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Stay in TX or go back to Jersey

2023.05.28 18:36 Satu97 Stay in TX or go back to Jersey

My wife (25f) and I (26m) are faced with two options to weigh and decide. Our answer will shape the rest of our lives. This has been racking our brains for the last week+ because we want to leave our house asap and sell it.
We can either move back home to family in NJ, get jobs and save up to buy an expensive house that still needs work (the market is terrible rn in jersey) or stay here in Texas and move to DFW and have a significantly greater quality of life.
We’re an hour south of Houston right now and we hate it. We have so many bad memories here, from cancer diagnoses, wage theft, lost the people we originally came out here for etc. we live in a beautiful home but we’re house broke because the work opportunities here aren’t fruitful if you’re not a blue collar worker. (We moved to a town where everyone asks why the hell we would move here of all places)
We can go back to NJ but we would be living in my childhood bedroom with our 2 cats, dog, and snake. We don’t even know when we’d be able to afford a place to own anytime soon there. The rent is astronomical as are the median home prices. Atleast 2.2x the avg cost of a home here in Texas (New constructions with marble countertops and slate showers for sub 300k, non existent in nj for under 450-500k).
We are fortunate to not have to pay any property taxes in NJ or TX so that’s not a con in either state for us. We have both been living together away from friends and family for 6 years now. We left because I was active duty stationed in NC and she was already in college, by the time my service was over we came out here for some family that has since cut us off knowing we have absolutely nobody out here.
We want to sell the house we’re currently in because we are miserable and depressed here, due to us not being able to afford to go on trips or the lack of nightlife/activities for non child rearing young adults and the fact that we came here for reasons that I’ve since ceased. Kids aren’t in our future so we’d like to make a positive out of no kids by loving our lives and doing the things people with kids can’t do anymore like taking the random getaways that we wouldn’t be able to afford with kids.
I did the math and if we purchase a home in the DFW area, we would have it paid off in 5-7 years (2yr flex for emergency funding) and that’s barely budgeting at all tbh, we’re just very fortunate to have those means. So we just don’t know if its worth it to give up this massive financial potential and stability of our future here to appease the people that miss us. Their take on it is “you didn’t listen to us when we said don’t go, y’all are miserable, and you’re just not gonna listen to us again and go somewhere else?” Meanwhile not a single person we know our age is able to live on their own in a decent house let alone a place without roommates at all and the people saying this either have to break their back with 2 jobs to afford ends meat or they’re getting tremendous support from family that we wouldn’t have. We love jersey and it’s culture, you won’t find it anywhere else, and we can go visit as much as we want if we live out here, but if we live there we’d struggle to even exist and take the time for ourselves. The reason I keep harping on trips and vacations is because my wife and I didn’t have a lot growing up and since we know kids aren’t happening, we’d like treat ourselves to a nice lifestyle. It’s not about the area for us, we foster animals and stay inside watching anime or playing video games most days. It’s really more or less will be able to use our money how we want to instead of dumping most of it into the interest of a home that we may feel regret over buying knowing what we could have else where.
It just feels like we’re bad people if we say we want to have a better quality home and more financial freedom for a ourselves since we’re not having kids. We don’t want to spend 30 years and all of our money to pay off a house and it’s interest when we can do it here in a fraction of the time while still saving money for other things like trips and date nights. Especially when we’re so young and fortunate enough to have this be our difficult decision. We also feel like we didn’t really give Texas a chance due to the year of us being here being so hectic and challenging and dealing with cancer and surgery and a bad ISD that committed wage theft. We’ve been told that we moved to the armpit of the armpit of Texas (Brazoria county Freeport area) and we think it’s be a night and day difference to DFW. We have a family friend in DFW who swears by it and can set my wife up with a teaching position at a local charter school. Oh we’d also have to make the 26hour+ drive to jersey with two cats a dog and a snake. The logistics involved with that alone scare us, godforbid one our cats got out of the car somewhere in the middle of the trip.
So essentially we don’t know what the “right” decision is and are afraid everyone back home will hate us for not coming back after venting to them about how much difficulties we’ve been faced with since coming here even though it really had nothing to do with Texas itself, we just got a lot of bad news since being here that made us really depressed. My wife’s Grandparents cut her off when they heard we moved to Texas because they couldn’t use our Nc house as a stopping point for their trips to florida and they took it as her running away from them even though we lived in a completely different state. she’s afraid she’ll be cut off again if she tells her we’re moving again in Texas and not closer to “home”. This really hurt my wife because she doesn’t have a relationship with her father and her mother passed away so her grandparents are all she has on her side.
TLDR: A couple is deciding whether to move back to their home state of NJ and live with family while struggling to afford a home, or stay in Texas but move to the DFW area for better job opportunities, quality of life, and financial stability. They have had a challenging time in Texas with bad memories and limited opportunities, but feel like they didn't give it a fair chance. They are hesitant to give up their financial potential for the sake of appeasing family, and aren't planning on having kids. They also worry about the logistics and stress of moving their pets such a long distance. If they choose Texas, how can they explain it to their family without sounding insensitive or selfish. They’re terrified of making the wrong decision since they’re so drastically different and have a lot of holdback when it comes to moving to jersey regarding finances and not being established in a career yet.
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2023.05.28 18:36 Top_Ant9553 WWYD 20 year old male in the GTA

Good afternoon PFC, currently in a bit of a finance pickle. To begin I'm a 20-year-old male living in the GTA on my own, however, I am returning to college in September and won't be able to work my current high-paying job.
I have no debt other than my car which is currently at 28285.03$ of principal remaining and its 5% interest for the next 6 years (I know a lot however I needed a car within one week last May for work my only option was new unless I wanted to overpay heavy on used).
My current COL is 647.58 (student housing), around 350 a month on groceries, roughly 130 a month on gym and supplements (not up for debate to change), gas is covered by my work mileage, a mind-numbing 420.19 on car payments, and an astronomical 548.16 a month on insurance. Coming to a grand total of 2095.93 a month to live here. No, I do not have any other hobbies than the gym and hiking and no alcohol or partying.
As far as current funds go I have 1855.90 in a chequing account and 5090.55 in a Wealthsimple TSFA invested in cash.to since I don't know where I should put the money. Take-home pay after taxes is rough 687.50 weekly at 37.5 hours a week some weeks I can get over 50 hours just depends on how busy we are and I get 242.50 a week in mileage (I only use about 60$ of it on gas and the GO train). For a grand total of 3720 a month. This means 1624.07 can go into savings or any extras I want.
I know I am not strapped for cash or in too terrible of a position but I can foresee the rough time I will have once I'm having to pay big boy rent and when I return to school and will have to work for minimum wage with fewer hours, so I have a few options.
  1. Keep my exact same situation as is and return to school with around 13k in the bank and take OSAP which for me is around 8k and just ride out the year.
  2. Keep living in the GTA but opt for a cheaper car, my sale value is around 25k for my car which means I will need to pay the 3 thousandish difference. However, my parent's neighbours are selling their old Civic for around 7.5k which I can insure for 280ish a month. This option will wipe my saving and make me have to borrow a bit from my parents but I will have 720 a month less I will have to spend on a car.
  3. Move home to live with my parents and keeping my current car, this will increase my commute time by a bare minimum of 80 minutes a day however I will be saving around 1k a month since no housing cost and no cost of food
  4. Moving home to live with my parents and buy the Civic, this would net me around an extra 1700 a month. This would be massive for my savings and is the option I'm most considering.
Pros and Cons time.
Pros of Civic, not having to spend an extra 700 plus a month on a car anymore. Cons of the Civic, I absolutely love my car and all the features inside of it which the Civic just doesn't have.
Pros of moving home, getting to see my parents and saving an extra 1k a month. Cons of moving home, seeing my parents every day and an extra 80 minutes to spend commuting in the car and the train commute stays the same at around 1 hour and 40 a day.
I just need someone to either tell me what is the best course of action because I am unsure right now.
I'm also sure you're wondering why my premium is so high, my insurance address is listed as my parent's house which is in the middle of the country and not the GTA. However, this price is reflecting my G2 driver's license and a tree that fell onto my car while driving which somehow is an at-fault accident since it was only me involved even though I had zero control over it. My premium will drop Monday since I got my G yesterday.
Tldr; Keep spending more money to save 80 minutes a day commuting and driving a nicer car while living alone or move home and buy a cheaper car increasing my commute time but lowering my COL to around 500 a month.
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2023.05.28 18:00 lovelybarista_ AITA for applying for a job?

