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Clark Kent. Kal-El. The Man of Steel. The Last Son of Krypton. A place to discuss Superman and all things Superman related.

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A subreddit dedicated to fresh news, polls, and discussion on the worlds deadliest assassin—Deathstroke the Terminator.

2023.05.26 03:06 Proletlariet Smallville Superman Saved

Respect Superman, The Man of Steel

Born Kal-El of Krypton, his parents Jor-El and Lara sent him to Earth to save him from his doomed planet. Found by Johnathan and Martha Kent, Clark Kent was raised to help others and use his powers for good. Starting out as an opportunistic hero, the trials he went through gradually turned him into Superman, the world's greatest hero.
Name(s): Kal-El, Clark Kent, The Blur, Superman
Family: Jor-El (Biological Father), Lara (Biological Mother), Johnathan Kent (Adoptive Father), Martha Kent (Adoptive Mother), Kara Zor-El/Kara Kent (Paternal Cousin), Kon-El/Conner Kent (Clone), Zor-El (Paternal Uncle), Lois Lane (Wife)
Appearance: Red-Blue Blur The Blur, version two Superman suit, version two
Feat index
  • Feats will have a S followed by a number than a E followed by a number in the gif name. So S5E11 means the feat came from season 5 episode 11.
  • Comic feats will come from what series or issue they came from which can be found here
  • Bolded feats are the best feats are in a category (in my opinion)

Super Strength

One to Five Tons
Five to Ten Tons
Ten to One-hundred Tons
Over One-Hundred tons
Tearing/Grip Strength

Super Speed

Vaguely Fast/FTE
High Ends
[Scaling] When he gains the ability to fly he's shown to be comparable to the following


Blunt Force
Healing Factor

Heat Vision

Super Breath

Super Senses

Telescopic Vision
Multi-Spectrum Vision
X-Ray Vision
Super Hearing
Mental Capacity


Mind Reading/Mind Control



  • Kryptonite
  • Red Sun Radiation: Energy in the red sun spectrum can weaken and eventually depower Clark, since his body cannot process its low energy into his super powers.
  • Magic: Superman has no resistances to magic, meaning he's can be effected as easily as a normal person by it.
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2023.05.03 02:55 MajorParadox Superman & Lois [3x07] "Forever and Always" Post Episode Discussion

Forever and Always

Live Episode Discussion Cast & Characters
Lois and Clark dig deeper on Bruno Mannheim, starting with his connections to Hob's Bay Medical Center; Jonathan and Jordan panic at home over Lois' dire diagnosis; Matteo comes to Smallville to meet John Henry. (May 2, 2023)
DCTV Discord
Please keep all discussions civil and about the episode. Mark comic and future spoilers. Report any rule-breaking and enjoy!
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2023.05.03 01:45 MajorParadox Superman & Lois [3x07] "Forever and Always" Episode Discussion

Forever and Always

Cast & Characters
Lois and Clark dig deeper on Bruno Mannheim, starting with his connections to Hob's Bay Medical Center; Jonathan and Jordan panic at home over Lois' dire diagnosis; Matteo comes to Smallville to meet John Henry. (May 2, 2023)
Superman Discord DCTV Discord
Please keep all discussions civil and about the episode. Mark comic and future spoilers. Report any rule-breaking and enjoy!
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2023.05.03 01:31 MajorParadox Superman & Lois [3x07] "Forever and Always" Live Episode Discussion

Forever and Always

Post Episode Discussion Cast & Characters
Lois and Clark dig deeper on Bruno Mannheim, starting with his connections to Hob's Bay Medical Center; Jonathan and Jordan panic at home over Lois' dire diagnosis; Matteo comes to Smallville to meet John Henry. (May 2, 2023)
DCTV Discord
Please keep all discussions civil and about the episode. Mark comic and future spoilers. Report any rule-breaking and enjoy!
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2023.05.01 18:44 AspireAgain [Smallville] The opening credits of the Smallville show the Meteor Storm falling toward a midwestern town of what appears to be less than 1000 people. But we later find out that the population in 1989 was 25,000. Why does Smallville look smaller than it really was?

And as a follow up in 1989, the population was 25,001, and only 12 years later in 2001 it was 45,001. What accounted for the population boom? And don't they need need more than 1 High School with that large of a population?
Edit: This is the image from the opening credits that I'm referring to.
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2023.04.23 11:04 37piecesofsliver How would you make a Superman movie in Spider-Man No Way Home style?

This is how I'd make it
MCU Spider-Man: Tyler Hoechlin's Superman
Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man: Brandon Routh's Superman
Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man: DCEU Superman
Green Goblin: Kevin Spacey's Lex Luthor
Doctor Octopus: Otis from the 1978 movie recasted
Sandman: Ross Webster from Superman 3
Lizard: DCEU Anatoli Knyazev
Electro: DCEU Captain Zod
Smallville: some villains from Smallville
I admit I didn't watch too much Superman stuff. I used the villains wiki
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2023.04.15 17:34 Qawsedf234 Respect Superman (DC Extended Universe)

Respect Superman, the Man of Steel

"Well... I believe in truth. But I'm also a big fan of justice"
Name(s): Kal-El, Clark Kent, Superman
Born Kal-El of Krypton, Superman was the first natural birth on Krypton in hundreds of years. Sent to Earth by his father Jor-El, Superman would grow up in Kansas raised by Martha and Johnathon Kent. Given powers by the Earth's yellow sun and atmosphere, Clark Kent grew up afraid what others would think of his powers. Eventually he found a Kryptonian scout ship and accidental allowed General Zod to come to Earth. On his first day as Superman, Kal had to fight a Kryptonian invasion that cost the lives of thousands. Afterwords, he worked as a force of good in order to protect others from environmental disasters and criminal activity.
Family: Jorl-El (biological father), Lara Jor-El (biological mother), Johnathan Kent (adoptive father), Martha Kent (adoptive mother)
Allies: Wonder Woman, Batman, the Justice League
ZSJL: Zack Snyder JL feats and scaling will be handled in their own section. For ZSJL just note that Superman would only get his MoS and BvS showings.
Lifting/Physical Strength
Striking Strength
Description of his durability
Weapon/Energy/Explosive Durability
Blunt Force Durability
Endurance/Healing Factor
Speed and flight
Heat Vision
X-Ray vision
Images of Superman's family come from the DCEU Wiki
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2023.04.02 01:48 MajorParadox Superman #83 - Blast From the Past

Superman #83 - Blast From the Past

<< < >
Author: MajorParadox
Book: Superman
Arc: Dawn of a New Day
Set: 83

Out of Control

Across the Hall From Lois and Clark’s Apartment
Ruby sat on her couch as Kenny, the rude creep from the diner, paced around her apartment. He had forced his way inside. But since then, he just walked around and mumbled to himself.
“It would have been perfect,” he said. “We’d start dating and then randomly bump into Clark. We’d get reacquainted, and he’d let me get close. And when he least expected it…”
“You wanted to date me?” asked Ruby. “To give you an in with Clark Kent?”
Kenny looked up. “It sounds stupid when you say it out loud,” he said. “It made sense before, but lately, concentrating has been even harder. You’re just not getting it.”
Ruby glanced between Kenny and her phone on the coffee table. Even if she could grab it without him seeing it, could she send out a message for help in time?
“This is the worst I’ve been in years,” said Kenny, finally sitting in the chair across from her.
“Are- are you okay?” asked Ruby. “Maybe we should call someone?”
Kenny narrowed his eyes at the coffee table and yanked the phone into his hands. “Nice try,” he said. He held his hands to his forehead.
Ruby cleared her throat. “What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?”
“You could say that,” replied Kenny. “They don’t even have a name for what I have. My parents actually thought it came from space if you could believe it.”
A truck with a flat tire was parked on the side of an empty, dark road. The stars lit up the sky as a man tended to his wife.
“Just hold on,” said Al. “I’ll get this tire changed in no time.”
Beryl took some deep breaths. “I’m sorry,” she said. “We don’t have no time.”
Al looked wide-eyed toward his wife, sweat pouring down her brow. “You mean-?”
“I’m sorry, baby,” said Beryl. “The baby’s coming now!”
“What the-?!” Al shouted as the sky lit up and a trail of green energy covered the entire area.
“What-” Beryl grimaced in pain. “What’s happening?”
Al returned to his wife. “Nothing,” he said. “Let’s get this baby delivered.”
Years Later
“I can’t miss school today,” said Kenny from the bathroom.
“You threw up twice already,” said his mom, Beryl, from outside. “The doctor said you should rest when you’re feeling this ill.”
“But I’ll miss the school play,” said Kenny.
“I know, sweetheart,” said Beryl. “But it’s not the end of the world.”
Kenny gritted his teeth. “They’ll put Clark in my place.”
“You should be happy for him,” said Beryl. “He’s your friend, isn’t he?”
Pfft,” Kenny replied. “He wishes.”
“Cut out that nonsense,” Kenny’s dad, Al, jumped in. “Kent’s a fine boy. Good on him for getting a shot. You’d probably just mess it up, anyway”
“Al!” yelled Beryl.
“It’s not mean if it’s true,” said Al. “You want to make me proud? Give it your all like the Kent boy.”
The door opened, and Kenny stood there, his face red and sweaty. “I do give it my all,” he said. “I’m going to school whether you-”
Kenny turned back to the bathroom and slammed the door.
“You’ll be okay, honey,” said Beryl. “I’ll make you some soup.”
Metropolis Grand Hotel
“Nothing changed?” asked Lois.
Sam Lane shook his head. “We never had any leads on Pipeline,” he explained.
“That’s not what you told me before.” Lois looked into his eyes. There was nothing there. She could recognize his tells. He truly believed what he was saying.
“Is this the only reason you’re here?” asked Sam. “Not that I don’t want to see you, Lois, but it’s late, and I just got to Metropolis. Can we do this another time?”
Lois sighed. “It’s good to see you too, Dad,” she said. “But something happened to you. And I’m going to find out what.”
She exited the room where Maggie Sawyer was waiting. The SCU had kept Lois and Clark in productive custody since their lives were still threatened. Sam didn’t find that compelling proof of Pipeline either, which just added to the oddity of the situation. Somehow had to be messing with him.
“Everything okay?” asked Maggie as she and Lois headed for the elevator.
Lois breathed heavily.. “I’ll be okay when I get to the bottom of this.”
The doors closed, and Maggie’s phone buzzed. She pulled it out and slipped it back into her pocket.
“Everything okay?” asked Lois, pushing the button for the garage.
“Nothing important,” Maggie answered, watching the floor numbers count down.
“Are you seeing anyone?” Lois asked, joining Maggie’s view of the number. “I heard you and Toby split up.”
“We split up every few months,” said Maggie. “It’s kind of our thing. We’re fine.”
“I see,” said Lois. “Want to talk about it anyway? We’re stuck with each other for the next few hours anyway.”
Maggie cracked a smile. “Thanks,” she said as the elevator doors opened. “But-”
Several masked men were waiting, weapons raised.
“Get down!” Maggie screamed, pushing Lois down while pulling out her gun. She fired several rounds while grabbing one of the perps, wrapping her free arm around his neck.
The attackers, who were still standing, retreated behind some cars as Maggie moved toward them. “Stay behind me,” she ordered Lois, using her prisoner as a human shield. She fired off some more shots, but the others were well covered already.
Lois picked up one of the fallen rifles from the ground and took cover behind a support beam as Maggie moved to the other side of it, knocking her hostage unconscious with the butt of her gun.
“Drop your weapons!” Maggie ordered, but they just fired back.
Lois and Maggie returned fire.
One of the men tossed a canister in their direction, and a blast of smoke exploded outward.
Lois couldn’t see the attackers anymore. She couldn’t even see Maggie until she heard a hit, and Maggie fell down to the ground. Another figure shot out of the smoke, and everything went black.


Outside Lois and Clark’s Apartment
Dan Turpin met Jon’s eyes over the dinner table. “You can’t still be hungry, can you?” he asked.
Jon looked down at the last slice of pizza in the box. “Yes,” he said.
Dan looked over to Jon’s empty plate. “Wanna split it?”
Jon looked at the slice again.
Krypto whimpered from under the table.
“Fine, take it,” said Dan.
Jon smiled and grabbed the slice, putting it in his place. He tore off a piece and lowered it so Krypto so could reach.
Dan looked at Clark’s plate, which still had a full slice. “Kent!” he called. “You gonna finish your pizza?”
But there was no answer.
“Geez,” said Dan. “How long has your old man been in the can?”
There was a thud from the bathroom, and the door opened. “Sorry I was in there so long,” said Clark, who was met with Krypto's nose sniffing him over. He pointed to the TV in the living room. “Oh, look, Superman’s in the Philippines.”
Dan turned around to see video coverage of Superman diverting a mudslide. “Kent,” he started while turning back. “You gonna finish-”
Clark already had his piece of pizza in his mouth.
“Never mind,” Dan groaned. “Your neighbors fight a lot?” he asked, changing the subject.
“I don’t think so,” said Clark, noticing a stray drop of mud on his wrist. He picked up a napkin and wiped it off quickly. “Ruby and Jimmy have gotten along pretty well from what I’ve seen.”
“Thought I heard yelling over there earlier,” said Dan, shrugging.
Clark tiled his ear toward the door and quickly picked up an elevated heartbeat.
“How long is this going to take?” he heard Ruby ask.
“Dammit, Ruby,” a familiar voice that wasn’t Jimmy answered. “This will take however long it takes.”
That voice.
Clark looked through the walls and saw a face he hadn’t seen in years. Kenny Braverman. Except for a chance meeting in Paris, he hadn’t seen him since they were kids in Smallville. What was he doing there? Was Ruby dating him too? She seemed to be distressed, but if they were fighting as Dan said, that would explain it. Still…
“I’ll be right back,” said Clark.
Dan stood up. “I should come with you,” he said.
“I’m just headed next door,” said Clark. “Keep an eye on Jon for me?”
Once Clark was in the hall, he closed the apartment door behind him and knocked on Ruby’s.
Kenny opened the door with a smile on his face. “Clark Kent!” he said. “What a surprise to see you here.”
“Hey, Kenny,” said Clark. “It’s been a long time.” He looked inside to see Ruby standing a few feet behind him. “Is everything okay?” Clark asked her. “We thought we heard arguing over here.”
“Nah,” Kenny answered for her, placing an arm on Clark’s shoulder. “We’re good. How have you been, pal?”
“You!” shouted Jimmy from down the hall. “What the hell are you doing here?!”
Ruby took the distraction to slip passed Kenny and rushed over to Jimmy. She broke down in tears.
Turpin opened the door, his SCU rifle in hand, as Krypto stuck his head out, watching. “Everything okay out here?” asked Dan.
“He broke into my apartment!” Ruby explained. “He wouldn’t let me leave!”
Dan aimed his weapon as Krypto started barking. “Don’t move,” he ordered.
Kenny lifted his arms as Turpin approached.
“Turn around.”
Kenny did as he was told.
Dan held onto his rifle with one hand, pulling out a pair of handcuffs with the other. He snapped the cuffs over one hand. Before he could get the other, Kenny snapped his head back and spun around, swiping the rifle. He fired off a shot at the wall, causing everyone to take cover, and ran toward the elevator.
Clark tended to Dan. “Are you okay?” he asked.
Dan wiped some blood off his nose and pushed Clark back, running down the hall after Kenny. He pulled out his phone, calling for backup.
Clark turned back to Jimmy and Ruby. “Keep an eye on Jon, will you?” he asked before running down the hall next.
Ruby turned to Jimmy with a raised eyebrow. “Why is Clark running after him too?”
“He’s a reporter,” Jimmy answered. “He has to go, uh… report.”
The two entered the Kent apartment to find Krypto standing guard with the boy.
Hidden Pipeline Base
Lois came to and found herself handcuffed to a chair next to Maggie, who was also waking up. They were alone in an empty office with no windows.
“You okay?” asked Lois.
“Where are we?” asked Maggie, taking in her surroundings.
“If I had to guess, Pipeline,” Lois replied. She fumbled with her restraints, but they didn’t budge. “Clark, can you hear me?” she whispered under her breath. “We need help.”
The fact that Clark hadn’t swooped in to save them in the garage meant he was out of range. They could be anywhere by then, so calling out for him wouldn’t be foolproof. For now, it would be best to see what they wanted.
The door opened, and a couple of armed Pipeline agents entered.
“Why did you take us?” asked Lois.
“What do you want?” Maggie added.
The men ignored their questions and untied Maggie, keeping their weapons trained on her.
“Come with us,” one of them said, walking her out of the room.
“What about me?” asked Lois, getting no answer but the door slamming closed.
“Clark,” Lois called louder this time, still trying to free her arms. “I could really use some… help!.”
The door burst open, and a couple more agents aimed their weapons at Lois. “Quiet!” one of them ordered as the other approached her with a roll of duct tape.
“Superman!” Lois shouted as the agent started placing tape over her mouth. She chomped down on his fingers before he could finish.
Argggh!” the agent shouted, clutching his hand.
The other agent approached, his rifle pointed right between Lois’ eyes. He finished covering the tape over her mouth. “That’s enough out of you,” he said.
“I think I’m bleeding,” the other agent said as he was walked out by the other.
Lois smirked under the tape. Even if Clark wouldn’t make it, at least she wasn’t going to go down without a fight. If only she could get herself freed.
The door opened again, and the original agents walked Maggie back inside.
Mmmmmm,” Lois said, trying to talk. Maggie’s face seemed distant. She had to know what they did to her.
The agents sat Maggie back down but then left without even restraining her. Why was she just sitting there, though? She didn’t even look in Lois’ direction.
The men went after Lois next, removing her handcuffs. She quickly yanked the tape off her mouth.
“Maggie!” Lois shouted. “What did they do to you?” But Maggie continued staring blankly at the wall.
“That’s enough!” one of the agents yelled as two more entered the room. “Make one more move, and we’ll put you down.”
They walked Lois out of the room and pushed her into another, closing the door behind her. She found a gray-skinned, yellow-horned man chained up on the wall and immediately recognized him (Superman #15).
“Dubbilex!” she called. “What are you doing here?”
Smallville High
Many Years Ago
Cheers filled the bleachers as Kenny had a decent lead against the other runners around the track. Clark was gaining on him, though.
“Go, Clark!” yelled Pete from the sideline.
The crowd went wild when Clark caught up, and the two were neck and neck.
“No!” yelled Kenny as Clark pulled ahead of him.
Kenny kicked it into high gear but barely reached Clark before he broke through the winning ribbon.
“Congratulations, Kent,” Kenny’s father, Al, said, shaking Clark’s hand. “Way to show Kenny what to shoot for.”
“Uh, thank you, sir,” said Clark. “Kenny did a great job, though.”
“Dad, I came in second,” Kenny added. “And we both outpaced everyone else.”
“Second isn’t first,” Al said. “Nobody remembers who comes in second. You have to strive to be the winner.” He walked back to the bleachers.
“Sorry,” said Clark. “I didn’t mean to cause a whole thing.”
“He’s always like that,” said Kenny. “Even if I beat you, he’d still praise you over me. I think he wishes you were his kid instead.”
“I’m sure that’s not true,” said Clark.
“I play the cards fate deals me,” Kenny stated. “But I play to win. You won’t beat me forever.”
Outside Lois and Clark’s Apartment Building
Present Day
Clark changed into his Superman suit and dropped down next to Turpin.
“Big Blue!” yelled Dan.
“Where did he go?” asked Clark.
“I’m not sure,” Dan answered. “He stormed out of the building pretty quickly. I think he even went down the fire escape.”
Clark scanned the area, looking for clues.
“Excuse me, Mr. Superman,” a little boy said. “I think the guy you’re looking for went into that car over there.” He pointed toward a black SUV with heavily tinted windows. Clark’s x-ray vision couldn’t even pierce it. Something more was happening.
“Clark,” his superhearing picked up. Lois was calling out to him.
Clark sped over to the SUV and pulled the side door off the vehicle to find Conduit there, blasting him with a cloud of kryptonite.
“Help!” Lois yelled, but Clark was trying to escape the green smoke cloud.
Conduit leaped out of his car, his metallic tendrils wrapping around Clark.
“Superman!” Lois yelled again.

Getting Answers

CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia
Years Ago
Kenny walked into Mr. Bristol’s office.
“Agent Braverman,” said Bristol. “I’ve received some disturbing reports about your last mission. Would you care to elaborate?”
“I completed the mission,” said Kenny. “What more do you want to know?”
Bristol pointed to the chair in front of his desk. “Have a seat, son,” he said. “You destroyed an entire embassy. You were only supposed to deal with the ambassador.”
“That would have been a half-measure,” said Kenny, sitting down. He rested his feet over the desk.
“What is this?” asked Bristol. “Do you have no respect for my authority anymore?”
“Who’s to say I ever did?” Kenny smirked. “Let me tell you what else I found in Africa while I was there.”
Bristol exhaled sharply. “What?”
“Remember that intel we had on Cadmus?” Kenny explained. “There was chatter about a creature under their command who could read minds and even implant memories.”
“Of course,” said Bristol. “But that was a dead end, especially after they evacuated their underground base in Metropolis.”
“I’ve been keeping the investigation open on my own time,” said Kenny. “And it finally paid off.”
“You mean-?”
“I have the creature,” said Kenny.
“This is incredible,” said Bristol. “The things we could learn. The power this could give us…”
“I was thinking the same thing,” said Kenny. “Which is why I’ll be commandeering him for my own organization.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Bristol cried.
“I figured, why should I work my way up the CIA, always answering to someone,” said Kenny. “With Pipeline, I’ll be second to no one.”
“Pipeline?” asked Bristol.
“That’s what I’m calling it,” said Kenny. “We won’t take half-measures. Information we procure will flow through, and decisive action will be dispersed. But you won’t remember this when I’m done with you.”
Hidden Pipeline Base
Lois rushed over to Dubbilex. She pulled at the chains, but they were secured firmly.
The DNAlien, as he had once called himself, seemed unresponsive. His eyes were barely open, and he didn’t seem to realize she was in the room with him.
“What did they do to you?” Lois asked, studying his face. She noticed he had earbuds. Was someone talking to him?
A jolt of electricity buzzed along the wall, and Dubbilex cried.
Suddenly the surroundings changed, and Lois and Dubbilex were in a ghostly white room, sitting at a clear table across from each other.
“What’s happening?” asked Lois.
“Lois,” Dubbilex greeted her. “It’s nice to see a friendly face, but I’m afraid I can’t stop what I have to do.”
“Do?” asked Lois. “Why are you even here? What happened to you?”
“After I left Cadmus,” Dubbilex explained. “I traveled the world. But I was eventually captured. Since then, I’ve been forced to intrude on people’s minds. Learn their secrets and sometimes make them forget things.”
“My dad,” said Lois. “And Maggie?”
“I’m afraid so,” said Dubbilex. “I refused to cooperate at first, but they kept me drugged and used coordinated electrical blasts to force me into submission. The joy of seeing you again has given me a rare moment of lucidity. Thank you for that.”
“So you won’t erase my memories of this place?” asked Lois. “Of Pipeline?”
“It’s not that simple,” Dubbilex explained. “If they suspect I worked against them… They might kill you.”
“We can’t let them get away with this,” said Lois.
“I have an idea,” said Dubbilex. “But it’s risky.”
Conduit’s tendrils glowed green, filling with kryptonite radiation. Clark screamed out in pain as he could no longer hear Lois. He twisted around, swinging Conduit against a light post, knocking it to the ground.
The move loosened Conduit’s grip, so Clark stretched his arms out, breaking free. He took a huge breath and blew Conduit to the other side of the street.
A driver slammed on his brakes, trying to stop before reaching the scene, but he wouldn’t make it in time. Clark sped over and grabbed the front of the car, slowing it down.
“Bad move, hero,” said Conduit, blasting Clark with more radiation. “If that car hit me, you might have had a shot.”
Clark tried to fly out of the line of fire, but his powers had been dwindling since the first blast of kryptonite. He knelt down and jumped instead, taking refuge on a balcony.
Before Conduit could fly after him, Dan blasted off a shot with his SCU rifle. “Leave the man alone,” he said.
“You stay out of this!” Conduit yelled, sending a blast back his way.
Dan took cover behind a car. “Where’s that backup?” he murmured to himself.
Clark fired off a beam of heat vision, slicing apart one of the tendrils, causing Conduit to cry out in pain.
Conduit fired back, and Clark readied to jump away, but he sensed people in the apartment behind him. The impact knocked him through the window.
“Are you okay, Superman?” a man asked.
“I will be,” he answered. “Keep your family away from the windows.”
Clark jumped back down to the street where Conduit was blasting through the car Dan was hiding behind. Every muscle screamed, but he had to end it quickly. Lois needed him.
Conduit swung a tendril at him, but Clark ducked. He pulled deep down for a final burst of speed, getting in close with a punch that cracked Conduit’s helmet into pieces. The two fell to the ground as SCU vans finally arrived.
“Don’t move!” the officers ordered as they trained their weapons at Conduit.
“This isn’t over,” said Conduit, lifting up his hands. “I play the cards fate deals me. And I play to win.”
“That saying,” said Clark to himself as he struggled to his feet. How did he not make the connection before?
Clark finally saw Conduit without his mask.
“Kenny, is it?” asked Dan.
“Kenny Braverman,” Clark offered.
“Great,” said Dan. “Kenny Braverman, you’re under arrest.”
Outside Metropolis Grand Hotel

Lois and Maggie exited the hotel garage.
“Toby is looking to settle down,” Maggie explained. “I don’t think I’m ready for that.”
“Have you talked to her about this?” asked Lois. “Sometimes these things become a problem because neither side expresses-.”
Clark dropped down in front of Maggie’s SUV, and she slammed on her brakes.
“Superman!” she yelled, getting out of her car. “What are you doing?”
“Lois,” he said. “She called for me. She’s in trouble.”
The passenger door opened, and Lois got out. “I’m fine,” she said.
“That’s a relief,” said Clark. “Listen, we stopped Conduit. Pipeline is as good as over.”
“Pipeline?” asked Lois. “I thought that place didn’t exist. You heard my dad.”

