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Last Man to know who won the Super Bowl

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About the game of avoiding the Big Game.

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A simple place where we can share photos of cats who look like they drank too much milk last night.

2016.07.23 16:09 Damn_Amazon Gatekeeping

Gatekeeping is when someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity. /gatekeeping is a subreddit for screenshots and stories of gatekeepers in the wild.

2023.03.21 07:57 Shinra33459 I just cannot deal with my father anymore and he makes me feel unloved and unwelcome

Just living in the same household as him, I want to rip my hair out. Whenever anything, EVER, goes wrong, I am put in the crosshairs of blame. Whether it be eating leftovers, NOT eating leftovers, or whatever else, somehow, it's ALWAYS my fault and never the fault of anyone else. He leaves the house an absolute travesty, with his boxes for collectibles laying around everywhere to the point where it looks like an absolute hoarder lives in this house.
His own room is a complete wreck with junk food wrappers, letters, cups dirty with sludge from his kratom addiction, more boxes for his collectables, and tons of more junk. My brother's room is just as bad as my dad's room with similar amounts of garbage strewn about. My brother is unemployed and hasn't held a job in months, he doesn't go to school, and yet my father heaps love and praise onto him, but me, I'm treated like some sort of malevolent force.
I am routinely subjected to browbeating and gaslighting from him on every single thing that happens in the house. Some things, I will admit, are justified. Oftentimes, that isn't the case whatsoever. One thing I am routinely blamed for is silverware going missing, despite me always putting the dirty silverware with the rest of the dirty dishes, and him and my brother always eating in their rooms, and they never search their rooms for missing silverware.
When we moved in September of last year, my father misplaced the U-Haul key in his old room and couldn't find it. He placed it on his room's bathroom sink and overlooked it several times, and after a few hours, when I found it, I was blamed for hiding it. The reason for being blamed was because two days prior, I wasn't too thrilled at the prospect of having to lift tons of heavy boxes and furniture. I never even touched the key in the first place.
Fast forward a few months later, we were still moving some stuff out of the old place and were using my brother's car to do so. The key for the car was misplaced when my father got groceries the previous day, and I was blamed yet again for hiding the keys. I was forced to upend everything in my room and was threatened to be kicked out if I "mysteriously found the keys" again. Living with him, I am routinely treated with passive aggression at best to outright hostility at worst, and it makes me feel that I am unloved and unwelcome.
I just don't know what is real anymore. I don't know how to feel with it all happening the way it has. I feel like I know reality, that I know what the case about everything is truly, but with him, how I am treated makes me just question if everything is real. I feel like everything is just collapsing around me and I don't know why. Why am I being treated this way? What happened to the loving father I used to know he can and used to be?
I'm not treated like his son; I'm treated like some malignant tumor that needs to be removed. If not, then he can't live the life of his dreams. He has even said before, and I quote, "I should be able to go back to living my life". I just want to be loved, not treated like an enemy. I don't get love, support, encouragement, or anything like that. I get aggression, hostility, suspicion, and an unwavering sense that he doesn't love me.
From as young as I can remember to when I was 15, he was an alcoholic. He would always get belligerent when he was drunk, and even when he wasn't drunk, he would lash out at me, my brothers, and my mother. I've tried my damndest to block out those memories, to forgive and forget that part of my life and move on like I wish I could. But I can't. I still have the memories of being so scared when he and my mom would have screaming matches that kept me and my brothers up at night.
I remember three distinctly. One was when my mom defended herself and chipped his tooth, another when I got so afraid when he was yelling at my mom that I confronted him with a pocketknife, and the third when my mom was begging for him not to hit her and I threatened to call 911 on him.
I grew up walking on eggshells my entire childhood, and I feel like because of him, my childhood was robbed from me. The screaming, the fighting, the chaos, and the dysfunction. He wonders why I am the person I am today, and why I have some of the difficulties that I do, but to be honest, and it breaks my heart to admit this to anyone but feel broken. I just want to be loved, to have that love that I wished that I had. To feel like what a normal person would feel.
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2023.03.21 07:56 ThrowRAnooouser My boyfriend (36M) doesn’t know that I (25F) was a sex worker

I know that sounds ridiculous. At some point of my life, I needed money and was willing to do anything for it, I joined all sort of sites and put a profile up on them, I started entertaining older wealthier men who were lonely, bored and ready to spend their money on pretty much anything. One of them went as far as paying my rent. It was the easier option, I wouldn’t have managed to push through school without it, I grew up amongst eight siblings in a family with low income, things were rough.
Things escalated quickly, I joined OF and made more money, then I had men I’ve known offer a ridiculous amount of money just for a night of sex, that’s prostitution, I know, now, I left it all in the past, my boyfriend of eight months is a nice guy, a lawyer with a clean white record, he also thinks that I’m this incredible girl and has a great amount of admiration for me, I’m genuinely scared that he might change his view on me or look at me differently after he finds out about this, which I know is a deal breaker for many men out there, I also know how lowly people who do/did things like that are seen, especially by men like him. I think I just really need some solid advice on all of this.
For reference, I’m in social media now, he thinks it’s what I’ve always done, I have no doubt that it’s still very much possible for him to find old sexual videos of me anywhere around or stumble across a page I’ve had in the past or a comment talking about what I used to do. But he doesn’t pay much attention to those things as he is not that interested in social media and views it as a shallow waist of time, but respects that I managed to build a career off it. The possibility of him finding out without me telling him truly makes me feel terrified and nervous, I think things would turn out to be way way better if I shared it with him myself but at the same time that’s not something I’m so sure of either.
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2023.03.21 07:56 Captainmanic @Bing AI "Write a story of how Ukraine liberates Crimea from Russia by Summer, 2023."

Here is a possible story:

Ukraine had been fighting a war against Russia and its proxies for nine years, ever since Moscow annexed Crimea and invaded the Donbas region in 2014. Despite international sanctions and diplomatic pressure, Russia showed no signs of backing down or respecting Ukraine's sovereignty. The conflict had claimed more than 14,000 lives and displaced millions of people.

