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2023.03.21 08:54 manintherealm I love all of you

I put you all in the same group not to generalize, not to stereotype, not to be lazy, and not to hurt or feel pitted against eachother... but because I'm focusing on one little girl, my daughter, and right now I am putting her first and reserving everyone else place for after her and I are happy and no longer in a state of suffering..
I love you guys
You are so unique in your own ways and I wouldn't be the man I would be today without any of you. I'm sure some of you would be hurt to know you are in the group of women im writing to and don't get your own section, but imagine how my wife feels... and if shes on the waiting list, no one else is before her either.
I am hurting so badly. But I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you guys. Over the last few years in different times and situations, you have all saved me.
Some of you I hurt without provocation, some of you I ghosted, some of you ghosted me, and some of you kicked me while I was already down.. The point of it is.. I'm sorry. I'm truly very sorry for the pain I HAVE CAUSED.. The pain that you have caused me does not matter. I am moving forward, even though sometimes I take two right steps accidentally, I wont stop moving, with or without any of you.
I am talking to you people that know me through letters and from youtube, If you don't fall into that category this is not for you. Just know that I will never hurt any of you again. I will not ignore a message, and I will not be deceitful in anyway. But with that said I also will not approach, as I know not what you would do or how you would feel. I don't want to open wounds or make situations worse.
I hereby announce that I will never do anything negative to any of you again. I learned a great lesson this past year, and I hope you all have too, and are happy, well, and find the love you desperately seek here..
Sending dank chill vibes to all,
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2023.03.21 08:53 CYRUSISAKV2 For all you lovely people who needed a pick-me-up something my GF sent me

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2023.03.21 08:53 Kaliwaters_248 'He gave me his gas receipt with my order': Customer says DoorDash driver asked her to pay for his gas

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2023.03.21 08:53 bebop_banana My dad died 16 months ago, he left no will. His girlfriend is not giving me access to his possessions that hold great sentimental value to me. Is there anything I can do?

I’ll keep it as short as I can. My dad died of Covid a little over a year ago, he had no will. Lots of arguments with his girlfriend over everything we were planning to do from the funeral, to the ashes and his possessions has caused her to block me on everything. I wanted to give some time in the hopes that there would be less tension, I messaged her the other day, after a year of not speaking to her, asking if I could have some of these possessions that hold great importance to me, the gist of the message was no I can’t have anything. Her argument is that she payed for a lot of items which gives her the right to some of these items, but all the items I asked for were items he owned before he divorced my mum. Is there anything I can do legally?
I have the letters of administration, is there anything else I would need?
She did also take a large sum of money out of his bank account that was transferred to his account by my Nan as a buffer for any outgoing payments while he was in a coma. Is there anything I can do there?
We both live in England.
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2023.03.21 08:52 Affectionate-Wait968 How do i (24F) stop getting insecure with your boyfriend(25M)'s girl best friend?

For context, my bf used to court this girl but she rejected him. They eventually became best friends instead and been like that all throughout the pandemic. They have shared a lot of memories since then (3 years) until I came in the picture.
I've always been jealous with this girl for no reason at all. My boyfriend has a lot of girl friends but this particular girl, I can't get her out of my mind. I've tried everything, I even muted her social media accounts just so I wouldn't see her selfies because she really makes me feel insecure. I've been friends with my boyfriend's circle ever since we got together but there is still this imaginary wall that makes everything awkward. I don't know if I'm the one causing it (because i'm really introverted) or is there something else I'm missing out.
My boyfriend has always been the best and reassures me whenever I need it. But for some odd reasons, I still feel the same towards her. I'm casual with her whenever we got to hangout because she is also nice, but my insecurity gets the best of me. My bf wanted me to be friends with her too but I just really couldn't do it. He doesn't force me to do so, but he said it would be nice if I would let myself calm down and leave their past behind because they've been really good friends and nothing more.
How do I get out of this? I've been trying for almost a year, and we're almost reaching our anniversary but I don't feel proud of myself knowing that I'm still the same person I was when we started. I'm fully aware that this is my toxic trait, and my partner and I have talked about this a lot of times. I already set boundaries to them that they can't do what they used to do before he had me (e.g. him going to her dorm alone, being her go to buddy etc.). They're not even talking anymore that often. But in the back of my head I always give meaning to their simple interactions.
There are days that I feel better, but most of the time I'd still find myself stalking her (despite already muting her accounts) or my bf's activity logs to see if he likes her pictures. I'm not proud of this. I don't bring this up to my partner anymore, because I know he's already trying his best to do his part to assure me. I don't want to drag him down with me. I stopped accusing him of things. Before, I get mad after I create scenarios in my head or give meaning to his actions, but right now I give him the benefit of the doubt and ask him nicely for reassurance.
It's easy to say that I should just focus on myself, but I'm really looking for life changing advices that would really snap me out of this. It's even harder to not be jealous because I really do feel like she's a better version of me. (she's exactly my opposite, really confident and extrovert, while I'm super shy and awkward). This might just be my insecurity talking though.
I think I know how to control my jealousy for now, but it would be really nice if i can really get it out of my system. I just want to be better.
But the question is,
what should i do?
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2023.03.21 08:52 chilidoggo Hypothetically, if we assume Ulrika received the same level of effort from CA as previous FLC, what would you expect from her?

