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2023.05.28 18:37 wildcardmoose ULPT request: how to annoy a landlord & real estate agent for reneging on a lease agreement

I applied to lease a privately owned condo through a real estate agent (paid $100 fee too). The agent told me the application was approved, sent me the move in instructions and fees and said they’ll follow up with the lease. I prematurely sent a notice to my current landlord that I’ll be moving out (stupid I know). A week later, the agent tells me the owner of the new unit changed their mind and they’ll let me know if there are other apartments. I suspect discrimination but can’t really prove anything. Luckily, I was able to find another place on my own but it was a stressful two weeks in between. Any ideas on how to annoy them without any liability - bonus points for evil or petty ideas
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2023.05.28 18:37 _LamentingJack_ I wish I had a gf

How do I even start to find someone? it's been so long! ETA-IM F34
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2023.05.28 18:37 CarmenBall Should I play Destiny? 2?

I've been interested in playing Destiny 2 for a while, but I've never played it before the first thing I notice while I look at the game is how much paid content there is from the store page, I don't want to get into another game just to find out the majority of the content for late game or even early game content is locked behind a pay wall.
sorry if these concerns were dumb or miss informed.
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2023.05.28 18:36 Powerful-Impact-6453 Does anyone want to befriend/like people so much that you overcompensate and people think you don't even care about them?

I might post this to a few places because I'm not sure which part of me this is coming from.
I get super excited about people I like platonically, very enthusiastic. I find the good and the detail in people quickly, and I'm not entirely used to having a lot of friends yet, people just excite me. But I'm insecure about being this way, people in the past that I showed this too didn't care about me at all and thought less of me, because I thought a lot of them (This is weirdly common). So since then, for several years, when I like someone, sometimes it shows but as a whole, I try to overcompensate for my unnatural liking for them. I never thought I was coming across as uncaring because I thought that even by acting the opposite of how I felt, it was so obvious how I really felt. But i kept finding out again and again that these people thought I was using them, that I didn't care about them, didn't like them or even just didn't really think about them. Let alone that I wanted to be their friend. Sometimes these people would befriend me, and I would still do the same thing, and we would fall out.
I'm working on this now, it's a lot better than it was and now I'm actively going against my instincts and trying my best to show my enthusiasm. But it's hard and I get scared to send my texts (graduating to IRL is hard but I'm trying hard to get there, arranging hangouts atm). I know for a fact that being genuine means coming across as very enthusiastic, and I'm afraid they will be put off by it, but it's true to how I feel. I don't think I push any boundaries or annoy people, but I'm still worried, because of my autism I don't trust myself to know these important social rules and boundaries and limits. I don't know how often is okay to text (one conversation a day is where I'm at rn and I never pressure to continue convo, or double message), or if my enthusiasm might come across the wrong way. I've been misinterpreted as flirting in the past and it doesn't help that I'm bisexual, but Im just very platonically loving.
Does anyone understand this? If this behaviour isn't related to my autism, I at least feel that the confusion caused by autism is something we can relate to. I know I can't read people well, and it drives me nuts not knowing how people feel or what's okay and not okay.
Feel free to write a large response if its what you feel, I like to hear about others and talk about things, if you like to. Advice would be great too.
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2023.05.28 18:36 SavingsSpare8104 How can I quickly dry my nails?

How can I quickly dry my nails?
Have your nails ever been perfectly manicured or pedicured, waited a long time, and then discovered that they still had smudges on them? Believe us, we understand. We're providing advice on how to dry nail paint quickly because of this. So, here are a few trade secrets you might want to try out!

1. How much time does nail polish require to dry?

The drying time will vary depending on the type of nail polish being used. Several things can affect how long things take to dry. The type of polish used, the thickness and number of applications used, and whether or not you incorporated nails art beauty are a few examples. In spite of this, it usually takes between 10 and 15 minutes for nail polish to dry. The best course of action is to stay away from any dangerous activities, even if your manicure or pedicure seems dry. In the case of a pedi, avoid jogging shortly after getting your nails done.

2. Why isn't the lacquer on my nails drying?

Inadequate application is the most frequent cause of your nail polish not drying. Drying time can be significantly sped up by applying too many layers, applying too many coats too quickly, or applying too many coats. Additionally, if you've waited a while and your nails are still wet, check the bottle's expiration date. That nail paint bottle may have been stored for a lot longer than you realized, and now it is just bad.

3. How may nail polish be quickly dried?

The fact that you don't have a lot of time can be a contributing factor in the issue. Or perhaps you're just tired since your most recent manicure was destroyed while you were waiting for it to dry. You've been contemplating how to dry nails quickly, whether it was because of a terrible experience or a hectic schedule. Nearly all people who enjoy nail art think about ways to reduce drying time. That nail technicians have developed a variety of tips and tricks is not at all surprising. So, if you still have questions about how soon nail polish dries, read on. To find out, keep reading!

4. Polish that dries quickly

It didn't take long for nail polish makers to grasp the difficulty of long drying times as more people entered the beauty business and regularly used nail polish on their clients. Fast-drying nail polish was created as a result. There won't be much waiting required after using this type of nail paint. On your hand or foot, the first nail should be dry by the time you get to the last nail.

trendy short gel nails

5. Dryer for nail polish

One of the most widely used methods for accelerating nail polish drying is a hairdryer. Just bear in mind to always use cool air, never hot, when setting your blow dryer. If it is set to warm air, your nail polish may end up melting rather than drying. Additionally, make sure the air burst isn't too powerful. In the end, you want your lacquer to dry rather than blitz it off your nails and onto your cuticles. Additionally, if you don't have access to a hairdryer, you may try fanning your nails with some paper.

