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2023.02.16 02:28 Adept_Tip6472 Started Wellbutrin recently, having minor cardiovascular issues, not sure if I should tell doctor because I've intermittently had them before Wellbutrin anyway



I started Wellbutrin 2 weeks ago. I had some high blood pressure measurements, esp. diastolic, reaching 123/91. Heart rate has been elevated at ~100 bpm all day today (usually ~85 bpm), which has happened a couple times over the past few years without any discernable reason. Hands and feet started getting red-hot two days ago, esp. at night, which has happened every winter since 2018. Deep aching pains in right calf and thigh started 3 days ago (did some hamstring stretches before that, so maybe nothing).


I've been experiencing a small constellation of issues over the past few days. Today, my heart rate has been elevated at around 100 bpm all day (it's usually 85). This has happened a couple of times before over the years. It only ever lasts a day, so I never brought it up to my doctor. I had an echocardiogram about a year ago, which was after the first couple times it happened, but it showed that my heart was perfectly healthy. However, I've also been experiencing a couple other issues recently.
Every winter, my hands and feet turn ice cold. Since the winter of 2018, they've also had this issue where they randomly turn red and get really hot. It starts when I expose them to heat or at night before I go to bed and then usually lasts until morning. The closest thing to it that I've found is erythromelalgia, but since that's a very rare disease, it seems unlikely. This year, it started happening two days ago, which is a little later than it usually does.
Lastly, I've been feeling a pain in my right leg. It started three days ago in my calf but seems to have largely moved to my thigh and buttock. It's sort of a deep ache, and it seems to get worse when I stretch my leg. In light of the other symptoms I've been experiencing, I'm concerned that it might be a cardiovascular issue, like a DVT. However, there's no swelling or discoloration. Also, I've been doing some hamstring stretches lately, which might have something to do with it.
I started on Wellbutrin two weeks ago and have been keeping track of things to report to my doctor. The only concern I've brought up so far was a blood pressure reading of 123/91, which my doctor wasn't worried about, as it soon returned to my usual blood pressure of around 115/79 (which I calculated several months ago by measuring it carefully every day for two weeks). A trend I've noticed is that when my blood pressure is raised, my diastolic tends to increase more relative to my systolic. Since these issues have happened before and may not be related to Wellbutrin, I'm not sure if I need to bring it up to my doctor.
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2023.02.16 02:01 AutoModerator Official Link to our Discord Server!

Devil's Riders Discord
All platforms are welcome to join. We are only on Xbox at the moment, but would love to expand. Please reach out to u/RatedRx2000 directly, either through Reddit or Discord, if you're interested in running the servesubreddit for Playstation or PC. Furthermore, we are looking for mods for our server and subreddit in general. Please reach out if interested!
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2023.02.16 01:59 magicplanet1212 [DOWNLOAD] Richard Bandler – Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning Audio

DOWNLOAD: Richard Bandler – Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning Audio
According to Richard Bandler, creator of NHR, most of the problems and things that people do and bad feelings that they have work automatically but they weren’t there when you were a baby.
These are all learned behaviours, and when you hypnotically repattern someone what you are basically doing is teaching them not to get to what they don’t want to get.
Richard says that archival memory systems always have to have up-datable memory where you put new information in front of old information.
So, if you teach somebody a new way to respond it makes it so that it is easier because they never get to the bad system. Everything we learn will always be there, but sometimes what you need to do is make a left turn on the cortical pathways and use a new learning.
The older we get the more millions and millions of neural cortical pathways we establish and there are many things that happen automatically, a handshake, kisses, brushing our teeth, taking a shower… but this also includes people getting angry when it’s inappropriate, or being afraid of things that are not really scary.
Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning is about using very deep trance tools to be able to make very pervasive changes across a wide range of behaviour to teach people the most important thing: to spend more time practicing feeling good than they do feeling bad so becomes a habit.
NHR uses the hypnotic process to restructure experiences that people have at the neurological and chemical level. The only question is how much pleasure can you stand, how much excitement can you stand, how much success can you have?
The difference between NLP and NHR is not in the techniques but the outcome which is different. Instead of teaching people to lead with their minds, NHR teaches you to lead with your feelings.
You learn to saturate your neurology with the chemicals that make you feel good. Because if you get your whole body in the right state there’s just about nothing that you can’t do.
It isn’t enough to just help you get out of one bad feeling. NHR ensures that you get into a whole lot of other great feelings! NHR enables you to redesign the way you connect with yourself physically, mentally and to some extent spiritually.
Richard says: “Think of the many things people do, like being afraid or being depressed, a lot of these things create a chemical base in the body. NHR changes the way you have these feelings and changes responses before people get in the chemical bath of depression or suddenly getting angry or be afraid or shy. They have to start being shy at a certain point and if ahead of that you can get them to do something else … As our knowledge of the chemistry of the brain increases, so too will our ability to control it spiritually, mentally and physically. It is a great and wonderful new adventure as a new vista of knowledge unfolds before us.”
Business, sales, self-esteem, confidence, charisma, motivation, relaxation, parenting, relationships, addictions, phobias, certain ailments, anti-aging, weight loss and sports performance are just some of the areas that NHR can help you with.
DOWNLOAD: Richard Bandler – Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning Audio
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2023.02.16 01:16 csquared_yt Starting to notice some changes (General update)

