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2023.03.21 08:20 nk_123 Vitamin C and motility

Hey I was wondering if anyone takes or knows anything about vitamin c and gut motility/Sibo? I read that it can help with constipation so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with taking it as a supplement (and if so what does) or increasing foods with it in. Thanks I’m advance!
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2023.03.21 08:20 dietsandmore01 Dietitian In Rajouri Garden

Dietitian In Rajouri Garden
If you're the most renowned Dietitian In Rajouri Garden - Diets & More. A dietitian can demystify food by providing accurate information about nutrition, calories, serving sizes, food groups, labels, marketing techniques, food ingredients, allergies, interactions, and more. For more information, you can share and submit your inquiry or call us now.
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2023.03.21 08:19 bigdawg2540 Rockstar should add director mode to RDR2

I’ve been playing gta v recently and I’m having a lot of fun on director mode and I’ve thought it was odd that it wasn’t added to Red Dead Redemption
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2023.03.21 08:19 Late_Geologist_2666 Food guilt may be avoided

Food guilt may be avoided
Consuming what may be characterized as "bad" meals on occasion does not, by itself, make a person a foul-mouthed or otherwise unsavory individual. Keep in mind that it is quite natural for everyone to have cravings, and that it is perfectly OK to give in to them on occasion. It is also perfectly fine to give in to them more than once. It is very necessary to keep in mind that food is not the adversary; rather, it is a source of both nourishment and pleasure. Keeping this in mind is crucial. This differentiation is of critical importance.
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2023.03.21 08:18 captaincheeseface Johnny Depp - part 7: Trying again, Mother's Day and botulism

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2023.03.21 08:17 nao21-ja about

I am a Japanese citizen who was instructed by an American company to create an account with in order to receive my salary remotely due to AML regulations. I was told that I needed to pay $10,000 for AML verification and another $10,000 for the transfer process. After making the payments, I was then told that I needed to pay $5,000 for legal fees to resolve an issue with the FBI investigating the transfer, just when I thought I could finally receive my money. Is this a joke? I have been asked to pay tens of thousands of dollars in order to receive a salary of $8,600 and have even been asked to pay for legal fees. Can I trust the Vermont Press Corporation I am working for and
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2023.03.21 08:16 TheGeniusJoeBauers 75 year old Fuminori Tsuchiko from Japan was traveling through Ukraine when the war started. He then decided to stay to help the people in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He now raises funds to buy food and toys for the residents

75 year old Fuminori Tsuchiko from Japan was traveling through Ukraine when the war started. He then decided to stay to help the people in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He now raises funds to buy food and toys for the residents submitted by TheGeniusJoeBauers to ModernTaoism [link] [comments]

2023.03.21 08:15 Fair_Newt_6139 Spice Route Indian Restaurant

Spice Route Melange is popular for offering a variety of cuisine, including Indo-Chinese, Indian, and Thai fare. It is a well-known restaurant for its one-of-a-kind style and authenticity. So if you are craving authentic, aromatic, and spicy Indian food made with fresh ingredients, and traditional cooking methods, we are just a call away!
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2023.03.21 08:15 lengthy_walker What do you guys think?

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2023.03.21 08:15 ThisMachineKF Vaguely Lefty Sabbath