This is my first post so yeah.. I ( 17F ) live happily with my Mom ( 41F ) and Father ( 40M ). They’ve always been overprotective and such ( I’m an only child ) but idk. This seemed different to me so I seek Reddit for help.
My summer break is coming up mid June. My school offers a ton of paid summer programs and also help with applying to regular jobs that fit my schedule and such. In my school, you must do 2 summer programs in order to graduate. Im planning on doing a acting one once the application is open. I want to save money for multiple things, mainly college since I dont have a college fund but I really want an electric scooter. It’ll make transportation for me so much better and I think they look awesome. Im not that financially well off however, so I took the liberty of applying to jobs. The ones that are easiest for me are Starbucks so far. I told my parents about it and they seemed mad. Idk why, they said its a bad environment, its fast paced, + a whole bunch of reasons not to go there. I was puzzled, they always told me to be independent and that they would support me. I suggested maybe Shaws or something easier but that was also bad. To me it seemed like any talk to me being in a job set them off. Its been going on like this for months. I saw yesterday that a Starbucks was opening soon, super close to me. I told my mom and she said “cool” I said I was thinking of applying and she got mad, said she is providing for me so why do I need a job, im too young, I should be focusing on school and such. I dont get it, she wont let me go get money but then she’ll complain to me how she has to buy me everything? I was rebellious, I applied yesterday. Im planning on calling in on Tuesday at school with my counselor. I just told her right now, she blew up at me. She said I was pissing her off and she told me not to complain when things get hard. I said I wont. She does the whole list of reasons for me not to go but I said that so far, this is just for summer, if I see during the time school comes back in session thats its not working I’ll handle it. That wasn’t a good answer apparently and she kicked me out her room.
I guess maybe I shouldn’t have went behind her back and applied anyways, but her reasoning doesn’t seem out of concern, more control.
So Reddit, AITA? I’ll apologize if I am-
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2023.05.28 17:57 tartouse non-healthcare positions for doctors?

hi everyone, this may be a bit of a long post so i apologize in advance. i'm looking for advice from you all in regards to jobs that would be suitable for my (relatively extensive) educational background, all completed here in the US.
I have a B.S. in neuroscience, an MPH from an ivy league school, and i recently just completed the first year of my M.D. (medical doctor) program. i began this journey being sure about my place in healthcare as a future doctor, but now my lack of passion and realization that i pursued this for family approval has been hitting quite hard. i have only ever been to school which makes me question my working abilities, though it has been wholly funded by my parents (both doctors) who have been pushing me towards the doctor route my entire life. luckily, i have no debt.
i grew up hearing from my parents that any career other than that of a doctor, engineer or lawyer is simply useless and that anything less than a $100-200k salary is poverty, so i feel extremely behind in my understanding of the career and working world which im hoping to join. i don't feel the need to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year - i simply want to have a stable and intellectually stimulating job that allows me time with my husband and for my hobbies and health.
i know logically that completing my MD will allow me the highest income potential after graduation, even though i currently don't intend to pursue residency (post-graduation training). i am interested in learning more about the business world and consulting jobs for doctors, as i know there are positions like this. please let me know if you have any thoughts about my journey and i'm happy to answer any questions. thank you all
edit: i just wanted to add that i realized my disappointment and lack of passion for medicine during medical school because of my terrible experience at the school. i find the people quite antisocial, awkward and strange, and it is a huge contrast from my MPH program where i met amazing friends who seem to be more integrated into real life. i desperately want to leave my MD program as soon as i can but i don't feel that it would be the smartest decision.
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2023.05.28 17:16 puppyworm My story as a recovering neet