Kenny wasn’t too worried about being arrested. His team would make sure he got freed in no time. He had a lot to think about in the meantime. How did he not make the connection before?
<< < >
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2023.03.26 08:03 Elysium94 DC's 'Trinity'- Or, how to revise/adapt 'Batman v Superman' and other such crossover tales for television (Part 1 of 2)

DC's 'Trinity'- Or, how to revise/adapt 'Batman v Superman' and other such crossover tales for television (Part 1 of 2)
The \"dawn of justice\" starts with them.
Been a little while since I touched on DC Comics-related TV, huh?
And boy, has a lot happened. The DCEU's undergoing a reboot, Superman and Lois is taking off in a direction further distancing itself from the Arrowverse, and the bonkers Titans is coming to an end.
While all this plays out, I think I'll finally return to my ongoing revision of DC Comics on TV, started with a Superman series. This time, let's pitch a first-encounter story in which Superman meets his fellow superheroes Batman and Wonder Woman.
The iconic Trinity are a fantastic dynamic in any iteration. They compliment each other in so many ways, and represent the best in their universe's array of heroes.
There's a lot of story to tell anytime they're together. And while I do admittedly enjoy (parts of) Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman, there was a lot of story to be told in just one film...
That wouldn't necessarily be an issue for TV, though, would it? More than that, a TV-based crossover of the three heroes could allow for even more to be done.
So, let's return to the index for this hypothetical "Maxverse". An outline in which I revise DC-related television as a big-budget shared universe on HBO Max as opposed to the CW.
Picking up after the third season of Superman, and the first two seasons of Wonder Woman, it's time for...
Created by-
Aaron Guzikowski and Steven Knight
Music by-
Bear McCreary and Stephanie Economou
David Giuntoli as Superman, Sam Witwer as Batman, Elodie Yung as Wonder Woman
Rachel McAdams as Lois Lane, Jimmy Smits as Daniel Leone, Michael Beihn as Dan Turpin,
Iain Glen as Alfred Pennyworth, Giancarlo Esposito as Lucius Fox,
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Steve Trevor, Freya Allan as Cassandra Sandsmark
Faran Tahir as Ra's al Ghul, Denise Gough as Clea, Glen Powell as Conduit,
A little reference to the title inspiration and source material).
In general, picture a three-part event broadcast on HBO Max (as all other projects in this revision are).
Plot inspirations for this crossover include
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • World's Finest: The Batman/Superman Movie
  • Trinity
  • Gotham Knights
  • Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia
The story is a continuation of Superman and Wonder Woman's tales after his first three seasons and her first two, and an introduction to the Batman of this revised TV-verse.
Let's examine the ideal roles of the Trinity, and how they complete the puzzle that is the DC's core hero lineup.
With the help of three commissioned "portraits" which present my headcanon appearances of each character.
  • Credit to the commissioned artists is below the post, as well as the full artworks.
    • Included along more personal headshots made, sheepishly I admit, with AI.
      • Yes, it's problematic if made for profit, but as a fun little pastime I think it's okay.
Clark Kent/Superman
  • Superman is the paragon, the decisive and selfless boyscout who can always be counted on to do the right thing.
  • He sometimes relies more on his feelings and in-the-moment thinking, and his image and immense power may lead him to self-doubt. But Clark is nonetheless an effective leader who serves as a moral "center" in the sense of what a true hero should be.
Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Batman is the pragmatist, the everyman whose resourcefulness and big-picture mentality helps him stand shoulder to shoulder with gods.
  • His cold, calculating nature and difficulty trusting others may sometimes do more harm than good. But Bruce's commitment to justice, keen strategic mind and strong sense of humanity make him every bit as much a hero as his friends.
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
  • Wonder Woman is the wise and seasoned warrior, an immortal with centuries worth of knowledge and an entire nation at her back.
  • She may occasionally struggle with the moral greyness of the modern world, seeing issues in a more black-and-white lens. But Diana's compassion, the responsibility that comes with being a princess and her absolute loyalty to those she loves makes her the ideal peacekeeper among superheroes.
Now, here's a pretty crucial part of their dynamic:
No member of the Trinity should be overly glorified at the expense of the others. Even if one particular character receives more focus than the others depending on the story being told, all should be treated with respect.
The best comics, shows and films are the ones which feature the Trinity as completing each other and cancelling out each other's flaws, as opposed to any one being put on a pedestal while the others are painted as inefficient or lacking in comparison.
  • Looking at you, Justice League: Doom (AKA, how to completely miss the point when adapting a story meant to criticize Batman, not go "he's right, actually" and let him off the hook).
The conflict of the series is, in essence, an action thriller throwing the trio of Clark Kent, Diana Prince and Bruce Wayne together to tackle a global conspiracy headed by three powerful villains.
Said villains are as follows. Passing over some of the more traditional choices and instead going for a very personal angle that tests each hero.
Ra's al Ghul
Leader of the international syndicate called the League of Assassins. A genocidal terrorist with aims of wiping out most of human civilization and restoring Earth to an ecological paradise guided by his own sense of forceful justice.
Ra's has a history with Batman, having been one of his many teachers as a young man. His daughter, Talia, even shared a brief but passionate romance with Bruce before differing ideals separated them.
While he once saw Bruce as a potential apprentice and even a suitor for Talia, Ra's now regards him as a disappointment, and is determined to destroy him.
Character notes:
  • The Ra's of this hypothetical Maxverse leans hard into the more ruthless, cruel and genocidal nature of the character from the source material.
    • As cool and even likable as Ra's can be in, say, the Nolan films, let's not forget the Ra's of the actual comics was fine with such horrific historical crimes as the Holocaust so long as it whittled down the human population.
  • Ra's is every bit as strong and skilled as Bruce Wayne, and his centuries' worth of experience makes him at times even more dangerous.
  • Ra's is the chief mastermind of the force opposing Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.
Queen Clea
The belligerent, egomaniacal ruler of the aquatic city-state Venturia. Possessing immense superhuman and hydrokinetic powers, Clea is descended from nobles of the ancient empire of Atlantis, before her people were exiled for their warmongering ways.
Clea detests the Amazons of Themyscira for their peacekeeping mission. She is eager to meet and kill Wonder Woman, regarding her as the embodiment of Amazonian weakness and failure in Man's world.
Character notes:
  • Aside from hating the Amazons, Clea is also a raging misandrist who once swayed a splinter group of Amazons to break off and take a lifestyle treating men as livestock.
    • In essence, the icky Amazon backstory in the New 52 continuity, which was thankfully retconned.
  • Clea's existence as an Atlantean not only introduces the underwater civilization to this continuity, it foreshadows the existence of King Arthur Curry AKA Aquaman.
    • Also referencing a sometimes hostile history between more aggressive Atlantean rulers and Themyscira in ages past.
  • Clea's appearance is less Silver Age camp, more in the style of Atlantean characters like Ocean Master, or the Flashpoint-universe Aquaman.
Ken Braverman/Conduit
Childhood rival and bully of Clark Kent. Braverman resented his more friendly and well-liked classmate, who seemed destined to outdo him at every turn. His bouts of failing health and strained relationship with his father exacerbated things, until Braverman had a pathological hatred of Clark.
In adulthood, Conduit has become a private military contractor and discovered he possesses metahuman powers. Powers tied to a mutation passed down by his mother, who witnessed a meteor shower over Smallville shortly before giving birth to her son.
Possessing the power to channel radiation through the use of special implants, Braverman now dons the mantle of the mercenary Conduit.
Character notes:
  • Of the three main villains, Braverman is the least interested in serving the "master plan", seeking only profit or petty revenge against Clark Kent/Superman.
  • Braverman suspected Clark's double life the moment Superman was introduced to the world, having always sensed something different about him.
  • Conduit's cybernetic implants in this continuity are a pilfering and upgrade on the same procedure which created the cyborg Metallo.
Feel free to re-read the index post and refresh on Superman 1-3 and Wonder Woman 1-2 before proceeding.
The story begins in a prologue, set in 2010.
A trafficking ring housed in Gotham City processes several teenagers. They demonstrate latent superhuman abilities, and are kept in a cell separate from the others.
At nightfall, the ring is attacked by the feared Batman, making his first full debut in the Maxverse series.
Utterly dismantling the base of operations, Batman corners one of the mercenaries posted and demands to know who he's working for.
  • His interrogation methods are quick, ruthless and to the point akin to Rocksteady's Arkham series.
  • The endangerment of children makes his debut here a tad forceful.
  • As a veteran hero who's supposedly been acting for decades now, the Batman of this universe is in his prime.
The mercenary, after being "persuaded", gives a name and provides a card marked with a symbol. The symbols of the ancient, feared order called the League of Assassins.
But when the mercenaries escape with the help of another metahuman, one demonstrating hydrokinetic powers, Batman realizes he may be in over his head. And he needs help.
The meeting of the three heroes, the unveiling of the global threat they face and seeds of the Trinity's tight partnership.
Batman's investigation into the metahuman trafficking ring causes him to reach out to Superman, Clark Kent. After a tense meeting in which Batman summons Superman to gauge him and determine if he's a help or a threat, they agree to look into it together.
  • In their early encounters, Batman's detached, paranoid personality makes it difficult for him and Superman to work together.
  • Batman deduces Superman's identity within a day, while Superman forms his suspicions but doesn't make them known.
  • The trail heats up when it's determined the organization abducting young superhumans is the PMC called Pipeline.
During a nightly surveillance, Clark Kent picks up on a third agent trailing Pipeline. A woman, whom Clark recognizes as antique art curator Diana Prince.
  • Diana is under the cover of attending a gala in Metropolis.
  • Clark's super-senses detect an incredible amount of power radiating from Diana, leading him and Bruce to suspect her as another metahuman.
During the gala, a bug by Bruce Wayne picks up a break-in at LexCorp, which he and Clark Kent trail.
  • They find Diana Prince having already taken it, and she reveals she's been on the hunt for months already, but made little progress.
  • It's revealed Lex Luthor has gathered files on various sightings of superhumans across the globe, and a leak in his company's dealings led the League of Assassins and Pipeline to get ahold of it.
  • The leak is Ken Braverman, mercenary and old rival of Clark's from childhood.
  • A tense and angered Clark makes a note to confront Luthor about this.
The trio's paths unite, and just in time as an attempt to intercept a Pipeline shipment breaks into a full firefight in Gotham Port.
Diana makes her entry and first appearance to the others as Wonder Woman, helping Batman and Superman when they encounter enemies stronger than any of them expected.
  • Pipeline soldiers are armed with advanced weaponry reverse-engineered from the Kryptonian invasion of 2008.
  • Some are enhanced with a super-steroid called Venom, a formula Batman is familiar with in past cases.
  • A squad of aquatic warriors, which Diana recognizes as Atlanteans, leap from the water.
The skirmish reaches its head when a man clad in dark, medieval looking armor appears. Drawing a bow, he fires an arrow straight at Batman.
Superman stops the arrow, but to his and the others' shock is critically injured as the arrow pierces his chest. The arrowhead is imbued not with steel, but to the radioactive substance kryptonite.
Both Batman and Wonder Woman are forced to retreat with the wounded hero.
Batman takes the other two to the safety of his lair, the Batcave.
  • Upon reaching the cave, Batman confirms Clark Kent's suspicions and removes his cowl, showing his identity as Bruce Wayne.
  • Bruce's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, is summoned to inform Lois Lane what's happened.
On an island owned by the League of Assassins, its associates are gathered and the man in the black armor is confronted by Conduit. Conduit is furious, having wanted a shot as Superman himself.
His leader, accompanied by the woman leading the rogue Atlanteans, removes his mask. Revealing himself as the Demon's Head. Ra's al Ghul.
The founder of the League cows Conduit, telling the mercenary he will have his revenge in due time. For now, they must focus on their plan.
The next stage of which relies on obtaining a particular child, far more powerful than the others the League has gathered.
A child with the blood of the "Old Gods".
And that's where we'll leave it for now.
Episodes 2 and 3 will be featured in future posts. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this one. Let me know your ideal crossover between DC's three lead heroes, and who you'd pick to play them on TV or the imminent film reboot.
  • Assuming all three might be recast.
I'll see you next time!
As mentioned, credit to the artists featured above
  • Varanuons
  • Elzdraw
Both featured on
And, for reference, the full artworks.
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2023.03.10 10:34 Unusual-Swimming9636 Saitama runs a Non-Comic Superman gauntlet. How far does he go?

Round 1: Fleischer Studios plus all his appearances
Round 2: Justice League Action
Round 3: Legion of Superheroes
Round 4: Arrowverse
Round 5: Superman & Lois)
Round 6: Super Friends)
Round 7: DC Animated Movie Universe
Round 8: DCAU
Round 9: DCEU
Round 10: Injustice
Round 11: Smallville
Round 12: Christopher Reeves
Saitama Respect Thread
And I know “VS Battle Wiki Cringe” but I couldn’t find another compact source for some of these.
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2023.03.02 03:41 MajorParadox Superman #82 - Trust and Memory

Superman #82 - Trust and Memory

<< < >
Author: MajorParadox
Book: Superman
Arc: Dawn of a New Day
Set: 82

Good Morning

White House, Washington D.C.
Lex woke up to his dog Otis sitting by his bedside, anxiously wagging his tail. He sat up to find Mercy buttoning up her jacket. Her phone buzzed and she looked down anxiously.
“What is it,” asked Lex more as a statement.
“Nothing,” Mercy answered, dismissing the notification. She pulled up a calendar instead. “You have a call with the Prime Minister of Tanzania in thirty minutes.”
“Any updates on Pipeline?” Lex asked, pulling himself out of bed.
Mercy scanned through recent emails. “Sam is still investigating. He has a few leads he’s been contacting and hopes to get an answer soon.”
Lex’s phone buzzed. “It’s a Justice League alert,” he said.
“Shall I cancel your meeting?” asked Mercy.
Lex walked toward the bathroom door. “No need,” he said. “We’ll just patch the call into my battle suit.”
Lois and Clark’s Apartment, Metropolis
Dan Turpin sat on the couch, flipping through a newspaper and reaching toward his plate to find it empty. “Was that the last of the bacon?” he asked.
“I’m afraid so,” said Clark from the kitchen. “But I can make more if-”
“That’d be great,” Dan nodded. “Might as well fry up some more eggs while you’re at it.”
Lois groaned from her desk. “How long do you think we need to be under protective custody?” she asked. “We haven’t heard anything from this ‘Conduit’ character or ‘Pipeline’ in weeks.”
“This ain’t no ordinary threat,” Dan explained. “The SCU takes its job very seriously. This whacko wants Kent de-”
Dan met eyes with Jon who looked up from his Lego bricks.
“Deeply bad,” Dan improvised. “You can’t always count on Superman to show up. Besides, they’re packin’ kryptonite. No worries, we’ll keep you safe.”
He wasn’t wrong. Clark’s first encounter with Conduit was over before it started. As much as they valued their privacy, it was best they had some extra help. Even if Dan could be a chore to be around sometimes.
Lois typed furiously and groaned again.
“You okay?” asked Clark, breaking some eggs.
“Every time I have a lead on something that could be Pipeline,” she said. “It comes up dry. This is either the best-guarded secret in the history of espionage or it simply doesn’t exist.”
“Could that thug from the fire have been lying?” asked Dan.
“Not likely,” Clark answered. “According to Superman, there were no physical signs of dishonesty. Plus, saying the name Pipeline got him-” Clark looked over at Jon, who had returned to his building. “Made him go to sleep.”
Clark’s phone buzzed and he locked eyes with Lois.
“You better take that call in the bedroom,” said Lois. “We’ll be okay out here.”
Clark nodded and made his way into the room, closing the door behind him. He sped toward the window, ditching his clothes until he was only wearing his Superman suit.
“This is Superman,” said Clark tapping a button on his belt. “I’m on my way.” He opened the window and disappeared in a burst of speed.
Good Morning Metropolis Cafe
Jimmy and Ruby sat at the bar, empty plates and nearly empty cups of coffee in front of them.
“I’m gonna run to the restroom,” said Jimmy, standing up.
“I’ll be here,” Ruby said, taking a sip of her coffee.
As Jimmy turned the corner a man with auburn hair entered the cafe and headed toward to breakfast bar. “Coffee,” he said to the waiter, taking Jimmy’s seat.
“Um, someone’s sitting there,” said Ruby.
“Yeah, his name’s Kenny,” he replied, catching her eyes with a wink. “Can I buy you a cup?”
Ruby lifted her cup and rolled her eyes.
The waiter put a new cup in front of Kenny and filled it with the coffee carafe.
“How about I buy you a refill?” Kenny tried again.
“Free refills,” the waiter teased, motioning toward Ruby’s cup, but she waved him away.
“No, thanks,” she said. “My boyfriend and I are leaving after this cup.”
“Oof, boyfriend,” said Kenny. “Can’t even buy his girlfriend a free refill.”
Ruby couldn’t help but chuckle. “What does that even mean?”
“Hey, what’s up?” asked Jimmy as he walked back. “Is this a friend of yours?”
“I told him you were sitting here,” said Ruby.
“Snooze you lose,” Kenny smirked.
Jimmy raised his eyebrows. “Are you seriously not giving me my stool back?” he asked.
“Is there a problem here?” the waiter asked.
“No problem,” said Kenny, standing up and taking his cup of coffee before turning back to Ruby. “You still hungry?” he asked. “I know a great donut place over-”
“Hey,” Jimmy interrupted, moving between them, his eyes locked. “Would you care to step outside?”
Kenny laughed. “Relax, big guy,” he said, turning away and heading for the door.

Taking Care of Business

Atlanta, Georgia
Emergency vehicles surrounded a crumbling building as bystanders fled the area. Several Justice League members had arrived on the scene and were helping clear out paths for people trapped. Barry was speeding as many people away as he could. J’onn phased through some rubble with a small child who had been separated from his parents.
Clark tossed a large piece of rubble out of the way, opening up a clearing through a broken window. He looked to Lex, who was focusing on the tower crane affixed to the top of the building.
“What is it?” asked Clark.
“The collapse affected the crane’s footing,” Lex explained, the rocket boots in his suit firing up. “Taking a closer look.”
He was right. Clark started hearing a slight creaking come from the roof. He zoomed into the crane to find it starting to bend. If it fell, all the emergency responders and remaining bystanders would never be able to clear out in time.
Clark flew up past Lex just as the crane broke, catching it by the mast, but the boom swung around, breaking apart.
Lex increased his speed and made contact, stopping the stray piece’s momentum. He carried it over to a cleared out area of the street, next to where Clark was headed with the rest of the crane.
“Nice job with that piece of the crane,” said Clark, as the two set the pieces down gently. “If you didn’t notice-”
“More people might have died,” Lex concluded. “I’m aware. Also, that piece is called a jib.”
“Listen, Lex,” said Clark as the two flew back to the building. “Having you join the league was the last thing I wanted to happen, but I’ll be the first to admit you’ve been surprising me. I just hope this isn’t a game.”
“No game,” said Lex. “I was serious when I said the world is better off with us working together.”
CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia
Vice President Sam Lane walked into the office of an old colleague and motioned for this Secret Service detail to wait outside.
“Hi Bristol,” said Sam. “Long time no see.”
“Great to see you, Sam,” said Bristol shaking his hand. “Have a seat, won’t you?”
The two sat down at Bristol’s desk.
“To what do I owe this pleasure?”
Sam dropped a folder on the desk. “Pipeline,” he said. “It wasn’t easy, but every loose thread led me to your name.”
“Pipeline?” Bristol repeated back. “Doesn’t ring a bell.” He picked up the folder and skimmed through it. “This is impossible. Nobody could be running a secret organization like this within the CIA.”
Sam studied Bristol’s eyes. “Unless all the right people were being quiet about it.”
Bristol dropped the folder. “What are you implying?” he asked.
Sam leaned forward in his chair. “You have a connection here,” he said. “I’m sure of it. Just tell me what I need to know.”
Bristol leaned forward in response. “I don’t know anything,” he said. “And I don’t appreciate the accusation.”
There was a knock at the door and one of the Secret Service agents opened it. “Excuse me, sir,” he said. “There is somebody asking for you here.”
“Hi, I’m agent Kenny Braverman” said Kenny, entering the room. “Mr. Vice President, I can assure you Mr. Bristol here doesn’t know anything. If you’d like to come with me, I’d be happy to show you Pipeline.“
Kent Farm, Smallville
Conner devoured half a sandwich in seconds and caught Martha and Jonathan’s eyes. “I guess I was hungrier than I thought,” he said, going after the other half.
“That’s good,” said Martha. “It means you’re feeling better.”
Conner had been staying with them since Markovia (New Titans #25). He hadn’t been quite like himself since. But things were looking up. He would have returned to Titans Tower but Clark had asked him to stay longer. Someone was targeting Clark Kent and people he knew. Conner was hesitant at first, since he wasn’t quite a hundred percent yet, but Clark had full confidence in him.
Federal officers were parked outside to offer protection. Martha invited them inside, but they felt it was best to secure the perimeter. They did accept hot chocolate and cookies, though.
Although he was weakened, Conner could still listen outside to them, so any word of a problem and he’d know right away.
“You never really told us about your time with the Titans,” said Jonathan.
“Yes,” Martha chimed in. “Is it as rewarding as you thought it would be?”
The officers were talking about sports. He kind of wished he was in that conversation instead.
“Maybe some moments here and there,” said Conner, taking a sip of his soda. “It was nice to make more friends at least.”
“Do you want to talk about it?” asked Jonathan.
“Not really,” Conner replied.
Something was wrong. The officers weren’t talking anymore.
Conner stood up and moved slowly to the living room window.
“What’s wrong?” asked Jonathan.
Conner looked outside to the car, but the doors were open and the officers were unconscious on the ground.
“Call Clark,” said Conner. “We’re under attack.”
He looked back toward the window to see a grenade crashing through the glass.
Conner grabbed his aunt and uncle and rushed them into the kitchen as the living room exploded. He felt the heat sear into his back as he covered them with his body.