6. Swift-drying drips

Oil-based, quick-drying drops are a great substitute for a fast-drying top coat because they don't add a second layer to your nail. The drops maintain the color while absorbing the solvents in the nail polish. The drops create a sort of barrier after you apply them to your nails. They protect your nails from tiny foreign objects like dirt or dust. They simply slip off, not setting in the polish. The composition of these products also makes them a fantastic cuticle moisturizer. A win-win situation, indeed!

7. How quickly does water dry nails?

A cold water nail polish method may be what you're thinking of. You can try two other approaches, though. Start by soaking your freshly painted nails in cold water. To avoid leaving smudges on your nails, make sure the water is flowing short gel nails natural steadily but not too quickly. Before painting your nails, use the second technique: place two or three ice cubes in a bowl of cold water. Following the completion of your nail painting, wait two minutes before dipping your nails into the bowl and holding them there for five minutes. When you pull your nails out, you should notice water beads forming on the nail plate. It will result in your nail.
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2023.05.28 18:36 FSideways Glenda Cleveland

Don't know much about her, and despite the horrors she had to witness in terms of hearing and smelling etc. I really could not find any sympathy for her during the series. She was one of the main characters, way more than the victims and the victims' families (which she kept contacting etc. not sure if a family in grief appreciates this btw as she couldn't do much anyway since she was not an actual victim but kept interfering with these families. She had a bad feeling about him and, other than the phone-calls she kept making, (they never showed her taking pictures when watching through the window, recording anything, or really anything else. She called and said the same thing over and over on the phone to the police which didn't work (how about trying a different approach perhaps),
Not sure if she was like that in real life, but, probably it was the actress and the script they made for her, it was difficult watching her scenes and talking. Furthermore, not sure if the stories she told were actually all true, but when watching the series I couldn't kept noticing that she kept pushing to be part of the story as much as possible and surrounding herself with the victim's families (e.g. going to the Laotian wedding). In real life, I can't imagine what she went through, but during the series, the casting of the actress could have been better, or her storyline, but I fast-forwarded a lot of her scenes.
I am talking about the series, don't forget, and feel that the neighbour's stories and doings gotten way too much attention whereas over half the victims didn't actually get mentioned. She is a hero in real life, but during the series, they stretched her role.
Perhaps others here disagree. Or Agree.
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2023.05.28 18:36 Amarathxne CC Creator SimsTrouble (or a troll pretending to be them) is harassing me over a post I made 4 months ago

CC Creator SimsTrouble (or a troll pretending to be them) is harassing me over a post I made 4 months ago
I’ve added a photo of the post in question since it says I can only add images or a link, not both.
I made a post 4 months ago about a CC hair, made by SimsTrouble, because I couldn’t tell whether the hair was ugly or cute and wanted feedback from the community. Most people that commented said ugly but others gave some great ideas for what they think the hair could work for (eg. like a fairy or witch), all totally fine comments. The original post stopped gaining traction after a few days and i haven’t had any notifications from that post since then.
Yesterday morning however, I woke up to 4 comments made by an account, (you will only see 3 in the pic as I clicked on 1 to see it however since the account was new and had no karma, none of the comments went through and I could only see them through my notification centre) and all the comments were pretty rude and uncalled for, but in the big picture not that big of a deal to me, I blocked the account and went on with my day.
Then, this morning I woke up to a separate account sending me a message of “hope you burn”. I haven’t made any other posts in any other community on reddit and I find it really hard to believe that these two accounts are not the same person, because why would I get hate comments on my only post and then a hateful message a day after when I’m barely active on reddit?
Now, in all honesty I have no idea whether this person is actually the SimsTrouble CC creator or just a troll but I can’t wrap my head around why a troll would feel the need to say they retired the hair more than once as well as trying to comment hate on a post that was made 4 months ago and isn’t gaining any traction. I’ll also say here that I understand how my post could be seen as mean, however the way i see it is if you make things, no matter what it is, you should be open to criticism in order to improve your skills, plus I really don’t think that my post warranted any of those comments let alone the message.
I don’t want to slander SimsTrouble but i don’t have any other information to definitively believe it isn’t them because in my mind it makes more sense that it is them and not a troll. If i get anymore information such as those two accounts not being linked to SimsTrouble, I’ll be deleting this post but until then, watch out guys!
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2023.05.28 18:36 Satu97 Stay in TX or go back to Jersey