Heyo, figured I'd give a bit of an update log thing on how things are going. I'm now at the 4 week mark of 50mg after about 6 weeks of 25mg and very slowly I'm now starting to notice some gradual changes. This is gonna be a super long post, apologies lol
It's been 2 months without any sort of panic attack, which is absolutely huge for me since my health anxiety was really starting to make that into a more frequent problem in recent months. The big change I'm only now realising is I think my mood is starting to shift a bit, going back to my pre-anxiety self. I still have loooong ways to go but I've been tracking my mood using Unmind since mid December and while there's still a lot of ups and downs, I've been getting more great days where I'm actually enjoying things all day! I still get quite a bit of bad/meh days but they are nowhere close to being as extreme as before medication.
I still dissociate from time to time since upping the dose but it's now very far and between since when I upped it. I do think I might be experiencing some sort of emotional blunting, while it isn't extreme I do get some days where I'm just super uninterested and bored, but I'm going to try and work around this. The time where I finally realised this might be doing something is today, this morning I spotted a single blood spot on my face. Now, if this were last year I'd immediately panic, stare at mirrors for ages and think about it CONSTANTLY and wonder what kind of serious disease I may have. Cancer? Some blood problem? Idk but eventually I'd end up in the gp if it overwhelmed me enough. What happened instead though, I looked at it, thought "meh probably nothing" and just didn't think about it for the whole day. Maybe checked it like twice or so but I was not concerned in the slightest and that felt powerful to me. That's my first indicator that something may be working here.
As far as persistent side effects go, I get annoying GI issues frequently (had them before meds though, but now stronger), there are some days where my eyes get super tired but that might be fading off idk, and dissociation is still a thing from time to time. I still have some fears related to the meds, I occasionally read through here, find some stories which scare me a bit and then think about it for a bit. I'm still worried about long term stuff because of things like serotonin syndrome, getting psychosis or experiencing manic episodes, none of which has happened obviously, but I still don't feel as though I trust this if that makes any sense, even if it seems to begin working. I am going through therapy so this is something I'm working towards.
All in all, this definitely looks to be doing good for now while I'm still very cautiously optimistic about the future of this. Gonna keep close watch of myself and keep track of how things develop, but I do hope this improves further. The only reason I'm not flairing this as a success story just yet is because I still think it's too early to tell if this will actually be beneficial in the long run, so I'm going to give this several more weeks before I decide and see if anything changes.
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2023.02.16 00:37 shue_2181 WSOP GIVEAWAY

Hatter's WSOP 2500 Giveaway Play 10K hands in Lucky Stars at any stakes (micros count) from February 10th till April 27th to qualify for the FREE entry in to the tournament. This is only way to qualify. Only players in my downline are eligible for giveaway. The Tournament will be April 30th. The winner of the tournament will receive the Grand prize to play at WSOP Giveaway (1500 chips for Travel/Lodging and 1000 chips for buyin). If winner can't make the WSOP they can use/REDEEM the 2500. Message me for details
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2023.02.16 00:01 daniel64 Black screen with loading cursor after boot, even in safe mode.

My sister's laptop updated last night, and just today it just started to get the error, I'm unable to do anything with the black screen, no task manager, no run prompt, resetting the graphics driver does nothing, even the error occurs in safe mode and thus is unusable. I can still boot in, and enter advanced options, but I can't do anything outside of it. The switch displays bar still appears, tried removing all other monitors connected but nothing.
I've already tried everything I could:
-Task manager: Nothing appears while doing the combination of keys.
-Reset graphics card: Only moves the cursor and does nothing.
-System restore: Had two restore points, one "worked" but didn't fixed it, the other didn't worked at all.
-Safe mode: As previously said, the same error occurs in safe mode.
-Startup Repair: Did nothing to fix the problem
-Uninstall latest feature/quality update: None of them worked out, the first one uninstalled something while the other didn't worked at all.
-Using an installation disk: Every option it had didn't worked at all.
The only thing working so far is the Command Prompt from advanced options, I can still access it and use it. I don't want to wipe out another clean installation, but nothing so far is working.
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2023.02.15 23:47 Infinite_Equipment Shadow