What Happened?

Daily Planet, Metropolis
Lois and Clark were working while Turpin sat nearby, his legs resting on an empty desk. Lois was on the phone with her father.
“Dad, what do you mean a ‘dead end’?” she asked.
“Pipeline doesn’t exist,” Sam explained. “All of my resources turned up empty. It’s most likely the arsonist made the name up. Maybe the electronics in his suit malfunctioned. There doesn’t seem to be any conspiracy here.”
“What about Conduit?” Lois asked. “He was clearly connected.”
“Superman fights supervillains all the time,” said Sam. “Nothing that Superman reported proves anything about an underground agency.”
“Dad…” said Lois. “Did something happen to you? Are you okay?”
“Of course, I am, Lois,” said Sam. “I have to go, I’ll talk to you later in the week.”
“That was weird,” said Clark as Lois ended the call. “Last time we talked to him, Sam was sure-”
Clark’s phone rang, interrupting him. The caller ID showed Pa. He never called him during work hours. Something was wrong. “Pa,” he answered.
“Clark,” said Pa. “We’re under attack, we need-”
The windows to the bullpen exploded apart and Conduit flew inside, firing off warning shots in all directions. “Everybody stay calm,” he said, zeroing in on Clark. “I’m just here for Kent and his wife.”
Clark stood up waving Lois away. “Run,” he told her as everyone else rushed for cover.
Instead, she stepped forward. “What the hell do you want with us?” she asked. “Did we write an unflattering article about you and your ego can’t take it?”
Conduit’s wrist gauntlets began glowing green as he let his kryptonite energy build up. “This is between me and Kent,” he said. “You’re only involved because he deserves to lose you too, Lane. Along with everyone else he cares about.”
“My parents,” said Clark.
“That’s right,” Conduit pointed toward him. “They should be toast any minute now like you’re about to be.”
Clark focused a quick burst of heat vision at one of the sprinklers and the whole system activated, alarms blazing.
Conduit shook off the deluge of water and found Lois and Clark were gone. “What the-?”
In a burst of speed, Superman flew Conduit out of the building, feeling the intense burn of the kryptonite radiation start to slow him down. He had to end this quickly so he could go check on Ma and Pa. At least Conner was with them.
“You again?!” Conduit cried. He fired off intense beams of energy at Clark, causing him to release him and reel back, trying to keep from tumbling out of the air.
Conduit readied for another attack. “I warned you last time you interfered. I have nothing against you out there saving kittens, or whatever. But you’ve messed with my business for the last time.”
Clark ducked before Conduit’s second blast could hit him. But he still felt as bad as it hit him. He was too close. If he was going to stand a chance, Clark had to keep his distance.
With every ounce of strength, Clark flew upward, firing off heat vision toward Conduit’s wrist gauntlets, which broke apart.
“Nice move,” said Conduit, several golden, metallic tendrils shot out him and began glowing green. “Those guantlets helped focus my power, but the kryptonite comes from inside of me, same as these.”
As the tendrils closed in around Clark, a blast of energy came from the Daily Planet where Turpin was standing with his SCU rifle. The hit loosened Conduit’s grip and Clark quickly took the opening to fly toward him with a punch to the chest. It sent the attacker flying toward the building across the street, where he crashed into an empty office. Without wasting a second, Clark blew with every ounce of strength until the metallic tubes on Conduit’s chest were frozen, keeping him from making another move toward him.
Clark then flew back to the Daily Planet, reaching his arm toward Dan. “Do you mind?” he asked. “I need you to cover him while I attend to another matter.”
Dan nodded. “‘Course, Big Blue,” he said.
Clark picked up Dan and flew him across the street, but Conduit was gone. Clark’s senses were still going haywire due to the kryptonite poisoning, so he couldn’t tell where he went.
“The rest of the SCU are on its way,” said Dan. “We’ll secure the area.”
“Thanks, Dan,” said Clark before flying off toward Smallville.
Kent Farm, Smallville
Five men in tactical gear and black masks closed in on the Kent house.
“Maynard,” the leader said. “Get inside and confirm the targets are down.”
“They’re safe,” called Conner from, behind them. His shirt was burnt apart, hanging over him like a rag. Before they could turn around, he knelt down to the dirt and the ground shook, knocking them all off their feet.
A couple of the mercenaries recovered and opened fire as Conner grabbed the others and flung them toward the cornfield.
The bullets didn’t penetrate his skin, but he still felt every hit. Maybe he wasn’t as “better” as he thought.
“Conduit told us Superman might show up,” said the leader. “You’re not Superman.”
“No,” said Conner pointing up. “But he is.”
Clark dropped and focused his heat vision on the men’s weapons, causing them all to drop them. He quickly shifted it into small, concentrated bursts in their suits.
“There,” said Clark. “Your suits can’t kill you now for talking.”
One of the men looked to the others, his eyes widened. “That was a thing?”
Lois and Clark’s Apartment, Metropolis
Dan hung up his phone and put it on the coffee table. Jon picked it up and started tapping and scrolling away.
“Any news?” asked Clark from his desk.
“Nothing,” Dan answered. “The Pipeline agents Superman brought in from Smallville aren’t talking.”
“Let me see them,” said Lois. “They’ll talk.”
“You know I can’t do that, Lois,” said Dan. “As much fun as that’d be to watch. How’re the folks? It’s a shame to hear about their house.”
“They’re fine, thanks to Superboy,” said Clark. “The damage to the house isn’t anything we can’t fix. But for now, they’re staying out of sight. There’s a place up north… Pipeline shouldn’t be able to find them.”
Dan took his phone back from Jon. “Did you- did you order a pizza?”
Across the Hall
“You’re here early,” said Ruby as she opened her door. “Is my cooking tha-?”
Ruby’s heart jumped when she saw the man from the cafe that morning. She tried to shut the door, but he stopped it with his arm.
“Don’t be rude,” said Kenny. “I just came over to apologize. We got off on the wrong foot. May I come in?”
<< < >
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2023.02.18 04:06 LordAdrianRichter Looking for time settings for episodes

I'm working on a Smallville fic and need to figure when everything takes place. I'd love to find a more detailed timeline if possible, but otherwise I may have to rewatch the show and go frame-by-frame looking for dates...
The Smallville wiki does give some specifics, either saying that an episode's story takes place during a particular season or even giving an exact date, but some episodes aren't listed in the timeline at all.
Like, for Season 1, the time setting for Pilot, X-Ray, Obscura, and Tempest are listed.
Is there any way of knowing where 2001 ends? There's a lot of episodes that just aren't mentioned at all...
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2023.01.23 04:39 Lexilogical Power Girl #11 - Losing Daylight (Red Reign)

Power Girl #11 - Losing Daylight

<< First < Previous Next >
Author: Lexilogical
Book: Kara Zor-El
Arc: Power Point
Event: Red Reign
Set: 79
Recommended Reading: Superman #80
Kory stood over Linda protectively as the vampires retreated, her golden skin glowing like the first rays of sunrise. Linda felt like a moth, drawn to her by magnets, by instinct, by sheer primal need. She wanted to reach out and grab her, even knowing she’d get burned in the process.
“Supergirl, are you okay?” Kory asked, bending over the moment the last vampire vanished and helping Linda sit up.
“I’ll live.” Linda smiled up at her, feeling dried blood crack at the corners of her mouth. Her body ached, and some tiny voice in her questioned if she really would survive. But then the sun’s rays touched her, and she felt some of the pain subside. Kory looked uncomfortable despite her reassurances.
“You look pretty rough,” she said. “Here, put your arm around my neck, I’ll help you up.”
Linda protested, even as she leaned heavily against Kory, one arm dangling uselessly at her side.
“Maybe you should go home for a bit,” Kory said, looking towards the front door. Linda shook her head, fighting off the waves of dizziness the motion brought.
“No… No, I can’t,” Linda said, pressing her head into Kory’s side. “Winn’s in there.”
“He’s a friend of Kara’s,” Tali explained, her voice coming from Kory’s pocket. Linda startled slightly. She’d forgotten Tali was there.
“I think he’s bitten,” Linda muttered, closing her eyes.
There was silence following that statement. It should have been awkward, but Linda felt like she could fall asleep right there, leaning against Tali’s hard light costume and Kory’s warm body.
“They’re calling for a league meeting in DC,” Tali said, breaking the silence.
“We should probably check on this friend. Especially if he’s a vampire in our home,” Kory replied. Linda squeezed her eyes tighter, burying up against Kory.
“I’ll go,” Tali said. “I can use the old tech in the house to do a projection. I know him.”
“He recognized me,” Linda said quietly.
“Can you do two projections?” Kory asked. “Do you want your crystal back?”
“It’s not ideal, but I should be okay,” Tali replied. “It looks like he’s just… checking out the kitchen?”
“He didn’t seem different…” Linda replied. “Not like most of these vampires.”
“I’m inside now,” Tali said. “Go to the meeting. I’ll handle Winn.”
“Good luck,” Kory said, lifting into the air and dragging Linda with her. “Stay safe.”

Kara paced the lobby of the Justice League’s Hall of Justice, pausing only briefly to check out the window as she paced by it. Sunlight streamed into the room, knitting the torn flesh on her back, but not the tears in her costume. It itched as it healed, but not as much as the knowledge that Linda and Kory weren’t there yet.
On another her next loop around the statue in the lobby, she heard the familiar heartbeats approaching. She felt a sense of relief wash over her, quickening her pace until she could watch the two fly into the room. Linda’s costume was torn all over, soaked in blood from shoulder to waist, her face and legs a mess of dried blood and dirt. At least she was still standing on her own, Kara thought, wrapping her in a close hug.
“Hey Sis,” Linda said, voice heavy with exhaustion. “Threaten any time travelers lately?”
“Don’t even joke about it,” Kara said. “You have no idea how worried I was when Tali said you needed help.”
Other heroes were trickling in as Linda shared her story. All of them looked just as exhausted and haggard as Linda. Kara had hoped for good news at this meeting, but as the last stragglers trickled in, that felt like a foolish hope. Nightwing was the last to enter, looking surprisingly fresh in a bright yellow and navy suit. He headed towards Kara, Kory and Linda, as the crowd started moving to a meeting room. Linda immediately sat down on a bench along the edge of the room, leaving Kara to hover nervously, eavesdropping on the conversations around the room, hoping to learn more.
“Love the Supergirl look, Kory,” Dick said, as soon as they had staked out their space. “Joining the Super Fam?”
“Ha ha,” Kory deadpanned. “You can thank Tali for the look. Speaking of which, that’s a new look for you too. Perhaps if Tali can darken my blues, we’d match.”
A very tired sounding Tali buzzed out of Kory’s pocket. “Depends, do you have a spare supercomputer I can hack for extra bandwidth? Because you’re lucky you aren’t naked right now.”
“It’s fine, Tali,” Linda said, her voice quiet. “We appreciate you.”
A frustrated buzz was their only response.
Across the room, Clark was approaching Batman. “Tell me straight, Bruce, how is the situation out there?”
“Not great,” Bruce admitted, quietly, before raising his voice to project across the entire room. “Listen up, everyone. This attack is unprecedented. The coordination of forces of this scale — of this strength — hasn’t been seen on Earth. The sunlight gives us time to catch our breaths, but not for long. While the United States sees the end of fighting for the day, Asia begins to see more.
“Which is why we need to stop this at the source,” Batman continued. “I haven’t been able to get much work done, but if people can be turned, they can be cured. Flash and I have already had small discussions, but there’s still a lot to figure out. We need all of your help to keep the vampire forces at a minimum while we try to research and develop it.”
“We have an immune specimen at Cadmus, thanks to Power Girl. I’d like to send some of our scientists there to assist, and some others to defend.”
Kara felt some of the tension slipping away as she listened to Bruce and Clark divvying up the team. There was a plan in place. Better tacticians than her were on it. Now she just needed to go where she was told, and punch more vampires.
“How are you guys doing?” Clark asked, coming over to their small cluster to assess their resources. “We need some reinforcements in Markovia, and defences around the cure team.”
“I’m still good to fight. Send me to Markovia,” Kara said immediately, with Kory and Dick immediately agreeing.
“I’m good too,” Linda said, getting to her feet, but Kory placed a hand on her shoulder, pushing her back down.
“SG, I just had to save you from getting your arm torn off…” Kory said gently. “Take the breather.”
“It would be better if you stayed here,” Kara said. “The fighting in Markovia sounds really bad, and you’re already at half strength.” She gestured to Linda’s shoulder, covered in puckered, angry red flesh that still hadn’t fully healed.
“Batman just said they wanted people who could solar flare in Markovia!” Linda said indignantly. “My brother is out there! And you’re benching me?”
“There’s still going to be fighting here,” Clark added. “We could use another Kryptonian at Cadmus.”
Linda glared at Kara angrily. “You’re sending me back to Cadmus?”
Kara couldn’t quite meet her sister’s eyes. “I want you to be safe. Plus, you’re also immune to the bite, and half human. Maybe you can help.”
“This is bullshit,” Linda said, swaying a little as she jumped to her feet. “I’ll be fine, I just need some more sun.”
“That’s exactly why you should stay here,” Dick said. “It’s already night over there. Trust me, if this goes on for another day, you’ll be glad for the time to recuperate.”
“Bullshit,” Linda mumbled, sinking back down to her seat.
“We’ll be back,” Kara said, heading towards the group going overseas. “Hold down the fort for us.”

Tali appeared in her bedroom in the basement, feeling a little disoriented. It was always a touch strange, going from being a bodiless phantom on the internet, to trying to squeeze herself into the shape of a body. Especially when part of her was still clinging to Kory’s form in the shape of a costume. Kara had set her up with multiple processors, but Earth tech still bottlenecked sometimes when she tried to take stock of those multiple processes.
She checked herself in the mirror, carefully adjusting her colour palette to match human tones. Somehow when her attention was split like this, her skin always ended up a little too teal. Hopefully Winn wouldn’t notice.
Speaking of… She flicked her attention to the cameras in the kitchen, watching the boy as he went through the cupboards, calling out their names. What was he looking for? She watched as he took a few steps towards the upstairs, and hurried to go intercept him. Wouldn’t do to have him poking through the girl’s bedrooms.
“Kara?” Winn called up the stairs, just as the door to Tali’s basement slid open and she rushed out.
“Winn!” Tali called enthusiastically, hurrying to close and relock the basement with her techno-sense. Setting up smart locks on the basement had been one of the first things they’d done after moving in.
“Tali!” Winn turned to face the pink-haired girl, a smile on his face. Tali grinned back, trying to paint an expression of a young teen in the middle of a disaster, just grateful to see her friend. But she couldn’t help notice that Winn’s expression had also changed as he turned around, from one that had seemed much more sinister.
“Tali, I’m so glad you’re okay!” Winn said, rushing forward to take Tali’s hands into his own. Tali smoothly stepped backwards, evading his grip.
“Same,” Tali replied, rubbing her hands together nervously. “Please don’t touch me… I just-”
“Right, germophobia,” Winn said, holding both hands up and away. “Sorry, I forgot myself.”
Tali nodded, taking a shaky breath. She’d established this alibi early on in her relationship, about having a lot of anxieties based around going outside or touching people or things. Then Kara had invented the hard light emitter, and a lot of those excuses had become unnecessary. Only now Kory had her hard light emitter.
Damn, was Kory’s costume in one piece? She flicked a tiny portion of her attention to the Supergirl costume, checking that it wasn’t clipping or acting too statically, before turning her attention back to Winn.
“I bet the situation outside isn’t helping the anxiety,” Winn said, unaware of her split attention. “Do you know where Kara is? Or Linda?”
“They took shelter at a friend’s house,” Tali said, the lie slipping out smoothly. “I think they’re with Dick Grayson.”
She watched Winn’s expression through the cameras, keeping her avatar’s eyes pointed at the ground. Linda had said Winn had recognized her. But if he thought she was lying, he didn’t let his mask slip. “Good,” he said, “I’m glad they’re safe.”
“Winn, you’re bleeding,” Tali said, pointing at his neck where a thin trickle of blood was coming down from behind his ear.
“Yeah, I was looking for a first aid kit,” Winn said. “I bumped my head trying to get over here.”
Was that the truth? The cameras were having a hard time checking out the wound, buried beneath his hairline like it was, and with her attention split between here, Kory’s costume, and everything else happening in the world, the image was grainy.
“I can show you where it is,” Tali said, leading the way to a bathroom. “It’s not very well stocked though.”
“I would have thought you kept a very well stocked first aid kit,” Winn said. “What with the germophobia.”
Almost no one in this house can get injured, Tali thought. “I don’t like even thinking about blood,” she said out loud, shuddering.
“Well I won’t make you help clean the wound then,” Winn said, shooing her away from the bathroom and closing the door behind him.
Well damn, that would have been a great excuse to see if he was bitten. Way to outplay yourself, Tali.

Superman and Batman were talking to Lex Luthor, but Linda wasn’t sure what they were saying. All she could focus on was the metal hallways that felt like they were closing in around her, the familiar sounds and smells of Cadmus wrapping her up like a cocoon.
She just had to get through today, and everything would be fine. She tried to focus on what people were saying. Superman and Batman were pressuring Cadmus into letting them help with the research. That made sense. The voices were crisp and polished, with a hard edge to them. Lex clearly didn’t like them being here. Of course he wouldn’t. Lex had never liked Clark.
He’d made her specifically to defeat Superman.
The scientists led them to a lab, and all the memories rushed back. They’d used the same layout as the old building, the same stations, the same computer blocks. And, near the back of the room…
She took a step forward, placing one hand against the cold glass that ran from floor to ceiling. The same glass test tube that she’d been raised in. A different girl was in there now, one who looked a lot like Linda herself, with long blonde hair. But when she turned to face her, she had a cruel, twisted expression. She snapped at Linda with fanged teeth, throwing herself against the glass.
Linda couldn’t help but see herself reflected in that desperation.
Clark grabbed her arm, and pulled her away from Lena. “Come on, let’s go outside and protect the building.”
Linda nodded dumbly, letting herself be pulled away without looking away.
“Lionel is a clone,” one of the scientists said, the first words to truly penetrate the fog she felt. Her eyes snapped away from Lena to the older man, sitting in the chair, with a moment of clarity.
Oh. He’s like me.

“Tali, are you there?” Kara asked, touching a hand to her earpiece as she and Kory flew over Europe. Dick had gone ahead on a Javelin, with his motorcycle on the jet. Dick had been searching for any sign of the missing Titans, a distress beacon coming out of Ukraine seemed promising. Kara could probably have kept up with the jet, but it was a little fast for Kory.
Besides, she wanted to spend as much time as possible in the sun.
“I’m here,” Tali said, her voice staticky. “Barely. What’s up?”
“How’s Winn?”
“Injured,” came the terse reply. “He won’t let me see it.”
“Let us know if you need help,” Kara said.
“What I need is a better processor. Can I take over Google?”
“Then get off the line and let me focus,” Tali snapped, the line suddenly going dead.
“That doesn’t sound promising,” Kory said, dropping in step with Kara.
“All we can do is trust her and do our part,” Kara replied. “Communications are compromised all over the place, so we should probably do some recon to figure out where best to set up. Make sure we aren’t dropping straight into the middle of a hive of vampires.”
“That’s bees, Sweetie. Bees live in hive,” Kory teased.
“I’m pretty sure it applies to vampires too,” Kara said, struggling to keep a straight face.
Kory grinned, doing a loop around Kara in the sky, her flaming red hair brushing up against Kara’s skin. Kara grinned back, reaching out to Kory, when she heard the other girl’s stomach growling.
“Hungry?” Kara asked.
“I may have missed dinner,” Kory admitted. “That meeting ran late yesterday, and everything has been so hectic since.”
“Well, you’re in luck,” Kara said. “I believe we’re just about to cross over France, and I know the best little Parisian bakery.”
“We’re in the middle of a vampire apocalypse, Kara,” Kory said with a laugh. “This isn’t the best time for a date.”
“It’s always the best time for a date,” Kara said, grabbing Kory’s hand and pulling her on a trajectory towards the ground. “Though admittedly, they might only have day-old pastries right now.”
Kory’s stomach growled louder. “I have always wanted to see the Eiffel Tower.”
“Quick meal,” Kara promised. “Then we’ll get right back on task.”
Kory pulled on Kara’s hand, using the Kryptonian’s jet stream to give herself a boost, and planted a kiss on Kara’s lips. “You’ve already convinced me. You can stop selling now.”

“So Linda and Kara just left you alone here in the middle of a crisis?” Winn asked, exiting the bathroom with a bloody towel pressed to his scalp. It really had been a sparse first aid kit, better for a paper cut than a bleeding head wound. Tali made a mental note to better stock it as soon as this had all passed.
“It wasn’t intentional,” Tali said. “They just weren’t home when it all happened, and went somewhere closer.”
“Are you sure that’s what happened?” Winn asked. “I swear I saw Linda just before I came inside.”
Tali painted an expression of shock on her face. “Was she… a vampire?”
“Not unless being a vampire lets you fly and gives you superpowers,” Winn said, staring intently at Tali.
Luckily, Tali was a master at keeping a straight face, since she didn’t rightly have a face. “I don’t understand. Can vampires fly?”
“No, she was Supergirl.”
Tali gasped in surprise, raising a hand to her mouth. “No way. Linda can’t possibly be Supergirl.”
“I know what I saw,” Winn said. “I think we should check her bedroom, if she’s not home. Maybe she has a spare costume or something.”
He marched for the stairs, and Tali struggled to think up a good reason to stop him. How would a normal person react in this situation? Disbelief was easy, but there probably was a spare costume in Linda’s bedroom. She hurried up the stairs behind him, running possible scenarios through her mind.
Kara’s voice buzzed over her communicator, playing in the virtual recesses of Tali’s system.
Tali replied, mentally locking Linda’s door before Winn could open it. That should buy her a few moments.

Currently trying to pick the lock to Linda’s bedroom, Tali thought, before changing her mind. It wouldn’t do to worry Kara right now.
Kara said, just as Tali felt the lock click open. She quickly relocked it, feeling her connection to Kara and Kory flicker as the heroines passed out of range of one satellite and into another.
I need more processing power, Tali thought. I could take over Google.
Kara said.
Shit, she’d sent that message, she hadn’t meant to. She heard the lock click again, and Winn immediately pushed the door open, to the sound of an angry, hissing cat.
Tali sent, closing the connection to Kara and racing forward to stand between Winn and the orange stray.
“Back off!” Tali said, holding her arms out in front of the cat. “He doesn’t like strangers.”
Winn ducked his head to look past Tali to the cat, who had raised his back haunches and was louding growling at him. “When did you guys get a cat?”
“Last month,” Tali said, still trying to break the line of sight. “He’s a stray.”
“And why was he in Linda’s bedroom if the door was locked?” Winn asked.
“Just get out!” Tali said, suddenly as angry as the cat. “It’s rude to snoop around someone’s bedroom!”
For a moment, she thought Winn was going to refuse, or even attack her. But instead he retreated to outside the open door, peering in. Tali crouched down to the stray, talking softly. “It’s okay, baby. No one is going to hurt you, you’re okay…”
She held out a hand, incorporeal as it was, and the cat hissed at her, not lowering his guard, eyes locked on Winn behind her. She’d lied a little, normally the cat loved people. But seeing his reaction to Winn just made her all the more suspicious that he’d been turned.
“We should leave,” Tali said, walking out of the bedroom with the angry cat still glaring. “He’s all defensive now, he likes Linda a lot.”
Winn looked frustrated for a moment, glaring back at the cat, then turned to head back down the stairs. “What’s his name?”
“We don’t have one for him yet,” Tali said. “Been trying to come up with a good one.”
“Better think of one quickly,” Winn said. “In my experience, the longer it takes to come up with a name, the more likely the cat ends up with something dumb, like Stinky.”
Tali snorted. “That would never happen.”