I will fully admit I am not enough of a metal diehard to know the ins and outs of what exactly we call the crusty black remains from the inside of a meat grinder's core; but I do appreciate the genre. So I don't know if an early (earliest) metal band that predates all sub-genres falls within the genre purvey of this sub-reddit. And radical would definitely be a strong word in political terms.
Buuuut...Black Sabbath will always be my favorite metal band. And while, like I said, not exactly radical, since first discovering the band in middle school, I've always appreciated the sociopolitical themes of many songs. Interesting how a band that was a conscious about face from the 'flower-power' vibe before it so often had a message of peace and love. It's just that this message was contrasted with the cruel realities of hate and violence.
To me that is the core of a leftist ethos, no matter the persuasion. A willingness, an eagerness, to expose the corruption, violence and outright evil of existing power structures. And to fight for changes, whether small tweaks to or the total annihilation of, those structures in order to better the human condition.
As purveyors of gloom and doom, Sabbath didn't exactly hold out great hope for our redemption (spiritual or material). But they did often operate within this dynamic, even if often pessimistic in their outlook.
Some of the over arching themes are war and poverty, the abuses and outright evil of those in power, and the ultimate judgement of that evil. The last one is an interesting one in a modern leftist context. Leftism these days is not usually associated much with religion or religious morality. But while I'm not really religious myself I think it's worth noting that many early American socialists were evangelicals; and much of the Civil Rights was religiously and morally grounded and driven. Sabbath also evokes a religious vibe but from the more metal side of the judgement and damnation of the true evil: war mongers, war profiteers, political and social elites, etc.
In other words, the og moral panic metal band stirred such a vitriolic response from the establishment not because of their dark or demonic imagery. Surely this was no worse than a work like Dante's Inferno, or a fiery sermon on this sins of [name your sex act]. No, the issue was who was being judged, who was being damned to the hellfire. It just can't be my good friend the war monger (you're neighbor, what a guy?). Black Sabbath dared speak of the true evil in today's world (hint: it's actually NOT the homosexuals), and that, of course, was their greatest sin.
Some examples for those who care to look deeper. Listed in chronological order cuz idk.
Song: Wicked World Themes: Poverty, War, Corruption
General track on the ills of the wicked world of today. Treating people's lives as an opportunity cost.
"A politician's job they say is very high, for he has to choose who has to go and die. "
"They can put a man on the moon quite easy, but people here on Earth are dying of old diseases.
Song: War Pigs Themes: War, Corruption, Judgement
I mean, this is the obvious one, the Godfather of them all. Very importantly, from a socialist perspective, they bring the class element of war into clear view.
"Politicians hide themselves away They only started the war Why should they go out to fight? They leave that role to the poor"
"Day of judgement God is calling On their knees the War Pigs crawling Begging mercy for their sins Satan laughing spreads his wings."
Song: Electric Funeral Themes: War
A song about nuclear holocaust and those that would bring it upon us.
"Robot minds of robot slaves Lead them to atomic graves"
"Dying world of radiation Victims of mad frustration"
"Evil souls fall to Hell Ever trapped in burning cells"
Song: Hand of Doom Themes: Social Cost of Waging War
Though it predates the term, it's a song about deaths of despair. Linked most explicitly to despair among working class veterans conscripted into a war, it could easily be generalized to the social costs of capitalism writ large.
"First, it was the bomb Vietnam, napalm Disillusioning You push the needle in"
Song: Fairies Wear Boots Themes: Anti-fascism
Not readily apparent in the lyrics but the band has said the song was a reference to boot wearing neo-Nazis they encountered outside of a club where they played. It was meant to make fun of them.
Song: Children of the Grave Themes: War, Peace, Love, Protest
A song about fighting for peace and love in the shadow of nuclear annihilation. A fight we must win less we become 'children of the grave.'
"Revolution in their minds The children start to march"
"They'll fight the world until they've won And love comes flowing through"
"Must the world live in the shadow Of atomic fear? Can they win the fight for peace Or will they disappear?"
"Show the world that love is still alive You must be brave Or you children of today Are children of the grave"
Song: Lord of This World Themes: Judgement of the greedy
It might be a bit of reach with some head cannon, but this songs definitely for me evokes the image of a greedy self-righteous prick who profits of other's misery but imagines himself innocent because he follows his government/church/whatever. And it of course imagines the eventual judgement of the (in my mind) evil capitalist hiding behind religion/traditionalism.
"But you choose evil ways instead of love You made me master of the world where you exist The soul I took from you was not even missed."
"You think you're innocent, you've nothing to fear You don't know me you say, but isn't it clear? You turn to me in all your wordly greed and pride But will you turn to me when it's your turn to die?"
Song: Into the Void Themes: Utopianism, Peace/Love
This one's a little different. Some of the usual themes are there, the evils of war and environmental destruction plaguing Earth. But also an escapist utopian fantasy of starting a new, better world on a new planet.
"Back on earth the flame of life burns low Everywhere is misery and woe Pollution kills the air, the land and sea"
"Freedom fighters sent out to the sun Escape from brainwashed minds and pollution Leave the earth to all its sin and hate Find another world where freedom waits"
"Make a home where love is there to stay Peace and happiness in every day"
Song: Cornucopia Themes: Commercialism/Capitalism
"Let them have their little toys Matchbox cars and mortgaged joys Exciting in their plastic ways Frozen food in a concrete maze"
"Take a life, it’s going cheap Kill someone, no one will weep Freedom’s yours, just pay your dues We just want your soul to use"
Song: Under the Sun Themes: Free thought, anti-religious indoctrination.
"Well, I don’t want no preacher telling me about the god in the sky No, I don’t want no one to tell me where I’m gonna go when I die"
"People try to rule the nation I just see through their frustration People hiding their real face Keep on running their rat race"
"Don’t let those empty people try and interfere with your mind Just live your life and leave them all behind"
Song: Killing Yourself to Live Themes: Labor Exploitation
"You work your life away and what do they give? You're only killing yourself to live"
"Just take a look around you, what do you see? Pain, suffering, and misery It's not the way that the world was meant It's a pity, you don't understand"
Song: Looking for Today Themes: Commodification of music.
"You’re so new, but rotting in decay Like butterfly, so quick to die"
"Glamour trip so soon to slip Easy come but, oh, how quick it goes"
"Front page news but so abused You just want to hide yourself away Overpaid, but soon you fade Because you’re only looking for today"
Song: Hole in The Sky Themes: Late Capitalist Malaise
"I’ve watched the dogs of war enjoying their feast I’ve seen the western world go down in the east The food of love became the greed of our time And now we’re living on the profits of crime"
...And here we are, still living on the profits of crime (primitive accumulation).
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2023.03.21 08:15 Elegant_Sweet_9612 Fly High Above Udaipur: Experience The Thrill Of Paragliding