The initial thing I wanted to ask is: what all would a hero character have to bring in order to be equivalent to (or better than) a new faction? However I think re-framing it makes for a better question: if we assume that CA is going to create the same amount of depth for previous FLC factions (Belakor, Rakarth, Lokhir, Imrik, Alith Anar, Repanse) but for a single hero, what would you expect the outcome to be?
I think it's an interesting question for both sides no matter what you believe. If you're bought in, I'm curious what you're envisioning. If you're skeptical, what are some possibilities that would win you over? Also, this is specifically the one-to-one comparison that is FLC faction vs. hero, as I think the Chorf situation is a lot more complex.
For me personally, in addition to having what Ariel, Kroak, and Ghoritch have (well-designed, interesting, loreful abilities and quests are all part of every legendary character in the game), I would also expect/hope for Ulrika to have a unique campaign-map mechanic/currency that follows her between battles to replace the loss of a faction mechanic. Something like Blood Kisses that she accumulates and can spend on a new skill tree in her character menu. For comparison, the customizable demon prince (aka Daniel) would have actually made for a pretty sick legendary hero, since most of his faction is centered on that one character anyway. Another good example is Nagash from the WH2 mod where you progressively level up his faction/character. That's the upper end of what I'm thinking they could achieve by investing a faction's worth of effort into a hero.
If we don't get that (and I remain skeptical), I'm not here trying to diagnose why. There are plenty of benign reasons that they would have to deliver less than they had previously done. There's no need to rush to their defense. But let's at least acknowledge if it does turn out to be less, and not let them get away with quietly lowering the standard that they set for themselves and we bought into as their customers. If they're lowering the bar for future content, then we deserve to know.
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2023.03.21 08:51 BeingWell_World This is humanity at its best — kind man reminds his customer that her fight with cancer is not a solo battle… #humanity #fight #battle #cancer #beinghuman #beingwell #international #wellbeing

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2023.03.21 08:50 MPTourism Shree Pitambara Peeth - A Revered Shrine of Maa Baglamukhi in Datia

Shree Pitambara Peeth - A Revered Shrine of Maa Baglamukhi in Datia
Shree Pitambara Peeth - A Revered Shrine of Maa Baglamukhi in Datia
Shree Pitambara Peeth is a spiritual destination located in Datia, Madhya Pradesh. This site is known for its cultural and historical significance as well as its natural beauty. The peeth is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in the state and attracts devotees from all over the country.
Shree Peetambara Peeth comprises several temples, each with its unique design and history. In this blog, we will explore the significance of Shree Peetambara Peeth, including the Haridra Sarovar, the Dhumvati temple, and other attractions. Whether you are a devotee seeking spiritual fulfillment or a tourist looking to explore the rich culture and history of India, Shree Peetambara Peeth is a destination that is not to be missed.

The Divine Shrine of Maa Baglamukhi

Also known as the Datia Peeth, it is considered to be one of the famous Shakti Peethas of the country. With temples like Vankhandeshwar, the site is also believed to be one of the oldest spiritual centers of India.
The story of Peetambara Peeth started in 1929 when Brahmaleen Pujyapaad Rashtraguru Anant Shree Vibhushit Swami Ji Maharaj stopped in the town of Datia for one night. During that time, it was a hub for outstanding scholars of Sanskrit, exhibiting the brilliance of their spiritual discipline. Impressed by their dedication, the young sanyasi decided to stay there and perform ‘tapasya’ for five years.
After completing his ‘tapasya’, Swami Ji established this shrine in the quaint town of Datia. The place where he meditated is known as the temple of Mai and the ashram is known as Shri Peetambara Peeth.
Currently, the peeth is maintained by a trust and houses a library with the history of the ashram and the secret of the mantras. The ashram is also famous for its attempt to spread awareness of the Sanskrit language amongst young children.

