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2023.03.21 09:31 RequiemsRepose (25F) Don’t bother him at all or just try to talk?

My crush is a waiter I met and after flirting with him a little, he seemed more interested in getting to know me. He‘s more cheerful when speaking to me and my family, but a lot more shy when it’s me. Problem is communication is really hard between us. English is not his strength, and whenever he tries saying something to me, he comes so flustered, I can barely make off what he’s trying to say. My mother literally becomes the interpreter of his words between us. I really do want to perhaps hold his hand or something to calm him down but it’s hard to do that in front of people, especially my family and the manager he works for.
Recently, he made a big effort in trying to strike a conversation with me but I failed to understand him completely and from the look in his face, I sensed that it hurt him bad. The next time I came back, the smiles he gave me were strained and distant. He didn’t seem to be looking at me anymore, though this may have been because he was just busy with work since I don’t know if my anxiety’s messing with me.
I’m confused as to what I should do now. I often don’t try talking too much because he always seems reluctant to get caught talking to me at work. If I do talk, he tends to light up and becomes eager though those words are small. He sometimes talks, but it usually ends up in a similar scenario of me being unable to tell what he says and him dismissing that he said anything. He then withdraws, which leads me to think he decided to give up. Yet my mother has told me before that when they bumped into each other while he was off work, he wanted to know if I was with her too.
I don’t think talking to him at the restaurant is a good opportunity anymore. Also, he is very poor so I don’t have a chance to text or call him at all since he doesn’t have a phone. That leaves me to the opportunity to probably meet up with him while he leaves work. Should I go for it, or is this more of a miss?
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2023.03.21 09:30 Apprehensive-Age-441 Title: Red Falcon Token - The Next Big Thing in Crypto

Hey everyone, I wanted to share some exciting news about the Red Falcon token. Red Falcon is a new cryptocurrency project that aims to revolutionize the way we transact online.
The project has been gaining a lot of attention lately, and for good reason. Red Falcon has some major exchange listings coming up, including BitMart.
Join presale here: https://presale.rfntoken.com/
This is a huge deal for the project and is expected to drive up demand for the token even more. In addition to the upcoming exchange listings, Red Falcon is currently in the midst of a presale. This is a great opportunity for early adopters to get in on the ground floor of what could be the next big thing in crypto.
So why should you consider investing in Red Falcon? Well, the project has some unique features that set it apart from other cryptocurrencies. For example, Red Falcon uses a new consensus algorithm that is faster and more efficient than traditional Proof-of-Work or Proof-of-Stake systems. This means that transactions can be processed quickly and with minimal fees.
Overall, Red Falcon is definitely worth keeping an eye on. With the upcoming exchange listings and ongoing presales, now is a great time to get involved with this exciting new project.
Website: www.rfntoken.com Twitter: twitter.com/rfntoken Discord: https://discord.gg/X5RA2CJT Telegram: t.me/rfntoken Email: [email protected]
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2023.03.21 09:30 anomaly3430 Living with my narcissist brother who believes he’s not.

I recently decided to live with my younger brother of 3 years when I bought my new house about 5 months ago. I had asked him if he wanted to move out of his studio apartment to live with me in the 3 bed 2 bath house outlining rent and things that he would be responsible for as utilities and what not. He immediately jumped on it saying how that would work because his land lords were planning on raising the rent anyways. It was perfect. We were helping out each other. So I thought.
I got the keys for my house and the next day he was moving his things in. We had made an agreement on rent price and splitting utilities. I even made a written contract so that it was legit and we would both be held up to our word. Within a week of him moving in, he informed me that he recently got a letter for debt settlement and it was an extra bill he hadn’t accounted for prior to moving in. Instead of paying the month that he started living there, I was nice and let the contact start beginning of the new year while he still stayed to get himself together. Meanwhile I bought all the initial groceries and he did not offer nor put in the keep food stocked in the house as he was also eating it and buying food from delivery services.
Fast forward a month, he starts having car trouble with his coolant leaking and wants to take it to a oil change express business. I tell him it might be a good idea (cost efficient) to change your oil at home since we had the supplies and then take the car to an actual mechanic because that’s who will help you with the leaks. He decides to change the oil at home but never follows up with a professional on the leaks. 2 months later he has job opportunities in Los Angeles which would require him to drive his car about 2 hours.
He has to go twice to LA within a month. Him aware about a month in advance. The first time, I advance money for him to take a rental car and he does pay me back (my idea). Second time, I tell him that he needs to figure it out because it’s his car and his responsibility. He decided to drive his broken car anyways because he had not noticed a leak recently. He ends up calling me not even 15 minutes out of the city telling me the car broke down. He asked about another rental stating he was supposed to be paid for this gig. Again I forwarded the money then also had to pay money for a tow the next morning because he left his car overnight.
The next morning he finds his car on the side of the highway vandalized. I organized the car to be towed home and I tell him to meet me at the rental place when I’m off of work. He informs me that he doesn’t want to talk about the situation because he’s stressed out…. I say nothing for a day. No
We attempt to talk about it this evening and inform him I think it’s his fault that this happened because he did not prepare himself to go out of town and he begins screaming and cussing that I’m talking down to him, calling me all types of names in the book, saying I’m a liar and shady and everything else.
I had to leave my house to sleep because he was storming around ranting and raving because I wouldn’t listen to him as he was cussing at me and saying I’m gutting him for everything. He does not have a job and gets military benefits.
How do I even go forward with him in this scenario?
TLDR; my brother just blamed me for his world falling apart while screaming and calling me horrendous names because I told him he was wrong for not fixing his car before going in a 2 hour drive out of town.
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2023.03.21 09:29 Western-Complex2177 [DONE IN 5 MINUTES] FREE $50 CASH CREDIT