Fly High Above Udaipur: Experience The Thrill Of Paragliding
Udaipur, the “City of Lakes”, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. With its picturesque lakes, palaces, and cultural attractions, Udaipur has something for everyone. But what makes Udaipur an even more attractive destination is the availability of adventure activities, such as paragliding.

paragliding in udaipur
  • Paragliding is a recreational activity that involves flying in a glider, or paraglider, from a high point to a lower point.
  • It is a great way to explore the countryside and get a bird’s eye view of the city.
  • In Udaipur, paragliding is available at the Udaipur Dabok Airport, which is located 7 km away from the city.
  • At Udaipur Dabok Airport, paragliding in Udaipur is conducted in accordance with the safety regulations set by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
  • Experienced pilots are available to assist first-time paragliders. Before taking off, they provide a brief orientation and safety briefing.
Paragliding motorised is a relatively new form of extreme sports that is growing in popularity. It combines the thrill of paragliding with the power of a motor to take you to greater heights and more extreme locations than ever before.
Apart from paragliding, Udaipur is also a great destination for rock climbing, rappelling, and white water rafting. There are several adventure tour operators in the city that offer packages for these activities.
All the adventure activities in Udaipur are conducted in a safe and controlled environment, and experienced instructors are available to provide guidance.
Rock climbing in Udaipur
  • Rock Climbing in Udaipur is a great way to explore the beautiful city. The city is blessed with several rocky hills, forts and outcrops, making it an ideal spot for rock-climbing adventures.
  • There are several rock climbing spots in Udaipur for the enthusiastic climbers.
  • The most popular ones are Kumbhalgarh, Haldighati, Devgarh and Ranakpur. The best time to visit these spots is during the winter months, when the temperatures are mild and the rocks are dry.
  • The equipment required for rock-climbing, including harnesses, ropes, helmets and carabiners, can be rented from any local store in Udaipur.
Rappelling in Udaipur
  • Rappelling is a recreational activity that involves descending from a high point or cliff face, typically with the aid of a rope.
  • It is popular among rock climbers, cavers, and hikers, and is used as a means of descent in many outdoor activities
  • Rappelling is a controlled slide down a rope and is an important skill to have when climbing or caving. It is also an effective method of descending from high points quickly and safely.
  • The primary purpose of rappelling is to get the climber back to the ground safely and without injury.
White water rafting in Udaipur
  • White water rafting is a great way to get out and enjoy nature. It is an excellent way to get your heart racing and to experience the beauty of nature.
  • Rafting trips typically range from a few hours to a few days, depending on the river and the difficulty of the rapids.
  • When planning a white water rafting trip, it is important to choose the right river for your skill level and experience.
  • Rapids are classified by difficulty, ranging from Class I (easy) to Class VI (extremely difficult).
  • It is important to make sure you choose a river that is suitable for your skill level, as inexperienced rafters can easily find themselves in over their heads.
  • White water rafting is an exciting and exhilarating way to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced rafter, it is sure to provide a thrilling adventure.
  • Make sure to take the necessary safety precautions and choose a river that is suitable for your skill level, and you are sure to have an unforgettable experience
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2023.03.21 08:12 StudioDNA Commercial Interior Design Changes to Incorporate to Create a Relaxing Work Environment

