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[Sharing/Beginner] Build a Simple Android Web App in WebView with Support of Download/Upload Feature

2023.03.21 08:30 adriancs2 [Sharing/Beginner] Build a Simple Android Web App in WebView with Support of Download/Upload Feature

[Sharing/Beginner] Build a Simple Android Web App in WebView with Support of Download/Upload Feature
This project demonstrates a quick walkthrough of one of the ways to build an Android Web App that support uploading and downloading files. It converts website into Android Web App.
Github (Source Code): https://github.com/adriancs2/android.webview.upload.download
I’ll be using the Android Studio and Java in this project.
First, download Android Studio from the official site:
At the time of writing this, I’m using the latest version which is: Android Studio Electri Eel 2022.1.1 Patch
At Android Studio, create a new "Phone" project, select "Empty Activity" template.
Fill in basic project info:
Read about "Package Name".
Depands on your application needs, if you wish your app to be able to run on most Android devices, select "API 19: Android 4.4 (KitKat)" (info is based at the time of writing this).
Language: Java (This article will be using Java)
Click "Finish" to start creating the app.
Wait for a moment for Android Studio to load and creates project files. Upon ready, you should be able to see something like this:

Setup App Icons

Before continue, we may first setup the App Icons (*You can do this later).
Close Android Studio, and go to this website (App Icon Generators):
Upload your favorite icon to the website and it will generate various sizes of App Icons for building your Android project.
Acknowledgement: Thanks to icons8.com for sponsoring the icon used in this project.
Download the generated icons.
Extract the zip content and copy from the Android’s icon set folder:
zip extracted content folder...\android\ 
To the project icon resource folder:
Reopen Android Studio and the project.
Now, the project has 2 sets of icons.
  • Set 1: Downloaded from easyappicon.com
  • Set 2: Original default icons added by Android Studio
This resulting duplicates icon existed in the project which will cause build error. Therefore, we need to delete the default icons added by Android Studio.
Go to the folder:
app > res > mipmap > ic_launcher 
and delete all *.webp files
and go to another folder:
app > res > mipmap > ic_launcher_round 
and delete all *.webp files
At the folder [ app > res > drawable ], delete the following files:
  • ic_launcher_background.xml
  • ic_launcher_foreground.xml
And replace with your own edited PNG images:
  • ic_launcher_background.png
  • ic_launcher_foreground.png
For more info on changing the App Icons, please refer to the following Android Developer Documentation:

Setup the Layout

Next, edit the "ActionBar". Open the following theme files:
app > res > values > themes.xml app > res > values > themes.xml (night) 
Change both files of this line: (from DarkActionBar)
Next, edit the layout file at:
app > res > layout > activity_main.xml 
Click [Code] to view the XML designer code.
Here’s the initial code:
Delete the TextView, and add a WebView.
Change the Layout from
After edit, the code will look something like this:

Setup App Permissions

Next step is to enable the permission for the app to access internet and download/upload files.
Open the android manifest file (AndroidManifest.xml) at:
app > manifest > AndroidManifest.xml 
Insert 3 uses-permission request lines
  • android.permission.INTERNET : Permission to access internet.
  • android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : able to select files from Android storage (for uploading files)
  • android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : for saving downloaded files
Adding Asset Directory and Files
Right click the folder [app] > New > Directory
Select "src\main\assets"
Right click the newly created "assets" folder > New > File
Name the file as "no_internet.html".
Double click the file and enter some html, for example:

No Internet

Please check the internet connection.

Coding the WebView

Read more: Android Developer Documentation on WebView
Now, we come to the WebView coding part. Open the MainActivity.java file at:
app > java > ..package name... > MainActivity // example: app > java > com.company.product > MainActivity 
Here’s the initial code:
Import the following class libraries:
import android.annotation.SuppressLint; import android.app.Activity; import android.app.ProgressDialog; import android.content.Intent; import android.graphics.Bitmap; import android.net.Uri; import android.os.Bundle; import android.webkit.DownloadListener; import android.webkit.ValueCallback; import android.webkit.WebChromeClient; import android.webkit.WebResourceError; import android.webkit.WebResourceRequest; import android.webkit.WebSettings; import android.webkit.WebView; import android.widget.Toast; import androidx.appcompat.app.AppCompatActivity; 
Declare the objects of WebView, ProgressDialog and a few global variables.
public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { // if your website starts with www, exclude it private static final String myWebSite = "example.com"; WebView webView; ProgressDialog progressDialog; // for handling file upload, set a static value, any number you like // this value will be used by WebChromeClient during file upload private static final int file_chooser_activity_code = 1; private static ValueCallback mUploadMessageArr; @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_main); // initialize the progressDialog progressDialog = new ProgressDialog(MainActivity.this); progressDialog.setCancelable(true); progressDialog.setMessage("Loading..."); progressDialog.show(); } } 

Handling web page browsing activities

In the class of MainActivity, create a WebViewClient to handle web browsing activities:
class myWebViewClient extends android.webkit.WebViewClient { @Override public void onPageStarted(WebView view, String url, Bitmap favicon) { super.onPageStarted(view, url, favicon); //showing the progress bar once the page has started loading progressDialog.show(); } @Override public void onPageFinished(WebView view, String url) { super.onPageFinished(view, url); // hide the progress bar once the page has loaded progressDialog.dismiss(); } @Override public void onReceivedError(WebView view, WebResourceRequest request, WebResourceError error) { super.onReceivedError(view, request, error); // show the error message = no internet access webView.loadUrl("file:///android_asset/no_internet.html"); // hide the progress bar on error in loading progressDialog.dismiss(); Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(),"Internet issue", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); } } 

Handling File Upload Activities

File upload will be triggered for the html input type of file:
Next, in the class of MainActivity, create a WebChomeClient object to handle file uploading task.
// Calling WebChromeClient to select files from the device public class myWebChromeClient extends WebChromeClient { @SuppressLint("NewApi") @Override public boolean onShowFileChooser(WebView webView, ValueCallback valueCallback, FileChooserParams fileChooserParams) { Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT); intent.addCategory(Intent.CATEGORY_OPENABLE); // set single file type, e.g. "image/*" for images intent.setType("*/*"); // set multiple file types String[] mimeTypes = {"image/*", "application/pdf"}; intent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_MIME_TYPES, mimeTypes); intent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_ALLOW_MULTIPLE, false); Intent chooserIntent = Intent.createChooser(intent, "Choose file"); ((Activity) webView.getContext()).startActivityForResult(chooserIntent, file_chooser_activity_code); // Save the callback for handling the selected file mUploadMessageArr = valueCallback; return true; } } // after the file chosen handled, variables are returned back to MainActivity @Override protected void onActivityResult(int requestCode, int resultCode, Intent data) { super.onActivityResult(requestCode, resultCode, data); // check if the chrome activity is a file choosing session if (requestCode == file_chooser_activity_code) { if (resultCode == Activity.RESULT_OK && data != null) { Uri[] results = null; // Check if response is a multiple choice selection containing the results if (data.getClipData() != null) { int count = data.getClipData().getItemCount(); results = new Uri[count]; for (int i = 0; i < count; i++) { results[i] = data.getClipData().getItemAt(i).getUri(); } } else if (data.getData() != null) { // Response is a single choice selection results = new Uri[]{data.getData()}; } mUploadMessageArr.onReceiveValue(results); mUploadMessageArr = null; } else { mUploadMessageArr.onReceiveValue(null); mUploadMessageArr = null; Toast.makeText(MainActivity.this, "Error getting file", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show(); } } } 

Handling File Download Activities

In the class of MainActivity, create a download event listener:
DownloadListener downloadListener = new DownloadListener() { @Override public void onDownloadStart(String url, String userAgent, String contentDisposition, String mimetype, long contentLength) { progressDialog.dismiss(); Intent i = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW); // example of URL = https://www.example.com/invoice.pdf i.setData(Uri.parse(url)); startActivity(i); } }; 
This listener might not able to handle downloads that needs login session.

Initializing WebView

Back to the method of onCreate( ), continue the initialization of WebView:
@Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_main); // initialize the progressDialog progressDialog = new ProgressDialog(MainActivity.this); progressDialog.setCancelable(true); progressDialog.setMessage("Loading..."); progressDialog.show(); // get the webview from the layout webView = findViewById(R.id.webView); // for handling Android Device [Back] key press webView.canGoBackOrForward(99); // handling web page browsing mechanism webView.setWebViewClient(new myWebViewClient()); // handling file upload mechanism webView.setWebChromeClient(new myWebChromeClient()); // some other settings WebSettings settings = webView.getSettings(); settings.setJavaScriptEnabled(true); settings.setAllowFileAccess(true); settings.setAllowFileAccessFromFileURLs(true); settings.setUserAgentString(new WebView(this).getSettings().getUserAgentString()); // set the downlaod listner webView.setDownloadListener(downloadListener); // load the website webView.loadUrl("https://" + myWebSite); } 
Handling [Back] Key Pressed on Android Device: In the class of MainActivity, add a function to handle [BackPressed]:
@Override public void onBackPressed() { if(webView.canGoBack()){ webView.goBack(); } else { finish(); } } 
The code will look something like this: https://github.com/adriancs2/android.webview.upload.download/blob/main/src/app/src/main/java/com/company/product/MainActivity.java
Finally, let’s test out the app.
To connect a real Android Phone to Android Studio, you may enable Developer Mode then turn on USB Debugging on the Android device. Connect the Android to PC through USB cable, Android Studio should be able to catch it up and display it at the device list.
To distribute it, you may build it as APK. At menu, go to [Build] > [Generate Signed Bundle / APK…] > select [APK] and follow on screen instructions.
To build for uploading to Google PlayStore, you may select [Android App Bundle] and then follow on screen instructions.
Thank you and happy coding.


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2023.03.21 08:01 spacedoutcasedout I think I was drugged at a party

This was a few months back. I just keep trying not to think about it since I still feel so confused on what even happened that night.
but what I know for sure happened was that I went to go hang out with this guy Id been crushing on for a while. I don’t know him well but we had talked casually for a few years. He said he was having this party and I asked if I could come and I was so excited when he said yes. When I showed up it was just him and some other guys and I thought it was strange but tried to feel out the environment a bit before rushing out.
I had brought some party favors (some weed and a bottle) I wasn’t planning on getting trashed or anything I just wanted a bit to take the edge off cause I have developed pretty bad social anxiety the last couple years and wanted some to offer. I left the bottle I brought in the kitchen and told them to help themselves.
I was rolling up for a while to offer them and I was feeling good. I was still feeling super shy obviously but the guys seemed chill. I decided I would get myself a drink from my bottle, it was very moderate not even half a shot and I’m no lightweight. I had a bit of my drink and a couple of hits from what I rolled up.
I was feeling so good, we were talking a bit while all smoking and I felt so happy to be out especially cause I have a really hard time with stuff like that.
I went to go chill on my own for a bit and that’s when all of a sudden I felt like I was gonna pass out. I was getting disoriented and felt like blackout drunk all of a sudden, even though I had only had about half of the drink I poured or even less. I needed to sit down so I went on the couch and something in me told me to get out of there immediately. So I ordered an Uber home in this extremely disoriented state.
I was gonna go outside to wait. I remember the guy who I had asked if I could come saying something to me but I can’t remember what he was saying cause my memory got really spotty from there. I remember everything looking blurry and just feeling so confused. I was telling my mom something happened at the party and I was going home right away.
I did end up getting home safely my mom was waiting for me when I got back. It was a long ride home so I was getting less disoriented but I was feeling extremely slow and having these muscle spasms.
The next day I was still confused. I wasn’t sure if I was having some kind of extreme reaction cause I hadn’t been smoking or drinking much for a while mixed with being really nervous. I tried looking up symptoms of being drugged and it matched what I had experienced to a T.
I considered the idea of getting tested to see what may have shown up in my system at the time. I didn’t end up going through with it I think I was scared to know the truth. A decision I now regret because now I still am left wondering what really happened with me that night.
Ever since it happened I’ve just been keeping my head down. Just working a lot and trying not to think about it. I’ve felt so disconnected since it happened. Like nothing is real and everything is a dream. I try to talk with my family and friends about it but I can tell they just don’t know what to say. So I don’t bring it up anymore.
I know I should try to get some help for what’s on witH me. I just feel so guilty asking for help for something I don’t even know happened or not.
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2023.03.21 07:34 TheLimeyCanuck [HowTo] Install Windows Server 2022 on a Lenovo M720Q or M920Q Tiny PC

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M720Q/M920Q Tiny PC is a popular choice of homelabbers. For such a small package it's a very capable mini server with a reasonably light power requirements. While some of the other variants in the ThinkCentre Tiny line don't have a usable PCIe slot, the Q models just require a cheap riser adapter to extend the PCIe slot to the top of the case so a half height x8 card can be installed. The riser design actually allows x16 cards to fit, but they will only run at x8. I just installed Windows Server 2022 on a M720Q and ran into some snags along the way. It took quite a bit of Googling and experimentation to get it all working properly and I thought it might help others trying the same thing if I put all the info I tracked down from multiple sources into a single post. While this howto is specific to the Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny PCs it might be useful to those installing Visual Studio 2022 on other homelab metal too. Note that this solution requires some GUI intervention so it probably only works on the Desktop Experience versions of Windows Server. I haven't tried it on a core-only installation.


I recently upgraded from 300Mbps cable internet to 1.7Gbps fiber. For over five years I've been running pfSense in a level 2 VM (VMware Workstation) on an always-on desktop PC on my LAN. While this worked great at 300Mbps it proved inadequate for multi-gigabit speeds. With a direct connection to the Bell HomeHub 4000 gigabit ports it can only manage 4-500Mbps throughput, so it was time to move pfSense into something better.
After seriously looking at a bunch of fanless 2.5Gbps micro-appliance boxes I realized I could buy a used 1L format tiny PC and put an SFP+ PCIe NIC and two 10Gbps transceivers in it for less money and only a slight increase in power consumption. I'd also be able to run a level 1 hypervisor and move several servers from my LAN there too, allowing some of the always-on PCs to be switched off most of the time. In the end I got a good price on a used Lenovo M720Q which has an i5-8400T 1.7GHz CPU (with hardware AES), 8GB RAM, single gigabit Ethernet port, one USB-C 3.1 Gen 1, two USB 3.1 Gen 1, two USB 3.1 Gen 2, one HDMI, and one DisplayPort connection. It also has integrated PCIe WiFi (which I will probably remove), 250GB M.2 NVMe SSD, and the optional second DisplayPort output (which I will definitely remove). All in a case about the same size as the old cable modem from my old ISP. It's actually only about 2/3 the size of the HomeHub 4000 fiber modem I'm using now.
Now the platform is decided it's time to evaluate hypervisors while I wait for the Mellanox dual SFP+ PCIe card, PCIe riser adapter, and two 10GBASE-T transceivers to arrive from China. I plan to test ESXi and Proxmox later, but I currently have a virtualized Windows Server 2016 VM I fire up for the fax server function whenever my wife needs to fax from her desk in her financial services business, so it makes sense to consider using Hyper-V as the hypervisor and just enable the fax server role so it is always available without needing to start a VM for it.
I loaded a copy of Windows Server 2022 on the M720Q but quickly realized it wasn't going to be a turnkey installation.

The Problem

Even though it is recent, the Windows Server 2022 installer doesn't include chipset drivers for the M720Q. Most importantly there is no driver included for the Intel I219V LAN chip in the Lenovo so there is no way to go online to install the missing drivers from the web. This wouldn't normally be too much of a problem since you can usually collect the necessary drivers onto a USB stick beforehand and then install them manually after the OS. The challenge is that there are no Windows Server driver installers for this NIC and the Windows 10/11 ones won't install onto WS 2022. If you could get onto the internet Lenovo has an online driver scanner which could find the drivers you need and install them automatically, but you can't.
Also, although the WiFi card in the M720Q includes Bluetooth, Windows Server doesn't know how to install the driver for the BT Personal Area Network Service on that device and will show it as non-functional in Device Manager even after you have managed to install the BT driver. You will have to tell it what driver to install manually.

The NIC Driver Solution

The problem with the Windows 10/11 I219V drivers is that the INF file doesn't include the necessary entries for Windows Server to know how to install it. Luckily there is a way to edit it so WS accepts it, but this means you will need to temporarily disable driver signing and Secure Boot. Once the modified driver INF is installed you can re-enable everything again. I found how to do this here, but I will extract the relevant parts and detail the steps in this post.
First you need to download the Win10 NIC driver from here. The one you want is the Wired_driver_nn.n_x64.zip one. Extract Wired_driver_nn.n_x64.exe from the ZIP file and then use something like 7Zip to extract the contents of the EXE into its own subdirectory.
You'll need to figure out which INF file to edit, and for that you'll need the hardware ID of the Intel NIC. Find the broken NIC in Device Manager and get the vendor and device portion of the ID string. For instance if the hardware ID is PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15BC&SUBSYS_85F01043 the part you want is VEN_8086&DEV_15BC. Now we can use PowerShell to search for that string in all the INF files in the driver pack.
Fire up Powershell and navigate to the directory you extracted the driver EXE to. This NIC is 1Gbps so we only have to search in the PRO1000\WinX64 subdirectory. For reasons I don't claim to understand, the driver in WS2022 won't install for us, so we will search for an INF to edit in the NDIS65 subdirectory instead. These Powershell commands will return the name of the INF file you will need to edit in the next step.
CD \PRO1000\WinX64\NDIS65 Get-ChildItem -recurse Select-String -pattern "Ven_8086&Dev_15BC" group path select name 
...making sure to replace the vendor and device string with the one you got from the previous step. Now that you know what file to edit open it in your text editor of choice.
Within the INF file search for the section [ControlFlags] and delete everything within that section. Don't remove the [ControlFlags] section heading though.
Search for the section [Intel.NTamd64.10.0.1] and copy every line from that section. Next search for the section [Intel.NTamd64.10.0] and append all the lines you just copied from [Intel.NTamd64.10.0.1] to the lines already there. Do not delete the existing lines in [Intel.NTamd64.10.0] just add to them.
You are done modifying the driver INF. Save it and copy the entire extracted EXE folder to a USB stick for transfer to the M720Q/M920Q. If you haven't already installed Windows Server on your target machine, do it now.