Hey. I don't really have anyone to share this with, so I hope it's okay if I share it here. I'm a recovering neet and I just want to put this out there. Maybe it can serve as some inspiration for others looking to get out of neetdom or something. Anyways.
I would've dropped out of high school if I had gone to a regular one. Thankfully I ended up going to an alternative school because my mental health was so poor, and they supported me really well.
After I graduated I got a retail job and it sucked to hell. Quit after a couple months. Fall was coming up so I decided to go to community college. Did that for a year as my mental health was once again rapidly declining, and then I just... Stopped attending.
I did nothing until I was 23. It was great at first. Thankfully my dad is very soft in the heart and while he would verbally worry about me, he also probably would have let me live with him doing nothing for the rest of my life. I loved playing video games all day and sleeping into the evening.
But as time went on, it started kind of sucking. I had no money, I stopped getting enjoyment out of doing anything other than playing games, my social anxiety got 500% worse, I gained a lot of weight, and worst of all, my relationship with my boyfriend was deteriorating.
I was in therapy for a bit, but she had to drop me due to her clinic no longer accepting my dad's insurance. My boyfriend, who lived with me and my dad, was kind and patient, but I could tell his patience and hope for me was wearing thin after a few years of me doing absolutely nothing to help myself.
At the end of 2021 (I think), I got on some meds that actually work pretty well for my anxiety. I also tried shrooms a few times, which made me realize a some things.
Firstly, that my greatest wish of moving out wasn't going to happen if I didn't do anything to make it happen. We wouldn't be able to live off my boyfriend's salary alone. Also, I wouldn't want him to have to work that much.
Second, that was what led me to the realization that my lack of drive was putting some strain on our relationship. Of course, he doesn't think not having a job is a bad thing, as evidenced by the fact that he stayed with me all throughout my ~4-5 years of neetdom. It's more about how he would have to work so much to sustain us if we ever wanted to leave.
And third, I... Wanted to do more than survive. I wanted to be able to afford to do things like take trips and eat sushi and live in a decent place. I'm a big Disney parks fan since I grew up with my parents taking me all the time, so I want to be able to keep going even into my adulthood. I know that sounds stupid to a lot of people, but it's important to me and part of what motivates me (I'm just autistic lmao don't worry I loathe Disney as a company)
During the summer of 2022, I decided (to the delight of my dad and boyfriend) that I would go back to community college. I signed up for one math class to ease myself back in.
To my surprise, it wasn't as bad as I remembered. The people around me were younger than me, but I'm still pretty young still and am often mistaken for a teenager, so that wasn't a problem for me. I didn't really socialize. The atmosphere of my college was too high school-like for me to feel comfortable socializing.
But the class itself was... Lowkey kinda fun? I realized that I actually enjoy learning math. And that was when, after also researching anxiety-friendly well paying jobs, I decided I would transfer to a university, where I would major in computer science and get a job programming or something like that.
I took another class in the winter, applied to the university as a transfer, and after some hassle, I'm incredibly happy to say that at 24 years old, I'm starting at the university this fall! My then boyfriend, now fiance and I decided we want to get married, AND we're moving out of my dad's house since the school is across the state. My tuition is being funded by grants and the housing is being funded by my wonderful, generous fiance, and we'll be moving out in less than a month!!
One of the weirdest things I've realized is that I was so, SO bored when I was neeting. Having things to do in the real world, goals to attain, actually made me feel like a real person. Like I wanted to go out into the world and like, do something. I also feel like I can enjoy video games and stuff a lot more now.
I'll always be supportive of neets, those who are neet by choice and those who aren't, and I'll never judge anyone for being one. But that life isn't for me anymore. I'm happy to have my tax dollars go to a neet who needs it more, and once I'm working, I want to let my fiance decide what he wants to do. If he wants to play vidya all day, that's fine, the goal is to make enough money for him to be able to do that. And if he wants to pursue college or something, I'll be able to support him financially.
Him and my dad are literally the only people in my life right now. My social anxiety got so bad as a need that I ended up cutting everyone off. I hope trying to make new friends ends up being worth it. And in college, I'll be sure to take on less of a workload/take breaks if I need to. I don't want to go back to the way things were.
Anyways, I know this is long as shit, and I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it. Let me know your thoughts, questions, etc if you have any. Much love and wishing the best for everyone.
(Also just want to add that I realize how lucky I've been here. I'm by no means trying to say it's easy to stop being a neet, or that you should even have to at all. In a world where machines could do much of the work, there's no reason to force people to work if they don't want to or can't. I'm antiwork. My happiness lies not with becoming a wagecuck, but in being able to support my partner and be able to do things like move out and afford to go on vacation. Everyone finds their own happiness in life. If your happiness is being a neet, more power to you!)
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2023.05.28 17:14 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - No teacher raises, no vouchers: Lawmakers fail to reach compromise on school funding bill Houston Chronicle

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2023.05.28 16:49 AutoNewsAdmin [National] - No teacher raises, no vouchers: Lawmakers fail to reach compromise on school funding bill

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2023.05.28 16:38 OptionOk562 Filmmaker + Sales? Is this Possible?

I am a filmmaker and I'm also looking to get into sales.
Currently, I do a film (shorts, 15-30 minutes mostly) a year. I am involved with a small, local film company in my area and I am very much a self-starter. But in the last few weeks, with the WGA strike and possible SAG and DGA strikes on the horizon, it is causing me to what to think of a few things first.
I want to open up my own production company in the coming years because of this. Nothing too extravagant, mostly focusing on micro-budget films and turning a quick profit. I also want to use an LLC to fund my own projects as well. I also predict I'll flip to full features once I get more funding from studios/producers.
Currently, I work in the medical field (for a full time gig) with about 3-12 hour days a week. I've been doing this for years. The money is really low (high 30s) and I simply need to pivot to something that is more lucrative as a full-time gig. And that's when I heard about sales....
I am used to pitching. I have even pitched to various producers all over the globe. From what I read about sales is that it is an industry that rejection is the norm and I am all too used to that. I've had things play at the TCL Chinese Theater in LA and haven't seen a cent of profit from it. But I love to do it.
I was thinking about pivoting from my current medical job to B2B Remote Sales. I don't think being on the road is at all a possibility here. D2D wouldn’t fit for me. I do have some wishes for a job though. Strong-ish base, possibly uncapped commission. I have no interest in jumping into this without some sort of base. As for “direct” experience, I sold shoes for a few years in college. Even popcorn buckets at Carmike Cinemas in high school.
I heard the pay for sales is great if your driven enough. If it was sales as my only career, I would be fine. Film throws a wrench into it though. I genuinely feel like the skills overlap. I love doing different projects (or even a few at the same time), I constantly am trying to push myself further.
My goal is to be in a position where I have enough work life balance to have a good career in-between projects and use these skills to get better at business management and pitching a studio to benefactors. If the studio, or even my writing/directing career, would take off...then I would go to a part-time role or just leave sales altogether.
My question is, Am I naive or is this something that could work as a legitimate possibility? I know sales is a lifestyle career so I don't want to seem like I am minimizing it or acting like it is easy. I respect what you guys do a lot. Also, any tips on how to get started?
To give a little context to this...I'm 27. Single. And I don't really care as much about making like $200k a year from sales. Honestly, I'll be happy with 80. Just something to put a roof over my head and pay off some of my debts from the last few years of making things.
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2023.05.28 15:37 HowdyPartner-2013 No teacher raises, no vouchers: Lawmakers fail to reach compromise on school funding bill

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2023.05.28 13:06 bahai-110 Mullah Nasruddin on “the need for financial transparency of the Institutions”

One day, during a Baha’i fundraising conference, Mullah Nasruddin stood up and said, "Dear friends, have you ever wondered where the Ḥuqúqu’lláh money goes? Every Baha’i should be made aware of the destination of 19% of our hard-earned monetary savings. Every year an estimated billion dollars or more is collected worldwide from Baha’i membership to be sent to the administrative authorities in Haifa but no comprehensive accounting of the funds has ever been released. It seems that the path these monies travel on is as mysterious as a hidden treasure buried deep underground."
The Baha’is exchanged curious glances and nodded in agreement, as they too had privately questioned the lack of transparency surrounding their contributions. The Ḥuqúqu’lláh representatives stood up and made their case.
“But Nasruddin, the Ḥuqúqu’lláh is used properly to support the Baha’i institutions and the implementation of the 9 year plan. These donations help fund Baha’i projects and initiatives worldwide, and are also applied to assist Baha’i individuals and institutions in need. They are used according to the discretion of the UHJ and there is no requirement for financial accountability or transparency as they are to be given freely without any expectations. You should trust us and the UHJ to be responsible stewards of the funds collected as a part of your obligatory religious duty.”
Nasruddin contemplated the matter for afew seconds and then replied thoughtfully, "Esteemed friends, have you ever heard of the saying, ‘Trust, but verify?’ Let me share with you a story to shed some light on this matter. Once, there was a generous man who would donate a portion of his earnings to a local charitable organization. However, he began to suspect that his money was not being used as intended. So, he approached the organization's treasurer and asked, 'Can you please show me how my funds are being put to use?'"
"The treasurer, feeling uneasy, responded, 'Oh, good sir, your contributions are being utilized in various noble endeavors. We are building schools, supporting the poor, and helping those in need.'"
"But the generous man persisted and asked, 'Can you show me the details of the expenses? How much went to each project? How much was spent on administrative costs?'"
"The treasurer, feeling trapped, stammered, 'Well, you see, those details are confidential. Trust us, your money is being put to good use.'"
Nasruddin paused and looked around the gathering, seeing the curiosity and anticipation in their eyes.
He continued, "My dear brothers and sisters, transparency is the cornerstone of trust. When we contribute our hard-earned money to support religious endeavors or any charitable cause, we deserve to know how it is being utilized. It is not enough to simply be told that our money is being put to good use without any transparency or accountability."
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2023.05.28 12:57 Vanguard_CK3 [Event] The King commands and the people obey