Commercial Interior Design Changes to Incorporate to Create a Relaxing Work Environment
Commercial interior design must include both science and art in order to maximise staff productivity and business operations. Workplaces nowadays are frequently constructed with employee comfort and efficiency in mind. In order to boost productivity, profitability, retention, employee engagement, and overall well-being, hire the best office space interior design.

A Few Suggestions For Improving The Elegance Of Your Workplace Are As Follows:


Among the most well-known interiors in modern best office interior design, the driving workstations blend the working environment with recreational amenities. The best work-life balance is provided by them. In order to maximise employee efficiency and business operations, commercial interior design must use both science and art. Nowadays, workplaces are usually designed with employee comfort and efficiency in mind. To improve productivity, profitability, staff retention, employee engagement, and general well-being,
Blending The Old and The New:
A trend that defines its expiration date will undoubtedly reemerge in the field. To achieve a similar effect, the office interiors merge modern office design with historic pieces of art, architecture, and furniture.
Biophilic Patterns:
The exciting factor for today's clients and interior designers is bringing nature into the office. These biophilic designs attempt to encourage environmentally responsible company operations by incorporating natural aspects into the workplace. The ecologically friendly office design promotes a soothing atmosphere, improves employee health, and increases productivity. Biophilic office cabin interior design ideas also use other organic materials and textures including bamboo, water features, grass, tiny plants, jute, and cane.
Lighting and ventilation
Since natural light makes the workstation look spacious and intriguing, employees seldom notice that they are working at an indoor desk. If the facility is commercial, ample daylight is permitted to enter during the day. Working outside in natural light increases employee engagement and makes offices feel more expansive and welcome. Increased engagement and collaboration enhance productivity and performance. Natural light may help you save money on utility bills by strategically arranging windows and employing the proper design.
Built-In Storage:
Smaller enterprises must make creative use of every square inch of available space. As a result, workplace storage must be carefully considered. With the help of built-in sections, even small rooms may appear appealing, trendy, and well-organized.
Wraparound Workstations:
Standard workstations and free-standing chairs are not always an option in these compact rooms and offices. Wraparound workstations near the walls and windows are the best option for tiny spaces. This decreases foot traffic and creates a more appealing working arrangement.
Coffee Station:
While some businesses choose a distinct location in t
Coffee Station:
While some businesses choose a distinct location in architecture office interior design a The majority of workplace interior designers choose a detached aesthetic because it fosters a relaxed and convivial atmosphere without upsetting the workers. After taking breaks, workers are more refreshed and engaged at work.
Long, Looping Sofas and Low Desks:
Several professionals may be seen typing away on laptop keyboards at restaurants and coffee shops. Why? because food and beverages may be purchased whenever necessary, and the chairs are comfy. These are some of the key elements that employees expect. This might be beneficial in terms of reducing effort and stress. A coffee vending machine should be placed near long, soft sofas and low tables to provide the optimal environment, which may increase worker efficiency. This room might benefit from more sofas, cross-ventilation, sunlight, long square tables, and hot tea and coffee.
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2023.03.21 08:12 WeightLossGummies Elite Keto ACV Gummies Reviews [Scam Warning 2023] Exposed Scam ACV Keto Gummies Read Carefully