But in the spring of 2023, Ukraine decided to launch a daring operation to liberate Crimea from Russian occupation. The operation was codenamed "Sich", after the historic fortresses of the Cossacks, who had defended Ukraine from foreign invaders for centuries. The plan involved a coordinated attack by land, sea and air, with the support of NATO allies and volunteers.

The operation began on May 18th, the anniversary of the deportation of Crimean Tatars by Stalin in 1944. Ukrainian forces crossed the narrow isthmus that connected Crimea to mainland Ukraine, breaking through the Russian defenses and advancing towards Simferopol, the capital of Crimea. At the same time, Ukrainian naval vessels and special forces landed on the southern coast of Crimea, near Yalta and Sevastopol, where Russia's Black Sea Fleet was based. Ukrainian air force jets bombed strategic targets such as military bases, radar stations and bridges.

The attack caught Russia by surprise. Although Moscow had deployed hundreds of thousands of troops along Ukraine's borders for months, it did not expect such a bold move by Kyiv. Putin ordered an immediate counterattack, but it was too late. The Ukrainian forces had already established a foothold in Crimea and were pushing forward.

The fighting was fierce and bloody. Both sides suffered heavy casualties and used all kinds of weapons, including missiles, drones and cyberattacks. But Ukraine had an advantage: it had the support of the local population. Many Crimeans welcomed the Ukrainian soldiers as liberators and joined them in their fight against Russia. They remembered how Russia had violated their rights, oppressed their culture and exploited their resources.

The turning point came on June 26th, when Ukrainian forces reached Simferopol and stormed the parliament building where Russia's puppet government was based. After a fierce battle that lasted several hours, they raised the blue-and-yellow flag of Ukraine over the building. The news spread like wildfire across Crimea and beyond.

Ukraine had achieved what many thought was impossible: it had freed Crimea from Russian occupation.

The operation was hailed as a historic victory for Ukraine and a major blow for Russia. President Zelensky declared June 26th as "Crimea Day" - a national holiday to celebrate the reunification of Ukraine's territory. He also announced that he would grant amnesty to all Crimeans who had collaborated with Russia during the occupation.

Russia did not accept its defeat easily. Putin vowed to retaliate and accused NATO of orchestrating an "aggression" against Russia's interests. He threatened to use nuclear weapons if Ukraine did not withdraw from Crimea immediately.

But his threats were met with defiance by Ukraine and its allies. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that NATO would stand by Ukraine's side in case of any further Russian aggression. He also called on Putin to respect international law and end his support for separatists in eastern Ukraine.

By July 2023, after intense negotiations mediated by Germany and France, Russia agreed to withdraw its troops from eastern Ukraine in exchange for lifting some sanctions imposed by Western countries over its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

The war was finally over.

Ukraine celebrated its victory with joy and pride. It had proven its resilience against a powerful enemy that wanted to destroy its sovereignty and identity.

Crimea rejoined Ukraine as an autonomous republic with special rights for its ethnic minorities such as Crimean Tatars.

Ukraine became closer to fulfilling its aspiration of joining NATO


the European Union


a full member


a prosperous democracy


Source: Conversation with Bing, 3/21/2023(1) Russia-Ukraine war live: Russian cruise missiles destroyed in Crimea, says Ukraine; Xi and Putin to hold formal talks. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/russia-ukraine-war-live-russian-cruise-missiles-destroyed-in-crimea-says-ukraine-xi-and-putin-to-hold-formal-talks/ar-AA18SvVk Accessed 3/21/2023.
(2) Russia's war in Ukraine. https://edition.cnn.com/europe/live-news/russia-ukraine-war-news-03-21-23 Accessed 3/21/2023.
(3) Xi and Putin meet in Moscow as Russia's war in Ukraine continues. https://www.cnn.com/europe/live-news/russia-ukraine-war-news-03-20-23/h_73674e5cb3e6f71fd1ae806ebee7af17 Accessed 3/21/2023.
(4) Russia-Ukraine war live: Russian cruise missiles destroyed in Crimea .... https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2023/ma21/russia-ukraine-war-live-russian-cruise-missiles-destroyed-in-crimea-says-ukraine-xi-and-putin-to-hold-formal-talks Accessed 3/21/2023.
(5) Ukraine conflict: Russian forces attack from three sides. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-60503037 Accessed 3/21/2023.
(6) Russo-Ukrainian War - Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russo-Ukrainian_War Accessed 3/21/2023.
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2023.03.21 07:55 yashgupta12 Permanent Residence for UK – A to Z Guide

The UK is the best destination for international students who want to study and settle abroad. The UK is known for its world-class studies and good academics. Studying and settling in the UK is easy and possible with a correct roadmap. We at Fortune Studies guide you to get a PR for the UK in easy steps. With a time frame of around five years, any student can get the whole permanent residency application. So, firstly patience and dedication are required to get a PR in the UK. However, if you really want to stay in the UK permanently, you will certainly get excellent and promising opportunities for a better life. Here’s how to apply for Permanent Residence in the UK and the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility for PR in the UK

The first step to applying for PR in the United Kingdom you have to understand and spend a particular amount of time living and working in the country, which is solely reliant on your visa:

Married or unmarried partner to UK citizen – 2 years
Ancestry – 5 years
Tier 1 and Tier 2 work permit – 5 years

Application Process

Once you have completed your study tenure, you will be thoroughly examined on all of the criteria for PR in the United Kingdom.
Decide a good and correct type of application and fill out the application form online.
You will have to fill out your application for PR in the United Kingdom at least 28 days ahead of the end of your qualifying session.

Process for Permanent Residence in the UK

Step 1: Get Admission to a University course.