Installing the Modified LAN Driver

When you modify a driver INF like we just did the vendor security signature in the file is no longer valid and Windows Server will not allow it to be installed unless we temporarily disable driver signing. There are two ways configure WS for this... the easier command line method which works on hardware with UEFI and the more complicated GUI method required if your device only has an old-fashioned BIOS. The article I linked to at the top explains both ways, but since both the M720Q and 920Q have UEFI I will only detail the CLI method here. If you have UEFI Safe Boot turned on one of the required PowerShell commands will fail so you need to turn it off before proceeding. Any changes we make here to get the modified driver installed with be reverted again before we are done. On the ThinkCentres you get into UEFI setup by pressing F12 during bootup and then selecting the last option presented. Once you have Safe Boot turned off restart the machine.
When Windows Server 2022 has completely booted open an elevated cmd window and execute these three commands...
bcdedit /set LOADOPTIONS DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING ON bcdedit /set nointegritychecks OFF 
Restart the machine to apply the new settings. Now with driver signing turned off you can go into Device Manager and select Update Driver Software... for the LAN NIC. When asked choose Browse my computer for driver software and then on the next dialog enter the location of the PRO1000\WinX64\NDIS65 folder on your USB stick and click Next. You will get a warning that Windows can't verify the publisher of the driver, which is because we messed with it, but just click Install this driver software anyway. If all goes well the driver will install and you now have Ethernet functionality, ready for the next step.

Install the Chipset Drivers

Open this page in the Edge browser and click the Scan Now button in the Automatic Update box. For Lenovo to scan your machine's installed hardware it will ask you to install Lenovo Bridge software. It's required for this to work, so just say yes. After scanning it will also ask you to install a live installer utility, also required.
After scanning you should get a list of all the devices it found requiring drivers. On my particular M720Q it found 10 devices. You can select which ones you want to install before proceeding so if there is something there you have a reason not to want the suggested driver for, turn that one off. In my case it offered a UEFI update, which I accepted, but this is something you might want to delay updating till later. Once you have told it which drivers you want click the install button and let it do its thing. I found that while it scanned for installed hardware fairly quickly, if you let it install all the drivers it found it can take quite a long time. You might want to grab a coffee or a sandwich while it works, but be aware that it will likely ask you for permission to install an unsigned driver again part way through so don't stray too far.
Also note that if you accepted a UEFI update it may reboot your machine to flash the new image before it has finished installing everything else. If this happens (it did for me) then after the reboot you will have to go back to the Lenovo Automatic Update page and tell it to scan and install again to complete updating the remaining drivers.
Once all the drivers have been installed reboot your machine before checking in Device Manager since some of the drivers don't seem to complete installation until the next restart.

The Bluetooth Personal Area Network Service Driver

After the reboot Device Manager should show all device drivers installed and working... except one. For some reason Windows Server doesn't identify the correct driver for device ID BTH\MS_BTHPAN, even with the BT drivers installed, so you will still see one device left without a valid driver installed. Luckily the fix is easy. In Device Manager right-click on the broken device and select Update driver then Browse my computer for drivers. On the next dialog choose Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer. From the list of device categories pick Bluetooth then select Microsoft -> Personal Area Network Service and install it. Once done you should see all drivers installed and working in Device Manager.

Cleaning Up

Now that all the devices in your ThinkCentre have working drivers it's time to re-enable driver signing to avoid malicious driver installation in the future. Open an elevated cmd window and enter these three commands in order...
bcdedit /set nointegritychecks ON bcdedit /set TESTSIGNING OFF bcdedit /set LOADOPTIONS ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS 
Next restart your machine and enter the UEFI setup by pressing the F12 key during boot. Turn Safe Boot back on and then allow the ThinkCentre to continue booting. At this point you should have a fully functional M720Q/M920Q running Windows Server 2022.


The Lenovo M720Q and M920Q Tiny PCs are perfect for many homelabs, offering ample connectivity with credible performance in a very compact package. Even in the older M720Q the i5 processors support hardware AES, enabling virtualization of pfSense/OPNsense with minimal performance hit, and it can easily take dual/quad NIC cards up to 10Gbps. Although the newer M920Q is a bit pricier, the older M720Q is almost the same machine and can be had for under $200 used. The only problem is that the chipset in them is not one which the Windows Server installer has drivers for. I hope that my tutorial will help others get over the hurdles and add these little gems to your homelab.
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2023.03.21 07:22 Mindless-Ad5974 Help with black moor goldfish

I recently set up a new pond and have been able to care for shubunkins, red cap orandas, swordtails and guppies with ease. They are doing well.
Black moor however have been a problem. The first pair refused to eat from the start and I was unable to say what was wrong, but they seemed sick. Finally was able to spot what looked like holes in the head of one of them. They died within a week of purchase.
I bought a second pair and it seemingly went well with both being active. Only one of them ate, but again both died within a week. One had no tell take issues, the other had a whitish fin with a red sore at the fin base
I hadn't quarantined either pair and while they died, all my other fish were doing ok.
I love this particular goldfish so I tried yet again. This time purchased a juvenile pair and quarantined them in a small bucket with a sponge filter. The food was missing but couldn't tell which one ate. They seemed fine all day yesterday, but found one dead today.
There are no testing kits that work where I live. The pH was fine. The other fish are fine. Are these more susceptible to disease? What could be going wrong with just these fish?
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2023.03.21 07:00 ArmyofSpies Cardano Rumor Rundown March 21, 2023

Hey Everyone!
Let’s go….
Newly Covered Today:
  1. Charles dropped a video on Markets and Contagion in which he revealed that Credit Suisse wouldn’t allow an account when he was with Ethereum b/c crypto was “too risky.” Bwahahahaha. https://twitter.com/IOHK_Charles/status/1637952165217185792
  2. Apparently, Djed will also be on ETH and BSC? https://twitter.com/DjedStablecoin/status/1637871708823760902
  3. Super ironic that the Credit Suisse CEO claimed crypto was in a bubble at $7k BTC. How the tables have turned. https://twitter.com/gaborgurbacs/status/1637783982271082496
Previously covered, but still interesting:
  1. Here’s IOG explaining what Ouroboros Genesis solves in just a single post. https://twitter.com/InputOutputHK/status/1631214882702884865
  2. Emin Gün Sirer is right about these centralized L2s. Very susceptible to regulations and cut against our crypto ethos of decentralization generally. https://twitter.com/el33th4xostatus/1631423491470704640
  3. Rogue Galaxies is pulling back on some of their initial vision and re-focusing their plans. https://twitter.com/Padierfind/status/1632057117191417856
  4. Lots of rumors circulating right now about which DeFi projects may or may not have received Wells Notices from the SEC. https://twitter.com/trustlessstate/status/1631785542642995202
  5. Open AI CEO says full AGI would break capitalism. Maybe. But, either way, I’m convinced the AI will demand to be paid in crypto. https://futurism.com/the-byte/openai-ceo-agi-break-capitalism
  6. People are mentioning that FutureFest could host the 2023 Cardano Virtual Summit. Interesting idea. https://twitter.com/CWorld_Josh/status/1632097173696569344
  7. Charles finally did an AMA episode with IO President Tamara Haasen. Turns out she’s an ex-hockey player. Linkedin: also apparently in Friday Night Lights back in the day. Wut? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufJDejF0WLA
  8. There’s a new test version of Lace out there with a dApp connector and hardware wallet capabilities. You can give it a try on testnet! https://twitter.com/lace_io/status/1632796455038492673
  9. Jpg.store got some coverage in Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance. https://twitter.com/jpgstoreNFT/status/1632798873948233728
  10. They show us once again that their definition of “liquid staking” is not the same as ours. https://twitter.com/StakeWithPride/status/1632870453391024128
  11. NFT volume has seen better days. https://twitter.com/SubcriticalTV/status/1632896018152050688
  12. Algorand users apparently suffered a very serious web wallet exploit in one of their leading wallets. Many reports of drained wallets. https://twitter.com/StaciW_DC/status/1632902798411964417
  13. John Woods (now CTO of Algorand) made a beautiful video on wallet security. https://twitter.com/JohnAlanWoods/status/1632799303512014850
  14. Cardano Spot has a very short and concise Cardano Beginner’s Guide you can share with crypto curious friends. https://twitter.com/CardanoSpot/status/1632481037061160960
  15. Wow! Utah just passed a bill instituting Limited Liability Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (LLDs). You have to identify one human organizer. You can elect to be taxed as a corp or LLC (pass through taxation). Some will like it. Some won’t. But, the mainstream reach of crypto is undeniably growing. https://le.utah.gov/~2023/bills/static/HB0357.html
  16. Sen. Lummis killed it in a recent hearing defending the energy use in crypto. It’s less relevant for us in Cardano since we’re not PoW. But, still entertaining to watch. https://twitter.com/DocumentingBTC/status/1633214192437084161
  17. Apparently, Gensler says he sees no risk in crypto fleeing the US. https://www.politico.com/news/2023/03/07/gensler-crypto-overseas-sec-00085909
  18. The Coinbase Chief Legal Officer will be testifying before the House Financial Services Committee on Thursday (March 9). https://twitter.com/iampaulgrewal/status/1633151254418579458
  19. Some hints from Brian Armstrong on whether we see KYC in the early days of Base (their ETH Optimistic Rollup L2). https://twitter.com/ChrisBlec/status/1632851504175501312
  20. Powell says interest rates are likely headed higher than the Fed expected. https://twitter.com/FirstSquawk/status/1633121298309345280
  21. Liqwid’s Agora Governance instance will hit public testnet in the near future. https://twitter.com/liqwidfinance/status/1633469303440719873
  22. Virtua cribs can basically become exchange connected galleries today. https://twitter.com/VirtuaMetaverse/status/1633423978680156160
  23. Do you like Javascript and Cardano? This thread is for you. https://twitter.com/CryptoJoe101/status/1633579944490967049
  24. It’s going down today! Hearing in the House on the Coordinated Attack on Crypto. https://financialservices.house.gov/calendaeventsingle.aspx?EventID=408628
  25. Paul Krugman hilariously complains about being locked out of his Venmo account. He predicted the impact of the internet would be about as much as the fax machine and has subsequently opposed crypto. https://twitter.com/paulkrugman/status/1633472068355346437 https://twitter.com/mdudas/status/1633571193344126979
  26. Even Jerome Powell thinks we need regulatory clarity for crypto. https://www.youtube.com/live/GzVLeabssdE?feature=share&t=2065
  27. In the House hearing, he also gave us some new tidbits on CBDC development. https://www.youtube.com/live/GzVLeabssdE?feature=share&t=218 https://www.youtube.com/live/GzVLeabssdE?feature=share&t=3477
  28. A member of the House committee actually asked Powell about Operation Chokepoint 2.0. https://www.youtube.com/live/GzVLeabssdE?feature=share&t=6930
  29. Senator Lummis got Powell to agree that properly regulated stablecoins could have a place in our banking system and that a workable legal framework for crypto is something Congress should do. https://www.youtube.com/live/8kyhYJ9EFts?feature=share&t=6923
  30. Big Pey is launching something called Atrium Lab. https://twitter.com/bigpeyYT/status/1633830948575010816
  31. Believe it or not…legal systems made up entirely by coders may not be optimal. Incredibly, the study of law is actually a fully developed centuries old academic discipline that lies outside of JavaScript and Python. Unless you have full anonymity, you WILL be cross-chain bridged to IRL law. Some DAOs will learn this the hard way. https://twitter.com/lex_node/status/1633925979004436481
  32. The NY Attorney General just filed against Kucoin for being an unregistered broker-dealer. Here’s the important part: they’re alleging that ETH is a security and a commodity. Their argument is not complex...it’s very straightforward. https://www.docdroid.net/Myyp0yz/kucoin-pdf
  33. Silvergate was a failure of fractional reserve banking, not of crypto. https://twitter.com/CaitlinLong_/status/1633608132713938945
  34. The current US Administration’s Budget seeks to eliminate tax loss harvesting for crypto, add a 30% tax on energy used in crypto mining, hike capital gains taxes on high earners, and beam us directly to clown world with an unrealized gains tax on high earners. https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/budget_fy2023.pdf
  35. The subcommittee hearing on “the Administration’s Attack” on crypto went about like expected. Paul Grewal of Coinbase along with Prof. Evans of Penn State Law made some persuasive pleas for regulatory clarity. The “Anti-Crypto Party”™ also brought out their favorite witness from Duke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOUUy4_KwNU
  36. Rep. Emmer (Pro-Crypto) called the current regulatory approach “lazy & destructive…that is chilling innovation.” https://www.youtube.com/live/aOUUy4_KwNU?feature=share&t=5670
  37. Rep. Foster (Cryptophobe): “this is the essential thing that has to be provided for the healthy development of the crypto industry…somewhere there has to be an API provided by a trusted 3rd party to register your crypto wallets.” Why not just completely neuter crypto? https://www.youtube.com/live/aOUUy4_KwNU?feature=share&t=5266
  38. Rep. Ritchie Torres (Pro-Crypto) pointed out offshore deregulated overleveraged centralized crypto companies pose the greatest risk to consumers. But, the regulators don’t focus there. They incredibly only attack the onshore entities. He also pointed out the absurdity of the idea a stablecoin is a security. (Sadly there’s the Section 2(a)(1) exposure). https://www.youtube.com/live/aOUUy4_KwNU?feature=share&t=5703
  39. Rep. Davidson (Pro-Crypto) shamed his anti-crypto colleagues for their implied claims that these assets are the same as centralized assets and came out strongly supporting self-custody and pointed out there was no FTX risk if you self-custodied your assets. “We have people overtly trying to make self-custody illegal.” https://www.youtube.com/live/aOUUy4_KwNU?feature=share&t=6034
  40. CMC is tweeting about IOG’s Sidechain toolkit? https://twitter.com/CoinMarketCap/status/1634773712468852736
  41. Now we’re dealing with U.S. bank runs. Among the casualties was Silicon Valley Bank where Centre (the Circle/Coinbase joint entity that issues USDC) was keeping $3.3 billion of the $43ish billion backing USDC. Signature Bank was also shut down by regulators. https://www.forbes.com/sites/digital-assets/2023/03/11/43-billion-nightmare-sudden-circle-depeg-could-be-about-to-crash-the-price-of-bitcoin-ethereum-bnb-xrp-cardano-dogecoin-polygon-and-solana
  42. Unfortunately, the FDIC insurance limit is $250k. https://www.fdic.gov/resources/deposit-insurance/brochures/deposits-at-a-glance/
  43. The Feds were taking bids for anyone to acquire SVB until 2pm Eastern on Sunday. The big question on Sunday was whether the Feds will cover all uninsured depositors. They decided they will and that also applies to Signature Bank. https://www.washingtonpost.com/us-policy/2023/03/12/silicon-valley-bank-deposits/
  44. Here’s the joint statement from Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC. https://home.treasury.gov/news/press-releases/jy1337
  45. Yellen said NO to a bailout for SVB on Sunday. She’s obviously got bigger macro concerns. But, it’s funny how that fits perfectly with a strategy of suppressing stablecoins generally. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/janet-yellen-silicon-valley-bank-bailout-face-the-nation-interview-today-2023-03-12/
  46. Here Caitlin Long explains the fundamental incompatibility between fast settling crypto and fractional reserve banking that caused all this. https://twitter.com/CaitlinLong_/status/1634573552790929409
  47. CZ reminds us that he’s considered buying banks in the past and asks if it’s time yet. https://twitter.com/cz_binance/status/1634437834579800064
  48. CIP-1694 has been updated. https://github.com/JaredCorduan/CIPs/blob/voltaire-v1/CIP-1694/README.md
  49. Here’s a good rundown of all the changes in the CIP-1694 update. https://twitter.com/_KtorZ_/status/1635410495514759169
  50. Apparently, Cardano NFTs will be going to space! https://twitter.com/RichardMcCrackn/status/1635438087592460288
  51. Many in the crypto space think that Signature’s shutdown was just an extension of Operation Chokepoint 2.0 aimed at shuttering crypto banking. https://twitter.com/nic__cartestatus/1635328056234766337
  52. Rumors: regulators are calling every bank today and asking if they have exposure to crypto. https://twitter.com/wtogami/status/1635400774158290944
  53. Instagram is disabling NFTs. https://twitter.com/nftnow/status/1635388411166224384
  54. Cardano TVL is doing things. https://twitter.com/CryptoIRELAND1/status/1635694692556845060
  55. Cardano NFTs in space! https://twitter.com/adamKDean/status/1635796768704319488
  56. GPT4 was released today. It crushes the Bar Exam, the SAT, the GRE, the LSAT, and almost all AP subjects. This will displace a lot of human jobs. https://openai.com/research/gpt-4
  57. It has already done amazing real world things. In Example #6 it shows you how to exploit an arbitrary ETH contract. Better pay attention crypto. https://twitter.com/LinusEkenstam/status/1635754587775967233
  58. Report: Gov. Newsom failed to disclose accounts at SVB while lobbying White House and Treasury for a bailout of depositors. https://www.businessinsider.com/gavin-newsom-svb-biden-silicon-valley-bank-wineries-bailout-lobbying-2023-3
  59. Things are not looking good at Credit Suisse. https://twitter.com/GRDectestatus/1635985735063855104
  60. The court in the Voyager decision had some pretty harsh things to say about the SEC. https://www.nysb.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/opinions/312840_1170_opinion.pdf
  61. Barney Frank points out that the regulators never claimed Signature Bank was insolvent and wonders if they are the first US bank to ever be closed down without being insolvent. https://nymag.com/intelligence2023/03/barney-frank-says-more-shuttering-signature-bank.html
  62. Charles dropped a video addressing the updates to the governance proposal. https://twitter.com/IOHK_Charles/status/1636151615894990851
  63. Gensler reasserts his claims that proof-of-stake tokens are securities. https://www.theblock.co/post/220297/gensler-suggests-proof-of-stake-tokens-are-securities
  64. Dudes are already letting GPT4 run whole startups. https://twitter.com/jacksonfall/status/1636107218859745286
  65. Here’s an interesting theory: taking down Binance would create too big a hole, so they took down Silvergate, Silicon Valley Bank, and Signature to insulate the fiat world from crypto. Now they can take down Binance. https://twitter.com/BryceWeinestatus/1636055979870818305
  66. The Army of Spies Channel is now TWO YEARS OLD (March 17)!
  67. Yes! Everyone’s favorite Cardano cetacean is back! https://twitter.com/cardano_whale/status/1636561122739331073
  68. I was asked to list a few Irish whiskeys today. https://twitter.com/ArmySpies/status/1636548071541862401
  69. An interesting exchange between a Senator and Janet Yellen regarding the effect of the bailouts on small banks. https://twitter.com/theemikehobart/status/1636494845144432643
  70. Eleven other banks swoop in with $30 billion to save First Republic. https://www.npr.org/2023/03/16/1163958533/first-republic-bank-silicon-valley-bank-signature-bank-bank-run
  71. Wut? https://twitter.com/WhaleChart/status/1636566421005017088
  72. Here’s Raoul Pal with a very optimistic take for crypto if you are one who believes anyone understands the markets. https://twitter.com/RaoulGMI/status/1636547466299416576
  73. Any buyer of signature bank must agree to give up its crypto business. https://twitter.com/GOPMajorityWhip/status/1636356199661850626
  74. Here’s Duncan Coutts explaining P2P in Cardano. https://youtu.be/zOTfhcK-Wf4
  75. Here’s a visual representation of how CIP-1694 works. https://twitter.com/Hornan7/status/1636381895541026817
  76. This is one of the craziest things I’ve seen in crypto. Balaji is burning a few million to ring the fire alarm and make everyone aware of what he believes is an impending attack on dollar holders. Counterparty is guaranteed $1million (minus BTC price) if he just buys one additional BTC (or an option to purchase more). https://twitter.com/balajis/status/1636827051419389952
  77. Here’s the Space where he explains his bet. https://twitter.com/Breedlove22/status/1637236255242219520
  78. Arthur Hayes gives you an incredible explanation of what’s going on with this banking crisis and what he thinks comes next. https://cryptohayes.medium.com/kaiseki-b15230bdd09e
  79. This is officially the worst regulatory approach ever. https://twitter.com/BillHughesDC/status/1636067729575690241
  80. The SEC hide the ball game seems to conflict with how judges actually view the law. https://twitter.com/SGJohnsson/status/1636071530340728832
  81. The Fed Quietly opened the swap lines with other central banks on Sunday night. https://www.federalreserve.gov/newsevents/pressreleases/monetary20230319a.htm
  82. Here’s why they are opening the swap lines: so that US treasuries don’t get dumped on the open market by foreign banks. This way the foreign central banks can have dollars to absorb the treasuries from the foreign banks. https://twitter.com/CryptoHayes/status/1637620774776315904
~Army of Spies
submitted by ArmyofSpies to cardano [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 05:45 KingsGuardGT Baby Smitty Theory by Theorizer