Elite Keto ACV Gummies for the most part focuses on the fundamental parts of fat misfortune by tending to over eating and energy awkwardness in the body. To do so it adjusts to the Ketogenic diet as a severe dietary system with low starch consumption and driving your body to support under a high metabolic state known as ketosis state. Inside this express your body will keep on losing fat as the development of Ketone bodies begins through fat breakdown.
First class Elite Keto ACV Gummies Reviews: Many individuals feel weight reduction as a need which requires a severe dietary system, exercise center exercise and doing a great deal of cardio that will assist you with consuming additional calories as muscle versus fat. This is a typical confusion that has been topped off on each corpulent individual living in the general public. Anyway with regular headways and better exploration offices you can now get more fit by explicitly focusing on the main drivers of weight corpulence which is overheating and energy in balance. These issues are firmly connected with fat collection as well as dietary propensities that is the reason they are very difficult to dispose of. However, with the assistance of World class ACV Keto Gummies you can normally concede yourself the absolute best elements in humankind through better influence. In this survey we will discuss the best keto benefits that can assist you with losing additional muscle versus fat without setting up exercise center gear for cardio.
ACV Keto Gummies Reviews for the most part focuses on the imperative parts of fat misfortune by tending to over eating and energy irregularity in the body. To do so it adjusts to the Ketogenic diet as a severe dietary system with low starch consumption and constraining your body to support under a high metabolic state known as ketosis state. Inside this express your body will keep on losing fat as the creation of Ketone bodies begins through fat breakdown. This is the most fascinating angle that should be appropriately furnished in light of the fact that alongside the Keto diet Best ACV Keto Gummies for Weight Loss you can't profit regular advantages. For that you require natural mixtures to tie the genuine advantages of ketosis as well as creating BHB(Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) successfully.
Elite Keto ACV Gummies harvest is one of the outrageous issues for most people. Numerous people agree with the Keto health improvement plan to shed pounds that are presently not reasonable for their wellness. There is tattle withinside the commercial center that this " Weight Loss Gummies" is a perfect and strong item as of recently. It is intended to work in light of the fact that the keto weight reduction plan aside from influencing your Wellbeing. This answer is for a portion of these individuals who're exhausted with various systems of shedding pounds.
It is a progressive jump forward added substances this is amped up for the asset of various famous people to hold an exact body and Wellbeing. Presently, the entire part roughly Elite Keto ACV Gummies Reviews decrease has been exceptional in this article. It is an immediately fats-consuming response with a home-grown method. It speeds up the digestion and results in improving the power degree. You can remember making and endeavour to involve this item as it's by a wide margin a characteristic weight decrease reply.
Pumpkin Seed-it's a far extremely nutritious element and complete of successful cell reinforcements in it. They can help with getting to the most minimal of nourishing inadequacies and can safeguard nearer from pretty various wellness issues.
Buckthorn Bark Concentrate This concentrate is determined to arrangement to have Elite Keto ACV Gummies issues, address stomach, or gastrointestinal issues, develop invulnerability, and forestall diseases.
Oat Grain Powder-This is plentiful in nutrients, fiber, minerals, and cell reinforcements, additionally can manage coronary heart wellness, glucose control, gut abilities, and asset in weight decrease.
Cayenne Pepper-It is totally best and protected to precisely improve your digestion. This one allows you to enhance how much warmth the approach produces, and furthermore permitting more strength will save you more intense the entire day.
Elite Keto ACV Gummies Reviews This one has rich cell reinforcements, hostile to bacterial, calming, and against most diseases recovery capacity, it'll assist with safeguarding you from numerous wellness related inconveniences.
Liquorice Root-Enjoys many benefits, comprising of mitigating, and antimicrobial results. Research has concluded that it could furthermore ease top breath diseases, manage ulcers, and help processing and is delegated areas of strength for a.
Senna-Used to address stoppage and clean the gut ahead of symptomatic tests comprising of colonoscopy.
Prune Juice-functions as an inclination for feast suppressant with food that contains fiber that could end up being useful to you experience completion for a lengthy period.