While sitting on the Royal Throne, King Ageel gestures for the Guards to open the doors of the hall. A stream of people file in, some lining up in front of the King while others move out of the way so that they can simply observe the proceedings. After a few minutes, all movement in the chamber has ceased. All faces turn towards the King expectantly.
In front of the King, there lines up 5 petitioners lined up in an orderly row. They await the King to call on then. His Majesty gestures for the first in line to approach.
Sheikh Rashid Hamdan, a tribal chief who has extensive experience in mediating conflicts and maintaining relationships with various tribal leaders in the region of Tihama. He has approached the King to address a growing dispute between two rival tribes over grazing rights in a border region.
"Your Majesty, I bring to your attention the escalating tensions between the Abas and Marwan tribes. They are in dispute over grazing lands in their respective territories, it has been reported that the situation has escalated into violence. I urge you to intervene and find a resolution to prevent further bloodshed and maintain tribal harmony."
"Sheikh Rashid, investigate the underlying causes of the dispute. I suggest that you seek the guidance of respected religious scholars to mediate between the two tribes. We must emphasize the importance of unity in Islam and the need for forgiveness and reconciliation. Remind them of the Prophet's teachings on resolving conflicts peacefully. Uncover any external influences or hidden agendas that may be fueling the conflict. Use the information to leverage negotiations and bring the rival tribes to a fair and just agreement."
Next in line is Abdullah Al-Farsi, a diligent and detail-oriented clerk from Sana'a bearing the responsibility for managing official documents and records. Abdullah approaches the King to present a list of pending administrative tasks requiring the King's attention.
"Your Majesty, I humbly submit a list of pending administrative matters that require your approval and guidance. These include land allocations, legal disputes, and bureaucratic procedures."
"Abdullah, prioritize the tasks based on their importance and expedite the necessary paperwork to ensure efficient governance. Collaborate with the Ministry of Interior to address any legal disputes. After which you must notify the appropriate authorities to enforce law and order and ensure swift resolutions to any pending matters. You are also required to investigate any bureaucratic inefficiencies and propose reforms to streamline our administrative processes."
Soon after, Jokha al Raymi, a highly educated and dedicated academic who was recently appointed as the Minister of Education steps forward to propose reforms.
"Your Majesty, I bring to your attention the state of our education system. It requires immediate attention and reform. Our schools lack resources, trained teachers, and access to quality education. I have prepared a plan for improvement, and I seek your support and guidance."
"Jokha, implement your proposed reforms with a focus on allocating sufficient funds for educational infrastructure, teacher training, and student scholarships. Let our educational institutions instill values that uphold our Islamic principles and foster a sense of unity among our students. Education is the key to our nation's future. collaborate with international organizations and friendly countries to exchange knowledge and expertise. Let us establish partnerships to uplift our education system. Prioritize vocational training and skills development to address the needs of our workforce. Let us equip our youth with the practical skills required for economic growth, infusing moral and ethical teachings in our education curriculum. Investigate any corruption or mismanagement within the Ministry of Education. Weed out those who hinder progress and ensure that educational resources reach the students who need them the most."
The Minister of Health, Dr. Qassem Mohamed is a renowned physician known for her expertise in public health and dedication to improving healthcare services. Dr. Qassem pproaches the King to discuss the pressing healthcare issues in the kingdom.
"Your Majesty, our healthcare system is strained, and the well-being of our people is at stake. We need to address the lack of medical facilities, shortage of doctors, and the growing burden of diseases."
"Dr. Qassem, you must first collaborate with religious leaders to raise awareness about healthcare practices aligned with Islamic teachings. Emphasize the importance of health and hygiene as integral parts of our faith. After then we wi allocate funds to build more hospitals and clinics, recruit and train medical professionals, and ensure the availability of essential medications and equipment. You will also seek collaborations with foreign healthcare organizations to bring in advanced medical technologies, establish medical research centers, and foster knowledge exchange to enhance our healthcare capabilities. Most importantly, the Ministry will establish mobile medical units to reach remote areas, prioritize public health campaigns, and invest in preventive care to reduce the burden of diseases."
Last in line we have Haifa Al-Houthi, a skilled administrator and trusted advisor to the King. She is known for her organizational abilities and keen financial acumen. Amira approaches the King to discuss the kingdom's economic development plans and the allocation of resources.
"Your Majesty, I present to you the first draft of the proposed economic development plan for the kingdom. It outlines our strategies for infrastructure, trade, and revenue generation."
"Haifa will need to create a yearly budget and work together with all branches of government to ensure continuity of state affairs. Collaborate with our foreign counterparts to attract investments and foster trade partnerships that can fuel our economic growth. let us ensure our economic endeavors align with our religious values of fairness, justice, and providing opportunities for all."
As the petition line comes to an end, and the courtiers are dismissed, the heir to the Kingdom approaches Haifa to discuss a matter of utmost urgency....
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2023.05.28 12:46 blackbirdflying101 AITA for showing favouritism to my favourite half-sister because i don't see anything wrong with it, especially when our step-mother does the same.