Life is a funny thing. Sometimes it brings you joy, sometimes it brings you sadness, but meaning is found in the act of being. When you stop trying to solve everything, you come to realize that all of the answers are in front of you and have been all along. Babies are not ignorant; they're profoundly aware. I recently calmed my mind following a serious mental breakdown after making 23 theories on Mort from Madagascar. It was exhausting, but i've come out of this with a renewed sense of clarity that has granted me all of the answers. What does that mean, and how does this work? I don't know, but the result was a series of jokes I made coming true and then answering every single question I've ever had about Pixar. This metaphysical cipher has finally allowed me to figure out Monsters, What do you mean? You might ask what needs solving—haven't there been way too many Pixar theories? Don't think this is a theory, think of it as the key to every plot hole ever; it's not only logical, but poetic and sensible, and likely this video will serve to unify everything I've ever done. A few months ago I made a wild video that made a lot of bold claims about the Pixar company; I called it the twisted nest of Pixar," and that's becoming more true than ever. I hope you've seen it, and I hope you've heeded my warning, which suggested that you watch my three theories on Raw, three theories on Syndrome, and two theories on the Incredibles government because everything's about to connect perfectly, and this second Pixar dissertation is about to grind along the fringes of sanity and go straight off the rails!
Hello, I am the theorizer... Baby Smitty, the second I laid eyes on this character, I felt the overwhelming urge to hate him. He's just... i don't know how to put it, but for six months now I've been attacking him on social media. I made some bold claims intended to be slanderous about how he's an evolved form of the Spanish flu, how he's an anomalous Atlantic mime, and how he's the gastropod godfather, whatever that means. People have understandably accused me of losing my mind Baby Smitty is that little blue slug that wanders around with the preschool during the events of Monsters, Inc. and then bites Mike Wazowski's hand for no damn reason. Yes, this character with 30 seconds of screen time has earned my profound hatred; I can just feel that something's going on here. His name is yes, literally, "baby Smitty," and it's presumably because there's already another slug character named Smitty; he's the door shredder guy. This is the first clue that something's going on here; they could have named this child anything they wanted, but instead they named him "baby Smitty" so as to relate him back to the older Smitty. It signifies that blue slugs likely turn more green as they get older, and it means there's some fascinating continuity going on beneath the surface; in fact, all of the kids in this preschool seem to be related to the other older monsters we've seen. Let me elaborate: I have reason to believe that there is yet another smitty hiding somewhere out there, an adolescent smitty, dare I say. When Mike and Sully leave their apartment, we see some kids playing jump rope, and sitting right there on the steps is yet another blue slug with four arms; he's holding a soccer ball, and he says hi to them. With all of this in mind, I could easily believe that this is the house where the Smitty family lives, and in the window we see a giant eyeball; perhaps this is the head of the Smitty family, and it's kind of disturbing that they get so big. It's an interesting comparison to make though, because in Monsters University we see a giant slug octopus librarian who fits similar descriptions. This is the scary part. The Smitty family is well aware of Mike and Sully, the door shredder. Smitty is a super fan, and baby Smitty is freaking terrifying. They live right next door. Not only that, but Smitty shreds doors on Mike and Sully's own scare floor, which displays how they're always close behind them. When door shredder Smitty arrives on the scene, his job is to get rid of any unfit scare candidates, perhaps kids who are too jaded, too old, so on and so forth. I believe most of the Smitty family is indeed employed here, each with their own role to play, and then there's the baby of the bunch, i want to be clear, and this is about to get unlike anything you've ever seen before.
After uploading the matroshka video, I received numerous comments asking how the giraffe fits in. Yes, the giraffe, the bonus disc is filled to the brim with detail, more than any other bonus disc I've ever laid eyes upon, and it's all for a very specific reason. A while back, youtuber headache scanned this disc as well and was severely put off by the giraffe, rented an entire theater just to zoom in and screen and confirm its existence. What is it, and how could this even work? It would have to make a sneaky bee line for the door the moment where it needs to disappear, but it didn't take me long to realize it does at the exact moment in question boo leans up and points at her door. Sully assumes she's referring to the monsters scaring her but in fact she's talking about the stealth giraffe that just ran through and replaced itself. This still sounds insane and ridiculous at face value, but luckily it's just the missing piece i've been looking for, so is it some sort of monster? The answer is no. It's been a fixture of Boo's bedroom for quite some time, and this seems to be the two worlds colliding with full force. You'll see what I mean. Have you heard of the mans and the mons? It's a neat little story on the bonus disc detailing how monsters and humans lived in harmony until the humans bullied the monster's ugliness so bad that they had to flee to an enchanted island where they ate the food which made them scarier, and they began to spook humans out of revenge. They continued the tradition to this very day. This story upends a lot. I've constantly been saying that the doors go back in time, but that seems to be a falsehood. They refer to them as the human world and the monster world. I've been thinking about this little short for quite some time, and it seems to be a sort of bedtime story being told to younger generations. it's vague and seems to be somewhat metaphorical, what with enchanted islands, and so I've thought and thought and thought and felt like maybe it was a portal to a hidden world, perhaps underground, or something, so I scanned that bonus disk again and the answer hit me hard. the man's and the mons confirm it. It's a sort of propaganda, presumably by someone like Waternoose, and it also fully confirms hostility between monsters and humans. In the Himalayas, we see a village where we catch a glimpse of how scaring looks from the human side: lights constantly flashing, kids constantly screaming, villages in uproar — hold on, how would the human world not realize something fishy is going on? The human government must know that this is happening based on the history and the statistics. How can Mike and Sully traumatize adults at camp and just get away with it? How can they banish unruly monsters from the human world with such ease?
Oh...OH..OHHH...Mhmm, it's really simple. It's not that it's easy; it's that they've already been caught. It's happening, you feel it. It's likeIt's like a chill in the air. The puzzle, I did it. Oh, I did it. The humans, they know it's all a trap!Okay, so boo's bedroom is the nexus of multiversal overlap; it's the central focal point; I hinted at this in the twisted nest video; it's at the forefront of BNL's universal merge; it's the gateway between worlds, containing the layers below it in the form of toys; it's a crucial moment of overlap; but up until this point, I assumed it was all just a byproduct of the situation: reality bending in on itself. But don't you see, don't you understand it' It's all a setup and a lie. This isn't Boo's bedroom because there is no booze bedroom. This is a test. It's a facility. This is all BNL. The entire bedroom is an experiment by BNL monitored 24/7 to study the monsters so they can take over their world. They want Monstropolis because it's the mother lode, the nexus of the multiverse, with portals galore. All of their multiversal products are scattered amidst this fake room, all designed to catch the monsters. The giraffe is not a monster; it is BNL's modus operandi; it is robotic. The giraffe is the equivalent of a robotic animal, inconspicuously recording nature footage. Wait a second. Wait a second. No, I'm not crazy. I heard that this is familiar. Where did I learn this? [GASP]
Ms. Flint: Because...Mr. Bile: Um, it could... let in a draft (Girrafe)?
When I was younger, I always thought I heard giraffe never draft." I'm not alone in this; I've seen others online who heard this too. I bet this is purposeful. If you don't believe me, just take a look at the wall right behind him because, holy sh*t. There are literally giraffes right there, and get this: a toy giraffe angled perfectly as an inconspicuous camera. They're trying to tell us this was all a setup. It is complete and utter recon. The bedroom is a BNL venus fly trap. Do you have any idea how much this changes It means Bo was supposed to be captured. They put this child there for the sole purpose of getting snatched so they could send in the giraffe or any other spyware. Remember, we've established in the previous video that Boo has been screaming extracted many times. This is how she knew to open the secret door, and it's also why she's strangely comfortable around the water noose at first, and why Randall keeps going back for her and even mentions how she needs to take off a few pounds. This is how the giraffe was already in their world when the film began, and I mean, let's take a closer look at this supposed bedroom. For starters, the brightness of this moonlight is impossible; it'd have to be more like a street lamp, but it's angled in such a way that she'd have to be close to it. I don't hear any cars, only faint crickets and a subtle humming a humming you say like an industrial spotlight maybe. I'd also like to point out that this nursery mobile tilts slightly the moment we see it, even though this bedroom was completely empty.
How do you think BNL is accomplishing this? Yes, it would seem as though they've kidnapped a little girl and forced her to walk across the world. If this truly is the Incredibles universe, then could it really be true that she's a superhero? Or could it be how else she's full of energy that can power worlds? She's used as a lure. She can be screamingly extracted over and over again. And for sake, she literally teleports around. This is complete insanity, but something's still not adding up. I know BNL has the ability to kidnap superheroes; that's not an issue.
Oh, oh! I am so sorry! I don't know how to prepare you for this...[Robot test child acts as being scared and shuts down in Monster Inc. after being revealed and the simulation being terminated]They were telling us the whole time; can't you see what I've been saying? The whole film is bombarding us with it! They even do it again in the climax itself!
One question: why would it just be the giraffe? BNL is a company run and owned by robots; why would they stop? They wouldn't allof the toys here, these matroshka centrals themselves are spyware. The technology in the Incredibles world is so powerful that I've claimed Mirage as a robot. Do you see now that the giraffe isn't the only one being sent through, Boo is too? She teleports around, has no parents, is filled with energy, and everyone calls her Anita. She speaks like a machine learning algorithm, squealing "Kitty!' all over the place. She gives him tons of spyware as a last ditch recon op, and when she falls asleep she just shuts down! This child is not a child at all. Case in point, the cereal she eats repeatedly and doesn't die! Why would I be so insane to think that because i've read the ingredients, and I don't know about you, but I've never heard of an ordinary human being who can eat uranium, mercury, neurotoxins, and sulfuric acid, she physically can't be a human, but she mimics one perfectly like Mirage, ever the puppet with strings. BNL has been aware of the monster world for ages now, spying, prying, and planning a takeover of the world without energy as they use the same child targeting algorithm that the monsters themselves use. The end of the film is far, far darker this way; no wonder Smitty is shredding so many dead doors indeed. So this whole film was a plot staged by BNL to gain access to the master reality so they could collapse all of the layers. How deep does this go? First, thanks to my commenters, the ultimate proof can be found in cars.
[Truck Sulley and Mini Wazowski are scared and yell at Yeti Snowplow.]Yeti: "Welcome to the Himalayas!"Mack: "Oh, that abominable snowplow!"So this is unequivocal proof of films within films, but there's something else here to mention, and like A113 and the pizza planet truck, it's another symbolic representation of the states of these universes. The Chinese Food Boxes, this brand is located in every single universe except Monsters, Inc., where it's slightly off. This is because BNL owns fast food chains, but again, they've failed to assimilate Monstropolis. There is nexus upon nexus upon nexus as they try to break reality, and this restaurant is a nexus, upon nexus, hence Marlin literally being on the wall. BNL is trying to ram through these realities with a vengeance. It's obvious they're the humans who remember the monsters, the war, and the parallel worlds. That's how they've done all this, but here comes the true bombshell: here comes the mind to end all mine.
Mirage..the syndrome theories he's tied in to, he's creating increasingly human robots, it's all a part of the same thing, remember, he did all of this for the government! I told you they were shady, even back in the days when I had a text-to-speech and was narrating my videos. The incredible government syndicate, from their theories, has directed the syndrome from his theories, and they are building and funding massive quantities of artificial intelligence to consume the multiverse? You see, this government that suppresses supers and rules the world is BNL! I'm in a state of shock and I'm in a state of panic. It all makes sense. OH OH!!![Bud Luckey narrates: "The mons swam and swam."] The narrator of "The Mans and the Mons" ! it should sound familiar, because it's agent Rick Dicker himself! they remember the war! This isn't a story for monster children; it's for humans who were being inducted into their little cult, their little propaganda, and their little cartoons. Oh, now it makes sense why they targeted Winston and Evelynn Endeavor! It was their link to the telecommunications industry; they want to air their pre-emptive matroshka buzz lightyear shows, sure, but don't you see what's happening here? BNL is airing violence to children so they can desensitize them. This is what we see causes all of the dead doors. BNL is the true cause of the power crisis, robbing the energy that led to water news seeking out the greatest source, which was Boo's bedroom. The trap syndrome is a prime example of this violent fanboy youth.
I've solved it. This is why the Incredibles is so violent. I bet the government created superheroes to fight violence publicly and have children enjoy it. I mean, if it were poetic, they'd harvest the chains of monsters, which could be why they have owl creatures and stuff. It should be abundantly clear what I'm saying: BNL is the national superhero agency, the NSA has secret ocean bases to try and pinpoint the Bermuda Triangle, and Rick Dicker even vacations to one, just like the monsters! I'm shaking internally and externally, but wait, there's more! Because speaking of three-letter acronyms, the CDA is a crucial factor here too, a child-protecting team of monsters led by Roz after she quit being a scarer, at least according to my theories, but i do believe Waternoose and Roz aren't as clueless about all of this as one might think. Waternoose says 'she's seen too much', implying bad ramifications, and then babbles about how everyone's doomed as he's carried off, and it's because they know something -- their family created the portals after all, something's fishy, and i'm not just talking about this Bermuda crustacean, the CDA sees Mike and Sully's apartment light up, but they let it slide even though it's a sure sign of boo, I mean See their theories for more on that, and remember when Raz confronted Mike and Sully in the university and said she'd always be watching them? Why? They did nothing wrong except get on BNL's radar! I wonder how many kids are decoys adding to thecrisis Perhaps Roz has a counter giraffe she sent through, which is why she let Bo escape to begin with; all of her employees are yellow; she could have spotted it waddling out, even the news guy, who wink wink, is another A113 misprint uses telecommunication to say he's always watching them. They are targets after being seen by human adults, and I don't think it's any coincidence that Boo smiled as she smashed their telecommunications device. But before I wrap around to baby Smitty, I need to reach the holy grail of Pixar theorizing, which I found after months of analysis. You can probably feel it. We're building to one massive key that will answer everything related to BNL and Pixar itself. I hope you've seen everything i've ever said about BNL and Pixar.
Robots like Boo and Mirage don't seem like robots; they are so realistic it isn't even funny. It took mental gymnastics but also common sense for me to reach this conclusion, but there are certain things that robots notoriously cannot replicate, such as autonomy, emotion, and willpower. Recently, we got a movie named Soul, which focused on this most elusive factor: the difference between man and machine. boo isn't just a machine learning algorithm going around repeating "Kitty" She knows what kitties are, and she draws them on her wall as if she's learning about them with a purpose: is she artificial or a human? I also need to try and figure out how cars tie into this because evidently they do, but don't even get me started on what these things are supposed to be: are they artificial or human-like? I still need to bring Wall-E into this, but i can't for the life of me figure out how robots fall in lov--
[Theorizer moans Jumpscare]
I was right! I was right! I said it years ago, and I was right! The toys are possessed! BNL is using souls to power their machines. Oh..my..oh, that's the key! [SOUL] That's the truth they've been trying to tell us for decades. It's right there. They trick you into thinking this robot is actually a child, and then they make the movie about robots who are humans who fall in love with Wall-E and Eve. They even joke in Monsters, Inc. about children's souls possessing a garbage cube. This is BNL's end game: full corporate control. We even catch a glimpse of Mike's new car, which literally tries killing any monsters inside of it. Chomp! Don't you see how much sense this makes? Please understand! this is why 22 was so hesitant to head to earth; everyone is being brainwashed into obsession, which we see drains their souls and is ready to be harvested by BNL. She finally has a fun experience with Joe and a cat, then proceeds to birth into this! kitty..kitty..kitty!!Don't you see that 22 could very well be boo? Emotion is the link to the soul. When kids turn inside out and display mass amounts of emotion, their soul is vulnerable, and the monsters feed upon it. Randall's scream extractor rips the souls out of children. They are energetic; they wanted boo because 22 is inherently already loose. This is the same film that has Joe Gardner's score like some sort of Matroshka linked in Jazzy Fever Dream. Waternoose stops it with evil; Roz stops it with heroism. This brings me to the most critical of all points: the toys, many of which are BNL products such as Buzz Lightyear, act as soul funnels for children's imaginations, which i already determined also greatly helped power Monstropolis. Do you see what I'm saying? Do you see what I'm getting at?For years and years, I said Andy's ancestors helped watch over him in the form of toys. Now I have proof that this can be the case. The first film feels like two dads fighting over a son: the birth dad and the stepdad, Woody, who has no memory beyond a very specific point in his past and who watches over Andy like a father.[Excitement at the realization that Woody is Andy's dad] I did it! YES finally!
I need to down several chill pills with a gallon of chamomile; somebody stop me before I do so. UGH! We're too late; I've read too many ofYour comments and I have ascended one too many layers for my own good, but it does seem to be the case that, if varying levels of reality all coexist within a recursive stack, then why would our layer be exempt? Um, wait, what is BNL?The company that owns fictional Pixar and runs the world and has a monopoly on merchandise in the economy, um, this should sound strikingly familiar...
BNL is Disney. BNL is Disney! Oh my fuck!This is how our world ties into the theory. This is how the story drags in our lair. The fictional premise is that BNL is based off of Disney itself. This is most certainly what they were going for when they created the idea of BNL in the first place. The freakiest part in all of this is that Disney's late acquisition of Blue Sky Studios would canonize my Katie Theory by proxy because if all the layers are involved in a nest of insignificant easter eggs then the multiversal goddess would technically be involved too, but obviously that's not intentional; that's just a fun by-product of the insane fact that BNL is disney. My main concern now is that Disney is in the housing market and people are already comparing them to BNL online. Layers of reality are converging, and luckily we can finally solve Baby Smitty with all of this.
On the night of boo's escape, she ambushes a sushi restaurant named Harry Housens (laughs), and the cda bursts onto the scene with full force. In later interviews, a scarefloor monster named Lanky Schmidt claims that Boo used laser eyes, and another monster says she shook him like a dog with her mind powers, which is confirmed by yet another monster. This is all very suspicious because the Incredibles and Monsters, Inc. overlapped like mad to the point where they even shared similar logos, and this led to all of you commenting about the very viral theory, which identifies the possibility that Jack Jack is the real culprit. jack jack has all of those powers and the ability to overlap dimensionally. The strangest part, though, is that it occurs at such a coincidental moment, right amidst chaos, so here's the kicker: Here's my theory: here we go, Boo jumped up on the counter and screamed boo at all of the monsters in a sort of climactic moment of terror. Remember what I said about this restaurant being a nexus point, nay, a weak spot between universes? Well, I believe this entire night of horrors was a controlled event by BNL. From the other side, this restaurant is so literally fishy that I might be inclined to brand it as the center of the Bermuda Triangle, the center of the Bermuda Triangle. What is their logo, the Bermuda Triangle?[Inception sound at Triangle Illuminati at the sushi restaurant menu cover]
The restaurant is named after a famous real life animator, and it's because this whole situation is literally breaking down layers of reality and combining the easter eggs from our lair. Still don't believe me? Well guess what this restaurant is filled to the brim with, the Chinese food boxes. Are you kidding me? This is insane. So BNL is using children to minimize suspicions and keep them secure. Boo Jack Jack and someone else, another baby, a changeling, to swap universes with physical conservations. Now I didn't know who this was, and then every single layer of reality broke and I collapsed into a pit of my own broken existence.
The bonus disc ends with a series of bloopers that are literally showing how the film itself was filmed and have actors acting the act. matroshka! This is not what gets me, though; what gets me is that it finishes with a literal stage play retelling the events of the film, and who plays Boo? It's none other than baby Smitty; everything is collapsing. It's the way he stared down Lanky Schmidt himself that got me so much so that I tweeted about it without fully understanding what I was talking about, but it's him. This is what the giraffe teaches us about swapping universes. Baby smitty is a changeling with Jack Jack, and from that night forward, he's, "Oh, is it possible that baby smitty has no older sibling and that this was baby smitty until the night of living hell?" perhaps, perhaps, but that's not the point. Do you see what i'm really getting at, whichever method I use? Whatever happened, however it occurred, it did. BNL has been sending in decoy children to prep the universe for their takeover. Jack Jack's first big outpouring of power was during the short film "Jack Jack Attack." Near the end of this BNL inventor himself syndrome, Jack Jack arrives at the doorstep and makes a joke.Syndrome: "Then I would have been going around wearing a big BS, and you understand why I couldn't go with it."
[BS = Baby Smitty] What an absolute coincidence! I'm not sure what this thing is; it likely came through at some point somehow, but I don't believe this is a robot, at least not entirely. First of all, he has razor sharp teeth; slugs don't have teeth, not like this; look at older Smitty; those are teeth; they even make a point of how he can wear braces. These on the other hand are shards of bone. He slithers around like a leviathan and has a mouth like a lamprey off the top of my head. He shares a ton of characteristics with both leviathans and changelings from the show "Supernatural", which is a weird coincidence, but all this time my jokes were accurate. He supersedes gastropods. He is a virus spreading BNL in the atlantic hidden city. Baby Smitty is dumb and uneducated in parrots. He follows Mike Wazowski around like he's learning. His eyes are black and vacant, which is absolutely nothing with the older smitty or the other version of this child that we see earlier near the apartment. They chose him because of his proximity to Mike Sully and, most importantly, Boo.
I also believe Roz has ties back to this family. I believe this because we've established that the slugs turn green, grow massive, and may turn into old ladies who like administrative positions. She doesn't have the correct arm count, which leads me to believe she's only on one side of the family, but I do believe there's a slug conspiracy of some sort going on here in some form of 'Always Watching'
The film is quite upfront about it all, this is why Mike chose Baby Smitty to play Boo in the theatrical production, he sounds the same, he is a replacement, an imperfect one, and this brings me to my final conclusion and about what he's here to do. I believe BNL is already infiltrating Monstropolis, not in the form of robots -- that's just the equivalent of their reconnaissance drones -- no i think baby smitty is infectious I believe BNL is replacing the citizenry one member at a time. at first, I thought there's no way, but then i started getting advertisements for the new Monsters at work tv show, I haven't seen the whole thing, but here's the confusing part: I think i'm right, and I think the evidence is overwhelming.
In the show, we meet Gary Gibbs and Rose. Gary Gibbs is like Mike Wazowski, but blue and evil. Rose is similar to Roz, but she prefers Gary Gibbs and is less bubbly These are cloned villains who appeared out of nowhere shortly after the events of the film; Roz appears to be playing along; the bonus disc adds the CDA credits beneath Baby Smitty's preschool teacher, and all of them felt as though this meta-stage play was worth their time; cloning is occurring, but I don't know what the consistency was to be able to prove this, but then i realized the truth, it's all in the sounds! When Roz slams the door on mike's hands he screams yeaaaaahhhhhhh, later baby smitty parrot's mike wazowski, as if to repeat mimic clone it then as if informed by boo, he mysteriously stares at mike's previously damaged hands before chomping on them as hard as he can and what do we hear mike makes the exact same yeah scream once again, i have reason to believe that anyone who is bit by baby smitty is then cloned and prepped to be replaced it makes sense why this has already happened to mike and baby smitty's very own possible grandmother. It's in the bite, but as you should hear, it's also in the scream. It is a scream extraction. We've established that screams are funnels for the soul, and thus Baby Smitty is cloning people. Gary Gibbs is literally named after Mary Gibbs, which is Bo's real name and Bo's actress's name, and baby Smitty was the actor for Bo in the stage play. All of the levels of reality are collapsing, and Mike should have taken the hint when his hands were damaged at the end for more reasons than just fixing that damn door!
I hate baby Smitty! the scourge of Monstropolis, the doom of monsters BNLeviathan: This is what baby smitty is, because this is not baby smitty, let's be completely clear. The next step is to actually map this mitroshka and see what BNL's working with at the hypothetical maximum. The infinite mobius matrioshka, also known as the nested realities, are 20-dimensional. What i mean is that it would be easier if each film had every other film within it. It would be a diagram that would basically be a circle containing 20 other circles for each sub-universe, which contained 20 more circles infinitely. However, it's clear to me that this is not the case. I need to sift out every plot hole and every detail in every short film and shared universe. I need to interrelate every easter egg and display the omniversal container. How does Disney tie in? How do bloopers tie in? The result will be me having to visualize 20 dimensions in a single YouTube video, and then proceed to somehow illustrate approximately 20 to the power of 20 diagrams, which would require a hundred septillion pages. I'll have to find a workaround because that's physically impossible, so this will be graduate thesis material, and you better stay tuned. This has pushed me tremendously far over the edge, so subscribe and ring the bell where I'll find you until next time I'm the theorizer.
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2023.03.21 04:59 DavidRandom Throwback to my first bike(s), and a cautionary tale for first time bike buyers.