ACV Keto Gummies are enjoyable weight reduction chewy candies loaded with all-regular fixings that will assist you with arriving at your weight reduction objective in only a couple of days. The chewy candies make no bad side impacts and can recognize corpulence related sicknesses. There are various medical advantages that these Elite Keto ACV Gummies Reviews give because of broad examination and testing on every fixing utilized in the chewy candies for straightforwardness and top caliber. An outsider lab has tried and supported its viability in delivering the ideal outcomes not long after ingestion.
One of the most famous weight reduction items isACV Keto Gummies, a notable craving silencer that invigorates stomach fat consuming. It supports the body's stock of fat-consuming ketones, which speeds up the ketosis interaction. It helps your digestion from the main day itself and keeps your carbs immaculate. BHB salts were utilized in the detailing of ACV Keto Gummies Reviews to help with the fat-consuming cycle. As indicated by their maker, these chewy candies require around two hours to place the body into ketosis. It's the primary justification for why a great many people like to utilize keto supplements as opposed to following the keto diet.
Best ACV Keto Gummies for Weight Loss definitely influence how much muscle versus fat that normally gets put away in our body for later use as an essential energy asset. Keto Chewy candies can undoubtedly get to put away muscle to fat ratio that can be used for energy creation. To find out about the promising advantages of the ketogenic diet you ought to peruse our recorded beneath benefits:-
Ketogenic diet puts stock in the improvement of metabolic state and normally satisfying appetite desires.
Weight Loss Gummies normally help in weight reduction by profiting store muscle versus fat for appropriate energy creation.
The ketosis State addresses a novel method for beginning weight reduction and impact the metabolic state in the best sure manner.
Ketone bodies comprise of BHB(Beta-Hydroxybutyrate) which goes about as an essential energy asset refining the positive effect of fat breakdown or energy creation.
Elite Keto ACV Gummies completely rely upon the part of energy rebuild as well as directing craving the executives in the most effective way workable for arriving at a high metabolic norm to participate in fat breakdown.
Snatch your bundle today and get your crate of Elite Keto ACV Gummies Reviews by putting in a request. Visit our site to finish the important fields and, whenever you've paid you will get this item in 3 days or less. The site has been made to make it simple for yourself and you can post your different kinds of feedback there. It's presently dependent upon you to conclude whether you buy the best item or allowed the fats to consume your wellbeing and your life. ACV Keto Gummies Hence, it is the ideal second to get the item and be compensated fundamentally with cashback offers and different offers which are among the top on this site.
ACV Keto Gummies Reviews fundamentally take part in the dietary admission which is reasonable for oral measurements arrangement. Subsequently to utilize it really you ought to know the legitimate dose consumption that is expected to suit your way of life consistently. Knowing the ideal measurement admission would assist you with using the maximum capacity of Decision Best ACV Keto Gummies for Weight Loss to lose some additional body weight. Following this you can surely add broad keto recipes to improve a wellness objective. This is an astounding method for remaining from heftiness and award your self a superior rendition of way of life. Yet, you generally need to recollect that it can work assuming you follow the everyday measurement consumption which is one sticky each day without skirting a solitary day. One more significant exhortation to stay away from various measurements of Weight Loss Gummies.
Weight Loss Gummies will make your fantasies work out in only a couple of days. The lopsided body tones are an indication of unpredictable shape. They can be removed easily and help to reestablish certainty and happiness. A solid way of life is a significant part of living. You can be dynamic and thin inside only 30 days by embracing the astounding pill with no problem. This is the ideal chance to dispose of all snags and begin weight reduction today.
There are many occurrences throughout their lives, individuals have encountered that their Elite Keto ACV Gummies Reviews was causing them to have a ton of issues in any case, these are probably going to change in no time on the grounds that the item that is available is the premise of all ketones which can assist you with getting more fit precisely the way in which you generally accepted it would be. Ensure you get it with a reasonable objective and you will see weight reduction going to be finished in the briefest time you've at any point considered. There's not a great explanation for you to delay; thusly this present time is the opportunity to buy the Chewy candies.
Elite Keto ACV Gummies are the weight reduction item that rapidly gets the ketosis interaction and helps to lose fat and accomplishing the best weight reduction inside only 30 days with next to no gamble.
Read More and Continue Reading Links: -
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2023.03.21 08:11 ShortAndSad4381 My narcissist mother doesn't care for me, manic post, redditors were right about her.