I(30) have three half-sisters: Katie, Evie and Ella. Katie is thirteen, Evie is eleven, and Ella is nine. My dad had Katie with his previous girlfriend, but she sadly passed away. Then he had Emma and Mia with his current wife.
I have always liked Katie the most. I buy her expensive clothes and games and even take her on trips while I don't do the same for the others. It's not that I hate my other half-sisters; I simply have a better sibling bond with Katie. However, my stepmother merley sees it as blatant favouritism, which is ironic coming from her. I have seen plenty of times when she chooses her children over Katie. The only difference is I have more money to burn, and she's financially struggling. Then there's my dad, who just doesn't care about any of this.
The other day I was speaking to my dad about sending Katie to private school and even creating a college fund worth $200,000. But I was interrupted by my stepmother, who asked about her children. I knew what she meant, but I purely said that they weren't my problem and that is she wanted, she would have to do it herself. This didn't sit well with her, and she began to rant about all the times I have favoured Katie over her children. She even went as low as the accuse me of racism as Katie is a different race from the others and then called me a bigot. Shouting how I am the same prejudiced person I was as a teen, and I haven't changed.
To be honest, I simply laughed and pointed out that it would make her a hypocrite, considering she treated Katie the same way. She didn't like being called out and walked away. My dad just said he was disappointed in both of us and told me I could afford to do it for all three. But reminded me it was my choice at the end of the day.
I don't think I have done anything wrong as it's my money and choice. Nevertheless, I haven't spoiled Katie excessively; it's simply because she deserves it academically. And I just wanted to make life fair for her as she never had a good mother. AITA or not.
THE remark that my friend said about indians is the reason we don't talk to him no more but we were not going to hate on him, as I didn't care at the time as i believed it was karma for all the times my stepmother remarks she made about my skin colour. so I said it once and my step mother has said it 100 times time
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2023.05.28 11:59 violincarver No school left behind.

Senior class bumps graduation date to remain eligible for funding.
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2023.05.28 11:43 thefookishappening 17 years old need advice with current freelance jobs

Hi! So I work as a freelancer online. I want some advice/tips sana with my current work and financial journey as well
Here's my jobs: - Academic commissionewriter: About 5-10k monthly, although matumal ngayon until august probably, since nagbabakasyon na sa mga ibang school. - Premiums sellesocial media accounts seller: About 1-5k monthly, very inconsistent lang since hassle job siya kasi marami ring reports na inaayos from the accounts - Art commissioner: About 500-10k monthly. Nahihirapan ako most of the time humanap ng art commissions kasi competitive 'yung mga ibang artists, kaya hindi ako nakakakuha much
Ive already saved up around 50k ngayon in savings (should be more honestly pero marami rin kasi kaming bayarin) and I was wondering lang what I should do next? I'm thinking of continuing these kaso nga lang either super hassle/too competitive siya (pero kakayanin naman hehe) and 'yung stable source ko naman ng income which is academic commissions is matumal ngayon. Additionally, I'm turning 18 soon kaya siguro I can apply na sa Upwork/Freelance by June (birthday ko). Need ko kasi ng funds for college and for mga bayarin sa school and in my personal life, nahihirapan kasi akong umasa sa parents kasi financially hirap din kami. I'm open for learning new skills naman (art and writing are my strongest suits) need ko lang sana ng parang improvement o kumbaga parang "one step above" sa mga ginagawa ko. Saving for my college din kasi huhu
Thank you sa mga makakatulong!!
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2023.05.28 11:37 Bluethealpha I Want A Restraining Order Against My Grandma

I (25 NB-F), have had a pretty distant/rocky relationship with my grandma for a few years now.
My grandma who I'd like to call Shannon, is a bit of an "interesting" character. She's always wanted to be the 'fun grandma'. For most of my young life, we had a decent relationship. But she plays a huge game of favoritism among myself and my brothers. Give her the kind of attention she wants, she rewards you. Give her the wrong attention or too little, you theoretically stabbed her. She'd go work at army bases as a counselor for soldiers in other countries, so I didn't see her a lot. Because she worked out of the country, she had to leave her car with us. I was learning to drive, so she gave me permission to use it.
Come 2018, after medical issues that set me back in high school, I finally graduated. We decided to combine the party with my birthday. To my surprise, her gift was a professional-like paper with the promise of her vehicle's title when she paid it off.
Months later, I'm having to look for a new job. I got lucky and found one that would be a huge deal as an artist and the gateway to a good career...but the car was gone. I ask my parents, and they say Shannon had taken it to see a friend. 3 hours passed, and I miss the interview. They were nice and let me try again the next day. I let Shannon know that I need the car, and she exaggerates an apology for being "an inconvenience" and reassures me that the car will be there.
The car is gone again. 5 hours pass. Afraid that she'll disappear again, I go for a drive and to bawl my eyes out for what I missed because of her. When I get home, she blows up for my parents being upset with her and says that I DID in fact give her permission to use the car, but I was asleep. More upset, I told her to leave me alone. She thought I wronged her, so she decided she was going to take the car back and sell it. She never did and gave it to one of my brothers instead. I had to use my college fund to buy a car, which she didn't like me doing. I have a dent in my passenger door from her using one of my other brother's truck doors.
Since then, I've been distant; not letting her take me places, barely talking to her, and not even looking her in the eye. I hate being around her, and I don't even go out to eat with my family if she's going. She keeps wanting to make amends with me and keeps offering stuff in exchange for my attention. She still buys me birthday and Christmas presents (because I don't give her attention, she puts 'Shannon' on the tags instead of 'Grandma'), but I only thank her. When she does offer something outside a holiday, I continue to avoid her but accept the stuff. She finally caught me at a time when I was in a good enough mood to talk, and she actually seemed genuinely sorry for all that she's done. I felt ready to forgive her. "But I think we're BOTH at fault here, so you also owe me an apology." She says.
I kick her out.
I still accept gifts she gives me with a 'thank you' and leave it at that. I'm respectful toward her but try to avoid her. Today, my car is having AC issues, she offered to fix it. Would be nice, but she put conditions on the offer, which made me not want to accept it. She wanted to have dinner with me, and I spend time with her. Given how emotionally abusive she's been with me, I decline it. I've made it clear to my dad that I don't want a relationship with her. She bugs him and my whole family about wanting to have a talk with me, but I continue to ignore their requests to just let her talk to me to get her off their backs.
She's gotten to the point where she's clearly obsessed with me and gets angry at people for doing something not to her standards to try and convince me to talk to her. Her sister and my mom have been in contact with each other to tell one another about the things she's saying behind everyone's backs to make them seem like the bad guy in a situation she caused. Her sister brought up to my mom that she told her husband that I have been ignoring her for no reason and have said bad things to her out of nowhere, despite her being completely fair and nice to me, and has called me a b**** before to her friends. Since I was 8-10, she's been extremely abusive mentally and has hit me before as a child. She still comes over to our house to visit and makes it hard for me to venture out of my room. Because I don't want her anywhere near me and don't know if getting a restraining order is too excessive, I just leave the house until it's usually the time she goes to bed. Or I just stay the night with a friend. I have a real lock on my bedroom door too because she's broken in there when I'm not home to steal my figurines to destroy them, or my sketchbooks to rip artwork.
A restraining order would also mean she couldn't come to the house I share with my brothers and parents (I still live with my parents for medical/mental health reasons), which would mean she wouldn't be able to see them while I'm home, which is often. I don't want her cut off from the rest of my family, just me. She's proven to me that she won't change, and is becoming creepily obsessed with me. I've never told my parents or brothers that I want a restraining order to keep her away from me, because I don't know how they'd react. My dad (her son) took forever to realize how abusive she was to me as a teen, but is still oblivious to my feelings toward her and why I don't join them for dinner or other places when she's around. I know he's also a victim in this because he had to grow up around similar behaviors of hers, so I understand that it may be difficult for him.
She's also recently claimed to be leaving the country again for more work (she was on a forced break and kicked out of Germany for breaking the therapist-client privacy code to a soldier's wife for 2 years), and wants to give my youngest brother her car. Basically, the risk of history repeating itself with my brother. And I'm furious about that. As obvious as it'd be to my family how that'll make me feel, I haven't told them how absolutely LIVID that makes me.
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2023.05.28 11:35 RuairiSpain We got funding to do ML research on Wikipedia data. Looking for pointers on Knowledge Graph research or Augmented Search fields. My hope is to evaluate hybrid-LLMs in combination with "old school" ML, to improve grounded answers from Wikipedia articles