Importance of the Destination

Shree Peetambara Peeth is an important destination for both devotees and tourists. The site is known for its spiritual significance and attracts devotees all year round.
Apart from its spiritual significance, it is also known for its architectural beauty. The site comprises a number of temples, each with its unique design and history. The Bagalamukhi and Dhumavati temples are particularly famous for their unique architecture and are a must-visit for tourists.

Maa Baglamukhi at Shree Peetambara Peeth Datia

Maa Baglamukhi is one of the important deities worshipped at Shree Peetambara Peeth. She is an incarnation of the divine feminine and is believed to possess the power to overcome obstacles and enemies. It is a popular destination for devotees seeking her blessings. More information about the destination can be collected from a book called ‘Baglamukhi Rahasyam’, which elucidates the virtues of Mahavidhya Sadhana and guides devotees toward self-knowledge.
The Baglamukhi temple is home to a beautiful idol of the goddess, adorned with jewels and other offerings from devotees. The temple is also known for its unique architecture, which is a blend of Rajput and Maratha styles.
Devotees come from all over the world to seek the blessings of Maa Baglamukhi. It is believed that the goddess can help her devotees overcome their enemies. The Baglamukhi temple is a place of great spiritual significance and is a must-visit for those seeking the blessings of this powerful goddess.

Haridra Sarovar

Situated in front of the main temple, the Haridra lake is a major attraction within the premises. As per a legend, Goddess Baglamukhi emerged from the ‘Haridra Sarovar’ to calm a destructive storm. The lake contains a beautiful ‘Yantra’, dedicated to Bhagwati Peetambara, in the centre and temples of several deities on either side.

About Dhumavati Temple

While all other forms of goddesses provide worldly happiness and salvation, Goddess Shri Dhumavati is known to free the seeker from worldly relationships and lead them on the path of salvation. The temple is known for its unique architecture, particularly intricate carvings, and beautiful sculptures, and is a major attraction for tourists. There are very few temples of Goddess Dhumavati in the country and as per the stories the history of this temple relates to the India-China War. It is believed the Swami Ji established this temple to ensure the win of India during the war.

Shri Guru Smriti Sangrahalay

The museum consists of all the belongings of Pujyapad Shree Swami Ji, including books, pictures and much more. This museum is located in the northern side of the main temple within the campus.

The Sanskrit Library

This holy campus also houses a Sanskrit library, established by Swami Ji and maintained by the ashram. It consists of over 6,000 books explaining the history of the ashram and the secret mantras of various Sadhanas and Tantras.
In conclusion, Shree Peetambara Peeth Datia is a spiritual destination that is worth exploring. The site is rich in history and culture, and offers a unique glimpse into the spiritual traditions of India. Whether you are a devotee or a tourist, a visit to Shree Peetambara Peeth Datia is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Nearby Tourist Places to Visit

Daita Palace

The Datia palace is one of the main historical monuments of Datia. The Bundela king, Raja Veer Singh Deo, built this seven-storeyed grand structure as one of the finest representations of Bundela architecture. It sits like a crown on a hillock, draped in beautiful pink bougainvilleas. It hardly takes 10 minutes to reach this destination from Peetambara Peeth.

Sonagir Temples

This cluster of white marble is the famous Jain pilgrimage known as Swarnagiri or Shravangiri. It has 77 temples on a hill and 26 in the village below. The most beautiful among these is dedicated to Chandranatha, the eighth of the 24 Tirthankaras. It is located in the Sonagiri hills, Datia district.

How to reach Pitambara Peeth Datia?

The Pitambara Peeth is conveniently located 75 km from Gwalior and 25 km from Jhansi.
To reach the Ashram via Datia Railway Station, a small tour of 3 km is required. From Gwalior or Jhansi, you can also hire a car to reach this religious destination.
As a bonus, you can also explore the Jain temples of Sonagiri. Visit the humongous seven-storeyed architecture, Datia palace, or extend your trip to Orchha to explore its medieval splendour.
Source URL- https://www.mptourism.com/shree-pitambara-peeth-datia.html

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2023.03.21 08:49 toey_wisarut Looking for mangas/animes that broken girls got saved and got to live a happy life

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2023.03.21 08:49 Hect0912 Parents of AOT! Become the Protagonists!