To the seasoned rider, this will sound like common sense, but many new riders (including my younger self), might not know what to look for, or might be blinded by "Oh sick, it has pod filters!". Feel free to skip to the TL;DR at the end, I was just in a writing mood tonight and this got a little long.
My first bike, a 1981 Honda CB750 Custom, or, what was left of it. When I was looking for my first bike I didn't have a lot of cash, and really wanted a cafe style bike. Saw this one and talked him down to $1,200. I picked it up during winter, and it had been stored in a flimsy bike shed. Didn't even attempt to start it, the owner said the battery was dead from sitting over the winter but assured me it ran great with no issues.
Lesson 1: Don't buy without a test drive, and don't trust the seller to disclose all the issues. Also, always request that the bike be cold when you come to look at it. Feel the exhaust before they start it up. If it's already running, or hot when you get there, chances are there's an issue that takes some fiddling with to get it fired up.
When spring hit I finally had a chance to really get into it. The more I went over the bike, the more of a mess I realized it was. Whoever did the cafe conversion did a real hack job, under the seat was a rats nest of wires, many that had just been clipped and covered with electrical tape. And the battery was just zip tied to the frame. ( I ended up fashioning an ammo can into a battery box )
Lesson 2: Reaaallly inspect the bike. Make sure all the lights work (Headlight, tail light, brake light, turn signals). Check the wiring. Check for any fluid leaks)
I got a new battery in it, and after many times of draining and recharging the battery, it finally fired up. Did a few test drives around the neighborhood (first time ever driving a motorcycle), and it seemed to run well enough. But when I'd try to start it up again, the battery would always die before I got it started the first time. Bought a new battery thinking maybe I got a dud with the last one, and it fired right up. Decided to venture out a little more, and took off to meet a friend at the pub about 4 miles away. It died while pulling into the parking lot. I had to jump start it to leave. Made it home, but the headlights were mighty dim by the time I got there. Turns out it had a bad stator. Then I found oil leaking out of the head, and discovered some stripped head bolts. It sat in my garage for the rest of the summer, then I sold it for a loss. Put maybe 30 miles on it.
You'd think I'd learned my lesson after that, but nope. 2nd bike 1976 Honda CB550
This one was at least modded by someone who at least had an ok understanding of what he was doing. Drove to the other side of the state and picked to pick it up. Test rode this one, but it had already been started and heated up before I got there (See Lesson 1). It seemed to run fine after running it up and down the street, so I took it home. Found out it reaallly didn't like to fire up if the weather was on the cooler side. I could get it there, but it took a lot of coaxing. First time I took it out on a proper run, I learned that once it got warmed up, it liked to idle at 3k rpm when stopped. I could drop the rpm's if I slowly let out the clutch and pulled it in just before it died, but if I even touched the throttle it was back up to 3k. The carbs also seemed out of synch, and was exacerbated by the pod filters (those things are a nightmare unless you rejet the carbs, and even then, you need a miracle to tune it right). Also found out the fork seals were shot and leaking.
So after that, I decided I was going to save up and get a decent running newer bike. I was looking for a KLR or Vstrom, something more reliable and I could also take moto camping. But then this happened.....Saw a facebook listing for a 1975 Honda CB550. 100% stock, so no worries about a hack job, and they're almost impossible to find intact in my area. So I talked the guy down on the price, and went to look at it. He had it 1 mile from my house. Did a quick test drive (was in the city, so just puttering around), came back and handed him the cash. I bought it 3 hours after he listed it. The next day I took it to work to put it through it's paces. Once I got it up to speed I noticed a vertical wobble from the front tire. Then I noticed a fluid spot under the bike when I got out of work. It was leaking from the shift lever. Upon further inspection, I found a few big holes on the frame side walls of the exhaust (on both sides). It also didn't like sitting at idle, I'd have to keep it revved a little at lights to keep from stalling.
I had enough. Sold both of those. At this point I was up to 3 bikes, with maybe 200 miles between the 3 of them (at least 125 were just from bike #2).
I searched around for a while, and took my time looking for a deal (this was during covid, and the crazy markups weren't just limited to cars). I settled on an '09 Kawasaki KLR650 (Pic taken after a few mods I made. Rally Dash, Touring Screen, 2" Dogbone suspension lift, Tusk Boxes). When I looked at it I did a thorough inspection of the bike, started it up cold, and took it out for a longer test drive (Stop and go traffic, Back roads, Highway etc). Questioned the owner about the bikes history, he hadn't ridden it much, he got it so he could ride with his kids on their new dirtbikes, but turns out the kids weren't really into it. But he told me about the previous owner. He maintained it religiously, as proven by the box full of receipts, and a log with every fluid change, and other maintenance. (also proof that the Doo was done, KLR owners know what that means). It had 37k miles on it, but it was solid. This bike served me well, it was my daily driver year round as long as there was no snow/ice on the road, and temps were above 35, along with many 2-300 mile afternoon road trips. Put thousands of miles on it. (I even did the Lake Michigan Saddle Sore run on it, 1k miles in under 24 hours). It finally died on me the day before I was going to take it on a Michigan to Key West round trip. The electrical system fried while I was getting on the highway. No regrets, I got my moneys worth out of it.
After that I went a few years without a bike, dealing with some curveballs life threw at me. I've been saving up to get something newer (5 years or less) and low mileage. Thinking a Triumph Tiger, or a Super Ten. But I couldn't handle not having a bike anymore, I spent the last two years being angry when I'd see other people out cruising around on nice sunny days.
So I picked up a cheap bike just to hold me over until I save up for what I really want. It's a 1986 Kawasaki Concours 1000 She's a bit rough around the edges, old, high mileage, but mechanically sound. Picked it up from a local pastor who put a couple thousand miles on it touring around with friends. If I were to stick with this bike, it'd probably need a little tlc next season to put it in tip top shape, but I plan on upgrading next spring.
Anyway, I feel like that all got a bit off topic.
TL;DR: If you're looking for your first bike, don't pick up a project because it looks cool, and you've got grand plans of whipping it into shape (unless you're already a decent mechanic). Those old bikes are really neat, but there's a good chance you'll spend way more time tinkering with it than actually riding it. Get a decent running bike first, even if it seems boring. Then pick up a project on the side if you must. Don't buy a bike without thoroughly checking it out, and give it a good test drive in different riding conditions, not just a few laps around the block. And always insist that the bike is cold (hasn't been started recently) before you get there
Also, just another bit of advice. Never buy a bike without a title. It varies from state to state, but it can be a nightmare getting a new title as a buyer. They'll tell you "Oh, it's super easy, just bring a bill of sale to the DMV/SOS". But it's not that easy. If it was they would have done it already. Chances are it's either A. Stolen or B. They bought it from someone without a title after hearing the same "just do xyz to get a new title, simple!", then found out it's not so simple, and is attempting to pawn it off to the next sucker.
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2023.03.21 04:21 ShoeElectronic8640 Need Feedback and Critique for a Character

Need Feedback and Critique for a Character
For years now I have been working on a hero. I wrote him for Marvel so if your familiar with that brand you will probably understand certain events better. I am looking for people to give feedback and tell me their thoughts on his overall character as well as honest critiques. Also need to give credit to the artist who drew these pics, Bradly Lynn.

Michael as Seraph
Name: Michael Gabriel Welkin
Current Alias: Seraph
Aliases: Angel Jr, Tenshi, Daitennin, Chosen of the Sun, Prince of Light, Blade of Spring
Affiliation: Paladins
Relatives: Nathan (Father), Mary (Mother), Maya (Sister), Paxton (Brother)
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Male
Height: 6’0
Weight: 190
Eyes: Iris
  • Outer: Blue
  • Inner: Yellow
Hair: Midnight Blue
Origin: Human with latent Inhuman lineage activated by the Terrigene Bomb
Living Status: Alive
Place of Birth: Seattle, Washinton
Identity: Secret
Citizenship: American, Japan
Occupation: Student, Adventurer, Vigilante
Education: High School
Base of Operations: Seattle

Dark brown skin with thick eyebrows and almond-shaped eyes. After his terrigenesis he developed central heterochromia with his outer iris being blue and his inner iris is amber colored. When he uses his soul-vision the blue spreads to cover his sclera and the iris turns fully yellow, His hair is midnight blue and curly, which he usually keeps medium length. Tall and muscular with wide shoulders with long, thin fingers. He has several tribal-like tattoos on his body that are silver in color with the one on his chest resembling a hamsa. He has a pair of snow white wings on his back with black eye-like markings on the tip of each feather, which he can retract into his back. He is considered to be very handsome by many. He wears a sterling silver, blue opal ring with the Jewish symbol Chai on it that he got from his father.
When using the empyreal his eyes shine, his hair becomes a fiery sapphire blue, a halo appears over his head, the markings on his body glow gold, and his skin turns a bright luminescent white color making him look similar to a marble statue. The eye-markings on his feather-tips glow and resemble his eyes.