We got funding to do ML research on Wikipedia data. Looking for pointers on Knowledge Graph research or Augmented Search fields.
My hope is to evaluate hybrid-LLMs in combination with "old school" ML, to improve grounded answers from Wikipedia articles.
My question is, is there a consensus on which old school NLP approaches could help LLM responses.
Also, has there been any work on LLM vector search engines over old school tf-idf and Bm25? A lot of hype about LLM semantic search, but not seen any successful metrics
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2023.05.28 11:22 Reasonable_Apricot20 Nothing if going right, will be homeless soon but I rather kill myself first.

Only thing keeping me alive is my pet. The last 5 years my life became a comfortable one to almost homeless. 5 years ago this winter my wife kicked me out of my very home because I told her I was bi sexual. I told her because we were having our very first kid and it's the only thing I've kept to myself. I was still much in love with her, she was ok with it at first then her mother came into the picture. Honestly don't know what I'm going to do, I went back to school because the place I was renting was only 550$ a month. With my loans and part time job I was able to graduate last year. I though things would look up for me since I got my diploma. I was able to find a job quite quickly but the pay was on the low end for the diploma I just did. But I took it as I needed work, I never got a 3 month evaluation and was with the company for 2 years. In that time I was ask to leave the apt I was in because they were doing Reno's. I said well I'm working so I took a spot closer to work. However it was not cheap, this is when the apts started to sky rocket. At my first year of my job with no performance review I mentioned to my boss about one. But nothing was done untill one week this year were they gave me a raise, then found out I was gay and I was promptly laid off and replaced. I have human rights involved and its in the courts hands now as I had proof. And email chain. Well now I was laid off my income insurance is not covering ally bills, choosing between eating, heat and light or my medication. I have the student load people down my neck because I can't make any payments, my ex wife is trying to garnish my EI but while I was working I was paying double the amount required giving me a few months I case this happened. I got a letter of disconnect for my heat and light on Friday with a disconnect date for this Tuesday. They want a full payment of $876 or I'll be cut off. I received a email for my internet that my internet will be cut off on June 9th if I don't pay them 98$ by June 6th. I am sparing my medication as it's costing me 143$ a week, I relied heavily on my medical insurance. I was just accepted into the drug card program here so starting Monday I only have to pay copay of 31$.
I've been hanging on by a thread since January, I stopped receiving emails and phone calls to the places I applied too. I have a feeling my old boss is retaliating because he has to deal with human rights.
Theirs nothing for me anymore, I can't afford all these depts. I have 2 months tops left before I get evicted. I have no where to go, homeless shelters are over full. My dog needs surgery where I was saving money for but since I lost my job I started a GoFundMe. But so far it's only covered her pre-op apt. I tried to do so much good in this world, I never asked for much. I spent my off work time being a volunteer firefighter, seen things I can't unsee, smelled horrible things that are so vivid. I was even in the military when I was 18. My ex wife took my house, my daughter, everything I owned down to my clothes. When I try too see my daughter my ex wife refuses and I had to get a lawyer. It's been a full year that she had me blocked and won't even send me a pic.
I've sold everything I have, I only have my computer to help me job seek. I work in IT. I have a endless impending doom feeling constantly. I lost my value, I can't get out of this hole. I'm don't fighting. Only a miracle can save me now. I hope my next life is not this horrible.
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2023.05.28 11:18 sonrises2 A fan roster breakdown: Barcelona Dragons.