SNACK is a Singaporean investment app created by NTUC income under NTUC Enterprises. They rolled out a new sign up scheme for people who sign up with a unique code. Sign up only takes 5 minutes.
Step 1: Download the Snack by Income from the AppStore or Play Store and use the unique referral code "TAN6511"
Step 2: Sign up via SingPass MyInfo for immediate account creation, manual sign ups may take up to 7 days to complete.
Step 3: Click on Portfolio at the bottom of the page and look for the "Investments" function.
Step 4: Link a valid VISA or MasterCard details to your account. Rest assured that no money would be deducted from your account during this process!
Step 5: Start on your survey to understand your risk profile!
Step 6: Click on "Boost my investments" and select the minimum $1 amount. Remember to unselect the autoinvest option if you do not wish to continue investing.
Step 7: Wait for 2 to 3 working days to reflect your first free $50 Welcome Cash Credit.
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2023.03.21 09:29 radzionc Three 90 minutes blocks are enough.

Working three hours per day is enough to be an effective full-time remote employee, but this may not apply to all types of knowledge work. As a project manager, you are more likely to work long hours since you should know a lot about the project by attending meetings and gathering information through constant messaging. In contrast, as a programmer, you may only need to close a few tickets per day that often include most of the necessary information, meaning all you need to do is to get into a focus state for a few hours and be productive.
Many professions offer high compensation for just a few hours of deep work, but I can only speak from a software developer perspective since that is what I've been doing my whole career, and most of my friends are doing it for a living. I also just happened to have a time-tracking app as a side project, and I've been using it since my first job, so those three hours are not a random number but an average I've extracted from years of tracking time with my Increaser app.
On average, I work 30-35 hours per week, including weekends, but only half of that time belongs to remote work. The rest goes to side projects that don't generate income, such as my YouTube channel and productivity app. In retrospect, I could've worked at a second remote job instead of pursuing these "self-actualization" projects and would've been retired in Georgia by now. Yet, I am also aware of my personality. Having one remote job stresses me out sometimes, and replacing side projects with another job wouldn't make me happier. At the same time, I completely understand why more people pursue having multiple remote jobs. Money loves speed, and investing a second paycheck in the right vehicle could improve your finances and overall well-being in the long term.
If you are starting your career, keep work hours as a significant variable as you pick a profession or skillset, but if you are already in the right field, let's continue with practical ways to work less. According to Andrew Huberman, the best duration for focused work is around 90 minutes. While you can improve your ability to focus through different protocols, quality sleep, and consistent physical activities, most of us are limited to two or three 90 minutes blocks of work per day. Try doing more than that, and you'll quickly experience diminishing returns in productivity.
Using 90-minute blocks is an effective way to be productive while working less. You can allocate two blocks for work and one for your side projects to win the game. The 90-minute block does not have to be one uninterrupted work session. Instead, you can divide it into a few sets with less than ten-minute breaks. The block doesn't have to be 90 minutes, but it's a good target. After one such bound of work, it's good to have quality decompression time for at least 30 minutes where you are not focusing on anything specific and give your mind quality recovery time, be it cleaning the house, cooking, or exercising, but try to escape using phone or checking social media. An easy scheduling technique to consistently finish work early is to do 90 minutes block before breakfast and one after. That way, you will also get health benefits from intermittent fasting by pushing the first meal to later in the day.
It's easier to have long deep work sessions when you are independent, and there's no need to collaborate with other people. Yet when you are part of an organization, it leads to more time gathering information through meetings or messaging. The goal is to reduce this type of shallow work to a minimum by being proactive about removing unnecessary calls and being a better communicator through text messages. If you can't affect the company culture and they prefer having lots of synchronous communication, you may consider finding a better job. Another thing that can hinder deep work sessions is missing information to proceed. Being proactive about removing potential blockers in advance by gathering the data and thinking a few steps ahead will save you time.
So, now you can finish work before lunch, what will you do with all this free time? Without having anything interesting besides work, there is less push for optimizing time and being disciplined about these 90 minutes blocks. Technology will only improve, and eventually, with the help of AI, we only need to work one hour per day. It's great for people with a bunch of interests besides work. Yet, At the same time, some of us like to work, and extra free time might create existential anxiety, and that's where an entrepreneurial activity or hobbies might come into play.
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2023.03.21 09:28 sweetsourvictory I think my self awareness has made me undateable

I don’t know what to do about it. Im attractive, successful, smart, kinda funny. Im neurodivergent but don’t think that it. I genuinely think then level of self awareness I’ve acquired through trauma has made me undateable. I can’t ignore things, I don’t laugh at things I don’t think are funny, I don’t know how to flirt. I disappear at the first sign of anything negative, because I genuinely feel like I can already tell what’s going to happen when I give people chances and I’m pretty correct.
For example, there was someone I chatted with for a little while but then they had family issues so we didn’t speak for like 2-3 weeks. They hit me back up begging for a chance and even though I knew I was going to be left disappointed, I still gave them a chance anyway and it wasn’t worth it. The day we were supposed to hang out they ended up not answering and just haven’t answered since. And this isn’t the first time something like that has happened.
Or for example, this guy was being kind of extra. So like texting a lot( rarely texted first which is a red flag), ft, all that, just for us to go on a date and then ghost me after.
I’m just in this constant state of “ I’ll just keep working on myself.” And unfortunately now I’m in a position where I don’t know how to navigate dating, I can’t tell if someone likes me, I can’t tell if it’s something I said or did or if it’s my vibe, but I’m also not interesting in changing my authentic self.
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2023.03.21 09:28 begottenwaters I have to end things with him but I don't have the self-respect