Probably is gonna be closer to a Crack idea, though it can still be written very seriously. In fact, it probably should be written seriously. Except it legit just came to my mind because I thought of how hilarious it would be to see a mixture of Adults in the Military with their kids.
Ahem. Anyway, going serious now.
Basically, Carla, Armin's Grandpa, Artur, Jean's Mom, Connie's Mom and yes, even Rod Reiss join the Military with their Children. Anyone else can't join in because they're very much dead before Canon even starts or are in Marley (And Grisha can't stay alive due to the Curse, and the fact he's a walking spoiler), which no Civilians from there are going in. But, their Children still go in too.
The situation with Carla probably follows up with her being the Titan still, Armin's Grandpa actually being somewhat younger than he probably was intended to be... and Rod basically being the guy forced through a Redemption story, because this time, he's genuine in wanting to bond with Historia since she's basically his only Child left. That doesn't mean he doesn't have plans left or that Season 3 won't happen, but he's going through some work before then.
And Armin's Grandpa! Guess who's becoming the Colossal you guys!
...I said to go serious, and really, I am, but it's not as easy as I'd believe.
But seriously, I'm wondering how things would go if the main cast were the parents of our Main Cast. Except their Children are very much still around, and that save for Eren (Carla's alive, ignoring the future memories, he might give it to her over his own son), everyone else probably still has their original roles. Reiner, Annie, and Bertholdt still are infiltrators, Ymir is still the one who ate Marcel and so on. But adding in those Adults... who knows. Things may change for the better, for the worse... or we somehow still end up with a similar path.
Anyway, thoughts on the idea?
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2023.03.21 08:49 TheDom1515 Good deal?

Good deal?
I have an Alienware X17 R1 with 32gb of ram 3200mhz, an 11th gen i9-11980HK, and a 16gb 3080 GDDR6. 4k 120hz screen. I am thinking about trading it +500 cash for the system described in the picture. I'm going to bring my own SSD's and he is going to keep his. Does this look like a good deal? What tests should I perform on his system before I buy it?
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2023.03.21 08:48 MuePuen is this valid Thai: มวยฝีมือออกอาวุธจุกจิก

Here valid means: grammatically correct and sounds natural (colloquial setting).
It's from the Thai drama Hurts Like Hell on Netflix. It's talking about a muay Thai fighter. My Thai partner seems to think it was an odd sentence but she's not familiar with the sport. I think the use of จุกจิก threw her off as this most commonly means "fussy" AFAIK. My interpretation of this sentence is: skillful boxer that uses offence carefully. Does that sound right to you?
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2023.03.21 08:48 Firebolt_21 Whats happening?!?

One of my chickens is making this weird 'Karpon' sound, like she is coughing or sneezing, but its different to her usual coughing/sneezing sounds. This has been going on and off for a while, Does anyone know whats happening?!?
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2023.03.21 08:48 Artistic_Telephone16 Follow up to parents who won't hand over birth certificate to adult child