During the night I fade away, My essence lingers, I’m here to stay. Never in question, forever there, My life has become a living despair.
At first is was fun, chasing the shadows, Running in circles, for hours and hours. But as you grew, you rejected this, A desire for joy, the desire to live.
Now my presence disturbs you, You see me and squeal. Envision only you, A life without me.
I am your shadow, Your damaged past, What you try to forget, When you drink your next glass.
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2023.02.15 23:36 Good-Flounder-4128 Meter reader

Edited to add I’m in Iowa, if that makes any difference.
Our meter number(?)was switched with our neighbors at some point (with the billing of our *Electric) So our neighbors have been paying ours and we have been paying theirs, long story short ours is double what theirs is. (Her bill doubled so that’s why she looked into it) We can see how much hers is because we have been paying it… so now we know how much ours is supposed to be. Will we have to pay back the difference? The city had it messed up in their system. We are not sure how long this has been going on.
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2023.02.15 23:33 males_incloset I thought I was alone.

I woke up to a strange noise coming from the attic. It was a low, guttural growl that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. At first, I thought it was just the wind, but then I heard it again, louder this time.
I got out of bed and tiptoed to the hallway, listening for any sign of the noise. It came again, a deep and menacing growl that seemed to be coming from above me.
That's when I remembered that we had no pets, no wild animals, no explanation for the noise. I was alone in the house, or so I thought.
I slowly made my way up the creaky stairs to the attic, my heart pounding in my chest. The growling continued, louder and more insistent now, as if it was warning me to turn back.
But I was determined to find the source of the noise, so I pushed open the door to the attic and stepped inside. It was dark, with only a small sliver of light coming from a crack in the roof. I couldn't see anything, but I could feel something watching me.
And then, as my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I saw it.
There was a figure in the corner, huddled in the shadows. It was crouched down, with glowing eyes and bared teeth. I couldn't make out what it was, but I knew it wasn't human.
I tried to back away, but I was frozen in fear. The growling grew louder, and then the figure lunged at me.
I screamed as it tackled me to the ground, clawing at my face and biting my neck. I could feel its hot breath on my skin, and I knew that I was going to die.
But then, suddenly, it was gone. The growling stopped, and the figure disappeared into the shadows. I stumbled to my feet and ran out of the attic, slamming the door behind me.
I never went back up there again, but I knew that whatever was in the attic was still there, waiting for its next victim. And now, every time I hear a strange noise in the middle of the night, I can't help but wonder if it's still up there, watching me from the shadows.
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2023.02.15 23:33 mattdotjpg 24 M4F [Chat][Friendship] Felt like yelling into the void

Is anybody out there? Can anybody hear me? I just got home from work, waiting for a covid test kit to finish. I could use a friendly person to chat with if anyone is around. I prefer talking to women, but honestly, I could always use more friends. I like video games, archery, and shooting. I've been really into Ark this past week after joining a server that my friend plays on, I'm not very experienced so if you have any tips, please let me know, I've mainly been building and gathering resources with dinos. I also play World of Warcraft, mainly being Classic WotLK atm, as I don't find retail as enjoyable. Other games I play are Minecraft, Terraria, Mordhau (not very good at all), Killing Floor 2, Warframe, as well as a bunch of other random stuff. For those who enjoy guns, I recently bought a Henry .22 Lever Action LR, and I bought my first conceal carry pistol last year at a local gunshow, being a Canik TP90 Elite with a Sand camo finish. I go shooting with my friends from time to time, as well as trap shooting with their shotguns, I'm still pretty inexperienced but I keep up. For those interested in Archery, I own a Diamondback 320 Compound Bow which I love but don't shoot as much as I want to. Haven't been in a while. If any of this peaks your interest, or if you've made it this far. Hmu! :)
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2023.02.15 23:12 RobotTomPeterson The Han Oak Team’s Next Restaurant Will Specialize in Whole-Animal Korean Barbecue

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2023.02.15 23:05 ribbons_undone Z Fold 3 issue; screen protector lifted, small black lines on inner screen, touch glitchy