The first step in getting PR in the United Kingdom is to gain Admission to the reputed UK University Course. The United Kingdom is recognized for its world-renowned high-quality education, infrastructure, and worldwide connections. So, students choose to study in the United Kingdom as the best option. To apply, you will need the following:

Marksheets of prior academics
The criterion for English Language Proficiency (such as IELTS, PTE, etc.)
LOR (Letter of Recommendation)
Extracurricular activity certifications

Step 2: Get a Student Visa

After applying for Admission to any reputed university in the United Kingdom, you can also apply for a student UK visa. To get the visa, you will have to give the following documents:

A valid passport or other forms of travel authorization is required.
A training provider or institution’s CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)
Valid proof that you will be able to sustain yourself financially while studying in the UK
If your course and nationality demand it, you will also need a valid ATAS certificate.
Documentation of parental or other legal guardian consent. (If you are under the age of 18)
Evidence of your parent or guardian’s relationship
If you get sponsorship for your living costs and course fees in the last 12 months, you must obtain written consent from your financial sponsor for your application.

Step 3: Internships

After step 2, you need to move forward to get internships. It is one of the most important parameters to get PR in the UK. According to the Government rules, Tier-4 visa students can work for 20 hours per week during the session and full-time during the summer and Christmas holidays. An internship will help you grow your assets and give a good intent to your resume.

Step 4: Employment

The last step to acquiring PR in the UK is to get employment. Once your studies are completed, you can apply for the Post-Student Work (PSW) visa, which will help you to work for the first two years. Other visa options are Tier 1, 2, and 5 visas for students who wish to work in their businesses. There is also an entrepreneur for overseas students who have the monetary value to start their own business.
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2023.03.21 07:55 kiddd47 22M Looking for friends near my age

Hey, everyone. I'm a guy living in Sacramento, California. I'm currently finishing up my last semester in university and already have plans for a job after.
While talking to my coworkers a few weeks ago, we agreed that making friends after a certain point is really difficult, especially in where I live it seems. So I am here and going to try to find some! I've already met some cool people here and can always use some more!
A bit about myself: I like working out, but mostly body weight stuff. I rock climb frequently with a friend and go on runs as well! Hiking is something also on my to-do list once the weather gets better.
I like cooking a lot! I've been trying to expand my knowledge of different foods, and have dabbled in a lot of Asian and Mexican cuisines. Although, I'm always open to suggestions! On top of cooking, I like trying new foods from new restaurants! There's a lot out there and, what can I say, I appreciate someone who can cook—not to say that I buy expensive or fancy food, but maybe one day.
I also like studying languages! I'm not fluent in any other language (and sometimes I question my fluency in English), but have a working proficiency in Japanese and am working up my Spanish proficiency too.
But most of all, I enjoy insightful talks. I think a lot of interactions nowadays can be rather surface level and I want to get to know people beyond that.
If you've read this far, I'm sorry 😅, but also thank you for bearing through the rambling.
Feel free to DM if you'd like.
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2023.03.21 07:55 autotldr Metropolitan Police is 'institutionally racist, sexist and homophobic' and may have more officers like Couzens and Carrick, review finds

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 86%. (I'm a bot)
The Metropolitan Police is institutionally racist, sexist and homophobic and may have more officers like killer Wayne Couzens and serial rapist David Carrick, a damning report has found.
Among a series of recommendations to "Fix" the Met, Baroness Casey said the unit that Carrick - who was unmasked as one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders - and Couzens both served in should be "Effectively disbanded".
Asked if there could be more officers in the Met like Couzens and Carrick, Baroness Casey said: "I cannot sufficiently assure you that that is not the case."
A police watchdog report in February last year which identified misogyny, harassment, and bullying - including racist, sexist and homophobic messages- among officers based at Charing Cross police station between 2016 and 2018.
A victim of serial rapist policeman David Carrick is calling for every Met officer to be re-vetted after a damning review into serious failings of Britain's biggest force.
Helen told Sky News: "I think every male police officer in the Met needs to be re-vetted."When I first met David Carrick he was charming and really nice.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Met#1 Police#2 officer#3 Carrick#4 force#5
Post found in /unitedkingdom, /worldnews, /news, /ukpolitics and /london.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2023.03.21 07:55 Signal_Cry778 Reopening of shopping malls call for robust security guard services in Toro Canyon & Summerland, CA

Reopening of shopping malls call for robust security guard services in Toro Canyon & Summerland, CA