Linda approached Cadmus with Clark, Batgirl and associates in the Batplane. Bruce’s naming scheme was very questionable sometimes. They set down in the campus outside the building, and Linda stared up at the soaring tower with trepidation. It was hard to keep her thoughts straight this close to the building. When had they rebuilt Cadmus? Why had no one told her? Or had she just blocked it from her memory?
She wanted to destroy this one too. She clenched her fist, and felt pain shoot all the way up her arm to her shoulder.
Yeah, that one was going to hurt for awhile.
The cockpit flipped open, and a blonde girl wearing a jester costume marched up to Clark, snapping into a salute. "Harley Quinn an' Pamela Isley, reportin' for duty, Sir."
The names snapped Linda out of her reverie, sharing a look with Batgirl. The red-head wore a new outfit, one that Linda recognized bits and pieces of from the time they’d spent scattered over the kitchen table. “New suit looks good,” Linda said. “Not the best time for a field test though.”
“We don’t really get to choose our battlefields, do we?” Babs asked. “Still, I’ll mostly be inside.”
“Right, inside…” Linda’s gaze travelled back to the building that seemed to loom over her, a shadow blocking out the sun. “Yeah… I guess not.”
“Are you okay?”
No. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just tired. Had a rough night. It was a long day. Missed dinner. I’m fine, let’s get you inside,” Linda said, ushering everyone through the doors and ignoring the pit in her stomach.

“I swear, the bakery was just down this road,” Kara said, pulling Kory down the narrow streets of Paris. A vampire lept from the alleyway as they passed beneath the shadow of an awning, and Kory twisted away from it, launching an energy blast that pushed him out into the sunny street.
“It burns!” the vampire hissed, smoke streaming off his skin as he ran back to the safety of the shadows.
“Do they feel like they’re getting more desperate to you?” Kory asked, following after Kara.
“Maybe,” Kara said. “I can’t imagine how that guy thought this encounter would go.”
“Exactly!” Kory said. “It’s nearly noon! These guys are definitely susceptible to sunlight, so why attack now?”
“Maybe they’re just not smart?” Kara said. “Ah! This was the place!”
She gestured at a small cafe on the sidewalk. The interior was dim, and no one was behind the counter, but she could see that there was still rows of pastries in the display cases. Her mouth started to water just thinking about the pain au chocolat she’d had last time she was in Paris.
“I don’t think they’re open,” Kory said, peeking in the window.
“Probably not,” Kara said, “But what’s the harm in stealing a croissant or two? We can pay for it later.”
“The part where it’s stealing. I bet the door is locked.”
Kara shrugged. “Can’t save the world on an empty stomach.”
She reached for the door and pulled. To her surprise, the door opened, the little bell on top jingling to announce their entrance. To her even greater surprise, someone came out of the back wearing an apron, brushing flour off his hands.
“Ah, bonjour Madame,” he said in perfect french. <”May I interest you in some pastries?”>
Kara was startled, but not so shocked that she forgot her french. “Oui, sil-vous-plait!”
She pointed out a couple delicacies, and the baker bagged them up for her, passing them across the counter. Kara turned to hand them to Kory, her back to the baker. <”I didn’t expect anyone to be here,”> Kara said. <”I hope I didn’t forget my wallet.”>
<”Please, do not worry,”> the baker replied. <”I’m sure you can find some other way to repay me. After all, we vampires need to eat too.”>
“PG, duck!” Starfire yelled, blasting off another shot of energy. Kara ducked just in time for the shot to miss her, colliding with the baker as he dove over the counter at her back. The shot threw the baker into the back room, and Kara flew at the door, grabbing Kory’s arm and pulling her backwards out into the sun.
The two sat in the sunny street for several seconds, Kory watching the door to see if the baker would emerge, Kara staring into the alleyways and other storefronts, eyes and ears peeled for more threats. But there was nothing but the sound of their heavy breathing.
As if on cue, both of them started laughing.
“Well, I didn’t expect vampire bakers on my first trip to Paris,” Kory said, gripping the pastry bag tightly.
“Me neither!” Kara replied. “Come on, let’s go find somewhere sunny with a view to eat. Assuming you haven’t crushed all of them in your death grip.”
“I’m sorry, next time I’ll prioritize the pastries over your life.”
“The correct priorities,” Kara said, nodding. Kory looked like she was about to bop Kara on the head with the bag. “I’d tell you to take this more seriously, but I’m too hungry to care,” Kory replied. “Come on, this has already taken too long, and Dick is waiting. We can eat while we fly.”

Tali took a deep breath as Winn walked backdown stairs, running a systems check. Three of her processors went just to keeping herself running, just keeping up background processes like keeping water out of their base. Two went to keeping her digital avatar in place, one to create the avatar, another to adjust to ambient lighting. She checked her image in a mirror, to make sure her skin wasn’t blue-shifting too much. Another processor was devoted to Kory’s costume. Ideally, that would have been two processors to manage the fluctuating power levels and rendering, but she borrowed spare cycles from the base, pausing certain functions.
Her last two cores were devoted to information gathering. Checking on Kara and Linda, keeping the line open in case they needed something, that took up an entire core on its own. The last one spread a far wider net, checking on the people close to them. Checking the power levels of Barbara Gordon’s exo-suit, ensuring she wasn’t left stranded. Following Clark Kent as he darted between red light cameras and home security. Peeking in on Martha and Jonathon in Smallville, a deceptively difficult task given how out-dated their technology was.
Searching for Conner…
Added up, it left her barely enough RAM to deal with Winn. She wanted nothing more than to run all the recordings she’d collected so far through her systems to check for lies. With enough time or CPU processors, she could have recorded his heart rate and breathing patterns, correlated that against his past visits, and known if he was nervous from the attacks, or suspicious of Linda. Or a vampire himself.
She still didn’t know, and there was no way she was going to be the one to let that cat out of the bag. Vampires could pry that secret out of her cold, powerless fingers before she’d betray her girls like that.
Skin suitably flesh-toned, and with no major communication crises on the horizon, she headed down the stairs herself. Winn was pressed up against the front window, peeking out from around the thin curtain to the street.
“Shhhh!” In a flash, the boy was beside her, attempting to cover her mouth with his hand. She pulled away fast, but not before his hand grazed her cheek, giving him a nasty static shock. He jerked his hand back, glaring at her.
“Socks and carpet,” she whispered, touching her face like she’d been shocked as well. “What are you looking at?”
“There’s vampires in the street outside.”
Tali took a few steps closer, peeking past the curtains herself. It seemed grossly unfair that there was a mob of the creatures still outside, despite the fact that it was daylight. But Gotham was always cloudy and overcast, and today was no exception. Seemed like the vampires didn’t care about the little bits of sun that still trickled through the clouds. The vampires were walking from house to house, kicking in doors as they went.
“We have to hide,” Winn said. “Lets go to the basement.”
“But-” She didn’t want Winn in the basement. All of her servers were down there. Outside, her doorbell camera was picking up the approaching vampire horde.
“Come on Tali, there’s no time!” Winn hissed, rushing for the basement door. “We need to hide! How do I unlock this?”
Came Linda’s whispered message.
Tali let out a string of curses, slipping between Kryptonian and English ones. She could see Linda floating in the air from a bird-watching camera, in sunny DC. Tali predicted a 14.65% chance she was in immediate danger. She had to be safer than Winn was. Unless Winn was a vampire… But if he wasn’t, and he got caught here…
“What language was that?” Winn asked, as Tali reached out, mentally sliding the door open.
“Go!” she hissed. Winn didn’t need to ask twice, running down the stairs. Tali followed behind him, shutting and locking the door.
The rest of her sentence was directed to Clark, and Tali turned all her focus back to Winn. She really needed to know if he was lying. Right now.
Tali sent the message out to the alien, not even waiting for a reply as she powered down the costume. She needed those processes back if she was going to turn her bedroom into something that looked livable. She painted a couch into a bed, turned the walls from a shiny grid pattern into a starry green and gold, and threw up some posters of the first male celebrity to come out of a google search. It wasn’t until she caught Winn looking that she realized he’d famously played a sparkly vampire in a movie.
“I never would have guessed you were Team Eddy,” Winn said, gesturing at the poster.
Tali blushed. “Uh, yeah… I never did like Jake much.”
“So this is your fabled bedroom,” Winn said. “Given how protective you are over it, I was starting to wonder if you actually slept on the couch.”
“I just don’t like other people in my room,” Tali grumbled, “It’s creepy. This is my space!”
“Well, I don’t have to be in here,” Winn said, heading to the short hallway at the end of the staircase. “It looks like there’s another room down here. I assume the washer and dryer?”
“Wait, no!” Tali yelped, chasing after him. But computer generated legs were only so fast, especially with the lag from her lie-detecting algorithm running. Winn was already entering her server room, and flicking on the lights. The lights flooded the room, revealing an entire wall of complicated computer parts, blinking lights embedded in rainbow crystals, and strips of bright fiber optic wiring tracing through the ceiling and floor.
“Huh,” Winn said in quiet surprise. He turned to Tali with a strange smirk on his face. “What’s all this?”
VAMPIRE! The word pinged across her consciousness as the software reached a conclusion. Tali reached out to Winn, one hand on a strip of red wiring, the other shifted into the illusion of a taser. She touched the buzzing electrical current to his shoulder, and Winn dropped to the floor, making all the lights in the neighbourhood dim momentarily.
Tali stood over his body, her avatar dissolving into green static and reforming. Behind her, the servers whirred, failsafes triggering battery back-ups at the momentary brown out, diagnostic warnings flashing up at the corners of her consciousness.
Winn was still breathing. Good.
Kara’s voice cut through the prompts and notifications.
How much current was too much for a human body? How much for a vampire body? Had she rendered him brain dead? Why wasn’t he waking back up? A dozen web searches popped up in her peripheral vision, opening hundreds of links each. Her avatar stood stock still, taser still in hand, frozen in place.

There was a lot of vampires crowding the the outside of Cadmus, but most of them didn’t make it across the sunny campus to the front doors. The few that did were easily dispatched by Linda or Clark, who floated outside the building, standing watch.
It was better to be outside, at least. She had fewer flashbacks to her own time in the glass tube. Linda could still hear the interior workings of the building, the familiar rhythmic sounds of the centrifuge spinning samples, the hiss of the decontamination room, the whisper of clean suits. The old Cadmus had been nearly soundproof from outside. This one seemed to have done away with the subterfuge, bringing all of its mess into the open.
She could hear Lena’s curses and snarls clearly. And then there was something else, like the sound of crashing glass. The sound of test tubes breaking…
“Tali, are you there?” she asked, suddenly awash in fear. She didn’t want to go back into that lab. Tali would be able to see what was inside. But her only response was Kryptonian cursing.
“Linda, do you hear that?” Clark asked, “The lab!”
She flew closer to the floor with the lab, hoping someone had dropped something, hoping she could stay outside. She peered through the wall with her x-ray vision, hoping to hear Tali’s response. But no luck. A vampire had made it in, its black outfit reminding her somehow of Conner. “I see it,” she said, trusting Clark to pick up her words as she searched the building, looking for more. “But there’s something else. Something in the basement.”
Tali said, her response delayed and distracted.
“They must be getting in through the sewers,” Clark said. “Come on! Hopefully Bruce can handle one.”
Linda didn’t need an excuse to avoid the lab, with its memories of her and Conner. She followed Superman to the basement stairs, tearing through the lobby at top speeds. Vampires filled the underground space, and her heart skipped a beat, remembering the scene outside her house, just hours earlier.
“Careful,” she cautioned quietly. “The last mob tried to drain me dry.”
“They’re trying to take down the building,” Clark said, pointing through the crowd to a contraption of barrels and wires near a support beam. Scanning the basement, there was even more homemade bombs around.
Linda could smell the strong scent of gasoline in the air, and tossed all her hesitation to the wind. She threw herself into the crowd, pushing and punching her way to the bomb. If she’d learned anything from her last encounter, it’s that these vampires would happily sacrifice themselves for even a slight advantage.
So she wouldn’t give them the chance for a slight advantage. Gotham was noisy, busy, and dangerous but it had certainly given her plenty of time to practice brawling. The vampires were tougher than the average drunk, but two Kryptonians made it hardly a fair fight as they pushed through the crowd to the bomb.
“Careful,” Clark said. “One wrong move and-”
Linda exhaled cold air onto the bomb, freezing it and several nearby vampires solid.
“Nice work!” Superman said, but the sudden silence just let a new noise through.
“Do you hear that?” Linda asked, looking up.
“Hear what?” a vampire asked. She punched him.
“Not you. Superman, they’re outside!”
“I got it,” Clark said, heading for the stairs. “Take a break when you’re done clearing up the rabble here.”
Linda nodded, a fake smile on her face. “I got it.”
Clark flew off and Linda turned her attention to the remaining vampires, cracking her knuckles. “Well, I don’t want to take a break any time soon, so let’s drag this out, shall we?”

Kory had assumed Dick Grayson would be hard to find, given that their rendezvous point was merely “Somewhere near the border of Markovia.” Instead, Kara and Tali had managed to pinpoint his location nearly instantly when they approached, even with Tali as distracted as she seemed. Dick had managed to find a group of soldiers and medics in Ukraine who were putting up a resistance to the hordes of vampires streaming out of Markovia.
It had always impressed Kory how humans would fight on, even when faced with nearly insurmountable odds. A horde of monsters from their mythology, pouring out of a country? There they were, trying to hold them back and bring comfort to the wounded. With Dick Grayson smack in the middle, trying to organize people. Struggling a bit, but trying to organize nonetheless.
“We’re here,” Kara said, landing beside Dick amidst the chaotic camp. “Where do you need us?”
That got people’s attention. Kory grinned, seeing the respect and aww her girlfriend commanded amongst the soldiers. Generals who’d been arguing with Dick just moments earlier snapped to attention, giving the pair their full attention.
“Power Girl,” Dick said with a sigh of relief. “I’m glad you’re here. And… um…”
He gave Kory a look like he’d suddenly forgotten her name. Kory cocked her head quizzically, then caught sight of her own outfit, still in Supergirl blue with the crest of El on her chest. She rolled her eyes. “Starfire. I’m still Starfire.”
“Right, of course, I just wasn’t sure in front of people…” Dick said, flicking his eyes towards the crowd that was starting to gather around the heroines.
“Starfire.” She repeated herself firmly, giving her pocket a light tap. “Tali, this would be a fabulous time to fix my costume.”
No response. Well, the AI had been clear that she had her hands full. They could discuss the prank another time. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t find it at least a little funny.
“So what’s the situation?” Kory asked, hoping to move the topic off of her clothing choice. Dick gave an exhausted sigh.
“Miss Starfire! Ma’am! We have the vampires routed to this overpass, but they’re holding steady at the border gates.” A young soldier filled them in quickly in choppy English, holding onto stacks of papers. “We can’t break in, and much of our airforce has been compromised. Our medics are working with those people who were injured or bitten, but we need as many guards in the med tents as we have on the border. We’ve already had casualties from an infected victim turning half our forces against us.”
“In short,” Dick said. “We’re too small of a group to really push back, and we’re stuck on the defensive against our own side. And we’re pushing up on nightfall again, seeing as the sun sets at 4 PM this far north.”
Kara frowned, looking to the sky. “Figures.”
“And there’s one more thing you need to know,” Dick said, sounding tired. “I found Superboy. He’s alive, but unconscious. We’ve barely gotten two words out of him.”
Kara looked stricken.
“Are you sure you can’t be turned?” Dick asked her nervously.
Kara shook her head, and Kory leaned over to kiss her cheek. “I’ll go check on Superboy,” Kory said, pressing one of the bakery bags into Kara’s chest. “You two figure out next steps.”
She took off into the sky, but not before she heard Kara ask Dick if he wanted a baguette.
Follow up with the rest of Red Reign on our event page!
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2023.01.13 18:50 WiseSignificance1664 WotC Rolls 1s on Persuasion, Insight, &... Integrity. Canceled DnDB Subscription: OGL Approach (Help me update Links!)

Alright all, like many, its been a crazy week, as I know it has for you amazing creators, veteran community members, and fellow newer consumers! I've been trying to find what to do in response to Wizards so here are some highlights. I want to help compile directions, petitions, and ways to move forward! Ultimately, I did cancel my DnDBeyond subscription and put in an account deletion request which hurts as a player and DM... I welcome recommendations for more ways to support 3rd party creators, artists, authors, and RPGs. Drop suggestions and I'll try to keep the post current. The community will persevere! #OpenDnD #StopTheSub
Help update these links!

Listen & Research

What is the OGL issue, and why to care

Action & Advocacy

Keep OGL v1.0a authorized, Infinitum. I love the community, customers & creators. I’ve played campaigns, had a Master Tier subscription, DM my own games & spent over several hundred dollars. However, WotC/Hasbro/DnDBeyond will receive nothing from me as I move to companies that prioritize integrity, consumers, & creators. I will encourage my players, and the larger RPG community, to do the same.
Delete DnDBeyond Account

Now what?

Find new, open, and independent RPGs & Creators to support! Help me update this list!
New things being created:
  • Paizo's ORC: a system-neutral *License* - - shout out, and send support, to - "Paizo, Kobold Press, Chaosium, Green Ronin, Legendary Games, Rogue Genius Games, and a growing list of publishers have already agreed to participate in the Open RPG Creative License, and in the coming days we hope and expect to add substantially to this group."

As suggested, there is an extensive and well-organized list of games and systems in the rpg recommendations wiki here. This is much more significant than the following list, so please check out the hard work done by others!

Other Systems:
ARC Dream Publishing -
  • Delta Green
  • Swords & Sorceries
  • Others
Chaosium -
  • Call of Cthulhu
  • RuneQuest
Evil Hat Productions -
  • Fate System (Core, Accelerated, Condensed, Fate Worlds, other Fate games and toolkits)
  • Blades in the Dark (addressed separately)
  • Thirsty Sword Lesbians (PbtA)
  • The Dresden Files RPG
Free League Publishing -
  • Alien RPG
  • The Lord of the Rings RPG
  • Mork Borg
  • Various Others...
Generic Universal RolePlaying System (GURPS) -
Margaret Weis Productions -
  • Firefly / Serenity
  • Supernatural
  • Leverage
  • Smallville
Onyx Path Publishing -
  • Exalted
  • Scion
  • Various Others...
Paizo -
  • Pathfinder
  • Starfinder
Pelgrane Press -
  • Gumshoe
  • 13th Age
  • And more...
Pinnacle Entertainment Group -
  • Savage Worlds
  • Deadlands: The Wierd West
  • Rifts for Savage Worlds
World of Darkness -
  • Vampire: The Masquerade
  • Hunters
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse
Old-School Revival (OSR):
New School Revolution (NSR):
Powered by the Apocalypse (PbtA) System Games:
Blades in the Dark / Forged in the Dark -
  • Scum & Villainy
  • Band of Blades
  • Girl by Moonlight
Magpie Games -
  • Masks: A New Generation
  • Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game
  • Root: The Roleplaying Game
5e Material
Many creators publish 5e content to show love and watch to know how to support! I know there are many more - help me update this list with your favorites!
Critical Role
Ghostfire Gaming -
  • Grim Hollow
  • Dungeons of Drakkenheim
Kobold Press -
  • Deep Magic
  • Tome of Beasts
  • Various others
Petersen Games -
  • Cthulhu Mythos for 5e
  • Planet Apocalypse for 5e Fantasy
  • Other games and content for other systems too
Sites with various 5e (and other) creations:
Books by Jeff Ashworth -
  • The Game Master's Book of Random Encounters
  • The Game Master's Book of Non-Player Characters
  • The Game Master's Book of Traps, Puzzles, and Dungeons
Book by William Hudson King -
  • The Compendium of Forgotten Secrets: Awakening
Book by MonkeyDM -
  • Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch Hunt: A 5e Supplement
Alternative Apps & Tools
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2023.01.01 23:44 MajorParadox Superman #80 - The Cadmus Connection (Red Reign)

Superman #80 - The Cadmus Connection

<< < >
Author: MajorParadox
Book: Superman
Arc: Dawn of a New Day
Event: Red Reign
Set: 80


White House, Washington D.C.
Before Sunrise
Mercy opened her eyes and pushed bodies off of herself. Lex’s armor was a powerful match for her vampire strength, she was lucky to still be alive. Unless Lex meant to let her live. If that was some hidden sign of affection, which had gone long unreturned, she likely would never know for sure. Lex was not one to be direct with her on personal things. They never talked about anything but business in all the years they knew each other.
Lex’s suit was impressive, though. He quickly took out the newly turned vampires in the Situation Room. She thought the surprise attack would work, but she should have realized he’d be prepared. Still, the damage was done. The White House was infiltrated.
There was someone alive nearby. At first, Mercy could just sense them. Like she knew they were there. She didn’t know much about her newfound powers, they just came across naturally to her. It was intoxicating, though. Especially in times like that when she picked up the scent of fresh blood.
Mercy tossed the conference room table across the room, revealing a woman cowering. She must have taken cover during the attack. “There’s no need to be afraid,” said Mercy.
The woman looked up. “Oh, thank god, it’s you, Ms. Graves,” she said, jumping up beside her. “It was terrible. I don’t even know what happened. You came in the room and suddenly people started screaming and-”
“It’s okay,” Mercy reassured her, placing an arm around her shoulder. She pulled back her hair and dug her fangs into the woman’s neck. As she drank, her eyes were drawn to a monitor on the wall, showing a video feed of a hallway in the White House.
Mercy dropped the woman to the ground and moved closer, watching Lex fight his way through another group of vampires. He pressed a button on his wrist and began talking. Mercy quickly found a button that allowed her to listen too.
“-it’s Luthor,” said Lex. “Tell Westfield I’m heading there soon. We need to lock down Cadmus since it may be our best bet for finding a cure.”
“I’m hungry,” said the woman, brandishing newly formed fangs of her own.
Mercy smiled. “There will be plenty to eat at Cadmus. Come on, we have to prepare.”
Clark flew away from his apartment. He hadn’t heard from Kara since she checked on LexCorp, but the place looked all clear. Lois and the others were safe too since the sun came up. The ones attacking the apartment all fled and a sweep of the city showed them taking cover underground and staying out of sight. It was the best time to check in with the league to see how they would proceed next, which was scheduled at their D.C. Hall of Justice.
An alleyway caught Clark’s attention. Something wasn’t quite right, so he shifted his flight, slowing his approach as he felt a recognizable sensation. It was like burning from the inside, intensifying the closer he got. He hovered above, scanning ahead to confirm his suspicion. There was a thick wave of kryptonite radiation dissipating in the air. No signs of any actual kryptonite, but the intensity and air toxicity implied some kind of gaseous attack.
There were a few dead vampires In the center of the alley, covered in what looked like the dusted remains of other ones. It appeared someone fought them off with an extremely powerful kryptonite-based weapon. But who could have such a weapon and where could the kryptonite have come from? Except for random slivers still circulating, all of it had been accounted for.
Clark’s communicator rang and he tapped his belt to answer. “This is Superman,” he said.
“It’s me,” said Kara. “Lena Luthor was bit. I just helped Lex subdue her to take her to Cadmus.”
“Cadmus?” asked Clark.
“Lex is confident they can make a cure for all of this,” Kara explained. “Lionel Luthor was bit too but… he didn’t turn.”
“That’s… amazing,” said Clark. “That could make all the difference with the cure.”
“I’m heading to the Hall of Justice now,” said Kara. “I’ll bring the specifics there. Oh, and one other thing… Lex has a super suit.”
Clark’s eyes popped open. “He… what?” He looked back down to the alley.
Cadmus, Washington D.C.
Lena was contained in a large glass tube. She was unconscious and a monitor was set up nearby to display her vitals. They were unlike anything the Cadmus scientists had seen before.
President Luthor was still suited up in his armor, standing with his father Lionel. The room was filled with security guards, most of which had their weapons trained on the senior Luthor. He was bit, but he never turned into a vampire. They didn’t want to take any chances, though.
Serling Roquette, the Head of Genetics, stood out from the other scientists with her brightly colored outfit sporting varying patterns of polka dots. She was eagerly sifting through the data they had collected.
“Dr. Roquette,” said Lex. “I don’t have to remind you how important it is we make progress as soon as possible.”
“Understood, Mr. President,” said Serling. “You picked the right place, our genetic knowledge is well beyond anywhere else on the planet. But even so, it’s going to take time. If it’s even possible.”
“You have my utmost confidence,” said Lionel. “Besides, it was my understanding Cadmus didn’t know the word impossible. If they did, I wouldn’t be here right now.”
Hall of Justice, Washington D.C.
The night had been rough on Clark and Kara, he could only imagine how the others were managing. It was that drive and determination that always impressed him about the people of Earth. Even without powers, people pushed themselves to the edge when it mattered. All in the name of helping others.
The updates from the league were grim. They had managed to keep the vampire scourge from accomplishing their attacks, but a lot of people were still hurt in the process, including everyone who was turned.
When a possible cure was discussed, Kara brought the good news that Cadmus had their hands on an unprecedented discovery. There was at least one human immune from being turned.
Bruce jumped on the revelation, quickly deciding Cadmus would make a great place to pool their resources. Barry had done his own research on the infection, which would also prove useful.
It was suggested Cadmus would have a big target on its back if any of the vampires were aware of the progress there. They would have to protect it at all costs but without giving up helping the cities that still needed it. Especially since it wasn’t daylight everywhere.
Kara and Kory were headed overseas to help with the vampire attacks there while Clark, Bruce, Barry, and Linda headed for Cadmus. Barry and Bruce would remain with the cure team to give whatever help they could and keep them safe while Clark and Linda would guard the facility itself.
The meeting that started as doom and gloom had ended with a glimmer of hope.