My wife (25f) and I (26m) are faced with two options to weigh and decide. Our answer will shape the rest of our lives. This has been racking our brains for the last week+ because we want to leave our house asap and sell it.
We can either move back home to family in NJ, get jobs and save up to buy an expensive house that still needs work (the market is terrible rn in jersey) or stay here in Texas and move to DFW and have a significantly greater quality of life.
We’re an hour south of Houston right now and we hate it. We have so many bad memories here, from cancer diagnoses, wage theft, lost the people we originally came out here for etc. we live in a beautiful home but we’re house broke because the work opportunities here aren’t fruitful if you’re not a blue collar worker. (We moved to a town where everyone asks why the hell we would move here of all places)
We can go back to NJ but we would be living in my childhood bedroom with our 2 cats, dog, and snake. We don’t even know when we’d be able to afford a place to own anytime soon there. The rent is astronomical as are the median home prices. Atleast 2.2x the avg cost of a home here in Texas (New constructions with marble countertops and slate showers for sub 300k, non existent in nj for under 450-500k).
We are fortunate to not have to pay any property taxes in NJ or TX so that’s not a con in either state for us. We have both been living together away from friends and family for 6 years now. We left because I was active duty stationed in NC and she was already in college, by the time my service was over we came out here for some family that has since cut us off knowing we have absolutely nobody out here.
We want to sell the house we’re currently in because we are miserable and depressed here, due to us not being able to afford to go on trips or the lack of nightlife/activities for non child rearing young adults and the fact that we came here for reasons that I’ve since ceased. Kids aren’t in our future so we’d like to make a positive out of no kids by loving our lives and doing the things people with kids can’t do anymore like taking the random getaways that we wouldn’t be able to afford with kids.
I did the math and if we purchase a home in the DFW area, we would have it paid off in 5-7 years (2yr flex for emergency funding) and that’s barely budgeting at all tbh, we’re just very fortunate to have those means. So we just don’t know if its worth it to give up this massive financial potential and stability of our future here to appease the people that miss us. Their take on it is “you didn’t listen to us when we said don’t go, y’all are miserable, and you’re just not gonna listen to us again and go somewhere else?” Meanwhile not a single person we know our age is able to live on their own in a decent house let alone a place without roommates at all and the people saying this either have to break their back with 2 jobs to afford ends meat or they’re getting tremendous support from family that we wouldn’t have. We love jersey and it’s culture, you won’t find it anywhere else, and we can go visit as much as we want if we live out here, but if we live there we’d struggle to even exist and take the time for ourselves. The reason I keep harping on trips and vacations is because my wife and I didn’t have a lot growing up and since we know kids aren’t happening, we’d like treat ourselves to a nice lifestyle. It’s not about the area for us, we foster animals and stay inside watching anime or playing video games most days. It’s really more or less will be able to use our money how we want to instead of dumping most of it into the interest of a home that we may feel regret over buying knowing what we could have else where.
It just feels like we’re bad people if we say we want to have a better quality home and more financial freedom for a ourselves since we’re not having kids. We don’t want to spend 30 years and all of our money to pay off a house and it’s interest when we can do it here in a fraction of the time while still saving money for other things like trips and date nights. Especially when we’re so young and fortunate enough to have this be our difficult decision. We also feel like we didn’t really give Texas a chance due to the year of us being here being so hectic and challenging and dealing with cancer and surgery and a bad ISD that committed wage theft. We’ve been told that we moved to the armpit of the armpit of Texas (Brazoria county Freeport area) and we think it’s be a night and day difference to DFW. We have a family friend in DFW who swears by it and can set my wife up with a teaching position at a local charter school. Oh we’d also have to make the 26hour+ drive to jersey with two cats a dog and a snake. The logistics involved with that alone scare us, godforbid one our cats got out of the car somewhere in the middle of the trip.
So essentially we don’t know what the “right” decision is and are afraid everyone back home will hate us for not coming back after venting to them about how much difficulties we’ve been faced with since coming here even though it really had nothing to do with Texas itself, we just got a lot of bad news since being here that made us really depressed. My wife’s Grandparents cut her off when they heard we moved to Texas because they couldn’t use our Nc house as a stopping point for their trips to florida and they took it as her running away from them even though we lived in a completely different state. she’s afraid she’ll be cut off again if she tells her we’re moving again in Texas and not closer to “home”. This really hurt my wife because she doesn’t have a relationship with her father and her mother passed away so her grandparents are all she has on her side.
TLDR: A couple is deciding whether to move back to their home state of NJ and live with family while struggling to afford a home, or stay in Texas but move to the DFW area for better job opportunities, quality of life, and financial stability. They have had a challenging time in Texas with bad memories and limited opportunities, but feel like they didn't give it a fair chance. They are hesitant to give up their financial potential for the sake of appeasing family, and aren't planning on having kids. They also worry about the logistics and stress of moving their pets such a long distance. If they choose Texas, how can they explain it to their family without sounding insensitive or selfish. They’re terrified of making the wrong decision since they’re so drastically different and have a lot of holdback when it comes to moving to jersey regarding finances and not being established in a career yet.
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2023.05.28 18:35 GoneBy31 Where is the line between "really close friend" and "person you're pursuing"?

I'm (22M) trying to figure out where I stand with a woman (24F) I've known for a few months now. I'm really into her but I wanna be sure if she's also into me or just really likes me as a friend. Additionally I'm trying to figure out if this other guy she knows is just a really close friend (she's known him for longer than I) or someone she's trying to start a relationship with.
Everyone has a different idea of how a close friend should be treated as opposed to someone you're really into who you're trying to start something serious with. I wanna know what you guys think in the hopes I might find a few common points or just anything I could work off of.
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2023.05.28 18:35 ridethespiral69 Drinking and Writing

I'm essentially an alcoholic when you strip away all the arbitrary "but I'm's" and "I don't's". Drinking has always been a big part of my process, I wrote a whole (albeit short) novel that way. I worry that my future projects might read as limp in comparison to the things I wrote when I was gut deep in straight vodka and beers every night.
I suppose that regardless of the state I'm in when I start something, it's still me, so to speak. My problems obviously still exist no matter whether I'm drunk or not, and so I'll likely still be able to achieve the same level of commentery without it. But still, the issue stands just the same in my mind.
I've been stuck on my novel's opening chapter for months now, and today, after getting moderately fucked up, I wrote up the bones of a decent replacement in the space of an hour that's infinitely better than what I originally had. How can I stop with results like that? Sure, in general, a person's health should always come first. But I'm not a general person. I'm an antisocial alcoholic scumbag dickhead, to put it lightly. This writing thing is basically all I have. It's my creative outlet to express the feelings I'm incapable of releasing in my real, everyday life. If I lose the booze, I'm worried I may ultimately lose myself in the process. The best, creative part of myself that I never thought I'd ever even find in the first place.
I'm obviously not Hunter Thompson or Hemingway or fucking Al Crowley, I get that, but what if I cease to be me when I move away from this turbulent, decade long period in my life? I don't even know what an alternative to that even really means. I don't think I've ever written anything in its entirety in a sober state of mind. Ever.
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2023.05.28 18:35 Ok_Combination_328 I think I might be biphobic?? help??