I've seen just about as many red flags as someone can without being legally blind.
•I've been pressured sexually more times than I care to remember and forced to participate in multiple kinks that I wasn't comfortable with.
•He refuses to even entertain my love language (words of affirmation, not that it matters) no matter how many times I ask gently or more directly. He says it's unnatural to want to be called beautiful or other nice things.
•When I voiced frustration at him for not doing something he swore up and down he would do, he didn't speak to me for three days.
•He doesn't prioritize me and I consistently have to be the one to reach out. When we do talk, he doesn't ask me any questions, it doesn't seem like he actually wants to know anything about me.
•Whenever we spend any time together, it's only what he wants to do and he gets angry if I try and suggest something else.
•I've never been able to come to him for any type of comfort. If I'm already upset about something and I ask for a simple: I'm sorry that happened to you or just the ability to vent, I get berated and leave the conversation feeling worse. If I come to the conversation happy, odds are, I'll also leave it feeling much worse. He's very good at tearing me down with mean jokes at my expense about things that he knows bother me. Or even things I see as positive traits in myself.
•He doesn't care if he hurts me.
•He's an alcoholic, it's caused him to lose his housing more than once. During a brief period where he was homeless, I helped in every way I could think of, I sent what little money I had to him, I always gave space for him to talk about what was on his mind, etc. And when I got into a really severe car crash recently (ended up totaling my car, breaking a few bones, and being put on mandatory bedrest) and I asked if he could reach out once a day to see how I was doing, he didn't even do that. I thought that might be too much so I asked for a card in the mail so I knew he was thinking of me and when he didn't do that, I thought that was too much. So I asked if he could just write out what he would put in a card in a text to me. Apparently, that was too much, too.
•He's relatively young and has still managed to blow through a pretty sizeable trust fund to the point where he has little to no financial security at all.
•He has a restraining order from a past girlfriend.
•He wants me to leave my life behind and move across the country to be with him. He wants me to marry him. I know I don't want to because I won't be his wife, I'll just end up taking care of him because he refuses to do it himself, but I don't know how to say no.
This is because I genuinely don't think I deserve anything or am worth anything. I've been treated badly by most people in my life. This is kind of par for the course. I don't really have friends and I have a bad relationship with my family. I just want to feel loved. But I worry this is all I'll ever get and that no one else will love me. That's what keeps me in the relationship. I know I can't make him change, but I wish he was different.
I've already lost my car, my ability to both work and walk for a very long time, my savings, and what little hope I have left for the future. I'm so tired. I want a hug and there's no one to give me one.
Someone please give me the strength to end things with him. Please tell me how to stop loving someone who treats me so badly.
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2023.03.21 09:28 lemonpiewafers Did my [23F] friend [23M] just ask me out on a date?

Just got out of a 4-year long relationship a few months ago. I've been trying my best to keep productive, work on myself, and catch up with old friends.
Anyways, last week I [23F] visited a friend [23M] I haven't seen in 2 years at the coffee shop he works at. Since then, we've been texting and updating each other about our lives. He hasn't asked about my relationship status yet (when I met him I was dating my ex, whom he met and follows on IG), so I'm not sure if he knows I'm single now. Nonetheless, he's been complimenting me a lot (e.g. "my mom always thought you were so pretty", "my coworkers were shook when you came in because they thought you were really pretty", "your fit was so good") and then eventually asks me if he could buy me coffee this Thursday to catch up. I agreed, but told him I'd rather eat.
Since we were friends before, I'm not sure if he's just enthusiastic to hang out and catch up w me or if he has romantic intentions and meant for me to consider our upcoming hang-out as a date? What do you guys think?
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2023.03.21 09:28 Psyanide5210 (REQUESTS OPEN! Read body text for more info) I made these 18 vanity sets this week! Only like 3 of them were requests lmao. I guess I just wasn't really feeling what was left on the list. But now it's time to make a new list!

(REQUESTS OPEN! Read body text for more info) I made these 18 vanity sets this week! Only like 3 of them were requests lmao. I guess I just wasn't really feeling what was left on the list. But now it's time to make a new list!
(Copied from my Discord. too lazy to edit)
Sorry if your request didn't get done, but now you can suggest a new one instead!
(like usual, the amount of time they're open depends on how quickly the list fills up) (also like usual I'm gonna list guidelines):
  • Check if your request has already been done (in: vanity-showcase (franchise or character here)) (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1e9SuxuvTQi14BUG4O-bG5I9h5JiF0ZUvS4j72tqoLIY/edit?usp=sharing)
  • No OCs unless you're a booster or admin
  • No extremely non-humanoid characters (multiple arms or heads, extremely disproportionate features, etc.)
  • Please include the name of the franchise and name of the character in your request
  • I won't do real people unless they're widely known and can easily be distinguished based on their hair and clothing
  • No joke or controversial requests
  • Please choose visually interesting characters, but not too complex or cluttered. Simple characters are hard because i need to get them spot on for them to be recognizeable. overly complex ones are hard because at this scale it can become cluttered and i can run out of accessory slots. somewhere in the middle is best.
  • I am unlikely to do characters I haven't heard of, don't like, or aren't widely known
Requests I am likely to prioritize are as follows (in no particular order): - Booster Requests, even if its a character I don't like or am not interested in. 100% chance of me at least attempting to make it. (#1 priority unless I'm in the process of making a different one when that request is made) (Boosters can also request when requests are closed). - Characters from things that I like (most of the requests I do are from things I like. go check out the vanity threads or my previous reddit posts for examples. if you like the same things youre in luck) - Characters from popular (non-anime) games, movies, and tv shows - Monsters and other horror characters - Characters that are up to my interpretation (Cool Blue Royal Armored Wizard, Alien Cyborg, etc) - Mythological characters.
Requests I'm likely not to prioritize (and then likely not do altogether) are: - Obscure video game/movie/cartoon characters. I am way more likely to do widely characters. - Anime game characters. they're often too complex for me to do or not iconic enough for most people to recognize. - Anime characters that I haven't heard of. I haven't watched very many, but I'm familiar with the very popular ones, so I may do the main characters from those if requested
If not many people request stuff I'll probably ping everyone in a few hours when I wake up
I've uploaded my vanity world where I take the screenshots and store each set onto the steam workshop! Heres the link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2950035070
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2023.03.21 09:28 Snesso Clan Boss team composition, need some tips