Outside Cadmus, Washington D.C.
Clark and Linda arrived at Cadmus first and Clark quickly picked up on Linda’s increased heart rate. What a fool he was, he didn’t even consider how being there would affect her. Sure, it wasn’t the same facility she was born, but it was Cadmus nonetheless.
“Are you okay?” Clark asked.
Linda seemed to be caught off guard. “Huh? Of course.”
“It’s just…” said Clark. “You and Conner… There’s a lot of history in this place. I know it can be a lot.”
“Yeah,” said Linda. “It’s just… I had a hard time making sense of everything. For the longest time, I felt like I wasn’t even real. Since I left Smallville, so much has changed. It’s weird being reminded of where I was not too long ago.”
“That makes sense,” said Clark. “What you went through is a lot to process.”
The Batmobile approached, its engine roaring. It parked right beside the Kryptonians. Bruce and Barry exited quickly.
“Let’s do this,” said Barry.
Linda turned back to Clark. “I’ll be okay,” she said. “We have a job to do.”
Main Genetics Lab
“I need to get back to the White House,” said Lex as he made his way to the door. He opened it to find Superman and Supergirl standing there.
Clark stared down Lex’s new battle suit. “Mr. President,” he said. “I heard you had a wardrobe change.”
Barry and Bruce walked into the room.
“What’s going on?” asked Lex.
“We’re aware of the progress here,” Clark explained. “I know you have your problems with us, but the Justice League can help.”
Lex took a moment to consider his next move. He wouldn’t push back, would he? Not when the world needed their cooperation the most?
“Give them whatever they need,” Lex ordered, moving back to the door.
Clark grabbed hold of his arm. “Your suit isn’t equipped with kryptonite, is it?”
“Of course not,” said Lex. “As far as I know, there isn’t any more of it. Is there something you need to tell me?”
Clark shook his head. It wasn’t the time.
“Dr. Serling Roquette,” Bruce said, approaching the lead scientist.
“Batman,” Serling replied, offering her hand. “It’s weird meeting you in person. I just want to say I dig the whole ‘bat’ theme.”
Bruce ignored her hand, offering her a thumb drive instead. “Here’s everything we have on the virus so far,” he said.
“I understand you also have a unique case,” said Barry. “A bite with no transformation?”
“That would be me,” said Lionel, stepping over to the two heroes.
Linda moved to Lena’s tube and the memories came flooding back. It was exactly the same as the tube she was grown. She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t move. It felt like the entire room was closing down on her.
“Come on,” said Clark, taking her by the arm. “We should go protect the building.”
“Do you have any lead on what gives him the immunity?” asked Barry. “An uncommon gene mutation, perhaps?”
“My best guess-” Serling started but caught herself. “I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say.”
“There are no secrets here,” said Batman. “The world depends on us now.”
Serling nodded. “Lionel isn’t quite ‘normal’,” she said. “He’s a clone.”
All eyes moved to Lionel.
Outside Cadmus
Clark hovered above Cadmus, keeping an eye on the outside while Linda patrolled inside, making sure every window was wide open, letting in as much sunlight as possible.
“Lois,” said Clark after dialing up his wife. “How are things at home?”
“Better now,” Lois answered. “When I left the apartment, Ruby and Jon had both fallen asleep on Jimmy’s arms while Krypto had his feet covered.”
“You’re not there?” asked Clark.
“How long have you known me, Smallville?” Lois replied. “The world is under attack and we need all the information out there that we can.”
She was right, of course.
“Lois,” said Clark. “I found evidence of a kryptonite weapon used nearby the apartment.”
“Near the Sundollar?” asked Lois. “I was heading there next. There were reports of an altercation.”
Clark heard yells from the lab and he looked inside quickly. Lena had broken free and was on the attack.
“Linda,” Clark called aloud. “The lab.”
“I see it,” Clark heard Linda reply with his superhearing. “But there’s something happening downstairs too.”
Clark looked down, but couldn’t make anything out. “There must be lead piping in the way,” he said.
“Yeah, but you hear that, right?” Linda asked.
There were vampires down there. They were quiet, but not quite enough to go unheard.
The power to the Cadmus building suddenly shut down and backup systems quickly powered up.
Clark took another look into the lab to find Bruce fighting off Lena. As much as he knew Bruce could take care of himself, it still felt wrong to head to the basement instead. But if there was a swarm of them heading up for an attack, things would go from bad to worse very quickly.
Clark and Linda arrived at the bottom of the basement stairs at the same time to find it filled with vampires. They must have gotten in through the sewers. Clark’s eyes moved to several corners of the room where they congregated, working with small electronic boxes hooked up to several barrels of gasoline. They were planning to take the whole building down to stop the cure effort.
Linda must have noticed it too since she rushed forward toward one of them, but a group of vampires huddled together and wrestled her to the ground. Clark moved in next but was quickly overcome by the sheer numbers. He spun around, picking up speed with every rotation, and the vampires went flying. Meanwhile, Linda punched her way through her attackers and made her way to one of the bombs.
“Be careful,” said Clark. “The wrong move could-”
Linda blew her freeze breath, encasing the entire contraption in ice.
“Nice work,” said Clark, blocking a vampire’s punch and tossing him back against his companions. He reached for another bomb and froze it solid, following Linda’s lead.
The two continued fighting, working their way through the vampires to disable as many bombs as possible.
“Do you hear that?” asked Linda.
“Hear what?” a vampire asked, before getting a fist to the face.
“Not you,” said Linda. “Superman, outside.”
Clark listened to hear several vehicles speeding toward them. “I’ll check it out,” he said. “You okay down here?”
Linda smiled and flung a large group of vampires away. “I got this,” she said.


Outside Cadmus
Clark flew back outside to find several government limos and SUVs heading toward Cadmus. The windows were tinted, but easily seeable with x-ray vision. They were packed with vampires. It was a pretty clever way to move around in the sunlight. But the last thing they needed.
“Linda,” said Clark. “We have incoming.”
“Still pretty busy down here,” Linda answered.
“Keep at it,” said Clark, hovering up higher and unleashing his heat vision at the cars’ tires, but the ones he hit continued on, riding the flats.
Clark considered taking out the windows, but burning them up was not an option. Nobody would die there that day. Especially when they were so close to finding a cure.
Heat vision attacks on the engines were Clark’s next idea. He fired an intense beam at each car in quick succession and the cars barreled out of control, slowing to a stop. But there were too many of them. Several cars crashed into the side of the building and vampires scurried inside.
Clark dropped down outside the crash sites, yanking as many of the cars away as possible and tossing them toward the parking lot. The extra sunlight stunned the ones who made it inside, taking cover, which bought some more time. He flew back inside and quickly barricaded the office doors. They wouldn’t stay trapped for long, but it would surely slow them down even more.
Inside Cadmus
The vampires were trapped in the offices as Clark continued blocking them off from the rest of the building. He pulled apart walls, taking steel beams where he could, dropping them in front and then melting them down with his heat vision. Before long, there was a thick wall stopping them from getting inside.
It didn’t stop them, though. They punched and clawed their way against the wall. They were so strong, and there were so many of them, it was likely only a matter of time before they got through. At least it gave Clark some breathing room. But not for long.
Some of the vampires had moved toward the walls and ceilings. They broke their way into other rooms, giving them access to the rest of the building.
“How are you doing down there?” Clark asked Linda.
“I almost have all the bombs,” Linda replied. “But these last few vamps know some kind of martial arts.”
Okay, so Clark was on his own. He could do this, he just had to up his reaction time.
Clark flew to each breached area and shot off several bursts of heat vision in every direction he could. Beams of sunlight made their way inside, acting like a laser field. But it wasn’t enough. The vampire were able to rush through without the light affecting them too much.
Would pulling the entire roof off the building be out of the question? He probably didn’t have time.
Clark fought off the vampires, keeping them from getting too close to the lab. But there were too many. He thought back to the night before. There was one trick he had left he was hoping he wouldn’t have to use again. But he didn’t have a choice at this point. If these vampires reached the lab, their hopes for putting an end to this madness could be over.
“You can’t stop all of us,” one of the vampires said.
Clark quickly recognized her as Lex’s Chief of Staff, Mercy Graves.
“Lilith will prevail,” Mercy continued. “Protecting this place is a fool’s errand.”
Clark smirked. “Then call me a fool,” he said.
The building filled up with sunlight as Clark activated his solar flare. It was a last-ditch effort to keep them at bay. If it didn’t work, Clark would be weakened enough he probably couldn’t take on as many as he did before.
The vampires fled, jumping back to tinted cars that were still crashed into the building. Clark stopped flaring and quickly moved to push the cars way, putting a large area of sunlight between them and Cadmus. They were effectively trapped.
Linda came back upstairs to find Clark catching his breath.
“Basement’s secure,” said Linda.
“Ditto for up here,” Clark replied.
“You okay?” asked Linda.
“Good now,” Clark smiled. “I think I need to get some sun, though.”
Daily Planet
Lois looked over to Clark’s empty chair. She hadn’t seen him since sunrise when he went off to save the world. No matter how many times it happened, it still made her nervous. But that went both ways. He clearly didn’t like that she wasn’t still at home where it was safer. But after years of being together, and therapy, they reached a place where they made it work.
Stiil, it didn’t stop Lois from worrying.
Lois shook it off and returned to her work. A lot had happened in the last day and things seemed to only be getting worse. But there was hope and Clark wasn’t the only one who could encourage it. She began typing.
The world is in chaos. Vampires are real which, all things considered these days, was never out of the wheelhouse. It’s easy to see our cities being taken over and give up hope. There are more of them than us. But that doesn’t mean they outnumber our drive.
The Justice League is working around the clock trying to make things right. New heroes and old have come out of the woodwork. President John Henry Irons, former members of the Supers of America, and even the current president Lex Luthor have stepped up to fight this new threat against out world. But even the average, every day heroes have been making the difference.
Neighbors helped keep each other safe. Businesses opened their door to those needing to find refuge. There is no end to what we can accomplish if we keep working together. And that includes stopping these vampires once and for all.
Red Reign Continues:
January 15th:
<< < >
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2022.12.26 17:18 dangibby Why can’t I find game anywhere Anyone know where this game is this is only info I can find. On season 2
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2022.12.19 02:00 ericthepilot2000 Harley & Ivy #3: We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About Part III

<< First Issue < PreviousNext >
Author: ericthepilot2000 Book: Harley & Ivy Arc: Rogues to Redemption Set: 78
Once upon a time, Harleen Quinzel and Pamela Isley were altered against their will by madmen and became supervillains. But that was a long time ago. They’re better people now…
Well, it’s a work in progress, anyway. But sometimes, the heroes can’t get the job done. Enter Harley and Ivy. Who says you can’t do some good while being bad?
Harley received a series of reminders of her time with The Joker. She tried to keep these a secret from Ivy but failed, and the redhead begged her not to follow up. But after being baited one too many times, Harley accepted an invitation to the Vauxhall Opera Shell. The place where she was supposed to become a Gotham legend is now the stage for a final confrontation with her past.
Meanwhile, fresh from prison and looking for vengeance on Pamela Isley, the newly christened Tremor used Batgirl to track Ivy down. Much to Roshanna and Batgirl’s surprise, however, Pamela shows off her complete transformation into Poison Ivy. Ivy’s heartbroken, and all of Gotham is going to pay, starting with Tremor.
A few hours ago…
The Vauxhall Opera Shell and Indoor Concert Center Midtown "Things Come Together"
Inside the opera shell, the signs of paused construction were everywhere. Five o'clock had come and gone, and things would resume again on Monday. Until then, it was frozen in time.
Amidst the chaos, a small generator spasmed, and a dozen extension cords stretched out onto the stage. Alexis Kaye sighed, navigating the debris, as she exited backstage and followed the cords.
On stage was a perfect reproduction of the night in question. Even the giant picture of Mimsy Dumas loomed over once again.
"Am I good, or am I good?" Cluemaster asked as he stepped onto the stage and behind the podium.
"You're good," Alexis confirmed as she walked toward center stage.
He gave her the grand tour of everything, showing how all the details had been nailed down. "Well, not that this hasn't been fun, but if you don't need me for anything else..." Arthur then turned to leave Alexis to her scheme, "Money's in the account?"
"You don't trust me?" she asked with mock hurt.
"First rule of Gotham City, don't trust anyone, kid. It'll get you killed."
Alexis considered that for a moment before grabbing him by the shoulder. He barely felt the sharp needle jab and only briefly caught the mysterious liquid plunge into his arm before he fell to the ground, a look of betrayal on his face.
"Funny you should mention that," she said with a laugh. She unceremoniously stepped over his still-twitching body before pulling out her phone. “Hello, Gotham Casting? I’m looking for about thirty or forty folks for a little crowd scene.”
She listened to the response before looking out at the empty seats, “Oh, about an hour. The guest-of-honor should be making her way here as we speak.”