So I'm a cis gay man and Im sort of struggling with something. I had a crush on this one dude who I thought was also gay. I find out later on that he has crushes on women too and he's bi but that part just fully turned me off about him. I don't quite get it why though and Im guilty about feeling this way.
This also may not be the first instance? Part of my polyamorus awakening was Sense8 but for some reason, spoiler I guess? I was just really put off when Daniela joined this gay couple when they were having sex and i just felt, disgusted, I guess?
Im getting concerned in the sense that I know I am wrong in this but I also dont know how to change nor why I feel this way in the first place. It's not like I was traumatized or anything by someone who was bisexual.
I am really sorry if I hurt anyone with my admitting with this and i just wanted to ask for advice from people. Help pls?
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2023.05.28 18:35 MurderManTX Adventurous Moles - Completed or Bugged?

Adventurous Moles - Completed or Bugged?
I've been trying to clean up all the achievements that I can and clear out all of my quests. My quest log is empty but every time I talk to Julian in Boulder Town, he has this ! dialogue option. Is this bugged or did I not finish the quest?
If I choose the dialogue option nothing happens no matter what I pick and when I talk to him again the option is still there.
I have not found any other NPC's in the entire game with a dialogue option that has an exclamation point (!) by it like this which makes me think it's some uncompleted content on my part.
Any idea on what's going on?
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2023.05.28 18:34 SteinerScoutLance 30 [M4F] Ontario/Anywhere - Gentle Giant & Nerd Seeks Cat Ladies, Gamers & Geeks

Hello ladies! I hope you are having a nice day, and if not, that you find someone who can bring a smile to your face! I come to you looking for a consistent chat partner with whom I can hopefully develop an emotionally intimate relationship with. I’m open to anything that happens, but not looking to rush into anything. Let’s just chat, spend time together and see where it goes?
I’m very left leaning, child-free and emotionally available. I’m a tall, hairy and chunky boy, happy to provide pictures of myself and my cats on request! I love board games, television and film, history, animal care and food of all kinds. I am a big proponent for being active in local community support organizations and do my best to be a faithful friend. I’m far from perfect, but making other people laugh or smile is what makes my day!
I currently have three foster cats who take up a lot of my time, as I am working on socializing two of them who were born outside. We are making great progress! I’d love to meet another animal lover, as my eventual dream would be to open up an animal sanctuary that doubles as a therapy center for humans. I have an unbreakable love for animals, and faith in their ability to help us heal. I think seeing a battered, scarred or withdrawn animal come out of their shell, seeking love, attention and comfort is one of the most rewarding things on the planet.
I’m a sucker for a cute giggle or laugh, freckles, curly hair and genuine passion about what interests you. Intelligence and emotional maturity are big things for me, but I’d also love someone to watch trashy reality TV with! Tell me about your pets, your D&D campaign, your favorite movie, or your dirty little secret! Let’s get to know each other. Please give me more than ‘hey’ or ‘how are you’ to work with!
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2023.05.28 18:34 Specific_Mongoose711 Moving to Vegas with dogs and wondering about the bug situation.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I did try searching the sub but did not find the information I was searching for.
I am moving with a few dogs both are regularly treated with Advantix and will be getting the heart worm medication prevention before moving down. We currently live in Alaska and non of those things are really issues up here more moose and loose dogs. My question is how bad are the ticks, or other bugs? Will this be something I have to be hyper vigilant about?
All my friends are saying beware of scorpions and black widows but theyre also all from Alaska so I'm unsure if this is an actual major concern.
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2023.05.28 18:34 blue-mononoke Help! My texture is not transparent when I do a render :/

Help! My texture is not transparent when I do a render :/
Hello! I am new in Maya and I am trying to learn how to render with Arnold. I have inserted this png transparent image onto a plane in Maya and when I render it, it keeps coming back like this. I have tried many things and googled a lot but I can't seem to find a solution. I know that maybe something is messed up in the settings but since there are many options I don't know what to check.
Thank you a lot :)
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2023.05.28 18:34 throwaway9879870987 I (25f) told a close friend (26f) that I needed space and she got extremely upset