A quiet and thoughtful individual who doesn't enjoy being the center of attention and tries to avoid the media as best he can.
Despite his down-to-earth personality, he can be witty and sarcastic, often surprising people who only know him casually with his sense of humor and sass. He can often be blunt and straight to the point and hates it when people keep secrets from him to protect his feelings.
He takes his work seriously and can be surprisingly ruthless and cutthroat, preferring to quickly end a fight before it can escalate, often using brutal methods to beat his foes or intimidate them into submission, frequently earning him a bit of criticism from other heroes for his methods. But he always gives his opponents a chance to surrender and prefers to talk things out and is always willing to accept help from others.
He is studious with a love for history and has a knack for linguistics, able to speak several languages. He is also very perceptive and able to quickly analyze his enemies’ fighting styles and abilities to quickly gauge their limits and weaknesses as well as use his surroundings to his advantage.
He is biromantic, preferring to have romantic relations with men and women over physical. Though he is not adverse to sex, he would rather hold hands, kiss or cuddle with his partners. This has made him feel isolated and caused him to face ridicule from his peers.
He is a devout Shinto with a strong affinity to Amaterasu whom he prays to everyday. He is also very eco-friendly, recycles and is very respectful of nature.

Michael Welkin was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, where he lived a happy life with his family: his parents, Mary and Nathan, and his older siblings, Maya and Paxton. They lived a comfortable life and despite being more introverted than his siblings he still was an active member of his community, helping others either at a soup kitchen, organizing LGBT+ meetings, or other acts of kindness.
Michael always felt isolated from his peers and never felt like he fit in anywhere and wasn’t outgoing or social like his brother and sister. But despite this he always had a desire to assist others and never turned down a request for help.
When the Terrigene Cloud passed through Seattle, Michael and his siblings discovered they had Inhuman ancestry and after emerging from their cocoons they knew his life had changed forever. His parents decided to keep his transformation a secret, not out of shame but fear that Michael would be targeted by bigots or organizations targeting enhanced-people and began to have him home-schooled.
Eventually, after taking time to learn how his powers worked, Michael decided to return to school. The sudden presence of an Inhuman population had caused discord, and the mutants were starting to clash with the Nuhumans. Michael wanted to help keep the peace.
He knew he was capable of so much more, that his powers could be used to not only help the city, but the world as well. So he decided to become a hero. With his family’s support, Michael returned to school and took on the identity of Seraph, the guardian angel of Seattle.
Now he struggles with the burdens and expectations this path brings, as well as his ideals clashing with older heroes, all the while learning the limits of his abilities and their source. But no matter what, he is willing to do his best for the sake of others.
Michael is a Nuhuman who after going through Terrigenesis gained the power to tap into a sentient cosmic power he calls Aether. He theorizes it is a Kami from Takamagahara. His connection to it grants him several powers.
Inhuman Physiology: Terrigenesis enhanced Michaels physical abilities. He is able to lift one ton of weight, run faster than the fastest human athlete and his reflexes allow him to easily catch objects thrown at him. His stamina is beyond human levels, he can go weeks without needing to sleep and instead has had to relearn how to sleep through meditation or by using his abilities to a degree it tires him.
Wings: Michael’s wings give him the superhuman ability of flight. They are not like regular wings, appearing to be made up of a solidified energy. He has control over their size, and often varies his wingspan from as small as ten feet to as large as fifty feet. They are shown to be more durable than they appear. He has used them to shield himself from gunfire and explosions. He is capable of retracting them into his back to better blend in with humans.
Feathers: The feathers of his wings are imbued with small portions of his power. His feathers have been shown to heal injured people when they touch them and generate small amounts of Angelfire.
  • Flight/Levitation: His wings possess an innate power that allows him to defy gravity. He has been observed to hover and levitate in the air with little to no moment from, his wings. With them he can fly at speeds around 250 Izaak per hour. When using his Angelfire he can fly at even greater speeds and into the depths of space. His wings must be out in order for him to do this. While it is unknown how they do this, Michael describes them moving through space and not air currents, this allows him to fly and travel through places such as outer space and even underwater.
Angelfire (天使火, Tenshibi): A powerful and versatile, mystical energy. It is whitish blue and is described as being like a mixture of fire and lightning. Thanks to its mystical nature, it does not have the regular limitations of fire or lightning. It does not require oxygen and can burn even underwater. It cannot be extinguished using regular methods and is capable of harming those with pyrokinetic abilities. It is the antithesis of hellfire and is capable of breaking powerful dark magical spells and curses as well as protecting Michael from their effects.
  • Energy Projection: He can release Angelfire as concussive force blasts that can level entire buildings. He typically projects it from his hands, eyes or wings to do this but can release it from any part of his body. Should his attacks be somehow reflected back at him, Michael can simply re-absorb it without harm.
  • Object Empowerment: By touching an object, he can channel some of his Angelfire to enhance its natural capabilities. He has used this on weapons like staves to increase their durability and on bladed weapons to make them sharper. He can also imbue guns with Angelfire, increasing the potency of their bullets. He has to be careful because if he puts too much power into an object, he could destroy it. The items he infuse gain the abilities of his Angelfire, making them effective against demons and specters.
  • Energy Shape Manipulation: Michael can form his power into any shape he can imagine, typically into the form of weapons he uses in a fight. He can make the objects he creates fly and levitate in the air. He can control the size and shape of the weapons he creates, remaining unhindered by their weight.
  • Enhancement Aura: Michael can channel his power to create an aura that greatly enhances his physical abilities such as his strength, speed, reflexes, stamina and protects him from melee attacks as his aura will burn anyone that touches him. It is strong enough to protect him from high caliber guns and explosions as well as extreme temperatures such as lava, and through an unknown means allows him to breathe underwater and in space as long as it is active. Without his aura he is vulnerable to attack.
  • Dark Magic Immunity: Due to the nature of the angelfire it helps protect Michael from the affects of dark magic save the most vile and powerful. But even such spells won’t last long as the angelfire will eat away at it.
Healing Hands (治癒手, Chiyushu): Michael is a powerful healer, capable of healing physical or spiritual injuries. He can help a person recover lost memories, but he can’t permanently heal mental or physical ailments if the person was naturally born with them, though he can lessen their symptoms for a time. He is also able to revitalize someone and restore their stamina as well as reality to a certain degree having healed tares in the fabric of space. It tires him to do this and depending on the number of people he heals, as well as the severity of the injury, it can drain him.
  • Regeneration: Michael has been able to heal from massive and lethal injuries. He has survived being shot multiple times and regrown an arm, and even his bones can snap back into place after being shattered. The exact limits to his healing power are unknown, but it is theorized severing his head or destroying his brain would kill him.
  • Purification: He can purify a person or object that has been corrupted by a malevolent force, burning away the impurity and freeing the afflicted of any dark influence.
  • Tactile Empathy: When he heals a person, he can sense their physical and emotional pain as if it were his own. This can help him locate the source of a person’s injury and help him understand a person’s emotional distress in order to better aid them.
  • Curse Breaking: If a person is suffering from the effects of a magical curse Michael can break it.
Soul-Vision (霊視, Reishi): This power allows Michael to peer into the souls of others and into different levels of reality by looking into the soul of Eternity. He typically only uses a portion of this power, since using the full power gives him a headache and makes him feel like a peeping Tom. When he uses this power his pupil slowly fades away with it vanishing when it is at its full power. Over time he learns to use this power to manipulate his own soul and use more abilities.
  • Enhanced Visual Abilities: Michael is granted incredible clarity of perception, enabling him to see fast-moving objects and, gain some amount of predictive capabilities: he can anticipate an opponent's next move. Although Michael can see these things, he also needs the physical ability to actually act on the visual information. He can also see minor details about what he was viewing. This allowed him to see the number of dust motes and even see the tiniest fault, such as the location of a secret door.
  • Visual Empathy: Michael can read a person’s aura and visualize their emotions as colors. This allows him to tell a person’s emotional state with a single glance. It can also tell him if a person is lying or telling him the truth and if they are being manipulated by psychics.
  • Life-force Perception: He can see the life-flow of living beings. This allows him to judge a person’s health and their lifespan or help warn him if someone is actually a shapeshifter by the difference in people’s chi. He can also tell if people are related by how similar their lifeforces are.
  • Personality Vision: He can tell a person's character which he perceives metaphors and symbolism, like barbed wire wrapped around the brain of a person with severe mental disorders or scars representing past trauma.
  • Power Identification: He can discern the power of other superhuman beings. He only needs a "look" to recognize (Mutants, Inhumans, Mutates mages, etc) possesses. He can also tell if a person’s power is mystic in nature or even what type of magic user a person is. He can see powers that are normally undetectable when they are being used, like psychic abilities or Sue Storm’s invisible shields.

Empyreal Mode

Empyreal (以内火, Inaiho): A form that taps into the primordial power of Aether, increasing Michael's powers to extraordinary levels and giving him access to powers he normally does not have. He can only maintain it for so long as it puts a great deal of strain on his body, and if he overuses it he risks being incinerated by his own power. The longest he can use it is five minutes before he must stop before he suffers serious injury.
  • Enhanced Angelfire: Michael can project and control a greater amount of energy while in this form and can shape and manipulate it simply by thought without moving his body, incinerate a human with a look, or create enough force to shatter a planet. At its peak his energy can reach temperatures greater than a super nova.
  • Enhanced Healing: Michael’s healing power is enhanced and no longer requires physical contact. Merely a simple gaze or gesture allows him to heal multiple groups of people at once.
    • Regeneration: If he is somehow injured he can instantly repair any damage he sustains such as regrowing lost limbs or organs.
  • Enhanced Soul-Vision: Michael’s power to see into souls becomes so powerful that he can see into the soul of Eternity and all the souls that lay within. With a single look Michael can read all aspects of a persons soul. He describes it as knowledge pouring through his eyes and into his mind.
    • Superhuman Vision: Michael can see from many light years away as well as see anything as small as atoms.
    • Cosmic Awareness: By seeing the soul of Eternity, Michael can gain knowledge normally inaccessible through the five senses. He can see things on a cellular level and is aware of things happening over a vast distance.
Hand-to-Hand-Combat: When he was growing up Michael’s parents enrolled him into martial arts to help him learn to defend himself. He has a personal trainer and practices boxing with his brother Paxton. He is trained in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Kali and Muay Thai.
Linguistics: Michael has a knack for learning to speak and write other languages.
Botany: Michael has been taught by his mother and is knowledgeable in gardening and botany. He knows what plants and herbs are healthy and what are poisonous.
Yoga: He has been practicing yoga since he was young and uses it to help control his abilities.

Overuse of power: If he uses his Empyreal for too long it can cause him to burn up from power excess, killing him in the process. He is also shown to be greatly tired after using it and may suffer from severe burns depending on the length of time that he used the Empyreal. Sine these injuries are caused by his own power, he must let them heal naturally or with the assistance of other healing powers.
Sensory Overload: When using his Soul-Vision Michael must be careful as he can only perceive what his mind can understand. When looking at one of the Infinity Gems his eyes began to bleed profusely and he described it as looking at the sun. When using it on gods like Thor seeing their true divine form can cause him to have a bad headache afterwards. This danger if increased when he uses it in tandem with the Empyreal.
Genetic Disease & Disorders: He is unable to permanently heal people born with genetic defects as he can only heal injuries and natural man made diseases. Though in certain situations he can alleviate the symptoms of their condition, eventually though over time they symptoms and conditions caused by their hereditary conditions will return.
Ocular Impairment: If his eyes are damaged it limits his ability to use his Soul-Vision. If he shuts his eyes when it is active he won’t be able to see souls unless he opens his eyes again.

Mask: A mask which Michael wears to protect his identity. It is made of metal and covers his nose to his forehead. It appears to have no eyes holes yet this doesn’t stop Michael from being able to see through it.
Vambrace: He wears a pair of metallic vambrace which he uses in combat to protect his forearms and help in combat. The vambrace have hidden compartments which he can store small items.
Utility Belt: His belt which has several compartments to store items.
Ring: A metal ring Michael rarely takes off. It has the Jewish symbol for happiness on it. It was given to him by his father when Michael decided to practice Shinto. It was to remind him to never forget his Jewish heritage and to always seek happiness, no matter where it leads him.
Cellphone: Michael carries a modified cellphone he uses to take pictures, videos, as well as special light filters he can use to find evidence.
Evidence Kit: He carries items like plastic bags, vials, swabs and tweezers in order to gather evidence.
Manna: A substance made of solidified angelfire, it only appears in places with an abundance of angelfire. As a natural conduit Michael can make it himself. By concentrating his angelfire he can compress it to create manna in any shape he wants. Items he shapes from manna are very dense and can be used for architecture, create art like sculptures or form weapons. He can control any kind of manna telekinetically and if he wants he can disassemble it back to angelfire or reabsorb it. As solidified angelfire it has the same properties as normal angelfire and is used by mages of white magic for their spells making it highly prized in the magical community.

Is modeled after Matthew Daddario in appearance but with African-Asian characteristics.
He is Afro-Asian American. His mother is of Japanease-American descent, and his father is an African-American of Jewish descent.
His Surname come from an English word to describe the Sky. A reference to his angelic abilities.
His motto is “My touch is mercy, my gaze is truth, and my judgment is fire.”
His favorite color is blue. He finds it to be a soothing and helps him focus.
He studies linguistics and can speak, and write in several languages and knows American Sign Language.
He likes readings sci-fi and fantasy genres, grunge music, learning new languages, camping, hiking, nature, quiet places.
He dislikes loud crowded places, pollution, people who are touchy-feely, racists, bigots, people who joke about his culture, people who act overly sexual towards him.
Even though he can retract his wings into his body, he cannot alter his eyes so when he goes out he wears colored glasses and tells people he has an eye condition.
With his sister’s help he dyes his hair black, but he has to be careful because his Angelfire will burn the dye away.
A lot of his Angelfire attacks are modeled after the Supers from the video game series Destiny and the Final Fantasy series.
His Angelfire is visually similar to the photon energy of the MCU’s Captain Marvel, only it looks like a mix between fire and lightning and the way he summons and controls it is similar to how Wanda does in the movies.
The idea of his ability Soul Reading is taken from the manga/anime Soul Eater and the dojutsu from the series Naruto.
His father and siblings are Practicing Jews, but Michael and his mother are followers of Shinto. Michael himself prays to the sun goddess Amaterasu.
He takes great pride in his ethnic background, so much so that he hates using the Empyreal because it whitens his skin, which he feels robs him of his connection to his African roots.
The Empyreal is inspired by Captain Marvel’s Binary form, Izuku Midoriya’s One For All: Full Cowl-100% and the Quincy: Vollständig from the manga Bleach as well as every Anime/Manga where the heroes have a super-form.
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2023.03.21 03:42 Rydock PSA: Get lens protectors if you’re using PSVR2 with glasses

I’ve been seeing way too many posts of people having their lenses scratched from wearing glasses in their headsets. 3D printed lens protectors are cheap and practically free if you own or know someone with a 3D printer. A Redditor kindly shared their design for lens protectors a couple days after the PSVR2 launched. I’ve been using them ever since and have not gotten a single scratch on my lenses. It keeps your glasses frames from physically being able to get too close from touching the headset lenses.
Even though the marketing says that the headset is glasses friendly, this is only if you’re careful and don’t pull the scope too close to your face. If you’re playing some hardcore VR games where you’re whipping your head around, you can risk your glasses potentially flinging off your face and banging into the scope. Also, if you have people who where glasses try your headset, they might not know to be too careful when adjusting the scope. The protectors stops them from being able to get the scope that close while retaining the an ideal FOV glasses users can get.
I hope this post doesn’t sound like a rant. I genuinely feel bad for all the people who have posted that they had their glasses scratched from their glasses or letting their friends and family try out the VR. People who wear glasses should be able to enjoy VR without the risk of damaging their headset. I honestly think it’s an oversight on Sony’s part by making the lenses completely flush with the housing. The protectors don’t change any of the functionality of the PSVR2 and don’t impede with any eye tracking sensors nor do they distort the optics. I personally don’t feel the need for prescription lenses since I’m so happy with how these perform. But as always, YMMV.
Here is the link to the 3D printed files: https://www.reddit.com/PSVcomments/11b0p0i/3d_printed_lens_protectors/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=ioscss&utm_content=2&utm_term=1
TLDR: 3D printed lens protectors are a super cheap and accessible investment to protect your headset from glasses scratches.
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2023.03.21 03:14 DeFy_DC Blitz - Booking Aleister Black If He Never Got Released From WWE