Had the phone since November of 2021. Been great since yesterday, when I opened it and the screen protector lifted down the middle crease.
I pushed it back down and it's OK (maybe this was a mistake), but now the top 1/4" of the inner fold screen isn't responsive to touch, and sometimes when I open the fold it glitches out; the screen stutters and shakes and sometimes it's like there's a ghost touch. I'll try to type something in notes and it keeps trying to set a reminder, etc. The top 1/4" doesn't work at all but other glitches are sporadic.
There's also two small black lines at the top, in the crease; it's not the big giant black line of death but two small like 1/2" black lines. They appear even when the phone is restarting. Safe mode doesn't help anything. Phone is up to date, tried restarting, all that.
I'm out of warranty, of course. Sigh.
So, my questions are:
1) I plan to remove the screen protector and put a new one on. Any chance this will fix at least the touch screen sensitivity or glitching issue, you think? I use the S-Pen a lot (which is still working on the inner fold screen perfectly) so no inner protector isn't an option for me.
2) I called UBreakIFix and they'll charge $80 to replace the screen protector, or I can buy a screen protector myself online. How hard is it to replace yourself, and any recommendations for which one to get? Or should I just have UBreakIFix do it?
3) Is there any point in doing a factory reset? I have a lot of apps so it'll be a hassle, but with how glitchy it's being maybe this will help?
On a sidenote, like half of my widgets also disappeared for some reason, and there were some things turned on (like ultrawideband detection) that I did not turn on. IDK, I was at a ski hill, did someone somehow manage to hack into my phone or something? Or did it just glitch out from it being so cold (around 12F)? I had the phone in my inner jacket the whole time but it was cold and windy. I wasn't ever connected to WiFi but did have bluetooth on.
Thanks! Super bummed about all this because I love the phone. The inner fold touch screen glitching is my main issue I want to fix, I can deal with working around everything else. Front screen works perfectly fine.
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2023.02.15 23:05 zentappas [TOMT][TV] Donald's Happy Birthday, but an extended version

I remember seeing an extended version of Donald's Happy Birthday on a (maybe) recorded VHS of what could have been an episode of Mickey Mouse Club from the '70s. I want to say that this version of the club march was in the video. IIRC, the VHS also had other Donald Duck cartoons, with at least "Bootle Beetle", "Sea Salts" and maybe "Grin and Bear It." These were all in English, and I don't think they had subtitles, even though I live in Finland.
I tried googling "Donald's happy birthday" with both "extended" and "part 2", but didn't find anything through that. I also looked through the list of animated shorts on the fandom page at the bottom that can be expanded, but nothing looked like it could be a continuation of happy birthday.
Description of the beginning, following Donald's Happy Birthday:
After finding out that the cigars Huey, Dewey and Louie had bought were for Donald, he becomes so ashamed of what he did that he becomes small. After Donald falls through the hole in the tree house, he keeps running through the grass until he gets to a water droplet that is hanging from a blade of grass. In the droplet he sees someone (maybe Bootle Beetle), who shares some encouraging words with Donald. After having taken the droplet onto his finger, he whisks it away and grows normal-sized again. Then he does something that wakes up his nephews. And the rest of the short I don't remember.
I'll try looking for the VHS, but hopefully someone at least knows what I'm talking about, since it feels like the short doesn't exist.
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2023.02.15 23:02 you_absolute_muppet [M4A] The Greatest Psychic of The 21st Century! (MP100 RP)

I might be a lil late for the Reigen Hype, but I just finished Mob Psycho 100 and I really fell in love with all the characters and the story. And frankly, Reigen Arataka seems like an insanely fun character to rp, so I'd like to do so with anyone who's interested! I'm an rper with around 8 years of experience and character writing is my specialty!
I'm not too pick about the setting, it could be at any point post or mid-canon story wise. I'm also fully here for any wacky or angst AUs that could be thought up. Relationships, both romantic and platonic are very welcome! I prefer you also play a canon character, but if you have an OC you really think would be a good fit for the setting, I'd love to hear you out! Crackship suggestions are welcome, however I'm NOT willing to do any minor x adult romances!
I do have a couple of requirements, btw. So bear with me.
● Be 18+ ● Be literate and post at least three paragraphs per response ● Be willing to rp on Discord ● Be LBGT+ friendly ● Be okay with LOTS of brainstorming and talking about our characters outside of rping
If all this interests you, send me a message pls! I look forwards to rping with you!
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2023.02.15 22:36 Trying_2PhinisheD24 [Academic] How do you feel about the portrayals of Black people in the media? (African/Black American, age 18-30)