Apparenyly I have been reported and blocked from further comments on the original thread. 🤷‍♀️
The same government office which handles birth records usually handles death records. They issue certified copies to interested parties.
It begs the question, who owns a death certificate How does a dead person own their death certificate that typically isn't issued until after the body has been laid to rest or cremated?
Answer: the dead person doesn't own the death certificate. The executor of the deceased person's estate obtains a copy from the state and is granted power of attorney by a court in order to settle the deceased person's business affairs, either driven by a valid will, or via established rules of distribution if the person dies intestate (without a will). The death certificate is a legal record of an event, that offers validated proof said event happened, the power of attorney grants the executor the ability to act on the dead person's behalf. BOTH are usually necessary to settle accounts and sell the deceased person's property or change deeds to those who inherit the deceased's property.
Property is defined this way (personal, not real property): Personal property can be acquired for ownership through production, purchase, or gift or, in certain circumstances, by finding it.[may vary slightly from state to state]
This is the basis of the phrase, "possession is 9/10 of the law." In the absence of a receipt showing purchase, then found or gift could be claimed, but the receipt showing purchase kinda serves as a trump card.
The child hasn't done any of these with respect to his/her birth certificate. The parents however, did pay a fee to obtain it. Paying the fee us most closely aligned with PURCHASE.
Just because the event is a child's birth doesn't make the physical piece of paper the personal property of the child named in the document. Truth : the parents are ALSO named in that document, the proof they are the child's legal guardians - useful for registering a child for school, assisting the child in getting a driver's license, a passport, or using it in conjunction to identify their child in the absence of a government issued ID or obtain government benefits.
What if great Aunt Judy who is 80 years old contacts the state and requests a certified copy of a birth certificate for her genealogy research? If a child's name/birth event is on it, according to the court of public opinion logic, it belongs to the child, not the one who paid the fee to obtain the certified copy of the instrument. So yeah, Let's sue Aunt Judy for documenting the family tree!! [Absurd!]
It is not automatically the child's property anymore than the furniture in the parent's home. It certainly NOT worth the level of hostility toward parents because they won't hand it over, as that is a purely emotional argument, NOT a legal one. [Hence the suggestion to understand Case/common law.] Litigation will reform one's thoughts on right/wrong when you read the legal arguments from appeals processes. Oftentimes in civil cases, BOTH litigants have valid legal arguments - then what? The judge seeks to find BALANCE (and the outcome is not acceptable to either party).
I am saying from a legal perspective - as someone who has spent three years in litigation and been threatened with real and personal property litigation in an inheritance situation, and been impacted by a spouse in bankruptcy litigation, the advice which was being given (cops, lawyers, suing), while validating to the original author, is largely FALSE - that the child has some legal claim to his/her birth certificate in his/her parents possession. Pursuing those options is far more costly from a time and money perspective than ponying up for a new certified copy. And if you were to choose those options over just getting a new certified copy, brace yourself for becoming the target of a judge's wrath for wasting the court's time and resources.
Embarrassment isn't abuse. If that's the case, we all abuse ourselves the worst.
My intentional overuse of the word PERHAPS was to establish there may be another perspective not yet considered, not because I am saying it is absolutely the OP's parents' perspective (I have no idea, so please don't read too much into it). But yeah, I'd love to hear THEIR side....because I have heard similar accusations because I have boundaries, which means I accept the risk of no contact when I do say "boundary crossed.... we're done here." That's what boundaries are all about, knowing where your line in the sand is drawn and being willing to act on it, even in the event the emotional abuser threatens no contact. [My door is open, but under the realistic expectation I won't stand for emotional abuse and gaslighting me with amateur psychology after I've spent thousands on therapy and perhaps over-questioned mybown Psychology PhD sibling about concepts.]
AND if anyone has a claim to our kid's birth certificate, it is her Dad (where I got it the day she turned 18 to get the driver's license he wouldn't support her getting because he knew once we gave her a car, he'd lose control, and he did, because I educated HER about her legal rights as an adult - that even though she hadn't yet graduated from HS, she was no longer subjected to a divorce decree's visitation schedule as Dad wanted her to believe - verified by a family law attorney). Said birth certificate has lived in our fireproof safe ever since, at HER request because she didn't want to misplace it.
It's technically Dad's, not hers. He hasn't asked for it back, and she was rude AF about it, using the false logic it is HER property, and the emotional abuse was all about "Dad says this about you", "Dad says that about you." Dad doesn't know a blessed thing about me 16 years after I left except her gossip (same gossip she used to get into our house until she figured out we had rules, too, and wouldn't be manipulated either). He's not exactly my bestie, and we are divorced for a reason. Doesn't mean I have to give in to a$$holery.
Funny how when parents behave toward their kids like the kids behave toward their parents - when they have no legal standing to do so - the parents are ALWAYS the a$$holes.
I'm not saying there aren't entitled parents, like the most recent thread I saw about a woman yanking a mask off another person's face for her kid, but when our kids think they can yank OUR things (like earnings) when they are adults and frustrated with the uphill climb to earn their own, WE are the a$$holes? I used to think the same, until I saw how the courts perceive these things, and realized none of our individual perceptions of right/wrong apply.
My bank account showing $25k of support over a 2.5 year period after HS graduation and divorce decree/child support expiration says otherwise about my willingness to support my kid. I do NOT have to continue to support an ungrateful brat whose average job tenure is at/around 3-4 months and decides she no longer wants to work (that was the deal - she keeps a job while going to school).
Feelings are physical responses to external stimuli - not necessarily facts or evidence.You can retrain yourself - through grounding exercises, to respond without the emotion that comes with reaction, and oftentimes, kids push that limit too far thinking parents should love them unconditionally, even beyond their monetary means. We can love our kids, even when we can't stand them for being immature humans. But we can't fabricate money we do not have.
Live well, people. And know when you have boundaries and are true to yourself, people will not like it, call you names, and tell you how awful you are. Did I give ample warning the outcome was a possibility (that the mostly free ride could end if the boundaries set weren't honored? Yep. Twice, and I let her return. Third time? No. 🤷‍♀️
No contact is indeed an option, but not usually one you want to exercise until you've spent years in therapy considering all the other options. It CAN be freeing, but it can also become a much larger burden of grief and eliminate a child unnecessarily from a generational worth situation (where you get say, $10, and your siblings gets the rest of your parents million dollar estate - my step-dad did this to one of his kids who went no contact ...even though he died in the late 90s, his kids are still in my Mom's will....except the no contact kid). The less of an estate or more kids can boil it down to "is $X thousand or million dollars if an inheritance WORTH this torture?" For those children who have grown into middle age, have kids and/or have done well for themselves, perhaps cutting off mom/Dad makes sense. For those sporting the label of adult who perhaps lack life experiende, I would recommend not making a hasty no contact decision (and when our daughter moved in with us I encouraged her to NOT do that to her Dad, but he encourages her to do that to me... he also struggled with respecting boundaries , so, no surprise our kid doesn't). It has become a real eye-opener to communicate boundaries and figure out who respects them, and who seeks to leverage them to manipulate me!
Every young person has to figure this out as an adult, just as we did. And until a young person understands juggling all the balls of jobs, bills, home ownership and kids, s/he is in no position to judge.
Heal by understanding that childhood trauma isn't about playing a blame game, but understanding the weaknesses in your own communication and coping skills, to give your inner child the skills your parents didn't possess to teach you (it wasn't their fault either!), or maybe they tried, but you tuned them out for a screen (we have seen this a LOT amongst our peers with kids - if it doesn't come from the screen, it is worthless).
Parents have to choose to work on their own self-improvement, and will always have the same pressure points where you will see their worst when backed into a corner with no good options. It doesn't make them horrible, but oh so very human, just like you.
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2023.03.21 08:47 GFluidThrow123 My wife of 7 years, partner of 12, is leaving me. And I have never felt pain like this. (Sad post)