Hi Reddit,
So I’ve been battling how to approach this situation with a friend for some time. We text daily, but I recently went on vacation for my birthday (which she forgot) and needed some space and didn’t text her for a few days. She immediately started double, triple, and quadruple texting me, in addition to calls and FaceTimes to get me to answer. This has happened before when I was sick, and she even texted my boyfriend at one point to find out why I wasn’t responding after just 1 day. This behavior of hers has caused some serious turmoil for me, as I feel pressured and anxious about responding. I feel that if I now decide to stop texting for just a few days, I can’t just pick up from where I left off. I feel like I have to give her a full explanation as to why I couldn’t respond and it gives me major anxiety. And it’s not like her texts are important. These are literally texts that ask me how my day is going or how work is going. These are repetitive texts that I have no answers for sometimes. I’m sick of the distracting small talk.
This friend is supportive and great otherwise. But man is she clingy. Well, recently I sent her a text after I hadn’t responded for a few days (after thinking about how to respond for like an hour lol) telling her I couldn’t hangout because I just got back from vacation and seeing my parents and didn’t have the energy I wanted to give. I told her I’d be dissociating the entire time (which is true, because I have a lot of stressors on my plate right now with family and my job) and wanted to hangout with her at another time. She took great offense to this and responded with passive aggressiveness and manipulative language. She said something along the lines of: “reach back out to me when you have the energy to give. I don’t want to look like an idiot for reaching out anymore. I’m very hurt by the distance you’ve caused in our friendship”. Mind you, this is all because I didn’t respond for a few days (as I was vacationing for my birthday with my family)! Throughout the vacation I even sent a few texts here and there letting her know I needed a break from my phone and still loved and missed her. I have only know this girl for a year but she has thrown the term “best friend” and “love” out so much that i have begun saying it as well, even though it makes me uncomfortable. This is our first roadblock and really might be our last because I don’t want to stay friends with this person anymore. As much as I loved talking to her, this attachment style is too much for me.
I hastily responded to her last text in an apologetic way (which I now regret because she’s left me on read) when I don’t even feel like I’ve done anything wrong. I just wanted to calm her down but it looks like she took advantage of that. I reaffirmed our friendship and told her to please not take it the wrong way but she left me on read. Now I feel like an idiot and am very angered. My boyfriend hates her (and has hated her for a while because of some other things he deems at red flags). I just feel angry and ready to end it. I want to let her know but I’ll give her a few more days to see if she replies or apologizes to me.
I come to Reddit for thoughts and opinions. Is this friend worth keeping? I have never had such a clingy friend before. She has very little friends, no family (that talks to her at least) and a rocky relationship with her boyfriend.
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2023.05.28 18:33 These_Survey_6793 People who have depression or other mental illnesses, how did you manage to find the strength to go to a doctor for help?

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2023.05.28 18:33 dirty_hooker Discussion time.

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2023.05.28 18:33 ViciousTeletuby Disabling all change tracking and version history for Excel 365 workbook shared on Teams

I have a client who wishes to collaborate on a shared workbook with their team, but want all contributions to the workbook to be anonymous (to each other). Does anybody know if or how this is possible?
More detail: I built a workbook for them that has a discussion topic on each sheet, along with a table that includes a column of pseudonyms (managed by the client), columns of drop downs for each contributor to select from, and a column of space for comments next to each pseudonym. They want the contributors to be able to add their views and see other contributions in real time, but not know who made what comments.
My Google-Fu has failed me on this one. All the pages I find refer to the legacy "Highlight Changes" and "Track Changes" features, or other "Review" menu items which are disabled when sharing the workbook to Teams. I am using Excel version Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2208 Build 16.0.15601.20644) 64-bit but the problem is identical whether opened in Teams itself, in the browser, or in the app.
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2023.05.28 18:33 Livid_Grapefruit_293 I believe I made an error by accepting a new job.

I work in the nonprofit world, have been for 6 years. I recently resigned from a position/company I really did enjoy and loved due to needing compensation increases that were not feasible for the organization (nonprofit world..I get it). I have started a new position at another nonprofit that is the same industry but I truly believe I made a mistake and do not want to continue my employment there…and it’s only been a week. I accepted this position with the understanding that it would be an upward trajectory in the same industry (and yes there was a pay increase) but I feel like I’ve been blindsided by what the job is actually requiring.
Most of my experience comes from development/fundraising. This new position involves development and marketing - during my interview and my understanding of the job description would be a mix of both but mostly leaning on development and program development. Nope. It is all marketing and while I can understand what is happening I don’t fully grasp what is being asked of me and there is very little leadership to train. This organization is smaller than what I came from, which I knew was happening before accepting, but it’s just baffling to me how little direction there seems to be. The computer I use is still logged into the previous person - same with the email(s). I do not get a new direct email it is still the person before. My project for the first week was to work on a fundraising mailing project with little to no communication or information on the subject. While I come from this industry I do not know this company - if I try to ask questions or find information the tone is that I should already know. I’ve tried just briefly suggesting ideas on how to improve needs and get shot down immediately with little to no explanation. There are certain policies that have taken me back and sincerely made me raise an eyebrow and question the practices.
This is only one week in. My gut is telling me I made a mistake. I’m not the type of person to quit or anything but I just feel like I made a huge error on my career path and it’s upsetting because I have the passion and drive to work through it but I can tell this isn’t going to last long.
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2023.05.28 18:33 DioRemTW Is it possible to make a fan account of a group if I don't have a deep understanding of korean?

Hello everyone, I was considering making a fan account of one of my favorite groups which is unfortunately extremely nugu. And it probably wouldn't do much but I was genuinely considering to make an account to talk about them, share their news and pics from several social media all in one (like most fan accounts do). I can even translate their content for possible spanish speakers since that's my main language (their official content is usually translated to english so I can do that much).
The problem is, I don't leave in korea. I can't assist to their concerts, and the stuff they do in korea and my only source of information is the official accounts and each of the members personal media account. I don't know if that's enough to justify making a fan twitter (or insta) account or if it's expected I have something else to offer.
I just have the feeling other fan accounts I follow always seem to have breaking news and I honestly don't know how they do it and my main goal is to make this group more popular but also being a reliable place to read info on this particular group.
To people who follows fan accounts or non-official news accounts from your fav groups. What do you expect from them? What is the bare minimum you think these accounts should offer?
I'd love to do it but I'd feel like 99% of my content would just be translations and reposted pics, videos and news from their official sources. And since it's a really nugu group the only trustworthy place is their official pages and I don't know if that's not good enough. They do appear in radio programs as well but they're in korean and I'd unfortunately be unable to translate that content (other than inform that it's happened). My korean is really limited so I don't know if it's a good idea making this, but they really need the support and since I didn't find many (or any) other person doing what I was planning to do then that's why I'm writing this.
Sorry for my disordered chaotics thoughts I hope the post makes some kind of sense.
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2023.05.28 18:32 RBZL FAA Investigations for Pilot Deviations: Everything you never knew you wanted to know!