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven us to be more responsible and lead a life as hygienic as possible. Wearing a mask, sanitizing our hands and maintaining social distance are the most significant aspects of not letting the virus spread further. Now, as many public places like shopping malls and departmental stores are slowly re-opening, it becomes mandatory to implement the safety norms in those public places as well. In a shopping mall or store, there are visitors of all age groups. Among the visitors, there might be people who are not willing to wear a mask or ignorant towards sanitizing themselves at the entry point of the mall. Be it senior citizens or children, one need to deal with them with extra care. If you hire the top grade security services, you can be rest assure that any such situations are tackled in an intelligent manner. Given below are some of the strong reasons to hire security guards for shopping malls in Toro Canyon & Summerland, from a well known security company for absolute security services. People feel safe with security personnel. You can tell the property owners care about keeping people and businesses secure when you visit a shopping centre and see uniformed guards patrolling the area. Employees and visitors can feel certain that they can conduct business safely when a security guard is present. Workers who work after hours or who are in charge of handling pricey goods will feel safer knowing that a professional is watching out for them while they are in high-risk circumstances. Consumers may relax knowing they won’t have to worry about being confronted or mugged as they shop or park. Customer service is provided by security personnel. Security personnel are clearly seen by both your staff and consumers. These are frequently displayed at the entryway to the building, shops, or the security desk. Also, guards patrol the area in real time, including the parking lots. In any case, whether a customer or employee needs assistance, guards are frequently the first to be approached. Guards will be in charge of interacting with clients on a large scale, from helping them find their way around the property to reporting a security issue. A competent security officer will deliver excellent customer service and serve as a reliable source of security and information. When a security issue occurs, security guards respond. When an emergency or security crisis arises on site, your security personnel will be the first to respond. In addition to their years of experience, they also undergo extensive training, so they are well-versed in a range of situations. A security guard may defuse the situation until law enforcement arrives, depending on the demands of your retail centre. In other situations, security personnel might be able to hold a suspect in place until police come. They have received training in the usage of de-escalation strategies that can effectively protect the safety of your customers and staff. When it comes to top most security guard services in Toro Canyon & Summerland, CA, Access Patrol Service (APS) is the name that pops out of the mind. At APS, every security personnel are well trained and BSIS certified which ensures only high quality services are rendered. Our security guards for shopping malls ensure that every visitor at the shopping mall goes through the health checks and sanitization process before entering the premises. We also make sure that our guards are professional in their approach. Any visitor who is not complying with safety regulations, for example, if a visitor violates the mask wearing mandate by any chance; the visitor shall not be allowed to enter the mall. Such situations are handled with care and professional approach by our security personnel. Further, our security guards for shopping malls in Toro Canyon & Summerland, CA are equipped with modern security equipment that helps them handle chaotic situations and take immediate decisions per the need of the hour. Therefore, usage of RFID tags, CCTV cameras, GPS monitoring system, biometric access control system, radio transmitters, metal detector, scanning machines, flashlights, cloud software, mobile devices, infra-red thermometer, automatic sanitizers and other latest appliances are extensively used by APS guards for errorless service delivery. Our company is one of the most renowned security service providers operating since the last 50 years in this domain. Owing to our rich industry experience, we are able to tackle any difficult situation in an efficient manner. This makes us a preferred choice and as a result, we have a large base of satisfied clientele who trusts our quality services. Be it our fight against the ongoing pandemic or ensuring thefts, robberies do not take place in shopping malls, APS security guard service provides all round services to you at best prices. Therefore, if you are looking for top security guard services in Toro Canyon & Summerland, CA, get in touch with us today. 100 % professional security services will be delivered to you at a reasonable rate. Contact Access Patrol Services at 866-770-0004 with questions about security guard duties, responsibilities and functions for commercial office properties in California and Arizona or click on https://accesspatrolservice.com
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2023.03.21 07:55 priti_padhyay11 "People of Russia"

Kaal God entered into Shri Krishna ji just as a ghost enters into another person's body and speaks. In this way, entering into Shri Krishna's body, Kaal narrated the knowledge of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to inspire Arjun to fight and with the aim that in Kalyug there will not be people who would know about the Vedas, therefore, he narrated the brief description and summary of the four Vedas in the form of "Knowledge of Gita" in 18 chapters and 700 Verses. Shri Krishna did not even know what he had said in the knowledge of Gita.
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2023.03.21 07:54 AssistSwimming2976 Vagamon Paragliding: An Adventure Of A Lifetime

Vagamon Paragliding: An Adventure Of A Lifetime

Vagamon is a popular destination for paragliding in Kerala, India. Paragliding in Vagamon offers a breathtaking aerial view of the green hills, valleys, and tea plantations. There are several paragliding operators in Vagamon who offer tandem flights for beginners and solo flights for experienced paragliders.
The best time for Vagamon paragliding is from September to January when the weather is dry and clear, and the wind conditions are favorable. The paragliding sessions are usually conducted early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the wind is calm and stable.
The paragliding Vagamon is a experience usually lasts for around 20-30 minutes, depending on the weather conditions and the type of flight chosen. The operators provide all the necessary equipment and safety gear, including helmets, harnesses, and gliders.
To ensure a safe and enjoyable paragliding experience, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced operator and follow all the safety guidelines and instructions provided by them. It is also recommended to book in advance to avoid any last-minute disappointments.
Overall, paragliding at Vagamon is an exhilarating experience that offers a unique perspective of the picturesque landscape and is definitely worth trying for adventure enthusiasts.
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2023.03.21 07:54 Astice_Pensante The Last Of Us’ Famous Ending Was Almost Changed For The Show (03/21/2023)

Everyone’s talking about the ending of The Last of Us again. With the final episode having aired just this past weekend, and tons of folks who had never experienced Joel and Ellie’s journey together seeing it for the first time, the brutal actions that unfold and the moral dilemmas at their heart provoke natural…Read more... Link to article
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2023.03.21 07:54 Pitiful_Philosophy26 How bad do delusions get for people with BPD?

Hi, (F18). For the past 2 years I have displayed signs of BPD and just was diagnosed 6 months ago.
It’s been pretty rough since knowing I have it and it just seemed to spiral once I realized what BPD actually is. I can just feel it in everything I do. It’s quite literally ruined my life and all my relationships with friends, romantic partners, and family.
Lately my delusions and paranoia has been the most active I’ve ever felt it has been. It leaves me disconnecting from reality and going autopilot mode.
I’m fully aware of what’s happening, but my brain goes whack and I just feel nothing. My mind does what it wants, and it some instances I snap out of it and start freaking out. I feel like my mind is on fight or flight and I usually book it out the door before anyone can stop me.
I live with 2 of my friends who are practically my family. They have gotten in the habit of waking up at 7:30am so when I come home from my nightshift job, they take my keys and hide them or go back to sleep laying in them so I can’t go into that mode.
What usually triggers it is my heavy delusions. This has only been occurring the last 2 weeks that they have been this persistent and active.
Usually slight paranoia is common for me. Like I feel like everyone hates me or everyone is staring, but sometimes when I get in these moods, I become defensive and claim my roommates and whatever friends I have left are texting each other and trying to work against me or hurt me. Some days it’s really mild, but for a week straight I would get in these states and no matter what you told me, it wouldn’t change my thinking patterns.
If I thought it, I believed it.
I would lock my doors because I thought someone was going to break in and hurt me.
I thought I made everyone mad, so I would force myself to sleep most of my day away before I had to go to work.
I’m barley able to function at my own job. I work for my best friend and his mom. I’m a home health aid. I can’t seem to hold a job for more than maybe 2 months.
It’s only been 2 weeks here and I’ve already gotten a stern talking to about zoning out in the middle of a health related situation when best friends mom needs help doing something.
And no, I’m not tired. I just don’t know what happens. I completely blank. It’s an easy job, believe me. I just feel so incapable of managing small tasks.
BPD has seriously ruined my life.
But is this normal for BPD ?
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2023.03.21 07:53 Significant-Pipe2995 Any advice on how to handle DJ beef?