“We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us About” Part III
The Corner of Kane and Finger Robinson Park “Gang Aft A-Gley”
It was supposed to have been simple, meet with Pam Isley and get information on her missing friend Alysia. Roshanna Chatterji, a former associate of Isley’s, promised to make the introduction. But she had an ulterior motive and attacked instead, seeking revenge.
Isley turned out to have powers as well, and worse still, turned out to be Poison Ivy - an eco-terrorist that had taken Power Girl to the limit. Tremor had her reasons, and at another time, Babs might have even been sympathetic. But this was not one of those times.
For the moment, Ivy and Tremor seemed equally matched. There was plenty of ground for Tremor to hurl at her opponent, and God help them all if Ivy managed to get into Robinson Park. Barbara wasn’t sure how she would handle it, but she was all the neighborhood had.
She should have seen it coming. It was sloppy. But it was not time to deal with that. Assuming she survived, there’d be plenty of time in the debrief to beat herself up for missing the signs.
Her suit had already taken damage and was bleeding power. It was only designed to allow her to walk again; it would not hold up against the strain of fighting two metahumans. As she weaved around the debris, her mind played out all the angles. Everything was a puzzle, and Babs had never let one beat her. However, she would have to do something soon; the suit’s battery was already down to 85%.
So it went, Babs rushing the residents of the area as the sounds of the battle caused new waves to abandon their apartments in fear. “Please, stay where you are. You’ll be a lot safer indoors. The situation is under control.” she shouted through her headpiece.
Not that it assuaged them one bit, so she was drawn between trying to get in between the fighters and protecting the vulnerable as they ran into the fray. This was the hardest she had pushed herself since returning from Japan.
But her reverie was broken when out of the corner of her eye, she saw a small white rabbit hopping toward the battlefield. It must have been the one Ivy had been carrying, but why was it rushing toward the fight and not away from all the chaos and noise?
She wasn’t the only one to notice, and even Ivy seemed momentarily distracted, reaching out to protect it with one of her vines. But before she could, and before Babs could capitalize on her brief human moment, Tremor attempted to crush the rabbit under a piece of building.
“Oh, no you don’t,” Tremor spat, “I’m going to take everything from you Isley, just like you did me.”
Batgirl acted out of instinct, unable to hear any retort from Ivy. She flung her body toward the rabbit and scooped him up as she rolled, cradling the hare as the slab crashed against her back and splintered.
Babs cried out in pain. The suit shouldered most of the impact but not all. She was only going to have one chance at this. Steeling her resolve, she reached into her utility belt and produced a Batarang. There were still stragglers escaping, but she was never going to get a better chance than this.
Looking it over quickly, she threw it right into the fray. She winced, even as the sound dampeners in her helmet kicked on and shades slid across the eyes of her cowl. She clamped down hard on the rabbit in her possession, trying to shield it as best as possible from the upcoming blast.
Moments later, the device exploded in a panoply of light and sound, temporarily blinding and deafening the combatants… and shattering what few windows in the nearby area remained intact.
“Now listen up you two, here’s how this is going to go.” she shouted over the din, eyes blazing with fire and conviction. She only broke eye contact with the pair long enough to check her suit’s power levels.
Outside the Orchard Hotel Old Gotham “Eyes on the Prize”
Stephanie Brown sat hunched on one of the nearby rooftops, scanning the Orchard Hotel with her makeshift binoculars.
The Orchard was one of Gotham's ‘old buildings’ even before the section was called Old Gotham. There is a tale involving The Orchard and about every ne'er-do-well in Gotham’s past. The legendary Cyrus Gold was supposed to have been ambushed in the tea room before meeting his fate in Slaughter Swamp.
Tonight’s featured guest was Max Lord. Steph wasn’t sure it was an upgrade.
So engrossed in her search she almost didn’t see the hand reaching out to tap her on the shoulder.
“Hey, Dick,” she said without looking up. “The yellow suits you.”
The hand recoiled, and Dick Grayson chuckled. He was in his new costume; the bright chevron kept him from completely melting into the dark background. “Almost got you that time. But you’re getting better,” he offered as a sincere compliment.
Steph wasn’t having any of it, dismissing him with a puff of air. “Yeah right, I made you two blocks ago. Just thought you could use the win.”
“Ouch,” Dick said as he rolled his eyes. “Been a while since I’ve been in Gotham. Figured it was time to check in with my favorite Little Bird.”
“Bet you say that to all of us, too,” she teased.
There was no winning with Steph sometimes.
“So, what is the princess of Snark-ness up to tonight? Don’t usually see you this far uptown. What’s your dad gotten himself into now?”
“That’s the thing; I don’t actually don’t know,” she said, handing him the binoculars and letting him focus on a poster at the entranceway.
His gaze settled on the picture of Max Lord, offering that ten-megawatt smile. ‘Realize the Prize: 9 Steps to Take What’s Yours’ was emblazoned underneath. “The Max Lord self-help tour? That’s almost worse.”
“I’ve followed him here for seven consecutive Fridays. At first, I thought this was just another thing, like his Spongeblub ‘documentary’”, she added, complete with finger quotes. “But he hasn’t missed one of these yet.”
“Until tonight?” Dick asked.
“Exactly. I’m getting a little worried.”
“So why then are you up here?”
“What if I missed him? And I bust in there in full costume and he’s just doing trust falls or whatever. It’s one thing to embarrass him when he’s trying to be Cluemaster, but he seems like… maybe he’s trying this time.”
Dick could see the wheels turning in Steph’s head and knew he was in trouble. “So, you want me to go in for you, scope the place out?”
“I’ll make it worth your while.” she said, holding out a baggie of animal crackers.
“Better be a seal in there,” Dick grumbled as he leaped off the roof.
The Vauxhall Opera Shell and Indoor Concert Center Midtown "Mad Scene"
The back door of the Vauxhall had given way easier than Harley had expected. She tensed and squeezed the grip around the mallet instinctively. She wouldn’t be jumped here backstage; it didn’t fit the pattern. Her destiny lay in front of the curtains, but it never hurt to be prepared.
As she edged closer, she could hear the subtle creak of movement on the stage. This was it. Her moment. For all Harley’s bravado on the way over, psyching herself up - she hesitated at the threshold.
Could she do this? She had to do this. Harley summoned everything she had, every fear and tainted memory. But it was more than that. She was more than that, more than her past. Her patients needed her to overcome this, and her sisters needed her. Ivy… needed her.
She stepped forward into the light.
“Awright, you son of a… bitch?” Harley shouted, her voice trailing off as she started looking around. The deja vu hit her first. It was the scene she still saw in her nightmares. The giant picture of the zaftig Mimsy Dumas, a green and purple Glasgow smile graffitied over her stern expression, swung gently in the breeze.
But then the full horror started to sink in next.
The last time she had skipped out onto the stage, the audience was silent and motionless in terror but still alive. This was not the fate of the bodies that occupied the first couple of rows tonight. Their eyes were frozen open in fear, their skin pale white, their faces contorted into cruel and unnaturally broad smiles. Harley didn’t need to check pulses to know they were no longer there.
Determined, she ripped the sheet off the wriggling figure on the stage, unsure of what she would find. Of all the possibilities, a beaten and drugged Arthur Brown had not been one of them.
“Arthur?” she exclaimed in surprise, slapping his cheeks and trying to rouse him. “You gotta wake up buddy. This ain’t gonna end well for you.”
“Huh, Doc?” he asked, looking up with unfocused eyes and slurred speech. “Izzat you? What the Hell are you wearing?” he asked, gesturing toward her outfit with an exaggerated nod. “Izzit bedtime?”
Harley was in a tight fabric piece covering every inch but allowing for a full range of motion. It was red and black in alternating patterns with little white frills around the sleeves and neck and the diamond motif that had once marked her someone else’s property. A jesters hood completed the design; she looked every bit like the harlequin of her namesake.
The conversation was interrupted by a slow clap. “It’s not what I expected. But you wouldn’t be Harley Quinn if you weren’t full of surprises.” As she slipped from the darkness onto the stage, Alexis Kaye looked the strangely-dressed doctor over appraisingly.
“You’re the one who arranged all this?” Harley asked, voice laced with venom.
“Alexis Kaye, at your service,” she answered, taking a deep, theatrical bow. “Been thinking about calling myself Punchline though when we’re finished. It just rolls off the tongue, don’t you think?”
Harley couldn’t hide her disdain. “Why go to all this trouble and recreate alla this?”
“You really don’t see? I did all of this for you. And for me. And for all of us who had our role model snuffed by a world that couldn’t handle a woman in charge. But not tonight. There’s no Joker, no Batman, to get in your way. It’s time to take your place among the elite. Your army is just waiting for you.”
“People are dead because of this,” Harley exclaimed, gesturing toward the crowd.
“People die,” Alexis deadpanned. “And there are billions more where they came from. So, they’ll be a little short-staffed for a week at the nearby Sun Dollar? A few less waiters? They’re disposable. But tonight isn’t about them, or me. It’s about you. I got you something.”
“I don’t need anything from you.”
“Oh, don’t be that way,” Alexis replied, putting on a mock pout. “Did you know you can find anything on the Dark Web? And I mean anything. Drugs. Recipies for things like Joker Venom,” she added, gesturing toward the crowd, “Or close enough anyway.”
She then produced a gift-wrapped package and presented it to Harley. “Go on, take it.”
When Harley didn’t react or respond, she pushed the package into Harley’s hands before walking behind Arthur, pulling out a switchblade, and pressing the blade to his neck.
“Oh, hey kid, when did you get here? You here for the sleepover too?” Arthur slurred, still feeling the effects. “I mean, I won’t lie, I’ve definitely thought about me and Doctor Seaborn a few times, but I got a kid a little younger than you. It’d be too creepy, no offense. But I’d let you watch. Wait, didn’t you…?”
“I’ll do it, Harley,” Alexis warned. “Happily.”
Reluctantly, Harley unwrapped the package and exposed a gun with a little bow around the barrel.
“Do you recognize it, Harley?” Alexis asked, easing away from Arthur. “It’s yours. From that night. There’s a whole marketplace for things like that. Used batarangs, threads off Wonder Woman’s lasso, enough fake Kryptonite to rebuild the Taj Mahal. You can get anything. See, there’s a guy in the GCPD who disappears things from the evidence room. Mostly little stuff, stuff they wouldn’t miss, but are invaluable to collectors like me.”
“What do you think I’m going to do with this?” Harley asked.
“I want you to shoot him Harley. Then we can be together. Always and forever.”
The Crumbling Streets of Kane and Finger Robinson Park “The Gathering Storm”
Things had never seemed so simple to Pamela Isley. It was as if the maelstrom of confusion, hurt, and pain had just evaporated. Well, that wasn’t true; she still felt every bit of it, but what was one person’s pain compared to an entire planet’s?
Tapping into the Earth, she could feel it in every pore: the waste leaking into open waters, the garbage buried and corrupting the ground, the incredible heat that baked the equator. But likewise, the cool liquid cascading down a waterfall, the hearty soil that nourished young plant life. It was all connected, the good and the bad, And right now, it all flowed through Ivy.
Roshanna was but a symptom of the larger problem. Ivy remembered the first time she met her, one of many lost souls who wanted to make a difference. She was a pawn Ivy had hoped to shake free from the board and repurpose.
It started with a blog, Brave New Leaf. Just a place where Ivy could share those insistent thoughts that seemed to whisper themselves into her head from the moment of her transformation. She’d always been passionate about the environment, which had only grown. But what had been a passion was now a compulsion, and the blog let her reach like-minded individuals.
The blog gave way to speeches and books, but words alone... She needed to change minds, to forge opinions. She needed to go back to college.
Six Years Ago…
Gotham University had been the ideal venue: open-minded people looking for a place in the world and a way to leave a mark on it. Looking forward to being themselves in a way they never could be in Smallville.
The gatherings started informal, flash mobs where she could get up on a bench in Breyfogle Square and preach against fracking or the risks nearby construction had on the meadowlands. She found if she concentrated, she could keep them there for hours as she talked, something she would later attribute to the manipulation of pheromones.
It didn’t long to see the same sets of faces when she sent out the text blasts about her appearances, drawing them in and slowly weeding out the few that would work for her plan. Refining the process that had created her, Isley isolated four suitable candidates: Alysia Yeoh, Roshanna Chatterji, Miriam Delgado, and Inara Rothfield.
These women were so eager to be a part of something, to be wanted. And Pam wanted them to succeed. Indulging them when they wanted to call themselves the Toxico Radicals and get matching jackets. Granted the powers of the elements, they were loosed on Gotham.
But it was never meant to be a long-term alliance. After all, the tree nurtures its seeds for only so long before they are cast into the world to plant themselves and thrive.
Only they didn’t, at least if Roshanna was any indication. Ivy sighed. What was a gardener to do when a flower began to rot but prune the stalk so that others might grow in its place?
Besides, Roshanna had started this.
So focused on Tremor, Ivy didn’t notice the Batarang make contact with the ground until it was too late. The ungodly sound rang through the air as the light of the flashbang obliterated her vision.
The Vauxhall Opera Shell and Indoor Concert Center Midtown "Denouement"
Harley regarded the gun carefully as she felt Alexis’s invocation echo. She hadn’t held a firearm since the last time she had seen The Joker. She remembered shaking as she held the gun at arm’s length, barrel pointed at the madman’s head.
Once Upon a Time…
It had been a particularly bad night. The Joker’s latest scheme was a circus. Just a circus, with henchman performing death-defying tricks. And if they didn’t defy? Well, there were always more where they came from. After all, the difference between a trained man being fired out of a cannon and a newbie being the landing. If you didn’t care…
They had set up just outside Blue Valley, Nebraska, and they had run afoul of the one foe even The Joker had no hope to best: state ordinances and permits. The show had been shut down well before whatever mind control technology he used to compel the audience to surrender all their cash and valuables would reach its peak.
The Joker had taken it out on Harley, first in front of the boys and then again later that night.
Harley stared up at the ceiling through one clear eye and made the same vow she’d made to herself every night for months. “Never again.” But somehow, unlike those other nights, she moved. She snuck toward the motel room safe and pulled out the gun he stashed there.
Harley immediately went to war in her head.
“Are you gonna do this?” “Of course not, you’re too weak.” “Pam would do it in a heartbeat.” “Plus he loves you.” “You owe it to the world.” “You owe it to her.” “You’re the only thing that matters to him. He told you that.” “After he hit you.” “If you don’t, every death afterward is on your head.” “What would Dad say?”
She stood there, gun aimed, arms extended, trembling when she heard a voice from the bed.
“Oh, for fucks sake, either do it or get back into bed. I’m trying to sleep here.”
Loosed from her memory, she found herself in the position of aiming that gun once again. Of course, the choice was far easier this time as she tossed it aside. Arthur Brown was a criminal, a loser, and a reprobate, but he was trying to get better. Just like Harley was.
“Really Harley?” Alexis chided, hand on her hip as she walked over and kicked Arthur square in the side. He groaned as the chair tipped over, knocking him onto the ground as she stood over him. “You’re going to throw away your second chance for this dirtbag? Who’s going to miss him?”
“He’s got a kid,” Harley countered.
Alexis rolled her eyes. “Stephanie, yes. Had to hear all about the golden child,” she replied, pausing, smiling, and changing tack. “But don’t you see, Stephanie is exactly who we’re doing this for. Her, and all the girls like her, weighed down by losers like these.”
She then pressed her foot down on the prone Arthur’s head, black combat boot squashing his face into the wood of the stage. “It’s an endless cycle. The world lets these broken people raise us, condition us to spend our youth fixing them, and then we go off and marry equally broken people to spawn the next generation. We have the chance to shake off those shackles of obligation. You, me, and girls like Stephanie.”
“Doctor,” Arthur groaned from under Punchline’s foot, “whatever happens, you gotta keep Steph away from this girl. Steph is strong, but…” A hard stomp cut off his words as he drifted back into unconsciousness.
“No.” Harley said defiantly.
“No, what?” Alexis asked.
“He’s right. I can’t let you get your hands on Steph or none of the othahs. You gotta be the craziest person I’ve ever met. An’ that’s sayin’ somethin’.”
Alexis’ eyes went wide in surprise, her body twitching in rage. “You, of all people, are going to say that about me?” she asked, pointing to each in turn. “After all I’ve done for you?”
“You’ve done nothing but dredge up a past I’ve worked hard to leave behind. But maybe its time I confronted it, after all.”
The other girl just laughed venomously. “It’s already in motion. The bombs are in place. The revolution can’t be stopped.”
The bombs! Harley cursed inwardly, having forgotten the real point of her Vauxhall debut. She was a distraction. Even on her night, it wasn’t really about her. The more things changed…
Harley instinctively reached into a pocket on her outfit, pulled out a cell phone, and dialed a number. “Dick, it’s Harley. No time. There’s bombs. All over Gotham. You gotta…she’s crazy; she kidnapped Cluemaster…” Her rambling was quickly cut off by a fist across the face, sending the phone scattering.
“Oh no, you’re not going to ruin this for us.” Alexis launched herself at Harley, taking advantage of the would-be heroes' surprise, raining down a series of punches that sent bodies through a wall backstage.
The smoke hit them both at once. It seemed to spread from the generator outward, the refurbished device putting out the odd spark that caught on the abundance of construction chemicals and fabrics lying about.
Harley managed to toss Punchline off herself and gathered herself up. “Listen, Alexis, we gotta grab Cluemastah and go. This place is ‘bout to go up like a tindah box.”
“You had your chance to walk out together. But fine, if you can’t see the truth, I’ll have to make you. It’s for your own good.” Punchline grabbed a bottle and pulled out a small vial. The liquid glowed an eerie green. “A little Venom, Frosty (see recent Lobo), some fear toxin for fun, all mixed with my little bonding agent, XO. A whole lot of little things that are going to let me knock a whole lot of sense into you.”
Harley had no choice but to square up for the fight of her life.
Inside the Orchard Ballroom Old Gotham "Networking"
“Do you see him yet?”
This had not been how Dick Grayson imagined his night would end up. It had started out interrupting a few muggings as Nightwing, a quick pass around tonight’s designated neighborhoods, and then back to the Orphanage if things were quiet. And then Steph Brown happened.
He subtly reached up to tap the button on his ear communicator. “You’ll know as soon as I do.”
“If they have any good hors d'oeuvres, make sure you grab some for me. Anything but the crab puffs, those don’t keep well.”
“Goodbye, Steph,” Dick sighed, tapping the button again and cutting off her response.
It wasn’t the first time he found himself in a different kind of suit, 3-piece and perfectly pressed. He’d traded in the thugs and the crooks for a different kind of predator, desperate people with more dreams than money. And in their eyes, he was Dick Grayson, walking ATM.
All things considered, he preferred the muggings.
He could see it coming a mile away and braced himself. He’d seen the body language often enough as a couple made a beeline right for him. A few moments later, they’d attempt to accidentally “bump” into him, and oh, surprise, ‘aren’t you Dick Grayson, you so much more handsome in person, blah blah blah’. He sighed inwardly before putting on the fake plastic smile Alfred had instilled in him during the Orphanage’s leaner years.
“Say, aren’t you Dick Grayson?” the man asked as he jostled Dick’s shoulder on cue.
“The paparazzi photos don’t do you justice,” his wife echoed, attempting to feign cleaning him up while copping a feel of Dick’s muscular forearm. “What brings you to our little soiree?”
“I’m looking for someone.”
“Well, here we are,” the woman said with a grin. “The answer to all your prayers.”
“Is that so?” Dick asked,
“We’re about to give you, and the Wayne Foundation the inside track to join us on a sure-to-be profitable venture. How much do you know about papyas?”
Of all the questions to be asked, this was not one Dick was prepared for. But thankfully, a little chirp on his headset gave him the out he needed. “Excuse me; I have to take this.” Stepping away from the papaya couple, he sighed, tapping the device in his ear. “Steph, I promise, I’ll…”
“Dick; it’s Harley. No time. There’s bombs. All over Gotham. You gotta…she’s crazy, she kidnapped Cluemaster…”
“Doc?,” he asked, barely able to pick up on what his friend had shouted into his ear. But just as quickly as she started, the call was disconnected. “Doc?”
Without another word, he dashed out of the hotel lobby to the confusion of the other attendees.
“Bruce, it’s Dick. I’ve got word that there are bombs placed all over Gotham. No idea where, or how many, my source got cut off. But something’s going down. Cluemaster’s involved somehow, but I don’t think he planned this.”
“It’s not Arthur’s typical M.O.,” Bruce replied, his voice flat and even.
“But if Cluemaster is involved, then the bomb source is most likely Mad Stan. You find and interrogate him. But don’t go alone, Stan is unpredictable when provoked. I’ll send back up.”
Again in motion as he listened, Dick was heading back to where he’d last left Stephanie. “I actually already have someone in mind. Funny you should mention Cluemaster.” He could almost hear Bruce frowning on the other end of the comm.
“Bruce, we don’t have time for you to send anyone else, and she’s right here…”
There was a long pause. “She’ll be a good pair of eyes, but do not let her engage.”
“Understood.” With that, Dick hopped back onto the rooftop and rejoined his purple-clad protegee.
“I’ve been trying to ping you, where’d you…?” she asked, suddenly seeing him back in his Nightwing get-up. “Oh, that’s not good news.”
Dick felt an eternity pass as she searched his eyes for hints about what was happening. She was too sharp for her good, and he remembered what it was like on her end. Bruce always kept things close to his chest, need to know information - and often, they differed on what he needed to know.
So he steadied himself and told her the truth. “Someone has your Dad.”
He winced in shock.
“And that person has planted bombs all over Gotham. The entire city is in danger.”
“But, we’re going to go find my Dad, while Batman deals with the bombs, right?”
Dick’s silence answered that for her.
“I have to go find the bombs. Mad Stan is our only lead. Steph, we’re going to do everything we can to find your Dad. Whoever did this, has a friend of mine too. But, the entire city is in danger, and once you put this Bat symbol on, the needs of the city outweigh anything personal. You still have a choice.”
“No, I don’t.” Steph admitted, wiping her sleeve across her eyes to blot away the tears. “Just don’t think I’m playing Good Cop when we get to Stan.”
As she grabbed her grappling hook and the pair prepared to grab transport to Amusement Mile, all Dick could think was that he had just made a terrible mistake.
The Nearly Obliterated Corner of Kane and Finger Robinson Park “The Balance Shifts”
Babs sighed as she eased herself off the ground, the rabbit scampering out from underneath her, none the worse for wear. It seemed to look up at her and nod before launching itself in Tremor’s direction. Latching onto her face with his front paws, Captain Carrot buffeted her head with kicks from his back ones, knocking Roshanna off balance.
The sound of the flash Batarang still bounced off the walls of the alleyway, and even Ivy looked disoriented. With Roshanna otherwise engaged, Babs tried to reach Ivy, ready for a fight but hoping to talk things out.
“Look Pam, I don’t know what’s going on here, but it doesn’t have to end this way. We don’t have to fight.”
“Everything’s a fight. That’s all people know how to do.” Ivy countered. “They fight, and they hurt. The environment. Each other. I’m through with it.”
“Look, people do some awful things…”
“Have you?”
The question was sharp. Accusing. Barbara withered underneath it. Where to start? Letting Jason get away again. Lying to the Birds. The things she did for Waller. Winn Schott. “I’m trying to be better. Most people are, I think.”
“You sound like Harley,” Ivy noted.
“How about you, Pam?”
Ivy dismissed the thought immediately. “I’m nothing like her. No one is.”
“But you want to be.” It was a shot in the dark, but Babs had no other cards to play.
“She’s gone. She won’t be back…”
Breathing out in relief and thinking they’d made a connection, Babs looked down at her wrist sensor. Visible through the cracked screen, the counter read 18%. She found herself looking up in shock when she heard a… ~Shluck~
Batgirl looked on in horror as Pam Isley’s body was driven forward and upward. Pam herself barely had time to look down and see the greenish-red liquid that passed for her blood leaking out of a large wound in her torso.
In the background, Roshanna smiled victoriously, holding the furious rabbit at bay with one hand and keeping her other pressed to the ground as though she could feel the very life seeping out of Pam Isley through the jagged piece of rock that impaled her.
“What have you done?” Batgirl shouted, balling her fists up in rage.
“Justice. For all of us,” Tremor replied, voice cool and even, eyes burning through the rivulets of blood running down her face. “You can send me back to prison if you can, but it won’t change the fact that she’s dead, and you’ll never find any of the others. The Toxico Radicals have only begun to reshape the world. Isley's just the first to fall.”
Harley Quinn is in for the fight of her life as she tries to protect Cluemaster and herself from the plan of Alexis Kaye. Harley wants to be a hero, and her first task is to stop a monster she helped create.
Elsewhere, Batgirl found herself between a rock and a hard place when her ally Tremor turned on her and brutally murdered Pamela Isley, promising she was but the first to fall in the Toxcio Radicals rise. But is Ivy really dead, or does The Green have more in store for Pam Isley?
Lastly, a mission to find her father has led Stephanie and Nightwing to find bombs stashed across Gotham City. They’re going to learn just why they call him Mad Stan the hard way as “We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About” comes to an explosive conclusion.
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2022.12.10 03:31 AnonBattler What would Clark do if Lois was infected with kryptonite? Part 3: Solutions

For those new to this topic, here are my previous posts:
What would Clark do if Lois was infected with kryptonite? Part 1: Scenario
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It's time for a cure! Vote in the poll later below which idea you like best.
The Search For A Cure
Now that Clark is relentlessly searching for a cure for Lois, Carter Hall, who is on protective duty with Lois in Africa on Clark's request, tells Clark after talking with her (offscreen) that she is hopeful and optimistic about it, that she doesn't want Lex to win, and that she has been immersing herself into all the information from Project Prometheus (The Lex Powersuit Project) so as to understand the kryptonite problem and help with finding a cure for herself.
She is said to have a renewed spirit and is back to being the Lois Lane we know...
The Crux Of The Problem
Understanding the technical details of Lois' infection would show how Lois can be cured.
The device used to infect Lois with kryptonite was designed by a former engineer of Dr. Groll (the designer of Lana's powersuit) who worked with Dr. Groll in creating Lana's suit. The device and the powersuit was based on the same technology, involving the infusion of nanites capable of absorbing kryptonite. The nanites were pre-loaded with GreenK when infused into Lois.
In the S11 comics, the problem was solved in an altercation between Lana and John Corben (Metallo), wherein Corben's new kryptonite heart (installed by Winslow Schott) absorbed the nanites embedded in Lana's skin. This removed her powers as well as the kryptonite in her. This event proved Dr. Groll was wrong in his assessment that the kryptonite in Lana couldn't be removed.
In the scenario I presented with Lois, Clark and his friends would recognise Lois' infection as a technical problem needing a technical solution that would involve the neutralisation and removal of nanites from her body.
John Corben drains the kryptonite-infused nanites out of Lana (with Lois as witness) but it was never explained in detail how Corben's new heart was able to do so.
How The Nanites Work: Bizarro Is Within
Nanites, also known as nanomachines or nanobots, are microscopic artificial machines or robots meant to be infused into the human body for bio-medical purposes, such as cell-targeted drug delivery for cancer treatment. They could potentially be programmed and directed to perform any number of imaginable tasks within the body.
In Smallville, the storyline of Project Prometheus (i.e. The S8 Lana suit arc) involved developing a biological powersuit for Lex composed of nanites intended to be applied as part of a skin graft to repair Lex's burnt skin, thereby supposedly requiring Lana to undergo skin damaging before she had the nanites applied to herself. However, nanites can actually be placed into the body via injection, ingestion, or inhalation. In my story, the nanites were injected into Lois by a device that shot the nanites straight into her, like microscopic bullets, without causing her any serious damage.
In s08x13 'Power', it is revealed that the nanites contain alien DNA, which the Smallville Wiki suggests came from Bizarro, as such would explain how the nanites gave Lana super-strength, super-speed, invincibility, and the capacity to absorb kryptonite, like Bizarro did (Yes, Lana and Bizarro were "reunited"). Dr. Groll couldn't have used any other alien DNA source for the nanites besides Bizarro's, because any other alien DNA from Kryptonians (the only aliens sourced from) like that of Titan's (which ran out) or Clark's (which he didn't have) won't be able to survive the nanites' kryptonite emissions. So it's just Bizarro. Although Bizarro absorbed kryptonite, he didn't radiate it, and so the kryptonite radiation from Lana is presumably a feature programmed into the nanites specifically to repel Clark, by having them access and emit stored GreenK energy from the contained DNA.
In s07x10 'Persona', BlueK is shown to cause Bizarro to overload and self-destruct upon direct contact. So in my story, when Clark tried BlueK to be with Lois but it got drained and neutralised, the nanites in Lois were not absorbing the BlueK, but redirecting and dispersing it (like a bulimic with food) so that the BlueK is kept away from Bizarro's DNA inside the nanites. Bizarro's DNA in Lois is also a modified form that does not include his powers and abilities other than kryptonite absorption.
Hope y'all understood all that technical stuff. Basically, Lana and Lois got 'loaded' with Bizarro.
This guy didn't really go away.
Solutions To The Problem
"How would you know if you don't give it a chance?" -- Clark, s07x11 'Siren'
Below are the solutions for a cure I have in mind. Vote in the poll on which you like best.
Which of these approaches do you think provides the best chance of a solution (or your most preferred one for the ending) to a story where Lois is infected with kryptonite as described?
Use the Legion ring to go back in time. In S8, Clark was given a Legion ring (twice) and kept it thru S9 and S10. It allows him to go back or forward in time. This is the simplest solution - just go back in time and prevent Lex from infecting Lois. But it risks changing critical events in history.
Get the help of The Legion. In S08x11 'Legion', The Legion's Rokk used his powers with magnetism to extract Brainiac's nanites from Chloe's body. Clark would remember this and could use the Legion ring to go forward in time and get Rokk's help in removing the nanites from Lois' body.
Get the help of Jor-El. In S02x11 'Visage', Clark was trapped in the farm cellar with Lana's kryptonite necklace around him (c/o Tina Greer). His spaceship, also in the cellar, sensed Clark's distress and emitted a burst of light that neutralised the GreenK in the necklace, turning it clear and harmless. The ship did this again in S02x16 'Fever' to cure Clark from the effect of kryptonite spores. Clark would remember this and could ask Jor-El about the spaceship's technology so he can have it replicated to neutralise the GreenK in Lois. Or Clark can just bring Lois to the Fortress Of Solitude (while wearing a lead suit) if Jor-El can use the FOS' technology to neutralise the nanites directly.
Get the help of Zatanna. In S08x17 'Hex', Clark meets Zatanna and witnesses her powers. Based on the DC Fandom site, Zatanna's powers include the ability to alter reality "with little distinction for laws of nature or rules of the cosmos" as well as the ability "to turn anything into anything else, essentially, such as turning bullets into paper airplanes." Some of this was demonstrated by her on the show. Sounds like she can help Clark with Lois. Maybe she can do something about nanites, or she can transfer Lois' mind into a new Lois body without the nanites, like she did with Chloe in 'Hex'.
Replicate Metallo Technology. The S11 comics event where Metallo's heart drains the nanites out of Lana can be made instead into an S10 offscreen event that Lois witnesses and reports to Clark. He can then work with Chloe, Emil, etc. to have Metallo's heart replicated. That might involve having to capture either John Corben or Winslow Schott, or stealing their design specifications. Lois and Lana in the S11 comics were able to subdue Corben by themselves and take out his heart - and this happened after Lana had lost her powers. Clark and the Justice League could do the same.
Fight nanites with nanites. An army of commando-like nanobots can be programmed by Dr. Groll and ingested by Lois to act like antibodies that would seek out and destroy the kryptonite-fueled nanites in her. The bots could simply apply lead coating around the nanites and that would automatically insulate the kryptonite, then add another coating of a safe compound to prevent lead poisoning in Lois, but it's better to rid of the nanites altogether. So instead of lead coating, the bots could apply a powerful chemical that would dissolve the nanites' outer walls and inner mechanisms, thereby disabling the nanites and exposing Bizarro's DNA within. The bots can then bombard the DNA cells with BlueK, causing them to self-destruct, and thus eliminating the kryptonite in Lois, presumably without harming her given that Bizarro's 'explosion' in 'Persona' didn't move or damage anything around him. The bots can then dissolve themselves once their mission is accomplished.
Each of these approaches are repeatable and can be harnessed to develop a replicable solution so that Clark need not worry about kryptonite-loaded nanites ever again.
They might also come with some inherent risk, in which case Clark would heed advice from Martha...
Getting It Done
If the solutions that were listed above seem so simple, it's because they are. The technology of today allows nanites to be easily removed from the human body using electric fields. So Lois' infection might have been a non-issue had the technology been available in 2010. However, as mentioned before, Clark did have access to superheroes with superpowers, advanced alien technology, advanced future technology as far as the 31st century (c/o The Legion ring), very smart technical people (i.e. Chloe and Emil), and virtually unlimited resources c/o Oliver and Tess. So figuring out how to remove the nanites in Lois really shouldn't be all that difficult.
It doesn't make for good drama though. There has to be a struggle. So obstacles need to be put in the way as Clark tries to explore each option. Clark could use as a trial sample a piece of artificially kept-alive human tissue infused with the nanites, and enclosed in a lead-covered cooler, that he steps away from when the people he reaches out to give a try at removing the nanites. And so Lois need not be with him, but she is constantly in mind, thus both her absence and her presence is felt.
You can use your imagination to create obstacles for him so as to make the story as good as you want it to be. Whatever they may be, he'll fight thru them and find a way. In the end, the kryptonite gets taken out of Lois, and after having been unseen for more than half the season, she shows up in the finale (my preferred ending) and gets back together with Clark.
View Poll
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2022.12.03 05:50 AnonBattler What would Clark do if Lois was infected with kryptonite? Part 2: Storylines