Hey everyone. As a bit of background, I'm a former FAA Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI). No, I'm not your_friendly_asi, though I've communicated with them. I've previously posted about my path to 1500 hours, and I've made incognito comments about what the FAA is or isn't likely do while I was employed as an ASI. However, the FAA's social media policy is both ambiguous and strict, so I was careful about what I said. Now that I'm no longer employed, I'm comfortable sharing a bit more about the ASI job, and what the FAA (either as an agency, as a FSDO, or as an individual ASI) is likely to do in certain circumstances.
Of course, one of the biggest concerns as a pilot is what happens when you become the subject of a FAA investigation, whether you were the one that screwed something up or you were caught by proxy (i.e. as someone's instructor). There are a lot of misconceptions among the pilot community about what's going to happen to you, and what you need to do. So, let's talk about it!
Obligatory note that I am no longer employed with the Federal government of the FAA, and that the information below is my personal viewpoint and not an official position of the FAA. All of this information is available publicly via FAA orders which dictate how investigations and deviations are handled. I'm not telling you anything secret or proprietary here. Also note that each FAA office can operate a little differently, but still be within the policies and guidance.

Why would the FAA investigate me?

The FAA is charged with investigating anything which falls within it's 9 "areas of responsibility", as mandated by Congress and 49 USC. See FAA order 8020.11, as revised. Those areas include the competency of FAA-certificated airmen, and violations of Federal Aviation Regulations (14 CFR). Therefore, if the FAA becomes aware that there is a possibility that you may have violated a regulation or that you might not be competent for whatever reason, the FAA is mandated to look into it.
You would probably find yourself in this situation after making some sort of error or mistake. It's not hard as a pilot to violate a regulation, if we're being perfectly honest. 91.123(a) is probably the most common violation - failure to comply with an ATC clearance. This is fairly all-encompassing. You could take a wrong turn during taxi, land on the wrong runway, get off your assigned altitude or route while IFR, or anything else you can think of which ATC instructed to do but you didn't for whatever reason. And this is just one single regulation in Part 91 - obviously there are hundreds of regulations in 14 CFR which you could potentially run afoul of, though ATC clearances are the most commonly investigated because ATC notices you deviated from your clearance and essentially snitches on you (not hating on them - more on that later).

How would I know I'm being investigated?

Ultimately, you'll know because eventually someone at the FAA will contact you. It will usually be an ASI. Depending on the source of the report and the workload of the ASI, you may not hear anything until a month or so after the event. The ASI may send you a formal Letter of Investigation (LOI), a Compliance Program and Pilot's Bill of Rights (CP & PBR) brochure, or they may just try to give you a phone call initially. ASIs CAN text you and email you! Many ASIs are issued cell phones, and nothing says they can't try to get a hold of you using any means. My process was to call the pilot and ask for an email address so that I could send some information that way, instead of needing to physically throw something in the snail mail. Policies can vary by each office, though.
If you mess something up and ATC issues you what's known as a Brasher warning (i.e. "possible pilot deviation" usually along with "I have a phone number for you to call"), it doesn't guarantee that you're going to end up being investigated. Depending on what happened, though, ATC may be required to submit something called a MOR, or a Mandatory Occurrence Report. So yes, ATC sometimes snitches on you, but they're required to for certain things. It can also be controller and facility dependent as to what they will file reports for - if a facility is seeing a lot of the same deviations/violations, they might start filing reports even if it's something minor in order to try to put some attention on it higher up. This report makes its way through the ATC chain until it is eventually forwarded to the FSDO with responsibility over the event. If you're a GA pilot, the FSDO covering the geographical area where you messed something up will investigate. If you're a certificate holder or fly for one (part 121, 135, etc), the report will go to the FSDO, CHDO, or CMO which manages that certificate. Routing all of this is a whole process, which is why it can take a month or more after the event to be contacted by the FAA.

An ASI contacted me after some sort of event happened... F*%#. Now what?

Straight to jail, obviously. Might as well cut up your certificates too, before they come pick you up. It will show the ASI that you feel bad about what you did, and that you respect his authoritah, which may lead to a reduced sentence.
Nah, you're probably one of about 12 PDs (Pilot Deviations) on the ASI's desk right now. Remember that whole mandate for the FAA to investigate certain things? The ASI is most likely not out to get you, he's just doing his bureaucratic job. Keep in mind that an ASI is also a pilot, holding at least a Commercial Pilot Certificate and meeting Airline Transport Pilot qualifications, and if he's a General Aviation Operations ASI he's also a current CFI with at least a few hundred hours of instructing. He's going to contact you as described above, send you the Pilot's Bill of Rights in some form, and probably try to schedule a time to talk with you about what happened. This will normally just be a phone call. The ASI might also ask you to provide copies of some things, like your logbooks showing that you were current and had the appropriate endorsements for the type of flight you were conducting. Your pilot and medical certificates can be looked up, but you may also be asked for copies of those to verify that you have them in your possession and that they match. Other things may be requested, as appropriate, depending on what exactly happened.
The purpose of the interview (phone call, or otherwise) is for the ASI to determine a few things: what happened, why it happened, if it was intentional, and why you are or aren't likely to do the same thing again. In short, the ASI is tasked with gathering all of the facts associated with the event, and performing a Root Cause Analysis to determine why whatever it is that happened did happen. Your input and perspective as the pilot is very important to this, because nobody knows what you were thinking or what you were seeing except you. Without your input, the ASI has to make a determination on what to do about the event with only the other limited information available.
The possible outcomes of this investigative process are typically: No Action, Compliance Action, Remedial Training via FAAST, 49 USC 44709 Reexamination, or Enforcement Action. There are also things called SNAAPs which are basically warning letters, but they aren't commonly used in most FSDOs for GA pilots. Ultimately, the ASI and the FSDO/CHDO/CMO is empowered to take any action which they feel will ensure continued safety of the National Airspace System.

