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Best-In-Slot Crewmates for the Astray, Eibern's Wound, Estoque and Eurus ships

2022.04.20 03:27 _GamerForLife_ Best-In-Slot Crewmates for the Astray, Eibern's Wound, Estoque and Eurus ships

It was hard to find any concrete lists on the matter so I decided to scour the online database on sailors and do it myself.
These crews maximize your ships speed without sacrificing too much important resistances like Tempest Seas or Dead Waters. Any attempt to further make these crews faster is just not value and you would only gain 0.2 knots/s of speed. Astray is an exception to this rule but we'll get to it now.

Astray has multiple builds with different combinations of the same BIS crew. Here's the two I found in the comments. Thank you u/Mystic868 and u/KaiDestinyz and all the others who chimed in!
BIS Astray Good Resistances Crew

BIS Astray Speed Crew

BIS Eibern's Wound Crew

There were multiple mistakes and oversights in BIS Estoque build but here's the real deal. Thank you u/kozakreznov and u/Evomo and all the others who chimed in!
The Real BIS Estoque Crew

BIS Eurus Crew

And let's rank the ships by speed and add a small description for them:

  1. Astray, fastest ship in game but is highly dependent on high tier crew to get resistances and the infamous speed. It doesn't help that the crew can be almost as hard if not harder to get than the ship. Thus, I don't really recommend using Astray until you have at least some tier Blackfang and either Barakas or Wilhelm from my list available for your crew.
  2. Eurus, second only to Astray but Eurus' resistances are all over the place and you can't help it. Eurus is still decent in most hazards but Dead Waters will eat you alive for breakfast. Crew is not that hard to get though and most Dead Waters can be easily maneuvered around. And don't take me wrong, it can still sail in them without instantly breaking but it will hurt. But sailing to an island or a Ghost Ship that is in Dead Waters is still no biggie, just don't loiter.
  3. Estoque, the ship you get at the start of the game that is decent in everything. All your resistances average around 50 with full crew and fully leveled ship and you can do any and all content the game offers with this ship. The BIS crew is also cheapest to get so if you're on a budget, Estoque is for you.
  4. Eibern's Wound, actually the second slowest ship in the game only above Tragon, but Eibern's Wound has the best resistance stat distribution of all the ships and the ship gets ridiculously tanky against all the greatest hazards the sea might offer. That is why Eibern's Wound is the best co-op ship. If you intend to use either Astray or Eurus as you main ship to get around Arkesia, I recommend leveling Eibern's Wound up to level 5 to get three crewmate slots and to use it as your event ship as Astrays and Eurus' are just not build for those.

All Relic tier crewmates in the Island of Mist cost 1 Tears of the Abyss token that can be bought for 8016 Sun Coins from Punika Spearfish Hunting Vessel. You get three Tears of the Abyss tokens for free from collecting Sea Bounties. You get the first at 40 collected bounties and two at 44 collected bounties.

There were some serious mistakes in my BIS and they weren't really worthy of the BIS status. I fixed them according to feedback and now they are worthy of the BIS status.
EDIT 2.0
I realised that Epic Hwarin for Eibern is a trap. She's faster but gives way too much negative resistance to Tempest Seas. Epic Berald is better.
EDIT 3.0
I was told that collecting 44 Sea Bounties gives you two Tears of the Abyss tokens instead of one.
EDIT 4.0
After careful reconsideration, Legendary Matimati ended up being better than her Relic equivalent. I also considered changing her out entirely for a Rare Morimori but those theories need further testing.
EDIT 5.0
I did a full scale calculations for Eurus crewmates and updated my Eurus BIS accordingly. I ended up with two possible BIS crews but I think this one takes the cake. My calculations can be found here.
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