Hey everyone, I've reached a point in the game where having a "jack of all trades" team for every single content is not viable anymore, and started making specialized teams for each content.
I've been working on making a CB team and I'm not sure which way to go. I have done my research and understand that you must have a Decrease Attack champion, and you should focus the rest on Decrease DEF/Weaken, Poison, Ally Protection and a heal/support.
I know that this is not an absolute rule and you can mix and match things a bit, but I'm trying to go in that direction.
This is my roster:
In the Decrease Attack department I have a few decent options:
For the Weaken debuff, I have:
Now, for the Poisoners, I have some good (I think) choices:
My Ally Protection choices are okay, I think, but not the best.
As supports, I have Uugo and Godseeker Aniri fully upgraded which are beasts (got really lucky there). I do have a few other decent supports but I'm not sure it's worth the effort of upgrading new ones, at least for now.
I'm really stumped, to be honest. Most of these would need to be upgraded which takes time and I'm afraid of making the wrong choice and wasting a lot of time and effort. I'm thinking of putting Sandlashed Survivor on the front for DEF aura, combo'd with Aniri to boost buff duration (and her broken revives/heals), it would be good to have a buffer to make use of Sandlashed and Aniri ability, so perhaps choosing Giscard as the -% ATK champion with his DEF/ATK buff. As Poisoner I like Scabrius and Suiren, but I think Urogrim might be better? And for the last spot... I'm not sure.
Any tips/advice is greatly appreciated
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2023.03.21 09:28 Faerie_Gutz Will food colouring stain cured clear resin?

Hello, I have never used resin before but I'm working on creating my own doll. The design I have for her she has clear platform shoes with blue liquid inside and I decided the easiest way to create these would be by making a hollow clear part from resin, letting it cure fully and then putting water mixed with blue food colouring inside. I need to know if the food colouring would stain the cured resin or not? If so, what is an alternative I could use to make the liquid blue that wouldn't stain it? For the record it would be very diluted food colouring since I don't want the water to be an agressively dark blue. Any help is appreciated!
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2023.03.21 09:28 Severe_Coom_Case Day 5 Nofap insomnia

Didn’t sleep last night. Tried to stay up all day and not nap so i can sleep tonight. Slept for only 4 hours. Woke up with a sickly headache and body aches. Feel like i have the flu. Headache is around my prefrontal cortex and the top of my head.
Also the sleep i get feels Awhful and inadequate. Feel like i didn’t even sleep at all. I’m scared for work tomorrow bc Ik the brain fog is still over me. I use to perform very well at work then i ended up getting back into porn. Immediately I’m some slow weirdo again. Don’t relapse y’all. I also binged as well, Very hard, over a few weeks. Now i am paying the price
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2023.03.21 09:28 SHROOMIA Some questions/concerns

I’d just like to preface this with saying sorry if this is all a jumbled mess, my anxiety usually peaks for me around this time and I get a little all over the place.
(Also sorry this is my first post in the sub-Reddit and forgot to tag in the flair there will be a TRIGGER WARNING in this post)
  1. I’m a type 2 diabetic and I’m concerned about some of the things I’ve seen about rising/lowering blood sugar on Zoloft, anyone here have any insight on that?
  2. With my diabetes diagnosis (in February) I’ve gotten extreme health anxiety. (I already have general anxiety/panic attacks as it is, but lately the main part of the anxiety has been health related.) I have my bottle of Zoloft 100mg but I’m extremely anxious to start them as I know things usually get worse before they get better.
  3. So my question in regard to having said all that, if any of you have major health anxiety and did start Zoloft, how did you calm yourself down during the panic attacks in the beginning? I don’t want to constantly be feeling like I need to run to to the Dr. because I can’t convince myself it’s only the worsening anxiety/side effect of starting the meds and not actually a legit medical concern.
(Trigger warning for this one.) 3. I also have major depression that’s just gotten worse with everything else I’ve been going through, and even had a few bouts of suicidal ideation. (Not actually planning anything out or making a plan/taking action to the thoughts.) So question 3 is - Can it get bad enough on the medication to actually try to commit, or have you guys found it about the same as it was before where the thoughts are there, but still manageable?
  1. How long did it actually take for Zoloft to actually start working for you? Where even if you aren’t having extreme mental side effects, (heightened anxiety/depression) you no longer felt numb/disassociated?
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2023.03.21 09:28 Far-Pomegranate7415 Finally finished Sophia and SDC! (Progress up to now)