That's basically it. I've been treated like I'm nothing but a nut case, I get ignored constantly, and like in my previous post. I said all I wanted for my birthday was to spend time with my mom, brother, and nieces. It's in two days now, and despite many efforts to help everyone make the time I'll still be alone.
I'm tired of being treated like I'm crazy whenever I feel any emotion aside from being happy, I'm tired of being screamed at when things go wrong and hit when I try to tell them the truth (or get threatened). I'm tired of watching my body decay, and my teeth rot out and not even being able to make myself a dentist appointment because I don't have phone service or a home phone. I'm tired of not having running water because every time I save the money to get our water turned on my mom takes it from me because either she or the kids need it. Most of all in tired of having to shout just for someone to realize I'm still alive and I'm starving myself, torturing myself, and letting myself die just so they can do what they want and be happy.
I live with my mom because of many reasons. The main one being my physical health is so bad I can hardly make it out of bed most days, but it doesn't do much good. I haven't eaten in days, and all my money is taken from me so I can't order myself food. I haven't bathed in god knows how long and everytime I buy bottled water to use to get clean my mom hides it so she can use it to make coffee with. I have to go through an argument with her, being threatened by my brother to get locked in the same mental health facility I was sexually abused in just to get a goddamn bath.
My family doesn't care about me, and i doubt they ever will. My mother is a vulnerable narcissist who's manipulated my brother and I our entire lives, and now that I'm old enough to realize what she's doing it's too late. She already ruined me. I don't even know my own social security number and she won't let me get it because "you're not good enough with numbers" to be trusted with my own social security number.
I woke up crying because of how badly my teeth hurt where I can't even get a dentist appointment because she won't let me keep my own money long enough to get phone service to call them, or much less pay for the dentists bills, and I'm too old for my Medicaid to pay for anything but my teeth to be pulled. So I've done nothing but cry for the last hour trying to make the pain in my jaw go away but it isn't working. I just want to keep my teeth so I don't look like a junkie, I want to eat something so my stomach will stop growling and I can have the energy to get out bed, and I want so desperately to move out and get away from her and the rest of my family who treat me like IM crazy because I've become manic over the years of constant physical abuse, but I can't even buy myself a goddamn burger since my mom has so much control over my life now that my cancer has left me bedridden most days.
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2023.03.21 08:11 couponsclouds Best Bevzilla Coupon Code in 2023 - Coupons Clouds