This is a follow-up to the post I did titled 'What would Clark do if Lois was infected with kryptonite?' in which I presented a what-if storyline where what happened to Lana (and Kristin Kreuk) in S8 also happened to Lois (and Erica Durance) in S10.
It has a tough puzzle, but I'm assuming people would be interested to know how that story unfolds if it happened on SV, as well as to know how strong Clark's resolve and love for Lois is in that situation, and to know how he would respond. So I re-did it as a poll to make it easier to answer.
I'm gonna be telling how I see the story playing out in the situation brought forth, based on my own perception of Clark Kent's character as portrayed in Smallville, but first I'd like to present a scene that sums up Clark's mindset when facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge:
\"I don't care how powerful it is. I'll take it on, like I have everything else.\" -- Clark, s08x09 'Abyss'
So what would Clark do in a situation where Lois is infected with green kryptonite?
In S7x08 'Blue', Clark learned that blue kryptonite temporarily disables his powers but also immunises him to green kryptonite. So he would definitely use BlueK as a first option. There were swaths of BlueK in the town from S10x06 'Harvest', and if he didn't come across them, he'd find a way to get it. Zod found BlueK for his dagger in S09x21 'Salvation' so Clark should be able to find it as well.
In s07x08 'Blue', Zor-El tricks Lara into making Clark wear an unremovable BlueK ring. Clark learns BlueK disables his powers, but it also immunises him to GreenK, allowing him to use GreenK against Zor-El while wearing the ring.
If it works, it's a temporary solution because of the risk of being without powers while together with Lois, and a permanent solution will have to be found. But it's also too easy for him and so it won't be dramatic to the story. Let's it make it harder for him.
The device used to infect Lois was made by an engineer who worked with Dr. Groll on Lana's powersuit and is based off the same technology as Lana's suit but without the powers integration. So let's assume Lois now absorbs kryptonite like Lana does. Clark tells Chloe he found BlueK and tried it with Lois, but Lois absorbed the energy in the BlueK, rendering it clear and neutralised. He says he tried larger amounts of BlueK and the same thing happened, so BlueK won't work. He says he'll try wearing a protective lead suit instead, and that should work, but he can't touch her.
Clark as Superman wearing an anti-kryptonite lead suit
Clark realises that Lex didn't just find a way to make Lois poisonous to him, but also a way to allow Clark's enemies to weaken him by infusing kryptonite into themselves or those close to him.
He has to find a cure!
Back in S8, when Lana tells Clark in their final scene together that Dr. Groll tried everything to remove the kryptonite in her but couldn't, Clark just accepted the problem as unsolvable, even though he actually had access to more knowledge and resources than Dr. Groll did to solve the problem. Clark has at his disposal, in addition to Dr. Groll, superfriends with superpowers, advanced alien technology, very smart technical people (i.e. Chloe and Emil), and virtually unlimited resources c/o Oliver and Tess. So he makes the decision this time to do whatever is necessary to get Lois cured.
What could the showrunners do in that situation without Erica Durance on the show?
Borrowing approaches from the Unseen Character TV trope, Clark will talk about Lois and see her offscreen. Their interactions will be made known to the audience via his conversations with Chloe and Oliver. This was done with the Oliver-Chloe love story to move it forward even with Allison Mack's absence for almost the whole of S10. It was also done with the very powerful love story of Carter Hall despite the complete absence of his wife Shiera. The same should work for Clark and Lois - and people would still watch because of the threat and challenge put forth before him.
He'd be searching for a permanent cure (like Bruce Banner in stories of 'The Hulk') and the drama that comes from the struggle to find that cure will be the replacement for the drama that would've come from face-to-face interactions with Lois onscreen. There would be obstacles along the way, and his love for her will be expressed by the determination he shows to find that cure.
Most of his activities though would still focus on being The Blur and fighting the threats of Darkseid and other bad guys. And he'll still move towards fulfilling his destiny and becoming Superman.
How could the Clois endgame happen in that situation?
I see two ways for an ending.
One way is to have it open-ended, like it was in the Oscar-winning film "Good Will Hunting", where Clark has news of a permanent cure for Lois then goes off in the horizon to be with her.
The other way (and the one I prefer) is that he goes to see her with news of a cure. Then Lois shows up in a final scene at a place where she is given the cure. That scene would've been filmed in advance before Erica left the show and kept a secret until the finale. Clark sees her. They kiss.
The latter follows what the 90s TV hit series 'ER' did when George Clooney had left the show, and the writers still continued the love story of his character, Doug, with 'soulmate' Carol, and still had them end up together with Clooney's cameo return for Doug's reunion and final scene with Carol.
So what's the cure?
My next post will be about practical options on a cure for Lois in this situation based on SV canon.
This post is about mindset, that which I'm sure Clark (and the showrunners) would've adopted if Lois was made to be infected with kryptonite and Erica left the show. It's also about possibility, that which is deemed possible rather than impossible. From here, I'll add just more thing...
Smallville wasn't the first Superman story where someone he loves is infected with kryptonite...
From \"Superman: Brainiac Attacks\" (2006)
Clark doesn't give up on those he truly loves.
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2022.12.02 02:39 MajorParadox Superman #79 - Night of Terror (Red Reign)

Superman #79 - Night of Terror

<< < >
Author: MajorParadox
Book: Superman
Arc: Dawn of a New Day
Event: Red Reign
Set: 79


Lois and Clark’s Apartment
Lois sat on the couch watching TV. She’d been having trouble sleeping for a bit, and she found it best to get out of bed to help clear her mind.
“Since Amanda Waller’s surprise resignation,” a news announcer was saying. “It appears authorities aren’t considering any possible wrongdoing from President Luthor. However, his involvement in the Cadmus Project controversy is still making headlines.”
Most nights Clark would sit with her, but there was a late Justice League meeting. Apparently, it had been tough to find a better time that they could all meet together.
Lois sent him a text, even though she knew he wasn’t likely to respond. He always said it was rude to be on your phone when others needed your attention. To her surprise, she got a text back almost right away.
Smallville (Just Now) Sorry it’s taking so long. All this talk about the effects of time travel is pretty complicated
Lo Lo (Just Now) Sounds like I should be there. All that talking would probably put me right to sleep.
Lo Lo (Just Now) Also shame on you for texting during your meeting. Rude rude rude
Smallville (Just Now) It’s not rude if you can text faster than anyone can see
Lo Lo (Just Now) Did you forget who’s in the room with you?
Smallville (Just Now) I think Linda caught me.
They continued texting as Krypto poked his head into the living room. He yawned and stepped over slowly, jumping up to the couch, and curling up into a ball next to Lois. After some time, Lois finally felt herself starting to drift off to sleep.
Smallville (Just Now) Stay inside
Lois shook her head from side to side, rereading the last text. Why would she even go outside?
Lo Lo (Just Now) What’s wrong?
Smallville (Just Now) There’s an attack coming. Vampires
Lois looked at her hand and then back at her phone. She wasn’t dreaming. The TV was still playing a discussion about President Luthor. Whatever was happening hadn’t started yet.
Smallville (Just Now) Stay safe. We’re going to stop them
White House, Washington D.C.
Lex Luthor tapped a few buttons on his tablet as the TV facing his bed was playing. More coverage on Waller’s resignation. A necessary step to avoid the fallout from her failed Apokolips mission. It was bad enough that he had the Cadmus controversy still making news cycles. Lex placed his tablet on his nightstand as he sat down on the spacious king-sized bed.
A brown and white Boxer whined as he stepped over to him.
“Not now, Otis,” said Lex. “Bed.”
Otis huffed and walked over to his dog bed in the corner of the room.
“Off,” said Lex. The TV turned off and the room went dark. He laid down, letting his eyes close as soon as his head hit the pillow.
“President Luthor,” said a voice from the door.
Lex didn’t even open his eyes. “What is it, Mercy?”
“We’re getting intel of incoming attacks on the country,” Mercy explained.
“Lights,” said Lex. The lights turned back on and he got out of bed.
Otis jumped up and scurried over.
“Bed,” Lex ordered again and the dog rushed back.
Lex started removing his pajamas and Mercy turned around. He placed his pajamas neatly on the bed.
“I’ll meet you in the Situation Room,” Mercy said.
“No,” said Lex, walking into his closet. “Tell me everything you know so far.”
“At first we were getting reports of an earthquake in Markovia,” Mercy explained. “But it sounds like there is more to it than that. This is going to sound strange sir-”
“What could sound stranger than an alien who flies around the planet, making people believe he’s their savior?”
“Unless our intel is wrong,” Mercy explained. “We’re dealing with vampires.”
Lex walked out of his closet in a sleek black suit. “Let’s go,” he said.
A lot had happened at the Justice League meeting. Time may have been broken after Kara and Booster destroyed the Dome in San Francisco. Zatanna appeared out of nowhere after being missing for five years. And then Bluebird and her associates crashed the meeting to warn about an incoming threat.
“Markovia is covered,” said Bruce. “We need to get help to the cities under attack.”
“Wait a minute,” said Booster. “Are we just going to blow over the fact Batman was running a black ops team through the league without anyone else on the team knowing about it?”
“We can worry about that later,” said Diana. “The world needs us now.”
She was right. No matter what Bruce had done, there was an urgent threat. Besides, it was Bruce. He must have known what he was doing.
“I’m going to Metropolis first,” said Clark.
“We’ll come with you,” said Kara, as Linda and Kory stood beside her.
“That’s not a good idea,” said Bruce. “You’re four of our biggest hitters and we definitely need a response in D.C. If the capitol falls, the country may never recover.”
“Right,” said Clark. “Power Girl and I are the most experienced, so Supergirl you’re with me. Power Girl and Starfire, you take D.C.”
“Have some faith in your girl!” said Kory, pulling Linda close, her face turning bright red. “We can handle D.C..”
“Fine,” said Clark, moving toward the airlock.
It had been a weird night and something told Clark things were going to get weirder.


A woman was leading a man into an alley.
“Where are we going?” the man asked. His wrinkly shirt was haphazardly tucked into his pants. “I only live a few blocks from here.”
“Trust me,” the woman in a shiny silver dress said, taking his hand. She pulled him close and he felt the electricity between them spark.
“I’ve never met anyone like you,” the man said, caressing her hair and gently moving his lips against her neck.
“I very much believe you,” the woman said before yanking his head back and snapping her teeth into his neck.
“Ow!” the man cried, trying to pull away, but the woman’s grip was too strong. “What the- Owww!”
In a gust of wind, Superman appeared next to them and pulled the woman away, tossing her back. As she tried to return, Power Girl appeared behind her, grabbing her by the waist.
Her face had transformed into a ghouly, fanged shadow of her former appearance. It didn’t really sink in until that moment that they were dealing with actual vampires. But just how much of the fictional myth was true?
“I can’t believe she bit me!” the man yelled as Clark tended to him.
The woman hissed and knocked back against Kara, loosening the hero’s grip. She clawed at Kara’s face and kicked her in the stomach before hopping gracefully over to Clark and delivering a powerful blow to his chest before he could counter her.
Kara sped over and threw her own punch, but the vampire ducked and dropped a foot to Kara’s knee, throwing her off balance. Clark blew his freeze breath, which kept the vampire at bay, giving Kara an opportunity to launch herself forward with an elbow to her head. The woman collapsed to the sidewalk.
“These vampires are tougher than I thought they’d be,” said Clark.
“Did you say vampires?” the man asked. “As in more than one of her?”
Clark turned his head as his super hearing started picking up pleas for help all over the city.
“I’m afraid so,” Clark answered. “A lot more.”
Several vampires flooded the alleyway. “You don’t know the half of it,” one of them said.
“Stay back,” Clark called to the man who was attacked.
But he just laughed, baring a new set of fangs.
White House, Washington D.C.
Large TV screens in the Situation Room were displaying news footage of the initial attacks. It seemed Metropolis, Hong Kong, and Chicago were hit the worst so far, but the others were likely to catch up. Early indications were also showing D.C. itself was under attack.
“We’ll need to get you out of the city,” one of the secret service agents said. “The vice president is already in the air.”
“Not just yet,” said Lex, looking to the door. “Mercy, any status reports coming in from the local law enforcement?”
Mercy scanned through pages on her tablet. “The reports are disjointed,” she explained. “But a common theme among them is what they’re calling the perpetrators.” She pointed to one of the TVs with a breaking news banner calling it a “vampire attack.”
“I’m the President of the United States,” said Lex. “How did I not know vampires were real?”
“There is a lot more you don’t know about what’s going on,” said Mercy, her voice more relaxed than usual.
“Mercy?” Lex asked, staring her down.
Mercy’s face transformed, her skin crinkled while fangs grew out of her teeth. Her high-pitch laugh echoed in the rather small room as the secret service members drew their weapons. Before they could take aim, Mercy had leaped into the air, clawing and biting.
Lex dropped out of his chair and tapped a hidden panel on the wall behind him. He disappeared from the room left with screams, slashes, and gunshots.
“Leeeeeeex…” said Mercy, gliding her way across the fallen bodies around the room. “We need to talk.”
The TV screens were being overtaken with more footage of vampires across the world.
“There’s always been an unspoken connection between us, hasn’t there?” Mercy continued. “Wouldn’t you like to explore that further? Maybe until the end of time?”
The secret doorway reopened and Lex walked out slowly, now completely covered in green and purple armor. “Me, a vampire?” he stated. “As much as immortality intrigues me, you’re clearly not yourself anymore. Losing myself is not a negotiable trade.”
“As if you have a choice,” Mercy teased.
Several bodies from the floor rose up, all with newly formed fangs. Hisses filled the room before they rushed toward Lex who lifted his metallic arm, letting several energy blasts fire.
Elsewhere in D.C.
Linda and Kory arrived in the streets of D.C., readying for a fight.
“Do you see anything?” asked Kory.
Linda was scanning around the city. “Nothing yet,” she said. “What do vampires look like anyway?”
“I’ve never met one,” said Kory.
“Me neither,” said Linda. “I’ve only seen them on TV. Using that as a guide, I think they’re supposed to wear a lot of leather.“
“Speaking of,” said Kory. “I should have a costume if we’re going to be out publicly. Can Tali whip something up?”
A device in Linda’s pocket buzzed to life. “I’ve been thinking it over,” said Tali. “And I think I have the perfect concept for your new costume.”
“Is this really the best time to talk wardrobe?” asked Linda.
“It will take two seconds,” said Tali. “Besides, Kory needs to dress the part. Hand me over. I need her to hold me for this to work.”
Kory took Tali’s mobile emitter into her hand. The sound of snapping fingers followed and holographic clothes appeared on her. “What is this, some kind of joke?” she asked, looking down at her new virtual garb.
Linda tried not to laugh, but her snorting only made the moment worse.
Kory was wearing a puffy blue shirt with an S symbol above the left side of her chest. A short cape fluttered behind her, barely reaching the red shorts that were held with a yellow belt covered in ovals.
“You dressed me like a Supergirl,” Kory cried.
“What’s wrong?” asked Tali. “The S can stand for Starfire. Or you could even consider changing it up to Superstar!”
“Let’s worry about name changes later,” said Linda, pointing out a crowd headed their way.
The people in the crowd growled and hissed as they leaped forward with their fanged teeth ready.
Lois and Clark’s Apartment
Later in the Night
Lois was watching news coverage of the attacks while researching what she could from her laptop. She heard some murmurs from the hallway, which were getting increasingly louder.
Off the couch and standing by the front door, Lois stared through the peephole. Mrs. Turk, their elderly neighbor from down the hall was talking to her neighbor Ruby and a man next to her. Lois didn’t even realize Ruby was seeing anybody.
Wait, that was no ordinary man. That was Jimmy. He talked about meeting her at Halloween, but Lois had no idea they’d gotten so close. Close enough that he was there in the middle of the night.
Mrs. Turk seemed to be talking about getting attacked outside the building. But then suddenly her face crinkled up and snapped at them.
Jimmy slammed the door on Mrs. Turk’s face, but she slammed the door off its hinges, menacing her way inside.
Lois grabbed a chair from the kitchen and rushed into the hall, swinging at Mrs. Turk’s head. It cracked into pieces, barely slowing the vampire at all.
Krypto flew into the hall, grabbing her by the leg with his teeth. Mrs. Turk kicked him off, but he shot his heat vision toward her chest, which made her hiss and back away. The vampire wooshed away in a blur.
“Get into my apartment,” said Lois,” leading Jimmy and Ruby inside.
“What the-” Ruby started. “Who- what? Was Mrs. Turk a vampire?!”
Lois shut down the door. “She must have been bitten outside,” she said.
“We’ll be safe in here,” said Jimmy.
“That woman just destroyed my door like it was nothing,” Ruby cried.
“We have a very good security system,” Lois answered.
“Mommy?” asked Jon from his doorway. “What’s wrong?”
Lois picked Jon up into her arms, holding him close. “Nothing,” she said. “Everything’s okay.”
“Um, Lois,” said Jimmy motioning her over from the window.
Lois rushed over to find what was worrying him. The streets were filled with vampires.


Elsewhere in Metropolis
Clark tossed a vampire into the air as he pummeled his way through several others. He fired off heat vision to keep a small group from attacking bystanders trying to get to their car.
Kara was flying back on the scene after her latest trip to S.T.A.R. Labs where a containment area had been set up, capable of keeping the vampires from escaping. But there were so many of them, it felt like an endless battle.
Every time a vampire got out of their reach and bit someone, they had another threat on their hands. An innocent victim seemingly brainwashed to continue their reign of terror.
Clark considered leaving to get Lois and Jon out of the city, but people were dying and they were ultimately safe at the moment. Still, he kept a constant eye on the apartment in case anything changed.
“Did you hear that?” asked Kara, before kicking a vampire into another.
“About Jimmy?” Clark asked, blocking a punch and returning with one of his own. “I’m glad he found someone. He hasn’t been himself since his breakup with Lucy.”
“What? No,” said Kara. “LexCorp… It’s gone quiet.”
Clark shifted his superhearing toward the tower and realized she was right. Usually, it was filled with the grind of machinery, the buzzing of electrics, and the hum of chatter. Looking closer, it appeared the power had gone out. And vampires were breaking in through the windows. They must have cut the power to get around their defenses.
“They’re under attack,” said Clark.
“You okay here?” asked Kara, floating up.
Clark clapped his hands together, causing a shockwave that knocked back the remaining vampires still standing. “Go ahead,” he said. “I’ll get these ones to S.T.A.R.”
Kara nodded and flew off in a burst of speed.
As Clark moved forward, one of the vampires on the ground grabbed his ankle, tripping him to the ground. Another one jumped on top of him, pinning him down, while the first sunk his teeth into Clark’s neck.
The vampire’s fangs pierced Clark’s Kryptonian skin and felt a trickle of blood splatter over the wound.
The vampire cried out and pulled away. “It burns!” he yelled.
Of course. It wasn’t clear what was true about vampires, but they did attack at night. It stood to reason, they had an aversion to the sun. And solar energy coursed through Clark’s veins. He didn’t feel himself turning into one of them either.
Back at the apartment, Clark watched the group gather by the front door. Mrs. Turk had returned along with backup. They hadn’t broken in, but with that many of them, it was only a matter of time.
Clark reached deep down and let a small solar flare loose, blinding the area in light. The remaining vampires fled. Clark smiled and flew off toward the apartment.
Outside the White House, Washington D.C.
Linda and Kory had made their way toward the White House where vampires had swarmed the Rose Garden, trying to break their way inside.
Secret Service was firing on them, but the bullets were barely slowing them down.
Kory grabbed two of them, smashing their heads together, and shot a starbolt at a group of them heading her way.
Linda punched her way through some others, but one of them countered the blow and kicked her back. She fired off some heat vision at the vampire’s feet, throwing him off guard, and proceeded to kick him in the stomach. Another punch to the face sent him flying back.
“There’s so many of them,” said Linda.
“We can handle it, though,” Kory reassured her, fighting off more of them. “As Batman said, the country is counting on us. We can’t let them take down the pres-”
The front door to the White House blasted apart and Lex Luthor appeared in full armor, firing off blasts into the crowd of vampires.
“Is that-?” asked Kory.
“I think it is,” Linda answered.
They continued fighting on while Lex attacked from the other side. It only took a few more minutes before they had them fleeing.
“Since when does the President of the United States go into battle?” asked Kory.
“I’m not your average president,” said Lex. “Although, I’m hardly the first.”
Some kind of alert pinged on Lex’s wrist display and rocket boots levitated his suit off the ground. “I have to attend to another matter,” he said. “Is Washington safe with you two ladies here?”
Linda didn’t quite know how to respond to that. “Um…”
“We are more than capable,” Kory answered for the both of them.
Lex flew off away from the city.
Kory turned to Linda. “I don’t like him.”
LexCorp Tower
Kara arrived at LexCorp, floating outside the building and trying to listen inside. A familiar voice caught her ears and she stormed inside.
“Lena,” she called. “Are you okay?”
Her former roommate was huddled in the corner, her grandfather, Lionel Luthor, was busy barricading desks, chairs, and whatever else he could find against the door.
Lena jumped up. “Power Girl, thank god!” she cried. “There are vampires outside.”
“I’m sure she’s surmised that by now,” said Lionel.
“Stay here,” Kara ordered. She flew back outside and found another way inside, bringing her to the swarm of vampires breaking their way into the office. “Hey!” she called.
A splinter of them split off and charged toward her. But the rest continued breaking their way inside.
Kara battered her way through the attackers, but they were fiercely defending themselves. Still, she managed to knock out several of them, but not before the door was finally breached.
“No!” Kara yelled as she flew past the vampires, standing as a shield between them and the Luthors.
Kara punched any coming close and fired her heat vision to block the rest, but one of them managed to get by. She turned around and grabbed him, tossing him into the others.
“He bit me!” yelled Lena, clutching her neck.
This was bad. It meant Lena would become one of them. She would need to separate her from her grandfather, but who knew how much time she had?
Kara flipped around, trying to grab hold of Lena and Lionel, but it was too late. Lena punched Kara square in the jaw, sending her reeling back toward the other vampires. But blasts of energy blew their way from the other side.
Lex Luthor burst his way through the vampires as Kara helped clear the rest.
“Lena,” said Lex, once he saw her face, now a horrifying remnant of his daughter.
She lunged at him, but Kara leaped between them, throwing a blow that knocked the young vampire unconscious.
Lionel put a finger to his neck, feeling blood. He was bitten too. So why wasn’t he changing?
Lois and Clark’s Apartment
Loud bangs against the front door echoed the apartment as the vampires tried to get through. Krypto growled at every hit.
“Good boy,” said Lois. patting him on the head.
“Good boy,” Jon repeated from his room, which was barricaded with the kitchen table.
“We’re lucky he was here,” said Jimmy.
“Yeah,” said Ruby. “But this is Superman’s dog, right? Why do you have him?”
“Superman asked us to take care of him,” Lois explained. “We’ve been passing him off as our own dog.”
Glass crashed from the balcony as several vampires were making their way in from that side.
“How did they get up there?” Lois yelled as she ran for a hidden panel in the wall. It popped open, revealing a button that she quickly pressed. A metal covering dropped down, covering the balcony doors and surrounding windows.
“What the heck was that?” asked Ruby.
“Very good security,” Lois explained again.
The front door finally gave out and vampires gathered at the door. Krypto flew into action, keeping them from entering.
Clark arrived at the other end of the hall, fighting them from that side. They were getting slower. Maybe they could only fight so long before feeding?
That wasn’t it. Clark felt an unmistakable warmth against his skin. The sun was rising.
“Lois!” Clark called. “Open the balcony!”
Lois tapped the button again and sunlight flooded the apartment. All the remaining vampires fled.
“Is everyone okay?” asked Clark.
“I think so,” said Lois. “What the heck is happening, though?”
“I don’t know,” said Clark. “I better check back in with the league.”
“Are you sure it’s safe, Superman?” asked Ruby.
“Keep the windows open,” said Clark. “They won’t come inside again.” He knelt down to Krypto, giving him a pat on the head. “Plus, you’ll be here to keep protecting them, right?”
“He’s a good boy!” Jon yelled from his room.
Red Reign Continues:
December 15th:
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2022.11.23 16:50 neal1701 Wednesday - Series Premiere Discussion