Hey guys, so my cousin is a DJ, and is pretty much the guy who pushed me in the direction of taking DJ’ing seriously. It’s something I fell in love with but now I am at odds with the same person who got me into it.
I started out like any DJ- minimal equipment, bad transitions, and pretty cringe moments. But, I picked up quickly and slowly became a better DJ!
Eventually, my cousin got me into his gigs, I would open up, and he would close. Some nights were Kool, and other nights, not so Kool. But, usually, my cousin would get a crowd going and he would keep it!
I would always praise him, and learned quickly from his techniques. I then focused on building my own techniques and being more selective with music so I can get the crowd moving.
I would always consult with my cousin first on what songs he would like me to play as I wanted him to shine for his closing act.
I pretty much created my own little routine, and the crowd loved it!
Eventually, I started to notice comments that he would say, things like “oh, that’s my track” or “maybe save that song for later” or, can you play in this bpm range?
I would always try to work with my cousin, but it was also very frustrating that everything that I would do , he would find an excuse.
Finally, he started cutting my time shorter and shorter on gigs we would have together and eventually found a replacement for me . And, it turned out to be a DJ who doesn’t transition.
Admittedly, this Dj has a good amount of pull from social media. But, I really do think it’s kinda messed up that he kinda tossed me to the side when I got good so he can boost his DJ career.
Obviously, I’m 100% on board with someone creating a better Dj career for themselves but I’m not only his cousin, but was he made it clear that I was going to be his opener !
He wants me to open up for him this Saturday but for less than 30 minutes most likeliest and I feel like an idiot for putting up with his antics. Any advice on how to handle the situation?
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2023.03.21 07:53 throw_confusion Why

We talked tonight. Like, actually talked. So why did I still end up crying in my car? Why do I still feel this way? We went home again to separate places and I've never wanted to turn around so badly. I made the dumbest mistake when I pushed you away and left. I was just scared. And now its too late. I'm sorry.
I know you supposedly don't remember our last interaction, but I do. It made my night and broke my heart all at the same time. We are strange.
Have a beautiful night my dear.
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2023.03.21 07:53 asiaindreamer18 AITA for not going to see my dying grandpa on his birthday?

I (27F) have my grandpa who is 80 years old and has severe dementia. He does not know where he is, who he is or who I am. It id very sad for me to see him like this because all my life, he was happy and healthy. I do not like seeing him like this and seeing him only weight like 130 lbs and be bed ridden.
Well last week was his birthday and I refused to go see him. I don’t like seeing him like that and it makes me more depressed about him dying and I just would prefer to not see him like that.
So I didn’t go and now my family hates me. My mom said that I’m being an asshole and that he was there for all of my birthdays and it was rude for me to not come. She got my 2 other siblings to text me and berate me about not going. On the day they went to visit him, She then sent me a photograph of my Grandpa and my family on his birthday with them all around his bed, after I specifically told him that i didnt want to see him like that.
I think that’s rude and disrespectful of what I want. but my family thinks otherwise.
So Reddit, AITA for not going to see my grandpa on his birthday?
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2023.03.21 07:53 marginva How Amazon's AI & Machine Learning Technologies are Revolutionizing Content Localization in 2023

How Amazon's AI & Machine Learning Technologies are Revolutionizing Content Localization in 2023

Businesses have long realized the importance of localization in fast-expanding global markets. Yet localization is costly, labor intensive, and prone to problems. It is also not scalable.
Amazon, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, has been hard at work fixing the problem. As language models hit the news this year, Amazon has been quietly revolutionizing content localization for some time now.
Amazon AI and Machine Learning will change the way we do business. Still, we must approach the technology with caution and ensure that we have checks and balances to protect our business interests.

Definition of AI and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for decades, with the first AI machine developed in 1951. Still, in recent years, AI has become a formidable force. It is a technology that simulates human intelligence and carries out tasks previously done by humans.
Machine learning is a subset of AI. It trains algorithms to learn from data, identify patterns, and make predictions or decisions. AI and machine learning work together to automate and localize content.
AI is also useful for personalizing content for target markets based on customer interests and behaviors. By analyzing user data, machine learning algorithms can identify the most effective content for user groups.

Overview of Amazon's AI and machine learning technologies

Amazon is a pioneer in machine learning and AI technologies in many areas. These include e-commerce and logistics, cloud computing, and digital media.
Founded in 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cloud computing services to the public. Organizations can rent cloud space and save money on expensive IT infrastructure.

Benefits of AI and machine learning in content localization

Amazon AI selling offers businesses several benefits.
Improved accuracy and speed in translation
Translating and localizing content is expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Up until now, it was also subject to human error. Amazon AI can translate your content in a fraction of the time it would take human employees to do it. It also doesn’t suffer from fatigue, so it won’t make mistakes. You can, therefore, expect a higher level of accuracy than was previously possible.
Consistency in language and tone across multiple languages
Amazon AI and machine learning allow you to reach a wider audience through localized content. Machine learning algorithms collate vast amounts of data. They use this to identify patterns and rules for translating and localizing content. The result is improved accuracy and consistent translations.
Automated content analysis to identify patterns and trends
Businesses can identify patterns and trends in customer behavior using Amazon machine learning algorithms. They can also gain insights into market trends and competitor actions. This information offers businesses an advantage when it comes to strategizing.
Personalized recommendations based on user behavior and preferences
Machine learning analyzes user data and behavior to identify the most effective marketing and product offering by region.
Amazon AI is used for localization planning as follows.
  • Product recommendations – Amazon machine learning algorithms analyze purchase history, browsing behavior, and more. The system uses this data to generate personalized product recommendations.
  • Content recommendations – AI analyzes user data to identify the most effective Amazon AI content for target audiences.
  • Personalized search results – natural language processing helps to fathom user queries. It provides customized search results based on this information.
Dynamic pricing – AI adjusts prices dynamically based on demand, seasonality, and location.

