it's fucking necessary when I'm not even on the same side of it in some cases. There's even an undercover cop in the neighbourhood that briefly sounds their siren when I walk by theirs, just for the fucking fun of it I guess. It's fucking ridiculous.<br /> People have even made attempts to make turns into me while I'm walking across the street, it's so fucking dumb because they obviously want to make it look accidental, and when they mess up they either just stop right after or just laugh because they get a kick out of letting someone know they want them dead. And the people around me either don't care or laugh with them- it's clearly part of their fucking culture to terrorize people here and it's so despicable. <br /> And I can't even forget the most important part, where these people literally have my schedule down and wait for me to turn up so they can either laugh- I don't even understand what for- and record it too- who the fuck is this even for??? I've been called ugly in the past and even bullied for it, but going through the trouble of following me everywhere I go to make a mockery of me or just insult me with that stupid coughing shit everybody fucking loves doing here, this is a fucking first. I literally just can't deal with this fucking place and I just hate it so much, but I'm bound to my lease and I can't leave without monetary fines I can't afford, but my entire reputation is ruined because of whatever it is these shitheads do with all this recording they fucking do and I cannot fathom how that even resulted in people expressing pure, unbridled hatred towards my presence anywhere in this fucking place and I'm just so done. If I ever forget to lock my door and I take a shower, I will come back out from it to find my door left ajar because they're apparently always watching. They even messed with it once in a way that stopped me from locking it properly, that it broke my key and I had to leave it unlocked to get a new copy, which they took as an opportunity to attempt to break into my fucking laptop. <br /> Speaking of which, they also did while my apartment building had plumbers come in and go for lunch though the plumbers themselves also put me through even more shit. We needed to clear out our closets so they could still out a crawlspace, but since my unit doesn't have another one I had to leave my clothes across my dining table. These fuckers apparently took it as a queue to steal my fucking food, damage some of my property, leave shit all over my floors and my walls and even have the nerve to leave my fucking curtains open every time they come in as if they're just fucking forgetting. I remember once, they asked the landlord for more time in December, but it was fucking -30 and I wasn't staying outside so I went back to my place like usual and found they were leaving their dirty ass gear all over my fucking stuff. Is this a regular thing with plumbers? Their company is rated 4.7 out of 5- this is the best this city has to offer??? <br /> I can go on and on with all the dogshit that goes on in this place but I've so tired of being mad about how much these asshats have ruined my damn life and I'm just so furious because I'm pretty sure that aside from lucking out getting an apartment over 2 other candidates who submitted applications, it's because of my skin colour- I've tried changing outfits, my hairstyle, even tried different deodorants and I still get the same shit from these people every day. I'm so fucking done with this place and I hate how I can't get it off of my mind and how I probably never well since I have a sneaking suspicion theyre going to follow me wherever I go in this country and the police are just not going to do anything to help me, since I've already tried to get to help of this city's, only to be treated like a schizophrenic when they of all people should know about discrimination being a regular thing in this goddamn place. Fuck. <br /> Everyone who hears of this just dismisses me, and I get how unbelievable it probably sounds, so just in theory, if it was all true, am I right in saying this place is just goddamn hell and I need to get out? I can't stand knowing I'd need to wait another 2 months and it feels like almost literally everyone is against me and no one even tells me why, they just want to keep laughing at me. Have I just been lucky my whole life and haven't known that this has always been normal? Because it's so fucking stupid<br /> </div> submitted by <a href="?id=4188"> Haunting_Positive_49 </a> to <a href="?id=3831"> Vent </a> <span><a href="?id=3167">[link]</a></span> <span><a href="?id=743">[comments]</a></span></p> <hr /> <p></p><h3></h3> <ol><li></li></ol> <p></p><div id="menu" class="menu">[ <a href="?id=1">1</a> ] [ <a href="?id=2">2</a> ] [ <a href="?id=3">3</a> ] [ <a href="?id=4">4</a> ] [ <a href="?id=5">5</a> ] [ <a href="?id=6">6</a> ] [ <a href="?id=7">7</a> ] [ <a href="?id=8">8</a> ] [ <a href="?id=9">9</a> ] [ <a href="?id=10">10</a> ] </div></div> </body> </html><!-- ID: 497 | Time: 1.25691 Sec | Mem: 717 KiB -->