We are less than a week away from kick off, and I thought to be a good idea that we ,as a fans, could share in this fantastic community our views of the teams we support. Rather than an expert breaking down all ELF rosters for us, we could break down and analyze the team we support for the others in this community to have a different view of ELF teams than those published in the "official/expert" websites.
I will start myself with Barcelona Dragons. Please join me and share in this thread the roster breakdown of the team you support.
HC: 🇲🇽 Gabriel "Black" Sanchez
OC: 🇲🇽 Miguel Angel "Micky" Romero
DC: 🇲🇽 Gabriel "Black" Sanchez
🇲🇽 Coach Black is promoted to HC/DC from last year's DC duties. He brings along quite a few countrymen to take on key coaching positions this year. The likes of 🇲🇽 Coach Micky Romero to lead the offense, 🇲🇽 Eduardo Yagues to develope the Offensive Line or 🇲🇽 Genaro Alfonsin, former CFL player, as DB coach. Some familiar faces are back for another run too like 🇺🇸 Chase Baker, former NFL player, as a Defensive Line coach or 🇪🇸 Victor Martin to take again on WRs. 🇺🇸 Alexander Durazo signs this year to take the lead of special teams & LBs unit.
Dragons fans are very excited with coach Black promotion to HC position while keeping DC duties. Coach Black made an amazing job last year by unexpectedly building a proficient defensive unit at ELF level. Arguably, one of the best defenses in the league. His comeback has also been cheered by the players themselves who talk wonderful things of his leadership, football knowledge, passion and coaching style. The franchise has heavily invested in the coaching staff this season. Special mention to coach Eduardo Yagues. Over two decades coaching OL players at City College of San Francisco, brings over his knowledge to make the OL to grow and perform at its best. It is well known that Spanish football is not overloaded with homegrown talent and the departures of key Spanish players to other ELF teams added salt to the injury. Therefore, it was time for an audacious approach: Develope better and faster the rich young but somehow raw talent available in the country. Conclusion is that some of the biggest Dragons signings this Offseason are not in the field but by the sidelines. Be ready, dear readers, for a "spicy" Mexican branch of American Football.
🇺🇸 Imports: QB-WR-DL-S
🇪🇺 Imports: OL-OL-WR-WR-DL-S
Quarterback: Big change of style in this position. Dragons move from the athletic and open play specialist in Zach Edwards to a more classic pocket QB in 🇺🇸 Connor Miller. It is well known the capacity of Zach in extending broken plays and run for his life when necessary. Instead, Connor will most likely provide a different approach to the offense, exploiting multiple reads within the security of the pocket. Unlike Zach, Connor has proved in his successful career in Europe to be a vocal leader that has the ability to gather individuals towards a common objective. Dragons fans are willing and excited to embrace this shift of paradigm in the most important position in football, QB.
Wide Receivers: This unit has been almost entirely revamped. Only young local star and fan favorite 🇪🇸 Jordi Torrededia comes back to the team to continue his solid progression in his 3rd season in the league. Kyle Sweet is a sensible lost for Dragons. To fill this shoes comes 🇺🇸 Josh Johnston right off from Denver Broncos mini-camp. Johnston finished his college career this last season with Colorado School of Mines (NCAA D-2) where he posted top stats and earned multiple awards. 🇸🇪 Theodor Landstrom and 🇫🇷 Melvin Palin complete the poker of aces to follow in this unit. Palin has a long experience playing college football in Canada. Last year he moved to GFL to play with Dusseldorf Panthers. Landstrom comes from Telfs Patriots (AFL) where he posted 55 rec for 888 yds and 9 TD in 12 games.
Tight Ends: Big hopes and excitement around newly signed 🇪🇸 Raul Cernuda from Badalona Dracs (LNFA). A top Spanish player who finally makes the move and joins Dragons to showcase his skills at ELF level. Very good hands adds to his big size and body frame. Disciplined and good blocker, stands out for his goods hands to catch any pass coming his way. On the cons...lacks speed. Youngster 🇪🇸 Elias Rodriguez moves from 3rd string RB to TE in his 3rd season with the team.
Running Backs: 3rd year veteran 🇪🇸 Toni Monton returns to the team. Elusive once he gets his wheels spinning, brings good hands to the mix too. New signing 🇪🇸 Eduard Molina will be Toni's partner in crime in this unit. Eduard comes from having a monster season with Badalona Dracs (LNFA) this last year. Very good stats with 1121 run yds and 13 TD in 8 games.
Offensive Line: Most likely the line most affected by departures of homegrowns players this offseason. The losses of last year starters Eduardo Sanchez and Celestin Ngimbi to Musketeers and Gabriel Rodriguez to Guards called for bold action from the franchise. Last year's starters 🇪🇸 Elvys Núñez who most likely will take on C duties and 🇪🇸 Jose Ariza return to the team. Rotation player 🇪🇸 Mikel Gómez will be promoted to the starting unit as per sources. After that, new faces all over. 🇳🇴 Jonas Hagerup has already 2 years experience in the league after stints in Leipzig Kings (2021) and Wroclaw Panthers (2022) and 🇬🇧 Ben Dixon comes from Hamburg Huskies (GFL2). Youngsters 🇪🇸 David Culebras and 🇪🇸 Diego Varela from reigning Spanish Champs Las Rozas Black Demons should add depth to the line. 🇪🇸 Enzo Biasizzo from Dragons Academy (LNFA Jr) could be an unexpected surprise as season moves along. Nonetheless, the biggest signing this Offseason in this unit is coach Yagues. He has been given the mission of crafting the interesting material he has been given into a proficient unit at ELF level.
OFFENSE FINAL COMMENTS: Many new faces in this side of the ball. Only 6 players returning from last year's roster. The capacity of coaches Black, Micky and Yagues to swiftly develope chemistry and glue this unit will determine Dragons fate this season. We can expect Dragons to remain pass focused but we also expect to be far more unpredictable than previous years by moving away from the one-dimensional, Zach to Sweet/Constant, approach of previous coaches. Coaching staff is fully determined to implement a much richer offensive approach and get more players involved in offense. Overall, good vibes coming from training camp...
Defensive Line: One of the units where Dragons fans are more eager to see on the field. Although the key losses of homegrowns Alejandro Fernandez to Fire and Yago Rivero to Potsdam Royals (GFL) plus Michael Sam retirement from football, big things are expected from the DL. Key DTs 🇪🇸 Sebastian Bowen and 🇪🇸 Daniel Franco are back for another season. DE/rusher 🇺🇸 Darius Slade has impressed in training camp with his technique, athletics and implication with the team. Experienced 🇸🇪🇺🇸 Benjamin Egbudiwe brings more fire power to the line. Newly signed youngsters 🇪🇸 Mamadou Ka Thiobane from Terrassa Reds (LNFA), 🇪🇸 Diego Paz from Las Rozas Black Demons (LNFA) and 🇪🇸 Leo Rovesti from Alcobendas Cavaliers (LNFA) have already made some eyebrows rise in training camp. Other signings in 🇪🇸 Francisco Olivas from Mallorca Voltors (LNFA) and 🇪🇸 Rodrigo Sanz from Osos Rivas (LNFA) seems to point towards a deep and exciting DL for Dragons this season.
Linebackers: Good news here too. The LBs Corp are back almost in full for another season. 🇪🇸 Cesare Brugnani, 🇪🇸 Alex "Posito", 🇪🇸 Victor Albarracin and 🇪🇸 Sebastian Castañer, not only they proved to fully belong to this league last season but actually shine. To add more gun power, Dragons signs experienced LB 🇪🇸 Manuel Fernandez from Ravensburg Razorbacks (GFL)
Safeties: Another unit ready to brightly shine this season. 🇺🇸 Luke Glenna comes right off the University of St Thomas Minnesota (NCAA D-1) where he earned All American team and All Conference first team honors in 2022. Fan favorite 🇦🇷 Lautaro Frecha comes back for his 3rd season with the team and 🇪🇸 Jorge Félix Velasco is back too to complete the transition to S from LB that coach Black already envisioned last season. 🇪🇸 Hugo Minguez from Las Rozas Black Demons (LNFA) is another addition that might surprise as the season evolves.
Cornerbacks: Good talent in this unit but it might be the thiner unit in defense at this moment. Team captain 🇪🇸 Jordi Brugnani and 🇪🇸 Lucas Masero return to lead this unit for a 3rd season in a row. Experienced DB 🇪🇸 Julio Aguado from Las Rozas Black Demons (LNFA) and young but very promising prospect 🇪🇸🇩🇪 Pascal Sendelbach from Dragons Academy (LNFA Jr) will need to adjust quickly to the league and step up to help consolidate this unit.
DEFENSE FINAL COMMENTS: Defense has been reloaded and ready to go again after an already good performance last year. Defense will need to take the lead early in the season so that the offense earns time to get fully oiled in the first games of the season. Many team veterans are back, key import signings are giving out good vibes in training camp and a loaded promotion of promising young players seems a good receipt for success. And above all, defensive mastermind in coach Black ruling them all.
Kicker: 🇪🇸 Luis Cereceda. After year and a half under Giorgio Tavecchio wings as a mentor, he is now ready to take charge of this position.
Punter: 🇦🇺 Sam Higgins. Former Australian rules player, took on football by joining Badalona Dracs (LNFA) a couple of years ago. Joins Dragons this season.
Long Snapper: 🇪🇸 Pep Tricas comes back for his 3rd season as long snapper specialist.
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2023.05.28 11:12 propesiya unionbank and tonik/seabank