Amazon's AI and machine learning tools for content localization

Over the last few years, Amazon has produced several innovative AI and machine learning tools for content localization.
Amazon Translate
Amazon Translate is one of the many services that form part of the AWS stable, and anyone wanting to use Amazon Translate must subscribe to AWS.
Amazon Translate uses neural machine translation technology to translate written content and subtitles. Amazon Translate is an automated system with content control and encryption services to ensure your Amazon AI content is safe. Neural technology enables continued machine learning and improved translation. The result is a translation that sounds much more natural than the automatic translation services to which we have become accustomed.
Amazon translate automatically detects the language. It can integrate with other applications using the Amazon Application Programming Interface (API). The system allows for custom terminology, so you flag words like brand names you don’t want translated. Amazon translate supports 75 languages and recognizes dialect differences.
Amazon Comprehend
Today’s employees are bombarded with information from social media to customer reviews and dozens of emails. Amazon Comprehend is an intelligent document-processing software designed to collate data into understandable, user-friendly order.
It is an extraction tool that takes information from disparate sources. It organizes them according to the parameters you set. It automatically extracts relevant information from documents. It can also find and remove Personally Identifiable Information. It identifies customer sentiment and requests for support, making it easier for employees to prioritize tasks.
Amazon Personalize
Amazon Personalize uses machine learning for targeted Amazon AI content, search results, and promotions. The software uses customer activity to tailor product suggestions and content. You can also provide demographic information for more refined targeting and update recommendations for new product introductions and customers.

Ethical considerations

AI still has a long way to go, and mistakes happen. You must ensure all AI-produced content is vetted for possible bias or information discrepancies. Failure to check all content before publication could embarrass the publishers and damage the brand.
Discussion of potential biases in AI and machine learning
The recent flurry of activity in the domain of language AI has revealed that it can break the rules set by developers. AI may also have an inherent bias, a result of learning bias. AI users should be aware of potential bias and remove any offensive material before content publication.
Importance of human oversight and review in content localization
In the early days of machine translation, poorly translated content was easy to spot. Today’s machine translations are fluent and easy to understand, so they may appear error-free. Such fluid language may tempt users to copy and insert text onto web pages. Humans must check the work for mistakes no matter how good it looks.
Content that depends on irony, word plays, and other humorous interactions is particularly challenging for machine translators. When it comes to localization, only people understand the underlying cultural nuances. A funny anecdote in one part of the world may be insulting in another. Editing your content will ensure that you send the message you intend in the way that you intended.
Localization is essential even in countries where the same language is spoken because localization is about so much more than language. To understand this, you needn’t think beyond the differences between English-speaking Australians, Americans, and British people. All speak the same language but have different cultures, values, and humor. These differences have a significant effect on content appreciation and keyword selection.

Future implications and potential advancements in AI and machine learning for content localization

Natural language processing has recently burst into the spotlight. Yet, it is still in its infancy. The general public stands in awe of recent achievements, and there is more to come. As the technology matures, we’ll see it merged with our software packages.
It will come as a standard option in our email and word processor packages. It is likely to change the structure of search results. Search Engine Optimization may change so SEO marketers must stay ahead of the game. Natural Language Processors will also monetize to a greater extent.



What is content localization, and why is it important for businesses in 2023?
How are Amazon's AI and machine learning technologies improving content localization in 2023?
What are some of the challenges businesses face when localizing content?
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2023.03.21 07:53 fieldstone1 31 [M4F] - Online/Anywhere - How you doin'

My name is fieldstone1 and I am a 31 year old ENFJ-A guy writing to you from Europe, the Northern part to be more specific. I've been lurking r4r for a while now and have always read about a steady stream of people who seem interesting. Thus I am trying my own luck here in hopes of trying to find someone or some people to spend time getting to know them.
I stand tall at around 6'5 slim body or just short of two meters, so I am the guy you need for your top shelf retrievals in the middle of the night when you are craving for those cookies you can't stop thinking about. Mind you on my way to said shelf I'll probably bang my blond hair covered head on a lamp or something else.
I spend my time studying in the University to gain more knowledge in my field of work. I like to spend time doing my school work properly and I value the opportunity to educate myself quite highly. Alongside of my studies I work part time to gain a few gold coins to spend on all things needed and more. I value my professional career and its development very much and I like to do what I do.
My hobbies include playing guitar and listening to music. Those two things alongside of cooking and eating are the spiritual fuel for my life. I like to dwelve in to different genres and find new artists. I mostly play rock or metal but I like to gain inspiration from all kinds of music especially if I am trying to make new songs.
I like to excercise and go out with my dog as well! I'd like to think that I have a set of good manners, decent sense of humor and wittyness. I like to talk about anything and everything. While it is not the main focus or meaning of my post, little banter and flirt is a bonus for myself anyway. With that said I will not force that upon you by any means.
I am looking for a kind woman who I could get to know a little better through conversation. I like exchanging thoughts about life and things in general. I enjoy learning about new cultures outside of my own. It brings me great satisfaction to be able to dwelve in the mind of someone else. Gaining different perspective in whatever the subject may be.
Well I hope I made an okay impression on someone. Shoot me a chat or a DM! I mean you might as well give it a go! Should we find chemistry in the first meters and yards of our conversational path, I will be more than happy to swap pictures of our faces to put eyes, nose and smiles to our words.
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2023.03.21 07:52 Signal_Cry778 To abate church crimes employ an experienced security guard company in Weldon & Onyx, CA