My wife and I met in our early 20's. And we fell in love so fast. We were perfect for each other. We grew together. We supported each other. We were each other's rocks when something would go wrong. We rarely fought. The only real struggle we had was in our sex life. She has sexual trauma in her past. But we went to therapy to work through that and found ways to compromise and be ok.
We bought a house together 9 years ago. We have a dog and quite a lot in retirement savings. We decided together not to have kids.
We traveled. We saw Australia, London, Paris, Edinburgh, Dublin, parts of Canada, most of the US east coast, and LA together. She was the best travel buddy.
We woke up every morning and made each other coffee and breakfast. And we watched TV together at night. We went to bed at the same time and held hands as we fell asleep.
We shared political views and opinions. We were always both a little queer. She loved my family and I loved hers.
We shared our friend groups. We threw parties together. Everyone looked at us as an impenetrable couple. We were everything I ever hoped for. I never even dreamed of finding a partner as perfect as her.
When I started exploring my gender, she was open to it. When I told her I wanted to go on hormones, she said "we'll figure this out together." She struggled a little at first with some things. But once she worked through that, she never deadnamed or misgendered me. And she saw me. She was my biggest supporter. She knew that, no matter what, detransitioning would never be an option. And she would never humor it. She affirmed me more than I could have ever asked for. I'd make comment about things being different and she'd remind me I'm a woman and there's no going back. That she never had a husband. She'd stand up for me when people messed up or said something ignorant.
But early in transition, I could see her starting to struggle with some things. She loved me, but she started to get uncomfortable touching me. She didn't want to touch my chest. And then sex stopped.
We've been in therapy together right along. We've tried so many things. But a wall went up. And she couldn't bring it down. She still loved me. She still does. But she's not in love with me.
This morning, she sat me down and told me we need to separate. She told me I deserve someone who can treat me like a woman and worship my body and hold me and touch me.
She hasn't met someone else. I know that 110%. She just needs to be alone. It's possible she even discovered some form of asexuality and/or aromanticism for herself. But I'm not here to speculate much. And she wants me to be happy.
Some part of me knows she's right. That I deserve someone who wants to touch me and make me feel good.
A friend reminded me today that I'm young enough to find someone who will be with me longer than I was with her.
But no matter how right everyone is...it hurts so bad.
I've learned to cry for the first time in my life and it's a blessing and a curse right now. I'm not angry. I'm not resentful. I'm just so, so sad. It's 3:30 in the morning as I write this because I woke up crying. I cried on and off all night. My friend held me. I'm staying in her guest room tonight.
My wife was my person. And for those of you who are familiar, that is such a strong thing. It's...something many people don't find.
We were so happy.
And if I hadn't discovered I was trans, this never would have happened. I don't regret being trans, or transitioning. But I also don't know if I can ever truly get over this.
And I don't think I can bear to be friends with her. How would I look her in the eye without remembering everything we were? And if she does find another partner, how could I look at them and not feel inadequate? Like I failed her?
This is day 0. I know it'll get easier. But the pain will never truly go away. Not this time. Neither of us did anything wrong. We tried, and it didn't work.
Transition can be so cruel sometimes. I can't go back. And I won't. But sometimes I wish I could.
I'll always love you, Rebecca.
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2023.03.21 08:47 melismiel Kase!!