Some of those outcomes don't sound encouraging. What's going to happen to me? Sounds like "straight to jail" is still on the table.

I'd say that over about 95% of the time, a PD is going to be resolved with Compliance Action. This is part of the FAA's new Compliance Program/Philosophy. I'd really recommend a quick read of FAA Order 8000.373, as it's only a page and a half and really sums up the point of the Compliance Program. If you get the CP & PBR brochure (see it here), it also explains the general idea. The FAA at one point figured out that to actually enhance aviation safety, they needed to obtain the perspective of pilots involved in deviations. Pilots aren't willing to share information which might be incriminating, though, if there is no incentive to do so. Why would you tattle on yourself if the FAA is just going to use that information to work on taking your certificate away via Enforcement Action?
The Compliance Program allows an ASI to resolve a probable regulatory violation or deviation without resorting to Enforcement Action. The potential corrective actions are pretty limitless and are at the discretion of the ASI and the office, but typically this is accomplished via Compliance Action Counseling. The ASI is going to review their Root Cause Analysis with you, and offer feedback and suggestions in order to help ensure that the situation does not occur again. This is normally done via a phone call, with a follow-up letter. For simple violations, half of the time I would simply complete counseling on the phone immediately after the interview with a pilot. Occasionally, Remedial Training would be suggested if a pilot was very rusty and the event involved something like a runway incursion where the consequenses were potentially more serious if things happened to go really sideways.
The thing with the Compliance Program is that the ASI needs to be confident that you also understand the root cause of the event, and that you are willing and able to comply with applicable regulations in the future. "Willing" means that you're willing to openly talk to the ASI about the event and share what happened, what you learned, and how you plan to mitigate against such a situation in the future, so you might want to think about that before your conversation. "Able" means that you are competent and proficient enough to exercise your privileges without invoking future violations, among other things. Entering into the interview conversation having already thought about the root causes, and what you've already done or are going to do to ensure that the event won't be a repeat occurrence will do a huge amount to assure the ASI that you are indeed willing and able to comply in the future.
If there is a serious question as to your competency, you might be looking at a 44709 reexamination ("709 Ride"). As most pilots know, this is essentially a checkride, or a portion thereof, conducted by the ASI to evaluate whatever Areas of Operation of the applicable ACS or PTS that you have been identified as potentially being deficient in. These are fairly rare, and generally only occur after things like accidents where a pilot's actions or story indicate that they really may not have known what they're doing. If you mess up an instrument approach in IMC reeeeally badly, ATC has to intervene repeatedly, and you don't think that you did anything wrong after the fact and that it was all ATC's fault, you may also be looking at a 709 ride, for example.
Enforcement Action is typically reserved for the most egregious violations, or violations where a pilot willingly and deliberately engaged in a violation or another sort of illegal activity. If you're flying with literally everything expired, both in terms of yourself and the airplane, and you're doing other dumb and illegal things during that flight like buzzing people or houses, there's no way that you shouldn't have known better. This is the process in which your certificates are in danger, or you're looking at civil penalties or criminal charges, as applicable. If you made an honest mistake, even if it resulted in a totaled airplane and a hospital stay, Enforcement Action is extremely unlikely because the Compliance Program is designed to handle most unintentional violations. Enforcement cases are also a huge workload and pain in the rear for both the ASI and the office.

So for each outcome, what does it mean in the end? Will it be on my record anywhere?

For Compliance Action, Remedial Training, and a successfully passed 709 Ride, typically, no. Once you successfully complete whatever the requirement is for you to return to compliance, you'll receive a letter stating that the FAA/ASI have determined there is no cause for further action and that you may consider the matter closed. These events don't show up on any record that the FAA would normally forward about you, i.e. in a PRIA request or via the Pilot Records Database. However, many aviation employers and airlines do now specifically ask if you have ever been the subject of a FAA investigation, a 44709 reexamination, or something along those lines. Whether or not they have the means to verify this with the FAA, I'm not sure and I honestly really doubt, but it would be at your own risk to not report such events to an employer if asked.
For a failed 44709 Reexamination (x2 - you usually get two shots, unless the first one was so terrible that the ASI believes you have absolutely no chance whatsoever of passing a second time) or Enforcement Action, those will turn up because the result will usually be a certificate suspension, revocation, or downgrade. Enforcement Action will likely having you talking to the FAA's attorneys in an attempt to settle the matter with a suspension or something similar. If you did something really big, illegal, and intentional, you're probably headed to the NTSB judges eventually, though they're backed up years because they handle all of the Department of Transportation cases and not just the FAA. They also do so with only a handful of judges.
So really, an honest mistake with today's FAA isn't that big of a deal so long as you weren't intentionally violating regulations, and you're willing to talk about what happened and why it's not going to happen again. The ASI will appreciate your cooperation in quickly clearing another PD off his task list, and you can get back to flying without the trip to jail.