To abate church crimes employ an experienced security guard company in Weldon & Onyx, CA
Churches are accessible to all and people come to pray, seek peace and blessing. But, regrettably, some people take undue advantage of this liberty and try to stain the place with their immoral actions. Besides, during events like Christmas and weddings, convicts take the advantage of the large accumulation of crowds in the churches. And so churches are prone to innumerable risks and threats. Starting from stealing money from donation boxes to peeling off stainless-steel roof coverings, churches often fall victims to such threats. Therefore, it is crucial for church authorities to get top-quality church security service to safeguard their premises. Given below are some of the tips to pick the best or an experienced security guard company in Weldon & Onyx, CA.
  • Review work history
Considering a company’s track record of security performance in the area of your concern is one of the greatest methods to determine whether it is trustworthy. Thus, your goal should be to locate a business with a proven track record. This information is easily accessible from sources like your neighborhood police department. The finest security firm is one that has the skills, personnel, and commitment required to offer your property the high-level security it requires.
  • Check Certification and Licensing
The majority of security firms in U.S have state-issued licenses and authorizations. Thus, check the accreditation and license of any security firm before hiring it. Verify security guards license who are assigned to protect your premise. Also, make sure that the company you’re hiring has the appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Put Reliability First
If a security firms lack professionalism, expertise, and dependability, they won’t be able to safeguard your company. For instance, security guards who are frequently late, absent from their post or disinterested are regarded as being highly unreliable.
  • Verify the Company’s Customer Service
The foundation of a security company is good customer service, which takes a good amount of effort to achieve. Be sure you’re not selecting a company which is solely in it for the money and doesn’t care much about your safety requirements. For the majority of security businesses, providing excellent customer service is at the core of who they are. Thus, check to see if the firm you’re about to hire values your company/property highly and shares your concern for it.
We, Access Patrol Services (APS) are an experienced security guard company in Weldon & Onyx, CA that offers top-quality security protection to places of worship like churches, temples, and synagogues. Our 26 years of experience in this industry has made us technically and professionally adept to provide superior security protection to any type of premises. We hire only BSIS-certified guards. Plus, detailed background verification of the guards is also done before employing them, and hence only experienced and certified guards are hired in APS. Also, the guards are given training on a scheduled basis to enhance their skills. Some of the training sessions comprise crowd control management, power drills, intellectual development skills, first responder awareness programs, and many more. Hence, the guards of APS are supremely adept to prevent crimes from occurring on any church premises.
Most importantly, before providing security service, comprehensive security plans are prepared based on the assigned church premises. And only after a thorough analysis is done, the guards are deployed to the church to provide complete security protection. So, you can completely trust us for church security.
Now, as patrolling helps to minimize pilling up of suspicious activity, we ensure that patrolling guards along with fixed, armed, and unarmed guards are allocated to the church premise for detailed surveillance. Honestly, the guards provide continuous round-the-clock patrolling service to the church premise for ensuring total safety.
Besides, the church security guards of APS are provided with many state-of-the-art equipment such as CCTV cameras, radio transmitters, flashlights, scanning machines, metal detectors, automatic sanitizers, infrared thermometers, GPS monitoring systems, and many more for errorless church security service.
Additionally, we hugely value customer satisfaction. And so, we proceed to render services only after identifying the need and preferences of the church authorities. Therefore, if you are searching for an experienced security guard company in Weldon & Onyx, CA for top-quality church security service then gets in touch with APS for the same.
Contact Access Patrol Services at 866-770-0004 with questions about security guard duties, responsibilities and functions for commercial office properties in California and Arizona or click on https://accesspatrolservice.com
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2023.03.21 07:52 Sad-Explanation9045 Owner paying employees unfairly.

We had a couple people quit last week and today I found out my boss is giving $16 an hour to our two new hires but he is only paying me and one of my co-workers who have been there for almost a year $14 an hour. We have to train the new people too.
I asked him for a raise and gave plenty of reasons why I deserve it but he declined and said he'll think about it. Told me the store isn't making as much money as it used to so the "budget isn't really there". I didn't bring up that I know he's paying the new guys more though.
Should I just jump ship to somewhere else and train the new people completely wrong? Or should I keep pursuing the raise?
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2023.03.21 07:52 karnzter For anyone who has applied for an Australian student visa, be it resulted on an approval or denial

For someone who has never ever done this and has just started to think about and make plans after dealing with poor-to-failing mental health due to an unhappy, unsafe, invalidating, toxic, problematic, abusive home environment; untreated and unresolved traumas; 'settling' for a long time (e.g.: this is fine/okay/enough even though it isn't and only doing it for the sake of family); fear of rejection and failure, how did it all go on your end?
Despite the last time I talked about my plan with one of my parents after a virtual consultation with one of the agencies, they brought up the times I had breakdowns/meltdowns after failing a midtern exam and another during a bullying incident. Another time was on what if I become a victim of a crime while I'm there and who will I turn to if I get sick. I intend to study at an Australian state wherein there are no family friends within the area as I don't want to be so much of a burden to them and I fear I could potentially hurt and/or abuse them.
I've had second-guessings, a hell-ton of doubt and the fear of failure because of them, but in the end, I want to do this.
I know this is already very TMI, cringey, moany, whiney, lame, inappropriate, sob story of a post; and for that, I apologize in advance. I just wanted to be in a different environment wherein I'm free to say, do, think and express the things I believe and feel comfortable in; set boundaries and limit contact to me and my family and also to further expand my horizons/prospects in both academic and workforce aspects. Hopefully also get proper therapy with an open-minded, non-religious and trauma-informed therapist in AU and the needed mental health exams and diagnosis to further my journey to healing.
If you've read all of the stuff I've typed in, thank you in advance for reading and I hope you can help this adult be further educated in the ins-and-outs, dos-and-donts and important parts of this hopefully happening future plan of mine.
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2023.03.21 07:51 cheesychise I'm (21F) in love with my coworker (42M) but I don't think I can be with him