Spoiler filled rant on Kase’s manga backstory!!
I feel like most people don’t understand the point of Kase’s character and sadly it is largely due to the anime cutting out his story entirely. Rather than being a jerk for no reason, the manga shows that he’s actually in the same hopeless position that Akira’s in (and worse off at that), being in unrequited love with his stepsister and wants to see Akira fail in her own pursuits…to prevent her from experiencing the same hopeless pain that he does. His backstory makes it immediately clear that he sees himself in Akira and establishes a parallel between them. The difference between them is that (compared to him), she technically has more of a chance of succeeding in love and he sees this as well, with a part of him eventually supporting her in a way, describing her as someone who keeps “reaching towards the light.” A light that he can’t even attempt to reach out to at all. I just think he’s a really interesting character and it’s an absolute shame the anime doesn’t show it at all.
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2023.03.21 08:46 Candid_Run1758 Absentee Boyfriend

I'm 36 weeks pregnant(24), and the soon-to-be father (27) is rarely home and is out partying every single night. I've stopped working for about 4 months now due to the nature of my work which is not ideal for a growing fetus so my bf has been supporting me financially ever since. He told me he doesn't have to financially support me but he does just because he cares. He makes it seem like he's extremely stressed and has a lot of stress about ending up like our parents and doesn't want to pass on any of our childhood traumas to our son but his actions say otherwise. At this point, I'm scared he won't be there when I go in labor and might have to give birth at home. I have never had anyone around me have children let alone the process of childbirth. I've expressed my concerns repeatedly but he doesn't seem to care. Am I missing something here?
Any advice ?
Also, if the delivery goes smoothly and the baby is fine, does he deserve to be a part of our son's life?
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2023.03.21 08:45 Feisty-Reputation282 Will it be rude of me to buy my sister an iphone?

Hello, everybody. My older sister uses a hearing aid and is 90% deaf. A medication she was precribed when she was three years old had a negative effect that led to her hearing loss. Due to her health and hearing impairments, she is unable to work. Before getting married, she was working, but she has been a homemaker for the past two years. Now, on to the major issue: my sister wears a hearing aid, and her hearing has deteriorated to 90%. She has to wear bulky hearing aids that go around her ear, making it difficult for her to communicate on the phone while wearing them. When she does that, the hearing aid generates loud noises, making it nearly impossible for her to speak discreetly on the phone. Because loudspeaker isn't a good option for her for the aforementioned reason, she consequently prefers to video call everyone she speaks to in order to read their lips. Her doctor advised her to purchase an iPhone because it has a feature for hearing-impaired individuals, allowing them to connect their hearing aid to the phone and effortlessly communicate when a call comes in with the aid of their hearing aid. When my sister learned the news, she was ecstatic. But, because my BIL's pay is low, they will be unable to purchase an iPhone. He is a gem of a person and has promised to save up and buy my sister an iPhone. Yet I believe I can help him because he also supports his parents. I am equipped to support my sister. But perhaps if I assist my sister, there might be a problem. So kindly guide me in this decision.
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2023.03.21 08:45 CommonDramatic5611 How to deal with an ex (21 M) who spreads rumors about me (21 F) and our breakup