I was shopping for a CS program that I could do and I applied to WGU, but wasn't serious. I was going to do the one on coursera from university college london. But WGU did get back to me with a transcript evaluation.
I got a bachelor degree from a B&M school but it didn't really prepare me for anything in terms of work. It ticked a box. I learned a lot while doing the degree, but it's crazy to think it took four years. I got vocational certifications that basically have allowed me to get trained up as an expert in a niche field in TESOL. But I think that I need a career change.
I was happy to see that all the gen eds, or most, were satisfied.
I signed up at Sophia on Jan 25 and got 8 classes knocked out in a month. I actually did 7 in 3 weeks. Then I saw a post on reddit that another course was being accepted, the python course. So I finished that one up on the night my subscription was expiring. Courses done here: calculus 1, intro to relational databases, intro to IT, principles of management, project management, intro to java, intro to python, and fundamentals of web development.
I signed up at study.com after i had done the 7 classes in 3 weeks at sophia. I did 5 classes in 3 weeks. I did the networking, cybersecurity, discrete math, AI, and computer achitecture. The computer architecture one took a good week. But I basically finished 5 courses in 3 weeks. Then I started to study up and get the quizzes and assignments out fo the way for the remaining 4 classes: database programming, database management, Data structures and algorithms, and software engineering. My second month subscription started on March 19. I just sat the last proctored exam today (did 4 back to back).
First call with enrollment counselor is tomorrow morning.
Just feeling good that there is a break of some kind. I need to go and work on coding a bit. Thinking of starting the program in June. Not sure...
It's a pity not more can be done on sophia. Study.com materials are not easy to work through. They've been cobbled together from so many different sources. At least sophia classes seemed like there was one author.
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2023.03.21 09:28 8times2 Feeling as blue as the planet is warm

I am 22 yo and I've been studying to become a lawyer for the past 6 years.
I'm on the verge of finishing my studies and I ask myself: what's the point?
How are we supposed to keep living as if things were normal, as if Society was not rushing towards a brick wall?
I've been worried about the environment for years, especially feeling helpless and seeing governments and multinationals not giving a damn.
In order not to be crushed with worry, I held onto the idea that, at worse, our generation would be okay and it's the next one which would suffer the big consequences.
In reality, it's hard to be that optimistic, especially as IPCC reports get more serious and worrying every time they're issued.
The idea that Society is on the verge of collapse feels more realistic as time goes by. I'm scared that it will not be able to adapt to climate change, that we will die or live in a post-apocalyptic world.
I'm scared and I feel helpless, especially as a future lawyer because I don't see the use in lawyers in such a situation. I'm feeling depressed because I feel like my studies are pointless. I don't see how lawyers can be useful to save the world.
I feel like it's too late for lawyers to be helpful in urgent times, as law is such a slow process. I feel like what we need are people in the field; scientists, real politicians, essential jobs, etc.
I feel useless, and I feel really unmotivated to keep on working for my master's thesis.
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2023.03.21 09:27 Intelligent-Pair3845 Sonos Beam gen 2 is not recognized by PC

I'm at my wits' end with this problem. It's been a week, and I still can't get any sound from my Gen 2 connected to my PC.
Here's the setup: Beam -> HDMI -> Optical adapter -> PC SPDIF port (motherboard)
I've also tried: Beam -> HDMI -> PC (motherboard)
Mobo: ASUS Maximus Hero Z790
OS: Windows 11
Two things worth mentioning:

  1. I have two SL Ones as surround, connected to the Beam.
  2. The Beam is synced with Alexa.
Here's what happens when I connect the Beam to the PC via SPDIF:

I've found some older Reddit posts with people mentioning the same issue in the comments but without a solution.
Has anyone experienced a similar problem and managed to solve it?
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2023.03.21 09:27 Cheops_Parishioner How do I (48M) know if a friend (40F) is in an open relationship or just messing around?

I (48M) have a friend (?F-never asked her age) at work. We have been talking for some time now and see each other at work regularly. I really like her and have picked up on some possible "vibes" from her. Today, while going over some paperwork she repeatedly brushed my hand with hers and I lightly responded with a brush against her arm with my hand which seemed well received. Our conversations seem like she's trying to think of reasons to keep the conversation going and she's made long eye contact with me many times. She then brought up her husband in the conversation. I did not know she was married. I know her husband and neither wear wedding rings. I don't want to pursue this knowing she's married, but if they are in an open relationship, then I think I might like to see where it goes. How do I tell if they are? I don't want to make a pass at her and it ending up being where he doesn't know what's up.