hi! 17, incoming freshman here! i already have a bdo acc that my parents monitor, i also plan on keeping the money there as ef (like jic i need to abono my tuition or school expenses + dorm expenses, etc.)
now, i’m turning 18 soon and i plan on opening accounts in ub and tonik because i would be dorming and i don’t really feel comfortable leaving all my money in one place + trust issues hehe
unionbank - revolving sinking funds (basically short term sinking funds + spending account)
tonik/seabank - long term sinking funds (birthday, travel, etc.)
my question is, is it possible to open a ub account and pick up the card instead of having it delivered?
then, is it better to keep my long term funds in tonik or seabank?
here’s my considerations, tonik has stashes and i can do 1 for savings, 1 for this that, etc. while seabank has free transfers (?) and deposits (?) not sure if that is still the case now though.
probably wondering why i won’t just keep it dun sa isang already open na acc, well again, my parents monitor that and while they let me spend my allowance naman, they think kasi na if i put it sa bank, that means hindi ko siya gagalawin kaya i want to open another one cause i want to do cashless for some transactions and it’s more convenient in some ways din. rn i do the cash envelope method pala, so i know how to segregate which to put in ub and which yung long term (badly want to put this sa online bank kasi ang stagnant niya if nasa drawer ko lang siya + next year ko pa naman gagamitin)
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2023.05.28 10:12 inhinyerangnawawala It’s all your fault, Mom.

Dad was an OFW longer than I have been alive. I remember when I was in elementary, dad found an isurance company and decided to invest for my future (college funds) and his retirement funds. After his vacation, he went back abroad and worked his ass off again. Every month, he sends us money more than how much we need. All you had to do was pay the monthly dues.
When I was in high school, you decided you wanted to follow him abroad just because you’re bored here. And he gave that to you. He flew you abroad and you literally did nothing there but enjoy and stay at home. I was left with my sister to our yaya.
You were a spoiled selfish brat, Mom. And it hurts so much for me to say these words. It hurts so much to finally acknowledge it. I’ve realized it sooner, in college— how much Dad gives you, how irresponsible you are, and how you take him for granted. But I didn’t think seriously about anything of it. I just thought, “my dad really loves my mom”.
Fast forward to today. My sister is dead, dad exhausted all his savings for her operation and hospital bills. He even sold the land his father left him just so we can pay out debts. And with the leftover money— you chose to had the house renovated. Instead of letting dad save the money. He gave you your wish, under the reasoning that you are a grieving mother.
And now we have no money. We’ve just learned that dad’s retirement fund was long gone because you didn’t care enough to continue the payment or even keep in touch with the agent, alongside with my college funds that I never got to use because I had no tuition to pay for being a scholar.
We’re poor now, Mom, and it’s so hard trying to make ends meet just to make sure you and dad can have your daily maintenance meds.
Whenever I come home, I see dad crying, over frustration… he feels like all his hardwork was for nothing. And still, he never says anything to you because he lves you and doesnt want you to feel hurt.
This pains me, Mom, but it’s all our fault. I wish I will never be like you.
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2023.05.28 09:29 Vanguard_CK3 [Event] Minister of Tourism welcomes Local and Foreign delegations

A meeting was held in the Capital City which wad hosted by the Ministry of Tourism, in the presence of local leaders, religious scholars and CEO of the tourist promotion council, where they were able to discuss the possibility of investing in a bunch of tourist attraction sites and activating the role of the council in tourist investment in the country. The meeting presented several tourist investment opportunities in the governorate and plans to carry out a number of tourist projects and identify a number of investment and tourist attraction sites in both coastal and interior.
During the meeting, the Sheikh of Socotra in particular demonstrated his willingnes to cooperate in order to achieve such projects which contribute in the development of tourist infrastructure for the governorate and create new jobs opportunities on the undiscovered island. Socotra will be set up as a destination for adventurers, banking on the pristine waters for big game fishing attracting anglers worldwide, as well as nature lovers wishing to travel and hike in the mountainous terrain to immerse themselves in the nature spotted by dragon blood trees.
The tourist promotion council's CEO also indicated to investment projects that the ways of its funding have been looked for through international organizations that are interested in environment protection and historical sites protection.
He showed also that these projects include construction of tourist projects, recreational parks and tourist gardens as well as visitors services, participation in taking advantage of green areas, developing them and achieving tourist development in the governorate which in turn benefit the national economy.
International humanitarians are also welcome to contribute by charity Tourism, which gives them a unique experience to make a meaningful impact and build life long connections with Yemen and the people. Volunteers participating in charity tourism programs in Yemen can engage in a range of activities. They may assist in building schools or healthcare facilities, teaching local children, organizing community events, supporting sustainable agriculture projects, or participating in environmental conservation initiatives. These efforts aim to improve the lives of local communities and contribute to the overall development of Yemen.
Food and Travel vloggers were also invited by the Ministry of Tourism in exchange for producing positive content to advertise Yemen and Kickstart the season. Some notable examples include Drew Binksy, Nas Daily, Kristen Sarah, Khalid al Ameri, and Trevor James. Yemen is well known having mystical connection to the coffee bean, true coffee-addicts can now trace the bean back to its original source. It also is famous for its honey, as the Yemeni honey is highly regarded, and is considered as Prophetic Medicine due to the Islamic Prophet Mohammed expressing his love for it.
Yemen is also home to many islamic and pre-islamic sites. Multiple renovation and long-term maintenance projects have been awarded to local contractors who are able to provide their best services in expanding the current facilities and accomodate more people in the sites. Ancient cities containing historical sites such as Sana'a, Sa'dah, Ma'rib, Taizz, and Shibam have all been considered as significant areas which require most attention towards renovation efforts.
The Ministry of Tourism in collaboration with the Council of Religious Scholars will also be carrying out efforts to restore, maintain and expand on the tourist capacity of Masjid al Saleh, Masjid al Jawf, Jami al Tarim, al Qubba al Khadra, and the Shrines associated with Imams, Saints, and Prophets. Religious Scholars and Renowned speakers of the Sufi world such as Habib Ali al Jifri, Hamza Yusuf, and Sheikh Imran Hossein have also been invited to give sermons to their fellow Sunnis in the Emirates of Aden & Emirates of Hadhramut.
Long term plans have been set with French Companies such as AccorHotels representing Sofitel, Ibis, Pullman as well as LouvreHotel Group owning the brands of Golden Tulip are invited to establush their brands in the prime real estate locations throughout the major cities and tourist hotspots. However in order to accomodate the influx of tourists for this season, the Minister has encouraged local owners of buildings to register for permits to being in renovating properties into Hostels, Low-budget hotels, and budget friendly accommodation.
Travellers abroad are also made aware that Yemen is a relatively dry country, so getting booze could be an issue. Although no alcohol products are allowed to enter the country, upon landing only non-muslims will be able to purchase alcohol from Aden Airport Duty Free. Non-muslims can also obtain permits for purchase and consumption of alcohol and can only purchase them within Aden city, from the various bulk stores. [S] black market for booze also exists ofcourse, whether it is the street or the diplomatic quarters where low level embassy staff have been stock on drinks and selling them through the back door. The authorities in Sana'a and Aden will be tolerating this as long as the officers guarantee a cut from the trade. For now, it seems that staff at the Romanian embassy is dominating this market. [/S]
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