Title. Sobrang nakakasakit ng ulo when people think you are something you are not and you did something that you did not do. Isama mo pa mga kaibigan niyang gumagatong sa kanya.
For context, it was all his fault kaya ko iniwan. He does not respect me. Sad boy and manipulative kapag may nagagawang mali. Ngayon, pinagkakalat na iniwan ko dahil may iba raw ako, which is very untrue. I decided to end our relationship dahil mag 1 month pa lang kami, pero andami niya ng kalokohan.
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2023.03.21 08:45 engelspups My boyfriend (M21) of 3 years looked at a bikini post of one of my (F20) closest friends and I don’t know how to feel about it

Me (F20) and my boyfriend (M21) have been together for over 3 years now and have never had any big issues and we barely argue. I tend to overthink a lot and i’m very anxious about topics like cheating, not being in love anymore etc. I know he has cheated in one of his past relationships and ever since he told me that i’ve been overthinking more frequently and find it hard to trust him in the way a partner should deserve. I don’t restrict his contacts or anything like that and try not to mention my anxiety regarding the cheating topic too often because i don’t want him feeling my sort of unjustified mistrust towards him (since nothing like that hasn’t happened in our relationship, as far as i know that is to say) But not too long ago i watched him scrolling through his instagram feed and he follows a few friends of mine. (we usually sit next to each other, look at each others instagram feeds and share funny videos so it’s normally not that big of a deal that we look at each others phone screens) One of my closest friends posted a picture of herself in a bikini showing a lot of her curves and cleavage. I watched him scroll past that picture at first, staring at a boring ad that came afterwards and then scrolling slightly back up just perfectly being able to look at that cleavage once again and then quickly scrolling back down. This ofc is only my pov and i haven’t talked about it with him yet so i don’t know to 100% percent if that’s what happened but there’s no other good reasoning i could come up with either. It really hurt my feelings watching him do that and i left the room almost crying (anxiety kicking in at that moment). I instantly started overthinking if he’s not interested interested in me anymore (sexually and or emotionally) or starting to loose feelings. Is he trying to compensate something i am not able to give him within our relationship or is this just „normal, horny 21yo guys behavior“? I don’t have a problem with him watching porn or anything but the fact that he sexualised a close friend of mine made me sick in that moment. I‘m so torn if i should speak to him about it or if i’m just getting worked up over something that’s not worth addressing. The fact that he secretly looked and quickly scrolled past that post makes me think he sort of must’ve known that what he’s doing there is wrong because why else would you hide it then?
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2023.03.21 08:44 Chocolatelover_jb My mom (50F) keeps poking fun at me (26F) telling people I’ll never get married or have a family, friends etc and it’s really starting to irritate me.

I should start this by saying I come from a very opinionated family and I’m so ready to move out. Here’s the thing my mom is so judgmental and opinionated that I don’t even talk to her about personal issues anymore. Im 26 but I live a very quiet non social life because I chose too. During covid I tried to talk to my mom and tell her that her bf used to molest me growing up and she did not care at all and she stayed with him even up until today. I’ve been depressed because of this for a long time and no one really cares what I’m going through nor do they ask. I have friends I’ll talk to and they check up on me but honestly I don’t leave my house to go see them and I haven’t had much of a social life recently. But that doesn’t stop my family from poking fun at me.
My sister in law for example will not shut the f**k up about how lame and boring I am. Everytime she’s by my house I hear “Get out the house or you’ll rot in here”, “you’re the lamest 26yr old I know you don’t drink or like to have fun”, “you need a life, do you what to die alone?” etc. She even tells people I have no friends and I’m always locked up at home. My brother doesn’t even like to spend time at home because he’d rather hang out with his wife and her family. At one point I wanted to ask her why the hell are you so fascinated with my life?. Then my mom constantly embarrasses me to people and says I’ll never get married, I’ll die alone, I’ll be a old lady before she ever sees me get married, I’m a loser for my age because I don’t have a bachelors degree basically I can go on. I’ve had my mom and sil both take turns reassuring me how much of a loser I am It’s really affecting my mental health because I don’t care to be in a relationship all I care about is going to therapy and working through my depression. If I choose to stay in my house for months straight or isolate whose business is that. If I chose to never get married or have children again whose business is that. I’m so tired of being humiliated and making me feel like I’m worthless. Why are parents so fricken opinionated?? 
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2023.03.21 08:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: Authorities believe that James Toliver Craig, a 45-year-old dentist in Colorado, murdered his wife by lacing her pre-workout protein shakes with arsenic and cyanide so he could be with a woman he was having an affair with, according to court documents. https://t.co/wxoy2qCVDB

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