Wednesday - Series Premiere Discussion

Premise: A sleuthing, supernaturally infused mystery charting Wednesday Addams' (Jenna Ortega) years as a student at Nevermore Academy. Wednesday's attempts to master her emerging psychic ability, thwart a monstrous killing spree that has terrorized the local town, and solve the supernatural mystery that embroiled her parents 25 years ago - all while navigating her new and very tangled relationships at Nevermore.
Subreddit(s): Platform: Rotten Tomatoes: Metacritic: Genre(s)
WednesdayNetflixTV Netflix 65%; avg rating: 6.5/10 62/100 Black Comedy, Mystery, Thriller
Series created by: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar (Smallville)
Series Premiere written by: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar
Series Premiere directed by: Tim Burton (Batman, Batman Returns, Sweeney Todd, Alice in Wonderland, Dumbo)
Links: - IMDB - Wikipedia#title) - Trailer - Netflix - Discussion Hub on WednesdayNetflixTV
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2022.11.02 02:00 MajorParadox Superman #78 - Apokolips Nowish

Superman #78 - Apokolips Nowish

<< < >
Author: MajorParadox
Book: Superman
Arc: Split Liaisons
Set: 78

Catching Up

WGBS Tower
Morgan Edge paced around his destroyed office in the aftermath of the break-in. They stole his only remaining link to Apokolips. The optimist in him said it was a good thing. Less for the FBI to find, connecting him to Intergang. But, who stole it? And what were they doing with it?
Meanwhile, the Daily Planet was breathing down his neck. Something was going down and he hated being left in the cold with no control over the situation.
The door opened to his office and in walked Cat Grant.
“This is not a good time,” said Morgan.
“I don’t really care,” said Lois, walking in behind Cat.
“Lois Lane?” asked Morgan, turning to Cat. “Did you let her up here?”
“No more games,” said Lois. “If you have information on what’s happening with Apokolips, we need to know now.”
Morgan continued staring down Cat. “Are you… working together?” His muscles tensed as he sat in his chair, which survived whatever blew apart his desk.
“Mr. Edge,” said Cat. “This is important. The Supermans are trying to stop a war, but we’re in the dark here.”
“If you help,” said Lois. “I’m sure the authorities will go easier on you.”
“Get the hell out of my office,” said Morgan. “Now!”
Lois dropped a business card on a broken area of the desk on the floor. “If you change your mind,” she said before leaving with Cat.
Edge pulled out an old flip phone from his jacket pocket. He typed in a number and hit call.
“I have a job for you,” said Morgan. “And it’s urgent.”
Darkseid’s Palace
Bizarro led Maxima and Orion to a dead end.
“Blueman am there,” he said, pointing.
Maxima put a hand to her head as she listened. “He’s right,” she said. “The blue Superman is behind this wall and very distressed.”
Orion studied the wall. “Why is there no door?” he asked.
“Me make door,” said Bizarro, smashing his fists against the wall, which crumbled into pieces.
Kent lifted his arms, letting waves of electricity pour out, disintegrating the debris before it could fall inside. “Be careful!” he shouted. “That chamber… It’s Doomsday.”
Darkseid’s Throne
“There’s nothing you can do to stop it, Kryptonian,” said Darkseid. He remained sitting on his throne.
“Stop what?” Clark asked, letting sparks of red electricity build up on his hands.
Darkseid leaned forward. “Doom.”
Clark felt a weird energy pulsing in his suit. Kent appeared in a corner of his vision. He didn’t even realize they could do that. Apparently, their containment suits were able to relay communications with each other.
“This is bad, Red,” said Kent. “Flipping the image around to reveal the iced-over chamber.” The bony-gray face was unmistakable.
“Doomsday,” said Clark.
“Earth is the only planet to call him that,” said Darkseid. “Everywhere else, he’s known as-”
“The Beast, I know,” Clark interrupted.
Darkseid’s eyes flamed and a neon-red beam shot out of his eyes, zigzagging its way toward Clark. He tried to move out of the way, but he had another random bout of pain. It had been happening since Bloodsport shot him with a strange weapon he was carrying. What’s worse is the issue seemed to spread to Kent when he touched him. Clark cried out as Darkseid’s blast added to the turmoil.
“Do not interrupt me,” Darkseid warned.
“How is he here?” asked Clark, shaking away the pain. The last time he saw Doomsday, was on Zod’s ship (Superman #32). J’onn had sensed him in orbit above Earth. If it weren’t for Lois going into labor, Clark would have handled the problem himself. Luckily J’onn was there to take of it.
“He was found chained to an asteroid in deep space,” Darkseid explained. “Someone didn’t want him to be found. But The Beast is too valuable an asset to be left drifting in space.”
“You can’t send him back to Earth,” said Clark, moving closer to the throne. “The destruction he caused…”
“DeSaad,” said Darkseid as his ghoulish servant entered the room. “Release The Beast. Activate the Boom Tube.”
“As you wish, my master,” said DeSaad, pulling out a device from his pink robe.
Clark threw an energy bolt toward him, knocking the device to the ground.
“You’re too late, Kryptonian!” DeSaad laughed. “The Beast is free!”
Doomsday Containment Room
Kent studied Doomsday’s frozen body. The bony protrusion that had “killed” him (Doomsday #1), which J’onn had ripped off Doomsday’s arm, had grown back. The bones around his head appeared thicker too. And it could have been his imagination, but Doomsday seemed taller than he was before.
The chamber started crackling and a boom echoed in the small room, which was filled with a yellow glow. Clark appeared in a bolt of red lightning.
“He’s sending him to Earth,” Clark warned. “Under no circumstances can we let Doomsday enter that Boom Tube!”
He turned to the chamber to find Doomsday’s eyes fixated on him. He was awake.
Maxima tried to enter the monster’s mind but had to shake it off quickly. “I’ve never felt anything like that,” she said. “There are no thoughts. It’s only pure rage.”
Doomsday smashed a fist against his confining compartment, shaking the entire room.
“Maxima, Bizarro, Orion, stay behind us,” said Kent. “This beast took apart the entire Justice League and killed me and Red. Do not underestimate him.”
Another few rumbles and the window to the chamber cracked apart. Tears were forming around the entire vessel.
“He no kill me,” said Bizarro, taking a fighting stance. “Me say to bring it on!”
One last punch and the chamber burst apart. Before the debris cleared, Clark and Kent poured on energy blasts, but Doomsday walked through them, swinging his massive arms apart.
The two Supermans screamed out as energy bled from rips in their containment suits.
Maxima tried to subdue Doomsday with a psychic blast, but he kept moving forward. Orion and Bizarro traded blows with him, but he quickly countered them with kicks and slices from the incredibly sharp bones growing out of his elbows.
Clark leaped back up, but Doomsday swung around, slicing straight across Clark’s stomach. Kent attacked Doomsday from the rear, but he flipped around, tossing the blue Superman out of the hole in the wall.
Doomsday stared at the glowing vortex in front of him.
“No!” Clark cried, red energy pouring out of his wounds.
But Doomsday grunted and jumped out of the room instead. He smashed a hole in the wall and leaped in a high arc toward the fire pits of Apokolips.


Outside the Daily Planet
Lois and Cat walked toward the entrance of the Daily Planet, both on their phones. Lois was trying to get her father on the phone since he left Metropolis, but he wasn’t answering. None of her contacts at the White House were helpful either.
“I know you don’t want to hear this, Lois,” said Cat. “But all we can do now is wait.”
“You’re right, Cat,” said Lois, moving the bottom of her phone away from her mouth. “I don’t want to hear it.” She tilted the phone back down. “No,” she answered somebody on the other end. “Do not put me back on hold- Ugh.”
A text message popped up from Jimmy, letting Lois know he would watch Jon while she was working late, but then she nearly walked into two men walking in the opposite direction.
“Whoa, watch where you’re going there,” the older of the two said. He had a mustache and streaks of white in what little of his hair was left.
“Will do,” said Lois, trying to walk around them.
“Not so fast,” the other younger man with black hair said. He grabbed onto Lois’ arm. “I think she owes us an apology, Sal.”
“I think you’re right, Tony,” Sal agreed, grabbing Cat’s arm.
“What is this?” asked Lois, pulling her arm back.
Tony grabbed both of her arms and smirked. “You two are coming with us,” he said.
Lois kicked a knee into Tony’s stomach, following it up with a punch to the chest. Before Sal could retaliate, Cat pushed him back and swung her purse at his head.
“Who the hell are you guys?” asked Lois.
A loud thump came out of nowhere and Cat fell to the ground.
Lois turned to see another man behind her with red-tinted glasses and a right hand seemingly made out of metal.
“They work for me,” he said before bopping Lois over the head.
Outside Darkseid’s Palace
“Get out of here!” Kent yelled as he fired off waves of energy to keep Doomsday from advancing.
The workers of Apokolips scattered, trying to take cover.
Clark took advantage of Doomsday’s distraction to try and flank him from the other side, but he quickly noticed his approach.
Doomsday jumped over to Clark, clawing and punching more tears in his containment suit. Kent rushed over to help, but Doomsday just attacked him instead.
Bizarro arrived, dropping down on top of the behemoth, giving the Supermans a chance to recover. It took all their concentration to heal the tears in their suit, but they could only do so much. Bits of energy leaked like sweat.
Maxima landed next, trying to restrain Doomsday’s massive arm behind his back, but he pulled them forward, sending the Almeracian queen flying. Bizarro flew after her, catching her in his arm.
“Thanks for the help,” said Maxima. “But I’m tougher than I look.”
“We need a plan,” said Kent.
Clark pulled whatever metal he could from the nearby structures and tossed them at Doomsday, but they barely slowed him.
Parademon swarmed into the area, but Doomsday swatted them away like flies. At least they were keeping him busy. It gave them more time to get the area clear of possible bystanders.
Another Boom Tube opened up as Orion entered the fray. “This will take him to an empty planet,” he yelled. “Get him through!”
Kent bolted over behind Doomsday, but another bout of intense pain echoed inside him. He wasn’t sure if it was related to the Bloodsport weapon or Doomsday's attack, or both. All he knew was it was slowing him down. He turned to Clark to find him in pain too.
Bizarro flew in over them, landing a massive punch into Doomsday's face. He kicked the beast back toward the yellow swirling vortex. Another good hit and-
Doomsday grabbed Bizarro by the chest and smacked his gigantic, bony skull into him. He threw Bizarro at Orion before he could help.
Maxima jumped in next, carefully dodging Doomsday’s hits. But she couldn’t keep it up for long. He was impossibly quick like his reaction time was increasing the more she tried to account for his speed. He grabbed her arm, pulling her close, and sliced his bony elbow against her face. It knocked her back, leaving a trail of blood to fall where she previously stood.
Clark struggled to focus as Kent thought back to when they were first split (Superman #73. The sensation he was feeling, and he assumed Clark must have been too, was oddly familiar. Whatever Bloodsport fired them with, could it have been related to Toyman’s weapon? And then it hit him.
“Red,” said Kent. “Stop trying to hold it together. Let it go.”
The two of them closed their eyes and let whatever was trying to happen happen.
A bright light enveloped them as they felt themselves drifting apart. They could sense each other, but it was getting difficult to tell where one started and the other ended. For the quickest of moments, before their attention needed to go back to Doomsday, all eyes were on the Supermans. All seven of them.
Hidden Intergang Base, Suicide Slum

Lois opened her eyes slowly, trying to remember what happened. She was sitting down and tried to move, but felt her arms tied behind her. Cat was also tied up to next to her.
“Finally, you’re awake,” said a man sitting across from them. He held a lit cigar in his right, metallic hand. “I thought I may have hit you a bit too hard.”
“Who are you?” asked Lois. “Why did you take us?”
“Call me Steel Hand,” the man answered. “And that’s the only question you get. I’mma only gonna ask you this once… What do you know about Morgan Edge and Intergang?”
“Morgan Edge is my boss,” said Cat. “I don’t think he’d like that you-”
“Shut it,” Steel Hand interrupted. “No commentary, just answers.”
Lois fiddled with the rope, but it was so tight, it wouldn’t budge.
Maybe you need an easier one first?” Steel Hand turned back to Lois. “Where’s your husband, Clark Kent?”
“He’s out of town,” Lois answered. “Unreachable.”
“We’ll find him,” Steel Hand smirked, taking a few puffs of his cigar. “We always do.”
Lois shared a look with Cat.
Steel Hand’s phone rang and he stood up, pulling it out of his jacket with his non-metal hand. “Yeah?” he answered.
Lois was barely able to hear the voice on the other end.
“I’m talking to ‘em now.”
The other side got louder but still sounded like mumbles. Lois did notice one thing, though. There was an all-too-familiar anxiety in the voice. One she heard earlier that day.
“I’m taking care of it, Edge,” Steel Hand said before hanging up. “What a putz,” he said to himself before returning to Lois and Cat. “Now, where were we?”
The seven Supermans, each a different color of the rainbow, didn’t have time to question what happened. Doomsday was still tearing his way through anyone who tried to stop him. Luckily they just increased their team by five.
Blue, Green, and Yellow fired spreads of energy blasts behind Doomsday as Orange and Violet took the left and Red and Indigo took the right. They tackled with the monster’s arms, trying to steer him toward the Boom Tube, but he twisted and flailed around, making it impossible. Orion jumped in, but Doomsday dropped a fist onto his head and kicked a massive knee into Orion’s stomach.
The Boom Tube flicked and shrunk until it disappeared. Orion pulled away and checked the Mother Box on his belt. She was crushed in the fight. Still functional, but seemingly couldn’t keep the Boom Tube open any longer.
Bizarro and Maxima went back after Doomsday, Bizarro shooting his heat vision while Maxima went after his arms again, trying to restrain him.
Orion worked with his Mother Box to try and get the Boom Tube back, but nothing was happening. The Orange Superman asked Orion if he could help while the rest of them helped against Doomsday. Orion said there was nothing they could do. The Mother Box just had to rest.
“Did you try turning it off and on again?” asked Orange.
Orion lifted an eyebrow and then tapped a few times on the device. “Mother Box is resetting her protocols. That may help get the Boom Tube back quicker.”
Meanwhile, the other six Supermans were keeping Doomsday off guard with their coordinated attacks. Maxima and Bizarro moved in for additional hits whenever they had an opening.
A new Boom Tube finally opened.
“Get Doomsday through!” Orange yelled.
Maxima lowered herself behind Doomsday as Bizarro threw a thunderous punch, throwing the monster off balance toward the vortex.
“Wait!’ Orion cried.
Before she could react, Maxima followed up Bizarro’s punch with a jumping kick into Doomsday’s chest, knocking him inside the Boom Tube.
“The destination was overridden in the power cycle,” Orion explained.
“Where does it go?” asked Orange.
Orion looked up. “Earth.”

Ending It

Red, Violet, and Yellow jumped into the Boom Tube, the rest ready to follow, but Orion stopped them, grabbing Blue by the arm.
“What are you-?” he asked. “We have to go!”
“Mother Box is able to keep him from reaching the destination,” Orion explained. “But she can’t do it for long.”
“Can we pull him back?” asked Orange.
“Or send him somewhere else?” asked Indigo.
The device in Orion’s hand started pinging. “It’s possible,” he said. “But it would take an extraordinary amount of energy.”
Green smiled and began glowing in green energy. “We can handle that,” he said.
“Good,” said Orion. “Fire it at the Boom Tube.”
The Supermans still on Apokolips pulled deep down and let their energy flow. The yellow glow of the Boom Tube sparked up like a light show of the combining colors.
Boom Tube In Between Apokolips and Earth
The Red Superman grabbed Doomsday's leg, but he swung around, kicking him away. Violet and Yellow threw punches, trying to slow his progress, but the beast just swiped back at them, continuing to move forward through the tunnel.
Yellow popped up in Red’s vision. The others reacted like they were getting the message too.
“We can stop him from getting to Earth,” he explained. “Remember our new solar flare ability?”
The three Supermans inside the Boom Tube let their energy flow into the walls of the vortex, the colors swirling around like a jar of paint.
Suicide Slum
Steel Hand moved his cigar to his other hand and lifted the metal one up as he leaned toward Lois. “The next words out of your mouth better be answers to my questions,” he said. “What evidence do you have against Morgan Edge?”
Lois leaned forward too, stretching out her pause as long as possible. “Morgan who?” she finally asked.
“Why you-” Steel Hand said, jumping up from his chair and squeezing his metal hand into a fist. He pulled back with his elbow, readying a throw.
Lois threw all her weight to the side, tilting the chair just far enough that Steel Hand punched through the back instead, crumbling it apart. From the ground, she lifted a piece of broken wood, and swung it at Steel Hand’s legs, knocking him to the ground. She jumped up to her feet and took another swing down at his face, stopping him from getting up again.
“Wow, that was incredible,” said Cat.
Lois smiled and untied her. She leaned down to Steel Hand’s unconscious body and pulled his phone out of his pocket. She tapped and swiped a few times and then brought the phone to her ear.
“Is it done?” Morgan Edge asked from the other end. “Are they dead?”
“Sorry to disappoint,” said Lois.
“Lois…?” said Morgan, trailing off his sentence. “I- you-”
“You tried to have us killed,” said Lois. “I don’t think the FBI is going to like that.”
A short pause. “They’ll never know I sent them after you.,” he finally said. “You don’t have any proof.”
“Don’t I?” said Lois hanging up. She switched to the recording app and clicked stop.
Cat kneeled down to the ground and picked up two pieces of the broken chair. She handed one to Lois and smiled. “In case those other two are still here,” she said.
Everyone in the area had taken cover. The pouring of energy from the Supermans was blinding.
“It’s not enough!” Orion shouted over the combined roar of Boom Tube and the depletion of the Supermans’ energy.
Blue thought back to when his powers first changed (Superman #70). Before Kelex was able to contain him, his whole body was turning into a form of energy. Maybe that’s what they needed? Pure, unfiltered energy. Could they survive it? It’s not like they had a choice. Doomsday could not be allowed back on Earth.
Orange looked toward Blue. “I have an idea,” he said.
“I think I have the same idea,” Green added.
Indigo nodded in agreement.
They all stuck their hands into the S symbols of their suits and tore them open, letting their full energy forms shoot out and into the vortex.
Inside the Boom Tube
Red, Yellow, and Violet felt the walls of the Boom Tube tremble as beams of orange, blue, green, and indigo light flew inside. They pulled apart their containment suits too, letting their inner lights merge into the mix.
The end of the tunnel toward Earth closed off into a wall. The same was happening to the other end.
Outside the Boom Tube
Just before the Boom Tube closed, a figure fell out and everything went quiet.
“Who was that?” Orion said aloud, readying another attack.
“Stop!” Maxima yelled. “It’s not Doomsday.”
Bizarro jumped over and pulled off his cape, handing it to whoever arrived back.
As the smokey haze that was left over dissipated, the man wrapped the cape around his waist.
“Superman?” Orion asked.
“Yeah, it’s me,” Clark answered. “The one and only.”
“The Boom Tube was completely cut off,” said Orion. “Doomsday is trapped in a closed-off tunnel.”
“That’s great news, Orion,” said Clark as he took a look around, taking in the surroundings. He wasn’t just reacquainting himself with his old super senses, he focused his attention on Darkseid’s palace. “If you’ll excuse me,” he said before flying off in a burst of speed.
The rush of air against his skin was overwhelming. It wasn’t quite the same in energy form. But he could enjoy being back to his old self later. Earth was still in jeopardy.
“Darkseid,” said Clark, landing before the throne. “You and I have to talk.”
“Kryptonian,” said Darkseid. “Consider me impressed.”
“Consider me upset you would send that monster to Earth,” said Clark. “You keep talking of Earth’s actions being an act of war, but it’s Apokolips that continues to threaten us. I’m not the only hero there who could impress you. You may want to think twice before you consider what to do next.”
“I don’t doubt it,” said Darkseid. “You and your people fought for Apokolips when The Beast escaped. I will not be sending another attack to Earth, but this doesn’t put us on good terms, Kryptonian.”


Kent Apartment, Metropolis, Earth
Lois kicked off her shoes and moved to the couch where she dropped down flat on her back. “Ugh,” she said aloud.
As far as stressful days go, it had been one for the records. Her husband- well, husbands- were off on another planet. Aliens could be invading at any moment. And Morgan Edge tried to have her killed.
But there were good things to focus on too. Edge would be arrested by morning at the latest. Who knows what they could get out of him too? LexCorp could be going down next. It could even lead to President Luthor’s downfall, depending on his involvement. But most importantly, Jimmy had taken Jon to the new Spongeblub movie, so she had some peace and quiet to unwind before thinking of her next move.
Lois heard a thud from the balcony.
“Oh god,” she said. “What now?”
She pulled herself off the couch and over to the glass door to find Clark there, completely naked except for a cape tied around his waist.
“What is this?” asked Lois, opening the door. “Are you teasing me?” She kissed her husband on the cheek and he gazed into her eyes. “How did it go?” she asked. “Are we safe?”
Clark nodded. “We’re safe. Apokolips won’t be bothering us any time soon.” The two walked into the apartment. Where’s Jon?”
“He’s with Jimmy,” said Lois. “We have the house all to ourselves.”
Clark smiled.
“None of that now, Smallville,” said Lois. “You know we can’t until you’re one person again. It’d be too weird, otherwise. Which one are you, anyway?”
“It’s me, Lois,” said Clark. “Just me. I can remember everything from when I was apart too. It’s pretty strange.”
“You’re pretty strange,” said Lois, teasing.
Clark moved in closer. “Are you going to kiss me now or what?”
Lois jumped into Clark’s arms. The two kissed like they were falling in love again for the first time.
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