TLDR: Like a girl at work. She seems to be into me. Found out she's married. Her and her husband don't wear wedding rings.
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Ch. 01 - Scott & Jean take a post-party break.
If one were just to look at me. They would see me only from my outer shell; the pretty little red-head with the green eyes and killer smile.
If I were to walk out in public, you wouldn’t notice anything about me that was different. I stand at about five-five, five.
No real identifying marks.
I’m twenty-eight now, a far cry from when I first knew the Professor, meeting him at eleven, after all the trauma with Anne dying in my arms.
I’m living in the boat-house with my husband, Scott Summers.
We’ve been married for a few years, the most wonderful of my life.
There was going to be a party in Logan’s room. ‘When was there not?’
I knew that Scott wanted to go, but there was something else that I had in mind for us to do tonight.
"Are you ready to go, hon?" He asked me, I was still in the shower, soaping up.
"Almost." I told him, grabbing the hand-held shower massager and washing the soap that was over me. I took a little more time with that than Scott would have liked, and positioned the jets from the massager over my clitoris. I could feel the water jets pounding over my clit, and in seconds I knew that I was going to cum, weather or not Scott liked it. My calves tightened, as did my buttocks, and thighs.
This was it, I felt the warmth of my orgasm begin to build, and soon it was shooting down my legs and arching down my body like an electric shock. I dropped the massager and felt it mist me for a few seconds before spinning erratically out of control, going passed the shower curtain and dousing the floor for a few moments. I quickly grabbed the showerhead with my telekinesis and quickly replaced it back up in its holder. I quickly rinsed off and turned the shower back off, putting it back up in the holder. I wasn’t exhausted, but I was satiated for the time being.
I dried off and stepped out of the shower.
"Come on Jean, we’re going to be late!" He hissed, impatient as always.
"Relax, Scott. This is Logan’s party after all. When has he ever been worried about people being late?" I stepped out into the bedroom, Scott was adjusting his tie, tying it and re-tying it again and again in an obsessive-compulsive need to get it straight.
"Well?" I asked, slipping on a pair of jade-green high heels and nothing else, standing behind Scott. "How do I look?"
"Fine, you look fine."
I smiled to myself; I knew he was going to say that – the ability of telepathy notwithstanding. "Scott." I called to him, "Turn around and look at me, please."
"I’m sure that you look fi…" He started to say, before he rotated fully, and looked at me totally. His mouth opened wide, and the sentence died off.
"I know that I look fine." I whispered to him, gently kissing his mouth. "But there are a few other things that I need your attention on, besides the fact of how I look." I took hold of his zipper with my mind; gently tugged down, letting that and his belt come undone with just a thought.
"Jean… Jean… We’re going to be…" He was struggling to form words. It had been so long since we made love, that I wasn’t sure that he was going to be able to handle it.
"Shh. My love." I kissed his lips, blocking off his sentence before it was even out of his lips. "We’ll make up for it, believe me." I pushed his pants and boxer shorts down, revealing his chiseled abdomen.
"As team leader, its my…"
He was going to say responsibility, but as I encircled his penis and started to gently stroke, the thought escaped him. I could feel as his cock hardened in my hands.
Scott’s voice was muted, and his throat was stiff – like something else of his – I smiled as I felt him fighting for control. "Yes my love?" I asked him playing the dutiful wife. My nipples had hardened and my vaginal area was sopping wet as I played with my husband. I wanted him to mount me, but there would be time for that later.
"I love you." He whispered, and kissed the top of my head.
"I know my love, I know." I could feel him harden inside my hands.
"Jean… Jean!" He was worried, that he was going to cum on the bed. He wanted to warn me, but that was both unpractical, and unnecessary as both our psychic rapport, and the unconscious thrusting of his hips were all I needed to know that he was on the brink.
"How do you want it?" The image of him cumming and spurting globules of sperm upon my face entered my mind. "All right baby." I cooed. Scott was an orphan and until we started to date, he hadn’t had that many relationships. I think that I was his first. First friend, first girl, first wife, first anything; I knew for a fact that this was a fantasy of his, another first. For both him and I… my first facile.
I led him to the bed, and lay down upon my back, letting him place his penis between my breasts. "Come on baby."
"Jean, I don’t think that I’m going to be able to…."
I felt him slide his penis in and out of the cleft of my breasts. I could feel it in the back of his pineal gland that he was just about to cum. Yet there were still a few minutes, and if I wanted, I could take control of his muscles completely, and stop him from cumming at all.
I opened my mouth, and gently licked the underside of his cock. He whimpered, and I knew how badly that he wanted it. But it wasn’t up to him, it was up to me; I gently took a testicle in my mouth and sucked. My hand flying towards his cock, grasping it, and gently pressing back his foreskin, again and again.
His penis was warm to the touch from so much blood. It must hurt him terribly.
"Please Jean…" He whimpered.
"Do you want it?" I asked him, "Do you really want to cum?"
"Yes, please."
I started to go a little faster, and felt his muscle contractions start to begin as he stiffened in my hand. This was it, this was the time. I wanted to give this to him. "Do it… cum for me baby." I took him into my mouth once more, and gently rubbed the underside with my tongue again, and he began to spurt. It was warm and thick, salty and tangy at the same time. ‘Come on give everything to me, don’t hold back.’ That was all that was needed and I felt him stiffen. His cumming intensified and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to swallow fast enough.
I used my TK to hold back the ebb, and began to swallow what there was in my mouth. I was also careful not to get any on me, as I didn’t know if we would have any time to shower, we were already late as it was. He dipped a finger into my sopping cunt and gently probed me, sliding in quick due to all of my wetness. I felt him go up to the first knuckle, and he petted my nubbin.
I was on fire, and unintentionally lifted us up into the air… this was an interesting perk with being a Telekinetic. I could maneuver both of us into the air with no problem.
Again and again he touched me, and I could feel my juices pouring down my inner thighs. I wanted him inside of me, but was unsure if he would be able to cum again so fast after his first one. I posed the question to him and waited for the Rapp port to take hold.
A second later, I felt him lift me around so that I could face him. His eyes, as always hidden behind the ruby-quartz glasses that held his powers at bay, I wondered what he was seeing behind those powerful shades. If he could see me as the red-headded bombshell in his life, or just saw me as some sort of lobster-colored thing. I didn’t know, and unlike Professor X, I was unable to totally enter his psyche.
I wished that I could.
Suddenly, he was inside me, as hard as ever, pushing up inside of me, petting my inner walls. Feeling good, oh so good. I involuntarily squeezed my kegel muscles and milked him of even more sperm.
Suddenly he stiffened and relaxed, signaling to me that I had gotten all that I was going to get out of him.
I quickly used my TK, and carried us to the showers, soaping us off once more, and settling our clothes back on us in less than five minutes. If we’d done it the old-fashioned way, the party would have been over, and we just couldn’t disappoint Logan like that.
We arrived at Logan’s bungalow, a good thirty-minutes fashionably late, but we could tell from the amount of beer, smoke and music that no one even missed us.
The place was to say, decorated rather nicely. There were crepe paper streamers and a few balloons festooning each corner, and for the life of me I couldn’t see Logan going to this much "fluff" just for a party. This was Logan after all. He was more at home in the jungles of Vietnam with a sub-machine gun in his hand and a stogie in his mouth than being the life of the party.
But there he was, at the bar. Still with the pre-requisite stogie, and mixing Hank McCoy aka Beast a Martini.
Over in the far left corner was Remy "Gambit" Lebeau, with Rogue. If I were to feel sorry for anyone at this shindig, it would be them. Remy loves Rogue, dotes on her to no end, and Rogue loves him with all her heart. It doesn’t take a Telepath to see that. The only problem is Rogue’s Powers. Rogue has the ability to suck power from anyone she touches. Causing anything as easy as a simple leeching of powers to even Coma or Death.
Rogue found out the latter with her first, and only tectonic boyfriend, Cody. The instant that poor Cody kissed Rogue, he fell into a deep Coma from which he never awoke from and eventually died.
I reminded myself to give them an extra special treat later tonight. I knew, as usual, Rogue was feeling horny, and, lets face it, Self-Manipulation can only do for so long, it was time that something got those two together and I figured that it might as well be me.
Jubilation Lee was the youngest of our group, only a few months past eighteen; she had jet-black hair and was wearing, like Scott, a pair of Ray-bans. Like Scott, it was part of her power, but this time she was using her power as a fully-functional disco ball. Synchronizing her powers with the throng of Logan’s CD player. She too had an alcoholic drink next to her, a wine cooler.
"Hey Jubes." We called out to her.
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Since the vast majority of weight loss supplements and weight loss pills simply don't live up to their claims or advertisements, the following Alpilean review takes into consideration all of our claims and skepticism. client. Is the Alpilean Weight Loss Reviews 2023 any different? Can anyone succeed with Alpine's healthy weight loss secret?
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A brand-new weight loss product called Alpilean claims to help people get rid of stubborn belly fat for years by using six all-natural ingredients that increase body temperature and boost burning. Calorie is more effective than any diet or exercise routine.
The new Alpilean weight loss supplement contains six active ingredients all derived from plants. They are said to be effective in making you sweat, increasing your metabolism and aiding weight loss. Alpilean Weight Loss Reviews 2023 food supplements promote the body's use of nutrients from food, helping to satisfy appetite and reduce cravings.
Ice Hack, a new Alpilean weight loss supplement, is risk-free for both men and women and comes with a money-back guarantee if it doesn't work. The purpose of this supplement is to accelerate weight loss by increasing core body temperature, which promotes fat burning in cells and organs.
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This blend is also endorsed by other medical experts including Professor Lubanzi (for ginger) and Professor Anders (for turmeric), proving that it is supported by well-known figures in the community. age-old medicine even though it is not a medicine. Six nutritious alpine superfoods have been combined with the help of these experts to keep body temperature at its lowest and possibly aid in actual weight loss.
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The makers of Alpilean Weight Loss Reviews 2023 loss pills spent a lot of time and energy studying the effects of low body temperature on the human body before coming up with Alpine weight loss strategies, claims.
The best Ice Hack. Zach Miller, an Alpilean Weight Loss Reviews 2023 man, is an average American who has spent a lot of time researching the science behind fat loss and maintaining a healthy body temperature. He quickly discovered that the Himalayan people, some of the healthiest people in the world, use "alpine ice weight loss techniques" to tweak "ancient calorie-burning switches".
When body temperature drops in obese people, the calorie-burning switch doesn't work. Herbal remedies such as ginger, African mango extract, drumstick leaves, and fucoxanthin can be helpful in this situation.
Zach Miller thought how revolutionary it could be for people whose bodies cannot maintain a normal body temperature when he heard that these ingredients could be combined into a supplement. diet. a healthy mind. He presented this idea to Patla and Matthew Gibbs.
Doctor. Gibbs and Patla are well known figures in the weight loss industry. They oversaw the creation of Alpilean, a diet drug that mimics the effects of mountain elements on core body temperature.
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1-Day Kickstart Detox The first reward you get with the Alpilean weight loss program is the 1-Day Kickstart Detox. The book includes a selection of 20 original and easy-to-make herbal tea recipes that promote a healthy digestive system. When it comes to detoxifying the body, getting rid of all the toxins and ensuring a healthy metabolism, it's all very beneficial.
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Alpilean is touted as a way to boost the immune system, speed up a sluggish metabolism, and improve gut and cardiovascular health. Alpilean reviews indicate that this drug offers many benefits to human health. The release of endorphins and an increase in body temperature maintain a constant metabolic rate. By using this supplement and following a regular workout schedule and healthy diet, you will get quick results. Do not use Alpilean with other weight loss medications or supplements. Before using the Alpilean formula, anyone with a medical history should always consult a doctor.
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2023.03.21 09:26 GreyAsh I need to vent after a girl I caught feelings for suddenly withdrew