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2023.03.21 08:10 Famous-Low6863 Help🇮🇹

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2023.03.21 08:10 seniors_today Healthy Facts About the Goji Berry

Healthy Facts About the Goji Berry
Healthy Facts About the Goji Berry
Goji berries also called wolfberries, known for their vibrant hue and unique sour flavour are native to Asia. Consumed for centuries as a food supplement and medicinal herb, it has gained some traction in the health food world, often deemed a superfood.
Check out nutritional facts about Goji Berry on -
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2023.03.21 08:10 beyondhome5 💥Newly Reno💥Zero Deposit 💥Hotel Room w Own Bath ⭐️ Jalan TAR ⭐️ Walk to LRT Masjid Jamek, Merdeka Square⭐️

💥Newly Reno💥Zero Deposit 💥Hotel Room w Own Bath ⭐️ Jalan TAR ⭐️ Walk to LRT Masjid Jamek, Merdeka Square⭐️
Terence 60123938810
Room Detail:
Location: Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, KL Price range: RM900 – RM1100
Fully Furnished Hotel Room (Single, Twin Single, Queen) come with 🛋️ Bed, Bed Frame, Wardrobe, Table, Chair 🚿 Private Bathroom 🔆 Aircon 🚿 Water Heater 💡 High Speed Wifi
💰 Offer zero deposit (> 6 months tenure)
🛍 Landmark : ⭐️ LRT Masjid Jamek ( Walking 5mins ) ⭐️ Merdeka Square ( Drive 5mins ) ⭐️ City Centre ( Drive 5mins ) ⭐️ Petaling Street ( Drive 10mins ) ⭐️ SEGI College KL ( Drive 5mins ) ⭐️ Grocery nearby ⭐️ Variety of Food surrounding 🍕🍔🍝🍻
🗑️ Cleaning Service 🛠️ Maintenance Service Team ☎️ Careline Service Team 🔥 With fridge, water dispenser, microwave 💦 With laundry area (washer and dryer)
We have more than 300 ROOMS in Bukit Bintang, Pudu, Sg Besi, Maluri, Setapak, Wangsa Maju, Petaling Street... Feel free to contact us
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2023.03.21 08:09 mpfreee Am I making a mistake by paying 3k rent right out of college while being WFH?

Hope your day is going well! I’m a recent new grad working in tech, started a few months ago. I’m 100% remote, and in recent years during college have been living with my parents in the suburbs. I’ve had more or less 0 expenses doing so, which I am very lucky and grateful (I help around).
I’m now faced with the decision to move to NYC, for little other than trying something new. I found a new modern development studio for 3k, with plenty of amenities. Pricey, but it’s hard for me to shake a particular standard of living.
I’m now questioning if going from 0 rent -> 3k + food etc, while I can stay at near 0, is rational.
I’ll detail my finances here, and please don’t take it as flexing. I understand logically, my income can support this, but the jump in the numbers above is a bit daunting to me: - 141k base, 125k liquid stock (4 yrs), and a 45k sign on bonus over 2 yrs. Then a small yearly cash bonus.
So, I’m basically taking a 3k+ / mo gamble on a move to NYC, where I realize I might hate it.
I can’t help but think I’m making a mistake. Happy to hear any thoughts, thank you!
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2023.03.21 08:09 msawrlz I lack the strength to do

Lately I have been putting quite a lot of effort into self improvement. I have been through a rough patch, was mildly to severly depressed, attended therap (didn't help much) and I'm hellbent on getting my s#it together, and generally improve my way of living. However I have discovered something, that I cannot overcome.
As the title says, I more often than not simply lack the energy and will to...well to actually do something.
I have some interests and hobbies that I think, if I'd put effort into, would bring me some sense of content and satisfaction. But here's the problem. I'm still always tired, and when I finally have the time to focus on the activities I would like to do...I simply...cannot get myself to do it.
It is usually the following: I'm not a fan of my job. It's alright, it pays the bills, I'm okay at it, but I don't enjoy it. During working hours I often catch myself hardly being able to wait to get home so that I can finally focus on something else. Let it be a hobby, or a business idea I'd like to explore. And by the time I get home... I'm off. All energy is GONE. The only thing I'm capable of in the evenings is sitting on the couch and mindlessly consuming. Let it be content, food, or a beer. Like all the excitement and energy I had throughout the day that i was supposed to put into my other activities disappear without a trace. The only thing that remains is the guilt that again I'm not doing what I wanted to do all day. Day after day it is always the same routine.
Nevertheless I still try and do these things quite often. Every other day or so i start the activity, hoping that energy comes when already doing. But no. I simply lack the mental capacity. I waste am hour or two forcing myself trying and failing, then give up.
I feel like if it goes on like this, I'll never be able to get my life unstuck. And it bothers me.
Have you ever been in this situation? Did you manage to overcome it? Could you share with me how. Is there a way out of this seemingly infinite loop?
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2023.03.21 08:08 Mancero_Dance Welcome to my community

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2023.03.21 08:07 weirdnawesome Cat eating grass?

Cat eating grass?
This adorable kitty appeared in the community garden today and kept meowing. Initially we thought he/she was hungry but she did not eat the dry food we left out, instead opting to eat a large quantity of grass. Should we be concerned? Thank you!
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