Why are pilots so afraid of this process, then? If you're not lying, it doesn't sound so bad.

The "old" FAA didn't have the Compliance Program. The only tool in their toolbox was a hammer (Enforcement Action), and every violation or other problem was a nail. Any little mistake that a pilot made did carry real jeopardy that their certificate was in danger. Obviously, that didn't foster trust that the FAA was really there to help, because they often weren't. There was also a time before ASRS/ASAP reporting and other programs which reduced or eliminated the penalties in exchange for information sharing. Essentially, the FAA finally figured out that if they wanted to improve aviation safety, they needed honest and accurate information from pilots. Pilots weren't inclined to share information if it would be used against them and enforcement was the only outcome. Programs were created to remove the consequences of an unintentional violation, and those are now the primary ways that deviations are resolved. Many pilots are still afraid of the "old" FAA, even though in practice it no longer really exists.

Do I need a lawyer to talk to the FAA or ASI during an investigation?

No. If you have access to one at no cost through another benefit like AOPA or employer insurance, go for it. However, lawyers just become an intermediary to work through, especially for simple deviations. If you want to minimize consequenses, you're going to personally talk to the ASI and you're going to openly share information about the event. A lawyer can't get you out of an investigation or the outcome, because they can't override the very broad 49 USC authority that the FAA has been given in both investigating and reexamining airmen. If you know for sure you're looking at an Enforcement Action, you can still settle with the FAA attorneys on your own, but a laywer at that point is up to you. Heading to NTSB court? Yeah, lawyer up, because you done messed up now, A-A-Ron.
You are always free to retain a lawyer and direct the FAA to communicate with them at any time, and most ASIs really don't care one way or another, but I would say it's an unnecessary expense if your deviation was an honest mistake. Do whatever makes you feel better, though.

Should I really talk to the ASI during the investigation? This seems like a trap.

As explained, the Compliance Program is only an option if you're willing and able to comply. If you're not willing to openly and honestly talk about the event, you're not really willing to comply. The alternative if you are determined to have violated a regulation is Enforcement Action, soooo... your choice!

What if I don't want to disclose everything to the ASI? What all do they know/have access to?

More often than not, the ASI has the ATC data regarding the event. This includes the radar data and ATC communications. They can play back the portion of your flight in question, so they can see where you actually were, what you were actually doing, and what was actually said. They of course also have access to the FAA databases for your certificates, medical, aircraft, and prior contact with the FAA. I wouldn't suggest lying about any of that.
An ASI reviews all of this before reaching out to you, so usually your conversation is just to fill in the gaps and figure out what was going on in the airplane from your perspective. If I can see or hear from ATC data that you took a wrong turn during taxi and then were embarassed about it before I even talk to you, I probably just have one or two gaps to fill in as to why it happened. Otherwise, unless this is the third time you've come up on my desk this year or you tell me something really abhorrent when we talk, it's almost certainly going to be a Compliance Action Counseling conversation and then good day, sir.

What about the NASA ASRS report? Doesn't that get me out of jail?

Kind of - honestly, an ASI typically isn't even aware if you filed one, or what the status of that is. It would likely come into play if you were facing Enforcement Action. Filing a report will not guarantee that an investigation does not occur, or that you will not need to talk to an ASI. It only guarantees that you will be immune to civil penalties or certificate suspension if you file a report in a timely manner, and you weren't doing something illegal. The information in your report also can't be used for enforcement purposes. That said, if the FAA finds out about a potential violation a month later, and you knew about it but didn't file a report, you generally can't go file one after the fact as an oopsie-daisy to try to avoid the consequences. If you suspect you violated something and you're worried about it, it never hurts to file the report. And as explained above, unless you were grossly deficient or intentionally violating a regulation, you're probably only looking at Compliance Action either way.

I received a Letter of Investigation. Am I in more trouble than just receiving the CP & PBR Brochure? What's the difference?

Not necessarily. You're supposed to receive the Pilot's Bill of Rights in some form before the FAA talks to you about an investigation into an event in any substantial manner, regardless of the nature of the investigation or what the expected outcome is. The LOI is required to be sent to you prior to any Enforcement Action, so some ASIs/offices send out LOIs for any report of a Pilot Deviation just in case something is discovered which pushes it into enforcement. Both the Brochure and LOI contain the required Pilot's Bill of Rights notification, so either one works from the ASI's perspective of simply being able to talk to you about the event. The LOI does inherently come off as more intimidating, though, as it's more formal and on the FAA letterhead.

An ASI randomly handed me a CP & PBR Brochure on the ramp, at an air show, etc - am I in trouble?

No, unless they wrote something in the brochure indicating something specific about a potential violation. ASIs are supposed to share the brochures to raise awareness of the Compliance Program whenever they interact with pilots.

I had a bad interaction with the FAA where _____ happened, and it was nothing like what you said.

Sorry about that. Like I said, not every office is the same. Generally, ASIs want to use the Compliance Program to get things out the door where they can. Maybe you got a grumpy ASI, or their office had seen that sort of thing a lot and was cracking down, or there was more to the story. Like any organization, let alone being the fed, there is some inconsistency between regions and offices. Every ASI I personally knew would have done their best to be fair and to follow the CADP (Compliance Action Decision Process), which I more or less explained in the sequence of events above.

I have another question about what the FAA would or wouldn't do.

Feel free to post it or DM me - I can't guarantee any specific course of action or outcome, and I don't speak for the FAA officially, but I might know some stuff about things regarding your Q.
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