Been seeing a girl I knew in college I hooked up with years ago for a little over two months. I didn’t expect it at all but things between us have been phenomenal and the sex was awesome or so I thought. She had a really rough UTI a few weeks back which we ended up going to the hospital for after first round of antibiotics failed to clear it. Since then we’ve been great at washing between rounds, no cross contamination, slowing down, and all has been well. After spending the weekend together she suddenly left Sunday with little warning before texting me that she thought we should end things. I was bummed and asked if I had done something just to clear the air and she hit me with the following:
Like I’m tough most of the time but sometimes I get vulnerable and sound like a baby and I think when the latter happened last night, it just became apparent that you do really only want sex, which I realize is exactly what I asked for lol but like I feel like you see me as some type of blonde sex symbol and I’m not
Besides you coming to the hospital, I am solely the one who has to deal with the excruciating aftermath pain of having rough deep sex with your 99th percentile penis 24/7, and you were so not helpful last night, and I also hate saying no to you about sex idk
But really, I think it comes down to the fact that the more I talk to you and the more I hang out with you, the more I like you, like I think you’re very significantly underestimating how much I like you and that scares the shit out of me like you have no idea
Now we were definitely rough this weekend but it was brought on by her increasing the rhythm and she went as far as saying it was the best time she’d had with me the night of. We talked a little further and I assured her my feelings were genuine but in spite of how good our connection seemed it looks like the fact that my dick is large means I’m only interested in sex which is going to stop us before we go further. I’m bummed and it also makes me wonder how many other girls I’ve been with who haven’t worked out had to do with size, especially after her comment about not wanting to disappoint me during sex by saying no when I thought our communication was better than any I’d experienced prior.
Sorry for the wall of text, just needed to vent this stuff because if I’m honest I got my hopes up that I’d found someone really awesome and for the first time in my life I’m cursing the fact that my dick is above average.
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2023.03.21 09:26 solargoose Startup shell script for fan hat (RPi)