Want a chance to win a S20.00 gift card?
I am a Clinical Psychology graduate student at Howard University, in the Psychology Department. The Principal investigator and Faculty Advisor, Dr. GiShawn Mance, and I invite you to take part in a research study that is being conducted to assist in the completion of my dissertation.
I am interested in examining Black/African Americans’ perceptions of media portrayal. This study may give us more information about how Black/African Americans perceive media portrayal of various social issues. This information could provide more information about how Black/African Americans perceive and experience news media portrayals of social issues. If you identify as Black/African American, are 18 to 30 years old, and are willing to view a media clip (2 minutes) and respond to questionnaires (approximately 27-30 min), please follow the link below to start the survey!
If you have any questions or would like more information, contact Marcy Beutlich at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Survey Link:
This research will be supervised under the Principal Investigator, Dr. GiShawn Mance, who may
be reached via email at [email protected], in the event that
you have any questions regarding your participation in this project. If you have any questions at
any time that you would like to discuss other than the investigators on this project, you are free
to contact the Howard University Institutional Review Board at (202) 865-8597 between 8:30a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
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2023.02.15 22:35 LoveMangaBuddy Read Cure Blood - Chapter 5.5 - MangaPuma

Fuhoe Scans: [Ebook Exclusive! Includes Bonus Extras]You’re the only one in this life where I can’t die.A storyteller that will touch your soul is born.A sci-fi about the lives of a doctor who gives blood and a vampire who doesn’t age.The new doctor, Tadayuki, suddenly underwent a transformation..He desperately wanted blood like a vampire, and his aging process had slowed dramatically.Tadayuki att ... Read Cure Blood - Chapter 5.5 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.02.15 22:35 AustralianChrono CDR 2- Meet the Monarchs: Black Diamond & Blondie A La Mode and Tea Checker Launch!

CDR 2- Meet the Monarchs: Black Diamond & Blondie A La Mode and Tea Checker Launch!
“Diamonds… are FOREVER.” Black Diamond smirks. “I’m forever the best, and I haven’t even STARTED!”
Black Diamond
“I am Black Diamond, the elegant, gorgeous jewel of drag- and unlike other drag Queens, these are Diamonds, not diamantés.” Black Diamond laughs.
Welcome to the second season! The world is changing- how is your drag here to show that?
“To be frank, I’m the future of Drag. I’ve been doing it for less than a year, and that is an advantage- look at Stacey, she got two wins! My Drag is expensive, talented and young, which we kind of need after last season…”
What are your drag inspirations?
“Myself.” Black Diamond laughs. “The elegance of Mary-Lynn Monhoe and Vitória Benedita, with Naomi Campbell Couture.”
How are you going to win this competition?
“Anything those people did last season, I could do better. Honestly, I expect to place high, if not win every single week. I’m the full package! Rich, expensive, pretty…” Black Diamond shrugs. “What else do you want?”
“Oh my GOD, the camera is on me? I haven’t even brought my little dog out yet!” Blondie laughs, suddenly taking out a mechanical pink dog from her bag that barks.
Blondie A La Mode
“My name is Blondie A La Mode, and I am the prettiest girl in the WORLD!” Blondie laughs. “Only pretty, because like, what is the point of society if you’re not pretty, Blonde, or… pretty?”
Welcome to the second season! The world is changing- how is your drag here to show that?
“...What’s a drag Queen?” Blondie asks, confused. “I am really pretty..” Blondie says distractedly.. “All the boys say so!”
What are your drag inspirations?
“I am inspired by the great minds of like, today. Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie…” Blondie stops. “I don’t know any other blondes. Oh, myself!”
How are you going to win this competition?
“DUH….” Blondie looks up. “...Yes.”
Tea Checker has launched! Check out your tea HERE!
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2023.02.15 22:30 Llorenzo1121 STARTING RIGHT NOW: Gary Gensler Live at The SEC. Open Meeting starts at 10am. Tune in at SEC.GOV - direct link here.

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2023.02.15 22:07 -en- @Reuters: Two couples tied the knot at the ‘Love in Times Square’ event in New York City on Valentine’s Day

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2023.02.15 20:46 bluethecoloris At least 39 migrants killed in Panama bus crash after crossing Darién Gap

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2023.02.15 20:08 iDevice_Help Elon Musk Mood, Intensity at Twitter Worse Than in Tesla Crisis: Staff - Business Insider

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2023.02.15 19:57 Viibrydman09 swelling and pain next day after trying to pop underground zit

30 male, 150lbs, 5'9", fairly healthy Taking Viibryd 20mg and vyvanse 10mg
Had an underground zit at the corner of my mouth, tried to pop it. Didn't work so I went to bed. Woke up in the middle of the night after falling asleep on the affected side. Was in lots of pain and swelling. Next morning, I take a look in the mirror, and this is what I see:
Is this just swelling from trauma or infection spread?
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