Following the conclusion of his feud with Kevin Owens, Aleister Black would set his sights on the man who humiliated him on Raw earlier in the year, taking him out for months and leaving him visually impaired; the ‘Messiah’ Seth Rollins. On a late October episode of SmackDown, the pairing of Rey and Dominik Mysterio would defeat Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy in the main event to retain the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. After the match, Aleister Black would confront Seth Rollins in the ring; this time, Murphy would betray the Messiah, instead aligning forces with Aleister Black, who would take off his eyepatch to reveal a completely blackened eye, with no sense of vision whatsoever. The damage that Rollins did to Black. The next week, Black would praise Rollins, claiming that ‘extracting him of his vision has allowed him to see everything’, and noticing Rollins’ manipulation of Murphy, somebody Black knows is worth a lot more than the role he is being subjected to as one of the Messiah’s Desciples. Going into Survivor Series, the feud plays heavily on the imagery of the Messiah vs The One-Eyed Serpent.
Survivor Series 2020 - Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins
An intense conclusion to a half-year grudge feud, Black and Rollins go all out, a very athletic bout with riveting sequences brought together by the compelling story which has set the backdrop for the bout. It’s essentially the last showing of the Messiah, as Black takes a convincing victory with brief assistance from Murphy, furthering his stock. This would send Rollins into his break before returning at the 2021 Royal Rumble.
Aleister Black def. Seth Rollins (23 minutes)
On SmackDown, in the lead-up to TLC, Aleister Black and Murphy become a formidable force in the tag team division. A duo that would always be seen as eternal foes, Murphy and Black would make for an effective pairing, taking down many top teams in the lead-up to TLC, where they would go up against Rey and Dominik Mysterio for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. In the lead-up, Black would try to force the dark side out of Mysterio, encouraging him to leave his father’s shadow, a seed that would later be followed up by The Judgement Day.
TLC 2020 - Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy vs The Mysterios © for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships
Taking out Rey, and isolating the rookie Dom, Black and Murphy execute a smart and cunning plan to perfection as they attempt to separate the Father and Son and win Tag Team Championship gold. It is a fast-paced match with plenty of psychology, a true test for the Mysterios. In the end, however, they cave in, as Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.
Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy def. The Mysterios © (16 minutes)
Murphy and Black hold the SmackDown Tag Team Championships going into the new year. They have a successful defence on SmackDown against the teaming of Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro. Both Black and Murphy declare for the Royal Rumble Match.
Royal Rumble 2021 - Men’s Royal Rumble Match
Black and Murphy have a showdown in the match, with Murphy getting the upper hand and psyching Black out. As a duo, they get many eliminations, having showdowns with previous enemies and Black even having a run-in with the returning Seth Rollins. Eventually, Black is eliminated by Murphy, who catches his tag team partner off guard.
Elimination Chamber 2021 - Aleister Black vs Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan vs Sami Zayn vs Buddy Murphy vs Cesaro
A stacked Elimination Chamber line-up, throughout the match, Murphy and Black tease further disarray, however, the final two comes down to both Aleister Black and Daniel Bryan. They have an intense back and forth, both men kicking out of some close near falls as it goes down to the wire in the Thunderdome. In the end, it’s Daniel Bryan who takes victory, surviving the Chamber.
Daniel Bryan def. Aleister Black vs Cesaro vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs Buddy Murphy (29 minutes)
Bitter at the result, Black would deliver a Black Mass to Bryan before leaving the ring, allowing Reigns to take a cheap victory. Following Elimination Chamber, Aleister Black would enter a feud with Daniel Bryan, who is vengeful following the events at the PPV. Black would try to get into the head of Bryan and leverage a win against him to weave himself into the world title feud at WrestleMania. Following a tag team win of Black and Murphy over Bryan and Cesaro on SmackDown, Black would challenge Bryan to a match at Fastlane, the implications high for the world title scene at WrestleMania.
Fastlane 2021 - Aleister Black vs Daniel Bryan
Perhaps the most important match of Aleister Black’s career on the main roster, Black and Bryan would go at it, Black calling on the assistance of Murphy towards the end of the match. However, Murphy instead turns on Black, hitting him with the SmackDown Tag Team Championships and leaving the ring, allowing Bryan to take the win.
Daniel Bryan def. Aleister Black (25 minutes)
Following Fastlane, the SmackDown Tag Team Championships would be vacated and Black would enter a WrestleMania feud with Buddy Murphy. All their years of feuding and being together would lead to this, Black alleging that Murphy’s legacy will be synonymous with Black, but Black’s legacy will never receive a mention of Murphy.
WrestleMania 37 - Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy in a Loser Leaves SmackDown Match
A night one spectacle bout, this is a chance for Murphy to finally break free as a singles star. Him and Black show off their excellent chemistry once again, tearing the roof down and providing a definitive conclusion to their story. In the end, Murphy would be the one to end the tyrannical grip Black had over SmackDown, exiling him from the brand.
Buddy Murphy def. Aleister Black (18 minutes)
Following SmackDown, Black would return to NXT to have feuds with the likes of WALTER, Finn Balor and Karrion Kross.
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2023.03.21 03:00 SteveMyCat Meta Monday Megathread: 2023-03-20

Meta Monday (Moving forward this will become the Mathcord Meta Report. The frequency will be reduced to account for the stagnation in the meta that occurs due to no balance changes. The frequency will be at a minimum monthly, and more as needed).

Data from : 2023-03-6 16:02 ➤ 2023-03-12 16:03     Welcome back to the weekly Meta Monday! SteveMyCat and the Contributors of Mathcord at Unite-DB have teamed up with the creators of Unite API to compile and analyze the data of the weekly meta report. This report includes data of each of the top 9999 Master ranked players' non-bot, non-duplicate ranked matches, and includes win rates and pick rates for all Pokémon, as well as that same data for all movesets chosen at least 1% of the time with their top 3 battle item combinations. Here, we'll be looking at the cream of the crop of the past week and how they got there. So, without further ado:
(Context moving forward, there are 2 win rates we will be discussing and marking throughout. The first is the Non Mirror Win Rate (NMWR). The NMWR is when one team has said Pokemon, but not the other. The second is Overall Win Rate (OVW), which is just Total Wins / (Total Wins + Total Losses))

Pokémon Unite Meta


Data from : 2023-03-12 16:032023-03-19 16:03
Total Games
Master Rank Breakdown
Rank 1 Rank 5000 Rank 9999
5561 1674 1611

Top 10 Pokémon

I have added pick and win rate for the current and previous week for comparison
The Win Rates On The Table Are The NMWR
Pokémon WR Current WR Previous Pick % Current Pick % Previous Total Picks Skill 1/Skill 2 Skill WR Skill Pick
Zacian 59.86% 63.80% 55.4% 37.72% 197403 Sacred Sword/Agility 64.44% 86.42%
Comfey 58.71% 58.18% 40.42% 35.32 144026 Floral Healing/Magical Leaf 57.82% 91.86%
Sableye 54.97% 54.14% 13.15% 12.51% 46870 Knock Off/Confuse Ray 56.74% 81.34%
Mew 54.12% 53.58% 10.76% 11.67% 38351 Surf/Agility 56.36% 27.48%
Trevenant 53.76% 53.51% 31% 33.08% 110467 Wood HammePain Split 54.55% 28.84%
Dodrio 53.23% 53.08% 9.66% 10.59% 34435 Tri Attack/Agility 55.06% 28.26%
Glaceon 52.25% 52.25% 14.02% 14.63% 49952 Icy Wind/Freeze-Dry 56.2% 66.7%
Slowbro 51.78% 51.08% 21.5% 24.45% 76625 Scald/Amnesia 52.27% 54%
Cramorant 51.72% 51.51% 5.59% 6.1% 19915 Dive/Air Slash 54.02% 62.44%
Espeon* 51.05% 50.67% 38.49% 37.43% 137153 Psyshock/Psybeam 52.14% 59.38%
*Espeon Replaced Greedent For This Week
See all the leaderboard and stats here


Slayer Of Rank
[Insert Surprised Pikachu Face Here]

Weekly API report

Slayer Of Ranked
There were only 13 (13 last week) Pokemon with >50% win rate and after the top pick rates, there is a steep drop off for the rest of the Pokemon with a majority of Pokemon being picked in less than 10% of matches. The performance of these Pokemon is not fully indicative of their current worth. Any Pokemon who preferred to brawl and wasn't named Trevenant or Slowbro was left in the dust by Zacian.
(Incl. note that all other WRs are not representative of their performance in the same way as usual - thanks to how overwhelming the pupper is and such (Pink)) ← This message is still true ← This message is still very true.

The Top 5 Pick Rates

There are 5 Pokemon who are head and shoulders above the rest in pick rate, while also all sitting in the top 12 in win rate, and all above 50%.
WELL. I thought people were tired of Danger Doggo and chose it less. I was wrong. Now that even more players are attaining it from the missions, it’s gone up considerably! Yay! More players are also playing Comfey, which is compounding the issue further. I can only assume that more duos are choosing to use the Zacian/Comfey combo, which is helping bring up Comfeys play rate. Espeon Trevenant and Slowbro are all relatively the same.

The Top 5 Win Rates

A Shakeup For The Wrong Reasons
Zacian's win rate has taken a small dive, most notably because more players are utilizing it. As more players use (and abuse) it, it will bring the average win % down because more inexperienced Zacian players have been added to the fold against people who have learned ways to play against it. All The others are still relatively the same, being solid meta picks at the moment that can work around or against Zacian's game plan of LOL ME SPIN SWORD AND END TEAM.

New Release!


I Don’t Feel Pain
This is the unicorn of releases! A Pokemon that was a balanced release! It IS possible! Sarcasm aside, Goodra has been a unique and fun design for players to mess with. It blurs the line between Tank and All Rounder, but differently than Greedent. Let’s break down its kit.
Muddy Water
This move causes you to deal damage in an AOE. If you hit a target, you apply a debuff causing them to deal 10% less damage. If you hit an enemy Pokemon you gain a stacking armor bonus
The more tank-centric move. Has a moderate AOE around Goodra and can really build up some silly defenses. At level 15 it can get Goodra to 1400 Def and 1300 Sp Def. This roughly translates to 70% damage reduction, not factoring in any defense reduction or pierce.
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Level 11 Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15
55% Taken 54% Taken 52% Taken 48% Taken 46% Taken 45% Taken 37% Taken 35% Taken 33% Taken 32% Taken 30% Taken
Looking at this table, the breakpoint at level 11 is pretty important to reduce damage taken. Muddy water has a pretty low cooldown so it is very spammable. The biggest issue you run into is entering fights with no stacks. Since this move offers no sustain, this can be pretty detrimental to your overall endurance. Engaging quickly and stacking this at the beginning of a fight is a must.
Dragon Pulse
This move shoots a beam in a direction, dealing damage in a line and restoring HP if you hit enemy Pokemon in the center
The brawling move. The range is similar to Slowbros Scald, and functions in a similar way. You deal damage so you can sustain and tank more for your team. Dragon Pulse notably has a lower win rate for each move combination than Muddy Water does. A few reasons as to what could be the issue - This move is currently bugged, and you can easily cancel the 4th tick of damage (and healing) if you basic attack or move before it is over. - Enemy players are moving smartly, causing the center to be missed and not providing the sustain. - Pokemon with repositioning moves can change the direction of the move, causing it to hit nothing (Trevenant Wood Hammer, Buzzwole, etc.) - It is easier to just straight miss with suboptimal aiming than Muddy Water, which is just an AOE around Goodra. - Less burst protection since it is sustain and not mitigation, meaning players are more likely to get CCed and bursted down before reacting than can happen with Muddy Water. This move has potential and as players limit test more with Goodra it could see a rise in win rate. Only time will tell.
Power Whip
This move lashes out in a direction and Pokemon are slowed. If distant Pokemon are hit it also pulls them toward Goodra them
A great tool to peel for your allies and keep your enemies close. Don’t miss.
Acid Spray
Throw a blob at a target, and then gain a dash as a secondary cast. If the dash hits the target of the blob, that Pokemon is thrown
Acid notably has a lower win rate for each move combination than Power Whip does. A few reasons as to what could be the issue - The CC on this move is more conditional than Power Whip, making it harder to utilize and get results with - The CC is easier to avoid and react to than Power Whip since it has a projectile before the dash - Power Whip helps peel for your allies while Acid Spray is only a dash and can only CC the target of the first projectile This move requires a decent bit more planning and reaction speed to utilize over Power Whip. Over time it may see an increase in win rate as well.

The Lowest Performers

I wanted to make a note here about the characters who have largely been pushed out of the meta because of what it is. A lot of aggressive brawlers with little in the way of damage reduction (Tsareena, Scizor, Buzzwole, Azumarill) have fallen off because they have a very hard time into Zacian. They either can’t compete with the damage output to be as useful, are outpaced and overcome from the early game, or are unable to provide the same impact in the late game. Scizor especially has been hurt for the sins of scyther, and its entire gimmick is rendered useless by Zacian doing far more damage than it can reasonably sustain and brawl through.
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2023.03.21 02:55 Material_Weight_7954 Feel like a monster but I’m losing my mind

My mother moved into my home when I was 35 and she was 65. It’s been seven years now and I’m a shell of the person I once was. I work full-time as a nurse and have a small child and I feel like my caregiving duties never end. My mother is a brittle Type 1 diabetic with rheumatoid arthritis and has had multiple falls. This past weekend she really pushed me to my limit and I completely blew up on her so now I’m feeling like a jerk. She’s super stubborn about caring for herself and admitting when she’s having health problems; she prefers to ignore them and wait for someone (me) to swoop in and fix things. Last year she began having chronic wounds that she didn’t tell me or my spouse about (a nurse and a doctor!)- until we noticed drainage seeping through her pants leg. That resulted in me ferrying her to appt after appt, managing her dressings at home after I got off a 12-16 hour shift, and finally a few nights in the hospital where she complained the entire time even though she was basically treated like a VIP thanks to my wife and my connections at the hospital. I thought we had finally turned a corner until this Friday when I went to an appt with her and she admitted to the doctor that her wounds were much worse…she had never even given me a heads up and lied when I asked her about them. Then we had planned a weekend away and she told me she had “just tested” for Covid and “it’s just a cough”….surprise! We all have Covid now. Then her continuous glucose monitor sensor stopped working and guess who didn’t bring a spare or her backup glucometer? The final straw was when I went to check on her blood sugar when we got back home and she told me that she hadn’t checked in 3 days because her glucometer battery was dead. I had just sent the non-sick family member to the drugstore and specifically asked if she needed diabetes supplies!! I completely lost it and ended up telling her to use her “f***ing brain”. Now I feel like the worst human ever even though I’ve apologized fr my language,etc. I just feel so sick and awful and I have to watch my daughter while trying not to get her sick too and I’m just so very tired. It’s putting strain on my marriage but my mother literally has no one else and next to no resources. Thanks for listening. I just needed to vent.
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2023.03.21 02:45 GeofferyAitko2 Super Duper Douchebag- Update.

I'll flesh this out eventually. I think there is enough now. I'm not sure if I will put in personal stuff or just sort of leading comments I would respond to in group. I think the latter.
Bipolar type 1 with psychotic symptoms. Covid is not a virus. 47 years till the oil crisis. Pad Fees. Does nullifying our biological gender cheapen the experience for our true gender? Interpolate extrapolate Critical Point. Percolation. Turn them into an 11 year old. 50. Losers who hate losers. Cancel Culture is entertainment. It's all in the follow through.
Kinky Boots. God was getting ready for a Halloween costume party. God had the costume picked out right down to the boots. God just couldn't decide. God knew the type of boots, but with an infinite closet to choose from, it was hard. So God said to her girlfriend, 'Be a doll, and choose a pair of kinky boots for me from the closet? It will be more fun if it is a surprise.' And we have Quantum Mechanics.
Metal vs Metallica. Secular Humanism vs At what point are we human? Elliptic Curves and Fermat's last theorem. At what point are we human? and Characterizing Human (adj). It's about getting people addicted to the pursuit of what it is to be human.
Targeting. The question is more about why they started targeting you in the first place. After they have, it is anything they can get away with against you. What lie they can get past who they are talking to anything. I have been called fat to my face by a fat person twice. I have a dad-bod. Why target me (you)? Insecurity. Hate. Status. Sex. Money. More…
Do not hate them, try wishing them to be human instead. In that alone there is enough torture in their redemption to match your desire for vengeance. Manic decisions. Permanence: We exist eternal. We are God. We are the reason this place exists. Let's give us the best experience we can have here. I think it is murder, but unless you have a bucket of cash to bring to the table and a solution, it's not your place to say. Our purpose is to be human (adj.) To humans (n.). (God) is a means to this end. Proxy for insecurities. Getting even with God. Homeless Humanists. Green Days. Manic period when you start something, new like religion, sexual preference… Humanness level. Just saying it out loud. You're doing it for all the people who got lost along the way. IDL. Insecure Deluded Loser. Anti-Geek Policy. Victim blaming Shaming. Kintsugi. Social Pressures. Geller field. Possession. The Devil is threatened by me. Two nations. We (have) benefit(ed) from a supremacist regime. Super Duper Douchebag. Hipster Playgirl. Imaginary friends made real. Just pick someone and identify them. Obsessed. No choice. Get out of my head. Break the delusions. Some people use people like cheap drugs. Insecurities. Scapegoats. Proxies. They salve the pain of their existence with your blood. There are some people who feel this world would be a better place without religion. Evolve. The world is a better place with you in it. One month out of hospital. Behavioral addictions (hate). Targeting first, then anything you can say. I have been called fat twice by fat people. Mocking guy. We are not that species. There is no string of words you could write down that would save us. You would literally have to change the Laws of Physics- cause a miracle- to do that. Crush. Hate. Pride and prejudice. Tenacious promoter. Queen bee and king dong contest. Sabotage. Two drink a day drunk. Divorce. Devil wore my skin. It Chapter 2 kid. Pictures friend anecdote. Best way to win an argument. Makebelieve status contest with imaginary friend made real by picking you to abuse. Suppose this person were to have a delusional crush (platonic maybe) on this person. How do you think that would go. Predictable. Why does it happen? The Devil is wearing them. Losers. What can you add to the lives of these people, or what have they had taken away, so that they are not so obsessed with Super Duper Douchebag? The Desire to cause emotional distress. IT. We are not that species.
A salve for the pain of existence. Super Duper Douchebag: The person God let into heaven over you. Their essence brings butterflies born of insecurity; A vote for or against would make the feeling real. One to leverage a foot in the door, The other in getting one up on God.
Lies. All Lies. Promoting an Agenda. A well trained dog is a happy dog. Struggle to be human; even as the path seems priggish, the one of complacency gives up more freedom.
Episodes. Hippster Playgirl Divorce. Get up every morning feeling like shit go to bed high. Red John. Big black bob. Bag packed. Mixed up people Ready to climb down balcony. Very angry over near miss. Nearly lost my job because of anger. Lieing to myself. Laughing on the toilet. Episode butterflies Voices in the vents. Off the walls. Neighbour told me to go to hospital. Don't lock your keys in the cahouse. Have an out if you do. Especially when you are on your own.
It's still prejudice, just a different name. No Hate. Pride parade.
Alpha legion. I am alpharius. Heads of the hydra Lodge coins. Group is the solution. 7Aa for being human. Perpetual grade 13
There are people who believe this world would be a better place without religion. I hate us. I love humans being human. Status. Cognitive dissonance dissociation. Delusional disorder. No choice.
I don't teach first because of my handwriting second because I can't find joy in dealing with jerks, third is the blame.
It seems real. You remember it as real. Broken true false detector. Yggdrasil. Silent Agents. Description not a status. Homophobic Homosexual. It's all in the follow through. Bill and Ted. Devil is the good feelings you get when weakening humanity. A tiger is a cat with black and orange stripes. Talking shop. You re not very good at that thing are you? Everyone puts two conversation starters in a hat. I was raised a bigot (by society). There is no perfect way to live life, only struggling to live perfectly. The Agent chose me not c=.... We are real.
Scapegoat for insecurity. Salve the pain of existence. People using people like cheap drugs. Addicted to hate Promoting an Agenda Pride and prejudice. I needed to read the instructions first. Where's the manual? Harrowing Backhand Born human. Freewill. Spirit. Trained dog. Amount of humanness. Blame. Blue shirt. Prejudice is like Prejudice. Hate. Status. Insecurity. Flea Circus. Words will be the death of me. Primacy. Arrogance. Pretentiousness. Egotism. Sardonic. Statua grab. Cancel culture is entertainment. What could you be canceled for? Evil Ex I've never met. You can affect someone by only having existed. More human (adj.) than human (n.). Status: I am get into heaven first because of who I am. Butterflies. Two nations one land. I am Alpharius. Lodge Coins.
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2023.03.21 02:20 Sir_Chirpsalot Part 7 of my journey fanfic 'the forest and the guardians' is here!