Hello, please help. I’ll get straight to it; I have a RPi 4 running Kali and I got a nice waveshare PWM fan hat for it but I can’t seem to get it running (at least not on startup). My I2c is enabled and manually it works fine. I’ve tried crontab, rc.local, systemd, and even made sure it’s all done on the root account but something isn’t coming together. I don’t even know what I could’ve misunderstood. This is all new to me, I’m learning, and I’m just trying to not cook my RPi with every update. I also plan on overclocking so this fan is a must.
This is my ‘startup.sh’ shell script.


/home/kali/Fan_HAT/python/ && python main.py

exit 0

Is that right?? That last command (‘python main.py’) starts the fan if you’re wondering. That’s the fullest extent of the path as far as I know. I then save to /etc/init.d and make it executable with chmod +x and reboot but nothing. This is my crontab:
@reboot sleep 120 && /home/kali/etc/init.d/startup.sh
All a single line, the last line. I keep trying with crontab because it’s the least complicated one. Should I not? Please help, I’ve been desperately at this for 3 days :( haha please someone just tell me I’m silly and missed some silly step. TIA
submitted by solargoose to Kalilinux [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 09:26 BlightKingthe2nd My dog cant poop everywhere, and I dont know why. Its driving me crazy.

So i dont really know how to start this, but i have a lil doggo called spock and he has a huge amount of trouble finding a suitable place to poop! I dont know what to do and its driving me up the wall! This may also be the weirdest thing i ever ask on reddit, but does anybody know how i can get my dog to poop?
So some background info. He is a Welsh Spaniel. We live on a farm in sweden. We have lots of big fields surrounding our house. He has plenty of space to roam and he is free roaming (no leash) he eats well, no digestive issues at all according to vets. Breeding certified as he is a breeding dog, but we will only take 3 litters with him. Physically in very good shape. Award winning in competitions etc and all that stuff that, comes with breeding territory. Will probably be a crufts dog at some point. We also come from huge dog families so both me and my wife are very accustomed to dogs. Spock for example is our first "baby" but we have never had a dog with these kinds of issues.
I have to literally put a leash on him for him to poop, because i have to lead him to areas that he may want to poop. Sometimes he does, but 95% of the time he looks at me and Wonders wtf is happening. I have had so many theories based on where he poops as to what his preferences may be. When we got him as a puppy for example, there was a lot of snow and he got used to pooping in that (it was never an issue when he was a baby) and I thought maybe he liked the poop being cushioned by the snow. That would explain why he for the most part would poop in high tufts of grass. Because that also cushions them. Turns out that only applies during 3 week in autumn and not the rest of the year 😂
Sometimes he starts squatting to set himself up to pump out a lil turd and then he just goes "Ah screw it, ill piss instead" and from a full doggo squat, he just raises 1 leg and pees, and continues like he forgot that he was just taking a dump.
Weirdly enough, if i go to a forest, he will poop like there is no tomorrow. Like he will poop 3 times on a 10 minute walk. And I have no idea what the factors are that make it so. Because we do have a small wooded area on our land where its exactly like the forest, but no thats not good enough.
Like i have developed a whole science with statistics and everything about his pooping habits, and its almost become a sort of weird obsession in our house hold more than the usual talk of dog poop. The vet, and breder alike have all said "well he will poop when he has to poop eventually"
Seeing that he is fine with both digestion and all as extensive check ups have been done multiple times, i dont want it to later become an issue because i love this doggo and I dont want him to get any problems in the future. I know holding it in isnt good, and can create a lot of bowel issues.
Also, i know he constantly needs to take a dump, because he is always barking at me to put a leash on him so we can go for a walk,so that he can poop. And then when we are finally out there, he just has zero interest in taking a dump. Like what is the issue?
Its also becoming an issue where i have to go out 3 times a night with him because he wakes me up and needs to go outside to poop. I work from home so generally take dog duty as i can sleep in an extra half hour in the morning, but still its coming to a point where it doesnt matter because im up so much at night. Also recently Weirdly enough, he has been pooping more around 3 in the morning.
But yeah Jesus, does anybody have ANY advice? We have tried so much and its just not worked. We kinda just have to go with the flow at the moment.
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