To preface this post, yes the age gap is a lot and no, i dont care if you think it is. At the end of the day, currently he is my best friend and will always have a place in my life. There is also no weird philia stuff going on, so dont barge in with that either. We are talking two adults that have mutual, consensual feelings for one another.
Anyways, I've been working with him for over a year and a half now. We have actually lived together for a handful of months now too. Before I moved in together, we would hang out nearly every day outside of work. He would drive 25 minutes to pick me up then drive 25 minutes back to his place every time (No, i dont have my license, thats a long story though). We just talk all day and watch movies and tv shows together, its literally the best and I've never vibed with someone like that before. When we first started hanging out outside of work, we would go out to lunch, to get coffee, to go shopping together, just little things, but we did it together all the time. He goes out of his way to spend close to a hundred dollars on me every month on little gifts he knows ill like too. It doesnt matter too much but we have slept together a few times too.
Fast forward to the current date. Yesterday, he took me to a GNC (its a store where you can buy supplements, pre-work outs, meal replaces, etc) because he knows ive been struggling with eatting lately. Ive dropped nearly 70 lbs in the last 8 months since i broke up with my ex and its not really a good thing. Since then, I've bedn having an extremely hard time forcing myself to eat for some reason. Anyways, my room mate took me to GNC and bought my 80$ worth of meal replacers so im not sore and weak after my shifts at work every day. After that, he got me 6 protein shakes and a large pizza. That same night, i fell asleep on the couch like normal, but this time he woke me up in the middle of the night. He didn't really say anything but he nudged me awake then helped me stand up. I asked "Whats up??" a few times before he said he just wanted to make sure we both got good sleep and started the guide me to HIS room to sleep. He helped me up into his bed and pulled me covers over me before saying good night. Today though? We went to work and talked for a while after, i took a nap on the couch pretty late and woke up at 2am. And he is already in his room asleep. The vibe was completely different today and I just cant keep up.
The other night when i was laying in his bed, my heart wouldn't stop aching. I know im in love with this man but i dont know how to tell him. We've spent so much time together, he's my best friend, and we live together. But i just cant tell him how i feel for some reason. I can tell that on some days, he wants to show that he likes me and other days, he wants to hide it. I dont know if its because hes ashamed that im so much younger, or if he gets annoyed with me and doesnt show it. I guess my question is what would you do in my situation?
And yes, there is a reason he is not married or taken and its a green flag, not a red one. He has been engaged before but she left him for another and he just doesnt see himself being happy with someone from the city we live in. We live in a very rough neighborhood and I can agree, i dont think he would find the love of his life in this city 😂😂😂. Too many crack heads and alcoholics waiting in line for lotto.
If you made it to the end, thank you for reading this novel of a question. I really do appreciate a response or some kind of good advice. If you think i should just stay friends, please say so. I truly dont know what to do with this whole situation and I'm perfectly capable of shoving my feelings in the dirt and never looking at them again if its a bad idea to go for it. Then again... I dont even know how to go for it. I can't make a move for the life of me. Its so hard for us ladies to make a move because we arent really taught how to do it without being like "Yo! Get in my pants, squish my tits and kiss me!" (Definitely wouldnt say that actually but that's what it feels like im saying when i flirt. But my intentions to flirt are to date, not just sleep together.)
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2023.03.21 07:51 cebalos999 Should I replace the battery or alternator?

Hi all, any input here would be greatly appreciated. Had multiple issues with my car struggling to start and even not starting over the last few weeks, at first I thought it may be the cold and that the battery could be on the way out.
I have (on a couple of occasions) taken the battery out and fully charged it and the car would be ok for a while, but recently the battery light came on and the car had little to no power and wasn’t drive-able. After charging the battery fully again it was ok for a day but the red battery light remained on. I took it to a garage for a battery test and they told me they couldn’t even complete the test but the readings they did get were low for both battery and alternator, and the car now won’t start so I’ve had to leave it there for now.
Does it sound like I need to replace the alternator? Or will a new battery which is obviously much cheaper solve the issue. TIA
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2023.03.21 07:50 Warm_One_2207 requesting for help

I live in doncaster, south yorkshire in britain. i’m asking for all hunters help
one of the staff members has reported seeing a ghostly translucent figure walking from the stairs and into the wall. other reports follow saying they have heard laughing, footsteps in the concourse of the station.
the history is it opened in 1851 and has had a lot of major incidents occur including a young lad in 2018 who stood on a train and died to overhead lines.
train collision in 1951
these are the theory’s etc:
The story of the 'grey lady' at Doncaster railway station is a well-known local legend that has been passed down over the years. According to the legend, the grey lady is the ghost of a woman who was killed in a train accident at the station many years ago. Some versions of the story suggest that she was a passenger on a train that crashed at the station, while others claim that she was a railway worker who was killed in an accident on the tracks.
The grey lady is said to appear suddenly in front of people, often in the early hours of the morning when the station is quiet. She is described as a translucent figure dressed in grey, with long hair and a sad expression. Witnesses have reported feeling a sudden drop in temperature when she appears, as well as an overwhelming feeling of sadness and unease.
In addition to the story of the grey lady, there have been other reported phenomena at Doncaster railway station over the years. Some witnesses have reported hearing strange noises and footsteps in the middle of the night, even when the station is empty. Others have reported feeling as though they are being watched or followed, or experiencing sudden feelings of dread or anxiety.
and also
ghostly figure of a man dressed in Victorian-era clothing walking along the platforms. Others have reported hearing the sound of phantom trains passing through the station, even though there are no trains running at the time.
In addition to these reports, there have been stories of mysterious apparitions appearing in photographs taken at the station, including blurry figures and orbs of light.
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