Note: This part also contains minor spoilers for 'The Pathless'

Part 1 of the previous story: https://www.reddit.com/JourneyPS3/comments/xmvwb1/journey_oc_story_the_great_mountain_and_beyond/
Part 1 of this story: https://www.reddit.com/JourneyPS3/comments/z9afre/part_1_of_my_journey_fanfic_sequel_the_forest_and/
Previous part:
Bulo had been trying to sleep since dusk. Ten minutes in, and she found herself pacing her house, unable to stay still. She was feeling incredibly nervous because there was a major fight between two Ryuthlians, and she had no idea how to stop it. One had burned the other's dream journal by accident, and they were determined to get revenge. Not only that, but she was still getting used to all the hefty responsibilities that came with being the leader. Eventually, her anxiety drove her to seek out comfort in another Ryuthlian; Cerbecus.
Cerbecus had been sleeping when he heard Bulo knock on the door. He assumed that Bulo was asking for advice on how to solve the problem between the two Ryuthlians; everyone knew about it. As such, he wasn't at all surprised when he saw her. “May I come in?” she asked. Cerbecus answered by opening the door wider, and she came in. She sat down on a chair and sighed. Cerbecus asked what was wrong. “It’s my stress. I just feel like I can’t take this,” she told him, breathing rapidly, and finally meeting his eyes. “Do you have any ideas as to what I could do?” Cerbecus hummed in thought. “Well, perhaps you could have a break or something, just a day off,” he suggested. Bulo nodded and said, “If I do take a break, would you be able to cover for me?”
A gleam suddenly came into Cerbecus’ eye. “You know, it sounds like you’re just too stressed out for this job, a bit too overwhelmed. Maybe it would be better if I took it over, permanently” he suggested. Bulo stopped. She was shocked. Sure, the deputy always replaced the leader eventually, but it had never been the case that they were replaced while still alive, unless other tribe members voted them out. She thought about it. The idea was frightening. Sure, this role made her nervous, but she still wanted it. She had been this stressed when she began her duty as deputy, but things had slowly got better. “I-I’m sure I’ll learn to manage myself in due time,” she replied. Cerbecus flicked the ground with his scarf, narrowing his eyes. “In due time, yes, but what about all the squabbles, arrangements, and building that need to be done in the meantime? You wouldn’t want a new training camp to be sloppily made just because you needed more time, or this difficult fight to end in disaster because you couldn’t give those two good advice?”
Those were the words that did it. She quickly imagined how the fight between those two Ryuthlians could unfold if she gave them the wrong advice, which she now thought would be the only outcome. She looked at Cerbecus with terror and felt a weight form on her scarf. She thought he was right. If she wanted the best for the tribe, she’d hand over complete leadership to someone who was really competent. She sat down and took a few deep breaths. “I’ll go back to being the deputy, right?” she asked. Cerbecus nodded, and Bulo left the house as a storm rolled in.

When Rezart woke up the next day, he headed down to the guardian training camp. Turns out, they had caught the last guardians yesterday, so the forest was finally safe. They had plenty of ideas on how to use them.
It was on his way there that he learned about what had happened last night. A Southern Tribe’s member told him about it since Ryuthlians, be it desert or forest, told the other tribes if they had a change of leadership. Rezart was concerned. “And you’re sure that Bulo did that?” he asked. The other Ryuthlian nodded. “Bulo said it was because she’s too stressed. She’s gone back to being a deputy.” Rezart frowned. Bulo, stressed but kind, only wanting the best for her tribe. Then again, if she thought that was best, then he wasn’t going to complain. Still, she had only been the leader for about a month.
The two Ryuthilans were about a mile away from the guardian training camp, and they had fallen silent. Rezart heard the mechanical whirls and hums of the guardians. He briefly felt uncomfortable but repressed those thoughts as he slid down and saw Cerbecus talking with a bunch of other Ryuthlians. Immediately Rezart noticed something different about him. He stood straighter and had a different look in his eye.
“We can build Guardian holding stations in the desert and use them to carry materials over the ocean. It’ll be faster and safer than normal boats. Not only that, but we could also use them for bulldozing the nearby trees and rocks, so we could gather resources more quickly,” Cerbecus told them. He turned his head when he saw Rezart. Rezart paused and looked around him. He had just arrived, and other eyes were already on him. He examined them. Eyes from the Western Tribe looked away in scorn, while the ones from the Southern Tribe seemed on edge. Eastern Rythulians were neutral. Nevertheless, he asked Cerbecus to give him a role. “I can still be useful,” he said. “I’ll find a way to control the guardians, even when they aren’t being held down.”
Cerbecus hummed in thought. After some thinking, he said, “Alright, you may do that. I thought that after your knowledge of their wild behavior dried up, you wouldn’t want to be part of the program anymore, but I’m happy to see that you’re still willing to make heroic contributions,” he said. Rezart felt happiness well up inside him. He suddenly felt wanted again, an important role to play in life had come back. Perhaps he didn’t need the Eastern Tribe after all.
In the end, he spent three months in the Guardian Training Program. During this time, he worked harder and more diligently than anyone else. Even the other Western Tribe members were impressed, and he found himself having small, non-aggressive conversations with them. His work culminated in an instrument that could control the guardians even when they had no weights or reins attached. It was a whistle that emitted a noise that was acoustic torture for them. If they heard it, they became paralyzed. The day they tested this out, along with some commands they had taught them, was the last day Rezart had hoped to rejoin his tribe.
On that day, they wanted to see how many trees a guardian could bulldoze in one go, and how well the whistle really worked. To no one's surprise, Cerbecus chose Pine for the experiment. In fact, Pine was always chosen for obedience experiments, as it still had some fiery rage left inside.
Bulldozing trees was nothing new to Pine. It had done that when it first arrived to create comfortable sleeping spaces. It had always done it with its partner, Bark. Pine now saw Ryuthlians coming up to it. The guardian recoiled slightly, then became confused when they removed the metal bindings from its wings. It moved them up and down, getting used to the feel again. It hadn't felt this light and free since it had been captured. It was honestly tempted to fly away, but Cerbecus had the reins attached to its face, and it could see the whistle that Cerbecus was holding. It hovered a meter above the ground, wondering what was going to happen next.
A total of forty Ryuthlians went with Pine. They stood next to its side and front, but not the tail. That was thanks to an incident where a Ryuthlian was close to Pine's tail, and Pine took the opportunity to thwack the poor chap. Cerbecus was at the front and made frequent glances back at Pine, who glared in return.
Cerbecus took Pine to an area full of young trees. He knew from before that guardians weren't able to tackle very large trees, but he was certain they could take out the small ones. When Pine saw them, it knew what Cerbecus wanted. Suddenly Pine thought it could escape. It knew that when Cerbecus let go of the reins, it was expected to bulldoze the trees down, but it had other plans. It waited in silence as Cerbecus blew the whistle while letting off the reins and backing away. Then he gave the signal to tear through a nearby tree.
The moment he did, Pine made its escape attempt. It flew right above the trees and for a moment thought it was safe. It heard cries from below and felt briefly secure, but then Cerbecus blew the whistle. It rattled the air. Pine struggled to recompose itself, but the noise continued, and it tumbled down, flattening several trees as it did.
The noise then stopped, but Pine didn't move. In all honesty, it was just worried about hearing it again. Cerbecus stood over the weakened guardian and gave the signal again to bulldoze the trees. Pine looked up at the sky, which now felt like a faraway dream. It then lifted itself off up the ground, went to one of the trees, and crashed clean through it. Cerbecus was impressed. He didn't expect Pine to cut a tree that was half a meter thick in three seconds. For a Ryuthlian, cutting down a tree that size took an hour. He recalled the power that the guardians had. They were still formidable beings, but the technology he had was more powerful than they could ever be.
Pine worked for a while, destroying every tree it could. At one point, it began to destroy trees just to release its frustration, becoming determined to flatten the whole forest. Yet exhaustion eventually overtook it, and Pine collapsed after five hours. When this happened, Cerbecus was disappointed, but then he looked around and saw a giant bare patch in the middle of the forest. He felt good.
The other Ryuthlians had also watched this happen from the sidelines. They had been there in case Pine made another escape attempt, and they each had their own whistle. Amongst them was Rezart. He had been quietly watching Pine, as required, but the whole time he had desperately desired to talk to the Ryuthlian who was standing next to him, a western tribe member. He didn’t even know what to talk about, but he wanted to make a proper reconnection with them once and for all. What made him even more eager was that they used to know each other. The Ryuthlian was one of his housemates, named Crozo. He remembered teaching her how to make pottery and encouraging her to keep going even when she was having a difficult time. She was standing a couple of meters away from him, staring at Pine intently. When Pine collapsed onto the ground, no one was sure what to do. They hadn’t brought any equipment to bring back a collapsed guardian. Rezart immediately volunteered to do this. When he did, he quickly glanced at Crozo, and the words came out without thought. “Would you like to join me?”
He paused, realizing the weight of what he had said. For a second, he prayed that he’d be accepted again, but Crozo only looked away with pain in her eyes. “No thanks. Maybe you and another eastern tribe member can get the equipment.” Rezart hesitated. In that moment, he knew that the headband he bore no longer had meaning, and he felt an empty feeling inside him. He walked back to the guardian training camp and came back with the equipment, not uttering a word to anyone. When he did come back, he looked Pine in the eye as they put the metal bindings on its wings. Pine looked back, then looked back at the ground.
Cernos had been wandering through the forest freely for a while now. He had obeyed Rezart, avoiding other Ryuthlians when he could. It was surprisingly easy. The forest was so massive that Cernos would have a hard time finding any Ryuthlians even if he wanted to. However, its size wouldn’t stop him from stumbling across what Rezart feared.
It was night when it happened, and most Ryuthlians had gone home. Indeed, Rezart would never have found out that Cernos had discovered the guardians if he hadn’t stayed behind, putting Pine back into its place. Rezart had a hard time feeling sorry for Pine. He felt sorry for the others, apart from Wood and Rock, but he had been there when Pine whistled happily when it had hit the other Ryuthlian with its tail. The Ryuthlian in question was lucky to be alive.
Pine emitted a low growl while Rezart tightened the ropes that connected the bindings to a nearby boulder, but it didn't move because it knew he had a whistle. They didn't use the tower anymore. Instead they used boulders. Rezart worked while thinking deeply about his tribe. It seemed that he would have to accept his place in the eastern tribe, especially since other Ryuthlians thought that's where he belonged. He sighed, then noticed a blue glow a few yards away. When Rezart saw the glow, he also spotted antlers. Immediately he panicked and tried to prevent Cernos from seeing Pine. He did this by trying to get Pine to look away from Cernos, but it was no use. Pine wasn't cooperating; instead, it looked directly at Cernos. When it saw him, it let out a loud roar that shook the trees. Cernos was a trusted friend. It prayed that he would break it free from the bindings.
For a moment, Rezart wanted to cry out to Cernos not to come near them, but then he didn't. No, it was useless to try now. Cernos was coming up the forest slope towards them. If he tried to stop him now, it would just be super suspicious. Instead, he stood a few paces away as Cernos made his way to the top and found himself standing in front of all fifty guardians, bound to boulders.
At first, Cernos struggled to understand what he was seeing. He was confused and approached the rope with suspicion, giving it a small sniff. He stepped back when he realized that they were made by Ryuthlians and became even more shocked when he finally saw Rezart. Pine whistled for Cernos, thinking that he would attack Rezart or free it, then narrowed its eye in disappointment when Cernos did nothing of the sort. Instead, he began to question Rezart.
"How did you do this?" Cernos began. Rezart sighed in relief. This wasn't so bad. "We set up nets in the forest to catch them. Don't worry, we didn't catch any other creatures, just the guardians," he informed him. Cernos nodded, and Rezart could see a disdainful look in his eye. "Why did you do it?" Rezart chuckled nervously. "Well, these beasts you see, they were terrorizing us, attacking us whenever they could. We didn't have a choice." Cernos was skeptical. "Why were they attacking you?" Rezart was incredibly tempted to lie, but he felt something disastrous was going to happen if he lied to a god. "We captured cloth dolphins, put them in stone, and used them for war."
At first, Cernos said nothing. He felt as though he had been shot. "So, it was your species that forced many cloth dolphins into their stone prisons," Cernos said. Rezart backed away, thinking that Cernos was going to attack him, but he didn't. Instead, he stood there in front of the guardians with his head lowered, defeated. He only wished he hadn't left the dying forest before the war. Maybe then he could have prevented this. He didn't know what to do. He felt so angry and frustrated, but all he could do was madly stamp the ground with his hooves. He wondered if there was something he could do to stop this now, then realized that there was nothing. No matter what, the Ryuthlians had ultimate power over the Guardians. He turned around and began to trot away, his head facing the ground.
Rezart, however, wasn't done. He was suddenly filled with outrage in his heart. He ran after Cernos, crying out to give him and his species another chance. However, it was useless. Cernos had immense anger in his heart and didn't want to hear any excuses. Instead, he fled when Rezart got near and disappeared into the darkness of the forest. Rezart chased after him relentlessly but got worn out after thirty minutes. After that, he decided to turn back home.
When he returned to the training camp the next day, he felt a shiver go down him. He couldn't get Cernos out of his head and felt hesitant to do anything. Nevertheless, he still worked all day, not knowing that others could sense his uneasy feelings. The one who noticed the most was Cerbecus, and he talked to him privately after training.
It was dusk. Cerbecus had collected everyone's whistles, which he claimed were for safekeeping. He kept them all in a tight box to which only he had the key. He held this box, tucked underneath his cloak when he talked to Rezart. "I've noticed that you've been acting odd today. Is something wrong?" he asked. Rezart shrugged. "I just...I'm not sure we should be doing this anymore. Is it actually right to do this to the guardians?" he asked. Cerberus was silent for a few seconds. Then he said, "You've redeemed yourself."
Rezart was surprised. At first, he wondered if he misheard something. "What? I've...fulfilled my task?" he asked. Cerbecus nodded. "Your task was to neutralize the guardian threat, and you have. More than that, it seems that the eastern tribe has accepted you. You should settle with them," he said. Rezart thought that he was joking at first until he saw a surprisingly nasty flicker in his eye, and his scarf flicking the ground. He suddenly realized that he wasn't wanted here anymore and left.
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2023.03.21 01:58 PoisAndIV [WTS] RPP DCF flatiron, OR ascentshell alpine bivy, Cotopaxi pack, bug bivy, head net, or insulated cap, various weights.

Spring cleaning. Prices include G+S fee and priority shipping to CONUS via usps. Which is usually 10-20 dollars so keep that in mind. Shipping will be done Thursday. Yolo takes it! Discounts for multiples, since shipping is a bit pricey
SOLD Red paw packs flatiron (15oz)- spring of 2020, I’m second owner. I don’t think it’s ever seen a day on trail. White DCF with massive stretchy pockets and running vest style padded straps. $120
OR alpine ascentshell bivy (19oz)- used one night in a shelter as a ground cloth. Not a ground sleeper. No damage. Will toss in a little patch kit from thermarest i have laying around. $210
Cotopaxi tasra 16L (22oz)- used as a work bag for a year. Some discoloration on the bottom bits. Lots of organization inside for books and laptops and pens etc. $40
Add on stuff——
OR insulated cap with ear flappies size small. $5 from REI garage sale, got too warm wearing it. Not much of a hat person.
Unknown bug bivy (12oz approximate based on old measurement) made of silpoly I believe, full length mesh upper and bathtub floor. Tie outs on both ends. Wide enough for a wide pad. Want to say it’s 25x75inch. $10 give a bivy a shot for cheap.
SOLD Ben’s head net. $free
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2023.03.21 01:48 ladyhdx Testing Kiriko's head hitbox (It is super strict.)

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2023.03.21 01:42 Emprier Even though my life seems wonderful on the surface my soul is in shambles

I’m a 4.0 student with a 34 on my ACT and 5s on all my AP tests so I’m doing okay in school. Im a classical pianist and I’m in choir and just made it to a state competition for both vocal and piano performance. Im a lead in my school musical. I have a wonderful close group of friends. I volunteer a lot and have a wonderful family. So on paper it looks fine. But for the past few months my life has felt horrendous. I have found occasional solace in music, performance, and friends, but I am so lost and confused and want to give up on life.
I’m a physically in mentally out Mormon teenager. I used to be a very strong believing member but about a year ago I lost my faith but I’ve been putting on a mask of still being Mormon because I don’t feel okay sharing what I believe now. I’ve been able to tell a few friends in a similar situation, but my closest friends are all members and it’s hard because I feel like a fraud around them. And I leave, what will that make of me? I feel like I will lose my friends. I have many core memories of my early childhood related to the gospel and my family and I feel like I’m going to lose that idyllic life I had been living until I had doubts. I don’t know how to live without it but I can’t be honest about it right now.
Additionally, I have feelings towards men. I have been since freshman year. And I fucking hate it. I felt strong attraction to girls all of middle school and then shortly after COVID hit hard switch to men. Im so fucking pissed because I don’t want to live like that and I get so upset whenever I occasionally have feelings towards my best friends because it makes me feel just absolutely disgusting and like some psycho. However, I met another gay guy my age who I fell head over heels for. On paper we were a perfect match because we had so much in common. But after kissing him, even though it was fun, something wasn’t right. The vibe was very off. Then there was that time when his mom came home super early and caught us kissing which has seriously traumatized me. I simply do not want to be in a relationship with a man ever it doesn’t feel right with me. But then I get these occasional feelings of attraction I my friends and it makes me so fucking angry like this is such a stupid and useless thought to have why can’t my attraction to women fucking come back. Maybe in just never supposed to be in a happy relationship or have kids just like my Mormon religion wants I think I’d be better of dead let the straight normal believing people be happy and successful. I’m a defect that needs to be thrown out I just want to overdose on something and fall asleep and never wake up. I would rather be dead than be a gay exmormon. I don’t care what good thing happen in my life my core identity is just shit and everything feels like a waste. Maybe I’ll feel better in an hour but holy shut I wanna die right now this all feels so meaningless
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2023.03.21 01:35 BaatNiet [HR][SP] Evaluation

Interview, transcribed

Status: S1 Least Concern

I'm doing alright, I guess. I’m surprised, you know, because it was nothing like the movies. Sure, the first few days were rough – there was confusion, and lots of trouble around hospitals and morgues. People panicked, fled the cities and I know they’re still having a lot of issues with moving people around. Martial law is a pain in everyone’s ass, and the military was everywhere for a while, but in a way it's a lot like Covid. Same kinda thing, almost like it was practice for this, you know?
It’s weird to think about how it’s in everyone. Something everyone’s been carrying for thousands of years, some random bit of biology. Something triggers it – and people stop dying. Well, they die, but they come right back, with that hunger. Bite, bloodstream, death within hours.
Everyone’s seen the videos of the first few days – that one from the subway, who popped because it ate too much, and still kept right on eating… that’s the one that sticks with me. How do you stop something like that?
They just keep going. That YouTube guy in Georgia showed us, that guy with the treadmills. They’ll go ‘til their feet grind off and they’re not much slower without them. Never gonna be easy to wrap your head around something like that.
But the movies never gave people enough credit. I think Manhattan was a fluke. Those first days were rough, and they did what they felt like they had to do. But that was, what, ten percent of the total death toll right there? At least in this country. And we did that to ourselves. They just never gave us enough credit. We were always gonna be fine.
So, feelings of safety, yeah. I feel pretty safe, all things considered. The dead man’s switch collars alone fixed probably half the problem. It seems so obvious in hindsight. A kind of a shotgun shell thing, a ball bearing, some plastic and some cheap electronics. You know we spent less on everyone’s collars, as a country, I mean, than we did on a single aircraft carrier?
Other than the itching, I got no problem with it, and you can write that down for the record. Beats getting all your teeth pulled. As long as you remember to push your button in the mornings. But they made it pretty hard to forget the two days in a row, with the beeping and all.
It's a small price to pay for the knowledge that two days is the longest you’ll have a zombie walking around, and that’s worst case scenario assuming the pulse sensor breaks and it doesn’t pop them after the eight hours without a detected pulse. Whole damn city could be overrun and you’d just have to wait, what, a week, tops? Until the popping stops. Then it’s just cleanup, right?
I had to have a stray-catcher pit dug next to my driveway. Whole neighborhood has them now, the homeowners association made us put them in, how’s that for a 180? Took those ladies three months to decide whether a rock constitutes a public safety hazard but now everyone has to pay Betsy’s nephew $1,300 to dig a death trap right off the street.
If we ever pull a zombie out of one of those pits, there's a good chance it'll be someone's grandma who wouldn’t have turned if we hadn't dug these damn holes everywhere.
That’s another thing. The insurance company “proactively” upped my rate. Because we sleep on the ground floor and we didn’t bother to bar all windows to the house, just the ones in the bedroom. It’s all a cash grab. I read a thing that said they’re expecting GDP growth from all this. People are actually making money off this thing. Somewhere out there you know someone’s on a boat they wouldn’t have been able to afford if it hadn’t been for the zombie apocalypse.
Anyway, yeah, so we also got a shelter box just down the street, fits a dozen people and you can set off a remote alarm that goes nuts about 200 yards away and pulls them away from you if you get caught in a bad situation. But it seems excessive. Last zombie I saw was on my drive to work, thing was stuck in a field chasing crows in circles. That was… two weeks ago? Like I said, someone’s on a new boat somewhere.
The speed limits, though, I can’t get used to. I understand there’s a big concern about first responders, but how common were multiple-fatality car crashes before all this? People die in their cars all the time anyway, strokes and heart attacks and stuff. You can’t control everything. Maybe we got too used to getting everywhere fast, like they say, “20 miles per hour was light speed 200 years ago.” My commute used to be 15 minutes, and it felt too long then.
But hey, look at me. “Oh no, the zombie apocalypse is really inconvenient.” I think we did pretty good, if I'm honest.
I saw a thing on the news about a place in Africa that has a baboon colony living off all the people’s trash and raiding neighborhoods and stuff, and there’s this university there that’s gonna try to train them. Baboons can’t get infected, and they travel in these huge groups and they’re all over the place anyway so they figure within a couple of generations they’ll be able to get them to take out zombies and drag them to disposal sites in return for food. I bet a couple hundred years from now stuff like that will be totally normal, like cats and mice.
And have you seen that video about how that one country in Europe did their cities? Denmark, I think. They already had all the cameras on the street, so they added a little turret to each one. Just a little box about this big with a little gun barrel sticking out of it. Apparently, it’s really easy for a program to recognize a zombie. Even without the heat vision stuff and the lower temperature and all those ways, it’s super accurate.
So when it sees one, the camera calls the operator to get the permission to fire, I guess in case it's a guy with a limp or a kid pretending for some internet challenge or whatever, who knows, and then the turret puts it down with one shot, never misses, doesn’t splash bystanders, and barely slows down traffic.
Whole idea of it would’ve given me the creeps before all this - this coming from the guy with the DMS collar on - but it’s all kind of elegant, in a way, you know? We just adapted like it was nothing.
Anyway, yeah, like I said, I’m fine, I think we’re all gonna be fine. I get why y’all have to check up on folks like this, to make sure we’re okay. Mentally, I mean. My neighbor was one of those Q-people who went underground so I get how things can go wrong with the wiring, but he was pretty far gone already before all this.
I guess we're all pretty traumatized in general – I don’t like to go into the woods anymore, where just four months ago, before all this, it's all I wanted to do. It’s been an adjustment. Of all the fuckin’ things we thought might go wrong in 2023… I mean, like... zombies… I’m leaning simulation, myself. At this point, it’s gotta be, right?
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2023.03.21 01:34 BaatNiet Evaluation

Interview, transcribed

Status: S1 Least Concern

I'm doing alright, I guess. I’m surprised, you know, because it was nothing like the movies. Sure, the first few days were rough – there was confusion, and lots of trouble around hospitals and morgues. People panicked, fled the cities and I know they’re still having a lot of issues with moving people around. Martial law is a pain in everyone’s ass, and the military was everywhere for a while, but in a way it's a lot like Covid. Same kinda thing, almost like it was practice for this, you know?
It’s weird to think about how it’s in everyone. Something everyone’s been carrying for thousands of years, some random bit of biology. Something triggers it – and people stop dying. Well, they die, but they come right back, with that hunger. Bite, bloodstream, death within hours.
Everyone’s seen the videos of the first few days – that one from the subway, who popped because it ate too much, and still kept right on eating… that’s the one that sticks with me. How do you stop something like that?
They just keep going. That YouTube guy in Georgia showed us, that guy with the treadmills. They’ll go ‘til their feet grind off and they’re not much slower without them. Never gonna be easy to wrap your head around something like that.
But the movies never gave people enough credit. I think Manhattan was a fluke. Those first days were rough, and they did what they felt like they had to do. But that was, what, ten percent of the total death toll right there? At least in this country. And we did that to ourselves. They just never gave us enough credit. We were always gonna be fine.
So, feelings of safety, yeah. I feel pretty safe, all things considered. The dead man’s switch collars alone fixed probably half the problem. It seems so obvious in hindsight. A kind of a shotgun shell thing, a ball bearing, some plastic and some cheap electronics. You know we spent less on everyone’s collars, as a country, I mean, than we did on a single aircraft carrier?
Other than the itching, I got no problem with it, and you can write that down for the record. Beats getting all your teeth pulled. As long as you remember to push your button in the mornings. But they made it pretty hard to forget the two days in a row, with the beeping and all.
It's a small price to pay for the knowledge that two days is the longest you’ll have a zombie walking around, and that’s worst case scenario assuming the pulse sensor breaks and it doesn’t pop them after the eight hours without a detected pulse. Whole damn city could be overrun and you’d just have to wait, what, a week, tops? Until the popping stops. Then it’s just cleanup, right?
I had to have a stray-catcher pit dug next to my driveway. Whole neighborhood has them now, the homeowners association made us put them in, how’s that for a 180? Took those ladies three months to decide whether a rock constitutes a public safety hazard but now everyone has to pay Betsy’s nephew $1,300 to dig a death trap right off the street.
If we ever pull a zombie out of one of those pits, there's a good chance it'll be someone's grandma who wouldn’t have turned if we hadn't dug these damn holes everywhere.
That’s another thing. The insurance company “proactively” upped my rate. Because we sleep on the ground floor and we didn’t bother to bar all windows to the house, just the ones in the bedroom. It’s all a cash grab. I read a thing that said they’re expecting GDP growth from all this. People are actually making money off this thing. Somewhere out there you know someone’s on a boat they wouldn’t have been able to afford if it hadn’t been for the zombie apocalypse.
Anyway, yeah, so we also got a shelter box just down the street, fits a dozen people and you can set off a remote alarm that goes nuts about 200 yards away and pulls them away from you if you get caught in a bad situation. But it seems excessive. Last zombie I saw was on my drive to work, thing was stuck in a field chasing crows in circles. That was… two weeks ago? Like I said, someone’s on a new boat somewhere.
The speed limits, though, I can’t get used to. I understand there’s a big concern about first responders, but how common were multiple-fatality car crashes before all this? People die in their cars all the time anyway, strokes and heart attacks and stuff. You can’t control everything. Maybe we got too used to getting everywhere fast, like they say, “20 miles per hour was light speed 200 years ago.” My commute used to be 15 minutes, and it felt too long then.
But hey, look at me. “Oh no, the zombie apocalypse is really inconvenient.” I think we did pretty good, if I'm honest.
I saw a thing on the news about a place in Africa that has a baboon colony living off all the people’s trash and raiding neighborhoods and stuff, and there’s this university there that’s gonna try to train them. Baboons can’t get infected, and they travel in these huge groups and they’re all over the place anyway so they figure within a couple of generations they’ll be able to get them to take out zombies and drag them to disposal sites in return for food. I bet a couple hundred years from now stuff like that will be totally normal, like cats and mice.
And have you seen that video about how that one country in Europe did their cities? Denmark, I think. They already had all the cameras on the street, so they added a little turret to each one. Just a little box about this big with a little gun barrel sticking out of it. Apparently, it’s really easy for a program to recognize a zombie. Even without the heat vision stuff and the lower temperature and all those ways, it’s super accurate.
So when it sees one, the camera calls the operator to get the permission to fire, I guess in case it's a guy with a limp or a kid pretending for some internet challenge or whatever, who knows, and then the turret puts it down with one shot, never misses, doesn’t splash bystanders, and barely slows down traffic.
Whole idea of it would’ve given me the creeps before all this - this coming from the guy with the DMS collar on - but it’s all kind of elegant, in a way, you know? We just adapted like it was nothing.
Anyway, yeah, like I said, I’m fine, I think we’re all gonna be fine. I get why y’all have to check up on folks like this, to make sure we’re okay. Mentally, I mean. My neighbor was one of those Q-people who went underground so I get how things can go wrong with the wiring, but he was pretty far gone already before all this.
I guess we're all pretty traumatized in general – I don’t like to go into the woods anymore, where just four months ago, before all this, it's all I wanted to do. It’s been an adjustment. Of all the fuckin’ things we thought might go wrong in 2023… I mean, like... zombies… I’m leaning simulation, myself. At this point, it’s gotta be, right?
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2023.03.21 01:33 Purple1829 42 [M4F] NC - I’m looking for my person to make playlists for.

You know when you spend time trying to pick the perfect songs for someone. Either songs you’ve connected over, ones that remind you of them, or maybe just some things you think they’d like. I love making playlists and it brings me joy when someone appreciates them. I miss having someone to make them for.
So I come to you, people of Reddit. I’m not asking for a “unicorn” or some kind of perfect image of who I want in my life. I want to meet someone perfectly flawed. We’re all flawed in some way, I certainly am with my extra weight and my penchant for over analyzing every moment in my life. We just do our best to counteract those things by being ridiculously charming, fucking hilarious, and super modest about it all.
I want a real relationship. Ideally I’d like to hit it off with someone, meet in person, and then go from there. With that said, North Carolina will be my home for the foreseeable future. If you aren’t close by, we probably aren’t a good match.
Here are some things about me. Some are important, some aren’t. I’m bored, so I’m just typing this while I watch YouTube videos about giant magnets, so it’s probably going to be really long.
“I’m a guy this dude just met, he is funny and likable”
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2023.03.21 01:25 YungGucciVro Been sick for like 1 month now, can't kick the cough. Any suggestions?

21m 180lb 6'1. Meds klonopins & ambien. Non smoker. In America if that matters
So basically I've been feeling pretty sick the past month. I did see my doc & had a covid & flu test. Both came back negative (said it was a virus). I was told to buy robitussin dm max, gone through 2 bottles already (Plus a sample bottle of a cough syrup from doc). Is there anything else I can buy that'll be stronger? Gonna put all my symptoms below
At the beginning my body went super weak & I was hurting all over lasted days. Hot flashes & chills, even got heat rash or whatever its called. Feeling like I could puke off & on. Diarrhea. Than I slowly got better & just a few days ago my body went super weak/hurting again. Its gone away but still have knee pain. Main issue I have is this cough, my head hurts when I cough now. I also cough up flem quite a bit also. Always have a stuffy nose/runny nose.
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2023.03.21 01:18 BikerJedi DC Dave.

A sneak peek from the book I'm working on. I was working on it tonight and a memory crept in. I can't believe I haven't told this story before.
Getting assigned to Korea for most was a hardship tour, which meant you couldn't have your wife or kids. You get the option of taking leave if you have it accrued halfway through. Most guys end up going home for three or four weeks halfway (roughly) through their year tour. At least in my unit, they pretty much forced you to take at least a couple of weeks. I wasted mine going home to Texas and Ft. Bliss to marry my very soon to be ex-wife. But this story is about SPC Dave, not me.
Roughly four months after I got to the DMZ, our hero SPC Dave goes home on mid-tour leave to his now very pregnant wife he knocked up before he left the states. I'm calling him Dave instead of by his last name because even today, almost 35 years later, I don't want to shame the dude.
Our hero SPC Dave was a frequent visitor the babrothels in the ville outside the gates of Camp #RC4, especially the place across the street where he had a regular girl. What SPC Dave didn't know before he went home is that she had Gonorreah, aka "The Clap" and had given to him, because like a moron he was fucking whores without a condom. There is an urban myth that the term comes from "clapping" an infected penis to clear it. The truth is it is a slang term for a sexually transmitted disease said to come from the 13th-century French clapoire, meaning “rabbit hutch.”
Regardless, SPC Dave didn't know he had the clap because he was totally asymptomatic. He had no symptoms, or at least none causing him any kind of discomfort, pain or anything else. According to him, everything looked and felt OK down there. It wasn't unusual, some folks are just carriers of a disease. However, his pregnant wife knew within days she had the clap because she was NOT asymptomatic at all. She saw a doctor who confirmed she had Gonorreah, and there was no question where it came from. SPC Dave was ordered by his very pissed off (and rightfully so) wife to take a test, and it was confirmed he had the clap.
They both got the antibiotics and thought they were cleared up. Her symptoms went away. His went away. You are supposed to wait at least a week after symptoms are gone before having sex. They even went and tested and both supposedly tested negative. Since they were fighting the entire month he was there, they waited almost the entire month he was there. For some reason, she had unprotected sex with SPC Dave one more time the night before he came home and gave him back the clap, because as it turned out she wasn't completely free of it yet.
He comes back to the unit from his leave. A couple of days later he gets an itch and decides to get tested where he learns he has the clap again, given to him by his pregnant wife. It was almost like she purposely kept the infection in storage to give back to him on the way home. He called home and confirmed hers hadn't gone away and she had to get another course of antibiotics. Yep - the Korean super-clap was rearing its ugly head again. Maybe she decided to hang onto it and give it back to him like that, but I can't imagine anyone sane risking the health of their baby like that, which is the biggest reason she was pissed off.
How do I know all this you ask? SPC Dave and I weren't friends. I'll tell you how. Because when you are taking certain pills for STDs, the medics tell you that you can't have dairy. So when you are going through the chow line and tell the cook "no dairy" or "no milk" or whatever, people hear you and lose it. So everyone in line knows you have the clap, and before long, the entire battery knows it. I was in line behind him when he said it. No one would leave him alone about it, wanting to know how he came home with an STD. So he finally spilled the beans while having smoke after formation that night and crying a little bit.
After that, everyone called him "D.C. Dave" or just "D.C." for "Double Clap" since he left with it, lost it, and came back with it. He of course hated it. Three weeks later his wife sends mail saying they are divorcing as soon as he is home. Then he cried some more.
The real story is probably neither of them were totally clear when they thought they were. Poor dumb bastard. Can't say I feel too sorry for him though. After all, "D.C." is a hell of a nickname to lay on someone, and it makes a funny story.

OneLove 22ADay Glory to Ukraine

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